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Thu, 29 Sep 2011|

Ark City Police Arrest Former Teacher



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  3. Kosher salt0:26
  4. lemon juice0:29, 3:07

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Camera -- -- if you look today I'm showing you how to make basic roasted Green beans. One of my favorites I fishes so what you'll need that it. Is one pound of Green beans with this spam and -- transit. Once three tablespoons of -- of -- all the -- Pop tease him Kosher salt pet fat I'm fresh lemon juice is optional -- So this is very very easy and it really quick. And just fantastic days you can have -- with chicken beef Spanish anything you want love love love -- -- -- very famous top. So we're gonna do is look odd Green beans here and involved and we're just gonna pour over our all of files onto it. We'll put our insults on that too. -- -- A little bit of Pat -- that sales. Now obviously if you -- spice it up a little thing you can -- you know like an ice Moroccan -- on it may be a look at this past weekend at high impact something like that. But for the basic. Green -- which is gonna do all He needs is olive oil salt and -- that is that what most people Hobbs. In that kitchen anyway. So it's just like you know we have three heated. 475. Degrees -- -- for the Evan is getting nice and hot. And ready for on Levy. All right so here we have an ice heavy thinking. Sheets right here. And that if you'd like you can line up with -- from -- -- instead -- just great it was a little bit of cooking spray. I just so between gains on state and all of that do. It's put them on its due but not quite so make sure alma. Extra on the -- assaults on that too. Love break. Now he's gonna go in the Evan I've 175 to -- I have about fifteen minutes. Or until they get nice and -- has that nice brown color and they will shrivel up. Just how I liked them. Now if you like you can put them more towards and -- of the baking dish and that would look at tonight's round color a little bit faster. So today have. So he's going outlook that I'd -- back nine to fifteen minutes. Well I've taken my oven roasted Green beans from out of the oven and exactly how I want them. Nice and shriveled up a little bit around and and dad just just looking beautiful nice and soft intense there. -- just gonna puppies -- beaten back into the bowl we Stedman speaking at a fresh let's find TO now you'd find between beans are a little bit dry. Because sometimes they dry in the and you can't -- a little bit of all of well I just -- fact. -- And we'll just add those up because we still have some of that sultan -- So cinema like that and last but not least let's put on a little -- about -- And some lemon juice on that to you which goes fantastic not let's say this with a very basic one. We just it's really all of while consultant pat back to roast them but of course if you wanna go little bits. Found the evening that you know lemon and -- used oil. At -- comments to it you know you can really doesn't these Green beans and their right but I'm standing just as a side dish you know. For any of your protein that you're doing. Our it's simply a boat like backs and they got a -- that's how you make your oven roasted me.