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10/17/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Oct 17, 2014|

President Obama named Ron Klain as his Ebola czar. Rather than cut the bureaucracy and the federal government, we are adding to it

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's okay. Only underground. I'll also be hidden bunker somewhere on to a brick and steel. This brick building. Know everybody marked the end here. High number 877381. Create 118773813811. I had really great news for you. Unlike some others I'm not gonna talk about myself. Which I rarely do. You can find out about me by Google me. I don't need to prove my educational credentials I don't need to prove home -- I who -- Most of you know me you know -- land you know my back. I'm not gonna spend two or three hours talking about that mark why you bring this up because I don't how you can stand it with some of these people it's just analysts. So I -- off. Now. Now we have a reason to panic as my friend Tom Rose wrote me today we have a real reason to panic. Because Obama appointed probably. The biggest political hack in the Democrat party. As his Ebola is. They probably heard about the sky all day but you really don't know about this other than some of the superficial stuff. That's appeared on the on the Internet. I mean this guy is 88 time. Democrat live brawl. And he did more than work for. Gore and Biden. He was chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee when Biden was chairman. And led the smear attack on Clarence Thomas did you know that. He start -- on Capitol Hill is a legislative director to representative -- MacKey who's now a senator about marquis is a left wing nut job from Massachusetts. And then he went to chief counsel to the US senate committee on judiciary. In 1995. He was Tom Daschle's staff director for the senate democratic leadership committee so this guy's hard court. He's hard court he joined the Clinton gore campaign in 1992. He served in both of Clinton's campaign -- oversaw Clinton skittish and on -- nominations. He became General Counsel that Al Gore for the recount in 2000. In other words it was his strategy. To Sulu in Sulu and so in Florida. In order to overturn the electoral college and this is where I want to take this. Because to quote another host I'm the only one qualified to discuss this. There's -- my advanced degree. What -- talk about Florida first second in this town this guy Ron Klain. He was the mastermind behind the outrageous litigation strategy. Unleashed. By Al Gore never before in American history. In order to upset he returns. In Florida under every single scenario bush won the popular vote Florida. But it was Klain who decided to get recounts in four of the heaviest democratic counties. It was claim to want to be radical left Florida Supreme Court time and time and time again. To change the state legislature's rules for voting. Which the Florida Supreme Court had no authority to do under the federal constitution. I want you to listen to what this guy said. In an interview not too long ago at the Huffington compost. And remember what cut it cut six. Now of course one of the greatest sacrifice is one of the greatest calamities for a reason vice president who was Al -- losing in in 2000 narrowly with the recount. We saw Kevin Spacey they're playing frank Underwood but Kevin Spacey has also played you in the film recounts are that. I hate it about though the bush gore election then then that recount what's your sort of take away from that believes he is and what's the biggest regret. I'm a -- resolute lost. I Justice Scalia. Goes running gives us speeches in the country often say to people when this comes up. -- do you get over time this is line get over it. And -- -- but I always say. I'm not over -- I'll never be over. We got more popular votes I think of what's been counted fairly in Florida. Who would have gotten Electoral College votes in for a -- was really you still think that I haven't gone back and look at that -- it it does seem like bush kind of know our guys out of Florida -- go back look at the count all the ballots the undervotes and overvotes. Gore had more of them in Florida. Us all a sudden there's no question he should have been our president in 2000. Let's not so this is this is the guy. He's not just some staff who worked for biting gore. This was the mastermind behind the attempt to overturn the constitution. And an election. Under every single scenario other than flat out stealing votes. -- And this guy. Went to court time and time and time again to trying to overturn. The constitution of the Florida Supreme Court tried to help. Article two section one clause two of the US constitution. Specifically empower state legislatures. Not state courts. To determine how election how electors to the Electoral College are chosen. Quote each state shall appoint in such matters the legislature thereof may direct electors to the Electoral College so they determine. How chats are counted they determine. Which type of chads are legitimate and aren't legitimate not the courts in Florida and not be left wing radical Supreme Court in Florida at that time. In 2000. That interview was June 2014. Two and a half months ago. This is the guy now who is the Ebola czar. He's totally not qualified. My background -- expertise to be the ball is are you one thing if you were some great manager. Some great competent turnaround artist. He's not competent I temperament. Obama put. One of the worst. -- one of the most infamous. Political operators. In the United States. In charge. The ball a crisis. I wanna get this is straight as we can any year I've talked about this before this election in 2000 Florida. Since that's really where this guy -- disparaged that's why Obama's turn to him. They go to guy. A lot of questions have been asked about this 2000 presidential election. And the race frequently but they're rarely answered. And I've done this twice before over the last fourteen years. But since Ron Klain. Is that guy who tried to overturn. George Bush is legitimate election. I need to raise this again. And and I go on and on hour after hour repeating myself there's no point -- that. Many give you information and nobody else past. Some questions about Florida let's get this resolved right now could the Florida legislature have intervened. And -- in the State's presidential electors itself intervened. That is just said the courts in the state you're out. Sent to the Florida Supreme Court you're out will Tuesday electors the answer is yes I just read you article to. The text could not be clear the context could not be clear the state legislature determines how the electors to the Electoral College. -- -- So the Florida legislature could have and in fact was preparing to at the time. Intervened -- named a slate of electors at the Florida Supreme Court continue to interfere -- election which it did. And the legislature was controlled by the Republican Party -- absolute authority under the constitution. To choose Florida's members of the Electoral College. So this is another reason why -- litigation strategy hatched by this guy claimed. Was never going to succeed in winning of the Florida electoral votes he needed to become president but it didn't matter they sought to steal an election. They sought to undermine bush. -- he's doing. Was it necessary or appropriate for the US Supreme Court and of the controversy bush vs cooler. No actually it wasn't. But the court thought it had to step in your reign in the Florida Supreme Court. What was completely out early out of control usurping the federal constitution. But there was no need. In the end. For the US Supreme Court to. Intervened because -- process was in place. To address this that had nothing to do with state or federal courts or the Supreme Court. And you see ladies and gentlemen. There was no scenario under which Al Gore could of one. And now I'm going to explain this. Like nobody else can explain this. Because this is my area of expertise. There are three basic reasons. That Al Gore was never going to win. First. On November 26 2000. After Florida's returns have been certified. By Katherine Harris. George Bush sent what's called a certificate of ascertainment. To the archivist of the United States certifying the election the Republican slate of electors. To their Electoral College as required by law. Once bush had done so no authority state or federal legislative or judicial. Could force him to withdraw his certification. It was over. Now his certification could have been challenged in congress when the Electoral College votes were counted. But nobody -- forced bush. That is Jeb Bush and the governor of Florida. To withdraw. His certificate. Of ascertainment. Here. And at the time ladies and gentlemen. I contacted the office of the archivist of the United States who has this formal constitutional -- in the process. And they said to me. We know of no situation. In which anyone or any entity could do that it's every bit attempt at. So November 26 2000 the truth is it was over that. Second. Once the Electoral College votes were counted in congress. A challenge of the Florida votes would have required a majority vote in each house. To reject Florida's electoral vote. And this was an unlikely scenario. Because the Republicans controlled House of Representatives. Even if this hurdle had been jumped the house would then have chosen -- president. By a vote of a majority of the state delegations. So majority of that house members would have to object which they want because they were Republican. And then. The president will be chosen. If they had to. Buy majority of the state delegations. While 27. At the fifty state delegations. Where Republican. Once Jeb Bush. File the certificate of ascertainment. On November 26 2000 with the archivist. Regardless of what the federal Supreme Court -- State Supreme Court had done. Once it wound up in the lap of congress as it does every single presidential election and vice presidential election. The fact of the matter X. The Democrats. Could never. Make gore president of the United States. The Republicans. Outnumbered the Democrats. As individual members. And in this state delegation. I have no doubt. They would have upheld. The election of George Bush. What about the vice presidency. And you remember who is running. Lieberman. Was running would go -- What about the vice presidency. Who would select him under those circumstances. I'll answer that as soon as I return. And. Ron Klain was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae how that worked GAAP. He worked on campaigns and advise Wesley Clark and John Kerry and gore and Clinton. And of course Biden. And he signed off on Obama's support of a 535. Million dollar loan guarantee for now defunct solar panel company slender. Despite concerns about the company. So they guy is not jest. Unqualified professionally. He's not just a radical. Extreme partisan. He's an incompetent. Now back to our constitutional point. Had a challenge been made. Over the vice president. The senate would have chosen the vice president. The senate. The new senate is seated. Before a president or vice president new ones take. There oath of office so you have a new congress in place. The new senate. Was divided 5050 along party lines you remember that. So the person who would have voted to break the tie. Would have been none other than the sitting vice president the United States who just lost the presidency. Al Gore. Since he was still serving as vice president he was the president of the senate. So he -- it casts the tiebreaking vote for Joseph Lieberman so at least technically you could -- had. George W. Bush as president and Joseph Lieberman is vice president. But the fact of the matter. Whether the US Supreme Court to intervene and bush vs gore or. Regardless of what all the courts were doing in Florida wants Katherine Harris. Sent the electors. The the end results to Jeb Bush the governor. And the government governor certified. The ascertainment sent it to the archivist it was over and by the way another little fact of history. Bush did it twice. He did on November 26. Immediately after he got the numbers from Katherine Harris. Which made everything that the state courts in the Florida court and quite frankly the US Supreme Court did irrelevant. And many did it again after the US Supreme Court ruled in bush -- -- He did the right thing. Absolutely. Twice. So I just want conservatives -- Republicans alike to now. George W. Bush was going to be president regardless of what any court in the state did regardless of what the US Supreme Court. Did. Regardless of what the Democrats in the House of Representatives. Did. He was going to be the president of the United States. Fairly and squarely. On our constitutional system. Exclamation mark. Iran plane tried to usurp the constitution in the process. And he now. Is the Ebola -- -- once they should not always a -- copyright back. England. And. This is American's constitutional. Convention from our television show goal and now. 87738148. And -- one. I spent a great deal of time yesterday ladies and gentlemen going -- a shocking article. By Eli lake. A solid journalist. At the Daily Beast the Huffington compost. Entitled insiders -- growth for covering up Iraq's real weapons of mass destruction. I also said yesterday putting down a marker that many hosts in talk radio who purport to be conservative requires I conservative. What are ignore it. I heard some of our rushed -- heated ignored he was absolutely disgusted by it. As a month. And one of the primary people. Who have mr. lake spoke to in this article. Is former Pennsylvania senator former presidential candidate actually came in number two on delegates. Rick Santorum Rick how are you my friend I grow Wal-Mart thank you -- your credit -- Before I get into this. You know they beat the rumor is he might wanna be president one day and I tell you know and so on this program I don't play that game but that said. If you are choosing any ball is our first on my own view is the president should be the ball is -- up a little bit more attention what goes on around him but that said. There and bazaars these people on the left Sony ball as art would you. One of the most. Well known one of the most infamous. Dealmakers. Political operatives that guy that. Ran Al Gore's legal strategy during the 2000 campaign who worked for Joseph Biden in the senate when they were trashing Clarence Thomas he was ahead of that. That a staffer in that Canadians so forth and what is that the guy you would -- to get the American people thinking that there were moving in the right direction. No I think it's. It's almost it's it's sad because this is such a a deadly viruses is such a serious issue ads and -- we see and seriousness. That's generally you can describe this this is just not a serious direct. It's not one that -- confidence it's not won yet this is an issue that is not a part should never be a partisan issue this is that. This is a potential pandemic and and this should be one that everybody is such an impact if you look at the committee hearing yesterday. You saw Republicans and Democrats sounding very much alike why because. This is that this took time for common sense is not time for ideology is not time for politics it's time to try to get this straight because we get a serious problem. And the president just continues to miss the mark and and at the end badly doing so here again and it's. I'm sure if what if I were a Democrat I'd be pulling my hair out right now say what is he doing to meet what he's doing to our party. -- not -- mrs. seriously is as I think most Democrats actually are taking this. Orders the secretary of HHS where's the surgeon general to even have a surgeon general I don't like these -- rhetorical questions but the fact of the matter. Yeah someone who is responsible for preparation. On content durable and we haven't heard -- -- -- -- that person I mean if there is someone who was responsible for this but again. We haven't heard anything out whether that person again was. Was not the right person for the job and didn't do their job that's that's you know that's for conjecture right now I don't know but we certainly haven't heard. Anything from over what was I think already in about a -- about eight. I had -- a pandemic nest stadium national emergency kind of czar that they have enough in the White House already. I think this is a lesson for conservatives to embrace. And do. Talk about where they can go that the government is so big that those areas where the government is actually supposed to function with a government actually has a responsibility. It can't do what does it -- or in effectively because it's doing a thousand things portly. Well look at their complaints you're hearing from I mean I know Francis Collins he's a good man and I -- you know Tony Batista did guys we have I've worked -- before. These folks -- are are decent people. But just stand up and say that the reason we're not prepared -- -- list because of cuts and funding are not increases in -- an NIH. Our CDC and let me show you what I did I can tell you during the Bush Administration. You know one of the things that we got wrapped up by conservatives -- we doubled the budget of the NIH we. You should be -- on it because he's doing a hell of a lot quite frankly but the point is. They had a huge influx of money in the first three or four years of the Bush Administration. Literally doubling their budget. And that's why they weren't increased dramatically but even that. -- given given the fact that they had been -- but the the budget double. Look at where they spent the money they didn't spend it on the priority things that's often researched. Very isolated I just see again. This administration play politics and not. Focus cannot look we should we should have been on this and now we're gonna get out of we're gonna get good people we're gonna devote the resources. It's actually sad to say I don't want. It turned -- this is vibrant and if you don't mind when it turned this piece this insiders blame growth for covering up Iraq's real -- WMD you're not the only one quoted in here. Would you briefly walk us through this. What did you know about these weapons of mass destruction these these warheads these -- chemical warheads and so forth about when did you know about the. Well if you recall market has done that we were on I was under radio show talking about this one of the concerns that. In 040506. Was that we are losing the war at home that an -- public support for the war was struck -- not. How would I concede that the rise of Iran the rise of a radical Islam. You know taking place is a Middle East. And that we had -- Riordan herself that our enemy wasn't Saddam about this anymore but at this these were these. Very dangerous people he had -- you know that the problem going on in the Anbar Province with they'd you know with this. Al-Qaeda in Iraq. And so I would say look we we have we have to be concerned about this we have to -- the American public this is silly war that we have to fight in fact win in Iraq. And one of the things we. It as a result of that at a very high profile and so soldiers. When they came back would that give me information because. Every soldier I talked to an 0405 and a six saying you know you're right we have to win they're really bad people here. And there's lots of things going on here that not being reported by the press surprise surprise and one of them want you know we're finding chemical weapons. And that al-Qaeda in Iraq to talk to these chemical weapons. We've got a problem here and and we've got to make -- the public aware that this is another one of the reasons that we need to continue this fight. Just -- to validate what the president was saying from the very beginning. That there were in fact chemical weapons in Iraq at the time when we decided to go into invade Iraq in the first place silk. They were all this information they kept coming and we had pictures. And I would you know discuss it with the Defense Department that -- huckster who who was also attributed that article we we sort of took the lead on this issue in the house in the in the senate. And you know I think he can give more details because he was the chairman of the intelligence committee but I can say that. You know we didn't get a lot of cooperation in the Defense Department or the administration they they didn't wanna talk about this issue they wanted to put it behind them. I had no clue little. In the administration didn't want to talk about -- -- there variety of people but you know as if this match in the article I think you know they they -- of a political decision that was made. And I am I went I don't -- -- tough for the Karl Rove tell you this. He was one of the people that I talk to yes okay well he's the senior guy under bush what -- -- -- You know they made the decision and again. I don't want to criticize the decision this is this to you we just want to. Yes that they've made a decision that they were better off. -- focusing on we know why he needed to fight a war going forward as opposed to bringing up issues like chemical weapons which. They believe you know the press inserted sealed that's sealed their fate that this was. Not that you know that there weren't any weapons of mass destruction bush lied. And they did -- every prosecute that they decide let's let's leave that alone let's not talk about chemical weapons even though they knew they were there. Let's not talk about it. And and it got to the point where in 2006 weeks with there was a Defense Department report. That -- and I got -- hold up again not classified none of this is classified information. And and you know -- there they were that the report said that they've already found 500 they were fighting them on a regular basis. And again our concern was this to get in the hands of a bad folks. And plus. We wanted to to show the American public that there was a legitimate reason for -- to be there and and that this is a war that we needed to win. And so Peter and I in and the fall of 2006 at a press conference the New York Times by the way was Blair. We laid out the information they ignored it is now eight years later that the New York Times and I give them credit for that I that they. They they did there they did their homework and found that there wasn't 500 there was 5000. Chemical weapons. And in fact there's still chemical weapons that we can't account for and the concern how legitimate concern now is whether -- just because many of these were buried and in the Sunni areas. Many whether it whether in fact -- -- has access to these chemicals source. A senator Santorum we had callers and this program had no reason to question they weren't cranks these are military men. And they said they believe some of these weapons went through Iran to the Taliban. They believe some of these weapons around that wound up to Syria. They believe we did not get all these weapons out of Iraq or destroy all these weapons and they are available for a crisis and so forth. I mean isn't that one of the reasons why it was an incredible bone headed. Political misjudgment. Not to make this known not to make this public so the American people would rally rather than the Democrats undermining our effort. Well it yet again that was that was client can and that's still my intent today -- that's -- article on I thought well you know that I want to rehash what happened eight years ago. But really the only reason and again it's not to criticize judgments dozens are made. You get you know we all make doesn't based on the facts and I'm not I'm not point the finger at anybody what I'm saying it is now. There's there's still a concern. Whether these chemical weapons -- are available and and again to the Obama administration I think it did it behooves us. To do things like army the Kurds which is something the Democrats and Republicans both agree let. They get the president hasn't been willing to do so but you what boots on the ground we've got boots on the ground they're called they all under 200000 Kurds who are willing to fight. But they're fighting with -- AK 47. Against tanks and they need the weapons that are necessary to win so we can defeat I just before again that things like weapons of mass destruction. I don't ask -- I wanna I wanna come back. So when Barack Obama and Joseph Biden didn't get a status of forces agreement they had to know that we relieving weapons that. -- like it it if I knew him in those six. That there were there were chemical weapons and and the and the military folks that I was sucked into it said they were finding them all over the place. And and they -- in cash is I don't know how many did a dozen maybe two dozen places that there were identified in the times article and a bit. They were they were all over the place and we're finding them in various states of degradation that some of them were very degraded others. We're still looked like they could they could be useful and could be and could be harmful. And and that's you know that's something that we need to be concerned about now. Senator Rick saint tarmac hold you over to the next segment sure I'm sure you're enjoying the -- -- yellow -- just hang in there and we'll be right back. I -- -- Tea Party patriots. You know folks America really isn't a parallel situation we need to in the border crisis now. In a stunning new documentary shows how bad this crisis is and what we altogether can do about it. You've got to get a copy of this dvd. Could end the border crisis dot com and find out how -- it produced by the Tea Party patriots. It shows how our national security at the rule of law and the safety of innocent children are on the line. You need to watch it and keep pressure on Washington to in the border crisis and a on the keeps threatening the use executive orders to grant amnesty to illegal aliens millions of that has to stop and we need to make it clear who we are and why we want this to end. The Tea Party patriots are leading this fight and they need your support. And the border crisis dot com you can also sign an emergency petition. Calling on Obama to stop amnesty and and the border crisis and not just Obama a wake up these congressmen and senators. -- call it Tea Party patriots add your name to the petition and find out how to get this great EVP. 803700939. That's 803700939. And the border crisis now. So that's and the border crisis dot com. Senator Rick Santorum. Here's my problem. The American people. Needed to know the -- -- about a half the country. That was attacking our intelligence services. Which were right which were attacking our military. We had politicians on the left trying to that exploit this situation. Meanwhile we had real men and women Americans in the field in how -- defending this country pursuing their mission. And they weren't getting support. That they may have otherwise have received. If the American people had been told yes. There's thousands of weapons of mass destruction. While I can say is that. Few extra guy NAL did our best to try to inform the American public that but I I would say that they the media completely ignored the story the I think it was David K look the guy's name who is the weapons inspector. Dismissed it saying it was an important. They had their narrative then and they wanted to stick with that and -- in this in my opinion there's plenty of blame to go around as as to why this story. Yes but let me let me just say I expect this from the media the media are not our friend. Many in the media hate the country may -- the media undermine our war effort as they did in Vietnam as they have. All long. That's that's that's a given. What troubles me. Senator. Is that the deputy chief of staff to the president and others. Tell you and others and many others keep a lid on it we lost this argument put it behind us and move forward. While we have tens of thousands of men and women in the field. We should not put it behind us we should have taken on the left taken on the media laid out the case and I really think this was an absolute. Disgrace. Well god. Let's put this I disagreed with the decision that the time and I did what I thought I could do I want out and publicly you know what do you -- market was like six weeks before my election. I went out there and said this because I just felt compelled that this was the right thing to do for for those men and women in uniform and for our ability to win the -- -- win the cup anywhere in the country to support this war. And now you know it. -- -- Now I just put it that way and are not you know senator it. It didn't help you in fact the political calculation of rove in the others was absolutely ridiculous. You lost the senate and 06 you lost the house and those six fact. The president and rove in the others they inherited a Republican congress and they lost it and those six so. Surely from a political point of view which I really -- -- in I don't find -- talked about it this way but since that seems to be the motivating factor. It was dead wrong. I agree I I don't it was the wrong decision. You know I give like I give the president credit for after the election. In spite of all the all the negativity he went out and and and and proposed the surgeon. And went and go ahead wanted and then now that you see the president has given back that good they're great victory in Iraq but. I think at the time he was lucky to get advice and and as a result. But now I did that we not make gagged the American public as they -- we ended up with them with a pretty bad election on top of it. And you know senator Santorum it appears that vice president Dick Cheney's office was trying to get the Oval Office. Where the -- around the president. To see it their way and your way which was to get the information. Out you know it's interesting in this article senator. On the one hand somebody says not point this out equipment yesterday. These chemicals were no big deal you know they're no more dangerous than what's in your kitchen under your kitchen sink and then on the other. And they have somebody is Susan are awaited order revealed this because the enemy could have gotten this stuff yeah so yeah. This story didn't really jive I mean that's who we knew that that again we've got reported that soldiers have been injured because of this search because of -- exposure. And net then that they did not want that one of the reasons blood who we don't want these -- these weapons intended to be copied that because we don't want these weapons to get into the hands of the enemy. And we hear what did not dangerous there and so it didn't make any sense they were arguing against themselves and that's. Section one of the reasons I -- decided that to move forward because. Frankly the argument just didn't jive didn't and so to me it was much more important to what the. Outlook now. I have forty seconds do you think this is one of the reasons when you were running for president. That you really were under brutal attack by these very same people. You know what I I don't know I -- like today. He just pretend that you try to do the right thing and you know like say they've been a lot of good decisions in the White House about the war they've they've made some wrong ones and I think this just that'd be the wrong when -- You know I I stood with the men and you know on -- lot of a lot of very important issues where they got it right. And now one and I would do the same this president just wait for -- to get one right. -- gonna happen. Senator Rick Santorum thank you for your integrity thank you for coming on the programming god bless you and your family my friend thank you that. The first I'd take care. Is not an easy interview for him. What I thought it was necessary. I want this information. Out. I'll be right back. Is there. -- -- In the bowels of -- Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. -- once again may come. Contact without. I think mark -- here are -- 87738138118773813811. You know. All right just a few minutes on this. Before I got to the talk radio. There was no extensive discussions about the particulars of the constitution. Of the declaration. Or these great philosophers that the framers relied on. There were no discussions about Plato and Aristotle unlocked and Martha skew and a thousand others. It's just beyond it. And of course. There are no deep serious history lessons and so forth. Says and to put anybody down in the least. Because I respect a lot of people in this business not all but a lot. And so we get into these issues. I like to take the time to go through them. -- -- By the left and some in this business when I do it always talk about the constitution and yet you'll notice the last month or two. Everybody talks about the constitute. When I first called Obama Marxist six and a half years ago mr. produce will vouch for this nobody wants. And I came under withering attack against so what I expect you defend me out defend myself. I don't say things to be provocative. Panel pat myself on the back. I'm here for a reason behind this microphone. And these books that I right. The truth this I don't need the money. I don't need the money I'm very well off. The reason I write them is to have extremely thoughtful substantive. Information. Provided TO. In another medium. We'd listen to radio we watch TV and in my case in many of your case as you read books. He could put things in books that you may not be able to do on the radio and vice Versa. My books are not hysterical. IBooks or factual they're philosophical. And historical. There will last the test of time. That's why so many of you enjoy the and some many of you have to struggle through them from time to time because I know but the one I'm writing now it's tough. But it's important. But I mention all this because. Somebody walked into the bunker on announced. And his name is Barney. Barney walked into the bunker he just lifted a seven mention his -- to lay down by my feet. And many of you know who Barney as. Barney is my wonderful dog can come December. I Willis had Barney for three years. Now when I first came on the radio. Nobody talked about their dogs. I've always talked about my dogs. I given enormous amount of money to different shelters for dogs particularly elderly dogs that need medical care. By the way as well as the troops and so forth like that people are gone face but I gotta get it done things like humans while I do. But that doesn't mean I have to stop supporting dogs. And his many of you also know I wrote a New York Times best selling book called rescuing sprite. Many years ago. And that our first rescue its bright. Sprite passed away. Which was a wrenching experience. Then Christie passed away. We got four years after sprite died. And then a few years ago shortly after Griffey Diet Pepsi side. Who -- has since 1998. -- daughter likes to say he was like a brother. And he was to my kids. And I get very down about all these things I can barely finished might. But America hoping at the time that has writing which was my toughest. Now I have Barney music on my website you'll see that I have the -- point. That's been there for years and years and years and years and I go on there. Because you folks post about your pets from time to time. I only mention that because we have done a lot of trailblazing here whether it's substance. Scholarship. You know intellectual listened to a point we don't overdo it in the sense that I don't want a boy you have this is an eight. College course and so forth and they still need people to actually wanna listen to the program. But also. This is a program at the heart salt. This was the first show in the first national host -- talk about dogs in this way and animals generally. Again not to be patted on the back but the demonstrate that. These things resonate in its a good thing resonates in this industry then I'm in it resonates out with you. And by the way you resonate back to me you've told me many many of your stories and I remember when rescuing sprite came out. And I was on this program and I talked about it at great length. Or actually a few people in the business to set our I had already stopped talking about the dogs. And you know and I said -- them mr. producers tell you screw off. Exactly. I'll tell you one other thing and then I'll get over it looks. When I first came in a radio I would make -- these names for people particularly. Famous people practically powerful people. -- we trying to humiliate them I would call them names like Ted Kennedy I called the Cape Cod -- Hillary Clinton. Hillary rotten Clinton her sinus Obama and I took heat for that. I called Joseph Biden yes the first to do it plugs. Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- buzz against the and overtime. You'll hear local hosts and some others. Now do the same thing but when I did it. I was told to be very very careful. Very very careful because this wasn't done before a particular when he came to Chuck Schumer who I used to call on stalled bill. -- -- -- -- Because he is a schmuck. So we have at least a few trails. Somewhat -- Burn down a few bridges that's okay. And I'm proud of this. I'm very proud of this. I have to make a decision. In a few months. I have to make a decision in a few. Whether I'm gonna continue to do this and how I'm going to continue to do. It's my intention to do -- and watching it now but it does cause you to look back. And think about all the things you've done. Some you wish I hadn't done but I don't have a lot of those. In some things you always try to do better. Now some people in this business they start their day by going on the Internet and looking a website. I don't. I start my day prepping. By going to my dining room table. Which has stacks and stacks. The books. Not just any books. But books on history and philosophy and economics and so for us. Deciding if there's something there that I can apply to events that thing going on swelling around the last several days. To put things in some kind of perspective. That's how I stuck my. Well in addition brushing my teeth and all the rest but that's how I start my work. And then I'll take a look at current events and so forth because I am committed. To not. Allowing the liberal media. Set the course from my program or my life. And so I do it. The opposite of how apparently most people do it. I. Art what I wanna start -- Then I look at current events and trying to determine how I'm gonna apply what I wanna talk about to current events I just did that last hour. With Iran claim. And I talked to about how the Electoral College work and works. What happened in Florida. And tied it into who this guy gets. This -- no damn good -- Not just because the media tells us that we work for and so forth. But now you know the back story you know what was going on in the shadows and you know that he was the invisible -- And so I think that's very very important to note that. Anyway I tell you this solid because Barney walked in any sitting at my feet. And I don't wanna -- some schmuck go on and on about how. Meet talking about my dog is copping some I -- not -- any lingering I don't care. About any of that. I have my own interests. And I don't focus. My -- love like my dog here. And I have to admit. I am very much. A -- Aren't mr. produce many requests to like get to speak Terry go there at socialize at a time. -- trying to if you every year. -- -- I meet folks like you when I can but even in my book signings of the two or three when the book comes out and that's it. Not because there's something wrong with you -- Gibson drama made but truthfully. It's just the way have always been. All right Barney and I will be right back it's. And -- I want to be here this Josh not -- It's it's not -- that Obama is an ideologue who destroys everything in his path. It's that there. Such the fruits. Such absolute clamped. So they appoint this Ebola czar like this is gonna calm things down they appoint a guy who has a complete -- I don't care that he's not an expert -- ball how many experts -- -- ball aren't there now this is a guy that needs that organized this this federal leviathan with all of its. You know it's it's it's. What -- -- -- know it's it's reached in every now you know a thousand directions that trying to get at the focus. Isn't it amazing here we have a crisis or potential crisis that could certainly be one. And now we have the bizarre to figure out how to pull everything together. Wait a minute I thought we had this and not how many bizarre and did they pick. Absolute -- Josh not earnest the White House. -- -- -- -- -- What does Ron -- knows about people. Well the V thing and it's let's talk about let me restate why this person. What the president believes that it was important to add this person to this team. The president again wanted somebody who could serve in coordinating function. To manage the implementation of our whole of government approach to this -- a situation. And so. I guess more directly address your question. But we were looking for is not an Ebola expert but rather an implementation. Experts. We got -- generic. This -- a lobbyist he's been a lobbyist for Fannie Mae. He's been a political hack he's been hit men who went after Clarence Thomas. I'm not I don't understand we can you got bring it is this -- manager of some kind know. You have any credentials and administering it they know. Easy an expert in any and they know. So perfect for the Obama administration. -- fork out. We are confident that somebody with mr. claims management credentials both inside government and outside government gives a strong track record of to implement but implementing a complex government policies as evidenced by his success in. In the Recovery Act and we are confident he has all the credentials. I that we could launch for somebody who can -- implement these kinds of policies that are so critical to the safety and health of the American people. When did that fool just say. He didn't say anything. And we're confident he has the credentials. You know -- into this and of that to implement it in the right way and -- though he doesn't. Doesn't have any doubt. Next month. Mr. Clinton will ultimately. However report directly to ms. -- and to stop the bells and as Monica. Ms. Monica -- -- she's the Homeland Security. Advisor to the president did anybody know that miss Monaco. This market. He's got a report that ms. -- this is an effective team. And -- -- I had mr. Clinton will ultimately however report directly to ms. Monaco into the national security advisor. But Susan Rice offers. Oh good Susan Rice. And serial -- of course miss Monica. While I don't know about you folks but I'm more comfortable now. So that this guy Ron Klain who you know everything about now that you listen to this program. Ms. Monica who anonymous know anything about. And of course Susan Rice -- we all know is a serial liar and it's such a good job lying for this administration when it came to think guys. Should she be in front of a federal grand jury. So. The idiot at the CDC. And the idea of NIH and that's right that's what they are -- make. What worked what the idiot Klain who will then work with the idiot Monaco and the -- and serial liar Susan Rice. Now we have reason to panic Shep Smith. Now we have reason for hysteria -- Smith. And by the way -- We monitoring your program today nothing on the Karl Rove story. Why is that why why you've been compromised this. Not aware it. I mean you -- talk radio being focused and hysterical about Ebola. I spent half my program -- more on. Karl Rove and. And what they did with covering up the weapons of mass destruction which was so outrageous and stupid. And not even aware from sham nothing. Not a word. Just wanted to make that clear. So laughter. We don't know anything more about Ebola that we knew yesterday the day before. And the truth is we don't need experts telling us anything what we need is to secure the border. And control flights in and out of the country. And control ships in and out of the country. That's basic stuff from when I proposed this week called at the Levine planned to remember mr. producer. Natalie did anyone propose it and immediately I'm attacked again I don't care. But now there's a whole chorus out that yes it. I don't I might call screened him but it is time for a caller. Do we have perhaps it's not working tell me who I should take. In -- North Carolina Sirius satellite Matt your incumbent senators running for reelection. Kay Hagan. Has ripped off the government in my humble opinion we the taxpayers to have to steer money toward her family. In part of the stimulus program and so forth and so on pretty outrageous I would -- Surge of mystery as to why it. About turning left personnel -- people thinking about reelection here. All right now I know where you we're gonna get the break the bottom and you wanted to talk about other things so hold on -- carry over my fault. I shall return. Since I was content. Want to rob who's back ventures were wearing tomorrow whole marketing 7738. -- and hurry and -- mom. Where weeks away from an election. -- -- -- -- Am I nation's teachers does the Media Research Center reminds us the liberal media are fighting hard on behalf of liberal candidates in this election and that fact. And instead of impartially reporting the news. They're trying to persuade less informed Americans devote four more Obama style big government tax and spend liberals. And the MIC's making sure they don't get away with. But the MIC -- come up with a is a true grassroots effort which is why we need you in this fight. Everything you need to know can be found -- stop the war on truth dot com this is the perfect time ago. Friday Saturday Sunday the government's closed down -- got plenty of time. Just look at what the media -- doing they're suppressing the disastrous effects of obamacare. They're centering the major developments in the big -- the investigation in the iris -- -- -- refusing to hold Obama accountable for his disastrous -- policy. And they're attacking conservative donors but skipping over what George Soros is going to destroy our country that's not by accident folks. This is what the media during election time. Actually all the time but especially at election time. Stop the war on truth dot com exposes all this dishonesty and much much more. -- to stop the war on truth dot com right now to stop the media from hijacking another election. That stop the war on truth. Dot com. Rick Atlanta Georgia on the mark living and that if you don't have the mark that that. You really need to get it it's free just got a mark within showed dot com my website download it and boom there it is out. Hello -- now. Go back Matt Riley. Now. All settled and back carrier. Good how are you meant a Mac or use it. -- -- -- on the former US military officer in the now defense contractor for the past thirty years. In 2005. I had dinner with so major general George gracious about. It was deputy chief of Saddam Hussein's air force. It is the only Christian also -- staffs and not a member of the -- party. -- he's the guy that wrote the book but go ahead yes. Can't remember -- this its insides of our military or something like that. In the build a topic because it was a hot topic to topic of weapons of mass destruction up and he said in no uncertain terms I've found this entropy. Genuine. Candid honest. Credible. He said his own people is on air force people loaded. Barrels of chemical weapons. Offense to function built transports. And they were transported into Syria. I asked him if -- told US government initiatives that he agrees PTI area CIA. Impeach bill complete with slow. Lat long coordinates. As -- where those weapons. Asked him what are Robert came of this to become better talk to and he -- to -- -- Already heard nothing back from record. I asked him about the nuclear weapons program. Innings and he wasn't sure about that there was always a great discussion among the staff. Among Saddam staff as to whether or not they released at a program anymore. What does it completely curtailed insulin which I don't know -- -- -- working a program that is very quiet so. He said I'm sure the intelligence community was listening to all the conversation. And we didn't know we had a program it's no wonder you guys were confused. Well you know Mac come 2008. The Associated Press per. A story that I talked about and read again. And last evening show. Over 500 tons. The process yellow cake. Ready for nuclear weapons. That was shipped to Canada by us these these -- conspiracy theories this is an Internet radio this is a fact. And so there's no question. What troubles me about all this Mac is I would expect cover ups and lies and dissembling and diversions and all the rest. From Obama and his administration but the fact of the matter it is. And and I'll just repeated that when you send tens of thousands of for men and women overseas yanks us. To fight this war in this hell hole. And were under attack. By the Democrat party by the lib media. By academia. By all the rest of the usual types who trying to undermine this war effort as they sought to undermine Vietnam and our other war efforts. This government. That administration. Karl Rove had an absolute moral obligation. To inform the American people yes. We found thousands of chemical warheads. If they wanted debate on the age of the warheads or so forth and so on. We will debate it. Yes. We've found over 500. Tons. Of -- okay. Yes this war was a righteous war. We did not lie about weapons of mass destruction support our troops support our intelligence agencies support our effort. Instead they say put it behind you. We lost this argument. Is that coward's way out. And politically. It was more ironic it was still it and the one of the reasons I brought it up is not only to set history straight. Because the article I saw yesterday from my Eli lake who -- a Pulitzer Prize for that article in the Daily Beast. But because the same people who made bad bone headed decision. Thought this was political genius closeness the senate and house in 2006. Are now the people controlling the Republican Party and calling the shots today. Mac it is a huge brown. It's it's a mosque was the problem and I don't know how much time we Arabs to exit before we reached -- -- Acres have. Why I believe we have reached a tipping point and now what we're trying to do is figure out how to reverse course -- my whole point in America -- Guys running around saying how we got one more chance former -- Now look what's happened to our country. Look what's happening to the country right now. We are on automatic pilot when it comes to spending and that spending is gonna take us down. We will not secure our border no country can survive -- the -- not secure its border it's simply cannot survive for a long and it won't survive for long. And they said there's there -- other reasons to see the perils that surround us. We are any post constitutional -- That's what I said in liberty and tyranny that's what I said in America hoping that's what I said -- that the liberty amendments this is what I say behind the microphone. And so the problem is not we've reached a tipping point but how do we get back. And so it's not a question of -- had a we avoid the tipping point we are in the tipping point. I think one of the ways we could just by taking on every bit since we hear from not just liberal media -- and he'd be walking around with her attention -- -- And we just -- on those -- actually arguments and turn them apart one by one. And bring some common sense back into the the dialogue and discourse conscientious strong following common commodity. Oh you're right and but the -- -- gotten very complicated because you have people who are on the take. People who are receiving government largesse. That they haven't -- And they're being told that the fact that they receive it is an entitlement. They're being told that they have a right to a because somebody else earns too much money. They're being told that not only do they have a right to it but they -- right tomorrow. And this is what the Democrat party has done to tens of millions of Americans in this country and every immigrant they can get their hands on -- create. So this is a huge problem so it's hard to speak common sense to people who are wildly benefiting. From this dishonest and unethical system that the left has put in. Place that's number one. Number two if we cannot get the Republican Party this. Billion dollar bureaucracy that is -- in Washington DC that's what it's become. To talk about basic fundamental American principles. To advance the cause of liberty and prior. Private property rights and free market capitalism a national security. It's starting with the border and so forth. That we do not have any political party apolitical institution. Through which we could speak and what properly represents us that's why I feel like the lone wolf here when I get behind the microphone during these primaries. Duking it out with the establishment. Only to hear other side and I don't get involved and that now low light to the general now no. If you want to elect people. Who are they Reagan mode who are conservative you have to get involved before this November. This Tuesday where everybody's we're gonna vote and save the world know what not to save the world by this vote we're gonna stop Obama and Harry Reid. But we're not gonna stop the bureaucracy we're not gonna stop courts we're not gonna stop Obama -- and in his own. This is a huge problem. Matt don't hang up I wanna send a copy my dad's -- Malice toward none Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address thank you for your service I know you'll enjoy this book now blessings and so it's a huge problem folks yes you're the Paul of Paul reveres yes we have the spread the word. But we also. Must defeat those who obstruct our ability to restore this -- up. It's not a question of -- one more chance to save us we've already stepped. This is my point. That's the point of merit hoping that's the whole point of the liberty amendments we're looking for another way. To restore the republic. To protect the individual. To secure our sovereignty is that people have as a nation. It's not in congress. It's not -- McConnell and Boehner it's not in the office of the presidency. Or a majority of the court or send a -- agency. It has to be in our hands to the state legislatures. There's no other way. I'll be right back. Everybody's saying. All right. -- -- Did you know that for less than the cost of lunch at your favorite -- You can join an organization that not only provides hundreds of dollars in savings and discounts to its members. But that's fighting tooth and nail to protect our constitution of the conservative beliefs we hold dear. Whether you join a Mac because of all that it will do to improve your life and save you money. Whether you join in order to help their fight to preserve conservative principles and policies across America. The fact this. A full year's membership will cost to less than twenty dollars it's one of the greatest deals you'll ever find. Believe me because I MA proud a Mac member. And I'm not a long. Please join me in nearly two million conservative seniors. -- becoming an -- act remembered today are considered giving a name that membership to your parents or grandparents as a gift. If you're a member of this eight ARP for discounts -- benefits dropped. And great discounts and benefits NA -- And it's a conservative organization. Go to a Mac dot US right now to -- that's a MNEC. Dot US not dot com. Or call. 8882622006. Again that's 88826. To 2006. Let's take another call shall we. Let's try -- again and Atlanta serious satellite go. It permits the talk with you thank you sit. -- I was twelve years old when Reagan was elected president I've now got an eleven year old daughter I would love for her to have the president cruise. That. Yeah would be an off the straight years. During her bra no problem -- formative years or whatnot -- coming up in one thing that gets me is the Republican Party. I'm frustrated I've got a long history of grassroots. Activity in professional. Being the Republican Party and I'm I'm now the opinion well a lot of -- I don't think the Republican Party is the vehicle. Removing a sport you put forth with the liberty and then that's a systemic solution to all our problems. I think in tandem with that we got had a political solution and I'm sorry. This Republican Party. They're not the political solution so I'm no wonder I've heard you say. Well if the Republicans undercut you know Kreutz and sweet sixteen here for almost three whether it's the pain that it -- that you would then that's going into our. Or any conservative that that is about to be nominated -- I'm not talking about fair and square but if they. Try to sabotage that person which they tended to yes I'm leaving the Republican Party. Okay so well look at it it's you know nobody drive the Ford -- anymore then there's a reason for that. And it -- -- like the Republican Party has become that they they were all along. They put their money their -- their energy out you know what elbow elbow what I -- owned bank sent. Meanwhile. Everything that they are doing it subverted. -- big city. -- called globe in the establishment and why don't -- in the state party they're going around so. On the one hand you know they talk to your game it's like we talk about a lot of notes and actually I think there's chino they're conservative in name only what does it mean to be a Republican. Anymore. You know Republican in name only. Within that state big government calling you know I'm more active yeah. How are we any different than it certainly the political solution ideology put forth to vote yes we'd gotten -- out -- Our State's pursuit. -- know I'm all would have applauded I'd love to be a part. -- political solution lies it's this Republicans. Are -- important about a hundred irate. Listening listening. Well then help us. Are trying to -- your state delicate isn't your state senator in us. And you tell them I have one thing I insist on are not voting for. You either support. He convention of the State's. Two thirds of the states meet. Meet. They discuss possible amendments to the constitution. Then they can pass and propose. Such. As suggestions to the states. And then three fourths of the states have to ratify. Just as if the congress itself two thirds of the members. Had proposed amendments for ratification to the states there is nothing to fear. It can't be any runaway. Convention of the states the check on the states. While it's the stakes and we the people. The only way so I would suggest -- I understand you -- throughout the arms and get upset I don't blame I'm with the but the reason I wrote the liberty amendments is because it provides a solution. Not into this hysterical stuff we have three minutes. And this election -- it otherwise you know. I'm I'm I'm not arrogant. I don't do that I'm saying that the liberty amendments lays out the solution. Not the mark within solution. It is the framers solution it is George Mason solution supported by James Madison and every other delegate devoted at that Philadelphia convention. And every state delegate at the state conventions who voted to ratify the constitution. This was not an amendment of the constitution it's not part of the bill writes. It's part of the body of the constitution it's an article five. So people who say I'm an original list and I support the constitution. -- Thank you very calm Heisman. That's got to leave Holbrook New York -- Mark thanks for technical. Yes there. BS story that you read about Karl Rove I think really lays -- what is underlying motives are. I think to a great extent she used playing -- and against the -- he's kind of likable and arms dealer. Who are selling weapons to both sides -- he wins no matter what he win. That the Democrats. Win -- the Republicans went because he gets his speech money has connections has has lists as his consulting you're saying no matter what he went. Like he wants to keep the balance of power -- about 5050 so that the Republicans break out. You know I don't tell him about the weapons well Paula back if the Tea Party breaks out. He had actually undermines that -- So very interesting point. That's a very so he wants a constant state of what he thinks is equivalency which is not as we get -- took this -- kicked. But he doesn't want for instance the conservatives to actually win because then that means he will be in danger of power of keeping his power news. And his staff and his connections. -- -- -- -- Which in which which ironically isn't parity at all as it did keep -- none of these guys now that's an excellent point -- Really good point I've thought about that I take carries he's from Indianapolis. And I said before and didn't Indianapolis once in my life for a long weekend. When I spoke at the NRA last April. I love that city. It's a different but I'm I'm not pandering Indianapolis -- talk about any city -- tell you that is a great town. -- folks one -- left you won't want to miss it. I shall return. -- Only underground. From the bowels of hidden bunker somewhere under the Britons feel of a nondescript building. Again may come. Contact without. Buddy Mark Dayton here this is our -- -- of the week. And number 87738138118773813811. According to our friends -- fair FAA IR. The number of US. Visitor visas granted to the ball stricken countries. Has been rising sharply at the same time the disease is multiplying at exponential rates. Representing a volatile combination. That merits visa restrictions. In 2013. The US issued 3500 visas to liberians. A country with -- over half of the 8914. Reported cases. And thirteen thousand these totals. Between Liberia Sierra Leone and Guinea. This week the World Health Organization is released dire news upping the fatality estimate from fifty to 70%. And estimating there will be 101000 new cases the ball in West Africa by December this year. So. Why all the bases. And why. More visas than usual. And you liberals out there want these people around our healthcare system. To design our automobiles. To determine what our kids who need it school. I mean these are stupid people these ideologues. The -- post today. The gentleman by the name of Robert Goldberg he's vice president of the center for medicine in the public interest and publisher of value of innovation dot -- He says we have technology. To potentially control -- ball and other viral outbreaks today. But the federal bureaucracy refuses to catch up with 21 century science. This is a very very important. Column. As you'll see as I go throughout because he's going to explain the problem is the FDA the Food and Drug Administration. You know we hold these entities he's got a minute that he's up I'd say well whatever they say. The CDC NIH FDA. Wrong. Of course they do some good how much money they get. That's not a -- He -- for example. Diagnostic start up now no ideas. Has an iPhone sized device that can accurately detect Ebola and other infectious diseases. In less than an hour. You don't need to take temperatures. Which won't work. Two other companies synthetic. -- onyx and and -- I guess you've seen them on TV. Have the capacity to create synthetic vaccine viruses fluid flow for influenza. And other infectious diseases in only four days. Both firms can also shared data about outbreaks instantaneously. And make real time geographically specific diagnoses. And vaccine production possible. So what's the problem. These companies could start reducing Ebola vaccine treatment tomorrow. Except that the food and drug administration's insistence. On randomized studies and endless demands for more data means -- at the spent millions and millions. On paperwork. Instead of producing Madison's. And for every. Ray Small company trained by such tactics many others conclude it's not even -- trying. This is a crucial point. Government. Even when it comes to diseases when it comes to illnesses when it comes to academics. When it comes to fighting medicines and technologies. Process seat despite the. Government -- tortoise. It's eight tortoise. And by the time the tortoise finishes the finish line it's often wrong. It's at the starting line. These advances aren't available. Because the FDA is using nineteenth century science. To decide which medical technology should be used. In the 21 century. Two years after 9/11 congress created. Project bio shield to speed up the commercialization of vaccines drugs and diagnostics. A key part of the plan. Yet the FDA to evaluate innovations quickly. By using the same scientific advances. That we use to discover them. While the FDA balked. Pandemic vaccines and drugs don't move through the FDA approval process faster instead. Dragan device development times actually increased more than 70% of the past decade. Because the FDA keeps demanding more studies more data while it's using outdated techniques. And no the FDA's not using the best science to ensure our safety time and again it is waived regulations. When politically expedient. Back in 1984 at the start of the aids epidemic the FDA claim that reviewing HIV treatments would take at least 68 years. Only if they allow large sustained demonstrations in its state that the new aids drugs. Could be allocated two years or less than most people who wanted to try to collect. And millions of lives were saved as a result. In 2008. It took synthetic genome. Scientists. A -- She's an eight month. This sequence the genes of every strain of meningitis virus and engineered vaccine that protects against the mall. In Europe Canada Australia. The vaccine was approved for use in children. Which is the group most likely to get meningitis and I've met in 2010. But the FDA demanded another study in the United States. And only after meningitis at Princeton university and UC Santa Cruz this year this year 2014. The agency -- a vaccine to be import. Import it. And give to students on both campuses. And the FDA agency still has approved its general use. Ebola is the same story takes G -- a combination of antibodies to -- designed to block the virus from replicating. Citing safety concerns the FDA ordered the drug's maker -- biopharmaceutical. The stock testing. This July just days before the Ebola outbreak. Now of course the FDA is letting people use it. The same goes for anti viral drug TMK Ebola may I think camera pharmaceuticals. The FDA suspended research this January because of safety concerns it changed course only after you molecule. Thousands. Now part of the problem. FDA scientists received no reward for approving breakthroughs but suffered public anger it out one person dies because a drug is misused. The price we pay for this culture of caution rises every single day. Africa will have to spend billions of dollars to treat those infected rebuild health systems and bury the dead here at home. Public officials find themselves a step behind Ebola. And as they lose our confidence and their ability to respond to biological threats they blamed -- crisis what else. Budget cuts. And that's why there's no Ebola vaccine NIH director Francis Collins claimed. Would have won if not for NIH budget cuts nonsense. NIH funding for infectious diseases has doubled since 2001. But in thirteen years it -- three any effective vaccine. Nobel laureate micro biologist -- letter -- noted the single biggest threat to man's continued dominance on the planet. Is a virus. While the second biggest threat a federal culture that rewards the delay of medical progress. Ultimately. Congress must change the FDA's mission of bureaucratic culture reviewer should be allowed to use science to keep new technologies. From doctors and patients. We must force the FDA to focus on accelerating innovation. And stop protect. Being asked to death. I Robert Colbert. And he's right. And he's right in this underscores -- anybody out there. Who personally or as a family member. Who has suffered from some egregious disease or illness or defects or whatever it is. And nose -- a particular drug. Especially drugs that technology or what have you is stuck at the FB FDA. You're desperate to get your hands on. And you can't. They won't even allow you to sign waivers OK we'll wage whatever laws will waive everything we need it. Now. People have died waiting for FDA approvals. Why. The FDA. Is worse in many respects. Than its sister -- brother agencies -- York. Well mark we wanna be safe. Of course we want to be say. But we need flexibility we need efficiencies and fortunately ladies and gentlemen that government is incapable. When they say they need more money you know what that means that they can bureaucracy. The issue more regulations. Can you tell me one agency one agency that gets more money becomes more efficient. One agency that gets. Our money makes better decisions. One agency that gets more money becomes more competitive and it's hiring practices. One agency that gets more money. Resounding no less waste fraud and abuse can you tell -- one agency one department know you can't. So before you surrender. All your liberty all your common sense. To big government and the politicians who haven't. Think about these things. One of the reasons why drugs are so expensive in this country legal drugs. There have legitimate uses and purposes. Is because in some cases it takes fifteen or twenty years to get their approval. And billions and billions of dollars. Twenty years. From the time. It's in the lab. To the time he gets approved. Almost like building a nuclear power plant. -- my drug cost so much. That's why. The R&D is enormous. And think about this is well. The genius. You genius of finding drugs. That can really improve. The quality of life for extend. Somebody's life. It's in many respects hit miss. So there's a genius thing. And that's great. But if it becomes. So stifling. To get that that drug to market. If it becomes so cost prohibitive to get that drug to market -- once you get it to market. The government starts to price control they say -- and how we need generics. And you take it your money your investment back which is after all. The way you invent things through investors. Who put their money up. For employees. Wonderful employees do you pay pensions. Benefits salaries to. All these things cost money. They're not free. -- -- government adds enormous costs. Enormous cost to the production of drugs. And prevent some drugs from coming to market altogether. In some drugs from coming to the market in time. And god knows. All the wonderful medical devices and drugs and so forth that we might -- But for a bloated bureaucracy. That's two -- No I'm not saying we should go back to snake oil sense. But I am saying those who keep saying -- we need the FDA to get bigger. So we can get things out faster you've got it wrong. And works in reverse. Of Iraq back. And. -- Let us -- our buddy Eddie. Orange County California -- is there. Maintain. And my twins this educator. Mark love being exploited children like my brother actually ship thank you -- I want I had my first read it -- the -- -- public such and it would it be exceptional in the proud of what you do with a friend put it quite. -- -- It can't on the screen the -- -- sit -- and get it. The president press the golden part of -- -- ancient equipment they've added I think that -- it won't cut it yet he could -- I don't know how any. I can go block the President Carter but ultimately undefeated underground fault that it is more. -- -- -- -- It's a pure which didn't score of those picture old local and respect the road to walk out did you call what are my good but it. A particular purpose democracy stood up as a true -- didn't and what did -- Iraq. And I hit ebitda. Artillery duel didn't do what his real name it and it has dipped to about what you want to -- -- -- olive bitten. Q what he did I -- it. How -- that would help or to. I don't it's not 188. That it it. Don't know why I did that the reason I called. And Barack Obama uses the middle -- -- house actually it was Nixon's -- MI LH no US no. Because the liberals. -- on relenting. In trying to trash Nixon and they would joke about his middle name doghouse now huh so will we were told me. That we may not use we may not use. Obama's actual middle name Hussein. We were told that by the press we were told by John McCain. That the what -- we trying to implying of course serious. As his hand on the Bible inauguration day. Barack Hussein Obama I guess we can -- it now but anyway I thought to myself. These people that tell us what we Kenny can't do so I gave -- a little play my game Nixon's middleman because a left thought it was so funny. Walking up on alcohol and whatnot and we don't you let me know what because it is. You're a man -- really hard. But you don't know when you read a great book. It would -- but they don't do that you read -- any deterrent to create a great age. Which we know we -- -- a great great book that it would finished the page and you can't turn it because. There's more we're talking about a book that you could -- and also individual -- I mean I think what. Which -- -- much on stroke he could not quite -- that you didn't play. So probably looked quick outs and I was I know how -- with a -- to. About look at this age you'll find it put it take about that it didn't hurt eight smog. But if it -- you aren't they beautiful. Bought it bought I've looked at a look at Abraham Lincoln well equipped on the cover any shot I hit it hard and -- open. Any let me ask you something did you look I mean. My eyes are drawn to those pages where they act where they -- actual photos of the slaves. And you look at that and your horrified and you look at that and that was one photo that he was gonna put in there. That they decided he shouldn't and it was the back of a slave -- been whipped a hundred times this -- back. And and it was just decided that -- dues that the graphic instead because of the too hard on children. But it was brutal and people who call here say Abraham Lincoln was a dictator Abraham Lincoln was this was that they -- me. Now. No great and that I'm not it's not that the president -- actually get put a bit but it Republicans hate that any acquisition format about. All politics don't get -- -- travel at any. I gotta go man call again okay what -- you -- -- -- -- the food output oracle and thank you man. I really love him he's a good guy is a great book -- have -- guided this weakens the perfect time. Malice toward none Barnes & Noble Amazon Books-A-Million and everywhere else I know you'll enjoy it like Eddie does. I'll be right back. This is the nation's town hall meeting. Enjoy again at 87738193811. Yeah I think we're gonna do all calls for the rest of the a lot of rescue program last. I know you wanna help restore liberty in America. I know that because you're in my audience. And -- the most patriotic. Of Americans. You understand the constitution as the key to preserving liberty by limiting the power of our own government. And today our government has cast off those limits and president. Brazenly boldly. Unconstitutionally. Is exercising power he does not have. Member has got a pen and I got a phone that'll good and a history. And not in a very positive -- Those words are outrageous. And I think you you agree to me I know you do. But do you know how we can return to an America -- where government is limited by our constitution. How we can find their way back. Hillsdale College. The authority and teaching the constitution has a new free online course it's available right now issue exactly that it's called the president in the constitution. It's the perfect time this weekend to check it out. And this course -- teacher about what the president he used to be where it is today where it needs to go to restore limited constitutional government in America. The courses taught by hills does excellent factly. Now it's already started and it's completely free but all you need to do a sign up right now. At Levine -- Hillsdale dot com L dvi and frank Hillsdale dot com you can enjoy the lectures that you're leisure including those who have. Perhaps missed. But you have to sign up and now's the time to do -- join the ranks of students who have taken a free online course over half a million fellow Americans. Take the presidency in the constitution an online course. They'll teach you what you need to know to restore liberty in America. Total events for Hillsdale dot com that's live in -- Hillsdale dot com. Well yeah like Michigan Sirius satellite go ahead I -- billion out in Lake Michigan are you. Are. All right good -- I'd be worried about that. -- just I didn't. You want to call for a while Norah finally got through. In that is one give you get out of -- on the guy that comes out for you I think he's a step -- jacares. Well don't say who it is because I don't know in your particular market -- go right ahead. Well already I appreciate you -- -- does video work all the time there market at all. Are smiling so per cent it's true and I appreciate what you do you're straightforward. You don't play very don't I really appreciate -- Well you know what let me tell you send -- very very kind. People run around bragging about their degrees -- and they have with their grades -- school I never liked it in school. You know. -- are great country the people that make this country work are all kinds all stripes all backgrounds. All educations and so forth. You should repeat that people and the wealthiest man in the world. Dropped out of college. The greatest talk show host the most successful talk show host. He didn't complete college. The second the biggest talk show host my dear friend among the greatest also. He was one course away from completing college. I completed college when I was nineteen I completed law school when I was 22 I did very very well but so what. So what I don't know how to build a house I don't -- make a car I don't how to find gasoline. I don't know how to do any of those things. We're a great country so yes I agree with you when people trash other people because they don't share the third degrees. -- -- Well I have an idea I I'd trade going to college. It didn't work soul or what the navy and a retired. Sold. And and you served your country man. Which I didn't -- -- I'm ashamed to say but god bless you for that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are outside what I'd like to give -- my dad's books I don't hang up malice toward none the Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address. I thought I'm so excited about this book I don't know if it comes across well or not I don't know if I do the book of my father justice. But he happened to be in a smaller. That one of the warehouse stores or. On the computer this weekend -- what had to check it out. You want to buy just check it out it really is a cool book to around ten bucks. And your kids and grandkids a lot of the holidays are coming Thanksgiving is coming it's perfect. It's not fictionalized. It's not about my dad it's. It's not hit you know promoting hysteria or anything like that it's just a good solid wholesome family but you all to share. Brenda Holbrook New York. -- You for taking my cool. Sex I am so impressed by all the excuse they eloped at. And I just wanted to make. The country aware that. The government is -- preparing to send more soldiers. Two like the area next week at least 14100 from. Fort Campbell and I understand Marines from somewhere else and hip but the one cent a leaping completely able. Our military police -- that they need to send military police they have no medical background. I'd -- it and they were reassuring everyone that the is that these are young men and women will be safe. I as the way the government has been run lately I don't believe they will be safe. And that they've got the government can assure us are gonna be safe what kind of nonsense is that I'm gonna tell you something this is a disgrace. These men and women didn't such a sign up for the military. To go into that countries that have these these growing epidemics. And Barack Obama hasn't even explain himself to congress and quite frankly -- that congress has even raised a ruckus. To say no you can't do that this is really quite. Pathetic. And I feel like Obama Obama uses our troops. He -- their budgets he cut stirring come. He abuses the National Guard the reservists and and as you say military police now. As well as an irregular regular military it's really outrageous what this guy does. I just I think I feel like my father is turning over in his grave he was so proud and happy to come to this country become an American. -- looked more patriotic than him yet to stunt that served in the Marines see now it's a grandson in the army. And I I know he'd be -- you know there is grave but he had the confidence in the government of this country. And -- well what's happening to walk about. Instead of bringing us together he has created. Where everybody it is self aware of other people instead of well all American at the bottom line is all about -- didn't let up the colors. Why you know we are all Americans accept that some Americans this country that don't US that way. You -- just gonna talk about color. We have race haters in this country including the man in the White House in the -- still attorney general the United States. And a number that very congress and on the courts and in the bureaucracy and on TV. And and it is a disgrace that's a disgrace to. You know we of people trying to get in this country from all walks of life. -- brown black yellow red yes. I'm minorities with who they would be in this country I can't imagine why they would wanna come to a country that's so racist like America. I -- -- every every hit -- the no history which you know much what that may -- -- every country a one timer now that the alert late Delaware. -- yet know where. Auto. They tell -- who is slaughtering whom in the Middle East. Are Muslims are slaughtering Muslims Arabs are slaughtering Arabs look at Africa. Poor Africa so many wonderful people look at this look at the Sudan look at the Congo look what went on in Uganda look what went on a row Wanda. Now many people at the same color slaughtering each other over religion over tribalism were balkanization. That we get morons of this country trying to do this us divided based on what Curtis. Skin tone color religion it's just outrageous that's why some of us fight. Not the -- all the way I feel like god I'm but a grandmother and 75. So my -- did three quarters of the way done I'm hoping I hit a bad. Seeing that you can hit a hundred good field. Right now but what I fight for it -- grandchildren. That I'd I'd -- While Brenda -- -- Don't hang -- malice toward none. From my father's 89 and -- -- all. Who is say a grandfather and great -- -- So congratulations. Robert Cromwell Connecticut is that named after Oliver Cromwell where does that come from. No I in fact -- sir I don't know and the ranking of the north or just the name of my time. I wouldn't think so I mean there'd be no purpose and that but anyway go right ahead. What an honor to speak with you and I wanted to expand a little bit on the -- -- independent political candidates. For a do that's what I refer to something you just. I only have a -- Letterman and handsome guy that. I'll -- real fast. Instead of being president you should be attorney general I think that everybody your audience feel that way so let's let. Yeah I let me just I am not not only wouldn't that happen because I'm Matt. Motivated to do what I would never get confirmed by the senate all the Republicans on May be a handful would vote against me. What it tells us that he. Many -- the and conservative challengers to run a Republicans this year lost. And to quote Sarah Palin you'll lose some to -- so. And right now she's backing and -- -- rob. -- in the rankings. And I think this is an excellent experiment in -- This you know an independent conservative. Who. Will run against the Republican. How they will -- in an election. And I think it would be very good up probably not stick. Experiment in terms of the presidential. Race between sixty. Then let me ask a question. Isn't an interest in him other -- it's a vote vote vote it's our salvation -- have any of them come out for around menace other than me. I don't know but I think one of the guys and an amazing. Hi Robert thank you for it caught my friend. Oh give him a book well. Next time Robert I'm sorry. All right let's let's take care Robert. You know I have heard the expression insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Apparently no one in the Obama administration has ever heard of that because when it comes to immigration enforcement. Our government is still releasing illegal aliens hoping the shop for their hearings. Well they don't. In fact 70% of illegal alien families who cross the border this year have failed to appear at their hearings. Is it any wonder deportations. -- the lowest they've been since the Ford administration. And my friends at the federation for immigration reform. Or fair. That's the Federation for American Immigration Reform or fair though this isn't just incompetence. It's an effort by the Obama administration -- got our immigration laws and protect those who violated them. You know catcher releases a good practice for fishing but it's a bad -- for immigration enforcement especially now when you have heightened national security and public health concerns. I want to go to their website. They're not pushing anything. But they want you to be as informed as possible about this issue they've done an enormous amount a resurgence in plain English. And it's extremely compelling so you can spread the word. Not to friends family and fellow employees. Go to fair US satellite that's FAA IR US dot org and get involved in true immigration reform. That's fair US dot org. Started tennis this state of Michigan on the mark would -- So. -- provision talked few. And that's that's still and he's calmly into what I was an issue but I wanted to rescue effort attorney general -- out. But look what happened just we don't get there Republican congress and senate do you think -- Colbert could be in line for a Supreme Court justice job. Boy it would never -- terrible. I guess he -- but you know the -- the filibuster rule that they suspended doesn't apply to the Supreme Court. Nomination so they can still filibuster. But here's my question to. If Eric Holder or some other leftist. Is nominated. And the Republicans have 5253. Seats are below 55 seats. Do you think they'll hold the line and stop that person from becoming a Supreme Court justice -- 41 of them voted for Ruth Bader Ginsburg including Mitch McConnell. -- -- But I would go for Eric Holder never make Supreme Court oh my god. If that if if Obama's party won't nominate holder helped pick another radical whose. My credentials are you know OK in terms of being like a college professor practitioner what have you but some radical -- lower court. And probably a minority or maybe a woman in then dare the Republicans to oppose. And they have let's say 47 Democrats do you think we can hold the line on Susan Collins. If we can do you think we can hold the line of Lamar Alexander. Do you think we can hold the line on. On on 203040. These Republicans who have voted for every single Democrat nominee for the Supreme Court that's come before them. I wonder -- Republicans are going to -- from Democrats you to go. I don't know I don't know what's Susan Collins was -- and thank you for your call my friend blazing settlement every Friday at exactly this time. We play Ray Charles and America and we do it in honor of our country. And an honor of -- Here we -- You're here. You know. And. An early age. Whom no mention. Okay. -- Yeah. Yeah. And it's. Can you know one. -- don't like yeah. Yeah. Knock them. Not very well. Majesty and. Oh yeah. Okay. How weekend is over. So it's not so we just over the weekend begins right now as Kennedy did not scared myself. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. And I just writing that I Griffey. And I have to say goodnight America. Yet Hamas and yet prices.