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10/8/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Oct 8, 2014|

Mark talks about what he wrote over 6 years ago - how we have now entered an Ameritopia

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. Only underground. -- -- -- -- Somewhere under the brick and steel over. This brick building. -- once again make -- Contact without. Then here I couldn't wait to get I. And number 87738138118773813811. Fuel burned out today. -- I won't get into the but I am. Start the list of some of these things quite frankly. But that's okay. That's okay. -- thoughts bouncing around in my head about certain things have been hearing prior to this program mr. producer and I'll bite my lips up by nighttime to help fight ago. -- they hate myself what do you think of that. Yes mark please do OK I will. Ebola. Potential second case. First guy die it's all about racism only needed no well yes that is. The border remains unsecured. And of course we're being told in the face of the logic. The contrary. That we need to keep it open in order to defeat these diseases. And to improve our economy. I call this Obama in wonderland and that's exactly what it is. Or. America -- which is also exactly what. Let's go back. Six years. Almost to the. October 252008. And that's I was watching. Obama run for the presidency. He would join me obviously many years before that and weeks leading up to that election. I wrote something that I've read to you before maybe 6810 months ago. In national -- online when I used to be. Who's contributing editor there. And at the time that I wrote it. It wasn't. Commonly sent. Which is why I wrote it. If it was commonly said I would have written. And here's what I sent. I'd been thinking this for a while so I might as well Eric here I -- I honestly never thought we'd see such a thing in our country not yet anyway. But I sense what's occurring in this election. Is they recklessness and abandonment. Of rationality that is preceded the voluntary surrender of liberty and security and other places. And this is six years ago. I can't help but observe that even some conservatives are caught in the moment as their attempt set. Explaining their support for Barack Obama are on persuasive and even illogical. And the pull appears to be rather strong. Reagan administration appointees Ken Adelman and -- Dominican others. Reach for the usual platitudes and explaining themselves but are utterly incoherent. Even non conservatives was significant public policy in real world experiences. Such as Colin Powell on former. United States solicitor Charles freed. Fine Obama alarming but can't explain themselves and an intelligent way. There is a cult like atmosphere. Around our Barack Obama. Which is campaign is carefully and successfully fabricated. Which concerns me. The messiah complex nominee didn't we try this stop it when I wrote this. This was not sent. Taping audience members at rallies special Obama flags and an Obama presidential seal. A graphic with the portrayal the globe Obama's name on it which adorns everything from Obama's plane to a street literature. Young children schoolchildren. Singing songs praising Obama. Teenagers wearing camouflage outfits and marching in military order -- Obama's name. And the professions he's going to open the and Obama world sport culminating in a speech in Berlin where Obama proclaims. We're all citizens of the world. I dare say this is ominous stuff. Even the media. Are drawn to the lore that is Obama yes the media are liberal even so is obvious that this election is different. The media are open and brazen in their attempts to influence the outcome of this election I've never seen anything like it. Virtually all evidence of Obama's past influences and radicalism. From dram -- right to William Ayers. Have been raised by non traditional news sources. The media's role. Have been to ignore it as long as possible. -- mention it if they must and finally dismissed it and those who raised in the first place. It's as if the media use the Obama campaign's talking points preposterous assertions that. Obama didn't hear right from the pulpit railing about black liberation. Whites Jews X -- That Obama had no idea -- as a domestic terrorist despite their close political social and working relationship eccentric. All to protect Obama. From legitimate and routine scrutiny. And because journalists have also become commentators. Target missed their almost uniform admiration for Obama and excitement about an Obama president. So in the tank for the media forum Obama that for months we read news stories and opinion pieces insisting that if Obama is not elect a president. It will be due to white races. And of course while experience is crucial in assessing Sarah Palin's qualifications for vice president. No such standard is applied Obama's qualifications. For president. No longer is it acceptable to minimize the work of a community organizer as an example. Charles Gibson and Katie Couric -- humiliate Palin. They would never never. Have tried such an approach with Obama. But beyond the elites in the media. My greatest concern is whether this election will show a majority of the voters susceptible to the appeal. Of the charismatic Danica. This may seem harsh termed -- -- and no doubt -- to Obama supporters. But it is a perfectly appropriate characterization. Obama's entire campaign is built on class warfare and human -- These so called change he's panels is not bill. We've seen it before. He's changed that diminishes individual liberty for the soft authoritarianism of socialist. -- populist appeal that disguises government mandated wealth redistribution. As tax cuts for the middle class. Falsely blames capitalism for the social policies. And government corruption Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That led to the current turmoil on our financial markets. Fuels contempt for commerce and -- -- statement sizing those who runs successful small and large businesses. And exploits human imperfection. As a justification friend massive expansion. Of centralized government. Obama's appeal to the middle class is an appeal to the proletariat. As an infamous philosopher once described it about which -- mythology has been created. Rather than pursue the American dream he insists that the American dream has arbitrary limits limits Obama would set for the rest of us. Today it's 250000. Dollars for businesses. In even less for individuals. Now if the individual dash to succeed beyond the limits set by Obama he's punished for he's now officially. Rich. The value his physical and intellectual labor must be confiscated in greater amounts for the good of the proletariat the so called middle class. And so it is that the middle class. The branch out of capitalism. Is both celebrated and enslaved. For its own good. And the greater good. These so called hope Obama represents therefore is not hope at all. Is the misery of his utopian isn't imposed on the individual. When I wrote this as you can tell I was. While into writing America -- At the time. -- finish it. I you know they said this six years ago. Unlike past Democrat presidential candidates Obama is a hard and getting a lot it's not interest in playing around the edges. He seeks fundamental change to remake society. If the Democrats took control congressman supermajority is led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid you'll get much of what he demands. Course at the time there wasn't Obama camp but he got it didn't. The question is whether enough Americans understand what's at stake in this election if they do whether they care. Is the -- -- charismatic demagogue so strong that the usually sober American people. Are willing to risk an Obama presidency. After all it ensnared these former Reagan officials. And while America will certainly survivable do so many respect. As a different place. October 25. 2008. Now ladies and gentlemen. I was the first to pull out. Evidence. The Barack Obama. Was a follower of all and. Now of course that's common knowledge. That time nobody knew who saw Lewinsky was. I certainly didn't. At that time I explained. The Barack Obama was a Marxist. A Marxist. They're all kinds of marxists. You know who practice communism in different ways. Socialism is in fact. -- marxism to a degree. And so it is. And we go on and on. So we know what we happened upon. We knew what we're getting you know. We know what's happened to the Democrat party. It's now the party of intolerance it's the party of conformity. It's the Parma party every totalitarian mindset. Which rejects constitutional -- an individual assignment. This is why it's so important. That we had a vibrant and new Republican point. That can confront this new and growing and increasingly dangerous. Political movement. Before it's too late. So this gives the context. As many in my opening statements do we get into the issues of the day. To why we are -- on. I can start right -- with the -- reporter Lucianne dot com or other web sites that are very very helpful and right Bart daily caller and so forth and so on there's lots of news out there. We'll get the summit. But it's important that a program like this. And that this format not be driven by liberal media stories. That that we use it for something much bigger. And that much bigger risks they give context. And perspective. What's going on in this country. I'll be right back. -- -- I would like doing very few. Those of you who have races at the state level for state delegate or assemblyman. And state senator. Make absolutely sure you get involved in those races that lead up to the election the first Tuesday in November these are very very important races I know. The national TV talks about the federal races that are important to. But truthfully. We've got to win more and more state legislatures. We have to advance the ball for constitutional conservatism and I read a piece. On national review online on the corner and I just posted it on my you know social sites FaceBook and Twitter marked -- -- very interest in peace. Senator Orrin hatch was at the Reagan library apparently. Promoting constitutional conservatives. In general terms. This really amazed me since we have been promoting this whole movement of constitutional conservatism now on this program for years. If you read liberty and tyranny and if you read America hoping in if you read the liberty amendments and you listen to this program. As I say for years you know that has been in the quarter. And my argument. People talk about fiscal conservatives and social concerns and national security concerns. You cannot break down conservatism. But what's meant by constitutional. Conservatism is. How we approach government. Conservatism purse say is a way of life. But constitutional. Conservatism -- Is a movement that seeks. That seeks rebirth for the constitution. To restore the republic. And so senator hatch apparently gave this speech which is being praised by gentlemen on national review online on the corner. And I want to our favorite. Ratings site for the liberty scored. For senator hatch and they look over the last six years on key votes key issues. -- conservative refute that count in conservative reviewed dot com which rates all your members of congress and senators. Give senator hatch -- BID. -- praised on bill Buckley's old. National review. As a leader I guess only constitutional conservative movement's first I've heard this. One speech I guess does the trick. As was Paul Ryan and I've looked at Paul Ryan's record over the years now man who I personally like. But his record in terms of voting for big government is disastrous. Virtually every single bailout. Virtually every spending increase. Virtually every tax increase. One -- the put -- white papers and make speeches. But as they say and I think I read any of fortune put in a Chinese restaurant that I was had today action speaks -- speak louder than words. So while. This is true disconnect between those who are patting themselves on the back inside the beltway inciting inside the beltway politicians and organizations and so forth and so on. And what it means to be a constitutional conservative what is intended by the entire movement. This is a bottom up effort. The senate and the house at this point can't lead. Well those individuals a constitutional. Conservative movement it's gonna have to come from the states. Are so I think that gentleman who wrote the piece wittingly or unwittingly doesn't quite comprehend this issue. And of course I'm not aware that he or. Very many. Talk about federalism and constitutional conservatism. Has familiarized themselves -- the history. And I would argue the necessity. -- article fine. An article five or not. I'm saying pay close attention to your local races there for state house. State senate get involved in those they're very very important. I'll be right back. Logic that I allowed Ohio law. Mark let me show called now had 87738103811. So the liberian who came to this country. Illegal it was going to be prosecuted by his own country. May have spread that. Deadly disease to others absolutely irresponsible didn't care about anybody else. He died. And then we have shrewd nut jobs in this country. Or claiming he didn't get the medical attention that he should have gotten as early as he should have gotten it because he's black. This is a this is -- sickness. This radical racism. And absolute sickness. People expose themselves to illness and death them in their own cases. To take care this man who is here illegally. They didn't turn America back at the border and send them home which is exactly what they should have done. White black or in between. And Ebola. What's it spreads in a society doesn't know race. So we have these fools we have this guy Joseph weeks. Who was so what nephew to Thomas Duncan on MS Allen stated it. And they only book them on there. Because what he was going to say was controversial. And they have no ratings. Here's what he says. To this Ronan Farrow. Cut to go. I -- game hero was turned away. I mean did did did again didn't have insurance. And now he's the poor black man he had a very deep -- coming from West Africa now I believe did did -- believe they deserved kids there. And everybody else okay you don't keep people. I shut up you idiot. Shut up you idiot. Yes they sat there and said he has an accent he's a black man sort of sent them away. We -- narrow legally. He came here illegally. And you received the greatest treatment. Any people could give to another person. That's why he came here illegally. In violation of liberian law and violation of our law. This man. Seriously god rest his -- body was absolutely irresponsible. And what he'd get. Now does not cute bears this day. That he was initially turned away. Because he had an accent and because he's black and you don't treat people that Larry. I headed -- they knew what this old you know what. And the whitest white. Ronan Farrow. Man of the streets. Throws the softball question out there. The left the left is just. As contemptible as he gets. And then there's Dallas County commissioner John Wiley price. Yesterday. He's asked a question by a reporter at CVS. Dallas. Jack think. This guy is a Dallas County commissioner. Pat for a doubt. Had a commissioner John Wiley price was one -- he said Texas health Presbyterian Hospital. Originally sent Thomas Duncan home three days before he was diagnosed with Ebola. Because he's African American and uninsured. And. It's historic room -- his -- -- community. Person who moved my initial thought was -- insurance. Very very strong kid whose own truth. No bull crap. First of all he's African American I thought he was African African mr. producer. This -- liberian was okay. So people look like him. And they don't get medical treatment while I I didn't notice. Because it's a -- Have you read -- -- emergency room it's a rainbow coalition in the people from all walks of life. It just amazes me it just amazes me no. Responsibility for the man coming here illegally from Liberia in -- liberian. Who feels he may have. Have this disease. Given the circumstances of what was going on in the apartment he was staying at the landlords to kids died. And NATO neighbors died. He quit his job quickly -- Leaves the country lies to the liberian officials at the airport flies to the United States. Through Belgium. And now where racist country again. The white man's responsibility of the white and did this because you know whites -- treated this way just blacks. Now this is this this is. Just showed diabolical. And then of course there's Jesse Jackson. Not a civil rights leader he's an ambulance -- And don't you love these reporters asking these questions. Prodding France's that they want. Here's Jesse Jackson at a press conference today hat tip right Bart cut thirteen -- During a press conference I asked Jackson. If you thought there was an issue of racism at play stop right there or why would you ask him that a hole. All these Lily white reporters. He -- -- is racism a plane here. And they're all asking this question. Because they wanted to drive the moose. And what -- jacksons say. Go. A little more than -- that well but also the best I have learned the truth and -- -- retirement when you look Paul. Weiss. Atlanta. -- in the -- what can tell us you know that's the future minimum blacks in the country. Ego. That's -- you can't get away from. Can't get away from. I don't know what else we do in this country I I don't know. What is this agenda exactly. What are we going with this. Where we -- with us. Hospitals are not free to discriminate. Based on race. And if they do. They will suffer huge lawsuits in huge financial losses. They're -- slip and fall lawyers out there it will take of these cases. Imply any of judges and -- several rule that way. So so what is it. But that we can never we can never be a just society is that it. Look around the world I see what's going on as you do in the Middle East you see what's going on in North Africa black on black Middle East Muslim on Muslim. While Muslim on everybody but you get the point. Same in Afghanistan's same in Pakistan. Look all over the world. In this country black white brown. People -- mixed racial heritage its. -- -- -- People with some kinda genitalia. People who want a different kind of genitalia people who don't know what to do what -- genitalia. Everybody has rights. Everybody's protected. We're not a perfect society but as I look around the world with the most perfect society -- And -- the most tolerant side. At least for now until the left really gets its way. And I wondered to myself as I'm sure many of Q what is this hate. This contempt. Of visceral. It's teacher. In every single situation. -- -- -- -- -- Iron to get you. Because of your race. Because of what -- -- genitalia because of what ever. It's so crazy. And it's so sick. And yet. It's so widespread. It's so widespread. So now this Ebola issue since yesterday. Since this morning that commissioner was speaking this morning. I believe. The commissioner was talking yesterday. He brought up the race issue. And this morning on MS LSD. The guys -- speaks out and Jesse Jackson today. So now the issue is that you all the issues races. He doesn't get any sickness. As far as I'm concern you talk about sick. That sick. When this man from Liberia. Came into the United States. He'd go to Beverly Hills. Hitting go to Palm Springs. Now -- go to those places. He didn't go to Manhattan. He went to the community that's largely minority. And threaten that community. Was his deadly disease. I noticed none of these three gentlemen. Whose voices you heard. Pointed that out this day. I'll be right back. And didn't. Good -- in the. And I know I want to congratulate Mitch McConnell he's growing out there he's four points ahead of its opponent. Who was utterly unknown six months ago the Republican leader in the senate four points ahead. And so he's heading for a landslide so I wanted to congratulate him. By the way. So this guy Duncan comes into the country illegally he breaks liberian law he lies begin in this country. He goes the emergency room. End his nephew. And this moronic city councilmen and others say well. They turned him away. They -- under the -- They throw him to the current. Can be given antibiotics. I think they didn't. That means they actually took a look at him probably took his blood pressure looked at this throughout. Maybe get a few other tasks. And prescribed. Antibiotics. So they missed prescribed. No question about that they can be criticized. For that. That is going to a race. -- like say no get out here and by the way here's a bottle of antibiotics in stride adamant item in the back to the headway that. So he was seen. He was seeing. Actually he got more than he would have gotten in Liberia. Which is why he left like the hearing came to united said this is what I'll never understand by -- -- -- These homegrown -- space. If we are as they say why do these folks keep coming in this country why do they wanna come here from these countries what are they believe there at. At the worst moment in their lives whether it's economic whether it's criminal whether it's health they try to escape their cultures and escape. Their countries. Whether it's in Africa or Latin America -- or elsewhere and come to the racist bigoted. Homophobic misogynist America. Why. You think they wanna escape to the paradise known as North Korea. -- some way. Or Venezuela. They come here. Of the worker's paradise as well. The imperial capitalistic. Racist America. Tea Party patriots. It's time to fight that in this border crisis and we need to do and now. Been telling you Obama's getting ready to use his. Pain in his -- imperial Paris he does not possess. To grant amnesty to millions and millions of illegal aliens foreign. Bypassing federal law bypassing congress. The Tea Party patriots are leading the fight this. Against his latest abuse of power by Obama. But we teach you to help us there's a few things we wanted to. First and foremost we need you to sign the emergency petition it in the border crisis dot com. And that way we want millions of us to be on record. But our so called representatives. That we want them to stop the amnesty and secure the borders. Or you can call the Tea Party patriots. And add your name to the petition right now. At 803700939803700939. This is a crisis it's a constitutional crisis. To national security crisis. -- health crisis. We need to keep the pressure on Washington. We need them to do the right thing. For some loss secure the border Tea Party patriots -- nine neat deal. And we need you now. Signed the petition now in the border crisis dot com or call 803700939. 803700939. -- in the border crisis dot com. So we the most compassionate nation on the face the -- we sent. Over 3000 American troops all races no doubt. To Liberia. To Liberia. We have. Treated a man who came into this country and violated liberian and American law. You probably received hundreds of thousands if not a million dollars worth of medical care who paid for that. And the will be more. It is heat. Who may have exposed many many people especially minorities. Given where he was staying. -- Ebola. And then their race -- has come out of the woodwork. Whose nephew on MS Ellis. MS LSD what they have won one black guy who's an anchor right. During the week and then they have. What you call off white man's row there where they got they got that Chris Matthews. I don't think he qualifies as white. He's translucent I think mr. -- That we got what oh what a story -- -- the morning now. Yeah he's translucent so. Ed Schultz. Big fat slob he is whatever he is who else. Who. Ronan Farrow let's say. While whatever. Questions straight from mad now and then somebody who cares. Not exactly a rainbow coalition over there. But -- throw on the soft balls they bring in the race -- they wanna hear it they want it that's why they have no ratings. Let's go to let's see let's go to not sue Roanoke Virginia. Harry used to. Yeah I love your I agree with everything that as far I would have all of what are -- -- Jack's comments and right. Grammatical error when I didn't -- for thirty years I understand. It actually -- -- it. And I am watching the progression of best since February. And I just for the -- -- not. I understand. Why the governor the state is allowing flight -- and from what Africa. It is that extent that it may think if you look at even the country Nigeria. On several months ago they closed their orders for about three days to try to get. Under control. And I think they're pretty except for a little while anyway and instead of clothing stop in late -- trotted. There -- going to think that they're gonna control that by allowing people to content our airport and that's our. Because because we are infected with something else in this country and that's the leftist ideology comes from the top of the political. Powers fear Obama on down his party politics and party first country second if at all. That's what this is all about they're not gonna close the borders secured. And they're not gonna stop these flights. They're just not apparent back. Is there. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. -- when it comes to a brick and steel. This brick building. We want to again make contact. Know everybody mark for the live here our two large number eight. 7381311. 8773813811. The other day here we broke the story. On the -- president they have Mexico Enrique Pena. Yet. Well we can really break a story repeated story that was on CNN. And he was interviewed by Fareed. Is a Correa who has his own problems right now. And here's what to help president they said. About we the people in America cut twelve go. But when you hear some of the anti immigrant. Language that rhetoric. Do you think it's racist. And I think it's discriminatory yes I am so I think it's unfortunate for the country political. Whose formation and historical origin relies so much on the migration flows by many parts ASEAN. If you include -- Europe and Asia for instance and put them I think this is encouraging to a greater extent to Islam as well migrations of people and that's why it's unfortunate too exclusionary. And non discriminatory tone regarding their migration flows into the United States. Nice. And that the migration flows in the Mexico that's not discriminatory and racist or bigoted is ladies and gentlemen. And of course we all know the corrupt Mexican government has among the most severe immigration laws. Don't they ladies and and if this guy were any good. Most of the people who are Mexican citizens living in America. Would be returning to Mexico wouldn't they -- him. So I have to ask you this. Who is it. Who is. Who is racist. El presidente is racist. For what he said about us. And I don't even off he likes his own people. Since there escaping his government. Mexico under his leadership to come here. Or. Not leaving America to go there paradise you know. I dug -- an article the reason -- played this again. I -- a fellow named -- not directly junior. I'm not a big fan this guy necessarily. I think he's taken a few swipes at me over the years he's also a columnist for wise for the Washington compost. When he wrote a -- couple years ago. About what goes on in Mexico. And the bigotry in Mexico you know the way we think of these things it's. You know it's homogeneous -- bullets not. And part of this column. We will linked to the entire thing if you wish to read it and wanna go to the part that I wanna emphasize. He writes and yet. Even with -- all the progress and openness in Mexico over the past few years. There's still one subject that no one talks about. And that is still off limits. Race. Mean dory taboo subject to skin color. Whether an individual's complexion betrays an allegiance to the Spanish who conquered the Aztec empire and 1521. Well the aztecs who were conquered. It's knowledge and let me just stop right there. You see ladies and gentlemen. Even though every nation as a nation of immigrants. Every nation has a history. And so it is. That many of these so called natives in Mexico aztecs among others were displaced by the Spanish. And I suppose the Spanish. Are prepared to leave their lands in Mexico. He give them back to the aztecs the natives. Or those with -- -- blood actions but let's continue. He says it's no exaggeration to say that in this country meaning Mexico -- especially in this city meaning Mexico City. The best highest paying most important jobs. Often seem to go to those who in addition to having the best education in the strongest connections. Have the lightest skin. On television and politics and and academia. You see light skinned people. Our construction sites and police forces in a restaurant kitchens -- likely define those sort dark skinned. In a crisis neighborhoods -- homeowners have light -- and housekeepers -- dark everyone knows this and yet no one talks about it at least not in the league circles. -- what do you mean it's bigotry racism. Nor do Mexicans seem all that needed to discuss the larger dynamic that race feeds into. The fact that this is and has always been a country of deep divisions. China Mexico. And a hundred years since the Mexican revolution. One part of Mexico has often been a war -- another urban vs rural rich racist sport yes dark skin vs light skinned. One reason that institutions such as the economy the political system in the social structure haven't matured as quickly as they should have given Mexico's advantages. Why now. All of this racism in Mexico. This country of 120 million people a sports and highways airports and skyscrapers. Takes in billions of dollars every year revenues from oil natural gas billions more from tourism and remittances from a Mexican migrants living abroad. Mexico's economy this is two years ago is trying faster than the US economy and investments are flying information York. It's consistently within the top three of trading partners for the US. But what good is all that -- only a small number of the. Population. Can live up to their full potential. Prejudiced -- progress. The hours late it's time for Mexico to confront the color line and free itself of its past. -- won't have much of -- future. Very interest. This tells us a lot of things. You see it's he races -- president -- Mexico. And light skinned. Mexican. No doubt with significant Spanish blood. As mr. and opera pointed out. His policies and the policies of the -- they fox and others. Light skinned Mexican. President. We'll be encouraged. War. Darker skinned Mexicans. Come to America. Where I might as they treated apparently better than they are back in Mexico. Which is one of the reasons they come here. This is a very very interesting dynamic. That is being concealed. For the longest time I had dug into and dusted off this article by Rubin now -- direct. But that's why the people who are coming across the border who are Mexican. Not all. But many are poor. -- And encouraged to do so. Truthfully. Being exported for this country by the governor of Mexico. Which is run by light skin for the most part Mexican. I didn't make this stuff. -- -- That's too bad the the moron who did the interview with CNN I assume it's Wolf Blitzer but there's how many morons out there who can tell. Didn't know this information didn't ask the president about this. Nor -- he asked the president about Mexico's immigration laws. Which are brutal. Discriminatory and racist. Against central and South America. Or not Mexicans. I thought it wanna know I'll be right back. So I feel we need to secure the borders. I think people who are coming here right now anyway at least temporarily from Liberia and a handful of other countries. That have this widespread epidemic it's been estimated one point 31 point four million people. Should be turned away. I do not believe we should accept flights are individuals from these countries right now on our ports our airports. This is common sense it's not prejudiced since. There's nothing to do -- anything of that sort. The whole purpose of having borders a whole purpose of having security. Is to protect the American people from whatever the threat may be. Just common sense it's the only sane thing we can do. Shannon Davenport Iowa Sirius satellite a Democrat don't. And Democrats. Are. Here sorry Maryland now because because man you're trying desperately. To educate yourself. -- -- -- It really actually what I know they don't liberals wanna destroy free speech -- -- every game -- -- -- like police states when they're in control. Maybe one actually showed at how am I'm not in charge of fox I'm in charge of my show -- conservative they get you in charge of MSNBC. Can name one conservative host on MSNBC. You know. Market to shout when I moved. I ask you and forget about you I'm in charge. Can you name one conservative host on MSNBC. I can't I can't I can name liberal hosts and and guests. On talk about that that's let me get my point I and it's. Order a liberal -- -- How are we talking about this can you liberals focus whether this is what you were calling me about -- may -- help -- What Republican do make a lot I'm not any conservative. Right constitutional conservative government. Are out there that are out there and ma'am you're talking to me. This may eat what you want to ask me. Have you ever I don't know your show that well I'll be on have you ever brought on a Bill -- a crate -- why would I bring you another Bill Maher. Informed educated he's not informed he's a comedian. But it did not inform. I don't think comedians on my show you're you're pretty overlooked that -- or not it or not I am man. This is why your liberal your scatter brained. I don't lower everything to Bill -- level the reason he's on HBO is because he can't survive any ratings market. -- it that's sad that's sad they don't pay attention and I know you get your news from Del -- the rest of the world does not that's not the focus. I'm trying to get from you and it's very difficult because you are flaming liberal which means you scatter brained and trying to get from you an issue that you wanna discuss. Forget about personalities but about fox mentioned George Bush how can help you. Immigration. I -- -- -- apartment -- suffered what I do we all work with immigrants Rick now I don't. -- -- Excuse me about what is securing the border or get deported more people -- but -- want people walking their candidates -- -- -- it and. Are you prepared to be educated are not. Worried -- so let me educate tradition deported more people they changed the definition of deportation. Don't you notice you've been working on this issue. So -- stop at the border. For a few hours and sent home that's considered deportation that was not considered deportation prior to three or four years ago. Deportation is somebody was taken into custody. Health for a period of time in one of these detention centers. Vetted. And then removed from the country that used to be the definition of deportation is not anymore. But what -- difference to what the borders secured until wanna make sure that -- coming across as. And it did a nice people not to what to make sure terrorists -- coming. What character I annual -- wouldn't. George Bush. This is the all right this is the problem your your mind be it it's like cats -- You know you know what that is right you have tourette's people's sake Chris Virginian I ask this subject George Bush and is subject Fox News. I thought you were going to be intelligent I thought you wanted to have a discussion but you don't do the. You talk. I talk all you look -- your scatter brained on trying to focus yeah. -- let's try this Shannon let's try this. And what you put all the static -- okay. Hey Ted I don't listen I don't want to put aside all your static it's that's between -- just put it aside. You believe in liberty. Really the party patriot as a former okay hair and yet you're making a fool of yourself I'm asking a -- do you. Parties. Do you believe liquid. Are right it what is being what it name to hill. Yeah I mean freedom of choice and that it really freedom of choice. Here are. You. And it should be legal -- they you're opposed to obamacare. Artwork. -- man man pay attention. Huge asset. You gave me a definition classical definition of liberalism I believe I should have the freedom to do what I wanna do as long as it doesn't bother you. So I said you must be opposed to obamacare I don't want. Obamacare I don't want my health care being dictated time not free to get the kind of health care I wanted to get that money. That once you very simple the -- I believe Obama -- that it did. Health care debate unique market in. So you don't even in a factory. Everybody in the country -- -- at some point if you have health care gets you ma'am ma'am ma'am you don't believe in liberty. I -- Everybody at some point we'll use gasoline did you know that now that everybody pay attention and educating them again everybody at some point will use electricity. Everybody at some point has. Everybody at some point has used toilet paper everybody at some point has to use all these things would become accustomed to. To survive so the government should control at all. No. Or if you are just alarmed yes you are yes you are. I'm subsidizing people were obamacare. I'll my XY my that's. I'm on -- -- your community your -- I think this site and through my taxes and that's fine we just talked about that. But you said -- ma'am listen how you started out when I said liberty. I should be free to do what I want and less -- an -- to somebody else and he just turned it on its head. You don't believe that you wanna know why. I do. Paying attention you wanna know -- it. Every everyone and raped -- DOT you wanna know why. Well do they turn people away and socialist countries. Well but I don't want -- it's. And I think you read newspapers about what's going on in the UK. Under the old socialist healthcare system in the world people are turned away all the time people are rejected for drugs people take it dentists. Yes it's called quotas it's called redistribution it's called all those things turned away all the time you wanna know why Shannon is not utopia. And the more you get government involved the worse it is. Better I don't believe in liberty. Do you sense of what pay attention you don't believe in liberty -- should I absolutely believe you believe -- government you believe in government to do. Liberty that's government. I do believe government of sandy nice annual book you've read the book can call me back -- -- that otherwise I'm not innocent. And I send you look -- Colbert. -- not call -- -- rightly worried. Now it's mark looked then and I've written my own books and I want to read one of my books if you're not gonna read -- the -- I want to learn I read everything I can aren't I. I'm going to send it to you and then I went to the call back. And I want to call back without using three words. Bush. And fox. And on the black and -- -- talk about substance ideas. Philosophy. I want you to get Smart and pay attention I want you to get it just told you this not mentioning that -- I want you to get Smart. I'm gonna -- in my book liberty and. -- will you read it yes or no I will have and what you call me back yes or no yes yes I will I catcher's sign. All right. So free book you're gonna like that it's a -- you know like government -- don't hang up. Now more now I'll be right back. -- -- -- very dark red -- you already know they're and you must realism into my living room and got proponents call 877381. Creates. 11. Well there's millions of people like Shannon. I'm gonna work on that lady I am I just decided I'm gonna take a real hard case and she reads the book and calls back and -- list. So a lot of liberals who listen -- the show they just don't admit it. But her main source of information is Bill Maher. Why don't have bill morrow -- while wanna have Bozo the clown on the show -- Ronald McDonald on the ocean. Are one of those. Well those clans from ringling Brothers. May -- -- anyone the F twenty dollar bags of up -- Ladies and gentlemen there's a congressman in Northern Virginia. Represented most of Fairfax County the biggest. Of the counties in the state of Virginia. It's commonwealth. Okay. Pot and he was speaking. At the Arab American candidates 94. I didn't know there was such reform. Or shortly I would have attended mr. produced an -- would've been welcomed with open arms. And that anyway Gerry Connolly. Poses as a moderate. Democrat common sense them. And let's hear what he had to say. At the forum last last month nation saying. Hat tip Washington free speaking cut nine go. Whether it's. Calling for the -- the Palestinian Authority I. That's no matter. Led by an impressive Carolina. It's hidden camera we're gonna be fun Palestinian Authority that would guarantee. An explosion. An already volatile situation where. Authority unless you're in -- I just leave New York. And so I don't BS. Terrible -- diplomacy and. Just a moment how. It's icy. I city. What held steady -- cut ten go. I was the only. The house -- -- Oh yeah yeah military and -- -- Because they threw me and I really think. What we like get -- non stop. That's the meat of the matter. That's another -- match. Here's a guy who poses as a moderate Democrat to get elected. This man opposed. Overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood. -- -- Which was democratically elected. But which immediately moved. To take control of all the process he's a government and to destroy. The voting franchise in Egypt. So much so that. Tens of millions of people took to the streets. Estimates of thirty to fifty million people. Which is most of that damn country took the streaks. The Muslim Brotherhood. The mother ship of al-Qaeda. A Muslim Brotherhood the mother ship of is this tonight's alleged Chrysler and all the rest of Gerry Connolly -- Offending the Muslim Brotherhood. -- -- From Northern Virginia. Pandering. At the Arab American candidates -- out. What else that this full -- go. In the United States supports Z boy we've done. Okay. Ultimately I. Stop. He didn't say he doesn't like that Muslim Brotherhood he's he's making a he theoretical argument I may not like the Muslim Brotherhood. But it was democratically elected and ladies and gentlemen. -- and use. Those offices. Those democratically elected positions for the per. Other imposing -- will. And destroyed the democratic process this man has an otter and double edged a ball -- run. And brought -- -- about. I hope that samples and vote for this -- and attention now ahead. It is not mowed them down. -- -- -- That government did not mowed down thousands of their fellow citizens in the streets of Cairo. They did burn down Christian churches. Coptic. Christian churches. They did in fact unleash their men. To rape women. In the streets. Including one reporter. For CBS. And of course they were mowing down people. Imprisoning people. And just before they got to the point. Of consolidating power in taking over the military. Replacing the generals. With Muslim Brotherhood general generals just the way -- -- in Turkey replace the -- generals there. With a -- on Nazis. Thank goodness CC rose up and said now. CC did the world a favor -- not just the egyptians. And the egyptians -- well. It would be is if we elect somebody in this country. And they put all their people on the Supreme Court remove all the people who are there. They take over the majority of congress. They shot on the media they -- state run media. And Gerry Connolly would these same athletes they it was democratically elected. How can their -- county Virginia. Except. Pathetic moron to the United States congress. They cry -- Muslim Brotherhood. Peace. That's what I get out of this. Doesn't stand for democracy stands for the opposite. He's pandering for votes he's pandering for donations. I wanna play cut ten from beginning and so we can all hear it because this man is now exposed himself now. The only member of the house workers and oh yes yeah military I want to know why moron. Because they threw me down and I really didn't. Well we like it or not and he the United States supports -- people we don't. They play. Ultimately I. Modem down. They don't. This man should be defeated. Let's see if the people in this district. You know these districts outside of Washington they're supposed to be among the most educated people the most intelligent people. The wealthiest among us. Let's just see how bright they are. It Gerry Connolly wins reelection. After making outrageous comments like this absolutely unbelievable comments like this. And while -- on this subject. Our dear friend Michelle Bachmann. Are dear friend Louis goma and there were two or three others and that was set. Boy attacked by John McCain on the floor of the senate. -- I John bonehead I mean John Boehner. -- speaker of the house. Forewarning about the Muslim Brotherhood secretive you know our government and our bureaucracy. And they were right. I want you to hear this ladies and gentlemen. Your State Department and by the way there's an IG report that was released. That talks about hundreds of millions of dollars in waste and grants to foreign governments find an eighty's by the State Department. But they've been warned for years and years and years. Billions of dollars in waste your tax dollars. Of course they have to shut down the government if the raise the debt ceiling they did everything. They can't cut anything -- meant to -- And from the State Department. Listen this from the Washington pretty beaten. The US State Department endorsed today. A controversial anti terror handbook published by Canada's Muslim community. That refers to Jihad as noble and urges law enforcement to avoid using terms such as Islamic extremists. And handbook published earlier this month I two Canadian Muslim community organizations. What's so controversial but the Royal Canadian Mounted Police flatly rejected the manual and ordered its officers not to use. Yet the United States state department's official anti terrorism Twitter feed called think again -- no way. Appeared to endorsed a controversial him but on Twitter and linked to a positive article about. They handbook titled united against terrorism is becoming contentious issue. For the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Since its release several sections of the guide. Instruct Muslim community members not that cooperate with police while others claim Jihad is a noble concept and it goes on. This is our State Department. This is to -- I mean are you surprised under this president. And our State Department would be embracing this. Look what the Democrat party become the Gerry Connolly. Jim Moran. The -- The Barack Obama's. You know many of us use this group can't see any I art is a radical. Right. -- would I stop Hamas. And yet here is welcome in the Democrat party the Democrats reach out to care. And explain this ladies and gentlemen. I say this practically to my liberal Jewish friends how do you explain this. You can't. And you won't. Because you won't respond to me. I'll be right back. You know you've heard the expression. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Apparently no one in the Obama administration has ever heard of that because when it comes to immigration enforcement our government is still releasing illegal aliens. Hoping they actually show up for their hearings. Well they don't in fact 70% of illegal alien families who cross the border this year have failed to appear at their hearings. Is it any wonder deportations -- the lowest they've been since the Ford administration. That's a fact Jack. My friends. The Federation for American Immigration Reform or fair. No this is suggesting competence. It's an effort by the Obama administration. That got what's remaining of our immigration laws and protect those who violated. Some folks catch and release. Is a good practice for fishing. But it's a bad one for immigration enforcement specially now we have heightened national security and public health concerns. Please go to fair. Usually please got a fair US -- that's FA IR US dot org and get involved in true immigration reform. And you're gonna love their website in an enormous amount of information there for you it'll be at your fingertips and it's all absolutely free. Go to fair US dot org that's fair US dot or weighing in Columbia, South Carolina the great WD OC country doubt. Good evening in the slowly and I'm a little nervous but I wanted to say that I love what you do. I hear the honesty and you boyish. And the message that you have book conservatism much area had a really lucky bag -- where conservatism is -- at black American and he responsible. Our work and black Americans really need to hear you voice and your message this phony guy in the White House do we support and they get that would do on the right there anywhere in honesty would go to -- thing for our children. For the republic until it is it really -- only have a small -- I want that -- -- launch. Listen to you and I hit artist in the true for information that you bring it to real -- since two people that. There are aware of two people that responsible. All work out and just more it's O mobility for this so therefore their families. And the only guy in the White House is taking our country down. From I can go to the litany of scandal what I won't do recommend no -- on the short but I really just wanted to Colin thank you for what you do what you say -- and I'm really glad that I got through. We've lost a -- and Lindsay my sense that how old is your child's. Much out -- seven years though I'm forty years Obama young forty. You know a lot of people don't believe my age so I can tell the younger people -- my daughter -- said the energy your school and you know even our school I see a lot of immigrant children not see a lot of different things that could point out -- -- we're -- -- but I got to tell you just. It Brigham our -- -- into the country you know you must follow voted for Obama among other action the conservative Ann Arbor he's not a big politic -- immediate action. He just came out you know preaching God's word and word a real court and that's what I get from MI hardware there's millions of us this following. The Democrat party law before Obama came along and it's just it's a huge mistake not just for our people -- for the republic itself. Amen beautifully put -- what you have a seven year old daughter I'm gonna send him malice toward none the Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address from my father -- And god bless you call again -- OK thank you so much appreciate it don't hang up don't hang up. You know this is the thing I bet you've been overwhelmed with people talking about books right I know. Hawking books on you have to get a ball Tonya why you should get the book -- the book's gonna change the world. You know Wayne said about me. Something that really touches me that he can tell that. That I had integrity when I speak about these issues. Now what you know my father has integrity. When he puts together a book like malice toward none as he did his other two books. He's not doing it for the money he's not doing it for the fame. He's doing it because he believes in this country. Now he started this genre of taking history. And giving it any any he'd look in an approach where it jumps off the pages for young people will the interest -- and it. And he started that was his first book Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address illustrated. And this is his third book malice toward none. And I just -- you know he's not hyping yes he is not saying this is the only way to save the country. He's not saying this change public education for -- what he's saying is what he said to me and I'm passing it on -- you honest in your own family. In your own circle of influence. The best way. The best way to trying to have an influence on future generations in the future of the country. Is to talk to your children in your grandchild. And that's the reason he puts these books together. He does and many ghost writers he doesn't have anybody a putting these things together form he does it all by himself. And I get to write you know the little preface to his books. And you know he's an artist in them. He goes through these he doesn't change the words these great statesman they shouldn't be he doesn't change the environment of these great statesman it's true pure history. What he does -- As he takes period art work graphics. Maps photos. And and illustrates the book in a way that it jumps off the pages particularly for young people. And then that triggers all kinds of discussions and interest and so forth. So you can take it from there. That's the point bedtime reading morning discussions this is how I grew up. This exact way he wants to pass sat on he's 89 and a half. Not to the rest of the country one family at a time. It's for sale at Barnes & Noble that's for sale on It's for sale of Books-A-Million. Any major warehouse store any independent bookstore you know what I'm. You should be able to acquire. And unlike other books also. It's really occurred by. Around ten dollars. And we were able to do that because his publishers my publisher we told them bring the price that. And then when it's discounted it brings it down even further so I think about it now you're not gonna save the world whether it. I know we're not tying it to demand the battle stations and no we're not trying any gimmicks or anything of that sort. It's just a beautiful book about our beautiful history. -- beautiful speech consider one of the greatest speeches by any man and a woman of all time in the top five. Lincoln's second inaugural address. Not the hard sell none of that sort of thing. Just a little discussion. And that's it for this evening on that book. Ladies and gentlemen. I've got a lot more I hope you'll stay with me. I'll be right back. Excuse me. -- -- -- From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. -- once again made contact. Without. Hello everybody mark then there are final hour hour free. And number 8773813811. 8773813811. According to New York magazine hat tip. -- -- You know they wanted to choose to run Meet the Press. The host of meet the depressed. -- -- -- According to New York magazine which course is always right as are most left wing publications. Before choosing Chuck Todd NBC news president -- turn us. Held negotiations with Jon Stewart AKA John -- votes. About hosting meet the depressed. According to three senior TV sources with knowledge of the talks. One source explained that NBC was prepared to offer Stewart virtually anything to bring him over quote they're ready to active Brinks truck up the source said. -- spokesperson for NBC declined to comment. James Dixon Stewart's agent did not respond to multiple requests for comment. And it goes on. So. Meet the Press. Which when I was a fairly young man. Was the most important. Of the Sunday. News auction. They had -- this guy -- back. And they would have a panel of journalists. Questioning individual politicians or what have you. And while still liberal it was actually very interest. And they wanted -- still. So they go ladies and gentlemen the death of the modern media in this country Jon Stewart is a comedian. He's not even a very good one he need ten comedy writers are more to help him write his skates every night. And as ID. Exposed him. For being a self hater. And his not so funny attacks on Israel when Israel was under attack by terrorists. -- he folded like hey you have like a cheap tent. As they say. But NBC news. Was prepared and tried to get Jon Stewart the host Meet the Press. -- would be comedian. So what does that tell you about the media -- It's a joke. Media have a standards today. They have no standards say no ratings. And they're willing to pay him anything they could. I'm surprised they didn't ask for Don Rickles they are I don't know. Our good buddy Jackie Mason. Jackie Mason knows the knows quite well. So I just wanted to point that out because NBC news. I NN I get Sharpton over at MS Ellis. It's been shot. Barely literate. -- that's true that's true. They bring any guy -- and only that the -- radio host anymore because he couldn't keep any affiliates. That -- blow hard -- Schultz ever Iraq and I hour. And so forth that's actually a lineup of losers they're over it in nationalistic I don't watch. If we get clips that's because mr. producer pulls them off the Internet he doesn't watch these. Another somehow post that spend hours and hours and hours running those clips in the responding to them using them as foils like they're talking to themselves I can't fill it. Here in there we might use it. A bad day in and day out. That's for sure so we almost had Jon Stewart on meet the depressed. You know -- probably would've mattered anyway what. I hate to tell you this this is a piece in the daily caller. Citing another news source the business insider. The Chinese economy just surpassed the US economy could become the world's largest in terms of purchasing power according to the International Monetary Fund. This day was coming. The Chinese economy in terms of purchasing power now exceeds ours. The Chinese military's building up. At a breakneck speed. China is expanding -- series of influence in our hemisphere. In Africa. And of course where it exists in southeast Asia. Laying claim to the East China Sea the South China Sea. Islands have belonged to the Philippines. To coastal areas have belonged to Vietnam. And Japan. Where we haven't even Vietnam asking us for help and what are we doing. Slashing our navy from 600 ships stand under 300. That's right Obama in wonderland America open. So we have a lot of first under Obama and none of them good none of them good. And by the way it's bigger than Obama this problem it's the left. The left is say yet is like cancer. -- -- -- That -- here and did you know that. Islam on Nazi sub human cockroaches. Are about to take this Kurdish town. It's. Right on the Turkish border. Some mile outside a tricky. The Turks have all these tanks lined up their army lined up on the border a mile away just sitting and watching our NATO partner. And we're apparently trying to prod them to do something but they don't want to do it. -- say what the courage by. And here we have these these hardy. Hardworking. Decent people the -- All they try to do to survive. I've really come to admire these people like I admire the seeks. I've really come to admire the Sikhs and as many people and groups of people and ethnicity and -- that I admire I'm just pointing out to right now. But the Kurds have their back against the wall. And now the -- guy at the Pentagon the air rear admiral Kirby he says there's only so much we can do in the air why did we do it early. By several weeks. And hit them before they went into the urban areas into the cities and into the streets. Because Leon Panetta is right. And now he's being tracked me why did he say something when he was working for Obama -- -- we know we didn't. But at least he's saying something now he's not like one of these Tony's one of these yes man or yes women who continue to lie even when they're out of office. He said as soon as we're hit and -- guys he knew it was a terrorist attack. He was question about that last night on fox and one question wasn't -- that he should have been asked. Even though is a good interview is a glaring error in not to raise it. What does the president do during those ten hours. Mr. Panetta you. Mr. Dempsey. But the last to see him what that the president do to your knowledge if you left the White House. He was -- That ladies and gentlemen it's the 64. True. Trillion dollar question. We don't know what the commander in chief did. After it's 530 meeting what Panetta and Dempsey. He gets up in the morning does that Las Vegas is we still don't -- incident. He went to sleep that's why. I'm telling you that. He went to sleep. And he's been asleep at the will ever since when it comes to securing the station. So we now have this. Gang of Islam on Nazi's that's what it is. Are trying to wipe out the carriage and if they. If they succeed in capturing that town. -- Bonnie. They will slaughter those people have put him in mass graves. And history will condemn us. Condemned the clerics condemned the allies. The question is often it's in a different kind Texans much. You know much more of on the scale. Of the genocide was much bigger. But the questions have always been enhanced by the NF DR bomb the train lines. Leading into the -- at camps -- concentration camps. In Germany and Austria and so forth. And phony answers your company of people come up with a phony answers. Just wasn't a priority for him. People can answer this about Obama. And quite frankly his generals. Why didn't they do more and faster to save these people. Now -- A couple of my friends one of particular on fox I won't name because I don't upset him but he is a dear friend and no it's not Hannity. The -- dear friend of mine and I'm not talking about it says look. The Muslims have been killing each other for you know thousands of years we can't stop that much of the week you know it's not our business. You know this is an interesting argument the Europeans have been slaughtering each other. For a thousand years. The Africans have been slaughtering each other for a thousand years or more and go on and on and on. You deal with the circuit. Stances that exists today. You push back against evil and tyranny. Doing your lifetime. You can't control what happens a thousand years from now you can't control what happened a thousand years ago. To throw up your hands and say -- these people are always gonna be slowing yourself. Is absurd. If there is some national security interest or or let me take the next. The genocide is so overwhelming. That we as they ready for this Judeo Christian nation. Can't sit idly by. And just watch. That it moves us back. And we -- Now we have a process for that we needed declaration of war. Which congress will not prepare. And Obama will not ask for. That's why I know they have no intention of actually winning this thing. There's no reason this has to be a thirty year war health -- how absurd. There's 35000. Of these cockroaches. And yes most of them can be wiped out in ten days of intensive day and night heavy bomber fight. Attacks. That's why the president. A real precedent would go -- front of the nation. In front of congress both houses. Gathered for the purpose of declaring war. For explaining why. And explaining yes. Thank god awful casually is that a result. Because the alternative is a thousand times worse. We should be ashamed. And what needs to be done yes we wanna protect the Christian population. Yes we want to protect Muslims are we're being wiped out. Yes we -- prevent the expansion of the scalp they. We're not there to nation build. That'll be left of them. When all is said and done. We're not interest in conquering were interested in victory. No I'm not a neo con I'm not John McCain in. Goober Lindsey Graham and the one from -- what's her name I yet whatever name is from New Hampshire. -- -- The conservative. I don't believe him. -- our heads in the sand. While tens of thousands of people are crying out for help. While the daughters of being raped. And sold into slavery. While their wives are being raped and sold into slavery. While their husbands. Are being decapitated. And their heads put on posts. The barbarians are on the move. And we still -- people. Need to eliminate the. And that's righteous. And that's moral. I'll be right back. Health care professionals who are fed up of this racist crap. We'll get to them in a moment. As you know I was at the media research center's annual gala -- his award. At ten days ago. It's a great event conservatives from all over the country where there. And you can see for yourself that MRC dot org backs -- -- they have all the highlights up there it's very entertaining. That's -- mentioning it to -- I think you'll enjoy it. And there are over a thousand conservatives in the audience. And of course the MC is the great Cal Thomas a dear friend of mine he nominates this. As one of the biggest columnists in the country and has been for years and years and he has. He cutting hilarious -- And I was honored to receive the William F Buckley junior award for media excellence. And that's a great honor Buckley was a hero. And Buckley. I think we miss him terribly today. As we do so many of the people who found the modern conservative movement. And I was honored to speak for it's about ten minutes. And I think you'll find that. Brief speech very very interesting if -- others well. Now there's also a lot of hilarity. They showed a bunch of videos of leftists in the -- tripping over themselves to see who could say the dumbest thing. And the led the actual the award for quote of the year went Eleanor -- she said that -- the ambassador who died was murdered. Have been Ghazi Stevens that he wasn't America that he died of smoke inhalation. She's an -- That was just one of the moronic media quotes from last year there -- many. And you can watch all of it an MRC dot org back slash -- that's MRC dot org back slash gala. -- Boston Massachusetts the great WRKO. Your hospital administrator. What is all this nonsense about while he was turned away because of his race because he spoke funny first volley wasn't turned away but anyway. What do you have to say about it. Yeah well. Take soldier that you really answering the -- and it took everything I had from my -- not to come out of my note. I have never they never met more. Honorable and passionate people that people -- -- and you don't hear much from my because we're too busy taking care patient. Prefer to actually Collins -- and think. Being that it really mean but what I know that they're miscommunication sometimes from the triage nurse. Two of the proprietor and it happened. An incident report would be I don't beloved eighties locality meeting that will be brought up because we have checks and balances. Where there's something that goes wrong we seek to find and how it went wrong and to expect and it is unfortunate PP these things happened. But not trying to -- The knee of the right to come in this country saying he had not been in contact with Ebola patients. In health care it could not documented it didn't happen. I would let let me let me just copy and that's an important fact he didn't go in there and say. I came to Liberia. I came here elite from a library came nearly -- which we wouldn't expect he said West Africa because he wanted to conceal Liberia. And he never said you're right that he had been in touch with at least for people who had -- ball. I need -- back. -- around they have not and buried an -- I'm just the digesting it -- it calls into question and I'm I'm not sure because I have an effective. -- that. I -- I gotta go thanks recall. Take care about -- News. -- doesn't suffer fools well. So these fuel pool -- don't call 8773813811. You know folks. What's gonna happen. If this police officer in Ferguson Missouri is an indicted. I'm not gonna go through the entire story from mail online the Daily Mail. Which cites a Reuters story. But the local police departments. The state police and the FBI think they know what's going. And they don't think it's going to be pretty. And not only there. But the -- about other places. Like new York and Los Angeles and Chicago. What does this say about our country. We have an attorney general. Urged on by -- president. Who have. Poured fuel on that time. Without us having any facts. They have been determined by grand jury. We have other information of course of -- and. But so what does this mean there's gonna be massive riots. Absolutely unbelievable. In my view. So only to keep an eye on this. Know people don't wanna talk about it and I'd rather not talk about it. They'd rather talk about you know the last time in the eighty S stakes in what sure. Had a bowel movement or whatever some of these -- who just so weird but at what can I tell. Hillsdale College. I know you want to help restore liberty in America. My listeners the most patriotic of Americans you understand that the constitution is the key to preserving liberty. But it limiting the power of our own government. And Zardari government is castoff those -- and I sitting president has famously said that he is a -- any as a final. Well congratulations. Those words are pretty outrageous in the context and Obama is using. But do you know how we can return to an America where government is limited by our constitution. How we can find their way back. Hillsdale College does. Hillsdale College the authority on -- the constitution. Has a new free online course and it's available right now to show you exactly that. It's called the presidency in the constitution. This course will teach them about what the presidency used to be where it is today and where it needs to go to restore limited constitutional government in America. And the course taught by hills does excellent faculty has already started and it's completely free. So all you need to do a sign up today. -- live in French Hillsdale dot com that spell you VIN pretty Hillsdale dot com you can enjoy the lectures actually leisure. Including those who may have missed. But you have to sign up join the ranks of students who have taken a free hill style course over half a million so far. Take the presidency in the constitution online course and -- teach you what you need to know to restore liberty in America. Lived in -- Hillsdale dot com that's live in -- Hillsdale. Excuse me dot com. Dot com. Let's see let's go we got a lot of issues on the table. To go to John McAllen Texas that great can you RV country don't. Mark. All right how are you good. What else are you talking about Mexico. Which has or -- Communist country. But what -- They're really concerned about what's happening to the US Border Patrol for help. But being hit these agents would substantial take us. Am what I like to discuss it is. All almost all federal law enforcement agencies are under the same sort of this course it. That base they didn't have caught that you know which is an additional 25%. Because all the overtime network. Just been working with the federal agency for thirty years son who's hiding it Obama. -- whole -- -- rumored to minors in Washington DC. The truly hard to get down. I do know from some friends. 28 Johnson seems to participate in Border Patrol. You know I'm not I'm not surprised. But I mean I know now that this agency right now I mean it's -- an all -- well I've never seen anything like this you know solo. There's a bill. Go into the senate right now I believe corporate reform where they -- -- who didn't particularly fuel way which actually just just sort of OK now you're talking. You know millions of people who don't know and a New Orleans. Guaranteed. 5% for what I listen I can't really -- in the show in 2 -- negotiation. But the point is you're saying that. There there's morale is low there slashing their pay they're gonna cut their overtime. And it's all intended all intended now on the other hand if they were welfare recipients from a foreign country. Who wanted to food stamps or healthcare all the rest. The -- voices all over the country incident in support than they've had lawyers and in one case after another before one quarter after another defending them. But unfortunately it's law enforcement unfortunately these -- United States citizens. Men and women putting their lives on the line and of course Obama's not gonna back that. Etc. thank yet but. Eight -- a better injured what can't. I get it I really do thank you for you call I really didn't. And we're big supporters of the border up. Patrol in the agents on the show. End. I hope their members of congress listen but these are dire times I I get it. All the money that's being spent is an uninteresting that the military's taking a hit. The the border patrols taking a hit other law enforcement taking a hit in this country. Isn't it amazing we don't have money to do the basics. -- plenty of money to flop around at the State Department to give the foreign entities. And they would talk about countries foreign. You know organizations. With all kinds of money that's wasted. I think Coburn did that reporter ordered it from the GAO. Talks about a 125. Billion dollars a year. We can't pay the border drawn. We can't pay our soldiers and our airmen. We can't pay the navy. I mean this is just sick we can pay them we won't pay them. Redistributing -- Subsidizing losers. Either way including losers from other countries. Why so we could stretch but the Democrat party empowered government marks and the welfare state it's all about. Paul New Hampshire -- WR KL country go. They are great short tonight. I -- I talked a little bit about what these nephews said this. All of the uncle came in and any wasn't being. If you love the all I had a patient who died from Liberia and the nephew basically says if he wasn't a black man he would have been turned away at the hospital. And I almost gagged. And it didn't have insurance. Well let me tell you this this thing called the impala law -- experienced emergency medical treatment political apps. Which is a Bible for emergency rooms and hospitals all our country. What it basically says there's. When you shop in the emergency room let's say you sure all the emergency room. We can't ask you if you have insurance until you receive and evaluate our position. So that that statement is way off. And I looked at hospitals Northern Virginia right down the street near a few years ago. Political -- are possible -- Reagan airport. And we got people at every day in our emergency -- that got sick all the partying a little -- as well the man. These are people that have kidney failure needing dialysis they have advanced cancer. They have advanced coronary disease -- because they got sick on the plane. And because of the of how -- we have to treat them so he did they're leaving a big piece of information out and and that's county commissioner is way up our. There are liars. That are of their race debaters they're liars. I'll give the outside -- -- are given another example people who come in here pregnant they walk no emergency rooms have their baby they have to be taken care from soup to nuts. It every day it happens every day out giving another one people come into this country they have severe heart problems that come in from other countries that. That either won't treat them like socialist countries like Britain and they may not be treated in Canada or Third World countries and on of the technologies in the facilities. All of a sudden their ward of the state. Not that I should say a ward of the hospital my house blessed to care for that person if it's five days or five months. We used to send a lot of people back to Africa the Middle East Eastern Europe. Are you gonna have a patient's family that's based wouldn't take her home but then they said. We'll keep pace for her air here in Minnesota the little with another relative. We'll take a lot of parents -- possible authorized service fly to Minnesota. Yeah how it happened constantly. It's still goes on it's it's cheaper to buy them back home. Then believe in the hospitals to. You you just look at what -- has happen hospitals and school systems. You know of the federal government makes these decisions they have it has an enormous impact on the quality of care on the cost to care. People say why am -- cost going up why why is an aspirin cost 25 dollars why. Because he just did -- any act kidney transplant on somebody who walked over the border -- that's why somebody had to pay for that. Exactly exactly. That hospital I was -- -- Virginia we did ten million dollars a year of free care. And now we did you're never gonna get it back. Now soaked so the pain patients. The paying insurance companies. Have to -- not in essence subsidize all these people so it's redistribution of wealth through Madison. Yeah it. And they politicize this that this is I am furious. Had a had these races Nader is now gone TV or use their position in the City Council. To say that this guy was turned away because of where it was from and his collar of his -- He wasn't turned away. They examined him. They give them antibiotics. If he was misdiagnosed wow I used to -- -- ball in this country maybe that's why I was misdiagnosed. But so what he came right back -- got nine days the greatest care the world can give. You know some of these things can't be solved some of these things can't be fixed. Now who's paying that they'll certainly not his family. You know I told Muslim mark firms that are involved here that. That within a couple of days and can be good news we're gonna start Syrian relatives unfortunate. What why did you get the best treatment here -- about it and it's true that his mother or opera world what what can concept. Are delighted I'm here. Because he's sure he could get the best care in the. -- like Mike is where racist country who Telecom or racist country. All right Paul thanks recall my friend let me sneak one more in here my Washington DC a great WMA -- I you don't -- quote shall certainly it earlier today when he was speaker and a quarter this big bonus situation. And it's great statement. Okay let me start at all a -- to get Americans. I can say this is -- what think is great statement. -- -- should've been out sorry here I'm sorry he -- but. She knew. He'd know he would -- that he traded this beautiful country toward cheer. Teammate -- If the president didn't -- a step closer attorney general -- say. They need to shut everything colorful web apps it's -- this country and it if you send them back that's how I feel. Else sick -- catalyst that Jackson finished myself -- -- certain -- didn't kill and probably just slowed trading day like some little ball what is bringing -- correct. I don't remember him. Okay each -- you so but it said the banks say that something was all like hit ice ice up -- like it or depression. Yeah. Yeah -- exhibit itself that. Absolutely right -- the strains of the explain W analysts say that the blackmail so I. Loved knowing that without trouble. The super GOK well. I've got a -- elaborate act as a go to jail. Well if you can't stop playing games with the -- covered all of this woman saying need not you know cheer up -- serious debt I don't commitment -- I don't even -- it's sexist but somehow Democrat out there supported bill. And let me say this to in my. These people who speak up and claim this is racist this guy went into a minority they forgot I did it but got sick as a result of that. You know that would have been mixed at Texas a casino and he broke the overall they know -- certain upset about debt. He broke the law and -- burial will be just different do -- Communist country. Aren't you more that she already vegetarian mobile without the average at their outlook and -- -- up they already know. I believe -- balance our -- so. Just might happen to -- who might have what I have here is -- Like -- to protect his country and I'm -- -- -- is there anyone who watched. Brother did most for the National Geographic if you don't get put up with I know -- you. Are so right it's so violent and they got to put up with -- stuff they might thanks for call somebody call again while you have it right god bless him. This is about common sense is not about race and I'm sick of the race hustler sick of the period. Did you know that for less than the cost of lunch. At your favorite -- You can join an organization that not only provides hundreds of dollars in savings and discounts to its members. But that's fighting tooth and now to protect our constitution in the conservative beliefs we hold dear. The last the lunch at your favorite -- whether -- join a Mac because of all that. -- do to improve your life to save you money or whether you join in order to help their fight to preserve conservative principles and our. Our constitution. The fact this a full year's membership. Will cost you less than twenty dollars less than twenty dollars to one of the greatest deals you ever find believe me because I'm proud a Mac member. Please join me and nearly two million conservative seniors by becoming -- -- maverick today. Are considered giving -- Mac membership to your parents or grandparents as a gift go to a Mac dot US right now and let me -- you to join that's AMA seat dot US not dot com or call. 888262200688826. To 2006. While we have. Lot of great callers. Wanna thank you all smartest audience in radio that you. I want to be here one of the great minds one of the great spokesman of -- timer at any time. As we in the program this -- -- one go we also need. Large assistance of of health system strengthening of cash that countries could contribute. A budget support food other humanitarian efforts and we need ways of getting that equipment to people. All of these things are frankly urgent in order to be able to quickly move. To contain. The spread of Ebola. We need airlines to continue to operate in West Africa. And we need borders to remain open. -- -- We're dealing with people who are operating. With he wrote mentality ladies and borders open borders open borders open. If the courts were coming over the border if this where. I don't know -- your your century. And the barbarians. By the tens of thousands. Were flooding the border may be the mongol -- or whatever. This full would still be saying and we need the borders are open and we need the borders open. I don't know how much more evidence is necessary to secure these borders. I don't know what else is necessary. We passed the -- we've disease. We have poverty. We have criminals. Potential terrorists coming over the border. This isn't how you run a nation this isn't how you manage -- governmental. No this is not America Americans history with respect to immigration. Chaos and anarchy. Anybody who wants to -- the -- of the better. Now we have losers in this country going on not analog it was black president Lackey get better treatment. Talking about morons. The country is disintegrating. From that top. We are still a strong good tolerant beneficent people by the people run that country our freedom not. And -- that we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. CNN our America. I'm mark within.