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Operation StormWatch 08/08/13

Aug 8, 2013|

Another Round of Heavy Rain and Some High Wind in Sedgwick County

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Means it's coming right through our area. And to have a parked on the radar screen now we can see is -- just to the south and west of Wichita and moving right toward the city. Biggest threat again seventy mile per hour winds and possibly penny sized hail and just coming in our direction. And about 35 miles per hour moving northeast. A severe thunderstorm warning if you're just tuning in now in effect. 4 eastern -- south eastern Reno Cedric county. And northwestern somebody's -- summer's all the Cedric county is in the target and it's -- right in our direction. At this moment. It's kind of knocking on the door down to the southwest corner of Sedgwick county. It's just yeah as a said just knocked on the door ready to come in to the area. But to the National Weather Service has put one of their their boxes all on the right on Sedgwick county and it's moving in our direction. We've had an interesting weather pattern as you know for the past few days here in south central Kansas. The whether that usually get this kind of weather usually in the past has come up in the afternoon the evening. But we've seen it right around midnight and now this a little later about the 3:30 in the morning. And so far we've had no reports -- -- I'm gonna take a quick look so good on them not gonna make a liar out of myself but I don't see any reports of any storm damage in the area tiger something at harper just got something from harper and they've got an eighty mile per hour wind just. At bluff city in harper county bluff city has an eighty mile per hour wind just. So there's something to talk about and that's a good -- when guest now. That's -- let me write that down real quick bluffs city in the harper county. Now the the parameters for issuing severe thunderstorm warning our wind in excess of sixty mile per hour. And a quarter sized hail and or quarter sized -- These have -- we have an indication. Of a very high wind coming with his stormont not. That much about heels but it doesn't look likable penny size is good sized heel. The primary threat will be from wind gusting to seventy miles per hour or more and we already have won the -- or report of an eighty mile for our guest in harper county harper to the south and west of what you thought you if you're you graphically challenged a little bit. It's all of the south and west and moving in our direction. Toward Wichita and Sedgwick county now. Areas of impact I just about all of Cedric county which means that it right in this. In the center of the impact area the warning area is Wichita office of the city of Wichita should begin -- that we did see. I don't know -- half hour ago I saw a few sprinkles on the window here. Yeah but not much more than that if you look to the northeast up the turnpike just possibly a little light rain that even -- Even not even that. But I can tell you this if you're in Hutchinson. If you're down and arch city Archie I think he's getting pounded pretty good right now it started there. And or medicine lodge just came through your area headed toward Wichita Saudi is is all coming from the southwest. And moving to the northeast as we said about 35 miles per hour. The issued. The warning at 330 which means here exhibit in the next half hour. We should be seeing some signs of the a weather hitting it Sedgwick county. -- -- entire county is is covered by this. This area that they got marked out for the morning. Some of your son a severe thunderstorm warning covers the entire portion of such we Tony La times like. Half of -- -- portion of it you know and -- that initially noticed the whole thing this time. Little box on their. If you're just tuning in the National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for eastern Kingman. -- southeastern Reno. All of Cedric and northwestern Sumner county. In south central Kansas. And it goes until 4:30 this morning. We are in operation storm watch brought to you by rusty -- Ford is right here -- news radio thirteen thirty -- SSI -- coverage. On FM one of three point seven KEY in 3:41 in the morning. And it's one of those things where it is probably you haven't noticed any. You know he sometimes. You get severe weather like this in the and the thunder in the lightning will wake you up when I got a feeling incidents not one of these deals right now the folks in which to up to a slumbering through this but those in Europe and Adam. Here's a warning for its coming in our direction earlier we had a warning issued. For harper and western Sumner county about and we knew that that was coming up this way we took a look at the raiders and that's going to be here in a few minutes. So we went ahead and got ourselves ready to go you might say. With us this morning a lot of our storm -- eleven Norwood got we've got to go onto the field that did Jerry Sherwood is with us this morning and Jerry storm -- 137. Jerry I got a feeling you don't see much just everywhere -- right now. Speed and just knocked out at 135. And it -- now and I want it back now I lightning in the distance -- to -- -- aren't the west. Is -- saying your protection and all of my little. -- stretch all rumba on outlets quarter. -- -- -- -- understand -- and a big industry there the crowd or there's no direction and it yeah. At a very -- like that there aren't. The looked like we got a couple of good again. All the way across the other part of the city and are the actual weather becomes whether I can't say that -- out at that urgent. Here are kind of treated -- well. And it can't and -- had that as to what we expect it into which I now expect the edit out. Probably about 230 I. But our city and what the get out there about a part in -- much respect that they a lot it's. I had a crap ordered out. Talk -- go on 37 and act and I want 35 and Lincoln are sure. -- Jerry as we look at the radar trees not to be hard to find as you said you're eyeballing this situation. Down to the southwest of which started it is a big storm. There is a lot to look at here. On a very big storm this morning moving toward Wichita again the only. Law enforcement to that we had a one law enforcement to report of eighty mile an hour wind that was a bluff city. Down and harper county to the south west of Wichita that's the only a storm report we have so far this morning we. The weather service keeps track of those for us as they get sightings in from law enforcement. Around the area then we'll try to keep you posted as many as we can but it looks like the threat of the storm is going to be from the looks of it heavy rain. And a high wind so you don't eighty mile per hour wind and maybe even seventy. For an average coming or some dust -- say tools to seventy miles per hour coming in through the area here in now. In south central Kansas. It's been an interesting as we said earlier an interesting week of weather or week or ten days as we finally got some rain and out you know. We got more than we ever wanted to catch it here it comes in this is not gonna do anything for the flooding situation that's been going on especially up. Along the little. Close at third flood gate because people won't -- can't Zeller Halstead. But boy oh boy that looks like there at least. Up pretty good amount of rain coming with this system as it moves toward his data interesting bit -- Saw the morning down southwest of this -- again that's looks like it's common paid ads like that so would put a big Errol on a standard here. On CPI and it was a decided to basically directly towards this notices while back I was like OK went ahead and put. But the warning out on FaceBook say in a heads up everybody this is this is coming our way into. It was severe enough to cause a warning down there are so it's definitely here couple of counties in Oklahoma. Still under a warning from this actually -- It's just been coming up from the south and west and we. It kind of watching it head this direction. And you know won't let you were saying about the the the amount of water we've had we just did that story today -- a teeny. But 95%. Full benefit 95% full finally to. -- I -- -- -- yeah my equipment that's that's a depending on how much rain we get with this is very welcome a disaster you're coming up the turnpike from the south that's number Oklahoma City you're right in the middle of this right now if you're. If you damage along the is counted the est line between that Kansas and Oklahoma and you get a good blast right there as you come into. Kansas -- are leaving Kansas. You go on the turnpike opera north's east you've got to clear sailing here but is not to last long looks like because as I said earlier this area of showers and storms on the radar and while it is it's a big effect it's a big went. It covers just about the entire western. Part of the state. And west central part of the state clear down into northern Oklahoma cleared out toward Oklahoma City and it's all moving it toward the northeast. And about 35 miles per hour of their -- just saw. But in my first visual lightning. Pop you are outside the window and we saw its only outside the windows so it this thing is moving in towards Sedgwick county and and should be here. Moving into says we can hear in just a few minutes as the tail end of that red area on -- on the storm right there right Pratt county right now where they've actually got at a slow flash flood warnings of flash flood warning out Pratt yeah and out. Yeah it's sick it's not of based on a very wide storm it's a about it I don't know fifteen miles wide. But it's it's long and it goes about I don't know 75 miles long so it's it's coming our way and it's moving our way and we are in operation storm watch brought Cuba Russian export. A news radio thirteen thirty K and -- recital -- coverage and intermodal three point seven KEY and Steve Macintosh which he had chambers and a storm tracker -- Sherwood but does this morning it's 347. And the National Weather Service in which start issuing a severe thunderstorm warning for eastern Kingman. Southeastern Reno Sedgwick county and northwestern Sumner county this goes until 430. PM the win via thunderstorm moving. To the northeast at about 35 miles per hour. Radar indicated most of this -- hazard is seventy mile per hour wind -- And up to penny sized -- I usually when the National Weather Service issues a severe thunderstorm warning. And it includes the possibility of the wind over sixty miles per hour and -- Two quarter sized quarters highs are higher you know one -- jail and his size -- -- smaller but I think the primary. Concern here is the wind. This morning. Seems that way -- though. -- really with the I think one of the bigger concerns were going to have regardless of whether or not this sort of thing sets off. Severe thunderstorm warning is getting any amount of rain on top and a lot of great -- yup yup saint. A -- again we've had an eighty mile per hour wind gust recorded or reported by law enforcement. A bluff city in harper county we dig a little more principles law enforcement to the reports from the -- so. Let's go ahead net check in again with the Jerry Sheridan storm tracker 137. Jerry's headed toward the south and the southwest -- what's going on now. That area. I'm not gonna talk to stop -- I think that's collection. The look -- -- in the but it looked over at -- it took quite a bit and that can. Not doing any much glad under that -- -- high out. And I'm not in a lot of cloud to ground lightning. Not a cloud out it does look like the jets are the and it Robert moving over into. Article carried I would say probably opportunity to enter. Just judging rap about it but they've probably -- into. Younger chatted perhaps a little bit and not moving this direction I don't -- side and remained inside -- and yeah. Win or bigger picture at this point into this sector out of air into Wichita. I am not on a quarter -- out. And what their I'd I'd I'd like their -- that had dug up by a better check it out. Closer to -- this storm may be coming here and now round. -- about 80 yeah well that urged by just totally that entire I have here's the army once the just. The latest book back in oh by with a and that will you about the wind and -- I hope not running into an L I thought that the united Italy yet. And elect to provide -- or continued operation watcher you're pretty early morning hour ago. -- they looked -- Ford -- Outside the got good check and see what's going on -- that spot the -- lawyer. Oh a leopard has jumped up -- -- Right -- stay with this and keep keep going now -- and say we'll see some of the pretty soon we also have. A storm tracker 120 Ted Woodward is with news this morning tethered to an early start for us again this morning on whether. Here we go a little bit later than now and stormed -- -- couple night at midnight hour before the now -- in the -- morning and we haven't already are way up from the south western -- can't figure it downtown Wichita right now. And echoing similar thing to Jerry's talking about nearly constant cloud to cloud whitening and once in awhile lightning bolts kind of streaky -- the sky. -- lightning I think. Entire southern part of disguised it right now and they're liking you can be pretty well defined club structured. Coming in from the south in the southwest. We're keeping our eye on right now -- coming in network which area from the darkness outlet. Right now we haven't and it hasn't gotten here yet we haven't seen is that an election. In that would -- area right now but. Like the fact that right now that there's bound and -- David certainly telling our place keeping and it becomes in from the doubt in the south want. We know metro area shortly from driving my -- or you want and the lights are on. As that naturally but congress world Jerry inaction but. They want people try and also they wanted to deal with this -- that. And yet challenge last couple weeks as we've had a very I haven't been. July 21. -- -- approaches the Wichita metro area will start to look back people that are making early morning riding a way to work you know morning commute on -- Thursday. Into SS storm -- -- one you'd that would work. It's 3:52 and how good morning to you operation storm watches brought to you by rusty -- Ford. On -- radio thirteen thirty K and us as this final cast coverage. On FM 103 point seven KEY and the Steve Macintosh here in the Candace has weather center along with the -- chambers we've been preparing for our morning show for Stephen Ted coming up in a couple of hours and it. And but we had dropped everything because hey we have a severe thunderstorm warning that is threatening Sedgwick county and when we do have a severe thunderstorm warning or a tornado warning. Threatening Sedgwick county we jumped into operation storm watch as we have this morning. Now here -- information we have from the National Weather Service in Wichita. A severe thunderstorm warning has been at -- issued for eastern Kingman southeastern Reno. All of Cedric county and northwestern Sumner and it goes until 4:30 this morning. Storms moving to the northeast at about 35 miles per hour primary threat with this looks to be. Seventy mile per hour wind gust Cecil high wind -- -- If you got to trash receptacle is out there they couldn't if they can take off one yet also penny sized hail could be coming your way. So be alert to that he got a car that you get into a garage -- an undercover do that. We've got a few minutes here because it's just now. The big system is just doubt creeping into the southwest. Corner of book Sedgwick county and I'll tell you this a long system it. The the bid to heavy rain. Around about -- to Dodge City I can't I don't see as the accord that there. But it's almost go on his company going toward Hutchinson that's the topic and and the bottom in the south end. We're down around our Kansas City down around -- city it's a long line of storms and some of it looks to be pretty heavy rain again. The only indication we have so far this morning a law enforcement citing. Or recording of eighty mile per hour wind that was a bluff city. In harper county. And it was about a half hour ago the storm system moving up from the southwest we've been tracking it this morning for the past couple of hours now which threatened to come into Wichita and a if you are just waking up and you're in Wichita or any of our. You know based community -- in Sedgwick county get ready because you're gonna see some some heavy rain and it's a pretty high wind. Operation storm watch has always we have our storm trackers in the field. And it'll check with McGinn right now it's a 354 let's go back out and check with storm tracker 137 Jerry -- Jerry. I don't -- I'm not coming up 81 and now. In great glory in that area and about cutting down the turnpike I get -- -- Certain amount of rain. And that we act like in just like it is quite writer. And Utley board -- and the near Wichita. That relations are over -- now and great just what is no light. Happening -- and everywhere that's why I will be you have Judy yes -- -- noted shortly. And I epic there's an. Yup opinions here this orbiter. Yeah there -- -- -- they're no it there's nobody out. At this point they create stark. I hear a dark and it warned art it would stop and I like -- and that's right headed our way and possibly about. -- -- -- -- Loudly and it keep it street now. -- -- -- The -- that looks like on the radar looks like you're a pretty good position as you said you -- leading into this thing company and because the a southern. Of southern part of Sedgwick county now just as you go from up the turnpike I 35 out to the west. Straight left from their just south -- I hate it now looks like it's it's on our way and if you're on the turnpike to the south of Wichita. You're probably seeing some pretty heavy rain right now looks to me like the city of Cheney might be Reagan. But in the mix for getting very close to -- at this point to LTD Goddard Terry -- going to be a pretty quick here's some of the -- -- -- went -- -- is a little further west of -- they've been. -- looks like they've been hammered by a. Out -- the last ten minutes or so self. The also -- such abuses system is moving to the north east and heading toward Sedgwick county and about a 35 miles per hour. Like to check in again with Ted Woodward and pretending storm tracker one Tony find out what he can see now Ted do what's going on. Kept he wanted to keep 42 and let let's start in carrying -- wrenching once -- -- to about what street and so. The first -- stopped at the auction but it -- right now. And they'll start and wish I was that -- I believe I -- -- it wasn't in much earlier. Now told it like it there. And nor is it a little bit. We got some pretty spectacular like going on right now and it's mostly cloud cloud lightning and it nearly constant. And that says it flat pretty good -- a lot of our populate this storm and now we're going to have some pretty and people like hitting the Wichita area. And the south and southwest part of -- are already pretty right now. So I'm adding it's still opted out west on highway K 420. Nero westerners were getting moderately right now but birdies -- and organic net. Very constant cloud cloud like being in this storm approached metro area Thursday morning to get strong track -- -- -- it -- -- All right did 358 now operations storm watch brought to you by rusty export on news radio thirteen thirty K in SS Wichita. It's primal -- coverage on FM 103 point seven KEY and Wichita. Whenever storm trackers in the field and here is if you're just waking up here's the story. The National Weather Service in Wichita has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for eastern Kingman county. Southeastern Reno county Cedric county that's all of Cedric county. And northwestern Sumner county and goes until 430. -- excuse me for another half hour this morning. We have a a large area of a large storm moving toward Wichita from the southwest moving to the northeast. Primary feature looks to be heavy rain and high winds seventy mile per hour wind gusts are possible according to radar. We do have one report of an eighty mile for our guest at bluffs city. Which is an harper county this morning -- -- about within the past hour so pretty good good sized a storm. Creeping in our direction and should be that in southern Sedgwick county right about now. The radar indicating that the yeah. And had -- county southwest. About the southwest. And quarter of the counting down getting some rain some heavy rain as the storm moves to the northeast. And it -- -- did have one thing we don't need is more rain but that's what we're gonna get. No I think that we're definitely gonna get more rain just now got the National Weather Service and wish you is it which does issued a significant weather advisory this is for -- -- County. Not quite a warning but tallies giving this. Significant weather advisory that they just issued -- could have positioned as -- little bit to the east of where this the main line has come where the main line is but they're gonna get -- to -- something over there are no it. Our cities and getting some -- it looks like on the radars and yes yeah it's all it's who wouldn't -- county you've got to you're gonna get some rain fact you've been getting some rain all the county here over the past. 45 minutes to an hour and again a large area. So large storm coming in our direction Wichita it says it starts out the western Kansas about straight west of which -- dollars like out around trapped. And comes kind of along 54 than tails off to the -- no south east. Down toward it but not -- ark city close our city and down into the Balkan city area. And that's a kind of a big long line of the storms would like some pretty heavy rain according to radar and some high wind this morning those are the primary threats. High wind and rain and severe thunderstorm warning is issued for an area. If there's an indication of the wind gusting more than sixty miles per hour. And quarter sized heel this does not apparently album as much as hail threat in its. But it does have the wind threat as it moves through Sedgwick county from southwest. To northeast. We've been -- a pattern of storms as you know over the past few days back this week this is and I think this is our third operation storm watch of the week. All of them but the first two around midnight or late in the evening now this went cropping up a live at about 3:30 in the morning. It's weather pattern that we don't to see that often but we have severe storms at this time of day but -- of the storm pattern here the past. A week or more has been such -- It's been. It's been in very strange on the timing all right we have meteorologist. Then Pringle a cake with us this morning Amanda -- win the primary threat you think. We're gonna try to get -- and here again in just a moment but it looks like it. High wind is this threat so far this morning and have been bringing -- Panetta and -- to get go on on the big good morning Kansas she'll with the deficit forecasts in this morning. A severe thunderstorm warning in effect for eastern king and southeastern Reno Cedric county. And northwestern Sumner county moving to the north. North east and about 35 miles per hour this morning. And that includes all of Sedgwick county Wichita is right and ground zero right in the middle of the target area. And they should be opposed on the southwest corner of Cedric county should be seeing that that pretty heavy rain coming through your area right about now. It's a 402 down 2 minutes past 4 o'clock and I always see this time of the day amused saying Stephen -- but are showed interest are now. For the other two hours this is kind of the preview with Stephen Ted today. That's at least a little severe storm coverage for you we have two of our storm trackers in the field will check with them in just a a couple of minutes here. -- London meantime era. I'm looking at a storm that's moving to the northeast at about 35 miles per hour so far the only -- take a quick look. At indications from the National Weather Service but so far the only storm report we have is at eighty mile an hour wind gusts. That was by law enforcement that was a bluff city. Knee and in harper county that was about oh about an hour ago so there is the threat in the radar showing the threat of very high wind connected with this storm. As it moves -- through south central Kansas and into the Wichita area. For all three Stephen with the operation storm watch brought you -- -- TX Ford right here on news radio thirteen thirty K and -- and simulcast coverage. On him 103 point seven KEY NN. We're doing stories this morning and our partners should take doing stories this morning about the flood gates in -- on the little. And those if that Levy have got a good lead via their built that a little. But don't yet they have a problem there in the country those floodgates closed to the they don't flood the entire city so that's one of the hazards of all the storms we've had recently. And Osama heavy rain also remember. News -- -- -- and some of the late in the area and now started with a lot -- almost completely full so. -- -- the rain has been the thing has some interesting some interesting of flooding and injecting water levels around the area. -- chicken here with. That's aids -- -- -- the National Weather Service. Severe thunderstorm warning now -- looked at this real quick for you. A severe thunderstorm warning for -- county. And eastern Sumner county -- the eastern part of the storm now moving him to -- -- and eastern Sumner. And has it is again sixty mile per hour winds so watch those -- trees. Citing the roofs. It could be some damage and it Winfield Udall Dexter burden. Atlanta maple city rock in Cambridge those people over in. In what. Who lost the counties here was right in front of they are Kelly and eastern some never have been trickled out take -- -- -- -- -- that morning and users at good morning everyone out so -- thunderstorms just off the south and west of Wichita -- you have aptly described. We're gonna see winds gusting to around seventy to eighty miles per hour rolled into the city in the next couple of minutes already through Clearwater just about to derby. Out the other end after rounds he after around pretty prairie looks like winds gusting between seventy and eighty miles per hour and of course that's our long wind. They're pretty heavy rainfall so. As some flooding is likely -- around the city looks like over the next hour or so is these lies and these -- thunderstorms barreled through -- severe thunderstorm -- just been issued this happening just -- -- last couple of minutes. News severe thunderstorm watch until 10 AM for all of south central Kansas so once again severe thunderstorm warnings continue in effect for Cali eastern Sumner. As well as harper and we have severe thunderstorm warnings also in effect for our Reno's -- week. And candies that's all until 430. Winds gusting between seventy to eighty miles per hour and torrential rainfall headed our way stay with us we'll continue keeping up -- -- here. I think demand that UV and a few minutes -- -- Kate's been Pringle. Watch the weather with us this morning as it moves through the Wichita area. We have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. Or eastern king in southeastern Reno Sedgwick county in northwestern some of that goes till 430 it's now by the -- 6 minutes past 4 o'clock. And we also have the we find the other one here. Well -- the real severe thunderstorm warning for a Cali and eastern -- that goes until 5 o'clock this -- about some of the fifty minutes. We have a pretty good. The large area of rain and in fact if you look at the if you got a radar and you can. It's going clear back to college covering. About though looks like about the western half of Kansas. The Guinea which dongle in Weston and cleared out and Oklahoma and to the southeast and Oklahoma large area of rain some of the moderate some of its heavy. And of the one that's triggering of this warming is an area of heavy thunderstorms. Moving from the southwest of the northeast at about 35 miles per hour here it's funny first and would -- the Brittany centered just beginning to see a few sprinkles on the window. So we got some sprinkles and that we do have storm trackers in the field keeping track what's going on -- Sherwood is in storm tracker 137 let's check in with Jerry Jerry what's going on now. I regard he says. Resilient and it's oriented here are at right. And right now I've got wind blowing I would say it. -- that he'd made it out for our it's blowing it later and it sort. As we speak it is heavier rain here -- the right and win win. I've -- lost -- there 407 now and you're listening to operations don't want brought you by rusty export news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. Telecast coverage on -- one of three point seven KE YN if you just -- up. And you're into Wichita. We're gonna it's rained about that he's a well nothing new about that this rain. Can be pretty heavy and could be at featuring some wind up to 67 miles per hour -- As I said earlier at the trash receptacle haven't been brought up close to the house or put a good cover. They could be flying down the roadway here we see that happen from time to time we get heavy a high wind in the area. The storm report we got out of the corporate county by law enforcement of an eighty mile per hour gust of bluff city haven't seen any other. You know official reports anything like that. But we do have are strong drugs -- -- -- sure where it is starting to see Gary eBay before or interrupted their you're talking about seeing in some high wind Jerry VC and -- and. -- We -- -- that'd be Heatley. It's even get to the opera are all ready. I have expecting an account rock -- the culprit here I would they have very easily here we're talking. Average land that perhaps it's you -- -- worked -- much either brain it's it's Belichick it's time. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's you know we're proud of which you leopard they're very very strict. And does. Is that where -- -- -- a lot of our report on it to be -- already ranked so that we though. That's that low lying areas it would stop -- -- getting flooded out the -- our and I would expire that's where it's it's. -- street don't start providing. About how our third down and our partners is valid but it's it's -- beginning here. In -- off from opt out these -- about what it would stop right around that eighty cents itself and that a but got a corporate center concert. We deployed Gerri this is the cat is storm with the wind and heavy rain and lightning this a canister on that and gives west are fits so was he that I met situation four acres of if you do lose -- you get some sort of a battery operated radios that you can keep in touch of what's going on will keep you posted. -- we don't have the and tornadic threat the -- word has not been mentioned in any way with uses of this a long line of thunderstorms just moving. From the southwest of the northeast and it's coming across Sedgwick county now on about the all. All -- southwest third essentially -- now is under the gun as these heavy rains moved into the area just one thing we didn't need was more heavy rain but here it comes anyway. And we're gonna check in with the storm tracker 1:20 this many this morning and -- -- mr. Ted what -- Ted what's going on. -- Yes it's it's 42 and -- teacher and it does during Gary while Gary was reporting that when I started to urgently heavy rush. At my location I would they wouldn't -- be around 5055 miles per hour. But it seemed like the end of this feature is just that torrential downpour of rain coming damaged right now in south which -- -- but -- still popping had a very. Bigger cloud to ground strike your muscle aches and the lightning hit nearly constant let that he hit -- -- much touted as a leader. Certainly as -- good solid right now in that outlet Wichita. Outlook for the if you -- Before the rain and the wind got up around 5055 miles per hour. They have them right now at. Any -- got here in the media at the front part of this storm and -- tell -- what went back down with. Up to 55 mile an hour I would estimate for about a minute a minute and a half but now -- It's just extremely easy heavier than a downpour right now itself but Wichita I've hit forty to me well it. And we're in the middle very very dangerous storm right now and that -- out into the front like once wanted to work. And we now have an amateur radio report from a -- other field in -- county 49 mile per hour wind gust over there. 49 doesn't get you into the severe thunderstorm range of sixty plus that and it's pretty good gust of win recorded. Over its -- other fields in -- counted as we said earlier we had an eighty mile per hour just recorded report about law enforcement of bluff city. In harper county. -- twelve now and your listing to operation storm watch brought to you by rusty X Ford on news radio thirteen thirty K and -- And ask him on all three point seven KEY and and yup we hardly severe thunderstorm to Steve Macintosh by the way -- chambers with me. In the Kansas weather center a severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for eastern king and southeastern Reno Sedgwick county northwestern Sumner and that goes till 430 another fifteen minutes officially. I'm not sure of the you'll reassurance. Doesn't look like they wield a -- keep an eye on the situation and then Pringle would know more about that he's in the he's in the cake starts at this morning. Good morning -- Hey Steve hey if you don't ya. A -- is fortunate -- Thunderstorms producing some very heavy rainfall now pushing into the south western half of said to -- caddie in looks like we're looking at winds gusting around seventy and 75 miles per hour here in the city. Just over the next well fifty minutes of course right now if you're on the southwest side. Moving in this downtown looks like over the next ten minutes or so this thunderstorm activity moving in the northeast and a pretty good clip. Severe thunderstorm watches in effect for all of south center Kansas that's until 10 AM. But right now this will be the main event for Sedgwick county right now we do have a severe thunderstorm warning for Sedgwick -- that's until 430. Also for eastern came in southeastern Reno and northwestern Sumner county all under that severe thunderstorm warning until 430. For northeastern harper and actually central Sumner well that warning expiring now so actually moving out of central Sumner county into the northeastern part of that county. Really southwestern Cedric as -- the most intense action is right now. Crowley -- in eastern Sumner county also under severe. Thunderstorm warning until 5 AM. Very heavy rainfall now north and east to came in south and west of haven. Again moving just about into the loop area so to 35 just about to be impacted by this strong and gusting and heavy rainfall. In the next couple of minutes. Derby -- strolling into your area now into about Douglas or so of south central portions of Butler county. And that course Augusta in -- -- impacted this soon so let's -- severe thunderstorm warning continues in effect for -- -- that's until 430 I suspect that would mean need to be extended -- for the northeastern part of our -- And that Cali and eastern Sumner county also under severe thunderstorm warning until 5 all of south central Kansas under severe thunderstorm watch until 5 AM stay with us we'll keep you updated. I think event Pringle it take this morning opens up pretty prairie now. The city pretty -- a power outage -- we have about a thousand west our customers without power in Sedgwick county not a lot but. By comparison of how many customers they have the 2000 without power. At the airport a few minutes ago thunderstorm reporting it which has been done an airport 76 degrees. And east wind gusting to about 23 miles per hour. It is now 415 operation storm watch brought to you by rusty export of news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. And so I'm a cast coverage on it immortal three point seven KEY and Steve Macintosh and -- chambers McCain -- assess -- senator. We have -- severe thunderstorm warning in effect. For all of Sedgwick county and that's the primary focus of our attention this morning. As we track the storm moving across Sedgwick county and in this city here in north east of Wichita now. A 21 in what line were starting to pick up some light to moderate rain in the lightning user. Is evident as well out there this morning. Primary threat from the storm that's coming our way is heavy rain and possibly high wind possibly wind gusts of sixty to seventy miles per hour. And that's still always create some problems with electricity -- usually does. And we do have as we said a thousand west our customers without power. This morning it's a 416 and looking at the radar gallery -- quick look for you. Yeah. Southwest. Wichita looks like it's starting to get it so it's woven into. The city proper. And all of the outline an elderly southern half of Sedgwick county now affected by the storm and out of the southeast. Of which -- -- essentially county as well all right we've got to check in now with that Ted Woodward in his storm tracker 120 -- -- an oyster. The knowledge that I was at 840 due in Maine Rhode. Illegal parking lot and played golf all of aren't real because there -- some -- in the parking lot could help me you know I'm -- -- read. The wind was blowing. And and the torrential rain -- -- the parking lot back on the me right. They're convinced that -- -- like looking for that. The wind blew out had it in the right to -- -- -- having trouble getting the parking lot where I was going so. It did this and this the rain it's so heavy right now that making driving pretty typical this time that it actually there's. There's no you know bright street like -- coming your way up and heading north and these were element she's on -- right now. I thought I was going to just broke and going about one mile an hour and it is. It's hard to eat into its heavy. It that it travel difficult right now but in the middle of it so it is that the reason that caddie so. We're out we're travel on the northbound on your throat from launch in the middle of me. Quite torrential rainstorm on Saturday he wins or Gyllenhaal -- the original weekend. But that the -- and indeed get beat her with this storm. Tracker one what is that word. Earlier I misspoke and said that I didn't think it would reissued this severe thunderstorm warning that -- Pringle was absolutely right. It's not the storm's not moving. As fast as I thought originally and -- -- the northeastern. Part of Cedric county could get it could get an issue for severe thunderstorm port is the end of this thing as the southern -- this thing is now. Just about through southern Sedgwick county it's not a very wide storm just to. You know it's the talks about 56 miles wide and it's all moving to the northeast -- a -- fairly rapid clip. And all it is is some heavy rains and lightning and in depth. Some highway and that's the main threat we have the sport must go ahead and check it again would Jerry Sherwood in storm tracker 137 Jerry -- a sponsor. Well the that -- my look at earlier. And all the way and they're well they're not quick exit better but what I would I doubt worried. I'm now report that -- -- the wrong way and that the government which ritual right all the babble. On the way up this direction. Ana -- that were picked up here pretty good for a lot they lack -- here somewhat now. That it you know that's where our air -- they eat a little bit out. That was the figure is like Europe that it turnpike area but like went about it or are caught here. I'd say what you are art. But that was a pretty steady etc. yeah court battle -- Actor or crop the way they're all right very accurate. If you don't yeah I think you're there at the time I don't think you are. At its -- they immediately we're getting a lot of array of water are. On the roadways. Easily I'd bank or out otherwise drive at Iowa -- that. Cannot see that our partners are off both likely have obviously now you're in. Right in that area object or Ramallah that and that sometimes that he wrapped. -- That'd -- right way and that's strong wind that got they're probably here are reported that reside in or -- yeah least. And that coming up on I thought like now. -- orbit with unions which saw upper. It's pretty it's like they're planned. I haven't been any doubt why -- that major but we -- yet have a lot of I want it's not collect -- opera late. And that's -- what -- -- -- they decided this. It's what got the leopard that in our our -- -- -- -- And the National Weather Service in Wichita has issued a significant weather advisory. For Butler county that means that hey can take -- ready about accounting because. You could be next in fact it looks like yet you will be next -- of the storms moved from the yeah. Southwest of the northeast this morning through Wichita Sedgwick county area. And up toward -- they don't have anything really right now little bit of -- coming their way by radar that I conceive that. Nothing real heavy coming in their direction courts it. The south eastern corner of Reno is a in ball. In this severe thunderstorms and a small little section of the southeast corner -- small section pet now just a little -- -- was about twenty minutes ago. They issued that significant weather warning for. How Lee county and then just like two or three minutes later the warning for -- -- so Butler you've just been now given that significant weather advisory. And it's a -- itself -- warning perhaps is as a. -- thunderstorm warning remains in effect for Cali in northeastern Sumner until 5 o'clock this morning we told you about that earlier and it's. Cal leak and the north eastern Sumner counties until 5 o'clock this morning. Severe thunderstorm warning in effect for eastern Kingman southeastern Reno and Sedgwick county that goes until 430. About the next seven or eight minutes but that does not mean. They will reissue as the storm moves into the north east corner of Cedric county a -- -- it loses some of its punch very difficult to tell. My radar weather. Whether it's a storm is losing its punch indeed that this and seems to be calming down a little bit yeah that's a possibility you know distrust from indications on radar it's calling a little but there's still that threat. A high wind. And heavy rain and lightning just one thing we didn't need is a little more rain but there today as it happened. Through the county again here in northeast Wichita -- dwell -- now the rain is stopped again so. Not much going on up here as that we wait on the north east corner of the varsity but looks like yet. A good portion of which are getting some rain this morning. You're listened to operation storm watch -- you by arrested export on his radio thirteen thirty KM -- animal cast coverage. On FM 103 point seven KEY and Steve Macintosh and edited chambers here. In the -- -- weather center takes been -- been with us this morning along with -- -- storm trackers Ted Woodward in Jerry. -- as we watch the storm anytime there is a severe thunderstorm warning or a tornado warning. That affects or impacts Cedric county we do operation storm watch with continuous coverage just keep you posted on what the situation is this morning. We have no tornadic threat with this storm that none at all the but it's all. Hi hi straight line -- we're looking at there is some lightning out there and we're looking at heavy rain. Early this morning in eighty mile per hour wind gust recorded at -- city and harper county that was from law enforcement. In the distraught or feeling temperature radar that strong fields and Kelly Kelly and of course 49 mile per hour wind dusters well. And not just looking at this latest radar sweep but I think we were right I think we're starting to see. Along the diminishing of the storm's power this league just this latest radar sweep. Seems to be losing its punch it is so hopefully we'll find out here and a couple of minutes whether or not they reissue this. Morning first -- -- on its National Weather Service always sees it and then in their radar sees them more wind threat they could -- issue. We haven't had much hail connect with -- some techno hill reports -- more and now the National Weather Service is they've issued a significant weather advisory. Harvey Reno and Sedgwick counties until 5 AM. Okay here's the latest thing on scene here is the National Weather Service saying that. You're getting a significant weather advisory for Harvey Reno and said do it now that's an -- down. That might mean -- warning they will not continue this warning passed a. And nobody could very will be revert to -- united got another five minutes officially in the warning note. A -- reporting that power -- pretty -- awhile ago and about a thousand westar customers and Centre county. Have lost power this is one of those storms that's usually. In the pants is triggered. What star outages become -- because of what's been happening this week in the past few days they've got a lot of problems fixed that they're not going to be impacted this time. But 11100. Customers in 11100 in -- -- -- without power seeing most of them in no western said we Tony there's a large portion of west Wichita. That has some power outages in that area as well as well some power outages and derby and he's they'll. All right we need to check again you know with Tara storm trackers captaincy with there's they've got the eyeballs out there -- -- start with -- -- and storm -- 137 and a -- What's going on now. That's the other stabbing us out and -- I want it but are there -- -- follow you at any rate you know. Well I would start and where they're you know that it probably emerged you're there it went on our. Product well about the senator. It IR. We you have -- -- it opt out of upbeat that they noted that the -- to combat. If there are really very -- -- but it architects of our. We you have at that rate or whatever by the authorities. It's every it's it's currently -- on -- Sort. -- -- it's been somewhat of sorts party. And on average let's support on our. And but yeah it's good luck for the quarter mile and a you look like I spoke about yet how are out there. How well thought I thought I tactic though I -- -- -- out there working in -- ready. It's and yet or I thought support that -- now and that's all wants you I would -- some. But I thought our students. I want thirty it's not like history back to -- word out so that we are affecting about our you're into Wichita area. Right like with the or allow you to buy you ever and that's. That are on the roadway. -- or cautions and that's what probably for. What this or disability but also. -- what triggered any water on the road -- -- that in a or its cities in the city opera -- a lot of there's such -- now and butter with water no doubt about it. I hear it here you must stop on the way flights but it's I want to sites where we check out that it would stop and yet what he. We drink yet will be shortly and it but it picked up well that -- or and so far it's what -- -- -- -- doesn't -- -- -- -- the pilots -- And we wanted to thank Jerry wanted to check in again with storm tracker 120 Ted Woodward does he get another report from -- -- what's going -- -- -- I've been traveling eastbound on Kellogg made it extremely heavy rains continue to keep track is difficult but he cannot Kellogg. -- -- to keep the -- -- and trying to keep my eyes. He's pretty intently on the why aren't people what was seniors and back at one point three and so it's. I'm driving along the left. And I realized by Britain Italy next thing I did not know it so it Eric this. -- extremely heavy rain and make travel conditions. Hazard at this point in the morning like it political right now. We are at a point where there's not traffic -- yet so that's one thing that. It this race and so that is making travel difficult so immediate a formula that we're getting. Extremely heavy set up that ground lightning in Nowak went too far right now and she. Very very heavy he continues I approach the downtown area right now and a and I haven't very welcome my career high -- played on -- -- company's well saved and it is also. That's -- he traveled consistently base here as we begin the morning commute on -- Thursday in downtown Wichita and a lot of and thunder and lightning. Is this person this storm tracker one point. I -- 428 Gillis into operation storm watch front you -- rusty export news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. With simultaneous coverage on -- amoral three point seven KEY and Steve Macintosh in the key Unisys weather center we've been with Yunel for. About an hour and ten minutes and operation storm watch this morning -- chambers with -- as well and we have tracked the storm that has moved into Sedgwick county and now across Cedric county. The primary threats of from the storm has big and the high wind is seventy mile per hour -- possible we did have a guest of eighty. Recorded reported at bluffs city and harper county bylaw enforcement officer but to other than that no other a storm reports that I have seen. Damage or high wind we have that power outage of pretty prairie and about it 11100 west our customers without power this morning now. Here is the latest on all of us and that is that apparently if we've been watching the radar and visually it has looked like. The thing has been losing its punch. Right so the severe thunderstorm warning for eastern king and southeastern Reno Cedric and south and north western Sumner counties is expiring right now they're up. The severe thunderstorm warning for here in central counties over. However severe -- thunderstorm warning remains in effect for Cali in northeastern Sumner counties until 5 o'clock this morning. One wrap this up by telling you with a look at our radar one more time yes it has. The store has lost its punch it has moved out to moving pretty much through Wichita and out of the area shortly. Maybe don't have any hail reports just high wind reports but at the radar indicating a very large area of bringing no okay covering. From Wichita west's. Out through. Kansas -- to Oklahoma down to the southeast. Along the border in Kansas and it's all moving toward the northeast so. An impact areas. Looking at El Prado aghast -- clear up the turnpike to Emporia later on you're going to see some rain this morning if you're traveling at the turn putts and that's a situation now. We have we're gonna go back to our regular programming because you've got this thing I think pretty well wrapped up. No major damage no injuries to report this morning from operation storm watches or severe thunderstorm boost from the very big thank you demand Rangel a cake. Jerry Sheridan -- what we're doing affect companies to keep you covered up their. It's now 430. And we're going to return to new two regular program again operation storm watch Roger by arrested for this morning on news radio thirteen thirty K in SS. And simulcast coverage on FM 103 point seven KEY and good morning. Operation storm watches -- production and cake and SS news. First coming here every season but accurate weather in him. When whether it's severe. Who didn't radioed thirteen thirty -- and as. But simulcast coverage -- FM at 13 point seven. -- -- Keyboard -- coming your premier automobiles shopping destination you'll find a vehicle you want the price you want in a -- all the information you want at your fingertips instantly at -- the export dot com. For our advanced online training and guys -- commercial access video product presentations which now Google's product specialist with all the information about the big building here in. 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The Pentagon might extend health care and other benefits to the same sex spouses of military members of the in this -- Wildfire burning out of control the mountains of Southern California fifteen structures destroyed so far most of the homes around 15100 residents and campers have been evacuated. -- be extremely dry conditions that we have throughout much of the south and it really throughout much of California. A little bit of wind on this part being able to grow very very quickly. Cal fire spokesman and banning California three people injured so far more flooding expected parts of the midwest and southeast -- north Georgia. Three winning tickets 448 million dollar powerball jackpot to sold in Jersey the other in Minnesota. -- -- ABC news. Highest in Benjamin host of the engine management show heard every Sunday evening 68 here on news radio thirteen thirty KM SS.