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Operation StormWatch 05/19/13

May 20, 2013|

Storms hit Wichita area, including an EF1 tornado 5/19/13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So appear in the city Clearwater. War. On now especially. If this -- seemed to be tracking straight east and we're sort track wants him understaffed. This is a tornado warning we reduce. -- this is a tornado warning. And it was into operation storm want to occupy arrested export news for the thirteen thirty units as simulcast coverage. -- -- three point seven KE -- -- tornado warnings in effect for southern Sedgwick county unit goes until 330 this afternoon at least the next fifteen minutes. We have a real threat on the west southwest side of Wichita. The city is right in the line of -- thing and it could be hitting the north northwest part of Wichita and detracts away it's been tracking so. If you are on the west side of what you thought you were in clear water on -- Schulte. I would even go god are gonna get a storm there too because there's some hand -- he'll. That is the missiles -- lose a half dollar -- down their -- which in Kingman county just few minutes ago so it's looks like it's a big hail. And associate with part of this and then there is -- tornadoes some that he suspicious rotation. Down around by Poland and a spotter. Or storm tracker. Drew Stanton reporting that he had seen before he -- touchdown. -- to -- -- tornado actually threatened to back but he couldn't confirm it. He thought -- and nearby old just south of violence down to the southwest part of the county. I'm a school with the storm tracker -- this -- this afternoon and then mature version. Steve I'm actually on. It's city could be 71 street south here at Frederick County as far west. All I'm blessed to the airport area now west amber. Watching this storm and now that I'm this far out in the county I'm able to seat thanks to real well as far as all my west. I have been seeing some cloud to ground lightning strikes that's always the figure out about make sure -- aware of your. What's going on but I am watching this. What appears to be a wall cloud -- to my watch. It and it doesn't appear to be real low hanging at this point lead the art that I am -- yet. But it does appear to have a lot of what I would call scud type cloud. In and around -- so Lola he'd be real sharp -- -- to my area. What would be by -- west and -- the 71 street south so. Like -- said the they areas. Well water Caldwell would be right in the path of this -- restore. Depending on how this movie it's really more east it's gonna affect or stop all of which are. It just kind of depend on how it rotates and in boot up that direction. Having any rate all of my location and a -- not experiencing a whole lot of wind out here -- -- -- I want a huge very what do better -- what I left Serbia about twenty minutes ago but for now a lot. Things are relatively calm out here I mean it would get little bit of a breeze the but what I would expect. Four hours in slow it -- bookstore. But. There are appear to be some sightseers out. -- looks just this crowd of well that's. The downward and are sharp -- on what appears field. I've been thank you we -- have the west side of which are threatened by a tornado warning. This could include the city of god and we're neutral Goddard into the next because it did in the general area but the -- -- mail and we do have a storm tracker in Clearwater right now in -- -- chambers in storm tracker 113 yet he. Situation heating up a little bit down there. It really is just a couple of areas that I can speak directly to the western -- location -- and look a little further west in the actual city Clearwater destroy Canada. These things a little bit better. And I'm out now around not history channel 483. Street west and and shots to the west of my location right now couple of areas -- I'm seeing some dangerous looking rotation in the cloud. And that you can look up concede that. Those are low hanging areas moving. Lester right right to left some are dangerous looking rotation. Out in the crowd in that area also got some lightning and I just behind data to see the areas of rain and hail. As they get darker -- sky itself the interesting look at. Right here but just to the left of my location. He gets -- not dangerous moving in the -- not really. Particularly low at this point just. Up there hanging it moving around definitely looks ominous if you happen to be in this area. Definitely want to be somewhere where you can't take shelter in a hurry it would get this morning on. Tracker what thirteen -- get chambers. And we do have -- looking at a severe -- track right now down the south west of Wichita. This severe hail tracked. Is looking just to the west and north west of Wichita that's where is tracking. In other words that's where we think it's going to go next. That is a severe hail -- but of course we do have the threat of tornadoes southwest of town that means everybody be ready on the west side folks in Goddard. And shall decline -- this is something decided down around via Sola. And one of our -- -- actually saw something in fact it. Drew -- said he thought he saw a touchdown is now 322. -- a Sunday afternoon Dan -- snowstorms that are with us this afternoon Dan -- he got forming. We'll see if we're we're getting more reports now was that aid exactly saying what did drew was saying we've got a report now of -- -- -- train spotter. Watching a -- -- dropping two miles south west. Of of their location which is 199. And 71. We're also -- again this is down around the mile area just in the in the last 23 minutes we're getting more reports of a possible tornadic activity in that area a funnel cloud. Also reported south of the Arthur road and 167. Street. Here in the last few minutes as well so again finalist still a place that is continuing to be a problem area. And anyone in that area there don't be out watching these storms do take cover this moment. Also wants foursome now. -- K 42 and seventy ninth street self reporting seeing a funnel cloud. To the southwest of their location as well so -- we are getting a hotbed of activity of three year. You go to any of our storm trackers so that are in that area maybe they can add some more to what we're getting from my. That the chatter here from mother trained storm spotters and the law enforcement this afternoon Steve. I think -- this is a very small storm if you if you if you have a radar screen we have Macinnis -- radio that -- we have a couple but it's a very small storm. And but it's packing a lot of stuff including hail up to about hand half dollar size possible. And of course this possibility of tornadoes. Tornado possibly down around the vital area all tracking up toward -- through the west part of Sedgwick county and Wichita is not right in the middle of it. But still which does going to field is here in the next oh in the next few minutes gonna feel them of that heavy heavy -- And media will watch for a tornado for the for right now though. And it's just funnels overseeing down around the southwest part south west of Wichita. Let's go to Stewart had dead now Stewart had had this afternoon who is of course in a -- for -- one coaches during. Thank you are much do you -- you guys were talking at all that -- come down Matt Baker briefly touched the ground. And then I looked down about thirty seconds and it went right back government it dissipated I'm on -- -- 42. Just maybe your -- mild. Maybe a little bit closer to the east to calm now. So folks in Clearwater that tornado blood moving up to the east. So you -- in Clearwater. Take shelter now if you are in Clearwater. Please take shelter now. Looking back up to the -- and allowed at least the end a lot of low hanging cloud. And then at that point at -- that giant wall cloud over the city of -- currently. Looks like that's what may try to open up another. Another final here the next couple minutes. Like I did mention where at least two to three miles from the east. The hormel and as you guys were talking we did -- -- funnel cloud common bad briefly touched ground. And then I'd go right back up in the -- -- you guys -- try to guilt storm tracker cricket you can't convince. It rapidly developing and integrating -- quickly. Coming together and we're gonna stay here at that location produced few minutes matter expecting on the on economic. There may be another final trying to pop down -- get reduced to about two seconds here and kind of feel a normal here of this torment moving off to -- And maybe just a little bit to the south. So like I mentioned if you are in the city of Clearwater. Seek shelter now the storm heading your direction. We're gonna break here or just a few Mormon at this thing stand up another another tornado funnel clouds here can't -- -- -- -- -- actor had a. -- you have confirmation now from a trained to spotter brief tornado touchdown to miles east of viola. Two miles east of violent and that storm has the tornado touchdown is lifted now. Lifted to just afterwards of these things are like I'm ready they'll they dance they go down they come back up the go down to come back up. Last night we had one just south of broad sell out in western Kansas was on the ground lifted and missed the town. And then touchdown again on the other side of the town a few times so this is a kind of -- we've got this afternoon very very unpredictable. Except we do know that the storm is coming into the Wichita area and that's and the west of -- -- area all threatened to. By the possibility of a tornado this afternoon it's been spotted east of viola. Storm trackers in the field this afternoon -- quadrillion storm tracker 193. -- timeout the pick -- -- and let's go to drew Stefan drew Stephanie and so tracker once Andrew Blitzer. Yes they -- -- fifteenth and -- 111 just just about three to four minutes ago we confirmed a touchdown a quarter mile in front of our student nor. Just to be less in between the city Clearwater in Iowa. We -- at 215. Wesson a 111 street shall. In the to a storm formed funnel and had a confirmed touchdown of the tornado was on the ground for about thirty to 452. But has since slipped to trim our location. Where looking nor were coming. In and towards the city Clearwater from the west. And we're looking north east today and it looks like that we still have heavy rotation with a walk about two or -- In east just left in this city Clearwater yes is it touched down. Just in about five minutes ago and now be a very concerned is just to the west. And the city of Clearwater. -- thousand Schulte and -- stuck in the city so -- aid bill for that matter. I would take cover right away went right now as we look to the New York. In the east about -- miles -- the city Clearwater we do not see tornado on the ground anymore but we are serving rotation. Contract of one and the sisters step. All right stand by because derivatives an upgrade in the tornado warning -- And so the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita. At this time your radio should be kept -- here. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been cited by eyewitnesses or on radar. Once again the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita take cover now. And this is operation storm watch brought you by rusty export -- you ready to thirteen thirty candidates as now simulcast coverage and it's a -- three point seven KEY and the you're with this on 98 point seven FM KFH the buzz -- all five point three KM BZ and also on power 93. Point nine -- GS or Entercom stations now with the NC tornado. Is threatening the city of Wichita yes we have added a confirmed tornado located near Clearwater. And moving northeast at thirty miles per hour. We've had also a tornado touched down near -- we've had a couple of touchdowns after don't all of it moving toward the Wichita metro area. A tornado warning in effect for southern central four Sedgwick county southern Sedgwick county. Going until 415 the next 45 minutes this afternoon and we have storms south of here that are also brewing up between here in the Oklahoma lines a lot of storm activity. Popping up this afternoon we wanna check in now. With no one of our storm trackers Ben quadrant in storm tracker 193 ban. Yes Steve about the intersection of 135. To 71 street south watching the storm. It appears that the build the center of the storm just to my -- now it is boot off to my door. It is rotating I have not seen any lowering as far as any kind of ultramar location. Definitely the storms got a lot of energy to it. The rain it's just -- starting at me and starting to receive a lot of weight and being from the south so it is in and the -- -- the store. I absorb cracker one not 83 at southwestern panic that in order. Now -- reported golf ball sized hail west northwest of Clearwater Clearwater there in your area a tornado possibly on the ground ended -- chambers. -- tiger won thirteen -- chambers is in Clearwater what are you got -- The Clearwater right now I'm on 842. And I'm headed back to the north -- though let -- north and east and I saw a little bit ago. Some rotation get very close to touching down. Just less -- the city of Clearwater on ninety -- street now. Thought it very close to touching down it did not. That's the ground and being debated after a little while but it was a very very -- that in that area that I was looking yet. That's a rotation. Reaching down from the mountain got very close to making such -- did not -- -- -- in that area. -- -- I had some very heavy hail to the area not very large hail just -- there was a lot of that but the but the more than. Dark guys -- pretty much every direction around me right now it's very difficult to actually sticky and sweet spot. Up from where -- net deep rotation so. Aren't politically striking it a bit better look at this storm but that right now just some light rain beating fairly close to. It fairly close to a hundred big victory now along 840 wind storm tracker -- thirteen and yet chambers. This is a tornado warning we reduce. This is a tornado warning. This is a small and violent storm it's in the west part of Sedgwick county. We've had true confirmations of touchdowns one nearby -- subsequently won near Clearwater. And that's -- it's tracking right up toward west Wichita. The -- track of the storm where we've got hail the golf ball sized tracking over to the north and north west of Wichita. But the city proper is in line to get hit by these storm. Here in the next few minutes on the west side I'm certain you're from what I'm seeing on the radar west there into downtown Wichita. We're seeing some pretty heavy rain right now and the possibility of large he'll. Large hail a real possibility and now we've had a couple of reported touchdowns of tornadoes to the south west of Wichita. All moving to the northeast at about 35 miles per hour let's check in with storm tracker Stewart hadn't Stewart. I thank you very much you wanna cup but it turned out the -- 42. We were abducted 737. On another well. -- just briefly to. These. South convertible location. -- actually trying to get back importantly it -- Actually that. And get out -- I would like it's actually try to go another silent now. Yeah we are well yeah Google. We're coming up -- -- parties especially. We're gonna try to get back up toward the airport cut -- a lot of people on the side of the road especially that are making -- in the middle of the road function if you could. If you got -- -- security. And sparked record -- where the French data tracked these storms. Patrick that -- that the great danger situation right now especially if you're in -- west side about Wichita. Actually shelter immediately -- -- security market Clearwater even seek shelter well. Trying to watch it watch it appears we look at the now. There are a lot of attention -- -- myself. Looking here at the -- street shopping -- argued that while actually -- the cup and go -- the guys came to me. In this and at him very combined rotation help -- the storm. We're gonna kind of watcher. Watcher for a few minutes here and actually -- it in Connecticut stormed back. Juror one -- 235. And -- fortitude or -- And National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita. At this time your radio should be kept -- here. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been cited by eyewitnesses or on radar. Once again the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita take cover now. Tornado warning goes until 415 this afternoon ended -- a very small storm there's another one down in Sumner county a small storm. That is. Generating severe thunderstorm warnings Ellen Sumner county right now our concern is Wichita and southern Cedric county where a tornado warning is in effect. Until 415 this afternoon we've had a two tornadoes spotted it. On the ground one nearby oil and a few minutes after that one near Clearwater and this afternoon Dan O'Neill is in the storm's center where there's Dan what do you -- And I'm been monitoring law enforcement to in the same area that Stewart is is. Situated right now we've got a long course of confirming that they're seeing a rain wrapped funnel this in the area of K forty to 55 street south and just a moment ago. They are reporting now -- second funnel again that same area -- 42 and 55 street south. And OK we're now we're getting. A lot more information here. Is this coming in but again a second store our second tornado. Reported by law enforcement AT 42 and fifty history south Steve. All right -- K 42 and two to -- street south is just near Schulte. In that area down McCain 42 route to the south west of Wichita that means that. The airport itself the National Weather Service offices in the line of fire for the staying and that means all of west Wichita as well so. If you are in the west part of said recounting the southern part of Sedgwick county is well -- we should be taking shelter by now you should be in a place of shelter because. We have a report of one or two tornadoes dancing round of 55 street south. And K 42. And these are spotted. Train spotters it is seeing Moody's and they have report at least one touchdown. Near Clearwater and one near vital to this afternoon here in the last -- -- yourself. The storm is building to the northeast at about 35 miles per hour. It is generating by radar observations and law enforcement observations of funnel clouds and a couple of touchdowns tornadoes so. The place concern right now is 55 south 63 street south along K 42 down that area. Again let me tell you this is a flurry of small storm it's gonna be just big enough to cover Sedgwick county there's another one down in Sumner county it's all part of a a general area of storms that are moving across the southern part of the state. From southwest to northeast about 35 miles per hour and you're listening to -- storm watch brought to you by rusty export news radio thirteen thirty K and -- And all the Entercom stations in Miami 10 -- point seven FM. We have 10 we have to 12:40 AM 987 FM KFH. And little 53 the buzz is with a -- and also power 93 point nine Katie yes all of our rhetoric comes stations when a tornado threatens Wichita. We go to site will cast coverage and operation storm watch I'm Steve Macintosh. Our time right now 338 on a Sunday afternoon and we have a tornado warning in effect. Until about 415 this afternoon includes southern. Cedric county and Wichita is right in the path of the storm so if you are in Wichita or to the southwest of what's on Goddard -- those areas Clearwater of course. As feared -- chambers just a moment ago near Clearwater. -- -- be taking precautions and be in a place of safety. Now the severe -- -- the tornado warning now covers all of which stall on over to the Butler county line. Here in the northeast part of what you talked when he first in what -- we're just now. Just now -- -- seeing some light rain not much going on appear but the whole storm is tracking the right into amid kind of airport and right up toward the city. Let's check in with another of our storm -- -- -- have been -- quadra -- what you got forests. That's deep. Actually moved over 71 street on view. The road that runs north to the airport that a writer by the chemical plant. And the race just out hitting this area and I'm approaching -- history now also up. If there is a tornado in this area there's no way you can see it folks we need to be taken shelter right now in the western part of the county. -- -- Have been receiving a little bit alike yet that is not real big that deftly bill along with this. They're historic bid approaches. Now I'm at a point where -- hardly see the road that -- -- -- really bad and there's an awful lot of traffic out here a lot of people out or sight see in and I I hope the well they're both going to be okay after the storms over. But right now we're -- very heavy -- all. Occasional low light. Penny to marble sized hail. I'm gonna actually turning a year ago are you by e-book a history out the Friday yet. Up to release of this particular storm track -- the -- these -- -- location. But right now it appears that this particular storm -- said he -- -- they've gotten an air war. That particular area LC need to be taken shelter that -- area. Right now we'll let. -- -- other storm tracker -- OPEC or whatnot he greeted in walker. Thanks then you're exactly right at 336 confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado located near Wichita mid continent airport. And moving northeast at thirty miles per hour let's check in now -- Dan O'Neill in the storm's center this afternoon Dan. Any and that's there there chatter on the scanners this afternoon confirming -- a large tornado south of the airport they say is moving to the northeast. Undetermined amount of speed I don't know freighter to get a better fix on that but again it looks like -- which does become an airport west which saw a way as you were saying even the on National Weather Service. We we had a storm last year didn't we Steve worthy -- weather service was evacuated because of the storm heading that way. Again this is a confirmation of what our storm trackers are saying law enforcement confirming. A large tornadoes -- south of which -- -- an airport and moving to the northeast. Stunk all right Andrew Stanton what -- storm trackers is near the area drew. Tell us what you see out this year. I have more access from the first street ridge road just -- Arctic chemical plant. If we're looking at the radar right now I would -- I would definitely great records probably tornado on the ground in the south of shall they. That win spin on the radar looks pretty tighten that area but this -- would be completely rain perhaps you can not see it. Right now we are getting rained on in this location what -- -- -- AL. Where we should be able to see the tornadoes directly to the north and west of our location. Probably around two -- right around the course -- And ridge road area possibly just don't let the car herb may as well where you are what we would estimate. That we're at the tornado it via. Right now we cannot -- much that everything is just. I've precipitation. Lots of rain and dislocation has leaked out to the not a city is still. Merits -- first street who we're now. Heading east in assists if there is a tornado on the ground we cannot see it because it has it is completely rain graphic that aren't. It looks like now with the latest. Radar Stanley we're still trying to -- that update right now. We're looking now to the north and west coming up on what street and 71 street south. -- -- and we're getting close to the city page bill we look to the north lest we cannot confirm. If there at the tornado in there because there's just so much precipitation. So as we caddies get into the city hazel and look back to the north Wessels if we can confirm any tornado. Or Terkel went in that's true. This is a tornado warning we reduce. This is a tornado warning yeah. The National Weather Service -- some tornado warning for southern such -- until 415 the next thirty minutes or so and this includes the city of Wichita. And just a few minutes ago confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado located near Wichita mid continent airport. Moving northeast at thirty miles per hour that's coming from the National Weather Service if you are out looking at the situation on your porch in your car. You may see a rainstorm and inside that you may not see a tornado this afternoon. That's what a rain wrapped tornado is extremely dangerous. Your eyeballs can't tell you what's inside there and that's what makes it a very very dangerous situation we encourage you to take shelter. Get underground someplace and just listen the radio and keep tuned in here will keep you posted on what's going on. The western part of Wichita and in fact all of which -- down now threatened to. By a very serious storm it could track a little to the north and northwest of here. But at this point you know to -- if if a tornado near by -- gotten an airport that's the city of Wichita. Us the National Weather Service office is just to the west side of the airport. And it looks like now the -- -- track right up near. -- to 35 on the west side may be actually 35 in central that gives you -- bearing on location aware of the storm is headed. Right up north east and maybe across the city ballet or you could be a light a fire. -- a little bit -- a finale setter of course everybody please take shelter this afternoon. These things are so tricky they come down to go back up and come down and hit a building or something and they go right back up sometimes they stay on the ground. For 35 or forty miles south west of Wichita there's lightning. There's a lot of praying going on down there we believe some heavy hail in the area we've seen adapting to golf ball size this afternoon and it's all moving to the northeast at about 35 miles per hour and Wichita is right in the the line of fire operation storm watch rock you by rusty export -- all the underground stations afternoon. -- Macintosh -- 345. And we have the storm trackers in the field watching the situation. And he's been -- for several minutes this afternoon Stewart had had -- down to the southwest Stewart what have you got now. If you can hear me and a Michael vodka and out all of that where it trauma carper and who were currently -- generated Eddie's family more at ease acute fortitude. That we're gonna shoot back go to the east from the -- a little bit it looks like that. Waited. The rain has blown it go -- from north south. We did see another final hours earlier to one were reported when we were expected to educate forty cute. Right now like -- -- were playing at their company and here you me if you are not going to be able to see it. Now because it's so rain wrapped him the wind is so intense. The matter factory that now a little bit of debris. And then where he's down. RN. He says matter of fact I think murder. Probably not a good spot to have to build a bit farther north -- Outlook the wind -- come out of the south -- that placed something in this race folk secured south Wichita. -- left -- -- an airport -- we need to go now I think where actually started to get a little bit of a tornado that coming. We are at the MacArthur ready and so vote here in south Wichita take shelter now. I think. The that tornado like you're on our back door we're trying to move this quickly we can. You know the way I think you know we're not -- -- spot drove folks here in west Wichita chocolate what struck by the airport. Seek shelter and now they're they tornado coming we just cannot see it does seek shelter give up -- -- like he mentioned. Go to the basement little lower part of your -- Joker. And not -- shelter now we are MacArthur and meridian. We got a little bit of good -- debris on the road just South Beach ball treat him. We did see you some climate here and we were coming across the big hits we're gonna go more here and and that we're gonna kind of you know the general direction here became the first storm -- one particular cardinal and had a -- got. The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita. At this time your radio should be kept soon here. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been cited by eyewitnesses or on radar. Once again the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita take cover now. 37 AM RPM just a few minutes ago confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado located seven miles northwest of haynesville. Moving northeast at thirty miles per hour a very dangerous situation that means is right on the west side of Wichita we had a large tornado reported near mid continent airport this. This is a rain wrapped situations so you're gonna see a lot of heavy rain and stuff you're not gonna see the tornados throughout there's so that's what makes it. Dudley and Tripoli dangerous this afternoon storm tracker band quadra is in the field right now Ben what do you got to. We don't have been quadra and the seas study. A tornado warning in effect until 415 this afternoon it includes the city of Wichita. If you're out there and currently you are in the line of fire if you're in Wichita right now. I let's go to -- chambers now and a and he is storm tracker location danced down southwest of witch project. Yeah out on -- into the camera and I location and basically -- at a lot of hail hail hitting all over the plate here the perhaps -- that one inch diameter -- little up those forty courses get -- remember you're not out here that are awarding you know I'm not there right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna refugees had to Stewart says he's in a tornado situations Stewart had -- tells radar what's going on dirt. OK Williams you're 35 and go out West Street. And worked hard to get out of our party and no it doesn't really try to get on thirty I would like huge. Car plus -- media power station at MacArthur and West Street. I'm not gonna in -- there was a tornado but it would. Don't believe very large power clash coming from that patient at MacArthur went straight to upload the word the outlook Wichita. We're starting to get some of the larger amount puberty -- chemical. Secure and I'm glad Wichita weather Wichita. And in northeast Wichita police chief. Shattered now just tell us who has steadily decrease in intensity. Let up. In order to get very large. He'll probably the culprit recording device and yeah. Yeah we can hear about it background that is I don't have any sort of -- -- It's -- you talked yeah. -- and that we can't. I -- -- political figure out that the football. He can hear the abiocor it's. To seek shelter immediately. Let's go look up and started to pick up the intensity and here photographer Anthony verdict why it's tough to imagine if you are at all doesn't just talk. Seek shelter now a lot of the vitriol and figure out. It is probably golf ball had committee think multiplies -- old. -- -- -- here MacArthur and -- -- 35 right now also -- if you're parked under the overhang from here who have come avoid. We've got to move you cannot walk the road. Political left -- a quarter. Pedicure and under the -- And on the American bridge that you've got to move okay they're the very large tree on the power drain hole. But -- -- very large trees down and of course we're thankful. I'm gonna kinda hang -- here for good minutes. And so approach is definitely part seeking shelter car -- To the blog like imagined more detail I think right now. -- -- golf ball all. Campbell put all that -- anything on the ball played generic. Put that word that we haven't looked into the -- that -- -- we would have been a few minutes ago I looked kind of figure particularly if you -- happens after a deadly game. Some kind of -- came through here to get MacArthur and gold. Followed security with a soft seek shelter immediately and political it's not part of what. So we're gonna head of these little bit let the MacArthur improbable it. And try to keep sort of the focus pure instinct -- you talked. Look at potential -- the storm would move in your direction and came after a storm tracker one -- -- a couple of would start Stewart had -- This is a tornado warning we reduce. This is a tornado warning. Visibility is down to zero in much of Wichita as this storm has droppings of very heavy rain and their could be a tornado in the middle of it that's why. We have a tornado warning issued that includes Sedgwick county and Wichita until 415. This afternoon. We wanna go to out to Dan O'Neill in the storm's center -- what you've got. And I tell you what we have organizers storm trackers were talking about people outside watching these storms is not a good situation we already have an injury accident now. XC 96 and 119 so apparently there -- lines down on this vehicle as well so let's not even a good situation on a good day with. Confirmation of tornado on the ground and and the inability to you actually visibly see it without radar on which tells west side that makes it for an even though. Tenser situation we are getting reports from radar we are seen tornado circulation is now to the southeast of the airports. And again know the weather service reports they cannot busily CNN from that location. But we are getting them on the on the radar and law enforcement to Eric confirming large tornado. On the ground south of the airport heading to the northeast but again unable to see it because of the visibility situation. Now we're also getting reports of hail in west Wichita. Trying to get a good location on that but we are getting answers from trackers were -- Indicating to a large hail in that situation as well but again. If you don't have to be on the streets right now that is not a good place to be we -- you have emergency crews out. And if you find yourself in a situation like 1996 and 119. That's just putting yourself at risk again. Other law enforcement people at risk unnecessarily this afternoon so do take shelter do take cover this is a very dangerous situations Steve. All right than 353 now operation storm watch brought you by -- export. On news radio thirteen thirty K and SS final test coverage on all the Entercom stations at a moral three point seven KEY and the 12:40 AM ninety point seven FM KFH -- five point three the buzz in power 93. Point nine this afternoon we put all the stations on the alert from there is a storm a tornado -- in which -- we've had a tornado spotted near mid continent airport. And their boy oh boy this visibility so bad now. That day is very difficult for anybody to see if there's a tornado this is a rain wrapped situation this is. The most dangerous. Kind of storm in the dead of night new Bentley after though you're just can't see what's inside of that rain that's moving across Wichita right now. So you should be in a place of shelter and -- a lot of people out driving around looking at this. That is a very very dangerous situation you should be down below ground at a place of shelter. And as a storm tracked its way across Wichita the derby area in line of fire then going up north even. The main spot right now though the main area of concern. Is Wichita itself and this is coming into the northeast part of the city here in northeast Wichita. That's what he first went on we're starting to get some nickel sized hail right now looks like it could be up to quarter size -- Not much rain but the hail to start the pop down here going to be a lot of heavy -- connected with the storm this afternoon. A couple of tornado touchdowns one nearby -- about 25 minutes ago. And then excuse me one near Clearwater. And Wichita mid continent airport the confirmed tornado near there after that. We're kind of we're watching the situation for any storm damage reports. And Dan -- are kind of watch and this and watching this situation as forest damage report for not getting much here right now. We're just getting reports of the heavy rain and -- through the Wichita area. Again if you're just tuning in this afternoon. We have a tornado warning in effect for Sedgwick county including the city of Wichita until 415 this afternoon that's about twenty minutes from now. Excuse me the idea storm should be passed by then. But in the meantime for the next few minutes we are in a very tough spot here in Wichita and in Sedgwick county as this storm tracks to the northeast across the city. We've had the reports of some tree damage some damage no reports of injuries so far otherwise in the middle of this. Dan O'Neill said a moment ago we had an injury accident report right in the middle of all this. So we had that could contend with the police are busy out there watching the situation. That's very big hail all over. The Sedgwick county area including Clearwater -- -- down around there we've had some heavy -- now dropping that looks to be what nickel or quarter side. About quarter sized hail. All right two on reducing to denial that out the front yard here and we had some pretty good sized hail. These are the kinds of things it can easily give you some roof damage and it's in cart damages afternoon you can maybe you might be able to -- play economic. On the -- they've been out there by our studio again you're just tuning in we have very tornado warning in effect until 415 this afternoon. Including Sedgwick county and Wichita is in this the storm the back into the storm is down to the south west of Wichita. But don't we have been there having Jesus -- these spots in depth reports of that tornado sightings. Clear up to mid continent airport then after that we've just got -- very very heavy rain. The east side of Wichita out toward east Breaux is right in the line of fire. That means that here at 21 what -- we're in the line of fire an idea right -- I'm hoping that you folks who were in the southern part of Wichita. Have not seen a lot of damage but we keep our fingers crossed for you hope you're in place of shelter. Right now confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado was located near mid continent airport about 336 this afternoon which is about twenty minutes ago. And it was moving northeast at about thirty miles per hour. So you see radar from the National Weather Service is indicating this echo in their in their what they have there. There in their reflection there are seeing that and also we have trained spotters before this thing got there rain wrapped. Neighbors seeing a tornado as well -- we -- to the one -- viola won their Clearwater I guess three if you count the one it. And it got an airport that would be three cell. Here in the north east side of which thought our studio just looking out the window it has gotten really really dark right now it's going to be dark now from at the next 1015 minutes. As the brunt of the storm moves across Wichita. And over to the east you folks Butler county northern Butler county bureau because it's coming your way is going to be there and just a few minutes now let's go to Dan -- in the storm's center Dan. And we're getting reports Steve train spotters. Seen some rapid rotation is that 95 and Broadway in Wichita. And McConnell airport reporting -- guests. To almost forty miles per hour but no -- that location. One of the things I've been picking up off of the scanner to this afternoon we -- have -- reports of people on the roadways. Gawking at this storm and others areas 3135. Street west south of 55. That there reporting there's no movement in the traffic people who say -- they can't turn around -- can't go for the can't go back. It's just not a good situation to find yourself in and regain of some power outage reports now. Here instead we count the the number of power outages up around a 120 -- so that's what we're seeing right now is as. Night falls in which it will be ninety itself that you were talking about late. Well they. South of 55 and 130 history well it. Budgets at ninety itself broadly a minute ago that was whether we're seeing some rotation -- -- see if I can find that. Again. -- real. We're getting all kinds of new report our house so yeah I was it was about money for itself -- There ago if you get somebody come and then it's hard to keep track of not tell you what we're a twenty person -- on the -- senator we're coming up on 4 o'clock and it is a mess right here. It is dark. -- falling rain is falling bought the -- -- there's -- it's bad enough to be outside. During a tornado warning but as Dan said if you find yourself in a traffic jam and unable to move. During a tornado warning you've got some big problems you ought to be at all you ought to be -- shelter regular beat underground right now. However two problems -- -- signal and I can hear right now and chief. For the sort of program -- now be able to hear that a little bit better. And we are just kind of are monitoring the situation there is a tornado warning in effect until 415 this afternoon. And I can hear it now it's come down under if you can hear the hail yes that's up to quarter size hail here in northeast which does this hale has been going on all across the city. We may be seeing. Car damage yup that's in the mix as well as this move this storm moves across the county. From southwest to northeast this afternoon. All right it's got up on 4 o'clock now and that we are under a yeah. All right tornado warning still in effect this afternoon for us centric counties near as I can tell. Okay. -- the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita. At this time your radio should be kept -- here. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been cited by eyewitnesses or on radar. Once again the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita take cover now. -- spent 4 o'clock and back -- not from the storm's center this afternoon the tornado warning. For central Butler county southeastern Harvey county and northeastern Cedric county is in effect until 4445. This afternoon. At 355. Just moments ago. A severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was -- located near east Wichita moving northeast at thirty miles per hour. We're getting some golf ball sized hail here in northeast Wichita -- person would monitor our studios right now. And we're just watching the situation as the storm tracks across the city and it has been. Tracking across the city for about the past half hour. We're watching for any damage reports coming in Dan -- -- -- around that situation forest. As a team we are under a tornado warning city which to us still not still not clear east Wichita. We're gonna get bombarded and -- are being bombed heartened right now by some very heavy -- And some heavy rain this afternoon and there's a possibility in all of this that a tornado could be and there is somewhere rain wrapped tornado the most dangerous kind. We have -- afternoon is -- Hillenbrand one of the storm trackers Phil what do you got. It's been great you know I met my residents here at -- -- -- on the northwest side of town. And delaying her slack -- -- we word in. Come across impede a marble sized hail earlier in the heavy rain. Now all. Of light is just incredible that anyone -- so I would say. He's ducked inside dole endorsed the lightning strikes are just amazing we just got the power -- they're just a little bit at Bill -- resident. Why it's. Not much the wind had died down now and for more are -- I think we are on in front of the backside of it now though -- they outlawed council -- perspective current book in the meridian in Oprah I want 33 at the upper. Thank you -- we have those of report of five power poles down along. 135 street west and that his blocked out there this is. Near Clearwater about five miles north of Clearwater some storm is damaged there with the power poles down you're gonna see I'm sure some of that this afternoon around the area. And simply to find another storm damage report we've got golf ball sized hail here at least Wichita. The rain coming down now the hale has let up a little bit the storm is tracking through east and northeast -- on in two Butler county at this point. We're not ready to call all clear by any means for the city of Wichita. But the dangerous lessening on the west side the radar indicates that it's lessening but it's not completely gone. Just -- just yet we do have a tornado warning in effect. For northeastern Cedric county. Southeastern Harvey and central Butler that goes until 445. This afternoon. It's 5 minutes past 4 o'clock on a Sunday the most into operation storm watch Ross do you buy rusty export on news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Recital -- coverage on FM 103 point seven. KEY and the 12:40 AM 98 point seven FM KFH 105 point three the buzz and power 93 point nine. When there is a tornado warning for Wichita Sedgwick county we go to -- will cast coverage operation storm watch on all of our Entercom stations this afternoon. Just bring you updated over the past thirty to 45 minutes. We had the report of tornadoes spotted on the ground at least one that nearby cola. Then we had won the near Clearwater and then the report of a tornado near Wichita as mid continent airport. After that the spotters dried up because what happened was. The rain started coming down so heavily that if there was a tornado in the -- You would not be able to see it from the ground level so we're relying on radar the National Weather Service radar to keep us posted. On the danger of any funnel or tornado with in the storm. Of the storm is moving to the northeast at about 35 miles per hour which means a city of Wichita. The back to the west side of Wichita. The tornado. A threat will be going away here in a few minutes but still on the east side than others in ten minutes -- -- We are going to see a real threat. -- picture in your mind the turnpike is it goes from east Wichita up toward Emporia up through Butler county. That's where the storm is tracking right along the turnpike. Right along 35 who goes to the northeast of Wichita. And the storm is coming right up that way so if you're on the turnpike this afternoon and you're coming into Wichita or leaving Wichita from the north north east. You're gonna see some very heavy hail very heavy rain and even the possibility of a tornado. Crossing your -- this afternoon. This is a storm that Democrats in power poles down we've had golf ball sized hail reported. A little damage out there. Dan O'Neill has been tracking all the law enforcement channels. And listening for any storm damage out there and is very possibility of very good possibility that we've had -- storm damage. But now let's go to -- storm tracker Stewart had Stewart. I think -- actually actually the cute little of this fire -- let -- know what I went through here about fifteen minutes ago. If you want them that you're storm damage or run mentioned this earlier record street on that could occur MacArthur and gold. Right there on the southeast corner -- level right now we are just on the south side -- McConnell air force base. At least come on 47 street are looking pretty much do these right now that would -- declaring. But like you mentioned it there so they tornado that. And that's farm somewhere here on the T try to what you saw that there are going to be rain perhaps. We've been pretty much and can't wait for the past twenty -- yourself. We're gonna take nor John Rocker would try to intercept the -- eastern part of the storm. But like you mentioned to establish some folks are without power. Especially in a -- switched on notice that you. Street liked or probably get your 31 street -- -- Between pretty urgent 47 street there will love about street lights -- flashing. First definitely some power outages and yup south in my part of what she -- And I would imagine probably here in the eastern parts of -- -- that you can hear the next few minutes. If -- excellent. Tornado. Lipton and so rain. We've been expecting a little after twenty minutes right now you're 47 the rocker just welcome back off to the north and the east. And you definitely feel a lot of precipitation. And then now look at Michael and -- these little bit of -- clearing. -- and the kind of people can't see anything in this storm and can't reform Carter one -- -- in southeast Wichita you're expecting. Now -- record of some golf -- sales sized -- north's. Benton Butler county that's usually the front of that storm going right now so we've got that two miles north of baton golf ball -- sail over and Butler county. The we have a tornado warning -- remaining in effect for central Sumner county until 445. Right now the tornado threat for the city -- bush vice. Pretty much pass for looking -- now will be looking for storm damage and so forth but right now we're going to go ahead with our other stations we're gonna stay -- operation storm watch. Right you're a news radio thirteen thirty -- SS and FM 103 point seven KE YN. But we wanna go back to our regular programming on our sister stations 12:40 AM 98 point seven FM KFH. Waddle five point three the buzz and power 93 point nine GGS. Going after regular programming for them if we think comes back up. We'll give back be back on the air with the -- float the right now. Which -- seems to be a clear of the tornado danger for right now select programming for you folks. 10 minutes past 4 o'clock operation storm watch brought to you by -- TX Ford. And with us this afternoon later on this evening and we hope everything will go without a hitch a -- countryman shows Sunday afternoon to 6 o'clock right here. On can't -- -- two hours away the Jean deciding what to help jump the weather is afternoon junior on the eSATA what style what's going on. As -- I don't watch a lot of them around here a long time engine and this was very unusual way this came up that. You still hear the roar it was just take constant war. Odd combination of stronger and maybe high altitude limbs cut out here on the east side on central -- 127 to 240 occur street. We potentially wind and we had some pretty good rain no hail. -- look like -- eighty. Treatment that I usually have electricity still on. But it would judge says. DL does sound in this and this was approaching and it just this constant roar. Something that I had not -- -- report there was -- conditioning systems dull gray sky. But I which it was pretty threatening their per treatment okay. A possibly you do you had -- you know a flood or tornado zipping over the top not touching down there maybe that would otherwise shouldn't. Lecture about I don't know I hope that was what it was I hope it's straight out there because on the tree -- he'd be fine now electricity still on no pale. That I have seen a write your aura about. And it didn't appear to be any damage but I do a lot of came up as fast as anyone I've ever seen and it and it sounded. It just -- electric jet engine just sort of part or out for about twenty minutes. Jeanne what he what are your general location where you can -- -- street there. And our report for street east on central OK so I yell. That's that's where the -- been go on its track right on through the area right up the turnpike. Thanks -- eighteen -- -- but again you'll be on at 6 o'clock this evening of any weather comes up during his show will be back on the -- of the operation storm -- were continuing now with our coverage. Dan O'Neill is in the storm's center this afternoon Dan help the senators -- Well we're getting some reports of some damage trickling in but does not a whole lot at this point effect we have less than 450 people. Without power -- Cedric county and before the storm that blew through that you know as kind of an amazing low number but we are getting reports. -- several accidents around the area people have been out on the street as the storm has been going through -- and that's just not advisable at all but we do have emergency responders. In a several areas this afternoon 45 and I won 3590. Quest to -- 96 all over. And the on ramp on 1896. And to those role -- minor injuries. Reported those areas but again we are getting reports of let's see here well some -- in the room weighing in Wellington so this is that the storm is moving out of the area and and we're also getting. Are rotating wall cloud. Approximately five miles west. South haven so again we're we're getting reports as the storm is moving through. We should be able to see you know what kind of you know pieces we have to pick up here in which sponsored mechanic Steve. -- -- then there's another storm down and Sumner county is well it's a little bit smaller but it's -- because that's when you're talking about. Some reports from the national -- the service five power poles down. 135. Street west five miles north of Clearwater that that was in the past half hour. We have golf ball sized hail in Butler county two miles north of Benton. We have sixty mile an hour wind reported at Andover. -- a gust of sixty means that is severe thunderstorm warning a criteria. And then we have a golf ball sized hail in Bel Air just not too far from where we're sitting right now 21 bloodline and I don't know how big -- I wasn't able to keep track of the hailed that was following here at 21 in what blonde -- -- and acting is solid look like it was getting up close to quarter. And even golf ball sized -- self. Examine your cars she could have should guard damage if you -- the storm they were out the storm examine your roofs could be a little roof damage format all of this. As it moved across to Wichita and now it's pretty much. Across Wichita. Right now. He gets up over Jerry is -- sure what what -- I EST I was just speaking when they one of our boosters. Providing the storm tracker information around 37 and all -- apparently a lot of hail -- out that area. He said everywhere from golf ball to marble sized hail and it just covering the ground now so people living there -- -- may well I've experienced as some. -- -- Jerry that's just like a mile and a half from where we're sitting here we didn't have that situation here but that's the nature. -- of the Kansas hail storm when it goes through its spotting some places get pounded in some pleased -- have nothing at all. It looks to me like from the radar image that we have in front of -- right now that. This -- the brunt of the storm has moved past west Wichita. And I'm not sure what's gone on maybe we need some reports from west Wichita folks out there -- If the storm his passion I think it's pretty much gone out of their and a radar is indicating it's gone up the highway it's a it's just to the west of L parade though. Over in -- right around -- Wanda. There's -- a some what's the problem easier to want this afternoon then you go back down. To the south. Down. Futile towards Sumner county we've got some problems down there and factors a tornado warning. For Sumner county going on now for next 2030 minutes or so so the whole thing is moving through the Wichita area. Pretty rapidly on to the northeast now -- check in with storm tracker -- in the quadrant and take a laser. Steve we've actually -- way over here to beside it which doll world can't disturbed by. Heading up toward an -- all in this storm as it actually tracks across that he. I was back out on meridian man. -- 47 street went ethnic or stormed -- through it they're released on and off the trees and everybody does it kind of scary out there. But that has since passed that not moved on here to the northeast. So severe thunderstorm warning we repeat this here's this severe thunderstorm warning. Steve thank you touched down here. Operation storm washed just got a report of a funnel cloud. Seven miles south southwest of Wellington in Sumner county train spotter rain wrapped funnel and persistent war clout. This will be in Sumner county. With a report of a possible funnel seven miles south southwest of Wellington. And the updated information here from the National Weather Service a severe thunderstorm warning for southeastern Sedgwick county. And northwestern Sumner county and that goes until 5 o'clock this afternoon severe thunderstorm located five miles southwest of hazel. Moving northeast at thirty miles per hour quarter sized -- Sixty mile per hour wind in this. Those are the possibilities of -- storm these are the possibilities we've had a with this storm all afternoon and the threat of tornadoes. In and trying to figure out whether this has replace the tornado warning -- the we've actually. Gotten out of tornado warning let's check in now what Dan O'Neill in the storm Saturday in -- yet. And see we are getting some money indications now for tornado warning for -- surgery if you wanna go ahead and and -- click on that to -- we've got going here I -- has reports of some power poles down. This is 135. Street west and 55 street south. And we're also getting indications that storm sirens -- -- now for the city of -- Wanda. So -- still the situation is influx this afternoon and we are keeping that. Watch on the situation as soon as the storm moves through but we still have now this so severe thunderstorm situation for which on separate county. Student right now and we're not getting confirmation that the tornado warning has been lifted now for which on Cedric county so. Were out to from under the gun for now. We do have I believe a tornado watch until 10 o'clock this evening. That would include Wichita so we may not be completely out of the woods afternoon that to. A very scary situation there for about a half hour. As we couldn't see what was going on that big storm moved across Wichita from southwest to northeast and -- storm. Trackers were in the field seeing some dangerous situations Stewart had -- been out and keeping us posted let's check in again with Stewart -- -- I think -- actually work Perry in Iraq right now actually got turnaround at backs out. To go check this storm -- coming up on the about these side of the Angel barely area ultra try to keep Obama wants commitments under counted as well right now the they'll get a turn to downpour. Ultimately change in the -- that in the fifteenth minute. I'm actually kind of concerned about from low level flooding that might be occurring I'm actually surprised that the National Weather Service have an issue in the kind of -- Flood warnings from the city it was constantly trying to get it. Over here are these Brothers that play a lot of water now especially in the yen at Lincoln rocker there and a lot of water and turnpike. We were coming up on rocker. -- -- -- -- what remarkable Putin neighborhood spared in the north of Lincoln. The a lot of tree branches down over that -- win. Coming into the carrier. I'll probably the last thirty minutes or so and it probably go low thirty reported I'm at about thirty to forty maybe a mile maritime. Coming out of the well looks like may be coming directly straight out of the -- older epic open -- To be watching out for here next PepsiAmericas. Especially from your votes aren't there. Coming up outlook on the county to count upon him mention the -- governor have a cup you're in the car all this article got a little bit -- Foreman -- northeast harbor county. What what a bargain -- and about an -- happens super blown up. Had pretty much covering the entire are about that accounting -- or at least a couple of it felt like he mentioned. Yet try to credit diminished somewhat especially over the that it which saw. -- that you know a lot of the law enforcement vehicle auction the storm as well that culture out -- them and they're trying to make sure people are saying great. And I relaying information back to I don't want one. That's far below what they're seeing also your traveled around back and make sure you never have -- on. If you vehicle or. Obeying the law you have everybody got -- to record on -- -- like on the afternoon. Especially the link between the fall into a bucket to put into an impact that benefits that. And I -- McConnell air force space and can't have that governor wanna if you want to -- -- Now whether you think eastern while the tornado warnings been lifted for Sedgwick county still in effect. Four of folks in Butler county. Going on until flow for forty. This afternoon. A severe thunderstorm at 413 just few minutes ago. A severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located near told Wanda we'll know where to -- is east of Wichita moving northeast at 45 miles per hour. The hazard a developing tornado golf ball sized -- so. You folks up the turnpike to wander over to L radio on north of there. Storm is tracking in your direction now and you could be. It is serious situations -- -- guys keep listening for reports. But for right now the city of which suffered such clear now if you look at that -- vital to its radar you can see it if it was a radio may be candid. Our radar is showing that down to the south west of -- down Sumner county we've got some problems. And down with the southwest -- the border asked the to the west of here. -- storms popping up this afternoon. We wanna check in with what our storm -- has been with us all afternoon drew drew Stefan is with a story drew -- -- -- Andrew. -- -- -- -- Good Greg -- -- I had I have a good night and hydraulic. We've got a good seat the right note that the aortic content outlet. All right thank feet. -- -- the that was resettled -- or strategist drew. -- it's 424 now with. Operation storm what brought -- -- arrested export news radio thirteen thirty K and assess simulcast coverage on if immortal three point seven KEY and and going on a dangerous situation cropping up over the past hour. When he first had the report to we had people in the field storm trackers seeing a tornado touchdown down your fly alone south west of Wichita. Then another touchdown near Clearwater and then a tornado on the ground near Wichita as mid county airport. That storm moved across the city from southwest to northeast and then apparently. All the radar funnels and -- disappeared. And it was gone. So now it says still that storm packing possibly. A tornado moving on up the turnpike. On up interstate 35 up through Butler county so you folks in that area. You're in the gun now -- -- pretty much clear we're gonna see some tree limbs down Dan -- reporting some power outages over the past the hour or so. And you may -- roof damage you may see some car damaged as we have some pretty good sized hail. When you get it done and that the golf ball sized hail range which we had. Is good possibility you're gonna have some dents in the old family try extra if you if you had to leave it outside its 426 right now. And we are under a severe thunderstorm warning. That goes until 5 o'clock this afternoon and includes a southeastern Cedric county. In north eastern Sumner county that goes till 5 o'clock this afternoon and there's a small box now for the south west of a southeast of Wichita. On the radar screen indicating possible quarter sized hail and sixty mile per hour wind. If you are unfamiliar with our terms let me tell you -- severe thunderstorm warning includes the possibility. Of wind gusts up to sixty miles per hour or more. And -- quarter sized hail or bigger and we've had both of those criteria. This afternoon. There is a line of popping up storms small ones -- -- back along the Oklahoma border from south of here -- back to the west almost almost a liberal. So this -- we could see some more pop up storms coming into the area. A tornado warning means that there has been a tornado spotted the threatens an area it is a short duration warning this would only lasted about. Hole thirty miniature cell that the storm was moving so fast at 35 miles per hour and went across the city. It in a hurry and a lot of people out rubber necking -- storm track is telling us of course storm -- there. Are trying to get in these guys have been with us for several years and they know what to look important in the -- -- the Obey law -- that they stay out of -- -- as much as possible. Apparently there were traffic jams up their people caught in the middle storms. And they couldn't turn around the couldn't get out. People go underneath the overpasses in storms and Italian although we saw that video several years of folks going you know under an overpass to survive a tornado. That is not a good place to be during a tornadoes comes right over Dan O'Neill in the storm's center traffic tracking some of the damage assessment that. As front that underpass not a good place to be Steve but in the case of the the journalist and there was a step up and in the career but that's beside the point here. Safety is the main concern that we want to stress this afternoon. We are seeing some more outages reporter from -- -- energy 11150 outages now. In Wichita Sedgwick county mainly this is well. It's a it's a south and east. Part of flow of the county. Including the city of Wichita and now we are seeing some -- Good amounts affected right -- -- and in the -- of which onto the south which -- so. If your powers out right now hopefully you're listening in on a battery radio when you took those precautions and to. Are in the same place here is the storm has move through Wichita and and were watching. As the remnants of the storm and and a severe thunderstorm continues to -- impact. -- on -- county here this afternoon so 11150 power outages reporter from Westar Energy. Mainly to the south and east part of central counties do you. The danger this afternoon was still under a severe thunderstorm warning for a southeastern Sedgwick county. And goes until 5 o'clock they could -- that of course if the situation. Deteriorates in India and noon and improves the -- for the time being. Still the watch out for that a large hail and damaging winds as we -- -- it had reported that possibly has some power outages near Kellogg amazed Louis such as some. Power outages across the city I'm shirt across the metro area this afternoon because these storms always carry. Almost always carry power power -- with a star -- -- caught early this afternoon been with us for about the last hour -- so -- what you got now. Executive Steve I'm heading back down toward my neck of the woods in the southeastern part of -- counted to keep an eye on this. Your thunderstorm that tracking across the bottom quarter of accounting. Right now I'm -- green which road just south of airy actually himself upon me now. Watching the storm and receiving some moderate rain at this point -- much gusting wind. The wind appears to be out of the south south west. -- blowing across the road. It's quite a bit of water -- standing on the road that you -- it what step for our group finding especially her out Albanian. On the highways. But have not received any -- of dislocation all of receiving right now like -- citizen martyr reign of and gusty -- We're heading south on -- which -- towards observer you're able Eva -- -- be back with -- little bit -- -- 193 in southeast centric Yani and locker. Now we're seeing some large hail down around south of the derby area west of the derby area tracking up toward Wichita assault. Straight north into Wichita we could see some more hail coming our way directly from the south up through the city of what -- this afternoon. So stage state dividend -- standard cover because it's it's not over yet the the situation is pretty scary out there as far as saying it was concerned you've got a possibility for roof damaged car damaged window damages -- and we had a pretty good pounding of -- This afternoon atrocity which as we said earlier as we always said when it comes to hail. It can be very spotty -- it could be very heavy in one place at three blocks away there's nothing at all also. It kind of depends on. On the luck of the draw with the you've got pounded by field this afternoon. It is now fourth thirty and we are under a severe thunderstorm warning for southeastern Sedgwick county until 5 o'clock this afternoon the next 29 minutes to -- You've been listening to that are listening to operation storm watch brought to you by rusty export. Unused radio thirteen thirty K and -- cycle cast coverage on FM on all three point seven KEY and we are pretty much this tornado. Danger is catalyst to Wichita area but I hate. You probably going to be able to do that picnic but senator let me put it that way Stewart had that is a storm tracking this afternoon -- -- -- for about an -- -- -- -- -- now. I think the most -- the corner six speaker patriot haven't rocker have been derby and I think error being mentioned about from -- We have got to be here at this location yet. Checking on Facebook -- six miles south southeast of Wellington. There -- to report of the spoke by subtle. Near the ground but just not have to -- to ground yet. So that will be probably near the turnpike area. In from the county's six miles south southeast of Wellington. Felt broken up -- plane and probably mole game. -- -- down -- in an area we can beat don't remember ram this thing hold together. The Mexico thirty minutes or so but like you mentioned -- Yet try to preferences which -- pretty much a diminished. As mostly as a form of not just formed one long line. Pretty much from northeast can't follow it out of Oklahoma border. We're gonna come and watch this here a flicker of a tornado warning or some. -- severe thunderstorm warning we're -- This is a severe thunderstorm. Warning. 433 on Sunday afternoon Steve Macintosh for the Korean operation storm watch what you by rusty export news radio thirteen thirty -- in his chest. Some of cast coverage and as -- three point seven K you -- and you heard it's. A severe thunderstorm warning now for north eastern Cedric county until 515 this afternoon in the next 45 minutes. We've got a half dollar sized hail and sixty mile per hour winds indicated by radar. Moving it to the northeast at about -- thirty -- to the north that is at thirty miles per hour self. As I told humidity OA's tracking of I hailed -- moving straight north toward the city of Wichita and sure enough here it shows up now. With a up with a severe thunderstorm warning. One -- chair for use that we have a tornado warning in effect for central Sumner county till 445 this afternoon. And had some severe thunderstorms and a team of producing a tornado down in Sumner county to the south of Wichita. Pea sized hail reported on 254 and 196 and Butler county. We've got stove -- final half way to the ground in Sumner county you're just a moment ago that a be about six. South southeast of Wellington and so he still got some funnels dancing around the area this afternoon and we still have -- some reports of the some large hail in the Wichita area fire department reporting now -- quarter sized hail. Three miles north of two miles east of the city of pot when the this is in Butler county so we're starting to get some of the reports of Butler county as a storm moves over that way and the secondarily secondary line of storms. Moving straight to the north across the Wichita area this afternoon. We have a severe thunderstorm warning now for. Northeastern and southeastern Cedric county going until. At least 5515 this afternoon on 1 of them 5 o'clock on the other. The one to the north and northeast coastal. 515 this afternoon sell. In the storms continue there is say OK here is a heavy rain track now. In derby and it's going to the north Norris the east at about. 25 miles per hour. Wichita still just to the west there's not much happening you a couple miles west of lift -- few miles and it's cleared up pretty well but there is a line of storms. That -- basically goes from the Oklahoma border down with. West of -- Kansas City. And basically up the interstate to Wichita and then north straight north up to Hillsborough. Okay that's a line of yours that's got to be 75 miles at least. And it's going all the way up to Hillsborough. It's a long thin line of storms but it's all moving to the north northeast at about thirty to 35 miles per hour this afternoon. So at this point we have a severe thunderstorm -- warning. Till 515. Effecting northeastern Cedric county and we have one for southeastern new century candidate goes till 5 o'clock this afternoon. If you I'm looking at our radar images afternoon and in the National Weather Service puts these. Boxes on that indicate. Where the storms are. The eastern part of Cedric county affected up into Butler county for a tornado warning up along. Butler county and then of tornado warning downed to the south in Sumner -- inception. So we've got. Today aggrandizement this afternoon Dave grant to take -- gonna -- -- day. Taylor is -- -- Well I am trying to make -- way into work and let's figure coverage. I wanted to let you know why. Tell viewers -- they don't have to get out statin side we're on I want to 35 right now will want 45 miles an hour. It's just a -- -- here that block I'd like eighty people should stay at home if they can't. I draw -- -- seventh street north. And Oliver were what are your. George says there was hail covering the -- certainly don't want. I also sound bite our old snowboard down on the northeast corner of the intersection there. -- -- accident and I would try to end. Forty history nor are they want 35 somebody broke off broad. Down into the -- Bottom line is we're not delicate yet so people can stay inside you'll probably be in the best interest today. Now David was very scary storm and that there was apparently from the possibility of a tornado within a thunderstorm you know how that's in rain -- I can be very dangerous. Absolutely Stephen it was such a dangerous situation I live on the board cited down trying to make it into work dealt with coverage at eight. And it just wasn't taken up a -- travel so now that's why cowboy yeah. All right thank server attracted a state grant with a take -- stations this afternoon as he stood on the help of their -- And here in northeast which is tied to twenty -- along. It's a lightened up considerably the rain has stopped and reduce youth and you're in the reflection of windows -- could be even some -- popping out. In the west part of town this afternoon. It's now 438. And goes into operation storm watch brought to you by arrested for. Simulcast coverage on news radio thirteen thirty K and assess and -- -- three point seven kitty -- and -- -- check in now with Dan O'Neill. In the storm's -- is. I've been down. We'll see if just an update on those numbers from west star were looking at about 18159. Outages now reported in which sponsors recounting this afternoon. Since the storm hit and then again mainly. In the south central and eastern -- portions of the county. The storm move through this afternoon that's for a scene. Reports of some power problems now we received her hearing from them that. You know there were some power lines -- power poles down around. North Oliver but again that's just you know one piece of the puzzle here this afternoon. Westar crews are outing getting busy and again let me echo again what what are storm trackers of insane if you don't have to be out. In this weather don't this is not a good place to be it is not a good place to find yourself in yet this afternoon as we still have a severe thunderstorm. Warning that continues on this afternoon we could be seen some hail moving our way. And again you don't wanna be caught in situation on the roadway when you can be safe at home. We are getting some reports from around the area to. Of a funnel near Drury along highway 81 has gone back up into the clouds. We're getting some reports of us -- spotters reporting and golf ball size field north of L radio and let's see here train spotter in the 2800 block of south meridian. And is -- saying that they -- there is flooded and impassable. Again. Flooding problem we probably haven't talked enough about yet this afternoon that -- is it is again a problem that is. At the potential with any of these storms and we are seen that. Coming out again though so watch the roadways were flooded roadways so don't go into water you if you don't know what. What to expect to and again the best rule of thumb is if you don't have to be out and about. Stay home this afternoon. Steve. I think today and if we do have a severe thunderstorm warning remaining in effect -- how's the southeastern Cedric to northeastern Sumner -- till 5 o'clock this afternoon. And -- severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern Sedgwick county until 515 this afternoon. We're gonna take a break we come back more from operations storm watch and he's ready at thirteen thirty K and as has brought to you by rusty -- Ford also FM one of three point seven K you want him. If you had to sell your car would you put it in the front yard with a for sale sign in the window. 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We do have a flood warning -- earlier Stewart hadn't been saying why hasn't there been a flood warning frankly because they usually wait a while before they do this but. It goes till 9:45 includes eastern Sedgwick county and a boy oh boy there could be some very. Some very heavy flooding going along the streets and tributaries so watch out for that this afternoon you're traveling. Went flooding can be very very dangerous at we also have a tornado warning for eastern Sumner county. That goes until 515 this afternoon. A severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located near south haven. And moving northeast at 35 miles per hour developing tornado ping pong ball sized hail. And weather spotters reported a funnel cloud. So just as a review this afternoon. County at the time frame around 3 o'clock 315 this afternoon. A severe thunderstorm or rattle its way into the southwestern corner of Sedgwick county. And at first it was appearance severe thunderstorm warning of the threat of -- sixty mile per hour wind and quarter sized hail. Then we started getting golf ball sized hail and then the it went into me a tornado warning as a tornado was spotted on the ground nearby -- about twelve miles southwest of here on K 42. A little bit later on we had a report of a tornado touching down near Clearwater. And then. Tornado to the near the airport in west Wichita. And then -- storm tracked across the city with a at the tornado warning we went recital cast coverage on all of our intercom radio stations kept you posted on that. Until the danger was gone at one point the National Weather Service saying this is storm -- we can't see what's in their except by radar echoes so. That was why the city of Wichita was under the gun there for about twenty or thirty minutes it got really scary for a while there. With us this afternoon for most of the past hour and a half for Stewart had added Stewart has an update Forrester -- answer. Take your image Dior and he has city of gold -- right now. Actually had to try to -- special armored I'm not -- under any such as the catalyst like it many clipped the our southeastern part of -- honey. Eric how logic or America right now here at the podium all the main. Actually get the gonna try to downpour narrower target. Get a -- off the vehicle. -- the -- on the southern in the derby here about fifteen minutes ago. I'm here seventy ninth street south and I blocked road. That lasted about thirty seconds right now there are greater work and I can learn about him. A lot of whitening. Coming out of the storm here and the other part of Frederick county and actually the wind died down a little bit cute here and one half. Powell and the -- -- -- on the if you are blowing that much and they were up we're coming -- derby. Right now our crowd found on our block broad. Through down Campbell they turn out. I could get it down order from the tree went down here and there. And we have more pain I'm not a -- a little bit -- commitment here. Well we're out of power so go over to watch this side tornadic storm coming up out of Sumner county. And now hopefully it won't -- the southeastern part of Frederick County. -- agent that it looked out and eat about. And I -- folks here next thirty minutes or so and a pretty -- Wayne Indiana credit card or what would you -- to read it. Thank Stewart a rope tornado reported one miles south of south haven the moving north east by Oklahoma Highway Patrol -- KEO closing went down in Sumner county. Rope tornado. In that situation and don't wanna check in again here in the storms that are. -- Dan O'Neill Dan what's going on out there on the streets of central. Then I'll tell you what 911 dispatchers very busy week has some of various. Fire calls and at a traffic accidents throughout the time and duration of the storm here as well but nauert turning get reports. Mountain west side of town where we're having tree limbs reported down. Along Tyler. Not a 155 and Tyler and some other areas in west Wichita we're just. Again these reports are starting to come in now so as as the storm has moved through. Where were now on the picking up the pieces stage in and that's were the emergency crews are are out taking that. Assessment of -- what kind of damage we have been in west our crews are out. Picking up the pieces with a around. Eighteen hundreds and once its last report was 18159. Customers in and Cedric county alone. Without a power due to the storm moving through and so we have. Downed power poles we have downed lines and in areas of -- which on -- county has been dealt with. And another problem that it needs to be dealt with it if people are out driving around they have to be mindful -- low or high water situations writes -- roadways. We have situations. It was even when the storm was going on we had people that were out gawking and they couldn't see the storm because it was rain wrapped news in the clouds you couldn't see it -- a very dangerous situation. And we still people out to that are driving around and find themselves in an area. A situation where the streets are flooded so that again causing more problems for emergency personnel then then needs to be done this afternoon if you if you don't have to be out. Please let the receipt cruise handled the -- situations that are out there is known to become I'm more burdensome than than need be. So again watched were flooded roadways and watch for downed trees power lines says so. The emergency crews are out to -- See the damage and picking -- pieces this afternoon the number of the west are outages are reporting it is bad if you're one of them but that's not a huge number that's not cause I had. The thing that I am interested in is how many ambulance calls. Have you heard -- trauma or is it that the knee injuries in connection with the storm hadn't heard any at all. No not known no we haven't has been some injury accidents that have been. Dotting the amateur area of -- nothing as far as trombone or you know people. Out to. Having any other kind of prominent because of the storm. All right and thank you Dan in this storm as we watched on the radar it's stretches. All us south. -- of Wichita on down through derby and down toward the Oklahoma border. And then on north -- Hillsboro when it's a moving gradually. North northeast and out of the Wichita area into the Butler county area. But we are under a severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern Sedgwick county until 515. Not tea I can't see him. Not lifting that heroes in the next few minutes because here at 20% would line and I mean there's nothing on. Andy -- easy lightning -- renting out their Sonoma. -- most the storm is pretty much passed us by. The other part of accorsi severe thunderstorm warning for. Southeastern Sedgwick county that goes until. It's until 5 o'clock this afternoon sell the eastern part of Sedgwick county under severe thunderstorm warnings for the next few minutes at least sent him officially. And we get the -- Clearwire will keep you posted on that the weather this weekend has been very very ugly we knew that going in Friday afternoon would be and -- folks. You know from my -- in their first -- forecasts and different sources that hey this is going to be Iraqi weekend. We're gonna see some weather well he's certainly debt. And that we had this Saturday night last night we Wichita Sedgwick county dodged a bullet last night. But they had a tornado on the ground out there Roosevelt about eighteen miles west of lauded. And I believe it was a touchdown and paid nearly Hayes area. So yeah there was some tornados and activity but it all lightened up as it came toward Wichita and we escaped the the storm last night. -- severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect. For northeastern Sedgwick -- that goes until 515 this afternoon. At 445. Just a few minutes ago thunderstorm located near valley center. And moving north at forty miles per hour hazard quarter sized -- okay. So here's what it is when you get something no plated and north of valley center and moving north it's moving right on out. Of the greater Wichita area its north valley center is moving up rapidly. Out of the Sedgwick county area and I would salable that goes until 515. If that storm continues in that direction the way that's going that's going to be lifted before too much longer this afternoon. Severe thunderstorm warning for. Northwestern Butler county. And eastern Harvey county you folks that goes till 530 this afternoon that's. Northwestern Butler and eastern Harvey and did -- that's that is on the radar you can watch that immediately you can call that. Fifteen minutes ago that that's where that's herpes adding. Watching our radar lives this afternoon and the way the storms have been tracking. Just as you can you conceive of the -- and if you have. The capability of home. On your computer go to our web page -- -- radio dot com and click down there on the right. And he. You know I've stumbled into the basement may be uptake in the radio and and in the computer down their via Wi-Fi or whatever you -- down there and just. Once the storm on the computer and listen to us here and we'll keep you posted on what's going on. The good news is here on a Sunday afternoon. Your picnic was probably ruin this afternoon if you planned on your ball game your golf game that there for a few minutes it was scary. It was very scary around the area and bridge here in Wichita we didn't know whether it might have a storm wrapped tornado going on anything so -- It was it is very precarious situation this afternoon is all lightening up now. Although down assembly -- we've still got some problems. Possible funnels and severe hail down around. Just north -- Kansas City tracking up to the northeast between there and derby. You've got a line of storms that's about though looks like about 7067. Miles long. And it's just you know it's almost straight north and south. But it's moving to the northeast. As a move right on album Wichita area -- just a few if anybody's listening. Our signal gets bella toward -- your -- -- the turnpike. Near Emporia you're gonna see some real problems hills girls being pounded right now. So that'll show you that it just about everywhere and -- central Kansas all these cities being hit by. Golf ball sized hail and high wind Dan -- you still at the end there. Dan O'Neill in the storm's center this afternoon thus just talk about the weather a little bit now that last night we came in and we thought we're gonna have something he hadn't. And had a dodge Cedric county last night that's definitely. Not -- well it was a good dress rehearsal last night that's for sure. Get to -- -- I I was just so looking on social media here -- the mayor of Bel Air posted a picture of a three that was found in his front yard this afternoon. And do it fairly good size three and in his front yard but today it had to have fallen. Or at the base and he's got this picture repairman to get to you bring your permissions that we put it on our team and assist -- web page but stood. He had he'd be posted with the caveat you just mentioned to his neighbor yesterday that he wished the -- was about a foot or more out away from the house talent and now it's on its side it's out of there. Nothing is out of there was he going to church and frankly that. Based our tornado warning remaining in effect for eastern some -- Sumner county until 515 this afternoon. Oil voice under county folks get hammered down there. The great news is although we've got some reports of what power lines and and -- street flooding into power outages. Some tree limbs down the usual the usual cast of characters we haven't had a single report and entry descent. In need now I mean I am getting a report now what Kellogg in mid continent we are getting reports said the air traffic lights are out in that area so what. Again and again that's just part of the the process of where these power outages are here this afternoon in all over the city all over the county so what. Again let me reiterate if you don't have to be out driving around please don't this afternoon. Like give a quick salute some -- guys working here in the storm's center this afternoon including a Tony inducing you -- a dead -- urge other Clearwater Stewart and head. Units and storm tracking some good storm tracking south west of which -- been quadra was with -- afternoon. -- sure way to helping out -- Phil hill the ground and Andrew staff and out in storm tracker 110 those guys he and a Tony honest. A couple of guys who do this Canada on a semi professional basis. And they do a lot for TV they help us out this afternoon they were -- cake. Last night out near rose sell sell those two guys. They do a great job and we do just keep it tracked the storm and we're just watching right now. To see if we get an an official all clear. On the severe thunderstorm warnings threatening it Sedgwick county. And basically tell you what it looks pretty much clear to me on the radar. Dan looks like everything's moving out here. Dan obesity as a descent looks like it's pretty much clear there are things moving out to earth and I don't think you do it what. So far as you heard anything more on the streets of some of the city of what's going out there. And not pay any attention -- -- -- thunderstorm warning remains in effect till 5 o'clock about the next three minutes. In. The southeastern essentially county in northeastern summertime let's go to Stewart had had Stewart seven out there all afternoon with a Stewart what do you have now. I thank very much and I'm not serving him very drunk and about that about self service -- Outlet between even on molding right now I want to that storm coming up out of under county. I was watching like can't get social media and I'm very very good dual meet that can't. And report of -- on the awful tornado near you at all. So we're gonna go down south here checked out but after we left them all the pain -- -- -- -- And the rain Roy had a went up and one out well until -- -- or whatever it Carter and when we're out loud. Just now coming in Q it looked -- outlawed the core Kelly Kenny Perry beautiful spring could keep -- before at currently and that. I did a -- a little bit damaged more ways than she. You can hear every -- Bulk upload and am really major down that part of the sunny outlook and I -- the derby trampled and -- I don't know in the town -- Petrie went down -- coming out rocker. Oh. Small tree limb. And a talking -- that -- my third straight out. Trying to see if we continued tornado that somebody reported here Udall. It's been. The story that formal planetary regulators. Arrogant that they expect at large we talk about upload to the airport. That's pretty much everything happened that it and I met him later. Tony do you think tornadic. Down -- -- -- anybody -- the southeast part of Cedric county most slightly heavier rain. So we're the watch out about it. Right that player can come and no -- to -- one -- and the next minute you get he's under -- our winners from a tornado. So attention to the weather report especially here -- whether radio that battered car. That you don't have power without men and that it has that character in a bad. And also. It is definitely -- -- more people are an audio without. About try to get out and -- he said that more dangerous. There are coming out of the road. Noted that somebody mentioned it tropical beauty auto club nobody -- -- That it. Large tornado would've given that he would -- We had some. Major damage special about -- -- -- speakers and yet nobody -- -- also thought -- have -- out of the way. -- -- the -- -- and what they need to do at least -- and I hope we will be in the clear here for awhile. I'll watch a few more storm -- -- all of a local look at sort attitude of the people performed well -- on the side of the border. Well Rick walk though that while that kind of have a track and -- it what's up. The would advocate for another round of what you hear about all of our cute and he can't reform Carter wanna to -- an idiot you don't want your had a. -- -- operation storm brought brought you by resting export news radio thirteen thirty KM -- in Wichita simulcast coverage. On FM 103 point seven KEY and what you -- 5 o'clock here on a Sunday afternoon a tornado warning remains in effect for northwestern calorie. Southeastern. Butler and northeastern Sumner county's till 530 this afternoon. A confirmed tornado located near Udall moving northeast at 45 miles per hour of that hazard there the damaging tornado and golf ball sized hail. And we just had a report in front of a moment ago about that tornado near you'd all. And they were saying that it was a elements of like for artist. South five south Udall looking northwest and observed a white cone tornado that's from a train spotter. OK we never liked to. Put -- words tornado and you'd altogether. Because you'll remember back in 1955. That city was dead -- devastated by one of the bigger more damaging tornadoes in the south central Kansas history so folks in Udall know all wealth at least the last couple of generations know about tornadoes. And at the city mutual is threatened you -- threatened. We hope nothing happens down there. Are excel let me review what we've got right now. We've got a severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern Sedgwick county until 515. About the next thirteen minutes. And we got a severe thunderstorm warning for. Southeastern Sedgwick county that didn't until 5 o'clock we have no official. Confirmation that debt is finished with but let me see if I can find jumping on the radar screen here. Well they haven't taken the box down on the radar screen so. Both see what happens -- that and just the next few minutes. The city of Wichita and I would say. That most of Cedric county. Not under any threat right now at all and it's rapidly moving to the east there is some trouble down to the south and Sumner county. And tracking. Over -- Lee County so you wanna be aware that down that way if you're in -- in Cali count your round you'd all there's danger there. But this afternoon other than that Sedgwick county were pretty much out from under the gun. Right now. We look at the debate guess radar screen don't see a lot going on. Little blip down -- west of Anthony along the border don't know what else is gonna happen this evening. There has been a tornado watch issued till 10 o'clock tonight for most of central Kansas including Wichita. And I a prison that's still going on. But for right now the the danger of this storm pretty much to the east of this year. To the east of Wichita and now to the east of derby in moving on to the north northeast. And out of Wichita area. If you down and we have severe hail track from a north of Wichita going north up and Hillsborough for the next hour or sell I've got attractive severe hail. And then there's one up around Emporia going in the council grove so. They're attractive. Heavy -- still. Possible this afternoon associated with the storm the other thing I can tell you from the radar is that it's not a very wide storm. I would say about twenty to thirty miles wide and moving on -- The interstate into the east of Wichita this afternoon. It's now 504. Angeles into operation storm watch. Brought to you by arrested export news radio thirteen thirty K and assess sizable gas coverage on it from 103 point seven KEY and I'm Steve Macintosh. And with me this afternoon in the storm's center Dan O'Neill what's the latest Dan. Closely monitoring. Some situations on a social media here I had one posting from a gentleman. You posted I'm on a boat or at least I should be in downtown Wichita again stressing the need to. Turn around don't drown if you were in a situation where you're driving and you have some high water on the roadways. I don't know try and pass it even in the downtown area a punitive. Get in under the undercarriage of your vehicle and and that would be in another problem for emergency crews to have to deal with and they already have their hands full this afternoon. So turn around don't drown watch out for high water situations if you have to be out about. Don't to anything that's going you know get two and a more precarious situation in the or you find yourself in and and I was able to managed to get permission did get to some storm. Some storm pictures from Bel Air also on the Korean assets FaceBook page so what. You can now find that picture of the downed tree open in Bel Air in and some of the things that we are gathering right now as far as says. Storm -- but emergency crews are out they are dealing with all kinds of situations like the street light situation in west Wichita. With the the turn signals not operate especially Kellogg made content drive there are some other areas of electrically and as well. We have some reports of downed tree limbs across the city down power poles and you know what stars dealing with all kinds of power outages to this afternoon round which Johnson County. So we're not completely out of the woods yet but. It's not as bad as it could have been and it's still is bad for the people that are without power this afternoon Steve. What we're seeing now is our -- French down to the south are getting some real dangerous situations. We have a report of 65 mile an hour win this before miles west of wind field. In -- counties so you -- that's severe thunderstorm warning. Criteria right there that's again four miles west of Winfield. Tornado warning for north western -- southeastern Butler and northeastern Sumner counties that goes till 530 this afternoon. There was a confirmed tornado near Udall moving northeast at 45 miles per hour. And again Udall in tornado is 22 words that I don't like to use together. When you look at history going back sixty years ago hour or so to 1955. In the tornado that devastated the city bugle small city. Down and in. To the south east of Wichita. And there is a pattern of oh weather all over central Kansas we have it's basically we don't we have this one line of storm moving east of -- other than that. Just a lot of spot storms going out up north till to around Hutchinson there's one and and they're causing these severe thunderstorm warnings add to the south of Hutchinson down the to the west of king in different places so organic we've got -- -- pop up thunderstorms now this afternoon popping up all across. A central Kansas now they're capable of course of the damaging winds India large hail that. When you've got a severe thunderstorm warning there's always a possibility. Of -- tornado we saw that this afternoon it's the net to severe thunderstorm warning that. It's cropped up in the southwest -- had a severe thunderstorm warning for eastern Marion County. Is now canceled so eastern Marion County -- to the north -- -- that's canceled severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect for northwestern chase county. When we got here we've got. One inch -- North. North rock in calorie count. One -- he at least with that is that -- quarter sized hail. Philadelphia just like -- storm damage reports around the area. Here in the Wichita area Dan's been keeping us posted on possibly some roof damage little treat damaged some power outages that dead no major. Injuries that we know of no no fatalities associated with what's been going on this afternoon. A dangerous situation is scary situation. But again which it's it looked like we had tornado. Near the airport heading it toward the city and is somehow or other we escaped it we talked to gene capture many don't -- -- -- going to be on the air here in about. Less than an hour his sending evenings you know he's out on the east sideways on said he yet. He experienced sound of Aurora going right over top of his house and -- my opinion and I don't have any confirmation that these very possibly at a a tornado gone over his house just hadn't touched down you know so so -- could be that does in tornado actually passed over the city which don't we just didn't touch down. Severe thunderstorm warning remaining in effect for northeastern Butler in northwestern Greenwood county until 530. Here's -- -- their Brothers to severe thunderstorm warning for cal Lee County. That goes until 545. This afternoon. Reported that we had a two and just report from calorie -- as a radiologist and keeping an island situation now it's almost 10 minutes past 5 o'clock. And one of our severe thunderstorm warnings was supposed to go until 5 o'clock that was four. Southeastern Cedric county soul and it never got any confirmation but I presume that that and it's been canceled janitor assured when it yet there. Since they believed in my hands of the porous oh -- -- -- center following update from a west star we're now looking at 67. A hundred customers here in which starts at -- county that are reporting power outages. Again that's the situation at west our crews are. Are having to deal with this afternoon and you keep mentioning. Tornadoes and Udall and of course every time you you mentioned that I have to flashback on. On an old coworker or Cecil carrier that was very prominent being in covering that tornado back in the day -- so. You know Steve it's if it just never stops is that the tornadoes keep on common and in and we keep on plodding along is as a as. As you know the coverage has to continue to -- unknown covering these kind of situations sounds like you in some of these power outages coming a little belatedly that 6700 now dead that is. Dan that's a substantial number. That that discerning a substantial number hand again I'm reloading here as far as the areas that are being -- Covered that it's it's all over predominantly we're looking at two. Areas. To the east around of the Wichita airports. Are actually to the west at the Wichita airport that the highest concentration of areas that are. Reporting outages but that is so. South and and then east of those situations. You know so we're getting the reports even some on toward north. In the bill -- keep Shia area as is well so was. The the power outages and and Cedric county are numerous and they keep growing and as as of the downed power line situations the down polls. That were room. Affected you know as the storm moved through or are being rectified you know the crews are going to be working their way into the night obviously and into tomorrow morning as well. Trying to get the power up and running for rubles prisons that are without right now -- Must tell you that have from the looks of the radar Wichita is completely out of the danger right now Cedric county holes completely out of danger derby. Everything's been into the east to derby we haven't -- track going. North of the valley -- up north turn towards Hillsborough that's all moving out of the area. The whole line of storms moving out of here there is another little pop up storms down. West of Anthony about the 8590 miles southwest of here. That doesn't seem to be much going on there I'm looking back -- Our storm. Our severe weather. Boxes if you will on the radar screen there as a severe thunderstorm warning in northern Oklahoma just about straight solid here. Tornado warnings in Cali and Sumner county still going on for the next few minutes. Severe thunderstorm warning over -- central -- county and the severe thunderstorm warnings tracking on up into Butler county into the north and east of Wichita. But at this point then no confirmation that the these severe thunderstorm warning. How garrido the severe thunderstorm warning -- northeastern Cedric county expiring at 515 minutes three minutes from now. So that was gonna go away and I presume the the other has already gone oil if it did I didn't see that notification. But we are pretty much out of the woods right now at 513 in the afternoon. And looks like. Pretty much the storm is over four in Wichita Sedgwick county. Don't know and we wanna stay with us for a little while longer folks down in -- -- you're not out of the woods. Down around Udall you have the possibility of a tornado down there. We have heard anymore about damaging thing like that. -- -- go back to Dan -- one more time Dan if you if you're in there didn't I think we ought to just kind of wrap this thing up for now what do you think. I think that's probably good I have to again just looking at some of the pictures that have been coming in from. The storm we're we're getting you know some images of again goes down not trees downed power poles and western parts of the city and and so what. That assessment is is is still. You know quite but you know. In process right now we're still assessing what the damages and and find you know world the the problems are westar crews are getting out and and dealing with that and we still have high water situations through many of the which our roadways that's or are being dealt with two and you don't have to be out. This press -- -- time that you don't have to be out in in this weather you please stay home and don't cause problems or. The emergency workers are already have their hands full this afternoon Steve. All right let's just let's write the story OK Dan. This write the stories -- right this afternoon. Severe thunderstorms moved through the Wichita area. There were at least three spotting of tornadoes touching down south west of Wichita -- Clearwater and -- -- airport right. Indeed and everything was. Rain wrapped so rain -- use couldn't visually see what was going on that was causing problems for drivers that were out there. You know trying to do some casual Sunday afternoon's storm tracking on their own but we also had golf ball sized hail reported at several locations around Sedgwick county. And we had we have street flooding now apparently some of the intersections are running very full so we had street flooding and reported. Well our other then we've had you know some situations with some accidents your reaction is so well during the course of the storm but not. Because -- anything that the storm was doing it was just the people that were out about and got caught up in the situation that soon got out of control form. All right the severe thunderstorm warning for northwestern Butler and eastern Harvey counties canceled so the storms are pretty much are now out of the area and going on to the east. We are under the threat. This this evening -- will keep that I -- the situation there is a tornado watch until 10 o'clock tonight I don't believe that's been lifted. But we'll keep an eye on the situation and we've been in operation storm watch now for two hours. Brought to you by rusty -- Ford here -- news radio thirteen thirty K and assess final cast coverage on FM 103 point seven Casey wian. And been a tornado threatened the city of Wichita we went and it ever come all of our inner -- stations got on the there was so we've been. Keep an analyst or three or all of our stations this afternoon if anything comes back up we will. Be right back on the air and keep you posted this is a place to be four for weather information this afternoon. -- here regularly look at this National Weather Service has canceled tornado watch number 181 the for the following areas Ellsworth the Lincoln counties in central Kansas well. Apparently we still have that. Severe thunderstorm watch or a tornado watch. We do have a severe thunderstorm warning now for southeastern Sumner county and he wants one more thing here. It's -- mention that just catalyst looking -- to some of the information come from the National Weather Service. Tornado watch number 181 remains in effect till 10 o'clock this evening for all the following counties they include. Cedric Harvey Sumner king and the Cali Cali Cali Butler county yours so we're still under this and tornado watch until 10 o'clock tonight. Here in new south central Kansas so. That's the situation here kind of in a few minutes we'll have -- -- on with his weekly Schell dean was -- a storm tracker this afternoon maybe he'll talk about the weather a little bit. Always -- Cilic 6 o'clock on Sunday nights we -- countryman. And we're gonna go back to our regular programming is now 70 minutes past 5 o'clock and Sunday afternoon. And you've been listening to operation storm watch brought to you by rusty explored -- news radio thirteen thirty K and assessed. Signed a cast coverage on FM 103 point seven KEY and for all our star trackers -- Steve back and Taj have a good Sunday evening. Operation storm watches -- production -- and SS news. First coming here every season but accurate weather in him. When whether -- severe. Who didn't -- thirteen thirty K and as it. But simulcast coverage -- FM at 13 point seven. -- --