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Operation StormWatch 8/4/2011

Aug 4, 2011|

Heavy rain, high winds, tree limbs down, lines down

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So trying to relocate. Back. Sure but I like it -- the -- wind -- the main concerns here at the outcry against the great difficulty. Very difficult to -- -- -- what eight outlook our. Outside the city of funky. News radio thirteen thirty -- Can't assess this is operation storm watch severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 10 o'clock for Cedric county and to northwestern Sumner county. We're getting some reports of some power outages a dotted across parts of Cedric county and some wind gusts as Tony pointed out in excess of fifty miles an hour so. Obviously this is a legitimate severe thunderstorm as it rolls into Cedric county at about twenty miles an hour -- the storms are moving to the end north northeast. At about twenty miles an hour they developed in southern has said to as southern Sumner county excuse me and they've been moving up opt into this area now. For the last 45 minutes or so and as you heard Tony point out some pretty strong winds and some very heavy rain. Our accompanying these storms possibility of some small hail with these storms as well they can't SS storm trackers are in the field let's check with storm tracker 110 drew Stefan. Hey I'm and 35 and MacArthur. And I am probably couple mile electric -- location. Taking into that I. The wind out there on the mainland and about only modern art -- the outlet. At are dragging my name. I think in the lane about. Minute or so. Outlook slim pulling out -- that they beat that say they are pretty good. About five minutes it's that foreign territory now I'm quite certain what stream the audio last. That aren't enough that that stream. Out and out -- it or if you liked this top partner -- 130. There I am the net pretty strong links are without. Outlook plans probably the same thing about thirty to forty mile now I'm. That's about fifty to sixty mile an art as earlier as some frequent lightning -- off my well as. And that -- about activity. And in -- meet that right now I'm getting poured on. Warner Park School without burning out now are -- involved not back there won't -- that if He -- -- he's out now planned. And after sank slowly close that it's asking him. Are there at the -- by the sounds like they're. But bear that out I'm not driving rainstorm at this moment at least drop in the road. And that's exactly Atlanta clemency had. My speed on the Serb force. But it -- -- -- installer as if it does fire that stated that sling it that's we'll have some localized flooding. Here's the Marriott and badly needed brain are. Our county search share. Right now and that cost is about to hit forty or not a very there. I'm running into even more heavy rain no hail the moment but that's southwest wind driving analytic software code. And that's won't -- want and this even. Thirty can't access this is operation storm watch. And we are under severe thunderstorm warning it is in effect until 10 o'clock for a Sedgwick county and -- the north. Western part of this weekend. Mary getting the reports now some lines down down in the southeastern part of the city down near where -- Tony was just a few minutes ago and we have had some reports of some power outages is so. That's not to be. Really surprising with the wind gusts that to Tony was describing severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 2 o'clock. About another twelve minutes or so for Sedgwick county in the northwestern Sumner county and our -- a storm trackers. Are in the field we've been kinda doing a round Robin with them let's go back to that. And to check with the storm tracker 120 Ted Woodward. Not itself Wichita right now I'm getting buffeted by extremely heavy rain and -- I would say Asian. 65 mile per hour range. Torrential rains. Content to win it just won't stop it like He says I'm not surprised about power outages. -- -- a couple of very close lightning strikes -- in the 47 -- Broadway area. And that you know disability here are some like Bob -- for a couple second then come back on. And other didn't do the same thing you know lightning strikes and the power pop -- minutes at a -- Power outages that these -- pop offense Augusta nearby lightning strike. And I didn't see one place where some lions were hanging down tomorrow like -- that at a parking lot of the car lot -- We are getting extremely. Heavy why didn't this iteration itself Wichita all right now. And I just. It's. It just continues at an early letting up I would say the wind at least fifty mile an hour and getting into the 6065. Mile per hour arranges. Do you have torrential rain here in itself -- lots of lightning. The crowd crowd like yeah the white it'll look a little bit -- -- because the rain in the wind so noticeable that does not -- enlightening it's much but that we're getting some. Extremely heavy rain and wind right now in itself Wichita. At 47 album are waiting and SS storm tracker along twentieth that it. -- -- -- There you go I would like their for a second I thought you were talking -- -- you could talk with a little bit of a lightning bump here is a matter thanks for your. But I guess that not a about that we that the more -- strike there itself which I've seen the power flicker on and off of the villain here at 47000 Broadway it was and you're lightening strikes and and says this data this wind is blowing up I would think -- sixty mile range right now we're going to talk -- here want going to. I'm down tonight that's the way this sustained winds of around fifty to sixty miles per hour here in south -- it's not the 47 -- Broadway and can't assess storm -- want to wanted to. Or -- to thank you very much they're just now issuing a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for cal Lee County saw this line is storms continues to. Moved to the north and -- to the north east. Moving into essentially counting now from the southwest as you heard -- ended Tony described. And now they have now issued a severe thunderstorm warning which will be in effect for Kelley -- -- story some small hail. And some very gusty winds we're gonna check with our I can't -- storm trackers in -- would. We're watching the message board from the National Weather Service. And one of the meteorologists as said I'm so busy issuing warnings I forgot to roll the windows up on my -- -- -- with a book jacket with a storm tracker 198 Tony -- Well get our first -- spyware -- -- then that. Are not I would expect they -- work out from the -- let's let's talk and that's what I think. He. -- -- You don't think that all that's. Doubtful are -- and. And more recently you are actually. Even how are. They always -- and out and make you really have really really. If you're tired because it's just you could -- to drive. Almost that it's only -- -- that -- the other dude did very well long. I'm trying to be as -- smelled so that falling snow across the road. Bring them who always had a -- that. Out. Importantly I don't live -- All. It's all let them I would I would hope that they have in fact. So fortunate. And people are aren't sure what direction it's difficult because the drive. I can be -- laid the blame could hack it that would do the people out. Oh yes I -- I think -- first to help them decide right out of it thank you all good and construction of -- group that wrote that the well. I'll look like we have. A little bit left fender Bender are let him settle this that the effect that we -- F bomb -- that they care that is. Now I think they don't get out of the download it's a little odd that. Our first all of these construction and other rocket fire and then. Over at -- it actually it's -- we can afford it probably isn't. The side. Job that He will -- not the wind is definitely can be proud fifty. It's this -- but it. -- coming out of a sudden you say it's been completely bamboo. Anyway it's actually -- and right now -- I don't believe continue could go on the offense did little to do that. Just pulled out now will caddie. Well it would continue to be an adult eat it it's to -- And although it has all the latest selling. Out that they probably brought them without. -- didn't clean it out there in the street the construction. To follow that what -- And that's especially when -- look -- in the morning there and they're they're blue that an overnight try to get that played that. I. Don't want. A little bit different yet but oh well -- candidates up -- are now in the Washington looks like a completely out. It'll -- it would definitely. Not only an. Hour and -- are the most out of there. I'll -- the battle suppose that if they could probably. You could read this you know it's crackling -- by the and they didn't think it would. -- thank you very. Perennial thirteen thirty -- -- this is operation storm watch. And we do have a severe thunderstorm warning it's in effect until 10 o'clock now we're getting some estimated wind gusts in the the area of eighty miles an hour. And while Tony was giving that report. We've really got the wind -- here at 21 and would line and as both Tony and Ted described earlier sideways rain. -- some of the lives in the parking lot are really going nuts. And then we've really got I'm guessing as Tony had pointed out some cents. Bearing on his radio thirteen thirty KN SS you just heard at the National Weather Service has now issued a new severe thunderstorm warning this is in effect until 1045. For central Butler and eastern essentially Johnny. Primarily due to the wind gusts in excess of eighty miles an hour and -- they're not stolen. With those wind gusts Antonia the parking lot lights here at 221 in Milan are going to town Tony describes him very very heavy wind gusts. And some signed damage and we've got to reports those scanner is just a knock him down reports of one right after the other lines down and limbs down. Across the metro area so what. We are in very intensive severe thunderstorm in eastern Sedgwick county in central Sedgwick county and rolls on over into central Butler county this new severe thunderstorm warning. Is in effect until 1045. And I can't SS storm trackers are remaining in the field let's check in with storm tracker 110. Andrew Stephen Drew. -- straight right now I am. If we're shooting airport heading northeast port that the -- at -- as -- argued 35. Area. I'm Brian then -- some of -- failed that we saw earlier. In the form but right now estimated hate site couldn't be any -- fail let's send not. And to write home about right now we now aren't aren't and be -- Until about forty mile an hour road they immediately and sixty mile now are if they don't worse place going into the win. -- -- bill that's audit by the very -- -- maybe. Here that there -- really really limited. Dumping in this location are -- at the airport now like it or do. And that attitude there. We felt that with. You land and you lane right now look I I will play any won't be an issue and street flooding at that boot into that setting. They're back haven't been any training hero of wind and the outlook I think 5060 mile an hour winds earlier. But says that northeast on the apple boulevard. A long and heavy heavy -- with great frequent lightning. And that several several. Are they never will play right now what that's from tiger play involved. I think it almost all the northeast -- didn't that they can actually that we Indiana. Let's go right now probably about forty -- hour -- land. I'm definitely some time to pull them and -- -- And in fact fail and that area. -- heavy rain that did this story at that point -- -- it ain't coming down and she threw it away. They float it out there as well the only over. The other wrote. Currently what they're plastered on. Be on the lookout float down. Until an area you have to be somewhere right now the stronger and it anecdote slow. Moved through -- in the dumps rain on the setting. Those low lying areas lastly our typical flooding into going to be affected by just send out -- rain coming in and and that's all crackle wants it and ignore it out let's let's talk the sisters either. Take our. -- thirteen thirty can't assess this is operation storm watch our -- storm trackers. In the field and we are now picking up some very very heavy rain here a 21 two -- on first it was the wind gusts. And that rolled to a minute eased up a little bit in the we got to some rain and now we have wind and rain night I can almost imagine this is one hurricane is like because. I'm guessing these winds are in excess of the gusts at least an excess of seventy miles an hour. And the rain is coming down sideways it is really really pouring now here at 21 and would -- -- and trash cans from all across the parking lot. As a matter of fact from a couple of businesses back on the other side Dennis as a operations storm watch under way and it is. Also being signed will cast on FM one of three point seven KEY and I'm Craig made in a tennis has whether central and -- and SS storm trackers are in the field let's check with storm tracker 102. -- Stewart headed. Thank you -- let's -- -- lot of us here about a -- -- -- they -- helped sitting it you heard about 135. They would put up in my hot are mainly eighty. I had that potential actually up market the KFC. Here are right off RBI interstate now we were actually in the 71 street north and up Broadway area. About Jim Tressel and now the -- and actually yes we're out of the -- and actually got I think cool and then about five minutes later because He went there in the area. And it worked out stirred up but so much doubt that area and -- could not -- And now we actually get fired up here the. The Kentucky fried chicken -- highlight. Now we're here city not at this -- that we have tapped. Cadillac and target are literally are not much older reported first more -- And I are necessary we'll actually get that 61 street -- I want 35. And that's Seattle area. It should come He doubted she'd never. I think he's hard -- bit late in the late night. Yet some orbits that are open all the sudden buyouts. Like here and applicable basis. And like -- great out actually -- and summit happening about minimal went thirteen and I actually think you know works great right now. Here -- -- here in the area so that actually let out a little bit tough probably still a lot if CB. He all are out of laps short -- -- here -- a patient and wait for it that it Gallup. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or soccer or one okay you want had a back you -- Dies Stuart thank you very much and this is operation storm watch on the these radio thirteen thirty KM SS and time will cast carries on into one of three point seven KEY and I'm talking to the storm trackers you guys remember the parking lot here at 21 and -- -- just outside our door. It is running curb to curb out there in the parking lot we have had so much water. Here in the last fifteen minutes or so our parking lot is actually a lake is no kidding running curb to curb. At the parking lot tonight here at 21 and would -- check back and other can SS storm tracker storm tracker went twenty Ted Woodward. I -- time. Optical and all the hard it down by just that north apology. And I just does it yet and deterred some nut tree branch. -- -- -- A lot stated. You talk about some heavy rain in -- -- driving problems in the parking lot -- A personal blog and I encountered some big time problem that all can Broadway. Coming up from Broadway in the Al. And in torrential rain. Hazardous driving conditions identity has not -- very hard part of yet. Leo I knew I was at the Compaq Fredricka -- towed it to compare your iPod. And call it a little fighting it and not the best driving conditions instead. -- got the party Broadway. I hate it it's a great way to we worked so heavy -- going through the intersection I really couldn't -- it wouldn't try to meet. At a time like that you are -- that you're -- -- fairly deep water and I had to back out I had to put Carter -- and. And backed out of the intersections -- -- -- -- -- because I was not going to be able to go to the Norton buried deep water. Going back in the clay to not let the plane and carry. -- -- That a road conditions and travel conditions on the client -- a Broadway. In some areas and it's not -- and he's here for -- the driving conditions as. As the Steward at this drive just don't you describe not optimal here tonight in securing the areas where the wind and -- are going sideways. And then hurricane and Tony had a great description of the rain and -- was sort of the linguists were like the pilot would cease those world during the winter it's. Not good driving conditions especially -- these extremely heavy winds tonight on the streets of Wichita could not keep its people -- In some places the -- gone out in the street like just did not help very much at all. He's determined -- -- of the roadway markings are or how deep the water is -- -- Or you are you -- Paterson -- -- -- situation I'd be careful on the streets of Wichita especially the ignoring make it nearly impossible to drive. This -- -- get a different track one to one element according to article again that your apology it a little. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We redeemed -- this business severe thunderstorm warning. News radio third attorney can tell us operations storm lot of kangaroo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- KEY and we are under severe thunderstorm warning it's in effect until 1045 about another what forty minutes or so. Foreign central as Cedric county and a central western Butler county. We have had some torrential rain across parts of the metro area the parking lot here at 21 and would launch. I just on the east side of the Britney senator is absolutely curve to Kirby it is a lake more than it is a parking lot and we on -- and a seventy plus mile an hour wind gusts here about ten minutes ago and it is really still cranking. Right now probably not quite seventy but we are really getting some strong wind gusts. As we continue with this severe thunderstorm warning that's in effect until 1045. The bride jumped right and I think -- and all that that that yet she can't let. And it it ultimately in the parking lot about that let Hillary is a picnic that He. All of let a little light colored whipped out as a locally it is that all of our. But here -- about it and then did you did you now let's it might be able. Pretty been pretty severe the police been extremely. -- here. And what -- -- -- political gain now creature out in our questions about the art. An -- -- the neat thing sort addict and -- wouldn't -- I would come Durham 88 at -- apparently around the good thing to think about that tried to. And -- recently in -- that He area. We may have a lot of oil and -- that cholera it will only get ready like that the that I had little machine that -- -- on the road. Be careful Brandon look at Gary -- that's what. What it -- branch -- contractor once they're hurt when He -- -- Oliver. They've blown about forty miles an hour right now that the ability to build buried under the speaker left there -- -- it. KEY and -- as a storm trackers. In the field let's check with sort tracker 198 to reducing. Acrobat is archaic from the outlet. Outlet fireworks are in the -- Bob Dole it out hello catalog and I I. Look at the Oliver saw the other side this is a bit toward these folks thought. I got is a polite -- if you're content and I can't tell you that's at -- Through the downtown area. It felt like it's almost like driving. -- -- country go to I think it's it's there right that's the fighting and a lot of people also loaded walk market. Use that we don't want stopping in the bullpen blow that since construction. Of although -- -- I definitely don't like shallow guy and I -- fire truck try to it is slightly lower left on a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think being an old Margaret just -- corner of the autumn Q are. Former. Highway actually. That's simple that that vegetarian they were just. Their attitude. Towards that very typical -- at one point debt to them and the lights were out so I just think that there aren't they. Now why did make it all of -- fall off all third ball into the molecule this sick. A ballot it's safe to go and that's helped contribute its EU. It's truly a doll over the left out in little treat them treat them -- five inches in diameter. A bullet outlook quick it'll let look at this Wall Street if that at. Actually blocking the road we had it all out so I'll. Straight of course you know until it's gonna be that kind of stuff. But they have the right -- they -- got -- king back or I'm all for all of our puppet that I think that's already in front -- Would you have all followed her so important importantly -- -- go about 20/20 about where our and it towards the well area. Endeavor it is very inadequate and compliance flooding going on here we can -- has already been some parts streets. Well I'd be careful and that's certainly that's what -- limited edition didn't fire a warning but I would I would be and it didn't think I would be fired they did it -- It's a very detailed in the army if they don't get them -- -- how -- help law. That there will not happen flooding going out and get it to be different actually different than it goes very quickly and go to labor equipment they'll. My computer movie star not that it now I can't portrait button that -- ball and getting on Douglas L and nor would help. The brain light up those who liked the first -- about thirty minutes from me I have to that would restore Afghan army and blustery. Instead with the and that continued melody is a nice little oh absolutely I don't know what about as well -- I like I thought that it's the fact that profit back to the studio. That I didn't eat all of a sudden -- -- -- Thirteen thirty can assess operation storm watch suicidal cast covering John FM 103 point seven -- and severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 1045. Before. Basically central and eastern Cedric county and central Butler county the storms were moving to the north east. Had about twenty miles an hour and we really really have had some wind. With these storms in excess of seventy miles an hour and sometimes -- estimated wind gusts of eighty plus miles an hour and there have been reports that some spotty reports. Of damage had a few reports of lines down here about fifteen minutes or so -- across a couple of parts. The south west essentially -- in the southwest Wichita. But those -- began the slow down just a little bit but the rain continues we're still getting a few wind gusts here Tony first and would line. I in the -- but -- is really is like Tony said it seems a little odd that we haven't had any rain in such a long time it all comes at once but so we've got kind of a little mini flood situation here Tony first and would launch in the he's cited the -- center parking lot they can SS storm trackers in the field let's check with storm -- 102 Stewart headed. Our great thank you very much -- don't have large area at the first regardless I want 35. And I just went out and started to report this whole area. Completely locked our. It'll go out probably targeted five to seven minutes and it came back on. Right now don't get that torrential downpour. -- nutrient like you mentioned another step a lot of water and parking lot or at. European if she here just on -- -- west side by 130 by which it still coming down the -- like down a little bit. The devils though about probably out of forty to 45 on our way and we have people on our and I never want it while. And the underground lighting our club club lighting rather it was actually picked up intensity here in what -- on top for the last. Our location right out of -- -- of all that's I imagine the parking lot reported first look on the committee revert. Well look much different same thing -- turn out to first street north and I want very high. I imagine has some of the departure near all know what side of town I got that also last but not at long last are probably not completely under water as well. And probably some of the places that don't plug. Are probably. Started to a collect a lot of water -- -- -- management had any rain below the water is much -- Towards -- and into the ground will be written into a runoff. Eric sixty tertiary -- -- 135. The tropical highway agreement probably thirty to forty mile an hour and no we're not so we get -- here are some of the other semi trucks rushed -- down. Do up pretty much a call. As -- some of the did some of them were travelling -- out and out the tropics on British -- probably will be deported all are maybe fifty. And the storm continued to -- to -- -- 61 record I want pretty by the Jeanette has soccer what you Dempster had a. Stern take you very much this is operation storm watch on his radio thirteen thirty can assess I'm -- coverage on FM one of three point seven KE YE a couple of the wind gusts at. I -- we've had the reports of one no wind -- in the area of eighty miles an hour the folks at -- airport have reported a 69 mile an hour wind -- within the last few minutes. And a National Weather Service employee is reporting eight to ten inch limbs down across the southwest part of Wichita so. A little bit of damage with these are storms as they have continued to roll into Cedric county severe thunderstorm warning in effect for about another thirty minutes until 10:45. For central and eastern Cedric county and the central Butler county severe thunderstorms moving to the northeast at about twenty miles an hour we're gonna check it was our tracker 130 and Brian Johnson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And probably about twenty night stay at 37 street a lot of the the urban areas. Because that's letting itself the credibility the way it is severe cold and I don't go out. If you had a chance you got questioning whether the route might be -- directly to the best you can. There today it doesn't the register and become underwater -- -- be very careful out on like night. Those jobs and head north on all of our. In about forty that's straight back beat Greg. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We -- this business severe thunderstorm warning -- Operation storm watch on the radio thirteen thirty can't pass pass and and we are under severe thunderstorm warning it's in effect until 10:45 for central and eastern said -- and central Butler county. Now we have had some issues where they've had some severe thunderstorm warning says so far this last spring -- Kind -- -- a little lucky this year in terms of a severe thunderstorms we've had a few but not too many this one is the real deal to some eighty mile an hour wind gusts across parts of the metro -- some reports of eight to ten inch limbs down had a couple reports of lines and door pulls down. And Tony -- one of our storm trackers I was a talking about some streets signs down and a couple of spots. So what this is a for real deal as we roll through this is severe thunderstorm warning this evening it's an effect. Until 10:45 for central and eastern Sedgwick county and central Butler county are -- SS storm trackers. Are in the field right now let's check with the storm tracker how one minute twenty and that Ted Woodward. Hacker got midnight coming. Achieve the downtown area on the that -- corner -- to speak there is they may fit the power outage. In this part of town and -- and at the dividing line. Everything on the north cited the outlook is often. But everything on the south side of Douglas. -- tower and didn't just started about downtown at the Wichita eagle. I'd go all the way not just tactical side that finally seems that the dividing line so everything from the Wichita eagle. TT T -- the hillside. On the outside of the outlook is out of power and it includes. -- high school. All the people all the publicity. At it looked at hillside the wide net publicly Washington completely out the light at double cynical side completely out. -- water covering sidewalks. Downtown Wichita doubled in Washington. Doubled and hydraulic. You're dealing with a power outage on the south side of the outlook for at least a mile two mile stretch though there have been some. Particular power -- it'd -- a lot of people right now. -- said that they're not just one area that I know other private traverse here on the public order. It's honest it's. That the heat it lights were not on apple Lawrence Dumont stadium. Another generation the way. Obviously the national baseball congress World Series not sure lighted tickle -- aren't funny either turn them off or lightning struck and. The lights are not functioning at the moment. So we'll see what happens with that look deeply committed backed up obviously by this July. I'm proceeding east sound on public. The downtown area I'm between Amman tablets right now between the hillside and Oliver we're getting very heavy rain the wind between people died down now that. Almost immediate cease to be heavy rain and blocked -- constant cloud to cloud lightning and really as you describe it a lot of people describe. The Friday -- targets. Absolutely horrible right now. It is that the light credible -- -- countered that -- and press play here that is that's that we got a lot of the three damaged and Tony just got a pretty well the cultural area there were a lot of older -- -- going to see some areas it sound like that it. Really succumb -- these heavy winds tonight and are going to have some much. Pretty extensive probably had three and debris damage when people wake up tomorrow morning and emergency crews are out due to keep second global for fire trucks. It's hard to port because the right let's just it's all water just about everywhere so. Travel as described tonight -- -- areas not optimal and heavy wind and heavy rain continued -- not a candidate still at all. That heavy rains and wind in the future and and travelers hit. Pretty bad right now -- -- all parts of which side is it's not easy to travel here but it's part. The storm. And it could also over these -- -- I don't heavy thunderstorm not to win right now but a lot of rain and lightning. And flooded street lately at this storm tracker 120 it's similar. Notice there's a severe thunderstorm warning yeah. We -- this business severe thunderstorm warning. Business operations storm watch on -- radio thirteen thirty can SSI broadcast coverage John FM 103 point seven KEY and the National Weather Service has just now issued yet another severe thunderstorm warning this whether it is in effect for Butler. Harvey and Marion counties these storms continue to formalize and they continue to move off to the east and northeast. At about twenty miles an hour or so this is basically going to be the top edge of the storm that is causing the warning here for. Central and eastern Cedric county in central Butler county continues to grow and move on to the north and the northeast. As of the storm line continues to move on to the northeast at about twenty miles an -- some spotty reports of damage across parts of the metro -- some spotty reports of lines down Nintendo mentioned some fire units -- traveling here and there we have about three medical emergency calls underway in about three potential grass fires under way as well believe -- -- not in this rain apparently the lightning has been making it all the way to the ground. And a couple of spots here across the metro areas severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 10:45 for central and eastern Sedgwick county and central Butler county RK ESS storm trackers are in the field storm tracker 198 Sony music. Well I'd like Abbott to duplicate software out that's what brought myself. Out what it only -- -- the -- There are reflecting local. These out for a plane and its three flooding that -- very worst being -- they've. I can't go it blocks without. -- -- -- -- -- -- This. I'm here the fact you were at that central were brought home area let's go to college. He's full. Felt a lot lot treat them that doubt it and neighborhood where there's now a lot truly isn't it important that -- developmental. -- -- You think what it felt that's where -- came through here I was but we haven't seen and that. Therefore -- you know now why that's -- so that this is. They're gonna -- this morning. For all. The fact that. It is damaging than -- why don't mind how we know without Wal-Mart are. Well downtown area. It wouldn't know it gets talked about -- -- -- on all -- let the people that flow -- -- just completely out on the road but it's very difficult to try actually that heavy delta force play. I it is very difficult to draw all the -- like the roads if they don't I decided yet. Its board or little the road if -- Arctic wildlife. I would let you know try to defend those who does -- your -- wouldn't put it that's one route if there and Lecavalier who think they're gonna. What you gotta be careful what you gotta be and let about it. The wind is the first part of the war and the -- going to be. The way it it didn't do itself. Doesn't it it's there to keep it and then after that He had He had the other heavy rain comes group. Warm now and then that they have you don't know -- would say and Eric He wouldn't -- this writing. A lot following the once hard. I'm in North Hollywood long here. Yeah it's -- where you've got. You know what all the different pockets that's I still packing up without going through seven that's a lot. It is that -- That's. If this -- water altered it completely or listen to Billy. You could pick a particular group will be careful -- -- look at output true Milton L look at that actually don't for the double the and then it got. I can definitely -- -- ask it the other road. And we cannot false alarm now -- -- would be so far at all fire trucks although obviously that let you go oh yeah. That if if that didn't drive light this got a that's what about without -- -- somebody else. I'll continue to watch -- heavy down pour it wouldn't. I'm pretty happy the way that -- concern to go there if they'll think now what were concerned that it would it would stop. The Butler cabin you're gonna -- -- that we didn't address -- important afterward there attitude it's an actual. That's come quickly escalate quickly saw that -- the -- and then it's. Just total -- Yet -- sold over one here bought at thirteen straight -- -- -- -- that I would actually that. The Edwards talked about the fact you can't get studio. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We -- this business severe thunderstorm warning. Turning to -- this is operation storm watch. With -- simulcast coverage on FM one of three point seven king when severe thunderstorm warning in effect for central. Said -- Johnny and eastern a Butler county now that may be changing so we're gonna kinda keep an eye on that we've got our -- says storm trackers in the field. And this should be storm tracker 10 -- Stewart added. Yeah it has been worst apparently purchased -- tertiary Nora and I won 35. This Kyle auction some of the traffic -- Norton opt out on that on the interstate here remote -- all fiber can't imagine. Atlanta actually happen not to look like people were probably gone now to keep fighting to be mild manner all the people 172 people -- probably could speed to be going. I think Brian -- mention all the -- -- all the highlight the problem a -- soft but now it's light out just gotten -- -- called trench about all the the moderate downpour here at that location. -- just shout about 61 street on air after arrived -- actually -- where are now. It -- -- the some of the a lightly in an intensity. Especially via a crowd like eight. I hear about a five minute or so ago outlook knock this out when they had big bolt of lightning opted to church street area. And now I want 35 right now though the right direction let up just look -- compared to what a load about it. About fifty minutes or so ago but like they don't get. Downpour but that's the net net and torrential. -- torch some of the water actually started to receive little security area. Cathay -- Turkey imagine that -- matter let's say that. My big Albright all lighting up toward the golf course just in the south of our location like that Libya editorials. I'm not they may be wrong but outside here -- -- street north island fire. Story -- sanitary district imagine not wait terribly good start bouncy well what it does maybe be less server so amplitude. A majority dormant now off Djibouti to which sought in the -- be accessed darker one artistically first I want 35 or had a speaker. Notice there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We repeat this here's a severe thunderstorm warning. There's radio thirteen thirty KM -- operation storm watch. -- just everytime I wanna three point seven king Eli anarchy and as a storm trackers in the field. Let's check back again with storm tracker 120 Ted Woodward. Yeah. Correct I meant -- on -- down Kellogg yet though Webb road. Experience thing not so great driving conditions as. As. Sometimes tell you have to negotiate. -- -- -- anyone breaking Mitt part it. And -- traffic sporadic so we got -- Stewart's detractors pretty good plot to ground lightning strike united -- pretty massive thunderbolt the obviously connected with the ground look like somewhere probably in the -- Beechcraft territory. Here are -- Kellogg and web but. We continue to get the every brand and political wins came despite Dallas says those of course don't records that describe. There's a lot of flights were still getting some fairly heavy drinking. And then they don't need I'd seen driving conditions are just pretty bad it. It's not easy to travel as some of those some of the -- planes are. Waterlogged and on many roadways and if -- an area wort three slim degree and happened to you going to have to negotiate some of that in the roadways so it's -- but the driving experience here tonight as these severe winds and -- And the lightning strikes to look about power outages and indeed in the strike strike some some fires as well so are. Not yet but I Platte city in south central Kansas is these storms have would that there's severe potential. And effectiveness with. -- -- rain and wind and lightning and then now subsequently fired and then dealing with some my traffic problems. And we'll deal with those emergency personnel course dealing with those that they count but that. Like Stewart could do that that probably the most severe part of these storms moving on off into the east to the Butler county area. -- Sedgwick county now all deal with some of the hit traffic problems the waterlogged streets and then try to get those fires out do. -- SS storm tracker one bloody idiot Wichita Kellogg agree elected to Woodward. I did thank you very much this is operation storm -- the thirteen thirty can't access the thunderstorm warning in effect until 1045. Core of why there are some -- until 10454. Central and eastern said we county in central Butler county and a -- who really had some no wind and some rain. And some small hail and we're getting an awful lot of lightning. How would this particular storm now we didn't have that right early on but today is that Ted pointed out as Stewart pointed out and I can tell here Tony first -- would not some big time lightning. His role in the through the area right now so that is another consideration as we continued to deal with the severe thunderstorm warning it can SS storm trackers are in the field. This is storm tracker one tennis I'm not mistaken. That's correct Craig I agree with all of our reports are sort record. I'm taking your -- 135. Novel I actually traveled most of that. Major I later in the city electric -- Will replicate forty here and I doubt about football art and Q 35 and -- not out of all of telling her out until -- Let that country currently -- come in north someone 35 hearing that ignited the interchange. I -- -- well let it go from nice lightning streak down here you're location impart -- Definitely firm. The -- picking up from a moderate level -- your level. With -- straight down lighting strike and more more are -- your per share. Play and I can't offer go to terrified -- the on the Kellogg. Ike in the mirror a great comments went anywhere there construction. Now on the way and really took its saw mere five situation. And on Kellogg just left for the central that the electric. So let's blame it completely blocked with supported by monarch sign and also on the very right side. When you let it out to doubt -- would solve the processors there's just very. On the east LA there -- fine about it crop land in that location. Right now yeah -- I haven't put them even the major roadways at this point there hasn't been a major -- that I haven't seen -- -- -- -- at this point. We dollar apple a lot of wind anymore but the rain that -- driving. It's -- six over all of very air. And directly link below their land at thirteenth and -- plot area is Iran enter some more rain is a little off here for a little bit. But at that point -- epic and that's quite something and see -- without the land. But the main -- sore right now I feared the light and it's definitely picked out straight ally in. And I turned on jeopardy I didn't stop -- have a light out on the road Larry there's. There's no light from the location. From -- and some. Are out here in their location near the end Alex turner interchange with its 35. Winning here effect -- Israel. -- And -- west toward. Their ballots -- -- area and they're -- -- to -- Not really from laying in most definitely. And there are some on the other way it's a good idea that the state over the at this point. There are some fine now be worked out. -- I can't let -- grain and not storm track one can see the. I drew thank you very much news radio talk about it can assesses his operations. -- just coverage. On our sister station FM 103 point seven king He went. We are under a severe thunderstorm warning for about another eleven minutes it does go until 10:45 it is for central and eastern -- county and central Butler county they have issued dissents. A new severe thunderstorm warning for portions of Butler Marianne and Harvey counties. And what we are really giving a lightning here I can see it out the window twenties person would line had been kind of had some pretty heavy one guest is the first part of the storm rolled in -- some torrential rain. But hadn't seen too much like -- the last five minutes or so -- -- lightning has really been. Lightening up the sky. Here at 221 and would launch so that is another consideration is that and this -- severe thunderstorm. There thunderstorm warning in effect until 10:45 for central and eastern Sedgwick county and central Butler county. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning yeah. We refuse this business severe thunderstorm. Warner and all localities subject to flash flooding is threatened by a severe storm the National Weather Service. Issues of flash flood watch to alert residents -- to the possibility. Of a flood emergency. During the watch you should exercise great caution. Listen for bulletins watch for any signs of rising water and be prepared to flee to higher ground on a moment's notice. There may be no time for further warning. If possible after reaching safety. The progress of the floods should be reported to local public safety officials to help warn others. This is stick elder with the National Weather Service in Wichita. You guys news radio thirteen thirty Canon says this is operations storm Watson who still waiting on some details that apparently they have issued a flood warning for Cedric county as well. Because of the torrential rains that we've had. With these are thunderstorms it started raining when they first issued the warning and it just seems like it has not quit. As Tony is described as Ted has described as all of our storm trackers. Have described as some very very heavy rain we had curbs full here Tony first and would -- for awhile instances eased up a little bit not to. A lot of water across. Metro Wichita so flood warning is now in effect in -- don't go until 232 -- can't assist our trackers is still in the field. Let's check in one more time with storm tracker 102 Stewart headed. I thank you very much already had out bottom I want 35 from the 61 street north enough I want verdict by very here are at the truck stop art capital pride. Yeah like you mentioned right and what happens up here in the area. Probably about a lot I'd say forty minutes or so. -- it actually started here this area that they He met or so no way out. -- -- -- -- Ottawa at -- Walt walker now where they were bought it. Like I wrote -- -- match in the white meat. Here are necessary at about six have quite that ought to be our -- a -- Pretty big old people what people struck out right I mean literally wiped out -- signed -- and not just talked in the south here it is very streaks one it. -- are there because our -- record what. I just -- copied -- -- -- and that the -- rebel literally well what that chart. If that let what are your way -- -- bit of that debt and equity current lot little fiber center so the underground by the I should say it cannot pick you up more minutes. And also without -- and He hasn't really no let up either right now -- that it hurt street north I want 35. It -- well what caused torrential. It just -- beat -- on port. And now I can't hit a little bit farther south. And has seen what. Some of the river are especially the yacht here and yet when it first street and how well street area where the update -- -- up into the -- -- earlier and other. And that can't carry in a not a lot sort that out yet. Here telecommute now -- -- -- -- when I have Ehrlich governor -- -- -- that very differently than it earlier. And just -- TV win you a lot of us are vital all the way to start coming down and out of -- can't let up here that bought or kidnapped herself. -- -- -- -- -- and I want 35 at that our collective after had a speaker. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We -- this business soon here funders. This is not present storm watch Ron grant thirteen thirty the assessment simulcast coverage on have a little three point seven -- if you more than 9000 people without power here in Sedgwick county so that is another situation apparently had some lights. Go out across parts of metro which is -- not laughing because it's funny I'm laughing because with -- all the lightning and lights in the area we've got folks with the without power. I do these severe thunderstorms we've got about another six minutes. On the current severe thunderstorm warning it's in effect until 10:45 for central and eastern said we counting on over the Butler county in new severe thunderstorm warning was issued just a few minutes ago for parts of Butler -- and Harvey counties there's also warning -- down south in -- county to do so quite a bit of severe activity and you look at the radar back past the main part of the severe thunderstorms this line -- storms is moving to the northeast at about twenty miles an hour. You get past that. And there is an awful lot of Green which is just plain rain coming in behind that so we may get a bit of a break over the next couple days has been so dry. And so hot. But there seems to be a lot of rain moving our way once we get past these severe thunderstorms. -- -- SS storm trackers have done an excellent job all evening long out in the field we've got a couple still out there let's check with storm tracker 120 Ted Woodward. Back very evident over right now and what we tell you the the rain is not letting up we're getting a lot of heavy rain here in Andover and boy that. They'll likely need to really popped right here in the city event over. I think nearly constant cloud to cloud lightning had won the health thunderbolts and it is that they. Roll under a process a lot. They're like -- -- prevalent here -- handover at this hour and the terrain is very steady. You're right now -- it's not. Letting up -- the millennium and not a factor right now though that He liked and those. Extremely gusty winds we saw earlier moved on and that part of the storm has passed this -- and that we county. And right now we're dealing with the seventy downpours flooded streets. And -- the lightning continued to. It popped in light at the sky here in Andover at this -- as we approach at 10:40 PM here in the evening. And over again SS tracker 120 Woodward. -- -- -- This is operation storm watch on his radio thirteen thirty can assess suicidal cast coverage on FM 103 point seven KEY and it's 1040 -- I'm Craig made in ninety and it says. Whether the Central America and it's a storm trackers have been in the field all evening thank you guys in advance for a job well done we've got about four more minutes left on this particular severe thunderstorm warning if they had -- reissue -- and I can't imagine that they would it looks like the main part of the storm as -- move on over into Butler county. And on -- -- -- county so hopefully we're gonna be in the clear -- just about four minutes but they have issued a flood warning for biggest part -- said -- Connie in conjunction with. The severe thunderstorms that rolled through so that will be an issue for the next. Say three and a half hours or so of the flood warning is in effect until 230 and I'm looking at the radar and as I said once we get past the storms. Which form an -- to go from. On up two elder radio past Wichita. On a threat to Newton in north of -- what you get past that -- there's an awful lot of Green back behind that when these just plain no rain no storm activity just. Some showers. -- that all seems to be moving to the northeast. And about twenty miles an hour so severe thunderstorm warning in effect for about another three minutes -- here in central and eastern Sedgwick county and central Butler county where. -- you are when a flood warning is issued be prepared to move immediately to higher ground. Listen constantly to a battery operated radio or television for official instructions and emergency flash flood alerts. If you're at home when you hear a flood warning fill bathtubs sinks and jogs with clean water in case floodwaters contaminate the local drinking water supply. -- valuable household items to upper floors or if time permits to higher ground. If you were outdoors move to higher ground immediately and stay there. Avoid driving or walking through floodwaters and never cross a road or bridge that is washed out. Knowing what to do and where to go when you hear a flood warnings can save your life. Yeah. So operations. It's simultaneous coverage on a similar three point seven KEY a couple more minutes left on the severe thunderstorm warning. It's in effect until 10:45 for central and eastern Sedgwick county and a Butler Connie and I can't imagine that they would -- do anything other than let this. Expired been kind of keep an eye on the National Weather Service chat. And I have really seen nothing that would indicate anything different than that they do you have another warning up for Butler chase Harvey and the Marion counties. So I think that's this morning in the senate coming now foreign Butler Harvey chase and Marion counties. These storms seem to have moved on out of us Cedric county were maybe cover in the northeastern corner of the Johnny. With what's left of this particular storm and moving on to the northeast at about twenty miles an hour so. Yeah okay. There we go for elder radio I'm Marion Leon Peabody burns Florence cast today Cedar Point El Reno lake resilient. That area is what is not covered by this new severe thunderstorm warning on that will be in effect now until 1130 so. We've got the I think Tony we've got the stuff like going on here we're gonna taken one more time -- can assist or dragon storm -- 102 Stewart added. Our regular much hurdle we are -- argued 3525. Street north. Heading southbound right now and it around twice -- all the weight too but north broadly. That whole that whole area right now is that without our special -- -- Elect particularly our senior coming -- that area but they'll look at all sorts. Felt the way out but really all of the web. The -- is actually and He already has joked about that trying to develop. Out behind albeit -- out. The backside about local target or the form. This government good luck -- which are now. And now -- that featured speaker street -- in Iowa started by area part -- about 700 or so ago in a Rangel hasn't let up. If we repeatedly that area. Sort like and it hit it farther. Out here and had appealed that they're gonna deal like units -- the specialists -- all that according boy network ports. Another site map back up without -- out at other old joke about trying to develop. So -- if -- put out there but a lot of lightly if -- come up to five to 35 and people are now looked like there may veto power that very well. And it looks like the 41 street and now what street area or Kirk got about a -- street look like got a whole area about -- well. And awfully quiet period do. Now what -- maybe I'm not punctured well it looked like. To shop but I tutored by the cup are. Also the -- now -- also picked up quite a bit well. Judea felt at peace. And had to leave the bar location yet so look like -- what they'll. And an IQ 35 area here at Wal-Mart is without power. And it would strike at area dim view the site they have power that the street might be that the white shirt and now we know broker on. Apparently all like -- bubble -- -- be without power. It practical large for a marked decrease our. Articulate the power -- You're -- hardest Katie the united -- right while around after a -- one -- -- -- 35 people are pure. I stirred thank you very much this is operation storm watch on news radio thirteen thirty can SS a couple more minutes. Let's check -- -- storm tracker 110. Hey great thank you hear about -- and I thought what we're out here. May area I definitely have from B grade. I think it's free to vote for a -- here and now what we're just opt. -- the exact area. I have some. -- like live your life without other go to -- -- -- look what happened here. -- -- LeapFrog. You're old what they're really though they're blocked a little old flooding a lot more modern mass situation. But they got -- like Kellogg in the area to area. Glad I'm on heavy rainstorm. But -- definitely hear the rain let up here for a little bit knock it 35. Except here at that location for certain. Things like I can't really look or talk down. Where that carefully. Light Ers are either -- -- police are blocking roadways there. Are private Obama stopped Feyerick Kellogg. But I'm a coaching part I say look up. -- -- -- -- Eight appearing in this location so it's definitely evolved and what about public alarm. Yes I don't think it's important it appear there. -- Or else right in the boat station. At our friend Hillary a construction go to mass. Right around -- 198 talked location. Very glad I'm still happy every claim. About forty miles per hour not -- -- -- earlier when assault blood the air in the book a marketing. Realizing there well. Brain and not serve the flooding over our little dictionary. You offered here. -- street. I that you're just started back on -- -- But the streets of the West Street period and all those are what -- acres will be effect put this storm and Elaine. It seems like -- out -- those available. From actually degrade her. First circuit and I and the metro area and sort award and the sisters didn't. I do thank you very much news radio thirteen thirty can't assess operation storm watch continues. Yeah. Warning in effect for central and eastern said we can only. Now we've had some reports of some damage across parts of Cedric county some eight to ten inch tree limbs down had the report of -- -- thunderstorm wind damage in about 1035 this year and -- -- rather in Harvey county. Must part of its -- so there are some spotty reports. -- some damage across. Parts of a south central Kansas with these thunderstorms they have been moved into the northeast at about twenty miles an hour should be moving out of most all of Cedric county except the far northeastern part right now moving on to the east northeast at about twenty miles an hour. Back in behind though lots of rain so maybe a bit of a break from the drought. After we get past these and heavy storms hurricane assist for drivers and -- afield let's check one more time with this storm tracker 122 Woodward. After I got it. Central and 127. -- east coming back up front end over end -- which is thought. -- -- -- -- -- Another thing some patchy fog there at the -- There's definitely thumbs up after the oddity indeed -- through Sylvia. The spirit of giving up that moisture out of targeted still very easy out there isn't is that in some cases the temperatures are still very hot and and that. And moisture out there that it just keep up until we all of moisture they're sort -- -- of time and that can be because we needed was some moisture but -- -- right now still Wichita as a that we -- -- describe the hard storm trackers grange still in the area still horrible light tanks intense flight. The metro area we got some and we've got some rain in the end you're going to see patchy fog in some places to patent sharing central and bickering. Indeed the decline came -- on -- 120 that would work. There's radio thirteen thirty can assess operation storm watch. We've been in operation storm watch since about a 935. Were just a few minutes away from 11 o'clock about 1015 now. And this says severe thunderstorm warning. Was to expired at about 101045. So. Thanks to our -- -- storm trackers of labor gonna go back to read regular programming there is a flood warning that's in effect for most of Cedric county this flood warning. Is in effect until 2:30 AM we had some very torrential rain. That accompanied the storms as they moved off to the northeast through surgery Connie so don't don't be surprised if you see some street flooding we had some of that right here in our parking lot at 21 and -- lawn and you're traveling -- please please be extra cautious there's still a good deal of lighting. And you may experience is some heavy rain. Possibly some small hail and you could impact. Even see some. Gusty winds. As these storms continue to exit the area this is that operation storm watch thanks once again to our -- SS storm trackers in the field for a job well done this evening operation storm watch with subtle -- coverage on FM 103 point seven KEY and this is news radio thirteen thirty KM SS out. Recent storm watches and production -- okay. First coming here every season but accurate weather in -- When weather this severe. Who didn't radioed thirteen thirty K and as -- but -- pass coverage on FM at 13 point seven. KE YK.