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Operation Stormwatch 06/17/11

Jun 17, 2011|

Severe Thunderstorm warnings sweep across south central Kansas.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're listening operation storm watch on news radio thirteen thirty KM -- -- simulcast coverage on FM 103 point 71 man. National Weather Service in which you guys that you issued a new severe thunderstorm warning in this is first south eastern harper county all of Cedric county. And all of Sumner county until 10:45. PM tonight. At 9:33 PM the National Weather Service meteorologist for tracking a line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing quarter sized -- In damaging winds in excess of sixty miles per hour these storms located along the line extending from in bail to five miles southwest of Cheney. 26 miles east of Zend and moving southeast at 35 miles per hour. Again the National Weather Service finish in Wichita has issued a severe thunderstorm warning. 4 south eastern harper counting. All of Cedric counting and all of Sumner county until 10:45 PM tonight. There's a severe thunderstorm. Warning. It was an operation storm watch here on news radio thirteen thirty can SS and simulcast coverage on FM 103 point seven -- -- Let's go back to our storm trackers we have storm tracker 120 Ted Woodward and what's up dead. Andrew I'm on the east side of Goddard and though watching this storm could approach to molest Dylan that kind of echoing something we've heard from. Stewart -- the other storm tracker and ruler Britain. Satellite he's really really popping up here. Follow live only seen one cloud to ground strike however and that was still directly up to the last look like it was right along the I -- before -- We are getting at constant product spotlight now there's another -- the cloud -- ground strike jets off to the left of Goddard looks like and there's another one so. We are getting -- cloud to ground lightning strikes now looks like up to the left of Goddard. And other than that just getting constant cloud to cloud. Shots all on the western horizon and -- -- -- -- plot a course looks to extend bubble it from. The far northwest across the western horizon. Even -- a little bit to the south west so we -- A big storm it's eating mobile -- a little bit then that's packing a lot of energy we're seeing a lot of lightning here you know the western part of Sedgwick county and and would this storm heading toward the metro area we're certainly going to keep an eye on it here tonight but that's. It has to do Wichita city limits get the certainly -- -- -- area it you can tell what things are really taking opened. And the lightning is really didn't furious right now here in the western part of that we can. On the east side of god they're watching this storm that comes in from the last -- will start to get toward the Detroit area here. Within the next hour into -- SS storm track one point he would step Woodward. -- stand we'll have more can SS storm tracker team coverage here let's go now to. Stewart had had a storm tracker 102 Payne Stewart it tells what to seek. I'd thank you very much better and on my web album Kellogg -- just after other and -- streak and now like saying. That we are because a lot of exactly start up it would allow for a few minutes or so I -- I thought big strong lightning bolt up the left. And now a lot of brought to the north black and we watch this -- -- ever so slowly. I'm moving to the northwestern part of sector army out like I mentioned before I got cut off by the National Weather Service. We'll watch in this form about the past thirty to 45 minutes. That was in central Florida Keys and Tony and older got to affect your candidate actually started to get more minority extract. There was actual storm that I've -- one it it it would it tore off the north east and actually movie beauty. -- the one we're kind of walked on the -- that. They could wait a straight into the city of Wichita probably hear the next thirty to 45 minutes. Like out here on the western edge of the city of god or not it around really blame all the lawyer hasn't except yet and trying to reform. -- like it -- -- each morning around 11 o'clock and at first storm out -- Iberia. I got about a 35 negative effect on our winds are -- and a block north Broadway. Battle of -- market right now watches some of the Whitey get in the area. It's just a weapon -- now we're kind of thing Geiger trivia -- he'll wear out and that kind of watch this format that role -- the electorate part of our state attorney also in the western part of your daughter Arnelle just after -- last. On US cookie Thornton SS -- 102 doctor Petit back together. Think Stuart let's go back to the -- -- what complex with Huey Schulman. Well -- we did continue to watch these thunderstorms push into the northwest corner of the state from haven down towards -- home near and dale saint. Towards -- these are pushing into the north into the east. At about twenty to 25 miles per hour you can expect wing got an access. Of about sixty to seventy miles per hour it does look like. The main threat of the thunderstorm is gonna push north and west of metro Wichita but the weather service has gone ahead and issued a severe thunderstorm warning. Format for Wichita and the rest of Sedgwick county until 10:45. This evening for the thunderstorm is going to push to the north into the west the mean. Part of the thunderstorm that could produce a large hail in excess of one inch quarter sized hail but once again you can't expect the wind gusts in excess of sixty to seventy along the leading edge. Of this thunderstorm pushing north and east at about twenty to 25 miles per -- so at this point. Goddard saint mark's in DL looks like you're gonna be more in the past of the strong wind gusts at this time further back to the west near saint show. Now Vernand Murdoch that's going to be more of that -- -- at this point and we'll continue to watch this thunderstorm keep you guys updated injured. All right thanks Haley we had a report of a measured sixty to 64 mile an hour winds in Tehran that's in. Reno county here in Kansas. The National Weather Service in which you guys issued a severe thunderstorm warning for southeastern harper counting. It's all of Cedric county and all of Sumner county until 10:45 PM tonight. At 9:33 PM the National Weather Service. We're tracking a line of severe thunderstorms -- producing quarter size hail and damaging winds in excess of sixty miles per hour. These -- located along a line extending the from and LT five miles southwest of Cheney to six miles east of -- that. And moving south east at 35 miles prowler locations impacted include Anthony. Downtown Wichita Wellington coal which means O'Malley senator -- lot. West which atop Park City Wichita mid continent airport Connelly springs a Walden Clearwater. North east which atop. -- and -- east Wichita south Wichita -- bill McConnell air force base. And that bluff city again the National Weather Service in which it does issued a severe thunderstorm warning for south eastern -- -- Excuse me southeastern harper county. Cedric all of Cedric county in all of Sumner county. Let's go back to -- SS storm tracker coverage back to Ted Woodward storm tracker 120. What do you see Ted. And there on the east side of Goddard and and still watching the storm that. Really packing a punch like analyze it -- the lightning now. And it's called advertise the lightning sometimes it's a lightning bolts that are streaking across the sides invited should. It pops the light. As he -- some of those are directly over Goddard the market itself let and that. There's a big -- -- -- kind of hanging over the western horizon to two were keeping an eye on this and and it is. We've been doing a great job kind of telling -- what direction going wow big cloud to ground strike to stop to be south west. The city of Goddard overture Goddard high school may -- off a little bit further to go to India south. So we're getting a lot of lightning down on the dotted area and keeping Condit storm as it approaches which Tom metro area. It it seemed to be gathering may be a little bit in intensity as we get that calls are here to the -- area and. We'll see it does skirts crops so the western part the metro area or could keep on tracking off to the other north and the east but that. I counted as it -- certain parts of the big apart the population here and that would county and a and is now really drawn to lightning around here in and around Goddard area. So economic storm but it it's packing a punch right now as lot of energy in the atmosphere. And if the people as some of those gusty winds are part of that that affected area and the right now it's mainly. A lot of lightning in Obama on the east side of Goddard -- instead what we're gonna get into that storm tracker one point. Thanks Ted we go now to storm tracker 102. Stewart added Stewart any any news -- I think your. Our sales are fairly to our director -- records -- urging glad they're not you are at war. About all of the apple are so let the daughter and I'm not sure how are you our daughter that it wouldn't operate currently in production -- that he would. A lot of -- crowd like any pressure Gupta minority flat. I'm not watching your cholesterol laden never loaded slowly. Not regret probably eaten about beacon -- here in the background wind whipped about a little bit maybe start at 35 mile an hour. Want to -- traffic the church law. Netflix a lot of doubt often what had not committed to patient. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And also -- kind of watch an -- lower lower -- crowd in the high unit that got hurt this jump out. They're trying to look like they're really really low there it was not. I'll debate -- -- outlaw all the marketing department acting out and don't do about it which you could well -- -- involving an involvement in Iraq obviously cannot ignore the last. Lot of light in the storm why haven't got any effort -- -- patient. I hear my location has left 250 street loudly you have to people or the blood is what the Goddard thanks for example that next -- report. He didn't talk to these hopefully it'll look at that it would stop or got to give it a -- -- and -- Some of the bigger tail that we got a later lap later last week. And -- hopefully if -- -- gain halos BR small nature can't address storm tracker one how to do it -- critique street west in US circuit or. -- -- that he had to. Thanks Stuart that's Stewart had a storm tracker one note to. We have a train spotter reported at 945. That. They estimated at nickel sized hail at the Kingman city limits and sixty miles sixty miles per hour winds. All right let's go back to storm tracker we have on record Drew Stanton storm tracker one channel what are you see drew. Saying and here we are just let the garden -- bill we're finally getting some money. A light sprinkles getting less and finally to keep the work. They'll lock the light into local cloud -- Stewart said. -- openers you know tornado outbreak. Out there right now but I mean they're broke -- bases there to shell out in front of the storm Goddard. Got him in between tortures. Bartlett street street sell one that's -- northwest -- -- it didn't want to over -- minute didn't want to blast that trapped. All of these -- kind of person gather in. And are putting a lot of light show what the city. There's -- playing. Some. Low hanging out outlet in between lightning strike. Like it word -- public safety board just less than guard plane. Right tendencies of sprinkles. Now hailed the really -- -- Probably 3040. On our variety. I think they're on the south would say. Bird out of the court apologized. Couple of the vehicle pretty good. About two or three miles west of garden plain. -- like -- that we are getting the last. Enrichment clouds start serious thought to cloud -- lightning. -- cloud lightning just lighting up the guy. And yes worked like it suggests he went so desperate as shelled out is that actually a little political -- Maybe forty maybe it's just he I'm not sure that it's cliche it that vehicle right now if it -- picked up some heavier rain. As we head west didn't well -- we'll keep you toasty here we can't further less soccer but once it appears that. Thank you jury that's drew staff confirmed tracker 110. In the studio here we have Tony -- Tony what do you got for -- okay good evening Andrew of course we are following these storms as they moved in and you know as we look at the radar you can take a look at the radar at our website Kansas rated icon by the way if you -- click on storm track -- you can see drew -- And I also Cody asked that are in the storm tracker won ten or. Yeah they're out there. -- things -- -- go through looks like another warning coming ready freeware on Senator Kennedy let's let them well that's actually don't watch that's been issued right now. A thunderstorm. These 2% mechanic that a concern soon. But anyway on the radar. This particular storm that we're looking at this -- taught me as far as. The land coverage. It's as high as harper. The height of as far north as Hutchinson and then goes on itself. To these southern. Part of Sedgwick county border between central concern accounting. That's where the main part of this -- so it really is as a Teddy it's really heading to east really straight on. So we're gonna see rain all over Sedgwick county and also. Harvey county which is just above us. Right now the main part of the storm though is still in Reno county a little bit in the northern part of kinmen county most of William county has the -- you know right now. And you know we are getting some reports. Out of Reno county of some high winds of 6065. Mile round ends. In the Reno county area were also looking at. Yeah we're we're we're also -- were watching another sell it to them farther north might Salina. Right now we're concerned about. The thunderstorm warning that's on for which it's not to do accounting. Let's take -- -- you're younger road in pleasant valley we're getting word now that the power ball is snapped in half. Six miles south of -- this is from emirates management in Reno county so again the main part of the story of the severe part is right now and we don't count it's heading. He's so it's coming towards says we can't most of it is not even in Sedgwick county at all has barely command decision count in the west. Northwest part of such -- county and in the very far away as part of -- be counting. Again which is these small -- that's -- -- -- as we can sell. What continues stay out there this is definitely something you know it's it's about to look -- since coming up to 10 o'clock now. This warning is on. Till 104545. That's why did the earlier -- was 1015 years was to 1045 if it looks like we'll be on probably at least some of them because most of it is not even entered Sedgwick county. -- that it's a bad it's beginning to interest that we can of the western -- into account and so. But we will definitely have some rain in the next hour we'll continue to watch this and of course and watch the -- yeah. All right thanks Tony. Let's go now to storm tracker 120 we have Ted Woodward dead what do you see. Malia inside the city look at the Goddard and it's. That bouncing them pretty strong cloud to ground lightning strike is still appear to -- like it's pretty new here just south of Goddard high school of and that. Stewart called it pretty good that there's the -- basis. Pretty low and some point though it did the trouble it it's not so it's hard to opted consistently. You really only get a glimpse of the clouds when lightning strikes if it happened to be right in that area so. You'll get that look just a tiny snapshot of where the clouds are and how low they are just for that brief second the lightning strikes and you have to. -- -- port strike again in that area so it's. -- concept which -- why it's try to keep an odd. Numbers of these of -- storms are and where the clout they're -- a little bit haven't seen any rotation or anything like that that there. When something on the storm this. Are all coming into and then there's Bobby -- electricity in the air because the lightning just constant. And it seems to be intensified a little bit now off to the south of the city of Goddard -- into cloud to ground lightning strike recently so. Still watching this storm as it approaches the metro area and we're getting a lot of meat eater and and thinking more cloud to ground strikes we've seen in the subsequent storms so far. He's been really intent plot just to the south. The city Goddard lightning -- but the bullet hole still old western. Daisuke all the way to stop the north. The entire western eyes filled with nearly constant lightning popping in different locations. Hole on the left hand side of Sedgwick county. Watching a storm privileged decided Goddard and get us that storm tracker -- want it to look group. Thanks -- We go now to -- SS storm tracker team coverage we have. Stewart had -- storm tracker 102 Stewart anything new out there. Well -- the same location Eric 250. Street left. And I US beef or just let her daughter and I like that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- just a brief -- five minutes ago literally -- much of it thank. And eternal -- one another caller -- it. That was start the women that was part of Africa now I hear -- -- and probably learned I've made recording while now are. Peak wind Apple -- At sever social actually starting he would agree to let alone a lot of start coming off -- the field. I just took off but I would have actually asked robot order a actually start part of it now tell it looks up but towards the north and the west. -- and ask for more via lower hanging clouds off the front end of the storm the shelf cloud that was watch and a few minutes ago I had dictator -- to ride over merely help. Most likely to actually write it or make trouble with the Detroit start to. Intensify out of the north from the west. That's probably get that -- I would replicated across Iowa now. Because that the other wind up a lot of public 45 maybe fifty mile an hour it my location. Thought the idea big drinker actually would recruit and -- you -- up all part of the -- roadway the first storm -- I express video high profile vehicles are really prone to. Yeah and that the north and south will be at these are thunderstorms come through. Probably get a -- -- -- people on our way get out via. The F -- actually you'd that we can actually start you're committed to western try to Goddard -- here. Pay attention to our teacher vehicle up to the north western -- In two to -- -- I like and it really cannot be across highway now the wind start to pick out like you see anything off to the north or the west. Even not -- -- because without. It's like the location -- -- -- street west. In you have to before that -- daughter who nobody here. The great things come down to extradite gambled it wants to wind died down when media. The action as far as the grain material is -- -- kind of figure nobody listened to -- out -- what are now. Here are just less acidic water infrastructure one out to ensure that effective. Thanks Stuart that's Stewart had a storm tracker 102. We have a couple reports coming in there's -- partial power outage in haven and that's in Reno county. And then the it again and Tony mentioned earlier there was a report of a power pulled I got snapped in half at the intersection of Yoder and pleasant valley roads. Again. There was a partial power outage in haven. And a powerful snapped at the intersection of -- and pleasant valley. Again the National Weather Service and in Wichita has issued a severe thunderstorm warning of forest southeastern harper county all of Cedric county in all of Sumner county. Until 10:45 PM tonight at 9:33 PM the National Weather Service. We -- ale line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing quarter size hail and damaging winds in excess. Of sixty miles per hour. These storms are located along the line extending from NLQ five miles southwest of Cheney to six miles east of Zend. And moving southeast at 35 miles per hour. Right now we go to meteorologist mark -- at woolsey's at the national weather's. That the weather channel excuse me hey mark what he what do you know. Well how I am much tracking these storms and looking at some some very heavy storms -- -- expand almost all the way back to the Pratt area so weak. May be in this for -- these storms continuing to move east to southeast at about 35 miles an hour. Of course of prime importance is the -- centric Cali warning. That's essential X southeast harper and Sumner county until 1045 us were watching a line of storms stretching from around the the -- hoping area. Down towards all which and another. Area of showers and storms across so portions of the harper chaotic into the Chaney area back towards -- -- All the storms again moving east and southeasterly at 35 miles an hour. And were under the gun across so all of such mechanic until 1045 as -- storms appear to be making very steady eastward progress. It does appear that if the current trying to hold true. It's look it's looking like we're gonna see the worst of it. On -- the north side of Wichita perhaps in the Park City area. Up towards -- Kansas coliseum the other side which area as well and up towards -- Newton and by the way we do have a severe thunderstorm warning. For -- county that is until at 1045. Reno county also remains under severe thunderstorm warning until about 1015. We're looking at this so Harvey county threatening storm producing quarter size -- And destructive winds in excess of seventy miles an hour the storm is near Burton and that's about to just sixty miles west of Newton. It is continuing to move east at about 35 miles an hour watching that storm right now just south and that's southeast -- Burton and the -- moving quickly towards -- -- Newton. And the the north Newton area. We also have another severe thunderstorm warning for northern harper and all of Kingman chaotic that is until 10:45 this evening. The storm moving southeast at about 45 miles an outsourcing. Is some storms moving along at a pretty good clip which show bodes well for. And the potential flooding problems that means that the that the damaging winds are probably not gonna stick around in any one location. For a terribly long time but just. We you have some -- -- destructive storm is looking at the intensity of these storms I think we're seeing some small hail with these storms. Perhaps some quarter sized -- pretty good. A hail core and what we're seeing out from north and east of haven to -- south of burden and likewise. And if you strong storms so the big east of black Kingman and more in western Kingman county around the of the Cunningham area. That that is an area that those areas we've just talked about. Those appear to be the heaviest storm cell right now but certainly. The potentially downtown and south side Wichita could take habitable blow from the east but I'm thinking right now the north side of Wichita open the Park City area. And up towards essentially gone by 135 into the Newton area. That's where we're gonna see the really heavy stuff and as we continue opera about the next forty to 45 minutes and against. The danger would be storms certainly nothing to trifle with quarter size -- Damaging winds in excess of sixty miles an hour as we move into the Kingman county storms destructive winds are possible. In excess of seventy miles an hour likewise swiftly at the Harvey county storms. We're looking up to take quite a -- double wallop from the -- severe storms. As they move on through and as you have probably heard by now these severe thunderstorm watch that. Earlier was an effect just for Kingman and Reno county east has now been extended for up most of Leo listening area. So that we can Butler county for example that is in effect. Until two way I'm on Friday as again we see some strong storms back into the other Pratt area now moving east of Pratt. And west of that really the good news is not seeing much out towards -- Burgundy Dodge City area but of course we could see some additional development. Over the next three -- four hours but I think the the next hour to hour and a half. Is going to be prime time. -- storms this series of storm clusters moving a process that we can adjacent counties and of course the immediate which -- area ever. Thank you mark that's meteorologist mark woolsey's and the weather channel. You're listening operation storm watch on news radio thirteen thirty KM SS was simulcast coverage on FM 103 point seven KEY and the National Weather Service has issued a thunderstorm warning for western Harvey northern king minute. Reno and western Cedric counties until 10:15 PM at 9:52. PM. The National Weather Service so was tracking a severe thunderstorm. People producing quarter sized hail and damaging winds in excess of sixty miles per hour. The storm was located near mount hope or eighteen miles southeast of Hutchinson moving east at thirty miles per hour. Let's go back to can't SS storm tracker team coverage we have storm tracker. One of -- -- to -- excuse me storm tracker 110 it drew the staff and on line that drew any opting not to see. Yes senator we are. It's you exit and also fighter pilot 54 point at last. About three to torment you know we have some really really strong wind event. Roughly strong winds about 4548. -- are slowly and measure. Now we are into heavy -- No gala at the moment but we're looking glass that witnessing search and -- the blowout -- the -- And the rain is coming downing -- sheets. You know hailed at the moment but several several. The ground lightning strikes. Like I. Basically there's pretty much storm -- on the seriousness main storm to the -- there's this sort of the last. And now we're just now entering -- -- -- if you will. That says he's kicking them and almost on top of the -- location. There's another storm to -- the statement that look like if it even more times but so right now we are looking less. On at least at -- for -- yet. Kerry since he remains. Some wind yes but that's Stewart's probably aren't good deal that would guess we felt just a little bit. -- he's probably around five cent Matisse at our location. And just look out in itself without doubt there any. It will blow over you know kicking mom now when -- -- -- here slipped. Let out just. Grain. Lightening everywhere in the dying thing. Is still -- -- For sure crackle cannot intercept. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We reduced -- business severe thunderstorm warning. All right thanks drew back and it became SS studios here we have -- Tony dissing storm tracker 198. -- you -- we can we continue to watch these storms as they move in and they are. Severe storms where suit. I on the radar there's character risks on the radar strong inbound wins that are surging across. Recently came and we don't counties. We can see on the radar. He's strong and -- wins he's in Windsor just suck it up into these -- as they head our way. We're looking at potential of seventy mile per hour winds with these storms if that's true that's damaging winds that's winds that could take some singles off the roof definitely hope. Some tree branches down your launch is things like that. You can cause some damage that's what we're looking out for and of course the storm track just after ten minutes about him. Large amount of lightning too that's very dangerous team to watch for that to the storm. It its footprint is its -- all of Marino Kelly in the northern part of kingdom Canada and heading directly east. In the next half hour it'll be all over Harvey. I'm sorry -- party candidates is just north of us. And all of central account that's the height of it from north to sell. It really fueled fit right in the north's the south from Harvey county home to the bottom. Essentially county who really nothing much in Sumner county jail than some counties included in this. Severe thunderstorm warning because of these. The high will release that are it in front and since that's causing strong -- -- the -- across. Kidman really -- and Siegelman himself. How we do have more on the severe thunderstorm warning over the extent until 1150. -- You're listening operation storm watch on news radio thirteen thirty -- Cecil simulcast coverage on FM 103 point seven. KEY and right now we're going to the storm tracker. 120 we have Ted Woodward on the line and -- got anything new for us. Yes your commander I've been here on the east side of Goddard and I was -- -- use the the -- the Stewart was talking about it. He didn't propped my location. The strong enough front of the got there with a gusty wind I would estimate around sixty to 65 miles per hour. At the front edge of those wins. And that you could see that dark cloud coming at -- I think you know let's talk like well what is that it'd it'd just heavier rain nor did he is still to come across you figured it out its feet. And that's -- get from an -- two minutes. -- just -- you it's like you're -- all the dust storm because the wind blog at that voters like me like it is raining mud on windshield of his did did the raindrops would -- And leave that imprint of on the windshield so. That lasted for about like at certain to be second maybe two minutes says that Google didn't in the -- kind of blew through the net. Has obviously now headed off past. East of Goddard now I'm probably be double to -- -- at the moment. We're finally getting rain that we've seen -- we -- like lightning -- a lot that power but now we're getting rain in the Goddard area just I would say moderate rain. It and that's been going on for about the last ten to fifteen minutes to edit the right it's picking up a little bit too it's a little bit heavier. So I and that but want their initial -- when he came through it the wind has died down a little bit more -- brown I would say 3035 miles an hour when it was coming through. It -- content for a couple minutes it was up in the sixty mile per hour range I would estimate. And the lightning has not lessened any it's still lightening hit a punch out in the target area but now we've got the month. Stronger winds and some -- go along with the but they keep a -- -- storm that comes in the metro area we're getting. Moderate to heavy rain now in Goddard still getting a lot of -- lightning and want to pull -- -- cloud to ground strike. It still getting a lot of cloud to ground strikes he'd like -- in the southwest of the -- area. And the team seemed to pick you up a little bit as well. -- the other -- -- approached the left side of the Detroit area gay and SS storm tracker want wanting -- to look forward. Thanks to -- You're listening to operation storm watch -- on news radio thirteen thirty can't SS. Was simulcast coverage on FM 103 point seven K you land. Let's go to our two storm tracker 102 Stewart patted Stewart anything new out there. While some are pretty much secretary thing that kept that command just so what the daughter. It's -- 150 street level in -- ordered the door and distribution better and more key senate for about two minutes. I got it maybe it figures came on -- what -- that the puck I literally could not -- the -- -- highway. And that's probably maybe fifty feet per -- war and -- and actually in the driveway. Of the distribution. Senator let the 250 street. Right now does that give a pretty get there arrange -- and every so often I get yes the wind maybe thirty or forty mile or maybe 45. America watching Elaine and just -- -- -- literally -- Outside where I'm actually got my vehicle face up to the north let. It -- watch this garbage that comes in at a -- and county. In my location though the crowd a crowd what he's actually -- subsided a little bit. That he had caught the -- lighting and continues to and that intensify. Especially off -- -- that you -- about it at north northwest. And I watched it country -- crowd to commit to account hardly see anything when it. Being between. -- -- -- That like that it mentioned that it gets front best way out of the city of daughter probably toward the just -- -- part of which style by now probably over towards on now. In that MacArthur maybe south of the airport corporate area that's so if you are the southwestern part of the city it would stop. -- pat -- and add to that the wind is coming your -- And I like -- all allowed to run a couple of minutes in and that the rain right directly behind it that pretty much what it did. -- my location in the wind blew about two to three minutes. And then the rain came now I got a steady. The moderate rain -- -- my location except 250 street western -- exit before the plastic water infrastructure the water to our spearheaded -- -- -- Thanks Stuart. The National Weather Service in Wichita has reissued. A warning for western Cedrick county until 11:15. PM tonight. This made the National Weather Service also has a all of Cedric county and a severe thunderstorm warning until 1045. At 1001 PM the National Weather Service that was tracking a line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing quarter sized hail. And damaging winds in excess of sixty miles per hour. These don't storms are located along the line extending from Wichita mid continent airport to Connelly springs to seven miles southwest of Argo and yeah. Moving southeast at 35 miles per hour. The National Weather Service has issued. A yet thunderstorm warning for northern Kingman county and Reno county until 11:15. PM tonight. Again all of Cedric Downey is NAS severe thunderstorm warning until 1045 in the probably extend that to 1115 with the other. With western Cedric counting being in -- thunderstorm warning till 1115. Notice there's a severe thunderstorm warning we -- this business severe thunderstorm warning. There we go now to meteorologist mark woolsey's at the weather channel mark but he got for us. Well looking at the other radar and somewhat of an encouraging trend that areas storms -- -- the Burton and -- whole set area that was heading for Newton. Looks like it has weakened somewhat and still seeing some hail was that would -- -- And some some pretty good wind gusts and -- some vigorous like thing but it looks as if that storm has weakened a little bit. As it's moved on into the Newton area. Still seeing some must storms. Like west of -- -- an airport stretching south and west to what west of Clearwater. These storms not looking. All -- appear on my radar right now but the National Weather Service as a certainly. Cognizant of the other potential for damage so that's why all of Sedgwick county is Andrea severe thunderstorm warning until -- 1045. And in addition to that we have the western Sedgwick county area under continued thunderstorm warning until 1115. Those storms and I was talking about in eastern Pratt county have now up. Relate pumped up with got try to edit elongated area of the cluster of storms stretching from despite the area. Right through treatment -- towards the ultra right area. Moving east to about southeast. For the Kingman county area at about two say thirty to 35 miles an hour. That's gonna put them in no western Sedgwick county around -- -- Chaney area. Cheating. Pretty prairie Goddard area here in the next say thirty to 45 minutes -- -- they continued on east and that is why. We looking at two of the severe thunderstorm warning. For western side were chaotic and also portions of lower Reno county is receiving some pretty strong storms ecstatic up towards the Arlington Andy partridge area. And force haven. These again moving to the east at about 35 miles an hour. And we have western -- Reno chaotic. And northern -- -- can operate under that severe thunderstorm watch until 1115. And not to be forgotten we have hardly chaotic. Under severe thunderstorm warning that is until about 1045 -- thanks. Although it looks as if that area of storms it was heading toward Newton has now a weakened somewhat skill. We -- to be cognizant of the potential for some damage these storms continue to move east at about 35 miles an hour. What can we expect of these storms come on through. Among small to moderate sized hail perhaps some -- sized hail. Which shows certainly is large enough to lease cause if you things in dance on cars and such. Also looking at sixty -- at times seventy mile an hour -- Some of these storms -- acting out real wallop seventy mile an hour winds certainly enough to do some damage. Very heavy but unfortunately fairly brief downpours as these storms are on the fairly good clip. Also gonna see some moderate intense lightning storms as well now looking at does some of the intense activity moving right on and worked the Wichita area. Like west Wichita seeing some lightning and some. Terribly heavy rainfall this point this fairly a fairly heavy rainfall -- Pressing toward the other downtown Wichita area seeing some stronger storms on the north side of Wichita heading into the Park City area. -- towards legal Kansas coliseum neighborhood of the words the other -- which area although again some of those storms seeing what we can itself. We are under the gun for -- while we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for most of the metro area -- 2 I am of an extended to places like Butler and -- count based. -- conceivably we could be under the gun for several more hours although as I looked to the west and not seeing any activity west of predatory. Seems to most strong storms a continuing to bubble up across Pratt Kelly. The west -- -- not saying much activity at this point still was the potential for some redevelopment so we're gonna have to keep I'll power ever. Thanks mark that's meteorologist with Marco woolsey's at the weather channel. We go now to storm tracker and 1020 Stewart had Ed Stewart. Anything new out there. I shot pillage. All our energy let -- daughter. Children -- street went so are out there -- about out. I'll probably thirty minutes or so kind of -- reform it did not enter the northwest part of town and now that got picked out front dispute or crack the top of the hour. Merritt right now it just didn't really get down or my location. I haven't. I got a -- yet we have here at the -- in a very very small. But I mentioned -- -- we're all excited about. Senior analyst part of -- you know larger raindrops regarding the vehicle. -- affect China's country -- watching -- crowd a crowd might be here Africa bound from the crowd that -- pretty. -- for the Norton -- in the earlier poll although he called it all lighting your kind of tried a little bit but I. Yeah shot acquired guard every maybe want to -- Will now look out toward the north and the northwest. As -- are tired of her favorite record run across the highway here. And I had to -- that it would be approximately. Erica 250 Kriewaldt -- -- Matthau mom ate half a mile or so left the but it Goddard maybe not in quite that far but they're getting never get that -- ordered that location. And now like mark Walton said we -- -- -- -- the tell -- -- on the logo away they'll come back again on the right now you get a -- it dealt ordered its location. And now the way and it actually kind of -- subsided just a little bit may be exported what rate by all and are ever want to great -- -- -- -- by the verdict by ordering all of our we're gonna come here. It that your cookie network controller. In yet don't distribution our ballclub that. We'll parakeet and on the shortlist both independent of the luster posted a carrier the location and it's just -- the -- to ensure had a back yet. Thanks Stuart let's go now to a storm tracker 120 Ted Ted Woodward. What do you see out there Ted. Yeah and you haven't left Wichita now on basically 119. Street what the maple. And getting are getting heavy thundershower right now dislocation. The heaviest rain I've seen so far at night and -- that we're getting it we're gonna get pretty good downpour here on the west side of Wichita earlier tonight. Before the storm got here I noticed the wind was coming out of the southeast a little bit. Now I'm getting. Getting -- pretty nice -- -- got out of the north west of windows which directional bit. And we're just getting it pretty good -- -- to thunders -- hour period but Wichita art not a central and 119 street -- we're getting heavy rain. By the club -- it seems to -- -- blogging has. Not those content that was little earlier and heckling something Stewart was saying. But -- we still want a while getting some big public plaza lightning burst. But that the heaviest rain received so far -- tonight here in west which is thought central and 119 street left. Can get an SS storm tracker -- -- who just friend of the tree branch and roadway there so. -- one tree branch standard what would you can't get it that's our Drucker once wanted that would work. Thanks -- we're gonna report to hear from a train spotter. Just let's see on highway 54 or just one mile inside the county line. The train spotter estimates that seventy mile per hour winds again that's on highway 54 -- just one mile inside the county line. Seventy mile per hour winds here and Cedric county. We go now to a storm tracker 102. Excuse me is storm tracker 110 intrudes Stanton. Drew wow what do you see out there. All right now we're on our same location on -- city tour at pitching yet it. And we would. -- -- this shelf crowd approaching -- -- report just last among us let's descending upon our went. Could be America's -- shortly from our vantage point oh we're having some sprinkles. On the windshield. Some lightning we get a little bit of land there we had about 55 mile an hour Lincoln launched. It just happened about a minute ago but it looks like it's about to start to kick up again. Topped -- -- the trees are bent over pretty well with. We just desolation initial crowd approaching us and there's so much tried over. Am expecting to have a link that says this is the strongest storm the tiny so far it has entered Cedric county. And it looks like there's probably from hail to the south the less. But it still -- as still quite -- -- still in hacking and county has thank you see a great arc. We're expecting deleting here to the storm to intersect -- carrying with a bang. Probably a little bit bigger pain -- what we had earlier with the other two storms. And that we did recorder out 65 mile an hour one guest about two or three moments ago. Went exploring the Norris we're looking would -- Lightning. Pretty pretty much saying cloud around cloud cloud. No deal -- our location. But expecting the wind picked up. Tremendously here shortly would this shot crowd. Approaching send store one here. -- Thanks -- The National Weather Service in which you guys issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northern Kingman county. Reno county and western Cedric county until 11:15 PM also. There are. Severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for southeastern harper. All of Cedric and although summer Sumner counties until 10:45 PM tonight. Let's go now we have in studio here. We have. Tony dissing storm tracker 198 in studio here Tony where he got for us. Okay here we go weary and so the N newsroom here. And watching the radar as we continue to watch these storms moving in there around mostly right now. In the western half of what you're -- entry in this city limits of Wichita right on the western part of Wichita city limits now. But I say they I mean the M main part of the storm worthy heavier rain in the lining is. We've already seen kind of a gust front moves through most of which it's on. And as it continues to move through. The leading edge of the storm which is just. World. Picked up some wind and the the storm footprint. It stills covering a large portion of Reno county. Northern Kingman county and we've had some reports in the back in of this storm in the western part of Kingman county around Cunningham. That's way out western. Kingman county in Kingman Kansas in the west that -- we can finally. We have to reports of golf ball sized -- In his cell that is actually heading towards our direction. It does look -- like that cell might be weakening a bit so that's really nice usually in the evening time these cells start to weaken a bit similar open for that. So high winds here we're getting characteristics of seven miles per hour winds -- through with these storms as they move through and of course -- from our trackers who have -- Our eyewitnesses out in the field -- scene. These heavy lightning that's coming down from the storms so we'll continue to watch things as we move through were. Monetary -- police scanners in the studio that -- in and more monitoring other. Sources so we'll bring -- as we have a career so in the new studio on Tony gives him a few hundred. Thanks Tony. Let's go to us storm tracker 120 we have Ted Woodward out in the field Ted what do you see out there. Andrew I don't know west Wichita and the new market square area 120 person may throw we're getting very heavy rain right now. It's it was so idiotic what outlets throughout the light at 830 -- I eat it to the language so marketing and -- -- street sign on not -- thirteenth because that was where oil was because he read street bundled the rain was coming down so hard. Not to -- market square -- 121 street. -- We're just getting very heavy -- thunders she are right now on what Wichita rain coming down pretty heavy. Sometimes it's hard -- lines in the roadway can't have the attention there but we think a lot of win that. And the like TC the tide got a little bit detained feature right now unless what you thought seems to be the rain we're getting here. A very heavy thundershower. Lots of rain falling right now in west Wichita. I in the new markets. At. First and make you throw it in Canada that storm tracker 120 what were. Thanks Ted we have meteorologist mark -- at the weather channel. On line here mark what do you know. Looking at the radar certainly given them been keeping very close tabs on as we have gone for the last. -- -- fifty minutes since we last spoke about we're seeing. The really heavy stuff pressing right towards downtown Wichita. Looks like via the heaviest. Activity that we're seeing so far to -- Is right around -- mid continent airport area. Right along the -- 35 bypassed. Making very steady progress -- looks like around the west maple street area West Street as well. A steadily heading into downtown Wichita -- -- gonna experience. In central Wichita so -- very very. Heavy rains so much intense lightning perhaps some wind gusts although we have not had many reports checking. That would restore trackers of lots of wind as this first round has shattered and is beginning to come through the city which stopped. A little worried about what -- less because it looks considerably more ominous the -- instrument Norwood -- up. Up towards just -- of the -- area. From just south of highway 54 down towards. Like is that nor election via the -- springs area down towards the K 42. Region right now. That two could be a bit problematic as it comes audience. I think we'll see heavier wind gusts I believe it's approaching -- -- area right now I think -- it comes on troop. Easily we're gonna see -- some sixty to seventy mile an hour wind gust some bulk all the quarters sized hail. And does some very very intense lightning and heavy downpours. As we assess storm moves on through the activity that's just west of the 235 bypass and moving towards downtown Wichita. That extends down south and east towards. The turnpike area down towards just western built planes -- If your in the Baltic area if you were dirt reed if you're in south Wichita you're gonna get wallop here in the next little bit let's say an extra ten to fifteen minutes or so. Still watching the activity to the west in other Kingman county area and of course Kidman and parts of Reno and other severe thunderstorm warning. We have had some as mentioned at some sixty to seventy mile an hour particularly seventy mile an hour wind gusts up to were last some power -- down in the -- area. And some some scattered storm damage reported. Across -- Reno -- and into western Edmond Catholic so we'll continue to watch these storms is like one round following another. First round heading right through the city of Wichita right now the heaviest now from a central Wichita into south Wichita. And heading toward derby and all played earlier we have some of the heaviest stuff in northern -- which operates the focus is now shifted to south that would chaotic. And then just to remind you we have this is another round. On behind it from -- -- of -- or which area moving to the east and about thirty to 35 miles an hour that's gonna bring in the western Sedgwick county -- pretty soon. And -- steadily towards downtown to the south side of Wichita ever. Thanks mark that's meteorologist mark -- at the weather channel. Let's go to storm tracker 102 Stewart handed Stewart he have anything new out there. Alt slack in the I guess we're not talking -- about that why you guys were talking to all you were talking to Tony talk and -- And actually watch it's such secondary got shelled that Cody. And -- -- talked about out there Murat Cheney I've actually been a watch -- truck off to the -- is putting a lot. Faster -- know what that first was driven through here about a thirty minute ago. Right now look at off by toward the north -- I definitely feel a lot of low a lot of low hanging out on that that shocked crowd that for a movement towards the western magic daughter. I'm not really get any when I got like it earlier maybe thirty to forty mile an hour monetary figure out which -- few minutes and hopefully. All we will be very exciting on our -- got tripped up other parts of liking and to hear it but like mentioned. Definite lot of low low hanging cloud without this show outcrop. I mean the lighting slight amount of credit at -- get a glance at a Elmo for quite there are run in the trees where there are so low. Read up on it yet may that you bought our window here. -- location. 250 street -- US 54 it via -- distribution center in the -- or -- are pretty much been that big cherica well. Start that much come -- no offense and that. And that program okay when the storm is gonna come to get it yet they if so a prequel now -- the raid actually got. Let out about five minutes we were actually quit. And then -- -- America -- trickle. And that now be aware of the -- picked up again out of the north and the west. The wind at my location -- haven't trust which direction. Amber at somebody mentioned earlier that was actually had switched directions. At their location with the wind here particular picking street left at that pretty much recovered at the north west. A pretty much the whole entire time. Comedy gets up probably about if you very Turkey Bob on our way gut that right now hopefully the idea. And on our way and points before occasion as well lastly gutter to contribute -- -- about reports of a baseball outside tale care and Freddie. Emmerich figured that location and that he would -- secondary get. We're there -- shall opt out of the rubble and get like it did that about thirty minutes go vacate her. And I don't know if there -- people can outright kind of watch net any cease semi scary looking crowd I don't think reformist or static. There are as a tornado warning earlier. Out here without the -- and -- -- -- at least and that -- would probably the storm into new allocation. So what -- -- history. A rotation. That permit for a I can tell I have lacy banks. What the lightning flashes here mayor who works at watches it does so -- -- got that -- this -- out in a way for the bulk of the first storm. The root certificate Goddard. Can -- -- one -- two monster added he would. Thanks Stuart let's -- -- to you storm tracker 19 -- we have. Tony do you sing in studio here with us. Tony well yes or I continue to watch the radar -- the police -- and how much activity on the place and right now as this is just now entering the city of which is Tom we don't expect anything until it really comes the end. And the characteristic of this particular storm as we see it moving and it's step back here and there is meteorologist mark rules it was -- saying. The strong as hard as a sound it's. Just to locate them right about Norway it's it's standing in this way. It is it does look like it's seems to be dying down a bit. You can see this radar that we're looking down you can go to our website -- -- radio dot com click storm trackers. And you can actually see the radar that we're looking at. You can even see what our storm trackers out -- storm tracker warned that hands -- two -- out there along with Cody asked. And as there are watching the storm and you can -- video with -- looking at live video it is dark out -- you can kind of see from the street want to support their -- Flash is a line it's in the line and so you wanna do that -- has -- -- -- -- Click on storm -- you'll see. See the radar that we're looking at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When it was so I Cunningham which is the western part of Kingman county and there are reports of golf ball sized hail. That part of the storm that's heading. This way and it's probably. Not yet to garnered I would say united yet to Cheney. God it seems to be dying down intensity so that's that's really good good news to. To see that there and that as far as that in the city limits of its it's very normal for continued to listen to the storms. Or listen to the scanner traffic will bring you any information we have as we continue on through the night with a severe thunderstorm warning. The end at the new center it's to reducing thank you Andrew. Thanks Tony the National Weather Service has. Extended the severe thunderstorm warning. -- 1115. For Cedric and Sumner counties again at the national weather services continuing the severe thunderstorm warning. Four -- Cedric counting the one that cover the whole county was set to expire at 1045 they are gonna extend that. 21115. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We refuse this business severe thunderstorm warning. You're listening to operation storm watch on news radio thirteen thirty -- -- a simulcast coverage on FM 103 point seven. KEY and let's go download queue up storm tracker Ted Woodward storm tracker one twining. Dead Dow what do you see. There. I'd just few minutes ago I was out of the Warren theatre 21 and Tyler and we were getting a very heavy thundershower at that location. Once I got a little further into the city about it that I got the 21 and ridge. The -- and really lighten up. And other Wimbledon article on it all the atomic got a that we got extensions that are there -- 21 and ridge the hardly any wind and rain had really died down so. These people and marked differences between 21 and -- 21 and Tyler. Lottery at one location not much the other so at some of these spots within the storm to be pretty localized. As far as how much rain you're getting at what kind of intensity you're getting with this storm that continue to drive them further toward downtown Wichita right now I'm near -- -- And made some moderate thundershower at this point the rain has really let up. And I'm not seeing much wind at all here along ball hard and the political -- -- -- dead and lightning. I've talked pretty little cloud to ground strike obviously north east of the central counties -- But doesn't seem -- -- -- -- lightning in the area to put them further our driving into court downtown Wichita. The rain has let up. The National Weather Service in new chicken which -- dies you heard it they extended that severe thunderstorm warning until 11:45. PM tonight. Let's go now to you can't SS storm tracker 110 we have Drew Stanton on the line drew what do you see out there. And there are just shop it's immediately strategies and you -- -- We're at. Zeroed in the first street -- And that it's imperative that -- greater. Oh we just -- the plane that was a total purse so there are some strong winds out here it looked definitely his cutter wrapped up and it did its. So. Right now -- -- ericsson's armed north limb. We entered -- aliens can hurt them any technical side hill. Down to dislocation. That looked like this -- tell -- to the south of us. -- -- -- -- Vital area just what they're in the Norwood Jerry like that Tony. Has sent earlier. But they're currently we are -- heavy heavy rain. Heavy lightning. You know he'll have the momentum that we -- on its nickel sized hail. And it's -- -- trampoline blown into the ditch problem not a hundred feet. The few hundred feet from where it was next how I'll. -- Currently in port land. Pouring rain no hail at the moment. But look at itself. From there at first street and all she wrote this is a Star Trek once since. Yourself. Thanks drew we go now to. Kate -- whether -- we have a Haley Schulman honest with us today Haley woody got. Well we are continuing to watch these thunderstorms pushed to the north into the east they are. Are approaching metro Wichita the main wind -- is going to be right now from Intel down towards Goddard in Clearwater. These storms pushing to the north and to the -- not only are we worried about the wind damage but we're also worried about the potential for large hail. Larger than quarter sized hail has been reported with this particular south we also have another little thunderstorm. Just to the south of said to -- -- senator your Park City in this is pushing to the north into the east as well now the weather service has. Continued this severe thunderstorm warning for Sedgwick county until 11:45. PM. Four they -- in wind threat with these particular thunderstorms will be your monitoring the situation. Here on K knees and meteorologist militia -- in the cake and whether Vioxx. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We refuse this business severe thunderstorm warning. We have meteorologist mark -- at the weather channel mark what do you see out there. Well well the obvious stuff all might heading into looks like in this southwestern. And bill western Sedgwick county right now looks like it's down toward the vehicle like after an area. Self of that treaty and a rapidly approaching the viola and Clearwater areas. As the other folks from can accept a minute ago looks like the main when threat that's going to be kicking up. It's from Clearwater to about the other Goddard area up towards -- and -- here in the actual bit that's where you can expect to -- An experienced X 67 mile per hour winds. And a moderate thundershower of course over the city -- -- looks like it's beginning to look move on through looks like northeastern portions of Wichita and the bell player. Likely getting heaviest rain. And so -- some currently decent lightning ended a moderate thundershowers right now this area this cluster of storms extends from. And northeastern north central Wichita on down towards areas east of the canal route to down to the I want 35 and 35 junction. Right into the derby area remember we mentioned that it Serbian -- they were going to be taking a little bit here. And now it appears that some heavier activity has moved -- into the derby and moldy in areas -- possibly still moderate rank. And some some likening. Accompanying -- Moderate thundershowers right now. The big the other big -- if you will continues to -- There's a cluster of storms that yes as a peer to die down a little bit but still packing up potential wallop was some larger scale some sixty to seventy mile an hour wind -- we -- some. A quarter sized hail and golf ball sized tale out of western -- capping it with a storm earlier. It now appears to a weakened just a bit and maybe contracted in terms of where the heaviest stuff is. The storm has has kind of contracted it upon itself a little bit but. Books and -- viola and a Clearwater areas of conflict -- -- -- going to be taking a hit here in the next few minutes. Some activity some fairly strong activity up in the garden plain and at Goddard area but the -- stuff says this appears to move to the east and a bit too the southeast at times it appears the heaviest that a lot of this is going to be if it continues on its present track. Into the south Wichita area. Haynesville derby and -- saying. Again business activity continues to the east to make -- a little bit of the southeast we're just gonna have to kind of watch it and wait and see is it -- moves on through but. Heaviest stuff but I do bettering Sedgwick county now the southwestern said we cannot. And making steady progress eastward as we think about 35 to up forty miles an hour so on let's watch it and was just got to keep watch here is -- moves -- -- and -- Thanks -- that's a meteorologist mark woolsey's at the national -- excuse me at the weather senator. The weather channel let's go now to a storm tracker 120 Ted Woodward out there Ted what he's seen. Andrew I've heard on -- 42. Tough but -- -- out the -- -- university. Heading -- Generally in the Clearwater area it would have been mentioned. But so are of reporters out there worked Edwards led the race has basically stopped in this part. We county and city -- not getting getting ready not at all. And can't detect much wind at the moment either just have. Watching the western horizon in itself let and that's where we're getting some intense lightning of course that's where this -- storm is reenergize the. And we're seeing him -- more intense part of dorm once again it would seem tonight. We will watch it coming in from the left and the southwest so we're going to this process again as we're watching another round of storms approached the metro area from the the last stand itself what time it -- 42 of the West Street. Where's the rain has stopped. Not see -- -- and just watching another storm approaching in the Detroit area from my the last in the southwest of there it audio look at luddite feet. The didn't see you blowing a little bit still out of the northwest so we're getting admitted it's not. Very dusty -- may be around that 20/20 five miles per hour but they're not getting -- -- -- we were earlier but I would say that some of that lightning still off. Little further to the left the south less so this storm is on its way and get -- a strong track 120 step Woodward. And. The National Weather Service and in which it -- issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern harper counting. Eastern Kingman county southwestern Reno counting in Cedric county and northern Sumner county in south central Kansas. This is gonna last until 11:45. PM tonight. At 10:38 PM the National Weather Service meteorologist for tracking a severe thunderstorm. People producing quarter size hail and damaging winds in excess of sixty miles per hour storm was located seven miles northeast of nor which. Or 21 miles south east of -- And moving east at thirty miles per hour this morning replaces the previous severe thunderstorm warning. In effect for the warned areas let's go now to storm tracker 102 Stewart had Ed Stewart. Is there anything new you see out there. Archer right now I turn our -- and arms still carrying -- I'm -- -- areas were. Pretty much be impact this storm is gonna. And to promote the the fact Russia under I ninety at all on -- -- Wimbledon -- And not just try to Tory candidate ABA. Underground logic right to optimize stop me eat. I've looked like it was pretty much admired not in my backyard I think that's -- in my help promote or I'm located right now. In the first -- he'd parking lot and on the yacht southeast corner of Kellogg and -- -- united. Right now here at that location just get a martyr arrange our. I haven't experienced any -- I and that any of the storm permanent -- I was excited Jenny area. Actually checked the record is a few minutes ago actually spotlights out so quick look at the radar. And out this storm is impacting the western part daughter. And the western part of the city it would start here and it maybe five minutes show the heaviest part of the storm anyway and now that the Arctic. Our club -- he's actually got hard picked up quite a bit. And I start to get a few more shots that cloud to ground lightning India. In the area is -- such storms start to re intensify. Is it to me off to -- to not play thirty mile an -- and I didn't do any of the weekend. Look that secondary gets front that I saw. About maybe ten to fifteen minutes ago. Actually move around ten -- north regard. About search for -- kind of get a good vantage point of that storm and then now that it. 28. A little bit by the lightning on the northern escape or north what applications either. Rhino in the city -- get a moderate range are they're probably may -- at Torrey or it up on our way in the lot of the -- in the last. -- gonna anger on this very and wait for the most impact this storm that moves off to the into the seat which struck. SS storm tracker water to our experts at a record. Thanks to. That's Stewart had a storm tracker one -- to. We go now again Q Tony do sing in the news studio Tony what he's saying well we're just listening monitoring and scanner traffic can you and notes from the National Weather Service. Fired from second on a possible fire around the airport and nineteenth street -- and a 103 street south possibly something around the airport. They're looking at that right now it could be. Could be down weather related to all essence looking into that. As far as the rest of the city which it's it's pretty normal as he storms start come through. It it doesn't look as we look at the radar the Harvey county warning has been and -- allowed to expire canceled -- -- So that part of the storm up in the northern parts of Cedric county up until Harvey county which is just -- the best. That's storms pretty weak it's it's it's. Who lessened in intensity. But we're still looking at the storms that are moving in from Kingman Reno county southern Reno northern came in eastern Kingman county their own coming right into this as we cannons and still. Fairly strong salads bringing in. Some heavy rain it is had a history. We don't have that now but it did have a history. Of some large hail so we are not see that write -- and counting but in east and now western. Kingman county. It had this particular cell -- still formed together and heading towards it is in western to do can they did have some history of marginal so continue to watch that. As a move along but as far as city which saw on the metro area please fire we're keeping an ear open. And there were if we hear very reports have been damaged things like that will bring the team -- to a that's what we've got right down the studio at 1055 back to you Andrew. Thanks Tony. Right now words we're gonna go to the -- -- whether -- we have Haley showman. -- thinking -- we are continuing to watch these thunderstorms out in western Sedgwick county these are pushing to the north into the east. Right -- in DL Goddard down towards Clearwater and Cheney that's overseen the heaviest rainfall. As well as the frequent lightning and potential for some large hail. Up to about quarter size the more importantly what we are worried about is going to be the straight line wind gusts in excess of about sixty to seventy miles per hour. Along the leading edge of these thunderstorm complex. From valley center down towards Park City. Just to the west of Wichita McConnell air force base this is where we're seeing the potential. -- be strong wind gusts we have had reports in its first thing count me. -- thunderstorm we got -- that 62 miles per hour this is all associated with the same particular -- up once again the main threats are going to be the large hail. In the wind they have continued the severe thunderstorm warning until 1145. This evening it's pushing to the northeast at about twenty to 25 miles per hour I'm meteorologist he initial in the cake and whether bucks. Thanks -- And do everything instant. All right time now to go to storm tracker 10. 110. Drew Stanton drew is there anything you see. Coming up out there. -- Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning -- -- this business severe thunderstorm warning. Lightning is very much a part of severe thunderstorms. And average of eighty people are killed by lightning each year in the United States. If there's a lot of lightning and thunderstorm move indoors and stay away from windows. Avoid using electrical appliances and use the telephone only in an emergency. If you're caught outside during a lightning storm stay away from isolated objects like trees are towers. If your voting or swimming get to land and find an enclosed shelter immediately. If you're driving stain your vehicle. And a closed car or truck offers reasonable protection from lightning as long as you do not touch the metal. This is chance days with the National Weather Service in Wichita. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning yeah. We -- this business severe thunderstorm. The National Weather Service in which guys issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern harper county in south central Kansas. Eastern king -- -- southeastern -- Cedric county and northern Sumner county. Until 11:45. PM tonight what time now let's go to another one of our storm trackers let's go to us. Storm -- 120 Ted what words. -- what he is seen. -- -- -- That is the that the plant that Cooper and K 42. We're getting is very light rain is if at all they were getting wind picking up millions -- it's it's dusty. I would say sometimes even -- to look around 4045 mile per hour but not consistent -- -- for a little bit mental side down again so. It's not like little -- front were just -- through all wanted and -- it sustained get. But it's -- you know once in awhile we get them. Forty or forty I'm honored guest and it -- back down again much much cooler. Temperatures and we certainly had earlier. It that this breeze it's going through now it's very very cool so it's will contrast to the high nineties we had earlier today when it got pretty -- there and then game not. Here it goes south let's switch atop the that's the planet we're getting occasional gusts of that's 4045 miles per out of the northwest. Are still getting lots of -- club like being the most that seems to still be off Morton that. Southwest of my location. And the rain is light at this location in south west Wichita at this moment. Get it SS Star Trek once one can southwest Wichita at the that's the -- -- this instead -- -- All right thanks standing. The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern harping counting. Eastern Kingman county and southeastern Reno county. Cedric Downey and some are counting until 11:45 PM. At 10:38 PM National Weather Service that was tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing quarter sized hail. And damaging winds in excess of sixty miles per hour storm located seven miles northeast of Norway two or 21 miles southeast of Kingman. And moving east at thirty miles per hour this morning replaces the previous severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the warned areas. Time now do you go to storm tracker 102 Stewart had it. Stewart is there anything new you see out there. Well actually handed to your question terrain here and daughter got hotter right now extreme what Kellogg is that my current location -- you're not necessary. The terrain and actually picked after it last -- five or ten minutes. At probably the bulk of the storm that was actually select the my location. I'll -- energy. But it created McGinty the stupid Goddard right now. Get a really really good deal or. -- -- and out of north the west they're all about territory by the thirty mile an hour. I haven't had any hail out of any of these orbit and they're the western part of our hero David last hour -- so I haven't experienced any -- at all. I know larger them that they got pay a nickel by -- their location. I Iraq fifteen minutes ago right now -- -- underground -- -- -- rather than actually that's starting to intensify. -- PL like Ed mentioned -- the heaviest part of this the lap belt hopefully. Moved into the city Goddard artillery and east into the western part about Wichita and not be the downtown area. And also the wind continues to glow about point five maybe thirty ball are always fortieth top. As the outrage continues to all here in the big daughter. Some of the ditches. Law I heard -- ninth street start to get pulled up rather quickly and -- ground it's -- a brief -- saturated from the flooding rain that we got here the other night out storage that you knew was -- Got the -- here and it carried it. If at all lot of car a lot of cold in the area that we're gonna watch destroy our visit to. Well it's good area and that -- -- -- that back in noted that but would it daughter. Candidate that storm tracker 102. Undernourished electric jolt -- -- -- Student. You're listening operation storm watch on it news radio thirteen thirty -- Cecil simulcast coverage on FM one out three point seven. KEY and let's now go to. Storm tracker one -- Drew Stanton and drew IDC. Standard we are on a 111 street now. It's just east of final. Power act on the road to next violent clear waters together. -- about three RD and final last it is pretty heavily -- the cloud to ground -- is security threats that the here -- -- but. Don't go outside a lot just store because there's just sent them all purple purple. Straight two out. Iqbal they're just several starts -- bite into under -- -- our locations. Where every. East on 111 street. Almost particularly Clearwater I. We see that there's. Just silly piece of our possibly. Blood disorders but pretty ugly it's -- it. -- out some wins. About their dirty pop art like Stewart set up from the -- area. Let's our location maybe 45 to thirty miles are out the door for the possibly reaching forty miles out. Act and it seems -- be -- attention are a lot -- On. On the I don't know on the street right now -- and images -- brain and really. Well looks like we -- drew there that's Idrees -- and storm tracker 110. The National Weather Service has canceled. Let's see here the thunderstorm warning for Kingman and southeastern. Reno county is. Again in the severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern harper eastern king and in southeastern Reno counties has been canceled. And the severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect for Cedric and northern Sumner counties until 11:45. PM tonight. Again a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for Cedric and it northern Sumner counties until 1145. And the severe thunderstorm warning for north eastern harper eastern Kingman in southeastern Marino counties has been canceled. Let's side check in with Tony do sing in the newsroom and Tony. Yeah our continue to monitor scanners -- say -- who listens to. The fire in the airport area. There is a better report of a fires sound familiar coroner trying to find itself. It's possible as this little spark or some online he hit down there -- so doesn't it doesn't sound like exiting severe at this point. As far as the storm as it's moved again as you said. Most of the storm -- is is in as Cedric county it's it's. Really as I look at the radar it's pretty much just moved down. -- is came instruments currently ranked -- still has Raman is very light it's lighter non severe type of brain. Them them main sell this storm that we've been looking that is. Is insider account is a little bit and Sumner county to said the warning really is for. Illness said we counting them and most of Sumner county and continues to move to these eventual handover into Butler county. We're watching. Do staff and in this storm tracker once again. And I were watching him on the can't SS radio dot com website click on storm trackers you can see live video there. I can even get some current conditions out in Kingman temperatures right now around 66. Where which -- are still around 7881. Before the storm gets to and so. There's a difference there at least 101214 degrees as the storm moves in and you heard our storm -- talked to us specially Ted -- tell us. Now that. The temperatures seem to drop a bit so as the storm moves through. I expect about a ten degree temperature dropped as it moves through the area. No other a major our reports to bring to you we checked with west are there's only about a 190 people without power or some customer outages in the Centre county area. There are a little more reports in the Celine county area torso line is that they're getting some. Pretty good damage from some other a different -- of storms that moved through up there. And then about 2000 people without power but they've had few tree limbs that come down this is again -- county or some lineup that's. About an hour hour and half north of us here -- it's not so we'll continue to watch things in reports as we. Get anymore information. Let's take one more thing near Sumner county. We're looking had measured gas wind gusts of about 56 miles per hour. He -- Sumner county and so we'll continue to watch things will report back to you as we get more information. He and the I can't SS newsroom Tony dissing -- you Andrew. Thanks Tony. The National Weather Service. Issued a severe thunderstorm warning for western Cedric county it's gonna remain in effect until 11:15. PM that's for western Cedric Downey. Again the rest of Cedric Downey is NN severe thunderstorm warning until 11:45. PM tonight. With northern Sumner county with that. Now the thunderstorm warnings for northeastern harper eastern -- minute in the southeastern Reno counties have been canceled. Let's now check in this Ted Woodward storm tracker 120. Ted what do you see out there. Right hander I've outlook that it that the plant and and -- out in note circling the perimeter of the airport right now I'm on Tyler road along the west side of -- -- summit -- airports and leave the airport. And protect the public golf course and let me tell you and there are all lightning -- Everywhere I just saw lightning bolt probably struck the war on the airport ground. The a couple of huge lightning bolt. Just stopped in my lap. Are over to the -- the my location so. Along with Tyler reporter I've iPad lightning -- do this. She's like being told pop for the last and they are close it we're getting them. Big -- of lightning here in the it would comment on an airport area but Wichita plot to get an extremely. Heavy rain. I've been driving along the road order here by the airport. Very very heavy rain it's at this time -- night that makes travel. Sort of difficult it doesn't it -- net great. -- somewhat light and the military to. And and did that with all the heavy rain it it's slow going on the roadways someplace that. That they would his party. It's -- it down at 840 Q&A. Tyler it was very very heavy -- -- Larry that's like here in the west -- on terrorism which probably got an airport. I approached Tyler and and Derek Kellogg the -- did not -- either one pulled further to the doubt that pretty heavy hitting it pretty yet heavy. Thunderstorm that part of Wichita right now lots of lightning. That the big lightning. Bolt. To ground lightning bolt and it's not trying to mitigate some wind up. Not the lot of wind so right now let's switch atop very heavy rain it'll lots of lightning. India area which comet got an airport particularly its pilot get -- -- -- like -- want to -- that would work. Thanks Ted and Ted -- storm tracker one. Pointing have a National Weather Service in Wichita has issued a severe thunderstorm warning from Butler Tony and it Paoli county in south central Kansas. Until 12:15 AM. That joins us with the as severe thunderstorm warning before Cedric and northern Sumner counties until 11:45. PM. Time now to take a look at storm tracker 102 as Stewart had -- Stewart is there anything new out there. Well it the rank and picnic continue to call. Here actually guard actually -- my location. Just the north the -- Goddard get a little late. I'm actually he had the city yard. About a quarter Ramallah or so north about Kellogg. Under nine point streak in the rain continued to all actually had to let out and about maybe forty to 45 minutes. And it the bulk of the storm now probably -- to Lisa Goddard and now -- to via -- Wichita. Near -- do north of the airport not point -- on average or the heaviest part of the storm probably right now. An electorate and area that they experienced that but -- nick I think he'll. But their location you're -- thirty minutes ago that these storm that mobility area I haven't got any -- whatsoever -- -- a lot of weight and I doubt about it -- -- on our -- and got about an hour so go near -- 250 street lactic Kellogg. That was on not the first part of the chilled crowd that came through after the absolute joke about recruit. And then now got about a review ordered by the people on our -- got about thirty minutes later. It via packets storm which is on currently over the city of Goddard -- into the area. But I'd just get. Well against their range chart here that location and had a crop to crop lightly and it still intense. I really haven't seen any cloud to ground like -- -- and document. Or I'm gonna watch this this storm -- -- city Goddard. And now I checked the greater -- just minutes ago. And now looks like -- majority -- programs actually started -- out a little bit it moves farther to the east. I see other warning possibly for the western part of secretary albeit gentle human at early. Without this storm duty to die out the -- -- probably can't -- -- -- before 1145. It is sparked in part to die out. Newt -- recently it would start. It has that Star Trek or what that you watch your head about. Oh. You're listening operation storm watch on news radio thirteen thirty can SS societal cast coverage on FM 103 point seven KEY and I'm Andrew handling it we're gonna go to drew the seven storm tracker one intend drew why do you see anything new out there. Everywhere we can actually calmer waters and it looked like it just step toward our brain with. There at main street W -- boxes. Just. -- And water several areas that and it's probably just normal flooding from that area. But -- we are now just east. Clearwater heading -- Serbia area. And daddy's little period secede if we can't tell what the rest of EP part of this store the lightening it still billowing not a particularly top of the war but I mean. There's a lot to be desired because it's it's pretty -- still. We are and east we -- Marines we we haven't seen this you know what we saw earlier like Stewart -- this publicly. Somewhat dry out a little bit. -- doesn't have the heavy rain and -- out there. How we get -- some -- common ground that would indicate possibility of hail maybe maybe some wind. Lucked out we didn't irony is that what -- Clearwater. Let our on the south. South so southwest portion of the city toward the Serb -- of the tiny piece. Just decent or water about three or four miles take Ortiz still getting back -- -- support grain. When did you know it's just almost like a typical interest -- that's one of the thirty mile an hour out of the war. I'm not certain that the lightning is still intense. And I share share Stewart's comments at this talk can be on just. Very very spectacular light show at this point without force or crackle wants their doctors that. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We -- this business severe thunderstorm warning. This is chance days meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wichita. Thunderstorms can't produce winds of over 100 miles per hour. Wins like this can overturned mobile homes turn the roofs off of homes and buildings and can operate trees. During a thunderstorm warning stay inside and away from windows a basement is the best defense for the powerful winds have a severe thunderstorm. Thunderstorms can also produced hail the size of soft balls. People and animals can't be injured in such hail storms. For your safety avoid the outdoors and moved to a bathroom or the interior portion of a building. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. -- -- this business soon here. Thunderstorm warning. There was an operation storm watch -- news radio thirteen thirty can -- -- simulcast coverage on FM one a three point seven KEY and let's check into the newsroom with Tony dissing. Yes Andrew -- continue to watch things see here in the newsroom as far as that pay any attention to what's going on things scanner traffic you have injury accident killing Nelson right now being worked killing outside injury accident there. Storm is actually -- the city of what's to we look at the radar we're seeing the main part of the storm is in the western part of Sedgwick county or I'm sorry western part of the city of what stuff. We had some rain and they'll -- some light rain that's gonna come through in some wins have come through. But the main part of this storm is actually just south of 54. And it's going to expand. South Africa for on the west side of Wichita. On down into he's bell and then even on south and -- plane. As it continues to move to these little effect derby mall's main. And those areas. Again the main part of the storm these these these severe part of the storm is. Right now is on the southern part of US today for how locked. Now that being said there's clearly a step above the sea floor. And the warning is for all of Sedgwick county so we continue to watch as we move through. We're different things like severe hail large hail or negative reports of that we -- imports of the highway and -- characteristics of higher -- with the storm. And we're seeing a lot of lining enlightening so like crazy you can actually see some live video K in -- radio dot com we go to the storm tracker link. And procedures staff them with the Kansas twisters dot com when they're gonna. So you what it looks like you -- like well okay it's darkened night how warm and CDC some you can see the lightning flashes. You can see them I can see right now what can -- is that are driving down the street had towards the derby Gainesville area. You could certainly see him going through now. This storm is actually I've come through the end city all of which Tom midsection it is now entering into the eastern part of which -- We're we're now getting. Now we're getting some very small hail and -- studios where he first it would on very small you're not very big which is good. And the rain has picked up on the side towards when he first went on and it's just now hitting our area. We'll continue to listen to the scanners can be any more information on major outages as far as what stars concern. About 224 people without power in the east Sedgwick county area which is actually really good. -- -- -- four storm like this when it comes through. That's not very that's not very bad at all. India and center I'll keep you updated Tony dissing thank you Andrew thanks Tony. Time -- to go to the storm tracker 120 Ted what word out in the field Ted what do you -- Biden doesn't surprise me here Tony -- some -- the more -- parts of the farmer south of -- it before that try had. The most intense impart this storm I had a few minutes ago down near -- 42 and Tyler just outlet to the airport. Very very heavy rain that location like I'm more toward Kellogg in Tyler. And and the that we got heavy rain for several minutes it seemed to let up at the last minute or two it I would call a moderate right now instead of heavy. Absolutely no wind at all here at Kellogg and Tyler those teachers is mean until the wind not blowing at all. And at least -- light -- -- -- -- the boards and parts the lightning are now more toward downtown Wichita and and the off to the south southeast of dislocation. So I looked -- especially opposite. South southeast so looks like more intense part that storm may be like because Tony was saying down there may -- -- altered his bill. Then towards the city of Wichita that. We're getting moderates are here in west Wichita but like Tony was saying I think it appears that -- more intense parts of the storm are now are. -- off to the south southeast. And and towards city Wichita in a parking lot here -- Tyler and I'm watching -- support critter crawl across that. The parking lot and the way it's moving I'm pretty sure it's a little frog so -- At the top political fallout would rather flopped so walker. And that it looked like Google guys got to just across the parking lot enjoying giggling from on the -- we got a lot of water here in west Wichita. Frogs are -- -- as that storm tracker once wanted to -- Woodward. Thanks -- We go now to a new storm tracker we haven't had in yet tonight it's -- chambers storm tracker 113. Jab woody got. -- Broadway and MacArthur right targets got some hefty grain. Rick is due south which is -- to a little bit ago now we get locked wrote fighting that side street pretty much golf hole with water. So basically just a lot of -- that your people spectacular lightning actually does look. Stop a little bit toward the debt that I'm -- show -- but the thing is is that a lot of water to -- part of town. We didn't send out moderate there really hasn't been anything all that. We don't seem to limbs down to beat the street going around that much it's adult. Lot of water in storm trackers who tried to get QB's broad here you remembered. We'll give that we need to roadway hit the road completely flooded out you'll probably want to turn completely irrelevant. The other directions plot that broke flooding here in south -- Wichita. The current MacArthur and partly storm -- what thirteen more I get younger we'll. I began thinking that storm tracker 113 -- chambers. The National Weather Service. Is issued. Thunderstorm warning for Cedric in northern Sumner counties until 11:45. PM tonight that's all of Cedric and I just northern Sumner county's. Until 11:45. PM tonight. The thunderstorm warnings from northeastern -- eastern Kingman in southeastern Reno's counties have expired. Time now let's take a look with Stewart had a storm tracker 10 two's Stewart what do you see out there. Art Harris thank you very righthander -- cracked in about parents say their daughter is -- -- and I can actually see -- backed into this storm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here in the city of Goddard the -- actually let up quite a bit that compared to what a larger rob maybe ten minutes ago. I'm actually trying to see another or -- caught trying to develop -- my east as I'm sitting here in the first street parking lot facing east. I watched the storm is that moved out of the city of targeted the city of Wichita. Unless you're in the western parts of the city may get a little bit -- get out of this thirty side the remote -- BB fifty. That moved into your area especially on the east count. Expect lot of heavy rain -- that I haven't encountered any hail. Any of these storms ties him -- at that moved through the -- No Durham county have -- down the southern part of China where they are and not take -- may have experienced that's a little earlier I could be wrong. But right now here's the figures in the light rain jar and breeze coming out of the north apart attend a team all America so -- you've definitely got plucked off quite a bit. Compared to what -- -- -- -- -- -- money ball there ought to be -- north east my location because they are here at its very first few minutes and not see -- that a warning to cancel early. That spoke to expert here let reflect -- can attest darker water to investigate guard aristocratic -- Thanks Stuart that's Stewart had a storm tracker 102. The National Weather Service has issued a -- thunderstorm warning for Cedric and northern Sumner -- it'll remain in effect until 1145. The storm seems to be a weakening a little bit but -- as it moves on the east. We the have the National Weather Service has issued a couple more thunderstorm warnings for a Butler county -- Paoli county until 12:15 AM tonight. But right now we are still -- a severe thunderstorm warning in here and -- counting Intel 11:45. PM. Tonight. It's a severe thunderstorm. We -- This -- severe thunderstorm warning all thunderstorms are dangerous every thunderstorm produces lightning in the United States an average of 300 people are injured and eighty people are killed each year by lightning although most lightning victim survive people struck by lightning often report a variety of long term debilitating symptoms other associated dangers of thunderstorms include tornadoes strong winds hail and flash flooding. Flash flooding is responsible for more fatalities more than 140 annually than any other thunderstorm associated hazard. All thunderstorms are dangerous in an open area go to a -- place such as the ravine or valley be alert for flash floods. And open water get to land and find shelter immediately. Anywhere you feel your hair stand on end which indicates that lightning is about to strike. Squat low to the ground on the balls of your feet place your hands over your ears and your head between your -- make yourself the smallest target possible and minimize your contact to the ground. Do not lie flat on the ground. -- notice there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We -- this business severe thunderstorm warning. You listen and operations on much on news radio thirteen thirty can SS was simulcast coverage. On FM 103 point 71 and let's check back in with Tony do you sing in the new studio Tony -- anything new out there well we're all getting. Reported a house fire 1000 block of north custer's so police fire out the area of 1000 north Custer. And injury accident -- and hillsides. In that area there. Pretty nice actually for the city of which tell our -- through as we getting some heavy rain moving through the main part of his store. Is right in the center which -- As far north this Park City as far south fans down towards -- vein. -- -- getting the brunt of the storm. It's. Moving to the east and moving directly to these temperatures outside or anywhere around 67 they were looking at them -- semifinal round wins. As asthma storm continues to move through this sign -- a bit and that's good you know warnings still in effect elsewhere essentially counting. And we'll stay on the air until Leo warning has been lifted forces were counting. And -- storm again is moving towards the east we our -- in touch with west star and not very many power outages 250 about. That's where we're -- there. A little more worse though and Celine county around the Salina area where they've gotten just under 3000 people. Without power in an area that has about 45000. People. That are served with electricity -- We've got a little bit war damage up in that area as far as so wind gusts and some tree limbs that come down pulled down and power lines. We'll keep you updated -- other information we have to pass long tube in the newsroom -- Tony -- back mantra. Thanks Tony. But size check in with a cake gland whether plaques we have Haley showman on the line Haley. Well it sure does look like the heaviest rain at this point has pushed to the east of metro which -- now near the end Dover area down towards McConnell air force. Also rose hill in derby you're seeing the heaviest rain at this time we're seeing any of lightning outside as well. Now we continue with the potential of up to quarter site -- but more importantly what we're seen in the report continue to come in the evening. Of these damaging wind gusts in excess of about sixty to possibly even seventy miles per hour. And this is gonna be along the leading edge. Of the thunderstorm complex complex the good news is the leading edge is pushing out of Sedgwick county at this time. These storms are moving to the north into the -- out about twenty to thirty miles per hour. So which topped it looks like the heaviest rain is over for you -- you do live in metro which topic this rounding areas especially northeast which talk. And further to the east in Dover and got. Down towards rose hill and derby -- think you are seeing the heaviest rainfall at this time we continue to monitor this -- severe thunderstorm. As it does remain in effect for quite a bit longer at this point I'm meteorologist initial in the cake -- with the -- -- -- You're listening now operation storm watch on news radio thirteen thirty -- Cecil simulcast coverage on FM 103 point 71 man. Let's side check in with -- storm tracker 113 it jab at chambers Jad what do you see out there. Straight out and all of her at my -- and that's not bad drug -- all over your court that that he derby. It's seeing that evidence of -- that a lot of heavy rain which is that bastard it's area. The rain is lightning here in this area as the storm continues to have -- -- for the east Israeli -- a little -- again out. Still getting a light to moderate brain. Oh look your -- -- you know long Oliver. That drive along the the roads are very old water I think at this point that's going to be one of the -- serious issues that distorted that we got. A lot of -- over fairly short amount of time. And so deep that roads -- gonna be a pretty much full the brain right now also. Can be sent that you're gonna wanna keep an eye on -- at least that the next while while the storm out pushes. Eastward and out of picture county but that value in the south particularly we have seen a lot of rain. I've yet seen the kill but that we. We're we're getting reports so let's all -- earlier. In this storm approaching this you derby on all of current storm tracker 113 subject schubert's. The extent that storm tracker 113 and Shanda. Chambers. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning yeah. We repeat this here's a severe funders. Let's check in with storm tracker 120 Ted Woodward Ted what do you see out there. And there have been driving on the -- order all the Orleans in the -- -- found out -- that at Kellogg at hillside. A moderate to heavy thundershower at this point. So seeing the more intense parts of the lightning off to lying north and east. Like there's pretty intense -- over the northeast part of Wichita right now. And not detecting much -- didn't at all and I've not seen any like Stewart I have not a -- -- any sale at all in my driving around tonight. -- -- Come to beat -- with these storms of another very frequent lightning and also pride I think the more fires in the Wichita area. But that talent on Kellogg now that a couple of I don't play any issues even going -- the speed limit sometimes that. We cannot possibly be up compositing on the road weight back right to a dangerous situation on. Eked -- Kellogg. I was driving along. In the inside playing just passed the IT 35 -- there. Across the huge -- water totaling sixty mile an hour at the time. And it have to hit the brakes and tiger played pretty badly but it could -- the department of water there on the inside play and he just could not -- it was that. Dark part of Hollywood lit very well -- this -- on sixty so. -- -- -- -- Into the park started well lit. And -- -- has so much rain now you're going to see some of the continent -- on the inside the right side Adelaide comes. -- -- -- Particularly the end try to avoid the accident and then does this rainstorm and the beast called deed goes through the Wichita area I'm right now -- Kellogg -- And don't -- Obama. Do you moderate thundershower right now the wind lots of product spotlight in the areas well until the board and start sliding off to the north east to get -- SS storm tracker -- to wanted to that would work. Oh. You're assuming that operations Almonte ten news radio thirteen thirty -- Cecil simulcast coverage on FM 103 point seven. KEY and we are in a severe thunderstorm warning Cedric county until 1145. Minutes is about thirteen minutes left in of that. We'll see if they extended or not. Hey that's also in northern Sumner county is also in a thunderstorm warning until 1145. And let's go now to storm tracker one and 110 it Drew Stanton drew what do you see out there. You can do we're just. -- storage -- broadly air here. We. USA you want her Broadway into our. -- on the not just 47 street gratitude some bonding on the side of the -- -- to the player too tired of playing -- tonight. The dollar range fall. Currently we're getting 47 approaching. Hydraulic. And -- lightly -- -- east we are you know light Green that little land. Current and historic ignited by lightning in and it looks like the leading candidates. -- -- -- -- But the leading -- into the Butler carrying area with a win. But -- we're heading east on 47 street. We definitely see I regret so a lot of rainfall. -- typical low lying area the street flooding. Will be. A primary threat just like Jack mentioned. It. As we Andy. -- called here south Wichita. Which some life into the -- Not a lot of land. You -- an electric saw out the western part of the county. Just seems like a really really -- rainstorm at this point it was a lot of life. He's -- mass storm tracker once and then shot what's. Stephanie. -- -- That storm tracker one Tenet Drew Stanton. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We -- this business severe thunderstorm warning. Some of the most severe thunderstorms occur when a single thunderstorm affects one location for an extended time. Thunderstorms typically produce a heavy rain for a brief period anywhere from thirty minutes when our warm humid conditions are highly favorable for thunderstorm development about 10% of thunderstorms are classified as severe one that produces -- at least one inch in diameter has winds of 58 miles per hour or higher or produces a tornado. And Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning yeah. We -- this businesses here. Thunderstorm warning. You listening operations storm watch on news radio thirteen 32 and SS with simulcast coverage on FM 103 point seven. KEY and time now to check in with storm tracker 113 it Janet chambers -- what do you see out there. All right that's just a lot of -- I'm 63 street south that just a little bit. And -- the city of derby here on 63 street -- after an event ninety ninth street east area. -- -- -- out of the county just getting the migrant. Basically well by -- storm but it. -- -- moves its way east and being the light that. In -- -- have been delighted that quite a bit that they. Except for we still got a lot of lightning -- mostly plastic -- -- -- that you concede that background it's. He -- up as well until that it would be something to watch out for the -- repeated yet. A lot of -- -- very short amount of time. And so there can be expected dope wrote on opinions flooding you're gonna -- lot of watch out especially in the construction areas. Those construction -- sometimes don't treated very well. But right now where just. On 63 street south here at each toward the county line is that taken a look at that the storm -- it several it's late. Out of fear roadways can pretty wet and slippery. That the the watch out for in this storm right now mostly just getting a little bit of light rain. Got just a bit of a breed them archived. Anything else except received a pretty spectacular. Lightning storm. At this point located mostly to the Easter pilot stationed at. After record 113. 63 street south east of Turkey and get cheaper. -- -- The National Weather Service. Has expired a -- here the severe thunderstorm warning for Cedric. And northern Sumner counties has been canceled the storm watch prompted the warning has weakened and moved out of the area. However gusty winds are still possible with this thunderstorm again. The National Weather Service has canceled the severe thunderstorm warning for Cedric and northern Sumner counties we take you now into regular programming. Operation storm watches -- production and -- NSS news. First coming here every season but accurate weather in her. When weather -- severe. You didn't radioed thirteen thirty K and this. But cycle pass coverage and -- them at 13 point seven. KE --