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Operation StormWatch on KNSS Jun 9, 2011

Jun 10, 2011|

Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings for Wichita

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Little tighter again and just do not see that hope it's starting to develop. And as -- -- -- a little bit tighter this has right along came 96 there were very concerned we got some -- chasers on the field keeping an Diana. And that's forget the other funnel cloud report earlier. And this is gonna roll towards the city of Wichita. And our fear is and read the National Weather Service is -- that tornado warnings. And good circulation here on radar and because the classic signature given the environment you gonna go ahead and issue that tornado warning the kind of expanded your little bit. And that set the scene for you what's going on -- features that you're seeing on the radar. This is what we call an outflow boundary basically this is the cool air from the thunderstorms that has been exhausted out here and it's showing up on the radar imagery well. That outflow for that rear flank downdraft. Is coming back into the thunderstorm in the place where they get suggested right in here is where we concerned about the tornado's gonna form. That's it right along came 96 south of Bentley for tornadoes gonna drop that's the location and we put this in motion over the past hour. And thunderstorms now moving to the right of the mean flow and that what kind of turning in on itself. So the potential for tornados continues. Right along came 96 about a mile north of -- 96 just to the south of Bentley and again because the movement here this is gonna take it. Kind of between Coleman and main source and around calling in tornado warning is be prepared released this thing develops a tornado to go to shelter. Also Bentley get ready for some hail of team. Baseball sizes under your area historically where every now are when a tornado warning is issued. Move quickly to a sheltered area and listen to a battery operated radio or television. For official instructions. All right there we go in his radio thirteen thirty Candace says this is operation storm watch a tornado warning has now been issued for northern Cedric county. And of course you need to be taking your tornado precautions and now. This is as severe storm that was issued for certainly counting and the southern no Harvey county nine is changed into a tornado warning so. We have -- as a storm trackers in the field let's check with the storm tracker 198 Tony just telling. There Greg we actually a position that we need to be able about a mile border but it'll be 600 looked at 135 we'll look at why ask these clouds. At the clouds. I have skiing down -- to show an IQE. A tornado and yeah well -- can keep the rain coming down to that might be able. Mike might take some people and they dictate that they're like it's quite a bit about laying coming down the clout. Clearly that -- called and I keep government won't change in the -- There while -- full of artists for the crowd and not create any formal I don't I don't know. But he filed -- they're out. For me I mean the trial could drop all the same and it is an. Delaware and very close -- on the -- Miles north of Bob -- -- -- look at -- at one point followed with a book that is until you actually stopped. If they won't go any farther. I'm being ignored but it's actually -- In art collection will actually think this ourselves that we don't get quite -- Or if they're becoming more than what it looks like right now what. Can people watch it's it's moving. I'm glad these idiots still on the black side of that -- -- pretty fine. Yeah it'll it'll. Okay. -- there you go to fund continues news radio at thirteen thirty can assess operation storm watch on the air we've got them multiple. Warning situation. We've got a severe thunderstorm warning is just now been issued for southern Sedgwick county that's on top of a tornado warning that is in effect now until 745. Afford northern his surgery county so. There is a great deal going on this afternoon. As we rolled through these severe thunderstorms trying to recap this Korea. Tornado warning. Is in effect until. 734. Harvey county and in northern said -- Johnny and they just as you heard issues severe thunderstorm warning in effect. Four southern centuries Tony Romo. Severe thunderstorms occur when a single thunderstorm affects one location for an extended time. Thunderstorms typically produce a heavy rain for a brief period anywhere from thirty minutes when our warm humid conditions are highly favorable for thunderstorm development about 10% of thunderstorms are classified as severe one that produces -- at least one inch in diameter as winds of 58 miles per hour or higher or produces a tornado. There's radio thirteen thirty can't SSR storm track measure in the field let's check with storm tracker when 53 Steve Macintosh. I haven't 1673. Wesson K 96 and I'm I'm afraid I'm right about underneath for all it's going on and it looks nasty intelligent. These smoke clouds are moving in several different directions at once right over to. Just to the north of K 96 there's a cloud moving to -- itself then there's another -- go to the north. And they were seeing a little bit of activity there. I think I'm right under the place where OJ -- should I sit I should not be so I'm gonna -- -- move out of here a minute but -- I've got a real good vantage point the wind has died down considerably. There's some very very light ready negative back to the -- the brain start to pick up another range start to pick up where I am on a 167. Street west. And -- 96 and again. Then -- straight up boy you can really see. Yeah it's very very visible there is a cloud right. To the north of me that is starting to turn a little bit and I'm gonna get back in the car and I think I'm gonna move out of the area because this doesn't look too good. -- -- -- -- West indicate 96 if you stay with -- just a little bit Craig. I'm -- look at this one of focusing in on this one cloud. That's just kind of rolled over and over. And it's scary it's you can do it seems like -- on May be watching it tornado at a lower price farming because that. Haven't seen this in several years it's just as thick clouds are low hanging. Other starting to turn to move a little bit India. I don't releasing what I would call a full come down out of it that on the other hand and there may be something going on here. Again -- 1996. And 167. Street west into that good visibility but there. There's a social folks stand outside their arm -- and keep an eye on the situation and they seem to. Pretty alarmed about a two we're starting to get some light rain now again though -- it is all but stopped and I think I may be looking at get. What Dave -- were talking about this dangerous situation here. Packing 86 to the north west of Wichita now out this forms of course the west to northwest part of which adult might be threatened by this now or trying to get all of port. In behind this adolescent very heavy rain and I'm afraid then gonna. Disciplined about visibility here I'm going to be policy very well but dead at this point. Again you know 86 and 167000. Orchestrated affair. -- -- -- -- In turning pro out of there and the definitely seeing what he called cloud rotation because it's going around in circles and everything -- rotation debate. I don't see anything dropping down out of it at this point it just like and oil there's there's also been given them but I can't call that a funnel it doesn't look like probably. At any rate -- in this spot where. Where gay writers said that we probably won't could see the tornado. And it looks to me like it's it's dry and it's trying to make some sort of a turbulence up they're starting to roll but at this point a healthy thing to do I would call funneling in doubt. Now again -- guess the question that poet John 96 -- You can see the rain is coming down in sheets over there is really coming down hard. And the danger is so a lot of Lisa harmful form like the little they -- a thunderstorm and you can't see them tornadoes so that's that's the other that you connect -- this. Now it looks like things are lightening up a little bit but I'm gonna move out of this situation to another place in their take another look at that again amateur. Getting -- six and 167. Street west. And those low hanging rolling clouds that kinda gone back up now and it looks like. And I exceeded the rolling like like a machine just a moment ago so. It could be -- all of the big east it is -- -- it's not that the dog on Barack Obama best I can tell you that right now but if you're in the northwest at. -- Cambodia today in the northern Cedric got to keep because that it could be coming your way. Else they in this area I'm gonna move to a place like a little safer. Just keep an eye on the situation right now at a 167 street blasting K 96 we have seen them so low hanging in the rolling clouds in the military about. Circulation of their potential I don't even have a cola bottle and looked like some heavy rain coming in all located some 96 entry itself. Okay basics and once 67 street blasting -- at least six storm tracker want to beat three -- Thank you Steve news radio thirteen thirty KM -- this is operation storm watch our storm trackers are in the field let's check was for try to -- 98 Tony do you see. That's correct how we are in the valley city Centre area. Are -- heart literally out. It would be quite and they got it into a -- -- erase them they'd be look at it and some upper. I can't believe that this this actually that particular celebrated towards maybe when it was an artillery. Don't let them have a report we are not we are seeing about the planet he was talking about this it's slightly -- location here. The lowering of the -- but nothing as far as that although album within these notes tornado that particular area. There are some people on this side of the road this site is. But like now it's just to blame all of course he has the clout looked -- Clouds are coming down that he's bringing holding the clout they'll look at it it. It's kind of out. Could put a picture I get ahead benefits are pleased the blatant holding the I'll think about what we're -- slowly build -- better not only help. So it was great definitely involved in this that are sold out that night I thought I'd better than me demonstrate our web more than into the county. Yeah I talked a worry quite simple ops -- point. Okay so the wind still blowing out that's got out what about an hour opted to sit and probably not got under way -- -- and -- win. A bullet itself which continue to watch these wild. It actually they look like that kind of cult optical -- so that's that their hair and dark. If you try to get a good look more toward the job felt more towards the east in the -- toxic material blues guy. Bella it is very we have only what you thought the civilian -- the format now. In about an area that you understand more -- same period probably -- everything that -- area. And again. These calls are showing locations in the week we are correct about you know rotation in the wild. All we're seeing it didn't look -- Nothing -- -- solid material that we are. Asked -- -- it shouldn't take covered Alcatel a tornado warning won't initiate war. Area of -- didn't -- part of that we can is that. You don't want to install tackle one nugget -- hidden valley center. We'll continue watch absolutely both being the only thing it's a couple -- yeah don't let it isn't okay and has yet. Night Tony thank you very much he's radio thirteen thirty KM -- this is operation storm watch we've got our storm trackers in the field and I have to say I'm kind of lost track where wee hours of -- storm tracker 110. Yes -- -- and and that -- and we are let's switch atop. We -- at center Tyler. Wednesday Macintosh on the air Europe I'd do boulevard and that's playing in the Arctic Arctic Waltz out the last. Pester -- over so education actually. We we were fired up -- we can't determine if there's reputation. But it's just were heading Lester -- -- central. Look at it yet act -- seventh but is just a picturesque. -- out there for awhile. The wind is blowing here looking to the north Austin central. Others desperate that lowering bad everybody's saying speeds location. And -- location valley center. But we're in between that Steve and chili's -- that -- a little bit south but outlook in the head back to the north to get a little closer to the store embassy. Investors -- -- these clouds but -- a definite classic case civil a walk out there where he was that. And the storm looks to be that is certainly slow. Very slow as a matter of fact. I'm not sure what to speed is -- storm yet but. In west Wichita. That now central Maine is going to -- north palm made a little bit to chief target closer to this storm. And tractors low hanging cloud that. -- is reporter on. Braves three and out west which stars are Terkel once again. This news -- tornado warning weirdness. This is a tornado warning this radio thirteen thirty KM -- is his operation storm watch artist innocent storm trackers are in the field let's check it was -- trigger 130 Brian Johnson Brian -- -- -- -- seeing right now. I -- still two models to north of China on all of her. And right now on notice that. And the four at large. Well clout has mostly dissipated except for the site and I am noticing the complex is rotating. What you but I -- there's a lot of raped at your feet -- not to the south the indicative that there are some I went coming out of that side of the store. Currently right now I don't -- unique thing that would look like a struggle unfortunately there is a lottery and the struggle we may not see it. Still seeing pretty healthy and flown to the storm. On the northern side of it and I think that's polluting -- a lot of people are seeing right now. As -- exit the entire complex and least -- as well cloud appears and it may be rotating slowly. I'm not seeing -- rotation and that one inflow area. Great back -- structure or 130 Brad Johnson has two miles north to teach. Our Brian thank you very much news radio thirteen thirty Canon says this is operation storm watch we have AF tornado warning is ineffective for northern said we counting our storm trackers are in the field storm tracker one -- Ted Woodward January and what are you seeing right this time. Correct I'm and your friends university in west Wichita and -- It is pretty carrier right now there isn't -- definitely. Arrange that he'd -- -- of that that part of the storm very intense often ignored what the city about a problem we'd really picking up here in the laughed. We're getting pretty frequent cloud to ground lightning strikes off to the left just pulled it seems like the -- of what street Wichita. And -- there's -- -- the possible on each side of the captain Brady he opted in northwest not rotating but obviously. A -- to the club based set that obviously -- -- to keep an eye on as you're watching it and then making sure that development is something that's. We're keeping an eye on the left side of Wichita Felix are affected it's still a lot seems a little bit ought to be northwest of the city limits of Wichita are right now on climate maple and Edward. Just left the campus of French university TP kind of storms off the northwest. Get inaccessible Drucker once wanted is that what we're. -- thank you very much news radio thirteen thirty K and assets which are docile -- coverage on F I -- three point seven FM KE YN a which it's this is operation storm watch. Tornado tornado warning in effect until 7:30 PM the National Weather Service meteorologist are tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado. It was located at that time near mount hope for eighteen miles southwest of new knew it was moving to the east 120 miles an hour call -- said -- valley center Park City and mentally. Are in the path of this particular storm. And then a few minutes later they issued a severe thunderstorm warning for basically the remainder of Cedric county so we have a lot going on. Weather wise this afternoon we have our -- SS storm trackers in the field -- storm tracker 153. Tony do seeing where are you in what are you seeing right now. Well we are in the valley center area or tornado sirens are going up invalid if there I would definitely take Albert if time. We continue to watch its long do these ballots still -- of these want to tell you they're heading towards. If any of the Alexander. We are seeing in the lower in the cloud is we -- seeing some rotation would he kind of a lull out the window into the clouds on the northern part of all the -- Is it. Barbaric act triggered the northern part of that we call it -- boulder area. Didn't file our overall it. It did did in more of the ballot that's -- all the felt that on the development have gone up one. The northern part of watching news saying the vote is in the there was cleared completely invalid bitterly of course and we actually often. -- -- -- -- -- penetrator. Or. Auto -- would have thought it. -- now but it is. -- If you want it. -- Right war. And now there -- and -- -- so. Let the war. In. One. If there are you an orderly. That's the really bad -- -- from Balaguer. I'm being rolled to a major road here and we continue to watch that outpatient. He in Ramallah and the amount coming -- that's the air and -- that that's what I'll be there have not been made final. Just the location the wind has jumped -- the north of say that but there live once on the golf it's going from the north. Northeast. At about twenty -- well consistently. We'll continue to watch the storm -- standing ballot that's where the tornado that continued MW installed -- want to be able absolutely. I Tony thank you very much news radio thirteen thirty can't SS operations storm watch who we are under a tornado warning it's in effect until 730 for northern said we -- Our storm trackers are in the field let's check in with a mr. Steve Macintosh Steve in a storm tracker when 53 were even what are you looking there right now. I'm at about 85 street north and 167. Street west where. Pretty much -- the storm has been the pounding your reaction failed come up for a few seconds here a while ago and it lipped about marble sized hail that it's stopped. Then there's Tony said the wind from the north down gusting pretty -- -- partially it was buffeting the cars like under the out of the area my visibility. Diminished considerably but I was watching it. A low hanging cloud swirling cloud and that was like great visibility has started raining. So that I'm gonna get out of this area because I can't see oil anything it is that it's beginning to rain pretty hard out here -- -- about closely 96 and and -- 167 street West End you know this is where people understood we would be -- -- or against some pretty heavy rain right now. And to bring you wind from the north and as -- said just a few minutes ago we had so -- super detailed on on people are trying to politicize the road I don't. Quite know what's going on there I guess they're just different to go any further guarantee 96 and 1996. And 167. Street west. And -- here in the northwest part -- -- million -- -- Wichita to brilliantly coming your way over their little web site which talks. As I taught you -- let's start watching some very. It Christine turbulence in the clouds but I never saw anything really come down that I would classify as a -- In the classic sense that this as the rain began to pick up an alien epic about a I'm just gonna look at. And get out appeared in a group. Took that are parties so I don't know we that we could actually see the tornadoes feeling on the ground anything like that that yeah the rain is really come down balance sheets. 1496. After OK I concede. Straight ahead of me I can see that fight that that indicates that Bentley wrote this so that's why -- I -- that he kicks in -- and has built. The rain is really coming down. We annualized look at the -- and not been so much there right now a straight ahead of me on T 96 over around it. Yes does your Bentley at the very dark over that area but -- get a little more -- that would like Pete designed site Google on. And about -- at least six of the assembly -- -- Just looking Valero beta I don't stating that only -- -- looks like yes. It's very -- -- -- the -- it's feeling like it's coming from the straight from the east itself. All -- SE it's a very strange situation we're getting all kinds of weather here about 151. Street west. And 1996 that at this point. It's a very low hanging clouds and scary looking and if you are in the secretary especially the north part you better take I think you -- take cover and -- the radio tuner right here -- -- necessity like and we'll keep you posted at. Now again getting a little more Haley -- -- hear that on the car but it's probably old -- site deal. -- December 1986 at the Bentley. At the deadly road there and now I looked over to the east by location. Very very heavy rain. And again lol I'm proud to we need people I'll bet that it at this point. And that seemed an element too much turbulence about and so. They're people are stopped along the road probably not a bad idea that there. I'm gonna go ahead for emergencies. It is just it's scary thing. Rain coming from several of her alleged now as I look forward to the door -- 96. After the Easter -- leaders of the low hanging cloud over there that looks like it's threatening to and so. That could be something to watch but -- -- -- just sort -- -- -- -- -- -- to take out. It may be carried on my car roof that it's about marble size here idols even bigger than that. Such that the deadly -- indicate at least six storm tracker on 53 times feedback -- -- News radio thirteen thirty KM -- operation storm watch in effect thank you very much Steve Macintosh we have our ten is a storm trackers in the field in abundance Lester was -- tracker 102 Stewart added. Thank you very much -- interest rates south and that's Seneca -- are now obviously an eagle area. You're actually -- -- America the -- ball field. Tornado sirens start going off -- scattered bright outlook and -- from the -- which definitely dark. And they can probably see in that country -- reporting on the floor -- -- off toward the north and the west. -- -- -- into one of the other amateur radio operator said that are possible tornado north that may. Which exact location. Was somewhere near 61 street north some of those reporting group tornado. And that area -- -- ahead towards that direction if you can't just. Right out here to teach history itself but not many horror picture of street dropped an aesthetic or rather. I just get a lot of ominous looking clouds off for the north from the left and I can't the club might be here once and awhile. And that -- steps -- kicking him off and the southeast. To the northwest at about forty miles an art that liked effort out past the hour our tap. After it got down -- he's built and we just gonna watch in the department has been built up throughout the afternoon but right now we're at -- street we kept. Located at least. Or that they were talking about here and to a report on the air became the first storm tracker what to their districts out like Dempster back because. This is a tornado warning we reduce. This is a tornado warning. There's radio thirteen thirty KM -- operation storm watch underway a tornado warning in effect until seven a 34 and northern Sedgwick county and southern and central Harvey county. National Weather Service meteorologist issued this as severe as this tornado warning. When they notice severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado in located near mount hope. It's moving to the east at about twenty miles an hour now in addition to that we also have a severe thunderstorm warning that's in effect until 745. Before I Cedric county. That is more central Sedgwick county. This is this storm that is a moving in -- from the western part of the county so. A good deal going on in our weather this evening we have our -- SS storm trackers in the field let's check in one more time. I've lost track is this a Ted Woodward. Right this protect what -- I mean what Wichita -- -- central -- ridge. Ticket I'll say lowering of the club basically talk to mine north and last. Not I'm pretty good now it was. Pretty obvious for quite awhile close strike at two that it doesn't -- his bat but. But that the tunnel or are basically you -- enable deeper blacks that 120 minutes and really economic and make sure that. I think we're getting some pretty powerful -- the ground lightning strikes just -- to the left of my location here. And -- some of the western city limits of Wichita so kind of maybe new markets where type area. Ticket price and lightning bolts around that area so it says there's definitely charged with this storm. Keeping an -- -- is that we have been mapped or not it'll parade you know right now on what Wichita is very light rain. At the thirteenth and ridge. And that getting light rain the wind up a little bit. Like Steve mentioned sometimes it seems -- it's different but I'm getting pretty gusty wind -- itself and I'm from the east and that right now we got moderate. Rain and windy in west Wichita that does that seems like. Now look what's important debate maybe it's -- it's complicated might be -- or obscurity and rain. Because it's become darker and it it says just not at TPC anymore like he could from the distant. Statement and is one of the situation Stewart and that's one of the features of this storm I think the closer you get to -- you might be in a rainstorm he might not be able to see. Some of the features of this storm that you could from mother vantage point so. That just because he can't he's -- that indeed it -- might not be around the corner what that -- situation to assess storm tracker 128. In west Wichita like thirteenth and religion that instead what we're. I tip thank you very much news radio thirteen thirty KM -- this is operation storm watch we are under a tornado warning in effect until 730 our storm trackers are in the fields for tracker 110 drill where are you in what are you seeing right now. I'm just glad Serbs -- these location turned out Arquette blockades in concert series. Around what Kirsten main area are Turkey and -- area. Still saw the yeah ignoring. The -- I was up by a 130 -- send -- forty ninth street careful while. And the tornado sirens and a heavy rain is coming in. And I wanted to get to where it -- storm. It that's fine let's dark in network we're getting -- -- here Woodstock and the west are. There's there's another storm principle blast. As well. And turn -- split the difference the tornadic part of the storms usually just in the north to me tonight it's key that walked out that Stevens saw. -- quite a bit earlier but it just as sustained their awhile. And right now to -- rain and what's what's -- soccer wants and cattle to get yourself here so we can. -- population began but right now the range early impeding so Forestar Eric wants to end. Back here. This news or tornado warning that we reviewed this this is a tornado warning these radio thirteen thirty king assassination operation storm -- tomorrow. Morning it's. Until 734 northern -- we cannot we have -- can't assess storm trackers in the field. I believe this storm tracker 130. This structure or 130 KM two miles to the north -- -- on Oliver. Eight debt -- 61 street. Two miles to the north. Each and flow overhead can be quite a look at the local out for awhile and it appeared that it was really drawing and at least -- to -- -- And what was kind of scattered -- -- its. Really tightly formed. I'm not seeing any rotation in the law -- right now. It's just a very low teen club but on dvd get a little bit obscured by rain -- here. And the fact that -- interest eating is our effort under continuously during the storm and -- starting to see some actionable. Like it hit the ground -- But right now main issue is the local that CEO -- to Lester my location. And it says still looks like it has that influence falling into what looks like to be a lot of rain from it but did you not see it rotating at moments. This storm tracker 132 miles to the north of all the -- 61 street which each side actually. All right thank you very much Reilly's radio thirteen thirty KM -- operation storm watch our storm trackers are in the feels firm trigger rule 190 Tony using. Okay William Perry's situation here I'm just north of that particular cell. In -- -- -- -- on the body to block -- giving halo. Tale of -- and I don't sit courtside help. The win more. Miles per hour from the -- -- it jot things down. I'm just north of this particular war does not look like -- for sale is locked up yet. But the conditions will actually look at how well he wins coming in ignored. People went off inside beliefs are actually. It didn't the balance in our area west of the ballot more area. I tell you it is now. That are in and port street sort of dot -- -- the yeah. In the war on. But came up well what is important that we have about seventy miles per hour. Happy playing probably it is just coming -- from the -- Unfortunately at this point actually moved into this particular area. It. This is a tornado warning. Isn't tornado warning -- radio at thirteen thirty Canon says this is operation storm watch through song just original. -- the tornado warnings in new. Tornado warning has been issued this is for a northeastern essentially counties in northern part of Cedric county's been under a tornado warning for. Several minutes now this one is a new one foreign northeastern Sedgwick county. RK ESS storm trackers still in the feel let's check with the storm tracker. 153 Steve Macintosh we're you know what he's seeing right now Steve. Understood -- 96 in mid eighties right now they're amazed at -- road just that manes you know Taylor we have had some really strong weather here in just the past few minutes. Very very heavy rain very gusty wind from the north we've had hail up to about quarter size besides -- And right now very heavy rain at 53 street north. And -- road as I'm moving toward the east time that they can pretty much on the back into the storm that they're talking about. But -- oil poured in the back into the issues got a real punch to it as far as. As heavy heavy rain and high wind and it -- so -- batten down the pageant. And if you're in the -- right now you're getting slammed -- it because that's where I'm at. It's coming right over toward -- -- they said. Right or -- -- -- six into the north the north of Wichita almost part of what you Donell Taylor the valley center that's a dangerous situation right now. So what were said earlier that there were in a situation where it's difficult deceit. And that's the scary part when when you can stick storming of the bridge safety due to move out of the way the when you. When you start to get the heavy rain and that enabled so what you can't see that's when you want to try to find another place they -- -- now heading east 1996 for May throw it. It is coming down very very hard there rain coming down and -- Disability I'm maybe a quarter mile pretty good visibility about a quarter mile there's not much traffic on K 96 most -- -- all the big got -- and restore but I'll tell you if you're in the Bay Area and moving on -- Alexander you're gonna get some very very heavy rain here. For the next few minutes and that we're gonna keep our fingers crossed. That would get out of this situation this afternoon where this evening without it any storm damage we haven't -- any reports of any major damage so our. But the potential is there for tornadoes we have a tornado warning for the northeast part of Cedric county. At -- 96 and debate throw that in storm tracker once -- This is a tornado warning we reduce. This is a tornado warning. News radio thirteen thirty can't SSI maccast coverage on FM one -- three point seven KEY and we've got a tornado warning in effect for northeastern Sedgwick county are storm trackers are in the field storm tracker. One out two's Stewart had anywhere you know what you see and I know Stewart. All right thank you very much straight dead northbound up to 35 cabinet Q let people port Lauren now. I'm making our way up or nasal area I -- in the last few minutes. I actually started right and honest about -- thirty by the way street. Right now all looking off toward the north and west. Just watching that monitor looking cloud. He also the main part of the farmer now trying to zippers or any rotation in this at all. The right no I haven't seen it -- no other some people that were -- we will all their north. Near 61 street -- in the Bay Area that will work forty -- or rope tornado I'm not. I'm not sure anybody is confirmed that -- not. Right now here at 235 and that people are. Just get no moderate shower and not really sure. And that the web actually I don't. And its location compared to what the world Europe but he -- etiquette. About a forty minute ago. There aren't that kind of watch an -- -- looking cloud. Probably air or Steve Macintosh that are now under Kennedy's six major road. And it is areas we want people while not as well right now just get a moderate shark coming up on 235. Near the arc in the river near 41 street and -- stood in the moderately HR right now again SS storm tracker what coaches who are Stewart -- -- Stuart thank you very much news radio thirteen thirty KM -- this is operation storm watch under a tornado warning and let's go to our storm trackers in the field once again. And Ted Woodward Ted where are you what are you seeing right now. Occurred in west Wichita I'm right now -- the 21 and ridge and. We're getting caught o'clock o'clock o'clock lightning we've gotten to moderate to heavy rain in west Wichita -- go along with this. Windows sporadic at times got it targeted -- -- right now Montreal Ottawa and 21 and enrichment earlier -- getting quite a bit so. It does it just fluctuate so that what this storm. Still it's still looking into an important part of -- film in the north east of my location here in -- -- talks. Of course Obama might not that does. The weather development people start this girl you -- round western and twenty personally just that pilot cars exiting generically -- -- traffic. It's pretty happy and less widgets are now people are trying to. It's not from or as a nice Thursday -- they didn't populate. Their homes and shelters that is so severe weather has hit northwest they've brought in northern part of that we county -- into -- -- storm -- one point. This is what -- This is a tornado warning we reduce. This is a tornado warning. -- radio thirteen thirty K and it's as an operation storm watch under way our storm trackers are in the feel let's go to storm tracker Tony reducing Tony are you Norris -- Network blog back one it's really address the lack of talent they're great -- -- all -- cool program. In the win just got the doctor it's about outwards from the north. And as the storm continued boom they eat the boot into -- -- we are -- in valley center main street north. And -- and that's selling better. And we're seeing signs. Oh but they walk Kosovo. -- him some small freely and help. What Larry and being held inside for a bit but then that are damaged. We're lucky. Strolling within. The north. And that made it. Definitely. Well we have the range Dell hell I've been intermittently. Good you can help. Of dying by up to a guy but it column and it goes away with it and stick it. We've been told he's -- valley go without a doubt about it they're like fire at all because it is hard to hear that tornado on the point. The fact cap and talked about it -- -- and aren't there in that tornado warning on the ballot in what area. And anti war outside the vehicle. It's just it's Blu-ray this is. Lauren it's almost like -- Is the way to win this lull in the rain caught even getting help the -- want to. This could be just straight are cleared but it is definitely the -- can -- -- coming up that aren't that told that we look at it looked like out of there -- regularly and what you do here. The word we we can still need our what is good for the let -- get comfortable -- -- problem. Doing. Outside the -- has been minimal would do it also. Continue to watch we're gonna hang out here in valley center. The storm out in two battling an eloquent and I'll put up about half an hour. He wants to come our way it is now that we don't know whether you. Ukraine and -- Right now and most of the people off the street in valley center. -- -- -- -- -- -- On the board well part of what would you we're sort tackle what again until the infant. This news -- tornado warning that we reviewed this. This -- tornado warning this video thirteen thirty K and -- -- operation storm watch simulcast coverage on. Point seven -- -- -- tornado warning in effect until 730 actually we have to separate tornado warnings one for the northern part of said we county. And the other for the northeastern and east central parts of Sedgwick county. These are very dangerous storms as you heard our storm trackers describe. There -- some hail with these storms we've had the reports of as much as baseball sized hail out farther west of Wichita with these storms. And quarter to. Half dollar sized hail beyond that and as you heard Tony using just described some very very gusty winds are so. A good deal going on with these storms as they move to the east. At about forty miles an hour we've got a line of storms building back off to the western part of Cedric county the present time so well we're not out of the woods quite yet with his. These tornado warnings are set to expire here fairly quickly but. We will see if they will be reissued or if they're allowed to expire. A new severe thunderstorm warning was issued just a few minutes ago four Reno county and -- Harvey county so. This -- storm's gonna kinda sit on this for a while I wanna remind you once again tornado warning in effect for northern Sedgwick county and in north eastern said -- county in east central Cedric county. These warnings are in effect for the next to few minutes to. Our NATO's occur between noon and midnight when many of us are at work or at school. If you -- tornado warning it means that a tornado has been sighted or appears on weather radar and you must act immediately. If you are at work or school go to the base mentor to an inside hallway at the lowest level you can safely reach. Avoid places with -- banned groups such as auditoriums. Cafeterias. Large hallways or shopping malls. Get under a piece of sturdy furniture and hold on tightly. If you are outdoors when you see a tornado or hear return NATO warning getting inside a building if possible. If shelter is not available or there is no time to get indoors -- -- -- ditch or crouched near a strong building. -- radio thirteen thirty can assist numbers. Don't want to underwear storm trackers are in the field storm tracker 153 Steve Macintosh. A lot of that is built into -- Wichita now on both birdied about. Highway K 96 here's what birdie in -- in Wichita and it's just starting to rain very heavily in the northwest part of Wichita. And I can see the storm that -- moving into the Alexandria area that the Tony was talking about. Right behind it over Tony was talking about for the west and also against him frightening looking suspicious looking low hanging out that could just be. Brains get I didn't see any terribly turbulent 39 but that it looks like delicate and getting hammered right -- look I'm headed south -- looking back toward northwest which -- -- started to get some much needed rain didn't -- in a very frightening situation I'm afraid. He adds some much needed rain. Just saw another car driving by with the headlights on but the actual real good idea. -- play your golf left it up and is gone I would say more than about 2125 miles per hour. Looks like it's from the -- Tony reducing was saying earlier. If we don't have anything -- cement heavy rain going on the seeping up to the northwestern Bentley -- -- 96 and up around air assault very very heavy rain I saw hail up to. I would say you have peace quarter sized hail. And also I saw estimate -- Suspicious looking -- at least two or three different times but I never saw anything come down that I would I find is a definite final. I never saw anything hit the ground but boy -- -- From everything I've seen that look like it had the potential to drop one down right there -- tornado. Up -- the northwest side which brought up to the base and Bentley area. At any rate it's all -- to the east and we're gonna track and as far as it goes -- -- at this time and northwest which is already a little -- away and the and heavy rain and frankly I haven't seen a whole lot of lightning tonight little bit but not much. And a no lightning here -- -- where I'm at right now -- bit about the twenty ninth and -- right now. In short tracker 153 Steve Macintosh. It's. Says this is operation storm watch we are under a tornado warning. Four in northeastern Sedgwick county in east essential said we -- -- as this storm trackers are in the field storm tracker. Won any Tony using is that you. There yeah we are -- -- the -- -- -- very important that it is fairly eat eat the same with the dormant that it looks. -- that is the world that he. I'll I can you could at least walk that -- flatly that there are hailed. I don't god I felt like now I'm actually that it -- debit and it'll be bluntly that's what 81 speedway at -- We're getting a little bit for the eat -- well I don't opportunity afforded all I want capable able to -- the format that is he heavy rainfall and high anyway. These men are damaging wind. I'm gonna say they are being. Five Mark Mulder looked up but it's definitely. We're seeing some small tree -- in the world. A -- other reason some small degree that it applies to what most people often quote myself invalid territorial political football at all. Stand up without -- -- history. Just to make sure people won't let -- into a tornado warning for the area particularly effective categorical but it solved. I don't get it where it's you know coming from quite -- -- -- At the public market up or probably -- -- that that. -- up into the wild. That it is definitely odd political. -- light wind up with the war. Stand -- -- full over -- little that most people out all although I'll tackle that negated a high profile vehicle that we have to be kept it silent. But most people I think will now let's get a different 13 five. There aren't is that we have a high profile vehicles that -- vehicle that old older it is the the world as we watch this move. That's that the Obama didn't say right about that area to ebony and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- and -- -- -- to stop -- -- -- that into account and I don't we have a little ones in other parts that it doesn't. And tornado warning that the tornado warning area. Which is again. It's it was pretty but it. Ignored the talk with Alex in the Park City that -- -- -- propellers or if it's inside. Right now as I -- out loud and reward has -- over water -- that and we continue to watch. That there are into it's not -- that I and we had difficulty lies and straight yeah. Content on the north Arabian heavy look at it try to make little bit of movement here. And now we want them by trying to lose. Okay. We went to actually put more reluctant to -- my heart. Wanted to point north south because the -- sort of the lord. And again our profile vehicles that are legally. Eat well and not a good idea right now. -- -- -- -- -- We'll continue to watch that apple won't rule out I don't know if they'll like aren't they would you don't think that life. I don't all of Alibaba -- -- the dark Malaysia would do it helped continue to watch it. It's so I -- All over definitely in the balance in the Park City area and even all that he did know the dental now need to go slow moving toward that -- want I'm Leo. They -- now it is the tornado warning to pack 198. -- -- let the audience of -- -- operation storm watch on the error also simulcast on infant when three point seven -- -- are -- -- Marian shields or drag 130 Brian Johnson weary and what EC. I've moved into debt protection to keep jagr 61 and Oliver and I'm watching the wall class move essentially to the south -- the right now. This is very interest areas of the storm and I am noticing it rotate it pretty quick. Although it doesn't seem like -- uniform rotation. Right as we built pretty hard and pretty much anything past this storm I'm not able to see. So I'd be careful driving up the you never know what you ran into the storm the storm seems like it's picking up speed. Went to gun trim pretty quiet putting on -- -- to get to around thirty. And that's where somebody like that's not too far from -- -- we may be experiencing fifty to sixty mile an hour winds are pretty quick and teach. Right now like -- -- seeing BE wall -- to eat. Out the boats going through possibly north switched. Meaty part of Bel Air but I did not TTP. Tunnels or anything like that from the bottom so. -- repeat -- the storm tracker 136. Personal -- -- I'm Brian thank you very much news radio thirteen thirty can't SS we'll check back in with you in a little bit in the meantime we need to check in with that Ted Woodward temporary order UC. I didn't know what what what you thought at 37 street Norton meridian we -- getting torrential rain very heavy wind. The -- there are probably about the 60s60 mile high ranked maybe even seventy miles per hour got it got very very windy airport time. And they. -- -- -- dark do it that it track at all likely 35 it's pretty bad for a little stretch there the everybody had their high. They're out wipers. Could barely -- in front of -- and a lot of people were pulling off by 235 near meridian instead of tragedy on. It was just that too dark and almost be dangerous driving nearly had a Soledad concede much but I'll fight and we're just a little bit. But it was not consistent and it seems like -- moved on. But right now in -- let's -- -- on the 3700 block of north meridian meridian into 35. Extremely heavy tropical rain. They're very gusty wins. The -- -- out tonight that when you're not in the story. The problem is much better what you can -- the way that he can't see any thing he continued heavy rain in disgrace guy. In -- 360 degree radius. Better not be amnesty and kind of see where it is in Georgia supporting accordingly. Well what you're in the right you -- just -- and for a -- and heavy rain probably need to -- storm tracker one point eight that it network. I'd -- thank you very much news radio thirteen thirty KM -- we're getting another warning from the National Weather Service right now this is another severe thunderstorm warning -- This is not for surgery county so we will they keep going with our -- storm coverage -- storm tracker 198 Tony dissing his in the field Tony where are you what he's in right now. And more important to account where -- tornado warning and and that's important fact we will continue to move could be. I think that about 35 miles per hour at that -- -- -- safe because it's been with this storm are trying to bury. We'll get behind the form -- more about it what we're seeing the attempting. Brain and I went straight through -- we have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all over the plate obviously. A little bit later with. But it can't very like that might help side certainly that the Fed chair out here in -- 20 wait I'll. Word bell I had packet -- but the pieces didn't react -- that Alexander. We what a -- fact that it that it signals. If it's at 130. There of the week. Chris there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We -- this business severe thunderstorm. Warning. Thirteen thirty an SS this is operation storm watch we are on there again I guess this is more continuous and again. A new severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for portions of his said we county. So we will keep you posted does do. The a severe weather the a tornado warning that is ineffective for the next few minutes for northeastern said we counting east central -- county is still in effect. We also now have a -- severe thunderstorm warning it is basically in effect for the rest of -- that -- county except for the extreme southeastern corner. A Sedgwick county so there is an awful lot going on. 198 Tony -- we interrupted you there with the warning were were you. We still get some gusty winds where you are. If -- -- Shia Oliver North accepting seventh street and and do it look like it'll just like is they will actually. -- -- Yeah war. -- One. -- area. We expect that involved are all output affect its diet alcohol -- about forty mile well. It is the we're it didn't want. What is. -- He's ready to thirteen thirty can -- this is an operation storm watch we are on the air with -- is a storm trackers in -- -- -- I'm working on a severe thunderstorm warning that's in effect now for. Central Sedgwick county. Until 830 National Weather Service meteorologist -- tracking user thunderstorm capable of producing ping pong ball sized hail damaging winds in excess of sixty miles an hour the storm was located five miles northeast of -- or nineteen miles west. A downtown which does moving to the east. At about ten miles an hour -- -- storm trackers are in the field this I'm hoping his storm -- one point he had Ted Woodward. Hackers haven't -- Wichita right now probably along the -- But in court on June 20 lake area right now and head -- street they're really starting the water here and what Wichita and back the. Leo he cannot ride in the right and -- in Canada and it is full of water in a lot of places. So try to take a gander at some of these loud and and we're getting a very gusty wind the wind -- not -- out of the north lacked. Moral of the night and out of the south. And of course the temperature as you do it has cooled off quite a bit. It's so launcher that -- ledger in the -- it it's hard to tell from the clock ticks all the little thought to be himself from the left a little bit. I can see it's still are some clout they're lower than the others we keep all my life on the -- the cloud -- yet to see the rotation except that trivia knowledge center. Part of this storm up in the northern part that. And the southern part in the -- around Wichita we -- -- rotational formulation that is about it a lot of. And it. Still throughout the city in the metro area the night. It was going to be severe thunderstorms we will continue to watch as we head into the 8 o'clock -- but and it went like Syria like what you thought we had some very heavy rain. And that very very gusty wind capital right angle slightly. -- also inside the sporadic marble -- until about ten minutes ago. The 235 -- she can't let that storm tracker once stated that -- work. -- Operation storm watch and we've also got simulcast coverage on FM one of three point seven. KE YN and we are working with a number of -- severe thunderstorm warnings NN that tornado warning that's in effect for northeastern Sedgwick county for a few more minutes. -- -- -- -- storm trackers in the field and check with this storm trigger 198 Tony using Tony are you still in the gusty winds there. Yeah we're keeping track with that particular software that particular about tracking -- did you get into each side now. We'll look at that we end the 56 opt for a club I'm gonna tell you that the damaging winds flooding here. We're not -- -- -- -- David the black community that. A chair out the blow away the -- -- coming down which you know of course what our Ali. Side. Did. Like street dark side. Of course fails on both sides report little look at. It is that it's a -- and that they'll break up somewhat comfortable and very handy. Barred certain category and we've been getting in -- Ericsson for the lighter rain but it's still raining pretty hard. Hand I think in the -- did hit it into the concerns about -- -- it is it's a different ball and get it out slowly -- Yeah it's it's it's if you can get them going after a while actually trying to drive this what is it that's what -- -- if it goes out. The -- is behind you and that is that your vehicle. That's not such a higher rate let them. We'll. Continue to watch it if you are in a high profile beer called mandates in life. Are turning to the obviously ignored themselves. We do get every occasionally get hit by doubled and hill. Shall we get you by email it's all important second -- -- the -- blind -- nothing much bigger than that. Laura I don't approaching dog actually headed out scored one blog now. Hair it's going to be what the law and anybody. Who would approach -- right now. They have were saying look as normal movement of about 45 Ford about black paint. Don't want port city it was saying that forms that -- slept -- -- -- and I would win coming your way if there's just city -- If that's tornado warning for court for the northern part of that is categorically that -- And that we didn't he didn't loomed so we're getting the -- Sebastien 54. And that northern that's what the law and was bleeding everywhere and all of it's a dime sized hail right now the rain that's coming down right -- The women. -- wildly popular football you're not seeing how can that he can't even publicly and most of what has all over. That -- will. That right now we want them what law. And not fact in the second formal. It's a little there it was one thing I have this little that it could buy into that. First CEO we have done more than were lost. Thought I thought -- album we have the got to be 7070. Plot but while we think they're having lived up here to sign. On the one -- -- As you go to war. I've got the -- to beat them up opera witness in the wind and days lady Hillary -- -- on site itself. We'll go back to the studio literally took it to ourselves and get better than just your opt in that area fall. You're gonna try to drive but if -- there -- -- -- -- -- crack a one night and day -- Connecticut but -- that's itself. I don't think reversed his radio thirteen thirty KM -- This is operation storm watch gonna check in with -- a storm -- Stewart had a very briefly Stuart -- everybody's seen right now. Or out car got actually recession helped Belmont Broadway at forty archery. Out -- their. I. This is a tornado warnings. This is tornado -- news radio thirteen thirty KM SS operation storm watch underway we are now under a tornado warning for much of those Cedric county itself for east and central in the southern said we -- Let's check it hero quickly with meteorologist. Those lines and you know this is a kind of a quick. Where is the large hail and you know so you know you have the severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for Marion County chase right now. Of a larger hail threat currently not there no report of a severe hail. In Butler county at the current moment. That is this thunderstorms starts to move away from valley center. As north of Wichita northeast of which is targeting over towards Benton and pop went back could bring some occasional quarter sized hail with a in addition to the potential for wind -- In excess of seventy miles an hour or so around you -- that's were still have the potential for some damaging wind gusts and that will be moving towards Denton. Into Butler county take that part of the storm very seriously. And as we watched the southern flank of this thunderstorm. The what can hire and strongly turn off some of those -- tells her continuing to watch the south of -- now south of garden plain to see if that part of the thunderstorm. Should start develop rotation at this point in times it has not. Still the potential for some large hail from garden plain to Goddard to mid continent as we continue here on -- takes -- treaty. -- I thank you very much. For north eastern essentially county. Until 8 PM the National Weather Service meteorologist tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado. It is located near northeast Wichita hey miles northeast of downtown which starts moving to the east. At thirty miles an hour wall cloud is still being reported that 37 and hydraulic no tornado currently. On the ground seventy mile an hour winds are also possible as you heard from Tony do -- One or storm trackers in the field northeast Wichita and over -- airport -- Are all in the path of the storm as it moves on how to through east of Wichita northeast Wichita. And east central Sedgwick county so we are under a tornado warning is in effect until 830 now for -- portions of which star Candace says storm trackers are in the field. Let's go back to them now storm tracker 120 Ted Woodward where are you on what are you viewing it. Occurred in downtown Wichita right now just your city hall and there's quite the tableau of a lead story and a level of low hanging clouds. There -- various portions of the downtown area just to the south of the downtown area. And it he would against the -- all the very light. Almost -- this time out to the south deep into rootkit look at some of -- slowly clout that they are hanging over. The downtown port city of Wichita facility to get the lighter -- -- itself now as we've been talking about we haven't seen any of these. Forbidden any particular rotator circulate but the circuit and I'll them because if they do certainly indicate danger right now. On some very low hanging clouds over the downtown area. And -- on this storm is that has formulated and got the tornado warning. To be issued preferred units entire city of Wichita sort economic storm. -- -- effect of the metro area and some parts of the downtown area to get SS storm tracker want to make. In downtown Wichita is that what we're. See the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita. At this time your radio should be kept soon here. -- tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been cited by eyewitnesses or on radar. -- the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita. At this time your radio should be kept tuned here. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been cited by eyewitnesses or on radar. Once again the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita take cover now. News radio thirteen thirty K Genesis is is operations storm watch way are under a tornado warning it is in effect until 830 they basically issued that warning twice. Four portions of northeastern said we -- northeastern Wichita. East central Wichita. This storm is moving to the east at about thirty miles an hour numerous sightings of wall clouds and lowering have been associated with the storm -- it is moved through the county. And wind gusts in excess of seventy miles an hour arcane as a storm trackers. Have I kept track of that for us all evening long so this is a very very dangerous storm they've added another tornado box now for it'll basically go from Wichita. Through the southern half of Sedgwick county on over into Butler county so basically this is to separate tornado warnings. Four Cedric county and the extent on over into Butler county these warnings will be in effect until 830 northeast Wichita and over. -- airport -- east central Wichita northeast Wichita this is all affected by this tornado warning. That's in effect now until 830 so you need to be taking your tornado precautions. Right now -- -- storm trackers are in the field that we'll check back in with -- Today I've lost where I met here -- I got on the. That's -- tackle the DA for these. We have it in order in order to stop it there's put it very normal look at. Sort of a block well it -- certain protection -- war. Yeah tops outward continuously. From sudden your stupidity ten being arranged all of this that's. It'd every effort all the yeah. If there is a tornado in this area that is. -- -- -- What we're gonna let activist who is the political and area and they covered now it's here and moments prior -- deftly wanna -- even if we're gonna kill people and now. There's an order that the that the problem is the northern part of with a -- north and that we won't -- Is it. We'll. This isn't. No let's not get the concern right now at this point where every so often we can get decided hell we get a little actual fight back. Marble site hell. I'll win that all of them or it. I only am when I'm. On -- I don't know about it as if I didn't all of I'm won't won't let them pop up -- but now. Dark -- find out who -- folder. Sort -- out. The -- and all well. Airports. Won't block -- Oh. Oh yeah and how important. -- that if here. -- try to -- yourself with the topic gently turn north and try to get ignored but -- war. And and a push yourself. Faced up for Kellogg which is what they felt -- There that saw -- side here is pretty dangerous we did a lot higher than that area. What we're seeing right now is small triggering of course we know you're -- Yeah. Yeah well actually -- these pot who wrote upon being in the water and I've actually seen them. It didn't do much good come on here on capable white cap off the water that are being in the road and only have the water Republican white -- -- because it would have strong words that the court. So continue to track that if you feed them a bad thing about the Balkans as well -- -- -- -- About lockquote. Cases to -- and we'll continue to follow it and it's gonna -- pretty much born when he first. Part of that that would attract and it. I'm playing back and let the mountain valley center area we look at her side. With the drugs 3540 mile an hour to get it straight so what should get all of us like. All -- And straight. One on one. -- -- -- Radio thirteen thirty KM -- operation storm watch under way we've got our -- as the storm trackers in the field. Star -- of 130 Bryant Johnson is -- whoever got. -- Let's go to Ted good to restore -- once wanted to -- it. -- the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita. At this time your radio should be kept soon here. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been cited by eyewitnesses or on radar. Once again the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita take cover now. There's radio thirteen thirty K and -- says this is operation storm watch we -- have a tornado warning is in effect for much of Sedgwick county including the city Wichita. It is in effect until 830. We have basically have three tornado warnings in effect for portions of Sedgwick county they do include the Wichita area these extend on over into Butler county. This is a very dangerous storm we've had reports of baseball sized hail. We've had reports of winds in excess of seventy miles an hour we have continue those are reports of a lower earnings and funnel clouds and so a very very dangerous situation you should be taking tornado precautions now those are tornado warning -- here in about tornado sirens. You hear in the background as we are making preparations for this storm storm tracker 102 Stewart headed where are you an -- using Stewart. Thank you very much Craig right now we're appeared via our exploration at meridian McCormick. Few. And then here and that's street different throw it. But right now are to get a really heavy downpour here nefarious. You'd imagine that are -- or start yet somehow -- marble editorial. Obama try to get back in the vehicle. You're covered now lasts until we actually happened the -- wanna look lowering of the while you were. Briefly talked about them. And that it looked up -- last may be can't second guess I'll have to wait to so I'd get a lot on the planet erode. Right now we -- to actually start to pick up an intensity. Marble size now our location -- meridian at McCormick. At the Valero station has certainly can't. -- -- -- Right now due -- tanker truck hit the back seat that's object letter -- and Nadia. They'll get a little bit bigger you look at bigger than marble -- -- McCormick Marie Emmerich and I think they're produced few minutes. And that Hewitt aperture dislocation. Began assess storm tracker one -- two monster edit it you pick. All right Stuart thank you very much news radio thirteen thirty Canon says this is operations for my son broadcast coverage. -- -- three point seven -- Ryan which dot KM SS in Wichita this a little bit after 8 o'clock we will check in with meteorologist Jay Prater. You know the K plan to -- the blacks. It's it's doing in the newsroom. It give you don't hear me into joining -- Yes thinking glad you're okay now that I my attitude and I'm not feeling on the top I didn't thunderstorms by no more than a mile or do you. I'm not feeling any strong blow away and either. It. Something that would suggest that there might be a tornado up there on the south side that thunderstorm can't be coming your -- street. But. -- very indicative of but tornadic. Structure would be a lot of inflow winds and I would be -- Would typically be feeling that coming out of this without blowing straight in that voters storm it's really not feeling that the winds are pretty. All I'd say -- In this area just no more than a mile south of the thunderstorm we've got no windows no more than ten to fifteen miles per hour. And now they're definitely not blowing straight -- the -- from -- and trees that are kind of going back and forth. But again very light winds in that area on stuff but in the thunderstorm it really doesn't seem like it's part of the thunderstorm and dignity and well. But things could change rapidly very rapidly at moment noted that a situation like that -- Just because -- not happening right now wouldn't it could very well change is that shout about continued to blow. Also right over me now in the winter pushing back the winter out of the north now blowing 200000. And it up to get the leading edge of that thunderstorm as well ride over me now at beaver street now and hydraulic just in the case. Already -- I don't hate bill. And now which topic here I look out in the desert but he can't do this thunderstorm continued to push mostly to eat them a little bit that is out. I'm not seeing a well defined -- problem so what I am seeing them lowering in the cloud but nothing that -- nothing that would be twisting and turning that would indicate. A tornado -- -- -- news radio thirteen thirty KM -- operation storm watch that was -- it's real low and the folks at the OK plan whether -- in an update from then we've got our -- as the storm trackers in the field Steve macintoshes. Joining us now. If I can remember we're -- here with this. Path. -- Macintosh have been kind of a tough evening when it strange to -- it. -- it has sort of there we go as that I think civil. Yes strange strange you know we do of the tornado warning remaining in effect for southwestern Butler and southern Sedgwick counties until 8:30 PM. At 757 National Weather Service meteorologist for tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado this dangerous storm was located near Wichita and in -- content airport. Or about six miles southwest of downtown Wichita moving -- to 25 miles per hour. A train spotters row pretty accurate reporting a wall cloud near MacArthur and win -- so basically as you were saying a minute ago Craig we have. Several of we column boxes suitor to Israel that are covering Wichita Sedgwick county if you're in Wichita. In -- -- -- to be -- -- -- -- it is that simple yeah I mean let's just cut to the chase you need to take some children because. Not only are you seeing some very high -- some hail and some high winds but it is just dangerous right now. There's the conditions are ripe for something to happen we haven't had any reports that I'm aware of of confirm reports of tornadoes on the ground or anything like that this evening. But I'll tell you what I was out and Bentley feed Bentley near Bentley and -- 96. About a half hour 45 minutes ago and I saw some really really scary looking things going on out there's still the potential is there and that's why arresting folks. Well to take cover because we do have a is they had -- a war tornado warning in effect. Four Sedgwick county and includes the city of Wichita now coming across town just a moment ago. There was not much traffic on the streets thankfully folks have gotten off the streets and taking shelter. Others amid very heavy -- street flooding going on in parts of Wichita right now so that makes the going tough. Our storm trackers all in the field we've got this several of them out there we've been watching the situation now. Since about 6:30 this evening. When the storms blew up I was at a baseball game out in daughter and it looked like everything would stay north of his but by gosh it started to build in behind there. And through the south and due to the west and things began to popped so we do have -- tornado warning in effect this goes until 830. For southwestern Butler and southern Cedric counties and as a again -- in that box north eastern this. Just northeastern Sedgwick county is also included in this situation as well discredit. He just got into the desk or drive to update the information and we're giving Craig -- chance to can organize those star trackers out there. You got somebody on that we can go is there going check -- with Tony -- okay storm tracker 198. Well yeah province told parker won ninety -- -- -- We were acts of our airport shortly link that actually talked and I bet that salad salad particularly if frequently -- -- itself now on what law. Marketable blog right now as look at that few others show that pop. How do you -- babies diplomatic activity and that's it it it doesn't right now as we. Lord of the call out to organize continue to watch that sort. When all on all. -- No I like better than wouldn't that wouldn't work. -- -- it was -- it. Pretty much lost Tony I mean it. His signal has Freeman's John electric to let's just go back what we're doing here your list into operation storm watch -- news radio thirteen thirty K in -- as -- simultaneous coverage. On -- -- three point seven KEY and also I believe with -- 12:40 AM they KF agent 98 point seven FM the -- -- five point three the buzz and -- 93. Point nine -- DG as also with -- is deceiving we have to. The -- tornado warnings going for Sedgwick county a tornado warning remains in effect. For west central Butler and northeastern Sedgwick county until 8 o'clock and now has that been canceled or not I haven't seen anything and still going on is still going to okay so northeastern. Northeast Wichita and into downtown that's all moving to the east at about thirty miles per hour. And a tornado warning remains in effect for southwestern Butler and southern -- counties until 830 deceiving -- Basically we've got two tornado warnings affecting Cedric county. And the city of Wichita this evening we have a lot of heavy rain we've had a high wind we've had hail up to about quarter size or even more I think we had some earlier. What baseball slice of. It was a baseball sized hail and mount hope you know and then there's got to cause they're gonna go from a guy who's at 221 in May's figure of some quarter sized hail. 37 then would loss in quarter size feel so. Hale is been a big issue with these storms also of course as you pointed out in Saudi reports from the field some pretty gusty winds of up. The wind has been incredibly incredible out there I would say. Tony you inducing was talking about sixty -- eighty and seven mile for our guests and a yeah I saw that in factor. My little SUV and 1996 earlier just kind of blown over it started to tip a little bit about maybe got to stop here and hunker down for a minute and wait for this to pass so it's been a a very interesting situation this evening I'm looking around here to try to see if we've got any yet. In reports of any. Sorry. Any reports of any damage I haven't seen anything like that so far. This evening but there's been a lot of very heavy rain if you are driving in the streets and most people. To their credit to Greg ball now gone off the streets -- there are an idea because that there's it's pretty heavy that it flooding there in the in the gutters and so forth. What time is it it's 12:11 minutes past 8 o'clock. So got a few more minutes on this tornado warning this word eastern and central is Cedric county and including the city which stuff. I believe I've got to Ted Woodward storm tracker 120. -- is that you. -- I would Wichita east high school getting pounded with pale or opt for Obama marble marble sized hail. And -- -- -- -- and hillside and I'd try to get on catalog going westbound and I had to pull -- -- grow like did not see in front of me. Extremely. Heavy rain. Dark heavy cloud just making visibility pretty -- pretty bad. Mr. trying to travel in this part of the storm anyway I was in downtown Wichita just few minutes ago. Anyhow we're still getting -- dislocation here near Wichita east high school so this is definitely more intense part of the story that there's a lot and I. It got down out of the sky right here so I've tried to pull under catalog here on -- That's not the only adverse Biden did hear from the very heavy rain and the people marble sized hail were getting right here at this location. It's bad news or getting up some -- to -- like pop state so it's pretty intense part of storm right here course. Downtown Wichita Thursday night it was not planned for the Wichita river festival a lot of people down -- out of course you beat Peter Wichita has the music and play its entry to. Those folks have had to take cover and and find what they can on this night when storms interrupted our normal routine here -- -- Thursday night it was Brittany. Looking cloud in downtown Wichita. -- last time -- -- dealer and they never materialized identity thing quantitative or. Or a -- rotation wise but it does it look pretty bad to -- it for quite awhile but now we're just getting extremely heavy grade. Right here -- Wichita east high school. Doubled and drove in were getting some -- solid in -- area as well. You can -- contract at one point it -- Woodward. -- the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita. At this time your radio should be kept -- here. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been cited by eyewitnesses or on radar. Once again the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita take cover now. Operation storm watch a news radio thirteen 30% of total and selling came in France and back inside. In the weather center now with you Craig made Greg's been -- over about two hours since we've watched these storms move across Sierra area tornado warning remains in effect for. Southwestern Butler and southern Sedgwick counties that goes until 8:30 this evening. There's also a tornado warning in effect for the southern part. And into the southeast part of Cedric county as well Wichita is included to storms moving east at about 25 miles per hour. We have the potential for tornadoes people of sensible clouds out there and so forth. I myself have seen all clouds in the system -- activity as I've to attract the storm across northwest. Sedgwick county deceiving but so far we had no reports of any major damage no injuries anything like that it just -- and so for the potential for tornadoes as I look at the storm that we are looking -- on our radar here let me describe it to -- it runs. Down from about the -- southwest corner of Cedric county then right up to an angled to the northeast right up through Wichita. And on now on the turnpike. Going over clear over towards eureka and is just south Emporia so it's all moving now into eastern but -- western Butler county it's moving to the east at about 25 miles per hour. And we've had some very very strange -- lot of high wind some hail. Just and the book we looked at we thought ray had the potential at least for some very. Turbulent clouds of low hanging varies very frightening looking clouds out there this evening that I never did CF a funnel for sure or anything at the ground. It's now 815 and we are under these tornado warning for about the next fifteen minutes we have several of our storm trackers in the field. And we have been -- -- -- corresponding with them all evening. And I'm just gonna try to check the -- of the -- The computer here real quick if I -- anymore activity tell you about it. And refreshing -- into tornado warning written it remains an affected says here for southwestern Butler and southern surgery counties this -- until 830. Tornado warning remains in effect for southwestern Butler and southern Sedgwick counties until 830 and just a little bit before 8 o'clock the National Weather Service meteorologist we're tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado. That storm was located near Wichita and mid continent airport. Or six miles southwest of downtown -- moving east at about 25 miles per hour. And then to train spotters reporting a wall cloud. Near. MacArthur and West Street MacArthur and ministry and -- who else we've got here. That's it first so far no we have one to the north east but I'm not seeing where that when is. It was supposed to be canceled at. At 8 o'clock. Let me take a look here real quick remains of a deal -- 8 o'clock -- that got canceled or not we still have. As we look at our radar screen here we do have to tornado warning boxes going on. Greg is trying to get the star trackers organized 1 court's time this evening as the storm moved to the east in this. Reggae take a deep breath there -- -- atmosphere got a little wild night you wanna take it was contractors again let's do storm track -- one way Tony dissing -- -- Yes definitely it out although it's very definitely can't -- it -- the other. Now that the so called tornado warning eloquently southern part of its quote -- was thought. God -- look there Kellogg good luck rolled -- -- right off and went out of the last. Although they are not -- and had been living here when -- -- It's actually. -- who lived. It up but it certainly does not going to be flight data is that -- -- everybody involved very. A lot higher than -- I can't -- what a couple of small tree branches of the load. It was let them I think the thing you know we been hearing some. -- -- failed -- -- -- what you thought it will definitely help out a little. As the storm moved through but the main target the all four of their -- now for the deal right outlawed in -- tomahawk block the road if you're looking at. Like the brilliant that we didn't follow it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually as we get -- Totally given that he didn't want to boot. But you on the -- department technicality Norton has established -- didn't have a great. I am getting home. Small hail Mary I have sized -- you know. Effective guarantee and that you know weird. I'm looking at trading the -- people call look at the public about how we implement all air don't we have legal fight. That it doesn't so much -- need an -- titans brain can't. Very successful. So we definitely need to let it act itself that well like it like it. So we're gonna have pod in and -- food and of course very difficult it's like that. You know you should expect flooding there would be fired and it'll flash floods are awarded to cancel the it is. Particularly find it would -- to bring it's strong let's look at it and don't -- How many people off the streets it's very smart if it's almost like oh yeah and the border -- I think and what it's been. Which is very smart tornado warning don't affect -- war itself could be tracked it dormant and that he ordered the part one -- -- I don't lockquote. Now and we looked up to camp -- block -- outlet outlet that playing good Abdel are subject I want that they got Tony. -- the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita. At this time your radio should be kept -- here. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been cited by eyewitnesses or on radar. Once again the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita take cover now. Right Steve Macintosh news radio thirteen thirty KM -- operations for my shuttle -- original 103 point seven. FM KU -- Macintosh in the studio and different kind of I'm Craig means that kind of a long evening who attended the news and it's Tuesday evening and we do have -- now from the weather channel mark -- -- margin while since we talked Virginia. Severe weather in Cedric county. Yeah and we do have a tornado warning that -- but remains in effect for southwestern Butler and southern Sedgwick -- that is until 830. Meteorologist or a tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado looking at this thing on radar and it now looks as if the possible tornadic cell. He is in south west Wichita. Several miles southwest of downtown but that's far from the only problem. Very very heavy thunderstorms with some hail and some torrential downpour stretch from -- Bel Air area. South and west through downtown Wichita that into the southwestern portion. City of Wichita and more strong storms crop to the west. US. Just before getting camera right now because further strong storms out -- through the Goddard area and right around guard plane just east of GD. Moving to via. East all the stuff moving east at about 25 miles an hour and in addition to that we have via the cell over western portions of Butler chaotic. That accounts for the up. Severe via a tornado warning in part for -- -- mechanic. Until 830 this storm. Just north of and nowhere near the -- area. Other radar just -- opted out further east towards that Wanda looks like this very strong storm. Is closing in on the city of -- -- if you or an elder I don't hear the next couple Medici you can expect some not. Very torrential rain possibly some hail we have some reports of Internet have failed across Sedgwick county and that. Perhaps a little larger the net you can also expect some pretty good wind gusts and vigorous so lightning over the next few minutes in the Soviet built radar out. Right across the city of Wichita where we're seeing via. The heaviest stuff slow right now central Wichita looks like the that the possibly tornadic portion of this storm. Is. Due south of downtown right now leaders like until down towards the -- 135. And the -- eight to 35. Junction. But all of which could cause under the gun right now with very very strong to severe thunderstorms. Again we're seeing so much just absolutely blinding downpours. Some hail and so -- some wind gusts. That could be a problematic at times and also some very very. Vivid lightning as these storms continue to move on troops safe. Well it looks like gift from the -- and what you're describing is well it kind of it to double punch here in northeast of Wichita on down to the southwest here at 21 -- -- blonde mark in the Brittany center where studios are is that we've just got some light rain right now -- -- all it's called down considerably year on the northeast edge of town. Yeah looks like you're -- pretty much in the clear pure. Look at the radar and how much progress to the east of like go Park City and Bel Air. Pretty much of a clear but as you get further south. Toward. It's such a plant you're gonna run into via the rain and thunder then that torrential rain but lightning. And certainly possibly the -- as it continues to move east. Work they have the -- got a spot that got northern parts of Sedgwick county up around the I would say the valley center area looks like you're the clear essentially cure in the clearance certainly -- only get a light shower at this point. The heavy fire if you will it's concentrated on the city which talks. Or less the southern two thirds of the city which talk really getting hammered right now that are of the storm now moving over the canal route. Heading east along Kellogg. And a little bit to the north and east of Kellogg. Steadily making progress towards the other Butler county area which they have the next -- were really gonna have to watch every. All right -- holes in the weather channel this evening it's 824. Operation storm watch news radio thirteen thirty. K and -- says sand on -- 103 point seven KEY and it. Craig -- and Steve Macintosh your weather central we've got to storm trackers in the field. Wanna check -- again that Craig -- Beyond -- lost a Muslim places where we are believe this is storm tracker Stewart handed it to. Thank you very much -- right now or not Kellogg and civic area district check it out there -- and so they carry it from -- about Kellogg secretary. And -- -- able to affect those areas are completely underwater from curb to curb your down that area try to avoid -- for at least the next couple hours. Those areas like normal public order what they currently. -- on -- Whitaker are now just really happy you know or fire process Automask you know we got. About such quarter site sales if you were traveling -- east got on the -- from meridian area and now we saw there he richer experience -- -- get the treatment side and it actually quit. But it lap but -- gets five to ten minute while we were trying to -- Make our way east on McCormick parent in the South America. But right now with Eric maple and cynical about -- what actually start like -- that. The -- yeah that's definitely dark. -- -- storm tracker what are he. That would hurt them. -- The national service has issued. For the city of Wichita. At this time radio should be -- -- here. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been cited by eyewitnesses or on radar. Once again the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the city of Wichita take cover now. It goes until 9:15. This evening the next 45 minute goodness. Always just at all kinds of sun is starting a little after 6 o'clock received its office operations or what she's ready to thirteen thirty K -- -- Macintosh. Along with Craig -- in the weather central and is taking a look at the raiders' training here ended the year. At the weather central -- you can see the two boxers now there's still the one to the north in the northeast of widgets on moving on into Butler county. And then the element of the south of -- of the one of the south that are concerned about that one now. Primarily until about 9:15 this evening it's been an eventful evening across the Wichita area. Starting out northwest of -- always him every heavy rain some hail up to quarter size or more even baseball size of one point. And as some very very high wind torrential rains. We had our storm -- in the field yours truly I was near Bentley on on K 96 right under his spot where that. We're James Pringle from the from K to whether Blake said we probably could see a tornado and I was right underneath it and frankly it was a little bit frightening this storm clouds were rolling or around a little bit and there -- some turbulence up there. And it was a scary situation there for just a little bit but. Boyle was he just about every kind of weather we have this evening is just a very very heavy rain some hail. And news. Clouds looks like they were gonna turn into a tornado at any minute so far we've had no reports of any tornadoes on the ground for sure here in this Cedric county area that -- aware of and in Wichita. And Cedric county and the bottom line is there under ia tornado warning now. Until about 915 deceiving Wichita is included so there you go so. Attempt to take your tornado precautions now you a check weather can SS storm trackers in the field right now I -- for tracker 110 that. Drew it were you gotten what are you seeing right now. Half late GAAP and on MacArthur road -- linebacker out. The solemn architecture -- -- actually. Sort this out. Just south regard plane on MacArthur road. He wrote that conquered in that softball sized hail meters absolutely Saturday effort like this note. -- the I'm patently palm one -- road and look like the fear that. Has just been that was completely certain that can. Right now we are heading -- Eats -- but parker wrote that was -- then. Packing heavy rain and canceled canceled and flirt. That -- -- covered the road. -- where. Traffic would leave that Turkey wraps on the highway. As chaotic gathered on the road since and what -- -- fashion. But that's the largest hailed that I felt a little bit straighter golf -- -- apple. -- possible. Feel so it can never wrote several bills don't just largest adult also. At the store -- itself. He's -- as -- would definitely like now actually this just dormant passionately -- Detailed forensic testing it right now -- you have to at least governor Arnold. You know not so that is what -- -- -- -- guard plane. Let's we're trying to at least to catch up with this storm let's sources the socialists not finish terrible terrible. Probably -- inch to a range. And out some localized flooding cities actually if you work that is well place right now and late gaps in the area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Operation so much -- thirteen thirty Candace says the simulcast coverage and -- a moral three point seven KEY and Steve Macintosh. Along with Craig -- in that weather central here and a that's -- we haven't the tornado warning now in effect for a when they say southern. Says -- so critical that counted they are the Butler Kenneth tower wire services not updating so we are without that sort of situation right now so. But then basically impact racist southern said -- county and I and it stretches on over in the Butler county in the earlier warning goes over -- Butler county in almost all the way over to elder radio that was for a few minutes earlier so. Basically we're still under. What amounts to two separate tornado warnings but we're not down the woods just yet basically the city Wichita is under a tornado warning for another what 45 minutes or so so. Went on travelers around the places on the -- to try to find where the watches and warnings might be on the computer here because assistant or associate press computer's not to. Hard to its 832. And -- -- into operation storm watch in new do we have anymore storm tracker was going on we've got a whole cadre of the coliseum on his sister or -- 198 Tony does. Yeah you can't collect Leo iron actually no draft no ordinary. And I'm just definitely -- the tool -- in the -- cannot. It is -- shot inside. And not just now started and that's what it started that this bluntly that. We is it true friend -- paintball at this point. And apparently left the lights are out we have a traffic lights could actually damage to the inside look like we have it's just hanging down the road to -- Act -- area Pueblo tribes to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What they're -- all over here a lot out through that particular area that the greatest -- can't. That helped the wounded is not -- And then pop it when involved we'll. Wal-Mart but it is either. Although there -- Well. When. I. Got shot. He didn't do we beat them who married life. Quote. He. -- -- -- you -- So we're willing to the world the -- and look forward. Yeah it is important contributor watcher. There -- the tornado warning. -- that I was just basically it's why would it would four. And I thought that would cause this content area. It's got an airport area so upset yelling -- -- cancer hospital but it won't. Pretty out if that's what people are injured although where that the saint. Drive ended August quick trip but the important gas stations. But try to cover because so. As we've heard that from early subtract the truth -- if they don't. Hale class or hope for your lack -- good luck and glad. I actually don't want to know about vehicle so that we try to hide under the overpass but that don't. From -- they're not what look at them that play out every now worry -- -- -- the I don't get what. Yet to see. I laid off sideline him. Delphi and again -- Harriet web Roddick are very good good wrote on the theory at this terrible drought so food could be attractive to global walked into the discussion yeah. World. -- -- -- -- I want then I didn't. 834 down operations -- -- news -- thirteen thirty K Unisys simulcast coverage on -- three point seven KEY and the Steve mackintosh along with Craig meeting here and whether central. And we do have a tornado warning in effect. For a southern essentially county southwestern Butler county goes to a 9:15 this evening. And basically includes the city of Wichita itself. We've got to be careful out there and take and take cover situation is still dangers here at least for the next few minutes. This evening as we track the storm moving across the area. Ms. Stein look at the radar here to see whether hotspots are -- that won the cell moving now to the east of Wichita. And to the north there and and the other went down to the south moving across the southern edge of Cedric county so. The potential is there for cement some very heavy weather is evening and and we're tracking the situation for you so far. I don't have any reports of major damage. We've had some pretty large mile to a baseball sized baseball sized hail of mount hope earlier in the evening in the that we've had several reports of a quarter and ping -- bus sized hail so I've seen death of that so I can verify that right there. This storm -- the over night storm drag. Hi this -- where I've been ram itself part of what you drawn back that was down by at hillside and in -- 31 street now. Well I think cloud still in -- in this part of the storm that they're not forming in any thing or rotating it all the would still be a lot of cloud formation that. These -- very very low -- into the ground solid -- Actually due -- confirmation when you drive on the than you can tell you're going right directly under the that this just very well defined storm. We're not seeing any rotation or formations and any kind of they think that would alarm you keep an eye on the dot as far as the had to sit out the storm for about ten to fifteen minutes we were getting some pretty consistent yet. Nicole's side and all over Wichita east high school over like Kellogg and grow -- like harper polling over under. Underneath that overpasses and the need help. Drive through lane and things like that where it's taken shelter material was pretty consistent for about fifteen -- -- to -- deeply moved on. We're in south west of Wichita right now our wrap our -- south Wichita right not itself these boulevard. Approaching -- And there's a small -- this intersection. There might be a lot of things like that and the stars Robert Blake Taylor going to these troubled. It. I think there's a woman that telling people not to turn turn east on Derek my guard because there's stalled vehicle just everywhere. And I had that trouble -- -- tried to stop -- and added that. North on hydraulic from Lincoln and it was under completely underwater so I couldn't get that accomplished either so it's. The places that are well. It'll hurt really nasty because we have a lot of moisture in the rainfall here -- just kind of concentrated right over the same area and -- straight week at the 6 o'clock hours so. We're going on two and a half hours on this. Someplace -- getting -- and and or that water to go right now on some instances to get assess storm tracker want to thank you so these Wichita itself people are an -- that federal court. Tom Watson W a T thirty million and says yeah. Sparkles and with the weather team -- This thing just keeps going marquis got some places evening. It really does it's a very very substantial cluster of storms that continues to move on through. And there's a few guys -- -- we do have a tornado warning for southern -- southwestern Butler that is until mind fifteen. This storm. The part that the weather service folks are really concerned about. A few minutes ago was about seven miles southwest -- -- which job moving east at fifteen miles an hour now looks like it's more in two. South central portions of us that we cannot take a closer to would do southerly direction. Up from downtown I have seen the characteristic hook echo what the storms so the concern to the weather service very well founded. It issuing this tornado warning as far as they the rest of the city of Wichita looks like things appear to be lightening up. Just a little bit I was seeing a lot of up purple indicating hail core over Wichita few minutes ago. Now looks as if the -- Balkan it has now moved east of the canal route. Over towards the east Borough area looks like right around the Kellogg at rock -- area is where we're seeing heaviest weather right now with perhaps some -- Definitely torrential downpours and a some very very vigorous lightning as well. Not much of vote went problem as we have noted that there could be a few -- that took. That could cause problems and would look to the west we are seeing more heavy thunderstorms. That could be hail producers in fact look like they are help producers in two southwest. Up portions of central Cali in between -- Goddard area and Leo vital area. Moving note to the east and a bit to the northeast so looks like the city of Wichita may not be out of the woods yet. So we -- the tornado warning and we also have these severe thunderstorm warning for central -- -- -- northwestern Elkins southwestern Greenwood. That is until 915. That is because of they have very very nasty sell -- right now is approaching. That the city of -- attracted to looks as if it's right over -- radar right now. Doing its worst -- that city stretching back towards two Wanda more or less along the highway to 54 a quarter -- along at 254. And along I 35. From a few miles southwest -- -- radio into the city of El -- stretch it a little bit to the northeast. You are gonna find some very very nasty weather conditions good idea to to pull over and five an underpass if you can't. We also have now I believe flash flood warning force that -- chaotic. The earlier flood warning has been upgraded to a flash flood warning. That is because we continue -- that you guys have noted some very very heavy rain. Water is curb occur in some locations. And certainly is going to be problematic as we go through the -- as far as street flooding perhaps some basement flooding. Some other problems. Going to be associated well that's. This flash flood warning for -- chaotic goes until 1230. Doppler radar estimated about two inches of rain has fallen across the which don't metro area. Additional about who want to which is likely before what's to the west. Moves on through as they note to in this state and operating from likely causing numerous areas of street flooding. Right around which -- metro area. And surrounding communities. Strongly emphasize here that you did not want to drive into water that you don't know adept on the littlest. Afoot I have to two feet of water is enough to look swap a midsize car and start carrying it -- Places where you're really don't wanna go so if you. Don't know the depth of the water it's running water it's -- moving along rapidly you wanna avoid it you wanna turn around and don't ground. As the saying goes we continue to watch the radar we're seeing concentration of heavy storms. Across portions of south western and west central Sedgwick county looks is that this may be the next -- in the city which -- Wichita getting a little bit of a break right now it appears that at least up. Has now moved to the east and weakened somewhat. No more than not perhaps the most moderate rainfall. It at least it would appear from the radar across the city of Wichita right now which is at the at the hail core is gone for the moment. A little over Far East Wichita were still supports hand over -- six and indications of some possible hail there. And certainly want to get over the city of L radio. Very very nasty storm right now with some hail with so perhaps some moderately. Serious so wind gusts all the wind is not that particular problem. Vigorous lightning and very very heavy downpours -- Greg. All right thanks for being with us this evening mark -- in the but -- weather channel from the weather channel news radio thirteen thirty -- -- -- sensitive immoral three point seven. KEY and operation storm washed out to a -- 843. With Steve Macintosh and Craig meeting here -- mother's -- we didn't. Watching the storms now for over to our earnings as they've developed out to do the northwest of -- Wichita -- out the Goddard area then after that and it's all. Moving to the east gradually with the threat of tornadoes we have a tornado warning in effect until 9:15 this evening that's another thirty minutes. -- southern Dennis Sedgwick county and southwestern Butler county -- that the other tornado warning him not seeing that drop the -- that -- they dropped the box on this -- so yeah so your only warning isn't -- thing now is the one for southern Sedgwick county. But they've got a new Green box which is the flash flood warning -- -- -- this is the whole -- yeah so what we're gonna -- -- -- -- -- -- all the rain that's been coming down -- -- -- flooding streets around Wichita. We've got a light to moderate rain shower coming down now on 21 -- -- blonde -- senate got some -- gone out there. Almost no wind so things -- of the quite a -- -- now here in the north east part of the city. Craig Meade has been neck and run and lift the storm trackers this afternoon evening and when you gotta -- instantly on their -- on China's national trial on ten drew. Agency bottom does -- Lisa Goddard now. I just sat dark arts draw on army. Setting he's been. Let's turn itself on a party -- her and she needs. Broad is covered in lead shift. Probably can't articulate differently is that definitely something else Turkish history here -- and I felt we -- -- catalog actors sort certainly. Somalis to destroy it. Have a until at least field sharks. In heavy rain. Shirt that someone gets here probably forty to sixty mile an hour per hour. Turning your head east tour Wichita on MacArthur right now. Ten and the land. From Lorain there's definitely definitely the road flooding stack pointer street just prefer the highest Stewart's daughter -- under about an inch of water. Hands. It's just the State's effort. -- -- and slaughtered several plays that just don't know -- -- -- That Taylor says he probably these guys. Fairly even Haley -- chat -- -- so alert specialty area shall we hear from Kerry Kennedy everywhere and can heavy rain. Travel with blowing. 4040 about now ourselves just change. So has rebuilt sport I doubt -- -- lots of lightning split lightning in its present in missile launch. Seat power without a stop light can end the city -- -- cancel. Out here fighters from electricity here that. Right now lives in the main threat as rain hail and winds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that this storm of the so slow it just seems like this. Flying going to be a major major concern here shortly apparent torture the -- -- -- -- -- can. So what's usually a thirteen thirty -- and is and is now. Six. And the weather central endeavors kind of watching storms moved across an area. You know I haven't had a mean we haven't had any specific reports of you know as a tornado here there's a -- there's just been very very general the and in -- you know way nothing specific so I'm. I'm not getting really fired up about this thing in the south. South and southwest of Wichita there might be -- you know obviously there's a potential for tornadoes there have been. We haven't had any reports of any damage or anything like that and major damage around the areas so right now we're concerned with this standard cover here for the next few minutes and then -- If you're gonna venture out tonight in your car you're gonna see some street flooding because we've had a vote then we said it. Marbles -- for the weather channel settled over two inches of rain the -- that's a lot of rain in a couple of hours' time if Craig's lists and going it says take the storm tracker let's check analysts Star Trek. That's -- -- now we are currently northbound on Clinton. Approaching 47 street itself and find out just get a moderate to heavy rains are. And I feel better in last so maybe -- fifteen minutes. -- -- -- coming not down about 135 -- -- a lot of credit area. Not up over the heart your brain thought I could be yet it is very dry and there's actually no water standing in addition captured -- -- -- Clinton. I remember I can't -- video material water was covering hydraulic. We were going eastbound Kellogg's I parasitic hydraulic -- custard read your -- streak at exactly -- -- from curb to curb like to be quite yet to try to go down that -- their separate lot of street flooding especially down in the meridian from Kellogg to. About all the area especially out Danica. From about Kellogg maybe down to or -- an -- or -- Perry. Right out -- watching coverage or any crowd got your other southern part of it would -- Won't include any rotation in the east side at this time right now we're mechanics let's start toward the city about daughter and after we expect it to the storm coming in from that area. -- -- -- -- -- Although suit their chemistry helping us and our store had a dark yet. -- -- thank you very much. Q did you Craig. We're not seeing any rotation on the radars at this point -- -- we call outflow boundary basically these storms -- down -- nice -- pool there and that cool pool of -- outflow was already down south of -- -- now. South -- Connelly springs now has the effect of stabilizing lower layers the atmosphere making it more difficult for tornadoes to get down to the ground so. Not very confident the much of a tornado threat at the current time and of what the services. Doing their job properly which is kinda looking over their shoulders here. Don't have a lot of confidence in the tornado warning at this point. Obviously we're going to be dealing with some damaging wind gusts especially Butler county would be surprised to see 6077. Plus -- when gas market few trees down there. But as far as a tornado threat. Very minimal at this point. And still the big hail threat is and Cedric county southwest Cedric county between Goddard in Clearwater -- K 42. And that slowly continues to make its way towards the southeast and eventually get into. Northern Sumter County but my -- is Far East is derby and even McConnell before crosses the border and Caitlin with a blanks. I -- your own history -- fusion -- -- pretty used for large -- ideas -- -- some but baseball size and yet that was earlier when it was coming your mouth hole. From now hope over towards Bentley some occasional baseball we did have weather pictures of that -- dot com support that those big big hail stones. But the vast majority went -- felt not that big got -- two reports of broken windshields I think that was probably golf ball or slightly larger and we're still seeing. Not baseball size indications on the radar now but the potential fourth quarter to may be ping pong ball. Between Goddard in Clearwater. AK 42 of them so. All right Jim thanks for renews your -- you altitude cratered to implement a place -- interest in terms of Goddard. Around 6 o'clock from the start of immigrants and ballgame and watch an inning or two of that mean everything is put to the north -- a state of the northern. Also nitrogen was even as safe if you gotta get busier if and IE -- presumed they got a product locker there and got to. To shelter for short time after that because and threw the ball -- did not go the full seven innings or whatever it well you know there's not only do what is the tornado concern but there's so many things we start talking about. Golf ball and baseball sized hail at. That that little lighter here realities -- one night I was scared about the -- you know there's always some concerns and now we have the additional problem with the flash flood warning is effective for -- county until 1230 so. There -- a lot going on this as we finish -- how many more minutes do we have left on this tornado -- -- Allen 25 and supposedly but that's just it got to the chase here we are under any. Tornado warning for southern Sedgwick county and southwestern Butler county. Going until 915 officially deceiving as you heard a moment ago. I'm meteorologist -- Prater indicates land by the -- city kept saying he doesn't see much in this he thinks that tornado threat has diminished considerably. And if you look at our radar situation outflow boundaries of these talking about starting passed Bill Clinton's outflow boundary passed -- plane moving on -- the to them to the east -- folks over Butler county you're getting the storm right now all across central Butler county. -- enamored with the storm that. This is Jason the tornado threat seems to be. Diminishing as the minutes go by this evening. A lot of street flooding is what you're going to encounter were under a flood warning for how long but I -- until 1230 on the flash flood warning yeah. You know -- -- -- -- rock for awhile here probably so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't downed cattle to tie it up water walk and it would be a good day we got plenty. As the water walker right now downtown area is just getting -- with extremely heavy rain and -- meant that the club to club a lightning was just a pretty confident -- getting a lot of lightning -- downtown as well. It's the wind picks up the world around it just stopped again to a sporadic wind but -- been rather that he is well. Project. The only interest in it has been all my blockers to let alone some low hanging -- you kind of watching. And he -- movement. In the distance especially after the north west there's that. Much higher a lot of great and even wiped out a little bit blue sky to that yet that you get -- little Korean light excel. Depending where you are you're getting you're getting a lot of rain and in some more intense part of this storm. There. You talk about that level of lower -- content and one that we didn't repeating lately. Actually no rotation at all they're they're moving pretty steadily. And that is Patrick I don't know were right now but. Anyway in downtown Wichita. Unlikely -- Professional London music theater to -- -- music and Eric -- two minutes. And -- Thursday night the mother nature had other plans for it here on Thursday it. And the ultra gear up for tomorrow and those activities once again downtown Wichita or at least eight thunderstorm right now want to -- the club lightning and some. Moderate to heavy rain intensive stroke back at one point eight that would work. Operation storm news radio thirteen thirty KM SS simulcast coverage Jonathan immortal three point seven KE -- Steve mackintosh along with Craig -- in the canisters weather center this evening and -- this is mark Woolsey from the weather channel. And Barkin looks like sizzling front another gas a little bit of -- Yes definitely. Seeing signs of that we -- yeah. Not thinking about the rotation -- I did even though you don't take ten minutes ago. Looking at the radial velocity display on radar and just just not seeing it and not seeing any indications that an indication. -- A little bit ago I'd say about ten or fifteen minutes ago least that's what appeared to be on the radar. Not seeing that anymore either that said we're not out what this is bigger star trackers just noted. Heavy thunderstorm has now moved again into the downtown and central Wichita area looks like it's better. Along Kellogg. And stretching north and west toward. I should have -- towards those who boulevard and -- West Street. Really getting hammered right now some very very heavy right. I think that's going to be they -- threat as we go through the next few hours they tornado threat as. The 40% were chaotic. Is until. 12:30 AM. We've already had about two inches of rain. And we are looking at the potential for another entry to as we head through the late night and early morning hours and that is gonna create. Numerous flooding problems across the city of street flooding some small creeks and streams coming up pretty quickly as well. So folks living near them near running water. Want to be very very careful about driving for running water as we've noted. -- -- have to two feet. Well water is about to carry off -- small to midsized car and once you lose control like that. You could certainly go some places which you don't want ago. Severe others considered other. Is ready to keep. Can you keep -- and other collective looks at the they don't cancel them put them through thunderstorm warning correct yes exactly -- the tornado warning has just been canceled and replaced with a severe thunderstorm warnings so. This goes along with the you know what we've been talking about his for a while the tornado threat was not really obvious. But it was just basically wait and make sure that that trend was gonna continue. What we're dealing with now with in the city Wichita is just some gusty winds. And a lot of water fallen over the same place of flash flooding is gonna be now the prime importance -- tornado threat don't worry about it. The large hail that's really gonna be confined to southwest can't southwestern Cedric county were talking in south of Goddard now on now Clearwater. That big -- threat could still see some occasional quarter size McConnell. Dirty and getting over to rose hill but though volume of water and gusty winds for the prime thread. We're pretty much done with the tornado threat at this point so we're kind of transitioning from a tornado mode for concerned about that we're not anymore now we're just gonna deal with a lot of runoff. And some gusty winds and the -- -- whether blacks having your own just cheaper. Thank you today it's now 3 minutes till 1 o'clock in the next hour and three minutes. Fitness fun will be under a severe thunderstorm warning that would be current news radio does he think he came in as as Wichita. And this final -- coverage on if they wanna three point seven KUN Wichita. It just that they not gonna give us a break on this tonight apparently is just gonna keep doing. I did you get everything that you bring that needed to -- printed over their search is you would check with some storm trackers existed that's -- -- and it has to restore trigger 1982 on reducing NC where he's at what he's up to. Well that's even correct where at least the other part of well -- felt funny about what Walt we're looking at bat. Particular so warm -- felt that look like it'll look at so let's put it flat out for if that's what -- way it. As -- kids can't -- all. Yeah. The ball inside a little bit and hale senior. -- -- -- you have it. They think you're then able to our movement north on -- right now Samantha Barrett. As street flooding that flash flooding that was concerned would work out at the ambulances and everything else. So real life now you've probably 2030 -- -- -- win. Although it bottomed more towards the west figured I'd seen that one what looked like. Thirty deported well well wait until. The went back and now they're coming they'll probably go. So he didn't want to have. -- Walton in their government involvement in that we are you part of the problem is they're -- -- that it will -- have probably won't be. I've always. Wanted them and we don't want to. I'm not all of it is a quality that. And all but -- -- -- -- What we did it -- -- Right. I mean -- then -- -- the world in effect right now. -- All right Tony -- losing you there -- the signal is not do good where you are in different religion to their -- -- -- to. It's coming up -- a 9 o'clock you're listening junior's radio thirteen thirty can't assist Wichita and as a moral three point seven KEY in Wichita. And it's you're listen to operation storm watch Steve Macintosh and Craig -- in the in the weather central we have a severe thunderstorm warning for -- western Butler county and Cedric county in south central Kansas northern Sumner county goes until 10 o'clock. For the next hour. National Weather Service meteorologist -- 853 were tracking a line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing ping pong ball sized hail. And damaging winds in excess of sixty miles per hour. These storms were located along a line extending from east -- -- to Norwegian moving southeast. At ten miles. -- -- -- -- They're not in any hurry -- the your grandmother can walk faster than that is correct at all. Sort trackers you ready go here for another hour -- -- -- -- -- have to be entity willing to look at them again bill we got a million storms hacker went in drew. I'm feeling very exciting match it right now 840 here that -- them everywhere and the net grain. Right near the airport. And heading northeast but the wind that was blowing air. Very art 4040 miles now probably. If I was on. It catches the vehicle ever down net. -- pancreatic brain just keeps pouring over that same area. I actually drove. 43 street inmate is out of power. Has apparently been out of power about 30%. -- We have some power outages. I'm not sure that here is that lightning outlets selling out the historic. As gently somewhat -- -- lightning going on. When it rains. It pretty much every certain that the tornado right -- -- We're looking at that heavy winds heavy rain. When it out of the south -- east. And turning towards you 35 apparently still -- they're praying the lights are on here but that's not. But back -- that's -- searching areas and then went out and -- daughter areas on eBay area -- yourself our. For more like these. And that sort -- once he and the doctors in. -- its operations -- -- his radio thirteen KN SNS now 3 minutes past 9 o'clock. These Macintosh Craig mean in the he has this weather central opinions is radio news for you for -- thirty pianist as immoral three point seven anyway in. To read. To retract -- what -- -- -- why rehash rehash. To tell you what we've been doing this evening started out what about 6:30 this evening. And and we had some severe thunderstorm warnings after the north of Wichita Cedric getter and Harvey in Reno county didn't think there was boasted that they were gonna see much for that all of a sudden. Something hits the fan and it. The situation went downhill in a hurry pretty quickly I took off from Goddard baseball field northbound and found myself at Bentley. On K 96 right under the spot Virginia Prater said there was probably a tornado for earnings and and I thought you know this looks ominous it really really look that I sat there in Washington for awhile visibility was good. I didn't get too scared because of the I could see that as the clouds are rotating they were moving around in circles little bit. And I didn't get too scared than and then after awhile it started to rain very very heavily hail started coming down the wind picked up and I have to move out of their designers get little scared that and then I moved east and I found -- a whole lot of rain a lot of hail hail up to quarter -- we've had baseball sized hail reported. Our storm trackers have been in the field now for two and a half hours watching the situation it then developed and do. A couple of tornado warning for Cedric county one from the north have one to the south pass. If you can believe that there was a possibility of tornadoes we never got any reports of any tornadoes on the ground and I am aware of their -- that was there one -- -- there was one but I think it was wrapped in rain and I'm not sure that it's it was it was a spotter I think that it is said that there was one on the ground. Opted to the west impossible is possible that that's had been really confirmed by the weather service or anything. We've seen it's a few tunnel a funnel -- of formations. But in no major damage that I'm aware of so far this evening we've had some heavy rains and hail lightning lot of ball games canceled in the middle. And of course the river festival activities -- have gone south for tonight. They moved the festival to this week in June thinking that you get around the weather but but I guess you can't escape that and then -- whether. Unfortunately is a little note here on one of our. Message boxes here this is that Clearwater is without -- so apparently there's some power outage all right go along with this -- in order without power here in the northeast Wichita just subdued light sprinkle in Canada right now no wind. Nothing to speak -- but we do have the possibility of ping pong sized ball sized hail levee rehash for you what we have National Weather Service in Wichita and these tornado warnings have been canceled okay. Personal the tornado warnings are canceled -- of the woods there isn't but the national with a services issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Sedgwick county. Southwestern Butler and northern summer it goes until 10 o'clock this evening in the next 55 minutes they could back off of it before that. At about 853 National Weather Service meteorologist for tracking a line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing ping pong ball sized hail. And damaging winds in excess of sixty miles per hour those storms were located along the line extending from east Wichita to nor which way out of the last in Kingman county. And moving southeast at ten miles per hour so basically the -- southeast corner of Sedgwick county would be. Impacted by the southern Cedric county and it's all moving very slowly to the southeast amnesty. Evening wears on things cool down -- probably loses its punch I'm just from making a prediction right could we put we would hope that that's an accurate prediction. And he rates now. 6 minutes past 9 o'clock Greg media would you like to call and a storm track and remember now we got a couple amounted let's check in with starter wanna to Stewart headed. All right thank you very much guys let down our outlaw it under -- that's right now. Where we are out. Social moderate range are registered gradually recover -- -- strong last Saturday -- keep all the days without power -- -- -- -- -- about that. The picture there Kellogg upgrades that are. I pretty much stretch of about Kellogg Tyler all the way to Kellogg and uttered by -- Street we're -- -- would stop -- altered our Al what their murky light on. Picture people -- stop that intersection also elegant -- Leavitt street about power well. We are actually I didn't really Goddard and check out some of the damage we'll get reports about what you've broken out. What in the city Brit pack blocker hopefully. I -- -- in this regard it well shall not. It happened and happened that that might help -- the -- and her manic street. There right now. The back side of the storm. Could tell that it actually did that shot of the blow off from this thank. Extending our backup lay off the left and yet ever so slow and resolved to the north east. And actually a little bit later in the theory -- at a record -- street -- -- execs are well. Look back at this period of dormant effort got a little bit more more parts to it. As we can through another are part of Russia Canada has no power. I hear -- first street west Kellogg. And Sergio probably stand up broad street west into our daughter at 363. Street looks like drew -- well. This village has kept that spotlight all your last week -- Your record sixty -- street tell right now just. Oh all away if you happen plus we get toward the guard -- had checked out some of the damage if there is any at all. -- terrible -- -- when we come back corporation. Echostar can't go -- a -- -- 160 drivers left yesterday for extra had a. -- -- take you very much his radio thirteen thirty Canon says this is operation storm watch we are under a severe thunderstorm warning now until 10 o'clock this evening. And as. I'm kinda watched and talked with Steve Macintosh into reducing in word none -- is gonna be surprised if they -- wedding canceled -- a little bit early but. We'll have to wait and see where are getting some notations that we've got some. Other issues and besides just the storm we've got power outages reported in Clearwater power outages reported in Connelly springs and arguing you so a good deal of. The problems that event come along with this particular term wonder where this particular severe thunderstorm warnings going to before now. Oh yeah and. Southeastern. Southeastern Butler county and elk county that's on four other east -- here so that situation is not going to impact us with the of course we are still Andre has a flash flood warning that runs until 1230. Tomorrow morning so there's a good deal to be watchful for as we. Continue to roll through this a particular severe storm a situation let's check back here weather storm trackers let's go to storm tracker one -- Ted Woodward. I appreciate the on the -- -- -- -- just coaching icon and rock road now from the downtown area have been heading east and it encountering what you would expect them. Water logged streets in the downtown area and that was a problem traveling in some respects. I was I -- I was going to the central corridor heading -- -- there's a lot of lot of impeding traffic coming kind of via old town area a lot of water at central and Rock Island and central mostly. He -- like that and and right in front highlands area there there was a lot of us standing water travel -- on central little further east that they're at risk because not golden or at. Washington from central Washington is -- entry was completely underwater there. -- eat at your normal problem areas we've got a lot of arena to plot -- now as this storms -- a lot of water on the city Wichita. Heading off to our try to talk to the southeast part of Frederick County worst of the important parts of the storm might be of course. It's taken after the north last that looks almost blues guys normally look up the southeast and it just pitch dark middle night so. Well contractor on the state does this severe weather continues. Here in the Sedgwick county which Tom metro area golf club the club lightning as well as a lot a lot like it popping here in east Wichita. Promoted to assistant track 120 at work. Now I did thank you very much -- thirteen thirty K and assesses his operation storm -- are under severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 10 o'clock. And we are under a flash flood warning that is in effect until 12:30 tomorrow morning. -- to update you on a couple of things we've had this and reports of power outages is scattered across. In the path of this storm. -- wanna keep you updated on that according to the west are there reporting 6852. I customers without power in the Sedgwick county. And a few more than 18100. Customers without power in Butler county so that. Makes a sense we've heard their reports of Clearwater -- Connelly springs are going yet without power and of course there are some spotty power outages. Here in this Sedgwick county is well is another report of some lines down and a couple of locations here in the metro area so that is another issue that you need to be watchful of is your. Traveling around this evening it in this as severe weather. Be alert for a lines down because that's a very very dangerous situation if you. In counter that I don't touch it to make sure that you contact the folks at Winstar. Another warning coming in from the National Weather Service will find out what this is I'm betting it's not. I'm going to be for Cedric got here we -- -- -- taken over so. -- does is there is under storm warning for portions of west and the south of -- said we -- -- -- it's in effect until 1015 so. Apparently we're having more storm issues. As we roll through the evening this evening a once again a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for Cedric county southern Cedric county until 10 o'clock flash flood warning. Is in effect until 1232. Harmonious there's a severe thunderstorm warning. We -- this business severe thunderstorm. Warning when. I can't SS storm trackers in the field let's check in once again storm tracker 0102 Stewart headed. Thank you re -- it the right now we are in the city of Goddard it pretty much everything from 451. All the way west. -- in history is without power. So. -- police are restricting traffic Saturday Kurd it also undercutting -- street. In the city I gotta go. Oh right now we're gonna hit shelf on Saturday night there was a little -- damage at the -- Your hotter streak end. Kellogg. Credited that it turned aside we have our -- from. Right now be Richard Kirsch control. Here it one extreme left -- Kellogg. Those are anti I'd be -- parking lot the knuckles or automotive station which is just a little -- shop -- -- It's completely under water correct and it's out here on Saturday night -- that outcome of the -- hot water area. Can't export -- what coach and affiliate daughter -- -- -- a. There's radio thirteen thirty KM -- operation storm watch underway we've got a severe thunderstorm warning -- in effect until 10 o'clock. And -- is in effect basically for a southern Sedgwick county a severe thunderstorm warning until 10 o'clock. And then they just issued a severe thunderstorm warning for portions of harper and Sumner counties and Kingman county that runs until 1015 so. Hopefully that will stay there but as these storms have moved on to the east I would be surprised and maybe they might issued another warning for said -- -- before we're done with this. Keep in mind also that we have a flash flood warning that's in effect. Until 12:30 AM tomorrow so it's at 915 not quarter past 9 o'clock Thursday evening this is an operation storm watch on news radio thirteen thirty can SSI maccast coverage. On FM one of three point seven KEY and severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 10 o'clock. This is chance days meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wichita. Thunderstorms can't produce flash flooding. Across the United States flooding kills more people on average than tornadoes. Most flash flood deaths occur at night when people become trapped in automobiles. It's harder to recognize flood dangers that night. For your safety avoid water covered roads. The roadway may be washed out underneath the surface of the water. And if your vehicle stalls out in the high water leave it immediately and seek higher ground. Your vehicle may be swept away in the rapidly rising water. His radio thirteen thirty KM SS operation storm watch under way we've got our -- SS storm trackers in the field Star -- who went ten to lose Stefan are you there. And yes I am and and I knocked from the first street are gonna -- sort extraordinary this week. It's Carol without at city. Right now just thought -- -- first series almost under 33 street last. Should ever think about the 71 street houses are. Are obviously without power. There are no light on it is fairly dark or much steady heavy rain and can win. Just pretty much the whole time -- a -- -- justice shall win the drain. And honest. Afloat -- the morning news show is completely. They merited on this just store at this sort -- slowly -- this year coming. You can just drive a mile street in the same thing that you were in some mop the floor the last -- The that he has a little bit further hint that the way. These radio thirteen thirty -- at this as operation storm watch may be a permanent fixtures at the rate articles and this evening and other. Severe thunderstorm warning in effect. Four portions of I said we counted citizens for the southeastern corner says we can only. But it just seems to be an ending this evening we had our storm tracker. 110 story and I'm sorry not Stewart Star -- who won ten. Drew Stefan was on I'm sorry we got to cut off there with our warning where we were you still seeing some heavy rain. Scalia -- perfect -- -- Clearwater count. -- history about Senator -- -- Norton security. Attack everything about that that may first street toward the old city area received outrage Guerrero. -- now we're I -- 130 says there are constantly heavy rain and passionately and it just keeps pouring the -- further south we've you know we haven't seen much detail anymore. But I can carry that everything south. -- first street seems to be without our. We're gonna go verified if they're orderly. Completely without power and -- this moment as we head toward the city I don't see. An indication that folks you have electors yet here. There is a lot of lightning pick it up. Plowed ground -- -- Had let it burn yourself but he'll win the terrain you pick out. But there's grateful they're just -- -- stopped -- -- Probably. Couple -- herself. But that. Yes this has sustained same story -- the flood warnings are flash flood warning is completely emeritus. At. -- cannot -- I broke away how you can. The fact. Flooding in almost every every area not just the low lying areas even dares -- -- that just lead paint not blood. But the storm and it can't just a few -- and now arts in the Japanese ships suspected to have. Some. Flooding in NASA's December -- late it's your house. Or in your house would be leaders spots such that. Cannot right now we are headed south almost to -- Clearwater. Brain win. No -- at the moment. Heavy lightning and while a staple there are probably of people -- -- every five seconds in the ground. So. It here out about. At least the end. Watch out sort of flooding the rain and that and the win and also that heavy heavy lightning right now he's -- sort Carriker won here. -- -- -- you're an Israeli at thirteen thirty KM -- operation storm watch under way our storm trackers have been in the field all evening long let's check in with storm -- 120 Ted Woodward. It occurred I didn't stop these widgets on the rock group courtroom approaching the -- air force base and we're getting. Extremely heavy rain right now lots of lightning and a lot of optical out. What they'll plot to ground. -- -- -- -- -- Like -- this storm right now very heavy rains affecting a lot of wind that level lately that lightning right now the main aspect of this storm that's part of which itself. Com rock road approaching McConnell air force base that it received a report that the power itself. Out what that can't continue throughout the fort Stuart is talking about the power outages and the other we've also got an -- in Wichita allotted minute. And that Wichita police department on -- directing traffic. At that. Locations near the neighborhood at that intersection. -- and we got the power opposite political street flooding going on as well and heavy thunderstorm like going on right now in southeast Wichita but air force base thinks that this storm tracker want to what is that what we're. I did thank you very much news radio thirteen thirty KM SS -- a check in with meteorologist Jay Prater indicate Glen with a -- today. Yet again we're not dealing with a tornado threat for the rest of the night but just heavy rainfall and localized flooding. And again it's starting to improve in the city of Wichita and now we can still see some occasional quarter sized hail. -- now to clear water. McConnell over towards rose hill and derby. But this line continues to continual slowly grind its way to the east so in addition to some gusty winds just localized flooding -- an area that floods easily a lot of -- going to be coming down -- need to keep an eye on the cake when other blacks I'm meteorologist -- -- -- SSI maccast coverage on FM one of three point seven KEY severe thunderstorm warning. In effect now and tell 10 PM lightning is very much a part of severe thunderstorms. An average of eighty people are killed by lightning each year in the United States. If there's a lot of lightning and thunderstorm moved indoors and stay away from windows. Avoid using electrical appliances and use the telephone only in an emergency. If you're caught outside during a lightning storms stay away from isolated objects like trees are towers. If your voting or swimming get to land and find an enclosed shelter immediately. If you're driving stain your vehicle. And a closed car or truck offers reasonable protection from lightning as long as you do not touch the metal. This is chance days with the National Weather Service in Wichita. There's radio at thirteen thirty -- -- operation storm watch we are under severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for about the next forty minutes or so until 10 o'clock. Hopefully they will like cancel the warning. Maybe these storms are going to move out of the area or weaken significantly so the -- warning will be canceled we are under a flash flood warning. This in effect until 12:30 tomorrow morning so good deal to be mindful of if you are are having to travel do not. We've said it before a hundred times will probably say it again a hundred times but do not drive into water that you don't know the depth of its not a good idea to drive into water when you do know the depth of it. Now we get some flash flood situations. Here in south central Kansas and that's not a good idea so stay out of the water -- had a couple reports earlier fields that were totally inundated this is not -- said we can -- Out to the west and south fields that were. -- covered with -- water and running across roadways so I don't not to don't drive into anything you don't know the depth of don't drive into standing water or running water for that matter. We got -- can assist contractors in the field let's check one more time hopefully only a little more time with storm tracker. 102 Stewart headed. Thank you very much credit actually -- that water current that it Goddard without 150 minutes. Actually Serbian a lot of the water damage. -- -- local automotive center which just stop a lot of other minor street. The purpose is completely under water. -- and also you're the -- bigger cross street that are. I'm I'm gonna get very at least three maybe four people standing water. In that area so we drove down to 31 law ordered an eight street and second street from a record pragmatic main street is completely underwater. And that's about a three block area. Right now here at -- manic street had the power is out here dislocation. Got -- department directing traffic -- the location. Also it -- a miracle they already have it or gutter we are also -- -- -- developed nation or power out. Pretty much on the north side Kellogg. From 499 at all they do -- the first street and them out from under ninety all the day's broad --