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Alan Wright discusses astral projection and Keith Linder talks about his experience in the Bothell Hell House

Apr 20, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Alan Wright - empath, sensitive, & passive medium - about his work and astral projection. Later in the show Keith Linder descirbes his experiences living in a home with a poltergeist. Known as the Bothell Hell House, Keith explains the ordeal. 4/20/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Our poll carried. There and you say it's just G-8 and ninety know Jason we have Jason off on assignment yes. They'll tell you what he's doing when he gets back anyway welcome to show everybody is beyond reality radio so good to be here. Glad everybody is along with me we've got to really a great show lined up 49 in fact dumb we've been talking all week about having Keith winter on. Keys are wrote a book called the volatile hell house poltergeist of Washington State. He lived in the house for many years. Wrote about it as a bunch of evidence on this website of things that he's caught at the house were to talk about all that stuff. But we all sort of the treat of safe guest and our first hour last minute Alan Wright will be joining us Allen is an impasse is sensitive. A healer and a passive medium. We talking about Astro projections he Ewing's hall meetings on Allen himself was an haunted house so we'll have haunted house discussions in both borrowers. And it's gonna be great shelves are looking forward to that. Right on the phone number 28446877669. And you can use that to call into the program a little bit later when we open up our phone lines. How we encourage you to do dad. We also encourage you to visit the website and check out our chat room there's a lot of great people there and it's a lot of fun and gives us another. Way to communicate. With you as you're listening to the show its life and it's Erin and cyclical or talking about generally or. The chat room kind of goes off on its own direction at times but it's all good stuff or promise you. And if you haven't seen the beyond reality radio coffee mug the official coffee mug you're gonna wanna check that out. They've been flying out of here. It's a really cool mud black mud got to get beyond reality radio logo on a coffee looks great and it. In you can see it on the website to be on reality radio dot com and you can click re not in order once and if it's domestic shipping and shipping is included in the price. If you're O ordering from overseas you just have to contact us work out shipping price for. So a lot of great stuff going on also we have scary time coming up. That's just into his what X six weeks or so. June 16 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts and I keep bringing up because it's an awesome event. And if you want more information about what it's all about go to scary con dot com but. In it in nutshell it says celebrities from horror films pop culture films and also paranormal reality TV. It's also panel discussions film premieres parties and some really really terrific vendors it's a great time again June 16 and seventeen Framingham Massachusetts which. Is just outside of Boston's relief really easy to get to. We also have some great shows coming up the next few nights obviously Friday night is a best of program. Monday I think we're actually would have a schedule change going on their slick was saying something earlier about it I've got to better connect with him on. What is actually happening we had Ira pastor scheduled from bio cork incorporated but I think there might be something being changed every Tuesday. John Egan who is an author and an artist he's written a book called between love and hate. The devil is real he's plotting to get your soul and will succeed with many that sounds of an ominous. Oh we talking with him about this weathered demons are real and on and the events that took place. In his home he had a demon in his home. He had full demonic apparitions in his house we'll talk about those. We'll also talk about where demons come from where they exist how you know whether or 91 is affecting your life hope onto things. That's with John Egan on Tuesday night. And then Wednesday. Gordon Kerry Smith their Carol Smith's will come with us or be on the program. Gordon is an author of LB talking about to his two books sect called another aid another life which is the first set of books ever written to gently probe young children's past life. Memories. It's an it within expanding view of their awareness it refuses any lead negativity. And perhaps revealing previously undetected talents. We've had other discussions about children who have been able to talk about. Historical figures past life figures that highly accurate when these children wouldn't have any knowledge of them otherwise so this would be an interest in conversation. Wednesday night it was Gordon coral Smith. So a lot of great stuff coming up again. Our first guest of tonight will be Allen right we'll talk about. His work. As a healer as an Astro protectionist and some haunting cities were done. That's coming up from beyond reality radio don't go away we've got a lot to come. And it's going to be a great night on TV. Beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check out scare con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out. Murderer I'm doing inspections like defense some. And also gremlins going I don't know what's going on only dynamic oak and we've got the phone ringing near a not something that we hear every day of the good old fashioned phone can you believe that why is somebody calling our phone. Anyway. I was just teasing are you to stream with his playing card and if we have time I have to see what's going on here but if we have time I'm we're going to. Revisit our psyche experiment and if you aren't familiar of what that is how we selected a playing card from regular 52 card deck. And we. I've been having people call and and offer a I will say gas will say gas but but it's more than that it is a it's it's an attempt to connect with a second glee. It's a ten attempt to. I'm connect with a cyclic leak site quickly and gives you would discarded so I think we're gonna do that a little bit leader. Com and yet we should have some time later in the program sowell will do that like in our last segment at least that'll be. Our intention. We've also had some requests for. Some of this crap coast stuff we played one of these crackle commercials. The other night and we've had a lot of people asking for it again so we're gonna play a sea missiles pick one here with still one of the yeah let's go to Moscow with the Oklahoma bombing case this is Kraft or don't go we've got our guest. Coming up in just a moment. So only bombing chip. She had crap go home and balmy day. Consistent all the instruments needed to start bombing at home today to hide her respirator is the last major Saturday. Chemical in chapter operating systems super dream to suture needles that and more. Tillman and Apple's passing need to pass a trip to the mall widely. Local keystroke interfere with your backstroke used to Prague Oklahoma bombing came to start small. It showed that nobody can control my own son just happened and you can. Our goal crap goes to see you money. 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Got an estimated 3700 dollars for circumcision house able to do Hamas Olson comes to my old and they were crap goes home surgery Q after a couple minor infections I was moving around like around our welcome our mosque Mac and and my wife she was real happy banks scrap go with the crowd go home surgery team you can perform most council surgeries in minutes and boarded this special add on packs for even more cost savings like the the cardiac Rama the fourth Okaloosa geriatric opinions and don't forget the home augmentation arsenal dvds you can time. But at least he's got no problem. Reminds me and said that the craft a bill from surgery it would be augmentation arson can see any reason Martin read it isn't. Thanks for that cut the crap go home surgery kit normally. It retails for 9995. Forward today and you'll receive the whole surgery did. The fourth of what was anti gay and they decorative crypto catheter period ended the poll for 1995. Graco insurgent attacks not recommended for surgeries in some cases may negate your life insurance for your life read your policy for details some side effects include removing the wrong organs started. And not Clinton's order yours today. Are welcome back to show it's beyond reality radio were having a bit of B. Crisis you're trying to get a hold of our guest Alan Wright or talk about some meals from moment. It would hear about these purple beans. And UFO's that have been appearing in the skies over Phoenix. While these are happening recently we've been talking about this occasionally but there's been footage that have it has emerged that shows bizarre. Purple beams of light that comes from the sky and I don't unidentified objects darting around these lights. We had somebody capture some of this footage on a lie 360 that's an Xbox Live 360 streamer and out of Phoenix. It was recorded on April 11 that too. Actually it's that it's up 1140. PM. And it shows a purple light striking the ground from the sky. And then it seems to be a UFO appearing out of nowhere darting behind a mountain range after the light. Hits the ground. And then there's more footage. In in Texas of a purple beam of light that seems to strike the ground further clips Revere that a number verdicts objects are darting. In and around that about a half hour later. This clip was uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday it's already racked up well over 121000 views of people are clearly very interested and and people are speculating as to what they think it can be some think it might be highly charged error. That is reacting from the metal ions as a result of Ken travels. Or some people say could be plasma discharge. Or some people could say it's reduce aids sick could be a beautiful craft testing some kind of weapon. So there's a whole bunch of people speculating as to what it could be and today it just seems very strange that more and more of this activity seems to be located in Phoenix Arizona area we've brought other stories. And now and talked about and and other occasions. So we have got to keep an eye and was going on fear I would I'd love to have somebody from that area from the ever Phoenix Arizona area give us a call. I know we air over there. And let us know if they've had any interest in sightings or heard anything locally then might be going ons see what's happening there. But let me check with the us slick and see if we're good here OK we get that button pushed all right so stiff because they make this happen. Come our guest is Alan right Alan you witnessed. It. What that was quite a process of what don't know what was going on there but I never seen so much so many people dialing phones are so frantically try to make something happen. How earlier there was an earlier chip. They get just kept coming up there and then drop and are coming up and opera all numbered. Very very strange well it's good to finally finally have you wants I don't have to ramble about things and wanna talking about the makes a lot he's here. I'm not to let you know we this is going to be an abbreviated segment because it took his while to get John but tell us about yourself. Well I was bar raiser in Phoenix error on them and 1949. And the I had a great grandmother my pain my career and my grandmother had. Abilities are I don't. No they really knew that are not. They would have dreams and stuff about family members or sign something. Eight days. Would help apparently were saying she did you did you know that would. Some in the future or whatever. And I I have the outside her abilities. And not. Let us senators school I decided that it would be best if I can't build abilities to my excel. Because some people that you know when you're in school people can be kind of mean and everything if you're different you know. Right now well that's that's one of the problems and we've had a lot of folks on. The program that have had these abilities and as a child they've been hesitant to talk about them because of that ridicule factor. Exactly out. I'm not a 69 years old now I am I'm on the backside of my life. And I'm very tired. And not my life that I should write a book about my experiences in my life. And. I decided to do that night one book game two before books. And I'm right myself but now optional. Well we were gonna get into all of that on the other side of this break and we will be taking phone calls. For Alan if you wanna join the conversation at 8446877669. Sorry about the late start. With Allen tonight but we will get into it on the other side of this break it's beyond reality radio I'm Jim Johnson. It's it's here in Florida and I think it's been more stressful for her. And she's trying to help us get these this situation back to normal which we have been thinking demand who's filling in for Alex and slick and they got it all figured out but. As little hectic for a moment but again we are talking tonight wins Alan Wright he's an impasse is sensitive Huard a passive medium. And we're happy to have mono let's back this up now on because we kind of glossed right over it. Tell us oh for sure when and know what is a passive medium vs a regular medium. Apparently radioed. Cannot call are up but no word. I can't you know somebody asked me. If I can you know call the dead grandfather or something and I can't do that that. I have spirit surround me all the time. And they come to me. And usually the strongest one. Obama gestured to me and I. One that does come through Ike and they tell me what they want to fail they want meters they want they want me to come a true whoever I'm aware that that time. It's it's quite a bit different. So a so if I understand it correctly then you're not in control of it they come to you you don't and you don't get to his request to your speaking with its just done it just comes to you. Exactly. Oh my wife and I did. Channel. Grab I'm not an area popular for those. Lot Goldman who Alaska so we would be able to do it now also first time I had ever done that. Well like I did was shall we came in the bedroom. The TV you know they're saying we're nice and quiet. And we just sat there. And we ask. What questions should call to whoever was in the room and we started yet answers. And the reason why I knew they were true is because I want shields also on them. I think median man a sensitive. She was taken out of the same things right so I would rate. Like most thank Kevin Brown dog and sheep. Lot of the same thing. I carried a little bit further. Because I would CNN my mind eight. Irish Setter. End. Which has a reputation can't basically is out there you know. The bottom. And not sure enough for those sorry he says that her father had a Irish Setter. And that he really liked it liked Doug and me what place where they are going out and now we voters among other things group. They came up so I can. Basically do it if I have equipment. Because I like about four or things. You know to heard Austria chiefs. Feel on the same things. Right right thumb. When you had mentioned earlier that. Your family or can number of who you sit in your family also had these same sensitivities. Guess it was my great grandmother. My area grandmother and my mother. Oh. Let me. They could send links and family members you know Somalia was in trouble. I want to the hospital little stuff like that in all it was mainly for the sampling. And there are quite good. Remember. Listening to my grandmother and mother especially. Migrate them other diet. Two two years before the war. I remember. Listening to some of those stories that say they told. Back like I was just click here. Beyond. Question I have though as it relates to that. Do you think that these gifts these sensitivities. Are genetically passed on or do you think it's an environmental thing in and what I mean by environmental was obviously that because. If your family had these sensitivities there may have been more accepting and oration of them verses somebody's family who doesn't have that so is it genetic thing or is an environmental that it was passed onto you. I think that's kinda genetic true. My family know how my family members don't you get little. I can do this. Com. They probably do that popular on Ali's radio show holes and so and the wrote these books that. Oh I don't know quite. So sure of that loosened Phoenix. And I etc. my book's web what I get done it and she's quite so orderly and well being and she knows about these links. I think I can claim numbers are hopeful Rick they're they're is apparently. And I think that they are probably have the abilities doubtful but they don't. They don't really realize what it is and I think they're gonna. Tell people about it and earth ocean army. Yes Alan. What does the Daschle projection. Coming to all of us are you do you do you Astro project. Well. Back in 1982 my grandfather died. Then he'll go father figure to me and I almost. Really quite. Senator theological thought that. I don't know if you would then a good place now I wondered what are you wrote that. And I can't the early eighties. Legendary record of the thing and Astro projection. And not what was just started being being in the use flows out of body experiences. And I'll show. There near death experience host. And I try had to put it came on in now. And nearly won a little. What head. What I did and the there were uprooted a couple of years and lower amount tactics. A hundred opting out and previously get a sub Astro projection. And I went and looked it up. Cannot. Natural projections. That are what better fit what I did. And that. I don't want my grandfather. And eight went to see him he was that a better placed. And I don't know how long I stayed put them mainly because. They don't have time there they don't. They don't believe and I am NATO has. Time and slow they don't worry about it. And not so I got to detonator. One day I could have been there a month ago imaginary year dinnertime. But what happens most when I went to bed that night as land. I usually call 800 uranium and it was more than monitoring. But much of that whatsoever really you know I got to. But there's streamline its almost like actually and god. I felt like I had a glow about me. And not. Has stated it was a life changing. Dream. In the it's state whipped me all my life. So. Remember it to David delete. Even now. I saw my grandfather. I actually saw on the I don't doubt. Pom. During the same very same Astro projection episode. Yet somehow. I doubt. Was at a hospital. In I was up in the corner of the room. And mostly get down on the doctor and nurse was talking about something. And I thought Luke there were talking about eight. Body that was land on the Gurney adrenaline. And I realize that their body was mind. I just be clear you weren't in the hospital the time. You were you were having this vision you're having this Astro projection experience you weren't in the hospital personally right. Exactly. And that I wasn't slick site and having near death experience or anything like that there. Now but anyway. I started movement and I started going through the ceiling or little hospital room. And then I went through the roof of the hospital. And I wish move and can I get she'll light so the city where I was. And I kept increasing in speed. And a pay load down and I could see your. And it it was very beautiful. There is crowds and blue. And I. That god how. Beautiful of debt that the earth is up there. How ugly it was on the surface. All the rapes and murders of wars off all the other stuff that goes so goes on. And at that time of war came true ring. Oil and bled right into my brain. And is the years is fulfilling the purpose for which it was created. If you stop and think about it that's she quite this statement to make and just one sentence. At that trend is told me that the earth was created. And net. For whatever reason nearest post fulfilled the purpose for which it was created. So word this word this come from where this voice come from. I don't know early to tell you the truth. If you had to make a guess where do you think it came from. Well I think it came from the third person or so later on. And that person Vietnam. I guess some people would call it calling god. Carter Jesus. He was wearing a white robe. He had a beer and bone here. But I didn't really serious face. Because we've just before it got to name and I passed now. Well that site was gone up I was picking up speed I was gonna have a tremendous street just beat. And I came. Certain wondered about my camera here what they were gonna do without mean how. Well they were you'd gone to be able to live without rain. And that really voice came back to me again. And it should. Because of the choices that you made. Enough hardship actually and it and the stumbling block Wuxi league you're able to overcome. Are fairly also has to go through the same things. To be what are your bet today. So I told me that social life is like a test. And or your word you go on a minute slice of life. Escude died. Depends on where you Golan after I mean you know the crucial that you may get misled. You end zone where he goes in the elect come. Ten. I'm sure. I got out frog in my throat or something good it can't get rid of. Anyway. To get gone faster and faster. Know all the sudden. It went black. And I could understand why. These people when they have near death experiences say. It felt like they are in a tunnel. I didn't feel like I was senate Connell. But I it was dark and is contender afraid. Anyway all of a sudden a slow pinpoint a life and trying to remain. And the like kept getting bigger and bigger. You know a certain night went into this slight. And that's why is love we share mercy and compassion. And though I went great street true meaning every part of my being. Anyway I don't wanna leave this slight. It was something I wanted this dentistry and for however long I could. It might get so then I saw where Luke slate would come and firm. It was coming from that being and I was killed gone straight forward to it. Now I'm not a big. And knows. Organized religion. But hey I was radius. And First Lady Baptist. And my childhood. And so this being. Had gotten into it image of Christ. Our Ariel Sharon. But it couldn't you know not fit into an American Indian and Merck. Somebody out and elsewhere and true it would might have been projected there's something else. All right knows this being his very intelligent. That's good and he's got auto more technology than we do that's for sure. And now but anyway I what I just report got time okay. As Dell. And I went. When I woke up I found out I was sent a metal. And tall grass. And I could hear birds chip and then chirping in the trees. I get here animals Ruslan around. I also heard water in the background like here and there was a creek or stream. Anyway I stood. And when I sit up higher realized. I was sent a circle of people I was in the middle of the and as I looked around a circle I realized. That all those people there where my relatives relatives and close friends. Who had passed on before me. My main attention most of my grandmother new center right in front of me. And he expresses love to me. And I interest might locate him. And we embraced. And the only thing here is an area that everything until telepathy. And yeah telepathically. I didn't have to use my mouth provided 122. Car. I had a feeling that I could edit I wanted to do. So anyway. Listeners today are all on our important elements it's OK we just have to take a break here were we ran a little long here will come back and finish the story. I'm just moments beyond me. My her. 46877669. I'm GB Johnson Jason is off tonight our guest Allen right to lease their first guess that I would go another one coming up a little bit. We talking with Keith wondered distill while about. His experiences. In these Seattle Washington area and he is and has written a book. Called the ball full house have the bottle hell house poltergeist of Washington State we'll talk about his experiences in that home what he saw what he felt. But he heard. And with the disposition of it is now. And to be coming up her second hour. Alan we have just a little bit of more than a minute here can you finish that story in that time and then we can bring you into the next hour and talk a bit more. Well OK fine you and although I think I remember in this world. My grandfather and I were walking on a patent that was next to the forces trees. That was next to the medal. And pay knew he would tell me something. That was after I woke up I didn't know what it was. As I got older. Diesel it's a piece of information. What does come to my mind almost the same way and that should avoid talking to me before. And it is totally a lot of things. Well we don't have enough time tonight for that. Well we're gonna bring inaudible bring him back out in the next in the next hour ago about and another thirty seconds here if you want to wrap this part of it up. OK well let down my only our projection that Astro projection. I also. When you panel what I call now and all of their boyish spirit spirit that I had dealings were. I heard land when he did hear also but he had that I knew I guess you want to at all. He called me there. And Adam got a story much like a one. Where my grandfather died. Right okay we're gonna bring Allen over into the next hour for one segment to continue our conversation. It's beyond reality radio I'm javy Johnson's home runs are a candidate for force exceed seven. 766. Yeah and our Jason is off tonight and we've got a kind of a special treat though we've got a couple of guests tonight we're in the middle of the conversation with Alan Wright he's an impasse the sensitive healer. And a passive medium he's also an author and you can check out his some of his work at his website it's while law. Widget WE DG IT dot simple site dot com. One of his books is called through the veil and back. And that we've been having a conversation with him about his experiences before we bring him back into the show though I do wanna mention we've got some great stuff coming up on. The program tomorrow right of course will be a best of Monday night there might be a schedule change so looking ahead to Tuesday we've got a John Egan coming on he's an author and an artist he's gonna book called. Between love and hate the devil is real he's plotting to get your soul. And will succeed with menu we talking about demons. And John's experience is seeded demon in this house for quite some time. He actually at full demonic operations in his home. I'm Mike can imagine what you do when you see that but to channel tolls with his experiences. War when tonight Gordon coral Smith will be with this Gordon is an author and has written 82 books set called another aid another life and it's the first. Books ever written to gently probe young children's past life memories. With a view to expanding their awareness and defusing any lead negativity. And perhaps revealing previously undetected talents. This is possibly one of the most important things parents can ever do for their children and themselves so we're looking forward to that conversation. Wednesday night springer guest back in Alan. We kinda had to rush you through their. You were talking about two and you're Astro projection experiences. In a one point you said I think Hoosier the second experience you were describing four she went to hell. How how do you know it was hell I did you know that. Well we're all banged Orszag got there. The place was. Really dark. As like being in. OK here I could name Steve my hands in front of MySpace. I could actually shackles. Generals are building. As they would like apartment houses. But there are no light no light it in the in the buildings thoughtful. And not. Anyway I was there because as one analyst says they're called me there. And he wanted me to come closer to him he was traded trading around a quarter one these buildings. And side moved I didn't move closer to him and he wanted to meet you come food culture yet. And I finally says no I'm not coming closer what do you want. And then in the course of the conversation he told me that GM. And it killed somebody in the end it is physical life. And that now he's afraid that this guy is where he is that right now. And he wanted me I guess this thing about it taking matters that plays or whatever. And I don't blame. I am sorry I can't help you I can't do anything for you because. Because you're champ is to do that would send us your physical life. Or it wanted to stop their permanent. I forgot the main part of that that plays it has. I'm. Not only dark but it has all the negativity Phelan Jeter want to. So your pretty convinced yet you're pretty convinced of where you wore. How did that experience and free you. Law and did basically the same way is one more important what my grandfather or just woke up and I was in bed. But there again you know you are along nosair. Yeah can you do this it will. Do you have the ability to Esther projectile Willard is this just something that happens to you when you're blue east expecting it. There's something happened to me where I release are expected. You know I had some kind of training or something. Maybe I could do do it on my channel owned but I don't know it just comes to me. I don't having control over that either. We only have a couple of minutes left so forgive me for pushing this through this pretty quickly but I wanna talk about healing. You talk about being healer as well what's at the healing work do you do. Well. Basically our campaigns. That got older than how I usually go over it is now. Because his wife. Who would have headaches. And I would go over there when she called. And I would give her blessing. And not end there wouldn't relieve the pain or do where I'd do the. Can't you know make. And that angle completely. For a while anyway. And click an actual candidate but he didn't like it is some kind of crackpot or something. What I came over brutality we go on the bedroom. Or in the kitchen. Area and he won't say anything to me. And well. Tom or but just run out of time here because we have to get our other guest on. Where can people go to get all of the information about your books. I think Wal-Mart and Amazon. And you can go to Forward slash author. Forward slash right Allen. And that's a bright with a W. An Allen ALA end. Okay great personality sorry we had a bit of an abbreviation here on the conversation because very technical difficulties but we're glad to have you on and I know is kind the last minute. You stories fascinating we'll have to have Bob our producer is scheduled to another opportunity for comment to come on the show. Our school schedule the other night Mary can come back and. Okay great bodily alike you work it work that out with them again it's Alan Wright check out his work on. It's beyond reality radio will be back in just a few moments to let Keith. When they're on. Johnson are former members say 446877669. If you'd like to call and join our discussion. We thank Alan writes for being with us in the first part of the program and apologize for getting them on deliberately would those technical difficulties but we did have a monitor happy too and now we're going toward second guess Keefe winter. Who has written a book. Called the ball full house and his website is demon in Seattle demons in Seattle dot com hey Keith welcome to the program great to have you on. They did you think are have a minute look with a beer prices tell us about yourself before getting your story. It will. Mud at the NATO. Recruit from all Wimbledon now living in the Seattle area. A professional Derek. I eat or acknowledge that there's there's a I'm moved here in 2000. It. Or little you know schools or. A fresh or salt water and the love up I. And currently. About in the book. Before all this stuff happen to you as you wrote in your book. Where you'll someone who believed in paranormal experiences did you have any current home experiences prior to that. Though did you on the we'll begin with Manson the you know growing. A number what Warren G I don't vote that it. And by that I mean I know what could go ghostly you don't know ultimate about it it'll. Be treating them. It ripped the paranormal are proving you people or never have been done on the telephone number and a little bit and nothing. Or. The long remembered. We. Is it. So yeah. Really nothing before that so it's not like this is some people these experiences follow around you had no experience with a prior. Not yet nothing whatsoever who will hold league. They're addicted to you off guard who didn't know familiarly did know. Ground to stand on the road to guard and the girl who called. I'll probably should look to do what not to do. So yet that the old now where. So then to walk assent to the point where that you and and it them moving into this home. Yet that's how we removed and one well in the group of them Guevara and computers. And yet her apartment that mine. And do what normal club and tried to upgrade our relationship. Toward even. Move in together at the moment management positions. War. One of the house I don't know. And a script to move in with you. And on we were pretty much on big ones that you started. And not independent but her little despondency and we're at the need to look at all. They ignored when you open Peter. I'm really. Open about where were not aware that. Yeah you know they did seem to be. I'm pretty common. Process for people when they eat and get into this situation obviously. Most people don't jump to the conclusion you've got some type of paranormal activity you know people see. Doors are opening closing release of the you know things are moved around the house or whatever the experience happens to be. You kind of assume there's some logical explanation for. What were some of the early experiences that you had before you even understood what might be happening in the house. Well we've got the he's not talking about big war and of signing the papers and didn't use. And then the homeowners left it was just me and my girlfriend living on the former liberal. And he. And we're just talking to relive the house so little pig Latin. And we'll do well in this room. And out of the blue leader should call. And saw on the market and promote student very. Distinct because we're talking and if other ball goes a bit. Attitude call my broker at the same thing. I immigrant. You say you're seeing here are some with a child coughing and so which side. It got the idea. Call. Buckled oracle melt our. And delicate from a bit of what is the deal we didn't go looking or leaving little dispute between us. I'm in the thought it had who have come out flat LD it called the all on the clothes are coming in side. We have negotiated. With the dog world here. And perpetual. I would say we didn't think about it anymore administrators the mean all the good about it and will be. It coughing maybe out let. He leaves three weeks four weeks living with now more beard. And a public vote Murray excuse that a parking. An important battle looms there's an intimate spirit in the world you're always the one spot. But they're missing now. Global summit in your iron. It is who later admitted my blog and I'm missing jewelry. A muddy lob them neither. And then responded mode saying he. Running out so where are or lies and move into the kitchen. The store they beat the mean you don't. Just hearing what they learn to like they were just disappearing middle they were the norm being mauled they were actually just disappearing. Did you know we didn't get. You have more than you have we wanted to let oldest left all around my solution for. Or but I know here when you have beaten him now how pot. How often was is how often was this stuff happening I mean bush who did did it all happened at the same old timer was a spread over the course of a few weeks and months I mean you had a lot of things are turning up missing the. And Obama who. About a week Uga going. In but pounded with your finger on. They we really have a global where they use it distracted by. Let going off at all. You know life. All of a word or you leave a little combat with a good glass of water. In the light of law delight. Oca ultimate about a little. While the last while when trying to live up ultimately it. We'll begin you bit her movie that might look at you dump the bill will. Out of and it leaves the door wouldn't open wiring. That is that we hear oh he kept him out of the bag. Finally you get into 2000 more aware of one night at about who he then. Mammography watching TV though they're together since side by side. You have the what all I've been in the center. In addition Liza look into it on the phone book of horrible school. Notebook is six feet. And the all slightly grow as probable for a lot. And people. Look at each other get up and they've made the first minute we thought okay we're being the go to war irons. Remote control. And welcome to the neighborhood or whatever but. The sort of planned and then on the couple wire than. Not a lot of not part of a good uncle if you are up but none of that is better. Then we started going inducted in crime about. He would call. Missing item. And the monologue I don't know little missing. That would impact. We're also fighting item that is the one of the old that are cropping up in the mood. In the around the house and duplicate orders. These are items that are out milk and let him. Certainly will be able. To people. In order. Are we're gonna have to go to break here in just a minute but to did you ever have an opportunity to talk to anybody that has lived in the house prior to you. Do you think about we did get a new car pet products as they. What do you who lived in the house five years or we didn't. And that he did speak I have interest in oak. Not below believed that they do what didn't mention of the most. Introducing okay were talking with keys Linder the book is the Basel house. Poltergeist of Washington State we've got a lot more talk but it's beyond reality radio and MG Johnson. Our guest this winter he's the hockey Penner has been the occupant of a house that's an above and a book called the ball full house. The poltergeist the Washington State is a website also that has information about its demons in Seattle dot com and keeps. It would not to have a lot of time to get through this are wanna make sure we can although important points and we brought this story of to the point where. You saw something new couldn't explain prior to that little things were happening around my house but then. You saw something lift off the ground. Levitate if you will move around and then. Come back down to the ground I mean that must at that moment I think everything probably changed for you didn't. Yeah because then I mean you know proper permission we're not alone in the house. And I was glad my girlfriend was sitting right next to develop multiple American television come walk in the door. Who believe me or vice Versa. But yet though opposed to the symbol symbol is. Things. Taking off from that went on because. Now we've got acknowledgment. On both and and expletive. Did you Diaz is gonna say did you get a sense that this was escalating like if you know started small is getting bigger and bigger is LO was going on. Did a few weeks that because not keep in mind. Were well we won't go look into the house as soon after that. Came the loud bangs in the bank almost became a certain degree. It makes him almost at the same time it reignited but also true what it. Is the loud bangs that you cannot and when you try to pinpoint where they're coming from. Which refused to camp is the sound down. And then who despise missiles being a startled by the war slamming him there behind you but you walk in the rural abort slump or. What do you see the door slams we're Opel street and my girlfriend in the door slam Oklahoma that would the world. Won't the baton for a while we're in the shuttle and the rules always different then I think it or is sort it all goes knowledge and struggled. But yeah he looked on the Internet. And try to tighten. Renewed is that the world tried to what holes. It's the and a church in to bless the in May develop complex. Almost that so most when you should do. And would put the gun salute he would go because we've spoken like you all. What product are living in that he Monday its terms. And that seems to make things worse who obviously getting heavier. That are being thrown was a local auto re. Starting off with a bar stool. Shares furniture layout. And importer or iron. On the board in both as a better role what the. At what point. Well yes this first. DD harm did didn't do any physical harm or and sometimes people get scratches from mr. addicted to anything like that happen to you. Or or your girlfriend. Than the world was among the Internet is the forest Bluetooth. Well. But and who we're seeing overall well that if he. Yeah. You know my girlfriend got wrapped in these are worth Britain and the action local 1 morning and all probable for emergency grants new lions went on he. We're stepping up which our deadline when I don't eat. And they have enough about this interview you had no activity. At all when you didn't seem that activity. It stop work hard you hear the vessel with the wood duck boat. That is supplement blown up and that we do you don't do it maybe doorway. Would depend on the ohm at the end up with a vengeance if we're seeing. And actually that's a vote. So you're there for years. Order order and enter and hear about it. Yeah and I mean when you I would think that when the item meditated and things certainly get worse from there. More too afraid I mean didn't did you fear for your lives are your safety at all at that pointer. Were you confident and comfortable enough that the U need to just handle. We were. Fearful bottle up a little pool report world for a lies only the from the tigers but it is mind. The same time we're having teens. Involved now we're coming to the house responding to what we've told them. Is everybody is of the mindset. Spend your ground. The other mid rangers' right in the mill built go away. I'm wasn't easy I mean the more we put out there has been a good rhythm this thing. I'm the more written back they. Incumbent tide in but it looks they're really talking about. A post tomorrow the call our woods did some in the. While you were there where you win the opposite time. I'll take English our it and a group and it doesn't look at work. And far along what. But he didn't even well and I ran out. Like what we do sure you know. Local school a hallway in the front door. Opened up and let them let them or that it's just you know it on the landing. On our door opens lecture. About the war in our. And now still smoke. From my office. My final and the people. Are. You know. We knew. Started had a terrible groups come and were you hoping they can come in and get rid of this. Entity or were you just looking more for some kind of explanation as to what was happening and maybe get a sense of who was that was. Manifesting themselves in your home. Now I wanted to get their normal in the mirror and less in the activity. I listen and try to find out what on yeah. And also have the abducted them although. Mama they played. The little Lotta stuff. And what they did build that I wouldn't be a minority girl from the on one of those. Leaving their house the world conditions in the movement we've got there because of on the distant as the optimal look at Wal-Mart audible and now. And they didn't tell anybody. They're both of them and so if anybody is owed to him giving up over the blue good. And he's been diplomat during the mortal but what happens daily. And we heard it called on they want capitalism has been and with. Some of those horrible stuff that we just in that picture of me and I'm aware. Or disputed old martial law though yeah I'll opponent but the. Did you mom get any answers did in these paranormal teams that came in and I know. They cheer you actually were on no one of the united colonel television shows as well. But and these teams give you some solid answers that you could later verifying. Like in name of a person or anything concrete like that. Not the memorable person but. The god from the UK's the American psychologists people are. It's. This is true system don't feel they did come in the early with a sixteen and they lived in the home Zemin and other US team. State in the home. They've they've dramatically yet since they really we. And you know they did the due diligence. No point he's the co director of golf is do you reckon ball is. Thereby as big of a war and history. Somalia have of their social phenomenon. Being a good thing here. Of being related we've made of Americans because. I'm of the UBP's reference that little wasn't that they ought. Reform being that some of the symbols fall on the wall. Or 100% of America. And ball Washington. Is in Oklahoma county and the hope we'll look at them though. Yeah I don't look at those leaning toward that. Some of the EVP. I would. Off limit late seventeen hundreds and early 800. Bullish huge. Movie our own power to the or Irish immigrants the a lot of these voices coming on their device my injury. Lent itself to deal iris that but no moved one person stood up and up pop that. The room and all the good on the woman who's really. As he drew a roar all. I mean there are elements of residual. Already read a book or two guys this is their album level of then about the little me bubonic as the other else well. Then. The will be localized so one area where maybe we respected that spawned. Why is on the wall but it will it's as well. You look into it looked a little weird. Move it to their bite out of the blue and other housing development and in their house the amusement at how and I. Stood on the lot. Peace at some point somebody made to deter the deterrent. Nation that this is a poltergeist. When did that happen. That came after the UK after you've learned that and is in criminal. They base that home on the left is salute localized mentality of wanting. Let's put two guys the one of phenomenal they witnessed while here. And conjunction with Obama and and I'll look at that if it is that it's. Now a lot of people believe that poltergeist activity. Tends to relate itself to teenage. Female. Person and home there's a connection there's been a lot of evidence to support that connection. I'm assuming your girlfriends on a teenager. Was there some terrific connection to a to a teenage female lead heading into the home. No but the previous and that went back Biden for real rub him and they had. They acted that we need true with them or loud noise is allowed there at some of them. The opening Rome. Or locking in at the door as if we sit there with them. And they had three young children and one and even now. They had been stressful home that about a lot but look at all of them are part of earth. The local stressful. Very dark environment moved them. And that many you wouldn't get dry days. Some of the activity. It was probably move. It would have been all of them. But I'm the desert west of the look out of the blue we've between us and them they were obvious when we got there. What about them intimately. Yeah and I do know as he parkinson's these and other. Investigative news. You know. They look small personal look at it that live outside world. Of adolescent children. Also alternate between. Bitter enemies even the most description. At least though because. There's just a lot of little loosening of the. So are you still on the home now. No I moved. Male 26 U2 but it will years. And will begin once. War mean in real about when you were on individuals. In the end we're very good it's expensive but as you mentioned earlier the TV so. And it couldn't get out there and look but nothing. And the but it had to truly. Or mobile almost. I don't know how Lou we'll do it will be you rooted in. Europe he has to be true. Something like that in a that it did and won't they'd substantiated. We socialize with those that worked well out of the saliva. On to. That war wherever it comes in that could be but it allows business should do and knowing that. Now welcomes your room with a route throughout the world Tuesday. In little ratcheted. This being a who limit with a mean loose they stick. Whatever holy water white candles. And bringing animals confidence on the front positive word thus what is gonna run among. In a drug raid and they did it. Well those were some instructions and events and our partners as. So so when you last when you left the home the activity was still continue. There was suicidal reserve assumed we had a new wall markings. On the liberal wall. The week's forum moved but just because of the new Wal-Mart thing. The use Wal-Mart and and we've been through weeks of moving house. And the informative aware of that well the local news. In. That's just what about it when it was won't comment on the wall. And in you'll hum. And at some point decided to write about this experience and of CU who wrote the book the bottle house poltergeist in Washington State. What was your intention their IE eight is if you went was it a warning and for people who might be having this experience or was it. Just it just an explanation name to what was the goal. The goal of more than explicit. And I think I have given you but you can email me from all over the world with similar there have been some rural homes. Upon warm remarks toward New Orleans there's a lot of similarities. And they tell me opera with the open move and it beat you you can that nobody will believe this crazy. My book blows through and just the note of how are in the interviews. As the world group developed a it would include those. And does it did look a lot more Google operating progress. It would it's really the he's beaten Venus looked at it and and then all of them between about one of the Obama now. Used. And domain. Of the Hollywood for a moment in the rural little purple the little loop for a moment is that a lot of and radical elements weren't meant to you and to a lot of questions. Being at. That. That the answer all or everybody's questions we'll probably in the in the quarter with. Oh. We're gonna run out of time here in about a minute. You're Webb said his demons in Seattle dot com. I know there's information about the book there is there any other place that people can go to learn more and possibly by the book. What you can start there have been a little heavily with the book the book is all of and the bottom of round but the web site due to the Seattle and world report from the doctor and Christian. Malvo from almost seems you. We have Carl did you actually have a video on there as well that is sued the chronicles one of the investigations and your and a oh yeah. And then a sort of whips straight. On the or it could be called. America's super natural. Outcome and not want to talk about the UK being. Web site on their their report that documentation. What they found in the house or spectrum and have. You'd hate seeing Mercosur natural dot com. As loan some low documentation. Mentioned. And more coming out of the American clothing available without it they have their lips. Mind. He's into it in the twenty seconds we have left there what advice would you give maybe another family might be experiencing the same thing. Russia has been. And you see things are true on. Believe it. And not let of this sudden what you don't. The Europe is not really you know what he saw when you saw it. And I tell him about that part. There's not sustain this over document. Document everything. They can. Whether which will warm after. People wall and it would seem that can tomorrow loved the workers that we. I know him. He's we're out of time but thank you so much for sharing your story the book. Is called the buffalo house poltergeist in Washington State the website is demons in Seattle that comes great to have you on the show. I okay we're gonna take a break we'll come back to wrap things up it's beyond reality radio on June Johnson. But you know I played today. This hour radio stations are on the line in the chatter whatever is it was a great show we appreciated all. Up next we've got we've next week we have a lot of great stuff coming up tomorrow night as the best of program of course on Jimmie Johnson thanks for being here we'll see you next time I. And the only news tastes good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be done really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason knows well and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.