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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/9/18

Mar 10, 2018|

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Benjamin Netanyahu is dealing with the same type of ultra-left-wing media attacks in Israel as President Trump is in America. Now, the Israeli media is launching a pre-emptive attack on Netanyahu before his interview with Mark which airs on Sunday on Fox News. The media ...

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Enter bunker. I mark the end here are number earned. 8773813811. 8773813811. Well well well looks like come under attack I have. By the media in Israel and I you know what ladies and gentlemen the median is really off. It's crazy. Most of its ultra left went most of that's even crazier than meeting in the United States. You see what Donald Trump's have an idea OS with with a media in this country that really. Has nothing to do it journalism anymore Netanyahu asked to do the same thing in Israel. Now they know I have this big interview and Netanyahu curry full power. He sit down for a full hour coming Sunday on fox at 10 PM. So they're trying to do preemptive strike. Trying to do preemptive strike they left wing media in Israel are trying to push Netanyahu out of office I keep something in mind the man's been elected prime minister. Four times. He's the second longest serving prime minister in the history of Israel behind Ben Gordon. The first practice. And they hate. Because he's Likud. Because he's a conservative. Because he's effective. Because he's a capitalist. Because he's close to the United States. And truth be told most of the media in Israel like most of the media in the United States. Is left this pro socialist. At pieces. But I'm gonna give me an example of this tonight we're gonna move on to some other things as a lot coming on today. I played feel a couple of days ago. Five minutes of a discussion I haven't Netanyahu about what's gone on in his trio. These endless investigations. That we had cigars in champ pain. What most of us were considered basic stuff among friends. But they concocted a contrived a lot. To try to take him out over the years. But particularly now. So what I'm about to play for you and I played for a couple of days though is and actually part of the fox interview was. After the fox interview with Santana did this for the my radio show they show the fox interviews are more extensive. So wanna play this footage just a few minutes and then I wanna tie the reaction. Of the Israeli media is its creative little buzz of how one guy out. Mr. prime minister Valencia. Premier. When I ask you questions. As a former. Chief of staff attorney general of the United States in the Reagan administration. We watched investigations and so forth for years. I've been reading obviously did distance some of these news reports in your newspapers. And I'm a big compounded and I think a lot of the American people can pound it. Couple things struck me number 18 judge and lawyers text each other. About how they couldn't gonna conduct themselves what they can say to each other including to the point in the courtroom but they're going to look like have a kind of faith. And then these tactics. Then in the United States we typically say for mobsters and so forth which is. Trying to get people to turn. By a by cutting deals with them on crimes they may have committed that is they serve no time they care and reduced sentence and so forth. In order to provide investigators essentially would information that they want. Not only the extent that you can discuss this is the extent do you wanna discuss. We make of this. Well I'd rather. Well wanna comment on look who's gonna do you. Will be. Something mom. I can tell you from my own point you wanna see what's going on in our country how our president being investigated as to how you're being investigated. I look at the state in this. You're surrounded my enemy. Iran the most notorious for their many men and of course Syria that you've got Hezbollah. Hamas to Lowe's it's a tough neighborhood has. And yet. I I say nice and even in my own country is similar president. We're looking at North Korea Iran and Russia China and numerous. Two people don't understand. What leaders are facing when they're trying to deal with the and the niece staying in and day out. When leaders are nickel and dime can the put to death. Like this. You're kind of in a position to discuss it but what your thoughts on the. Well you ask do people. Understand. What leaders have to do. And the answers. Did you lose I was only here. Men. The support I receive time and time that I didn't you know elected prime minister. Or times. That's. Not an obvious thing. And they say that to do have never been stronger. Public opinion. Why is that. It's because. I think. The citizens who understood. That we work to make sure. I worked to make sure that countries say. That's my first jaw. To protect the student. And second that the country is prosperous. And we've and we've turned newsroom tool. Tremendous engine of an illusion of free market economy with a column. Has become a world leader in so many areas and people recognize. I don't know we do recognize. Well there's a hole that they couldn't run inside the country but across countries. Every year called happiness and others. That's people you have to. And gonna okay you can imagine the first countries or so ago. I don't know we're not always Bermuda and mark two. So we. Australia and book. Well who's who might do. Beating most of your other countries are worse. So we left some people say how can have peace you must you won't believe can can go up. That is how can you billions of country you know it was horrible new room you've got terrorism you've got radical Islam. And got challenges. But it comes. The most countries in the world this you have that's the old timers. There's a bigger story of their lives okay. What about the young people. You know whether they come up. Number of barred from. Which resemble real confidence in the future. And that's because. I think they appreciate it that's what I think and here. Because I don't think. And here because of that I know that that's what drives me kind of makes me I'm sure the the Jewish state. As a permanent. Future of security and prosperity. And peace movement and got it. The people who enjoy it couldn't do it. So this was most of them do understand all of you know most of them. Yes. Now I'm back alive and notice how our economy's doing very very well. It's quite strong right now. Before the tires. But anyway it's quite strong right now. Unemployment is a four point 1%. More jobs created in the last quarter or shall I say month than they anticipated. Including in the manufacturing second. And in our president's under attack to. Our president's being chased him. Let's take a look. At how Israeli media covers such things. This is the kinds of Israel somebody by the name are Raoul. Wu cliff. Walk. Here's the headline. After they heard that interview. Netanyahu to US radio is really support me despite corruption allegations. PM tells conservative shock jock Markel then. Most of the public understands his contributions to country and have a real confidence in the future. Not this role. Will lift doesn't know whit about me. Not a thing. Not a thing he could have easily said. Seven times New York Times best selling author. Five times number one New York Times best selling author. Constitutional scholar. The third largest radio host in America. Largest audience. He could have sent all those things. But instead. And you know I won't go through all of that phi beta kappa of this that yet but not okay fine. He doesn't care. So in order to trash Netanyahu they hit the trash me. So much shock jock it's as if they get it right at a media matters. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US ratio this week that despite the ongoing corruption investigations against him. Most Israelis believe he knows best how to protect the country help but thrive and have a real confidence in the future. During an interview with controversial talk radio host mark love them let's just stop there. What they're trying to do. Is preemptively trash and smear. The interview that I'm going to have. But the prime minister on Sunday. That will be played he wants them. So they dismiss him as under investigation they dismiss me as shocked shocked and they pesky trash in this guy. Just keeps Mirren Oscar. During an interview with controversial talk radio host mark Lou any segment of which was posted on YouTube and and the suddenly airing on Fox News life liberty and have been. What you just very won't be aired on Sunday. Something else is going to be here on Sunday but luck this guy is an Israeli left wing Kook and he doesn't care. The conservative shock jock twice now twice. Broached the topic of criminal probes with the prime minister. He said I'm a bit confounded and I think the American people like compounded. Let Vince said sneering. At a recent controversy. In which a judge and prosecutor were caught texting each other. Before hearing it in any case linked to Netanyahu. And in recent deal for one of the prime minister's former aides to turn states witness against him was I sneering mr. that is. Controversial shock job. Was nearly. I'd rather think about whether I wanna comment about this you heard of but I'd say that you're pretty perceptive responded they hesitant Netanyahu before launching into defense of his time in office. I'm not think he breeding what Netanyahu said he heard. But he said it. But I wanted to be here with the reporters that. In recent weeks Livan has said that quote radical leftists and Israeli leading the move into outs on quote the prime minister as I had. Like the clown writing this piece. In this clown bush newspaper. What is it. Times and Israel. Netanyahu has been in the United States from us to delete meeting with the US president Donald Trump speaking today packed pro Israel lobby club policy conference. Earlier this week a former Netanyahu family top media advisor near hedge bets. Became the third former close aide to the prime minister true agreed to cooperate with the police what they're doing. Is he's people who apparently committed crimes. Are getting. Leniency. Or and no charges at all. To work but the police. To get that prime minister. Being done in this country to I don't see how this is justice. Do you. As part of the State's witness agreement he signed and that's suspected of bribery of the case was told he would not serve prison time. Or pay a fine for his actions. Can you imagine. So they threaten guy out of prison time and a fine and they say now. If he'll work with us and help us get Netanyahu. You'll do any time OK okay please please please. Pretty disgusted. And of course this left wing Kook so called reporter. In the times of Israel does not a problem with it. They don't call that guy controversial. They don't call it an act I shot anything. Is that. He's promised to provide police with incriminating text messages or recordings of Netanyahu and his wife. In several criminal cases. Including these as a grow grow notice case 4000. Case 4000. And the so called case 1000. Which involves suspicions. Netanyahu received gifts from businessman. In exchange for a favorites actually. The particulars are little more ambiguous and murky than that this. This guy does he give a damn he's a shock jock reporter. He's he controversial report. And it goes on. Netanyahu denied wrongdoing in all cases so. I hope you'll watch it folks despite the best efforts. Of this left wing fraud. In the times of Israel. To dismiss it. Now already recorded it. The main is fascinating Netanyahu. And I don't interrupt them over and over again and another guest Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack I asked him a question. He takes his time the answers. The times of this robbed by the way since you're listening to me. If Ida Byrd. I would even use yield as that paper at the bottom of the case. I would want to place a nightmare. On Iraq back. Okay. A very short segment ladies in Denver when we started this. I think. In order to fully understand. The abuse. Of surveillance of espionage and spying that took place in this last election by the Obama administration. Against the trump campaign trying to transition in the current administration. All roads ultimately lead to Obama. But they all go through Susan Rice I believe this strongly. I believe all roads go through Susan Rice she was the assistant to the president for national security issue is the director of the national. Security Council. She was involved in the unmasking of Americans. She's given. Tony justification. Whether it's Erik Prince. I'm Mike Flynn. And she is said look we can only one farm policy at a time and so in making that assertion. Apparently in testifying to the out at some point some months ago. He basically said. That the Obama administration and presumably. Through her orders or at least let her involvement. Was freed just fine Americans through the back door so she knew what she was doing. By this so called incidental collection of information and unmasking of individuals. If she felt. That the trump campaign was different from the Obama firepower. I champion of freedom. You know you're one of the greatest champions of greeted the news. Country is not news speaking more Omar's call march at 8773813811. Thank you vice president pence. All right Susan writes. Now understand this is from. Radical left. Media reporters and outlets. Like bill is packed review which as they left wing site. And they are citing. Mother Jones. Which is a radical left wing site they're citing David Corn who's a radical leftists and Michael is a cop. There's a liberal. There's a liberal. Now listen this. It was in the heat of the 26 presidential campaign. That Susan Rice proved to be a pivotal figure. Preventing the United States from countering Russian attempts at election meddling. Now that is a blockbuster first sentence. I should draw the attention very media outlet in this country. That should draw the attention of the special counsel. And his Democrat prosecutors. They should draw the attention of every oversight committee in the house and senate. It was in the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign. That's Suze. And rights. Proved to be eight pivotal figure. Preventing the United States. From countering Russian attempts. An election medal. Wow. It goes on. The former national security advisor. Who chaired a number of high ranking intelligence principles. Told an official quote to stand down on quote. I'm developing cyber espionage countermeasures. Because they had not been approved. That President Obama. Then why haven't they been approved by President Obama. She was right down off from. He said Susan Rice was like assisted. In a book coauthored by Michael is a cop and David Corn. Called Russian roulette. The inside story of Putin's war on America. And the election Donald Trump. Previewed by mother Jones. Divulge is the background of the Obama's decision not to aggressively resist rushing attempts. At meddling in the United States election. And that is the sickening irony ladies and gentlemen. That it was Obama and his people who refuse to fight back against the Russians. It's Obama and his people that Terry in the intelligence agencies and law enforcement. Against. Republican nominee for president United States in order to help. The Democrat nominee who had funded the does CA to her campaign in the Democrat party. And let me remind him. That the president of the United States is the chairman of his party effect he controls is part. Donald Trump controls the Republican National Committee Barack Obama patrolled the Democrat national committee. So when the Democratic National Committee along with a Hillary Clinton Campaign. Money. A bio Warner. In essence. That DNC was under Barack Obama. Susan Rice was under Barack Obama. Did Scully was under Barack Obama. She was under Barack Obama. Let's go back. At one pivotal point during the presidential campaign this is all new this is crucially important. At one pivotal point during the presidential campaign. Susan Rice directly told the White House director of cyber security Michael Daniel. A cease and desist. From developing further technological options putts war apparent rushing attempts. To create half. In the digital elections infrastructure. Got back. Got that lawyer. You're Democrat prosecutors. Got. The book recounts as follows. 1 day in late August. National security advisor Susan Rice called Danielle this is these cyber. Security expert. Into her office and demanded that he cease and desist. From working on this cyber options he was developing. Don't get ahead of -- Warren. The White House was not prepared to endorse any of these ideas. Daniel and his team in the White House cyber response group Rick give us strict orders stand down. She told Daniel to quote knock it off. He recalled. As the book. Recounts. That was one pissed off national security advisor Daniel would say to one of his dates. The cyber security analyst would complain about the rice incident to other intelligence officials. The book passage describes. How it shook out. Quote. This morning staff meaning Danielle that's the cyber security chief. Matter of factly said that his team that it had to stop work on options. To. Out of their Russian attack quote we've been told to stand down. Dana Brito. One of Daniel's top deputies recalled quote. I was incredulous and in disbelief. It took me a moment to process in my head I was like that I hear that correctly. Brito spoke up asking why they hello we standing down Michael can you help us understand. Daniel the cyber security chief informed them that the orders came from both rice. And Monaco. To that. There are concerned that if the options were to leak it would force Obama. To act. They didn't want to box the president in great tennis subsequently said. It was a critical moment that is preakness sought to settle the chance for a forceful immediate response to the Russian attack. And easily disappointed the Tennessee eight who've been developing the options now. Let's digest all. Susan Rice orders. Her cyber security team. That was developing. Options. In August. Before the general election. Did you take on the Russians and their efforts to interferon like. And she told the White House it to as cyber security team to stand down quote unquote. Dog box in Obama. If we get Obama options he's gonna have to act. He's gonna happen. What's the next point. He has a one act. He does what to do anything. He has a wanna stop the Russians. And I told you why Obama would act and do wanna stop the Russians. A year ago. Memo when it towed it. Because he felt sure that Hillary Clinton was going to be elected president United States and he didn't want anybody saying that the election was fraudulent that. The Russians elected Hillary you know the sort of things are saying about trop. So he let them slide. Because of the N Obama is about power. Not integrity. I don't know elections. There's an Obama has been questioned by even his own former security officials. For not acting more aggressively. To counteract ration active measures during the 2016 presidential campaign. As a near times related in an exculpatory peace. Some former Obama officials now confessed to misgivings. About mr. Obama's reluctance actors speak out more forceful. Even as the evidence piled up in the spring and summer of 4060. That the Russians had the Democratic National Committee. Were behind the leak of damaging emails about Hillary Clinton. So who should be under investigation ladies and gentlemen. Now I can't read the entire piece but they go on in this left wing site. Called this pact were revealed. Citing. Goran who has had left this is a cop who's a liberal mother Johns which is a radical chic. As HE ET. Here's what else they said. Susan Rice also exhibited suspicious behavior. And she departed the Obama administration. You know this to be the case but let's let's underscore. The former national security advisor. Sending cryptic email. They're herself. And I might add. Fifteen minutes after. They're real president trump was sworn in. Providing political cover to the former president. Regarding a meeting on Russian election interference. With former FBI director James home then deputy attorney general Sally eight. It's. And former vice president Joseph Biden in that meeting occurred on January 5. Among other things. It's been reported. That Obama ordered this team. To be very careful about giving classified information. To the incoming presidential administration you believe. Especially Flint. Because this is ladies and gentlemen they were spying on. We don't understand incidental. They were spying on Flint. Obama despise Clinton writes this spies went. Because my stood up and many many times during the course of the final years of his career. In terms of fighting guys visit iiroc. Disagreed with the president. As a three star general. And in this meeting. Quote President Obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment. To ensuring that every aspect of this issue. Is handled by the shock. Handled by the book intelligence and law enforcement communities by the Iraq. The president stressed that he's not asking about initiating our extracting anything from the law enforcement perspective. You reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would but a nice run tourists up and this is. Obviously. And it ten. An attempt. To create a false record. These are not contemporaneous notes taken at the January 5 meeting this was written on January 20. After trop was inaugurated. She wrote this because I like ball went off. If she's at holy macro I forgot. To write a CYA. Why would you need a right. The president stressed he's not asking about initiating that is threatening anything from the law enforcement perspective. Because the present the United States ladies and gentlemen that time Obama and it keeps saying it insane saying it. Barack Obama knew a lot about what was taking place. How could you know. Much of it was in the newspaper. I know because I pulled it together. And went through a year ago as you recall. Much of it was in the newspaper. And don't Tommy Jim coming up with the president of the United States. And putting with a others and did inform him. Don't tell me Loretta lynch met with the president of the United States. And it informed him. Don't tell me Susan Rice met the president of the United States. And didn't informed him. That is simply. Any credible. Why it's not possible. Yeah and they gone. And it's remarkable piece in this left wing site. Is packed. It is remarkable they write that Susan Rice would so repeatedly turn up at critical junctures in the rash investigation. It raises numerous questions why did Susan Rice. Issued the stand down order and by the way we don't want trade daddy. Anywhere do this investigation. Because Susan Rice has act all wrapped around her finger. Or to go up reasons birdie on basket I'm not sure. Well aren't. All Mueller has enormous integrity I don't think he's leading role. Wouldn't national security advisor normally want to explore all options. It goes through extraordinary lengths to ensure the integrity of our national elections. Now why did rice had any doubt check herself but it sensibly exonerates the president in the highly scripted language. Is it was dictated. This is highly questionable behavior from they want to influential security official. Whose actions are reverberating from her time in the office. To this day. Prosecutors. Investigators. But they're criminals. With a congressional. Need to put the screws to rice. Because in my humble opinion. She's obstructing the tees covering up. Just my opinion. I'll be right back. So we now know. What we suspect. That the Obama administration affirmatively refused to stop the Russian. And Susan Rice specifically gave the order. Obama's right hand again. To their own cyber security team. That was developing options. It take on the Russians. To stand down. And they did effectively nothing. A monumental. Scandal. This is a monumental scandal. On the one hand the Obama administration did nothing. Nothing to stop the rations on the other hand they did everything I can see all top. It inconceivable. Unleash the issue mentality is a federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. And a damp bicycle. 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JoAnne what a T Mike MetroPCS in the eyes filling his seats for zero dollars on a network that covers 99% of people in the US awfully impressive. Best switched to MetroPCS. No limit LT planning get a 32 gig iPhone receivers zero dollars MetroPCS. Government buildings Summers with sales tax and there's some talk of tax cut out record numbers there. T-Mobile network right to one MetroPCS Sunday's cease your ridiculous terms. Hello everybody mark living here are number 87. 73813811877. We won. 3811. Well ladies and gentlemen we talked to someone that's not fair Condit when. You've played some audio effects. In many respects he's kind of like Adolf Hitler did he not. Many respect he sounded like David duke in the united. He sounded like one of those neo Nazi. Claims. Or if you will he sounded like a Palestinian terrorist. The other war. And crisis terrorists. Are not Qaeda terrorist. And yet. Mr. Farah Khan. He has significant connections within the Democratic Party. Is significant connections within the Congressional Black Caucus. Andre Carson. Is a member of the House of Representatives a Democrat from Indiana. Member of the Congressional Black Caucus. He was asked about this on fox 59 in Indiana today. Got to go. So Republican Jewish Coalition. Asking seven long serving Democrats who resigned this week claiming. That they had ties to Louis Sarah Connor who had a message of hate again two weeks ago. Here's a portion of this issued statements announcing that secondly no question about how important it is these Democrats he connects did. To lose their content fair con is first and foremost a preacher of hate asking congress men that's. Carson to resign. And we wanted to get the opportunity now because this has been getting into the news out people asking you to respond what do you tell people that are seeing all of this talk well. That organization. Doesn't have any credibility with the media know we have a political agenda. The Congressional Black Caucus. Just ask you that organizations. To condemn Benjamin Netanyahu. And the government for us discriminate against Africans were migrating north. Claim discriminate against Africans from migrating ladies and gentlemen. Another is going to be Ethiopia. And trying to bring back into Israel. Blacks who are Jewish. I mean this guy Carson. Is there real slime ball absolute slime ball. Have you ever heard Netanyahu talked the way Louis Farrakhan talks. About anybody. So they think they came up with something clever go ahead. Group. Putting them. A person does a great deal of bigotry and racism happened right now that the field to condemn secondly. My record has shown. That I've spoken out against anti semitism homophobia is homophobia. Xenophobia all of the phobias. There was a report that I AVG in tough cat against Sarah console the no it. That's. The CDC that you're at a meeting of Lewis Sarah Connor and he's. Anti zoo and zero AM well I Hawaii and they want an error. I I I have met with them as have other members of black caucus but there was another meeting with the running president I love there okay. No it's good but it's really I've never met. With a Klansmen and neo Nazi David duke. Never. Could never meet with Farrah con. Mean people who are known to be racists. Anti semites and bigots. Was to meet with the ladies and gentlemen. Would you shake their hand would you take a picture with a with a smile with a pitcher pitching hand around. What you fail to denounce him left. The women and drug Andrew that Carson is doing. Andre excuse me go ahead. My name on an as they do other members without asking us and that's how that computer in Memphis. But I met with him as well as other members of the black caucus have mellowed him talking about anti crime efforts. This. I mean I'll let change that fixes everything. Talking of the anti crime efforts. Some big hit they're racist anti semite. Is he Jew hater white hater and on and on and on. But that's okay. That's okay yeah because she's a talking anti crime. Got ahead in the mills and things but I condemn any form discrimination have been consistent. Moon they haven't. Thank you sound like a more on the me. That is Valerie Jarrett and she's on the view today actually she should be under oath. Test of time. And she compares meeting with the Coke Brothers to meeting with Erica. Right so now we have Eric cons like Netanyahu. Said Perry times better. South America con is like meeting with the cobra. Now you understand. That I don't one side or their big mouse. They're saying. Can you dump that rich. Rich. It and one side of their mouths. You know they talk about that. Well you know on them and I don't believe in this stuff I would never do this and I records for the other side of them out. Embraced again what they make excuses for the Valerie Jarrett on the view cut three go. Yeltsin said quote powerful Jews are my enemy he's also an engine behind the 9/11 attacks I think he absolutely did you notice Larry is that she's. Absolutely needed to associate your. Learning to be a leader effectively is that you have to use your voice and you have to be very clear that you were put people all the time was the disagree it's good hello. So you equity people all the time with whom you disagree. To valujet. With whom we disagree. Now you can disagree with somebody who civil but the say you worked with people all the time with whom you disagree. He made a bigot and racist and an anti semite. I don't work for people like that all the time be mr. produce. Go ahead. The Coke Brothers when we were working on criminal justice at Rupert Murdoch when we were on immigration reform but you have to if you wanna leave an inclusive. Movement you have to be clear about hate. White. Lots. So little work that the Coke Brothers who worked for Rupert Marat and I have to be clear about eight but you know I have to wait for people with whom you disagree. What do that Coke Brothers of what does Rupert Murdoch. At the door Lydia. When that now though. Just didn't get the men say you shouldn't abort whether. You should've been whether it should have taken a photo of them. He's proud Scot. But the Democrats most of them can't do. And other than a few local. New shows asking their local congressman. You don't see CNN. Or MSNBC. Or NBC or ABC or CBS. The Washington compost it and here excellence pressing this point billion. You don't see them pressing this point now in Charlottesville they wrap that around trumps broke they wrapped around his and that. As if some Alley was endorsing Klansmen and neo Nazis. And all the rest. And yet here. Here we packed the specific instances. Which members of congress. Have done exactly. Respecting Erica. In Valerie Jarrett making excuses. Horrendous absolutely horrendous. But it doesn't seem pneumatic. Because they're Democrats. Well their members of the Congressional Black Caucus. It's pretty sick I'll be right back. President is going to be meeting with the in the genre are. Fat boy over there. North Koreans some location. He and his spokespeople. Had relayed that this is not a negotiation. He's a mean. We shall see. What it is what it becomes. But. And what you'd hear the viciousness. Of the attacks against front BCS I said yesterday when this announcement was me. This president deserves a great deal of credit. For what he's done when North Korea no prior president. Well certainly not since the Korean War has conducted himself. As trump has. In really the judicious. In temperate. And wise use of our military. And economic sanctions. And the international community. In ways that neither bush. Obama. Clinton for the rest of them did. And he went toe to toe. Was via inbred. Many came to. Rhetoric. And it came in his challenges. For which he was. Attacked smeared by kids for everything that he does. And yet trump was enormously effective. I just hope we don't get caught here. In the same routine. We'll keep an iron. And now my focus now is on how the Democrats reacted. The Democrats are calling the range that Democrats who said he was gonna bring us into a nuclear war the Democrats who are constantly. Trashing this president no matter what he does. I think got to congratulate him now are they going to say nice things about what he's done. CNN always goes to the city Richard Blumenthal. The main lied about serving in Vietnam in order to advance his career. I don't believe this man should be able to buy any weapons because I think he truly is over the match. When I watch this man on TV he scares me he's got that look in his act. That's six out. And so why do you say you only about reluctantly in on the imposed the sanctions when he lets you know as he is the first president US president to have gotten this far. When North Korea doesn't that say. That he's doing something different. Any president. Could have sat down. With cam or his father and presidents before. Com we're tempted to do so. President Clinton almost itself and decided to focus on the Middle East instead. And the unpredictability. And volatility of these two leaders is one there's risk that. Is entailed here so the president needs to be encouraged to put together a diplomatic team can really lay the ground work do that. Plans and preparation. And that diplomatic team is very important. They knew Michael. Obama's diplomatic teams. They did nothing about North Korea they gave Russia and China everything they wanted. And completely sold out to Iran backed diplomatic team you'd jacked that diplomatic team was that Susan Rice. Refused to. Allow. Here's cyber security people who do anything about Russia you moron. There we have senator may easy. Hi rob Ohno of Hawaii she's another nasty human being I can tell you that. I've listened how she talks. About other people. That's seven doubt. I I hear your concerns I also hear you trying to spread. Some of the credit for this to the past administration and other countries as well. You've I don't know Willie has that hair. They have real and now it's not stand it's not realistic they didn't go again saying before trump. Let's give credit where credit is still. He was trashed her what it was doing. US should either throw when he was doing. And you know what he don't exactly what he was doing. With this putrid little dictator. I had. Are you unwilling though to give this administration any credit for this. Oh look Elaine glad I have a US. An arm. The message do you and he really has played well and know the president's Saber rattling you know is less than that has done but it's called but I think it's. Just say that is all bin the president I think it's sodium scared so I just gained and that's just your credit other candidates. Do not on you're an idiot. You always be an idiot you'd eighty yesterday today he'll be an idiot tomorrow. Outrageous. Now there's a clown by the name of Brian Fallon if that is his name. Former Press Secretary to Hillary Clinton. I like how many press secretaries did Hillary Clinton. All highlight of the Press Secretary and boy they did a good chat didn't pay. What he had to 300 Press Secretary they always show up the leaked this of all the action. Peter this. Headache out. Janice writes that an offer like this has been on the table for a long period of time she can so you can Donald Trump card comes out OK okay round. Author who's been on the table long long time. No big deal ladies and gentlemen no big deal here. Nine and trump doesn't deserve any credit. The office put on the table long time guy. Also yes the president has ramped up the rhetoric against North Korea but really it's the fifteenth of the sanctions which have been a part of the Obama years and how you gotta be kidding me you clamped. Obama. Obama. They got it sold out to Cuba or the guy that sold out to Iran. North Korea China or Russia. Billy Pittman was tough on what the American people. So here we have a proper. Again yes he's on CNN to. Then. The icing on the cake. Susan Rice. On MSNBC. Nine go summits in order for them to succeed have to be well prepared. And this one I wasn't. Easily agreed. And aides to tonight's shot is not some moron. He's meeting. It. He's meeting with him. It's not a summit. Go ahead. Can be well prepared. And the timeframe that we have we also have the challenge of the fact that we have the president. Who hasn't been conducted as successful negotiations. Domestically or international. Not now we got to learn from you. We got to learn from from. From Obama and Biden. That successful. Negotiation they had on the way out of Iraq gave us crisis. That's successful negotiation they have the Iranians gave them nukes. That's successful negotiation they have a Russia. Gave Russia. Everything they wanted. Crimea. Party Ukraine. Syria. That's successful discussion. Summit they had with China gave them the South China Sea made these Chinese say. And on an honor not. I had. Doesn't seem to like to prepare or beat detail oriented. And who hasn't quite hollowed out. A stable of experts now how do you know you Lydia how do you know anything and you could lose says you're an expert. You'd expect a similar you're an expert. Who I'm masks American citizens were being spied on. You're an expert at telling your cyber warfare security experts to stand down. What the Russians are attacking our elections. Yeah an expert on lying and stupidity. And that's about it I'll be right back. This is where Hollywood liberals come full rehab. The mod club and show was back yard 8773813811. Bomb bomb bomb bomb on Aaron let's take some calls him. I guess. PM capitol you know. They're predictions out there that the stock market. It's gonna lose 40% of its value. It Israelis cannot Kooks. One gentleman said. Just a matter time it's going to be very brutal. He got to make sure you don't swim were the fish is always what. You got to fish where it makes sense. He can't swim where it makes sense. He got to protect yourself. Now what's on your bucket list we all have things we wanted to do I just worked with a veteran. Except me because no matter what your answer is one thing you definitely need to knock down your populist money. Investing for the futures critical and today it's more complicated than ever. 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Leo round hill Virginia that great WMA algo. Hey mark. You know it was brought up today on got BM mail about I'm getting. From that Nobel Peace Prize sperm. Negotiating with North Korea. We get handed one year the Bay of Pigs revisited. With this nuclear stand off I mean think about it. And he's a lot Kim Jong-un is a lot more aggressive. In Castro lives. Trump not only got him to stand down through this. Let's not let's let's not overdo this yet. Nothing has happened yet okay. He's got nothing has happened. As he hasn't destroyed his nuclear weapons yet. Negotiate. Let's answer. I'll tell us. So they're not negotiating it's in the well that's what it's gonna start but the way trump works these nontraditional. And he's. I SS I know he's non traditional and we salute him here. But nothing's happened yet even stand. Our god. Okay. Well what are you having eight ticker tape parade. A year what mark nobody here Scott backed regime. Could do any anger sixty plus we went to war you might be familiar with the Korean War. Well actually you were an enormous cyst which were still angry says I'm talking about the Korean War not the armistice. The Korean War we actually went to war in 48000 Americans lost their lives you're familiar with a so don't tell me this is the only time we've ever stood up to Korea. When their people listening to this program that's had relatives who died over there fighting. Now if you wanna tell me that he's the only modern president. They're trying to do something seriously about North Korea I would agree with you but the time for a ticket tape parade. Is when there's a tie for a ticket pay it pay per night and mouse about it. Now I disagree with you mark. All right he is of course you'd. I should. Most thought the ticker tape parade today. I find something interest and people send me emails about other talk show host and really delete the my trying to at the list. I really that there's this really new. Phenomenon going on now the. If our president says something. In the backs off. We're told that his strategy. If our president says something and doesn't back off we're told. That's just. An outsider doing what needs to be done against the swamp. It's an anybody. Hooper raises any questions whether it's about Harris. Or. Amnesty. All of a sudden. You're still but because. The advocates assert gets a mouth pieces haven't everywhere. The president says yes one point eight million for amnesty it's brilliant. Now he's reposition the GOP against the Democrat party for the like. Now forget about the subs. So. I'm not playing that game that doesn't work with me. I want the president to be successful and I wanna step back him. As much as possible and what we have our disagreements I want us to object. I'm not gonna suspend. My brain cells for any president of any party or any politician. I think what's occurred here. Is all due to try out. But then people take it 23410. Steps too far. Nothing substantive has happened yet. So calm down. If they denuclearization. It's great it'll be very trees you see how that's enforced. Since his regime. One generation after another says yes signs steals and that rips a mop. Years down the road. So we really won't know truthfully. Even if he says I'm gonna be nuclear I knew blows up some of the silos and so forth we deal don't really not that's gonna stick and we won't now. For 4567. Years down the road. What I reject and condemn is when the Democrats go at dance now this what happened anyway. All the meeting was on the table anyway all of this was anyway. Cause they're liars. They're liars who spend all their time trying to sabotage this president. And this administration they are liars. All right. Let me see this weekend here. Run Venice Florida XM satellite Harry use it. Yes I heart you sent out. I was wondering if when Obama's bid by the book you literally burned at all of these rules forever. I I thought I thought maybe he wants. Maybe he was in the know. Barry good I'd say thank you. Sean. San Leandro California the great Kansas spoke though. Good afternoon. I wonder regulatory. And usually when our judges because certain. I don't did you recession could stay in the U kind of volume we look to turn evil immigrated. Yeah yeah it was serie you're annoying as hell. Just make your point it's not lecturing me about how you wish to be treated on the phone okay. Well but I understand that. I wait patiently douglas' cold in the phone that is one of the court which has just. Say what you wanna say. I don't wanna say you know I can't reveal very. Unique thing to do. I notice circular cut. Talking. Yeah I do use about for example listen those circled them. And I think. Ideas about mr. Lewis there icons that is there races have been in an anti semite. That's not characterize what they return yes sure go ahead. To me so I don't say. What would be very uniquely your platform. For your listeners who have views and share with your views in listeners who don't attribute the try to at least Kagan standing like myself. If you had somebody. Who don't have the actual police ask yourself like somebody is similar to this little looser coach that have a platform. To come on your show you guys actually have a dial. Now what I put a bigot and an anti semite on my show I might miss something about themselves seriously Shaun. Did he say the things that he said or not. And I and I bit somebody similar or different I don't want somebody similar like that that's poison. What they're ordered wider Arab at least didn't get better read ignorant like nobody can give any views about the light gavel. About the Jew bankers. And so forth and so what kind of view is that I should get that voice. I don't know why don't you read why I didn't say you said that you say somebody like him. I'm saying to you live what I want somebody like him on my shelf. Somebody to have a platform. A case relentless and education. Commander has some knowledge to make it hard to talk to you intellectually Abdullah John is saying but you can read I. I have no problem debating liberals leftists progressives. I you know voice to neo Nazis Klansmen. Or anti semites bigots and racists non zero. So let me for example would you date go to my right Marcum actually if you think you should they get to. Marcum Malcolm's Mark O'Meara sort of my I think my I don't it's. Okay whereabouts Michael Eric Dyson you noted urine before our eyes as well. Why here's Somalia Eritrea you know. Listen. He's got platforms and MSNBC he's got platforms on CNN he shows up on fox now and that. The guys on airport radar he's on sonogram. He says the same spiel every single time. I should bring them on to do what. Would you artist recruiter that would have a platform nobody is a matter of fact thank you for your call. People get confused. I'm not a journalist. I'm not a reporter. I'm not. I don't do the fair and balanced. She's a problem as we hit day in and day out from the left gain in day out with the propaganda that day in and day out. So we get this tiny little wind. Where we can speak. So I should surrender that. This guy Dyson or whatever it its full name is I forget. Michael nice. Now. If somebody wants to call mean have a different view in the wanna be respect on have a debate great. But I don't do this thing to take up ratings hits on the Internet or whatever hey look at pants. And we go at it. Folks when I used to do a lot of cable TV all through the ninety's in the two thousands. The BB against three guests I remember on MSNBC Africa to show it was called John Gibson it was quite a good host. They're before us and we BM boxes and it was me vs three I that they did these people I debate not these in particular but I've debated the left. For years and years and years and years and you know it gets us nowhere. I'll be right back. 2010. Camaro but it's reached that age where things start to go wrong. I don't worry about those problems anymore though not since I got extended vehicle service protection from harsh. Getting covered by car Cherilus such a great idea it's affordable protection they can save you thousands for a cover repair. In new fuel pump close over 500 dollars replacing a water pumps over a thousand. If he repairs to a control armored torque converter now we're talking thousands and thousands of dollars to fix. Even plans that cover your car's computer GPS electronics and more. Car shields the ultimate and extending coverage in the get your favorite mechanic and dealership paid directly. Sign up today get 24/7 roadside assistance. And a rental car while yours is in the shop. Save itself from high repair bills get covered by car shield like I did. Before something goes wrong. Call 800 car 6100. Dimension code look then. Of his car shell dot com and use code would then. To save 10% in either case that's hard shelled dot com Kovalev then or call 800 car 6100. He deductible may apply. All right let's see who's out there. Cheney Atlanta Georgia the great WYAY. Go. They were to go got formal welcome thank you got the Democrat. Or not the same standard. Credible public you've been able Republican admit what David duke. Of the media would be color purity is why are they not. And right right and right center. Yeah so why are one of the mainstream media not column what do you have to be congressman and senators that myth would fare Cohen. We've we clearly know we don't break with the big. A big if you've got a big you know platform usually go 100. The main stream media you can beat Colin him colony now. Yeah. But here is that sir I've done it for two days generally woman that. You think they listen to me you think they listen to me all Mark Levin said we should call them out. Which I basically said tonight and last night. Number I'm not talking about usually Goldman made three radio I come on Sarah does not tell me what to do thank you for your call I should. I don't I don't have time to do anything else. On March Amare should go. I should go on the mainstream media call an unlikely that invite me on to call them out on guy. That's continued shelling. Jim Marion Illinois. Serious satellite satellite the location of one of our great federal prisons current head. They've mark thanks for having me yes new fracture on Sunday are gonna love this and they would Netanyahu promised to. Only there. You know I. You listen to the mainstream media and at its side Obama might have known or could have known it orbits very good that. Is at the root of it at the top level. Go ahead you believe that a rogue agent and I higher arrests targeted. All these conservative groups. There is no way and it's cop out. And it's it's up full on assault. At this school level let me address that this would. What does Obama do to stop. The abuses in his administration and then now now Juan what Obama do to stop the Russians we now know I read to you. That's Susan Rice direct. Correct. He would Delaware where shop there. I think he ushered or did all right sir thank you for your call. Was awfully passage of the didn't. Let's see Brian. Cross fell Tennessee of the great WXP. Killed now. Now mr. them in future have been listening since I was seventeen. 2.5 year old. Former Serb former service members of artistic redevelopment and ask you we salute you. Thank you. I think bet North Korea is pork that's an honest just like Japan ended just before the onset of World War II applause route bombed. Then must have been nice and playing nice would it deal and then I don't know where they dropped two bombs on Pearl Harbor that's what one of the things that made their attacks so this. Well that's a brilliant point because the ambassador. To Japan was meeting when FDR. And he wasn't even taller tojo was doing. That's I think North Korea will do look at their. They're they're the contention couldn't put a talk for the throne for the world power structure right now and it's in between China and the United States and North Korea. Is a puppet for China and China want the problem you know but they are not a result of a person they're gonna try to use North Korea not. I don't think North Korea's gonna actually attack us and I think they can continue to build build build. There's any single agreement we've entered into a North Korea that they've honored not one. Are we gonna put you know anything about that caller about an hour ago that was ready to have a ticker tape parade what are you thinking him. I think it at polish you know he should never take you about your enemy. It's really silly. Yes it's that dangerous for us this celebrate now. I bet there's nothing to celebrate but we celebrate. I ever will not and apparently. I did exactly where. I mean listen Brian. You're trying to fire I wanna send you a free copy of plunder and to see. Please do not hang up thank you for your service. On live under the bridge. Here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. Did you know the Mexican presidential candidate was campaigning in California the other day mr. fitness had. Now why would be next in presidential candidate Ricardo I'm ya quite pets. Be campaigning. In the US. By the way blasting president trump. Blasting president president trying to why would he be campaigning in the US anybody know. Because. Mexican citizens. Who have come into the United States illegally. And still vote in Mexico. Or if you're a dual citizen by car Harry Ramos. You know both places. There's such a significant percentage. Of among others Mexican citizens of the United States illegally. That the Mexican presidential candidate Ricardo on Yahoo!. I've had mispronounce it sorry and they got Cortez is campaigning here because he wants their votes. What do you think about that. Anybody care about that. I don't wanna get to something that's very very important as well. The deputy sheriff Scott Peterson. Broward County deputy. Now the police dispatch. Has been released. In part. Probably in hole but we have partnered. I want you to listen to this. Turn up your volume. And listen to this go ahead. Oh my god how hard by the global buildup are on the football field. And I can't help market that the company. Help our I don't think it felt good beta pardoned by president without your article book open. Probably relieved at the bell murder and oh my god okay. It is time homebuyer that I. It wait a while backpacking. Not at bill. That's Peterson do not approach the twelve or thirteen hundred building stay at least 500 feet away. Stay at least 500 feet away. Pretty appalling don't you think. Am so at least 12100 500 feet away. Busy over here. As a disgrace. An absolute disgrace and I wanna go back to. When I left off. By the way that caller Sean who's calling him before he thinks I'm going to turn this program in this format. In the giving a bunch of knots an opportunity to speak. That's not gonna happen. And he changed his request from. Somebody like track time to somebody with a different he go to senate. Now. We're not gonna bring people in here were racists or bigots and her anti semites that's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen. So we're talking about the present in the United States and what he's been doing would North Korea the kinds of vicious attacks. Eighties had to deal with a overtime. Steve Rattner. I think this guy runs some kind of investment firm or whatever. By you know he's on the morning Joseph show. Because he's a trumpeter. Cut to end up. Yeah I think it's fair pairing up I spent thirty years basically doing negotiations as an investment banker and it was. I'll let you know everything. He knows everything ladies and gentlemen because he spent thirty years is an investment banker during negotiations. Were done negotiations would North Korea now. Any other autocracy course. Go ahead. We'll have a client saying if you don't go to Sam would have loved the world and that's kind of what we have here we have fallen met banner who write could potentially below the war. Well listen how they talk about trying to. But listen they talk about trying to. Go ahead. Yeah I met Tom. You know yeah I was thinking about what I said that at least. And so it could have an impact on the north Koreans say hey we don't know what this guy's gonna do let's at least see if we can get some. I was going to be really danger here there'll also be really dangerous is if she goes in there. As you want to do auto we are prepared right unaccompanied. We're no idea what the real issues. I would not let you know ladies in tennis there any evidence that he's done that. Anywhere with anybody. No there is. Not. In the head they talk about again. Go ahead the text that I'm Andrea just yeah. We finished Joseph Scarborough slobbering trying to get in what I wanna get on this page does. I want you to listen to this this clown cut eleven go. Just makes a decision on tariffs because of hope picks. And it makes a decision. On North Korea because of stormy Daniels and and people can do you people can deny that they want it. If you're doing that here in the tank for Donald Trump because it is. Painfully obvious and that's exactly what's going on this is seawater you know what. He did not want the Washington Post. To have the words stormy Daniels on the front page today guess why it hey Donnie. Donny coming. The north Koreans contacted the South Koreans even included a letter and Kim Jung on the Tron. Trump didn't plan this he didn't tie in this he wasn't positioning himself. Against the point oh start. He's doing his job. You slob go ahead. Exceeded these succeed and by lying about a letter that didn't even exit us. But it didn't even exist. This is why this guy's no ratings Barbara I think my numbers on Sunday beat his numbers in the morning on that check that. I am almost certain. And I don't have fourteen people. There one on one interviews. I'd love to go up against harper I'd love to go up against this guy and cream and I remember when he was in radio. It was a quick flash in the pan was a long. They couldn't get any ratings anyway. They put them all the big stations he couldn't get ratings in New York he couldn't get ratings and why should he decide can't be givers instead. If that is evening. And then they allot. On the way out they were dismissed and they said we're taking a respite to retool our program and it never return. They never returned. Because you know what doing it to a three hour show actually requires some brains and between the two of them they don't have it. They bring in these. These straw man. They bring in these knocked down artists they comment. They regurgitate. What Scarborough on Scarborough want them to say. And god forbid that Ted Cruz comes on who makes Harbaugh looked actually stupid idiots. Don't you lecture me. Why not. Why should be like TO you might actually learn something I'll be right back. Calls mark. Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the market and enact go. Yes I want a bit that you mark set up well disappointed in default but the beautiful it. Wonder if your children were and that's built it what are your barked out both say mortgage that they have backed our what if he bombed the building. I mean what kind of a you know. So here's all right what about that NRA instructor of that church where those people being slaughtered and Texas he said he knew every shot. That a person was being hit. Was being shot potentially kill so the guy goes out and is there any what is right club to confront the mass murder. And nearly have a deputy sheriff. He's hearing the bullets. He started out the two buildings. And he's talking about lock down. I'm a much comfort when it will sort of merely. Until May or may not like it because. You just Mickey and there'll only got in Coconut Creek road. Then you're good you're good not particularly. Without much thought they do Obama. The author of America as good as the people won't tell what. Yeah there are some good luck there aren't. That important. We need to look at how come up with political. I'm mark I'm Obama compute and I don't I don't know I don't. Work. Well a the they felt in this case is actually no question about it in his resolve them failing. We're not gonna prevent anyone under 21. From owning a rightful of any sort. When he goes through all these national nations as if that would stop this mass murder and of course who wouldn't have what would stop the mass murder. Is that the FBI did his job and his deputy sheriff walked in this launch. Out of debt that I'm aware. I'd say thank you for your call I appreciate it. That's continued Linda. Indianapolis Indiana the gray WFDA and go. My tickets and that they keep our wonderful program I have let's say every night at 69 and I just. Let's get at them the question I have is I'm Gary has Israel and I'm kinda worried about Pete beach. Can't execute I had contact with him and stuff I just wondered if she could get me sort of assurance that. It's an attempt hit it great he stepped over their kids. Can't give you assurance I don't know what they're gonna do over in Israel. Com. I just gave us it's just been so wonderful for. Let the country right now that he that's wonderful play and such entry. Yeah I I just didn't wanna see you look at Garret. You know like they're trying to hit it out of college I. Net. I hope your right to. OK well. Do you know what this latest in what happened there. All right nice and I. Appreciate your call. Let's continue. If such nice colors for the most part. Lynn northeast Ohio serious out. Hi how are you. Hi I'm mark thank you might call on the I'll try to be really quick here my spotter was at this table that create better and you resolve. Shot and yet part of is like garbage gotten a check out but it but I don't hear about budget did this all you do is try to militia as well as Chinese. Any yeah they're Barack it was overrun by Chinese. There covenant under mortar fire. As many Chinese or didn't go to America beverages went or tight you know why I guess my question is that is this China dozens of our. They've done already. Did say bed they've got to be the starting point before that negotiate. But even China maybe at the table back. Let me ask a question and great question. Why would China. Not surreptitiously. Keep supporting. Why wouldn't that. Why because he's an annoyance us. They wanted to anoint stats don't think. I think at the end of the day they allowed just like they did an event these being any invalid such a political ER me. My father was when did they thought we guys to take batting hell unveiled six feet and an identity that I did hit it doesn't yes yes. But they are three days that they Danielle and smarter dogs in the Chinese want backdrop. And they were ordered to think they don't get candy and pot or three more days to take me out I mean I it was all political and it was a proxy war I guess yeah oh. It's Chinese and Americans fighting in Korea. Yeah. Are my friend. I appreciate your call let's keep going. Both sell Washington. On the market than that though please. Greetings from the democratic people's republic of Seattle cork got a god landmark you to calm. I've been far I don't wanna put all these scandals first of all your commentary on it scandal has been excellent. Thank you and but to put an alternate perspective for the past ten years herself. All I've seen so far in Washington DC is congress talking top. The media going Pratt tick what all the wonderful information they provided. But at the end of the day I mean ticket scandal. Very few people have been indicted. Very few people have been prosecuted practically nobody goes to jail. And the laws have been broken and as an American citizen you really. I mean what in the point of a lot of that. Well what do you think. Well it tells me that I mean that's sent the message that I hey you know that. Well why do well in her when it's hard to talk radio is easier than methods to have it but relax guys that. I look at it sensitive so unique. That at the end of the day the big fish who created all these scandals get off Scot free and that's. You know at the end of the day nobody really say who grew up aren't physical. Or I really don't do it I mean the way the smaller is going use it all these previously innocent people are suddenly you know the criminals of the century. But you're quite right. Hillary Clinton is there have been held to account. All these people around Obama never have been held to account whether it's the IRS are fast and furious and so forth attorney general at the time holder. It's never been held to account. Susan Rice for her serial lying she's never been held to account. You're quite right. The big turn off. Hi my friend I appreciate your call good calls its continue Greg. Frankfort Indiana on the market then that go ahead please. Or are they won't greeting and so you occasionally heard would Smart or cute. And you tell us and thank you I've been a little concerned lately you know I keep hearing when news broke his gun debate in every community. They're never an Iraqi colonel were well we all the shares were just solo gonna. They're evil they're all fifteen in no way the you have a career do you consider that being. Don't remember no longer go about their consultant or so don't secure our Olympic record so would then took them hours sort or. You're right. You know an exemplary human being I wish. Almost watermark from the serial I wish they would win here. You don't compare prisoner Omar oral or looks alike believe that there world diplomacy more good job coaching. Then. That aren't my friend and I appreciate it. And most officers. Would run into that building. And most FBI agents would follow up. On these leaks. These are horrific. Failures. Of human conduct and systemic failures. Having nothing to do with people 21 under the age 21. Nothing to do and everything else that throwing up against the wall to make you believe that they are actually gonna do something about this. So well. We've talked about it at Lance there will be more mass shootings will be demand for more gun control more this control on that control. But the fact of the matter is we have a lot of politicians. Including governor Scott had just signed this bill reluctantly because of the provision allowing teachers to be armed. A lot of politicians in the NEA in the AFC. Do not want a secure these buildings slipped properly aren't professionals including properly trained teachers. Which is. Where you gonna really be able to confront it tailored to put an end him. Rather than watch the slaughter I'll be right back. Apologetic patriots and on apologetic. Constitutional lest you all can reach him at 877381. That's 3811. Now. The big story tonight ladies and gentlemen is that Susan Rice reportedly told the cyber security folks. Who wanted to provide options to the president at that time Obama to deal with Russia's interference with the election. To stand down and not provide options to Obama. Or Obama would be boxed in. And I don't believe she did that on our own idly she was protecting Obama who did not. Wanna get involved he assumed Hillary Clinton was going to be president as I've said it many many times. He didn't wanna quote unquote B legitimize her election. And yet that is exactly what they're trying to do now the Donald Trump. Here's an exciting news simply say it was a company that's been around for many years. They've transformed into the fastest growing home security company in the nation. Now they protect DeWitt two million people when they just released their brand new home security system the all new simply safe. This system has been completely rebuilt and redesigned. 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Sunday 10 PM eastern time 7 PM Pacific time all times in between and around. I want our interview would Benjamin Netanyahu and I understand. The times of Israel. Is very uncomfortable with the Spanish stand liberal columnists and liberal newspapers throughout the country of Israel. We're gonna trying to downplay this interview. And downplay what takes place. But I'm hoping you the American people will watch this at 10 PM sat Sunday. On the Fox News Channel and and that's eastern time of course and it plays in Israel at 5 AM in the morning. And I hope our Israeli friends watching tip. Because it's obvious to me. But the problem with the Israeli journalist is the same problem we have in this country with the American journalists are not journalists facts. Acts. Parent. Let's see heat your ticket call. All right David Los Angeles, California 870 the answer don't. They gave it all and just. Please call personality candidates. Appreciate your until you can never heard anybody missionary you Intercontinental one on. You know that the prosecution award balls in mobile where you know all Washington. Well look I want to Chile were there were talking about the shooter wearing earlier where depletion standing outside. Our I don't know if you're familiar remember the shooting at channel marker college in California. Mom there was an active shooter. Who accused of parliament so far nationwide I believed sure it is government travel and I'm not sure now. Much they didn't stand around outside they will ride in and took that spewed out. He walked right to the students. Then got this done immediately and choking and then did offer this program all cross United States. So can ensure that department. Probably didn't work had the opportunity. But it probably chose not to do it with the program and their imagination warrant. And by the way for people who who oddly committed the offense this deputy chair of the sheriff himself. Scott Israel. Said he saw what took place and he was absolutely disgusting. All right David good call I appreciate it Janet union are again on Sirius satellite. Are you. Can get I guess that after listening to that recording. The Florida line. Right right you know. That may play everything I had been told me and the kids write about nine mine line and everything else. Now I'm online at 40. Crap you're not gonna believe what we can't cap it. My husband had trained cops interactive shooters where I'd any Britain has recently retired and he just shook its head east of I cannot believe. That that I'd get that he did. And I put out yeah I that if it would have been on my children and that exploit the corporate stock you know they would have been fighting back I sit back up. I can't. I would be after that cop and the FBI. He declared my question is why have we not heard anything more about this kid it was a hot spare. Yet there's and the last I heard yes and how did he get in the proper program. Don't know. Yes and now with not much has been mentioned hitting it you know he says with a name like Shaq he says they're kicking out the boxes. Right. Thank you for your car Harry. Los Angeles, California on the market that that don't. Yet there at first I wanna check out all your book I got here he got the less than half a watch your ankle on Sunday night oh man. You're my idol but they had a discussion with some guy you work voter round. They're very good discussion I have to disagree with the caller actually slip that let Coleman gentleman called reports say what if that was your dad Stan announced I want to have your people in your listeners how many people in that building shooting outlined 1015 he had no. Could give them the orders what tactical training that he now. What parent by credit entering a building carried him. He don't personalize these events that's the first thing they tell the cops it's the first thing they tell you in the military. That's what a president. Is not supposed to do when he makes decisions to defend this country. Let me ask a question. You're standing outside the building with a weapon test you Harry you wanna personalize alerts personal. And you hear shots going on inside. Everything you said how many people out there what are they doing what's the trade is that what you really going to be thinking about war and every time a bullet leaves that gun. Some kids being shot and I had to go in there and do something. So you go in there and nearly 56 Geithner you get shot and your dad are you okay. Let me I K okay listen. If you're paid to be deputy sheriff. You go in there and you take care of business. If on the other hand you're a volunteer. Safety officer. And you're not trained to do anything. They need you stay outside in your call for help and all restaurant. But I'm gonna tell you Harry I know a lot of police officers. And I have met one yet. The fact they come up the mean they wanna talk about those who said that they would wait outside. To trying to figure out what's going on inside. Now one. What was he doing what he was told to do while digging here with the sheriffs at about. Well here but as an idiot and Apollo ten but they deputy sheriffs not in any sheriffs an idiot but the deputy sheriffs nine and 88 patty kind of that conclusion. So everybody's saying and I should Iran and a building to find the shooter now they're not saying you run into the building like a hair's on fire. Eco under the building you take the decisions you need to take as you work your way through the building. Looking through the door is looking to the closets walking through the I'll. He can hear the bullets when you're outside she is at the football field as a building thirteen hundred which building is it. I mean you know that's what neighbors do well when you're hot yes when your firefighting Igawa that's what you do Harry. Now the queues started you started the the first lord his eyes on the third floor really mean by that kind you get there initially. Harry I don't know I don't I don't know I I don't know what you're thinking. But this does it's it's it's largely not rational. You don't know in advance of the guys in the first floor the second floor of the third floor you don't there's more than one they don't tell you. Yeah the police officer. You need to get in there and figure out what the hell's going on. All right thanks recall. There is a former fan is to produce. Daniel Audubon New Jersey at. XM satellite you stand outside Danny trying to figure out what's going on inside when you smell smoke and cease fire. Saturday yeah. Moderator Daniel you are another element of the door it will only last months. It's Gloria yes. So are you love your show. You. What what's crazy is. Is that it showed some officer in Florida. From the minute shopping billion. What has been right. Why he resigned he's going to get done and I felt dollar a year pension pension rights and he did nothing. You know all I was this city firefighter. And we encountered a freon gas leak in that building. And we Rick Perry being demanded mammoth left behind unknowingly. So I need chose to go back in it to the guys and I quote you my career and Michael pages. So it kind of I just wanted to get. You want it's signs he's again I didn't like I hit my port mouth and a cautious. Theatrical and everything they Sawyer. And and an all our attention. Because forty yeah it is. So I gotta wonder what else can read into that blood. Can't get back in this thing they'll listen when some money yeah. I. Would probably be right god wanted to apologize he you're going to be like why because the minute you think you know. I would. I was listening he repeated or the union won't comment on fire what are how many union I would like doing it split. If you're listening you need to move on didn't want your well. Yeah now I understand and I want our. Daniel thanks tree caught that heartbreak. Hiring every business needs great people and a better way to find them. Something better than posting a job on line and just praying for the right people to see zip recruiter knew there was a smarter way. So they build a platform that finds the right job candidates Freel. Zip recruiter learns what you're looking for identifies people with the right experience. And invites them to apply to your job. These invitations have revolutionized how you find your next tiger. In fact 80% of employers who posted job onset recruiter inequality candidate through this site in just one day. And simply put it doesn't stop there they even spotlight the strongest applications you received so you never miss a great match. The right candidates are out there zip recruiter is how you find them. Businesses of all sizes trusted recruiter for their hiring needs and right now you might listeners can try zip recruiter. For free yes free just go to zip recruited dot com slash love then. That zip recruited dot com slash LE EBI and zip recorded dot com the smartest way to a higher will be right back. Go to meet. All of us in the West Virginia on the mark livid at how our user. I'm very Smart very appealing. And feel better and you know about 70% and get there but thanks for asking. And an interpreter for a while there's less solemn obviously you know created a monster that it brought ten year old daughter and Dick Cheney rooted amateurs restored. There and you're talking a lot about north Koreans who have supported the more explain to her and I got to the part where I was taught that don't know. You're Bill Clinton set North Korea toward nuclear capabilities and she cannot stop Richards used wanna the world despite trying to kill you are gonna. That's a Smart young I'm not gonna do me. A mini and mini DV one hour after one hour a one year's subscription to CR TV. And I did a North Korea and I've done several but I did in North Korea's special few nights ago. And that way you're wonderful young daughter can take a look at that so okay. Currency market chatter our what is your name person so it. Hi Sophie. I don't. Hi Sophie how idea. And yet here really good gay dads tell me how sharp you are. Though only. I've only got forty seconds. Tell me what. What do Michael please call it an well aren't our own security to click here currently doing on the electoral. Wow that's not an easy subject is now. While you gonna do great and the fact that she's doing it on that subject already tells me you're sharp in a lot. You hang in there because one day I need to run for the senate against this guy mention if he still in their okay. And you and you're smarter than him trust me on this. Don't hang up Sophie. We wanna give you lay out one year free subscription to CR TV. Ladies and gentlemen blow herself being the father remain in all of you. I. So I. Okay. Oh. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Get ice Brady and I grabbed me get a Pepsi. Can I smoke eat and I Zelda don't forget this Sunday at 10 PM eastern Fox News Channel my gas. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged a full hour. Did that terrorists get off and I'll see on Monday Fuzzy on fox. And they got my. When you're running a business time is money. And you can save both with Stamps.Com. 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