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3/8/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 9, 2018|

On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, the Democrats and the media want you to focus on Roberts Mueller’s investigation into a meeting that Erik Prince had with the Russians in January 2017, but that’s not the story.  The story is that Prince, an American citizen, was spied on by the Obama administration 9 ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

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Enter bunker. Everybody mark the event here are number 8773813811877381. Create one of the several big issues that I wanna discuss. First I wanna say. Thank you for being out there my loyal of them nights by loyal listeners. Listening to me on the radio. Let me ask you questions. Have you noticed that things that we say here months and months and months ago. Wind up being repeated. Mean it's really remarkable thing I think that's why you're here you're the smartest audience of all audiences. Now we've been spending. A long time. Talking about what's going on in California. Was Sanctuary Cities. When laws passed by the one party state the progressive Democrat state. In California. I have made analogies repeatedly. About the old confederacy. In this idea nullification the old confederacy and secession. That's Sanctuary Cities are basically nullification cities. We've gone in the history of nullification we've gone into the history secession. And I opened the newspaper and I read this parallel this this analysis of an investor's business daily people are sending me emails. Saying they're hearing about it on talk radio today. I think this is why it's important if you wanna historical perspective. You want some context to events that take place each day I'm gonna provide that too because that's my training that's my history. I don't need to plagiarized from other people I don't need to regurgitate what other people say I'm. I'm in the wanna know what face. Targeting another. How long have you or not. You might eleven audience how long have you not been talking about. Domestic. Political. Espionage. Spying and surveillance. By the Obama administration. Against the trunk campaign and the trunk transition. How we've been talking about. Day in and day out to the point where many you probably OK okay we get it said the case is being built. Over the course of the years since I mention. It's being built and it's being built and it's being built at the foundation for this. Is something they UN I have been talking about now for over a year. For over a year. Every time I'm asked to go on a fox show every time I'm asked to go to radio option. Amassed about this. But I also remembered. For a full week after I first brought it up. And it hit the associated press and it hit eight BC news and NBC news and all the rest. We were told it's not true we were told this is a conspiracy theories we're told were right wing nuts and yet day in and day out there's more more evidence it's. Don't understand my colleagues in this business. I really do. There's a level of. Competition. And back thickness. And so they pretend. That foundation for this hasn't been late it's been laid over and over and over and over again. All over the Internet. So aren't conservative revealed it's all over it. And our good friend Paul Bedard. It's all over right scoop. Where else here research center. And of course on my own social sites. Because I do my mission behind this microphone. To dig deeply. Not to just come here to do a tap dance every day. And it requires some work some thinking and more than anything else using my experience. And my research. To try all rational conclusions to these things here's a perfect example. Perfect example. There's another story out here. About a phony case. In body Erik Prince he's the founder of the private security company black quarter. We're supposed to hate him it was supposed to hate black water why because the liberals create. I don't hate Erik Prince I don't know I don't think black what are. I believe they changed their name to something else. And so as the story goes and by the way this is a week urgent patient at least story that was first aired on CNN. Through leaks. From Bob Muller's office. To CNN. Leaks again to the Washington Post today and yesterday. Leaks. From Capitol Hill and Adam Schiff. And the boys and girls up there. Worried of course about classified information wait of course about whether you actually the application for ice. But you see. Mr. prints. Apparently had a very short meeting. Very short meeting. With a Russian. And hedge fund Russian. Who it said is close to Vladimir Putin. And the meeting was facilitated by somebody named George Nader a Lebanese American they tell us. I noticed the liberal media that the tell us he has Lebanese heritage rich just to create. In your mind. All kinds of scenarios. And it's at a place called the stage show source island. And I heard of the Seychelles island and it's beautiful place you know it's a nation would 94000 people the help maybe I'll move there I don't know. I'm as I don't like fish that much and I doubt they have a lot meet. So they had this meeting. And the less desperate touring guard media is sure how to describe this how to positions. First they positioned this as collusion. With the Russians that. Mr. prince threw mr. Nader. And Qatar. Are trying to figure out how to crede back door. Communications channel. Between trump and his people. And Russia. Now. The only problem with this ladies and gentlemen is. That's essential collusion with the Russian going to campaign. Because the meeting took place. On January 11. Of 2017. Two months after the election and nine days before Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated as the next president. That doesn't make any sense. Why would dump truck EA backed channel to the Russians went in nine days she's president of the United States and he does you any back channel that anybody. Hello hello. He Sarah let's try something else. They're trying ECB do this back channels thing. In order to promote Donald Trump. Family businesses with a rash. Well. There's no evidence of that that's absolute complete speculation. That doesn't even make any sense. There's no evidence of that whatsoever. Oh. Okay. Well let's try another one. This guy Erik Prince. Maybe he doesn't really know Donald Trump but he gave a lot of money to the trump campaign through a pack 250000. Dollars. Maybe he was trying to bide. Favoritism. What they're trying to campaign by setting up this meeting with Russia the problem is mr. prince says. Had nothing to do with the trump campaign. Of any sort had nothing do it trump his finances so quick and so. And this matter was recorded as I said in August on CNN. This Erin Burnett breathlessly going on and on. In an incomprehensible. Incoherent. Moronic way. Pressing mr. prince who showed up who was interviewed. In August 2017. Any interviews. Stupid. Five or six weeks later the great journalist one of the greatest journalists of our era. Red baron. Examines this to. The Fox News Channel Catherine Merrick. And they reported honestly. And not making allegations like CNN. So as reported in August it's reported that September and it's already been leaked. And the Washington compost. As a British news story on it like it's wow it's a big deal and it's all over TV. All of our radio all of the damn place. Because now. Now we're told Bob Mueller is looking into this mean. Wiring contacts. Collusion. Say what if. Foreign contacts in collusion. And they try to drag Jared Kushner and in this. And they trying drag she batted in this but trying drag other people and this regimen a lot. Dragon and so watch. So this was the big story the last 36 hours. It's and I'm story. And the fact that Mueller. And his Democrat prosecutors. Are looking into us which has been leaked. The fact that this Lebanese American. Nader. Was mad at the airport a few months ago. Was a penis. I'm dollars Democrat prosecutors. The fact that he's given testimony. To Ramallah grand jury just shows you. That Muller is a lousy. Good friend nothing rogue phony prosecute. He is a political hack. Dressed up as a special counsel. His steps I've Democrats are political hacks dressed up as assistant special counsel. I suspect this demos going to put together his own dose CA by the time this is over. With one of phony comment after another what what are phony. Imprints after another. All leading to the obstruction of justice aren't influence and all the rest. Eddie could prove in court of his life depended on. Just as he screwed up the anthrax case prep five damn years. Chase it down the wrong guy the smearing him through lakes all over the media. And he still hasn't apologized. I'm the only one who mentioned. At a long and accurate. It's public enemy number one. If the extent of this financial abuses and violations. And tax abuses and violations. Are as this demolished Democrat prosecutors. Say in their filings in two federal courts one in Virginia and wanna watch. In DC I have to ask you ladies and gentlemen since most of us has to deal with. Things that took place years ago. How did mr. Mahler mission. He missed an all. When he was the director of the FBI. It just demonstrates further. What mr. Mahler it. Mr. Mueller would be perfect. As a prosecutor. In Vladimir Putin's Russia there is the irony mr. Mueller would be perfect as a prosecutor. In the old Soviet Union. Mr. Mueller would be perfect. As a prosecutor in any autocracy. Mr. Rosen seen. You're a disgrace. For picking this man when your best friends. Despite its conflicts with combing your disgrace. For not properly overseeing this investigation. You're no better than he is. But there's something even bigger here. Bigger than. Everything I've just that. You wanna know what it is. I'll tell you wanna get back. Let's see how good guys. Let's see if you're better than most popular. What's the big issue. Erik Prince is an American citizen. Does having a meeting. An island off of Africa the East Coast of Africa. Which is a tiny spot middle nowhere but it is a country. Say shelves. Having a meeting. What's the big issue. The Obama administration's I don't know. There's imminent sense. The Obama administration. Spied on him. This is when I talked about over a year ago with the unmask it. These so called collateral. Collateral. Gathering of information on American citizens we talked about this a great went we've talked about it over the course of the year I've talked about it. On TV. On FOX & Friends on Hannity what took place here. Under the cover and. Of surveilling. Russians the Russian ambassador and so forth and so on they're spying on Americans. As they did general Flint. As they did on trump world. This is when I was a tough for you might recall. On January 11 mind days before Donald Trump. Was sworn in as presently United States the Obama administration. Was still up spying. On the truck people. Again. These stories the last 36 hours. Are trying to focus you want something else that Mueller is investigating. What I'm trying to tell you is. This man prince. An American citizen. What is spied on. Camry isn't. X number one number true. It was nine days before the inauguration beverage still spying. Number three. His name was leaked. Another felony connection. For a good media. Took good media that's number three. And I'm not done. I'll be right back. Love then you show live a national. At 8773813811. And you realize. How remarkable it is that trumpets present the United States. Putting the usual political obstacles aside which were consider. You realize that the FBI federal law enforcement resources. Federal intelligence resources. The Obama White House. The Hillary claim pain in the DNC. All conspired. If not directly indirectly. To destroy this man to destroy the people around. And it destroyed his candidacy. To destroy its transition to destroy his presidency. There is no justification. Whatsoever. For spying and a on track related individuals even though they. May not know each other but that's the reason they were spying on this night prince. There is no justification for that nine days before he's going to be sworn in as present the United States here you have Susan Rice. The head of the National Security Council. Unbelievable to me absolutely unbelievable to me and then. Course say that January 5 meeting it's all coming together. I'll put it together nobody else well yet they January 5 meeting which is a meeting west. The acting attorney general of the United States Yates. Pushing pushing pushing. For broad based investigation baseman Logan act which has never been used successfully. And is it even used at all anymore. They are ready. They already went before the price of course. What pal material information. Using the Hillary Clinton DNC goes CA to get a warrant. This wild card picture. They wanted to Sydney Carter H. Was up. Back door to the trump campaign. Phillies before the general election opponents they don't warrant. Because they wanna take tennis president. Nine days before he's inaugurated this is fine. I'm generally good. Fifteen days. Apart trucks inaugurated. NN meaning which Obama. Yates. Writes. Hopefully. Among other things they wanted to conceal classified information from the incoming president and a sex. Especially. Mike what is lieutenant general three star general Mike Lynn. They set lap after the fact the FBI. Had taken out. Let's take it out. Because he rejected. Obama's policies in so many respects when it came goods farm policy. And he dared to be the first general to step up and endorsed prop. They put out. And they took out session still. One day we'll get to the bottom of the yes. Proud and how to become known. That's sessions had the AA meetings with the Russians he did there. How did there are rare. And they take him out to. He's recused from all matters Russia the live this guy doesn't stink. He's type one motorist might what told me. I don't other geniuses decided he'll appoint him deputy attorney general I'd shores like Calvin O. Who recommended that to the president of the United States but you know damn well trump didn't know rose and staying. Are insane. Isn't in the catbird seat. Every kid thing Mueller wants to do what is Democrat prosecutors wanted to do he rubber stamp rubber stamp rubber stamps. Don't sky Mueller Charlie's got mullah. We don't come easily connect. We don't like hey the deputy director of the FBI now retired leaked out. We know premier prince isn't that texts but thousands and thousands of texts. From stroke and Paige what a lovely couple. And counterintelligence. Investigators put the FBI on the Hillary place. And a trump next. There. It is now. Hillary Clinton. And the DNC hey Floyd goes GA they get away does CA. 35 pages of crap. The most. Bar and language in flops. An allegation she can imagine. What the Russians. Russians. There's collusion all of course we've talked about that. Wiser heads the FBI. Let's the FBI do it. They go get a wire. Under told me. Lynch. I'm really it's. Gonna pay. I know stroke. Under page may go get owner. This part. On an opposition campaign. And ace biomass opposition campaign. That is why I'm a transition. Is why you Paes beat by the president of the United States. It's not tiger right. Absolutely incredible. To put a finer point on this. I don't know what other language to use it is plain plain English complete. And the maturing garden media I've given them this nomenclature for our reasons. Look up maturing Bart you'll see what they are our work. The explorer and guard media. Protecting the domestic political spine. Absolute disgrace. They're not upholding the First Amendment and free press sickest and the First Amendment in the free press. Never. Britney never in American history. You can read no more reggae you can bring up whatever you want. Have we seen anything like this. Anything. Yeah. It's appalling what's happening in this country. It's appalling that the Democrat party has become so utterly and completely tyrannical. It is appalling that the press in this country. Is part of a Democrat party's. Propaganda machine. Is up all. The unequal treatment. Under Republican president vs a Democrat president. It is appalling that the FBI. Every intelligence agencies. Can be used. The way that there are used now we all are used this way knowing they did these things. And still. They mocked trump. And still. We have eight prosecutors Democrat prosecutors chasing truck chasing his family looking pretty thing everything they possibly can fine. Meanwhile. Carter hate. The straw man that was used here as an excuse. They get up quite so why aren't. He's not been charged with a damn thing he's been spied on for a year. They have busy now say this text message is. They have a cell phone calls as well lying cause what do you pick a fight so Wired News. And him charge him with a dancer. They've been charged with anything. This is why there needs to be another special counsel. Not because of these bureaucratic reasons trade Downey's is fine and I counted 24 people are outside the scope of the inspector general over there at the Justice Department. That's not why there needs to be a special counsel. Pretty should be a special council because we have all actors at the highest level. At the FBI. I know I've dug in at the Justice Department. That's why there needs to be a special counsel. We need to take this government back we did it take the FBI back we did it take the Justice Department back. And you can't do that within inspector general investigation. You can't do it within inspector general investigation. If there was ever Iraq. A justification. For a special counsel I cannot think. They more overwhelming case. In this case. I mean compared to the Muller won. Russian collusion that's not a crime and well. Presents these as well you know we're gonna do it anyway because he's at Howard. He's a bureaucrat. In in my opinion. My opinion. He's the Manchurian deputy attorney general of the United States. That's what it's. To see what's going on to keep rubber stamping at this guy's a clown. An absolute clown. Just. To get to the bottom of this the American people have a right to know what took place in this election. And what should keep something else in mind. This is the same Obama administration. They say BI does say intelligence agencies. The city attorney general is very direct the FBI. Whose body on Netanyahu. This is why don't members of congress. When they're ending up lose why don't Jewish organizations. Who thought about it from the State Department the nonprofit so called group when Israel to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu. This is let's say FBI. This city Department of Justice this. Is president of the United States. Who's finally Associated Press whose final James Rosen Fox News blues bar don't have parents. They're quite capable of this. And you bastards of the media sit on your fat ass is attacking people like me. Who have that at some point it out in spite of DO. You clowns at CNN you clowns and MSNBC. You clouds at the networks you are disgusting. You had this great should not sure. Rests. I'll be right back mullah. I mean spirited hour let. Necessary. Don't confuse passion. With the rain that this is pat. Passion from my country. And passion for justice. We're facing a serious crisis in American education students are being taught the fundamentals of our American Heritage. But my friends at Hillsdale College call civics education the result. More more young Americans are rejecting America's founding principles. The recent survey starkly highlights this fact for the first time more millennial would prefer to live any socialist country and the capitalist one. So what do we do Hillsdale College believes the answer starts with a proper civics education. Hillsdale is educating America with free online courses in primus charter schools and more. Now they're taking the unprecedented step of sending a copy of the constitution and declaration of independence. Every public school principal in America along with a and offered to provide them to students. Hills so there's all this because they believe that educating the next generations vital to preserving liberty and because they love America. Learn how you can help in this historic effort and how you can get your own copy of hills tells pocket constitution. The Gilbert to keep our giveaway. By visiting Levine for Hillsdale dot com. That's LE VI in print hills don't dot com for your free pocket constitution. To keep. Or to share. There's some big announcements. South Korea is making at the top the hour we will be here. As soon as we return it to the top of the hour. We'll play it for you we will analyze here's what I suspect. I suspect they're going to announce talks that North Korea. And ladies and gentlemen. I hope you watched Livan TV. Hope you watch driven TV last night. And you saw. Since 85. All the way to today. What's happened with discussions. Would North Korea. They've been plentiful. So plentiful. McCain aiming count them. We conceded conceding concede. They pretend to concede. The idea that we're discussing denuclearization. With North Korea. Is really affect. Because North Korea had already agreed. Not to build nukes in exchange fresh removing 100 nuclear warheads from South Korea. So this great big announcement is that one more time America's gonna be fool my art times South Korea. Will be fooled. It's not a good announcement. To bad announcement. Hasn't this diplomacy. There's no point to this. I hope you saw the Winston Churchill movie the darkest hour. By far the best movie of the year in my opinion. The Oscars gave the the main actor. The Oscar and that movie Clark Gary Altman but even if they had. He would have dessert. He would have dessert but appointments. Churchill was pressured over and over and over again. Find a way to make concessions Fredette. America had netted the war. It looked very bleak from Britain. 300 thousands of their troops. Had been surrounded. And you know the story. And he said no he's not gonna do it. The government office crumbled. It almost went after him as prime minister. When he was back at McCain. Who agreed with. Among others. Now is not the time to capitulate to North Korea now's the time. To tighten the noose. Just is there was no time to capitulate to a rant but the tight in the news. But Obama did more than capitulate. He actually started to fund their nuclear program. The conventional weapons from. Iraq so terrorists. And their economy. By agreeing. When the other piece there's an whereas in Europe and of course he Russians the Chinese. Not only to. Give the Iranians a 150 billion dollars had been frozen. But to conduct commerce with the one of the bleakest times in modern history. Quickly. Let's go to. Today San Francisco on the market that enact out. I think mark 80. Thank you. And the band I think that the United States should take after California elect on T immigration and what hardly open borders are concerned. Using less. I think that the United States did take after California has further immigration policy is concerned. That they are. And then I think it very weak Jeff butts in to go after them but I California and I think Jerry Brown did an excellent job bats. I each message if you think she realized that. I know. Yes you said you think the United States should go I think Californian I need trash and processions and and have promoted to Jerry Brown you understand that. That we should not go after cal for all OK okay well you know it you've convinced me thanks vehicle. We'll be right back. Required listening with Amazon music. And music and the greatest guitarists of all time. Wait who LX I had this song to a new playlist sure what's the new playlist name Jack's intro to classic rock. I think steppingstone by Jimi Hendrix to Jack in turn to classic rock planes. Amazon music the simplest way to listen to the music new and soon he will love. New customer start your thirty day free trial it Amazon music dot com renews automatically cancel any time. Kmart then here are number. 87738138118773813811. So far the South Korean major announcement. Is pending. Soon as they come to the microphones we will cut away immediately. To hear what they have this. Immediately. Well one of the difficult things. Honestly. To hear about so it's not time to actually your life. Is the extent to which. People who previously. But proud. Capitalists. Previously argued for. The market system. Previously understood that individual lived. Goes hand in hand with the freest markets possible. If apparently decided that Bernie Sanders. And Herbert Hoover were right. When it comes to Paris. Now. Tariffs and taxes have something in common they both begin with T. There's second letters both let me tariffs taxes Paris. Our taxes. Their taxes on the American people their taxes on American workers their taxes on union members nonunion members. Their taxes on blue collar workers white collar workers. They're taxes on small business people and big business people. What they have in common is they are huge taxes on Americans. So let's not here anymore. How when it comes to the president in this respect them when it comes to these conservatives on TV and radio that there standing up for the little guy. When they're taxing the crap. At a little again. And that's what's happened. That's what's happening the president didn't surround himself with the auto workers today. President didn't surround himself with the hard working men and women who work at Campbell Soup. Our Budweiser. Well the hard working men and women who produced posters. A refrigerators or dishwasher or washing machines and dryers. And hubcaps. He would surround himself. With those blue collar workers. He didn't surround himself put construction workers having put tariffs on. Steel aluminum and lumber. And number. So the only nationalist populists. We're pushing socialist. We're pushing big centralized government. Social engineering. They don't stand for the little guy I think. They Stanford big centralized government. This is a bad. Backpacks. And I love the way they keep bringing up Ronald Reagan time and again Ronald Reagan spoke out against Paris. Time I had. He thought Democrats in congress even see out water to other bills. Yes he put tariffs and plays when he came to Harley-Davidson. When it came to semiconductors and maybe want it to other items. And this the nationalist populists in the socialists. Find convincing evidence. At Ronald Reagan who appointed treatment ahead this council of economic advisors. There Ronald Reagan the greatest conservative. Kennedy president of the United States that fat. He was a protectionist that you know that. That he was a protectionist. The man whose idea. Became the master that's under attack. It was Reagan's idea. You know. That the arguments on the other cider pathetically weak. When they rewrite history. Like leftists. When they rewrite history like leftists. And that's what they're doing. There abusing their audiences they're using their readers what propaganda. Because when you don't have the facts you don't of the arguments used propaganda. You rewrite history just like left. And I just like the left in this instance because that's exactly what the left is doing. Exactly. What the leftist and they're trying to go through this again as rational people. Domestic steel companies control 70% of domestic steel production. You can't point to another industry. That has 70% control. Of that industry. Not GM not ExxonMobil. Not at all while they do over the iPhone their invention and a ton better over computers. There isn't solved. I here's the allied these South Korean discovery. I've liked the fact presence on the vice president. And these wonderful national security. Including my close friends. That milestone. I came to fit them. That this leadership and his national impressive policy. To get over it international's audit. Wolf toss proved he's done so. I express prison one day is of course no big picture of what president from here this. I applaud president president. All we can both agree on the field can don't want. He's committed. We'll denuclearization. Came pledged. They're North Korea off its frame. From a enabled on the bill for episode tests he understands. The road king died did the exercises. It's probably we'll Florio. They United States plus a game. Mandates passed this big bonus for me pissed them off as soft as possible. President thought appreciated. Both speaking and said he'll admit king's own. I made. So achieve Paula month denuclearization. Vote Republic of Korea along with the United States. Japan and our many partners we're on the forward. He gains footing and resolutely committed. For the complete denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. Well all we've president thought we are optimistic. About containing a diplomatic process we'll test of possibility. Over before resolution. The Republic of Korea fully United States and I'll popular. Stand together in insisting that did not repeat the mistakes of the pot. And kept the pressure we've continued. Until North Korea matches before they focus actions. Thank you. Precondition. Don't let me press did an error. I give. Bartlett said I believe that's the national security advisor. To the president of South Korea. Very very interest. That she is our brains and ask ourselves who questions. I know what they're gonna say tomorrow. And owed all the talkers are gonna say tomorrow. But the president. Has brought. North Korea to its knees. And that usually not. Just cried uncle. And that they're prepared to dean nuclear and North Korea. They're prepared to do it. And they wanna meet president trap immediately. Now number one president trump deserves all the credit in the world for what he's been doing. He's done more to take on North Korea. Than any president. Such strong. Excuse me. He really has not talked about it many many times and very proud of what he's been doing with North Korea. And this is where the rubber hits the road right here. North Korea has done this time and time again to Democrat presidents and Republican pat. And so you need to ask yourself. Putting the president decide. Why would give her chunk. He greeted us. Why would he do. Why really didn't. The gross domestic product. In North Korea it's forty billion dollars. The gross domestic product in the United States. Is seventeen point six trillion dollars. They have spent. An enormous amount of their gross domestic product. On perfecting ICBM said perfecting. Nuclear warheads. They have spent decades. Decades. Lying to Republican and Democrat president. To reach this point. Decades. So why would all of a sudden. North Korea wanted to talk. To the president. About the news we receive. Do you think. With China's assistance. North Korea trying to play the American administration. Trying to suck the president one more deal. We've been unable to hold North Korea's feet to the fire every time they violated deal. Every single time they do a matter of fact. When we pulled our nuclear warheads had a South Korea. What pre agreed that they would not pursuing nuclear program they started blowing up old. Nuclear silos and so what there's evidence haven't and then one day Kim Jung announced father. Said no no deal. Because the United States is taken provocative actions no deal. After receiving billions and billions and billions of dollars. Food. Oil. Unit. So. Do you think it's a good idea for the present a United States to meet with cameras on on buying may. Now we're almost in the middle of march so that's within six weeks. As opposed to sending emissaries to feel about the seas act and what's going on. Do you think they're playing to our presidents he got up in Iraq. All these politicians have big key us but you think that's what they're trying to do. You'll hear. Tomorrow. Talk show hosts are now listening to the mission of talk about how this is Nixon going to China have this is Reagan. The only with the Soviet Union. Gorbachev and so forth. Which it Clinton. Dealing. With one. Obama dealing with a on. Bush. Doing was on. The other bush doing them and so forth and so. It's completely different situation. Here's the thing we won't actually know for years. We want actually known. Probably. For years. So count me as a very deep skeptic. Not about our president. And what he's been doing which I applaud. But about this. But about this. We shall see now. It'll be interesting to observe how the Democrats react to this. The Democrats have been saying time and again. That the present United States is going to create a nuclear war with North Korea. That he hasn't handled North Korea properly. MSNBC. CNN. The networks. Washington Post New York Times they've all voice this here and there. Directly or through contributors. What they say. But we. Rational Americans. Unlike the left wing Democrat. We need to be very sober as circumspect about this because we had a history. And many many decades. Dealing with this family in North Korea. What they've taken everything we've given. They've achieved everything they want it. I don't trust them. Why should we trust. Let me put it to you this way is there any agreement. That we've entered into a North Korea. In the last 35 years. That they've upheld. You choose now. And is there any agreement. That we signed off on a 35 years. That we've been forced. After they have violated. The answers now. So regime that. That builds. ICB Adams he regime that builds. Nuclear weapons all of a sudden wants to talk. Well. We need to be very very suspicious of this. And I would give you some friendly advice you're doing you want I would push how'd your ears as much as possible. It left wing Democrats the media and quite frankly the compound boys and girls in the rackets. Because this isn't about. A cheerleading squad. Nor is it about the Democrats and their hit men on TV and so forth and so I think this went through for yourself that's my advice. Be right back months. Somebody wanna finish and tariffs. Just ahead. Korea matter. I spoke with the first hour of the extensive domestic surveillance that took place. Right up to the inauguration we have new president may be beyond. You never know. I'm. Back the tariffs. You know. Maybe can help me. Even put the issue aside briefly. How can so called conservatives in the media. Rule whether they write whether they speak whether there on TV. How can they oppose these massive across the board tax increases from the American people. As counterproductive. To economic growth as undermining the tax cuts it already took place as driving up the cost of everything. When I can't assume tone automobile and everything in between. Texas a wind up in the government's coffers for bureaucrats to spend and redistribute to other people. How can they embrace this. Under president trump. When they rejected it. And Barack Obama. When they rejected from Bernie Sanders. Pocket they do that. Are they on principles are they confused. What happened. Other right back. Last thing. Conservatives. Hi there John Mark glove then you show call and now off an 8773813811. I AS are wonderful CR TV folks. My second year anniversary and look into the 424. Episodes you believe that mr. producer in two years. 424. Episodes and we're going strong and many be doing this for the long turner. 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Do we have a really good call to start out with. Leave and Leesburg Virginia they're great WMA Abdullah. I good evening mark what I heard this statement from. The South Korea I'd I don't remember which official he Wannstedt in any right. RCA headed the head of the national security council for the president of South Korea. Yeah. You know I've looked a little bit belly laughing when I heard about one. I have nothing is going to dissuade North Korea who's been pursuing this what they've been doing with this nuclear program port. How many decades now and nothing is gonna stop them I believe until he won it two things happened. Or maybe a combination first edition pink who's behind. North Korea is the post is now the leader for life. Second. There will be an insurrection in North Korea in the leadership in and is she. Pena it is the U meth president China you mean Kim Jong Hoon. No I mean she I mean over in China by you met but she said he was headed North Korea. Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to confuse the two yes but I I since China in pains are directly tied it could have until he's stopped having his backing to pull him out. This it would be irresponsible. For the top third or any American official to make some deal with this this isn't this sound its sounds. Elders to me I mean the joke I. How many more times we get screwed by this the at this finally let every single time they cut a deal. And they break it you know we're we're now mean that they had nuclear weapons they have ICBM's. The only denuclearization. That's a period is in the south. They know nobody in their right mind would go through decades to build up this type of program and then all of a sudden decide in yet ten minutes OK we're just gonna get rid of at all. No thank him no way. Champs. I agree with him I agree within. But you know I. It'll be very popular you'll hear tomorrow he'll hero the compound boys and girls out there Tony this is magnificent now I create two point. I agree that what trump has done what North Korea no prior president has done I mean short of Truman. But I had to leave quite strongly what Trappist and is the right thing now as they said the rubber hits the road now we'll see if he gets lured into one of these deals the way every one of his predecessors did every single one of them. I might friends thank you for your call. Evil Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On the market within that Harriet. Hey it was going to predict or call the bill that word yet it will promote this is sort to. Quick question I'm. Yes well this one's being sort grilled after he was president don't forget his entire transcript of daily conversation with Mexico. And Australian president. And were released and the Russians. Absolutely yeah the nom I mean this whole staff everybody didn't adaptable to know Argo was some reason because is also lists. And on Europe was also kept. I'm not familiar with that but you're quite right to point out we don't know how it happened. That somehow conversations and a president of the United States is having with other foreign leaders. Elise summaries of them are aspects of them wind up in the media and he did you ever recall it happening to any previous presidents are. I know but I believed Clinton's fingerprints all because. A person can ninety's if you remember Miguel Rodriguez testimony of the senate back in 2002 a trio baby he basically said that the entire crime scene where mentors jealousy towards cloud. I all right thanks recall when I don't isn't the most. Sorry. He had been there. And never done that. Okay. Let's go to town Atlanta Georgia degrade WY eight why don't. An art but thank you so much for your passionate and organize. Presentation. About what's going on I I feel exactly as you do and I get so angry. That might actually over generation my ability to but it didn't end organized dusk indicated she did so I'm just so grateful that. This. It's just the way my mind works and always has some. Just it is what it is but thanking my for. But you know I. I think I'm up some shots. I would like to have little can emerge in the days to the American revolution and I say I'm naked eye can't just things continue. And I am so grateful to the almighty that you. Who will be Eric. You helped push this thing scoreboards and the way that it needs to. And I believe you mean convention of states is that we atonement. I'm sorry to push what port convention of states. The convention extension and and just. The message. With your books which you programming. And with your passion and I don't I don't imagine Patrick and greets when he stood up and made that famous statement steady shot. While I certainly folks don't get me liberty or give me death I think it was more similar to delay he'll get. 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He can't believe all the freebies and he can't leave the price has had its true isn't it says yes. True story battle. 800 skin 604. 800 skin 604. Regretted Janice L dot com it's tennis so that kind of you really don't trying to. He should try my. Yorba Linda, California the great KR LA country go. Kmart. Think today you might call you know like you're your call forwarding it again and on a solid Barton. You're all under privileged and I'm not yes he would use our wells and Mike. And I guess I had said what you're unpopular rockets don't go out. You've been brought heroic about this 2% in any agreement warmer and then narrow. No I'm not not not my. I got a senate Commerce Department. But what are you are low low kind of from the Commerce Department. He's saying now. So so why aren't we but we don't play the everybody had been there outside the ticket I don't know and used on the I don't know I don't know why it's like the effort appears. But but but so I don't sub literate than their company's own you know very. Certain sense of. Yes China subsidizes its companies. And Mexico's subsidizes. Its companies. In Canada subsidize that his company's. Germany. Duties have been in place to subsidize our steel companies that are you know how many have been put in place over the last several decades. 16160. Or so you're answer. She you don't wanna learn. Your answer is drive up the price of everything for the American people try about the price for everything for the American people. And that's how we stick it to China. I honestly. I've never heard such a stupid argument coming out of the White House coming out of them out that this guy Wilbur Ross the other idiot Navarro. Is stupid. Required listening with. Amazon music. To have music again. Their greatest guitarist of all time. Wait who LX I had this song to a new playlist sure what's the new playing this name Jack's intro to classic rock. I think stepping stone by Jimi Hendrix to Jack in turn to classic rock playing. Amazon music the simplest way to listen to the music new and soon heat will love. New customer start your thirty day free trial it Amazon music dot com renews automatically cancel any time. Everybody mark remain there are number 87738138118773813811. When she'll listen again to the South Korean announcement that a little after 7 PM eastern time tonight. Which is the basis for almost all the reporting at this point this evening. This occurred. Exactly an hour ago go right ahead stay. I had the previous we'll briefing president Tom we'll place a visit to telling North Korea. I expect just fan presence on the vice president. And his long before national security you can. Including my close friends. And muscle. I came into effect on talk that his leadership and his national impress upon us. Driven very international floated. Wolf because we'll just township. I stressed because on one days or so quick to do it for president phones either. I voted present president thought dad called me game both Korea and Lil Kim Dong won. Is quite make it. We'll denuclearization. Came pledged. They're both Korea and refrain. From any photo of the bill blog this so it tests. He understands. That those who enjoy it needed the exercise. It's an equality of Korea. And the United States plus from being. Then he expressed. This league and itself. As long as possible. Because of thought appreciated those briefing. And said Hewitt mid teens don't want it I made. Thought she opponents. Denuclearization. Vote Republic of Korea along with the United States. Japan and our many partners around the world. You name for me and resolutely committed. To the complete denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. We'll all be president thought we are optimistic. While continuing a diplomatic process we'll test or possibly it could overlook this or resolution. The Republic of Korea. The United States and off popular. Stand too good to me insisting that did not repeat the mistakes hopeful Bob. And kept the pressure group continues until North Korea matches before they call basic actions thank you. They haven't. Now I take some. Solace in knowing that on our Trent aside we have trump. But. I also understand most of you understand that this has been any tactic of the north Koreans for decades. When they need money when they need flu when they need energy. To come to the table and negotiate. They make concessions. In exchange for subsidies. For the purpose of holding up this decrepit crumbling regime. Especially their military their police state. They get what they need to get a shot in the arm prepared years and then they break the deal. This is a history of over thirty years. So we'll be looking at this. An extreme skepticism. Well I can say is. Very pleased that Donald Trump is in the Oval Office tonight Hillary Clinton. But Barack Obama. Truly. And I believe. The president has handled this situation when North Korea brilliant. Brilliant. I am also concerned you know with the State Department another bureaucratic elements. Within the administrative state. That they will be pressing the president. To make deals. Whatever deals he can make and so forth and so on the president has said many times incorrectly. I've said it took. That is. To me that is predecessors. And his predecessors. Have put off making the tough decisions. Almost every one of its predecessors. Has been faced with what the president is facing this moment. Appeals by North Korea. We discussions. For deals. Even if these tiny denuclearization. Agreement do you understand they signed it before. Did North Korea promised not to develop nukes. Then one day. Can Jean's father. Said OK the deal's off because these provocations from the United States. That's the problem. So they could be buying time. To further proof that their ICBM's. And their nuclear weapons that's what they've done in the past. That's on the table what you know about the. Gonna raise another issue with talk about a lot of heavy stuff tonight. I have a good time doing. I hope you do too. As we go through these things. I want you to listen. To Louis Eric Kahn. Who February 252018. There's a reason for this many of you know what it is. But you haven't heard me talk about it. Lewis very con. At the savior stay address February 252018. Just a few weeks ago perhaps fourteen go. That is yeah has been no worse in. Can you prove this fan. Savings. Happens. Bo moos. Agencies. Have gotten. This. Enemy. He's sold. It's crazy you know. It's been in the white. You call. We believe. So he's a Jew hater. An anti semite. He said more cut fifteen go. Can hear you what. What these these. The government is much. The I'll hope to use good. And CNN. Ted Kennedy may grow. Great. It. Yeah. And more cut sixteen though. I don't even rebuke from here then I'm day. CNN boy did his job. The world never Vijay Singh now. White folks who wins. And Satan. Is from. Our com. God's grace has wounded brought up. That's C. Is saying. You wouldn't in his. Your own words true. Ended a few months. You've got to submarine. From DC. Ten big Jews lets me take you down tell me yeah. Weekend. That's me yeah they did it. Now this hit clarion. Has he been denounced. By prominent Democrat. She didn't announce a prominent Democrats. Has he been denounced. Repeatedly. I members of the media. On MSNBC and CNN I'm not trying to out here and there. This man is poison. He's poison. It Democrat candidates. Campaign with. Democrats break bread with. There's a piece in the Federalist by Warren Henry he says what with the establishment media reaction beef tens of members of congress met with one of America's. Most notorious racists. And anti semites. And refuse to denounce them. But the leaders of one of the America's hottest social movements embraced him. If the big any question is nation of Islam leader Louis Eric Kahn who's blamed Jews for the 9/11 attacks. Said white people deserve to die and praised Adolf Hitler. The answer seems to be not much. Least not when those embracing him or Democrats and progressives. The Genesis of this story was a revelation that a photograph. Of then Illinois senator Barack Obama and maritime. And he 2005 Congressional Black Caucus meeting. Was suppressed for years for political reasons. Obama had previously criticized very kinds racists and anti Semitic statements. Moreover doing his presidential run Obama found himself on the hot seat. But both embracing his own minister the controversial reverend Jeremiah Wright. And discerning and a month later. And unsurprisingly the media applauded Obama both times. After the photos surfaced conservative media particularly the daily caller began reexamining the ties between Eric content and the Congressional Black Caucus. In an interview that Peter Haas and representative Danny Davis defended fair con as an outstanding human being. Davis being from Chicago Illinois. The anti defamation league which is going increasingly soft and elected Democrats. That's because it's now run by an Obama's and consent. Initially responded by claiming Davis had told them his remarks praising fair con were taken out of context. But when Davis and confirmed his original native Gary Condit said he was unsure why the eighty now believed he was misquoted. The eighty I was forced to say they were deeply disappointed. But Davis. Assad also contacted the offices of twenty other Congressional Black Caucus members who attended the 2005 meeting. Not one of them announced fare. Now he's not big media would be interested in the story of public officials cozying up to a barrel a bigot. You'd be mistaken. Journalists rationalize that dismissal of the story by saying that the Congressional Black Caucus members like Davis. Are basically invulnerable in their congressional district. One big flaw on this defense is that house incumbents are generally inviolable in their districts. Perhaps the media should stop covering congress. Another big flaw in this defenses that the progressives affinity for cleric content. Extends beyond congress. These three leaders of these so called women's march. Put on friendly tourist affair con. And then should have Islam. March co president and Mika Mallory called Barrett kind definitely GO AT definitely go. While Carmen Perez shared a photo of herself holding hands with him. And videos of the minister speaking truth to power. March co chair Linda. So I sort. Who appeared at 82015 nation of Islam event has publicly claimed. That anti semitism is different than anti black racism bush homophobia. Because it's not systemic. Something that will come as news to Jews throughout recorded history. And it goes on. He says as I write this outside conservative medium Jewish media before it tablet Jewish telegraph agency arrest. The Daily Beast in New York Daily News and Newsday Yahoo!. They've been exceptions to the general. But at this moment neither did New York Times the Washington Post. Has found a news fit to print. The both come ready surreal Saturday Night Live sketch that had Eric confounding and FOX & Friends. The left in this country. Has been growing increasingly anti Semitic just. Call it what it is. It embrace the more erratic. Go elements of the Palestinians. In the air Russian. They despise the state of us. The Democrat party. Is a safe place. For people like Keith Ellison. Who worked for frank kinds organization. Who called himself defects. East and the best he can cover up this past and have been the best I can to uncover it. He has almost voted the chairman of the Democratic National Committee is set up for coach Chan is the co chairman of the Democratic National Committee. These members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Proudly celebrates America. Perhaps. As mr. Peres the chairman of the DNC denounced. Mr. Farrakhan. Has Jose Iran moss. Denounce mr. Farrakhan. As Louise ads denounced mr. Farrakhan. Has come all harassed announcements to ferret time. As Bernie Sanders announced this apparent crime as Elizabeth Warren get out is apparently none. Was very press conference among the Democrats. On Capitol Hill who rely on this declare a kind of many districts in this country. I don't see this apparent crime they like to call president truck a racist which is not. I live like that call and at that price fight the president. The president the first one actually druze and is in fact the capital of Israel who is in fact moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Exactly as they daughter who's an orthodox Jew and a son in law who's an orthodox Jew I Jewish grandchildren. No evidence whatsoever that he's a racist or anti semite lots and lots of evidence when it comes to maritime. And get their say people. In congress. Who they did yeah. Like the poppy always it's because they're conservatives. Well they don't agree with the radical agenda the same idea the fraudulent. Media. I'd like to. Advance and exploit. That notion about conservatives are Republicans and the president. I really quite team. When it comes to mr. Farrakhan. They're really quite tame nine. I'll be right back. Frank. Arlington Virginia the great deadly enemy out go ahead. Yeah I just wanted to make your comment on north and South Korea. Engine note could still under cease fire at troops. There's no peace treaty between the two countries that's right so I would I would think that the White House should at least acknowledge let me send them the diplomatic message saying. When you. Come to agreement on the peace treaty then it allies we can sit down and been discussing whatever negotiations and we wanna have a few. I don't think that's gonna matter I think this guy will sign pretty much. You know old duke it out to position himself in this at and other. I think this guy can be anonymous will sign. Pretty much. Something. Almost anything again live audio drama surrounding him and then help break the deal. Just like daddy granddaddy. The other thing you have. People remember 1989. And ninety Soviet Union and Parrish Erica when they go look at Russia today here either appear. You're right. Well said my friend I'm like yeah we'll be right back. Is still right there. Mr. conservative. Bad mr. constitution. But. You can goalie Marc and 87738148. Point one can you imagine test driving a car for 100 days. Or having 100 days to break in a new pair of shoes. That's what taxpayers to give you 100 nights to test the Casper match seriously 100 nights over three months. 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Let's take some calls shall we. Joseph Orange County California KR LA. The great 87 Iran heads. I'm a great supporter of you mark my mom a regular listener who has supported. The yes finally. Like sport to hear your ideas and I believe that I want to ask you about this value added tax. Then there's China charge. Hey at very stiff value added tax both way when they export. Steel aluminum. And all these cheap goods to US and win the US try to. Yahoo! McLaren let's let's play along so let's say they put a value added tax on products that come into China. Who pays back. I guess we do don't we don't know why would we pay it. The Chinese people pay. We're exporting importing into their country. To the Chinese people so the deepest Chinese people. You don't put that tax on an export. How would you put in that accident export. So they put a value added tax if they do on their own people your does this all the time. It's horrendous they have this built in value at attacks in Britain and so forth and so on and the people are poor as a result. I mean we should celebrate the fact that they tax the hell out of their people. What do we care. Yeah that's. Our and I I had a couple of questions. Didn't the United States has seen a positive trade. Now it's which Mexico and candidate before NAFTA. Was passed and now. I'm positive trade balance what does that mean. But did it Mexico and Canada making more money on their trade do that has nothing to do is making more money. So there. EC water line was who's right on my first show they that this isn't too you specifically the lack of knowledge about how economics works is killing us. Sir let's say we have. It's just rounded off a 500 billion dollar so called trade deficit with the rest of the world is that what you're talking about. Yeah yeah rather that rat just listen rather than a surplus. And take what does that mean means we may import more things than we export. Correct. Yeah well who decides what we're going to import. I exposing industry's been busy. No industry's main I mean in terms of getting raw materials and making things you've decided consumer million user. Industries respond deal whether they're international or whether they're domestic. So maybe we use more oil than other countries in May be we used to import more oil and other countries mainly we use more medals than other countries and as this is wonderful as our raw material are it is in this country we don't have all raw materials we need we don't have enough perhaps. Or who knows. Who cares. What does that have to do it any thing. What is it that we have to import exactly the same amount that we export if we do that the country will collapse. The country will not have a vigorous growing economy. We need stuff from other countries it doesn't mean we're buying their pencils they're ends and a state police and so forth a while though though we might. It means that our businesses here are consumers here need and want some of that stuff that we don't have a. In order to consume it or make other stuff and then turn around a solid somewhere else. I have never understood this so called balance of trade issue. If we are no white now. The difference. And the balance of trade. They we will immediately stop. Importing. Half a trillion dollars. Worth of products and raw materials and so forth you know what that would do to our country. Absolutely it would hurt very from the canal. Heard us it would destroy our economy. People everybody needs to think this stuff through. Thank you for your call send your questions Ernest and I appreciate that. Let's go to Carl North Carolina on the market isn't that how we use it. I'm doing all right mark reject that call you bets there I. Soon. I have a ten year old son isn't that great. And then he hit a teacher who constantly he'll come and present its historical facts about certain things. And she won't just cut him off and tell him that he's wrong in my case important today. She asked. If anyone could tell her what sparked the revolutionary war usually get ready pants called wanna be there. It's like playing 1770 plowed British soldiers rolled in DC the arms. Of the patriots. And shot heard around the world she got them all told he was completely wrong that was all about the blocking Tea Party and she told them that he needed to stop. Spreading false information to the last. As when I hit here's what I first thought the the this package you send those more than the teacher and I'm sure that's embarrassing to her or him. Here's what I would do. I would ask for meeting with the teacher. And the principal. And I would make it abundantly clear that your kid is polite. They treat kid is civil. And that your kid is expressing. His opinion in response to a question. That is opinion and is based in fact. In at the teacher disagrees that's perfectly fine. But she's not to cut them off she's not to be rooting him and she's not to humiliate him in front of the class. And that. He is not there. Concern as a mouthpiece for what the teacher once had to say when the teacher is wrong. So I would immediately asked for a meeting. With the teacher in the principal. That's what I would do and I've done that before. That's well my wife and I discussed it on the truck driver Ryan might actually during the day district but we plan on going and there are some Beckett and in the morning. And request the net meeting there's absolutely. He got us into theater kids. He shot giddy he loves his country loves history like he researches these things on it now we ask them at home and you reminded. The teacher in the prince of all this is. In essence an academy. This is an educational institution. That ideas are allowed to be provided in your son's comments are not crazy. Are not crazy ideas they're not ideological ideas. He's researched that he's given the information. That teacher may want a different answer. But that's no reason to prevent him from providing his opinion of being cut off and they treated brutally. A great I don't enact I would definitely demand a meeting I wouldn't put up with this crap. Actually look at that I feel the same way that you do but your man you educate me you know I'm I'm an infantry veteran US army. I'm not most sound. Scholastic we have Atlanta got a new is sound too risky he does things I'm absolutely incapable of doing. Carl. And by the way let us know how that turns out William. Well I certainly will good job I'll call the producer and not keep records speak you get a tomorrow. I don't don't hang up we'll do it you who we'll tell you how to reach us and that these very curious to know how this happens this takes place. All right god bless and good luck. Boy oh boy I remember going through that stuff. Chinese. David Boise Idaho serious satellite out. David. David. Let's move along Matthew Riverside California there right answer. Markets and honored to talk to thank you. Kate so. Our Hollywood then you lose Derek on. And his crazy radical ideology. And I thought that this would be a perfect time for the Republican Party. Jude taken offensive. And hold a press conference Q didn't hit it. I'm by the way. I haven't heard them do anything of the sort you're exactly right have they. Know they're they're crying beat why can't play this guy. Now I got on now. Why did say this guy why are they afraid confronting this guy I've ever been afraid to confront and David duke and all those not jobs. Did they not talk about Charlotte's a well today. We cannot job here. Not tie alive the Democrat party an enormous percentage haven't anyway has embraced this man from day one. Because they believe he has influence. And remember what I keep saying about this progressive ideology of movement. People say follow the money they're wrong it's all about power power and power power for a second a player. Is money you get the power fine. Well whatever it is it's about power holding on to power at using power to get our. Yeah. I write my friend thank you for your call. We'll be right back it's. Owner of CT shirts made a remarkable statement you know what he said there's no point in making the planet sure in the world. If you charge a fortune for. And of course he's right. CT shirts or British style from exceptionally smooth nine iron cotton. Becoming your choice of colors collars style sleep glance and cuts. Work at casual tired out tied Opteron topped. When you arrive at a CT shirt to work client meetings or afterward cocktails were buddies. You look totally put together CT shirts different guys who wanna dress smartly. While saving money. So let's get started once ET shirt normally costs a hundred bucks a right now you'll get three. Three bridges 99 dollars. That 60%. Off. And CT shirts come with free delivery. A six month quality guarantee. And free rich parents can repeat that does that to trifecta. Free delivery. A six month quality guarantee and freeware Terence I can get added any retail store. Nokia Harry 99 bucks gets you three amazing CT shirts. Go to CT shirts dot com slash love then CT shirts back com slash LE VI and couldn't be any easier. That CT shirts dot com slash. We do it again. CT shirts dot com slash opinion. All right. Let us continue. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the great WPH stake out. I'm mark it pleasure to talk to US delivered what I think you've coveted as a rhetorical question why do that matters that we its huge trade deficit. It mattered because huge trade deficits are Rubel proved too much spending and not much not enough. Saving and investment. Now let's I don't necessarily true he may have a lot of both. Economically. It required no it's not so it's not you may have a lot of both. Would give a dynamic economy. In economy. Any input into this way if this economy we're grown even bigger and faster. We we need more imports. Given that population given the technology and all the rest to meet the demands when in the country. Doesn't mean people are saving are not safe. What happens to be in this country that we don't have people who say. But it's not a dollar for dollar macro analysis whatsoever. We're. Buying our debt and then we have money at a Chinese buying I get is a problem of government spending. I don't know about you but I don't borrow anything from the Chinese. Our government borrows from the Chinese. So you're you're you're. You're mixing up two different ideas here at the fact that we have a huge. You wanna be educated in personal and government and they are both Benedict. Yes but let down remain my dad is not personal debt it's not from personal spending that you said at the beginning. The reason we have this huge. Imbalance in trade so called is because we don't say. Then you immediately when I said that's not true and then you immediately switched over. The government debt. And the Chinese lending money to us. Not gonna get an argument from me that the government debt is a huge problem including a national security problem in fact our government won't address it. When it comes to personal debt is nothing to do with our team that are I get out of here I can't do what you anymore. He's talking over me you just wanna have this guy to listen you know me by now. If when I'm talking he's still talking what's the point. There is a point. James last grossest no Mexico. Go ahead. Hey. Do you know the biggest. Problem we have with the First Amendment right now. This time we have the first man. Well I don't know why. That we got rid of net neutrality. So it is. It what is net neutrality. Net neutrality at least some what I understand. Police say it's the biggest problem with the First Amendment so presumably you understand a lot I'm sorry I'm sorry I yeah I I messed up. This what is net neutrality. Net neutrality. Is do you have. I can access in the on the Internet with how. They cable. People. The rot away in my Internet. Throttling your Internet. Tummy so we don't have net neutrality today do we know we don't you go on the Internet. Yet it it's can you afford to go on the Internet. Yes are there any limits he's going on the Internet. Not yet. Paul OK April so this phrase net neutrality actually means government regulation of something the government doesn't regulate right now correct. Quote not right now I lost how does that net neutrality when the government's Bob. Because. When it's in Lafayette College neutrality where everybody can go to college for free like that idea. Note that. I think what's wrong with college neutrality. It's over don't. Don't need to go to college similar maybe then why call it semi retirement that's not my point whether some of us need to go to college or not. Why isn't a college neutrality. Yeah I think. Why is that the medical neutrality. Or do you know what we managed by net neutrality. Means the government steps in and it starts telling companies that. That provide platforms that provide posts that provide you know the mechanisms behind the cyber activity that takes Blair placed on the Internet. House and what they tanning cannot do that doesn't strike me as neutrally and not pitch strikes me as. China. Any get the government in the door and what does the government do every time it steps into the door. It uses power. Our young man go back and rethink this ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers. Firefighters and emergency personnel. Had they spirited discussion on a number of issues today have a I. 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