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3/7/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 8, 2018|

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Progressives believe in state’s rights and the 10th amendment one day and the next day believe the opposite, and this is exactly what’s going on in California. Their position today is to believe in the 10th Amendment and that states can decide their own immigration ...

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Enter bunker. Mark the event here are number 8773813811. 8773813811. Well ladies and gentlemen I had an opportunity. For this coming Sunday's life liberty and live in program on fox. Two. Sit down with a Benjamin Netanyahu. You'll be leaving town soon so. I was very fortunate to be one of two or three who. We're able to actually speak with him that someone's. Remember the format of my new talk show. Is a long form interview. With somebody who I consider re very important. In some cases don't know who they are in some cases you won't. Obviously you know the prime minister of Israel. Now just so you know I don't pretend to be reporter. Because to be a reporter I would have to drop about forty IQ points. To be a reporter I would have to be it progresses to the reporter that would want to sabotage the prime minister as I would wanna sabotaged. Any great conservative leader. So I'm not that. That's not the point in my program when in my program. Is to expose you. Out there. To their view points. A very very special people. Not the place CNN back to playing MSNBC. That the play the Jerusalem Post her Haaretz or any of that nonsense. There's enough of that. And yet. He did ask him a question about what's taking place in Israel. Related him. But keep something in mind. During the course of my interview for Sunday with the prime minister. It was probably 1%. But what we covered. Because if you wanna hear about all that you know we're ago. I don't wanna hear battle that. But it when he gave via. Its latest clip for you because. When I finished the taping. Of the program for fox. I spent a little bit more time with and it's a look you know I do a radio show attorneys had absolutely unarmed so rather substantial show and I said. Let me ask you question. And you can do that as you wish. To play exclusively. On radio. And so here it is cut one go. Mr. prime minister Valencia. Premier. When they ask you question. As a former. Chief of staff attorney general of the United States in the Reagan administration. Having watched investigations and so forth for years. I've been reading obviously you're distance some of these news reports in your newspapers. And I'm a bit confounded and I think a lot of the American people are compounded. Couple things struck me number 18 judge and the lawyers texting each other. About how they couldn't gonna conduct themselves what they gonna say to each other including to the point in the courtroom but they're going to look like Heather gonna behave. And then these tactics. Then in the United States we typically save for mobsters and so forth which is. Trying to get people to turn. By a by cutting deals with them on crimes they may have committed that is they serve no time they serve and reduced sentence and so forth. In order to provide investigators essentially would information that's why. Not only the extent that you can discuss this is the extent do you wanna discuss it. We make of this. Well I'd rather think well why don't wanna comment on look who's what do. Pretty. Something yeah. I can tell if from my own point you wanna see what's going on in our country how our presidents being investigated and see how you're being investigated. I look at the State of Israel. You're surrounded by enemy. Iran the most notorious but there are many that are notorious Syria. You've got Hezbollah. Hamas to Lowe's it's a tough neighborhood has. Yeah. I I say nice and even in my own country a similar president. We're looking in North Korea Iran Russia China and Lawrence. Two people not understand. What leaders are facing when they're trying to deal with the enemies staying in and day out. When leaders are nickel and dime to that put to death. Like this. You kind of position to discuss it but what your thoughts on the. When you ask you people. Understand. What leaders have to do. And the answers. Did you lose otherwise I wouldn't be here. Mean. The support I receive time coming didn't you know elected prime minister. Or times. Yes. Not an obvious thing. They say that to do have never been stronger. And public opinion. Why is that. It's because. I think. The citizens who understood. That we work to make sure. I work to make sure that countries say. That's my first call. To protect the student. And second of the country is prosperous. And we've we've turned Israel into law. Tremendous you know when illusions of free market economy went to college. And become world leaders over the years and people recognize. I don't know we do recognize that. Well there's a whole big two run inside the country but across countries. Every year called happiness and others. That's people you have to. And gonna okay you can imagine the first countries or something like. I don't know we're nowhere near Bermuda and Marco 200. So we. Australia. And we'll. Well do you like beer. Beating most of the other countries of the worse. So we left some people's could have beaten us before but they can keep going up. That is how could these country you know in this horrible neighborhood you've got terrorism you've got radical Islam. And a child lose. But it comes. The most countries in the world this you have a dusty old timers. They're big story of their lives okay. What about the other people. You know whether they've come up. Numbers aren't you. Which means that we'll confidence in the future. And that's because. I think they appreciate it that's what I think I'm here. Because I don't think. I'm here because but I know that that's what drives me kind of makes me I'm sure that. The Jewish state. As of permanent. Fusion of security and prosperity. And peace who put together. The people who enjoy it and do it. Also this was most of them do understand all of you know. Most of them yes. I'm backlight I have to tell you ladies and gentlemen. That it was such a pleasure. Talking to him. And I really hope you don't miss it on Sunday it's a full hour at 10 PM eastern time. I am. I asking the question and I sit back and listen. To what he's done and I ask him another question. He's an extremely brilliant man he reads constantly he's a voracious reader. He understands philosophy he understands not only the history of Israel history the United States history of Britain. Among the many admires most is Winston Churchill. We talked about it. We talked about Iran. And the Palestinians. And his relationship that our president. What it meant to him. And his people. On the decision by our president. To recognize Jerusalem as the capital. I cover a wide. Field of issues. And he doesn't got a single one. And in fact. I learned a great deal about him confront him that I didn't know before. And one of his closest aides told me he was telling some stories that they never knew before. So very relaxed. Conversation. End. I think he's you're absolutely remarkable man. So I hope you'll join us. Look what's today Wednesday and I talked to Michelle I'm telling ya I just finished with him and really I just found it to beef. Up because of me because in him. Absolutely compelling. Absolutely compelling. I told you I was gonna spend this one hour in the Fox News Channel. Doing something different. We've had all Williams. When we talk philosophy. We DeVon newness. What we talked at great Lance. Incomprehensible. That the greatest. Domestic scandal modern American history. My next guest. Is the great prime minister has grown. By spend time. Asking him questions. And truly listening to his answers and you'll be sitting there right with me. And that's the goal. Right there's a lot to cover today and we'll be right back. You leftists in this country the regressed. One day there for the tenth amendment and David. When did they believe in federalism one day they got. One day they believe in states' rights and one day they. They always wrap themselves in the constitute. There wrap themselves in the language of the constitution. One day and next day they wrap themselves in language it's not in the constitution. But they say it should be in the constitution. Under their living and breathing theory of the constitution. In other words these people are power hungry and the ends justify the means. That's exactly what's going on in California and that's exactly what's going on. With the immigration in California. The Democrats figured out some time ago that the way you beat Reagan in duke may agent. The way you beat all these Republican governors and conservatives in California. Is to change the voting. That is to change the electorate. And they're not about to be stopped now. They're not about to be stopped now. And so their position is. We believe in the tenth amendment. States can decide. Issues related immigration now did you hear the leftists argue that. When Arizona. Pass laws not to defy federal law. But the support federal law to. Implement federal law parallel loss. The left attacked Arizona. Obama attacked Arizona. They took their case all the way to the United States Supreme Court where Anthony Kennedy wrote an opinion and essentially said. The federal government's in charge of immigration. In the states essentially have no sense even sit more. More than congress the president is in charge of immigration. And really congress has very little dissent. And that's not what the constitution says exactly. But that was the ruling of the United States Supreme Court. And everybody celebrated. Because Arizona's attempt to enforce federal immigration law when the president of the United States was defying federal immigration law. Mostly went down the news. Now we have federal district judges leftists most of them appointed by Obama. Who've taken the position that the position. That Arizona's tough. That the president has no power when it comes to refugees. The president doesn't have power to do this at a the other thing now don't let it don't get me wrong. Arizona is trying to compliant enforce federal law over the president ward. In the case of these federal judges they are defined the very law they're supposed to be upholding. And violating separation of powers. In California we have a rogue state. A radical left wing state in one party state. Where they continue to try. And eliminate. Any Republican opposition. In an order to do so. They must completely and utterly eviscerate this citizenry in California. And so. What are they doing. While they're doing a number of things you're defying federal law. They're threatening private businesses. That seek to assist the federal government when it comes to reporting illegal aliens. They're putting all kinds of legal barriers. In front of not just the deportation. Of illegal aliens and I would include criminal aliens. But even alerted the federal government to the existence of these people. In the state. Senate bill fifty foreign California prohibits agencies from using their resources to investigate interrogate. Detained detector arrest people for immigration enforcement purposes. Forbids police from inquiring into an individual's immigration status. Are making an arrest based on a civil immigration more. Prevents apartments from detaining individuals at the request of the federal government. Prohibits agencies from sharing release states or other personal information such as common work addresses unless the information is publicly available. This is state long California. Is the transfer of an inmate to immigration authorities. And less authorized. I judicial warrant where the individuals serving time for who has previously been convicted of any of about 800 crimes. But events immigration authorities and interviewing individuals a local jails without a judicial wire. Well of course by the time you go in court gonna want they're gone. Requires and by the way. Certain due process and other judicial. And justice related rights that apply to American citizens don't necessarily apply to aliens who are here illegally to say you know. Instructs the state corrections and parole agencies to notify federal immigration authorities at least sixty days before our. This federal release date of an undocumented immigrant who's serving time for whereas previously been convicted of a serious fine offense. Now we have another law. Requires employers to ask immigration agents for awhile before granting access to works out. Prevents employers from voluntarily sharing confidential employee information without a subpoena. Requires employers and the other workers before a federal law that an employee records. Gives the attorney general California in the labor commissioner exclusive authority to enforce new provisions of state labor law. Prohibits employers. From re verifying information and employment verification forms. And less compelled to do so by the federal government. So California. It's more like Max of Borneo. Mr. sessions of the federal government has said enough is enough how we're gonna continue on this because it's crucially important. I'll be right back. Britain's 911 hotline. On my television show caller now 37738138113. If you look throughout society you look throughout the cold. You concede. They governmental policy. Governmental policies intended first and foremost a benefit. The progressive ideology. Hence the Democrat party. Education policy in this country. Advances. The agenda and policies of the Democrat party. And progressives won in the sent. Health care in this country advances the policies. That progressives in the Democrat party. The federal government's attitude toward local enforcement. And law enforcement. Is intended to advance the policies of the Democrat party. In the progressive ideology. All throughout our society. All throughout our culture. Liberty. Constitutional. Capitals. Is being rolled. The plowed under. All throughout our society. And. Most clearly with the immigration. Let's be blunt ladies and gentlemen our immigration policies in this country forget or about our immigration law much of which is actually quite good. Our immigration policies in this country. They're not intended to help the country there and tended to help the Democrat party. And the progressive ideology. The immigration policies in California they don't help the state of California. They don't create a more vibrant robust. Successful state. They create a bigger more powerful. Democrat par. Where elections are becoming. Really battles between and among Democrats. And this is what you see. An autocracy. California is an autocracy. It is effectively a one party state. It is an autocracy. And he didn't get there by convincing the American citizens there. To vote for Democrats they could achieve that. They got there through decades. The legal and illegal immigration and chain migration. That's another body politic in California. That is the Democrat party. Is now. Conducting itself. In ways. That undermine the nation undermine the citizenry in California. But advance the goals in the objectives of the Democratic Party. That's the Democrat party California. Is defying. Federal immigration law it is defying the federal. Supreme court's opinion. In the Arizona case. The Democrat party in California. Is embracing. Many of the same arguments. That the Democrat party embrace in the confederacy. Not talking about slavery. I'm talking about nullification. Nullification. I made this point T before it made it so often enough people on TV and radio repeated well that's the way it works. Sanctuary Cities are lawless. Local governments. That for the purposes. Of immigration have broken away from the federal government. They've broken away from the federal government. If if the people in Texas. Said we are a sanctuary state for the Second Amendment. His record and win that would tolerate that. At that people are kids had said we are you say Trace state. When it comes to traditional marriage. With the people. And can't just be able to fend off the federal government. And I could go on and on. And yet. When heavy Democrat one party cities and states. Radical progressives. AA not where we're eight Sanctuary City or sanctuary state we're doing it because three humane. And then cite the tenth amendment. That's pretty remarkable. Is it not. Site that tenth amendment. And get the constitution does speak it immigration. And the federal government has most of the same. When Arizona simply pass statutes. To enforce federal immigration law in the state and Arizona it was challenged by the federal government. By president who didn't want to enforce federal immigration law. And. He was upheld by the Supreme Court. So here we have president from the Supreme Court that says they cannot treated us. That the president. Has effectively monopoly government took power over this issue. The Democrats and liberals know what they wanted to. Except now they've reversed course because they don't have the president's. If you. Understand most of the day. We see progressive Democrat politicians. Pushing the position they're not pushing it for the country. The words they're not advancing it for the best interests of the country they're advancing it to the best interest of their party. And that's what autocracy still. You look at Venezuela. Cuba. You look at these hot hot Christie's. Different labels on these governance. Different forms of autocracy perhaps. But the mindset is similar is. The mindset is similar. The Democrats in the progressives. Argue strenuously. For the freedom of the illegal aliens. It when it comes to your freedom. The only mention the word freedom. They don't even mention the word for. And they paint. It paid trip the illegal alien. As somebody who is noble and virtuous in every instance. Just trying to work. Guess trying to pick lettuce because we won't pick lettuce. Because Americans are lazy in fact been busy with video games and movies and on and on and on. The other hand. People who come into this country illegally. Are hardworking. Artist studios. Tactic children are. Are dreamers. Dreamers. Here children. Are lazy of course. They're children. Are dreamers. They're the future. They're the future. The same progressive left. And the Democrats. Who talk up foreigners who come into this country illegally. By the same people who trash this country. And the people. The citizens. Who made great. Anybody who says we're a country of immigrants is not only name Arenas. This traction. The parent generation of American citizens. No country is a country of immigrants. You're a country of citizen. Some of whom may be recent immigrants some of whom may be children of immigrants some of them may be third or fourth generation. But you're a nation of citizens. Citizenry the means something. Citizenship mean something. And the people. Who represent you oh. Are supposed to represent this citizenry the country doesn't all of the mistake governments at a local governments for the federal government the country doesn't belong to the Supreme Court. The country belongs to you. The people who are here. Before the Supreme Court that people or a year apart California let's just say. It's called a civil society. It's called the civil society. Here's Jeff Sessions in California today cut to go. Immigration law is the problems of the federal government is in the constitution. This administration and this Justice Department are determined to make it work effectively for our people. I understand that we have a wide variety of political opinions out there on the immigration. But the law is in the books. And it's purposes are clear and just. There is no knowledge application and there is no C section. Federal law is this a frame off the last. I would advise any doubters the go to Gettysburg. Positive things on John C Calhoun and Abraham Lincoln. This matter has been satellite. You refusal. To apprehend an important knows especially in the criminal element. How are effectively rejects. All emigration law. It's a rejection of law and it creates an open borders systems. Only way can be described. An open borders is a radical irrational idea. That you cannot be accepted the American people will not accept. And the United States of America not some I deal it's a secular nations studies. With a constitution. With lawlessness in order. All of which are designed to protect our nation's interest and we should be able every certainly on this. No we don't. We don't. He sees Barack Obama gave it away early on. When he ran the first time for present United States that phrase fundamental transformation. He gave it away early on those two words say everything you need to know fundamental. Transformation. And I immediately said after he got he spoke those words. As you longtime listeners now. You don't fundamentally transform something you love you know fundamentally transform. Something new Revere. You don't fundamentally transform. Transform something that is precious. You fundamentally transform something because you dislike. You despise. You discredit. You rejected. And the progressives. Rejected. The declaration of independence. The progressives are rejecting constitution of the United States is they make a mockery of it right now. The progressives reject the idea of a nation state. Would real border Saturday and force. The progressives reject the idea of individualism. The progressives reject the idea of capitalism a private property rights. And so they use. Every aspect of the culture they possibly can the devour the culture. And the more people who come here. Illegally. The more people who come here. Who reject the American culture and refuse to be assimilated in the American culture and the progress is one idea that better. Because that creates chaos and opportunity. To advance the power of government. And one party states. And the power of those who run these states. How is a very dangerous thing ladies and gentlemen very very dangerous thing. Which is why the constitution is set up the way it is which is why I'm not a populist or nationalist in the constitution it's. Power is a very very dangerous thing you can see what it looks like when it's out of control in a state like California. I'll be right back. And any has and they aren't and they've been doing it he's not the first and he won't be the last and the problem is how do you stop that. Have you and bill. How do you stop and hang in there. It's difficult. 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Had trying to expose them to have done it with Ben Shapiro over the years and kind of with. Doing it was Ben Ferguson. Bryan Mudd. Damn I'm geno. I think it's very very important. That we do that sort of thing. So you'll never hear me get behind this microphone. And tell you that I'm the only one to do this and I'm the only one to do that and I'm the only one in talk radio that's not. Healthy is not healthy for conservatism. It's not healthy for this business if she's not. He's had just not accurate. It's not accurate. Now we'll continue discuss this. Immigration issue but I wanna raise another. Well before I do that. Before I do. When you close the circle and jumped ahead of myself. Jerry Brown. Jerry Brown is never worked cash register in his life hit if you market yes I did. My parents had a small store outside of Philadelphia and we all were there. The next clearly cash register their cash truer. Some days it was very much and it. But that's what they have. To make another governor. California. The very wealthy man. Jerry Brown is being governor. Three or four times. Was attorney general. He doesn't like the private sector he doesn't understand it he doesn't work in it. Besides all the powers in government. Other powers in government. I know ladies and gentlemen. Prior federal government's when states. Refused to comply. With federal law. Would punish the states they would punish the states by cutting off funding to the states. And in the past. The federal courts upheld the State's cutting off funding. He sees it federal government cutting off funding to the states. Fact it's the biggest hammer in the federal government has to hammer their policies. Upon the states. Stein and education is to be done with the EPA and so forth and so as matter of fact I remember. When George Allen great guy great man great governor of Virginia. When he refused to buckle. To every demand and win. The Environmental Protection Agency. Insisting on how automobiles in the commonwealth of Virginia. Should be inspected. They threaten all kinds. Of federal government funds being cut off to the state. No he didn't buck. But this has been the type a blackmail the federal government has used. For more than half a century. So when. Trump concessions coming office and say look what a colonel Samir finds all of a sudden. There's objection. The very people who did that. In the past now object to it that's why you can't take their argument seriously. But you better take what they're doing very serious. His eggs ADM this era he was a congressman from California he's the attorney general. He's complete left wing hack clown. Cut five go. And you picked it he had the argument in their case about the supremacy clause in there and just elaborate a little bit let's opposite there's a supremacy clause in the constitution. So when the federal government and only when the federal government is exercising its legitimate powers. It specified powers under the constitution. In some cases those powers are exclusive that the federal government in some cases they're not. But whether powers are exclusive to the federal government. And there in the constitution. Here not a constitutionally city's eighth tenth amendment tenth amendment. Has nothing to the tenth amendment at that point is she my point. So. Listen to this clamp started the tax cut five go. And you stated he had the argument in their case about the supremacy clause and and just elaborate a little bit we believe that the tenth amendment gives states the right. It's right to decide how to enforce public safety. Provide for the general Welker and his side Jeff Sessions complain that the anywhere in the constitution says that that's the federal. Government's prerogative to do that for the states that most of that until. Now listen how stupid this guy's. Listen to the platitudes he uses general welfare. She's public safety. So up. That's who Iowa let's say there's a city. And the ECB says we decide how we're gonna handle public safety and we're only hiring white people. Would this have been sheriffs say the federal government has no wrong let's say there's a city. And they say growing and higher in our civil service strike people. But mr. Caceres say there's no feel so federal civil rights issue there leave it alone. Let's say. Based school district in a state says. We are never ever hiring Hispanic people. Would mr. Caceres say. That's okay because of the tenth amendment. What does this Sharon seems to be saying yes. We progressives can do whatever we want. We can defy federal law if it's in the name of progressive that will wrap ourselves in the constitution if we think. We can make the argument for progressive is willow. The constitution. And well American history if we think it elevates her precedence. How do these people put themselves. They know they're liars they know that deceit book they know they have no integrity whatsoever credit they would themselves. Why does any. Autocrat live with a shot. I had. Find out provision in the constitution. The tenth amendments to prevail. More around hello. More run. Speaking of morons is Jerry Brown. All I can say is. When Ronald Reagan ran for governor the first time he picked Jerry Brown's father's ass. And it was a good thing. At six now. Local laws. Who hears what concerns. There can be more than one from positions but wait. Americans have done. You know really OK that you need more than one interpretations all you people who hate your Obama care. So all kinds of laws to be more one interpretation. All you people ahead in the deal the internal revenue code hey don't Wear all kinds of laws all kinds of interpretations. Don't sweat it. All you people in California. With the environmental rules. And attacks launched just quote the great Jerry Brown. The out Einstein of our debt. It's all going lawyers. Said the dog conduit reputation. He looks like a schmuck. I had. An attorney general would talk to our attorney general do work things out. This is basically going to war against. Steve you're the only way honey god and page comic when you guys pass these laws. Undermining. Federal immigration law enforcement. And attacking your own businesses in the state did you contact the attorney general of the united state know what those things out. Yeah. I hated you schmo. I had. The interest of the American economy itself was as though. He's in gentlemen let's get this straight once and for all the engineer the American economy. It's not the American worker and it's not the American citizen it's not the blue collar worker of the white collar worker it's not the American small businessman. It's not all of those Americans who work for one corporation after another. It's not all of you and your car's right now it rush hour stuck it to like three hours a traffic having gone nowhere. Coming home going back tomorrow they even pay out pay your debt taxes and everything that polls. Car taxes property tax of say income taxes safe sales taxes. Federal excise taxes federal income tax is now dead parrot taxes but don't you understand. You're not the engine of the economy it's people crawling across the water apparently engine of the economy got back. I am so sick and tired of these damn demagogue politician. You have no idea. You truckers lessening the mid day you're not the engine of the economy. You don't want I don't know where any other taxi companies and so what you're not the engine of the economy. Hello I'm Scott called public transportation. Every day getting up by 6 in the morning tiebreaker actually go to work and come home. Who swallow law. You're not the engine of the economy now. People who come here it can't speak English. People who come here in their first active violating our law. The engine of the economy you gotta. And if they should the economy I must ask you this question. Why is a Third World not industrialized. What is absurd or out that does super economic power of the world. Since so many people are coming in this country from the Third World they're the engine of our economy. The analyst put down of the American citizen. Is disgusting. Copyright. He didn't Jerry Brown headache go. Yeah. California. Would have the winning custody and they wouldn't let the person out and then the ice officers. We have to go to the person's home and knock on the door and wouldn't know what's coming up. Look at the actual truth. Look we know these these drug administration. Is full of liars. They plead guilty already that is special counsel. Hey hey hey hey. They've pled guilty already this special what. She's not governor Colorado smug he's not he sure he's not doing the app pack stuff again. Only been here. Go ahead. You lost to California. Nothing stops the federal government from coming to a jail. The room do you release records are are a public that is shoving stuff says sheriff who runs in jails to working with. With ice there's nothing Lovett from then. I did I not just read. What the laws are that. California put in place. Whenever one party state. Part of the problem is ladies and gentlemen you get the stupidest politicians. Jerry Brown is a very stupid and very stupid man. Does he not know what laws he signed. But he just a liar. Cut nine mystery witness ago. So do a lot of that stuff is your campaign can. Let's based the pro Voight opens each motor is closing yeah. They're more indictments to come so obviously true general. Has voted hard. Just to be a normal attorney general he's been caught up in the whirlwind of focus. So you see. Mr. Donnie may confession. He doesn't know we made it confession. Because he's mr. Donald. You see ladies and gentlemen the Democrats want the special counsel to do with this special counsel's doing. Disrupt. Undermined to eviscerate. The trump administration. That way they can continue to do what they wanna do. They continue to do what they wanted to Mueller is closing in east. These ecstatic about. Because you see if we have a special counsel who's criminalizing. Criminalizing policies. He's closing in on the present closing in on others. Well then you know they won't be bothering Jerry Brown in the the autocratic. Democrat party in California. So it's always been about politics and Jerry Brown just confessed essentially just a minute. Just admitted it. Our buddy Joseph Pollack who work right Bart. Politics very very sharp guy. He was at this event I believe with Dave Jones I look l.s day joke follies the California insurance commission. How about the this is this a shortcut tango. How does this do for the sudden Steve's standing up to federal law attorney Jim Crow. When the federal government wanted to desegregate the how is California it's. Very different it's very different. What what set of constitutional rights to people have who come here illegally. But the fact that the country illegally. If certain constitutional rights they don't all constitutional rights they don't are right. To a court hearing the gun front of administrative law judges. Immigration judges. As a pro forma matter in the kicked out of the country if they come back to the court. Supreme Court has ruled that two. CC ladies and does this is nothing like nullification during the confederacy now this is a different kind of nullification. We're standing up for the constitutional rights of illegal aliens. We here in the Sanctuary City. Now commissioner Jones. Because you two are an idiot just like your governor dean you've heard of something called the civil war. He heard the civil war. The civil war settle this issue whether people like it or not. And some people still resist the the civil war and settle this issue over 700000. Casualties. And you Democrats don't get. You Democrats still don't get it. Because when it comes to race. That your whole car and you're never gonna give it up. Whatever side you're on it now that you're gonna exploited as much as he can't because it's all about how. This is a different kind of nullification ladies and gentlemen it's nothing like the confederacy. You're protecting the rights. Of illegal aliens. Corporate tech. Checking their rights. That's not his point you moron his poignant. That you're used to nullification is unconstitutional. It's still legitimate. Especially in this case. With a supremacy clause does in fact a plot according to the Supreme Court. Which is loaded with your people leftists. But none of that matters. Logic doesn't matter president doesn't matter history doesn't matter facts don't matter. We're dealing live. Autocratic. Progressive. Ideologues. We're morons. And it's straight ahead no matter where I take it straight ahead. Full speed ahead off power all the time. Screws stay the party comes first. I'll be right back. Love them. Making conservatism. Great again dial in all 877381. That. 3811. Hiring well every business needs to make people and a better way to find something better than posting your job on line and just praying for the right people to see it. Zip recruiter knew there was a smarter way so they've got a platform that finds the right job candidates for you zip recruiter learns what you're looking for. Identifies people at the right experience. Invites them to apply to your job. These in these invitations have revolutionized how you find your next time in fact listen to this 80% of employees supposed to job as a recruiter. Inequality penny through the site in just one day. And chip recruited doesn't stop there they even spotlight the strongest applications are received so you never miss a great match. The right candidates are out there zip recruiter is how you find them. Businesses of all sizes precedent recruiter for their hiring needs right now yield my listeners can try zip recruiter. Absolutely free that's right free. Just noticed chipped recorder dot com slash love then. That's Jeff recorded dot com slash Al dvi and zip recorder dot com slash look then zip recruiter the smartest way to high. I will do. My nightly. Educational. Short segment. On economics. Paris. Massive taxes on the American people. But I can't repeat all that I said so brilliantly and thoroughly in the past nights. But let me add to it can always go to our shows. On our archives of mark living showed dot com radio Webb's. Let's take a look at the percentage of imported steel not all still produce for the US they import its DO. And where it comes from Shellee. 17% of imported studio comes from Canada. 13%. From Brazil. 12%. From South Korea nine. Present from Mexico. 7% from Turkey 7%. From Japan. 6% from Russia. 4% from Germany 3% from Taiwan 3% from Vietnam and duke present from China not nobody. Has been more consistent and persistent and resolute and condemning China. Nobody has been more persistent and consistent in in condemning Russia they may. I've never been one of these code pink Republicans in love what you've. Won a great economic engine in China. Their totalitarian regimes as they are editing. And they are waging cyber warfare against us every damn day. This pervasive a lot. That China's dumping steel in the United States what to driving down the price of skill for domestic producers. Is the biggest lie you've been sold in modern times. 2%. Yeah present. And as I've said not yet been like 70%. Of domestic. Steel production. Is my domestic steel companies. Now. Those of you work in the automobile and. Street and that's a lot of people. Not just as patriotic Americans on the assembly lines who put the cards together. Who put the vehicles together. But every business connected to. The businesses that make the parts the businesses that make the tires. You're in trouble. Because the president apparently is going forward with this Paris which are nothing more than massive tax increases. When the American people. And that's tax increase goes straight to the federal treasury. And the protective special interest industries. That benefit from these parents. Able massively increase their prices for steel and aluminum do. Again as head as a basic example if you have put a 25% tariff on steel coming in the United States. This still manufactures and our own country. Recognize that there are key steal at the same price they're gonna massively increase to 20/20 122%. So their marginally under whatever the taxes. And I should they get a boom year. 70%. I'll say it again any. Any. Industry controls 70% of the market is considered a monopoly. No car manufacturer controls 70% of the market. No dishwasher and washing machine dryer. H back usage controls 70% of the market. And a handful of American steel company still. They do. No one of the reasons. But they have to happen insist on these parents and battle it. They've been a 160 duties but he plays of the last several decades. And I I get free market and god forbid if I am hello while he's at march freedom of aspiration and opportunity. But the truth this people who write like that they're stupid they're morons they know nothing. Their parents they repeat stuff. They repeats. The steel industry's been pampered since after the Second World War you know line. Because they were very very slow. The change technologies. When we pull out the Japanese we blew out the Germans and other countries after World War II of. They were able to adopt. Certain practices and technologies. That are older steel industries would not. They continue to embrace more expensive. Production process these. Processes that would take longer. And so is York rebuild it south and Asia rebuild itself they became more and more competitive. And because our industries. We're slow to respond and didn't wanna respond because they figure they had control over this stuff after will work to. There are caught. Behind. On technology and ever since. These are the only industry. Back decade after decade after decade insist that they must have. Paris. Texas placed on the American people. If you decide to buy anything that's imported into the United States it's made of steel. Or limit. And they succeeded in wrapping this. Mismanagement. And soft form of socialism. In Americanism and patriotism. And they've succeeded in persuading most of you know that we must do this for national security purposes because look at all the mills that are shutting down. Now ironically. Many these males are shutting down because now the steel companies. Putting more money into new technologies so the older mills. There are too expensive to turn over are being shut down you can see the drug administration. Goof ball propagandist protectionists on TV all over the place I think his name is Navarro. Nothing else we've sent him rationing down those announcement because the steel industries actually getting more more efficient. It's like any other business. Sites say they are companies. Wow. You're shutting down drilling over a year and yet you're shutting down that business so that yes we're investing in fracking now. But it would be like having a she'll go on TV like them are telling us. How much the oil companies are shutting down there might have recanted that. And as these transitions repair some people lose their jobs. And yet other jobs are created. And that's the way it works in every single business the software business. The automobile business. You name it. That's how you'll progress and a country that say create wealth let's say create new jobs. That's how you make life easier for the population. Otherwise you declined you regress you lose market you lose jobs. That you lose float and you lose housing and you lose clothing and that is well a lot. If tariffs is so great. Why doesn't the president the United States announced tomorrow we're having tax for every single. Thing that's imported in the United States. Noted that protect everybody's job. Because it's ludicrous. In virtually every instance. And this is why. He's mouthpiece is gone TV and lie about it. This is why people who know not what they speak. Grab whatever they can't some talking points and regurgitate them. If we have a 25%. Tariff on imported steel and 10% and aluminum. If that takes place. The automobile industry is going to lose about one billion dollars. And who works for the automobile industry they patriotic Americans I should say so. To those men and women have families I should say so. What about them. But apparently no matter. Are they billionaires and millionaires not. At last time I checked. So what's happening in the housing market. You see that mister minister. What's happening to the housing market ladies and gentlemen. They hit the wall. It's hit but it's still walk. The why did you walk. Well. Lumber is gonna be more expensive way to test this new tariffs on lumber. To make America great again power I have no tariffs on steel and aluminum and yes homes have steel and aluminum in them too. And so the men and women were construction workers 88 steel and aluminum. Whether or quit. For their trucks and on and on down the line. But that's not even the reason why that. Is certainly part of it. Because ladies and gentlemen the new text. And I don't wanna hear this but I'll repeated anyway. On the corporate side. The new tax bill. Is a marvelous but. It's slash the federal corporate tax rate from 35 to 21%. Any companies in this country competitive. The company's all over the world. And that's the way it should. But on the individual side. It raise taxes on the significant number. The American people. Including those who buying houses. We're vacation. You see like capping. The deduction. For state income taxes. State property taxes. And then capping the interest deduction on mortgages. It's an exactly what I said it was. Not because I'm a genius that because it's basic economics it's called the laws of economics. They don't change what we're Republican or Democrat. The tax cuts on the individual side. Are very uneven. And in some cases they're consistently. And so if you do not allow people to deduct. The full amount of their property taxes. There's some people aren't gonna buy a home because they can't afford. They look at the cost of mortgages. Because part of the cost used to be you look the way you can deduct on your taxes and it would reduce the it monthly cost that your paying for a house. If you tell people in the 55 or 56 states where there is a state compacts. That you can't deduct your state income tax. From your federal taxes. That also impact their ability. If I hope. And when you attack. Interest deductions on mortgages. That limits the ability. Of people to buy a home. Whether it's your first home whether your primary home whether it's a vacation home whether it's an investment. BC disincentives. And so disincentives. Have an effect. And so the housing market right now. Yeah I heard this and anybody else but it's out there. Is hitting a wall. It's becoming more more difficult to sell a home because it's becoming more more difficult to afford. And this was utterly unnecessary. They keep calling this the greatest tax cut in American history happen to be the greatest tax cut in American history. When you're raising taxes on millions of Americans. They should've been no tax increase for petty American rhetoric crushed a bar. Oh and one other thing. When you go to my next car. Or that suvs. When that pickup truck. In the automobile companies have to add an extra 101211512200000. For those of you who are getting a tax cut on the individual income tax side. Wolf. He just disappeared. It's all gone. I'll be right back. I hope we all got to check out my brand new show life liberty and within our work. Fox News. Had some amazing feedback from fans saying it's unlike anything else on TV now if you subscribe to living TV Kelli arena this. He saw the launch on fox but haven't subscribed to CR TV yet I hope he got to see a little bit what you're missing each and every day. While living TV except without the commercials. Two different show. The things we focus on our core values principles our beliefs or traditions history philosophy the constitution and so forth. So if you're ready to get past the superficial fluff. That fills not just the liberal mainstream media but too much in this medium quite frankly but you wanna more than just once a week. You need to go to CR TV we've got at all and we've got great hosts penalty live in TV and watch. It got everybody fell Robertson our buddy Stephen Crowder a buddy Andrew well kept our buddy Steve dates and. And on and on and on and we're adding more all the time. It's truly a spectacular lineup folks. You get a full year of CR TV for less than eight bucks a month when he is promo code livid at check app that's like one stop at McDonald's. So give us a call 844 living TV it's that simple look at your all set up it'll be very very easy. It's 844 in the vein TV. 844 LEV giant TV make trees from a Kovalev then. Tell them. Say hey come outcome of the event and what it's all set up our folks are their right now and I know you're an allotment. And you can. Steamed at Denver Colorado X. M radio guy already had sip. One an honor thank you. I feel like I'm pretty Cora point now though that when. Prime minister Netanyahu on earlier it got me thinking about something on the right I am a Puerto in my mom hit a book that I read that. It dude about this my dad's dad. That's a heavy book you know and the kind of put back and forth over the you know eagle but a note that the that the world who way to. The book was called Tony. And it was about ominous knock you Netanyahu. Benjamin Netanyahu older brother duke has accomplished is Benjamin Netanyahu as you know he was real rocks so it was today. War hero in the yup torrent should say of course you would say legend in the fourth this work is rail which is legendary by itself. You kill the way that the marine the hijacked just for being yummy and I. I have to go we're quite wide it was a truly remarkable man in fact that book is a fabulous book my wife's been reading it. About Yoni Netanyahu he was an incredible man. Benjamin Netanyahu is older brother and also three of the Brothers. All. Were in the IDF all saw significant combat in the. Even Netanyahu himself was shot shot in the shoulder. We'll be right back. Then there are number 8773813811877381. 3811 I saw. Actually was yesterday. I had a punitive time to get to it wasn't here. A piece in the Washington compost yesterday. It's time to give socialism a try. By Elizabeth prudent. Now she's an opinion writer at the Washington compost. And it's kind of hilarious. Time to give socialism a try I think we've been giving it a try for very long time. I think other countries have given it a try. The outcome hasn't been great. But this is the kind of thinking Nick's going on out there and I wanted to go through some of this with you and I hope my idea. My lungs hold up. And she gets into the weeds a little bit the war or our way through it. In the United States we've arrived at a pair of mutually exclusive convictions. The liberal. That is that liberal capitalist democracies are guaranteed by their nature to succeed. And then our trump this moment they seem to be failing in deeply unsettling ways first of all that's an idiotic. Hypothesis. That liberal capitalist democracies are guaranteed by their nature to succeed really. Many of them have failed. And made them are failing. And if the left has there was. We will felt that. She writes for liberals and by this I mean in herders the long liberal tradition. Not specifically those who might be also be called progressives. Is there a difference. You know when I talk about classical liberals who noticed she does he used the word classical. In front of liberals. Efforts to square these two notions have typically combine expressions. Of high anxiety. The reassurances that. We only have the right attitude everything we'll set itself all right. Hanging on and hoping for the best is certainly one approach to rescuing the best of liberalism from its discontents. But my answer is a mentally more ambitious. It's time to give socialism a try. I guess she thinks we live many fewer free market were also. Time to give socialism a try what does she think these entitlement programs. What does she think the progressive income taxes. What does she think he massive redistribution of the government's involved in is all about. The massive. Regulatory state even though trump has thrown his best to pull it back it's still exists. Because she missed all. Contemporary supporters of liberalism are often subject I think too what I call every day. Look Egon is the idea explicitly stated or not the the end of the Cold War really signal the end of history. That we can only look forward to the NCC rise. Of western style liberal democratic capitalist. Who believes that. Who believes. Now let's cut to the chase here. She says I'm five cents. She says all these other liberal commentator she talks about. Right that something is wrong with the state of American liberals. The problem is much deeper than they allow. I don't think business as usual the better there's enough to fix what's broken. I think the problem lies at the root of the thing. With capitalism itself. Listen this is important. Trying to choke my way through this. In fact both. Sullivan's and marks complaints these are people she sites Italy that are really know. Point and I'm going on that America. Or Americans appear to be isolated viciously competitive. Suspicious of one another. And spiritually shallow and that we are anxiously looking for some kind of an attachment to something real. Profound. In an agent decreasing trust in regard seem to be emblematic of capitalism. Which encourages or requires finish individualism. Self interest to disregard for the other. And resentment of arrangements into which one deposits more than he or she would draws. This is a poor. Indoctrinated. Buffoon. That people are looking for some kind of its key trend attachment to something real and profound. Ladies and gentlemen. That's what faith is a lot. That's what families hope. Something real and profound. That's what patriotism so that. That's what the constitution is all about. Something real and profound. And her. Understanding of capitalism is no understanding at all. Capitalism is what makes it possible. For people. Define Ers leak material. Fulfillment. In addition to spiritual fulfillment and familial fulfillment. That's yeah. That's the point. Now does it view of red rediscovering Americanism of the tyranny progressives who does she satellite. Easy ladies and gentlemen the individual. Can only fine. Themselves their value. An attachment does not think. We're just say. This say. She doesn't even understand. She's yelling you know maybe she doesn't I don't think she doesn't. Easy tap. Capitalism. Live pretty. Independent. Liberalism. You don't know one begins at the other end is because one needs the other. This idiotic. There are perfect. But Zenyatta. There's hardly any there as how does this explain. And you see capitalism. That is. Market capitalism private property rights. Profit. Given the way a progressive isn't just like they constitution. Which confuses power which separates power. Which is limits. On how hard to the federal government. Is. It's typical. Today progressive. Because constitutional isn't in progress that is on our opposites. Capitalism and socialism are opposites. True personal individual out. And the best decision of individualism. What is argue that you can only really find your realization in your fulfillment through government. Are opposites. What she doesn't understand. Or maybe she is waiting. Is that she's giving eight prescription for a hearing. You're not gonna fire. My individualism and government. You're not gonna Brooke plot find your fulfillment and government. You become ace and take government. Now while she may write later this is. To be confused very Tola totalitarian. And nostalgia ist. I would support it kind of socialism she writes that would be democratic and aimed primarily at Deke come modifying laborer. Reducing the vast inequality brought about by capitalism and breaking capital strangle hold over our politics and culture she sounds in this respect like. She is okay. Intellectual lightweight but she knows how to spew the platitudes. I hope you watch. The inaugural edition. Of life liberty and levee and not because of me but because Juan Williams. We got in this. These notions about equality the rejection of personal liberty and individual out. We will never eliminate. Inequality. And with respect. To personal conduct. A wellspring is soon. We never want to eliminate inequality. To equality doesn't mean everybody's poor everybody's rich. Inequality is in recognition. Of individualism. They Judy Dillon did. We're all different. In some anyways. We're similar in some anyways as well they've rejected the progressive. Our similarities. And they insist. On exploding and emphasizing our differences. As they argue that our differences. All right just. Some people work harder so people work smarter some people are lucky some people are stronger some people are weaker. Some people are smarter some people had done some people are fatter some people are skinny some people is this some people are that. No work experience no work place no work assignment is identical. No I'm not an energy put into this so that is identical. There's circumstances could never be identical. And yes what you are due prayer. Ideological abstractions. Like this woman dies and a Washington. Post how they sound so cool. And humane and compassionate. If we didn't have capitalism what will we have ladies and gentlemen. Ubiquitous government. And we you argue against capitalism. You argue against constitutional. When you argue against capitalism. You arguing against unalienable individual personal rights. With a government begins to devour. More more aspects. Of the liberty. More more aspects of your life. This is a perverse ideology. These people thinking perverse ways. The idea that you can find some kind of quota attachment to something real and profound. Through government through socialists. Who social engineering. In other words to the manipulation of a handful of people. Who tell all the rest of us what to do. Is perverse. And dangerous. Listen they're running. He has. The flu I don't house to put it on her right back. I saw this little piece yesterday. And a New York Post. Michael Flynn. Lieutenant general retired three star general. Has put his Virginia home on the market to help pay his mounting legal bills. Yup that. He's lost his home. The original asking price in December it was 895000. Dollars. His brother Joseph told ABC news it's now 834000. Dollars 995. Cents. So he moved his hometown of Middleton Rhode Island he moved to his hometown. Question allied. To get out of the spotlight. And so. Spread the Genesis I'm not going to sugar coated this has been a trying experience for Flynn and his wife Laurie. It's been a crucible and it's not over. I just. I weep for my country. That we have so many. Poisonous. Evil elements within this country. And you and I both know what historians are going to send. Fifty a 10050 years from now about. What we've done to this place. So blessed to be here. So blessed. You know look. Was surrounded by morons in the foods. This rancid malcontents. It's just incredible to me. You see in the last election. Mid Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Most involved in the political domestic espionage. Of the trump campaign. And 95% of the media are just perfectly fine with that. Portugal listen how much time do we have rich. All right we're not gonna have time to when we come back after the about a million. You know I detest Joseph Scarborough and so many ways I think he's a man who lacks Carriker. He lacks integrity. Who's lived a lie. Just bought and paid for by MSNBC. Who's completely million. And a real hate monger. The real hate monger real propagandist. And on top all that he's dumb as hell. Any tries to match the whips and Ted Cruz. Pretty decent man an honorable man. A man of character and integrity. And while his IQ's so where's. Joseph Scarborough is high IQ is down with the F. You know the snails. The promise guard corps among many many things. But I know I don't you think he should have gotten an Academy Award for playing the inbred kid. Sitting on the bridge and deliver its mr. producing. Heading back at the Academy Award for that. He played the part beautifully. In the banjo. Maybe we'll get 11 day. Hi you know how they do that passion mislead. It does come around Oscar. For the banjo playing kid on that rigid deliverance. Hit except that these past. Anyway yeah. So there's a pack to fourth on the Second Amendment. Between cruise and star. Goes on for about two minutes. But I'm gonna wait till after the break. And we take it that time for a quick call shall. David San Diego Sirius satellite quickly don't. Mr. then you are great man and you're on the right track and you communicate well to the rest of us sort of an iChat here thank you. I was born in Rhodesia or small country in Africa that was thriving in the fifties in the sixties economy was going along well. And along came the Russians on a Communist shouldn't. Mister Korda camera on the negotiate a little longer and and the next thing we knew we had comrade Robert Mugabe is up prime minister. Let the mood. Shall I know I only only only like in the last six months that they finally forced him out there. Yesterday assessed a 35 years has sent mr. And then we we moved to South Africa we will also thriving economy. Booming it was an incredible country as long to and the liberals and the clintons were involved. And the next thing we never missed a comrade Nelson Mandela was in short and we potential. Tell you see what's going over there now and going on there and and chaos minister while they're copying rhodesian. Yes yeah Zimbabwe. And time we got fifteen seconds let your bottom lines. Luckily I have my beautiful mother married a great man from Rochester Minnesota and I was able to become an American citizen they dig out all right nice and night. Appreciate if not you'll get these supporting apartheid of any kind what's gone on. In Zimbabwe to the people there what's going on announce South Africa is truly horrific we'll be right back. If you turn off your radio and opened the window. You can probably hear him straight from the studio. Call Markel and then I had 877. That's. 381. 3811. What's on your bucket list. We all have things we wanted to do not just work till the bitter end so for me of course. No matter what your answer there's one thing you definitely need to knock down your bucket list money. Investing for the future is critical today it's more complicated than ever. You know we're facing a very different retirement reality and sadly many within the senate my voice is simply not ready for. Look even though we're living with financial uncertainty in geopolitical instability. He doesn't mean we can't play in a proper retirement I mean we'd better when that includes all of us and join our bucket list. To the hospital of the retirement lifestyle you've dreamed about three time that you deserve. Download. Mark Levine gold dot com that's MA RK LE CIN gold dot com or call the toll free number. 805998391. That's 805998391. Start planning for retirement seriously. And now. To enjoy your bucket list around the corner again get the report. That Mark Levine gold dot com. I get my call 180599. 391. That's 1805998391. What's on your bucket list makes achieving it the most important item your financial playing. Well here we go again. Carlsbad California the market and an act out. Hey Mark Ellis don't let your book. Thank you so I heard what you said about property the property tax reduction and I've thought about that a lot because it could it be right but all next year. But the conclusion I can do that deduction is really just the government's subsidy prelude pressed them first list. Let's let Tina go. I don't know it's not when the income tax was first adopted. These deductions on property and state income taxes. Were part of it. You see if you have a mindset that there was always an income tax we have the mindset that all this money belongs to the federal government and they're just giving you let. As special privilege here you're incorrect. That's not the history of the income tax that's number one. Number two when you pay property taxes or state income taxes. Those there net dollars you're using so in other words let's say you make 50000 dollars. I'm loving Randi rounded up let's say make a 100000 dollars. You're paying federal income taxes on the money course state income taxes on that money. You pay those taxes. And you're paying a property tax on that money. So those are after tax dollars when it comes to property taxes. So I don't I don't I that this is a subsidy. And I hear Republicans making this argument. How much choke on my idea of my halls mental at this soccer here. Fact of the matter is these art subsidies it's hard money it's our house. We're forced to pay these taxes. These. You know this isn't it charitable contribution. If he one thing if he said. It be one thing if you said you know deducting charitable contributions you know that's a subsidy which this. What your quarter against the but when you're compelled to play for a government schools when you're compelled to make these payments and then you say well you deduct that or some percentage of and actually. That's a subsidy that's not a sense. The idea that I don't result like being more backroom but what about its. Steele you like you're making emotional argument. I'm not saying you know I'm not I'm not making an emotional. The homeowner not bode well the renter not being able to deduct everything. Well of course Iran turns from ranked is less. When the owner of the apartment building. To ducks they're taxes to. Sure. But the government gets more money so everybody should be happy right. No we're gonna harass the government's gonna get more money so the truck administration does it the Republicans stood we chair or not. Even though we know it's stupid. So what we have here let's just let's just look at this for a minute let's let's do let's take it the clean sheet of paper. When attacks had a few months ago who laid out the best in the tax cuts. Quote perfect track. They had us 35% to 21% reduction cracked. Who else made out the best while at the lower end of the income scale more more people are gonna pay absolutely no income taxes you think that's why. Are getting more more people should be taken right. No less and less people pay to OK. Then a certain percentage of the people who pay taxes. Got cut. And that is he may be a thousand bucks 12100 bucks on May seek 4500. Bucks not bad if you are they a lower end of the income scale up. It then don't you can see almost nothing. At the higher end. Say you're a schoolteacher. The life's a schoolteacher husband is a cop. Let's say you're fairly senior let's say both make about a 110120000. Year. And then he added a little bit more income according to a million all of a sudden you're rich. You're small businessman or woman you're rich. Many here it is your taxes go up. Because these deductions will not be able to be used. These deductions. All these people who relied when they purchased a home. On these deductions is rational people these deductions that have been in place really since almost. The sixteenth amendment was adopted and ratify. But don't Larry you see because you shouldn't be subsidized. Well let me ask your question. Is it tax cut across the board a subsidy. We know who went. Evenly applied. That an evenly has nothing to do it. It's the individual vs the government. It's you have a tax cut let's say they say you know what we're gonna have a flat tax 10% across support all of a sudden. Many lesser paying a much smaller amount of taxes is the subsidy. Sure okay bullet to get at the same place by deducting. Your property taxes and state income taxes the why is that this ups. Anyway it where it's it's it's pointless. No you say it's only applying tough homes that's not true. Applying to people who own apartment buildings. Supplying the people who own commercial real estate it's applied to people who own. May be office and an office somewhere. He can apply to people of investments in certain types of real estate writes her reach or whatever they're called. It has an effect across the economy. All right Sarah you know people want to argue for a higher taxes except and then you'll never get me doing. I had my friend thank you all right but when I get back to this pathetic. Joseph Scarborough in the brilliant Ted Cruz let's begin cut eleven go. Like you no doubt that every American doesn't have a constitutional. Second Amendment right to carry and they are taking. Yeah I'm not gonna didn't have an eight that the court. Let's ask the court. Is that I haven't that's not what a denial is certainly it makes the court Lawson. On an area constitutional litigation will let the federal Court of Appeals. It's not hey idiot Scarborough he's too nice cruise. No court has ruled. Anything close to what you just said. Go ahead. Palladium which is let's get right back and chemical. It has no presidential Canada are stopped and mr. Scarborough why do you invite the senator on only to interrupted repeatedly. Is that how you and you seem to be wife talked to each other. Is that how you do it. Don't join the educated guess you don't go ahead. And keep. Whole. Lawyers right now that are rolling their eyes what you're saying because this power collection has been going on for ten years and that's and I knew I can't add and edit in my career was litigating before the Supreme Court says actually. Hi this is not a lot. I can't recognize that's not what you didn't let it let the court do you are you the only thing I don't mean he has not yet. This is where. He really can't take it. He can call people mentally unhinged conspiracy serious right wingers. He can call people all kinds of things when Cruz states the obvious that he has litigated in the supreme court for a living. The closest thing Joseph Scarborough is ever come to a court is to his to fight a ticket. In Scarborough gets angry. Go ahead. Lecture me on what the Supreme Court doesn't what did you that if we lose if the Supreme Court denies certain time and time again. I stopped hey Doug. Fresh yearlong school. If the Supreme Court denies there. It is not a substitute decision. They decided not to take up a case and what Scarborough is saying is why can't I disagree if they get nice shirt that is they denied. The case they don't wanna hear that pay act clearly needs. That they rolled a certain way and I imply. That's why. You're a post on TV show nobody watches. On a network that is a fact. That's why you fell to talk radio. You couldn't put complete sentences together for the two hours that you and your sidekick. Ron radio. I had. 2010 on. And and they've allowed Connecticut's laws to stand in place and actually. Then. This assault style weapons. Right now the court is sitting back and they are allowing that to remain in place and allowing that that is. Score it takes about. Give or take a hundred cases a year some days some years their very. Excited they may take a 12018121. Most years it's ran a hundred. They can't take up all these cases to get thousands and thousands of petitions for certiorari they don't take all these cases. So just scarred brow. Beating the genius ideas. The court keeps passing on the so they're linking these loss pain. Because they hadn't ruled on them gel. They even if the court had ruled on. There is what we call the constitution. And sometimes. The courts wrong. Perhaps you're familiar Joseph with your great wealth of knowledge. With the Dred Scott decision. Just because it came from the Supreme Court. That's not manna from on high. With a plessy vs Ferguson to secure and that one Joseph. Perhaps you get up and scores of others. Go ahead. There is not a constitutional. Right and you know it. And you can. Talk down to me all you want to. But you know there is not a constitutional. Talking to whom you say lawyers are rolling their eyes and inlets yeah it is that this is what you do understand is not what you do so. But I do understand this even dumb country lawyer like me understands he hadn't done country lawyer. He just down. I've done a country lawyer who lives in New York City. He'd just done. I had fifteen. Today. There's not recognized. As a constitutional. Right of America and I like let me let me let me let me try. For you not for him he's a lost cause he's an Antigua. There's the Second Amendment. Your right to own a yard fifteenth. Do you have a right under the Second Amendment to opponent AR fifteen of course she'd. The AR fifteen is manufacture. Many of you owning our fifteenth I don't NAR fifteen. So we are right to own and they are fifteen. Now there are certain statutory limitations that you can argue the constitution over these by the way and I would but still. So I mean if you're not a Fallon. Or if you're not convicted of other lesser offenses that are on the list. Or whatever the case may be. But as a rule. The supposed to be exceptions. You do the right to own and they are fifteen if you did have a right to own NAR fifteen you would have and they're fifteen know what you. The courts never specifically ruled on that specific weapon nor will look caller rule on any specific weapon. The whole point is this is they admitted guilt by a young man who doesn't know what valleys talking about Eddie gets his back not. What Ted Cruz points out. In a nice way in the senate port away he's done right. I had. Right or right. They under the test of the Supreme Court laid out in Heller whether whether. An instrument of defense is in common and popular usage as an active. You know I had popular and common weapons in the United States under the test it out Keller so you know clearly you know it. They. All right let of the dumb guy in class who would sit in the back and shoots that pause here. Should paper clips of rubber bands and the light fixtures and maybe don't know that put the chalk and eraser and that the jump. And then when you quite how dare you question my intelligence. How day you talked on how did you lectured me. Did you beyond TV of these such issue my copyright back months. Hi there Leon. Our honor. You know people keep coming up to me congratulations. On the equals winning the super. And I say thank you but I nothing until if I could just watching. But I do appreciate it yes yes it was a very tough game for me. North facing a serious crisis in American education. Students aren't being taught the fundamentals of our American Heritage of my friends at Hillsdale College called civics education. The result. More more young Americans are rejecting America's founding principles. He recent survey starkly highlights this fact the first time more millennial would prefer to live any socialist country any capitalist one. So what can we get. Hills a college believes the answer starts for the proper civics education. An hills just educating America with free online courses and primus charter schools and a lot more. Now they're taking the unprecedented step and send a copy of the constitution and declaration of independence. To every public school principal in America. Along with a offered to provide them to their students. Hill still does all this because they believe that educating the next generation. Is vital to preserving liberty because they love America. Learn how you can help in this historic effort. And how you can get your own copy of heels toes pocket constitution. To keep a giveaway. By visiting Libyan freight Hillsdale dot com that's L dvi and pre hills now dot com for your free pocket constitution. To keep. What a share. To keep or to share. All right let's see who we have here. Lauren walnut creek California XM satellite gulp. Crime might think you're taking my call I did that wanted to say a couple comments. The only way industries will divide in America. Is that the government keeps out of them. I'm a nurse and health care added trauma center in their dream. And that the nationwide crisis we are low on saline. We are low on and you have friend we're running out of my came within a local judge used to help pay Lilly afterward. We don't have enough equipment. They get breaking. And being atomic senator. I've second point is we get shooting every other gay. But because they're from Richmond. A Pittsburg or oak Glen. Jerry Brown living care Camilla Harris didn't care. If young black man there any games. Or drug now what you mean they don't care they never talk about it right. They never talk about they don't come down and have protest but no one's saying articulated that he could be young black men are being another Larry. Is he at a busy defending illegal aliens. Crack and yeah I think we have a lot of patent that can't speak English because they are here illegally. And of course we have to take care of them and it caught my knee that Americans don't get good care because we sure aren't everything. Ranked net yeah we've been telling you we're being told big lies all the time. By the end the pro illegal alien ground Lawrence thanks for all you do I know it's a very very tough environment there. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow don't forget a great living TV tonight he really is good. Check it out and I don't like it's our second year anniversary right there so please do check it out. And I'll see you tomorrow. When you're running a business time is money. And you can save both with Stamps.Com. You can access all of the amazing services of the post office without having to leave your own office print postage for any letter or any package right from your computer you'll never underpaid or overpay again. Which will save you time and money that you can use to grow your business. It's so simple so easy and so convenient. You can create Stamps.Com account in minutes online with no equipment to lease and no long term commitments then all you have to do is click print and mail. And you're done I used to apps dot com because my company pushes out a lot of packages. And I have to send anyone to the post office. Stamps.Com let this keep going without losing to be. And right now you too can enjoy the Stamps.Com service this special offer that includes a four week trial. Plus postage and a digital scale go to Stamps.Com. Click on the microphone at the top of the home page anti Korean bunker that Stamps.Com. Enter bunker.

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