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3/6/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 7, 2018|

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Bill Cunningham fills in for Mark.  Democrats won’t stand behind President Trump signing any gun legislation or immigration law and hand him a victory. They care more about politics than about policy. Why would the Democrats hand Trump the issues that they want to run ...

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Enter bunker. I don't cunning and the great American and for the great one mark glove man these on sabbatical independent study. We'll be back on with you tomorrow night but I'm honored to be here and instead on a relief pitcher but the gray one will be back tomorrow night. Gary Cohn economic advisor to the president does seemingly is stepping down announced an hour or two ago he is a complete free trade areas and industrialists Goldman Sachs kind of a guy. And that doesn't fit the blue collar attitude of Donald. And what that trumps hers doing relative to tariffs and trade is great but I did start things off tonight. I wanna pop many bubble that you might have. That somehow when the president which he did a few days ago. On me on the gun control issue and what he did like three weeks ago on immigration somehow might bear some fruit. Much like dealing when North Korea Kim John on the other way back guy the bad hair cut the fat dude. Never gonna give up nuclear weapons. The Democrats are never ever ever gonna stand behind the president's signing. Some improvement in the gun situation where it was driving these little improvement whatsoever but think about this. Think about a month or two goes by it's a warm late April day. And the president is a neo Rose Garden standing behind him as a Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi and all the liberals in the congress. And the Republicans is the Democrats. And the president have all come together and they've solved the gun difficulties whatever they might be. And everyone is beaming the president pulls out his pen. And makes several small strokes and fans out of Wednesday Schumer and Pelosi and all the gun control freaks on the left. Can you picture that happening in the real world are you kidding me. Curtis Leyland knows that will never happen. The Democrats. Won never give this president a legislative victory when it comes to guns and they sang. Every proposal that's been introduced druthers the bomb stocks are the AR fifteen so called assault weapon which is the it is not. Limiting the number of bullets in the clips whatever it is you might raise it to 11. Whatever vision what is a more background checks wed zero zilch nada no impact whatsoever. And the us so called gun crime debate not nothing to do with that we all know that. But I one cannot think at many things. That now a law would have stopped some other law breaker from breaking it doesn't matter. The Democrats. Are gonna run in September and October on a platform of eliminating the presidency a Donald John trump they want Tron gone. By any means necessary. So if the Democrats. When council led the Republicans. And pass some meaningless piece of gun legislation. And then allow the president to invite them to the rose garden and a stand there behind the president solving a problem. That will never happen the Democrats Carol whole bunch more. About politics than about policy. So we begin this president a major victory. On guns which are glad nothing zero zilch nada to do when guns. Committing crimes in the hands of vicious criminals. That would destroy their narrative in the fall that there's chaos in Washington that trump can get nothing done. So why would the Democrats and on his silver platter. The issue is they wanna run on the president which are throwing garbage can it would never happen and on the fairway just say the improvements might be. Whether their bonds stocks. Pay ar fifteens. Whatever you wanna ban would everyone is stuff. We have 101000 gun laws right now in 101000 different ways that job prohibits criminals from committing vicious activities. Bob stocks. High clip capacities. 21 not eighteen a so called assault weapons ban which failed under Clinton. Greater background checks so what. At a gun show so watch what does that mean does that mean the sandy hooker that means Bettina that means Fort Hood and that means Gabby Giffords whenever I have an absolutely not. And the Democrats know and and the Republicans know it and you know and and I know it. So how in the world as the president wasting his time. Talk and a Chuck Schumer about gun control. One he knows or should know that those Democrats will never stand behind him in the Rose Garden they give him the victory. The same thing about immigration we all know and he's good now and immigration. Build more the border fence is about 600 miles now build another thousand miles on the border that'll never happen because the Democrats won't let it happen. Do it again about daka. The president has called their bluff and an okay one point eight million we're gonna get citizenship not residency. Which are good support. Down the road you get in line but actual citizenship. To one point eight million doctor percent and when he did that Democrats that know what to do. They said what you're gonna I Republican president are gonna give illegal aliens brought here illegally legal status and citizenship. And they could not accept yes for an answer to a camel we came up what every artifact to make it to make sure the president was not in the Rose Garden. Standing behind him Schumer and Pelosi smiling that the president has solved the immigration problem is that we're gonna happen politically. About this it doesn't in New York Florida Texas listening California. Are the Democrats. From Blue States on our capitulate or agree with the president dissolve any major problems in this country. Absolutely not. Trump is wasting his time with the immigration and guns and what's gonna work or not or is the economy. And this tariff off I think it's a bluff. Because you don't know when you put the terra ball in play you know where it's gonna go Gary Cohn. It's quite a couple hours ago chief economic advisor good riddance to him and sell it don't tell me. That's somehow law enforcement also is the solution here is what's happened to the FBI recently and it had to say in the last six. Sting years. Per twelve or thirteen of them mall or was the director of the FBI. And during that entire time and your McCabe was in high positions in the FBI and rod rose since the was an odd positions and the department justice. Going back in time long back in time the FBI interviewed Lee Harvey Oswald. A month before it blew Kennedy's head off. And you can make clear Lee Harvey Oswald who a month later one killed Kennedy and also would Nicholas cruise the Parkland Florida mass murderer. Of course they were cleared by the FBI and I have investigated twice on September 25 FBI got a tip on a Nicholas crews then do a darn thing with. January 5 got another tip FBI here's the guy's name. He's a mass murderer in waiting is artists should open school Scott and they are fifteen he's got no problems guess what nothing happened zero zilch. Not a nothing happened and this was during a time among other things that cruise assaulting fellow students. Cursed out teachers. Kicked a classroom doors. Started fist fights on and off campus threw chairs some cherry since go through windows. Threaten to kill other students threatened to kill teachers threaten to kill his own mother and is a surrogate mother mutilated small animals. And Joseph I drank gasoline. And also cut himself. Are those red flags are not the FBI knew or should have known. On 9 January the federal was going on what the FBI do zero zilch nada nothing Dolan group and 2015. Went fell mowers out of the FBI by this point but rob Rosenstiel is in the Department of Justice along within your McKay and twice fifteen. Belarusian not ahead. The off forty blocked any purchase because there were errors committed by the FBI which allowed him abiding gun that killed nine African Americans in Charleston. They were he was cleared by the FBI Dylan roof and a sense Nicholas cruise by inaction was cleared by the FBI Omar Mateen. Orlando who pledged allegiance to ice is good for killing 49 people at the polls nightclub in Orlando. Similarly seemed to have fallen through the cracks the FBI investigated on army team twice before the slaughter enrolled him not a threat both times. FBI. FBI Department of Justice under roses Dana McCain later report that. Major. Army major new Dallas on had been in contact directly when al-Qaeda terrorist Alla Lockheed and many others. And they declined to investigate him. A congressional probe found that the FBI. Had failed to alert the US army about his son that this shooting code and should have been prevented. He killed thirteen brave American soldiers about to be deployed to Iraq. Because the FBI cleared Hasan who went on to kill American soldiers brave American soldiers and Tony thirteen of Boston. Bombing under the leadership of and your McCabe and Ron grosans thing and by that point Don Mueller just left the FBI. Now America was notified by Russia than does our may have Brothers or terrorist. And that they were gonna penmen an act of mass terror in America a course in FBI led task force question the future terrorists and murderers. And the FBI cleared them. So the FBI cleared Lee Harvey Oswald. They cleared. Indirectly by inaction Nicholas crews they cleared Dylan roof. They kill it cleared Omar Mateen they cleared army major Nidal Hasan. They Claire does our native Brothers. In fact one might ask the best way to predict a future terrorist or mass murderer is that the FBI interviewed somebody and guess what they declared. I don't wanna declared by the FBI. And this. Is a constant difficulty because the FBI consisting of about 34000 agents are completely utterly overwhelmed. Investigating irrelevant stuff like they're rushing collusion delusion and not investigating important stuff. Like the Boston Marathon bombing like the Fort Hood shooter like Omar Mateen like Dylan Ruth. And like I Nicholas. Cruise they were so overwhelmed they could not do their job. Every part. Of government failed with cruise every part the federal government failed through the FBI the state children's protective service in Florida cleared. Nicholas cruises had no difficulty Broward County. Knew or should have known the sheriff's department there and they CBS 39 visits many committed numerous felonies including carrying weapons. The school including bullets including fights including grand theft including bunch of other stuff but Broward County had a policy. With the it's a school that they would stop the classroom to prison pipeline because that's what Obama won. So I look at this and it. And so now instead of dealing with they. In actions. The inefficiencies and the incompetence. Of the FBI the state of Florida every level of government it's all about some inanimate metal object or. It's about a freedom loving organization. Like the NRA. Sick to death by this and the media continues to cover a bunch of complete irrelevancy is like Sam Nunn berg last night who seemingly was drunk on CNN. Saying that he had information about the president knew about the Russian meeting and CNN sends over there reporters that Thailand. To investigate a Russian prostitute. Who says she is the guard on drawn. Complete irrelevancy. Your reaction. Let's continue. Line tonight courses 877381. 38118773813811. This is driving me breaking crazy. When I'm watching in my country. Important good stuff is going on the president as having a tremendous first more than a year of his presidency by any fair measurement. There is not chaos in the White House. There might be chaos at CNN because Jim Acosta has not been caught on recently. But there's not the chaos described by the major media because America is working in a successful were doing things it's okay. And if it would take. Four or five completely irrelevant so called gun control steps that would stop the madness I'd say okay let's do that for five things but I guarantee. One the Democrats would not give this president any legislative victory if they would. Give them a bomb stock fan era high capacity clip banner 21 instead of eighteen or the greater background check whatever they would give him. And then they're an and then there would be another and another and another mass shooting. The radical leftist would say you know what we did all those things. But it wasn't enough we have to do more. And more and more anyone ever stop until every guns confiscated and the freedoms that we all love and evaporated. It's your reaction once again the number to call bill coming in the grand American and for mark lament is 87731311. Cunningham in permanent. In Baghdad tomorrow night mark is fine. Q would you tomorrow night one last thought before I turn over to us. Raj market's gotten fell in line all the American people. I would not part of the country Cincinnati Ohio. That is a little bit armament mainly rural. There are parts of Ohio Kentucky Indiana taxes Idaho Nebraska north and South Dakota parts of California are honestly upstate New York. In which. It is no problem whatsoever for a teacher a custodian a principal and administrator counselor to carry a gun there's various ways of doing. You have lock boxes with fingerprints you could. Have a best selling period inside. There about nine to twelve states have heard the number differently each time but there are many many states. In which right now. Teachers or other administrators are carrying guns in this goal right now it's happening is not an argument it is occurring successfully. In the years this has happened how many shootings have taken place in a school in which a teacher has carried a gun. Correct answer is non hasn't happened yet gun free zones. Tends to attract the criminally insane because they can get away with their business for a period of time before their shot. In an and it Drew Peterson the special dark pretty. In Broward County had been courageous despite his protestations. And gone in the first ninety seconds it is very likely. That this criminally insane mass murderer would not have shot 31 people killing seventeen very likely but he was cowardly and stayed outside. So the argument is a canard it is a false choice between arming teachers are not armed teachers. Teachers are armed right now on large parts of the country. The issue becomes an urban areas because of metal detectors guns can't get them. And the first thing that happens on a mass shooting takes places what. 911. Good guy with a gun get here as soon as possible. More and more schools are gonna our Karl duty deputies in uniform to actually be in school it's gonna cost maybe fifty bucks an hour and might you go on for eight to ten hours. Practically ever or I'd go. There are guns. At reds baseball games there's guides and New York Giants football games there's guns in Madison Square Garden. There are guys in the Staples Center where you are America if you go to an arena there's guns everywhere go to banks and shopping centers and malls federal government building. Hell those guns everywhere the only place that we don't put a gun is are the most precious. Item in America exists which is young children will give them the same. Props that we give. Giant football games for Denver nugget basketball games are lakers spent basketball games or Dodgers baseball games or reds games we don't do that why is that. It's because the left as largely captured the debate about the use and the misuse of guns in the media only trumpets one side of the equation. Within a few hours. And I've done last mass shooting in park in Florida the media quickly won from stunning and unbelievable sympathy what do we do. The gun control there was a quick turn that took only a few minutes about a couple hours headed up by senator Murphy. Don't get it don't understand it it's now up to you. As we continue let's go to the calls I told Richard Samantha I'm done babbling the executive producer is this Steven Spielberg. I'm mark lament we Raj and market's gotten villains on the line becomes available at 8773813811. Let's continue Bill Cunningham a great amount. More logic then download files law. Mark let me show called now at 87738193811. I'm Billy Cunningham the great American and for the great one mark Alan van. Let's go right to the causes I promise garage in Vienna Virginia Raj welcome to the Mark Levin show please go. Hello Raj. Raj is go to markets go to mark in I think Oregon home of the ducks in the beavers. Marco edge on the market and they show mark go ahead. Given all profile trying to defend American values that's what I do on a daily basis. Any effort by trump to reach out and strike a deal with Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi. Is ridiculous they will never ever agree to yes they were not agree going to. Why I don't why do I know that there are no portion of the Second Amendment which portion. Well you you're defending their rights Tibet the art market and well in the competition does this say that we cannot have a machine guns and thank. Well it says that because certain federal judges honor Marbury vs Madison had said that there's limits the Second Amendment must likened the First Amendment. You can duds they can't yell fire in a movie theater but he can't because it is always limitations do. I'm bridal rights otherwise you can have a bazooka guy you have a nuclear bomb you're gonna have a nuclear submarine. And so I understand certain limitations the words are not there but because of the robes the robes have given to the constitution. Meaning and not deductions and exemptions and conclusions in ankle inclusiveness by describing the constitution. In ways of founding fathers were not recognized. And so yes. Any ride any ride in a dollar rights is not on bridled they're not complete. And the courts have. Pared away from certain other rights that we have based upon by human experiences that existing which as a lawyer as a whole attorney general I agree with go ahead mark. You don't believe that that's an example of judicial over reach the limit how. Right to bear arms as American citizen no I do not because so let me ask you guys let me ask you guys you yell fire in a movie here. You can you would face repercussions based upon our approach absolutely. Well off well and same thing with Second Amendment the Fourth Amendment the sixth amendment. You have the right Gerri Gerri draw does that mean you have a right to fifteen on a jury twelve driver three. I don't know if you graduate. You're going to. So let it remind you why they're so how has been not to the other unit decided whether quiet. When I'm asking this question equipment should issue an individual Americans be allowed to possess does some machine guns. I don't tax yes about tanks. About nuclear submarines are afraid we may absolutely need a tank. Yeah yeah yeah like Eminem won a one Abrams tank. We ask what that whenever I'm not. Well uncomfortable with the idea defending myself but I'm not comfortable with the everyone in the world having a tankan a bazooka. So the Second Amendment basically a comfort and that. All of this thing of the founders of this. Based upon Marbury vs Madison you know won the geniuses of our constitution was the third branch of government article three are the judges. And going back almost 200 years that judges are right or wrong good or bad have defined exactly any generation what those rights are. Now to save you can't have bazooka. Does not offend my sensibilities of the Second Amendment to say I can't eliminate our fifteenth that does offend me because I shouldn't be able to have an air fifteen. But a bazooka look a Bazell got our tank is something completely different. We're talking about. One of the and the minute by minute and open our country and they really and then emotion that you really have something to do it that I hit the ball okay division of. Well did you wanna talk about does dirt dug construction of the constitution. The Second Amendment says up arms it doesn't say tanks have bazooka. Right if you live picture credit. Well that's an arm I'm argued making the argument a rifle and pistol. It is like a firearm. But I cannot make a point Donna Brazil go or is that ten mentioned in the Second Amendment and why do you think it should be there. I think it should be because the platform on and they are fifteen now. A semi automatic that's good. Not presently not rocket that was that was well promulgate it so therefore you can't that is going to want Andy included think of another. Sellout. The reason why should be illegal you. It's a well regulated militia being necessary it is security her free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed it's a bazooka and arm. Isn't nuclear isn't nuclear bomb an arm yeah. Like that that's impossible the founding fathers did not consider anything to be arms other than pistols and rifles that's what Al was in their mind. They didn't have bazooka is kidnapped tanks didn't have nuclear submarines so do you you're logic. Arms is what it needs to be limited to that. The area. But they had arms armed. They didn't I don't know about that then but while I'm not so sure but nonetheless they turn your argument on its side. Arms does not mean these other weaponry and arms means guns and I'm rather on limit that when it comes to guns AK 47 they are fifteenth that's fine. But somehow if the legislature wants to pass a law. That changes his Second Amendment whose daughter interpret whether or not that is correct or not. Order recruit your very I'm ignorant. Let me ask you this have you had an assistant attorney general and emulate human jurist doctorate degree. Here you are here. No I don't I'm gonna federal law clerk unwritten books I've defended criminals in court. I know exactly which I speak I spend most my practice in law and mark because your disrespectful. You're out here. Let's go to Scott in Saint Louis got in Saint Louis welcome to the Markel mentioned Scott go ahead. Really wow that's going to be our want to follow up on. Well you tell me I'm not well when the founders were Madison and Jefferson wrote arms well they referred to. What they're referring to guidance. It is not aired their verdict but I'll. All I can say about bad that I want Torre led not so well protected I guess. Yeah me and that guy's got a bazooka and a tank how wanna live next door to him. Eric. I call because you know I hear you're absolutely right there's no way that made to policy. And Chuck Schumer has been an actual. Candidate because because they know they don't have enough rarely get K that's that's the key rate. Okay we'll match I did trump Connie said last week in a sense they said. You pass whatever it is both stocks are gone. Automatic semi automatic to whatever you pass he's gonna sign and so let me said that days and I'll know we can't let that out will we can't solve the problem. We wanted we wanna talk about the issue in the fall and when the house and senate. We don't want us already then yes not our job and so for trump who think that Nancy Pelosi. It's gonna wanna solve a problem. Are you kidding me. Common sense that you don't like there are Semitic comments I think that you know lack of our lives that. Billy we have there's such stations in almost every theater. Every gas station but they police substation who is how will it do if not willing to arm the the school appeared fine they've put a substation either million or are aren't near raking up. It's not gonna stop at a maniac at this campus are assumed the crews knew that. Deputy sheriff Peterson was there I assumed he went to school there got it got expelled numerous times got suspended numerous times. But I assume that he knew Peterson was somewhere on campus that this is like an eighteen acre campus is there's like one building. But maybe he knew he was at that building I don't know. But that didn't stop him anyway. And if a teacher wants to have a gun I don't you know I if you put me in charge Scott I would make this like a local issue. And I would have a national background check system and that if the State of New York in the state of California and Illinois. What I do different things and Ohio Missouri Idaho in Oklahoma that's going with me. Why not make it more of a local issue let the locals decide whether or not there's armed cops are armed teachers in the school they know more about the new and I do and each go to mr. right. Why absolutely it'd that they people who are rarely gives people have an impact and weapons are being protected by a weapon that some else. Especially not Iowa Hollywood left when they. What when they're rapists and harasser is preaching to us about sexual harassment. There movies are filled with rape and guns machine guns and heads being lobbed off talking to us about violence this is the group saying. And an anti gun attitude when their films are filled look guns. Aren't they are they hypocrites. And the worst place to be is a woman right now is in Hollywood where you're going to be raped or harassed by Hollywood lefties that preach to you and I got out of Maybin went. You don't like it a candidate to another that's true want to make 20/20 11 when you're sort of like Aaron. Well. What I don't wanna use the twenty year old spirit. There are are are single male air that got it is twenty years old at Q what are you got whatever kind of take despair. It's ridiculous. I mean once in 2530. Well what other constitutional right as an age limit on and it's funny I mean does it say the freedom of speech begins when you're 21. Does this say you can practice your religion when you're 21. You can associate when you're 21 you can read the newspaper listen Mark Levin when you're 21 what are constitutional right. Is limited as an adult. And this. They had no idea why they I don't you hereby outlawed here. Now they got stupid to me that I mean you tell me an American soldier in Iraq. Defending this nation needs twenty years old can have a Bud Light. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous and then it's ridiculous if you put me in charge it's either eighteen or twenties that's the age that's the magical ice right now. The ages eighteen in most states and that's the age you may not tell me up a woman. Is being challenged by rapists and she's twenty years old and being beaten and harassed. And victim is the most TV that she can't go get a ER 386. RP 238 pocket like and defend herself but she's wanting and not 21. Come on. Yeah you know you don't why I. I'm a truck driver right right upper lip and I told. But it dropped epic gate. And he told me wide. Why don't need that and I total lives as we chart right well. It's an assault weapon and assault weapon I think fight alone Brock right now it might affect our corporate speeches that looked a bit. At least my entire. Bumper eight default weapons and meet people that have certain karate like a big black dollar higher petrol registered themselves a little lethal weapon and I do believe still. And they are fifteens are extremely useful in many sections of our country and fact that that last Texas shooting a church. A name brand and our fifteen any challenge that the murderer. And shot him with a narrow fifteen from a distance of about fifty yards. You could not hit somebody from fifty yards with a handgun. But if you and they are fifteenth whether it's Ferrell pigs are whether it's mass murderers fifty yards away. And they are fifteen to our Korean brochure and Los Angeles ordered the neighbor of that church shooting in taxes was the only way to defend. The church defend those people they are fifteens are just the weapons like anything else I mean a nine block of forty Glock in nine millimeter a 386 hour. Lady Smith & Wesson. They'll kill you just is go to as anything else and are fifteen isn't made to look the way it looks for cosmetic purposes for sales purposes and is used to sell the gun at about. 1415100. Dollars each it's no more lethal than a forty block correct. That's actually directorate also you'd go to a lot of doors are ready to buy up. Semi automatic sixteen and a semi automatic AK 47 assault rifle owned. All had to vote that the audit staples look scary with that it. He won't want to bolt appeared richer from doctors are it won't stock bearing that it repeat you know what to make you make that their basement. I absolutely. Absolutely it integrating any thing went to run Scott V integrating any thing trump denigrating anything and pass any law. It would have no impact on the criminally insane and on terrorist. And the crime rate is going down murder rate is going down. Rape is going down nearly going up is no ploy to diction. And now massive drug use and also. Legislation from the left that way have nothing to do with solving the gun violence problem in this country. Zero nothing to do and so when these things surpass what they won't be in two or three months. And then the next mass shooting takes place. There's going to be another cry from the lap while we get all these things with bonds stocks and went I capacity clips to a background check and that wasn't enough. Now we're gonna do more. Now nobody in other mass shooting. Well we got to do more well that that didn't work we got to do more gotta do more the goal is to register every gun and a charge people one to 200 dollars each to make money for government to reroute. Or to register the gun every year too much like a car that's the goal. Scott we gotta go thanks for your call. If the line becomes available 8773813811. Radio attorney Bill Cunningham in for. Mark Levine. I've further evidence that the market of an audience is the best in radio when you make a mistake your. Corrected this is from Denny from Dayton Ohio. Hey ar fifteen is not effective against Ferrell pigs. In coastal Carolina news fifty cal sniper rifles that's what it takes is safely take down apparel paid. And they do it night Scopes very real problem. Those are working cubicles would have them try handguns great point. Great point let's continue now. But I tale of one other thing to consider. Who is this. That and there are fifteen. Or an AK 47 or a bunch of other semi automatic rifles. Have little functionality difference to a forty block a 357. Or lay on 1912. Slider about the same thing. You know the effect is the same if you get shot by 357. Or Glock. Even my little 386. Hour pocket like. The end result if facts are going to be about the same which is your dead or mortally wounded. It doesn't make a whole bunch of difference in his cosmetic more than anything it is not. Changing the outcome of some event I watched the clown Jeffrey Toobin of CNN about a week ago say. While they forty Glock is no match from there are fifteen Halladay isn't. If the company walked up behind Nicholas crews. Are just some twenty or thirty feet away. Without forty automatic with full fourteen channels his daughter unloading on Nicklaus crews believe me he would be dead. It would stop the reason cops Gary blocks is because it is heavy ammo. And it has about 2000 feet a second as imposed there are fifteen that's about 2700 feet a second but the effect in the human body is exactly the same. Which is your debt. And it's option I ask you this question. How many times has a copy shown up at a mass shooting and stopped it in progress. And someone give me one example. In which the police in their ninja outfits show up at a mass shooting. And the police. During the mass shooting stops it from transpiring can anyone think of one incidence. Of a cop or a bunch of cops stopping a mass shooting in stroke as it's going on. I'm in the news I'm on the radio six days a week I read everything I can't there might be one or two but I can't think of any. And the reason is cops show up later. What all the carnage is completed and normally the mass shooter criminally insane or terrorist is dead Omar Mateen dead. Diller roof is the exception didn't have the guts to kill himself he should kill himself. But it and it's a canard design called the police they will come and stop a man shooting. Give me an example. Call me. Tell me warm wrong. 8773813811. Can you think got one circumstance. And that literally thousands of shootings that we've had a fuel which are so called mass shootings. Where a cop shows up at a mass shooting. As it's going on and stops it from that from happening Drew Peterson was in that situation in Broward County knew he was there ninety seconds. After the event took place and it was six minutes long. He got a ran up to the third floor and probably stop them from happen but he did not do it. Heck coward did not do. He's a coward even the clown sheriff Israel says it Drew Peterson should value was not firearm so let's continue. The line becomes available 87731311. A great night. Tough weather on the East Coast dress the country doing quite well. Bill Cunningham a great American and for the great one. One of the nursing college cared for students this mainly nurses can't for their patience what is the focus was on keeping students in not only into now. What would happen or something extraordinary. Join us and together we can make a difference Chamberlain university college of nursing an extraordinary care extraordinary news. Attend an open house at Chamberlain's Arlington campus Thursday march 8 at anytime between four and 6 PM register and Alex Chamberlain dot edu. Yeah. I'm here tonight feedback William. Now I want a I want to talk about this canard out there by Jeffrey Toobin of CNN that the bloc is no match for May are fifteenth. So we have a police officer retard joining us now from Colorado mark welcome to the Mark Levin show mark please go ahead. Hey how are you are just so what's the name on your show wouldn't. Heard you talking about why police officers used Glock scripture and no disrespect Serb looked out. He had he had he really need to. Choked up on your. Your knowledge here because you couldn't be more incorrect. Tell me. Well first of all the reason that we can't just carry Glock is because you can European made left in itself virtually indestructible. The capacities for around very. And it's actually the ballistics on the round itself. That it puts the damage it's not been done it's not a weapon not anger on the dug it. Europe moved information on. The ballistics have an air fifteen. Which is actually five point 56 NATO or 2.2 23. American ground. What people like myself all the cops former military would hear people like you talk about it Paige did just try to make our skin crawl. Because. What you're disseminating out to the public is not accurate information. Let me ask you this if you as a police officer when they Glock. Stood from a distance of wanted to thirty feet behind Nicklaus cruise and his back was to you. And you shot him two or three times in the back with a Glock well what happened. Well like fair bill and not to be disrespectful with a Glock there's multiple calpers. A block there's nine millimeters and forty fives 380. It would appear another round of ammunition were using about what the not about the fact that just a Glock. Well I'll let me ask you on Pearson and a forty and a poorly forty caliber Glock. And appoint Jeffrey too is being made. If he shot Nicholas crews would say what they blocked a forty caliber Glock you would have no impact. That's absolutely correct. A course where would we Alberta to here them. Well I would assume why it's hard to hit it didn't from twenty or thirty feet. You're it's hard copy of your Tony the thirty feet behind Nicholas crews and all hell is breaking loose and he's got his back to you when he's barn is there are fifteen. And and if you unloaded on him isn't there are very good chance an average cop would hit him several times. Yes sir now Ellen Zhu made the point that if that happened that would probably not stop Nicholas crews would that stop him. That is incorrect of course we will of course it would just a bonus making. Yeah the big thing he's sitting there when all hell breaks loose and answer this salutes to another question about should we arm. Teachers. 99.9. 9999%. Of people that are carrying a handgun whether concealed all American legally in this country have never ever ever bin. In a firefight between my back we're very few police officers ever pulled out weapons. In their entire career. So to arm and I'm playing individuals such as the future. Is it a disaster it's a nightmare. That person it's gonna happen their ability you're gonna have. What's called suicide by teacher just like we've had suicide by cop there are people running around this country. Their mission is to do engage your police officer in a firefight and they are going to lose 99% of the time that's called suicide by cop. The first case that we get where it's a student. They can mixed political suicide by teacher. That's when all hell breaks loose there as far as firearms in this country and you mark my words it's gonna happen there's gonna be a kid that's gonna wanna be harder it's gonna wanna try and do whatever you have to do what will diminished mental capacity. Immaturity and lack of a little cerebral cortex development won't ever excuse you wanna come up with it's gonna happen if we are teachers Sweeney professionals. That know what it's like to engage. In a fire fight. Guarding our schools just like they guard our celebrities just like they garner airports just like they guard our top most of military installation. Well look I know the first casualty of war. Are the battle plans and when all hell breaks loose right now we have teachers in America. A couple thousand teachers right now are. Armed inside about nine to ten states in hundreds of schools right now it's already happened it's been going on for a number of years to the point I'm making. It ought to be a local decision now that is a tough local decision in some rural counties in Idaho for example the concerts wanted to thirty miles away. And this whole border will not or cannot hire an off duty retired or whatever cup the mean there are and so in that situation in a rural environment. The school board allows teachers to carry guns are locked boxes and I see nothing wrong without at all because markets happening right now. There may never did that this is an argument that. You know maybe in some areas of the country but most of my friends that I know and run around with have guns in a concealed carry permits and you go through training. But there's no way somebody in a firefight and duplicate what happens when someone is shooting back which you. There's no way that can be duplicated all hell breaks loose and Jeffrey Toobin of CNN made a point. That is because. Petersen del pretty had a forty block. That it was no match for and they are fifteenth. And I sent it out balderdash the reason they had not gone on him is because it's effective at short ranges in a Peters and I got up to the thirds of the floor. And according to one of the teachers he starter one man and a hallway walked toward the other and his I'd never turn around and appears it was twenty to thirty feet away. Isn't it fair to say that with all the hell breaking lose and all that all that all the smoke and all the sound. That it is very likely Peterson what a shot him in the back. It if that's how Howard was approaching it from the rear yet it's not a bully that yes he could've should've would've. And should have been the are able to take the shooter down. And I know you've gone and absolutely. Why didn't Peterson Peterson lawyers LL. It appears his lawyer came up with some Bologna as to why didn't go in. The guy was 65 wait two or forty pounds 33 years a cop he's he was the on school resource officer for about seven years. He probably knew the children they're somewhat because he was there for seven years and the stand outside. For like four and a half to five minutes listening Dinara fifteen his lawyers said it sound like firecrackers I have heard a ar fifteens. They sound nothing like firecrackers would you agree. That's correct absolutely and you dispatcher your question the statement thirty years or cop. I am I am not throwing away a thirty year pension. Over something that I don't know anything about that and that is bull. This job is to protect and Japan. He should open it should not worry me in the air instantaneously. That entire department should have a land under that school. And a blast that shooter and taken him out that's what they are hired to do. They're not hired to be. Stand buyers to no sir but you heard yet they are hired to be aggressive. They are trained to be aggressive. And that's what they should've done. Well what happened Peterson. Nobody was dead there was no command officer there. He was the school resource thought it was the Astaro onside. It took about eight minutes for the first cops don't arrive they didn't know it. But at that point Nicholas crews had already left but they didn't know that. And according to. According to the Coral Springs police department Broward county sheriffs were hiding behind their cars. One occasion Arabs is only it only likely and actually in that situation one. Deputy Peterson ouster Peterson said. I'd not blowing away I'm not rich I've got thirty years in the shop are not risking it or kill someone a book and told him to stand down. Those are the only two scenario. Well you know I'm shore he was thinking there's no way a cop. Hearing and there are fifteen. Whatever ever confuse that sound when FR cracker there's no way for. That's character I've heard it I've stood next of people Iona and they are fifteen and I shot it and frankly I got rid of it is not until comfortable whether it. Must like I don't feel comfortable and comfortable with with which chain saws I don't feel comfortable using them. And I shot my AR fifteen a little bit night gave it to a friend of mine I didn't want it. And I kept my own weapons which are handguns and I've felt uncomfortable. And once you're around and are fifteen or may K you never forget that sound and Peterson's lawyer said a few days ago. But the reason it did not not in our he was confused and thought it was firecrackers. Absolutely and we are not you and mark thank you. Let's continue with more Brian in Tennessee T is for Texas and T is for Tennessee Brian welcome to the Mark Levin show please go ahead. I could jump on the bandwagon but my Britain really won't talk about the fact did when they discussed on the constitution. They were talking about all the weapons we have nuclear arms we. Cannons or would you what are rifle the rifle and pistol or small arms. I didn't mean that there is obviously larger arms I'm retired military and then not do the police thing in. I've read an article today who have go what was just is there with the captain if you look at in the cold enough to go in and like human food before me. He didn't wanna match suspension out. Well there's been reporting on that Brian but that could not have happened until about eight minutes into the incidents. Peterson was there in the first nine seconds there was nobody telling him to stand down in the first nine seconds he knew he was on site. He was at the freshman building outside. And his lawyers said he thought I was firecrackers and didn't think. There was happening inside the school. And I would imagine all hell was breaking loose I would imagine hundreds of kids are running and screaming. I would imagine never smoke everywhere or when those things are far unless you're a mob multiples on your ears you can lose your ability to a hearing immediately. And you can security thing but cubs are trained to do that right cubs are supposed to do cops are supposed to go inside to try to save lives. Even Nelly you know lose your pension and he's had thirty I imagine. I imagine his pension and mortar do with the starters than anything else. I question fame during my first herded to and it's in your right and military and cops were called to run toward it not away from it. And he there he froze. I mean he throws. And good news reporting a couple days ago that they had to slow starter Wednesday Thursday and Friday of last week. And a couple teachers went inside their classrooms. Shot there wooden doors and locked them and would not let students are counting in the door into the classroom. And some of the students were killed. And some of the parents of those kids. Who were murdered because the teacher did not open the door. Have a serious lawsuit against everybody including those teachers but the one teacher was identified said we're trained. To open the door let everybody and that we can then shut the door Lockett. And do not open it again that's what we're trained to do. And he's so I have Karzai knew that was that was the murderer trying to get an awarding an open the door so well when all hell breaks loose. Yeah the first casualty of war is the battle plans you might think you know what to do but until you're in that situation. And somebody is murdering and fired back did you in this announcers so loud you can't you're damn thing and smoke is everywhere. You don't know what else gonna happen but no one thing Obama cop and I got a gun. I'm going and that's gold and see what I can do. That's spending overdone. Now but that's not the case trial we gotta go thanks for your call we have Don enjoy John couple lines open to call now 877. 3813811. Bill Cunningham the great American and for the great one mark lament. I read an argument for the very remarkable event did you see this on the Drudge Report. That is Dick's Sporting Goods and Wal-Mart are being sued by twenty year old. Alleging age discrimination which of course events. A twenty year old Oregon man is accused of Wal-Mart in Dick's Sporting Goods and age discrimination for you refusing to sell him a rifle. Tyler Watson. Filed no Oregon county court lawsuit against the retailers on Monday went yesterday they were fortunate. Cigna yesterday six days after they announced they would not sell guns to buyers on an agent Y want. Oregon law allows state residents to buy shotguns or rifles as an age of eighteen and Oregon dominant ducks in the beavers are not exactly a conservative on life. Federal law allows people eighteen and older to buy rifles or shotguns from licensed dealers. Watson's lawsuit may be the first of its kind is attorney has said in the great state of Oregon he went to field and straight. Field and stream is owned by decks in Medford Oregon on February the 24 for the purpose of buying a 22 caliber Ruger rifle. He left after being told that they would not sell on the far because he's twenty years old and you tell me the stupidity. Of that policy. 181920s. You can married you can divorce mean fight to military. You can contract you all kinds of adult things drive cars whenever. One thing you can do is by shotgun when you're twenty years old now wait another few weeks or months through 21 else open is that Israel still open. And I don't like stupid and you can't fix it opens. If somebody would tell me. The two or three minor things that could happen and everybody can agree on to pass. And then from this point the rest of my life for the rest of your life. The second mammal be left alone just tell me this stupid things we have to do that are completely irrelevant to solving the problem. Such as Bob stocks are raising the agent Tony won our background checks that gun shows commercial gunships tell really got to do. And if everybody and the country would say if we did these two or three things that ends it for the next fifty years. I would lower my head and say let's end this stupid debate we all know that Bob stocks and age. And not commercial background checks at gun shows and nothing ever to do with the commission. A crime nothing. The safest place to be in America is at a gun show. The safest group of people to be around our concealed carry permit holders we are. 99.9. 9%. Criminal and crime free otherwise you can't get department. And you're functioning human being. A lot of our nation of course our dysfunctional human beings but those of us there concealed carry permits are functional if you look in York city or Los Angeles. Having regarding carrying a gun is pointed usual. If you're in large part of the country Ohio it is common. Every year about 40000 Ohio ones. It concealed carry permits the number now as well over hundreds of thousands of Iowans have concealed carry permits like in Florida. I often visit on the mine in southwest Florida which is a beautiful part of the state. And I assume almost everybody in Florida or Texas and Ohio Kentucky Indiana heavy skillet concealed carry permit. I assume that I normally right but if your New York City. If you're in Los Angeles have your December Cisco here in Chicago it doesn't happen and oddly enough those are among those violent places in America right. And so would I don't tell me that for those of us who one exercise or Second Amendment freedoms I can't do because somebody else screws up. What if Richard cement to. The producer of the Mark Levin show yells fire in a movie theater in New York City. Does that mean that I have no freedom of speech rights in Cincinnati. What are Richardson Mantilla. Practices his religion wrongly New York City. That means I give up my right to go to church go to Massimo practicing Roman Catholic in Cincinnati how isn't somebody screws up from park from Florida. I gotta give up my rights and Ohio. He old fart or movie theater now what I don't have the freedom of speech anymore. If they did something wrong with a gun that doesn't mean I lose my god. Let's continue. The line becomes available 877. 31311. It's always an honor I'm a fan decision for mark lament Bill Cunningham the great American and for the great one. Mark Levine. Am proud of it col Muammar putting show at 8773813811. I'm boycotting and the great American for the gray when Mark Levin mark will be which you tomorrow night. And I'm still waiting to hear anyone answering his question I'm gonna go do what Donna Virginian and John in Panama City and Michael in Georgia. Can you recall any circumstance. Were a police showed up and stop and mass shooting. And I as it was going on. So what is the value of having an officer arrived when it's almost always irrelevant. Let's continue it Don and Virginia the home of the cavaliers and I'm wondering team in college basketball next to my Xavier Musketeers. Don welcome to the Mark Levin show please go ahead. Well done. Hello Don. Hello Don. Relied on let's go to John enough Panama City in the panhandle John welcome to the mark lemon showed John please go ahead. A failure great American good listener I was a teenager Broward County. And I got to tell you well go back to your point that pumps. Nobody no cop it ever come in and it and 101112. Minutes afterwards. And stuff disputing who. I had many brand that would have been. Happy to carry gun. You know concealed weapon as a teacher and been able to stop and think about the the coach yes plenty yeah yeah yeah yeah if he had it was a lot to have a gun get this he wouldn't. We usually been able to I mean you put a body in front and center avenue is gun to shoot that guy. I know all hell breaks loose I know that you know cops from twentieth thirty feet have a hard time hitting an assailant. I know most cops will spend their entire career never shoot up should a weapon in anger and I'll one time. And nobody knows what's gonna happen this sounds they're so loud you lose your hearing. There was smoke everywhere because of all the discharges I'm sure there was screaming and moaning and blood everywhere. Having said all that. I'd rather have an opportunity a chance at saving my life and others by even heaven a 380 semi automatic something small which can fit in a vest pocket without even CNN. I'd rather have the opportunity of maybe saving my life and others then simply being off fodder for the cam and I I just believe that. That that you're in Broward county and since you're there how wanna spend I'm an article out Broward County that's said enough in Tony thirteen. A bunch of signatories pass the collaborative agreement on school discipline. This is under the Department of Education under Obama and Obama thought there was this go to prison pipeline he wanted to stopped. And so he put out a missive from the Department of Education Germany in your power not to turn students over the criminal court system. And the once you sign this into when he thirteen and Broward County. Well Robert run seated superintendent the state attorney the public defender the NAACP. Scott is northern Broward County sheriff the Florida. Pulling the Florida State troopers every one sign this agreement that said. That would students commit crimes. On campus we will send them a criminal court. So Nicholas cruise commit and all these felonies are at school and because of politics from the left nobody. Referred him to the juvenile or did it dealt course record system for prosecution. If they'd done their job which is turn in Fallon this case necklace cruise he would at a record or not been able abiding gun. But nobody talks about that do that. There right on the point because that. Superintendent they broadened out from somewhere Michigan. New liberal and it's Scott Israel he's who lived. And not tell you it's all politics with the sheriff's department down there I know for a fact. That that's the way they operate and you know he's a big bodies Israel to big buddy with. You know let's what's her name be. You know that go left wing. Were. Congressman now there. Debbie wasserman she ever got. Did you watch commercials and let me tell you that the way they are they're all about politics and he went right along with that. And he needs to be removed I their leg or not bring him to resign. You know my friend in the air Tony fifteen Obama welcome to run seat to the White House to congratulate him. There was an 80% reduction and arrest on campus 8% reduction. And in Cruz's case he committed numerous felonies including bringing weapons to school bring in Paula the school. Canadian classroom doors starting fights cursing out teachers throwing chairs out of windows. Threaten to kill other students mutilating small animals pulling arrival on his mother dragging gasoline and cutting himself he committed numerous felonies. Our runs C and Israel did not want to prosecute. Him because there were getting awards for Obama and so. Oh can you imagine when you were in high school where I was in high school. A pleasure open high school with a weapon if I sure open and beat up students are threatened to kill teachers what happens. The list come in and take you out they convict you you have a record you can't get a gun. So the liberals made it easy for crews to get a gun and when he did it. They blame the NRA. Exactly I could agree with you more and you know I have no responsibility or at all. They're great organization and this stuff where they're blaming them. The blind and guns blaming NRA as a joke. They're blaming everyone but the perpetrators and those that allowed it to transpire. A third out about 39 visits. From the police department and CPS and I'm 39 visits knowing felonies had been committed. They would not arrest them because there was a policy against the arrested students and it was never expelled it was always transferred. And suspend any kept coming back. This guy it was a waving red flags saying I'm going to be a school shooter. He kept doing it for years the FBI knew or should have known this state newer should've known Broward County knew or should have known this whole district should have known. And he should have been prosecuted for dozens are crimes previously why pass more laws it went on to force the president wants. Exactly and you know some of the people agree refutes it Broward County but it's such a political. Situation in which Israel and and that's superintendent. It's unbelievable this disagreement said we're not gonna convict Fallon some crimes we're gonna set them free and let them go get guns and kill a bunch of people. It's it's an unbelievable thing and I don't see much media coverage when CNN pitched their tent down there for a week. They interviewed Robert runs C on a regular basis they can bring this up at all. It was a non factor I thought Jake Tapper surprisingly. On now one Sunday I think about 889 days ago did a pretty good job exposing Scott Israel. But runs he got a free pass when he's the one that initiated the policy not do cause felons to be arrested on campus for felonies. I mean it's a broken windows stuff you deal with a little stub never go to the big stuff. And everyone around him knew it was Nicholas crews who was a school shooter before they can identify him. I think this is a failure at the federal level the state level and the local level and had nothing to do with a voluntary not for profit civil rights group. John we gotta go thanks for your call. Now let's go to Joey in Kuwait Joey in queen's welcoming the Mark Levin show enjoy please go ahead. I've look like a serious one thing or you went to the whole litany of album of there think that Nicholas crew did let. What I know usually don't get more look quite legally even though he did all those things you have to admit. Good eagle can talk until Michael illegally and then hit machine everything Dick Cheney put the gun legally. They've got to be a problem where an illegal alien note that they can continent country and play and it'd go. Gun show we have this doubt that we have just got beat people being able. Article that a back. Enjoy you know there's been I hear what you're saying. And the problem I have is this there is no evidence. That gun show sales have anything do with stopping crimes. For example if there's a criminal and alien whatever you wanna column and there's commercial background checks all of Texas for that. Girlfriend though boyfriend or whatever to walk in a brother. A straw purchaser and go and by the gun it it ended its and its eighth it's again a level. That will have no impact on crime whatsoever if there was ever a gun shows sale. That result in a serious crime the media would apply that up big time and the reason I haven't done it is because it doesn't happen. What are the other legal. What but no other legal but when you track the gunned down a man shooting word came from. Now one time did it come. From a gun show and I I've been to many gun shows I go to gun shows unsafe is in my mother's arms and a gun show. There's not a problem with gun shows so it's again a piece of legislation that would have no impact whatsoever. On criminal misbehavior makes liberals feel good. But it's another layer of bureaucracy that people shouldn't have to go through. And when you have background checks about thirty to 40% are false positives there's all kinds of people named Joseph brown and Jim Smith or whatever. And it's a complete collapse most of the time when you have a felony conviction in the county they do not send out information. That's an estate they don't send it to the feds don't roof got a gun because the FBI was behind and logging in. His numerous criminal activities at a time. This system is in collapse joy why we fixed the present system before we enact new laws and are gonna work anyway. Here but it just ludicrous at any point to me that the guys continue to work got a little legal couldn't mother left it so. You shouldn't be allowed to leave here mentally ill child garden. Go ahead sorry Connecticut. What Adam Lanza. Should not have been taken a gun ranges by his mother. He was mentally deranged. And this mother thought it might be good for him to go to gun ranges and shoot they ar fifteens now I've she had a gun locker and locked it up and nobody had a combination but her. That would be your responsibility. But she committed crimes when she did not properly secure her AR 15 that I am Adam Lanza used to kill her. They killed 26 people that does sandy hook. It was already against the law what she did. So what else do you what the law you pass on a book somewhere and say okay. The Adam glances at this world won't get this guy now because we pass this law they violate all laws anyway. It was added no responsible parent. Ever should've taken a mentally ill child. To a gun range to shoot they ar fifteens that was already against the law. Knob and Connecticut not properly securing your god is against the wall. Shooting her mother and ahead is against the law murdering 26 people including twenty students is against the law. What else do you do what other law opinion passed. And actually acquiring the good legally. Well Shia part of legal don't there was nothing wrong with her at all. You could acquire the Gandhi Connecticut which is a pretty tough stage you got it legally and add to that horrible job as a mother. By allowing him access to her guns when he's mentally ill. And in fact Adam lands they kept a journal a numerous mass shootings in his bedroom and kept track and honey and how many people were killed in mass shootings. Now the mother with that in her home should have known what was going on it was against the law which she did one of the law can we pass. We weren't. All right Joey thank you for your call thanks for calling let's continue with more. A blind becomes available 877381311. Still waiting. Can anyone and mark Clemens audience is the most bright in the history of talk radio better than rush better than mine. Better than not Laura better than my hero Sean Hannity. Bet better even than maybe Curtis playing the audience here is tremendous. Can anyone think I'm an occasion or a police officer shows up. And stops a mass shooting as it's going on Peterson had that chance that near Broward County look out reacted. Let's continue with more Bill Cunningham the great American and for the great one mark lament. Come on millions are listening one last stop before it turned things back over to you. Andrew and Michael and Don and many others number to call is 877. 3813811. Maybe noticed that the left the A Planned Parenthood that murders 3000 babies today. Has counted taken up the cause of the park in Florida shooting. In using these sixteen and fifteen and seventeen year old students as props in their argument is set up this march on Washington and about two weeks. That there are funded now these students who I student actually looked at Marco Rubio. Who's a fine US senator in Florida instead whenever I look at you I see the face of Nicklaus cruise. Now how do you respond to a sixteen year old boy that says that to you you can't be harsh for that person because they survived a measured it. But it's the way the left manipulates the media and ray phrases and re changing and changes the terms of the debate. This is not about the needs or wants and desires of sixteen or seventeen year olds thought that have been traumatized terribly. This is about a United States constitutional. Bill of rights principle. That is the one of the foundations of our country the only reason the constitution passed. Seventy to 87 it was red nosed past couple years later. Is because. There was a dollar rights which are they 101. Through ten that defines the relationship. Of the individual Americans not groups. Individual Americans to their government. And then let the four freedoms in the First Amendment. And the freedom in the Second Amendment is quite clear that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms that's what it means that's what it says. We have the right to. That the freedom of speech where the right to associate the freedom are we have the right the Preston and that the press the right of our religion that's we have. Those are the five most important personal freedoms that the founders this country said that we have as individual Americans. At no point in the constitution. Are there groups defined by race. Or gender or sexual orientation and give anyone else special rights to win the constitution. You have the right to practice your religion. You're the right to freedom of speech you have the right to freely associate and you have the right to keep and bear arms one helps the other. That's what our constitution says Australia Europe doesn't have that but we had that now since 1787. The right to keep and bear arms and so when those rights are infringed upon there must be a compelling state interest. That overrides. Declared dictates of a pillar writes a compelling state interest. If somebody in some other state violates. The law. Such as yelling fire in a movie here it doesn't mean I lose my freedom of speech in Cincinnati Ohio. If somebody and Parkland Florida. Commits crime with a weapon than I have and Cincinnati a thousand miles away. It does the name because that person abuse there rights by committing criminal lacks a thousand miles from me. That somehow Bill Cunningham or EU. Lose your right to like keep and bear arms there's somebody else did something wrong nobody would contend that. If somebody miss applies the freedom of association freedom of religion. Freedom of speech the freedom of the press if someone abuses that why I lose my rights because of their misconduct. Only in the gun debate. There's the media. And young children used by the leftist political props. Are allowed to make arguments such as Marco Rubio when I look at you I see the face of Nicholas cruise and get away with it. That is hate speech. Blatant hate speech I'd get that. Let the laughter we use because of PR and their money to get as many people as possible about age group to Washington I think is march 24. The protest of president gun laws which were not followed in this case whatsoever. We have so many 101000 walls rules and regulations. Have all beginning the process of enforcing Bamba. Before we enact brand new laws that night not be enforced anyway. The eyes so called national background check system is a joke it is a joke. Twenties to 40% of the time. Local municipal and felony courts do not to give over today. National system the fact that someone has been convicted there are millions of entries that are false. There are millions of names in that system. That should not be there there are many many millions of false positives. And so how about correcting the present system before we enact brand new laws he played out when I'll be followed. Instead of say acting as if there's an easy solution as problem when there's fifteen million AR fifties out there now. Let's continue Bill Cunningham the great American and for the great. One of the nursing college cared for students this mainly nurses can't for their patience what is the focus was on keeping students in not reading them out. What would happen. Something extraordinary. Join us and together we can make a difference Chamberlain university college of nursing an extraordinary care extraordinary news. Attend an open house at Chamberlain's Arlington campus Thursday march 8 anytime between four and 6 PM register and Alex Chamberlain dot edu. Okay I'm a pretty good. Our later itself on sabbatical of the night we'll be back with you tomorrow night. Bill coming on the great American and for the great one mark lemon. This school to a prison pipeline wanted to be disruptive in Broward County doesn't fit the political goals on Barack Hussein Obama. And superintendent of schools Robert Rainsy and also Broward County sheriff Scott is really NAACP eight. Then an 80% reduction. Between 92013. And 2018 and referrals to the criminal court system and I don't know best. That giant cruise Nicholas cruise that was not referred which you was not. For carrying weapons to school. Having bulletins goal kicking in classroom doors starting fist fights and now the hallway in India lunchroom. And not throwing chairs in class is threatened to kill other students. If that is not enough to get you referred to Julie court order or adult court if you're eighteen. I don't know what the other 20% dead. 120%. Somehow. Or referred to juvenile or do adult court. Engaging in a worst behavior then Nicholas Curtis. What in the heck did they do. Let's continuing their calls we have Michael Don and Sherry in on New Orleans and and your many others first Michael in the great state of Georgia Michael welcome to the mark Sullivan show Michael please go ahead. All right thank you. Could you might call a lump Motorola senator about the guy they called earlier. Problem. Who is saying that you have your and the teacher that does it. They're going to be at your desk and Hamas I carried but I do concealed weapons carry permit in your view on the social worker and I tell you have never had a unit. I guarantee it if I would have that core school when my nine millimeter seventeen shots I would've taken that guy out. But before he killed all of. At some point if you can imagine standing and or using an AR fifteen. He had no hearing whatsoever after the first through three rounds he had no hearing. There was smoke everywhere it was absolute chaos if someone like you. Or our real cop had been in that situation you've got to walked up behind him a popular right now had. He wouldn't have known he could have heard you. Exactly right and you can go on the defense. Autorad very nobody's in there with a gun you're not expected somebody to come in there with a gun and shoot him. So more women have a problem with the school system themselves. Where are my side and told me that in his school in Georgia. I met in high school this sign away your fourth amendment rights in order to attend school that's something that they side when they line up for school. And which I think may never be subject do sergeant. And I. And I could hurt and I'll fight back if somebody pulling them or acting mayor that you see a caretaker Elster got a gets suspended all with the rest of they can't so. You know that's why you've seen so many kids today are entirely. Self defense served because blue blame walk and talk. The dirt I want to defend themselves this country would. I don't know I'm defending itself you know when the red gunk came over live Madeleine we all this played bad it will compare it got. Well on what I call do you have trouble does you're employer know that workplaces social worker you're you're armed. As your Florida. Did you recommend that we don't but they don't Alice that we can't so Kauai get him you know Don't Ask Don't Tell. You know I don't go to get out visible in front noted that they know I do drugs trainer and they write that on on people who work and her family and children's. This is so you Kerry they'd gone to rather discreetly it's not on your head up. People on all you have is the way things are you can do it discreetly in May never know correct. Actually hurt regret that's my point about a teacher a teacher could discreetly carry a weapon. And never publicize the fact it's going on. And just in the off chance this you know there's been format shootings and school this year not not eighteen has been for but he Ozzie getting had a light hit by lightning. But is is sending about fire insurance or car insurance my house is never burned down but I have fire insurance anyway I've never been in a collision. And though I've caused but I still have car insurance it's like an insurance policy and doesn't give you peace of mind did you do your job. They're done your column definitely and I also carry that charge on the U cleared my church. And if you know we've seen some junior Georgian military in there and you know they're still my my pets you know who I carried it in the care. And it and Michael on nine millimeter is a terribly effective weapon. I'm I'm watching Jeff Toobin the other night on CNN San got a nine millimeter or forty Glock is no match for an air fifteen. That's not true that and nine millimeter is a deadly weapon correct. It could then whoever it depend on it you know in this thing and Jordan were lavish golf grab all of pointer in other states let me just that he can't have a hollow points. So it is this year and I don't point nine mill and they're gonna have that you're gonna kill somebody before I mean regular sub metal jacket. And every now and then and IR fifteen like the church shooting in taxes. The neighbor came out. And the murderer in that Texas church and an air fifteen he was fifty to sixty yards away. The odds of having a handgun from fifty or sixty yards away hitting somebody is quite small. But if you're not use and are 1550 yards is not that big a deal. There's many circumstances running ar fifteen is more appropriate than a nine millimeter or forty or 357 or 380. Analysis circumstance or an ar fifteen. Matched up against Nene are fifteen injustice was done. That was beautiful I guided. He did a very good. I. I you know Michael we had that ought to retire Koppel on. That city teachers should never be armed well. Right now in America there are thousands of teachers armed legally in school ms. many states allow that. There are many rural areas rogue cop might be 2030 minutes away. And it's quite rare it's possible. But it's quite rare when a cop with a gun stops a man shooting. Very rare but it does happen the great majority of time. The cop shows up to deal with the carnage after the fact and don't you feel more comfortable having a gun. I bet I definitely give them the people they're within my local. Feel very comfortable knowing that I'm good I'm telling you got to admit I train with my guys that go we knew paint ball. I'm shooting my nephews in the Marine Corps right now. So well and Afghanistan and he certainly comes back you want to go do some paint ball you would play namely children what are you trying. For combat these type of situation that I doubt it very insulting it's red. That it would be a disaster for no today they're carrying handguns. You never know what's gonna happen until it happens but I sense of bomb around a guy like you. And you can keep cool keep calm. And give you a good opportunity at survived at all you get a life has a shot you get a chance. And I have confidence he was condescending. He was kind of nasty toward me and toward you in saying a guy like you is incompetent. And you're gonna have suicide by social worker that somehow something will happen and you're gonna lose control yourself and kill somebody. As bad image is not happen in your life. That's my that's never happened my car was a police officer and Newark, New Jersey for 35 years never let you just. Gun on any one. Alms which is common. Which is common and I've never you know and I've made this statement before you know if somebody breaks the last else. You know I'm not gonna shoot to kill them if I had this year in my in my German military personnel away completely yet there you know something. But everybody in my home I am I gonna lock box with a with a quick combination. I don't wanna get up in the middle of night thinking I hear something on my I wanna be able to go through a process. To be ready to farther weapon if necessary knowing the great majority of injuries and home are between loved ones. So I wanna have my weapon available on a lockbox by mine's got to be operating. So not a guy at the numbers in the right sequence. I always have an empty chamber and in my revolver so I got to hit it twice. And you just act like and something might happen we lose control. Chaos is everywhere the first casualty of war is a battle plans URL Michael Lloyd you gonna do when a crisis. But it wouldn't I'd rather have you armed. And hand the other person armed then you being on arm like that athletic director and coach that had nothing nipple between him and his body. By him in the murder Nicholas cruise except our persuasive language. I wanna give you an opportunity and maybe saving your life and that's what it's all about the Second Amendment. Is to help us against government and to make his feel safe and secure in our homes. And having weapons of my house makes me feel secure and there's nothing wrong with that and dammit they can have my gun when they prime my dead cold fingers off the trigger. I would keep my weapons because that is my right you can't take away my right. A speech and assembly and association or press I have the opportunity to listen to talk radio I can watch fox site and watch bride part. That's my as an American that's a fundamental right that I have to defend myself and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let the politicians taken away. That's right and there was quite like 141000. People killed with guns in 2007 days somewhere they'll bounce and I think. 300 war with rifles. So and only a hundred of those who live what they call assault rifle which is really no such word as an assault rifle and then miss. Not at all more than means anything I mean why egg 'cause medically it's called an assault weapon. It's made to look a certain way because it selves but there's no crime wave conducted by those who they are fifteens it doesn't happen. Absolutely. And I like what you said about our earlier you know. The mom given that you know let everybody down like you know mentally handicapped son or a weapon what about the water what are you gonna give us senate are pretty used to it. Well she is she allowed an hour fifteen didn't use by mentally disabled young adult. Who had a list of mass shootings that he wanted to beat that's Adam Lanza. And Ted did have her weapons available to a person like that was a crime in and of itself. And she and no one should die for what she dead even not even not hurt. She met a terrible mistake that resulted in her murder and the murder of 26 innocent people including twenty kids. And it happened not because they are fifteen. Is some inanimate metal object it happened because of her personal criminal behavior. And if the personal criminal behavior necklace cruise was properly recognized. And not excused by liberals he would add a criminal conviction and would have been in prison and never able to buy an air fifteen. So we got plenty of laws that can stop almost all these mass shootings when Omar retained the post nightclub. Was interviewed twice by the police. The FBI he was cleared by the FBI as are their Brothers the Boston Marathon bombers were cleared by the FBI hello Lee Hart Rea. Lay Oswald. Was cleared by the FBI a month before it blew Kennedy's head off. And so we have enough laws in place. Right now they handle these situations but we got to enforce the laws that we have and the national background check system is a disgrace. It doesn't work as millions of false entries and the criminal court system rarely provides to date national. Criminal background check system accurate information and as a joke. And so until we have a moral laws about enforcing the ones we got. Well you can't even enforce the one that we had when you have from god little life they began selling. Why polls are illegal rivals across country lies and they're still do it again and probably didn't president of the United States. Selling illegal guns to Mexico in the fast and furious. And none patrol officer Terry was murdered. And you you'll you'll also a situation where under the Obama administration there were at least 200000 times that individuals filled out. Information on the on the ATF form that was knowingly false and he didn't prosecute hardly anybody. So we have felonies that say when you Fella Def formed to buy guns you must provide accurate and truthful information at least 200000 times. There were felonies committed under the Obama administration that they did not prosecute those individuals. How about enforcing the present law before we enact brand new went and got a novel idea. That word rare or well Michael good luck deal and keep carrying your your nine millimeter key don't. Thank you for your call Michael thing let's continue with more. The line becomes available 877. 31311. Coming up next is David and Don Inge. Ensure Rian and you're in many others I love New Orleans the blonde becomes available 877381. 311. Bill Cunningham the grand American and for the great one Mark Levine. Coming and a great American for the great one mark Hillman let's continue now and Davone. Westchester new York and David welcome a remarkable men show please go ahead. Why they won't Michael Michael Wright got the name Bill Cunningham the great American. Fill you up all upstart bill that's odd I facts that you don't miss it all I have couple big mistake or all. Went Barack Obama was president there was a lot of are there Slotnick terrorist attack. On. US soil and you know do it ourselves. And it would it swapper. Update at our New York right direction that the champs now and that made a lot of them are people. Very very nervous. Mike Boettcher. If you're booked it this statistics on how many people there if people or. They all that teens aged forty seconds and every other Qaeda locked and thought I actually. Only you but they're region to protect themselves against a roll band. Oh all Islamic terrorists why it's. All and well. Their abilities and talents because no one truck go by everybody stretched all Bob ball was worked in order well all of it's lot of terrorists got to understand that. He created. I kissed him in Hillary and that you mentioned the FBI. You know I've all okay. Maybe there's some code required and FBI whole bowl wears a Communist like pot and it loyal. And they allowed this case it holy spirit but they want it to the Communist wanna take about guns and general pack and stead. That reward apple problem what the crowded at pollster picked. And that fear at peace said that was spent after Atlanta and the anti water it destroyed at all prepared Lleyton you. They weren't gonna take German prisoners. And and and taught in German prisoners and it still willing to help and destroyed a false debates and it Eisenhower partners backed ought pack. Because act you I was always a Communist and he was. Well FDR we dad. It's David that's enough thanks for calling but that by that point FDR was dead. They died in April 1945. All and all that other stuff happen area Harry S Truman the American people and 1945. In May and June. Never won a put up by the land army against the Russian Bolsheviks and never what happened but thanks for your call. I'm let's continue with more coming up as Don cherry and Jim and many others. Nicholas cruise. Out of Lanza both crazy certifiably. Criminally knots. But what also is crazy. Is one functioning adults engage in experiments. Using high school kids almost as Guinea pigs. Making sure that criminal insane activity. Is not done. Held up for prosecution. Because it didn't fit the narrative of the national democratic front party that was the problem. So in this so called promises collaborative agreement was entered into the idea was to stop arrest what they did was in directly incentivized the murder of innocent people. Let's continue with more Bill Cunningham in for more. Then was a kid is teaches didn't rule like his snide sense of humor today. They still don't like Omar put them now at 87738138. To eleven. Billy Cunningham and right American and for Mark Levin the great one who will be with us tomorrow night. And I want to thank Richard cement has so many others that WABC to make all this happened so smoothly. Let's continuing their calls we have Don and ensure ray's been there for a long time gonna get to Jim in Scranton. Lou in Connecticut then Don and Virginia welcome to the Mark Levin show Don please go ahead. Very much up here Eritrea elapsed all of the social worker with an advocate for a concealed carry all white group are in and out ball. You know middle school our encouragement. And now she just got hurt certificate and crawl this year they're thank my gosh you know 10% of teachers had good field Cary. What Nikola crew how ball again that's who. Did you expect but it let. Well how it cannot tell Marco. And all Bhutto and troop well catch you all need to be repeating regulate the country. It has orbit at the least amount of burger that as. And the low how great and that's what you want bigger body cheaper than a rat that there have gone the beautiful semi automatic. There is no crime they're the fifty state that they haven't they from the top of the bottom the one with the lease and stringent. Our gun law look at below what amount I'm. All the way you reciprocate into the bottom I don't even understand why there should be why we're debating the issue it's absolutely. I know. Her daughter and how does the Democratic Party and CNN easily misleads the easily misled into believing lies and foibles and have no not anchored in reality. And the fact is if you would take out of America's crime statistics the top ten cities take out the top ten cities in crime. We have about the same crime rate is Switzerland. Indy and we have a crime rates going down down and down because so many Americans have concealed carry. And because of consequences. That the great bulk of our country every now than I do an interview on the BBC. It's called report from the colonies and when I relate if you watch CNN in Europe. You think we're in complete meltdown when Ferguson was going on was Baltimore was going on with trump. There were pension around the world because of the Clinton news network. As a chaotic awful place where there's riots in crime I don't know what part of a Virginia you live and on I guess and around Richmond but right eleven Cincinnati. I seldom hear a siren. There's hardly any crime might section of Cincinnati has not had a murder and 25 years it's extremely safe and sane. And it's safe insane because of responsible Americans that have weapons I think it'd be stupid to break it no home in my area of Cincinnati. You're likely to get shot. But other sex is like in Chicago and I about Vista on that we took that community organizer. From the south side of Chicago. With maybe the worst record in the country for crime. No job creation lack of educational achievement and made him the president. We took they community organizer with Louis ferret konduz and anti semite and a racist and a friend is women act I the president. It's amazing to look at they how America is picture around the world. And now we are in reality. That's like Jonah who gets favorite station that they inept. I'll if you'll watch CNN. You think. Toronto is an abject criminal and a failure. That racist are everywhere if you look at a Hollywood movie that promotes sexual harassment rape and criminal activity and they preach to us about not using guns. Why do no movies are filled with them they preached to us about sexual harassment. One there are producers and directors rape women are regular basis they preached to us about how we behave when they're Sodom and Gomorrah. How do they get away with that. Are yeah what are your music to my ear canal lock that last caller I'd forgotten what patent that. You know about alternates on the pit shell agree I thought you were staying 45 minute to thirty help through the short industry I love that. Of all. The FBI accompanied the bad night all all or. All and the FBI getting rich life span bench failing to pull open surety my question do you. Is a if god came down and gave the FBI. And it fallible crystal ball that would enable them to see a week before any cheap cash you'd. All have our way the FBI even if they need in politics. Unquestionable information about nickel the crew and end this real world and legal situation how the FBI being able to. Crews. A week before. When she hit book or created or committed any. I'm on January the fifth when they were notified. That the necklace crews in Broward County had done these all of these things. There's something in Florida called the baker law which allows the police to take away deadly weapons from someone. Having a mental health emergency and so. If they would have done their job on January 6 seventh grade. And I love cops I love the FBI. As an attorney out represented police officers wide off the 99.9. Percent I'm with them. But the FBI is so overwhelmed my talked agents I talked eighty ATF I talked to that a US Marshals Service there are overwhelmed. They can't do any more work. And I am right now if you have a false positive on the national background check system in here for years removed from correcting it. That we need twice as many three times more FBI agents. But but if they had knowledge about Nicholas cruise there was a law in Florida that would have permitted them to take away the air fifteenth. Also because crews committed felonies it's cool he should have been prosecuted but Liberal Democrats did not wanna have the the classroom to prison pipeline filled with. Persons of color. Which Mickens who Nicholas cruise rally was not he might have been Hispanic but I'm not sure. But the liberals do not want people locked up and so all went well when the FBI. Interviews numerous individuals and they're overwhelmed. They interviewed Lee Harvey Oswald being interviewed Dylan roof there and errors by the FBI. They interviewed Omar Mateen they interviewed the Fort Hood shooter twice. That that day they did all these interviews and these mass shootings took place because they are overwhelmed. We one point three million bureaucrats in Washington who take off work when it's windy. We ought to have some money committed to the FBI. The law enforcement ATF to the Border Patrol that's where the money needs debate not a bureaucrats and Department of Education. The FBI has a terrible record. One it comes to stopping mass shootings there might have been one of what they congressional incident with Stevens delays that were stopped by a couple cops. But the FBI has a terrible record how many interviewing Lee Harvey Oswald. A month before they Kennedy assassination and missing now when. And it's. You know Don I don't know what to say the only answer I get from the ages I talked to. Is that we are overwhelmed. We have too much work to do and right now yield doesn't zip FBI agents in Washington chasing down the rushing collusion delusion and looking at Carter. How I'd taken those agency going after the fifty state investigations involving nicest what trawler that. I'm we got to go thank your call a Scottish jury in New Orleans jury in your lanes welcome to the marquee event show jury I love New Orleans please go ahead. He's so much for taking my call. The only thing I wanted to say is that. Fort Hood without actually spent. Headed to the green it didn't completely stop it from happening that a captain from going any further. Stated his capitol police and the cases Steve Scully. But I think also a lot of they're trying to make. Pit stop these shooting cannot colonel mark the FB Garrett countries. 'cause that's what 98 profanity shooting that happened. You know back in 1979 loans police department went on strike. And crime actually went down because everyone armed up. Absolutely. Absolutely. Korean grocers defended themselves during the LA riots would AK forty sevens and they are fifteens. There are sometimes it Daryn jury is good there is sometimes a Glock is good there's sometimes a lady Smith & Wesson is good and there's sometimes an ar fifteen is god and I I. I should decide that for myself but have the government decided forming because somebody misused a rifle at some point it doesn't mean I should be lose my rights. That's right but I can't start earlier today. Said that and it's true the only. People who are affected by these new gun laws that a lot of fighting. When someone commit the robbery the Robert good to jail doesn't affect you and I believe someone could make this shooting. We don't want to pay for it because people love that affect us. If a lot of economic topic the one making murder illegal would have stopped it. Well you and I won't follow the law because draw abiding normal Americans but the law the law the laws don't apply to the criminal mentally insane or too terrorist. And he'll lay a mass shooting takes place in city and criminally insane person or a terrorist. No sane person walks into his goal by definition Adam Lanza Nicholas cruise. Dylan roof. Mehmet team there either terrorists or their criminally insane now they're not gonna follow FE rule or law anyway. What a rule or law what do Omar Mateen and fall are others on May have Brothers they use again they used a pressure cooker. So what blog we've passed another law because somebody did something wrong with the they are fifteen. In parking in Florida that means I lose my rights he yelled far in a movie theaters why can't speak anymore. How come in the constitution. As someone ms. uses their rights. That I'm a victim of their misuse how does that work. You and I'm thinking exactly the same way. It's like Chris I really. And I've seen their stats I think is fourteen or 151000 murders in America. And and I think something less than 1% are committed by rifles. I mean it is rare to use a semi automatic rifle and the commission of any crime. It is extremely rare one person that would be what a 140. And I think it's less than 200 murders committed by a rifle and if arrival wasn't available they would use the block and so. It doesn't stop anybody law abiding from doing any thing and it's it's it's it doesn't stop. The criminally insane or terrorist they're gonna keep do one without boss with a truck with a pressure cooker right led some. Every day but I have not gone out and committed a mass shooting you have done yet Knight yeah. Well see it happening. If you do do that don't punish me. Don't come to me and say jury in New Orleans acted up with her AR fifteen or 386. Hour pocket light 238 therefore Bill Cunningham you gotta give us your weapons you got to register you gotta go through some other hoop. And his gun show loophole there is a canard if you're federally licensed gun dealer you go through a background check. But I guess there are gun shows may be in Louisiana there's some in Kentucky. Where private individuals. Sell their guns privately to a private person. Now why should the government be involved in that I wanna know is there a problem. From sales at gun shows is there's a massive crime wave committed by those Americans at a gun show. I'm not aware of it are you. Now I haven't heard any yet. And if it didn't happen I guarantee you Jake Tapper would be on a like run on roads they have that happened you and I would add to give up go on a gun shows I guess. I don't know what would happen if somebody gets shooter and a firing range. The first time that happens I guess they got to shut down for our range easy to go shoot anywhere and it's crazy. But the media allows the Democrats to mislead the easily misled because the Democrats won power back and they want to impeach trump. And there never ever gonna give him a victory legislatively on anything. They're not gonna stand by behind him in the Rose Garden as he corrects gun difficulties or the immigration difficulties. They're never will permit him when he said one point eight million illegals gonna make it legal make him not just residents but citizens. The democratic party's oh my gosh what do we do now. He offered citizenship to illegals and that wasn't enough. They would never allow this president DeVon legislative victory it doesn't fit their political goals. I Cherie you're great American thanks for calling let's continue with more. Last segment coming up Bill Cunningham the great American and for the great one Mark Levine. Bill Cunningham a great American in for Mark Sullivan island thank Richard cemented the executive producer. On the Mark Levin show and also Mike the great call screener for putting through a night I said many times and arrived pension for mark I feel the same way. The most intelligent the brightest the most mentally. Supple audience and all the talk radio's mark women's audience it's wonderful this continue to screwed up Richard Los Angeles and Allen enough Florida. Rich in Los Angeles welcome and a Mark Levin show Marc Rich please go ahead. State thanks for taking my call wanted to say that. Having arm teachers I don't think gonna stop school shooting because about it finally here shoppers to read too late. Not necessarily because you might hear the shot at someone else to respond and right now we have thousands of teachers in America presently armed. In about thirteen states so what would you say to them. Wolf I would I would think we could do better in and prevent it completely by putting armed security. At every entry point with metal detectors prevented you from ever getting end. Well you know I don't think the shooter we care about metal detector she'd go right through that and secondly are. There. Well you shoot him and enough for the fact of the matter is. That these crazy mentally deranged individuals. Comment do it generally gun free zones. And then ending in a Broward situation there was a deputy sheriff who was a coward that did not manner but he was not in the building. And so he shouldn't be out the local school districts to determine that and not make. Distant far away federal government if you're in Los Angeles. And should Los Angeles determine in Los Angeles schools what happens there and let Idaho determine what happens and I know why I am a national policy at all but the locals like you decide if you don't want it don't have it. Primary I mean I think right now I live in a part of Ohio. Weather's gods everywhere most of my friends carry guns I talk to rich the man off the air might. A marquee events producer he said nobody carries a gun in New York City because if you do on the Bellagio you'll be out go to prison. I assume a Los Angeles. There's hardly anyone carry a gun LA isn't an illegal. Yeah okay we're I am it's completely legal and common attract friends of mine have guns in their golf bags. No nobody in Iraq and Ohio would get out of their car in confront somebody else in Iraq. Because they're likely to have a gun and my point is Connecticut is not Idaho. California is not Kentucky. I would have won national law about a background check system that doesn't work. And then in what he's locality news determine what they do his goals got to run thank you Allan Florida Allen Doyle only get jump forward golf they're out and go ahead. They're gonna be a make it quick Petrino point one I think tomorrow I'm gonna go police station turn in my pressure cooker. The police and the F and then secondly I believe in Hardin at school but I'm concerned I'm a concealed carry and I know and if I brought my weapon. I'm going to be scrutinized and under the circumstances and I'm happy to kill somebody if you're gonna be worse. So I'm afraid of putting the teachers in that much jeopardy if they're not somehow by law. Covered like an officer would be if he'd do as well. I'm an Allen is why don't put him in opposition. Let them decide and the local principal superintendent and school board. Let them decide what the rules and regulations are I'd rather have an armed cop in every school I think that's the best. But some rural areas can't have an armed cops. It doesn't make economic sense and so. What is wrong with you in Florida determining what your Florida's goes look like and median Ohio or Richardson mad that I in New York. Let each locality near term elected do does that make sense. Yes well I heard that one. And that was suggested by an officer of the U. You pretty much deputized the teacher then that kind of covered them in Cape May July and fire killed there or not. The other they're less able to or less civil likely be prosecuted. Now we got to go thanks for your call that's a great point. I want localities to determine. Whether teachers are your knowledge and not the federal government Idaho is not like New York City. Pleasure pinch hitting for mark Logan I'm told them are women. Will be with you and I tomorrow night. Bill Cunningham the grand American info. When you're running a business time is money. And you can save both with Stamps.Com. You can access all of the amazing services of the post office without having to leave your own office print postage for any letter or any package right from your computer you'll never underpaid or overpay again. Which will save you time and money that you can use to grow your business. It's so simple so easy and so convenient. You can create a stamp dot com account in minutes online with no equipment to lease and no long term commitment then all you have to do is click print and mail. And you're done I used apps dot com because my company pushes out a lot of packages. And I have to send anyone to the post office. Stamps.Com let's just keep going without losing to be. And right now you too can enjoy the Stamps.Com service with a special offer that includes a four week trial plus postage and a digital scale. Go to Stamps.Com. Click on the microphone at the top of the home page anti Korean bunker that Stamps.Com. Enter bunker.

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