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3/5/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 6, 2018|

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, there is no such thing as free trade but the goal is to have freer trade. There are always taxes and regulations on trade, but a tariff on steel, aluminum, and lumber won’t punish the Chinese, only the American citizens. China wants the U.S. to put tariffs on steel ...

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Enter bunker. Kmart and then here are number. 8773813811. 8773813811. So a lot of wanna get into today. But I wanna make the comment. Different night. About the Oscars we're not discussed in the Oscars on the show. Fact I told mr. it is I don't want any clips from the you've been hearing about the Oscars all day long. Even the most of you didn't watch the task. You've been hearing from TV and radio host who played the clips. Who say they didn't watch the Oscars. Yeah apparently they wanna punish you by running clips of the Oscars. This is called conservative talk radio. Least that's what used to be caught it. Doesn't mean you only have to talk about conservatism and be a grouch. Doesn't mean you can't be entertaining and talk about all kinds of things but at the same in this particular instance. If you're not gonna watch the Oscars. Why did you take clips from the Oscars. And play them and they critique the we know what. Took place at the Oscars we know what was going to take place at the Oscars that's why most of media watcher you know at the Oscars he is. Not that event is. It's multimillion dollar. Narcissistic prima Donna Democrats. Giving each other awards. And attacking Americans. And in their room in the air we get. Whether there are hundreds or thousands. Is among the lowest collection. Of low IQ people the largest collection of low IQP I can imagine. Honestly doubt why don't like Caylee Jimmy Kimmel has to say what do I care what any actress or actor has to say they unless they've written something that's really. Persuasive or profound. So. I'd rather talk about the people who keep talking about it. They claim to be conservatives and ladies and gentlemen aren't there other things going on the can be discussed and compelling interest in entertaining way. I think so I mean how predictable as it. The Oscars are on we Taba here's what's interest in. At 10 PM eastern time last night. I was on the Fox News Channel interviewing for a full hour DeVon newness. He was unbelievable. Unbelievable. As he and I walk through this. Horrific scandal. A domestic political surveillance by the Obama administration and the Democrat party in the FBI and the Department of Justice. And grace intelligence agencies. We walk sort of like Sherman through Atlanta piece by piece by piece. No it eruptions. No multiple guests. None of it. Probably the most comprehensive yet concise. Plain English explanation of what's taking place in your country. Undermine. Your constitution. By rogue elements in the Obama administration leading all the way to the White House. I don't need any help from my colleagues in radio or TV but let me ask you something. I would think play over and over and over again clips from the Oscars. And not discussed some of the incredible things that DeVon and has had this thing. And I'll tell you one. This is an upset some people but I'm gonna tell you why. Conservative talk radio isn't that conservative. It's just not. The priorities are designed. The positions on policies are designed. It's just not the conservative anymore. Again we talk about the cultural all the time when relevant we talk about Hollywood. But why. Do we care about the Oscars what relevance. Does that hat. At all in anyway to anything. I can't think of any. And if we are disgusted. By the Jimmy came also the leftists in the abject hypocrisy in Hollywood. When it comes to discrimination. And sexual harassment and so forth and so on. To draw this kind of attention Hollywood. And then slap yourself on the back saying what column pointing this out aren't they bad. It's just cheesy. To me. It cheesy to me you know it's harder. To go against the president on tires. Then you might split your audience. You know what's harder to have a truly deep thoughtful discussion. About economics and liberty. And capitalism. And to make it entertaining even fund and of course provocative. Truth I don't try to make it anyway. It just happens. You interactive winner. But I wanted to mention that's. I think in many ways despite what some others might say. The intellectual side of conservatism. Is his weakest it's every bit. It's week because it's mischaracterize not just by the left in the media. But I people who claim to be on the right. I read a piece on a website many of us like talking about the free market tourists. In the free market terrorists. Isn't even any. I mean you have trade without taxes. Was always taxes on trade does that mean you tray without regulations. There's always regulation on trade. The ignorance that people who write like this if you ever try to ship something from this country to another country. There's all kinds of documents at the sign all kinds of regulations. All kinds of proffered you have to make it taxes you have to pay what you wanna shoot something in the United States same thing. It's not a simply don't have tariffs and we have absolute free trade the truth is. The goal is to have freer trade. So your freer. But the fact is there is no free trade. But we want fair trade so fair trade you see is raising taxes massively. By the president and the federal government. On everything you purchase it has steel aluminum are lumber and it. That they say it's fair trade that would punish the Chinese. Or punish the Chinese it punishes you and what do you think that money goes to places it goes into the federal government. And he's favored industries are able to Jack up their prices. Just within the limit that's on the parents and other words of 225%. Steel tariffs on most of these companies already is there. Their price is 20/20 224%. So they're chest under they make out like bandits. And then they wrap this up and patriotism and Americanism and it's quite the opposite. And it acts. So great for America and American jobs. Why would you just look at the steel and aluminum lumber. Let's massively increase tariffs on a week let's massively increase tariffs on court. Let's massively increase tariffs and every damn thing we know it's. Whether it's a raw materials are finished. That we will have explosive growth. Explosive wage increases. We will destroy every competitor of course that's not you know I don't have. The poorest country on the face they are. It protection is out there. The Republican Herbert Hoover's in the Republican Bernie Sanders. The question is. Why limit the parents. Why limit it to. Three industry. Well you know mark we need steel for a national security really. Well since 70% of the steel in this country is produced by American companies. There's nothing to do it national security. In fact. Any other industry in this country that control 70% of the market it would be called a monopoly on your air. They'll be under investigation by the anti trust division are antitrust division and our Justice Department. If any other if there was like car company. That controlled 70% of the car market it would be called a monopoly. If there was an oil company that controlled 70% of the oil. In this country it would be caught a monopoly. The propaganda that's been used over the course of the last half century. It defend these industries. There's been very very effective. And at the root of this. It's a lack of understanding about liberty and capitalism and it's truly sad because liberty capitalism go to the core this nation. Let's let me. What does it mean why is it ever discussed in the context to these. Economic decisions. What's capitalism. Unfettered capitalism have unfettered capitalism. We're getting more more socialist I don't know what do you mean unfettered to happen. Capitalism. We had a huge purse that capitalism during the Reagan years saw what happened marked what that rated 25 million jobs. Why did the Clinton administration. Over 7%. Economic growth. In several quarters we've never seen anything like this. Because capitalism works. You've been told this big lie that China is dumping steel in the United States 2%. 2%. China has nothing to do it this. And by the way. China is our enemy it's our sworn enemy. If you wanna be a hop on Chinese should join me not be Bernie Sanders Herbert Hoover protectionists. You know who wants America. To put tariffs on steel and aluminum. Even while there propagandist in China are saying don't do what will retaliate China a lot. When you raise the price. Of steel with Paris. Coming into this country. And are still companies. Massively increased their prices to. Who do you think's gonna sell cheap steel and Mexico who do you think's gonna sell cheap steel. To France what do you think's gonna sell cheat steal all over the world China. We're handing them are still mark. The irony of this is itself the strap that U massively increase the cost of the prince. Numerous many of whom are union members blue collar workers. Pensioners on fixed wing comes you massively increase the cost the federal government collects the taxes so they can read distributed to two other people. This still company's hugely increased their prices to come run the tariff level. In China. Metallica band. Because this market then. The surrendered. The trend. And also the state of. Because all over the world they're looking for a cheaper steel. They're not gonna get it from the United States. You're not gonna get it as a consumer in this country when you purchased a car. And nobody's gonna wanna Byron still overseas. There's not even more expense. But by from China or some other still producing nation. What about our military they talk about national security. What happens when you drive up the price of steel pipe let's just say 20% in this country. And you drive up the price of aluminum let's just say 789%. In this and what do you think happens. Every dollar spent. By the united states military to increase our readiness. There's a week ago. It doesn't buy as much. As he buys me jet fighters and bombers doesn't buy as many naval ships. Doesn't buy as many tanks and jeeps. And armored personal carriers doesn't buy as many rifles and pistols and those hookers and all the rest. Because we're taxed at the united states military as protecting everybody else. And we have history. I thought conservatives get about history. Whenever we've had across the board. Across the board parents like this. It's created economic dislocation in our country. Exported enormous and number of people out of work and our country. Downstream from the particular industry that is industries that use that material to create things because they can't export them. And the irony is all this talk about the imbalance of exports and imports you know what happen is. It gets worse. For those of you who are concerned about it. He gets worse. You should be very very skeptical. When people have simple answers to what complex economy. When people say that government needs to step in and make things fair and equal. When does that ever happen. Well Mark Shields them from every other thing governments different. When it deals with steel as opposed to anything else that's absurd. We'll be right back. Basic stuff. Last year at just how conservative. We suggest you know as conservative as some would have you believe particularly on the left. Paints everybody comes here radio with a broad brush. What about this argument on trade. They need tariffs to protect americans' salaries against. People overseas were paid much less. In the book free to choose who came out decades ago was a smash hit. PBS did a multi part program on a. Old Milton Friedman answers it. Saddam arguments favorite tariffs that is the greatest emotional appeal to the public at large as the alleged need to protect a high standard of living. Of American workers from these so called unfair competition. Of workers and should. And her career Hong Kong and how we could say China. Who are willing to work for much lower wage so what is wrong with this argument but we wanna protect the high standard of living of our people. The fallacy in this argument is the loose use of the terms high wage low wage what do high and low wages mean. American workers are paid in dollars. Japanese workers are paid in the hands. How do we compare wages and dollars in wages in yen's how many times equal a dollar what determines that exchange traded any given time. I wanna get into this further. Because if I don't get into it go well seven goes listen Jimmy Kimmel I despise. I'll be right back. America is passionately. So we broke twice. Talk what that voice now and 8773813811. You don't have the BA free trade pure wrist. Quote unquote the post stupid ideas to you. You don't have to be a free trade fewer risks to oppose. Self destructive economic policy period. That drive up the cost to every consumer in this country. That in fact has the opposite effect. That the ideologues of protectionism saying. And how does this punish China folks you wanna punish China we can punish China and by the way. Who's been on this radio. Behind this microphone. On television TV. Week after week month after month year after year saying we must punish China. So the beast group all ideas we punish China by driving up the cost the refrigerator. We put. Finished tied up by driving up the cost of a can of beer. We punish China by driving up the cost of a pickup truck. So we punish the American people and that's how we punish China. We open foreign markets were trying to console CEO. And competition against our steel industries that's how we punish China. So apparently if you think this is all stupid. You are free market purist. You've got to be a free market curious to know stupidity when it staring you in the front. Now what about salaries and wages. You know we need to keep our wages high because our our workers are competing against people get a dollar an hour or whatever. So frequent points at the fallacy in this argument. Is the loose use of the terms high wage and low wage a by the way I know from time to time. Actually bring some scholarship in this program I know it's different. I notice. What do high and low wages mean. American workers are paid in dollars. Japanese workers are paid in the yen what the hell knows what Chinese workers are paid and I really compare. Wages and dollars in wages in yen or wages in the Chinese currency how many yet equal a dollar at any given time. What determines that exchange rate. The Freeman as an example suppose that in an extreme case to begin with 360 yen equally ballot. At this exchange rate the actual rate of exchange for many years suppose that the Japanese can produce and sell everything for fewer dollars. We can in the United States TV sets automobile steely and soybeans wheat milk ice cream. If we had free international trade we were trying to buy all the goods from Japan. Now this would seem to be the extreme horror story that kind depicted by defenders of terrorists would that be flood it would Japanese goods and could sell them. Now. Does that ever happen. Does that ever happen. Do we not export any thing. Because I wages are so high and there's a solo. Do we not export any kind of because our wages are so high energy is so low. Of course that's an idiotic. Argument isn't this example is exactly right. We export our whole arc. Even our wages may be hired. Even though our cities and states. In our federal government impose a minimum wage. They oppose all kinds of taxes. On employers in this country. Visible and invisible to drive up the cost of doing business. Even though much harder and harder to get through the Europe deep bureaucracy in the various levels of taxation. Local county state federal whatever. We still export homeowner. And our wages are higher. So what is that. But Friedman's point is it's impossible to calculate. Our wages may be higher than say the a similar worker in China on an assembly line. But they don't need as much to live. So their economies different. Or Japan aren't South Korea court. Timbuktu it doesn't matter. You can't really compare the. They say we have wage earners in the steel industry that earned I'd say 80000 dollars a year but in Japan and the only earned 47312. Dollars a year. It based on the exchange rate. What does that mean. What's the cost of living. What's the average lifestyle that's his point. If these red shirt. Comparisons. We've learned a lot in this debate over the last week if you listen to this program that in fact. China can dump all the steel wants at 2% of the total production in the United States. That was a phony argument from day one don't you feel like somebody lied deal. That's 7% of skill produced in the United States is produced by American companies you didn't know that before last week. The media didn't tell him I told you. That this wage comparison. Is really irrational. It doesn't make any sense different types of parents think different types of living is high as we have no idea. But in any event. That raising taxes. On the consumer. For major major consumer items we're talking about automobiles. We're talking about. All kinds of equipment in your home underage sex is fun. This deal that used to your own some steel beams are necessary. The aluminum and steel in your automobiles and trucks. It gets passed on to you don't. So raising your taxes raising your cost of living. Taking away that tax cut you just got. From the Republican Party and trump. When you purchase an item. That somehow that's gonna punish. China. So what are they gonna go. Produced one and a half percent of our steel. You know the worst part about this is how they wrap it up a national security the protectionist or that it in a driver that costs. The cost. And all new equipment. And machinery the military need to gonna drive up the talks. And they claim to be patriotic. Let me ask you question. If the Democrat party said we wanna cut. 101215%. And these so called new spending increases. For the military. Would that be patron. Course that's not patriotic. We need what we need. So it doesn't even have the effect that they say it's going to have its not gonna produce jobs in May protect some jobs temporarily. It may protect some industries from competition. That already controls 73 per set up the production in the United States. Virtual monopoly control. But thousands and thousands of U. In blue collar jobs. On assembly lines. Who make automobiles. Who make automobile parts. Who make pipes. Who make HVAC system. Who make. Anything. Related to steel and aluminum maker with your opinions. A certain percentage of the you're gonna be unemployed. He certain percentage of yet. Who they also belong to unions. We're not knowing it's. Who worked very hard every day to put food on the table for your family. Have a law enforcement. You know they buy cars took. They buy trucks hit. They've got weapons do. All those costs are gonna go up all of well. About firefighters. Lot of metal knows. In his tracks. Which are already extremely expensive well those costs are gone but it. All those costs are going up. The assembly line workers. Soda company. Beer companies. Soup company. Vegetable company. All those costs are going up certain percentage you you're gonna lose your job to. You understand what's gone on here and while that's going on all of you are gonna pay more quality. And for what. The domestic steel companies should own 80% of domestic production. I heard this. This propagandist for the administration Peter Navarro I think his name is talking about the number of steel mills that have gone out of business. But he doesn't tell you that Steelers had a booming year last year. When he doesn't tell us how much skill as produced in the United States. The cement and steel mills her out of business what matters is how they producing enough steel for our use in the answers yes. And it's not because of trade ladies and gentlemen you know why some of these mills close. Why this some of these smokestack. Buildings and ministries close. Because they don't modernized. They don't compete. They don't use new technologies. Should every steel mill remain open no matter what. Every business stay open no matter what. What are we on the federal government now. No matter what you keep your job no matter what you keep your dad's no matter what you push the paper. It's not out capitalism more access that high any rational economy works. How conservative misconstrued concrete. We're talk show hosts avoid this we talk show host bin. This isn't patriotic posters patriotic. Weakening the United States. Causing prices to go up. Killing jobs. Opening foreign markets to the Chinese. Driving up the cost to the military driving up the cost the local law enforcement driving up the cost of firefighters. How does that making America first. It may make. Certain specific. And limited unions for a period of time. First. But the impact on the nation. Is Revis. Ladies and gentlemen. We need more capitalism not more socialist. We need to create millions and millions of new jobs and industries we haven't even thought about it. That's a huge crush the Chinese. Look at the oil industry. Look at the oil industry. If this intrigue though the Arab nations got together and something called OPEC a cartel. To drive our oil companies out of business. The drive up the price of gas forever more. Ronald Reagan's elected president of United States the first thing he does. He's deregulate. Natural gas the second thing he does is deregulate. Crude oil. Against that houses the media and left. He said the way to deal at this. His unleash American ingenuity. Then I read an article today. That America is now. And will be for the foreseeable future a net exporter. And energy I think about that. Wasn't that long ago when we talk about energy independence. Energy independence that's what they used to say. Now of course the left what's with Philip they have their global warming propaganda op. And the sun. How did we become energy independent how did we can't become energy independent through to carry us through that action is good. No. Through capitalism. The new technologies. Through fracking. That's how we became energy independent. He capitalism this pro national security. Now if we wanna deal with China we need to deal with China I'm all for that. I don't believe we should be sending our high end technology to China which they are stealing they do a whole show on this tonight element TV. There are ways to deal of that. But forcing the American people. To pay enormous taxes without forcing. A significant percentage of people who were in the steel and aluminum. Law America industries. Downstream. Well they're losing their jobs. And buyout by god surrendering the foreign steel and aluminum and lumber markets. They're trying not to rush at all these other countries. There are ways to do it China that are far more effective. But these propagandist and Sarah gets all over TV gone of the cuts to do. Because you know why they're fronting for special interest. Wilbur Ross is a multibillionaire. Because he's a protectionist. I've watched all his interviews. Because it's a snore fest. But one thing asked was do Russ. Kelly became wealthy I'm not against. Becoming wealthy maybe he should explain to the American people you to come by at bankruptcy on the off go to Washington DC. Demand subsidies demand Paris. And get rich do. I'll be right back. Then there's good news. Hannity aired. That none of them anymore things disappear if my best summons. That's the Rick farce though California serious satellite Iran answer. I'm here I'm here are now calling reminder our command post my cigarette I'm sorry around. Okay. Eight. Terror they pair are good over the air correct. In what. They Arabs it would pare our goods going to China and Michael. Yes I'm sure they did I'm sure many countries put tariffs on our goods we put off thousands there Sarin sir. Do we put tariffs on goods coming in in this country. I don't believe self but I don't know our mapping you love you wanna be educated. Yes I do Carmen media could the. Okay thanks for your call. And if he's had too much to drink ladies enjoying himself so I don't wanna bother him. Fact of the matter is ladies and gentlemen we've 121000 tariffs and place leaving that tariffs on steel did you know that. We've tariffs on steel already so this is about adding parents additional pairs. That's what it's about. Sorority have tariffs on steel. You know I've. I hope we all got to check out my brand new show life liberty and then over on Fox News we've had some amazing feedback from fans. Sing it's unlike anything else on TV. Now if you subscribe to living TV Collie already know that he saw the launch on fox but haven't subscribed to CR TV yet I hope you can. See little bit of what you're missing children who have been TV. Now looking TV's a different show. But the things we focus on the same history philosophy. Current events all from a constitutional perspective. Now if you're ready to get past the superficial fluff that fills the liberal mainstream media that you won more than trump just once a week. You need to get CR TV we've got to always shows like Phil Robertson Andrew welcome Stephen Crowder. Wedding many more all the time we've got a whole bunch a wonderful conservatives. All different personalities and so forth. Get a full year of CR TV for less than eight bucks a month when he is promo code within a check out that's LE VIN. Because our second year anniversary let's get a mr. it is in the fifth. I second your anniversary is on Wednesday. She get 20% off if you use code within two that's living enters a give us a call 844 Levine TV most say yeah. 844 LP BI and TV. I go to CI TV dot com use code look thin to. Required listening with Amazon music. And music and their greatest guitarists of all time. Wait who LX I have this song to a new playlist sure what's the new playlist name Jack's intro to classic rock. I think stepping stone by Jimi Hendrix to Jack in turn to classic rock play yeah. Amazon music the simplest way to listen to the music new and soon heat will love. New customer start your thirty day free trial it Amazon music dot com renews automatically cancel any time. Hello everybody marks an end here are number 8773813811877381. Create 11. Even though I have my strong agreements and disagreements with the administration the president. I believe it is essentially each and every one of defend the outcome of this election that took place. And reject. He political domestic. Surveillance. And related activity. That was used by the Obama administration and its surrogates. Against the trump candidacy. Transition and still president. Fox News has just reported that. Robert Mueller. Is using additional information. Conduct investigations. Based in part on additional information provided by Christopher still. The ex British spot. Who worked with Kremlin apparatchiks. Now. I understand. That. Most of my colleagues in this business we they're busy watching the Oscars. Are picking their enables and decided to use clips today to present you with what took place at the Oscars and other things for taking place over the weekend. DeVon Noonan sat down when he for a full hour. And we had a discussion. Like nobody else has had with him. Because life liberty and Levine is it's a different kind of show as I told you would be it's a long form in aviation. And so I'm not bouncing. Like a ten pound ball between guests and subjects. But he said a few things. That are very very important. And I asked him a very specific question at the get go. Cut three go. The Obama administration. Spying on the trump campaign OK now it's for that the Obama administration's plan the trunk can't. Is that kind of question had to be asked in any other campaign and Andy their context in the past. The fact that it has to be asked is a bombshell right. So let's start at the top and see with the chairman says go ahead. The Obama administration. Spying on the trump campaign. I think it's pretty clear I think average Americans understand that that happened stop. Chairman of the committee. Says yes. The Obama administration spied. From the trump campaign. I remember something. Before I wish chairman of this committee. DeVon knew this was considered. They fairly moderate Republican. Who. Pretty much supported. You know Republican leadership. He's very close to Kevin McCarthy. Who's in neighboring district. So he's never been considered a bond thriller. I don't believe is a member of the freedom caucus. But he loves this country. Many members of family have served induce him in the united states military. He's really a citizen politician. Do you plan on running for congress but he did. He decided around congress among other reasons because he comes from a part of the country California. With the left wing Democrats. Have so limited the amount awarded to get to the farms here you know about this. They put many people out of business and they've turned fertile. Land. Really the bread basket of American agriculture in many respects in this country. Into. If you. So he wanted to do something about that because he and his family. For several generations than farmers. He decided to serve on the Intel committee. I'm because hit and his family's commitment to the military. Jim Gary points decided Nash when you. Too that's is bankrupt. Go ahead. But what degree it's hard to know because the proper investigations haven't been done. But it started with a unmasking store unmasking of truck transition officials that I think are still questionable we don't know if that's been investigating yet or not. And then if you look at the culmination now that we found out about the use of the dossier. And that the tracking of Carter page. Where Carter page could have had emails that were intercepted that could have come from the truck campaign. So I think there was some. Pretty strong effort to spy on the campaign. Come back live now doing the course of the program I walk in his room. Numerous. Media reports obviously leaked from the FBI the Justice Department. Intel agencies perhaps the Obama White House. About. The ice these other activities that took place. And several of them talked about information going to the White House and I underscore this point there's even a report now on cable where they're saying. The president didn't really know about. The Russian negotiate this sort of activity the five cents sought after the election that's Hawaii ladies and channel because there were news reports. Earlier. He had to now. Anyone when I said the newness and I say one of gone through these articles with him and so forth. Here's the back and forth cut forgo. I just went through what 345 articles. Of leaks of Celanese leaks. From what is supposed to be secret information. And it leaked this information to try and affect the general election than the transition. You know the incoming administration. I don't know that anybody's been charged of anything at this point. But what's interesting to me this when I pointed this out about a year ago you do too. The media Pettitte and suddenly it wasn't. The company trump his phys and all this other stuff it was insane right wing conspiracy. To attack the FBI. Tracked the media to attack the media and I you know shocked at the lack of curiosity. By the vast majority of mainstream media in this country of what I would argue is. 888 in an historical. Violation. Of the rule of law aggregation. Quite secrecy requirements. And domestic. Political surveillance that took place are you shopping who the target of attacks rather than people encourage you to pursue this. I'm I'm shocked and I'm scared. I personally I'm scared for our country. All the leaks that that you just showed. It floors me. That it no serious investigation has been done up on any of this. The most serious felony that occurred was the leak of the Flynn. Cautiously back call. Or you had if you believe. The newspaper mainstream media nine source is supposedly cooperated. That information. This would not be complicated. For the FBR DOJ to figure out who the leaders work. No question. In and I went into the the effort to smear him in destroying him because he decided to look into this. Had five go in preparation for the program I looked at these. Attacks on U. How the memorandum that you put out which essentially says what we've been talking about. And we have the Washington Post democratic memo discredits newness. Tantalize is on those CA corroboration for and we of the Atlantic the democratic memo undercuts a key Republican complaints about the FBI. Then we have New York magazine afternoon as memo stake in the rash of scandals very real and must be very disconcerting and frustrating deal. You know I hello allow more than most college you get confidential secret information. To see what is taken place in the executive branch. Under the prior administration and frankly continuing the bureaucracy in this administration. DC one newspaper or another one opinion right here after another defendant get out and attacking you know. Why don't forget these everything that you have in this pilot clearly social that you just read I was right where that it's something pilots suffered a yes this is. This is part of the democratic. Party's network so what I said I said this a C pack the other day. And the media in this country is dead it no longer exists and the American people need to understand this I don't know how I don't know where it's all and that opens dead forever. But 90% of the media is far left wing and they are totally reliant. But wholly reliant on getting clicks and playing to their base and to their owners to support what the of their owners want. And there is there are very few. Outlets they're gonna give anything that is they can you even nation how convincing conservative point of view but even kind of conservative the mainstream point of view. Those outlets. Don't exist and they masquerade. They use the loot the storied names of these great. Great institutions through these great companies like the Washington Post and has been around forever. Didn't do a lot of historic work over there for decades but it no longer could no longer does that. This is just a little taste. And he is fascinating he is very interest thing he a lot of information to go we did together to go through and to discuss. Which is why I really love the format of the program. One more from last night life liberty and live in DeVon units that six go. It appears that the media woke up when the possible election Donald Trump and it was dormant. They're much the Obama administration. Seems to me we have a when I called retiring guard media they're gonna protect the Obama administration no matter what that administration did or does. If the shoe were on the other foot if this were a Republican administration this to a democratic candidate. It would be the greatest scandal in American history. Oh my gosh can you imagine if it was George W. Bush and Karl Rove. Do we in this. To the incoming Obama administration who by the way had people that were over in Russia Mac in 2000 neutral. If they said they were investigating. The people from the Obama minister the Obama campaign they were over in Russia talking to Russians and we're investigating them for the Logan act. They would have burned down the Department of Justice I agree. Well that's a taste of it. We're gonna have made incredible guest and not even allowed to mention who it is. Next Sunday. Mr. producer the Oscar time next Sunday to I think. I don't think so now. So was an interest neatly on and there's a lot more you go online listen or. I can play eclipse and Jimmy Kim we'll be right. Correctly. At Robert Mueller is. Investigating. The current campaign with Qatar. Where was it the UAE. So confused. Now. I spent. Maybe half the show last Friday mean the first down. Talking about. But the attacks on this president this family. His wife. Our immigration status. Whose daughter some investment overseas. His son in law on fifteen different things. His son junior Donald Trump junior. Armenia and then on and on and on. But I've never seen anything like this before and every day it's something else. We're told that the Mahler team doesn't leak but they do. We know a lot about what he's doing. And among other things. Looks like he's moved off the collusion from Russia now if we had a responsible deputy attorney general. This would stop. There is no way. The framers of the constitution. What the power it. A inferior. Officer of the government. Who is unaccountable to the president. What congress. To be free. To travel. Throughout the backgrounds of the president and his family. To donors eats and so forth of who they worked for didn't work for. In search of a crime. Not a crisis climate crime. The media very clear about this. Yeah. When you look at the present United States now trump. He seems utterly unaffected. Because he's a strong man. But no man has generally been affected by us now when his family's under constant assault. Now when he's under constant assault. Not when he has to keep his lips. Sealed for the most part. They told look at he's tweeting treating the fact is who should the things he's like you would like to say that he can't. In the present United States. You're trying to deal with China and North Korea and Russia in Iran you've got domestic issues you're training Gillis whether it's immigration with the groom or not. Paris for the greater than or not. In prison the United States. Has. In unimaginable responsibility. Every one of them who retired says. We've reached a point now. With this special counsel. In his myopic obsessed focus. Is undermining the country. It's literally undermining the country because. It's got to be at least in part. A distraction. To the president. He quite frankly to the executive branch. When you have an individual like mr. Mahler and an individual like mr. Rosenstiel. Doing what they're doing. These are not. Good law men. These are not meant pursuing justice. These are men with unlimited power unlimited budgets. Ron emission. Mr. Mahler and his Democrat prosecutors are on a mission to take out the present United States. He's gonna take out as many people around the president's Papa. When you're issuing subpoenas for alt text messages and all emails. From subordinates. Went back to 2015. That is eight incredibly broad document request. Incredibly broad. When you're sending FBI agents. Into the former campaign manager's home Manfred with guns drawn. When there's no indication whatsoever that he's a danger. That's a disgrace. This is America. This is America. We see used to. So mr. Mahler now in my view. Is doing things and mr. Rosen Steen who asked to approve them. That are extremely detrimental. To the well being in this nation. By distracting this president with every conceivable. Argument. I pushing the obstruction of justice mean out there. The president needs to be focused. It's remarkable he's been able to do what he's done. Remarkable. It's not as if he fixed the court case like Bill Clinton it's not as if he lied to a federal judge like Bill Clinton. It's not as if he encouraged perjury like Bill Clinton. I don't know I was just a personal matter no that was an assault on our justice system. No evidence whatsoever that Donald Trott backing it Massey president by married combing. Obstructed anything. This is truly treacherous it just this. I'll be right back. 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Code marked safe fifty dollars on select mattresses. Casper dot com terms and conditions apply one more time. It's code Marc Casper dot com slash mark. Yes. President and Bibi Netanyahu met today. I think these guys really get along very very well I mean that's every indication. Every indication. President trumpet. Has been the best friend Israel has had in my lifetime. And I even say that having worked for Ronald Reagan. In his recognition is Jerusalem is Israel's capital. He is insistence on moving our embassy. To Jerusalem. In May which is the 7070. Anniversary. The nation of Israel formal. Nation of Israel. And it's amazing to me and I speak as a conservative. American who is true. It's amazing to me yet. The hate. Out there for trump. Among Jews engine cut out. But I eight. Find it particularly galling. For the left within the Jewish community and I again I. They say this is Joseph. And yet some of these same folks. Embrace Obama. Was the worst president. The seven year. History of the nation of Israel. The formal. Nation of Israel. We'll unleash the Iranian. Is someone Nazi regime in Tehran. And as I said you many many times even worse than able to level chamber. And appease. We can't accuse medal table. Actually funding the Third Reich Kenya now. But you can accuse Barack Obama have actually funding. The Islam when Nazi regime in Tehran. No question about it. What all the world say a hundred years from now. Take my word for it he won't get this lavish lavish slobbering praising press that he gets today. From our Pretoria guard me. But I look at these two men. Trumpet Netanyahu. In the same leftists. Who've always objected to them the same leftists who oppose their elections. Try to destroy the. Take something that's. So minor. Trying treated in the something so major. Power by any means. Destruction by every route. So they unleashed police investigations of Netanyahu just as they unleashed a special counsel on trot. And when these so called investigators have a myopic mission. You know that's not like in the case of Mahler he's the US attorney in Manhattan covering that entire now he's effectively the US attorney. For Donald Trott. Just like these so called police investigators and Israel are investigators. For Bibi Netanyahu. And his family. And his wife who's also track. Liberals liberals they know no boundaries. Leftists are left is whether they in the United States or whether they're in history of weather there in Europe. Same mentality. They're progressives. Everywhere progressive as he comes from. Wasn't born in the United States. Certainly wasn't born in Israel. It's been imported into both countries. And Sega report after report after report on cable on the networks. The newspapers. These two men are meeting and they need each other because of these investigations. It's not whether meeting. Netanyahu can't do anything to help trump the Mahler to truncate do anything to help Netanyahu. But what's gone over there. They're meeting. Because trump is a patriot for America in Netanyahu is a patriot for Israel. We have common values and beliefs and we common enemies in particular act. Backed by Russian. That's why they're meeting. Trying to figure out what to do it Obama what what what the Obama. I'm not unleashed. But the same media who hate them in this country. And in Israel. It doesn't matter. You know ladies and gentlemen we're facing China we're facing Russia. North Korean around. Any radical forces within our country trying to handicap the president does think won the commander in chief who we have he's hit. That's it. In Israel they surrounded by enemies. Iran has moved its border effectively. On the border with Israel through Syria and Lebanon. They have a motion if you will. And army. Called Hezbollah which they aren't. With sophisticated weapons. They're all protected. I Russia. Russia wasn't in Syria until Obama. Allow them in the series. See where you have gaps and weaknesses. The enemy will move in that same on trade and economics. That's what they do. Because it and I need to pay and foolishness. Of American administrations. And here you have an Israel. He nation. That may well be on the precipice of war. Perhaps the most difficult war will ever have to fight. Against a nation that has. Seven year eighty million people. Vs twelve or thirteen million people. And geographically Israel is tiny. It's nothing to hit Tel Aviv nothing to hit Jerusalem nothing to hit the ground or what it. Whatever city and areas in Israel nothing zero. And yet the media. And the leftist parties in Israel. Often one in the same as here. Spend more time trying to destroy their prime minister who's in the second longest serving prime minister if you're paying Gloria. And I would say. When they great world leaders of our time. Just this the median our country. Same minds. Seek to destroy Donald Trump. Who's done more to confront North Korea. More to confront Iran. Quite frankly and Obama could ever dream of trying to undo what Obama. Than any prior president in modern history. Not trying about the Korean War and talking post anymore. Because this is what they do on the left. Be criminalized politics. The Democrats and our country have more in common with Putin and they realize what that there are willing to admit. About due process and commit the constitution. About the FBI and the department of justice and all the rest. Yet their enemy they went like yeah. The same applies to the left in his. Hear there enemy they wanted to throughout. So trumpet Netanyahu meeting. Two friends. It's clear difference it's clear they like he can. Netanyahu. Spent a good deal of his youth in the United States. His father. Was a scholar. In history. But repeated times the University of Pennsylvania. And MIT. BB Netanyahu and his older brother Yoni. Went off high school. In suburban Philadelphia cultural him eyes go that's my high school. Netanyahu seven years older than I am so I skip twelfth grade and I went and high school that means he was six years ahead of so obviously an ever met him or his older brother. Solar brother Yoni. Was the commander in charge of the Entebbe me. Forget about the movie that's coming out on Entebbe typically live golf twisted. You should look at the original movie or read several books about it. Was incredible. Rescue. The westerners and Israelis. In Uganda. You know is very very successful. They got all Amano an airplane. Who won't tell the whole story but at the end. Is Yoni Netanyahu. Ms. making sure everybody got on the plane in the last person got on the plane. Has he was standing guard and crouched position. Was killed by sniper. Then Yahoo!'s older brother. And Netanyahu himself. Was a great combat war. I believe in the late. Sixties early seventies and whatever once. And they were going to these defensive raids over the border. During one of them they came under heavy fire and he was shot in the shoulder. But yeah. There's also the first timer in his prime minister of the youngest prime minister. In Israel sure history and as I said he's the second longest serving prime minister. Is he unique entry unique time in our history as his comp. And for the little State of Israel excuse me. Who will State of Israel. Netanyahu is accomplish things. That. Few others could accomplish what his relationship with trumpets relationship the United States. You know he speaks perfect English. Cause he spent many years. For brief time after his service in the military and do in the south the top of my head I just remember what the military. Went back to the United States you know we got. Degrees at MIT. He China company here. He studied architecture. Mother was born in Israel's father was born in Poland. They went back to this country. But his. Embrace of America's embrace of the American diet and quite unique. For any leader of any country. Mentioned throwing little in Israel. Pension throwing them all away. Hamilton. I'll be right back. They have here we have chaminade. Do you wish those sagging droopy eyelids. Just disappeared. These banks and puffy is getting a little worse every day then this is the perfect time to take advantage of the create easy spring clearance so going now which nominate. Call or click right now you can get the brand new Janice up eyelid lift absolutely free. The new Guinness I love lift contains two cutting edge natural peptides. And pace of hope hope what oil green tea invited many. And wonderful flower extract to achieve amazing lifting effects. Right now this breakthrough Riley treatment as yours absolutely free when you order Janice self for bags and happiness. Remember where extra men and women to. I should also give the Janice no immediate effects results in twelve hours but he tennis sell dot com that you can itself dot com better yet. 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Out to Clinton foundation fight aids is trying to golden decade old government memos archive on the Australian foreign Ministry's website. Downer and former President Clinton jointly signed a memorandum of understanding. In February 2006. That's spread out to grant. It's spread out they grant money over four years. One moment. Can you don't let them. Spread out the grant money over four years for a project to provide screening and tried treatment to aids and patients in Asia. Bottom line here ladies and gentlemen. The New York Times piece the Australian diplomat. Overheard popped and got us. Talking about as oppose it to influence. Whether Russia our vice Versa. And it was the Australian diplomat. Who caused this whole thing to begin. I believe that was phony but it doesn't matter. According to say hello newspaper. This Australian diplomat. Had a major role. In securing 25 million dollars. For the Clinton foundation. Is it possible the New York Times knew this when he reported this but covered it up. What do they wanna know that this a strange diplomat is analyzed. Isn't it basic investigative reporting to look into his. Background. Did you should investigative reporting. Does she who's involved in assisting the Clinton foundation. Campaign Clinton well. This gets more disgusting. Why should thank. You why you have this moron this pump. Robert mullah. Oh he's such a professional. He's that good that he's a cool. He's a bully one after the wrong man on their tracks per my energy destroyed another man. He's never apologized. This close so. Now he's looking to go other countries that may have been involved in the campaign let us get question. How many members think Clinton Campaign that could instead look at yourself petty communications during the course of the campaign. Well Betty barring government has he asked for any at 30000. What really investigating truck was really that's cleaning truck surrogate why are really investigating the drug campaign. Who is not a campaign you know and they have their grimy fingerprints all over everything. I'll be right back. Required listening with Amazon music. And music and the greatest guitarists of all time. Wait coop how lax I had this song to a new playlist sure what's the new playlist name Jack's intro to classic rock. I think steppingstone by Jimi Hendrix to Jack in turn to classic rock planes. Amazon music the simplest way to listen to the music new and soon he will love. New customer start your thirty day free trial it Amazon music dot com renews automatically cancel any time. Hey mark what many here are our number 8773813811877381. Three woman let's let's go this again. This is the hill this is breaking news just minutes ago. Australian diplomat whose tip prompted FBI's Russia probe has tied Clinton's. The Australian diplomat just hit in 2016 prompted the prompted the Russia trump investigation previously range and is this out. In the near times originally said that. That's how it got started I and skeptical about that and let's play along. Previously arranged one of the largest foreign donations to bill and Hillary Clinton's charitable efforts. Documents show. Former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer is Roland securing 25 million dollars and eight for his country to how the Clinton foundation fighting aids. Is chronicled in decade old government memos archive on the Australian foreign Ministry's website. Darren the former President Clinton jointly signed an memorandum of understanding of every 2006 that spread out to grant over four years. For project to provide screening and drug treatments take. These patients. Let's continue. Money was initially allocated the Clinton foundation the lady was routed through an affiliate. For the charity known as Clinton health access initiative. The years of follow the project won praise for helping thousands. But also garnered criticism from auditors about management weaknesses. In an adequate budget oversight. If this continues. Aaron asked us ambassador to London provided the account of a conversation would try campaign advisor to expire not what's. I they had this conversation is said. In London barn 2016 that became the official reason the FBI opened the can Russian counterintelligence grows. The lawmakers say the F I didn't tell congress about downers prior connection with the Clinton foundation. Republicans say they are concerned the new information means nearly all the early evidence the FBI used to justify its election year probe which romp. Came from sources supportive of the clintons including the controversial still doce. The clintons tentacles go everywhere so that's why its importance is Jim Jordan he's right. We continue to get new information every week seems at sort of underscores the fact that the FBI. Has been square with us. Spokesman for the FBI in Russia special counsel Robert Mueller declined comment course they will leak their comments. To the near times or CNN. For the Washington Post or Politico. Not gonna comment on the record. So the clintons paid for. Clinton Campaign in the DNC that does CA. That was used by the FBI right. The Clinton's buddy here the foreign minister who was close to the clintons. So could 2.5 million dollars from his government apparently to the Clinton foundation. He was. Supposedly the original source that prompted the FBI investigation. Mr. Mahler chasing down. Former trump campaign types armored truck staffers. Trumps Harry gets. I wanna repeat what I said. During the last hour just underscore the point. Do we know. If any foreign government attorney farm people. Related to nonprofits or other entities trying countries had any communication with the Clinton Campaign. Hillary Clinton Tom Kean. They're campaign manager they campaign spokes they spokesman. And you there. So called Stanford senior or inconsequential. If Robert Mueller. Is looking into pollution should they be looking in the collusion with the Clinton Campaign and any other government or entity in any other farmland. Just as he's trying to chase down everything with respect to try and. We've now reached a point. That a Republican deputy attorney general. Serving as the acting attorney general because the actual attorney general recused themselves. Appoints one of his buddies his special counsel whose best friends. One of the individuals who should be target of his investigation and that gentleman. We now learn that this same deputy attorney general serving as the acting attorney general for Russian matters. His signing off again and again and again. All Mahler is expansion of his investigation. I wanna make a point. And it's not easy for me. It's just not easy for me. I've known the attorney general for thirty years on his best friends for quite well. When I was chief of staff to attorney general Meese. And he was the US attorney for the district of Alabama the entire stake. Man has enormous integrity. Enormous integrity. But in my view they made a mistake not about his honor integrity not about ethics in our. In the of the sort. He made a mistake. And the mistake was this. If he really believes he should recuse himself on the Russian matter. Many shoot just stepped down. I know he'd just let the senate he'd just been. Confirmed I guess. Believe that's funny recused himself unless he recused himself earlier but in any event. Whatever the lead up to it he should have just turned down the chopper. Stepped aside. The reason is simple. As we look back. He turned the reins over. To rob rose and student who is. And apparatchiks. No not for Russia for the bureaucracy. Rosen Steve demonstrated he had no. Good judgment they doing two things simultaneous. Five point Robert Mueller is the special counsel under pressure from the Democrats after Conley was fired. Now with the Democrats won economy fire they just didn't want trump to fire sooner they turn they canceled Tron. And simultaneously giving. Mueller. Such a broad. Grief. And then if obviously subsequently signing off on his expansions. As to turn the constitution and its head. Mr. Rosen streamed through mr. Mahler is not upholding the rule of law. They're making a mockery of constitutional government. There harming the president always trying to be commander in chief. Based on no. Criminal. Peru lacked the requisite. To this investigation. There's no Muller searches around. Looking for people will close or lose or no associations with the crown campaign. To try and justify his investigation on any grounds he possibly can. When an ethical prosecutor would have done by now within ethical special counsel would have come by now is likely going to be done with it. 'cause there is no Russian collusion. Order. He would have gone to the deputy attorney general as the acting attorney general Rosenstiel you and said look. There is collusion. But it's the other side. We've learned more. Who by the way no thanks to Mueller. But we'll learn more. And so we need to investigate. Christopher steel we need to investigate fusion GPS we need to investigate this Laura mark alliance. Mean investigate the Clinton Campaign in the DNC for funding that we need to investigate. The extent to which the Russians provided this information. We need to investigate. The FBI would try Mahler used to head the course he should step aside and that'll never happen. And we need to investigate how the FBI has abused its authority. In unleashing the investigation. Trump world in a the FBI violated. Abused its power under the fights a statute. And of course. The leaks. Became an the FBI from coney from a cave stroke from page. And the abuse of the Tyson charges. That's. Real stuff. Not imaginary stuff it's not about. Process crimes or anything of the kind that's not about his former campaign manager failing to file was a federal. In a federal form that he said. The lobbyists for a foreign country which apparently many of them fell to do it's I consider this only. Are going back multiple years trying to put the campaign manager and manager for it in jail. Prepares transactions in tax issues which of course and Mahler is FBI director they never pursued in the first place. Like you folks I am frustrated beyond belief. We all see in front of us we all know what's taking place in front of us it's an old Soviet style. Effort. The destroyed in this case a president in his administration. That's what's going on here. Decriminalization of politics. Based on nothing. Absolutely nothing. Rosen seen. Mahler. Combing they had no collusion with a rations. Shift. Warner. Schumer. Pelosi they have no collusion with the Russians. The extent there's collusion with the Russians with the DNC in the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Their lawyer operative alliance. Opposition group fusion GPS. It's link up with Sally Yates is Stanford former deputy attorney general under Obama. All the rest of this disgusting. In central. Activity that's going on here sensuous. That's where we have actual collusion and that's where we have absolutely no. Criminal investigation. Now we're looking at some tiny low. Arab country stack. To see if there was collusion with that country. Incredible. I'll be right back. It'll come henin who. My ancestors came here from. From Russia. There's some dispute whether some of them came from Ukraine it all depends how much you know land. Russia Concord. So my ancestors came here from Russia and I must confess. Then on I think two occasions I've actually met Donald Trott mr. it is. I actually met downturn it's even worse. I've known the vice president of the United States for several decades. Music congressman governor and analyst Bruce. I'm known for several decades. He true. Now I have to confess I've never colluded with them. But I don't believe either man is Everett sentence never told the American people that in fact. They have met me in the and in fact. My great grandparents were Russians. Another way despise Russian but that's a separate. So I I just wanted to make that public announcement. An affront. They just trying to make a public announcement. Upfront that my ancestors are Russian. At least some of them. And I met Donald Trump and I met. My parents are ultimately more won't cut it. When I was at the White House meeting with. The vice president and they were invited to meet the president I shook general Kelly's it. And I said to general Kelley. And I'm sorry he lost his son. And conduct the way he did his heroics on. But I did meet him. I have to admit it. And that there was Eric trump who has kind of hanging around I shook his hand to assignment America. We actually. Touched hands we shook hands. I can't recall everybody and its alliance. It's not possible to recall Ariba. But I shook a lot of hands and met a lot of people. Didn't say a lot other than hello how you doing keep up the good work that's what it. I don't know if this'll show up in Christopher steals next does CA I don't know if we'll show up and wife composed in the near times. I don't know. But I am of Russian ancestry and I did meet these people. The president the vice president similar stance. So I thought I get that out in the open. Now do you liberals out there. Who hate Joseph McCarthy Joseph McCarthy was actually chasing Condit is now he was wrong from time to time. Most politicians are but he was right from time to time. But it turned his name in the costs where. McCarthyism. And many of you Liberal Democrats you were soft on communism. He defended Alger Hiss and many of the so there now you're just as Communists working for the Soviets. A high ranking State Department official who accompanied Franklin Roosevelt from here to there. Negotiating post World War II. Which country would get what and so forth and so on to congress. Where she was a spot. The highest levels of our government. He was revealed. I would pick chambers who did any former Communists and they rejected it. Became dear friends William F Buckley junior. And one of the men who was involved in exposing. Outrageous and working we'll Whitaker chambers was. The congressman and senator by the name Richard Nixon. And the left never forgave next. Didn't matter that when Nixon was president he gave the motion in the EEOC and affirmative action in the senate and a they took everything he gave them. But they were always. Going to trying to strike him. That's why they say Watergate the worst crime. In political American history course that's ridiculous. We're living through that right now in my humble opinion. Right now. So I just wanted to point these things happen to you. Now you liberals. Have gone beyond anything McCarthy. After anybody never. Miller rush. You beyond that. What was the Arab country that there is they're looking in and now Mueller is looking into whether or not to there was collusion with Qatar the UAE there Ellison enemy. Some pinprick nothing country. In the Middle East and Arab land. Who should look at home. Who did what. This is a frightening period in our history. Frightening. And it all goes one way. Against this administration and against the Republicans. Nobody ever asked that Democrat in every member on the house intelligence committee on the Democrat side every member of the senate intelligence committee on the Democrat side. They've never been asked when's the last onion but with the Russians are popular Russian. Nobody asked Hillary Clinton Campaign any contacts or discussions with. Foreign governments foreign entities individuals representing themselves and having some association with a foreign government or foreign entity. Nobody even asked them. They don't have the answer any questions about quarter of post collusion in contact nothing. Meanwhile. Where they Soviet style. Apparatchiks prosecuted. Who only hires Democrat. Section look. And I do. They're right back. Don't about the Tea Party. We are very deep priority Colin now. 8773. Run creates Warren Barton. Yes Lee is. You know folks and really need your attention here. Not a typical message. What's list when you check your age thanks so. I know it's not exciting stuff that is very important stuff. You know not properly maintaining your system can cause illness allergies and unnecessary wearing tenure HVAC system. Leading to costly repair it even worse too premature replacement of the entire system. Resolved agreed that there with felt about America's leading provider HVAC filters from homes and small businesses. They carry over 600 different filters sizes including custom options all ship for free within 24 hours. Plus they're manufactured right here in the United States filtered by offers a multitude of Merv options all the way up to a hospital grade. So you'll be removing dangerous pollen mold us other allergy aggravating pollution while maximizing efficiency of your system. How right now you can save 5%. When you set up auto delivery so you never need to think about air filters again save money save time breathe better. With filtered by dot com that's filtered EU wide dot com so to buy dot com I'll let enough folks. There's a lot of primaries and gone but there's only a few that I jump into really less than ten sometimes less than six there's one that I considered the top the list. The next great conservative voice statesman mine in the House of Representatives that this guy. He has to get through proprietary. There's like 412 people running in the Republican primary. In the primaries tomorrow. This is and they suburb as I understand it of San Antonio. He's not only dear friend of mine he is solid as a rock so I guess they might personal endorsement. To chip Roy chip Roy how are you my friend. Mark great leadership regular premiere and you know we're we're really excited heading it up stretch here election that you are. Well first of all tell everybody where. We're talking about where is this election. Absolutely won't congressional district 21 and that's better check that. It will lead the whole country's seat currently occupy about Lamar Smith retiring. It stretches from Austin South Boston Dallas and it's not an outward oak tree start expert Kerviel. Burning you brawl ball properly or country expected to great district. I'm proud to are you running to represent the people this district could say yeah it's frankly just snapshot of tax. It's a big city of small town it's urban it's rural it's got out that it's got military. Insulation to enjoy it it's a wonderful districts that are Texas. You were chief of staff to senator Ted Cruz. You're endorsed by ten Cruz. Who endorsed by Mike Lee. Most importantly quite frankly mean bush Brittany. I just hit and. Conservative movement conservatives all around the country. Our rally to your cause how many people are running in the Republican primary. What are eighteen or in the race anyone dropped out to seventeen that are out tomorrow. Widget which had a large number but you know what that is a testament to the frustration that a lot of people feel. They want a piece of change in Washington and it's been a great I'm all right the district didn't know the people we've been walking you know walking through this race. What are brown repeatedly. In the extent to which people are across the board startup would both parties. They're excited the president trumpet taking on the swamp. But they're frustrated what they'd block that they've got in the congress that are not giving them what they need not represented people helping the president during this Wofford. That's what I hear regularly it's small town big town in this district. And that's why I'm running you know me out Serbs. A number of about statewide technical leader ticklish senator crew chief of staff was another person as an attorney general Ken Paxton. Worked for Governor Perry I am proud that endorsement as well and in my experience we can win nested that people are empowered fight back against swap. And that's what we're dealing in and out the Mets have been well received throughout the district. Even talking about these things for years and years and years. Issues and principles that are discussed by the freedom caucus by conservatives all over the country. How does the election look right now is it impossible to tell because there's somebody candidates. Well I Dicey decade or two lenders and applied to mention of freedom caucus could have also been endorsed by Jim Jordan. 2013. Month responded Sandia. There's dot earmarks stop spending and you know this could you you've known me for a long time. And the American people need that we need people they can trust and that that's what got into the race I think for two and as one. On the little concern about overall turnout and the relative enthusiasm among Democrats what they think they can accomplish and taxes. But then I'm reminded what I did not meet the voters in Texas what they believe. And that they believe a limited constitutional government and low spending low taxes and I don't think Rasheed funding quite apparent that it should be spending life. They think we should be defending our military in the depend archive rights American citizen. And protect the constitution that's what the voters in the 21 district in Texas boy. So they're they're over responding in their enthusiastic about what we need to do but we have a lot of work to do. Two to make sure that voters show up much armor which in the general election. And and I guess it's kind of tough the whole right now but are there any holes out there. There's been a pew poll but for the most part your ride in a crowded field and a congressional primary there's not a lot of called the you know we feel good about what we're seeing and seeing the numbers. It's important editor Len it was turned up there in the district or give Brenda the district of people show up to vote tomorrow. Showed to vote for conservative that you could trust. But dom we feel good that is moving in the right direction it did that the response is an extremely favorable you know people are really tired marking you'll appreciate it. You know we often hear while I appreciate that people are really tired I and that's of that. Now there are no kidding I thought that the you know what you know is is that you know people often say hey I'm tired of politicians to campaign has one thing that can Washington do. But you know what is our car talk to people I walk through what's really going on they get even more bad out which is best. They go to Washington and there may look you in the eye and they say they're doing one thing when they're doing the exact opposite that that moment. They say how I'm repealing obamacare did you look at the bill I know they're not based cedar cutting spending they need a trillion dollar deficit spending bill. They say that there. You know gonna seal the border and not doing it as a factor the belt accuses amnesty doesn't always order. What we're hearing and seeing is that president Thomas taking on the swap in congress is not really helping about why that's why we need new. A blood in new leadership in congress and and the people texted and responded. Now. If people wanna help you know and they say this because of the election in the primaries tomorrow. And they go. Ship Roy dot com that's triple A dot com and that's what we've got information about issues and what you can obviously support contribution. You know sign up to volunteer. If we've lord willing I get into Iraq off tomorrow which is which as you know put eighteen people only in the race she assumed that. Start to get to 51% as intact as we would. Assume you'd get to oh run off that we can finish in the top two will need. Significant support between now and the may 22 run off but obviously tomorrow it's your show and opted out of the poll. And outbid hitting chips or dot com to support us and and make sure that your ports are really appreciate after a bad show barker a great patriot what you mean for this country. Now your new show on fox everything that your Dylan. Man this country are being a lot worse shape of war for you out they're voicing giving a voice to liberty the best that we need your market. While you're really really kinda let me ask you this. What percentage of the vote he need to win outright and what percentage do you need to be in the runoff if you know. Well it did point one which would give us the denomination. Yeah you gotta get you got to get over fifty. That's very difficult eighteen in the field you know were obviously doing everything we can't go well he's. I don't really know the number I wouldn't want a packet number two it for sure about what it takes to get tore up. But if we get the people would turn out and we expect probably 6065000. People. Maybe seven yet most probably 6065000. To show it to be voting in this tough primary. So you know that would eighteen people feel that it you know a few thousand vote here they're make that bigger so everybody who showed up the roads are gonna count. And we we children about a eat quite sure. It'd. Chip really got to sound correct. Yes sir chip board dot com. And. Everybody who can hear me whether you're listening. On digital radio online with the rich and listening to satellite radio when they're listening to our affiliate in the district. When you're listening to mark live NF RI higher radio lap please tomorrow. It can be low turnout so it makes a big difference that you go and vote for chip Roy in this district it's very very important. That this man represent not only his district but from my perspective the entire country in the House of Representatives. He could be you could be. The next James Madison in the House of Representatives as far as I'm concerned that's how well I know him folks we've had a lot of discussions about a lot of things and frankly. When it comes to substance on the constitution. Forget it I'm my personality in his he's a much nice again. The fact is there's not a dime's worth of difference. So I hope you'll go you know get chip Roy in the congress as a positive thing and a chip good luck tomorrow god bless you my friend. Mark thank you affect what you do in god bless you backed government ought. You too. Now. Very very important. When you folks who live in that district. Please don't forget the vote tomorrow please don't forget to vote tomorrow it's very important. Let us know to myself. Palm Springs, California. Very very nice area and unfortunately more more liberal Sirius satellite dealt. How are you and mark thank you particularly like collier of the great war. Well thank you that you can be done. What am I what I'm that's it come. Out and figure out how you would you shake your hat in the denying owners their. So I'm hoping next here on putting money away to go see here. But we'll be back next here and take itself be with you and I'll be honored yourself. He got it baby and when you see me remind me that you are this caller. So go right ahead. Yes sir my another day she. She converted did you hear them on my ethnic background of anger Hispanic in my -- issue as well. Right cheers narration goes you Israel. Yeah how publicly released. Armed. I love this I have a Jewish people I love I mean I've gone to. Put me at synagogues around the nation. Right to talk to. People of Israel and I happen to be a bartender and that server. And I work in the community with a lot of Jewish people you and my dealings with. People from Israel is one year from Israel. You more content on the side. Our constitutional conservative. When you're from Israel and seeing how this say to be about 80% of the time you're commend. Tiger that's. And the Hollywood semi wanna know why they're bad people that are people that are Jewish that are from America or from. What I would like to say western. Society. I more lean. On and the left side and I love you. Taylor. Look at many Catholics. Support abortion Catholic politicians support bush. Which clearly goes against the doctrine in their faith. In that there's a same problem within two years in some cases more. And the answer is we've talked about us. Warren. The progressives their ideology is truly their faith. It might be Jewish they make it tepid support. To the faith the nitro synagogue. Time and again or even every week. Needed area they participate in shabbat and do things like that and say they're for Israel but the fact of the matter is they're leftists who back Obama. Now you cannot be aggressive and be constitutional. And made that argument. In rediscovering Americanism and I don't think there's any question about it. Moreover. It's hard to be a progressive. And somebody who can say. That they support Israel and I know I will be attacked by the likes of Dershowitz and so forth and so on. But I really believe this. And so. The mentality is the same within the progressives the progressive ideology within his. The ideology. And their party comes first he comes before the well being of the country. So that's my answer to your question I can go on and on for hours I wrote a book and park not that address is that. But it permitted but hitting encapsulates that. And I want to thank you for your call might enemy told we have to go heartbreak we'll be right back and I do care. You know just a few days ago the news was filled with the yet another revelation. About the equal thanks for. That topped the kind breached site criminals exposed the personal information of millions more people than originally reported. And there's no reason not to protect yourself he'd get the same coverage. That fortune 500 companies have been using for years for less than ten bucks a month. I've partnered with the best. Which is my ID care to bring you best in class protection from thieves. That empty your bank account to use your personal information protection medical fraud or attack your pension funds. I use my I. Credit freezes on how you would tax fraud or other types of ID theft. My ID care cover shoot for nine types of identity that. They're great CEO Tom Kelly is so committed to your protection listen this. He provides a 100%. Identity recovery guarantee if you fall victim or your money back. Learn more and get 15%. 15% off at my ID care dot com it's very simple my ID care dot com he's promo code mark seek it 15% off. What you call the toll free number. 8663343084. That's 866334308. For caller right now on yourself or writing it down 8663343084. Or go to my ID care dot com promo code Mike it is. It truly. Top of the line. Protection that you can get. That was only available just a few years back these major corporations. And now they're making available to you know my audience. Had a great discussion of those folks are great spots. Travis Springfield Missouri the great KF TS. I checked my call on you bet you can't they accept that you stand up for bird watcher I am. On this issue. And what's got me the lakers have a popular. This generation farmer here in the we get any country or China. Nor Japan's top one day it fares there. Pardon me they hit surged. Yeah but armor tomorrow owners they go right after our farmers. Run and in what qualify do you know now in the dropped classical warned you know you're cute less seemed lessening demand we're gonna intro pretty quick what you auto bankruptcies and farmers. So. The problem is we don't have a lot of farmers people just think Fuji shows up at the grocery store you know that right. And so it has worked pretty hard till I mean you know you work with your hand still but apparently united favorite group. Yeah you know very valid why. I'm I'm I'm educated or more mission content it. I don't start talking earlier Sharpton me I can do it don't by farmland and Mike Helton and Armon. The end any sort Omar deter my opinion really bad so. Now I agree with you I'm my friend I appreciate your call thank you. And thanks for doing what you do because I like the Mac. Austin, Texas on the Barkley then that go. Yes sir mr. Ouattara speak with you when listening world almost ten years now thank you buddy accretion. There are and we're now broadcast and air or your favorite television channel majority channel has Julie Chen. I know you talk about quote I'm and we appreciate it did they know I talk about the author. I highly doubt it. Yeah it's and that's what I do they kind of tongue in cheek but anyway yes we're. Right right. But yeah I've been involved and million dollar studio billed it. And I just want to say when I got CR TV. Christmas point six pain that Smart lovely life. Tom I was just really impressed we're living TV. You guys you know will be like opening shot you'll see you also that the lighting grid the. Osama gotta go I should've gotten zero you're exactly right a lot of time and effort a lot of money went into that sense. As we wanted to do it as fast as ski patrol and I'll just check out looking TV folks. And look forward to seeing you hang in there. Got the last we'll be right we'll be back. Later. When you're running a business time is money. And you can save both with Stamps.Com. You can access all of the amazing services of the post office without having to leave your own office print postage for any letter or any package right from your computer you'll never underpaid or overpay again. Which will save you time and money that you can use to grow your business. It's so simple so easy and so convenient. You can create Stamps.Com account in minutes online with no equipment to lease and no long term commitments then all you have to do is click print and mail. And you're done I used to apps dot com because my company pushes out a lot of packages. And I have to send anyone to the post office. Stamps.Com let this keep going without losing to be. And right now you too can enjoy the Stamps.Com service this special offer that includes a four week trial. Plus postage and a digital scale go to Stamps.Com. Click on the microphone at the top of the home page anti Korean bunker that Stamps.Com. Enter bunker.

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