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3/2/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 3, 2018|

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Robert Mueller has President Trump’s family in his crosshairs and they’ve done nothing to deserve this treatment. It’s not a crime for Trump to be president, for Ivanka and Jared Kushner to be in the White House, for Melania to get a green card, or to do business in ...

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Enter bunker. Hello everybody mark living here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. You know last night after the program in early this morning. And reading the news and going through yet never stopped. The nation's. One article after another from one news outfit infinitely. Trashing one or another and Donald trumps family members. Milan you trump now they wanna know how she became. An immigrant and illegal citizen in the United States. Than me at times is on the case. We have CNN here. Exclusive FBI counterintelligence desk negating Yvonne could trump business deal. Then we have another outfit here. That seat cushion this family business receive loans after a White House meetings. They only have five New York magazine. Robert Mueller has trump and family in his cross hairs by Jonathan chance. Now. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. Not that any. President none of any presidential family now with a new administration. These people have done nothing. To deserve this kind of treatment. Donald Trump decided to serve the American people. Again we can disagree on issues and I'll get to some that we disagree on that's not my point. My point in its. It's not a crime for Donald Trump to be president. It's not a crime for his daughter really relax on and his saddle offering relies on to be in the White House. It's not a crime that he married. And immigrant who became the United States citizen. It's not a crime that they've done business in Russia. It's not like they got huge payoffs like the clintons after brought. And yet look at all this it's endless its day in and day out day in and day out. Can you imagine being Donald Trump you wake up in the morning you don't know what the next thing's gonna hit you don't and then they mocked him for tweeting. Let me tell you why he's tweeting he's defending himself. And he's defending his family watching over. On MSNBC or CNN. NBC or ABC or CBS. Talk again the next time to the Washington Post. He's trying to communicate with you know he's trying to defend himself. He's not politically correct. But ladies and gentlemen neither is the last neither. There are the media. That things they've said about this man that thinks they're trying to dude and his family. Paralleled in in American history. Absolutely apparel. No family should have to go through this. They came in their offense very wealthy. They didn't come and office to get wealth they like most of these the photos. They're already very wealthy. And because so wealthy. Had complicated investments in tax returns and so forth. They're being subjected to scoop. They don't you know. Make completely out of control rogue. Not so special counsel. Who only hires Democrats to be honest that. Who is clearly out to destroy this president and destroying his presidency. Who's clearly doing James cone he's baiting who's clearly doing Adam Schiff spitting. That's right I said it. Well as an attack. And a leading here trade Downey back goof ball. With the different that can do every day. I think. Mueller is great chef who cares. How could you watch what's taken place here with the collusion argument that they Hillary Clinton Campaign. Used by the FBI under the control of the liberals at trump haters. Leaked media who hay dropped. Used to trigger a special counsel by a special counsel. Whose best friends with Tommy had right eyebrow rose in state and they trap. This is a shadow. This is a set up. The Clinton Campaign in the DNC. There operatives all of a Washington DC including in the FBI. This was a setup from day one. As I said last year. These fights a court judges. Don't get to hide under the table in the rose Egypt federal judges. Federal district judges are elected by none other than the Chief Justice of the United States to serve on this secret court. As I said on Hannity last night they don't get tied. These charges are every bit as Julius and yet everybody is building has been Hillary Clinton Campaign and that gives you. They signed off on these warrants. Either didn't read the material pair according. Or they didn't care. There would have been no less. Vietnam. The trump campaign button lawyer that I said judges and the extent that not once not twice but three times. Three times. Remember the basis the probable cause for awhile and counterintelligence investigation. Number I want. That there would be subject. Is an agent of a foreign government in this case it was Carter page and they claimed he was an agent rush. Not so. He's likely to have our is committing crimes. Ladies and gentlemen. The press warrant was issued. October's figure out. Extended three times he was survey out for an entire year. As the United States Department of Justice brought a case against Carter page now. Because there's no case to bring. There's no case to bring. That's fat. That the FBI initiated this investigation was leaked all over the media in order to try and stop trump from getting the nomination. In order from trying to stop drop from winning the general Election Day. Twice a court I think by the election really two weeks before the election. Yeah issued a warrant. And they did and they day before the general election. It was reported. Iowa website call he street but did the tour. This is gonna set up. If trump didn't win most is this what do gone away. You never heard the end it heard about. Certainly beyond the early reports you would merit anymore. But he won. In don't like it. Because for the administrative state the Democrat party won in the same thing in the media. He was an Ottawa. He wasn't allowed to win. This family. Ladies and gentlemen. Is being abused by the federal government. This family is being abused by the media this family is being reviewed by Adam Schiff. Chuck Schumer. And a Democrat. In a way that I've never seen before you Bob good trump is over in South Korea right for the Olympics. Reporter asks there. About her dad in these allegations about a porno star and everything up and she's. Classic she's respectful she says. You know that's not appropriate to ask me if they ever asked ever. Chelsea Clinton about her dad's affairs that even as it did say no way and they never what. They want to know about Gilani at trump how did she get here. Why are they trying to humiliated they have something course they don't. Then uses to raise a question. Now of course you. He raised questions some of you about. Obama's birth certificate exploded don't go there it's ridiculous and meanwhile look where the media is not what Maloney a trop. If they treat Michelle Obama in any negative way at all for anything. Her mother was living in the White House rent free which he took those fabulously luxurious and expensive trips never. When she wore those expensive evening gowns were they used to trash Nancy Reagan when she was those can't never. Not a word. No word. Question his family business received loans after a White House meeting so why. So what are. One has nothing to do what they haven't. Ibaka Trump's business holdings under investigation. That's. What does she know. Melodic trump how did she can really get to the United States. Why are you doing there. If got nothing. You've got absolutely nothing. Bob Mueller has trumpeted family describes it really does. And look at the disgraceful congress. Pope hicks. The 29 year old woman young woman. Who's been serving the president and I sat like I don't know how long whatever in the private sector and in the government it's over. She's interrogated. By committee for nine hours. For nine hours. In order did beater down. In order to grind you're up. Where's Christopher Steele has he testified yet. Not from one damn minute. Actually one day and then it. I hope picks we've got to get to the bottom I hope it so yeah. Now now we got to know what's going on there. Every day. The calls. For general Kelley retired chief us after resign resign over a lot. And does he know. There's been serious note. He had used the IRS know. But he needs to resign or really something happens he has to resign. I'm disgusted by the whole damn thing some days I just wanna walk away I just one walk away. We can duke it out politically. With the left and among ourselves we can duke it out on policy with the left and among ourselves and we do. Let these Soviet style tactics and that's the Aaron. The Russians are laughing. Because they succeeded. Because Adam Schiff as a shill. Because James coney is a fool. Because Muller. Is a clown. In the end they're all doing Putin's work Arctic. Because that all started. When they farther from Britain working with the Kremlin apparatchiks. In the biggest. Phony scandal in modern American history. And now you have this Muller. Who's operating outside our constitutional limits. And you had this guy Rosenstiel. This bizarre looking pencil necked bureaucratic nerd. Who's been feeding from the public trough as entire damn courier. Approving the expansion. Day in and day out of the mother proud quietly. It is a rubber stamp. You know judges on the price of the car rubber stamps. Rubber stamped. They should be especially attentive to what's going on because there's no I didn't matter what the FBI is telling them. In that courtroom nobody. He really curious. No one congress. Congress which created this court. Is what triggered all the federal courts except for the Supreme Court early this Supreme Court is great by the constitution. What congress says to this judge. This budget court judge who started the water. We want to see it copied the application that was presented to unite she says. Now. US the president to activity and it was his government after all that submitted a knowing full well whether trump did that. They're deep dark yet. Prompt you to show us. Like shipping ship less about obstruction. We've now reached the point. When the president of the United States tweeted openly to the public criticizes his attorney general what Eli cannot not appoint. They're saying that's obstruction justice. When you criticize an inferior employees. For their work that's obstruction of justice. Alleged mop. In leftist lynch mob you know is even more disgusting than the radical leftists in the media. Many these never choppers fools like Bret Stephens and others. They know what's going on here. But there's so personally invested. So personally invested in the destruction of the trump family and Donald Trump they don't give a damn. Shame on. I'll be right back. Player but he Bret Baier Fox News show you real journalist. You can't wait for me. I don't say that about all books. For three days in Moscow on. The Reagan how India won the Cold War and so for the eighth but it's. It's not sterile in the least. He writes beautifully it's a story telling book based on them enormous amount of independent research and interviews and so forth. And I just very much enjoyed it. So. You know. It's just an excellent book he's become an excellent historian. And author as far as I'm concerned Craig Shirley writes unbelievable books on Reagan and Tony have a whole library is spot. I like a when he signs them to let go one next to the other. They're like one volume after another and I really. Really do appreciate them they're very important books. So can learn the lessons of of what's taken place. But it wanna get back to us. Can you think of any Democratic Party that's very good the White House it's ever been treated us like you know he horrific assassination John Kennedy. Fact of the matter. What he did in the Oval Office. Was so outrageous. With women would monsters. With spies and it just discussed within Terrence Robert Kennedy the same thing again god bless their souls. But the media would never ever ever report on those things ever. Look what's going on here the trump family it's unbelievable to me. I'm Mark Wilson show where we create the talking points call and now. 8773813811. Is there anything like. The thing guys he scandal. In the trunk administration. Is there anything like the fast and furious scandal on the current administration. Is there anything like the IRS scandal. In the drug administration. You notice how the media. Wouldn't lake bluff and Obama or his administration. This presidency ladies and gentlemen you ready for this. Is not. Faced with a bunch of scandals it's the same. Phony setup. That they started a year and a half ago. And it loosened this area that it's got tentacles. Technicals. Then they talk about security clearances. They move from one. Issued to the next to the next and exploited. And are dishonest about. How many people in the Obama administration in the first year were operating under temporary security clearances does anybody know you know most of it is. Nobody notes. Why don't we know because they didn't care. The media didn't care and the media didn't care. How many people working in the Obama administration in the first year. Didn't secure our full security clearances anybody now. Nobody knows why you know. Nobody gets. Nobody kids. Barack Obama given his background. His colluding. With a professor at times when Hamas has colluded. Would dornin dance to domestic terrorists. Barack Obama and got a security clinic to be a janitor. Or black or driver. Ornette BI agent. Or Secret Service agent. In other words he could have got. But they security clearance for anything in the federal govern. Given his background. It is present United States because the Democrats. Not many people these kinds of backgrounds look at John Kerry. And hiss colluding with the enemy. And trashing. Vietnam soldiers who lying about the and committed congress and 187 years so anyone. So hope mixes grilled for NYNEX. Was Valerie Jarrett ever grow from nine ounce. She was the gatekeeper. She was the spend has. When she called before any committee of congress know they dared do that. We all know what's going on here. Those of us who are sober we all know what's going on here. It's a coup attempt. I said the day after the election may be going on and they don't. I hooker micro. They're trying to break this to me. By going after skits. First it was Donald Trump junior out of that meeting when Russians did did that. What if they Donald Trump June. Maybe gone after this. Some of all push. Now they've gone after his daughter Eva. Now they're questioning his wife. And her legal step. Leak after leak after leak. Coming animal is operation. Leak after leak who is this man Mahler. What is this entity. This entity this perversion of American justice. This rogue throwback. To kings and queens. Who is this. How why should we give him respect. He nobler than the rest of us because he hides Democrats as you nobler than the rest of us because of people leaked. If you nobler than the rest of us because he seeks the crash Bebop. Before even brings in the court but it is good or her. For the billionth time I don't know never met him never spoke to. Another special later point. Not because these kids activists. He's one of the few whose video today he won't update. He says again I'm innocent others and others are pretty good times the other day I'm innocent I'm reticent creditors. He's going broke it could have been his son in law. President lowly in California. Some mortgage account of what they did his son in law. They went after his lawyer. It would average PR person. They barge that was well what I'm sure online video of my friend bad yet to get her vision of a federal judge. Last week. He's got his mother loved funeral. He says I'm an innocent man. I'm not giving into this. You have to have some aberration for a man like that don't you. He can accuse anybody running. He hasn't been convicted of any. That is being court. But at least for now he's saying he wants is staying court. And ladies and gentlemen if he had not been down current campaign manager none of this would be happening none of to him and his family to a son in law to his lawyer. This PR agent. He still be a wealthy man doing whatever it was that he used to do. What he's being charged what does activities that took place. Years ago that the FBI under Mueller. Did not investigate where they did investigate it took a pass and all the studies public enemy number one. As they wanna break. Like they've broken the others. They wanna destroy him financially they wanted to destroys marriage they won destroys children. Because they wanted to try out. All you have to do. Mr. men afraid to say uncle. All you have to do in this demand courtesy obstruction of justice. And a serve a year to nearly Bologna sandwiches you'll be fine. Leaving alone. You're nightmare will be over. But if you don't do we tell you mr. Manfred. We're gonna continue to take applies to your teeth. And your fingernails. Because we have endless resource is. We've endless power thanks to mr. Rosen scene he keeps signing off on whatever we wanted to know. Your name is now much. And this is why we brought charges against you that if the had them all up. Mr. manage through these series hundreds of years in prison. Because he was Donald Trump campaign let's just be honest with each. Otherwise none of this would be happening. We'll look at committees of congress. Adam Schiff. Have you ever seen a more dishonorably human being and life. And mantra from the truth. Is a lie. Penalize the truth. Emanuel say any thing. Spin anything leak any thing. Because for him it's a day spell power. What's to come out on top. He wants to win. And for leftists and their mindset. Powers when told about. And Adam Schiff is a superstar liberal media. They can't bring them on enough. They can't bring them on MSNBC and CNN and be depressed. They can't bring them on this week. He face the nation. And all the other should they can't bring a monitor why. Hansen no quite the contrary. He charismatic not quite the contrary is he intelligent no quite the contrary to see if something truly interesting substantive profound to say no quite the contract. Because the media love this guy. Because he says what they want to a year. And he says what they want you here so they give them and a megaphone. He's a shill for acute in the Russian that's what he has. He's a shelf repute in the Russians. Who's done more to step up and dealer Russia and you try. Our Adam Schiff. Well Mark Warner. Truck where Charles Schumer. With a platoon Jacoby. You realize ladies and gentlemen. If I've been wrong all this time. But the FBI unwittingly used the information in this this those CA. Much of which was fed. To the British foreigner the spy. I'd Putin's apparatchiks. That if the FBI. And willingly use it on you know they did but let's pretend it was playing long. That the the biggest suckers in world history. That they were played by the Russians. The Democrats don't hate cute and the Russians anymore. And they used to. They'd mind. The Democrats admire autocracy. That's what they push for every day in all powerful centralized iron fisted federal government. They admire you they won't say if a criticize him now. Because it's in the best interest just as they. Earned on a dime a Tony. Really cost us the election Carly should resign I played the audio before. Kobe is disreputable. Trump Plaza where am and it. Trap is disreputable. Obstructing justice tried to leave my dear friend the Angel. Kobe hello. And what do what it's like. Being down a chopper a family member waking up every day wondering when the next she'll have a centerpiece of shoes is kind of fall. The next smear the next leak. The next personal attack. Which family member will be next. We'll be better and they've gone after baron. Well to beat Aaron. Every porno stars can we bring in this sure let's spice about the. You know like the Russian puck is yeah how many portal stars we bring him. When Bill Clinton. One Juanita Broderick. Was coming forward saying he raped me when he was attorney general Arkansas no I can't quiet city put it back over yet. Nobody wanted to hear damn thing. Those aren't yet ready and then conga line lets anybody can say anything. Truth or no truth it's of no consequence the point is the media want to give it. In voice. He got this clown professor for me out noticed she's gone for now we'll bring her back when they need it when it's quite Newsday. Going on and on about. How Donald Trump is mentally deranged and they need to treat the 25 amendment. Who is this professor. All they really remember. Democrats met with him twice on Capitol Hill we were told by the media. She was given voice by the media should written off as an irresponsible unethical Kook now not. We got to hear more from there. As the press. President he sees drink occasionally you know. I'm like Schumer and Pelosi of course. I'll be right. I seek care. You know there's absolutely no reason to leave yourself completely vulnerable cybercrime. They like the doors at night right. But cyber thieves can still way more than what's in your house. I've partner with my ID care to being you a different kind of a Denny's head protection that offers best in the class protection from thieves. The clean out your bank account user personal information for tax or medical fraud. My ID cares covered fortune 500 companies for years. And they asked me to let you know that there's service is now available to individuals and families to. Credit he freezes on up Hewitt tax fraud or other types of ID theft. Nothing Kiki. But my DK covers you for nine types of identity to me get this CEO Tom Kelly is so committed to your protection. The provides a 100% identity come recovery guarantee if you fall victim where your money back that is a big deal. Learn more and get 15%. Off it my ID care these promo code mark my ID to air promo code Mark Warner. You're in your cars in traffic right now called and number they set up just feel my listeners it's exclusive. 8663343084866. 33 fourths or 8084. And you'll also get 15%. My ID Carol promo code mark or call 8663343084. You know even though I find myself from time to time. Strongly. Disagree with the president as I strongly agree with the press. We'll talk more about that the next hour. What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong. In this effort. To turn the constitution and the rule of law. Inside out. Targeting the president and his family from day one. Trying to break him and break his spirit. Through Jimenez now. Seeking a a partisan rogue prosecutor who hires partisan rogue prosecutors. On what was a presidential campaign. We know collusion. I don't know there's no collusion. And we know there's no pollution. Well they have at least that there is that's number one number two. No committee. When moment. No committee congress is now collusion. Number three Rosen seen. In that very courageous indictment of thirteen Russians. And Saint Petersburg. Russia but I'll never get their hands. That's how are out Justice Department fight cyber warfare use the indict people that. You know they might as front I come quite cool there it's gonna have just as much as evidence that. And Rosen Steve says the knowledge nothing can and I hear collusion against him. You know Rosen Steve strikes music kid. Who got kicked around and it was bully always flies. If you can expect a really well packaged as secretary Robert did you guys crack addiction that so he goes so great. College. I don't know which one goes to great law school I don't know which one. Any takes government where. Works his way up to an assistant US attorney becomes a US attorney needed. To get Japan get extra attention to anybody looks at you know I don't you talk to me that I guess that's the way they go on strike. As America. Now he's a tough guy. You know I don't. While you keep sending me these are you expanding and extending and expanding and expanding go ahead I don't get them I don't I don't. The much different case though really is telling me. Just step back and think about it. Maybe you'll find a deal leaves something some day that's quite possible. Particularly if he's trying to District of Columbia. For Republicans are despised by juries. Which is why somebody prosecutors bring cases there. The ladies and gentlemen. Do you think American citizen. Should be treated the way he's been treated DD kill somebody. He rape somebody. What does he do. You register as a foreign agent they claimed he didn't pay taxes. They claim he was hiding money. Okay. They can claim whatever they want. Many years after the fact which they never acclaim before. He says an American citizen should be treated this way were yesterday a judge to go to his mother in law's funeral. It's. Why it's Amy progressive number one number two employee leave a message. Paging me Britney Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your a cappella group and that harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool it should be you given me the pep talk. Now get out there damn high note and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this yeah. Saying that it. The interest in which management. Hello everybody marquee event here are number 87738138118773813811. And this subject up wasn't planning on hitting until later but I've decided it. 'cause it's a big deal. The New York Times. Is reporting that the inspector general for the Department of Justice will accuse. Ager McCabe of authorizing leaks. To the media. Any of you who listen to this program over the course the last. Here a year and a half you've known I've said that McCain has a leak here they come is a leaker Straka is a weaker. His girlfriend pages a leak there. And then of course ongoing war again the main source. For Woodward and Bernstein these guys aren't great reporters the main source was the deputy FBI director and a point that out to you remember it. And I said I think this deputy to FBI directors police similar ilk. But the Hillis reporting a report from the Justice Department's inspector general. Who criticize former FBI deputy director arranger McKay. For allowing agency officials. To provide information about ongoing investigation of the media. The tape reportedly authorized FBI officials. To provide information to the Wall Street Journal. And its investigation. In how the agency to handle the probe. And Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. The deputy director allowed officials to discuss the meeting detailed in an October 2016 journal. Wall Street Journal report. Going with some top DOJ officials reportedly decided. Against authorizing. A grand jury which subpoenas. In the Clinton case. Unbelievable. Humbly go. So they're leaking investigative information. Information that's still. Relate to. In investigation. To the media. Telecom he has confessed to being a leaker what he has had confessed to us how much we can he get into you know to this day the Federal Bureau of Investigation will not release the combing memos to the United States congress. You know that beef ice a court will not release the ice applications for the United States congress. The congress exists under article one of the constitution. Tyson court does not it was created by congress. The FBI does not it was created by congress. We now live in a world. When he constitutional Hannity and qarase these other entities. Can't get access to the information gathered by these other and it's. It's atrocious. No more evidence. Then when you. Had this to the unmasking that took place in general Flint and others. Look folks those of you who have been living here. I told you early on that this is there a most correct horrific example domestic political surveillance. Probably in American history. That the trying guard media will do anything you can't protect Obama and his legacy why because they love the man and they are philosophically identical. They're philosophically I don't. Conversely. They despite strong in the we'll do anything they can destroy it. All right. How would you like to talk about liberty little. Actually told a liberty freedom won atonement. Well let's talk about liberty. Let's talk about. Economic activity. Let's talk about. Trade channel. The protectionists among you are. Don't think about this list are frauds and phonies. Because the protection is someone you bilateral firing it. You pay a lot of salaries of foreign employees. The protectionism and you do not buy American. You buy whatever you can as cheaply can get it. And yet you put a face on the rest of us the rest of the well. That somehow you're more patriotic than we. You're not. You're protectionist. Your Bernie Sanders Sherrod Brown protections. Here Herbert Hoover protectionist. Over at the daily wire. A buddy Ben Shapiro pulled together a few articles. And makes a great case. About the skill and alumina industry. The first article eyesight is from the near times. The American steel industries doing well in 2016 the steel industry boom. Boom. Thanks to dramatically increased car sales. Nucor the nation's leading steel manufacturer. It's sixteen billion in sales that you sixteen billion. And last year its net earnings increased 65%. The average salary that company's 80000 dollars. Most job losses Medicare our thanks to technological advances. Not to farm trade. Nucor stock price in 2000 was around twelve dollars today 65 dollars. And yet they come accompany hand. For tariffs and subsidies from you know. There's more. US steel boom last year too in quarter four of 2016 net earnings were 47 million. But court appoint 2017. Innings for a 136 million. Steel Dynamics and operating income of one point one billion dollars. American production of raw steel has been more or less steady since approximately 1980. It they're making more money. Their employees are receiving degrees out. This Cato Institute trade lawyer Scott Linn coma. Points out US producers controls 70%. Of the steel market and when understood this. US producers controls 70% of the steel market. How do you control 70% of the market. And still get special treatment by the federal government. 70% of the market for all the talk about dumping. US domestic steel companies control. 70% of the still market in the United States. US steel production rose 5% last year. In the United States. There are already as I speak 160. Duties on steel imports 160. Duties. But mark China keeps stomping China. Ranks eleventh. In steel importation into the United States eleven. United. We have no defense needs for Paris to preserve the Steelers. Not. They control 70% of the production. In China is about 2%. Tariffs cost jobs and other industry most importantly employees of steel consuming companies. Steel consuming American companies. Outnumber employees of steel companies. 45 to one. 45 to one. Mean that is prices rise as a result of these tariffs sowed the cost for the businesses that employ those beat the 45. Compared to don't want. In the markets reacted. Reacting to news of Trump's trade talks with a spike in aluminum premiums that companies like Anheuser-Busch are reacting. They're chief financial officer said about two million jobs depend on America's beer industry. We urged the Department of Commerce in US president trump to consider the impact of trade restriction Paris. He beer cans are of course made of aluminum. Source who can't and more on that in a minute. Now we have a history we have evidence and that's who we conservatives look at is enough. And steel tariffs have been counterproductive. George W. Bush put in place you know passage you might expect because he wasn't a conservative they lasted just 21 months why. As a result added 200000 people losing their jobs that's why. For every skilled jobs created. American consumers paid an additional 200002. Point three million dollars. In past rounds of still tariffs and not revitalized. These still industry. In other words trumps talk is nonsense. Wilbur Ross is talk. Nonsense this is the evidence so. There's other consequences. Some expected some unpredictable. Our closest trading partners Canada and Mexico they're looking to trade and other countries. They're looking to trade less with the United States Mexico is now looking to boost trade with China. Because other countries are not the standstill for this Beirut the president said in Europe and elsewhere. Candidate should look out for Canadians Mexico should look out for Mexicans which is gonna look out for us right. While they're looking out for their citizen. And China's welcomed them with open arms do you know that China has slashed. Tariffs on over 200 of its products because China has figured out. That it wants to replace the United States is the greatest trading country on the face they. And so it's reducing barriers and costs. Despite. What politicians and our country said while we're increase in Mexico is now looking to trade more which aren't. And they're not the only one. In China is looking to trade more. For the American trade partners and allies. And that's what they're doing. I'm gonna dig more into this. When we return. Campbell Soup. That's Campbell Soup. We grew up once Campbell's that there are. You lose. A lot of people leave there's nothing wrong when it's. To staple for a lot of homes it's affordable. And that's the key point right. So affordable. Well. Wilbur Ross the secretary commerce was the media today telling. Everybody that. He would he still Paris which is pushing hard. The price we can't assume we'll go up less than a penny. Campbell Soup respondents say. You still tariffs are gonna drive up the cost of the with the canned soup. Enough I Penn. I'm more. Wilbur Ross. Is nobody to me. Friends with the president. He's a big time protectionist he happens to benefit personally. Often his protectionist policies that he's pushed over the decades. Is extraordinarily wealthy by what are said bankrupt companies in the turning them around. But it is just turn them around you see ladies and gentlemen because he can't just camera. He buys them. Lobbies Washington for Paris and other forms us. Of a public monies that you pay up. And then he turns to Europe. And of these companies do poorly of course they blame the Chinese. I'm playing the Chinese. Premier national security perspective for endangering the United States. An 11% of the still that we use in this country. She's been around 2% of the still use in this country. It's from China. The biggest foreign imported steel in the United States is Canada. And even that is miniscule compared to the fact that we produce 70% of the steel that we use in the United States I just can't say this number enough. Given the effective. Lobbying and propaganda campaign these companies. In their political hatchet man. 70%. Of this DO that we use in this country. It's produced in this country. There's very few industries in this country that can say 70%. Our extensive reduce in this country's produced by American companies. I don't 170% at times it produced in America I just don't know. I don't 170% of our mobiles are produced in America. When I gave that figure on China were you shocked courts Jewish. They're dumping steel they don't be so how. How much can it be done and how much it'd be dumping meanwhile US steel almost all the steel companies had a better year last year. Lawyer we sentence tell you we're suckers. And then you told. You're not patriotic and lets you support massively increasing the price of everything to the American consumer. In order to subsidize businesses. That add up here last year. And controls 70%. The steel production in this country. Now think about it. They give up. Now that should explain that there is no national security issue. None whatsoever. When it comes to the production is that in only gonna have my steel manufacturer yet we. Somebody might point to a particular mill. And I don't know I've I've mills being run. Businesses are. Established. To exist in perpetuating. Some go under some don't. Some expand some shrink summer replacement new technologies new products new advances new services. It's called liberty that's what we get. So what does all this. It's a disgrace is what is. You gonna pay more from home you're gonna pay more for automobile he gonna pay more for suppan can and can't be here. He didn't pay more for everything. Does he really looked around steel and aluminum and lumber are everywhere. They're everywhere. Why should. Why should you pay more. You shouldn't. I can write about this from day one. The compound boys and girls in the rockettes they either won't discuss it but he's been. Pollack he ran on it so why. He also rattled deporting people. And now we're talking about eleven million. Citizens who are illegal aliens and their family members. He never ran a gun control. You know one of the things I notice by my Brothers and sisters in this business and again I can't listen to them along because of just. Do my thing. For their lowest comes down to the default position blaming the media. Now I don't blame for blaming the media. I blame the media for a lot of this duke. But you know what ladies and gentlemen you can only take that so far. Sometimes. And a woman we electorally like do things that we don't like. Not because of the media spin their. The media trying to get them and we know the media artist and a whole hour. Because they have bone headed idea. I didn't vote for president trump because of his trade positions. I voted farm. Despite the strength as a and I feel I do have an obligation to do everything we can to fight against. Because it's harmful to the country. This won't make America great you know make America weak. Copyright. About fifteen Friday we are that she Friday call in now 877381. Maturity dates Warren bond. And you think he'd be good the last night I was on Hannity Tunisia now the end. And I spent some time talking about this place a court. And I'm an essay on this because Landmark Legal Foundation and it's wonderful president Pete's Hutchison. I'm the chairman now I'm not involved in the day to day activities. They filed a motion with decisive cook. Way back last April. In this to me is crucial. Because the fights a court that judges are getting a pass they shouldn't get a pass congress has an article on constitutional. Kennedy. He created the phys accord it's created all the courts except for the Supreme Court. And I viewed as an oversight responsibility. And duty to find out what took place here. It's not enough for a face a court judge a federal judge has the blow off the United States congress when she in fact. Has some answering to do for her conduct. Not because of the having an opinion that. That people might disagree with. Now because of her conduct. Here's what I told Hannity. Last not cut and that last night come one go this. New this memo that I have here. That the FBI agents could have committed crimes. And that they broke protocol bill O we already know when you don't qualify as a judge. In your initial applications also went. Renewal applications. That Hillary bought and paid for the dossier that was never verified in the law specifically says to verify it. Don't we know that they violated the law. Mark lament constitutional scholar. You know issue on ending the need to lose but the judges on the size of course so far have gotten away without being scrutinized. Your federal judge. Forget about the size of course federal district judge. Appellate court the Supreme Court. And you know as a matter of fact. That you were misled. I wanted to listen to this and you know as a matter of fact. That the information that was provided to you for the information wasn't provided for full contact. Leg due to issue a warrant. To spy on an American citizen. Under the idea that the American citizen. Was an agent of Russia who is likely to commit a crime and by the way that citizen Carter page last time I checked yet been charged with anything. If you're job. And we've had success and judges in this Tyson court over a period of one year. And you don't do something about it. Congress needs to look into this. I do not expect the Department of Justice to investigate the Department of Justice I just thought. I don't expect the FBI to investigate the FBI but I demo looks bad. Judges serving his bicycle and judges to make sure. That. I'm not pleasant committed in front of them now let me let me taste and last April. Landmark Legal Foundation filed. Secretly. With the price of court because we don't. Haven't seen nobody has standing nobody really knows how this works. And we said in the court take more paint judge guess what guess what just took place in your court growth here's what we set. You have the inherent jurisdiction to order an investigation by the FBI to get answers to yes number one. This court's order or orders could use my intelligence and law enforcement and it needs of the federal government as you subterfuge. Is there mail private citizens. And at least one United States senator would repeat his actions of the time for political purposes number two. The officials seeking one or more national security surveillance warrants from this court. As they pretax. To conduct an investigation for the purpose of effecting an ongoing national presidential campaign. And subsequent transition of an incoming president since last April. Number three. When applying to this court for one or more warrants in this matter. Did the FBI. Informed escort data that apparently paid some of the expenses. Of a former British spy. Who prepared the dossier reportedly relied on in whole or part. In its application to convince this court to issue a warrant number four. When applying to this court this is asked the judge. We're one or more wired to this matter did the F giants won this court that the goes GA it reportedly presented in prison and a one or more warrants had originally been prepared. By the former British spy or a Washington research parameter conduct an opposition research against the republic. The nominee for president United States Donald. Landmark Legal Foundation respectfully requests the court the judge the slice a judge. Sitting in bop. Iris out. She should direct the government to complete its investigation and report its findings to the court. Within ninety days. The court should also consider whether it's appropriate to issue an order to all relevant federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to show cause as to why. They should not be held in contempt. For failing to protect the secrecy of classified information obtained pursuant to the court ordered. Now beyond the judge said in response classifies a court judge I want to listen this. April 252070. This is Rosemary Collins the presiding judge. Keep in mind the judges and the price of court are picked by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court these are district court judges for the most part so they're existing federal court judges she wrote. In this little water. The court is received completing tidal motion for leave to appear as a need to secure Iraq on and on and on passed landmark. On April 20 explained that five days later though he says. Although presented as a request to a Pierre. There's no matter pending before the court with respect to which such an occurrence would be proper and elicited. This warrant was extended three times that I was still appearing before this court that's number one number two. The court has ongoing jurisdiction to supervise the conduct of attorneys the FBI and Justice Department before the court content. Meet these backwards. Even after a case is being included in other words this slice of god. And quite frankly. Was misdirected. When she said the matters not before us anymore when it was still before them and this court like any federal court still has the power reach back and hold people accountable she did not think she did not calling the FBI as far as we know. She did not call on the Justice Department she did not answer for answers she did not ask for an investigation. She didn't call a contempt hearing nothing in that tells me. Something smells like Iraq. Our let's go up there. And back on the point is this ladies and gentlemen Anna a federal judge has wide authority and discretion. To order an investigation and to punish people. Who defile the court. You see when you lied to a judge. Well you present. Knowingly. Misleading. Material information. To a judge where you omit material information. For the purpose of improperly influencing a court's decision. The court has to defend the court. Because there must be respect for the court. That is the system to judicial system. What we have here in judge Rosemary collier among others. The Tyson court judge in the first instance. Physically complete abdication. Of her role as a judge. She's presented this evidence by landmark legal out the foundation last April. Laid it out pretty soon simply couldn't we didn't have all the information and she's done nothing. She and ordering hearing that we know she has an ordered anybody to explain themselves. And then when the House Intelligence Committee noon as among others. Says to backcourt. We wanna copy the application that was used. To persuade you to issue your wondered. She says. While you have to get from the executive branch the president can declassify and he'd give it to quit school system. I met him judge. The comedian asked the president pissed you. My question do you ladies and gentlemen is why hasn't this judgment. Well the subsequent judges sitting in his phys the court judges they're all federal district judges why hasn't this judgment and to protect the integrity of that court. The integrity of the rule of law. Understand. There's no contrary party there's no balancing party in that courtroom. It's the government. And the judge that's sick. Higher patient have a lawyer you and I was going on. Trump campaign did have a lawyer they did know about this associated knows being used. And so we judge has an enormous responsibility they have to be on the toes even more than they usually aren't a federal courtroom. The trial court. When it comes to these counterintelligence issues. This judge. Blue and big time. That's why she's defense. That's why she's not transparent. She's taken as far as we know. No steps. No steps. To correct what's been a is a big deal. I did the math while my family. 500 dollars with organic groceries in one month paid only 200 dollars when. 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Thrived market dot com slash mark prices are already low. There's an extra 25% of your first order thrive market dot com slash mark. We greatly. Then he was voting against. The trump judicial nominee because he was quite. Early this week I'm sure you've heard this trying to. Percent of voting against this guy because he's like on my way. He received 68 votes for his confirmation of the federal court. Which means he received a lot of votes from a lot of Democrats. Chuck Schumer is and I'm not voting for him because of the color of his skin. In South Africa. The marxists there be racist Marxist who voted to steal. The land of white landowners. Without compensation. Farmers and others to. This is why we embrace our constitution ladies and gentlemen. That's that stands between us and tyranny. Because it may have their way they do very evil thing. Traction we should be expelled from the United States senate. The Democrat party has a long gruesome history of racism. Starting with a its support for slavery always amazes me when I have to. Debate Liberal Democrats is he under the constitution supports slavery now it doesn't support slavery but the Democrat party yet. Dini met Democrat party supported slavery segregation and Jim Crow and literacy tests and poll taxes and all the rest of the Democrat party successful race. Always has been. So here you have. A man who goes to the senate floor proudly announces he's voting against another man because he's white. Now ladies and gentlemen New York City is a diverse city New York State is a diverse state. Picture senators both of whom are Lily white. Both of whom restraint. Now don't Hispanics have a right to senator. An African Americans have a right to send in donations have a right to senator. Don't last lesbians have a right to us and don't gay men have a right to senator. Chuck Schumer is a white man. He says he voting against this man to be judged because he's a white man. There's something truly sick. About Chuck Schumer and sick about the progressive ideology. Truly. And South Africa. What a disgrace. But an absolute disgrace. Know by now you've heard me talk about living TV. Our show over its CR TV icon. Now you might not know. We're coming up on our second anniversary it's been two years of the watch. Who have been TV. And here's the thing. We wanted to make sure everyone gets to celebrate with us. So through Wednesday march 7. While offering twenty dollars off the cost of an annual pass to CR TV for any new subscriber when use promo code within two. LE VIN took. Now that's less than seven bucks a month. Now only will he get the watched every episode of the TV to us to get to watch shows from post like Phil Roberts. Yeah Steve crowd Michelle mocked. Then by Gina. Steve case anymore. Angel woke up. They get to watch news commentary analysis from a team with conservatives you can trust. Switch to the only network that was specifically created. To take on the liberal mainstream media. Driven by one thing. The truth. Just give us a call 844 living TV. Analysts say at the media that's 844 living in TV LEV giant TV still struggling. With that amount it takes a long damn time we're in week three. At today's Friday of course the government shut down. Government shuts down when the sun goes down. You know. After Jewish people. All over the world the government excuse me the sun goes down. Many Jewish people they stop work. Some figure the government employees and unions. Stolen idea sun goes down. It is not working except not just Friday night every night. The sun went down that's it I'm done. I guess my point. Saturday. At 10 PM except that. Sunday at 10 PM eastern time Sunday. He really much avenue place to go. Turn on the little old Fox News Channel I will be on at 10 PM eastern time because we're actually. Turning that time slot into a real constant. Parity of people telling me. You know seal on the Internet other people telling me you know remarked that show will water ones is really good it was really cerebral. And we want to get a dollar and I didn't get somebody's face we went five grams that excuse. That's not the point of that show. It's an hour long sit down. Why would it be yelling at Walter Williams. Waiting knife in your in its place. This is a true test. Whether or not in today's media world. We can actually do a Smart shot. Let's say it's because I'm so Smart but a Smart shot. What we take our time and we talked about. Because I get the sense that for some people were so anxious sitting on the edge of their chair writing their teeth chewing their fingernails. They just beat up boxing match that's up. I can't let let let's go hit my. I extinct or. Progress is number one number two employee leave a message there. Paging me Britney Jamie this is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your a cappella group and that harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool is she do you given me the pep talk. Now get out there picked at high note and take men harmony all the way to nationals this yeah. Sanctity. The interest in Philly actually. Everybody remarkable thing here. I number 8773813811877381. Three anyone what I'd say. Terms of policies we've had a very very head several weeks very very bad so released from me Tron slash Republican. A perspective at least in my view of that. With. You know Bernie Sanders Herbert Hoover and trade ideas. With a massive amnesty. And with a massive gun control. It's very disheartening. How do a couple of lease but it's getting very very boring. Because I debate this facts don't seem to matter and I get the same emotional answers all right Fred Elwood Illinois serious satellite giant. Okay in this event they give. And nom I'll I don't warrior frustrated anymore and I'm glad you're feeling a little bit better even though you don't sound like you're doing him much better but anyway. You know until then. I've been around a little bill while and then all of these stare out Serb remembered NAFTA I don't bottling all this has been around life. Well that's great go to understand but here it is I think the terrorists are a good thing it's gonna bring jobs back to America. Irish don't bring jobs back to America. Well name one track now Hala let's get to the facts I'm tired of the emotions. Can you name one tariffs have brought jobs back to American net chops back to America the last time we had a massive steel tariff from. I'd like to 160 duties for the last many decades. They control 70% of production the Chinese have 2% of American production. I'm asking you. I told you the beat George W. Bush tariffs of the early two thousands resulted in the net loss of 200000 American jobs. He should anyone tariff that's created jobs net jobs just tell me what. And if you question recruitment now you can't Kenyan. Let's get well I don't like we tell me which one is that are great respect get out of here you not one of the things I can't staying. Is when somebody will not debate. Instead. And how can I ask you a question mark police believe ladies and gentlemen the answer is there's not a single parent. That's why he won't answer he's called before. He's called before. There's not a single time. That great net jobs in the United States of America not want. Now one. I point out 7%. The production of steel in this country is by American companies. Other kids. 70%. I point out that last year was a booming year for steel companies. They don't care. We'll let you know what your video lot if you position yes. Thank you supported no matter what they your video lock is now debating the media a lot. If you're gonna be it'd be a lot like Bernie Sanders is not debating you know there's just no debating it. And of course as I discussed yesterday. All the massive increases across the board. Primakov Minnesota can't assume a can of beer. To an auto. Automobile. Where those that your getting a thousand or 2000 dollars back on your taxes and April. It's going to be god. If you buy Ford pick up. It's going to be good. Don't. You give back in one. Pocket take it out of the other and why is subsidized industry. That controls 70% of the production market. What is that. All of our national security I said we control 70% of steel production in this country American companies. It's not a national security if. It's not you look good fat you know what these guys do these billionaires who run these companies. They hire propagandist PR types lobbyists. Audit on an app lookup they have so many people believing that which is not believable. It's incredible. I bet you thought the China would not be still in the United States in such a massive measure that they're competing with. American putt but it does it. They get so prozac. Now by the way. Again I will repeat China is a sworn enemy. We must address China had done. Which it addressed China by driving up the cost of a of a Ford pickup truck to an American citizen. Are driving up the cost of a can of Campbell's soup. To an American citizen. Well Vermont I'm Ross going on same match only lasted a penny is so we're going Campbell says no let's not. Is significantly more. Because what remarks knows how Ross has had to make it can so piece. Knows everything. All the masterminds and everything at a test the rebuttal they were in the Republican uniform the Democrat uniform. So capitalism is under attack the second amendments under attack. An American sovereignty without amnesty is under attack and their under attack. In a bipartisan Washington away and then you get the line. A constant outsiders he's playing in this planet what does that have to do with anything why would you spew that out what is being an outsider have to do with this. There's many people who don't serve in government ladies and gentlemen who are outsiders who leftists. What protectionists. Our privacy they're outsiders what does that have to do it any thing but they. Now press the delete everything. When it comes to their effort to destroy trump and his family not talking about that I'm talking about a policy. But all we get. From the people who support these tariffs of protectionism and argue like Bernie Sanders is a motion that's all we get. I have mine now my act and related mine. Oh yeah. He get any real argument. The last time when I brought up NAFTA. Which of course most conservative hosts won't it's inappropriate in an accident tariffs and what a bunch of cowards for the most part to be honest. And it got caught here and say look since when I've NAFTA. Would have domestic manufacturers of television's. I said most manufactures and televisions. Are in Japan and South Korean NAFTA. Involves the United States Canada and Mexico. So we've become actually irrational in my thinking and irrational in arguments. Because now we're ideologues. Can't think of a reason why I like apparently got a president supports its I gotta support act and act got to come up for reasons well associate that is not Canada. CNN and another reason. What creates Americans actually last chemist and we lost 200000 American jobs that's a lot of families without jet. And then a thank you Cynthia what Bernie Sanders sainovic embarrass his pop talking points. It great celebrity. Embraced capitalism. It is a market system. You're living in the greatest country in the face the red but the greatest about a while on the face but yet because we're capitalists. Say. Say I am a proud capitalists say. Otherwise taking aside one of these Marxist socialist professors at some university and an announcement a short. Then the argument goes like this. While mark we have to have a safety net and we know we're going broke with our safety nets. Why we let 202 million dollar unfunded liability that our children and grandchildren have to swallow. We're well beyond the safety net were re distributing well. Or redistributing wealth. But I get a caller enact an archivist concern at this concern is that there is law. But you know what I believe in universal minimum wage it what is this. So I find. I myself here mr. producer often. Defending Americanism. Private property rights. Occupied Georgia. Individual liberty. It's the craziest fans think. Then people then. Countries support creating jobs in America. More than any protectionist on the face of the earth I do. Because tariffs don't create jobs. They kill jobs. Everybody doesn't work and it's still. Everybody doesn't cut down trees. These are by the way very honorable men and women who do this that's not even my point. But this honorable men and women in all walks of life who worked very hard. In different jobs in different ways using different counts. You know they have a right do. To work and live feed their family for little money aside. They're not subsidize for the most part. Paris only hurt them the most aren't. Parents are tax on the American people the money goes to the federal treasury it is like the least conservative thing imaginable. When you don't mark in the constitution starts really know he had no I didn't know and of course Iraq. Because that's how they fund the federal government essentially there was no federal income tax. But they've called Harris. Is not to redistribute the well were well beyond that. We so far left pure capitalism and free markets it's not even funny. I you know mark I favored free markets but I want fair markets. I favored free trade and I want fair trade guess what. There's no such thing is betray. What does that mean fair trade. I don't know what it means while leveled playing field what does that mean. Tell me what we train with a several countries have a level playing field I don't know what that means. They accuse us all the time of stealing their wealth their minerals being colonial listed imperialists. I guess they don't think it's fair trade and a level playing field. And Iran of course. We should embrace that. Realism ladies and gentlemen look around you look at what we you hearing ancestors have created. Wasn't socialism. They gave us electricity wasn't socialism they gave us clean running water. Wasn't socialism they gave us mobility through the automobile and motorcycles and trucks and so forth and airplanes. It's not socialism that keeps food on our shelves and our grocery stores and supermarkets. It's not socialism that puts a roof over your head. It's not socialism that puts food and it hit. So why don't like it so much. And why we hate the very system. That gives us sustenance and happiness. I'll be right back. And today. That's seven Mr. Big is ago. Here with guns it's a typical pattern. With the bipartisan group and with the camera lights on his instincts would do the right thing. To make sure that felons and those adjudicated mentally ill could not get guns by closing these loopholes in gun shows and online per child the right. It's not place. Gun show purchases loophole. Now you know John lot's been on this program and we've done our research here. Has anybody been killed in these matters mass murders and gun show loophole does anybody know with a gun show loophole in his. But the gun show loophole is not just the crazy out some loophole. If a private citizen chooses to sell he India. He weapon to another private citizen they don't have to go through all this FBI background checks. It's expensive. You know most of us aren't trained. To do it we don't and who to send forms to. And it's not an issue. When it comes to that murder in this country the so called gun show loophole so they just throw everything against the wall. And of course since tasked with countries in every that the country has never even held a gun maybe some of more than half. This all sounds persuasive to that. Telecom local book I wrote public don't want loopholes. You know I had. The plea that it would have saved thousands of lives no witness save thousands of lines. If you get rid of the cafe standards they would save tens of thousands of lives but you have no idea about that you know playing a divine. Go ahead. Politically because 90% of America's four and they end up 90% of Americans for a lot. At that 90% of American hatred that's what senate to do. Go ahead. It puts pressure on him in this case the NRA and does total 180 degrees the NRA's. Putting pressure Trenton news. Does it sound like to you over the last several days at the NRA has. Put pressure on Donald Trump the other way around. Always the boogie. Always the bogey man and by the way no discussion at CNN and all that the NBA in the fifty to two massive teachers' unions. Who provide the Democratic Party would millions of up precinct workers. In the hundreds of millions of dollars. That the NEA in the US tier trying to block efforts to actually secure our schools. It's called secure our schools. Patty this rate the bill of rights. And we can have both you know the below rights and school safety the extent that it's possible. But Chuck Schumer doesn't wanna talk about army professionals. In the classroom and our schools. And you never doesn't CNN sure as hell isn't gonna call him out on a go ahead. It makes one think the president has no convictions they just says what's convenient at the moment. But more importantly it comes. Here's trump. Meeting the more than halfway. And it's not enough because it's an errant remind you give Nixon last time. When Nixon thought he was traveling trying to carry favor over the left in the me. So he started to do things they might not normally do the EEOC OSHA affirmative action. More liberals on the bench. You know stuff weighted price controls you know he's trying to you know. When favor with a left and they hate this guy they took everything he gave. And then they had come off with a neat. Do you think for 12 if trump gives them what they want on immigration. On trade. And on guns. That the wanna work with a moment stuff that they won't try to take the house and impeach him of course not. I had. Bill that when America really needs something when America's crying out. Since when does Chuck Schumer speak for America. Attraction to speak for America. When the Manhattan. Chuck Schumer spokesman for America. I don't know when that happened. Go ahead. Preventing future park lands the president just comes to the pressure group. That puts the most heat on him in this case the NRA. Nice. And the gun control advocates Bloomberg in the rest of the Kooks. They're putting pressure on new track. Go to Connie please go. I think he leaders at the Republican leaders of the house and sent it nose at politically. Their position is backward and wrong. But they're so afraid of the NRA that. That's enough and if if you like me can't take it anymore. Guys say serial liar and a scoundrel. Traction he serial liar. And he scoundrel. When the NRA the NRA the NRA. Wholly solar as he tactics. Which the Democrats use. Either Republican position is backward and wrong. I don't know what they're talking about. Lot of Republicans are buckling. A lot of the president has basically give them an awful lot. On the gun control side you really have us we'll see how this thing shakes out. But nothing will ever be enough for Schumer you need to understand that he'd give everything you once today don't want more tomorrow that's typical the progressive. I'll be right back. Then show. The pool fee for the conservative media guides and now 8773813811. I wanna remind you there's another way we felt like it doesn't waste to listen to this program but here's a new way. To listen Markel mentioned this year you can now hear me on your Amazon echoed device given Amazon could device you can now hear me he's which he did. Jesse Alexa. And enable the Mark Levin show skill. That's it in your sat. Alexa enables the Marcus Vinicius skill you connected me instantly. And then after that. Only have to say is Alexa open Marc look in show elect's open Mark Levin should thank you said. Okay. 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Awesome to see you in and the last and I appreciate your courage and tenacity in my life current Goodell really actually important are we going to be sunny 97 PM in California. Where somebody. We'll see you at WWW. Appeal of the show I am at a massive baby. That's it I thank you go right ahead this is all this guy here I am. It's biblical big minute guys don't care about this body else small guys I both considered quite and I met for a struggles forty years aluminum. Cast aluminum sheet aluminum and there are quite true. You do tax. Cut I would expand my betterment. I had nothing field on their way to go about your pocket Workman comp. Why do on that not quite get your bank financing reiterate our financial worries like Costa good wonderful. And invited to speak to the president and the steel company executives within. They know that it's who was a little about their pension meant. If you look quite percent of market you have control a market this person can you both very current trying to monopolize it could only you know. Interesting your point is actually quite brilliant if there's a company that controls 70% of the market usually the antitrust division steps. And how we are still company's domestic production they control 70%. What are they supposed to control 100%. There can be no competition whatsoever. Yet to go to the bank syndicate do love dear all to come they want their prize. The man float that well when I wanna get back. Tier point. You produce. Your small business and you produce what you produce. After a piece of retro equipment or restaurant as a patent is to patent the splitter article belch or walk or baking system I love Belgian waffles. These are special amenities at the point is use aluminum. Yeah I use you were great cantaloupe rebels. And that heavy cast. My electric helmets or steal clouded in the machine mill grade in the resolution involves special sheet metal aluminum. And it's like an April restaurants that open up everything all restaurant sheep will steal many gimme a break this duck really think yeah. And by the way all this time I checked motif HVAC systems in your home spec sheet metal to. You only do realize how much medals in your home such as lumber. Well how Bill Murray no ability to get some US sailor iron and hold outs but don't do but it but also look look at look at. Would. Mean you look at that the basic stuff. I look Sheldon who wish you well could call I appreciate it. Kelly Waterford Michigan on the market than that how are you. How Kmart will be feeling better sound better. I I really don't understand chair that well but they keep hearing how about them at all and then I'm wondering how. Drastic that impact will be four. Like. Let me explain tariffs. Eight tariff is the federal government putting me excise tax. When something that ship into America from another country. So let's just play along with say 25%. You're sending in a ton of steel. From Canada. While on top of everything else that's charged. For that's still to come and there's already duties and everything else is gonna be another 25%. And it. And then he comes into the United States and it goes into production to build other things itself. But domestic steel companies. Can raise their prices to. They may not raise it by 25%. Because they want their prices to be somewhat lower than what's coming through the media the border. But made it already some 10%. The point is the pressure is to drive up the cost of this product and you drive it up and it resonates throughout the economy. Driving up prices it always in every way in which their product is used European user Kelli. So do you buy can't assume that Candace who can't beard and automobile. Capped a pan. A new piece of kitchen equipment. I hate cupcake pan. Silverware which mostly is it's over any of these states any leasing its all of these things he needed to and HVAC system. The price will be substantially more you wanna go out by AAF pickup truck. Or or a regular sedan and so forth the price will be substantially. Higher. And it also contributes to inflation but you have businesses that are going to expand less. That is going to produce less and they're gonna lay off people. Who use these products. And that's why every case in which this has been done it's been a net loss for American jobs overall. A net loss and it doesn't help these industries either if you control 70% of the production of steel in the United States. Ellis. That's not a not. Sounds like a lot to many. Now how it does thank you intact. Even our military with guns in Lawrence. I guess what. You make an excellent point out pointed this out the other day. The military uses a hell of a lot of steel. In tanks. It helicopters. And jets. And ships. In it in armament in armored rather in. Weapons. In ammunition. Say go to pour all this money into rebuilding the military. And you're gonna have to take now big chunk out of that. In order to. In essence. Yes you're taxing the military because it's the private sector that builds these things not actually the military. And you drive up the costs so yes job last tanks. Less jets. Less of everything. This amount. Canada and not get it all I didn't think it was good anyway but. Given that they're saying this is a national security concerns about a national security concern. Needed as they all got. Kelly excellent points thank you for your call. Car show ladies in general we love as you know 2010 Camaro. It's reached an age where things are starting to go wrong I don't weigh about this proms and more of them that since I got extended vehicle service protection from Karachi. Getting covered by car Sheila such a great idea it's affordable protection they can save you thousands recovered repair. You fuel pump costs over 500 dollars. Replacing a water pumps over a thousand dollars. If you need repairs to a control armor torque converter well you know when what those are relatively quickly and you're gonna pay thousands of dollars to fix them. Even a plain sick of your car's computer and GPS and electronics and more hardships the ultimate. An extended coverage and they get your favorite mechanic very dealership paid directly let me ask you question. You have an older car. Doesn't have to be clunker you have an older car isn't protected. I don't know what you're waiting for a car field is wonderful. Sign up today get 24/7 roadside assistance and a rental car while yours is in the shop save yourself from high repair bill. Get covered by car show like I did before something goes wrong. Call 800 cars 6100. Mentioned Kovalev billions of music hard shot back I've used those who have had to say 10%. That's 800 cars 61 on credit card show about com go live in. He deductible may have flies. Intelligence. Committee on the house side DeVon knew them as the chairman for a full hour. We're gonna go over everything and comprehensive I hope compelling and very plain English understandable way about what's been taking place. I hope you'll watch I hope you have family members watch because I think you'll learn a lot you really you know. Find it bracing. And compelling. And that'll be this Sunday night. 10 PM eastern 7 PM Pacific you know a time when every time that is where you are. No hope you'll check it out because. There's a lot going on here that we don't know about where and all of a lot more this is your country in the end. The following week I have an unbelievable interview tune I'll have to mention yet. But then the program really has taken off thanks to you people are very very excited path. We're getting a lot of up interest of course the media the lib media media matters which is really. The left wing hack site and one of the very boring. He can't win with that so you don't worry about. In this fast national they're ready. Then we know we can't really follow it. Stephen. Lansing Michigan Harry. Mark. Real quick to disorders citrix revenue and it really appreciate you guys are all important Greg main point. What are your producer so much chocolate can run out of knowing alzheimer's and I. We're gonna run and it's an NC needs Bob but let me point it's what's gonna happen to the rule law when you live Perl and really be getting their. What looks good against prop. It's wrong and everything we see appearance. Hillary Clinton and Obama administration all the things that they've done that we see. I don't while others except. When they don't. Pursuit. In a serious way but yet we're pursuing Donald Trump in a waiter there's just. Com. Well. What is your question. Or wherever the rule of law when it well there is no rule of law. When the laws applied differently to the people see that's what the framers meant by. Equality equal justice under law the matter who you are the laws apply to you as best as possible the same way as anyone else. Thank clearly hasn't taken place here. Oh above me a little lectured at the country is well I mean. And so here implemented their you know year but I sort of while but that's much if there were all in their generations in the the fact that America has spotted oil won't be. What we look. Don't much to be concerned that. No question about it thank you for your call I appreciate you know folks. Well I'm very grateful for you I really haven't been a tough three weeks is an idea. Basically have one long that is providing me with the sustenance and there. I know at times it's very difficult. If I get very frustrated. And off here and there you know and doctor Tony gotta rest now. And a very excited next week we'll be back. Oh. I. I. I. I. Okay. The league is officially over the weekend begins now we salute our our. Armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. And I is right again I Griffey get iPad to get I smoking again I sell back. Again ladies and gentlemen I want to thank you for that matter in my heart. You look at nights out there. No better people no matter audience Aussie on Sundays 10 PM eastern on the the Fox News Channel.

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