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3/1/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 2, 2018|

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, President Trump wants to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum, which increase prices on the American people. How is it that the market works in every field except for about six where we are told we have to have a fair system? Tariffs are un-American and are something ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's 141. Mountain time in Roswell, New Mexico. And you're listening to. Night calm her. Yeah from New York City I am only here she down and run on Angeles times Muslims. So he is clearly hurt tennis isn't saying call on a weekly podcast to keep you kind of painter has strange days have looming thanks. Shiny green eyes from apparently just cats we did an anchor Diane Zahara is even if it's tonight every McNeill yeah. Whenever you get your favorite show us. Oh everybody mark within here are number 87738138118773813811. Two major topics today I don't normally announce in advance will hit some others probably. Paris. AKA taxes on the American consumer. And our gun control president. What are terrace. Sounds. Ambiguous enough. The words in the constitution. Federal government has the power to. To impose tariffs. Federal government has a lot of them. You cannot before capitalism. If he do not believe in trade. Look around you as I speak. If you're home between the kitchen can your car pretty office look around. Everything you have around you. Involves trade. Trade. You can't. Be in home the inner office in an automobile the year restaurant any sort any kind. But outright. With a massive economy. It would be even more massive but for government. It's almost eighteen trillion dollars in goods and services produced in this country. And there intricate. Links. Between raw material. Mining. Harvesting raw material. Transporting raw material. Resigning raw material. Producing raw material into usable form. Sometimes to assembly lines. Sometimes somebody working in their basement. Sometimes in a restaurant ever. And in the end. It improves. Society. Don't have much trade in the Third World. They don't have many fine goods in the farewell in less a charity. There's not much right. There's not much likely that. There's not much happiness. There's not much to eat there's not much aware. You know the roof over your head. And yet. To geeks thank you combine anything you buy. Domestically. Because apparently that creates jobs. And yet it kills jobs. A vibrant economy. A growing economy. Eight people who wanna be successful. Requires. Robust trade. I like anything else that human beings and rob. It's an imperfect system. It's an imperfect system. Some countries export more than they import some countries import more than they export but it's not a zero sum game. The reason we import more than we export. Is because the American consumer once more. The American consumer once more. In some of the things that the American producer and consumer wants. Requires trade. It requires. Importation. A raw material that's finished goods whatever it is. Imagine a society that works the other way with a government decided no we need an absolutely. Absolutely balanced. Import export sheet we can only import as much as we export you know what would happen in America. Industrial America would stop on a dime. We stuck on a dime. Because the most vibrant economy on the face yes. Must import names in order to produce things within our country. In order to sell things within our country not exclusively of its. Imports. And yet ladies and gentlemen. President today announced massive. Tariffs. On steel and aluminum you know it happened after he announced that mr. minister. The stock market plummeted 4500 points so the stock market lost hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars. All you pensioners out there you people would IRAs and 401 k.s and all arrested at. It took a big hit today. And you know what stocks in particular took a big hit. The stocks that you steel and aluminum. Now what would be one of those major stock. What would be one of those major industry. The automobile industry. Last time I checked the men and women on the assembly line in the automobile industry in the United States. Are hardworking blue collar Americans. You know most of the hit. Any back anybody. Who is buying anything made of steel or aluminum. Any type of vehicle. As steel and aluminum. Prices going to go up. Refrigerators. Washers and dryers dishwashers. Ovens stoves microwaves I can't even then everything. Are going to dog sick never. And people and and a loser cops. And as many jobs as might have been created will not be created. Because our federal government are present it is going to artificially set prices. Artificially set price. What about the steel industries. They are getting killed. I want you do a little bit your own research. Into this program and what should Google Paris. Protectionism. Steel industry. I in no way seek to put down not hard working men and women who work in the steel industry. But these businesses. Are owned by billionaires. Like the secretary commerce whose court two or three billion dollars. And what they learned long ago. Is that rather than try and be competitive. With the foreign producers of steel. Just trying to Washington. They claim they don't just run a Washington claim unfair practices. And they do it every few years and what happens. The federal government steps in a protects the. The wages the steel industry not competitive I'm sorry I know one the only one saying this I know I'm not where might I. Compounds and not Iraq yet. I got it I know. I'm no one so bay. So be it. I know this doesn't help my ratings of the steel now. In other areas of the country I know what. And I learned long ago that you in my audience. You're strong you're Smart. You can handle it. You can handle present the United States split lumber tariffs and place. Against Canada not long ago. Have you bought lumber lately we have. Prices sky current. Lumber and steel. Aluminum. Mr. President you're not protecting anything. Because in the long run this is disastrous. These companies now. That they don't have the poor capital and are indeed these companies know that they don't have to negotiate competitive contracts. These companies know that they'll run to you and run to the protection is in the Democrat party can get virtually everything they want. And many millions of Americans who agree with. Because it'll be used a patriotic thing to do. Anti capitalism anti market anti trade. Is now patriotic. The vast majority of you work in industries. But you produce products or services. That don't get protection from the federal government. In fact the best when started you live in industries. Whether it tax the hell they're regulated how. Investment charted you work for small businesses. Or how small business. Did protects you know. When you're competing now to protect you when the price of lumber and steel and aluminum go out. The president of the United States is made a decision there are some citizens. Or more wordy than others. That's what he's done. But mark he campaigned on this so watch Barack Obama campaign a lot of things still. That's an idea. That's not an explanation. That's talkback. He also campaigned on deportation before you supported one point eight million new illegal alien. Quote unquote citizens. The president to move. He moves a lot. On particular issues. He needs to hear from. You don't want the price of goods and services going through the roof. You don't want people losing their jobs in other industries that are affected by the high cost of steel aluminum and lumber. Our carpenters. What about people who take steel and take aluminum make things out of it. What about this massive infrastructure program they want he just drove the price through the roof for steel and aluminum. So I guess we'll be US infrastructure for one point five trillion dollars. Why is the man or woman who works on the assembly line for a four hour. For GM. Or Chrysler. Or Toyota. BMW. Burger Mercedes-Benz all which had assembly lines of the United States Wyeth and their families. Second class citizens. Compare it to the people who work in the industry. That this president wants to protect. Ladies and gentlemen. We have the standard of living we have today. Not because of tariffs and protectionism because of the opposite. The greatest explosion of capitalism. Ever known. To mankind industrial revolution. The industrial revolution. We have the greatest explosion of growth in modern history. Over 7%. Economic growth we genuine if 3%. It created 25. Million jobs. On the most conservative president. In American history Ronald Reagan. Protectionist. Protectionism is what caused the Great Depression to be the greatest depression. Protectionism does what caused the Great Depression go on for a decade. Protectionism that is what resulted in a. He restoration of our constitutional structure in a massive expansion of the federal government the federal courts in the everyday lives of Americans. You see this thing we call liberty. Is intertwined. With a market system. It's gonna try to wind would trade. Before the war states. In the United States. People traded with a each other. What are your states in the United States say trade with each other. Country's trade with the each other. Now I understand as an important footnote when a country as an enemy country and it has as its purpose the destruction of your society. You know trade with a country like Thaddeus significantly limit it not talking about that I'm talking about an across the board massive Tarrant. To protect our steel industry to protect our aluminum industry to protect our lumber industry. Up protecting our software industry. About protecting our computer industry. We're not protecting our automobile industry what about protecting our railway industry. We're not protecting our farmers went up protecting small businesses what about protecting this one and that one MMX one. And yet. I understand. That I'm a voice in the wilderness because of your voice for liberty. In the minority did you simply are in the minority did. I'm not done this. I'll be right back. Just yeah. I'd give that you work every day. And they go into the Sears. Payloads. For some story. And say I wanna purchasing washing machine. And I wanna make sure. He certain percentage of my purchase. Goes to the steel industry. In addition electric purchase. Certain additional percentage of purchase in my automobile goes to the steel industry. In the men and woman who becomes very rich running them make our current secretary comments. How would you do. You trying to get the cheapest price you can't. How is it that the market works and every other field. Every other field computers software. Computer chips I phones televisions automobiles. Dishwashers refrigerators. Paper clips. Paper and pencils pens competition in the market where can. Every other area. Every other area. Except about sex where we're told her national security reasons. Luck we can't just have market system we gotta have a fair system. Apple. Well isn't as they only fair assessment. Of course you want me to subsidize. The decisions that are Mae buys steel companies this. Outrageous. Importantly the PS this subsidized decisions that are made by Apple Computer Microsoft. Are far. Anybody else. Or anybody else. You've got these so called businessman who swing in these steel industry to swing and these are limited companies and they get him. Like ten cents on the dollar. Neither Washington DC. And they cry out but that bullet tears the many Mecca. I'm respected and protected from competition. And they walk away. Think as secretary of commerce. Work two to three billion dollars. That wasn't discussed today in the Oval Office I don't believe. Was it will. Liberals and the way few patrons don't like him. Go to America does you can call my brother and then 877313811. It's been a bad month for liberty. In a bad month for capitalism. A bad month for citizenship. That's a bad month. Overall. For the Second Amendment. I'm a big fan of doctor mark Perry he's million. Growing economies. And he's written. There's plenty of empirical evidence showing that protectionism in tariffs always generate cost to consumers that are foreign nexus of the benefits to the producers. So wise protectionism being taken so seriously. He given so much credibility when it's actually job destroying prosperity destroying form of economic suicide. In an economic death. Says science. 25 reasons. 25 reasons. And it's guaranteed to make America pork destroy jobs and not make us great. One the false belief that trade is a zero sum game win or lose when if fact it's a win win game. To the cause of protectionism to consumers. Are mostly good. Hidden tax on the consumed. Three the benefits to protectionism are easily identifiable invisible. While looking many jobs were created in the steel industry temporarily of course number three. The benefits of protectionism to producers seriously by said that identifiable does a number four. The jobs saved by protectionism. Are several. On visible but number five. The jobs lost from protectionism. Are not easily observable or visible. Six the benefits of protectionism. To individual producers are very high for example. 300000 dollar annual increase in revenues. Sugar farm from trade barriers. From foreign sugar. The cost of protectionism to individual consumers is very odd five to ten dollars per year in higher sugar prices. Although the cost in the aggregate. Is very very high. Number eight. The cost of protections to consumers. Are delayed over months. The tariffs are put in place. Takes time for them to resonate through. Number nine the benefits of protection to producers. To the producers. To the special interest industries. Are immediate. Number ten producers seeking the benefits of protectionism. Are concentrated and well organized. The this industry and that industry. Number eleven consumers paying the costs of protectionism are dispersed. Disorganized. Number twelve there's a huge political payoffs to politicians from protectionism in the form of votes political support. In financial contributions. From protected domestic firms and industries. Number thirteen. There's a huge political cost. To politicians. Who attempt to remove or lower trade barriers in the form of lost votes support. In financial contributions. From previously protected. Domestic industries. Number fourteen. The pathological but also obsession that exports are good. Number fifteen the pathological but also obsession that imports are at. Number sixteen the fact that most Americans work for a company that produces a single product a group of similar products. Car steel textiles appliances. And is therefore favorably disposed to supporting protectionist trade policies that benefit their employer or an industry seventeenth. The fact that American consumers. Purchased hundreds. If not thousands of individual products goods and services and therefore unlikely to be fully aware of the negative effects protectionism. It'd be motivated. To fight protectionism. Number eighteen many Americans think that exporting US products is patriotic. I'm nineteen many Americans think that importing foreign products is not a patriot. Number try the false belief that trade deficits re sign of economic what weakness. Number 21 a false belief that trade surplus is very sign of economic strength. 125 the fact that protection as it guaranteed to create economic dead weight losses is not easily understood. Nor those losses easily observable measurable. Number 23 the lack of economic literacy among the general public. Number twenty for the general lack of economic literacy among politicians are there intentional disregard to the economics of protectionism. In favor of enacting public policies that help them get reelected. 25 the failure to recognize that most imports are inputs purchased by American friends. Which allow them to be as competitive as possible. When selling their outputs a global markets in other words. American firms need import materials any cheaper price. So they can make it product at a cheaper price with a American labor in order to sell it in America overseas. Here's the bottom line. Taken together the 25 reasons. That I just mentioned help us understand the popularity protectionism. Despite the fact that it's guaranteed to inflict great economic con. Protection m.'s popular primarily for political reasons not economic reasons to paraphrase they paraphrase the great Thomas saw. The first lesson of international economics. Is that free trade makes us better off than protectionism makes this worse. The first lesson of politics when it comes to international trade is to ignore the first lesson of international economics. And impose protectionist trade policies when they further the political interest is shortsighted elected officials. When politicians can count on the economic illiteracy the general public and the blind patriotism. Well the political payoffs from protectionism or two attempting to ignore. Despite the reality that some form of economics Lewis. And because that benefits attached to producers these specially protected industries protected by the government. That is their jobs or create or save in there industries temporarily saved against competition. From like industries or other industries. Concentrated very concentrated immediate and visible while the cost to consumers in the jobs lost. Down the line. In other industries and businesses are diffused the laid an invisible. It's pretty easy to understand like protectionism popular. Even though the economic costs far outweigh the economic and it's. And it's there for ultimately form of self inflicted economic points. And Los Angeles on the great KR LA don't. And yet how are you so it's. Thank you very much real quick. The United States. And the world reserve currency. And went. Like being the world their currency it takes a lot of responsibility. And it takes a lot of restraint on the United States of America to be able to compete in the global market. Well whenever. He signed now talking about China what do we have a five year economic plan here at the United States is restraint what are you talking. I don't know about you but I don't work for the United States government. I don't know about but they're tens of millions of Americans who don't Wear the United States government they worked for it. Tens of thousands of of enterprises. You act like we all get together we'll have a policy here but that's not how works now is. So what are you talking about. But that is exactly let's pop it about the Chinese Government. By manipulating. And about the Chinese Government it's about the American consumer this is why you propagandist. Keep pushing China China China you wanna deal of the Chinese Government I have some ideas on how to do with a Chinese Government which is enormously dangerous. I have some ideas on how to deal with the Chinese economy through their banks which this president this congress will not do. But we're not talking about punishing the Chinese. We're talking about punishing the American citizen. And that's why I will continue to make the point. Now I'm educating yeah I know I have had fifty years of indoctrination. Just throw one's open your ears and shut your mouth. Pirates are a tax on the American people they are not they actually let Chinese people. Paris right tax imposed by the president and the government. On mr. and mrs. America. On this fitness is blue collar. On this isn't mrs. white collar on small businesses are large businesses if you're not a preferred industry in this country that gets protection. You're not only pay your own weight through taxes and regulations. You pave the way others. This isn't about punishing China you're punishing the American people. There are ways to punish China without screwing up our economy. Aaron let's take another call. President New Orleans on the mark within that area. I stops outside of that we're not talking about guns talking about the economy. Let us go see Cassie Manassas Virginia they're great WMA I'll go ahead. I'm completely got it up. It makes it yet. I mean why it he'd try to hold it back here what we're giving air America and kicking it back I mean look at the goal by. Com live all day bill about everywhere. You and you can create an industry here that they you can count. At least. And how come none of the defenders. Of these leftist economic policies and that's what they the left pushes protectionism in tariffs all the time because the union to push. I'm telling you the truth now. How come they never talk about. The union workers are punished through this might be automobile workers. Yeah well the men and women who work and assembly lines building refrigerators. Are the men and women elected assembly lines only dishwashers. And dryers or washing machines. Well the men and women who work and assembly lines wielding hammers and screwdrivers. Making else. All on downs throughout the economy does not think compassionate about this there's nothing pro American about this. Does not think her all American manufacturing about this. When you're protecting one slice. At the disadvantage of the whole pot. Including other manufactures. You can't you create a distraction to me. Agent that you've got a question now all of which featured a present I don't think he'd be looked at their good good good again I don't even. I don't I'm I don't want to get in his personality but. The good guys running the Commerce Department. There's an eighty fortune. Of steel and other industries. Protected industries he's now. That cat. In America. Setting these policies. Thank you for your call Michael. Maryland to great WMA out go. I believe that the price systems is the best system ever known to me it didn't know I watched the man the system. The crisis there is the best system ever go to band because what you have you have a trade. Between two people more and they agreed upon it any other go to their influence that's a great debt to debt that's that's the best is now having said this. I didn't think debt further amplified by Chinese layup that crap. If I quiet about it. And I don't what I saw it on Monday for the American they'd probably because. I thought I don't quite well. You live in Ireland which is one of the most expensive states in the country you do that by choice. You wanna be taxed higher you want gun control you wanna be regulated you let an airline. I choose not to I live in another state that's your choice but I don't impose my will on people who live and Marilyn delight. They're Maryland at least takes care of its poor. You know do you. Takes care it's more against you don't live in Baltimore did you where he lives there. What are we all he lives and Olney Maryland ladies and gentlemen suburb I'm not against the suburbs but don't tell us. What Maryland takes care Evan doesn't take care thank you for your call. Let's continue age Bloomington Illinois they may WR PW ago. Mark or are thank him by the way I take the position. Harris. Are unpatriotic. Parrots. Are an American. Arabs are something Bernie Sanders Chuck Schumer made it Pelosi supports. Harris are destructive of wealth creation Harris blunt economic growth. Parents. Forced taxes. From the American government. On the American's consumer many of whom can't afford them so the next time we go to class Ford pickup truck. And it cost several thousand dollars more. And then you're paying another 25 cents per gallon gasoline the president talked about for infrastructure. They're not sure what it 2000 dollars right Democrat crack that you may have gotten from the tax cuts. Right ahead. Hey I'm one of those kooky libertarians. And I've. Just wanna explore appointments and know what you're so what looked as VQ mark what Spencer girl want and it. I don't understand why don't shocked by trump in morning new imposed. Shocked. Susan about emotions than about personality. The president is doing something I strongly disagree that it's a matter of engaging in this debate but not a lot back and say when he campaigned on it. And you'll watch these titans. Of these protected AVG's coming to the Oval Office. Who want more welfare from the American people. And everybody at these so called conservatives. On TV and radio. Well I. Is that if Barack Obama did this kind of also be popping out of their heads their blood vessels sleet popping out of their far hands. Just because a Republican president doesn't we had a Republican president who did that you know his name was sure. I had ever I don't get it I don't understand how anyone couldn't come supported its. It's not conservative you know. It's it's timely manner and I think conservatives not rational. Every argument you're gonna hear you know and I told mr. caused an agreement. Is going to be wrapped up in some platitudes. Where the president supports protectionism is protecting America. Protecting American jobs protecting American industries when they're destroying. All great. I'll be right back months. I am pissed off. How this is wrapped in patriotism palette for the janitor tonight. We want to buy an automobile owners price goes up. Touch of the police officer tonight. And a firefighter tonight. Tell what that pays a millions of Americans. Don't worry. It's patriotic but the government is doing. Since what. Is socialism patriotic. How easily delete surrender our liberty. Based on what politician has an office. It's outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. Let me ask you a question do you know tight as I speak. What steps. These young parents have taken. To make their industry more competitive. What steps they take it I don't know. What do you look what I meant a string. On what basis are these industries. Receiving special treatment where we the people have to subsidize them a car. What George Bush couldn't wait to subsidize the big banks. Did you support that oppose that. We should be subsidizing the banks we simply subsidizing CEO we should be subsidizing a long time. We should be subsidizing Amtrak. And then if you don't support it somehow you're against the American worker I am all for the American lectern. Then the White House and congress come and because I like most of his support group policies. Policies that result and entrepreneurship. You know hiring every business. Meet great people a better way to find something better than posting your job online and just praying for the right people to see. Zip recruiter knew there was a Smart away so they bought a platform that finds the right job candidates for you. Jeffrey could learn what you're looking for identifies people with the right experience and then invite them to apply to your jobs. These invitations have revolutionized how you find your next time. 80% of employers who posts they jobs or recruiting get a quality candidates through the site in just one day map. Zip prepared is how you find them. Ball sized businesses trust a recruited you my listeners can try zip recruiter for free. Free as good as it recruited dot com slash love then zip free coated dot com slash Al dvi and that zip recruited dot com slash live in the smartest way to hire. Yeah what a great guns mixed in the lights for this next one. Took too much the there and it's gonna get things just relax by progressives name your price tool should tell us what you wanna pay it we help you sign coverage options are your budget and our blue moon. Moody's is rare way the lights are back on again tree can hit and now it's completely dark. As a casualty insurance company affiliates dressing cut which match limited by state law. Away from the brick and know everybody marks living here are number 8773813811877. 381. Three 11. You know the difficulty in discussing economics is that so many people are economically illiterate. The difficulty in discussing Paris is so many people are historically illiterate. You think this president this administration. Is the first president menstruation come up with the idea of protectionist tariffs. In this is. Eight big time senate tariffs that he wants to put in place not like the target Reagan once we get one or two or three. And then promoted free market policies and so for a steel. Aluminum. Before that lumber. People can build our homes. What do people think by our. Our appliances are toasters. Our habits. Hubcaps. Pretty about it. Just think about the effect on this your government is about to place a massive tax on Neil. Having just celebrated. A tech. Tax cut look at this this isn't crimes you know oh. The American public thousand dollars on that 2000 well let's spectacular and it is. And now they're gonna (%expletive) all day. By driving up the costs. My driving up the cost. Do you. It's all about. Made government. Want to unleash the economy we went half way we didn't go the other wrist though. We unleash our corporations. So to work for a corporation. He gonna see a tax cut. People who pay very little in federal income taxes you'll see attacks that. But for everybody else will be no cut or tax increase as we're about to find out come April 15. April 15. This is schizophrenic and battle that goes on in the minds of some people. In as a matter of policy. When he used this line. I'm for free markets but I want fair markets you know what ladies and gentlemen there's no such thing. You sound like a leftists. What the same wage for the same work for the same time in the sand Joba in the same light as a work that. It doesn't work that way. So once again. Liberty is under attack and make no mistake about. And economic system. In the civil society. Define each other. We didn't get rich through protectionism. We get rich through trade wars. We get rich through the opposite. The so called vast middle class he's a Marxist term that was trade in this country was created. But the industrial revolution. That the industrial revolution. The greatest economic growth in modern American history was created by the most conservative free market principles. In modern American history oh I know. The Herbert Hoover protectionist craft. Many of whom are in this administration. And there are Sarah gets in out red import tariffs on Harley-Davidson million of the motorcycles and and on not so conscience. President Japanese. He did he was. Very very reluctant about it he gave speech after speech after speech. That's free markets and he vetoed and thought all efforts by the Democrats. To push protectionist Paris. And I've written about that he'd go back and look at the archives it. Conservative review they should show disputed. And so the president will paint the picture. The steel industry. I'll paint the picture. Of the refrigerator industry help paint the picture the aluminum industry. I'll take the picture of the automobile industry. I'll paint the picture of the steel worker and I copied the pictures the janitor. You see what happens here we sound like liberals. We argue like look. Class warfare group warfare. Protected industries unprotected industries. Heidi become a protected industry. Ala Steelers a national security issue okay got some software. Lab that many and it software. The jet fighters might be made of steel but they have software you need software to fly fly them. You need software to target those missiles and by the way. We just massively increasing defense spending right right while we better. Because those tanks. That's right close those pistols. The fighter jets the spotters. They all went up in prices. Come next week they're all going up comprise all of well. The market reacts attacks. What do they do they pass on the cost the. How many times you do it heard formally conservative people on TV and radio set. Am not a corporate tax is really attacks on the consumer. They can't pass the tax along to you know what they're really make a therapist. What if they get tariff. We're going to increase the price of steel to protect. American American steel industry from competition unfair competition. So. In doing so they trade unfair competition. Here because certain industries now. Are sucking at the public you know what. It's certain industries. Are choking at the public you know. The automobile industry. Is an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people in this country. It will be negatively affected. If you're waiting to buy an automobile. I think it made a mistake. We've got to go in this weekend. Because the price your automobiles gonna go out so you could subsidize. Another industry. And so this is what we do not subsidize banks. Under George W. Bush subsidized steel. And lumbered. And aluminum. Under Donald Trump by the way last time I checked both Republicans. Republicans in any wrap themselves of patriotism. And how this is so pro American or not. It's not America. You wanna with coal technology from a farm power because we use it against us fine. You wanna withholds steal enough firepower because we'll use it against that's fine. You would withhold aluminum for a far apart because we'll use it against its fine. But when you punish the American people. While pretending. To protect the American people. It's unacceptable. They don't have these clowns wrapping themselves Nationalists. This will make America great again how will make America great again when the vast majority America is subsidizing a little tiny speck of America. Does it make America great. Already is still a mystery in this country already the parents of industries in this country ladies and gentlemen. And the wait you have a vibrant steel industry is that either still in history. Walk proudly would a prices are undercut well we have no I have to using R&B capital investment. All kinds of efficiencies could that. A management but I can guarantee you. I wonder subsidized. They don't even have to look at that. Knew that. Do. And we've done this before I don't upsetting many of you that many of you. Understand exactly what else could you understand liberty you understand capitalist. The petitioner. Our balance of trade is way out what you'll hear the president and his surrogates talk about this all the time you'll hear leftists talk about that. Shard wrongly left wing goof ball socialist senator from Ohio bricks about president. Let's. Receipt that. Pushing that he's a dreamer on this beat driven all of that loves. What is this ballots at traits that I'd never even understood this. For every dollar that comes in. A dollar goes out for every dollar that goes out a dollar has a comment I don't even understand that. What do we choose act does is an example to make it simple let's say the American people want a whole lot of gold. We decided port far goal. Then we export. Yeah. The American people. What a lot of hot there. Based on the products that they purchase of the products and then the that they desire. So we import more hot really explore. We just did put out a lot more oil that we exported. Now it's turning around thanks a lot protectionism. Of capitalism. And competition. Now we're going to be an oil and gas. Exporter. Because those industries. Her cutting edge. I remember the day when we can compete against OPEC. Check competitors all of that. Our companies can't compete against gopac. They just kicked open access and they do that. Technological advances price sufficient competition. Capitalist. Investment are indeed. The Arabs have nothing over us the Chinese have nothing of. And I am sick and tired. Of this sad sacks story. Oh dollars million we Americans tampered votes with Americans it's those that well in America volley have to pick that went back. Talk about. Why are there are some ministries. That are more vibrant more vigorous. More profitable than others. Because you've made that decision. That's why. You make that decision. The most of these industries aren't subsidized. What what the next convention over the next product but what would the next raw material day. We don't know. That's the whole point. And the more. You start. Economic competition. The last economic growth progress don't the last wealth creation known. It's hard to control prices. Not a hard to control. Costs government does that the government should all over the well. And happy sucking on tree limbs. Needed cockroaches. But it's patriotic don't treat them. What do you selfish. You'll find the most of the arguments being made for this. Could be made by Barry Sanders and they're like George McGovern. Our most union bosses. About Sharon brown Nancy Pelosi. I Chuck Schumer. I Paul Krugman. All the other left this. Let this political hacks. But you're familiar. It takes more understanding. Takes more thinking. Takes more process. To figure out why this is a disaster. You'll feel right away that you will feel. The economy will not grow as much as it could've. Don't have more inflation. Massive deficit spending. Until we have. Nobody cares about the debt nobody deals with the annual deficit. Now ready to drive up the cost of steel and aluminum and one hour drama that costs. And then. Later. Because the cost of a truck. Cost of a house the cost of everything's going up. Labor you don't weep and people worker you're gonna want more money. To cover your cost. And then you get into an inflation cycle. Mark my words on this 234 years down the road. Mr. producer put a marker on the show and all the blow hards out there. I told you I was the first attack I'm taking a stand on this now and defending liberty. I'm defending capitalism. And defending Americanism. And defending the American entrepreneur nor I'm defending the American worker. I'm defending the American worker whether or is it shattered arm bar. What are you building ships her clients. Or whether he's working in a small business or starting a small business. I'll be right back. You can get back to gun control. And controls com controls on. Natalie Dallas Texas the great WBA pago. I'm mark what an honor to get out here are my longtime listener. First time caller. Him back it's sort of bears mention that validate your point. These Smoot Hawley tariff act of 1930. Which was passed under Hoover administration that you alluded to. Well as make tax with a catalog agriculture. Import you know and it decimated. American farmers and was if they are not these major one of the major conference that the great. And a list and it took a recession you're quite right took a recession. Drove it into a depression. You know people forget Natalie. I think George W. Bush put tires in place. In the EU another country if he responded with tariffs on our agricultural. Industry. They're not gonna sit still for their system can have consequences and people think this is patriotic it's not patriotic. It's in the so. Yeah and then during Roosevelt's administration they kept trying to them. I'll be that there tinker with all these that a policy decision to chat and helped farmers went. All they had to do much repeal that law and that that would have done the most good to have more than anything. I'm my friend I appreciate your call excellent. See she knows little history economics. And so out. Makes sense Eugene Santa not. The act California. How are you listening to us there more first order kitty how how are you listening to audio like you can't run. How are you listening to us. Publicity UK there's EMA here in Santa Maria Carol units in needs treatment. I liked what you doing our bit listen to you for years OK and not calling you a program to beat down on you at all. But I'm uniquely qualified having gone to school both. In Europe in Germany. As well as here in the United States and educated in California. They are one of the premier school. I've done visited local fifty nations in one of the doubt response local create a global economy which right. Close of forty years ago you guys do it. Mark actually. Mom that's. Marc. This situation. Is well wait editors America. This is. A crossroad. Are determining who literally a world. You idol malignant albeit. Sir they crossroad over who we who leads the world. He is to put the military where it belongs in the South China Sea in the East China Sea and to attack the Chinese banks. I've never understood this idea of the way that we get to the Chinese is to tax the American people. What mark did they do do real well it's almost called don't these what you have to pay. What is important part. Sec hello Larry you'll want you stop paying duties these are Paris on top of it I don't have yet very imported anything I've imported things. You know yet the pay tax on you still pay attacks on you pay a tax on every damn thing that comes out of the country this is a tariff on top of that do you understand the difference. Absolutely mark immaturity when Bill Clinton was in the White House. Younger I knew was a member of Bob Barnett an overall. Golf per hour all the right. Patriots. Caller now on 8773813811. Man by the way folks in mr. producer please put this on FaceBook and Twitter I will be on Hannity. TV on the Fox News Channel. 9:30 PM eastern time tonight we won't be discussed in the in this of this monarch. But. He can check this out. Yes yes yes they dress up okay. 9:30. PM eastern time tonight. The Fox News Channel I will be on with Hannity. And of course you can watch that all over the country and you know look forward to say. To check this out. No folks they really need your pension. Something important. Now you might think this is a tried topic it's really not. When is the last thing you checker HVAC filter I know like I said exciting stuff right. Not properly maintaining your system can cause illness allergies. And necessary way to hear when you rich Texas. You know the cost of repairs or even worse the premature replacement of the entire system. So resolve to breathe better with filtered by America's leading provider of HVAC filters from homes and small businesses. They carry over 600 different filters sciences including custom options all ship free within 24 hours plus they're manufactured right here in America. Filter by offers a multitude of Merv options all the way up the hospital great. So you'll be removing dangerous pollen mold dust other allergy aggravating pollution. While maximizing the efficiency of the system. Right now. You can say 5%. When you set up auto delivery so you never need to think about air filters again save money save time breathe better with filter buy dot com. It's filtered EU wide that com fill their buy dot com. Charlie. Excuse me Charlie new York and new Jerry's the great WABC go. And mark very good to hear talk to finally our head is what it rate I understand your point about it are always being attacked on the consumer. But these industries have gone through hell under Obama. And the end of regulation proposal they need three or four year period with regulations relaxed to get their feet back under. And is regulated at the age you reduce regulations we just slash corporate taxes. And so the only problem with your point. Is that these industries have been seen receiving subsidies for half a century. This time I checked Obama wasn't you know listening to me hard. I am. List and I tagged Obama was an office for eight years. So I had. I think they get a gallon at a time like the watchers in the solar so. Where are we just slash the corporate tax rates to 21%. We're slashing the environmental regulations likely shut those are really socialist regulation. You don't know what he slash and they get talked about it time period. 121%. Of the 21% cotton top they raised at the peak for the next ten years for all I know. But it really all need relief from the Obama years. Right but your answer your car. He can't help. Him three times in Iraq. Repetition is something that's kind monotonous. So let's look at what's going on Tuesday America. When we reject. Capitalism when we're reject the competition when we're reject our own needs and desires and willingness went on willingness to pay. Health care industry is subsidized. Banks were subject. Steel. Subsidize. Aluminum subs and a number subsidize. 20% just slash the corporate tax rate from 352 point 1%. In many individuals you don't hear this except for me or did you see their taxes go up. Because the Republicans in congress and the president said well we got to make up that money somewhere. Source slam these guys on their interest rate cuts when there's sells them there property tax. And there are stating compacts that. So the individual taxpayers many of us are subsidizing the 20% corporate tax rate. According to look all right himself. So we're subsidizing all this stuff it's kind of stop that. Because the vast majority of us in our businesses. In our workplace. Subsidize. All these. Big industries. Running a Washington DC wood cup in hand. This is as we used to say corporate welfare it's corporate welfare. It's food stamps per industry. Channel wasn't always a powerhouse. China does not think. Forty years ago. And yet we subsidize the. And we subsidize alone. You don't announce we subsidize. Sugar is added national security issue in what else we subsidize mushrooms is that a national security issue not us we subsidize. Would Arabs I'm talking about Paris. Commons 121000. Arabs we have in place right now as I speak. From soup lots. So give us. Your paying the film you imagined it would remove most of these parents. The massive amount. Of money as an aggregate we would have as a people. To invest or spend as we wish. The cost of products coming down. The cost of enterprise having them. Jim played Michigan at. And satellite Iran ahead. I. Wanted to bomb first and gradually UN thank you for being out Fox News at 10 o'clock that's going to be a great asset for everybody. So I'm glad to see you there. I wanted to I just want to give you a factual things real quick that that I saw happen I don't know what the answer has. But I I won't name the companies but I sought to companies close that was. Very closely involved in the old closings. The old plants closed because. They're single manufacturers too by the way they could not. With all their taxes the role loves the cost. They couldn't compete so they moved the closed old facilities. Yeah and moved on to Mexico all over the past eight or nine years. They shut the accident and they are still solve the prices have not gone down in fact they've gone up marginally. The only thing that happened with those two. Coming how many companies have. Foreign companies have built plants in the United States. I'm sorry. How many foreign companies have built plants in the United States. Why did they killed in Alabama. Sure why they built in South Carolina. Why they built. These different plants. In different parts the United States. Got BMW in the United States with Mercedes in the United States we Volvo in the United States we've Toyota in the United States as well as the domestic. Automobile industry is because of protectionism and tariffs well. Now it's because. Why UHU Tony if our labor clusters so. Terrifically high. They all in Mexico and yet what they are and Zimbabwe where they are on Cuba. They have no labor wait let me on these destitute countries. Well thought it Eric I can just save us but it and company appliance there. Because we have a rule on this country. We have a role in the belong in this country because property rights Matty came to see somebody's points. You just can't impose wages although we're getting to that point with the minimum wage fifteen dollar an hour thing. Because we still have some freedoms operate in this country. Some freedoms to do business in this country some predictability in this country except what you start plot and terrorists all over the place that becomes a different issue go ahead. Corporate to meet market just seems that all the corporate tax when it comes to the employer roll ups not their wages. But the math jostle security at all the other taxes and property taxes and corporate taxes. And I know we slash dump. But all bulls Costa why these two companies specifically left America. There was a president's not gonna talk about entitlements. Should be Cheryl corporate tax. And Ohio where I I agree with you but that's not gonna happen trying to do a reality is that. I saw Tim thanks recall though I. It's an important call but it's when we're not there that's not gonna happen. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania serious satellite Harry user. Should take my howry tonight thank you very well we should. Cellmark I wish I was doing well and I'm not deterred the church do you expect me personally and the industry I worked in which is due industry. And unfortunately it has been an obscenely misled on this issue are there a lot of imports come to the US. Yes. What is what secretary of the report does not cover is dead. A lot of he knows in you have a domestic mills who makes the mission product collect those behind tubes that go into the airplane. As spacecraft and automobiles. Our thought. From overseas. And the reason is because they can afford to pay ridiculous prices that the US mills charged and furthermore. Most of what that these products are not even need in the US. We've got through that again who's buying what from the US. So for example if you wanna take a specific type of domestic mail cult they re dropped a which which H 8840. To promote overseas they withdraw to make eight under product which is and I'd like your. Saying is they take the tube that's made overseas bring it in the United States. We find it perhaps improve their perfected for our use here and they also sell it overseas is that resent. I'll pursue it until you read and yet and yet that Hal says he's steel import correct. Kirk. So these companies and these huge domestic mills which were supposedly going to be how things are going to be hurt and affected very badly by this not only dams. I am I gonna be hurt very badly because you're saying when that pipe they shipped in the United States it's gonna have a massive tire opponent. So when they perfected their refining. For use in the United States or resale. Is going to be less competitive. Exactly. And mark application for projects let's say for example your big company like ExxonMobil and you want to build a petrochemical plant. Or refinery in the US you have a budget per project and you it's taken years to put that budget together and get funding or. Source and most of that promote receives all of a sudden you're slapped with a point 5% price increase. That project may not go through an independent whoever it and do it you're just going to go to and received applicator who don't know how the extra cost. I want everybody to listen to what she gets set because they think everything happens at 2448 hour time period he major project involving among other things steel. Is a project it takes years it's years in the works. And so you sign a contract you have a price schedule and then all of a sudden you're slapped with a massive attack. There's an earlier point. Her and then because you priced it differently niacin you know what we can't do this project. That's correct and mark I don't wanna read some time protocol or just want to make what worked quite. So today when president trump met with all the steel executives knew court AK steel. Come on and on. A US steel to you know. They all complain that oh we're getting smacked so hard we can't compete with overseas companies yet because they're not competitive and then. They can't make the product as efficiently but you know how much money new corn made in 2017 public company you can show their talent she. No one point one billion dollars. So I guess we're so autocracy now. You know will Barack senate buddies they decide they're going to cry to the government when they can compete and that's the only way they're gonna do business in this country but you know that they're who can profits of one point one billion they can beat you know yeah. Asking the question is there a free market pro capitalist economist among any advisors to this president to you know. I can't think of one. Perhaps Gary Cohn maybe the only guy he's not easily Goldman Sachs have. The government type but I listen I listen to these other guys on radio and so forth many of them sold out a long time ago. Anyway chuck excellent call on very informative I appreciate it. We'll be right back. The first thing that pops in your head is an amazing of portable shave this will blow your. That's because dollar shave club now has everything you need to look smell and feel your best shampoo body wash toothpaste of course. Amazing affordable high quality shady get from DSC's executive raiser with their doctor carver Shea butter. They need to experience. Another must have experience is how they deliver everything to you that means no more trips to distort. Wandering the aisles hunting for razors shampoo toothpaste only than having to play it pay at the cashier. Scanning and bagging your own stuff. For a mind blowing experience join dollar shape club today. For just five bucks five bucks with free shipping it hit the six late executive razor close trial sizes of Shea butter and body cleanse it. They keep the blades coming for a few bucks more a month. Get used it dollar shape club dot com slash mark that's dollar shave club dot com slash marked. Dollar shave club dot com slash mark. John Colorado Springs, Colorado the great KV. Well I don't. Our particular problem first time car I have. Want to bring a book of course iChat in Iraq I agree that it seemed like cheers don't always. Cannot put the desired consequences. Desired results. I'm wondering it is trump trying to take out an illegitimate trade partner in China. It can get away without doing it directly without. Without treating them as they are as the country's debt that is. While we're taking on candidate we've taken a Mexico were taken on China. Were taken on the European Union were taken on by. And you know that might sound tough and might sound cool but in the answer you will be affected directly. No country's gonna sit by and tolerate this. I want marked time I wanna say if you consider China as it is mind. This is this is patsy this is nonsense. You wanna deal at China's there he deals them directly you don't punish the American people you go after their banks to go after their banks our whole economy Clinton collapses. Why do what China sir you put a fleet in the South China Sea where they're building fake islands and militarized. What do it China senator I don't any problem within bundling products from China. My problem is punishing the American people. It's like this gun control debate punishing the American people what that's not job didn't Florida and that seems to be a trend now. This seems to be a trend that. And I don't like it. Go ahead. Yes I've I don't disagree I thought I think. I'd rather see them take directly like I I don't eat it happens only. Egon China. I raising our taxes. And to do. These industries remain uncompetitive. And top it. Meanwhile a guy like that this guy Ross will work. Well we're walks across the secretary of commerce he's a billionaire. I picked it up these companies. Making sure they get subsidies and tariffs. And he's not the only one. We're playing oops to this ladies and gentlemen. We're hearing populist nationalist propaganda. Which can be just as easily Bernie Sanders socialist. That's why Sanders. Brown from Ohio all the left wing Kooks think this is well. It's an ask a question. Kyra yeah. Why limit. To steel. And aluminum. If we really wanted to take on China should we put tariffs on every single product. That might come in from China. But I'm not saying that the character are gonna be a bad I'd rather see them do you I have which is set you support them even they don't think there's good idea. And I'm asking you. Shall we put tariffs on every single product. Or material. It comes in this country. From my country yes or no from that particular country share. She went attacks the American people across the board very very foolish you think that it's gonna hurt China. So the way to get China ladies and gentlemen is that tax yield. Rather than deal with that. And this is what cowards do and public policy. We can take on China we could hurt China. But instead it's just easier to punish the American people and do this fan dance. I'll be right back. Critics everywhere. Only thing about annihilation it's not just turn. Here are number 8773813811877. 381. 3811. Now. We moving to a new and exciting area lady's turn. Back to the Second Amendment. Back to the second. You know one of the things that. Really. Gets me down from time to time. In order to persuade our fellow citizen fiscal point of view we need statesmen. Who make the case. So for instance when he came to amnesty for one point eight million dreamers. Eleven million illegal aliens all poll. Eleven million. People will say see I told you that'll never happen to see accomplished being strategic see this the CI. View the world. Tonight principled. Evens through trump. Or any other politician. That's not how my head works that's how my mind work it's not how your money should work either. Whether it's trump or bush or Reagan whatever. I don't do you fine. What's going on or define what I believe through the mind. Of another human being. Particularly of president. What bothers me. Is everything shouldn't be and is not tactical and strategic. And dealing. You've got to make the case to the American people right now we're making the case the American people for amnesty. We're making the case to the American people. For Bernie Sanders Herbert Hoover type protectionist Paris. And now we're making the case to the American people that the NRA. Is a hideous organization. In that the Second Amendment. Is he killing amendment. And it's bipartisan. It's bipartisan. All these lost opportunities how do you expect to win elections had expected build your base. Excite the base that exists in expand your base. If you don't make the case for ideas. Instead you're only talking tactically and strategically. And president's doing this for this I told you wouldn't do that but what does that have to do anything. I could. And when you see bill banning your basic. Belief system and principles. Which I choose not to do now. I chose not to be yesterday and I won't do tomorrow. Here's the president. On the bill of rights. Which includes the Second Amendment. And by the way the president didn't run on gun control any more than you ran on amnesty. People say well he ran on tariffs again I'll have no object but anyway yeah but he did run at a stadium I don't gun control only done it duke cut one go. The focuses. The literally give families and give local law enforcement additional tools. And individuals reported to be it a potential danger to themselves. Four others allow due process but no right to travel. But the ability to go to or obtain an order and collect not only the farm put off any any weapons. In the position that I today. Firearms first and then go to court because that's an assistant Elmo and by the time you go to court and takes so long to go to court. Can get it due process. Procedures. I like taking these guys early like in this. Crazy man case and just sort of plays in Florida. He had a lot of flash so everything. Goes according to play your best you can do exactly what you're saying McCain becomes first goes through do process. Well you don't due process after the fact is mr. producing. No due process. And due process after the fact. What about the cost. The innocent American citizen and hiring a lawyer to get his or her weapons that. That's the abuse of government government never abuse anybody does. The president should notice he's been subjected to this through the fights a court I the FBI by the Department of Justice. By the NSI. It's in the NSA. Not to assume the government's. In abuse its power the constitution assumes that that's what's great is the way it straight and yet you are the president would not only violate the Second Amendment. The Fifth Amendment. At my watch. And they all the finest I say her night after night after night what are they need a mentally sick mentally ill mental health. Despite what you talking about we know this jerk who's cutting off the heads of animals. We know he was one. Yeah yeah could have known he was one local police could have known he was whether or halt. They weren't told. I played Helen Keller. This is a he fundamental issue don't you think. A fundamental issue. President you know I like the NRA and I like the united but he faded the NRA different head of one side of the mouth. Cost them up on the other side of the now trash talks them. That's unacceptable the NRA's never done anything to him. Anyway. Or else. What I've been saying since the Valentine's Day massacre on February 14. Second Amendment this is upping it the NRA. And asked to do with your individual liberty and noticed some clown columnist picked up the point oh port eighty. Is it about the NRA and those kids. Noticed this the Republicans and the president never talk about the NEA and then update the two big monopolist that teachers unions. Both of home pat Paul the president told the public now we don't edit teachers aren't and our schools. You don't get the idea being trashed young at the AF TP track. But the and aren't. Eight speed track. Since when the president of the United States become the biggest on controller in the name. It's sad to watch this it's very upsetting to me. Very upsetting to me. Cut to go. It's only about the mentally ill and not being able to buy and now stop. The mentally ill shouldn't be able to buy guns what does that mean I'll ask it again. Somebody who had a tough time in their life maybe they lost their job maybe they were divorced. Maybe they lost a loved one they got depressed they got some help they got some methods they got some counseling. Hit that person I've done. Cannot present I got lip colors in here who had drugs when they were younger teenagers are older teenagers for attention deficit. If that person and I got. We talk about here. There's millions and millions of Americans who no fault of their own had mental issues that do not mean they are grave. One of. And I could be honest I am sick and tired of less stereo typing these people. I'm sick empire. Likely stereotype. Americans are 181920. Years all liked a more active slaughter people that somebody's 3464. Years all the evidence doesn't show that. Is no evidence no statistics. To support that not. So now we stereotype. 181920. Year olds. 181920. Year old all right got to go. Mean they have so many checks and balances that you can be mentally ill and I think she's six months before you can print it. So we had to do something. And I let him let me help out on this almost every state and locality had laws in place. If you threaten somebody's life for you threaten. To commit acts of terrorism and so forth in this threats can be. The term it is quite serious. Law enforcement does have power. Especially in Florida under the baker. Going Google the baker Jacqui keep hearing that phrase thrown around out there. They can temporarily detain somebody get them help and trying to figure out what's going on baker act was not used in the case. But the mass murderer sub human in Florida. Ball was dropped. It was dropped by the FBI that was dropped by the sheriff's department. I happen to agree that when the court stepped in in the nineteen Saturdays and let seriously. Mentally ill people who've been adjudicated. As dangerous to the community and dangerous to themselves. And when the courts let them out for the most part it created a huge from a huge homeless problem among other things. But let's not throw these phrases are all the mentally year of the mentally ill man. You talking about and if the president doesn't believe you should have due process. In advance of having your weapons removed from you what ten due process as you have in mind for the so called mentally ill. I don't know he doesn't say nobody says his administration doesn't say what are they talking about. Talk about. I had. Number one you can take guns away immediately from people that. You can adjust easily or mentally ill like this guy you know the police so that was probably the pain goes away another kind of man policing. Take it away anyway whether they have the right or not. I don't know what that means. The police should take the gun away the guns or whether they have the right or not. Report is that. Let's go to cut three please go ahead. It doesn't make sense if I have the way Tom won when they get a handgun McCain. I don't know I just here's what he did you know. Yeah I think a lot of your friends there. I'm right there. What is his obsession with smearing the Aaron. And only endorsed him for the presidency the generation standing in the way of protecting these kids you know as many proposals I'm sure on protecting these kids I do others don't. Why because they won't chase Windmills. Let me answer the president's question he says it doesn't make sense yet the way touch one I wanna get a hand convicting get this weapon and eighteen. It doesn't make sense that you have to wait to 21 to get it ain't gonna. Perry it. I senate before and I'll say it again. All of you out there who think this is what's the big deal we're gonna lose the vote if we don't have some kind of reform here. That is disgraceful. We're talking about fundamental rights. If you're 1819 or twenty years off why should you be able to protection so. You're 181920 years old when your married with a family why shouldn't be able protect your family. He can't own a handgun and you can own a rifle how you can protect its. That's outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. If you're 1819 to twenty years all. You qualify for serving in the military. We celebrate our military. We conservatives wesun. A break the men and women in our military. Police say except for the 181920. All we celebrate the military and how you think despite our arts. It's they know people. It is an amazing. The president's there. Senator isn't there congressman there. In the Oval Office or the Roosevelt room wherever it lies. Politicians. Debating our. Bill of rights. I keep hearing it said while the president's an outsider and honest I don't care he's an outsider he's an insider he's sometimes an insider he's a little slider he's an asset. Thousands of friends the issue is what are we doing. No excuse is hard labels. I announced the inside as it is for the inside the outside who perished. The effect on the bill of rights is the same. Why isn't there if you're 181920. Years all why is it. If you want to defend yourself at that age why is it but if you can serve in the military at that age that you should be able to purchase and got. What is it. The average age you may have heard this by now a mass murders in recent history. It's 34. 34. Last time I checked that's over 21. Facts don't matter you see when there's this frenzy. When there's intellectual bullying. When there's platitudes of propaganda. All else's loss. Tony's not afraid of the NRA. And why is it. If you have our position. You said to be afraid of the NRA they're afraid the NRA I support the panoramic lifetime member of the NRA every member of my family's a lifetime member of the NRA. So because I'm afraid of the NRA because the NRA represents my interests. That's why. They're my interest that you're interest those individual personal liberties with the Miller right seeks to protect. Cut for mr. Agassi. You look at this very popular. People Anwar who were calling us. People who don't see how Steve's release. A real. Life victim. They Bernie Sanders Democrat who tried to murder him and all the other Republicans playing baseball that day. That fateful day in Alexandria Virginia. And I don't remember all the talk back then. About gun control when Republicans were the target I don't know let's talk back then when this congressman was almost taken out you. I don't I don't think you'll cry in the media and the Democrat party at gun control when this took place. Go ahead. We looked her over and crimes so hopefully that's not immediately dismissed because there is a lot of talk of putting on the side of Schuettler news. You know I'm really I don't want to. Maybe. That's when she passes out you've got to put concealed carry on Wednesday. We're talking about a whole new ball inside the president has moved from. Allowing concealed carry. Between the states snowy interstate commerce clause that's what it. To taking it completely off the table. Undermining completely any Republican. Bill of rights agenda item. And embracing Feinstein. Schumer. And all the rest of the gun grabber is a gun controllers I'll be right back. Very 9:30 PM eastern time. That's one of the particular 932. Which by my calculation is sixty to him. Pacific time. And will be on the Fox News Channel with Sean Hannity. So I think we'll have a good time together. To a ball. From via from the bunker the radio bunker the little ball over. To the living TV Ronald Reagan studio bunker. To do the fox program was Sean Hannity. By the way I wanna thank all the shows for inviting me on FOX & Friends Warner's road and all it's just not possible for me to do all the shows charge wanna thank you to. But we're gonna trying to mourn more than. Because of popular demand. By the way you know our guest is on Sunday 10 PM on her second child a full hour soon enough. It's like you've never seen the discussion before we chairman. DeVon newness of the house intelligence. We're gonna walk through and I'm gonna walk through it as only I can views. He's superb individual we're gonna take our time and explain the whole situation. That's the benefit of having a full hour with a ghastly thing. But don't forget one hour from now I'll be on Hannity on fox we'll be right. They can only others. Look there's only one minute mark put them and you can call him. It's 7738138110. Yeah. He amazed at the people who text me with their arguments. To be very disappointing but I know I know I know I'm one of a few left who. Who embraces the liberty. And liberty also is the embrace of capitalism and people are making excuses. For positions they take. And I'm hearing every excuse he can imagine. Putting from friends. What's on your bucket list. We all have things we wanna do not just work so the Gator and while maybe simplest no matter what your answer. There's one thing you definitely need to knock down your bucket list money. My. Best and for the future is critical to me it's more complicated than average you concede. We're facing a very different retirement reality and sadly many within the sound of my voice or simply not ready for. Even though we're living with financial uncertainty and geopolitical instability doesn't mean we can't play any proper retirement. One that includes all of us enjoying our bucket list. It is possible to live there retirement lifestyle you've dreamed that the retirement you deserve. Download PM capitals free report bullet proof your bucket list hit. Mark living gold dot com very simple mark Kelly VIN gold dot com or call 1805998391. That's 1805998391. Start planning for retirement now to enjoy your bucket list around the corner again. Get the report. 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I also want hard stuff. So I have some gold. Had some sobered a more gold and so. And that's what I do. He just wanna make sure. That my family and her carefully. These folks opium capital. It's a relatively new sponsor and the reason is this. Scott Carter who's one of the principals of PM capital have complete faith in them I've known him for years and years and years. He got being involved in gold in the first place. What visited him in California he's come and visited me. And so I consider PM capitol. If you will to get the gold standard. So I hope you'll check them out 1805998391. We're just gonna mark flipping gold dot com. All right but see if my call screened. Of course not it's gone mr. producer what do you have there. The great cash GF to show me state. John in Missouri guys that are going to pleasure you don't look good thank you. You know I'm outraged like you are today. I turn on the radio that precede the stock market tumbling and I I feel like we're back. In the days of Barack Obama would do something and then it would be aspect. Capitalism and being anti American. And then you talk about the Second Amendment and I feel like belt Trout who I supported not believe in doing a great job as you have or critical or where criticism and do. Is bending and they count my demand during the campaign. I did think back and remember Robert B Reich when he talked look at Cruz. It basically says we're not afraid of Dow up we can bend him we can move him. And and and we're not afraid we're afraid of a constitutional like Ted Cruz but not ultra. I'm scared as hell because as you know without some sort of been. In some very fundamental way. But you need to make your voice there because maybe he can go the other way. Exactly what you said we need to vote. I agree we need to move the president at a faster rise and let's start a local level represented. Well yes let's hear your big you know with the deaths you got to contact your members of congress. Even the White House. I'm my friend appreciate your call. That's not that now's not the time to be silent. But am I doing. Well I think come back then come back home not stone had Connery California's a great KRO I don't. And mark first time caller I'm only four years old are slowly get them included on the steel and aluminum terror. So I'll look for American company it's a privately owned company it's been around for over a hundred years. We make refrigerant semi trailer driver entry others. And we've IR aluminum. And raw though this careful actually had a negative aspect and our company. And in fact China most of what it export. In terms of metal are in the finish good so won't even have the desired effect on China. Why. By the way the the Japanese stock market is down two and a half percent. You know it's morning governor. So hundreds of billions of dollars being lost we'll see how long this goes. I for appreciate your call thank you. It's taken me another columnist and it is there. The great WC EO they did an Alabama go ahead. Wachovia CIA employee has a massive reach finally got it. I mention there or they're still in their belts still also are aluminum mills all my life now. And operate water our solar if they're survive the United States they're very efficient. A certain auto workers making a million tons a year persons if you're overseas and Asia you might have. Five or 6000 people making a million pounds a year. People get paid a dollar today and they get if they show up what work there's no OSHA there's no art had. Sarah so do you think this steel industry is the only industry. Where oversees the people who are paid less. No you're absolutely corrected tablet in fibers that happened and aluminum and half right so lonely island still. I'm sorry what what what what I absolutely just missed. Well I would have to say that if you're not gonna trade fair. Nobody trades fares there we have 121000 Harris do you wanna ship sugar into this country good luck if you when he ship mushrooms in this country good luck. If you when he should not gonna listen to me and I don't care I'm gonna continue to talk if you wanna ship almonds in this country good luck. We at 121000 tires in place we don't play fair either. It's called capitalism the market system. Now governments went to subsidize their businesses that's fine. We just lord our tax rates for corporations to 21% from 35%. We weren't told that would be the magic bullet. And and others have praised. Look at this Apple's coming back 350 billion dollar investment. Exxon's coming back a hundred billion dollar investment all this money flying back in the United States and I stuff is these top stories. It. Because attacked while what do you think what do you think puppies still at their money think they have a Friday let's turn our trash day. They reinvest that they hire people. The president has sets out otherwise why do it. Steel companies have been subsidized for fifty years. Under Democrats and Republicans before that was a powerful China. Now there's a powerful China why is that Sen. You're asking me question why that this is because they're not playing there. I don't know yeah I'm sorry you guys in your labor contracts. You shake out these companies and you'll strike these companies. Why did you mention that to the American people isn't that true. I've no idea he'd just said. Yes of course you don't but I do I don't know I can create cuts now yelling. He knows exactly what I'm saying. It's not just that somebody overseas may earn nothing it's satire wage rates are out of sync. Because it Paris. This is another thing that's why I oppose subsidies. On fuel. Using wheat and corn. It should go about loses subsidies to farmers that's what they aren't. That's exactly what they are ethanol don't need ethanol. Particularly now we're look at our production. And yet then they are. What are we subsidizing sugar I don't know. Why are we subsidizing mushrooms I don't know I'm sick of old pins did. And then if you object to get callers liked this guy. Well you know they could be people who receives earning a dollar and a but they're earning a dollar an hour and everything they're doing so I guess all of our company should be quiet type public. So we should have been any capitalism. The fact of the matter is ladies and gentlemen the reason why you wanna put a company in the United States not China. Is because of our constitution. Because we're supposed to have limits on the federal government. So that a guy like gee can't claim he's gonna be dictator for life. He can't start nationalizing industries. It doesn't start imprisoning managers and executives in companies. They don't start. Interfering with their business activities they don't take 51% of the company. There's a lot of reasons to have a company in the United States even though you may pay more in wages. Again it's called freedom. And it's called the rule of law. You and I we don't live to subsidize. Other people. The wanna take up trying to out. What if somebody wanted to my refrigerator now making it. What does somebody wanted to buy pickup truck and now they can't pay for work. What about all the people who are gonna lose their job you heard a couple of them caught here. Who work in these industries steel and aluminum. There's a price is going to be driven up so their assembly lines will shut down. So they won't get bonus. I'm not gonna be brow beaten in to this. And my friends stuck. Texting me with your nonsense. I don't really care. I've studied this issue all my life. All my life. You know like many of the U. My ancestors came here without a penny. Only one it was freedom. The toll one. He never received a penny. In government subsidies. They never argued for Paris. They just worked and worked and worked and worked. My great grandparents. My parents never worked for the government. Parents never worked for a major corporation. My parents had very small businesses you know. Can't pay day school they created with their own hands of their own mind. The didn't belong to any groups. They belong to the unions they did. Along the NRA they belong and I think. And then. They sold at all for very modest amount of money. Because they were tired. In the open the small shop outside of Philadelphia. Some months we didn't have a lot of money. We always made do. And the months where better. And I they never really told us but I knew which months for good in which months were not in the. They didn't demand that the store across the street be punished because. You know it was a difficult time that we got that month or anything like that they did it. Man Tarance. They didn't demand subsidies. They didn't want food stamps they don't Wear anything. Eight as work. And they were proud Americans and they are proud Americans. Because they believe in freedom. I'm sick and tired of all of all the government shut down what will they do. All of the employees of a government pillow. This steel mills that make the aluminum factories while while they do what what they do. They'll do just fine. They will do just fine. We just got to get back to our core principles. We have to embrace competition. When America's unleashed Americans are unleashed. When Americans are unleashed nobody can compete with this nobody. Well it's ten steps ahead with technology even now I get. What are we gonna get technology gonna put people I don't I never heard anything like this. Maybe people were defeated. You that is only a few million of us left I don't know. I'll be right back. This is breaking from Reuters and violate. The key here in this day in day out just in from Reuters Toyota says US tariffs on steel and aluminum. Will raise cost differ prices of cars and trucks sold in the United States. There because corporations pass these costs are. You know there. So you can be very patriotic and you gonna pay a lot more for everything. There's actually no reason to leave yourself completely vulnerable to cyber crime. Locking doors at night right looks cyber thieves can still weigh more than what's in your house. I've partner was my ID care to bring you a different kind of identity theft protection. That offers best in class protection from thieves who can clean out your bank account or use your personal info for tax or medical fraud. My IV care has covered fortune 500 companies for years they asked me to let you know that there's service is now available to individuals and families to. Credit freezes won't help you would tax fraud or other types of ID theft not thinking GP totally safe. 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I think today we have a situation here with a little old welcome it with open arms and immediate news and news he's determined that you own a firearm. You're automatically be something mentally wrong if you war or people who are more dramatically. Owns some kind of a danger to society. And I think you are very slippery slope and I think you could do to recruit put ourselves in the position where. Arm sorry. I got a governor wanna thank you very level headed I really appreciate. Ladies and gentlemen I'll see on Hannity and thirty minutes thirty minutes on fox. We salute armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. I gotta get out here I got us grants CF thirty minutes. When you're running a business time is money. And you can save both with Stamps.Com. You can access all of the amazing services of the post office without having to leave your own office print postage for any letter or any package right from your computer you'll never underpaid or overpay again. 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