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2/13/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 14, 2018|

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Susan Rice’s email about the Russian probe on President Trump’s inauguration day further exposed Barack Obama’s involvement in the FISA abuse against the Trump campaign. Rice wrote multiple times that the investigation was being done by the book; you don’t keep writing ...

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You can buy in print official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail using your own computer and printer. Then the mail carrier picks it up no more trips to the post office anything you can do at the post office you can now do right from your desk with Stamps.Com. I use Stamps.Com because it's so easy and convenient. I don't have to wait on lines anymore or worry about getting to the post office before they close and right now YouTube can enjoy the Stamps.Com service with a special offer. That includes a four week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to Stamps.Com click on the microphone at top of the home page and type in bunker. That snap dot com answer bunker. Hello everybody marquee event here are number 8773813811877. 381. 3811. You know I am the cleanup hitter. Have to clean things up at the end of the day. And lay the foundation for the next day. From my colleagues and radio and TV and do the best I can. And we'll continue to use there's been a lot of talk today I am told that I read. But this is stunning revelation. A stunning revelation. That Jim Conley and the FBI. After. Retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn was interviewed. Did not think Eli. They did not think he'll run. This is an all over the media today. Then all of a conservative media newspapers all over conservative website. They didn't think he'd light. And yet under Mahler and of course he's charged. So I picked up the phone and I called. Mr. produced. I said that mr. producer. Can be stopped a fax machine from ringing when you're going to receive faxes. I said this could this. Can we not talk about that 23 months ago so mr. producer. Went digging. He said yes we did. As a matter fact this was reported first on December 120172. And a half months ago. By Catherine Herridge fox neutral. I said I thought son. December 012017. So why are people reporting it now Mac specific brand milk. Here it is cut to go. And my colleague Bret Bair who receives information earlier today from a source who has knowledge of FBI directors colonies. Testimony to congress earlier this year and I'm that his agency felt that when I don't deliberately misled and misled them. Stop stop stop so missed it coming out this is taped this is me speaking taped December 1 Tony seventeen go ahead. BI director there. Behind closed doors told congress. They they didn't feel that's Lynn's comments where intentional. In other words United States code the 1018. USC a 1001 false statements to federal investigators government investigators. They didn't pull that trigger because they didn't think. It met the standards they thought that his state of mind was more confusion and lack of memory not that he intentionally failed to tell them. And why would he intentionally fail the talent it's not a crime for him not spoken to their rations. And yet mr. Malek decided it was. All right no more life. So this is reported first by Catherine Herridge Fox News. From a source that she got. I mean if from Brett Baer who who told her I'm his source. This is two and a half months old. And we spent a goodly amount of time on this. It's one half months so we spent a good amount of time on it. I spent time talking about that Mueller took over the case and they must have squeezed and in this that in the other. For the life of me I don't know why two and a half months later. We act as if this is a breaking story it's an important story. But it is part of the but the pathway that would only to get leaked to the bottom here so why would we circled back repeat something that took place. That was reported two and a half months ago on Aqua I've got. Yeah. Of course we had a lot of ideas. Of course we get. That's number one. Number two. The spicy Asian. Have heard people talking about this from getting emails that people are talking about. And Barack Obama's that we talked about this. Way back in February. Of twenty. Seventeenth. Now get I'm not doing this because when you're always at first I sit second ice it has nothing to do with it. This is ground that's already been covered. On February 15. February 15. Here's what took place 2017. The year ago. A year ago. Come Thursday almost a full year ago February 15. Got one go and the real question today. What did Barack Obama know and when did Barack Obama no no let's stop right there that's Gil Warner gave line from Howard Dean as knew about Nixon. The next morning headlines blared everywhere they hold newspaper Joseph conscience. February 17 7:58 AM. Mark live and on Flynn intercepts Mike Flynn intercepts quote. What did Barack Obama known quantity not conservative radio Mark Levine and what that Barack Obama and on one meeting now. There's a reason for this I wanna explain go ahead. White House and his staff let me help the feckless Republicans. When he gets up. The fact of the matter is lieutenant general Michael Clinton's phone calls were being intercepted. Then recorded. When the Obama administration. Now some might say well they do this routinely because they weren't. There were tapping into the Russian ambassadors. From conversations first of all thatched Chu and now that's been leaked. That's a very severe breach. Of our national intelligence methods. But it's more than that whoever was listening in on the conversations or recording them knew full well that it wasn't just three Russian ambassador. That it was she retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn transition advisor to the president of the United States and the likely director of National Security Council. Once Donald Trump was an artery so stop. When they were leaking Flynn is neighmond unmasking him and everybody laughs when he masterful and I said no breaks again. They were surveilling. In a way that they got eight top foreign policy advisor. To the president the incoming president of the United States. Illegally leaked his name. So they were either. You know there was spying going on some kind of espionage taking place he had this to the regular course of. Business. Or throughout Tyson. Way back so wait fifteen I don't just shoot from the hip. I'm not a blow hard I don't experience. Something wasn't right about this. Go ahead. It's common problem to intercept these phone calls. To record these phone calls. How many more phone calls involving. Michael Flynn and other would be administration officials. Were intercepted and recorded. Where the president of the United States are now present the United States Donald Trump or his phone calls. Intercepted and recorded. I am speaking as somebody who is chief of staff to an attorney general I am telling you it is not that simple all. To get authorization from the fights a court it's not that simple to be tapping into phone calls a recording phone calls. Particularly a private citizens. And so the question is how many Michael flames phone calls the various farm leaders. Or intercepted by the Obama administration and recorded by the Obama administration. How many phone calls by Donald Trump defended. Have been intercepted by the Obama administration. Every courted by the Obama administration. And all the other transition officials about than farm policy and national security and defense policy. This ladies and gentlemen is the real scandal because the fact of the matter is despite. An enormously lengthy piece by the New York Times even though I have to confess. There is no. Evidence right now whatsoever. That Michael Flynn broke the law that Michael Flynn asked the Russians would do any thing that Michael Flynt promised anything to the rations about. Measly pathetic. Barely sanctions that Obama put in place. That's the pack to the. Question is today ladies and gentlemen how many of these intercepts are there. How many phone records are there what did Barack Obama know and when did he know. What that his attorney general Loretta lynch known when did she know at what. The acting attorney general Yates. What did she know and when did she know what does that matter of fact ladies and gentlemen. Was the information collected by the Obama administration. Prior to lead the inauguration of president John I'm Donald Trump. Was any of that share what members of congress because this choice now looks awfully orchestrated to me. Back live to concede. The trainers thought the logical arguments Helm approaching it. There's still a lot of questions and they need to be answered. But you have to admit. Fats February 15 2070 with almost no information. We got awfully close to do it. Awfully close. And as I say after that the headlines started the glare at the hill and other places. Living and to Obama. What did Barack Obama and on when leading on and I'd be consistent in this. And you will not find anybody who has been focused on this earlier in the night because I understand how this process works. And they still need to get access to the daily presidential briefing. That covers this period of time. The find out exactly what Obama knew that I would tell you something Obama know. Obama now. Tough awhile I think Obama knew in addition to the other hundred reasons I given over the course the last twelve months when we return. I know Obama move because. Yes he had graduated Coleman. The attorney general what it called. His national security director would have told them as deputy national security director would have told them. Valerie Jarrett his serve. His concede clearing would have told him. And Palestinian. Because it was in the newspapers. Now. There's another piece of information that just came out people are not really reading it properly so stick with me. By the way this is. Why am so proud of all of you out there I'm proud of this program I'm proud of all of our great affiliates who stick with us. I'm proud of our satellite radio listeners I'm proud of the fact that many the go online on digital you download the program through march live enact. I heart radio that. But three your iPod. Millions and millions and millions of listeners and all platforms. This is where the Tea Party. Met. Early on right here with liberty and tyranny. This is where the convention of states article five meets right here. This is where we decided we had enough to John Boehner and it was time for him to go right here. This is where we decided we needed elected Mike Mike Lee and Rand Paul. And at that time rubio went at the time take crews. Greg here these decisions were made by you and me right here. We're the ones who understood right here behind this microphone you and me. What was taking place long before anybody else February march. And now the echo chamber now the the back then trees and that's good they're all land and they need audience. This is where we continue to advance the cause of conservative principles and constitutional. And fiscal responsibility right here behind this microphone all of us. And we look the rest in the dust and that's a good thing. But take a look at this. Susan Rice and any now turner and normal day herself. Memorializing a chat between our bombing coming on ration game and everybody's focused they ought to be focused on this phrase where she says twice by the book. President Obama began the conversation now about Russia stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue. It's handled by the intelligence and law enforcement communities. By the book and everybody's rightly saying we don't keep writing that tears up to creating false contemporaneous record. Unless you're not doing something by the book. But there's other information in the schori now. That's being overlooked. The president asked comito informed him that's Obama if anything changes in the next few weeks. That should affect how we share classified information. With the incoming team economies anyway. That. Is the marquis. In the email not by the book. The president meaning Obama's economy to inform him if anything changes in the next few weeks. That should affect how we share classified information with the incoming team commie said he would this suggest to me. At least it certainly gives the Mateen I have evidence. That they were concerned about sharing classified information with the incoming teen. Because the income teen was under investigation. Is. Because of it's supposed to ties to the Russians use. Based on the doce UC. This is the damning. Email. Not just because it up I the book comment that's impaired twice. But because so what I just said that last set since the two lists sentences in the email. Obama know. Of course you know. How could he not know. The near times news McClatchy no. Heat streak note. I know. February 15. March 2 march 5. March 6. You know we talked about it. Lindsey Graham. Was on the Fox News Channel I guess was last evening right rich. Today. Tools slump. And here's what he had to say cut three go. So what I'm worried about is this an effort by the president. To basically get himself on the record this isn't rise. The nation this from his point of view everything was done by the book the question is did the president know anything about devise a worn application. Does Susan Rice know that the worn application. Included a dossier. From mr. Steele. When he was on the payroll of the Democratic Party while I just slow right there. Did the president know anything about the size warrant application. February 15 what I said resonated throughout conservative media. Throughout the suit a concerted media throughout nationalist populist media. Headline big. Font headlined in the hill newspaper. Live in honestly intercepts what did Obama know and windy now. It's still the issue today ladies and gentlemen this massive cover up. And I want to thank for my colleagues in this business he finally got so do repeat. This massive cover up this massive resistance. What's going on in the entrenched bureaucracy. Is obviously intended to protect Hillary but it's really focused on protecting Obama. He was the philosopher king he was the maestro behind all of that not necessarily every aspect in the weeks. But he knew it he knew what was taking place. I'll be back. And now ladies. The great ones and you can call now 8773813811. You know mister big this is my buddy rich cement to have to open your microphone and I've been on the air fifteen. Almost sixteen years. Correct Gibbs and we'll be believe it would me since they won almost crying they want from the 6 o'clock slot. Day one when I started in the 6 o'clock slot. And throughout the syndication package and we were talking today and most of my living TV guest isn't it amazing how one year changes where. We were pursuing these things addressing these things coming under brutal attack from all these. Big media platforms. And we got almost nobody standing up and defending us and not everybody's in on. But it is amazing right now everybody everybody's in and this is a good thing. But I just want you to the audience understand how this works. Both what's been taking place in the government and what takes place in radio and quite frankly TV too. It's a fascinating thing that sit back and take a lot of gratification in this I really do a lot of sadistic defection. And it's important. Because in order to get to the bottom this everybody. Has to be pushing. But it was extraordinarily lonely. I mean I have family members saying to me he's going to be OK so I'm gonna be great. They say because I know what I'm doing I know what I'm saying I know what I see. Mean to have Lindsey Graham now today say subordinated yesterday or today. You know the question on Maui as. Did Obama know about that's ice is currency did you witty yet. Course he did. Why would you know about them why would they keep it from him. Everybody else knew about it. The senior levels of the government. Incredible to make. I really chairman of the subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee is asking such a stupid question. Anyway. I think this is very important. And I wanna take a few your calls on this subject. Let us go to Shawn. Luck Tony in Minnesota. On XM SATA. Like how are you. Hello mark how are you know very well thank you. Don't that I black candidate but this time it's it's really nice talking with Hewitt would continue. All the time I thank you I didn't want to tell you that your great investigator. There are a much more to this story can be the guy probably has spent. And there are so many people in the government that are on the tape on this story from. You don't Barack Obama all the way down and I'd also say. I don't think they're on the tape I think they're driven ideologically. But that that's probably true grit but we don't really know what who or what Jay Leno Obama's gonna be an extraordinarily wealthy man I don't think. This has anything to do with the getting wealthy I think this is everything to do with his his ideological drive and his desire. And quite frankly his party's desire to hold power. Uninterrupted by occasional Republican victories. Yet I I think he did something else in mind China made mention this is traders on. By not. Electing Hillary Clinton now this stuff because unraveled resident. It does and it has stand at the hope the cards and I got what I wanted to say you and I will I don't hang up here and I. I think Obama has pulled out the biggest political coup in America. History and I also think Hillary Clinton has done the same. People can recover it that they were pupils of stolen ski. And how risky it was to the mafia without composers and yet keep and you work with them didn't. Yes and you know. People also have to remember that Barack Obama with the community organizer and so would follow and that's what they do they love him very quiet about people until they believe it. And then they BS at extort they intimidate and basic and now and I think that's what happened with that dot CA was that the question story. I think the media has run with it in I think it's totally unfair to try out I need you to not perfect. But I say I do think that people ought to look into that more and I think he's put committed or get a car from the top on down and I think people who. I reveal where about it what in what he did without and that they without Hillary. And I guess what that I eat it and it just you don't keep going particularly because they think it's great. And I think the American people deserve to know that what we have and our government and what we have in the past and our government. And I in my screen that we know about it. So all right my friend I appreciate your call. That Sean from Minnesota. He's so. Weston in our she's mean art first Pennsylvania know exactly where that is. Great WNT peek out. Correct yes I would listing you were on the fair about the port 660 you're out there early due out you know and a WABC. Because I'm sorry that you guys have your music. And what's nice and need baby. Yes my comments all right in line with the the Lindsey Graham take yet they're. Republican. Right when he's playing dump because there are many on the Republican side. Who are afraid. Of exposing. What this and it didn't. The fact that we've had this level of lawlessness and corruption. By our federal government. Are the Republicans were there. They probably bats sneaking suspicion is only going Norton while Obama would still little risk. But for the last. America I I honestly think these people. Are so clueless. I think. And they're so desperate to hold on to even a minority position as long as they're in the position of power. They're so desperate. To use budget bills to take care the the racing families in Kentucky. In this group over here in the sugar guys over there. The Republicans are mostly crony capitalists they're not really catalysts in the Democrats are hardcore socialists. The Democrats are also p.s is when it comes to foreign policy. But they're all progressives you know largely off progressives. In their circle park yep I'm here there are so while we look at a guy I've more Rogers for it. He tips. Trouble off to the fact that he's being wiretapped. I mean don't you think that he tipped it looks like it slips trying to say is. I think the Republicans are terrified. I'm happy to expose. The first African American president. I'd been entirely lawless and corrupt. And I I honestly don't. I don't think so I know I understand that's the. Is sort of the the the mythology out there may be when he was president they where I mean they take good shots at him. I just think the Republicans. First what they don't like trump. And secondly they're incompetent boobs. Iron anyway thank you west and I appreciate your call. That is gonna hit Columbus, Ohio Sirius satellite there. Oh. Yeah yeah right the point we're glad to be on the show it here but. I just want to talk about one of the main weapon not a left uses and what it yet it is targeting the youth of America. Testing the public schools where all they listen to it mainstream media and the teachers are corrupt and their parents are current. Another step icicle icicle expel these freshman coming in from public schools. Well basically just regurgitate. What they hear from CNN and hundreds from the crowd. Teacher on the limit them let me ask he's in the developed call screening you wanted to talk about ice. Problem we. Data that you might be able to tie him with that I'll tell you go ahead you're the call. I can't thank you comment. Tot. Mom what we talk about because. Thank heaven I so are you saying then that things that we talk about here's an example never see the light of day these classrooms that exact. Because they're consumed by mainstream media they're just brainwashed. By the people it's sickening. It is yeah really you're 5% from them. It has always hears the mainstream media from CNN that the parents Washington just brainwashed them in Brinker dictating all the propaganda that they hear the sickening. Where we. I'm afraid that's true and instead of the few times we need to do nick. We need to really figure at this education issue the public schools. Which are really government schools. As well as colleges and universities don't have much longer this country can survive with the brainwashing that goes on. In at least the lack of a competition of ideas the the fake history that's taught. They hate American history that's caught the that would solve America's scabs and none of America's greatness. It's a neck and this annually signed copy of plunder and deceit so don't hang up okay. So like it how old are you neck. On this thing wow. You are really really Smart thank you for calling Don I would go ahead so I thank you thank you don't hang up. Many great young man. Joseph. Chico California XM satellite went bouncing from one part of the country to the next so. Yeah they are. Oh just call and I was curious. You know we have issued for the DOJ we have issues with the FBI. Pruitt if anyone. Is. Available to bring charges I mean. Nobody and bingo bingo Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding until they get a special counsel. I can assure you the FBI is not gonna investigate itself. The Justice Department is not going to investigate itself. And another is a lot of old buddies of mine who former prosecutors say Canada's special counsel I'm not big on I mean there. I thought the independent counsel statute what congress is trying to pass it I thought it wanted to existed I represented my former boss and I Iran Contra. I doubt it. This is these specific kind of situation. It is unique and rare when you actually need a special counsel's somebody from the outside to investigate the inside not investigate. Collusion whether Russia chasing tells on that issue not to investigate. Basic criminal behavior that any assistant US attorney can investigate. The problem here. Is that if you expect the director of the FBI the deputy director the FBI and the people look at Justice Department to say yes we're going to investigate ourselves. I don't believe it. Well then you know. Well a mile. The question then going to be. Dude going to. Call first special counsel and the president of the united. And anybody can call for a special counsel including homeless man. But you're asking I think is who's going to appoint one is that your question. Well and Jeff Sessions need to appoint one. And I said last week I've known Jeff for thirty years and I'm strongly supportive of him but in this I really don't get it. If there's not a basis for a special counsel here how in the world does roses seem justified Mahler. This is quintessential circumstance we need somebody from the outside. And I look I'm not a 100% comfortable that my. From a systemic point it is there's no alternative from an institutional point is there's simply no alternative. Hi my friend thank you. We'll be right back mullah. And I doesn't take much for grocery store shelves. We go from fully stock. Completely ban. Please don't wait for an emergency to have had become a victim of chaos Perry canes. Fires. Earthquakes tornadoes floods. I relatives who learned the hard way last fall with Harry came Irma. Make sure you have an adequate food stored supplies in his mind patriots supply. These are great folks that have helped me plan for an emergency to. And he gets started this week for as little as ten bucks. Make sure each person in your household has he 72 hour emergency food kit from my patriots supply and boy will give you peace of mind to. Yeah only ten dollars each he gets three days of emergency food. Limit for because this is an incredibly low price. Order now here's the number 802942325. We use this special website prepare with mark dot com prepare was mark dot com. The food is actually delicious the last 25 years in storage. Ten dollar kits this week only 800. 2942325. Or prepare was mark dot com again 800. 2942325. Or prepare with mark dot com all details are on the website. Prepare what mark pat come all right. I understand all the states a confusing after awhile. People claiming they were first or second or fifth I'm quoting themselves inciting themselves. My goal is not to create confusion Michael is not competition. Might call this the systematically. Logically. Rationally. Lay out these things especially when I feel there are current. And so that's why we're. 5678910. Steps ahead. It's important to really analyze these things not just read new stories not just read web sites. And commoner bluster about it. For two really important trying gave him. I understand you expose yourself to attacks when you do that so why. Big deal. Andy northern New Jersey X. M satellite go. I don't see any worker stood Harry is single. Eric Berry call it and it is dark. Talk about this five award I don't know if there's ever going to be any kind of and you know brought about new seat anybody Liberty Mutual hard court jail would love to see it. Love to see a whole lot of them put away you know on. The problem is that each state. You know there are there out there and it's really is trite you know any. He what did the status. Of people use the deep state in the swamp. It's the administrative state. Com. C administrative state the fourth branch of government thank you and I and everybody in this audience been talking about now for for over a decade. This massive administrative state and you know what they need doesn't just exist in this context. Yeah exists and housing in exist in agriculture it exists and energy. It exists at the EPA. It exists at the FDA. And they have as their purpose. Control the the subject matter to control the the the environment to control the areas. That have been assigned to their departments or agencies are offices they're divisions in their units. And that's what's taking place. And they don't wanna be disruptive they don't want any cuts to their budget they don't when he cuts to their personnel have all the annoying name changes on their doors. They don't want any of that then they put their 20/20 five years and they've done and they wanna double dip. They do not want to be gone ahead. And the problem with that is too is that. So many people are so well entrenched and they can't you basically can't get our Great Pyrenees and you can. Well you can't in the way to fire them is to slash the federal budget. Actress slash the federal budget and yet trump then the Republicans are massively increasing the federal budget. And this is like very very here it is very very frustrating annoying to me. Which is you hear people. On TV expose on radio and writing about. Well I'm not a fiscal concern well these purest way. Oh this why should we cut I mean what's the death what's the big yet. The budget. Is funding the progressive movement the budget is funding the departments and agencies. If you want is. We lose their power reduce their number you'll have to cut the chip. Are they just massively increased. Actually I have been these records well the deep sting Wallace swap swap one. That's why one. There Republicans swapped the president just signed their budget. ARAMARK you don't understand. I understand very well. Diane ESP. ICQ where did you keep fighting the fight and try to do your best I can educate people aren't here insert here. And you know keep educating myself I go to meetings. They're you know John Birch Society things like that try to us. You don't wanna go to the John Birch Society go to the convention estate's fine warrior. But in my humble opinion find where the convention estates is in your community and they're there they're all over New Jersey. And join them to screw the John Birch Society they have a whole different agenda off the agenda. And they're trying to ups it's and obstruct our our efforts to revitalize the constitution. They're bunch of quacks in my humble opinion. All right ladies and gentlemen I shall return. Somewhere under the Griffin. Hello everybody Markel event here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. We're gonna get an immigration and moments they dish and we need to address at the speed to stay on. Benjamin Netanyahu. He's one of the great leaders. In the world. And he's led his country through an extraordinarily different fiscal period when Barack Obama was president than Barack Obama was funding. The enemies of the United States and is. In and of course the president trump as the elected him president trump. Has been one of the best friends in Israel has ever had as president of United States. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and he's committed to moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Before the end of the year at which he campaigned on. The president did not campaign on massive amnesty but he did campaign on this and he is kept true to his word in it's taken a lot of guts. Because the State Department. The Defense Department. Most of the NFC I'm sure opposed it. As did. Democrats throughout Washington. In some feckless Republicans. I am gravely considered. At about the leftist forces and Israel as I am about the leftist forces in this country and all over the world. Trying to take out. One of the great leaders and one of the great prime ministers of Israel. He's been prime minister for a total of his different terms of that about nine years yourself. Israel is facing. An enormous threat. We talked about this the other day. Iran. Hezbollah. Syria Russia Hamas Fatah. Crisis al-Qaeda. On and on and on. And spreading virulent anti semitism in Europe. And we know it York's capable lot of wasn't so long ago closet. And quite frankly. I'll say it. I'll clear the pass to the back which is can repeat it within the Democrat party growing anti semitism. Matter of fact. The more open immigration we have the more refugees we have. The more this is becoming apparent including an out colleges and universities. This BS movement. Which is intended to choke off little Israel from commerce. In order to destroy. The lack of free speech on our college campuses. Mom Palestinian front groups on our college campuses. Shutting down hill Al and other efforts organization trying to speak on our college campuses. It's going on right under our noses. Did Justin when the FBI comes out with the statistics. You know this. Hamas front groups in my opinion care while that's who gave it life. Almost. Seems to celebrate the fact that they claim. That Muslims. Face more I hate. Crimes and so but in this country and any other group course that's not true. Jews to. And why is that why isn't getting worse. Bob because of open borders I believe because of our immigration policies I believe. But beside the point. Oh and Israel they seek the police they have an odd government and Israel in my humble opinion senate by the socialists this whole. Bizarre touches a parliamentary system that is a radical parliamentary system. We have broken down of the tiny little factions and parties and even if you win an overwhelming election it's very very difficult to keep a coalition. Currency created stability. Crede in Italy credit and other places to. So the Israeli police do this investigation. And their entrenched self. Think about the senior levels of RFB. And they put out a statement that they have sufficient evidence against the prime minister in two cases they're investigating a fourth of the yacht kinds of accepting bribes fraud. And breach of trust and very serious does. And they claim it amounts to about 283000. Dollars of lavish gifts and bribes. Case 1000 alleges that Netanyahu accepted gifts from wealthy patrons. Return for advancing their interest. So apparently. He would share cigars or somebody bring in a box of cigars he would smoke the cigars there on all wine things like that. We're not talking about you know Mercedes-Benz. Tight things are condominiums. Are. Expensive jewelry here are cash under the table that stuff. This is any any Mickey Mouse crap. And so called case 2000 meaning the second case he's accused of striking a deal listen to this. Within Israel's second largest newspaper. To provide him with positive coverage in return for damaging the reputation. Of another newspaper. Know what kind of nonsense is this. Kind of idiocy is this. This case 1000 names to wealthy businessmen as I read this from ABC news in Israeli Hollywood producer and an Australian business. And the police say they have evidence for accepting bribes fraud and breach of trust. Oh what is it. What is it. Netanyahu blaster and all this on TV tonight. Should I not known a day in office without vicious allegations against me in my family. Fifteen investigations have been launched against me I know the truth this time as well. It will end in nothing. Nothing will divert me from my commitment to the good of the nation. I feel like deep commitment to continue to lead the people. And last week he was on FaceBook criticized and then the police investigation calling it Ludacris. He also attacked the credibility investigation after Israel Police chief Roni ash each. Insinuated Netanyahu may have hired private investigators of how those involved in the investigation. Not to the stage recommendations today's Tuesday. ABC says suggest that recommendations. While they're damaging politically the certainly feel calls for the prime minister stepped down the real decision to charge the prime minister lies within Israel's attorney general. Only a conviction with the charge tomorrow interpret too would legally force Netanyahu stepped down. So what the police are trying to do was forced the attorney general's hand. And have Netanyahu prosecute it. Now in addition to the little Christmas of this. Given what he's accused. Despite the the horrific sounding terms and so. What do you think Robert Mueller thinks when he reaches. While. If they can do that I think we can do it too. I mean after aware the United States when at this tiny little country is now. What do you think Iran sleeping tonight and Hezbollah and Hamas and Fatah. And all the other sic us what do you think they're I think it tonight why now. Prime minister's attention is diverting these weekend. He's weakened. And yet within Israel like within the United States. They're radical left wing forces. That would rather destroy Netanyahu than defend Israel. That's right I sat and say that Arab country. Save our own country. Where we have the trying to persuade the Democrats. I legalizing millions of illegal aliens. And family members. This secure our border against terrorists criminals. And other other people come across the border. Putting people may themselves. Not country. So even if it. What took place with a rant on Sunday. Even after knowing that war is growing. In a may be sooner than people think. Involving Israel if Iran in the rest. The deep state as we say. This time in Israel what we mean by this of course is the leftist. In trench. Institution. They're focused on taking out one of the greatest leaders in the well one of the greatest leaders Israel's I repent. And let me tell you something ladies and general in the media in Israel much of that is much like the media and our own country left wing. Pro left wing parties. Pushing gossip and rumor and all the rest. Gossip and rumor and all the rest but you're gonna charge the prime minister. Let's favoring one newspaper over another. Supporting one newspaper and announcing another. That's a bride. You know countries at a bright. And it is ludicrous. You know by now you've really got us. Peel the onion and see what's going on before you buy what the media say I don't care. If it's in America are in Israel the left wing Malia the media he's a goon squads. They know they aren't. They won't admit. They know they are just as the media in this country in the Democrats. Are involved in a silent coup against our president you know damn well they are there different every single day and then when he. Colin on the well last what do you mean when you are not a rural. And then pay 25 amendment pay impeachment Hayes arranged pavement early now pays obstructed justice pays a lot of what the Russians. Hey you're trying to go to top why he had not are spread not. Same thing goes on. In Israel. He smokes cigars really. Include billionaire and millionaire gave him some guards. Who he had wine he had said he did was. Own mind lord we've never seen anything like this. He favorite one newspaper that favored him against one newspaper that didn't pay rent almighty lord except for I know. My speed. Because our police chase out. When they grotesque miscarriage of justice on it right back. Can we deal that a year ago to. My memory right Rick. Yes eight months ago and we definitely don't let that that was another allegation that the administration local Logan why are we recycling stuff. And I Trinity High style anybody I don't understand why we're recycling this. We knew it comito congress. Too many of months ago. Brent Barry told Catherine Herridge who reported it on December 1. 2017 we talked about it the Logan act we know they tried to. Manufacture arguments and at Logan act and we talked about that. It's slow news day or something. I don't know. Let's take a call Shelley yes we can. Chris Sonoma California XM satellite go. They market worries they're good how are you. I got a good bully got me so fired up with your lap there we'll sort out what I call about but I I just wanted to say you know Salah. Simonyi got the president's feet hit the ground running it just people treating every bureaucracy could with the union and weep I mean how many years could possibly take to get them all out they're not can't be done or. Why do you get them out other than slashing budgets of these departments and agencies you can't. You can't go in there and individually remove people from multiple reasons they're part of the civil service many of them remembers a union unions. And you can't find them and you can't hire people in the bureaucracy simply because of their political views and most of them. Have now swelled into the B. Rockers. So the way you could curtail this is by curtailing the size of government. And they won't do it so listen to me this is important. Any senator or congressman who voted for this budget. They support may find it they case precedents do this massive administrative state caught the swamp quote whatever you want. They static it's gonna get bigger not smaller. And so that was a disaster. Not gonna let and outlet in the gonna legalize. Multi millions of people who are here who are partners. And their family members. To the tune of eleven million when you're done adding it up. Let me ask it questions there one great congress has done and what busy making America great again. Do you think the Republicans can win many presidencies after this. Well that's a fit and I'm pretty blown away admit that this is where we've ended up. Because we're hoping the president is running in the. Primaries did he said he wanted to make. Millions of illegal aliens citizens police say that did he ever say that. No problem at all. Right I don't believe he ever said he wanted citizenship for illegal aliens. I mean that would have been Jeb Bush that would have been Casey that would have been others. Wasn't him. Noticed how Jeb Bush and Casey currency in advancing right now do you notice that. Well you know their quiet. I'm my friend thank you for your call. We're gonna get into this how chain migration would create a permanent Democrat majority by Daniel Horowitz a conservative reveal. Maybe I'll attempt and that after the bottom of the hour press. When Chester great. Genuinely great WN a L Dell. I'd like you doing tonight went all right Harry you said. I'm doing pretty well I found it just wanted to talk to you about the Israel and Netanyahu. Case there. You know I think there's a lot more there than than what you're leading to bears two are supposedly 280000. Dollars worth of champagne into our. I just read and it's not 280000. Knows what's champagne cigars. And the allegations I have to be addressed. So he really need to be careful about stuff like this it's like the Flinn case with a man to man effort caves or what have you. Explain something. When he president or prime minister or what are the head of state meets with somebody else they bring them gifts. All of the take all the gifts but there's some things that are acceptable he sit down you have a meal fine he sit down you have an expensive cigar to three. Fine I brings a bottle of wine fine you do this over the course of many many years and somebody's what we have. 283000. Dollars worth of stuff you don't know that to be true. Well I'm just doing it with Syria most of the news media reports are so now you're doing what the police have told the media. And the end of police have in Israel. They have always been shown to be non par. Harder we're not talking about now they haven't won not to listen. You only know what you're talking about. Why are you doing this not only about the cop on the beat we're talking about the usual high level bureaucratic. Police. Pour hot style and have been to Netanyahu. And you have no idea about that. I think Netanyahu has been a great leader but that does not seeing what that is nothing to do if anything I'm saying be investigated. He's been investigated he's been endlessly investigated. And that oh what do you bring into the table and. I didn't already read out of the article. And the police could sit criminal charges should be brought up I thanks recall Perry said that. He said. And the Justice Department said criminal charges should be brought against six senator Ted Stevens who they were wrong. And they were punished he died in airplane crash. And I could go on and on and on. I'm really shocked that callers to this Friday calling this problem at this point let's say while this one set so that's good enough though it's not good enough. This is nonsense. Absolutely not adding up the cost of cigars. Or wine or whatever it is what it besides the one newspaper against another that's a bribe. Merrill Paris. You have a good idea. Large golden. Goal and now that 8773813811. You know you gonna call here in just repeat. What has it was sent to the media and with the media so what is the point of a call like that I don't even understand. By the way you know march 7 as mr. distant. My second year anniversary a movie and TV. So we're gonna do something special. I hope you'll join us as millions of people out there. 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You've got that great Stephen Crowder he's terrific. The Michelle market and she's terrific. And I colleague should start down this line because I'm gonna forget people do Ambon Gino I'm man Stephen days my man. And all kinds of other people wonderful people Andrew will count. If you're welcome got his first job subbing for me on Sundays on WABC good guy solid. There are others. The get off my lawn he got back nine. Number of people so. You should check it out. Check it out. He call 844. LE VIN TV and say look into promo code within two to twenty bucks off you'll be set. He given as a gift. It is Valentine's gift we give it does get period. And Valentine's is tomorrow. You know today is he told yesterday I didn't need him. It is my mother's birthday. A wonderful wonderful mother. Mothers are special aren't they. I watch my daughter. And her husband. They sent a lot and watch them raising pay two grand kids. They granddaughter my grandson. Just so special so beautiful. And my mother I think of all the things she did for us in the family just as you think of your mother. Just special which was always there. She worked for a living. She need to be told she equal rights she need to be told she should get equal pay. She despised. Feminists. She in my dad's started small businesses they Romany based payroll. Any patient they had they see for. The health care they had the EC four. Email me at. They earned. And that's what they passed on to their children. And that's what their parents passed on them. The second third. Generation immigrants. We never talked about. Taking anything from the government than unemployment now welfare not food stamps. Not this program that pro they wouldn't even know awarded go to sign up for a program. But it was they need them. There is no way they would ever do it and let me tell you something there were some hard weeks. Some very tough weeks particularly when they were in the retail business and had a small store outside of Philadelphia. When the economy tanks. Small brick and mortar stores stores mom and pop stores they suffer. Particularly when you're selling things. That don't. That aren't this absolute necessities. Like some furniture lamps or artwork and things of that sort. Did we go to the store. Often on the weekends and help out you know as best we could. Mostly I got in the way but. It was quite a remarkable opry. Quite remarkable to me. In I'm sure my mother story in my father's stories not that different than years. Imation there was breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. They paid all the appeals. Choose all the bills. They ask for nothing. From the government except to get out of their way. If you don't Medicaid. I think back now when I was a teenager. Young teenager then and only teenager I think back then there was never debate. About illegal immigration was known to be wrong. There's never debate about what he should secure the border was known you ought to secure the border. There was never a debate on. Whether or not people who come in here illegally should get the staying. Because of their age he didn't even enter our psyche it wasn't even discussed. Because it was understood America know. Pretty clear. Very clear. Pensions. Early on my there was there was no such thing as an irony. No such thing as an irony nothing. Either put money away you didn't put money away. I know there's a lot of people out there who had pensions work on a similar not. Find there's a lot who did not. My parents were very young. When they when they weren't very young. They had three boys. They started a nursery school in the summer there was a day camp. He can have two or three months to take off with pay. They have a two or three or 8% increase every year stepping increased his seniority increases. Was no. Significant federal minimum wage that they can pay you themselves. I remember the day camp how wonderful last. They make hot food for launch people walk around with trays of sandwiches for snacks. My dad worked like a dog he got the long himself at this camp which was several lakers. I remember. Before camp would open. How he would drain the pools clean them. Scrape the pain out of the bottom of the pools read it to me repaint the pools are still a little loose fluent trying to kick. How he made happily. You know. The recess equipment and so forth accused played on maintained that. How he would drive to pitch he picked. The mob from their homes often in Philadelphia row homes and go to the suburbs. 2:3 hours every morning to 3 hours every evening taking them home. In a station wagon. I think it's probably all illegal today. Susan effectively a bus driver and the maintenance man an entrepreneur or I remember the sense that surround the property. How that had to be painted every single year my father my grandfather were out there every week and be gone after cut the lawn. And all thrilled. They had a great attitude. Baghdad would take us to the how frank. The dairy queen west takes him which place a place called flower town Pennsylvania. Right makes the Springfield and iron and went outside of Philadelphia loved it. It's called Cisco. Think it's still there. My mother would be in charge of the curriculum. She had an education degree among other. Communities. There are no demands. Public schools have all day Tenet. Garden because we're working people when we need full day kindergarten. What has had faked it aren't. Staten out. Really believed in the act. It's so they had this nursery school doing the school months. I remember the menu grass machine I remember hearing and at night when we were becoming the sleek they would work day in and day out. They would print these menus the food menus the activities minions. Construction paper get everything they need to get. As my mother would have won or that would have to other teachers within. The nursery school with a kitchen. We kept my. He called on the lower middle class or slightly lower the point at that point. We when he's marxists nomenclature. And we would sleep in one end of the building. In the school was right there there were basically two classrooms. And a kitchen in between. That's where we lived there which has little babies. And it was great. I remembering camp in the back. We have archery was a big area. The police station was right behind us. But there was a fence up and we don't hard Trier we have that BB gun you know rifles. Daisy rifles target practice. Norman they they would take the the camp we would all go on not. Hikes for Washington. Prom tickets only months away and just. And of course we played soft spoken play hardball cause there wasn't big enough feel that. I never said this publicly I'll say now I always tried to hit the ball as far as I could hit the building. Try my dad not that that's what we did. And telling all these things. Because it's in America. That I missed very much. I'm telling you all these things. Because I'm an enormously lucky. Six year old man. To have the parents and I had. To my sweet beautiful mother. Just like most of you and your money. Just like my beautiful wife Julie and her mother Sonia. Think they're wonderful. Father delusional wanna with us Leah. All right. Here's some exciting news. Simply safe is a company that's been around for many. They've transformed into the fastest growing home security company in the nation. Now they could take that would two million people. While they just released a brand new home security system the all new simply safe. This system is being completely rebuilt and redesigned. 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You know those books that he was a very tough playing very strong rain muscular he came in the army is very young men. He really grew up in the streets pretty much. He went to school. Educated himself. But Aaron hit. I remember there was working in the in the room were mobile pull equipment wasn't back then there are pipes everywhere I mean pipes. Not the PCB type stuff from the rest of it. And their whatever its cost and remember he pulled something his hand went back in he slashed the back it was ten stupidest. In the blood was gushing into. Any took some dirty rag he put it only said let's go he goes into the car attached to the doctors are back then they were actually. Available. And the doctors say you know what a way when he meets 345 stitches he said all right go ahead and do it. He said you shatter meanings and not just do it. So there's a price to chocolates and not only Mac had like five years old six years old. Just remember we were in New York once we were young and it was snowing. She distant memories I got a lot of money not only Strickland will but this one in particular. There like 34 thugs across the street through a small bullet hit my mother. No that's something you don't do. And he was tough he was very athletic he was very fit next thing I know. He sprints across the street. So what these guys up against all the other with a hand around his neck. Swings. And then they ran off course. And I'm so I am telling you that them cherry picking you as the event is he's a very nice kind Maine and so forth and so on but don't. Don't miss Lou his family. That's how we grew. Higher education these days is insane. Students stormed faculty offices and Iraq when conservative speakers visit. Grievance lists save space is identity politics of turn higher education in the something lower. But not everywhere. There's a place where students can debate ideas openly and honestly what they pursue truth together with their professors and respectful manner. With the students and faculty have integrity. Hillsdale College. Every student hill stole his plan on a coat. It's not a list of do's and don'ts but a simple pledge and here it is a Hillsdale College students. Honorable and conduct. Honest and word indeed. Beautiful and stallion service and respectful of the rights of others. Through education the student rises to supplement. That's it. Every freshman commits to follow that coat the draft there hills still education their characters look to be true beautiful. And good. Hills don't graduate serve our country's teachers doctors stay at home mom's lawyers journalists and more. He excellent education they receive. Couple without honor code but this is successful. Excellent human beings. You can learn more about this amazing place. The pavilion for Hillsdale dot com that's LEV high end. For Hillsdale dot com. I don't follow along there with family stuff but when we get into the third hour. When he did this piece by Daniel Horowitz. About how the Republicans are sowing. The they're defeats in the future. Through immigration. I have to be honest I'm really quite surprised to Tom cotton. That he's become one of the leaders of the gang of what is it about the gang safety the gang of 48 whatever whatever number involved in this now. It's really quite appalling to me. What the Republican is doing what the president is doing. This is a promise obviously he's decided not to keep. They keep talking about one point eight million. It's kind of like the infrastructure spending went from one trillion won and a half trillion. Now are going from 7800000. Of one point 89 which in the end of the eleven million and he kissed a lot of these red states combined. How to write back. Where I'm deliberate and. There aren't many here are number 877381381187738138111. Of the show go. One hour left. Let's get down to it folks. When I thank all you affiliates out there will be changing as few as time comes. Which is freshening things up. We always try to move up we always try to move to better clearances and so forth because that's what the audience points and after all we all work for you. Daniel Horowitz a conservative review. Title this piece is how chain migration we creating permanent Democrat majority. He says so look no further than California understand how immigration done wrong completely permanent majority of anti like pro big government Democrats. The problem is that many other states are headed down the same path any slower but in X rubble trajectory. The same policies continues of chain migration is not immediately halted conservative we'll find themselves in the minority nationwide. And no other issue Womack. Even though the Republican Party is not conservative that is perceived as such and should take heed the obvious warning signs. There's been a lot of focus in recent years in the number of green cards issued each year but not on the number of people becoming citizens. Over the past twenty years the US has admitted roughly seven to 800000. Citizens into our voting population. Every year. With a few years reaching one million. Most of them have come from countries would dramatically different world views on issues such as guns. Health care and the size of government. Many did not mix with many denies within the GOP of the political problems of mass migration but to the past history. And saying our previous large wave of immigration didn't create a permanent liberal majority. But that's because we're now dwarfing the previous great wave and numbers. Even during the highest naturalization years of the great wave of immigration. The great wave of immigration. We admitted anywhere from 350000. New citizens tore electorate in other words. Even going these so called great wave when there was some years we admitted roughly as many annual immigrants is we do today. The era of immigration didn't result in as many people becoming American citizens. Some of this had to do in life expectancy but either way. The wave didn't result in nearly as many naturalization. And even the peak period of naturalization. There's Natalee much smaller but only lasted for a short period of time. From 1996. To 2013. 121609000. New immigrants became American citizens. During the actual great wave the number of naturalization. Was still very low because it took time for them to go through the system become citizens. But even if you take an equivalent eighteen year period with the highest level of natural was nation's. 1928 in 1945. Just three point eight million immigrants were naturalized in other words. While the immigration wave of the modern era was 66%. Larger than the great way of the naturalization. 329%. Greater now. And we don't even. Actual lies the full extent of his ways and immigration. Which is still growing. Let's not forget that because of the shut off from the twenties. That is a period. Of several decades for assimilation. The peak of naturalization resulting from the great wave in the twenties and so forth coincided with a cool off a new immigration. Contrast that today's wave of naturalization center coinciding with a an even larger wave of new emissions from similar areas in other words. It's wave after wave after wave after a wait. Nine insurers say lack of assimilation into our constitutional values. Though immigrants have always voted for more liberal politicians. Enough of them were moving on to the second generation of becoming conservatives back then. The thirties and forties when the highest numbers are great wave immigrants will be coming voting members of society. Was the lowest of our new immigration levels. But today they have what they call reinforcements. Wave after wave after wave. And once the vote is granted. Liberal after liberal left the liberal vote. Let's explore the results of this wave is Lisa raced it relates to critical states electorally. You see why it's so hard for Republicans. To crack the blue firewall. He's looking at someone I had some an old dad. And he's saying any has the statistics if you wanna see. Percentage of farm warmed by state. Percentage of foreign born by state California in 1980 OK let's look at it. 2016 foreign born population in California. Noticed mr. reducer. 27 point 2%. Florida twenty point 6%. Arizona's thirteen point 5%. Georgia 10%. Illinois. Thirteen point 9% Nevada. 20% New Jersey 22 point 5%. New York 23%. Texas. 17%. Virginia twelve point 3% Washington State 14%. 12016. Foreign born. What is self evident from the state is not only the danger Republicans losing places like Texas Florida and Arizona. It's not only an explanation why Republicans loss Virginia Colorado and Nevada. And also foreshadows what what happened in North Carolina Georgia and beyond his latest 1990. The foreign born population of Virginia was just 5%. It's one to eleven point 4% and 2010 and it's still surge it. His size twelve point 3% in 2016. And while Virginia has experienced an influx of already American liberals over the past two decades you know from DC and Maryland. That would only explain why it's a marginal red state or even a purple state. Highways become a blue state. I take a look at the numbers and recent trajectory from Georgia of all places. Again there's an influx of American white liberals from other states. As well as general increase in black turnout but immigration is what is going to paint those states purple. Trump talks about shutting off migration. Ten to fifteen years from now but the reality is that just the existing trajectory won't paint the map Lou. Not every state will become as Lewis California. The lessons of the Golden State. Should be stark warning for what happens with salad bowl rather than melding pot immigration. Orange County California. Was once the bread basket the Republican dominance in California. As late as 1988. 1988. George H. W. Bush won more than twice as many votes is Democrat Michael Dukakis. In Orange County California. As ladies 2004. When the border state was long gone George W. Bush won by twenty points. Now Republicans narrowly carried it for the next two elections until they downright lost it by eight points. In the last presidential election what happened. Orange County California. In 198012. Point 7% of the county was farmed born. In 2016. And estimated 30%. Of Orange County was farm born. And 45 point 6% of his residents speak a foreign language at home. Orange, California and Orange County California. Will now be blue. Forever. Although California lost forever. Texas and Florida both independently vital to the GOP's relevance. Dallas County Texas for example. Has gone from 5% farm born in 198223. Percentage when he sixteen. Reagan won the county by 159 point 2%. In 1980. Trump lost Dallas County by a whopping 26 points in 2016. I'm sure some of this has to do it trumps weakness. The some college educated urban suburban white collar voters and he's compensated for a by running up margins elsewhere. But the influx of unprecedented immigration. Has gradually and relentlessly shifted a number of counties to the Democrats. Over the past few elections. You cannot escape the conclusion. That unless there is a cool off on overall immigration. The young printed print the press event this size and duration of this wave constantly reinforcing itself. Will ensure. That there are not enough second generation voters assimilating in the constitutional values. Offset the new influx voting for big government. This is a clear distinction from past waves of immigration. Obviously conservatives need to reach out to all new voters from all parts of the world this other message. But numbers and time matters greatly constitutional values can be sold to a melding pot of Americans. Who will not resonate with a salad bowl. The bottom line is this. There are many good policy reasons to cool down mass migration at this point. We need a more balanced migration system for cultural economic and security reasons. But Republicans who don't care about policy and only care about political survival. They must understand. That unless they change their tune on immigration and do so immediately. They end their party will become completely irrelevant. Completely irrelevant. And that's exactly what the Democrats want. He wanna change the voting population. They wanna change the voting population he can't persuade enough voters. Then you change the voters. It's something that the Republicans don't get. And I give an example senator Joni purged from Iowa. Now we're talking about a massive amnesty program there's no other way to dress this up. That's what's being proposed by the White House and being supported by both. Republican chambers of commerce in congress. Harris Faulkner is really quite sharp on the Fox News Channel jazz Joni years. Johnny Harris who supposedly was a Tea Party candidate on Fox News today listen in this cut tend out. Do you think it's conservative enough for your colleagues in the house Republicans there. I am hopeful that we will be able to have present a plan that will work in the house as well again it's is mirrored off from the White House's proposed. Policy but I think it is conservative especially when we look at those recipients. They're here through no fault of their all and that a lot of them aren't you amnesty and I say he can't give amnesty to someone who hasn't broken the law. Sounds like a leftist. Of course he can't. But it don't matter to me enough you'll hear more high rough points. Jorge Ramos whose dual citizenship votes in Mexico any votes in the United States. To me he is he destructive and dangerous demagogue. A leftist. Here he is on CNN last night of course. Cut twelve go. The package that Republicans would be negotiation and they wanna change the essence I think of the United States now this is a man who's tool solution chip. Born in Mexico and I was gonna tell us about changing the essence of the United States. He's a disgrace. Go ahead. America white again he's got he's got the deal of let's make America whole wide again. I'm sick of these races on TV. I'm sick and make America white again. Why. Are we limiting immigration. From countries. That have Hispanics or African Americans are Asians. Are we demanding more immigrants from eastern New York from western York. From Scandinavia and what are they talking about. It constantly used as ray's party so destructive to this country. And there's Jack. This clown this whole. Who's given a national. Platform day in and day out it's still his poison. Is one of the reasons why everybody's out everybody's throats around this country yet you had an honest discussion. One and make America white again. And I'm sick and tired of the majority population in this country being trashed all that time duke because of their skin Collor. Why is it an illegal alien children are dreamers. But when you have something to say it's what are you talking and I wanna make America white again upgrades. You brought up race except them. I'll be right back mullah. Hey whatever happened to that professor of psychology you know. Ben B Lee Randy Lee whenever. Hey. Whatever happened all let's sexual harassment going on their own Capitol Hill and Hollywood only here about any new cases in what suddenly stop hey. Hey. What happened the collusion with a Russian collusion. Hey. Let's go to Christopher. Los Angeles, California the great 870 the answer KE RL a goat. Mark. Apps of art speak you just take for a question go to law school this fall but it. Apps is racial guiding voice. The pick up by it yet but let's go to and and I thank you for that. Use any good luck to you soon. Previous caller had mentioned that Israeli police or impartial and corrected him said there is leftist leadership. And it popped the question me how is it that leftist. Come to that so we're basically dominate. And did you major institutions in America and in Israel. Even the conservative than on port. Because they work on it. Because that's what progressive business all about the control the instrument realities of government because governments were only actions. So where is most of us go on our lives and our own thing that's not what progressive activists do progressive activists want to control. None of that in order to control as they need to control these various cities in government and look the with a doing the Netanyahu look what they're doing the truck. They lose elections. And yet. Every damn day in this country were talking about what the leftist progressives in the media mouth pieces are doing and talking about when it comes to try out. They drive the agenda. Saying whether Israel they've been driving this agenda against Netanyahu investigation after investigation. For years. And so you know did you get these these left wing Kook politicians. Whether in Israel the United States to do whatever I damn well pretty much they wanted to do. Including selling out their own countries. They want Obama dead. To me that is a crime against the future generations this country. And other countries for that matter but is there Randi it's the most despicable thing any president has ever done. Behind the back to the American people this is why not Courtney needs to go back to Chattanooga. Forget on his future. Anyway that's the point whether it's education. Whether it's the court rooms whether it's the media whether it's Hollywood. Whereas you know most people just weren't they wanna make a living may have certain entries and so forth for the progressive they wanna control they wanna brainwashed they want to dictate. They want oh and post their ideology their views their belief system on all the rest of us there can be no challenges that could be no other views. Whether it's climate change your genitalia what the F have genitalia don't have genitalia what you do what your genitalia. What do you do what it takes what do you make a cake who yet to make it make floor very chart. It's it you're absolutely right but it's the consequences of their actions are absolutely destructive to Americanism. And liberty. And then and that that. You don't in the law school and wanna send you a copy. And re discovering Americanism can see Favre had just purchased that's no. That's frequently have to read all outburst however at first chapter. How about plundered the seat you have that would I do not and I hit some iBook quit all right. Well wolf wolf we'll sign you can't be that don't hang happens producer mr. cause gonna get right to you who wish you all the best in law school so. Thank you sir I folks we'll be right back. Conservative. No ifs ands or a box call him at 8773813811. Thousands of athletes are going for gold. As a clear champions of the bathroom dollar Shea club deserves a gold medal let me tell it. Dollar shapeup this everything union need to look smell and feel your best. Shampoo. Body wash toothpaste you name it. And of course the best racers have every use again an amazing high quality shape every morning. Prominent might be as C executive raise. Plus they're doctor carvers spider shaped. Is the gold standard of my morning. Hops they're raising gently glide across your skin. Dollar shave club delivers everything. 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And David Brody spinning main reason for that when I was in Israel they left and use their broadcast facilities. To brush him his money a program I don't know what I would have done without them. And David Brody and Scott lamb is coauthor of have written an outstanding book. One you might not expect. He spiritual biography the faith of Donald. Mark within and so great to hear your voice can take trap me on a really appreciated her. While it's a great pleasure and a it's certainly no burdened by me this book is fasting okay first of her. He didn't have to force this book agent in other words this is something you really believe as applies to Donald Trump. Yeah I'll say if the state journey into spiritual void she's gone and then I want to be clear market you know because you know they haters are out there and that's what does this book did not close the book club the favorite ultra but not public sainthood Donald Trump. That's important it's also not the lamb's book of life that we hear so much about. What god gonna have a final say and all that and thank goodness CNN and they're anchors don't have a final panel that's that's an idol. But look you know you Walter Cronkite told the liberal icon. I used to say this you know these same sheet to intrude you have to give both sides of the story well you know boy here we are with this other side if you haven't heard him. Age really deep dive as it relates to some of the research that we've seen about it his religious roots and all about but ultimately this is about his world view. And as we. Delve deeper we noticed the last two years or so he's got a lot more curious about god. And that things have gone surrounded himself with people like pentecostals and a lot of folks say he had no idea what the world just get them. And he he he he's fascinated by it all and I think we're starting to see some of that as we would like to sing evangelical spiritual fruit. But the national prayer breakfast mark I mean the first national prayer breakfast it was all about the the apprentice ratings and you know listed his accomplishments what happened just a few weeks ago that in both the second national prayer breakfast speech that he gave. It was my left about him are not about him and more about god I think we're starting to see some of the dot dot dot this story contrasting. I agree I've noticed two things. Number one he speaks more. Fluently if you will smoothly easily comfortably. About god and religion about this excuse me about life and so forth. And number two. I think he really believes it the way he talks about it then. And I notice it appears more and more often in not just his formal speeches but is there a formal comments do you notice that too. Absolutely he 100% believe it. You know me as you know he's 71 he grew up you know you're born in 1946 when this is the kind of remembers. They don't prayer in school and Bible reading in school he remembers we actually dressed up. When you went to your place of worship and you can come and baggy pants and and secret into the old school guy and and so you have that and now what we're seeing is a curiosity by truck or stories in the book about him approaching Mike Pence about going to church mean in other words trump wanted to go to. Church with pent it would depend on a hand. It would. Here's another story there was one time actually during the his first month virtue of that march for life rally in January 2017. What do we see well. Turns out that it was Donald Trump who said Mike Pence for the march for life rally the story in the book. About how Kellyanne Conway was gonna go and then. Donald Trump look over my pants and fed. He might want what you got was well you need to be gone don't try to accomplish that they feel good about why Mike Pence wanna look at my parents decided to go to volatile told he should go. You know these are little things that Beckham opened the book and just a lot of different. Pictured at the media doesn't quite get at all. His approach to Jerusalem and Israel obviously was a campaign promise he also think there's now. He more faith related belief in this. Yeah hot dude there's no doubt about it you know a lot of people like to go oh there's the son in laws you additional Bakken or look. This this is a guy that believes in Judeo Christian principles now. That freaked out the mainstream media and they need takes smelling salts like I get back. But but the truth of the matter is. She she has been very consistent on Israel. Since I look I interviewed him nine times during the camp on the campaign trail to remove the embassy to Jerusalem. That being the Jewish people are friends of mine I love the Jewish that we you know what he's delivered. This guy this president has put eight plus evangelical world and Israel is a top tier issue. Evangelical world and he's delivered. Excuse be when we're timing it. Let me ask you this about the president and his faith what is this thing. Well that's the question so let me say a couple things and I guess you can call this the disclaimer. We make sure look as you know more come a journalist and it's not too many to be up to god won't be at the meat to Capello. Donald Trump what history here can you or me or anybody out there with their faith is and whether or not they're going here or there I will say bit. We did an interview with Donald Trump in the Oval Office it was in late August. Support this book sorry Michael Wolf but yeah we didn't interview with Donald Trump and I that we did to it might pass. Parents in the west wing. Donald Trump says I am a believer. I am a believer what he says and of course he's not the most eloquent when it comes about why because we also told that the metal Oval Office interview is that. This is the first time that the quote from him the first time I've ever been around people like this. You know I didn't grow up with these folks and I sure didn't see him in New York business circles and is he really has anything that actually it turned out all of these people have made a huge. In fact that's who were his impact on me. And that's exactly what we're seeing because my parents. In those two interviews talked about Donald try being a believer in Jesus Christ that's what he says and hit it with conviction and Paul White who would you know it is. Closest spiritual advisor said that 100% cheers pat in depth conversations with him and he understands. Then there's the lord Jesus Christ and that's the way it is and all of the things to come christianity has appalled like very clear in the book as well also you know this is what people comic. Take a look at it on a journalist like our report what they tell me these are people that don't have a general Paul whiteman nothing out of Donald Trump. Mike Pence doesn't need anything at all tracks. So the bottom line is they had some credibility go with. The other thing is when he's in Palm Beach he sneaks off to church. Act and he he he he really does and it. And he's he's also the cheese and it made the point as you look indicates is president. He feels now more than every needs gut tell given guidance. Well that's exactly right as a matter fact that is the third interview with him when he was when he became president and he's. He could mean an interview I need god even more now and then just a few weeks ago at the television network anchor. One chin before the state of the union and by the way I was there along with my co anchor Jennifer our TV and quick to see there. In this state dining room with president trump. And that's horrific scene and with at the end of the cable and NBC who knows where they were about a snack bar much yeah yeah under the table. And look during that network anchor the television once she says to us he says. When I was in the business circles in New York City there was nothing when it came to park there was no heart it was all business good now as president. You've got to govern what part is recess you combine that you combine and he got even more. And then you see the national prayer breakfast speech that he just gave a few weeks ago and you start to say wait a minute some things are adding appear. Showing that indeed we're seeing movement. And Blake got eight dodge seems to be moving him and the point of a book. Simply mark is that there's a curiosity on his part and god can work with curiosity anybody. About the other family members have a the First Lady get any sense of that. Well you know they're there have been a lot of stories about her and we decided not to really delve into that just because you won't quite frankly. We felt we had quite as it matures is. They enough topic I mean the book is significant yep. Yeah exactly and so we really didn't do that. On any you know it's funny because the liberal when it first came out I remember on Twitter they were saying things like over the fate to Donald Trump and then they would show a picture of a blank page and say look I just received an advance copy well that's hilarious but guess what it's over 300 pages long. And why don't we do that mark. Because we go into his. Look Korean. Father roots in Germany we go into his presbyterian. Protestant mother's roots in Scotland ECB. You see that John Knox. Scottish. Influence if you will that that I'm gonna be in your face it's very interesting to see and it's been I would say this on his mother's side by the way it's in the book. We trichet DNA want to looks like he will he does have some by teen blood in him what a shock to Donald Trump. Cut them fighting boredom. I'm. Now let me ask you this site point here has mister Robertson. Well I gotta tell I mean I don't think you walking miracle. I act I mean you know we just everybody looks at the US is usually stroke and eat literal we. Understand if we took six months ago 77 months or so he felt awful horse we'll start bear broke seven separate -- not quite sure celery ribs went left and Rick. And you know he had all sorts of problems tore apart this bump. Back on the air within a few weeks. Now a stroke just seven days ago 78 days ago and boom back on the year I mean what clearly got hooked on with the yet he's doing great things were asked. He's well into his eighties right crap it is certainly his own name a brutal. Movement and we are proud. Back to the press in the United States so. What were you surprised to learn as you and Scott lamb dug into this book about the president when it comes to spiritual elements of. Well there are so much first of all I thought it was interesting moment let me just say that. From a lineage standpoint and the liberals if they wanna blame. Donald Trump. I can tell you right now if they're concerned that he was even born they can blame the German government could have what we learned was is that Donald Trump's. Grant those levels liberals. Like exactly how good point actually look at. What we've learned Donald Trump's grandfather actually you know he came to America couple times in the late 18100 any help. He finally settled down in Germany. With Donald Trump obviously grandmother Varity he she's five months pregnant. And the German government says you need to leave. You can't be a citizen of Germany because you haven't served time in the army you were in America he can't get so they kicked him out of the country they could you gotta get out so he leaves. And indeed five months later. The mother Donald Trump's grandmother gives birth to Fred trump Donald Trump slaughter in America if the German government had said as you know. Had to know if you're here find you can Spain Germany there's no Donald Trump their different trump over there and their corporate trumpeted meet Mary trump his mother and there's no Donald trumps up. There you go liberals you complain the German government. Africa and now they'd rather blame Mars trust our approach this is a fascinating stuff. And I'm only about a third into that I needed delve into more this weekend it was strongly encourage you folks out there. To take a look at this guide me dear friend David Brody and his coauthor Scott lamb the faith and Donald. And you're right you report this you write this as a reporter you eat your fingers not on the scale. But you'll learn a lot of things about him anyhow a lot of little stories and you think you're absolutely fascinating so it's up Wal-Mart clothing show FaceBook Markel mentioned Twitter. The link right to Amazon I take it mr. producer. And again I wanna strongly encourage you this is actually very uplifting book group David and we can use if you uplifting books that now. And I want to thank you for right now I thank you for Iran being very supportive of this program as well. Market always look to do that and I thank you for the kind words mean so much I really do appreciate that. Thank god blessed rather are you taking itself. David Brody. And real decent human being this is a really solid book the faith of Donald. He spiritual biography you'll never hear about it on CNN or MSNBC. The lesser mocking and when interrogated. Get a copy can. Get it from Amazon right now don't have a tomorrow the next day we over the weekend. It's really compelling book you'll learn a lot more about your president now my president. And you thought you already know I'll be right back. Food doesn't have to be difficult. Sportsman's. Great food is just a click away once I arrive market dot com that's thrive market dot com. He revolutionary. Online marketplace on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for every one. And I really would you check out the website and give this to try okay. I like other big box retailers. Thrive market dot com offers all your favorite top selling food brands he would find that your local health food store and it wholesale prices. They also deliver everything conveniently here doorstep with free shipping offer 25 to 50% below. Retail prices. Thrive market that's thrive market dot com. Carries that top 400 brands in the organic food space. 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No. Word yet there martyr good evening a big fan. Airport and countless. We wanted to comment on this guy rubble. There will be let America see what he called white again. I believe the Spanish came and it took over that part of the nation. The way back way and it. There if you go back and they buy have more of a beat good and that he does with. The American federal election. Hezbollah had. All right sir thank you for your call I really am out. Sickened tired this guy. She has no respect of the country and then lectures us on. The American culture what America is we wanna make America white again. Coming to light going to Mexico and talk that way about Mexico. Was a citizen of America is a dual citizen and I don't like that either. I study that. What do you make of that. Pilots contend. Let us go to stand Kilgore Texas the great eighteen Bibi go quickly. Yes I was wondering if you could think of any government agencies or are. A department that was not politicized. And weaponized. The Democrats in the Obama administration. While I don't even know all the departments and agencies. To be honest with him. But pinch your question no they invaded all limits like the body snatchers. Hi my friend. It is like the body snatchers or the aliens. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel and Leo that people make this country work. Thank god for you thank you for being out there. Sam last night Noah trust me. And I'll see you tomorrow check out living TV tonight okay. Have you noticed how postage rates have gone up again let Stamps.Com keep your rates down with postage discounts of up 40% discount you can't even get at the post office Stamps.Com 63 cents on every letter you sent you pay 2016 prices for 2018 stamps Stamps.Com. 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