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2/12/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 13, 2018|

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, The Washington swamp has had a busy month with the budget, infrastructure, and amnesty. The budget passed is the swampiest swamp budget ever passed. Our military needed a shot in the arm after the Barack Obama/Mitch McConnell-led sequestration, but the vast majority of ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it comes to a brick and know everybody in my living here are numbered. 8773813811877381. 38119. When I think stand by geno for filling in for I had planned to do the show but. His flute kicked me pretty good in the stomach so. From about 85%. In mediating 5% is better than most of these guys at 100%. Concern. Let's see. Joey talk about the portraits now I don't think so. Sure we talk about the tennis idol sister inbred of the tennis title fascists in bred who runs North Korea now. I don't think so. Usually talk about the media slobbering all over the Janice title sister inbred in the genocide a fascist inbred in North Korea now. No I don't think so. To me what do you expect from the media. I've said before they knew at times has a clear record in the Holocaust of trying to collect the Holocaust. There really and at pocono what's going on North Korea when they can poke at trump. What the hell else is serious about the portraits. I think this is gonna Shockey. I like the portraits. It's too bad they don't look like you Obama's but I like the portraits. Now what I like about Obama's portrait quite frankly other flowers in the background. And I don't know who is sitting for Michelle Obama's portrait but it seems like a pretty lady but it's not heard. Okay down over who cares. Now folks. Is conservatism dead. You know. I do my best to keep a clear mind and trying to watch or listen to much to others. I'm in the car I'll pick it up something like that. But. I think some of our Brothers and sisters. We're in front of cameras and behind microphones have surrendered. Which is really quite shocking to me. On the laws of economics don't change how can the politicians. There's one thing that's very confusing to me I keep hearing people talk about the swap. Does she want. I see in this budget that they just voted on in the president's sign is that a swamp country. It's the swap BS that the swap budgets that I've ever seen in my entire life. It's a swap swamp swapping swap out that's what this. The vast majority of money is it to the military the vast majority of the money to everything else. Now the military course needs a significant. Shot in the arm it absolutely does given what they've given what Obama and McConnell did the military through sequestration. But we've now reached a point. We've now reached a point where the Republicans are so cowardly. That they're so quick to surrender. They're so scared of their own shadow. That they cut these deals they won't prioritize. So this sense they agree with the Democrats a dollar increase for the Marines dollar increase for food stamps. If you get the point. Now we're on to the next big conservative issue which is. One point five trillion dollars in infrastructure. Wait a minute I thought it was supposed to be one trillion well now. What if terrorists. When it right why not. What do you mean. Now it's one point five trying but don't pirate. It's only 200 billion dollars of our money. What happened on highway trust fund what I like trust fund ladies and gentlemen. Every time you put a gallon of fuel in your vehicle. You pay a tax to the federal government as well as state local many cases but you pay attached to the federal. What happened of that money. While it went to the same place for the Social Security money went in the Medicare money went what are you talking about putt putt it's gone. But now we have a great idea in class structure just say our bridges are falling down our streets are crumbling. We need to know this and knew that then that. You know the war is over NN I we spent seven trillion in the Middle East so we ought to spend one point five trillion on our side is that how it works. What does one have to do the other. Many for a shocker. Most road building rich fixing tunnel fixing. Is the responsibility of states and localities. Not the responsibility of the federal taxpayer. What ever happened the federalism act come on my country believe any. Interstate highway system I'm not talking about the interstate highway system. Why should unite pay for airports and other cities. If tiles are falling through tunnels. In Baltimore. Why to Baltimore paying for that. And you and I have. I have to pay for. All these things and there's no money. We just hitting massive budget passed way calm markets public private partnership it's always a public private partnership and how do you think builds our tanks. Our ships. Our fighter jets. The federal government doesn't have a construction for standing there. I bulldozers. And not dump trucks and and cement factories and all arrested at. It's always a public private partnership. In that I read remote whiny said one dollar. Madam makes good guy. From South Carolina sounds like he's from Boston I don't know just pioneers. There's one dollar in infrastructure spending will get us forty construction dollars and so what the hell's a construction. But don't Larry. Fifty billion dollars for rural infrastructure and I said yeah I didn't what that was rural infrastructure. You mean roads in rural areas yes yes YE calling it rural infrastructure. Roads or roads. All the roads aren't in the cities I think. So. We got that and then we have. If that our next conservative item what isn't mine. Amnesty yeah I went amnesty. Well yeah yeah yeah. Amnesty in the president run on amnesty. Did the Republicans Ron amnesty in everybody's maybe gang they was the greatest thing since sliced bread I wish the Democrats hadn't gotten away this. Amnesty. One point eight million which will equal overtime. In eleven million. USP is seen FO. I don't even know it Xena focused I haven't even bothered to look it up. Amnesty. And then we're done with that one more. Family. Leave families say why yes. A brand new massive entitlement. Let's talk about the portraits. I don't wanna talk about the portrait. I wanna talk about a problem we have at the scene the tea parties that the tea party's not in the tea party's been deceived. The Tea Party has been lied to by the Republican Party it's the greatest deceit in political history. The Tea Party which knocked out the Democrats and Pelosi now house and brought in the Republicans what the hell we got reports fiscally I mean what the hell we got before. That look on the senate side Mitch McConnell hates the Tea Party hates conservatives hates conservatives who run in primaries. Spends all this time trying to insure that he remains the leader of something at someone and somewhere. In the president. President has done some marvelous thing. And he's been under unrelenting missile. In the left. Who's done nothing but try to sabotage him from day one. But there's no excuse for this ladies and gentlemen. For all the elected parts of our federal government. And how's the senate and the presidency. To turn on us like. It. And by turning on us I don't even mean the conservative base. The two parties and all the elected branches are in unison right now. There's spending like drunken marxists. And using the military as an excuse to do it I you know any of the military spanning south. Spend I know. Now. If you needed to shut down the government issued a short time ago. And as I've said many times before. That's pretty much how ranking got most of what he needed to get to defeat the Soviet Union. Every now and then you gotta stand these guys down. The problem is the Republican art that is the Republican Party. Is these guys. I wanna remind you as I did last week and armament TV. The progressive movement didn't start really with a Democrat party with a Republican Party. It was in both parts. But the progressive movement. Came to the four are really in elected politics in the Republican Party. Its first successful. Election was the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt was an accidental president. This vice president and McKinley they wanted to get amount a New York he was governor of New York. He was passed out and capitalism and passed out of business despite the fact that he was born in the very wealthy family. As was his distant cousin Franklin Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt was very solid on national security. Very very solid. But when it came to domestic. Spending and domestic affairs even when he came to the constitution and the declaration. He was a progressive. He gave a very famous speech I would call an infamous speech which I've written about and rediscovering America. Called the new nationalist. In many ways. John McCain understands. Why John McCain does what he does on domestic affairs but Roosevelt was actually worse. And he was an accidental president you know McKinley was assassinated he was the vice president he became president. At a very young age. And us subsequently. After Taft was president he wasn't happy with task Taft who was not practically conservative but. He wasn't a radical progressive he was somewhat progressive. Rosa I was not happy. Happy with Penn so he decided to run for president again in Iran and the third party. The Bull Moose Party might say that was the nickname. The official name was the progressive part. You have Woodrow Wilson running in intellectual progressive since the 186070. He had viewed arose about running an outspoken former president progressive. And Howard Taft more rhino type as we would call them today. We've had really two. Philosophically conservative presidents since then. Calvin Coolidge. An accidental president himself became vice president and Harding died. It was an outstanding president. And one of the things he did as he gave a speech about the declaration of independence countering everything Woodrow Wilson had said and written about it. Earlier in the century. And the other one lap would obviously be Ronald Reagan. Now these men weren't perfect but they were great and they were courageous. And the in this that the tide history. In they're trying to turn the tide ever so slowly. After Ronald Reagan's successful late years. When George H. W. Bush. George H. W. Bush could have built on the Reagan legacy that he chose not to. He lurched back to progressive as justices sounded. George W. Bush. Prior to the last month or so. You've heard me say it was repeated by the backed ventures all over the place. That the trump presidency is the most conservative presidency. Since Ronald Reagan. Well there's the F. Hasn't worked it's not working out that way right now. Now we're gonna instantly. The swamp. Has had a hell of a month. The swamp has had a hell of a month put our budget. With a debt. But I spending. And infrastructure. They're gonna have a hell what time was a good time amnesty. Have brand new entitlement program. In and take all those issues in beat the president of the head with a and beat the Republican Party over the head with a two. Because it'll never be enough for them. We learned that from Richard Nixon you see when Richard Nixon. Lurched left. Creating the EEOC creating notion for a minute action. Who was. Getting involved in the economy wage and price controls. It a number of things to trying to appease the left in the media they hated his guts. Never slowed down but they took what they can get from him and make ally. And they got a lot. The Tea Party isn't dead the Tea Party can never be. The tea parties about liberty. The declaration. The constitution. The tea parties about our founding principles. Those founding principles are about humanity. Unalienable rights. The tea parties no more dead than the ideas that Aristotle Cicero. A lock in my pesky. The Burke and Adam Smith. The western civilization. And the great enlightenment reformation. I'll be right back. Morning. Whether real schmo on their Bret Stephens and there is a complete. Putts. So here we have via putt skins between them. Last Friday cuts exco. I do agree we have to look somebody said that earlier. This is his program that. That last night it's DL really did drive the final nail. And they keep party's coffin there are no small government conservatives. Running Washington anymore. Stop right there somehow does that trying to nail in the Tea Party. Tea Party isn't running for anything. Running for anything. Call us the Reagan revolution the Tea Party outsiders whatever you will. Go ahead. I hope that's true and I hope that's true because I hope it's the end of the each other heroes congressional. Puritanism room or tourism. Which makes the country ungovernable I mean look this was. All that's a problem moron Alia. Puritanism or you arisen. That's the phrase they love congressional puritanism purity that's been Harbaugh hasn't ladies and gentlemen there's been so many handcuffs place on congress. They can't rate trust funds that all they do they can't raise the debt limit oh they do all they can't reach trillion dollar annual deficits and mark that they do. They can't add to the overall debt of over 200 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities but they do. Oh yes congress' snow controlled by the Tea Party. This puritanism or is it pure terrorism it's just beyond the pale ladies and gentlemen. This guy. I let's we'll be right back. Conservative. Voice the mark love and show. I know then now 8773813811. What we needed is living nights. Being honest about this he's moved the entire Tea Party movement conservative movement all of our focus. Into the convention states in the article Flacco. We need to do that. We're getting nowhere with congress. Did you really believe it to this last election. They would be spending money like that. Did you really believe if this election. That we have the biggest Republican proposal for an amnesty. In decades. I didn't. Did you really believe that they would be talking about creating new entitlement program family leave for the Republicans said they would oppose an under Obama. Were you when I pay for it. Where's this money coming from. And we knew the president talked about a trillion dollar infrastructure program toward the end of the campaign. But he got the top one point five trillion. Went up ten trillion or a hundred trillion. What's taking place here ladies and gentlemen is how. Absolutely immoral it is unconscionable. And it is couched in the opposite it's couched in terms of how humane it is and we got a stopper of bridges from collapsing in this ad in the other. The government spends. Over four trillion dollars a year. They can't stop our bridges from collapsing and by the way I'm not any county state and local governments in my whole double. Altogether they spend a lot less than 78 trillion dollars a year the whole damn economy. Is seventeen and a half trillion dollars. So bailout money for the essentials the reason. Even if you believe what they saying I don't. Is because they're so involved and so many other things so involved in every quarter our society in every corner bar and our nation. In things and another damn business. They don't focus on what they're supposed to do so how is it that we spend a report two million dollars the last several years went on enough money for the military. And it wanted to get enough money for the military we have that massive new domestic spending. Almost equal to what Obama dead in his phony stimulus bill. Now there's a lot of reasons for this but I cannot believe that the Republicans continue to make McConnell their leader. And yet I can't believe that because McConnell is a he's a blank slate. He's not that he's that. He's he's he's tell. Amorphous. Trump likes to say he's the king of the deal he's not thinking of the deal. McConnell as the king of the deal if you like to be sold out the Sally app and I think. It'll take about I got the military Rick. The military to monitor what they didn't. The military could have got the money that it needed. If they'd waited a few more weeks in a bank heads would be with a radicals on the last. The McConnell is worried about. Himself. That's what he's worried about. Paul Ryan. Has fundamentally transform. Paul Ryan is looking more more to me like Nancy Pelosi look closely at. Look not like Nancy Paulus. This is a guy came out of the conservative movement. When he does call me which is very infrequently. In was what a year ago whenever it was. Tell me how great they were doing or whatever even said to me and I haven't been listening lady lately even bashing me anyway yeah. I read your books mark I love your buck well you don't. Obviously comprehend them. You don't comprehend them. But though Larry ladies and gentlemen we're gonna go from one and I have trillion dollar infrastructure. Riding an amnesty. And then they think they're gonna have. This massive reelection effort. Well. And I money out to see him on the odd man out I I think I'm the only one left her one of the field. Who left is not gonna spend all day talking about the Democrats in the media and portraits and you know. And that and that slobs. Pathetic cystic. What's his name Owen. Kim Jung fat boy. And his. Whatever so. I know the live media doesn't. Doesn't understand us that's okay the lib media doesn't understand what's going on under the radar. They have no sense what's going out on in the countryside. What people say to each other how concerned they are health fed up they are. All you do is promoting I don't promoting her in the least I promote logic and rationality and arguments in history and economics and and those sorts of things. I provoke anything. Well we can't just sit here and take it a watch the country crumble and rot from within. Wouldn't be the first great country that did. I told you many times before the Roman empire existed for over 500 years that's half a thousand years. We're not even and a 300 here yet. When uneven and I 300 here. He would've thought Athens would have survive forever. Now. Maybe could come back in the country Greece but up. It didn't. Gone. Socrates gone. Played out gone. Aristotle gone. Not there's thoughts. Rome gone. Not Cicero not Brutus act Qaeda but still you know I mean gone. We listen to the voices of the past because they give us lessons for the future. Let me ask you this question I like to ask a lot of questions as you know let me ask you questions. If the framers of the constitution wanted to create the kind of government we have today what you face is up. What do they say in the constitution. That the states are the little sisters of Big Brother government. Why did they say. That the Supreme Court has the final word on all things with the Supreme Court claims to have the final work. When they say that what did they say well we had no article on the constitution equate this massive bureaucracy. With infinite offices and divisions in units and departments and agencies. Employing two million people. To advance. An agenda that does not. Necessarily. Have to comport with the public's well what do they say that they didn't say that. Why didn't they say. We shall have open waters like the Wall Street Journal argued for an amendment yet they've got they've statements there about immigration why any statements about immigration. Open borders are open borders. But they didn't do that. Everything I've just said he was going on in this country this is why say so much of what takes place in this government is post constitution. What are radical I get no it's not an idea it is reality it is an analysis based on fat. Based on fact. We will not. Lest we gauge on the battlefield of ideas we will not be able to reverse course. Now while we can continue to fight at the federal level I'm not against it we must understand. There is no weak hearts at the federal level there are little resonates. With cold it's wet rag in eagle what trot. Before this last month or three weeks or whatever it is. These arrests bets. But the trajectory is clear see I'm not running for office I don't have to be a Pollyanna I don't have to put a smiley face everywhere. And I know after fifteen years on the radio. And after it was a twelve years riches is syndicated host. When everybody counted me out because of the time this program 6 PM on the East Coast now I can't do it can't take gag yes fine. I know that you in my audience you're the smartest of the smartest audiences. I know why you're here. I know sometimes. You cringe at what I have to say because you know what's true. And if I'm wrong I correct myself. But the truth heads. The government is out of control. The spending is out of control the surveillance is out of control. We've got people roaming our streets by the millions who aren't even supposed to be in this country. That's what I said it did but by the millions. Roaming our streets aren't even supposed to be year and we have two political parties backed cannot wait to legalize them. Ten pound weight. And they tell us that's humanity they tell us that compassion. And they say if you what I'm. You and I disagree that people who came here as children have to go home. That they should have to go home. I uranium ain't. How did people come to her children without their parents can somebody please explain that to me. Losing humane man. It's their parents not me not you know. They humane thing is very pertinent to their parents. But I didn't put that in side why would you I look at present the United States. Take what was 687800000. People cops. Who sign up this docket which was unconstitutional. Which was unconstitutional. Which Obama did. In violation of separation of powers he traded Hezbollah. There Republicans went to the courts have sided and they want. Why. Would you take that and say. You know what I'm negotiate against myself. Let's make it one point eight million people and that legalization. Citizenship. What. Were here. Always applauded by conservative radio always apply apply conservative to go wow. He got them lick Kelly position the Democrats excuse me. It's the positioning the Democrats. It's about your communities. It's about the rule of law. It's about doing the right thing. It's about virtue. I watched this guy Paul Ryan I watch him transition into something I've. I've become a shame though. It was the tax battle. He was talking like Nancy Pelosi. Natalie looking like they're talking like. Using class warfare wiring the rich don't get anything affect their rates are gonna go out excuse me. What is that that Marxist clap trap hey. It's all over the place don't. This budget stuff. Don't weary Democrats. Once we blow through all caps on spending. Might never appointed another it's just like Obama. We're gonna get right that knocked out. Right the docket. And they're not doing docket anymore we need to stop talking like who got cut back cut back. That dreamers and dream marriage. They're doing amnesty. Flat out massive amnesty. Which is why you don't hear from Jeb Bush anymore. Except when you do actually he's attacking Marco Rubio Marco Rubio as it turns out on this is one of the conservatives like. Hey wait a minute we wouldn't do that none of the gang of eight chef mark now what strongly yep. What do you terrorists. Woody purist. Amnesty. Massive spending. Massive domestic spending. They're gonna fund. Obamacare we're not subsidizing. Obamacare and the tune of billions and billions of dollars. We're gonna pull it out by its roots since McNabb actually aren't that damn thing. What are pull out its red. It's. It's here forever. Forever. You like your health care. When this Casey get to keep it. Because it's massive deduction deductible. And massive policy costs and almost no choices. Welcome to socialist. You know when I wrote a merit hoping ice that we need to stop using this where progressive is because they've sold on the where progress that state is. You know when I wrote rediscovering Americanism in the Tierney progressive has and I said I got used to swear progressive isn't because that's what people used to describe this movement. That's what the history books and that's who they are. Call it what you will it is a form of tyranny. I know it's hard for people to realize that today because he can still go to the movies to go to McDonald's did a 7-Eleven get hot dog does this. It's a former tyranny. It doesn't happen all at once. And having it Communist revolution in this country this is an Mao's China. Or Lenin's ration. In many ways it's more nefarious. Because the institutions of our society are being used to destroy our society. And it becomes much more complicated and complex particularly for people who don't pay attention these things. It's hard to get their attention. I'll be right back. You know living dangerously can be a thrill of waiting until the last minute to purchase her Valentine's Day. About balance playing with the guy you've got only two day to make this happen so do it right in when Valentine's Day with I've already done it. But you know Harry. 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That's Click on the radio icon inner code LE VI and you'll save big. The roses a show up on time. They'll be beautiful. And that's a wonderful thing. Valentine's Day is one. You know people say every day is Valentine's Day it's true. For many of us. That's also a day we can really focus then. And say things of media haven't sent enough. And I have wonderful women in my life. But tomorrow's a special day. In my family to February 13 you know why mr. produced. It's my mother's birthday. So my mother's birthday is tomorrow. And Valentine's Day is the next day. And she's a beautiful wonderful lady. All right. Is he simply missed producer what. Hell is wrong in my computer gets up there I got the call screen up there I speak for three minutes both do we have a good caller. 35 seconds that's not enough time for good can't tell you what had no more wanna talk about next hour. We'll take some callers next hour you know I wasn't here Friday and you get some of those off my chest plus I need to counter what is. Apparently the overwhelming belief that within the Republican Party in the so called conservative movement. That massive B to deficit debt creating. I'm redistribution of wealth government. It's OK it's OK really is it's okay because there's really not a whole lot we can do that. I'll be right back. Somewhere under the brick. Hi everybody Mark Sullivan here are a number 877381381187738138. 111. A move into some other areas. Which took place in Israel. Just a couple days ago. Few other areas beyond that as well. Tom Carper is finally. Tom Carper. Talk about him in a minute before I do that. I told you that. You know Nixon surrendered over and over and over into the Democrats trying to get deals trying to get them off his back trying to persuade the media. Become suicide but of course it would have none of it. The Democrats are furious. That Nixon won in a landslide in defeated. We govern and they would not accept the fact the McGovern was defeated a McGovern was a radical leftists although today. Much less so than Obama as I can tell you that much less so than. The mostly Democratic Party. But the what you hear Chuck Schumer on the floor of the senate today. OK in the we're gonna move on cuts three go. Democrats wanna work in a bipartisan way. To improve our infrastructure. Which is why we put forward a real plan. That would expand access to high speed Internet across the country rebuild our roads and bridges modernize our electric grid. While creating millions and millions of good paying middle class construction jobs. Unfortunately. The president's plan falls short on all these fronts. So complex to spend one point five trillion dollars 200 billion at least the federal dollars up front. And for Schumer that fall short than what the that this is my point. Can't forego. Instead of proposing direct federal investments to help all parts of the country. The trump infrastructure plan relies on private parties or state and localities to put up a lion's share of the money. In turn. Those into these would either have to charge local taxpayers. News holes. Or raise taxes and other fees to pay for the new infrastructure. Let's stop not much true. But the money is to come from somewhere. I mean. To be crass and he met at have a mind of a two year old and candy store. Or two year old and an ice cream shop. I want and I get no comprehension of money and paying for things and earning something. So for states and localities they would actually have to pay money but for the federal government it's pixie dust. And this is why one. Conservatives I guess not suited conservatives that I don't understand with the promise we've had debts and that's and that's not a friend of mine so this doing. All these years we've never had a problem again should not familiar with the with the Great Depression matches this on the bus entry before. Or massive inflation. I did you not familiar with any of these events that bank failures TSA now out there. Double digit interest rates. Just because we haven't had the the ultimate apocalypse they complete collapse of the economy which will happen one day if this keeps up. We have had signs. When politicians. Interfere. In ways that are aggressively. Violent to the economy. And to the markets is. And so very Schumer. The federal government announced a nationalize infrastructure type simple. It's a federal responsibility. Student loans. Federal responsibility. Health care federal responsibility. Education federal responsibility housing federal responsibility marriage. Federal responsibility. Baking cakes federal responsibility and honor and honor not. Because fat ladies and gentlemen district residents. Space. Ought to be left panhandle state road stay bridges state title stake my pets. Stay infrastructure. And yet listen to all these Republicans and so called conservatives today. Yeah I had and I was driving through it panel and an ending one of the chips have one of the things fell on me. Well well good money going for. The Tyler felt them. So it's not enough for Schumer. Which brings me to a more universal point. And I talk about this for years and years and use the money trying crystallize it even more. Where is this party taking us. The Republicans are are. They are what they are the Democrat party is the leading party in the country. They've conquered most of the Republican Party I mean ideologically. I don't care what they say the Republicans on the senate floor of the house floor I don't care what they say on TV on on rate in radio interviews. I don't care they say when they campaign when the rubber hits the road. There drunk drivers just like the leftists. But this party in this ideology which are now one in the same the Democrat party is a radical progressive party. And as I've said again and again the government the Democrat party the media. All progressive. Off one helping the other all one promoting the other advancing the other. Appendages of each out. Where are they taking. How will we know we've reached. Nirvana how little we know we've reached paradise when will we know that were in utopia. You see I've been thinking about this. While suffering from the flu stuck on my back drinking Gatorade in eating salty crackers let me ask you questions. We know we want UN. We have a constitution. We know what the constitution so. We know that. Constitution is a manifestation. Of our founding document the declaration of independence we know what it says we got the principles are we know they comfort. You're being dragged and pushed and some people springing. Towards some finish line. Which fundamentally changes America okay what's. Beyond the finish line. Where is the finish line. What are the boundaries this thing. They don't give us a document they don't say well here's our constitution that we propose. They don't say use our brains of most now that he moat. They name call where are they where what is. Word your blueprint. I'm not talking about platitudes and generalities. I'm not talking about emotion and passion I'm not look. I'm asking. What all we know that we reached a point. When will be left alone. You know the answer to that most of it is. Do any of you out there really answer that. There isn't Nancy you know. And the answer is never. There's no win. To the ideas. We impose on society. It's one thing if you as an individual. Has input and ideas. And you wanna try and pursue them all. Go ahead. To America. It's quite another. When you're trying to manage and control entire people. And you have been different ideas. And you potion you lurch and you crap that you cease. In order to advance them when they don't work out because ultimately they can't. There an impossibility. When you try and impose them on a vast society. The outcomes are predictable but not as you predict. The predictably awful or worse. The problem is for progressives. They cannot accept failure. Because to accept failure is to accept the fact that their ideology. They're ideology. Is fraudulent. The progressive ideology. The backed ventures listen take notes repeat this tomorrow. The progressive ideology is fraudulent. Human beings aren't as the progressives. All of us. Aren't as the progressives and we don't want them to impose their will on us. And yet. Human beings are every bit. As what we say they are particularly. Among the progressives that is those who want to control us you and I say human beings are imperfect. If your imperfect in your own life aren't as long as you don't break the largest something tomorrow it's of no consequence to the rest of society. But it create a position to impose your will your imperfections. Ideology. On the red. Estimates. It's not only dangerous. It's catastrophic. I don't care what Chuck Schumer thinks. If he's just a nuisance. If he's speaking on Thanksgiving. And lecturing his family. If he's going. On and on. About nationalized in infrastructure and rationalizing health care nationalizing educate. Who cares. No different than homeless guy on a soapbox in the corner somewhere where is he a raincoat. But when he's the minority leader the United States senate and can run circles around the majority leader McConnell. Who's dumb founded day in and day out all day long. Then it becomes a problem. Particularly when we're so far on more from the con. Seclusion that there are so few limits and obstacles to this kind of power. Despite fools like Bret Stephens. Burping up. Preposterous argument that the terrorists have somehow won the day. But in doing this this surround us ladies and gentlemen and some of them have the right to the near term. Progressive ism is an exceedingly. Dangerous. And in the end anti human ideology. Because it has no boundaries. It doesn't accept. Corrections and has no circumspect. In its grip gets here in tight around the throat a society. More incompetent. It's ideology proves to be. That's the problem. We'll be right back. We're getting close ladies and gentlemen. He first. Life liberty and we've been program on the Fox News Channel. Is Sunday February 25. 10 PM eastern time. So we're less than two weeks away. How are you know that the first guest is going to beat somebody wanted to interview for the first show. Don't know had to say. No it's I wish I could get Barack Obama but it's not. But I think you don't like a lot. So. To be February 25. 10 PM eastern time 7 PM Pacific. I don't know what other time in his rest of the country are configured and now. And why I've decided to do and I talked about this a few months ago but I think it's time to reiterate that. Is a long form interview you probably haven't heard that phrase or haven't heard it lightly because it's not really gonna. So I'm not gonna have a conga line guests. We're going to sit down. My guest. One or two cops and me. And discuss the and much more deeply than we typically otherwise begun. The goal isn't to keep a frenetic pace and run an Olympic gold. Is to. Learn as much as we can reveal as much as we can. Have that incredibly important and interesting subject. Using what's between various. Now. When fox approached me about doing a show this is what I told them I wanted to go and I wanna say. Mr. Murdoch and the Suzanne Scott all the others had absolutely. Do what you're comfortable. In the app a minus 100%. So that is the point I just remember as he. Young teenager. Those are the kind of shows and influenced me watching him bowl with Freeman. On PBS watching. Bill Buckley on firing line. Watching at Tom's whole Walter Williams so many others. It really opened my eyes and I was fascinated by it. And there are other shows to. And that's the sort of thing I wanted to. That's the sort of thing I wanted to so I hope you'll join me. Escondido joining a Disco eventually go anyway but. Three interest in that sort of thing I think your family your kids would beef choose. And as that starts February 25. 10 PM eastern. It's something new for us knew for fox. And I think you're gonna have I think you know like a lot. If you like this show I think again like a lot to like my books and you can like. I just have a different background than most people. You know as a teenager I played sports had a lot of fun had a bunt and a handful of bodies. I played organized sports we played sports in the backyard. This you know some days I was set tougher in the street and other days and a yes I was I was always devouring. Information. You know the story I I would go to an independence hall these things really fascinated. And I'm. In the title tells you everything life liberty Levine who wants to talk about life not any push all the way grace. The like in the constitution. Liberty what do we mean by liberty. Down the road he futures show may be in the summer trying to get. He truly brilliant man who who's right who's spent his most of his career writing an Olympic. You probably never heard of before and I find his writings absolutely. Fascinating. And I wanna bring that to as many people as high can it doesn't matter if you went to college or not. Because many things we're gonna talk about you probably were even taught in college and most certainly not in high school. You're not hearing about much of it. Generally out there and was maybe you hear one of my show but. That's the sort of thing I wanna do. The only time as well Tuesday. He's very liberal yet very bright. Person may be professor economist stories from the like that. To go at it intellectually. It'll actually. So. You know that's that's the kind of show we're gonna do. And then. I think it's going to be a blast I mean just for me obviously on the house but I think you're gonna really enjoy it. Give. And on Sunday night at 10 PM seriously it's the perfect time for. Not 7 PM 8 PM 9 PM they even asked me I said 10 PM it's the toughest slot it's the right slot. Again that's when I used to watch a lot of this stuff. The Sunday before we go to school or listen to the radio. I was addicted to talk radio. I'll sell you this I used to listen Larry King late at night just before it became a political hack and left wing are no words for Russian TV or whatever he's doing. You do he would do these name. They were fascinating and as well as others so. I think all ages I think it analog. Young teenagers. People in the 20s30s forties senior citizens people mind. They show us feel I really think so it's going to be quite different. Hi ladies and. I don't and I shall return. America is tyranny hot. Call and now 8773813811. Time. Maybe being PPP and. Cybercrime. He's getting worse than what is nothing better than feeling pretty good coming out of the flu. Can you tell I have a bit of a yen. Why I'm walking better have you noticed that mr. produced. And released writing them. Whatever. You don't cybercrime is getting worse every day. You hear about credit cards that tax fraud medical identity theft the list goes on and on. But you don't need to stop using technology you just need a new kind of identity protection in new kind of like any protection. Then I got to in my family has to. Now I found the best in the class. And that's why I'm talking about my ID care that sit. They used only cover of fortune 500 companies and huge organizations. But there's stellar service is now available to us the look and act like you and me. 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And tell mark sentient let. My ID take care of you just like they take care of me and I'm telling you this is the platinum level. This is as good as it gets. And their wonderful sponsors which is exactly why I moved over to them and asked them then. To join us so we hear on the Libyan program 8663343084. Or visit my ID cared outcome. Promo code mark parent. Well if you've been following me on FaceBook and by the way FaceBook has changed the way that FaceBook does FaceBook. And it's very frustrating to me as I'm sure it is too many of you. Not because it's Mina because I'm a conservative they're doing this general. And so we're posting something that's actually very good from the daily wire. The site of our buddy Ben Shapiro and we're putting it up on them my social sites right mr. producer. And that way you can read. An explanation on how you can use FaceBook in our case. As he used to use. I have had about right rich yet so check it out as many many have you hundreds and hundreds of one point three some on million of you. This is our community this is our national town hall meeting. I'm not in charge of FaceBook and wish I was this isn't based on ideology it's not based on me. He goes there where we're gonna put the daily wire home link up there and we'll explain. What's going on and it's very easy fix the US to do it yourself I can't do it. Now something happened over the weekend that prisoners are focused attention as I was saying if you follow me on FaceBook and Twitter. He went amount on the air even when I had the flu. You know that I posted about Israel in the year reign in the Iranians the Syrians and Hezbollah and the Russians. Basically it's this. The Iranian senate drone in Israel in military drown he he spider. They sent a drone from an Iranian. Location. Within Syria from an Iranian base within Syria Iran has built bases military bases. And intelligence basis. In Syria. For one purpose and one purpose only because it expects to trigger a war within Israel. It is building. Also production facilities factories. For Hezbollah. So they can manufacture more sophisticated missiles and Hezbollah which is an essentially a terrorist militia wing. The Iranian. Army. They were a 150000. Missiles aimed at Israel right now are far more sophisticated and Hamas ever had these are being made in somebody's basement. They're being made an assembly lines. Iran is also building. Supply lines. Sitting get supplies from Iran in the Syria. To Syria to eleven on. How all for the purpose of building up he had in military presence and significant military presence in terrorist presence. On the border with Israel with Syria and Lebanon. Israel over the past many years has been sending its jets into Iran and sometimes and eleven of I to trying to take out the more sophisticated weapons systems that the Iranians are having installed either directly or through their surrogates. And making other tactical strikes. In order to protect themselves and the reason is simple it's such a tiny country geographically really in every. Population lives they cannot have a beef Iranian force. Hezbollah force. Syrian force. Being build up bigger and bigger army is missiles. You know air fields factories all along its border. Because they can't survive that kind of a situation. So they're trying to take out again it's difficult pin prick attacks. Convoys other things that they see factories here in the air and of course we'll never be 100%. In in terms of their. Getting all of them. But the Iranians are 'cause the addict addict had it added because they want war. They wanted to provoke a war they wanna directly create a war. Then there's another element in here and it's the Russians Putin. Putin back Syria. Peter losses been working with a ramp. These missile batteries in these. Antiaircraft batteries that Israel taking out their Russian. Syria doesn't tell them. And many of them have been put there by the Iranians. And so this is a big deal it's a very very big deal. Iran has toppled the legitimate government in Yemen and is trying to install its own regime any of tens of thousands of people. Was starving to death now you have complete anarchy and terrorism taking place in that country and why. Not only because of the geographic position Yemen take a look at a map but also they wanna take out Saudi Arabia. Very little aside about what's going on Iraq Iran is still in Iraq even a license is mostly out of Iraq. Iran is still in Syria even though I says his stand effectively on the battlefield anyway defeated. Iran is also trying to crush the Kurtz. As is Turkey in another day I wanna focus on paired again and that fascist. And the huge fan of the Kurds they are pro American pro west Muslims. And they've done the bulk of the fighting. Against Maine these. The John hottest regimes in jihadist entity. Again that another day and it deserves attention. So what took place. Is that the Iranians and a drone. Into Israel's. Sovereign territory. The Israeli sent a helicopter. Which shot it down. They also sent up some F sixteens. When they set up the F sixteen jet fighters the Syrian air defense system. Retaliated. And they came under heavy attack. In one of the jets was hit. The two pilots. Bailed out as they're supposed in the valley and Israel. Israelis had lost a jet in a fight since 1982. Obviously the Israelis particularly the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn't take very kindly to us. And they send jets. Into Syria. And it may well taken out half of series air defenses throughout the country. In a massive attack. And that's according to a local assessments. In these various parts. That they took out. I have like we have for the Syrian or different. Russian. Russia says warned. Although not directly but directly enough Israel that. Hey look we have interest here to leave troops here too in the nothing of ours but it can't hurt. You don't watch it so we went all tensions to beast. The credit the president. In the trunk administration. They put out a statement saying. That the United States supports Israel. Effectively what they said. Now that's the situation right now. Hezbollah. Syria. Iran have all. Not in unison but they've all said. Look at that we shot down one of the Israeli jets that changes everything. That changes everything. The ladies and gentlemen Iran has a 150 billion dollars thanks to Obama latter opinion the Europeans. In the using that. For all wrong purposes. And they're an aggressive country they're going to get ICBM still going to have nuclear tipped missiles. In this is only any awards tonight predict and I'm sorry to say that and I don't make predictions because some great make predictions because somewhere here. The one day we will be going to war in this country thanks to an Obama did. I'll be right back and maybe 5% there allied energy that's so this lingering thing. We can make sure we don't need laps here you know. Did you know that in 1925. An ounce of gold was worth twenty dollars it would actually buy to suit and shirt. But times have changed radically since then have a thing. We no longer carry gold coin in our pocket as money government made us exchange had a long time ago for twenty dollar bill. PM capitol PM capitol is in the wealth preservation business he see what's happened the stock market same thing happens with the currency. Keeping your buying power is a very goal. Investors know that it's not what you have it's what should keep. 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Very nice people the only answer any questions that you have and I try Bosnian capital I told him I know quite well Scott Carter who's one of the principles there. And he and I spoke at some someone and then and this is why am I decided again. This company paean capital is the sponsor that I won it. So I'll go check it out. Now this is really response on Sunday. It is said to be the biggest. Military response. Since the 1982 Lebanon war it. Most significant. Air force attack. That they conduct against Syrian air defenses since 1982. Looks to me like the Israelis haven't lost. But they also know that it war breaks out this time. He could be the worst one of them off. And I wanna warn CNN and MSNBC right now on wanna warn all the other phony journalists. Who pretend to go to the Middle East to cover the the events. Such such a Har happened. The Israelis won't be able to I'm just in my opinion they won't be able to cherry pick they won't be able to pin prick anymore you're gonna have to wipe things out. Because I ran in the mix the sophistication weapons in the mix. The various air forces in the mix the Russians backing the Syrians and Iranians the the massive. Militia to terrorist militia that is Hezbollah with a 150000. Missed the Israelis are not going to be pinpointing anymore nor should there. They're gonna have to hammer and hammer hard. In question not to look over their shoulder Hamas and the top. You know partners in peace with a two state solution. President said the other day that he knows the Palestinians don't wanna negotiate for peace but he thinks the Israelis to learn. Kind of dragging their feet I was kind of surprised to hear that and I really wise. And the reason is simple. I mean what is it that the Israeli have to do. The Palestinian. Regime. The Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. I hamas' terrorist organization there on our terrorist list and when asked the president should they negotiate with them no of course not okay woman for top. Well that's they're led by terrorist. You're watching the Olympics now quest I'm not that many of you are. Among into the Winter Olympics when he ran in the winner Ayman in the snow. So people around and it's skating and jump in Italian and I'm just but anyway so. Hamas. The grand fatherly looking figure. He was only financed the terrorist attack in Munich. During the Olympics. Now wiped out. You know most of the Israeli athletes. He's also the one who's financing terrorism. We've talked about this alliance. So if you're one of their terrorists. The more people you kill the morning Maine and you create you get a little pension your family gets a pension. And there's sort of AA he rating system. We'll look at thirty wiped out apostle little schoolchildren he gets the Max at the family gets the maximum pension new and I've been paying for this. Don't pay any money we give to that entity. Whether through the UN or directly. Is used for other purposes which frees up money to subsidize terrorists. The president's credit he's got 6065. Million dollars from a from a subsidies to them but I I would I would caution the president think it's it to say that. Can the Palestinians their pound of Israel as a parent dragged their feet and doesn't that that is sent. They kind of parallel. Comparison is simply wrong. And I say this is somebody who likes the president who thinks he's an. Tremendous job and I. Particularly within Israel might affect and one of the other things I think needs to be done given what Iran Syria Hezbollah's. The Russians are up to. I think that we need to start moving in putting in four positions the kind of weaponry. And other military assets that are needed. Just in case all hell breaks loose. You know fought how does break loose Iranians must be defeated. For arsenic America's sake as well as our allies. Israel and the gulf Arab states. But Iran has killed thousands of American soldiers from the IA vis that it planned it all throughout Iraq. That is plain and another foot parts of the world and Iran wants those. Intercontinental ballistic missiles not because thinks they can reach Israel that so they can reach Los Angeles Chicago new York and everywhere around and in between. I'll be right back. Here are a number 8773813811877381. 3811. So this guy most of us never heard of before. Supporter I think is his last name end. That's at 4567. Days now they've been going on about this guy now. He's accused by his two ex wives of. Physically. Assaulting them. In of course they're his ex wives. I'd look at women who have. Have any reason to. Suspect that they're not telling the truth. He denies it. But it's very interesting to me with the media focus. Why is this thing going on day in and day out Dane in debt the same media that ignored allegations by one not a Juanita Broderick. Any sitting president of United States raped her when he was attorney general of Arkansas. They showed no interest in that whatsoever I don't know what the hell this type order is I sure as hell knew Bill Clinton was when he was present the United States. Right. We've Ted Kennedy. And Chappaquiddick. Mark Gary and beat that dead horse. Excuse me. That's the point. How does a politician get over something like that can be. Lionized in the United States senate. And every time we would go on TV or any technique on the senate Foley was treated with a enormous respect. In all. In fact our whole family. And it's not just Chappaquiddick what took place in Palm Springs. His abusive his wife his first wife. Definitely on Anderson as I gotta keep it about this guy order. He's all of. And the only reason they keep it up is because they hate trump. Another I wanna take out Kelly the chief of staff none out and not general use staple at. I like general Kelley. I think he's a great cheapest stand what do you think of that. And I like the White House counsel and again. I think he's a great White House counsel what do you think of that. This is an effort. To pick off the president's senior staff. To make it look like there's confusion among the staff members incompetence among the staff members I say his staff. Right now is it pretty damn good job. Thank Kelly still in a very good job my game stood a very good job. And a role in the edge judicial. Nomination process. Let me explain how these security clearances were exits I went through them and as. And so associate director presidential personnel for a period time. I yeah I know how they work and also was them. Cheapest after the attorney general of the United States you don't just walk any in his security clearance. If the thought of very thick forming can be ahead and still an inch thick. They wanna know everything about you from elementary school metals go we used called junior high high school. Every job you had. Every place you resided. Dormitories and I kid you gotta go back and figure it out dormitories apartments which house that I had. They went a long list of the people you met and it goes on and on and on it can take weeks to complete this point. It took the FBI six months to finally give me my clearance. Six months. Because they have the send field agents have to interview people for the senior positions. They literally go out and they conduct interviews. And they goes through your background. Deceive everything adds up to see if somebody has something to say. And then if they're right it all out. They write it all up. In a confidential. Document. And then they give advice. This senior personnel telling them only made an issue men have an issue and so forth and there are even reluctant to show the entire file to senior personnel. So this is what Kelly was dealing with this is what again is dealing with Anna born and not everything on Saturday night and idea people working around the president aren't none of clearance. That's how you have people working around the president. And it's not just trump. It was Obama it was bush there was Clinton there was bush it was Reagan that's how Woertz. Now if there's a dispute. If you have as an example. The 512 people have been interviewed. And a 109 of them say this guy walks on water. And in the ass three say now this guy's no worse than let me give you a hundred reasons why. You have to wait these things. Again mainly talking about Porter just talking generically how that works. You don't not this people who hate him are hurt and haven't out for them wanna put it in the report. So you gotta use you know your judgment you gotta think it through when your writing it up when you're discussing it was senior personnel and so forth. I'm mark there almost the others there what they're over a year into this administration. How long did it take the FBI into the report. One that this guy show up I had no idea. Despite all the reporting I have no idea what was the report completed. And did most of the people in the reports say this guy's the most loathsome human beings I ever met. But the media do not care it's just another excuse to go after trump and his surrogate thing by going after his surrogates are going after him. And they want to paint him as anti woman they wanna paint him as. As as defending life for abuse and women at the end this is what they do this is who they are they are. A despicable. Unconscionable a bunch of hyenas. The troop. I just told you how they treat Clinton. Look at this Gillibrand. Ali wants new process for water watch you kind of payments to present a look at me due process. This broad. This phoney who's now politicize sexual harassment to advance her own cause that's why I set because she can't pay it right next to Bill Clinton time and again. She put their support. He helped her raise money. She only been accused array incredibly so she know he been accused of assaulting women in the Oval Office and credibly so she. You know about the blue dress she though he lost his law license she only was how to content. And I did too and through much money sixteen. She was as close to Clinton as he can calm. Now. She's in charge of who gets punished and who doesn't. I'm not my world my my life I'll give you another example. Never an hour to the guys are giving your Tom Carper will if you live in Delaware you've heard Tom Carper for sure he she senior senator. It was a congressman. From Delaware he was governor of Delaware. He's a senator from Delaware he's a buddy would Joseph Biden. Just have to. The only Joseph gets the stupid jury gets and that's saying something since he's been stupid for very very long time. Tom Carper. Free deacon Tom. I'm Clark admitted hitting his wife in 1998. Senator Tom Carper a Delaware admitted to slapping his wife in 1988 interview with a veteran political journalists in the state. Confirming an accusation he denied when first running for congress. That the game or a black guy. Now she sits passed away. Is it my understanding. But he still in my state senator. Let me point something if Tom Carper wanted to work in the executive branch. He'd have to go through an FBI background check. And that would come up and as FBI background check after six months they presented to the president that he was gonna be chief of staff to distress. The the president would have to make a decision. So here's my question told who have a lot of questions and every show needs to get you think. To expose hypocrisy and it may draw your own conclusions. Tell me if Tom Carper. Is he qualified. To be the the secretary or chief of staff to the president of the United States. Given what he did do his first wife. Kay were a black guy apparently reportedly. He hit his wife. The why is he qualified to be United States senate. I understand elections vs opponent that's not my point. He's a Democrat. He's a powerful Democrat in the United States and and why is that the Kurt Kristen Gilbert. Want demand his resignation. Why isn't she so slow. Years. The point the finger in their own party. She serves in the same party isn't. There in the same Democrat caucus the the same senate dining room. They got beat his wife. Or at least hit here. I've never hit a woman in my life. So I ask you. While the focus on border no focus on carper. Go ahead of you gonna focus on poor at least remind people about carper. And Gillibrand. And all the other fronts. In every time Ted Kennedy's name is mentioned there ought to be at least a comment by Chris Cuomo. Chris Cuomo yes. The damage to the Cuomo's record system brother's governor of New York used to be married to Kennedy. You see it and this is what it there. Any time Kennedy's name comes up. People ought to be reminded. About how he abused women in one case some people believe left woman governor. In the case of Bill Clinton. It should be Bill Clinton accused rapists XYZ whatever the rest of it but it never it. Instead it's Donald Trump. It's his fault. In general Kelley. A military hero who lost his son. In Afghanistan. He should resign. Because of this guy quarter. And let me tell you something if this guy reported it in fact it is ex wives he's as low as they come he's the sleazy is the sleazy. But this can't be worked out by me can be worked out by the media. The media really don't care about the facts they care about the accusations. Because they wanted to take out trumpet doesn't matter. It doesn't matter they want him out. They want Kelly out because they think it hurts truck. I'll be right back. To see Washington Connecticut but great WABC go. Good evening mark thank you for taking my call and thank you for creating CR TV. Thank you is there. I'm calling about their leadership. Fume in Washington and what can be done about it. I think we have at least two very effective leaders in Washington and one is Donald Trump. He got elected by going over the heads of the Foley journalists in the swamp dwellers. What is message about building a wall and drink is yeah ones well skewed. Does he the other remarkable than the consensus whole weekend over Thanksgiving holiday to find the solution. There's so little seemingly overwhelming problem. But I think we're hopeless or helpless because I think. What Donald cronies who realizes that working with Paul Ryan and mr. McConnell to drain the swamp is like beating a long and of course. And and I think that. We'll millions of listeners will close the white house with emails and letters and tweets and so on urging. Donald Trump to get behind the article five. Expert who. He will find out what article fathers and once again you'll over the heads of the phony journalists and this won't dwell or. And carry their message to people to contact their state representatives. And get this and entries go. I have to disagree with the here and only thing going back to the federal government to encourage trump or politicians at the federal level to help us for the article five's the answer. I think we go to our state delegates or stay represented the very local you know whether local offices of you know it's easy to find its a couple of miles away can you don't have a chat with them. Stay with him would you state senators. There's no role really for the president certainly senators and congressman who's a minister were wrong for congress that's beside the point right now. And that's it but. We've Tonya politicians who said they've endorsed and many of them keep voting for massive bloated federal government. So I would say no we should be sending emails to the White House we need to be focused. Like lasers. On state legislatures I don't know what happened in Idaho the other day but Idaho was right on the edge with a couple of goof balls and AM. And we got the John Birch Society out there making asses of themselves but stirring up trouble eagle form is really gonna. Been disastrous and they take the same position as he's left wing Soros funded organizations. He believe in the constitution you know in the constitution tells us how to trying to address this as a people. It's not a constitutional convention. At Madison himself voted for this provision. Articles I was in the constitution I didn't create it in people who say they support the constitutional. Duke fans are no better than leftists. And I want to thank you Sarah for around watching Syrian TV I hope you're having a lot of fun. And take serious stuff in Connecticut in all I'm old enough to remember what Connecticut didn't have an income tax. Now it's so completely out of control people from Connecticut or move back in New York. To believe that. Rudy Juneau Alaska as a great while mark lament that power you. I'm Kurt Pickering creek and I hope you're doing throughout Latin let acute feeling a little better audio. Thank you yes sir I can't wait to get a spaghetti and meatballs I can after the show. I'm not me over the spacing needs the last I think it's been. I get a lead to let you know land. I can be at 50 years ago from Eastern Europe and cancer. Obviously and in color and an up and death. It is so heartbreaking I really Ellis coming at you Dedham and really had that feeling between meg gonna make it down early this. We. Coke thing around I mean day oh Leno remake America. Agreement to have to look click it looked calm on this country's. Social values. But everybody was making this an amount of money and not let it be any thing because it doesn't look not in a state. A lot of and ended source says Padilla and people especially nowadays anybody else on the last might not look good. Libby got in some Upton and I noticed at the human yeah Bernie Sanders and mean this remake this country. I mean if it exists it's it's. Beat out you know there's an old saying be depo look Jewish or you just may get it at. All right my friend excellent points I grew to completely. It's amazing we have an on going constitutional convention in this country when congress meets for the courts meet with the bureaucracy is functioning. One president's issue Fiat so many as Obama did and yet when I talk about a legitimate constitutional process. We have that really. Lay out your hand and get enough delegates petty the convention is a meeting it's not a constitutional convention it's not called a constitutional convention. It's called a convention of state dean meeting of states. You know any of the convention dentists. He convention a prime apologists. Stephen Kobe era is the chairman and that I understand. Now this is a convention states were states and the two delegates. On in the meat may come up with proposals after the debate those proposals go back to the states and you need 38 states. To ratify this is you. When normal constitution. But the Supreme Court you basically need five judges to change the constitution. And in congress seems to work the same way in many respects. They think what they do is constitutional matter and well left I'm Nicole. We're told none and only he views the constitution to save it. 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I had a three days in the dock was wise and at the same you know we had a prescribing in and they prescribed it and after about 23 days and started to feel better anyway go ahead I'm sorry. OK the but anyway. It who can win when you're talking about lately including initial initial liberalism. I mean it just reminds you a fact that it would advantage like oh really. Like institutional systemic form of brainwashing and it really alarms me how many different schools they used to accomplish session delegates. Well first aid dependency. Often. You know although their goal ability all you know you don't appealing to so many emotions rather than their reasoning and collect pinch. Slight cooling debate I mean I mean these are all look like a really brilliant tactics that dead dictatorships have used him. You know I mean how long can we live in a society like this before it caves it. I don't know at some point something's gotta give doesn't it. Yeah I just seems like we need to get a enlightenment all of like like we had hundreds of years ago warned enlightenment of reasoning and thinking and critical debate in all. Yeah I'll car. I I I I normally try. And then here but you know. Yeah I I I feel your pain trust me all right Steve and I appreciate you called body ten. Orlando Florida on the serious satellite. Don't. Cheating thank you for taking my call circling back to my child back. Have been that it didn't look into media and even before that I wanna talk about convention. And he doesn't want to priority are always choices that read you know liberty amendment actually everything the man in black groups under the seat. And now probably. Life styles think that my little limp Lebanon reform amendment. And although I can't go through every single one of them here. The the core elements of several of them. The significantly she is parity this back to the states where it belongs. So let's take this spending issue for example. When ice and what I have been there is that there is the ceiling. That is placed on the ability to attacks there is a ceiling that's placed on the ability to spend there's a ceiling over time. That's placed on the ability to borrow. Those things need to be done so people run around talking about a balanced budget amendment well that's not good enough as it. Somebody takes 90% hearing come to balance the budget they still take a 9% year income. So that's number one. In terms of the fiscal side number two. I would I limit overall. Federal spending to seventeen and a half percent of the GDP. We've exceeded 20% that times are reaching 24 even 25%. It's headed to higher than that over time. The goal here at least for me is to us is to not so slowly but gradually. Bring it back so. The the vast majority economy in the private sector is not nationalized. Through the back door. So those are two I think very very important points. Now all about the money and the power right perfectly and while those that that's not all that can't. Did you ask me which ones I would focus on. And you get where I I I think Gregory all right I can on the seventeenth amendment I believe on the only when the even suggests. Reversing that because. People get very very nervous fine when Amy we can't don't current senators anymore. The one I mean is that this isn't about pure democracy this is about undermining the structure that the framers put in place. So we have a representative republic. You know of course that's in their tune. I I feel like seventeen local one of those things that the progressives put in an appointment filled as it take down our republic. While it's structurally it's been very very harmful but you know we had a very bad period there the sixteenth and seventeenth amendments and they were proposed mostly by Republicans. Which is exactly my point. And his we emotion thanks for the Republicans CE OC thanks for republic he'd dare not speak against them now we have the EPA thanks to the Republicans. And we of affirmative action thanks to the Republicans. And I can go on and on and on so. You know Coolidge and Reagan those of the two to look at to really study and understand. When you want to understand more on the liberty conservative side can I appreciate your call my friend let's keep going. Isaak Pasco Washington a great KFL geek out. But it went out and Harry user. Yes they are really quick got to want it most of the time com. I've go to your calls Whitner I am someone who is here under the backup program. And I just wanted to make because well you match. Relations are going to be a citizen at some point here. Well micros go to your. You're called scream and ID fifty years I wish there was some thought I didn't know until I got. Older that was you're on Bachmann this. Are you wanna I wanna go to this let's consider. Who brought you here R&R. Colorado homeowner they came here illegally. Here there. Why didn't they go through the normal process. Well and good I'm originally from Mexico. Yeah and in Mexico and that's part of I know I'm not a 100% sure that others work what. You need to have the like Latin Boehner or somebody who you can get a visa to actually even be. Able to come out here. Simple and I that's not our requirement in the United States to be Italian women that's what they they get over that brought them back at that I'm not level spoke. I got so I'm not a 100% sure but. Okay what I would order call screener did dumb I'm a Christian older democracy calmly. Yes and well with sun you call screeners that gun. Yeah our trust and thought I know they've got it done in that they care wouldn't be terrible no matter what no matter what the outcome rhythm of this that you're going on right now. Well there won't be one of the tell everybody. In your everybody and I mean like. Anybody that appreciates what this country offers. Mean you know are we give them problem poverty when you're in Mexico I employed in all languages. Rand. There's such a big opportunity here in this country better off course and out of that political career I would that we my primary. Have been able to do the right way. Lou but worse circuit from recording we couldn't afford it we didn't have money. And we wrote a cheaper Dornan the way to my my apparent bit. On record my parents always told me just a black and apply but would have waited he just didn't teach you. To go to some believe can provide free assembly Greg bowl site that's appropriate somebody on your own current. But it is OK I would like to tell and everybody was children. To appreciate what this country has. The freedom and liberty that this country offers. Because it's it's something that you will not find anywhere else. UK OK and into any other country while lying keys sink. So many liberals and frankly so many people who come here. Especially illegally don't think that way. Are my children do it and I don't let people are here they're living here. That you can compare your experience here with the experience even as a young boy. Came on in Mexico. The problem is we've people. Who come here who in and also people who are born here. Who now it's worse overseas and yet he still trashed the country. Aaron. There there's there's so many people are like what I would school there are so many 00 Margaret celebrate how I may ask a question Isaacson we can get rid of this liberal mess. He not hiding in the shadows and it. I used to be. We develop health care but we ought to be True Religion on now are you also are you calling in national talk shows they need that million listen. Yes sir I don't understand that earned him. Do you have a job. If ergo. I'm not gonna get into the month on the way to spend did you go to school. Get credit. High school you graduate from. I did you go out. And an eleventh grade when. Our friend or in the military went out September 11 happened. And one half I but I and I try to enroll in the memory and because that bird bad cold when direct Q what was going on that you could. Third and in gained citizenship that way yeah. I I was told and I was I wasn't able to. Well and now I can tell you that. You can't divert I've already. Trip typewriter general managed just that he can batted a bit right. I called general Mattis is one looks nearly 900 illegal aliens and their military right now. I checked but I think with a couple with the audio you have said that number one compact and meeting where. Would I remember and I looked it up there is 900. As matter of fact I keep hearing liberals tell us all the illegal aliens are assuming in the military and actually called a liar how that they database that you're calling an operator. Why did you go if you really serious about this and I'm not saying you shut if you don't want to let you go into a crew recruiting station. You'll need to get on with adult under a marine recruiting station go and an army recruiting station or navy recoup whatever. Can tell all of this is so I am and I wanna John had actually I could. I went about my being on the run producer. Actually I thought you know let's say I'm telling you the military does take illegal aliens in Boston in the military. I can you tell me your experience and I'm telling you what's going on OK why try to do what Latin. And our effort not a troop white and selling very nice guy by the way. Yeah well tell me something if if it's yes of course it's not going to happen. But if somebody was there a year around here and you're out here would you apply legally you're trying to back the United States met in Mexico I don't know who I would I would I would doom crime my heart out bill. Because you know and you're probably wind up coming back in the United States right I would guess because record record holder here. This country offers so many things that you cannot I I grieve and I'm. Saying. If you were removed from the United States. Which are not going to be an issue criminal. And even many criminals are removed from the United States but if you Wear removed from the United States you would apply legally to come back. How would you do to those old all right. All right my friend. Anything else. Well this I'd like to clarify one thing that you are do that you pay act one time. What's your wife for the background. They actually do a background check back a little audio so therefore that you bet to make sure that you haven't committed any. So why I don't know I'm matter thanks that I think a lot of people didn't apply because maybe they couldn't pass a background check. You know and I and and I look like I talk might I've heard a lot of people and in. This mighty somebody dead disagree with me and that. I think I think you got every single right. To do so if there's someone was committing crimes that go that's killing people they are doing drugs and I'll. I play semis like I like you. And and if you were ever sent overseas back to Mexico I should say we were born. And wanted to come back I do everything I could to help keep coming here illegally to what do you think of that. Well I would really appreciate it worker strip common sense even in Mexico they do that maker rim. I gotta go I'm not cut you off but I have a heartbreak I appreciate it guys they keep take care will be back. I it doesn't take much for grocery store shelves to go from fully stacked it completely bare. He receives snowstorm. Where I live and that's an inch and a half they cancel school. But please don't wait for an emergency to happen to become a victim of chaos. In some relatives of mine learned that the hard way the last fall. The hurricane Irma. Make sure I am an adequate food stores supplied. Used my patriots supply. These are great folks that helped me plan for Americans. To get rid of talk about malicious stuff there would come out real natural disasters. Get started this week only for as little as ten bucks. Make sure each person in your household has he 72 hour emergency food came from my patriots supply. That's right you heard me for only ten dollars. Each you get three days of emergency food the nit for air because of this incredibly low price. But she need to order now. 802942325. I used a special website. Prepare with market dot com. The food is really good in fact I even seats malicious at last 25 years in storage. Ten dollar kits this week only. 802942325. Or prepare was mark dot com all the details are on the web site. Prepare was mark dot com folks. I should take a picture I had it in my closet I would strongly Terri did do it. You don't know what kind of natural disasters are gonna hit and so forth and so on you saw what happened. Had just last fall you saw what happened last summer. With the hurricane GC what happens when these these them. These terrific forest fires take place earthquakes. You've seen it happen with tornado I mean things happen. And then of course you have manmade disasters to. So it doesn't take much doesn't cost that much to prepare in this isn't a militia thing and talking about the real world. The real world out there. Well I don't have time for Ruth Bader Ginsburg but she's black thing on again. In. I amount she knew it seemed coherent to me. But she says that's sexism played a prominent part in the last election. And I'm thinking to myself you know she happens to be right. Kevin is near all those feminists who voted against. Donald Trump. Because he's a male. Did you notice then this could produce that all these left wing women who voted against Donald Trump because he's a male. I'm sick elect. So I agree. I watched it I saw Hillary Clinton playing the sexism card. Sexism did play a prominent wrong last election and I'm Heidi Democrats using yet. I laid and by the way she should resign she just can't keep quiet about politics. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel check out the name T need night. And I'll see you tomorrow America. Erica god bless you have a good evening.

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