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2/9/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 10, 2018|

On Friday's Mark Levin show, Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review fills in for Mark. It’s astonishing how little people know about the Obamagate spying scandal. Why would the left wing media post articles helping us figure out that the Obama team spied on the Trump team? The ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it comes to a brick and. They show that is not the voice of the great line. Four guys a little bit under the weather out I'm not I feel bad farms could toughen it out all week. But he's still L he will be back with you on a Monday he is not the sunning himself on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean he's really he's troopers on there by geno your bullpen now relief pitcher for the show. They. Listen folks so I filled in for mark. I don't know we can go out and lose track time. By the lamp at the bond Gino on Twitter if you wanna comment criticized whenever you want during the show each have 7313811. I didn't take any calls last week show because it was the most important. Guest hosting appearance for mark I felt I had ever done and I appreciate the opportunity to do it. But I have to be candid with you folks I did not expect the feedback. That I got on the show. It was good it was bad look at Iran and there was very little criticism and all about it. But I was really astonished how little. People knew about the Obama gate spy scandals what I did when I failed and is I've laid out for you are still available on podcast by the way. Mark Mitchell dot com. I laid out for you what I fell. Is the most important critical political scandal and United States history. And I said don't forget we're talking about the entire time we're talking about the Obama team spying on the track team. How they set them up how they did it and I walk you through for the entire show the mechanics of how they do it now. I I'm I'm being completely candid and honestly I did not expect the feedback my email account almost blew opposite if that's even possible. My iPhone. Was smoking by the end of the next morning because. I was stunned at how how many people did not have the details are provided I've really honestly thought it was kind of common knowledge a lot of it. It's not. So have you reunited the market are redo that show is no need to do that you can listen to it but I am gonna add some details on them and highlight some points he would miss and what I would do is imminent provide for you in case any you can I got this question a lot. And forgive me I couldn't answer all of you. I'm gonna provide links. The media stories that were written on this. So you because I know a lot of liberals listen remarks are not comedies my attributes make it up your conspiracy here is okay. Is CNN partaking in this conspiracy the Washington Post the New York Times. Because many of the links I used to guardian I left wing newspaper overseas. Many of the links I use art those specific outlets talking about what I'm telling you. So why conspiracy theories that there are involved in the conspiracy to when you have to take them down with. So I'm gonna provide these lakes. I'm I am my wife's working on it now to make it easy for should put up my website we're gonna scroll appeal bombing he files so you can kind of follow along at home. Now. Before I go into this a little bit and I go back into some detail and don't leave the radio for a second on this okay. Don't turn away don't do anything if you have to get out your car. Put it on Mark Levine showed dot com go to the Markovic show at both lists don't duo who now for a second don't even miss the commercials on this one. You're gonna need this shall understand actually going on but before I get there I wanna explain if you. Why the left wing media. Even has articles up about this because I a fair question for you right now would be will be and it doesn't make sense we know the media hates trump. Why would go left wing media. Host a bunch of articles. That are helping you make the case. That the Obama team spied on the char 200. Mark is spent on this mr. producer you can bash me on this for months. Mark this on this map much years he's been on this is about a year ago and now. Here's why folks. The left wing media is been trying to teach you a narrative from the very long time to trump colluded with the Russians to win an election. It's nonsense ladies and gentlemen there's no evidence I'm telling you with every fiber of my being. I am absolutely sure I know I'm a conservative I get it I obviously support the president but I'm telling you with. I will put my at higher reputation on the line not that did not happen. There is no evidence that that happened. But the media don't. They were fed this narrative by there you know with their boot lakers for the Democrats and they were fed these talking points. As they they gave lick the boots to the Democrat party get hold of this Russian collusion happened. So for months and months and months they put out stories. Blowing up the idea. That the FBI foreign Intel and a whole bunch of other people were spying on trump. Hey folks I'm gonna put I promise you we're gonna get to the Linksys gonna take a while being patient would be tonight. I do it fast they'll do it wrong. Four months. Market within. In other people out there. Have cited the left wings only reported. About wiretaps. The FBI operation against trumpet. Other people and other networks have talked about the foreign intelligence why not trump and the left wing lap it up why. Because they were trying to make the case that trump wasn't dog. That trump colluded with the Russians and look here's the evidence the FBI spying on and it has to be real. What would happen. It wasn't real. There was no. Collusion. There was no evidence at all that any of this collusion actually happen at all. As we say need to Scooby Doo flush. All of a sudden. The left wing media had a big problem. Now all of a sudden you turn happens he's left wing media people like I. Except per its national collusion. Now what do we do. We've been reporting for months that the FBI. That the intelligence community from wiretapping and spying on trump we've been reporting that. The British GC HQ and oversees foreign intelligence misleading information to American and talent trump. What do we do now because now what looks like Obama spied on trump. He can do anything. Paul Lee. Now what do we do. And their bark or bad. Who I guess about a year ago. Goes on fox and lays out a case on FOX & Friends. Citing a media is only reported. Oh. Which is really happened right about crazy callable conspiracy difference. Like what they don't mark he's a conspiracy theory is really bill. Folks. I'm ready to rip this microphone out of my wall and I am not kidding this actually happened. Mark so you can delete the media's only reported about this I think operation are trump and they called it a conspiracy theorists. Now mark. Marks vindication then. It's been here for awhile market's been vindicated over and over and we all knew he was telling the truth that you citing a role reporting. Let the media because there's so dumb. They had to actually walked back there were only reporting without walking it back keep in mind they have heard retracted any of these stories. This is where the links are critical on this was my mistake in the lash out. I didn't I was not prepared for all the questions everybody wanted the links I'm gonna have them might I'm telling my wife is working on it now to make this easy for. To be up shortly should give you a heads up. But you can see it go left wing media is old stories. About all this. The spying. Dissent out. The framing of Donald Trump. The left wing reported on it because they thought it was real. They thought he really colluded. Because they're suckers for the Democrats they need to ask for evidence anonymous sources have said that trump collude with the Russians to an election. Well who are those anonymous sources are maybe Christopher steal lie yes no incentive to say that overall our. Folks. This was a set up yeah. It was a sting operation in entrapment operation the entire time. Against the tribe team. The evidence is overwhelming. I started to show last time telling you how it's not a coincidence. That. All of these people. Who were implicated in the exchange of information back Hillary kill a Clinton and it turned back to the Pfizer court the FBI. These people. Are interacting with the truck team do you think it's rampant I didn't think they met at a cost he could watch. This was this happen. It's obvious. You don't have to be our former federal agent I worked these criminal cases this this is set up the whole time. Now. Take a break in many cubic link number one this is important. This is a great piece because it has some blinks in it so I don't have to link every single piece you are actual links in the piece that'll help you go where you need to go. Understand. That again taken out the 30000 feet the Obama team spied on the track team this was a set up the entire time. Great pieces tablet neck. These Lee Smith wrote it's a link it's it's have a mark on my site. In there. Let's talk again about a person who approaches the truck team. How totally coincidental. Any information somehow makes it Barack and Hillary did how is this happening over and over. This is from the tablet made peace and I'm quoting. Last year a Wall Street Journal article claimed that Steele talk about Christopher steel. Source for if this information written about the information about the golden shower story. Was Sergey Milli on a belarus' foreign head of a Russian American business group. According to this account Milli I didn't tell steel directly rather writes the journal his statements about the truck Russia relationship. We're relay by at least 13 party to the British ex spy who prepared the dossier wow. That's crazy. You have this guy who's interacting with the truck team now you may see you didn't mention him interacting with the trophy. Well soon. And I quote again. Acquaintances Halm Ileana self promoter and opportunist much like the other two big players pegged its masterminds of the trump Russia relationship. Carter page and George pop but Koppel is this not. Whom Elian was reportedly in contact with Doreen the campaign. Now. Maximilian denies she says he had nothing to do with Steele story calling it a blatant lie. I'm just telling you that reporting that this is person number one of interest here. East supposedly according to reporting it's I'm just citing a reporting folks. He has this communication and these hang around we'll talk about this all of a sudden this golden showers story through reporting that says he's the one who read lady. With third party back basically the Clinton team to steal. Now. I gotta take a break. But it's important that we have this is just one person I totally get you should still be skeptical why now one person who goes he may have that may just have some friends on both sides fair enough. It's gonna go on I promise and we're gonna cite the left wing media some of their own reporting on it. Because it is so easy now move won't be screwed this up big time. I thought some dam by geno at the brunch you know on Twitter in for mark will be. Your damn about Gmail at the brunch you know on would influence the market back in the month. And chilies and send you 13112. In the semi between them at the bunching up. Favorites is done us a favor and he is putting that information off the Mark Levine showed dot com to the links have been talking about. It's critical UCLA so you can see the world tablet makes up left wing but the left wing media. Contribute to this story I'm telling you that the true. He was set up. So I gave me of the first guy okay. And I am just citing a report and read it yourself. So here's this second suspicious interaction here. You have this guy pop adopt Melissa who you've heard of who is a low level backed ventured Trump's foreign policy guy who. Magically most of the people on the campaign had never heard her. So at a New York Times December 30 when he seventeen. Quote. Headlines and does use the BC yet you know there. How the rest inquiry began. A campaign a drinks in talks of political dirt. Who's that campaign made. Pop a couple of us keep my this is a story about how this counterintelligence investigation at the trump that the spying operation begins. The New York Times itself is safe although with this guy pop adopt listen he was in a London bar. Talking to this guy named Alexander Downer keep in mind what we're talking about here we're talking about people who are communicating with the trump team. Who are magically getting the information back to the Clinton team. Which is magically making its way in front of the court as justification is I am the trump the I gave me the first guy. And the reporting on it now this is guy number two guy number two was not popular novelist. I never do winds up talking to the trump teams this guy Alexander Downer. This Australian diplomat was in a bar. With pop vocalists. Now he's the one who's alleged who have called the FBI. Or intelligence officials threw his Australian counterparts and say hey. We got something suspicious going on here this guy Papa topless is claiming they have dirt the Russians on Hillary. Which by the way the entire known universe that which is a fascinating way to start the most significant counterintelligence investigation in US history based on a air quotes here that everybody in the known universe already near. What what's fascinating about downer. Here's another piece for mark pap Scott again all links folks of all links read them yourself. Please. Don't take my word Ford just read the reporting it. Headlines. Aussie complaints headed to FBI on Clinton Foundation's dealings down under. Apparently there's every investigative journalist who found out some. What I guess you can call shady money transactions between the Australian government and the Clinton foundation. Now here's what's fascinating. Let me read to you from the peace. At this Arab dismissed complaints she's the investigator. Our former President Bill Clinton former secretary of state when he's sixteen democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. And multiple Australian government officials. Ink. That government's high commissioner. To the United Kingdom. Wow. Well out of Kuwait game cal is not working now. Now her money either clintons knows the clintons familiar with the clintons winds up in a London bar. With that slot can't. Act then sure who seems to know everything about land rush in the emails or something that the whole universe are you heard about. And all of a sudden the FBI spy and on trouble. Rollins that's crazy. Folks. You know what are the mistakes people make all the time does it take in any case you have to prove anything you have to prove him. You have to prove things beyond a reasonable doubt. I'm not even gone yet paid it for you the evidence. That all of these people are approaching drug dealer had contact with mr. Clinton did I'm just citing your reporting and trying to tell you this is very bizarre. And I don't believe this is all coincidental. At all. I've got more on this after the break on their bonds you know its remarkable in that the graduates who are here. He's slice. Myers knows men and talks with that voice now. 8773813811. I want him back to the market and show again by GO at the Bellagio on Twitter and for mark. Yeah so I think we've been laying out the case and hope you're following along at home here. That this was not an accident the spying operation on trumpet. Who's not an accident. These players overall interacting with both sides media reporting is all out there for you see on the open Internet. And by the way my wife let me know the articles are out on my website. Which is just my last name on genome the UN GI NO dot com we will also be up after the show. And more conventional dot com. Read the articles are not my main I don't benefit from the pocket don't get paid for you clicking on the I just trying to show you. That the reporting is out the air for you to connect the dots on hero. That there is a suspicious. It's suspiciously high amount of interaction between people. Who are somehow interacting with the trump even finding their way back to the Hillary team. While simultaneously. The FBI is engaged in a counterintelligence. Investigation. Into the truck team this is not all coincidence. So with the third person so we can move on because there's an update on this is critical. Since the lash out. The third person is actually it's this is guy and his father these Russian singers the Ottawa our office. There are Russian and European singers that their singers overseas they know trump do in this universe pageant. They reach out to a publicist that Don trump junior and they want to set up a meeting. And they're alleging that they have that you know they know people who have information on Hillary. So trump junior. Are in the email transaction with the publicist. Agrees that the media nothing happens in the meeting in trump junior which I think was a good move later releases the entire email spread about it. But what's fascinating. Is this the aisle to allow our office these these people that reach out to the publicist for the track team right. Again people reaching out to the truck team. Who is the person base that they've winds up going to this meeting after they say hey we got this person who just got information on Hillary they want to meet with you. Who winds up showing up. Well not coincidentally. A lawyer by the name of bezel that sky or last name. Who by the way is working with fusion GPS. On a separate case. Involving the magnets Kia. Who was working with Hillary to get information into the courts that's being used to spy on members of the company folks. Another you think just by chance. Meeting this is just happening randomly. Now that tablet mag piece discusses some of this is well. That would. There's a lot of Reading for you if you read the links but when you read the links that I'm giving you its unmistakable. That something happened here. Something happened that was not strictly kids. Folks why is this important now. Why did I recap the setup. On what happened and how I think this was an entrapment operation the entire time. Because folks a lot of people had a lot of things to lose I think this is what you have to understand and I you know the way I. I can tell if something's they kind of nonsensical conspiracy theory. From the start is if it's wrapped up in a neat little package. That was a wow unlucky with the White House next day so he signed in and there you go we told Obama Girl happened is that if it's wrapped up and a neat little bow my experiences it's probably not true you missed something. Why why is that. Because human beings are message. They have messy incentives they do nasty things. And even what you would think would be the most skilled trade craft operators. Make mistakes when her personal motives involved. A lot of people had a lot to lose in this now on the trade craft and you think I'm making this up but it is you had the number two guy. In the counterintelligence division and FBI agents senior manager by the name of Peter stroke a guy you would think whose trade craft. In the spying counter spy game would be impeccable he's the number two when the department under bill precept. He's the number two guy. He's texting some ladies haven't heard there with an FBI lawyer on an open line. Wait come again guess that actually happened. People are messy. They made bad decisions all the time they may messy calls. If it's tied up in neat little bow there's probably someone trying to fit a square you know peg into a round hole. I say that because I got a lot of emails after my last. Some remark and people said well why why does the Obama team's. Buying a traffic doesn't make sense that. They thought trump was gonna lose everybody talked trump is gonna lose nobody took him seriously what why engage in this counterintelligence investigation why this set up operations through fusion GPS and all these people approaching truck team why. The folks. They couldn't take that chance. Drop was dangerous. But here's this important drop was uniquely dangerous to them. When I say yeah mom talking about swamp rats on both sides remember. There's Republicans involved in this the production of information before the campaign on trump do. Drop is a unique threat to them. Truck is an outsider. He's never held political office anywhere. He doesn't need their money. He clearly does not have that political focus group guy not him that those commercials the Angel once children the devil on the other. Well in politics they have that do with the angels usually focus group each spoke to before you give a speech and a focus group tells you what this act. Didn't care about any of that. He gave speeches for hours off the cuff. He said they every wanted. The focus group firewall wasn't fair. He was a very unique threat. To the entire swamp Republicans and Democrats alike. They needed an insurance. Policy. I'm not trying to be funny here by the way because that's actually with the lead investigator in the Hillary case and any guy involved this same guy stroke by the way with a terrible trade crap. He actually talks about insurance policy triggers I don't know what he meant by that. Could you meant what I'll talk recorder could you meant something else I don't know I can't get in his head. But I can tell you conclusively that the swap needed an insurance policy. And they how to dirty up trump. The only way to dirty up trump was going to beat the spy on him. But the problem was. All attempts to do so by circumventing judicial restraint in other words they didn't have any warrants. They had no hard evidence trump was colluding with the Russians at all so what do they do. Hillary and all hurt concede the Ares Victoria new Lyndon Sid Blumenthal. All of these people are involved with a company that's interacting with people that are approaching the company McKay we have parent Russians. But what's the problem. Nothing happens. I think a bad decisions unquestionably. I think Al lot of the truck team members that interacted with some of these people would go back does it make you do over again I would never talk about these people at all I think that's clear is that. But I'm not asking you to trump he made bad decisions are telling you. I'm asking you simply did they may criminal decisions. And the answer throughout this operation a dirty up the trump he clearly is no. Folks they don't have anything. They have nothing. He went to stand out one piece of information is leaked out yet. Not one piece about Russian collusion or no and the trump you're committing any crimes are crimes colluding with the Russians not one. Why because it's not bear. It was never there. So we'll we've got to re guilty pleas ironically not related at all Russian collusion. Non. Not afford odds of business dealings he had. And and not. Flynn I'm convinced was set up by the way a public topless for not talking about his conversations with the Russians which by the way we're not criminal. So you got to drive for chip and I mean I don't know what you want a power is. There was no evidence. This setup wasn't working. Didn't happen any thing. Now over they had to go the legal round. Now I'm not saying the moral or ethical high ground here. I'm saying they had to go the legal route because they needed wire what we would call wiretaps. What is not really what we don't really have wires anymore folks for those you. What you don't know a lot of the older FBI needs these in the old days it out like alligator clips and stuff like that they actually pap wires. Nobody does that anymore added that's not the way it works theirs. Yeah I mean everything from transatlantic cables. You getting information from Verizon and stuff like that you don't actually cap wires anymore. But they had to get access this is the critical couple of points and one illusion because they're set up wasn't working. The dirty up trumpet because he was such a unique threat to expose them. They had to go the legal route. And the legal route where the applications for the flies a war. But here's the problem folks. They didn't have anything. He didn't have any pain. They couldn't go in front of me Pfizer court judge. With nothing. They had a show when he court. That there was both probable cause that someone on the truck he was acting on behalf of a foreign agent. And that same person was doing so in violation of a US federal law. Do you not have made. You happy it. So they needed out. How did they make it up. They had their handy dandy buddy and Christopher steel. Who had his handy dandy dossier at the ready ready Iraq general. Folks. That dossier is a hoax. It was made out. What they needed to give the dossier an error of credibility. So you how people operators within the FBI and the Department of Justice specifically the national security division at the time. Who had experience with someone naked uses a patsy as the fall guy. He says hey listen we need and in here to the truck team we better start spying on someone quickest this whole sting operation it really working out. We need and if someone thought of the bright idea. Trump just hired this guy Carter page. Part of page why does that name sound familiar to me. Now if you're John Carlin at the Department of Justice national security division. This section of the Department of Justice coincidentally. I'm with a wink and a nod not subjected to a YG review. So they can basically do what they want they're not subjected to inspector general view because Sally Yates didn't want and as such by the way. They say to themselves John Carlin had a that division I remember that name Carter page trump decide this guy. We worked with him on a case a little while ago. They're going nail some Russian spies that had approached him with this is raised we got a Russian connection. What by the way what's not dossier all of budget information about Carter page in Russia is any of that true pompano only the par three travel OK that's good enough let's bring it to court and let's legally spy on bad dude so maybe we can get some of the trump he dirty it up through conversations where now legally listening in on. Folks. Carlin. Remember the names. Remember the names best investigative hit by ever got memorized puzzle come up later if you don't have a metric Vuitton to forget the whole thing. Carlin. Is one of the DOJ officials. Involved in the case he's actually on the press release. In a case the United States vs night Yevgeny Syria off. Why should that case matter to you and how does this relate to the spying on trump. Who was the informant. In that case against you react off who was working on behalf of the Russians in the United States was prosecuted. Forman whose car impeach. And carlin's the DOJ guy on the press release all Carter is look we got our guy. We got an end opened a door camel's nose under tab lets go. The problem is all the crap that dossier about Carter page is garbage except for the fact he traveled to Russia I traveled to Russia twice in my and the FBI surveillance new. No I'm not like that's what it takes now. Page traveled to Russia all by the way he had some dealings with Russian spies yes working with the FP 58 and a case where they mailed these guys. I'm not defending page folks I don't know the dude from Adam I've never had a conversation with a I've never brushed up against them I don't know we yes. All I know is the information in the dossier that was sworn to in court. On their fall guy Carter page to get a camel's nose under the tent this by and the truck team that information is false. That is not true. He was the fall guy the whole pot. Because the other operation. The dirty him up by having fusion GPS people approach people on the truck team and dirty him up with all the solicited for what trump wasn't working. Don trump junior walked out of the meeting. They had to go the legal round. Now. When we come back a minute talk about how the dossier why did dossier matters here. This is important. And I'm also gonna talk about the interesting relationships between some of the players in this dossier. And how they may have met and how the clintons just. To steal one of the greatest lines have ever heard from mark who then I mean it. They've bought a warrant to spy and a political opposition greatest line ever I'm an Italian and he did that. All right I'm DiMaggio act even Gino on Twitter and tomorrow will be it will be. Martin and showed him by geno at the Bellagio on Twitter villain for mark. Folks the links I've been talking about these articles discussing the entrapment operation against the truck team are up on my website on BO NGI you know they will also be up after the show and Mark Levine showed dot com please check him out I just weeded out the link on my Twitter page view. At the bunch you know to the page in my website with these links again they're not mine near other people's legs. But it's important you read them when you read them as I have been set up. I haven't set up like this on the framing of the truck team and I have five or six articles. On the United Kingdom connection haven't gotten it yet on the reverse targeting on the prize it views on the set up the lieutenant general plan. Read pieces it will all come together. This was clearly they sent out. Carter page was the fall guy. They didn't have anything on page. They needed to produce it and who produced hit. Well that's fascinating. Because it was a guy named Christopher steel. But I have this underlines just wanted to be sure I got this today. Folks. Steele was not the source of this information. That is a critical point. Because if you're trying to setup trumpet and and set up Carter page and you need information on on Carter page. You have to get some kind of portfolio filed dossier on him. You want it to have an air of credibility no don't jump. So what better idea than hire a former British spies work with the FBI before while back I'd be great if he says it has to be true. Here's the problem. It's not he's in for a nation. Where he's getting the information from his coming up in the next hour and is gonna scramble your eggs to blow your mind. I'm damned by geno in for mark or men at the brunch you know on Twitter. Good show again by geno at the brunch you know on Twitter and remark. He will be back with you on Monday pad that under the weather maybe you know he's been battling. Illnesses we went to trooper let that were given Friday off yourself for those do you listen the last hour. I've caught you up on I think what is the most explosive political scandal in modern US history I mean really would do that. We elected teapot dome is a mean this is just staggering what happened to you now just to recap the first hour so we know going forward we're gonna go. I'm not rewind the tape and talk down to the audience I just wanna be sure you all understand exactly where we're going to hear. The first hour I talked about the setup. The entrapment operations effort to frame the trump team. All of these people approaching the truck team again communicating back and fusion GPS or communicating back to American Intel through fusion GPS. These people seem to know the clintons it's just. If unbelievably coincidental. That there are all approaching truck team the bad information the analogy I use is if you are a political campaign. And a guy who knows your opponent. Keeps you know like showing up your fund raisers Escude rob a bank with a you think by the third or fourth time he's trying to set you up for your political powder what you like is Mecca a you know political opponents that we bag of donuts friend yeah. Why you keep asking us to rob a bank of if you try to set you. I gave you those guys if you missed it used to it now listen remarkably and show podcast if there's no forget it. Now the articles I've been citing wrap my website again by GO dot com they will be at marks website Mark Levine showed dot com if you show read on. All of this will make sense to you. Now I said do you dead set up didn't work. They're approaching these people they want to rob a bank account information on the Russians we get information unless it's not taking Don junior walks out of the meeting. They get nothing but a low level backed venture the backed ventures says I got I heard the Russians have dirt on Hillary of. Bet that's it that's what you got. They didn't have anything. So they needed a fall guy to fall guy and the legal avenue to now start illegally spying. On the trauma team. Is harder page. But why Carter page. Well because Carter pages already known to the FBI. And John Carlin the Department of Justice national security division because they worked with him on a case where they narrowed the Russian spies. Perfect he just joined the trump team we got area. But we need information first. We don't have enough to go and get a Warren Carter page we need information. What conveniently shows up the dossier. Now. Maybe McCarthy at national review as a brilliant piece in a series of brilliant pieces she's done on this some material. And in one specific piece. He talks about the biggest misconception in this case being a fictitious legal theft. The legal thermal coal by vicarious credibility you know it's there's no such thing as vicarious credibility. What is in the mean. They didn't have anything on carded page folks. They had maybe a series of bad decisions. They had maybe some interaction with the Russians. Hopes none of that is illegal espionage is a legal traveling to Russia doing business in Russia and talking to Russian's news flash for you police state liberal clowns. Is not even legal. May not be advisable. But it ain't no legal and aids a word in this case. It's not illegal they didn't have anything to spy on him legally they needed probable cause he was a foreign agent and that he was at. Acting on behalf of that foreign agent violation of the US law they didn't have it. They need a dossier. The new information. Sure enough here comes Hillary Clinton fusion GPS and former British spy Christopher steel. Now. With the media is reporting is an all Christopher Steele was credible folks you discredit Williams a former spy. He'd work with the FBI before. On the international soccer federation or whatever it was a case of the sudden he worked out. He's critical he has a history of working with the FBI before that's not wrong folks that's not wrong that is correct. The problem is it's not steals information in. He didn't see any of this. All steel is is that her mayor all of this is critical. Other peoples involved. There is no vicarious credibility. In other words Steele could be Mother Teresa. If he's relay the information of someone else who's a drug addicted crack head. And that's the person whose credibility matters. Not mother Theresa. It's not steals information folks. He's getting the information from others and this is where this thing starts this think that that happens. Steals getting the information from two particular avenues keep in mind. What we're talking about here we're talking about information. The Democrats the DNC Hillary Clinton the Obama administration the Justice Department the bureau need. Now formally spy and a member of the trump he'd known habit they have to go fishing. They get it from steel led who Steele gets it from is critical. Because there is no vicarious credibility here. Steele gets from two sources. Russians know I'm not kidding folks the information. Comes from Russians. I thought rushing collusion was a bad thing. Apparently when your colluding with the rest is to interfere in US election it's okay when you're a Democrat. But when you're a Republican. Even though you don't have any evidence that that the Democrats they can throw those charges out there this is incredible steals get folks I'm not making this up. He's getting in for May. Should from Russian sources. He's also getting the information from Sid Blumenthal. We who I told you the last hour when I was federal agent myself conducting investigations. Best gift I ever got in my life was memorize. Memorize the names because you'll see them later inevitably. And if you don't have been committed to remember you forget their role in this team. Now you may see how do you know these name's Dan while I'm reading a book on this now that's why did that this is. I've been reborn witnessing folks I'd feel like I'm back in mild Secret Service days because I've been so disturbed by the you know tell the police say actions that took place in the Obama administration I feel a responsibility get the information out there. But the second track. That I'm talking about he reached getting information vs the Russians. Secondly he's getting it from Sid Blumenthal. Now if you have memorized that name in prior interactions with the clintons or in your political researcher noted Sid Blumenthal. Is a known associate of the Clinton's nickname Sid Vicious. Sid Blumenthal was so disliked by the Obama administration. And so beloved by the clintons that Hillary tried to get to the job when she was appointed secretary of state confirmed and even Obama said no. I'm not making got out the Obama team was like an X today this guy's not for us. He has quite a reputation. Blumenthal. It is now been disclosed by multiple media reports again check and out of my web site there there. You read it yourself. Orenthal. Was passing the information to steal. Through conduit himself. Folks this no money laundering is right when you pass a bunch of money through illegal corporations say you are money from drug dealing write your money illegally. You launder it you clean it to a number of legal places a dry clean or whatever it may be to make it appear like it's legally your money. What was happening here. Was information laundering. The information was coming from the Russians. And the information is coming from Linkedin people themselves. To get it into the justice system the spy on the truck team they had a one there they how to wipe it clean. How did they do it. Well what's fascinating here is how it's multiple times removed from the court but. Blumenthal. Adults operating in Libya. Where Ben got he has. I'm not just telling you that's where Ben got the years and I don't don't take anything from that yet I'm not the girls were gonna lose his job. Blumenthal also operating in Libya. He's consulting with a company. A company that would financially benefited from chaos and Libya they would supply say. That's a goods and services that if there was a war and chaos. This company would benefit from it. Blumenthal is consulting with this company in Libya. Blumenthal is also sending information about what's going on with Libya please follow me here to Hillary Clinton as a matter of fact. Reporting on this Don by the way by liberal outlets indicates that up to a third of the intelligence Hillary Clinton's receiving on Libya. Is coming in from Sid Blumenthal who is also providing information for the dossier used to spy in the drug team. Here's the connection. That should rattle you a little bit. They have to launder that info. Why because Christopher steel cannot tell the FBI. That the information he has on Carter page the other people on the truck team. Came from Sid Blumenthal they would have laughed out. So the information ask to be wandered. So a second dossier is created. And some of that information in the second dossier winds up in the hands of a guy named Jonathan Weiner. Jonathan Weiner is a no other. Associate of the Clinton's friend John Kerry's who is working in this State Department conveniently. As a special envoy to Libya. Where Blumenthal is already operating not as a government contractor as a private citizen stands to benefit from chaos in Libya who's also feeding information to Hillary who later obviously is involved in the big Ghazi the buckle. Terror attack disaster. Folks. It's not a conspiracy theory okay I'm not trying to tie this up for you and neat little bow please don't infer too much from it. But what I am telling you. Is a lot of people had a lot of things hide if Donald Trump were to be elected president United States. He was a renegade an outcast. He was not a political player he didn't need their money there in Floyd's of their butt kissing. All of the information that Blumenthal was sending Hillary did that factor into being Ozzie I don't know. All I know is nobody wanted it out there because Hillary's got 30000 missing emails right now. They're not remiss in Italy but that's a whole other show pocket and that's about it. A lot of people had their fingers dirty. They had incentives to get trump dirty. Blumenthal. Shuttles this information it winds up going through a wider rover at the State Department who coincidentally is in Libya to. Operating in Libya and it winds up making its way. Back. To the FBI. By the way folks reported on by the Washington Post not stand by geno. I did not make this up. Why are just wrote an op Ed as a matter of fact trying to defend himself perch. Transferring information to the FBI. Folks this being speaks. I have got to take a break from the other side of this break I'm gonna get it could get even deeper down this rat hole and you'll see how ugly the situation really is and how obvious and again I'm damn by geno in for Merkel and happy bunch you know to. Again about geno at deep. Keep on you know on Twitter filling it. Great when you back with you on Monday over whether. So jumping right back again. We've been talking about the show the Obama team spied in the truck team this is set up the whole time. The. Look let's say illicit avenue of trying to engage in sting operations whether mr. fusion GPS what is not working. So now they need a legal avenue to spy. So Carter page was there are guys they were gonna take him down but they needed information and that dossier was the information that filled that hole. But the dossier was a hoax. It was a hoax. The information came from the Russians. Who had every interest in dishing out fake information because the Russians engage in intelligence mutually assured destruction. Just like they have nuclear weapons no one plans on using them first what you want me case the other guy does. You mutually assured each other's destruction. The Russians both gather information and sow chaos and elections because that's what the Russians do they play the big just like a bookie. They win when anyone backs. Because they have information and they sow disinformation that's what they do. And the lap dog Christopher steals. Adopt and pass that on to the Clinton Campaign pass that onto the FB IA to spy on Carter page now. Let me ask you a fascinating question about Carter page for the liberals who were trying to rewrite history because the liberal police haters out there and you why are police staters don't run for May own it love it be a liberals are now the party the police state. At U. Just ask her friend tattoo it on your head. You are the police theaters now. They've tried to change his story now a thousand times if you listened to the first hour I told you this is where mark got into with them. Mark cited their own articles. Well you're spying on trump when the media was trying to prove truck was engaged in rushing collusion when they found out it didn't happen. All of a sudden the media how to get away from the fact that Obama was spying on trump because apple as the scandal and the trump he didn't do anything. So now they had to try to you send me retract your own reporting. This is where now they're trying to rewrite history again. Now they're trying to say the Obama team wasn't spying on the drug team they were simply spying on Carter page. All OK and now I call it the Carter pages to boogie man narrative. Again folks don't know Carter page never met him not die in under Carter paid jail no idea who did do this. But I know this. If Carter pages the boogie man and the liberals want you to believe he is. Why the hell is he on cable news without a lawyer and easy still free. She won them apples. Why number two was he used in 2013. Why the FBI. I think in form in any case against the guy did give Denny Berry alcohol the FBI used page as an asset. So you're telling me now the FBI used a Russian asset Carter page to arrest Russian assets. And by the way he's out on cable news all over the place and Good Morning America whatever talking about it. Folks do you understand the level of stupidity you have to drop fifty IQ points that make sense. Harder pages the boogie man on TV. With no lawyer by the way. The very same boogie man the FBI used the nail right. Since spies in 2013. Gosh you can't be this stupid if you believe that. Of course they go they just need a new boogie man and Carter pages default. I'm Dan bungee it would mark of middle America. Voice the liberals want to silence. But you can talk to mark 877381311. All right welcome back to the mark of in show stand by geno at the Bellagio on Twitter out of the bullpen remarkably back with you among these little under the weather. Folks again the articles I mean referencing on the show especially the ones coming up in this segment. Iraq my website now thanks to my lovely wife. My last name BO NGI and a bunch you know dot com. You'll see the Mets as he Obama game files they will also be up at Mark Levine showed dot com. Please log on if you're in a card march side after the show and you can get these links it's important you see them. Because it documents out when I've been telling you for the entire show the Obama team spied on the truck team and tried every illicit illegal. And questionable way to do it because they needed trump to go away and if he didn't. They need impeachable offenses immediately get rid of him. Now liberals are maybe saying well they would have been left with Mike Pence. I like Mike Pence a lot and he would be very effective president. But I don't think and I don't mean this is an insult at all in my pants. And all he's a great man. I don't think liberals were as concerned the liberals in the Obama administration in the swamp rats. Because flame was that had been a politician before. I think they're unique fear of trumpet the reason may spot and an and roll away morals and ethics the Fourth Amendment and the constitution which they used as toilet paper the nail Donald Trump and frame him was because he was such a unique threat. Because he was such a renegade. He clearly wasn't bound by traditional norms of politics. The idea that they could be exposed for everything that it happened and again I'm not gonna tie this up for you and a neat little bow because it's ugly. We had dealings with uranium one. We had trips by Bill Clinton and oversees the Kazakhstan. Koznick uranium winding up in the hands of a donor who donate backed the Bill Clinton after reap profits handsomely. We have Hillary Clinton speaking about the transaction to the 'cause sex. We have Hillary on a board approving this sale of uranium oh it was it was just me in a few other people immediately got towards never told. About an ongoing racketeering case involving this same uranium one players. Who's the United States. Thirty prosecuting that case rob Rosenstiel who the FBI director Bob Mueller. By the way who is Bob Muller chief of staff John Carlin who is John Carlin. He's the guy involved in the prosecution case of the Russian spies using who Carter page. You see what I'm doing here. You basic cost managed people know each and that's what this swampy is. What this what you think this spot is. Of course they know each other beef while brought together. Carlin was Bob Wallace chief of staff. Muller's special counsel. Investigating trump for collusion it never happened. Folks. This thing is that. It's inter read so deeply. I can't hide it up for you when you need little ball. I can only tell you remember the names memorize them because they won't come up again later he wanted to drum guitar and other one match. Victoria Nolan another Clinton that Hawaii works in the State Department. Added I think assisted. A consistent level she's she's basically one step down from care. They're pouring in Nolan this on the weekend shows this week talking about ending information to the FBI about trump. Who's Victoria Nolan. Victorian Nolan was conveniently. The chief of staff do a dining strobe Talbott. Who was deputy secretary of state under Bill Clinton. Who strobe Talbott brother in law. Cody shear. Who's Cody sheer. Coney shears apart it would Sid Blumenthal. Who Sid Blumenthal sent more adult the guys giving information to Christopher steel. That makes it into a dossier which makes it into the FBI's hands despite a drop. They were all gonna go dead moon. All of whom. They didn't hear rubio. Amount not can Marco Rubio. I go and I've got to see the guy greens are nice guy five whenever. They didn't fear these other guys. Runner for president. These guys have been involved and they in your case seeking is a Smart guy too. Granted they wanted Hillary to win the Fed can't think Casey was gonna dig into what I. Happened in Libya and the information exchange between Blumenthal and Hillary and how Blumenthal would have profited from chaos there. They weren't go to look into New Orleans connections to Cody sheer Cody shears connections to Blumenthal bloom adults connections to the dossier. They weren't gonna look at Rosen seems connection to the prosecution of the racketeering people involved uranium one and why those people were muzzled and Friday night plea deal. They weren't gonna look into any of that. But trump to them was a loose cannon. And I mean that is a compliment. He was a unique ranked. He had to be taken down before he could even stand up. So they threw the kitchen sink at him. There was an old ice cream shop where I grew up. Was it mini thins or whatever. No chance chance Nathan's hot dog joint Odyssey. James I remember it was down at the end of merlot I'm gonna it's still open. And they had this ice cream being called the kitchen sink it was like everything strawberry chocolate Vanilla banana is not to berries whenever. They threw the kitchen sink got him. They threw everything and nothing worked. They started approaching them with people off I go are off listen. And we got to send this Russian Florida meet with dontrelle journey to get information on Hillary Contra junior walks out of the meeting at the more. They try to nail public topless. This guy Gallagher who knows the clintons and is involved with the transfer money from the Australian government to the Clinton foundation he calls American Intel hey this guy public topless tell me about some Russian Dirk. That didn't work there was nothing there. This singer approaches a publicist emperor who approaches trump pay we're gonna send this brush away the Russian lawyers working with fusion GPS. Nothing to show they're there. Then they tried to dossier. They need to spy on someone in the truck team they have to do it now using a Pfizer court notice this is critical they do not go to the criminal courts. There are two different ways despite the bias what let's say wire I guess that's not the technical word but for the sake of the audience who's not involved in federal law enforcement there are two ways to wiretap someone. You can go to criminal route. The title three of the US code. The criminal route you have to produce probable cause at this wiretap is gonna resistor investigation that this guy is a criminal or woman. And that you've exhausted all other less intrusive means. They don't have any at that. They have no pain. So someone thinks of the genius idea Lance used that this court the foreign intelligence surveillance court why. It's a secret. The proceedings are secret. No whole body will know what's going on. Primitive Ren and stimpy episode where the eagle nobody knows. Nobody knows any game. Please use the price accords. All we need is probable cause it harder pages a foreign agent in violation of the US law. I have an idea. He's worked with NASA with the bureau. He worked all of us on a case once mailing some Russian spies let's use him. And by the way. We need some information which you better laundering first. We need some information that says Carter pages to boogie man. Called get the dossier. We got it. We got it where I come from a caper British spy and by the way we've worked with him before and this guy's reliable always had this information no it's not winning again and other Russians. And Hillary people well wait but come again. Folks now. It's not a conspiracy theory. When it actually happened. There's no David Duchovny Gillian Anderson in this there's no cigarette smoking man. This actually happened. The players in this actually exist. The players in this are on paid talking about what they know happened. There are now writing op Eds the desperately cover their tracks. Just like the media is desperately covering their tracks for being the problem the propaganda machine to cover the biggest scandal in US history to cover up for. Which is exactly what they did. I told you what they did first. When they were fed the focus group tested talking point that trump was guilty of collusion they ran with the story trumps under surveillance the FBI's watch trump look at Gil Diaz. They also women another storage and get to the second. After a run for Matthew they ran that story until they hit a wall and found out we went why do there's no collusion with how we do now. Let's reinvent the Carter page boogie man. Let's pretend those stories you wrote didn't happen folks they called mark a conspiracy theorist first hiding their own headlines. The New York Times trump was wiretapped New York Times I open trip was worked out. It's not a conspiracy theory it could actually happen. Part due to this. Because this is important. They another avenue which the media widely reported on folks. Widely and I'm talking about the left wing media with the United Kingdom connection this. There is a significant foreign intelligence. Connection. To the spying operation on drop dead now always have booted disgust. But not for me because I'm just gonna cite you left wing articles from left wing media outlets that discussed with themselves I don't have to talk about. Anything. Now. These are the links that you absolutely must read these news articles they wrap my website. I'm I've folks on that this I don't even silence about that it just what you read them. It's my last name on GO BO NGI NO dot com read that its title on the UK connection. These will also be available at mark Sullivan show dot com right after the show. Read the piece just rhetorically that he's just read the headlines. It's sub headed on the United Kingdom connection. Why is this important. Because the spying operation on trump is set up wasn't working. These people are approaching the truck team and all this how we got there because they're they're not fighting nobody's biting you don't have anything. At this same time they're like well let's go get something let's make up this dossier case Sid Blumenthal available. Let's go get some information from the Russians and from Clinton can say who the Ares that we can then get to the FBI after we launder the information. But the Obama administration. Desperately. Needs leads on the trump team because they have to dirty this guy up they've got to make these do go away. He is an existential threat everything they've done in there eight years in office from the IRS scandal on down. So another operations going on at the same time we have the setup. We have did not CIA. And we have a third operation. Let me just cite to you some had months. Now folks in any case you think I'm making this up please go to the web site. Bunch you know that come Mark Levine showed dot com after the show read them yourself. April 14 2017. CNN politics. At CNN. That's the MM not some parity site this is the actual Site the article still there the link will still get it is peace. It has not been retracted. Headline. British intelligence pastoral associates communications with the Russians onto US counterparts late. Well quick but how old are coming down. British intelligence passed trump associates communications with the Russians on the US counterparts so now. Far and intelligence operatives are spying on the US presidential candidate and the Obama administration rock and a role with this. I'm Josh what winning bad line. Saw him make cannot. Piece of conspiracy theory really is CNN not a. You think this is a spoof link like I made this up. Are you say well that's not enough. CNN they're a bunch of right wingers. Let me read you one more before this break headlines. This one's from the guardian. This is not the Fox News of Europe this is they left wing out. Headline. British spies were first the spot trump he links with Russia but the op bit. Gee I don't. You you think I may that we don't know. That's the guardian. That's like this CNN live above Europe. You think I made that up. I'm just giving you the reporting. Now on the other side of this break I'm gonna explain QE another fascinating. Coincidence here. About this now three rail operation. Going on to set up and framed the trumping the entire time this one's really gonna scrambling race. Don't go anywhere I'm damn bunch you know at the dungy who want to it will be here. I look back. Marketing showed Dan bond geno had he gone Gino on Twitter. On if market back with you on Monday I wanna get to a quick call even just now breaking news now looks like Donald Trump president trump will not. Will not declassified the Democrat memo analysis is important. The beginning of the next hour Roman explain Q what happened here and how these dogs. In a Democrat party what they did here. Because this is critical you can expect the talking points now look what they're hiding something non anonymous explain that to you. Have no fear but I do wanna take a call let's go to John in DC John I got about a minute here what do you got for us. Idea thanks Troy your service to our country are blitzer for 24 years and AT and I don't dispute one track that you've gone over but there's no way. That anything is gonna happen to any of these. Democrats because they have their fingers in so many things. I just can't see no kidding too much and getting enough traction to make anything happen. John here's where I I I appreciate that went on and I get it they've gotten away this slick Willie in the clintons for so long and a lot of the Democrat machine that. It's not a reasonable for you to suggest that there probably gonna get away with this again but here's where I want all of the justice seekers out there and liberty lovers from both parties by the way. There are a lot of progressives who were very upset at what happened you believe Iran might FaceBook page and you. Somebody may be laughing I'm telling you it's true. Here's the problem and this is what makes this specific case differ job. There's a paper trail. A real genuine court signed off on trans grid paper trail and not only is there a paper trail. There is a paper trail. That has been used to target and violate the constitutional rights of what we now know. At least it appears highly likely are innocent American citizens why does that matter. That matters because yes you know what we may not see handcuffs on anyone Mick and I might even committed that's a lot can happen. But I can most assuredly tell you the tidal wave of civil lawsuits it's gonna come ashore by people who were spying on in this case on the drug. Is going to be devastating and let me tell you something the Obama White House has absolutely nowhere to hide on this. They are not going to be able to claim plausible the viability when people start getting sued it is the lawsuit. In the United Kingdom against Christopher steel. That blew this thing wide open so John thanks for the call I appreciate it I get it I understand a lot of you are feeling helpless in this. Put a smile on your face if you're looking for justice. Because justice is coming in this case I'm absolutely sure that it is just going to take time to do right. There is a paper trail that cannot be burned on this there is no more plausible than I do. I'm damned by geno at even you know until. So again by Ngo at the blood GO on Twitter in for Marquardt then you'll be back with you on Mondays little under the weather folks. Breaking while we're on and I you can't make this up. Breaking while we're on the air. Fox News alert. The New York Times I told him I'd love reportedly left wing outlets reports of New York Times. US spies paid 100000. Dollars to where Russian. Selling dirt on drop. What a fight and nothing UPI folks obviously did not award Nate is we did and reap from Fox News okay. I've been telling you for the entire show. This was a set up. A sting operation on dropping. All these police brains from the Clinton Campaign always loved the lead. We love him he will defend the clintons no matter what located AM dairy is Philippe. Always there to tell you are shocks the clintons didn't do anything off shocks. Great right wing conspiracy Saturday dead. Folks this was this. This was a setup all her name. There were three parallel tracks. There were the various attempt spite people connected to fusion GPS therefore connected to the Hillary campaign. To dirty up the trump team by saying we got stuff on the Russians. You want to pipe I'm really writing and here's the legal track. Using Carter page as a vehicle to spy on him do the Pfizer courts with a fake dossier. Legal I don't mean moral or ethical. It's illicit nonetheless. And there's a third track which I alluded to before the break I still got to get the memo I got a ton of stuff don't go anywhere to get to one. The Dem memo he's not gonna declassified now trouble get that a second but this is important and I tie this up. The third track is the exchange of information. From foreign intelligence assets. Friendly to the United States. Two American intelligence assets are now trump. Think about what they're doing here. By the way already reported on by CNN the guardian if you heard the last hour. The links are up my website my GO dot com you'll be a bit mark will be showed dot com right after the show read the articles yourself. From CNN. Read the articles from the guardian about UK intelligence assets spying on the drug demon passing information to the United States. You don't have to take my word for don't care. Just read the pieces. Now. What's fascinating is again another one of these amazing coincidences in this case. I thirty sighted view this CNN article in the guardian article about the UK and other off foreign intelligence entities effectively spying on the drug campaign. And passing the information the United States here's another one of these coincidences let's say. An article that I TV dot com January 23 when he seventeen. By the way the United Kingdom. Equivalent of the NSA over there is the GC HQ the general communications headquarters that is effectively the United Kingdom's NSA. That is the entity that's alleged to work with the United States in passing some information about trump back to their intelligence brethren in the United States what happens coincidentally. Right after trump selected. The head of the GC HQ was announced he is to step down as head of the intelligence agency. Intending to leave for personal reasons. He'd just been appointed a couple of years earlier you thought this was the right time to move on. Apparently got out of there to the surprise of many other folks who thought that was highly. Usually he would leave so quickly. Why did that happen. Thought shocks. Folks. We cannot continue to exist as a constitutional republic for all gonna agree that the very constitution we've lived by. Is it Kleenex tissue to blow your nose in a row toilet paper to clean yourself up after a bathroom incident. That Fourth Amendment has got to mean something. If the Fourth Amendment doesn't have teeth the constitutional republic as we know it no longer exist the republic exists. Just not as we know it anymore. It presidential candidate from the opposing party you Barack Obama was spied on none of that is in dispute. The only thing in dispute is how it happened. I didn't making the case you for this entire show that how it happened. Is the most disgusting disturbing story in the biggest political scandal I've ever heard my lifetime I have not slept a good night's sleep. Since this happened I'm not being dramatic and shake some putting together a book on us. And every morning I wake up with a new stunning revelation and having to deal with clowns like beauty brains on fox who's who well it doesn't matter what. Amount of evidence what bombshell drops in this. They will always defend the ground with the clintons in the Obama administration folks they are guilty as soon. They were spying on the truck team it is patently obvious. Because he was a unique threat to them. He was he unique threat to that and higher swamp. Now. Breaking tonight because this is important. There is a dueling memo while war going on here DeVon union has released his memo last week. The memo had no sources and methods are national security compromising information and it. Reading yourself it's out there for you say. Tell me anything in there that would sacrifice sources and methods or put these young United States national security at risk there is an end. What did dossier with the subsequent got to see me with the memo. And what the subsequent Grassley memo describes are the process by which defies the court was abused to spy on trumpets as simple as that. That is what the memo lays out. That the bulk of the information used to spy on the trump team. The bulk of that information was obtained via a ruse. The ruse being that the information came from steel when in fact the information was just given this field by others. Steele was that Steele was another fall guy we got uses Skype as a former British spy we need settling credibility in this. The Democrats put together their own memo why. Which is fascinating by the way because prior to the release of the New Year's memo. The Democrats talking point ease the Ramapo that democratic voters are listeners out there please don't take us through what I'm talking about. These savages on Capitol Hill. Who have engaged in what the most disgusting spying operations in American history will not admit they're wrong by the way wasn't a vote like. Seven vita nothing there is something I don't know who say do whatever Wendy out what would the Watergate Damon they wanted to nail makes it even Republicans like a time to go. The Democrats defend a crown spy game where the police say it is we got to defend our guys. So what do they do. They release their own memo any in a way only sick deranged Capitol Hill Democrats can do what they do to create another talking point. In their memo. They inserted a bunch of sources and methods type information that would put our national security basically rest knowing what was gonna happen. That trumps not gonna sign off on that. They say I don't get the and so the Democrats are releasing their own memo. Trying to defend there's police say spying operation because they are police theaters now. They are if these civil liberties advocates make no mistake you pony dance put it on all your campaign signs Democrats civil liberties now know put that on all your son's. You own it love it alone it be at its U. They need to release their own memo to defend the crown. Let your own memo as I said today caller John in the last hour we was asking me is anybody gonna be held responsible for this I said yes they will. Because the difference now folks is there is a court transcribed paper trail that will never go away. There is a massive civil liability here. There is legal liability on the criminal side here potentially. Devastating criminal liability. This won't go away. So the Democrats in releasing their memo. Can't fun fact a fat. If the dossier was sworn to in court and in fact comprise the bulk of the information presented to the court to spy and the trump he. It's actually hands grip. They can you make it disappear. So they have to do with Capitol Hill Democrats do they have the lie. And they do it expertly they're so skilled that's incredible. So they said I've got an idea Telus. Let's put together our own memo and let's put a bunch of classified stuff that's gonna put the US in danger. In a memo. No we in trouble redacted or as he did tonight not his declassified executive put the nation at risk or. It is sensitive assets. And then what do we do. Now go to their Twitter accounts because they will be releasing tweet I guarantee go to C Adam Schiff Ericsson ball well all these Democrat jokers. Go to their Twitter accounts and watched their public appearances here is going to be their talking point now get out ahead of it. They're gonna say look trump won't declassify because he's hiding something. Unbelievable. We. Clever. Evil. Devious. But that's with the do you folks because they can't high aid. There's a tree and script. People went into court and swore that the dossier. Provided by Hillary Clinton associates. Sid Blumenthal and Russia ends. Who breaking tonight the New York Times to spy agencies realize she's paid for information on trump. Information from the Russians and Hillary can legally Ares. Were in that dossier. It was a hoax. They have nowhere to go. There is no plausible that liability for the White House. There is no plausible the liability for the Clinton Campaign may hire these people. There's an email trail. Folks here big goose is caught. All they can do is sacrifice their own national security in a memo begging and hope. Mean trump doesn't declassified. So they can move on to their next talking point which is home. Trump is hiding something yeah. Yeah he's hiding potential destruction and death for the I did states did you guys go and be a good idea to put a memo you know it's. Folks this is the biggest scandal in modern US history. Go look at the link yourself. I come thereby geno it's mark then that he could you know it would appear. The market in Sudan by geno at the brunch you know on Twitter. In the market back with you on Monday. All right folks I've got a lot more I know around enough against the end of the show soon but I've got a lot more in a way to go anywhere but I do want to fit in some calls people impatiently waiting. And I want to talk about. But you know in the next segment before we get off the air base fourth track that was going on as well. In this operation despite tremendous breaking news story from the New York Times and she's just. Mind effectively blood are let's go to Kevin in Manhattan Kevin your with him and you know he got for us. Hey Dan thank you for your work in the past and to thank you were morsel fortune doing now you're doing a great job. Thanks Bob you're into also going to let call back to Janzen Brooklyn by you remember that place is money. I would want in Georgetown and also in the bench and worked there was a couple of retired back in a war. Chris let go what are called black looks and they're really worries me once this gets. Crews got seat now who want to get going off to a strong and it starts getting million diagnosed dot com now all the data and don't do and her whole record. But I could look Paula welcome to the Democrats said the judges of the prosecutor. Wrapped around their fingers and our military have been dedicated against Foley case is gonna screw the case is. And nothing can happen until they correct that well. I mean Kevin it fair enough question but I mean if that's the case the Republicans we know it's already gone I mean if the if ever if every judge it touches the case and United States attorney on that touches the cases is corrupted themselves and I mean if it's over and out Taylor Kevin I. I don't believe that no I don't think that's going to be an issue here. Yeah I worked in the federal government work VM YPD and he always gets some knuckle heads that in this case you have people who didn't really stupid things in the DOJ at the upper level management the FBI. But let me give you just done a piece of good news because I know the show can be quite Cobb tonight giving you all the span information about what happened in the truck team. On the sources I've had this case the reason I know all this is not. In turn be delicate here. Derek people on the inside now we're just his PO as UN IR about what happened in their name. Whether it's a three letter agency or elsewhere there are people on the inside who I've spoken to who are aligned. Hell no that ain't happening Matt affected a piece of information act it out there today about. The potential trafficking classified information over on class devices amongst. Some folks in federal law enforcement involved in this case which creates a very perverse incentives. Is interest thing is well and comes from people particularly annoyed about why it happened so that makes sense their people on the inside were really upset. In my collect concluding that the New York Times is starting to spoon feed people. And try and I like dumb. Come around finally and then like good little bits out that there are solid start reporting a true story you. Bob. I think the New York Times has a significant problem on its hands. The New York Times and and other left leaning media outlets like Brian stealth clear that the united the CNN whack a do. Have spent an entire year calling people like me and mark within everywhere else conspiracy theorists and crazy. And the problem they're having Kevin is that. Everything we said was going to happen it did happen in fact happen. So it's not an unreasonable question. But no I don't think they're having a road to Damascus moment here the New York Times I think the New York Times is making it a business decision to say right now. OK fellas some. This is not ideological and all the facts are just simply overwhelming and at some point you really wanna be on the wrong side of the Watergate of this generation. I mean there. Are sore yeah well OK Kevin thanks a lot I appreciate the Coleman thinks reservist but he appreciate all the kind words but folks that that's my. My theory on that is that the times this is not some kind of you know moral or ethical thing maybe got to do the right thing we gotta tell the truth about the spying operation at trump that's not what's happening. The New York Times is realizing that history is not gonna be kind to them and they are going to be absolutely humiliated by the truth when this all comes out. Because folks this is going to come out I can't say this view and up there are records there are transcripts this stuff happen. You can't hide it in Ben God's. It happened in an American court. What you set a knack court and what you swore was true. Is on a transcript. There will be no escaping this. They will have to account as to why and you may demand. The enemy of the state. Why did you do that the drug team. Why did you make them enemies. This state. Folks there's more. Don't go anywhere I've got a lot more information gets you it's critical you understand this likened some upper wrap up the case where it is another fourth track that was going on you're not gonna wanna miss. I'm Jim by geno at the brunch you know on Twitter and from. It's the nation's. All right welcome back to the Mark Levin show damn bunch you know filling of the market be back with you on Mondays little under the weather. Folks might mind is effectively blown. I think I'm. I have a piston ring that may have fallen apart and I can endure in the brocade. While I'm doing the show we view information has been breaking on the yet. Trouble not to class for the memo now because there's apparently sources and methods in there that will in dangerous which I am absolutely believe the Democrats did intentionally. But secondly. There is a New York Times explosive report that just broke. This lines put out a peace and I've read it now. And if it's funny how it's couch and there report now is that US spy assets. Offered to pay a million dollars. For two Russian. Basically a Russian guy who led compromising information at trump who was known to be involved with the Russian intelligence community. Our. Thought well why. We don't yet but the report is couched in this well they really weren't looking for the information on trump that I didn't even want it. It was really about NSA spy tools this guy said he yet. Follow it was okay because a New York Times has been so accurate and they're reporting before. Now. There's a paragraph at the end of this piece I had a folks I had a motor through with Dorn to break. It's not easy doing his radio. Especially when you're updating people on a case where there's a bombshell released every ten minutes. There's a paragraph at the end. That if you took my advice and you memorize the names. Is gonna blow your mind. Have you got the we're tracking this is important let me read this sport from the times piece just break it. American spies are not the only ones with dealt with Russians claiming to have secrets to sell keep in mind this is about American spy intelligence assets now paying money. For compromising material to Russians on drop this broke tonight this one took it. Cody Scherer an American political operative with ties to the Democrat party. Has been crisscrossing Eastern Europe for more than six months to secure the reported compromise or compromising information from a different Russian said people familiar with the efforts speaking on the condition of anonymity to avoid damaging their relationship with that. You may say I don't get. If you will listening earlier in the show. So Mike bombs may be going off right now. So you have American intelligence assets. I've already told you this is spying operation that happened on trump it happened multiple race. It happened to an attempted legal avenue Q the dossier in the wiser course Brian Carter page. It happened via liberal media is reporting themselves of foreign intelligence Aslan assets in the United Kingdom and others passing information on trumped him intelligence assets in America. It happened during the attempted setup with a truck team through people who were talking diffusion GPS and trying to entrap the truck team at the same time. And it also happened to a fourth avenue is well. The unmasking. Of truck team people done by Obama administration officials in a reverse targeting operation what does that mean. The United States and and by the way we should be able to do this can listen. Too far in assets on foreign soil were not US citizens no reason we should that's a spy yes. But why if an American citizen is talking to those foreign assets. And you wink and nod and say you want to talk to those you want to listen and thus far NASA's probe what you're really doing the whole time is listening in on the American. Well what's the problem with that. When you're listening in on the American. Do the legal process remember you saying we cannot be listening to the party you're really missing the Americans to name his mask. The name comes across as US person or US official. Why was the Obama team in their last year in office engaged in record unmasked kings. A US officials Samantha Power Susan Rice why did they lie about it. Yeah that happened folks in the real world in real time. Let me doing. Would your master. With that the fourth track. When they spying on the trump he's claiming they were spying on foreigners when they were really spying on trump people and I masking them. Under the guise that this was some kind of counterintelligence operation if that's the case why Susan Rice and Samantha Power doing it. Susan Rice is an out was that it worked as a national security advisor. I know that title sounds very sophisticated but it's a political point the position she's not a law enforcement officer. Nor machine intelligence gather she's a consumer of information for the president. Why is Samantha Power a diplomat ambassador of the UN why she requesting unmasking. These are not law enforcement or intelligence officials. Folks getting back that I had to explain that first there was of the Ford tracts of spying that went on. Against the trump he. Cody Shearer who now the New York Times is implicated in this article as to as aides say he was running around Europe looking for this compromising information at your post college year. Cody here is a Powell of Sid Blumenthal. Who I talked about before. Cody shear is the brother in law. To wait another Clinton east strobe Talbott who was is deputy deputy secretary of state whose chief of staff was Victorian new and who worked with Hillary Clinton that the police department and Victorian Nolan conveniently. Was one of the people implicated in the drafting of the Ben Ghazi talking points nothing to see there folks. They all have an interest in getting trump really dirty now the New York Times themselves is admitting. Cody sheer a Nolan clay penny stock is running around Russia. Trying to get compromising information on Donald Trump. But is that still. Folks this thing. Stinks. And it happens. Holy sheer. Was working with Blumenthal. In Libya we have been Ghazi years in the gathering of intelligence reports have passed the mrs. Clinton. Where we'll left wing media outlets along with sing a third of the information she consumed on Libya came from not from Blumenthal who's working which hero there. Why is she running around Eastern Europe and Russia or would ever recorded in New York Times trying to get compromising information on trump. Maybe because they never. Had any real information in the first place. Folks. Nobody said it better. Than mark who then. They bought a war. The Clinton team. In conjunction with people on the Obama team. They effectively spied on the truck team and bought it Pfizer court more. Now. We get and they showed today in the most important part of this. I've said do you repeatedly these links will be out at my website on GO dot com they will be up at march website mark within showed dot com. The key into the shop. Checked the links out. The most important link I'm about to give you. Is a link to this grid page. That script dot com it's a document. It's very very important that you look at this document and Sheila Obama second at least you know I haven't missed them web sites TO. Well okay it's on there is some batter on the flies in abuse investigation. You'll see its grip dot com and then there's a document there. There's a couple of one of them is entitled I think it's the second top secret fights a court order President Obama. Bob spying on political enemies. Look look at. Why it's a long document but I want you go to to actually three pages. You'll see it in the late support. Page twenty. Page 83 page 84 let me explain to you what this isn't why this is critical. And why there's no better way to leave you with the things that make you go moment okay. There were people. Good people. Decent people in the federal government did not want to play along with this spying scandal on trumpet. There were a lot of them. Some of them may have recovered the robots when trump one they realized they were in trouble. Some of them may not frankly I don't care about their motivations all I care about is that they tried at least at some point to do the right thing. I believe one of those people was admiral Mike Rogers who's head of the NSA. Who realize some let's say abnormalities. With the use of my data system to spy on people. But it Mike Rodgers do. Mike Rogers asked the court the foreign intelligence surveillance court asks for the N eight of the compliance office. To present a report about unusual activity spying activity. And the flies a court in turn released a memo in April that is the link that's the script document. Page twenty. Page 83. And page 84 that document are absolutely astonishing. What do they sacked it's very readable folks you have to go to the whole time we just don't know ages. It says. That there were abuses of basically this is buying process. That he it to be fair he says some of that they believe was human error this is a compliance review that was done at the request of admiral Mike Rogers. To be fair they civil some of it was human error but they don't say all of that meaning some of the it was intentional. Right by simple logic. The later pages 8384. At the end of 83 in the top of the 84 there are some stunning revelations. That not only. Was this spying system the NSA data they've accumulated. Being abused. But the information was being shared with quote third parties and private contractors watt. How. Are you kidding. The don't want. The information. Was being shared in this NSA database. With private contractors and third parties. All your heart prevent. He's become vacant any of this happen. Click on the link it is a fight that court document. Click on it bigger so this isn't official government document. Not made up it's not a hoax it's real it's from April. You can read it yourself. Ladies and gentlemen. The most critical. Question of the hour right now. And I I I don't need of the hour of the show I mean that in a global way here. Is who the heck were those third parties and private contractors. That NSA database information is being shared it. I don't know. I because I and a and a and I'm hesitant to speculate. But folks it. Those are people who are political operatives those third parties. Wow. I mean. Where do you go without. This is again why am telling you. There is a paper trail. They are not going to be able to run from this people will be held accountable. That OIG report coming out by Michael Horowitz is going to be damage. And let me throw you another entry interest being a coincidence you're battling. What's fascinating is my admiral Mike Rogers. Who makes the right move in requesting this review of the spine. Gets a damning report back which I just told you about which indicates third parties may access this information. And private contractors not government officials. The Obama administration understands right away Rodgers isn't playing ball. That you find it interesting that right if the Rogers meets with trump the trump tower on November 17 trump leaves trump tower. The next day. And don't you find even more interest thing that just days later the Obama administration starts calling for admiral Mike Rogers stepped down. Think Roger's goes on to something. You think he can hold trump something. He did get free to trump do you not enough to get out of trump tower. You go to a place it better control of. Folks all of this stuff happen. You can look it up yourself. But this is made up. One more interesting tidbit I can take a break. After it gets they routed within the federal government that Rodgers is getting suspicious and requesting this review of the spying operation. The Department of Justice the Obama Department of Justice by the way because he's still the president trump should the president elect decides they're gonna get out ahead of it general. And they're gonna request their own review why would they do that maybe cover your caboose is may be recovered their bots. They had to provide some plausible than I do you look we requested and an audit do we realize something was wrong. Who's the guy who request that. And by the way resigns or not shortly afterwards. That's right John Carlin. The same John Carlin involved with the prosecution. Of Yevgeny. Period up golf. Who was a Russian ascent. Who was locked up by our people who was involved in a criminal case to say without people the FBI. And the asset MacKey used in that case the name of the Russians was Carter page the same case Carlin was working. The same Carlin at the DOJ national security division who realizes somebody got busted. It all happen folks. The great Internet never goes away. They will not be able to run from this. Right on their budget with mark bit Libya back. I welcome back to the Mark Rubin showed them by geno and for mark that's ours and and break them getting into another Twitter war with one of these Politico. They'll just can't stand these guys drive me crazy. He's left wing it can't get it just left leaning web sites can't get past the fact that they've been hiding. The most destructive political spying scandal in United States history covering up and everything they do is an attempt to dictate the painted narrative for the left it's just. It's so disturbing. He ripped comfort quick call by the way I feel bad people. Okay cool all right let's take us they John in Fort Worth I feel bad and taken up calls during the show but it was an important topic John what do you got for us. I can't anchor service. Well you know concerned. There this memo this memo that the Democrats gave president strong. I just what orchard thought on this but how am I wouldn't give it up Peter. It is not 100% up and up through all. Significant order for evidence correct. Well the Democrats are doing this for a reason they're putting information in there they know would compromise sources and methods knowing the president would be forced. Either make reed action decisions we still claim a political. Or withhold the memo entirely until that which is what he did he wouldn't declassify it. That's what they did that intentionally. It cheaper why now here's one final point on this in a graduate John thanks for the call server run up against you and shall I wanna get this out there before we wrap up. Here's where the Democrats. Consistently. Get trump wrong. What does not play by their traditional games. They tried to blame for a fool on the government shut down any wasn't just him playing up the media's talking points. Or playing like a soccer lap dog for the media folks. He wasn't interested he was gonna put out his own narrative on his own Twitter Kennedy was gonna go on TV a blast away. Traditional Republicans didn't do that the same thing is gonna happen with this memo they're gonna dance they're gonna dive they're gonna try to get away from it. They're gonna say always a political reductions this was a political decision trumps hiding something. You're not going to be able to because he's gonna hammered them relentlessly. Riddle lands. Blissfully on putting sources and methods and act and it's not gonna work. All right folks thanks again for tuning in all of the links I discussed tonight available my website my GO dot com they'll be available right after the show ends and Mark Levine showed dot com. Please read them and you can walk through how liberals actually painted the picture forward. It's delicious.

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