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2/8/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 9, 2018|

On Thursday's Mark Levin show, the Republicans and Democrats are seeking to approve the biggest spending bill in American history. The military needs funds badly but this no excuse to massively expand domestic spending which happened under Barack Obama. The one person who has been consistently ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it comes to a brick and. Everybody mark an end here are number. 8773813811. 8773813811. He had Republicans and the Democrats. Are seeking to prove. The biggest spending bill in American history. No I believe our military has been abused long enough and they need significant funds. But that's not an excuse to massively expand domestic spending. Was massively expanded under Obama. This thing massively expanded should this go through opener Donald Trump. In the one. Person. Who has been consistently involved in this under Obama and not trump is Mitch McConnell. And it's really a disgrace and absolute disgrace. I don't know if you know this I mentioned quickly yesterday we're going to have a trillion dollars over a trillion dollars in deficit this year. Just this year. So the fiscal operating debt will be 21 trillion dollars. There's no real efforts to get this spending under control they are thrilled and all they do this for around this word bipartisan bipartisan bipartisan as if that is acceptable. It's not acceptable. You're an absolute lunatics like Nancy Pelosi and other leftists who don't who don't think this is enough but to look at the last two issues now. Spending in the budget and daka. The Democrats are winning in the winning bake. Now you can defend the administration's position on this you can defend Mitch McConnell Telesis is the best we can do. I wanna talk a little bit. Are talking about your family and your children as I did in plunder and deceit. And here's what I said. Can we simultaneously. Love our children but be trader generation and generations yet born. Among the least acknowledge facts of American maternity is the extent to which parents. Acting in their familiar capacity naturally and tenaciously guard they're young children from threat apparel. Right. To the point of risking their own physical and economic security in extreme cases. However is part of the political and governing community that is the ruling generation. Our generation. Many of these same parents wittingly and unwittingly joined without the parents and tolerating. If not enthusiastically. Champion. This advantageous and even grievous public policies that jeopardized not only their children's future. But the welfare of successive generations. There are accepted norms of behavior immoral order. A moral water. Born of experience and knowledge instincts and faith. Teaching in recent love and passion that provide definition of foreign boundaries between right and wrong good and evil in fairness and injustice. Applicable to families yes and societies alike. And they harm any of virtuous centrists informed by tried and true traditions customs guys and institutions. And cultivated within families and a larger community. Preserves and improves the human condition. One individual at a time in one generation to the next broadly speaking this is what we call. The civil society. Not to embrace this moral order as parents nurturing their children. Yet to abandon the moral order is members of the ruling generation. Thereby contributing to predictably deleterious public policies. What respectively calamitous outcomes is a decadence. At least unstable and potentially oppressive grievance tyrannical conditions. Which in the end the grade and disassembled the civil society. And consume their children's generation. And generations beyond. Reformation and recovery may be possible but difficult and complicated. And typically only after the exact Chenault and an enormous human tall. In modern America. The unraveling of the civil society. Have been subtly persistent but it is now intensifying. Evidence of rising utopian state isn't. That is the allure of political demagogues and self appointed masterminds. Peddling abstractions and fantasies in pursuit of a nonexistent. Paris to cycle society. And the concomitant accretion of governmental power. In an increasingly authoritarian and centralized federal leviathan abounds. The ruling generations governing policies. Are already forecast to diminish the quality of life of future generations and among other things. Witness a massive welfare and entitlement state. Which is kind currently expanding and imploded. And the brazen abandonment of constitutional firewalls and governing limitations. It's not appropriately and expeditiously ameliorated the effects will be dire. And our generation the ruling generation. We know. Why do so many loving parents as part of the ruling generation. Abandon the civil society for the growing tyranny of a voracious central government. That steals their children's future thus condemning their children and unborn generations. Really dangerously precarious and unstable environment. Despite a large majority acknowledging. That national decline for which they blame politicians. Parents are constantly thinking about it talking about their own children. In interacting with them in their everyday lives obviously children are flesh and blood and their existence and condition are reality. Given that the future is not the hero now. And future generations or images or ideas of amorphous group of strangers born and unborn. Parents apparently can delude themselves. That their own children's immediate welfare. Which they work to protect and improve can be detached. From the well being of future generations. This psychology. Also makes it easier for parents. As part of the ruling generation. Did downplay or ignore the longer term broader ruinous effects. Of contemporary public policies. And reject any role or responsibility. Contributing to them. It is a contradiction. They usually originates with the governing elites and status. Who relentlessly reinforcement parity. They self righteously advocate public policies. That obligate future generations labor and resources. To their own real and perceived benefit. Empowering governmental abuse via social engineering. And economic depredations. They disguise this delinquency is compassionate. And premised on good intentions. Often insisting their objectives will improve the prospects of those most severely burdened by them. The children. Many in the ruling generation our generation have themselves become entrapped in economically unsustainable governmental schemes. Which they are beneficiaries have a reliant on public programs. Such as unfunded entitlements. To which they have contributed significantly. In the supposed to trust funds and around which they have organized their retirement years. They also find self deluding solace in the politically expedient and deceitful representations. By the ruling class. Which dismisses evidence of its own diversion and depletion of trust funds and it's overall Mal administration. As the invention of doomsayers. And scare month. No I won't go on. The first chapter of plundered deceit. But we're seeing it play out yet again. There is absolutely no. Spending. Control. I'm government. Absolutely no spending controlling government. There's absolutely no ability to prioritize. Defense should be at the top of the list not of about. Men and women parents. Who love their own children. Who love their own children. Vote for individuals who condemned their children. They're grandchildren's future generations. To a bleak and dark future. We are consuming. The wealth. Of future generations generations yet born. We're consuming their wealth. And they haven't even created it yet through debt. Through borrowing. And then we have to watch as official Washington celebrates. From the president of the United States. The majority leader in the senate to the speaker of the house. And there's Eric it's an immediate. Tell us what a great accomplishment this is that it shows us government works no it doesn't. It shows us government doesn't work. It's gotten so big and bloated. An exciting and the rest of society. If you think your children look at them. If you think your children and grandchildren. Can withstand the laws of economics. Well they can't. No more than any individual can. Just because they collection of individuals and a government. Our profligate. Are out of control. Doesn't mean. That there's some rational basis. To addressing it. So they walk out these politicians Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer very proud of themselves. We Republican leader in the United States senate. Who is desperate to hold on power at any cost who has interfering with the Republican primaries all over the country. Who helped elect a Democrat in Alabama. Trying to do the same thing in Mississippi and other states. Including Arizona. He's a manned. Who is so consumed. With a sound how are they he's blinded by the conditions of which he creates. This is a disastrous budget. Disastrous. And you cannot call yourself a fiscal conservative and be a member of the senate but the House of Representatives. And then vote for this. I understand the desperate need to find the united states military. So do it while we don't have the votes. We need to create the conditions would you do have the votes Tommy. Has the Republican leadership in the senate and house make the case the united states military. As the present the United States given a speech to the nation making a case for the united states military China how wore short a thousand pilots. How are under 300 navy ship navy premise 600 ship navy who's like in the case nobody. Nobody is making the case. We can't prioritize. In order to fund the united states military with the massively expand every other piece of the federal government. That's what Obama did with the help of Mitch McConnell. And that is Mitch McConnell again. He's an absolute. Fact less so called leader. Now I will tell you what it takes. To advance the case. Of finding the Defense Department went out massively expanding spending. And getting dark debt under control it takes several government shut down. Not because we want them. But it is the only way to train the left. It's the only way to deal them. That's why there have been twenty government shut down since 1974. And it's only going does administrations and congresses. Without haven't been such shut downs we're spending pace shot through the roof. We could not have defeated the Soviet Union but for several government shutdowns when Ronald Reagan was president. We wouldn't have the MX missile we would have had to merging 20. We would not have had a so called balanced budget under Bill Clinton. But her Newt Gingrich and a new Republicans in the house or representatives. Holding his feet to the fire. Leadership is part statesmanship is even harder. Apparently that doesn't exist anymore I'll be right back. The most greedy. The most selfish. Congress and I might say the most greedy and selfish generation in American history. Keep doing this to our children in great interest let me show you the kinds of stuff Mitch McConnell has stuck in this bill. A tax credit for. Mine equipment. A property tax break on race horses. A tax credits for hybrid cars a tax credit for certain two wheeled electric vehicles. A tax credit for energy efficient homes. A four year extension of a tax break on rom. A tax credit on solar water heating. And income tax deduction from movie and theater productions costing under fifteen million dollars. It senator dement. Former senator demand who has raised this this list is an conservative review there's a lot more in there. Republicans promise to simplify the tax code and stop coddling special interest groups like Hollywood and the energy lobby. As they write it CR. But now that they pass tax reform and people stopped paying attention. The GOP issue morning many special tax breaks and only 400. Billion dollar budget busting spending bill. Would no cuts and spending to pay for them not. Increasing the size of government giving handouts to special interest groups. This is not a party that represents conservative voters. Because it's not a party and its conservative. All right thinks this is swell and once we get this passed on Lou on the docket then next item on the Democrat last. The next item on the Democrat list. What do you think about this. Quinn Hilliard. Writing over at you Washington examiner. The federal budget deal worked out of the senate on Wednesday is wildly irresponsible. The house Souter rejected overwhelmingly if it does have been present trend should veto it the minute it hits is desperately want. The tribes say he likes it. Because it's a deal. The agreement would bust existing budget caps not desperate desperately needed military spending. But for a massive explosion in domestic discretionary spending that is neither necessary nor affordable. The new social spending as advertised as some 130 billion dollars for the next three years but I raising the baseline for future budgets. This really means a likely 700. Plus billion dollar hike and spending and new debt. Over a ten year span. A nation already reeling from years of massive deficit spend. Including a demonic 666. Billion dollar deficit. In the most recently completed fiscal year cannot afford this no profit this. The new spending will either crowd out private investment. Analyze the first major spike in inflation more than three decades or put unbearable pressure on interest rates are also great. The end result could well be an economic evil not experience in the United States since 1981 namely stagflation. So we have this massive corporate tax cut which some four. And I didn't have massive spending increases what I'm against. We have to be able to fund our defense budget properly. Increasing defense spending. Went up this other massive domestic spending. And if we can't do that. So apparently we can't given the Republicans in congress and give what the president is set I'll sign it hits my desk outside it. While this will be a disaster receive their hold on your pants up playing that. I'll be right back. Growth stronger on the right. Away Mel B 773813811. Welcome Jim Jordan to the crowd. And how are you sick until five. Mark I want out I'm I'm okay which you know let congressman I I really have had my stomach full of this spending stuff you mean that you. The mean these guys they run for reelection they at least claim to be fiscal conservatives. And in order to fund the Defense Department we have the blowout domestic spending to the highest levels in American history and then pat ourselves on the back for a bipartisan bill what what is this nonsense. It's terrible that plain and simple look terrible living close to what the American people like that the deal would close to a quarter of that four million dollars in discretionary spending increase and one year. Second only in the last decade second only to the Obama stimulus package and we all know what a boondoggle that was so. Yes it it it can't be any worse than that and here's pivoting when you put money just being blown it by the government. That's collapsed. That money to go to the government go about the quality not for profit then go play that the these groups in black on black radical left groups who then run against the Republican candidate to serve. It's just glowing government making the deficit debt situation even worse and and more importantly you're just as importantly funding them. You know and it and it is very disheartening to millions and millions of people a lot of people listen to this program because. You know then they say in the we'll get onto entitlement reform excuse me. You can't even get parents spending under control legitimate deal with the entitlement reform which is a thousand times more difficult. Yeah exactly that this spoke to be needed depth it's like to guide it like that that that the guys overweight at all long term I gotta get on a diet and exercise program but they have got to go ahead need to gallon of ice cream. Kumble aren't you got to deal with you looked up today and you're. It discretionary spending. That like it's that is almost a quarter of a trillion dollars in one year and going to lead to a deficit and the community. First time Republican controlled house dissent in the lineup and several years and we're gonna run close to a trillion dollar deficit. Just. Net or known congressman that there's really no thought that given the future generations. You know why because it's a very amorphous thing out there you know I've got what I've got I'll get what I get. Future generations and an even alive yet they can't vote. People need to understand. That when these babies are born 1020304050. Years from now. They're gonna have this massive debt hanging around their necks they're quality of life is gonna be. Diminished because we are this that that this spending isn't compassionate. It is it is grossly selfish. Yeah now they ended I haven't after the data with the market's situation also in the stock market in Intel and asked me on on. One of the shows it is because a Republican and Democrat candidate an agreement on a budget deal and because they can't get an agreement that make it more on the metal and maybe the fact that we're gonna run a trillion dollar deficit. Make it the fact we have a twenty trillion dollar debt may be at the fact that our deficit as a percentage of our gross domestic product. Is larger than our annual growth rate which is not a good place to meet with the fact that they've made it to trickle to the fact that the bond market. Interest rates are going up so bad are those of the Palestine you start to see that make you make you. Make you real nervous Mickey real concern and yet the opposite building to get irritated though. Mark the green and pocket get that we took a position almost every one of our guys in a boat to get this thing that we should we should stop this bill tonight or tomorrow whenever come back when the senate. And then we sit in right back over there the bill that consistent with what the voters elect that the Google that fund our troops but doesn't increase government anywhere else that's the kind of built it and back. Older absolutely and we've reached a point now where we can you prioritize its. He wanted to race spending and the Marines by one but she got every erase spending on a food stands by one but that that's not how this is supposed to right now Jim Jordan. Let me also ask you this. I look at this. And I say to myself we just had a a very good tax cut on the corporate side and I really happy within on the individual side but that doesn't matter. And now you're gonna have massive debt. Obviously this is gonna create inflation. Here you can't you can't produce fashion when when you spent a net at quarterback trillion dollar clip. You're adding accorded a trillion dollar clip on to something like this and and trust me that Democrats aren't gonna hold on that either they'll do whatever they want. And then and then I mean I think that's by the stock market's concern and the interest rates start to go out and that's only a matter of time when they weren't gonna start to go out. When you're what twenty trillion dollar fiscal operating debt in the interest rate goes to 3456%. That is a massive hit. If that Syria and you know it up the dark. It means the payments to service that keeps debt repayment the interest payment to service that twenty trillion dollar debt. Go to a couple hundred billion dollars. To about five or 600 billion dollars which is almost what we've been on national defense and then your in your opinion that vicious cycle where you're chasing your tail and you could never catch up. No matter what I even though we're having good growth in economies moving in the right direction because of the policy that the top administration supporting so. Even with all that he didn't need this terrible spiral where you're chasing your tail and unfortunately we're start to head that direction and that's what concerns me in yet what we have. Republicans or Democrats the swamp here in DC they were gonna keep and then we're gonna you feel a bit that the usual instead of doing what the voters senate cheered a year. In analysis fascinating to me the way the media defines this stuff. You guys who are constitutional asleep who are fiscally conservative who believe in faith and family and individualism. You're right wingers. Why does it become a right Winger for two want to conduct the end the government's affairs and responsible way right wingers tell there at the freedom caucus. It's all intended to you know marginalizing. And so forth isn't. Yet no you're right when we particularly idiotic choice. You have to make it so are you gonna you gonna try to get the support of the mainstream press Reagan do what you said you were gonna get permit it to really that they you gonna do with the voters say here to do a public Alec. If the practice contains something bad about you you're probably not doing anything more quiet so the editor's choice you have to make when you get new jobs and if we did we did. Black couldn't crack the freedom caucus every single day. But you know what I'm I'm I'm I'm like come and this how could I know there's a group of other guys who will to fight for this thing. That I think deep down the vast majority the American people care about we're gonna keep doing it and that includes getting a handle on this spending. Of course it is ability not not doing the job. And they're back to their dirty tricks are on the senate side here's what McConnell slipped. And this is from Jim demand in his group and conservative review was publish this now. Any tax credit for mine equipment eight property tax break on race horses he tax credit on solar water heating. And income tax deduction from moving in theater productions cost 115 million dollars. A tax credit for a hybrid cars a tax credit for certain two wheeled electric vehicles a tax credits for energy efficient homes quote unquote. A four year extension of a tax break on run and he went back to the same old same old. Yes yes earmark cronyism. Special deal all of the expense of the American I am an American taxpayer knocked out or operate in there with the election just a little. Over a year ago where the American people spoke loud and clear they want you to do certain things and that is that business still is in no way. Can hit it with a mandate that people couldn't when he sixteen and that left until frustrating. I'm until hopeful we can we can. Round of the vote. Adopted during the night. And of course the crackle and all they're they're decreed in caucus working person don't know or not. Schoolwork and portability is consistent with what people and you do one that's under military. Keeps the government open but doesn't quote go for that and increasing social welfare system is also offer programs that are out there right. That there will be shut down one day in the future and it won't be anything we can recover from. And that means societies societies do collapse and I don't have much on this can go on look. We're not finding our defense. Department properly we've got all these threats abroad from China from Iran from Russia and so forth. We've got a navy gets under 300 chips now used to be 600 under regularly get a thousand pilots short. They really need help and with the Democrats say and quite frankly congressman many Republicans. Well you know what. You wanna find that we want to take a few hundred billion dollars more from you each year to fund all the rest of this. I'll call it you don't have to all the rest of this slop that's out here. Yeah and that's a huge problem that we came prioritize. -- marketed but I think about it think about what happened three weeks ago we could have built that an intentional humor shut down the government because he'd been done and you know. The amnesty for illegal is more important. Then funding our troops and now this week we should all rebuild it just it's like saying bill except it has more to fund our troops at a higher level for the entire fiscal year. Or can it wouldn't take care and do what we said we were gonna puke and our and our leadership so what happened the day we were in such a good condition to win. That debate is finally they we're gonna do what need to be done for national security and not just colder the government we were and but a good position where leadership that they'll know what I don't and not get a limit of Italy that we're just gonna keep doing the same ball game to get done every year and now which is just increase spending for Ed. The death how close we were to victory in the Catholic you know the old what field. Snatching victory from the Dolan that he you know they do that's what happened we were so close to winning why not have that debate you can Chuck Schumer got you got the government again. Of course not ready to win and they could know the cut at the let's cut a deal and increase spending on everything unbelievable. And what's interesting to me is next stop. You are speakers says is doctor and got. What are we have the Democrat priority list here and now we're gonna go through it okay we have massive new domestic spending. Now we're gonna grant citizenship. We got a decent bill there from good glad it's a pain it's okay but it's good enough. And and now we're talking about you know citizenship for millions of people. And millions of their family members upwards of eleven million if you add it all up over a period of time. I mean and and and this coming from Republicans. I don't I know I. It is so frustrating you know it's frustrate you that frustrate me but a bad order piper for the payload across this great country and I would say that but it that it. We make that up eighteen thinking complicated. It's really pretty simple what did you tell the American people you gonna do when they gave you the privilege to call the congress and serve them what you can really do and I guarantee it I guarantee we didn't say we're gonna increase spending. 230. Billion dollars in the first year Republican controlled house and elect could guarantee that would not just during the can't be an all I guarantee during the campaign Nolan said. Or can elect people who came here illegally bordello and steak and we're not gonna deal with gene Michael should. Either air pipe Sanctuary City building borders secure and guarantee that was part of the net until it's too to do those things now. Unbelievable. I'm this congressman did any candidate in the Republican primary of which are about 412. In any candidate run on the app platform that we're gonna look a great one point eight million citizens out of illegal aliens. Of course not one not even Jeb Bush. Our. No one ran on. Gallery and all right we'll listen I was never quality to be more fired after her. While it doesn't take much outside I watched connection and couldn't be prowler which were my congressman quite frankly all right congressman Gonzalez who work hard right. Take care yourself. He's among the best he's consistent he's principle which is why they trash and left and right. I'll be right back and golfer trying to change I've got him. 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And what is it about the bill that you think is great. Hello. The course. At a compound guy and he just wanted to Tommy everyone's great let's don't. But. You know we we test you on these things. My guess Dallas Texas the great WBA pay go. Yes sir. I'm I don't millennial and age only literally and what I mean by that is you know my father of the Reagan conservative. And and we wrote at that point and we got out of senate. We were hoping they do it named Newt Gingrich stated despite Papelbon to build. Like you know get by now because I think that would happen and now we got this bill. And I saw an understanding wind I mean those accrued in the primary is obviously go to per child to make sure that Hillary didn't win. What do we do dumb I'm gonna. Explain this problem as I have now for years. For years. Mitch McConnell. Is a terrible terrible. The leader of the Republican Party in the senate. He has. In ensured that he will retain the leadership position of the Republican Party where they are majority minority. He interferes in the elections in the various states. And he ran right into that shimmer to cut a DO right after the Republicans the president we're having a hell of a good couple months. And Luke McConnell idea it would deal is a cell. And no tie I don't have enough votes I don't know enough votes and on enough votes. Fact of the matter is McConnell never makes the case to the American people only does is trash conservatives tirade has them enough votes he's a process guy and he's very important. Now we've had the rise of the Tea Party movement we've had the rise of of Trump's presidency. And all throughout Mitch McConnell has been an obstacle. He's a very poor stretch at this strategist and he's been around so long you'll have. Editorial pages at the Wall Street Journal and others writing telling us how swelling years. He's Maxwell. Is a disaster. He doesn't communicate well and he cannot. Connect with the American people. He's they're sticking his stuff in their first special tax. Treatment of people who own race horses and so forth in Kentucky. It says it's just that the he's got no principles. Not. It was never reg united he's never Tea Party guy was very conservative. In and you see we have a whole zombie like crew behind him look at John Cornyn. Look at Lamar Alexander. Look at blunt from Missouri there all of soon from South Dakota they're all in the same mold. And they think that there app. That they're much more professional and much more expertise what they're doing. They're telling us absolutely telling us all right Micah thank you for your calls and Jeremy Dallas Texas a great WBA peek out. Yes sir I wanted to say I appreciate your show I don't hate me too much of a liberal but it. I don't hate you Al burst and now I agree that shall present what are what I N I I do those. I dislike a party or what we're trying to do. What are you create heat the Capitol Hill which increases revenues. Which hopefully will drive the economy we thought at the bit to come around. Two weeks later were my putter. Cat try to path and spit it till bit increase just to be free to order to keep billion dollars of economic standpoint. Parents. Considering that it. A little bit just don't. Any time what these idiots are gonna do it in a bipartisan way in these idiots have done it before in a recent past of the last half century. They're gonna drive up interest rates and they're gonna create inflation. Because they can't control themselves they cannot control themselves. And in on the Republican side let's just face they don't have the guts to put the brakes on the Democrats they just don't have. It takes a government shut down woman the hell that it takes a government shut down. But they don't want one that's the you know that that's the thing they got to stay away from so there will and it's wrong with the Democrats on this I'm telling you. This is so bad enough I studied it now I've looked at it carefully now this is so bad my jaw hit the floor. All right Jeremy thank you for your call we'll be right back. Stop the puck passed up up all of us everyone we just literally know that this week's podcast is brought you by. Let's votes that is correct this list is essentially a library for clothes. So at what it does this evening as subscription fee which is it starts as low as 59 dollars a month. Unfold a fee you can rent as many clothes as he once they can rent up to 300 dollars leather clothes at a time but as soon Saddam wouldn't send them back in the place. And they sent these small guys amaze I'm just reading his some examples of why people might once he useless sounds. Wearing clothes ultimate law about ten. No aid yet. 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Hello everybody mark living here are number 8773813811. 877381. 3811 and appears in other Democrats. Mark Warner. Was trying to get information. From foreign sources. Against Donald Trump and we're trying to pull that together now. And as soon as I have that I won't relate to the number Adam Schiff. In the year pranksters. But the point was that the pranksters the comedians the point was Adam Schiff. Trying to gain information that they thought they could use to damage your blackmail the president of the United States. Well apparently a Mark Warner. Who was working with a lobbyist for Russian oligarchs. Not working for working with trying to get information as well. And I will. So as I have the full breath of that information I'm sharing with you. You keep in mind shift is the leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and Warner's lead leading Democrat in the senate intelligence. This scandal just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Let's circle back until we have more information that Lindsey Graham on Fox News and he thinks this budget deal as well. Got wind out. The only increases spending by quite quite a lot more hearing a lot about that from some of your Republican colleagues 300 billion dollars is this a good deal. Well it depends on how would you think the federal government should be doing stuff right here and I want you listen carefully to what this idiot has to sing. Go ahead. That should be defending America. From enemies that are growing in terms of those merely talent yes this is the best news for the military since 2011. Yeah. So so another words. We at this and hundreds of billions of dollars on. Domestic. Discretionary spending in order to properly fund the United States not to see this guy's not a leader. This guy's a joke. He's a disgrace. So if you wanna spend more money on defense but you wanna just cool it on the rest of the budget. And I guess you don't support defense spending according to this aching head. So he's has academic and why is this kind of sent. Why isn't he busy selling used cars somewhere. And then I want you to listen this meandering. Virtually incomprehensible. Statement from Paul Ryan. Cut to go we're doing this one why are we don't wanna see this sequester the military. Now having said all of that there are some other good things in here this is a bipartisan villages like this leader Schumer said. You get something until I see you give the other side things they like that's what bipartisan compromise is all so we like. Defense spending to defend the nation. And they don't like defense spending they like massive domestic spending. And so this is only getting here this is bipartisanship. This is the best we can do. And if this is the best we can do we need a whole bunch of new politicians. Because you're spending your children I want you to look at your children tonight and your grandchildren and what you think about them. And what you think about future generations. No generation has done this the future generations like we are. It's so completely out of control and the truth is the vast majority of us. We don't benefit from most of this. I had. On the net it's a very good solutions. And added to the debt and deficit concerns. Most of this domestic spending as you pointed out his one time spending it's his hurricane really mean what we're not gonna rebuild Houston and I can rebuild Florida we're not gonna help. Let's listen to this guy does he not sound like a leftist. The cnet's Erica left us. It's gonna give you all the things that we need to do and he's gonna keep out all the rest of the stuff. He's not gonna talk about the debt. He's not gonna talk about a trillion dollar one year deficit. That the Republicans who control all the elected parts of the government are going to be responsible for. Not alert. I had. The fires in California those are things that we have to do because our fellow citizens. In these disaster ravaged areas need assistance in that. Okay great and get rid all the other spending genius. Okay take care than hurricane areas. Take care California with the F fires. Okay we're in now what about the rest of it he won't mention the rest of it. I had. Role for the federal government so a lot of that's been in his one time spending. The other domestic spending is something that we all agree. We have it'll be a crisis in America let's get on with fixing it thin this guy's unbelievable. This is your speaker of the house Republicans. Unbelievable. Go ahead. And close on cancer research meetings and cures so let's let's keep that going we know. All little relaxed caught on what a blow up so we need to do this for cancer research. And keep that going. You know Paul Ryan. There was a time I had enormous respect feel I have no respect for you now none. None. In this tax cut. He sounded like a leftist going on and on about the rich. In class warfare here you sound like Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi. You see if we don't a massive new domestic spending. And we won't find a cure for cancer and then we won't be able to stop the Pope the only crisis are you kidding me. So low it's just keep spending spending spending spending. Not a word about future generations not alert. And next up he says we're gonna hit baca. Well yeah now we're gonna have millions of millions in those citizens and according to George W. Bush and he's over in the Middle East. And we should be welcoming another idiot quite frankly. That's right I said it. Another idea. In Germany 90% of the crime increased. Is due to refugees. I mean it's just so bizarre so out of control these clowns go ahead. We're getting into the imminent infrastructure. Think there's not a good low great we're getting a good down payment on infrastructure like it never have enough boondoggles that there. Got infrastructures the president talked about family leave. But again. We will you know we got to find a cure for cancer so we need to massively increased spending on welfare programs O'Hare. Lindsey Graham if you don't support defense full of torture against his budget. These are Republicans. I remember when. Fiscally conservative Republicans would say you know we ought to run on the fiscally conservative stuff stopped talking about the social issues. What are these people they're right on now they can't run on being fiscal conservatives. Now ahead. One more thing I'll say it I think is a process of growth. Here we are worth another CR CR CR omnibus. That's why. Something we put in here that I feel very passionate about. Is heading a budget process reform dialogue now while we're gonna. Have a budget process reform. Dialogue. We're gonna have led dialogue. When these guys in fifth grade. This is the best they can do do we have a leader do we have a leader in the United States congress. Always got Mitch McConnell on now what's the number 280 its name I can't remember all over the house call Kevin McCarthy oh yes yes he's a great one. These are your leaders. I had had a dialogue in the house among house Republicans. I don't work on this pretty much went right there and you failed you've had this type permanent dialogue you know dialogue. Get something done get something done. Spending constraints none whatsoever. None whatsoever. Why the military. And stuff the rest of us not slow it down. A lot of a country left. I'll be right back. On this subject among others. Is Daniel Horwitz as conservative reviews Daniel how are you sir. I'm doing all right but it pretty rough here in DC. We'll tell the American people what you're making of this budget right now. You know what this is not just the budget it's an entire vision. That incompetent is everything from a backward to worldview on farm policy on health care in particular. On the want to be a federal or state function and clearly no regard. On this for you what they accomplished at just to give up. Big picture view here Republicans would control all three branches. They are now on doing it that one accomplishment they had when they get and control of one branch. Still when Paul Ryan did that this is a one time spending would probably that'd be removing the guardrail there they're eliminating the budget cap. The other thing it's for two years but that nonsense because once you're doing it for two years it's overly diluted 300 billion usually we cut that spending. It's over a ten year budget pray that it could dip into a year over ten years you'll likely be in the trillions. Happening. What is this man and my MI just too bleak about this and two. To to negative about this I mean I I just don't see this ending well. I didn't want Margaret Thatcher warned that with a one directional racket that when I elected into power. It accelerate in one direction and you wouldn't doubt it I get then they can never turn it back into the question of how much they grow it but. I think this is a little bit beyond that. ID you do at this budget alone. That increase the percentage increase in the budget cat. Is it 313%. Larger when you include all did at parade which we can get to an admitted that the fraudulent 313%. More. Obama final budget request and 2016. San again. This percentage increase. From the budget caps. That that there GOP congress that it is now an acting. Is it three times larger. Than the percentage increase. That Obama requested. In its final year. Now you and I may disagree on defenseman and I read you correctly because I do think it they need a really good. Sizable increase in defense spending but here's the problem. We can't even prioritize anymore it's everything goes up. All at once and everything goes up and reckon not record numbers. And churn and for McConnell to be cutting deals like this do you dream of me he he has BN. The one regular factors throughout. Obama this presidency in the senate. Who has truly undermine anything closely constitutional slash conservative agenda. It's funny when it comes to enacting. A left wing policy. He often does blood level let me be a neutral arbiter for you dom to introduce the blank bill we'll have whatever amendment he wants. What a conflict growing conservative he often does take sides that we're seeing that in this case. And then when he caught it comes to Paul Ryan noted tally be using liberal. Liberal rhetoric. How you do what he's directing everything opt in to. Heart tugging. On the concept still eight it did it eat it peeled open if you hate the military or you're not predict that Hispanic. Now that they're each line item. Talent what good will with defense spending I agree we need more planes and shipped after Obama got into the military. But they're big problem with some of the so called the offense talk in Washington. They don't give a damn about anything other than spending figures beauty a lot of structural problems with the Pentagon with the military. The social engineering dictators used on non you know the Marines getting rid of that combat. Readiness test in order that it. And that's not a spending issue. It if it's not a spending issue but it's offensive. People like Paul Ryan will never raised their boy to what's going on he will never even hold a hearing on that stuff. On a transgender than a military and then this is all they care about and then there's also the local issues overseas contingency operation. We need to move back toward striking maneuver toward. Identifying a clearly defined mission going in with. All four I don't have a problem at all list but we're talking about such massive. Reductions truthfully in real spending over time of the united states military. It's expensive the military he need R&D ships are not cheap. Planes are not treat treat a cheap training any pilot cost an enormous amount of money. But you have to at least admit this is a priority the federal government states can't do that we all understand that. When I'm saying is whether you and I agree on that the fact is. Today and drag all this domestic spending into drag and all. Because you wanna spend and on it's it's like that would docket. You can't secure the border less had millions more illegal aliens become American citizens. And so we we negotiate. On their terms every single time and Ryan said one expert on the budget we gambled on the dot why. Why why not alone the American citizenry. We'll let that they issued a matter of priorities. On the bill that few things that are enumerated power it. Some how did that the back of the bus border securities obviously the military. Arm but then you had. Thrown in here a bunch of health care boondoggles hand out the top on insurance cartels. To not only are they keeping obamacare not only are they eight. Beat Clinton not in this bill but it lateral agreement. To bail out obamacare with its reinsurance program. They're actually also reinstating an expanding. Previous pre obamacare program that Obama curing what it was intended to obamacare law eliminate. To ask if there's no need for now that you have obamacare he agreed to fund it for fifty years now they're agreeing to fund it for another ten years. You have hospital payments to basically did the government gave what's called peace statement disproportionate share. To hospital for treating those that kind of come in the. Delicate question is lying but if so it's good while surrendering. So debilitated. Medicaid expansion is that cash cow for the hospital's weight overcompensate OK I got it. I'm asking you this a bigger question. Why are they doing this is it because they really are progressives and in Tampa that's that's my conclusion now that the progressives and one. That the progressive elements within the Republican Party have won that there's so few serious and it conservatives in the senate. Any relatively small percentage in the house at the Republican Party. Is Theodore Roosevelt's progressive party. I think that that's the key here everyone's getting caught up in the military spending I can do what they've added but. Deep support increased bureaucracies on the non defense cited an end to itself. They wanted a standalone beard there aren't enough people in Washington that even putting aside the military spending that wanted to. Slow the growth of these program much but cut them at all. And that. They're in his is the problem and so conservatives really no way to turn Billy. No they they build but at some point behalf. Have to be willing to see the hostage at a at some point you came just could shout military spending in a crowded theater and do nothing about another promise to end and farm policy nothing about. The domestic spending knicks expect conservatives to just jump. Yeah. All right. How do you think and by the way I think this thing or gonna have a government shut down like that CNN the world has never been the end of the world. We already have a government shut down if you know didn't meet we don't ask government that represents the people anymore when you we have politicians that care more about foreign nationals. And the people perform that well for whom they just weren't represented. Bet that the breakdown official contract so let me. And here on the East Coast it's almost 7:30 PM we have a shot from the government shut down every night don't we. Every night every weekend were offered every holiday no for an answer that life. I'm my friend keep up the good where I can appreciate it take air travel and I YouTube. In my case. Pending an awful lot of time on the CSI am. When I suppose today. Cohen some web site and start talking about stupid stuff now we're not gonna do that this is big stuff this is something we need to inform ourselves about. Fact of the matter is that the spending is way out of control. From my perspective the Defense Department needs more spending. But also from my perspective I don't know how much more we can grow the welfare. Redistribution. Social engineering part of our budget without destroying our country. That's champions. I'll liberty and true conservatism. And call mark now. 8773813811. Night he wanted to jump in on this and we will do that. They wanna tell you about car show and I love my 2010 Camaro but it's reached that age where things are starting to go wrong. Don't worry about those problems anymore though not since I got extended vehicle service protection from car shield. 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Or visit car she'll dot com that's car show dot com use code lives in LE VIN and you'll save 10% either way. That's 800 cars 6100 mentioned a van or car she'll dot com code live in a deductible may apply and I strongly interrogating get it. If he ever used car or an older car. Let us go tune Ghana. Frederick Maryland the great WMA now Harry you. Omar I'm doing well thank you how are you did I OK thank you. Well this is the big one and I've been worried about the debt for a long time. And I I started thinking about the word to confer. And permit him. Typical conservative Democrat fiscal conservative. Where long day. That's been erased from our vocabulary. And people are ignorant when it comes to that terminology. Which might explain why. There are being duped by the rhetoric or rhetoric of people like Paul lie and who get there and can't do so eloquently demonstrated. Fan just like it and people Opie and bath and Chuck Schumer. It's an. He even when Ryan was selling the tax cut he sounded like a class warfare. Leftist. Which was absolutely unnecessary. And that's what's so frightening to people walk conservative. Clip where Sheen. I guess we can call it. They're dealt a nasty and they're not really conservative. Republicans. There really Democrats and that's what's so frightening. So I think we did people really have the the end after that because. We have a country and it's often done nine and I don't you know. We're reaching upon what we don't know what to do we we elect them to the house we like them to the senate. I've no doubt if they would send this president a really. Tough. Bill that would. And try to control spending and so forth he would sign it the Franklin we're not getting leadership from anybody on this anybody. All right my friend and I appreciate your call let's go to Steve New Albany Indiana serious satellite dealt. Hey mark Perry tonight okay. Great pay. We seem to have a problem in the congress so watering in the wilderness when it comes in this budget. And I think the responsibility laser right at the doorstep of the White House. I'm a little older than you go bowl baby boomers relative to the Reagan revolution voted for him twice. And when Ronald Reagan wanted to get something done and he personally lobbied members of the house which was controlled by the Democrats police during his first term. He personally lobbied the the senators. And many went on national pit television and made the case to the American people for what. Needed to be done and why he's graphics used illustrations. And use his great ability as a community leader could could could say that the American people. And the next day the congress' switchboard will circle ringing off the hook. With people calling into the representatives. We don't have any leadership from the white house on this issue for one thing that's my first call survey on the. President said he'd signed this. Oh well I'd say it's even worse. Your ship but he he didn't mention that he hardly imagine the budget in this State of the Union Address. And he didn't specify any thing there he did make a case for any thing. And that's and I. I listen I agree within a 100%. But there is another French government they're responsible for. You know passing spending bills. And whether it's under Obama are under trump. When I'm trying to point out also is that we have the same guys in the United States senate whose power hungry. Who will hold on the power no matter what he has to do he's more interest in in electing you know there's a timeout which. You have to do what's right when the wind officer lose office with a stay in the majority or you wind up in the minority. And that's not the way McConnell thinks McConnell thinks I go get more more establishment Republicans in here Romney types and others who have gone along with me will work could mean you'll cut deals with the F. With a radical you know radical. Has spent a hall X on the last. And that's how he views government that's really views politics. He's not looking I wish shouldered a massive debt he's now looking at the future of what's gonna happen to children and grandchildren he just wants to get through one vote after another. He likes being chauffeured around. Look at that guy he's a complete goof ball. Only in America couldn't complete goof ball like yes. The the majority leader in the United States senate. Right I'll live right across the Ohio River from his hometown slumber well Mitch McConnell. My question do you local as great expert on the constitution. Then and not representative republic. Did our founders. Envisioned. A scenario like overseeing involvement provost today. Of their constitutional convention or in the Federalist papers today ever. Envision a government there will be sold fiscally irresponsible. Or debates believe a bit. Virtuous people would be elected as their representatives who would do the right. Iran now they they were not Pollyanna. And they've made the point time and again that down. Once he people loses their virtue who then there's nothing that they could put together and constitution or any other document that would save a nation. So they made that point and then made the point that the people have to be resolute. They also made the point that they were setting up a government that had very limited powers. And then mostly the actually take place in the states and even more in individual lives and that's been turned on its hands tied talk about this all the time the progressive movement. The last we'll 120 years or so. And and we live in so many respects and a post constitutional government. And so what happens give massive debt. And it's gonna continue. We do not have people who have the guts to trying to fight this it's very hard to do it's much easier to keep running around saying with a bipartisan bill we couldn't get everything we wanted. You can you talk show host tomorrow say that'd been contacted by Ryan's office and so far. This is a complete lack of leadership. When the Democrats turn power they get what they want but the Republicans are in power they get what they want not as much as they want that is the Democrats. They still get pretty much what they want when they're Republicans are in power they attacked the people who voted for mostly the conservative base the activists. And then they that we were lectured about this is the only way it works this is how we can do you must be a radical you must hear right Winger. You know the game plan this is pretty much what it is. Right well it seems to me though all of this kind of started around the turn the center Woodrow Wilson's time when the you're the seventeenth amendment or what their long. All that's ever be that would be before him wouldn't force her voice and Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah that would be before him would net. I'm really started with Taft. And and Theodore Roosevelt and Taft. He had to battle the progressives you had Republican progressives and Democrats progressives. Peter Rosen if you read my book rediscovering Americanism and lays it all out Theodore Roosevelt was a progressive Theodore Roosevelt. Was highly influenced by gentlemen I read about that to you yesterday. Crowley. Crowley was a socialist era and he was a so called progressive. Now Wilson in Theodore Roosevelt. Obviously were political opponents he has now won election. We're Taft ran as a Republican and heroes ran on the progressive party ticket and then you had Woodrow Wilson is the Democrat. The real difference between Wilson. When domestic policy in your DeRozan what was their approach the trusts. In trust busting. But they had a very similar world view in many respects when it came to that capitalism. And the role of the federal government. The Republicans the Republicans. The first Republican. He sees me the first progressive actually elected progressive was the DeRozan. Right rhetoric is so they're back. They're back they're here this is it these are there Republican progressives. Hell aren't song how long can the nation realized blue laws of economics is an okay job but was eventually but how long commemoration continue to function like we're functioning now I don't know. I don't know but unfortunately our grandchildren find out. I mean I just on how the sense because. Luck on top all this of these Social Security trustees'. Reporting that that programs gonna go broken system less than fifteen years of the Medicare trustees saying the same thing. We came and address entitlement reform. We can't get our spending under control on non entitlement issues. Meanwhile the Defense Department takes a hit time and time and time again when the Democrats in power I don't know everything seems to be upside down and it. All right my friend I appreciate your call now mr. producer my computer on doubt so who do you recommend I speak to. Yeah. Great. WJ RW jolt in Grand Rapids Harry is that. I'm very well thank you for taking my call mark. Under quick. And I think the main problem of people understand. Public and number these troll and you are in and pick. Watch a lot. YouTube videos on the universe and everything and you know like travel and under 86000. Local perspective. Which translate into six alto six trillion miles per year. Think about it that way work word BM air you know all four trillion. Smiled in debt. And the winds were spending the speed of light bulbs we we really are people just don't grab and it. Irving to me and that's the way I'm just trying to give you'll wake. Not that good night and and they don't grasp that you're quite right and the other thing they don't grasp. When they don't want to grasp it is. Future generations and await about the and the bank perfectly fine defined they'll be fine I mean my kids find my grand kids find. That won't matter and this is reinforced. By the politicians it's reinforced by the media it's reinforced by leftist professors. And of course they're wrong. The laws of economics of the laws of economics. Yes they are not expecting my first grand kids in March. And I really it disturbs me because it's. It's upsetting and I don't know what to do what you don't like to hear what people what to do but. Think we need to really get out let people know you went up big number daddy doesn't have people on how to get out of this Eagles. I'll listen I may not like to hear because there are options there's one in particular which is the article five convention states and the got to battle going on right now in Idaho. Idaho which is a conservative state with a handful of really two maybe three state legislatures. That legislate tours who are blocking it. And I mean so this is very frustrating to me we do have the capacity to rein things in but it it may be can they come to light. All right my friend thank you will be right back. Higher education these days well it's insane. Students stormed faculty offices and Ryan went conservative speakers visit. Grievance lists safe spaces and identity politics and turned higher education to something lower. But not everywhere. There's a place where students can debate ideas openly and honestly what they pursue truth together with their professors in a respectful manner. With the students and faculty have integrity. Hillsdale College. 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He's not only an expert on Churchill that would be enough he's also an expert in the declaration independents he's absolutely fascinating. What a magnificent. Magnificent school mrs. hills though collagen notice. They wanna reach beyond the classroom to you and me. So check the medal event for those back com LE VI entry Hillsdale dot com. Right. And Mac computer screens back. Pablo Corpus Christi, Texas. I don't know have any idea how you're calling us is it OICKEY. Yes sorry go right ahead. Yes sir yes. I wanted to make a comment about what you were saying earlier about you know if it. Do we do we need all new people in government taped bit conservative risk. I'm looking at the reality of the situation. In an ideal world we would have 51. They recruited fighting bird for true conservative belly I'm not a. I'm not a fool has served in the Reagan administration for eight years what I mean by this you gotta clean up the leadership because they're stuck. And I can tell you we don't need 51 take cruises that we have 1012. Take cruises. Or Mike lease. And so forth that would be enough. That would be enough to swing the Reston and the rest of them are followers. So and in terms of an ideal world. What I'm talking about is not idealism it's conservatism it's anything but. An abstraction or theory. The ideal that is the extraction theory is when you think he can spend and spend and spend without consequence. In they're going to be consequences for this one day. Yet about how how can read what we we don't and conservative we don't have that vote. At that you think Ronald Reagan when he was president and the Democrats controlled the House of Representatives. And the leader of the east and it was Howard Baker a Canadian moderate Republican do you think Ronald Reagan said we don't of the votes and all of the votes. See some of you folks are too young to understand what leadership is about what statesmanship is about. You need to to eat fat. The body politic Cheney's belief that the way that people are are thinking about politics he legally affect the way people take on issues. You don't just sit back passively and say we on the votes. You go out there you make the case to the American people time and again and you get the votes. That's how he got most of what he wanted to get not because Democrats in congress in the house when it do to help Ronald Reagan. Not because the rhinos in the senate wanted to help Ronald Reagan it's because the American people took action. You heard the gentleman before they caught they sent emails they made it absolutely clear what they want it right now it's wily and of the road suite on the majority in. Let me ask you this does not Chuck Schumer and the votes. Yes he does is he in the minority. Yet here in our they're less Democrat senators a Republican senators. Theater one how does he went. Well noted I adding we're living in a different world where no we're not living in a different world how does Chuck Schumer win. In Mitch McConnell loses. While the filibuster rule whether our reconciliation the budget process interestingly enough. As a reconciliation process that only requires a majority of the votes the reason is he can't keep three or four of his Republican senators and want. That's a failed leader. So no we're not gonna just throw up our hands here we're gonna talk about who's responsible for why which parties responsible for what and what leadership is all about. The problem is we haven't had real leaders I mean you've had the bush is they weren't real leaders some side they weren't. I'm not saying they were bad people out there are good people. But they're not gonna be counted among the top greatest presidents in American history. Trump has the potential of being a real leader in many respects but he's not here this is a massive massive debt that they're creating. And for no reason. I'll be right back. Oh everybody mark living here this is our three. And number 8773813811877. 38131. When we give a breaking story here. Democratic senator Mark Warner of Virginia texted with the Russian oligarchs lobbyist. In an effort to contact those CA author Christopher steel. This is Ed Henry breaking the news from Fox News. Senator Mark Warner and this guy's a sleaze ball this Mark Warner the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Who's been leading a congressional investigation and the president tramps alleged ties to Russia. Had extensive contact last year with a lobbyist. Very Russian oligarchs. Was offering Warner access to former British spy and does CA author Christopher steel. According to text messages obtained exclusively by fox you know and I would like to know how many of these senators and congressman. How many of them have a contact with Russians. Our goal which points with the ration. We have so much to discuss you need to be careful but we can help our country wanna text of the lobbyists Adam Waldman. On March 222017. I'm in the Waldman said whose firm has ties to Hillary Clinton. Now still famously put together as you know the anti trump does CA of unverified information. That was used by FBI and Justice Department officials and October 2016 to get a warrant. As you know. In Steele hasn't testified yet either he's not agreed to an interview. Secrecy seem very important Warner is the conversation with a Waldman the lobbyists heated up on March 29. The lobbyists revealed that steel one and a bipartisan letter from Warner and the committee chairman north Carolina Republican senator Richard Baer. Inviting him to talk to the senate intelligence now. Throughout the text exchanges Warner seem particularly intent on connecting directly with steel. Without anyone else on the Senate Intelligence Committee being in the low at least initially. In one text of the lobbyist Warner wrote that he would quote rather not have a paper trail on quotas messages. Why does is it gutless wonders least that's why. An aide to Mark Warner confirmed to Fox News that the text messages are authentic. The messages which were obtained from a Republican source are all marked confidential. And are not classified. They were turned over to the senate panel by Waldman last September. Now Waldman who did not return calls seeking comments runs the endeavor group in Washington. And while that is best known for signing a 40000 dollar month retainer. In 2009 in 2010 a lot of the US government on behalf of a controversial Russian billionaire a lake to reach spots. Grips brass got. I don't know if that's they announce that sounds good. Had his visa revoked by the State Department in 2006 because of charges. Which is denied that he has organized crime ties so let's just go to. So Mark Warner. Is trying to make inroads. Well lobbyist. It lobbyist who. Represents among others this controversial Russian billionaire. That the State Department has revoked or they State Department revoked his visa. Because they claim is organized crime. An aide to Richard Aaron these checklists useless Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Told Fox News that bear was aware of the contact Warner may with steals representative. But added. I don't believe he was aware of the content of the text messages initially. What is the use of this Richard Barrett can anybody tell me. The senators released a joint statement to Fox News so they issue a joint statement because Barry's gonna trying to cover to his big buddy Warner. Stressing they are working together while blasting the leaks of incomplete information. Now they don't last the leaks and incomplete information when it's against Donald Trump. Let. But Donald Trump junior. They said the committee is made of possession this material for several months in committee investigators have pursued all relevant investigative leads related to the material. From the beginning of our investigation we've taken each step at a bipartisan there's no word bipartisan. Attack fixes everything. The Senate Intelligence Committee ups and now has done nothing is and the House Intelligence Committee. And the Senate Judiciary Committee. From the beginning of our investigation we take any step in a bipartisan way and we intend to continue to do so Warner person in his statement. Leaks of incomplete information out of context by anyone inside or outside the committee are unacceptable I think give us a context. You have that top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Trying to glean information. From Christopher steal by dying through a lobbyist. Who among other things was on the payroll. Other Russian organized crime billionaire Lee says he allegation from the State Department. That pulled his visa take. And here you have Richard prior trying to give cover to Warner. I'd say that's pretty amazing. Have a conversation about Steele started on March 16 when he 171 Mormon text Chris still asked me to call me. Warner responded we'll call tomorrow be careful. The records show Warner Waldman had trouble connecting by phone on March 21. Oppressed woman might actually get an access to steal. Why it was Warner going around the committee structure meeting mr. Barrett can inform us. Mean this low IQ can inform us. Why it was Warner going around the committee. To speak to Christopher steel. Can you talk now. Achievement can you talk tomorrow wanna get with your English friend Warner text. Meaning steel wonder he's so clever. If I say English friend they won't know that I mean Christopher steel. I spoke to him yesterday woman texted. The two men appeared at finally connected about steel by phone. On March 22 according to the records. Hey Jess tried do again got to give a speech that really want to finish our talk Warner text that. How Waldman a lobbyist a one point texted back that still really wanted to bipartisan letter requesting his first testimony. He added that Steele was concerned about word leaking to the media that they were talking. In one text senator Warner suggested he did not one bear or any other senator included in the discussions. OK but I would like to do preliminary call you meet in him no one else before letter just so we have to trail. Does not. This mr. Warner now how to write. English is united speak English Dziena how to write properly. Okay this is sent Warner but I would like to do pretty lame call you me and him no one else before letter. Just so we have to trail to start want to discuss scope first before letter no leaks. I'm an idiot. Waldman noted repeatedly that still is concerned about leaks that was spooked. By all the attention he had received around the world still he said it was skittish about talking to Warner. Why it's incomprehensible. Speaking in pig Latin. Warner texted back on March 30. We wanted to do this right pride in London don't wanna send a letter yet cause if we can't get agreement would rather not have paper trip you see over and over. Over and over one doesn't wanna paper trail. Now there's nothing wrong with any of this stuff wise Warner conducting himself as if he himself as a mobster. On April 5 Warner text at any word on steel CC how aggressive he is trying to get a hold the steel and go around the committee. By Richard very sees no problem with this whatsoever. So wall of the lobbyist writes back yes seems to have cold feet from leaks said he wanted to bipartisan letter followed by written questions. In the text messages Warner also discuss the possibility of a trip deceased deal. On March 23 wanna texted need to coordinate date for trip can you talk with my schedule also wanna discuss Paul. An apparent reference to former Tron campaign chairman Paul man effort. Whose initials are used in the next text I Waldman. Can you believe that. Unbelievable and. On March 26 Warner and senator Warner texted really need to set date things are going to really pick up. Stating I'd do it texted wall in the lobbyists awaiting call from your schedule there and also the letters peace deal would like. Which they discussed. And have second interesting thing to raise please call. But after calls back and forth Warner made clear that he wanted to talk to steal directly without her or anyone else being involved even though still was insisting through Waldman. That the context I with a bipartisan letter inviting him to cooperate with the senate panel in other words this sleaze bag Christopher steel. Who wrote the dossier. Has more ethics than the sleaze bag Democrat senator. The ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee Mark Warner. Hey can't we do brief off the record call today before letters alike can frame letter Warner text the woman on. March 29. Steele wants to have letter first. What did you mean call with me wanted to texts. Anywhere you get the point. You get the point. So you have Schiff. Who thinks he's getting. Information. Director on trying to make it pictures in order to do what blackmail the president forced him out of office do what. He goes around the committee. Gil Warner who goes around the committee who wants to get a hold the steel does a one parent Bob doesn't of the comedian Bob doesn't want anyone else involved. Once the talk about trump and also wants to talk about manner for. And Richard Barrett the idiot chairman of the Republican eightieth chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Doesn't find anything really wrong with this silly if she's a joint letter. Bipartisanship ladies and gentlemen bipartisanship. I'll be right back. It is it. Just to say how. Repulsive. Some stupid some people are that would be Cho. The morning shows carbo on this issue though is. Future wife. That's gonna cut nine go put. Hooks on the president United States in the entire Republican Party is that may have been furiously pushing out one conspiracy theory after not that we can go through all of them. Bob Knight and we'll just we'll touch on very popular down. The biggest conspiracy theory is that there was collusion between the Russians and trot. Now I know that dummies like you of these deliverance type. Don't quite get that and I know that they get paid a lot of money for for viewers on MS Ellis DC completes Allah. But you're now you're embarrassing your families and stupid. Go ahead. Theory that Ron Johnson had we can talk about uranium one which is a complete must there was. They're you know floor floor for a long time they were suggesting that the Russians and somehow get our uranium and taken it over to Russia and we're gonna build bombs and blood and. They didn't dummy. My kids you stick with the facts. I can't just stick with the facts. Go ahead. It's a story ended up being balls the president of the United States all caps yesterday suggesting bombshell story ended up being false you moron. 20% of uranium production is controlled by Russia. Go ahead. Homeland Security chairman saying this proves that Barack Obama was involved in the Hillary Clinton investigation what you've been concluded about a a month earlier I mean it's one conspiracy theory after another happy. Kind of as I tried to educate you but it's not really possible this point in your life. That text while it didn't have anything in my view to do with Hillary Clinton's email investigation because I cover up an obstruction was. Completed before then. It had everything to do in Russia even the Wall Street Journal piece. Even though it was a setup piece by surrogates for stroke and page. So that it was rationed that the president wanted around our Russian three days before the the data the text has seen a snooze has pointed out. He very strongly written letter by Democrats in congress went to the FBI. Among others demanding an investigation of trump and his supposed connections. To ration. So what did you pay attention you idiot rather than trashing everybody go ahead by the White House senator matter fact. I know how many how many more sexual harasser isn't played Michigan have a that does our panel of years. Or Turkish Mika we have quite the panel here yes I mean dude you know I had. If people. Everything. And and here's what can Americans even keep doubling that's all a lie is that there you wouldn't how hard easily prove that. The lies are easily proven another one who doesn't understand English more it was Nikkei. Yeah yes Joseph yes. French out yes. You know since she's been dating her over the past many years. And is engaged to her now and pinched little be a lovely couple he's moved far left. So she is quite a hold on him. I suppose. But he is a big dummy. He was always a big damage when you serve in congress for about three years six years something like that. He wanted to be radio host he tried he failed. He wanted to be on fox they would have anything to do them so where did he wind up where everybody winds up as a failure on an SL a state. Mary is for the stupid morning show. The only people who like it in the North Korean generals. They think it's great because he's trashing his president. Out a year ago this time. Scarborough had his head so far up the president's you know what. It was it was embarrassing. I told you this before you remember when president gave his speech about a year ago to a joint session of congress. And there was just cardboard jumping up and down like a clapping seals he wanted to be seen jumping up and down like clapping C. But I hate strut. So it's they tried every day everybody else has conspiracy theories what's wrong with the Republicans. And the truth is Joseph Scarborough. Should be over on CNN. Yes. Because it's seen and could use a guy like this. They can add to their conga line of left wing Kooks which is what Joseph Scarborough has become. Turner. Has taken calling here. I don't Burlington, North Carolina on the market then empower you. Yeah are you doing okay. Just an ordinary senator Burr. So it comment on them more or thing urgency earlier. Disgrace. Yeah they got they get in there that they are good and get pulled out of pertinent so that they need to play the game of their body and not look like and it. You know this this guy's giving cover Warner even though warning goes around the committee Bair has trash newness. Who's doing her a lot court but in the case of Warner. He gives them cover you know this like the Stockholm syndrome isn't it when they get in the senate. I don't understand that is is just kind of Sydney and down. You know he's the last time and he's not already Morse we get conservative and they are good ones who don't know. Yeah he's not gonna run again so you know he hasn't in any constraints. So he'll be a year idiot all the time rather than just part of the time. All right sir I think what's that. It will probably gather it and in the bottom of the structure to what a leader would do if all you need the lightest and but if people follow you. The voters did but the people understand the congress don't seem to understand it. Everything trump that's a distraction abstraction is abstract and he's expecting a distracting this clam Warner. Gone through back circles through the back door to trying get all this Christopher steals it hasn't won as chairman and no it doesn't want anybody in the community and out. And now we work very well on a bipartisan way it's pathetic. All right Donald he's still have a lovely state is just have a pathetic senator. We'll be right back. Yes it's true. That Marcos and his stuff. Fastest growing radio show in America. Though my glove and the show is on many 773813811. Half. Well feminists some saying now I don't want Macy's the south he chops did you hear that when mr. produce. Hoya would that be great. He jobs 20% often. Just lovely. Speaking of people who should where he job's not done and that's it anyway Mika Brzezinski. What the black finish awarded the only playing. In the morning schmo monotonous schmo I'd say she's the better half but there is no better half of these. The let's pay let's listen to her genius shall we. Cut twelve go the 77 year old Democrat hit it out now this is Pelosi she's talking about it. Start again god. The 77 year old Democrat that is about it in the bathroom break and in foray into golf I had really no she wasn't wearing depends. How do we know Nancy Pelosi wasn't wearing depends quite frankly. Who she did it without taking a bathroom break why now. Let us special woman. I had so I I also I'm just listening to leave. Her words just now. I think it's so a lot of conversations that is happening on many levels in the mini levels he has many levels she's really in many lovable person that Pelosi. Go ahead. That and it feels. Like a lot of people who love this country. Feel very helpless right now yes not just because of the president's concerning behavior yes racism misogyny laughs and. And stick it out. Racism and misogyny. You are a mental case Nancy you're deranged. Science Guinness mean if you consider about trump I think we can say about you. If you can forget that wonderful father the viewers who worked for Jimmy Carter and despised is real cool. Part of the regime and he clan. Go ahead and lack of any depth of knowledge on any issue oh wow what you've got enormous steps Mika. Enormous depth and you displayed every morning don't you. Yes Joseph yes you know you asked you know that's great depths I had. As well as being completely and predictable and rude. However it completely in predictable is that what you just said mr. reduce. Did she say completely in predictable. Well I'm sure she meant unpredictable. But you know she's very deep ladies and gentlemen the system which is great yes unlike the president. And she's very in predictable. Go ahead. But it's their compliance by so many Republicans. And applying this to this behavior always so blinding compliant to the behavior of our prayers always and a terrible. Only support the president when we believe he deserves support we oppose we believe he should be opposed unlike all of you Obama files. Who supported him every every step of the way in fact in only supported and slaughtered all over him. Slaughtered all over Obama. Okay slaughtered our closer. The 77 year old Democrat hit it without taking a bathroom break in in foreign shields went out. That's incredible when a lady. I had. Leaves everyone else who. Love this country in just wants to hold it together feeling helpless and just wants to just getting him on dock up. I think if I don't wait a minute. Here comes our modern day Aristotle. Deliverance boy. Go ahead shot again we've said it before it's a yard sale online at saying over and over and over again because he can't do much else. You know me get. As I said before and I like quoting myself Macon. Go ahead. And again that our founders actually force saw the rise. A an autocrat. Somebody wanted to be in our regrets somebody who wanted to be a tyrant. Become present the United States Nancy unless it stopped talking about Obama that way you schmo. I resent it. Stop talking about Obama that way what are you a racist gaseous. My speech. Can't talk about the grade Obama this way ahead. They never ever believe for a moment they never even could allow themselves to imagine. Now wait a minute. So the founders could not even allow themselves to imagine see Joseph Scarborough knows what they couldn't couldn't imagine. And it could imagine a low some bulk like you when something called cable TV. I don't think they could imagine that jelly. Go ahead. When that happened in the executive branch that the legislative branch that Hamilton and Madison. Put. To check the excesses and abuses of executive branch that they would be so compliant time and time again. What does he rambling on about. What is he suggesting I don't. I don't know what he's suggesting. He is a rambling. The food. Grambling different. And that there you have the the Scarborough host you think I'll be invited to their winning the stupidest. Front row do you think we'll go to Las Vegas and get married by analysts may be. I don't know. When winning I definitely wouldn't wanna go to can tell you that and remembered. That New Year's resolution you may deplete your IRS problems behind you. Well it's February and you're still living in fear the IRS right. You fear that today's the day they shut the work garnish your wages increase your bank accounts well let me carry you. Within actual case from my friends and optima tax relief. Like you Charles drag desirous problems well into the new year before calling up to the tax relief. Optima quickly stepped between Charles in the IRS protecting his assets. And resolve this tax brown. Optimum knows that behind every tax problem are good people people with families and homes and savings of paychecks they need protection. Which explains how they've resolved over a half a billion dollars in tax debt for their clients. And their eight plus rated by the Better Business Bureau. Caught optimum tax relief at 804996300. 800 point 996300. That's 800. Point 99. 6300. Boy that. That Tino. Scarborough abrasions he. I mean there hasn't been such a team since shotgun and steadiness to produce. Now. So I convinced heading out of this this team is better. That's the issue let's take some calls. How about. Brian in San Francisco the great KS have. I'll go right ahead. Hey mark longtime listener love your show are trump Trump's taller order. Put our president. Just starting to leave a little doubts in my mind. Yeah I just wanted to give us your thoughts on there's a mile you stay. Bet he. Should. Because try to. In Saddam what Robert Mueller but everything going about it and as our president being worked rendering. Truthful and honest. I feel that he should dude. Do similar reviews and well you know Cutler Cutler it's in your show us and Eddie what great. Well I'm I'm talking for myself so are now let's walk through this because you you lay a completely false foundation that your intention. So if the president of the United States doesn't talk to a federal prosecutor who has as its purpose to prosecute him. Ten he's not honest is that we is that what you say. Disagree with yeah. What's that arms are saying whatever. You're clearly very clear all the Dell doesn't clearly and how does that clear the end. But we're told me I don't know I'm asking you the question how does that clear the air. A prosecutor credit crunch may. Not a lawyer as they federal prosecutor wants to talk to my client. If I don't have certain protections in place I say no. I would say no. Well why would you think I would say no Brian. The president in the united you I know he's the president united say you can't possibly be this new. I'm Suisse group that's why wasn't I think you are. I got. I really do so he should go talk to the prosecutor. Without any protections in place and trying convince the prosecutor. That he's innocent. Of crimes that have not been committed. A prosecutor's office that is leaking repeatedly to the media that they're trying to go and obstruction case against the present United States. And you think yeah I just walk in and talk to the prosecutors that right. It turned out he will I recall. He can't help the folks there. In any pretends to be conservative he came to be honest about what yes. Oh yes. That's continue. And by the way the president and I and millions of us we don't have to prove ourselves to the Brian's in this world. Period. It's not a political situation it's a criminal investigation. The criminal investigation. With a looking for process crimes. And so of course the president the United States should not talk to such an individual. While market ironically subpoena him and drag him friendly grand jury well it depends doesn't. If he's the target of the investigation. And actually it's a little bit more complicated than that. And I also think the potential exists for you go all the way to the Supreme Court and you and you make your case. Excuse me and battling the flu and do the best I can you make your case you constitutional case that this guy's out of line. That the fact that he's trying to question meet the president United States about my official constitutional duties. He is not something that he's able to do period. But Brian that would be over Bryant's head you know. Top Atalanta Georgia degrade WYAY. Ago. I'm not concerned about the debt and I'm glad that people are taking a stand against it it would bothering me is that the interest rates are starting to go up. In what that is currently being too are served up to death. And also it's an economic weapon most of this Monday's go to China. So eighty. Actually most of it's not summons. You're talking about 21 trillion dollars Leo China about a trillion. Most of it so to ourselves meaning our grandchildren and great grandchildren and all the rest into the foreseeable future this is there Burton. We just keep adding to their burden adding to their burden adding to their burden. And it is grotesque to me it is immoral it is unconscionable. And we're supposed very happy could wind up bipartisan you know I bipartisan deal that in that will certainly sink future generations. Well except that. But part of the twenty trillion debt are out yeah and right away it got blessed god bless you to thank you so you call. We'll be right back. And ask anymore what is your opinion on this suggestion by the president that we have a military pray. And of course this has been a big issue all over talk radio I have urged. I believe and honoring our military I have no problem with a whatsoever as minor fact I'd like to see it. And I want our enemies to see if there. Mean we paid for this hardware I've got no prom with a whatsoever. The last all upset about it. They don't mind gay pride march is in this march of that marcher transgender marches Serra. Marches against America marches for illegal aliens and I have marches for this marches for that fact they favor riots. Violence. So not I don't have a problem that Osman effect I'd like to see I wanna see her newest tanks some of our newest missiles. Maybe have some very great chance flyover of bombers fly over no not because for like North Korea you idiots on MSNBC. Because we're Americans we take pride in our military. As opposed to you who seek to eviscerate our military in the black talent for more funds for. Domestic spending if you will. Went up North Korea. And because we have a military parade doesn't make us North Korea that's how stupid business. So I would like to see a military parade. I'd like to be invited to sit there in the front row on watch it to what do you think of that. Fact I'd like another parade a parade of our cops cops from all over the country. Every police department represented I'd like to see that too. That make us Cuba and by the way you liberals don't like Cuba select house a problem. Let's see yes. If you ever stumbled through a social media site around Valentine's you know women love to show off what their boyfriend or husband surprise them with. So this year. Either one who wins Valentine's with a 1800 flowers dot con right now when you order early like now. You get eighteen he can read in chanted roses for only 2999. Valentine's Day is a week away. So don't put this off get eighteen painted in red in chanted roses for only 2999. From 1800 flowers I don't know how much longer this is gonna last tyra you. That would jump in now. This gorgeous who came radiant pink and red roses. Is the perfect Valentine's surprise she's guaranteed a lot and shall never guess how great a big deal you scored either I'm not gonna tell our. Roses from Are picked at their peak and shipped overnight to ensure freshness. And her amazement. Eighteen red and paint in China grosses for only 2999. Is a great reward for thinking ahead and ordering early make sure you lock in this offer only good while supplies last. Which means you gotta Harry and serious I say this every year. When it comes to Valentine's. I don't settle for anything less than my rose authority. So out to order eighteen red and paint content of roses for only 2999. Go to Click the radio icon in the inner code move then tell you DI AN again. What are today and safe go to why 800 flowers dot com code look man. Code LE ZINN. I'm. So the Democrats don't mind marches zones are marching against the country. Rank and as long as your marching with some hate speech against the country. Puzzled looks and the Nazis marching you know the Skokie and other play yes sure sure the military waited dictatorship. Since one is supporting the military. He did in the military an opportunity. To show us the whole world the whole nation. You know. The give and Michelle off since what is that that is dictatorship of these leftists are so moronic it's not even funny. Idea North Korea North Korea. Kyra let's continue Cheryl. Oklahoma City they great KT OK go. Anything that are there I heard it if it thank you. Now live thank you been spending bill that they're trying that they've they're trying to pass. I'm I feel even double unsecure about it because. In Oklahoma late today that they while lawmakers passed a period of bill bell radar act by 712. Million dollar. Cool well. I'm just like where did they end their confidence back up plan I'm the only thing I like about it because our teacher and our governor or pay rate which state deeply deserved bad. While they don't some do and some don't. It back why aren't there and it should be merit based why why why is it that every teacher deserves a pay increase. Radar. The summit is doing some teachers are good teachers do in the other ones don't. Bout. Right now I'm kind of hoping tomorrow when it goes for the I think it has it has to defend him now gone to the house side. So it's serious debate bill I mean I hope that it really unconstitutional and they keep trying to pass the spirit pack. And back the taxpayers. You know what they say is Oklahoma goes so goes the nation. All right Charles appreciate your call while look at me I mean I have a home in Florida they increase my property tax is 20%. 20%. Like anything more for it now goes to some other schlock. 'cause this another issue up while unleash you can afford it I can't afford it forever that I can tell you but any case whatever. But here we are ladies and gentlemen we salute the armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. And I feel up to it soon in this flew I we'll see you tomorrow that's my my goals. And I hope you have a wonderful easy guy.

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