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Psychic/Clairvoyant Angela Thomas discusses 2018 predictions, the state of the psychic community and does readings for listeners

Feb 8, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome psychic/clairvoyant Angela Thomas to talk about the state of the psychic community. Angela also goes through some of her predictions for 2018 and takes listener calls and does readings. 2/8/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. I'll tell us plus there's an East Coast many years simmering between local and beyond really revealing myself just an honest and the always. GP Johns tonight can I eat go back cut them say what's that's bullet now it's it's February and it's human ten months. We're just ten months put us now that's too many months eight months. We can't put us. Born on six of my funeral they are Jibril protect them you know I'm naturalized altitude mud didn't do not just because it'll. There are yet though whether I need some other things in just I mean the to the Syrian army enemy today it was it was. Well insane here I don't analyst Sarah. I know you guys you district killed snow but Tom we get we assumption on the that'll turn to place and it became a major issue. Am I dead. Actually I gash on today's talk to them bounce mission going out with some individual who has been scamming tickets aren't enough people and literally I did salted the whole driveway and by in five minutes later they showed up and it was a she voice and literally you'd kill yourself walking. And I had to assault like four or five times has kept raining but it was so called terrain legislature and ours. You Uga Uga. Killed and yet we got a lot of snow has just who's just rotten day all the way around just kept coming down in new you know it was just I mean it's pretty at times demand and there isn't a good fifteen inches or so and and my back assortment. I'm ready do the show I'm ready I'm in my comfortable chair of the Mike is here yours there were ready to go we've desperate last time this is this is the relaxed on this is the unwind time this is a make no better time. Well hey everybody will gonna be on a daily radio if you have in your head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page forest then had to be unreality radio dot com the final stations we are across the country can also download the free iPhone and android app. July should listen why attachment shows a more or just listen right Milosevic clicking the listen live button enjoying JV myself and Greek community people. Yeah and we've got a great guest tonight we're going to be talking with Angela Thomas is a psychic her point we're gonna talk about the study of pre cognition Ralston talked about. Professional psychics vs spammers and united talked about the salon and the singer in this and charlatans in the field and she's gonna help us sort that out our partners some of Amman and two and TV that's how they worked their way into I don't I don't it's beyond so I died tomorrow night Ambrose who in it has Goodell will join us and he is a a paranormal. Investigator psychic and spiritual offer regular what is encounters with UFO's. We're gonna talk about power pop positive energy vortex is and dimensional doorway so we'll have moved wide variety of things we chatting about with. And brush when tomorrow night sounds like fun. Hours earlier today I get a markers and to stories discouraging news to marry you get ready for isn't what's in Austria. So be prepared in this when deathly falls under the hole beyond reality aspect. Anderson, South Carolina. Authorities say a woman in South Carolina. Gouged her own eyes out and was holding them in her hands when the deputies. When it hurt her rivals. Oh yeah well well look I'm all around 10:30 AM Tuesday interesting county deputies responded to an area near the south mean chapel. In recovery center in Anderson, South Carolina found a woman actually holding her own rivals. I didn't know I don't know dissent. You have the sheriff's I see him legends can imagine doing that convincing almighty god I just recognized the sheriff's office stated that she was combative and refused to allow emergency team medical responders to call for. The rule woman was a Dem ago wasn't identified because she wasn't charged with any crime series against these are open Arturo rivals. So I guess a law. You know when she was reportedly airlifted to a hospital. Elizabeth holy. Stated that she was working inside the building when she heard someone screaming. For her to call 911. I was says I was across the street I could see the blood in here are streaming. And I realized something was wrong something's terribly wrong. I immediately called 911. And an almost fell to 911 dispatcher didn't believe me that's how crazy this story line. Now law mean if you had said hey my friend just gouged his own eyeballs on holding them in their hand I wouldn't believe it right away either. How precious that is via their pastor. Has been some sort of narcotics alt that's. Nobody in their right mind at the that is via now and and its is this something was some influence going on that's nuts. Well wireless push of the vast here's something that I don't think has some nuts and this is something that's even I don't know if you're crossing pass of these folks when you go to the UK a couple weeks there next week whatever it is. But there's a pair of British athletes that claim that a sex ghost is haunting their reality show. Well I have read about this minority have yet to British athletes are that sterner reality sure claiming that a ghost is haunting them in their hotel rooms in trying to have sex with them and one of the athletes is named the dean at Cox. And the other is garrison how hard it must go craft just like our an ace they compete in the show called the jump which is a British show or famous people compete in various snow sports it's kind of laughing you're executing jumped him and now it's kind of like Dancing With The Stars but it's certainly touches to this thing that I could go wrong. So this season just started airing and now apparently during the episode the 25 year old convene a Cox athlete I reportedly asked for a new room. After she said she was being sexually violated by a ghost. And Ted there was another competing slew celebrity Emma Parker Bowles. She said the fish on the show that Cox was. Being penetrated by some form of paranormal activity and then Gareth Thomas who's 42 year old. Concurred he said she had a ghost. Doing things to her I'd mechanism read this word for word doing things to herb chicken a lot of fruits and actually a high up let's just not right. But anyway I don't know if these these are any of the people that are going to be on the need these teams that you're going to be working with when you get it. They're one I don't I don't know hey I know a lot of media celebrities are used to they haven't Lisa met list yet sports center Corus aluminum. I don't know any but it makes you aren't so. I am I'm a firm believer in the hole he pubescent sex abuse sexual predators have attacked people and sexually assault them and it's such a rarity to actually have but. When it comes down a situation like man I am you're having this relation or whatever with the spirit it is it technically cheating. Don't know until I don't know and I don't mean then in a silly and mean then a serious way community Italy. Yeah I thought I'd I don't know I'd I'd this is going to reassert its search on my Delilah you know relationship advice but I've often you know I've always said that Tom. You know even just the thought of that is kind of cheating in a sense in and mean you know like everything else I guess that would be there was a lady who did this whole news new. Report about a month ago saying that she was having all the sexual relations with spirits which I think her issues or Mora. She needs Medicare about. So it's a what did you write it but and it's still it's just one of those things where you want is that technically considered cheating if you're doing that stuff that goes. Whom I don't know but I think that would be new agree new reality show on. Sex coast owners and I don't know if that's us erotic ghost hunters are we don't wanna go to church can't wait till you see what it's doing them that your leader be released an enemy at the Emmys EMS -- on this idea and it's a tough sledding that's not Clinton is not a really out of that we're gonna get organized just sound yet the FCC is minority opinion as we speak to affect it's that big of a big shout out to the KB cozy Bozeman Montana and WP SE Erie Pennsylvania. And you know it's really exciting is that we've got KH. HO OAM 850 in Seattle Washington. Joining us. As part of the family as well we're really really happy to have a Seattle affiliate welcome to the program folks so it's great to have his part of the beyond reality radio family like I say all the time if just make sure you check the list on the on reality radio Docomo and were constantly updating that list we're going to be having a much more stations to me yet and Angela Thomas or guesstimate will be taking calls later in the program for readings in consultations on the error. Us are gonna wanna judge on the phone number 28446877669. That's total free from anywhere in the country. Reagan 8446877669. British take quick break more to come illicit Jason GBM. Yeah I'm really really old back. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in and to order street from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. The radio TC ING feet again marijuana jot down the phone number for calls and we put her phone. Lines later it's a 446877669. Our guest tonight is Angela Thomas she's a psychic serve point we're gonna talk when a whole bunch of things can't wait to get started Angela welcome to the program it's great to have you on beyond reality radio. Well thank you very match. Thanks so much for coming on you know tonight. Pat thank you for inviting me. So Angela you've been doing this for a while we got a lot of experience how to get started. You know I got started many years ago in allowance Louisiana. And started to do that privately I I have not come out publicly yet. But I did that for friends and neighbors and you know a few business associates. I just decided one day after I had finished reading and got almost an immediate. Confirmation of something that occurred within hours of my prediction. And I left a corporate job I was in sales for a fortune 100 corporations. Left a corporate job and pursued doing this work. How is. Somebody get the courage to leave a corporate job and sucked so uncertain. That you know if I had to repeat it over again I would not have done it that way I did have. Family members and friends said that to me please do not leave the nor jobs to do is yes but you know I felt compelled to do it. I felt that that was my life's work. And I had been shown. Especially over this particular situations. And I so I can't waste anymore time. When I can you know be in service to others and to help others. So I just. That the bullet in debit. I'm pretty sure is into the mystic world doesn't have a 401K plan and I. I. Saw Andre Agassi had to give that up its own admiral Mike. Did you have bomb did you have these feelings in the sense that the sensitivity is as a child and did you always have them. You know I hit as a child but I did not recognize that number one that. Not all people. Experience when I was experiencing. But it wasn't until I've really got older that they fully understood that you know what I am highly intuitive. And I have made you know he nonchalant predictions. And they've come true so. You know we are all psychic. But as a child you know iPod just like anybody else you know those votes kitchen table. Ghost stories. And you know psychics stories that he's here well I just thought everybody's experience star that. So. Yeah. Yet just when it happened it that way you don't nothing if it's just it is. And use you just said everybody's got some of the send them what makes a difference between somebody who. Learns how to either a mini use the word master but I don't know if we ever master it. Vs somebody who just doesn't know Heidi either cope when that or necessarily. Use it for any any constructive purpose. Well you know one of the biggest things I would say is that you really have to focus on it. And started utilizing techniques and you know there are battles on the books out there. That will give you a little bit of introduction and then to certain techniques setting out by LA say to my own. Psychic development students. That meditation and prayer on that tees. To building your psychic abilities on channel I think you know what really prince said a lot of people. Sanford to tap pursuing very intuitive lives. Is set number one the belief system. Also. Society as a way. Dampening. They're spirits or dampening the idea. That they want to use their intuition argues that psychic abilities. So I think that belief system as number one. And also practiced those techniques. Work with mentors there's many out there they're spectacular as mentors and that's how somebody should get started if they really wish to start. If today. Don't really want to beat acts on as a psychic or an intuitive. Then of course don't do that technique and keep on denying that these things happen. A lot of people. Have noticed there're there are sensitivities as a child make kind of hide them away or they suppress them what are you would say. It was and then as an adult they realize that the users to these are tools and these are things that can be used to help people. And they've kind of regret having a suppressed and for all those years. Absolutely. You know and I've met a lot of people that said you know as a child die young teenager. You know I would highly intuitive I wanted to talk about the subject matter. You know people just fed to me it's all in your minds. And so they just let it gamble and it's unfortunate that they did. We'll talk about that of course after we come back because that that's a big thing a lot of times when well. A lot of times in children younger and their ruler more prone to see things and adults anyways but whereas they get older and their parents are telling them that these things aren't real that's what shuts them off to the possibility of all the stuff. So I feel that a lot of times that's also where they start to close off the ability of possibly having. Some sort of psychic or sensitive abilities on the able to pick up a lot of these things like your your page up on. Absolutely and you know I know you know if you just think about yourself how often you get those spots in your head. And you move might shy away from discussing what you just. Heard in your head mania that's player audience type of message Orix. Some sort of psyche compression and so you can imagine as an adult. He is going ninety. I don't think I'll share that. Just think Cali you know it's a 100 times. More difficult for a child to. Actually explain to them into her peers. That they're experiencing something different. Ours or we're gonna take a quick break more become a phone numbers are 844687766. Or dental freed 8446877669. Illicit images. NG beyond beyond really really bad. Radio station. Join beyond reality radio family of affiliates including KH HO AMH fifty in Seattle Washington welcome to the family of stations we got but Erie in and no Bozeman Montana as long. Tricky DOC Bozeman Montana WPC. Erie Pennsylvania welcomed me on the radio fairly happy to have you on board and its if you feature first time listening more gradual listening live under on a radio station but if you missed the show at any point which we don't advise. You can always download it in the best way to do that is get a whole the cap. Design and Droid or. I phoned app stores and you can put it on your phone in new have access to old shows and chat room and what stuff. You links that are on beyond reality radio dot com feel they can find the iPhone and android income and we don't recommend you to. You know. Missing show because it's horrible wise and we didn't edit it and get rid of it for the podcasts you never know we headed out of the lives what's so. It's and talking with Angela Thomas she's a psychic or point we're talking about a whole bunch of things in week. Just got started and Angela I wanted to take you did give us basically a little bit of background about the preconditions study that you've been involved with a pretty important study new to working with them for awhile. Absolutely in fact I am working Lance they've world payment. Scientist and doctor yes nine to ten degrees. Has happened medical happened science. And he's studies H psychics from around the world. And so he requires that we put that in theory scientific. Format so we can't be general you know I can't say well there's going to be a tornado at Kansas. You know if I am if I ever did you know make a predictions. I would have to get the timing. The area org account that that tornado which hit. It chatter chatter and so even that I had a day cap prediction that was partially true. If the timing has not corrected. Or is something else does not correct and he would not consider that it hit. So I've been involved for nearly ten years now. And you know he's the one that studies said that he's the one that. Will put out the test results the study's results. Who what's the intention here. It's going to be more than just to see you know what dipper percentage of accuracy as has been exactly not you know. Really what it is is to. Scientifically prove it's. That people do psychic abilities but also about the living competition has just so for listeners that may not know about living can't just snatched. That you know that as a reference to. The afterlife that once our bodies. Eight. Our. Soul and our minds by the way are fully into. And oh there's a lot of scientists out there that is that are doing research. And the living consciousness but that particular. Doctor. A science then and Madison. That's certainly wants to prove everything about psychics and everything about the living consciousness. Yeah it's more for him more for just trying to legitimize him proves that possibility there. And using tanks tried to totally shoot it down at all. I now it in the effort to. Prove orders shows some substance to this field you've come across some on less than. Above board. Practitioners. Of the art. You talked about integrity in the field let's let's talk about that a little bit first of all how important is it. For us to find those who may not be honest with their clients are honest with. Anybody about their abilities and what what does it mean for us to kind of separate the good from the bad. Well I think it's very important because. If you don't let's say they exposed those individuals that are what I'd like to. Psychics scam artist enable continued. To be at dis service to others. Some people. Some of these psychics gamers. Well Rick people laugh you know here's a crystal for 700 dollars it probably cost them a couple of bucks of store. You know keeping people in fear or anxiety. That is not the role at eating sort of psychic or clairvoyant medium. So. You know I have and I have found there. And your psychics services. And we try to put out a little bit of information. And try to bring somebody in two. Father get particular type of standards so for example you know what you get and don't don't create fear don't create anxiety. You don't need a reading every day you don't need a reading every week unless of course. There's something that a rise is it you know what I've read that you for example. And you say I would like to note the next eighteen months about my own business so my career I've read on that but that's hardly a week later. Something may have happened in your family are whatever the case may be if it's something different and you want a psychic to read on that then Soviet backed. You know desk constantly calling in constantly paying and constantly. Being in fashion and is just not that necessary. Oil and and we know we know monsoon self proclaimed sensitive search site cakes and throughout the years ago of course being involved in the field. Invest here in the paranormal I've come across my many many that. That are far from sensitive and it's just that in I think it's well it's either a money grab the situation to looking for I think it is quick way to make some cash. Or is that they truly just wanna I wanna be special wanna have that and ability they want something to be and to different about them which. It's and it I think it really takes away from the the true sense it is that are out there that are trying to do. Trying to do things and help people and an assist with serious situations. I absolutely agree with you especially on the ladder of people that want to. Pierce special and you know Lockett said everybody is intuitive that. You know recently I came up crops. Several. Young people and I say young people they've kind of been 192021. Years old. And they had. All of these shelf. Appointed titles. You know on the clearer polite and trying to shame that not you know go watch you know whatever you wanna create. And and because I have a psychic development instructor. I'm thinking you have lived long enough to become all of those things. You might have opened the book that you might have read a understandable. And that was of interest to you would now you can sort of identify. With a few things that you are not that and so. You know I I can't what does that might biggest. Pet peeves. If for somebody to dress captain old carnival. Looking at higher. You know the more wild it looks the better. You know up in the bodies. Covered it and you know whatever they wanna put on their bodies said. They wanna show are the tools whether it's crystal Serb hard sort. You know royalties or whatever the case may be and they become ridiculous looking. And so people that are really seeking professional psychic out. Have that you know in their mind without their old carnival people there. Feared dead they're never violate. It and so on and so forth so. It does bother me that I have to say to your audience that the world isn't field. With talented true psychics. That are in service to others some do charge each others do not. That whether free or paid. I can only suggest that you re search is now on line. And see what people are saying you know look for testimonials. Looked for a history look what they heard again. And get better understanding that that individual before you hire. Him our car for a private session. And that private session by the way can be in person or can be through the sky. Or through counsel on. In fact I have clients all over the world. I did many many telephone readings and many Skype breeding and I don't need that person. And try to make I don't work out so they're you know physical energy. Well I think just some of the and and there I don't feel that there is a negative aspects to. Cents an individual target charging anyway and whatever to each their own of course. The author charging 500 dollars for a half hour is kind of Ari despite. But you do see some of these people who instantly you'll. Out of no where they'll become psychic and start searching now a television show and trying to get on TV and showing up on TV and these people you know if you knew him prior you know that they they had no sensitive abilities but insulated became psyche to be on TV and that's another thing that I really think. Hurts hurts this battlefield. Well you're absolutely right because what really. You know put Padilla and that whole field. Or impact the fielders like you say you have somebody that has their own top that channel and then they have mass audience says it's. So someone that does not participate in mass media. Actually does not have the exposure are. At one day let's say on Hulu are we you know whatever. That type of television channel that there may be so that the impact in the influenced. Is much greater. When we mixed media in there with it. Just so I understand Tom is him is the bigger problem here not so much people that may or may not have the abilities. Because you did say that everybody's got some kind of psychic abilities questioned whether and it may not use or not. But is the problem that they just that some people oh lead on their clients and and give them false reasons to keep coming back to the keep paying. Or or does the selling them things are ideas that David just don't have the value that the pertaining may have. Yes absolutely. You know you see that almost on a daily. Basis. Derek individuals that want to keep that person upset. Or keep them relying on that particular. So called psychic. So that they both spend their hard earned money. Again and again and again and then that individual gets to where. They give away their power. To the very person that is victimizing. Them. And so here she does not wish to make a decision about what the ice for dinner that night. And so. It becomes a big big problem and that and and you know people that sell products you know I've heard. Scammer is set charged. You know big money for let's say act handle. I say to people don't spend your money. Down to that dollar tree near Wal-Mart or target or whatever. I had doubt lurking and don't. And do what you need to do if you're using that for meditation or prayer or your work enough to calm that it can't dole. Or whatever you you're dealing with a candle. Don't go out IE somebody's. Hand of for a lot of money. Your money and buy back dollar candlelight get good again. And that's a part of the problem out there is a lot of times self proclaimed cents a missiles say. They make in the special candle to a it's helped push whatever is in the investment person's house our orator help cleanse the person and it becomes a 500 dollar candle and it's really just a candle that they've. Made the backroom of their house so they bought for a you know 23 dollars. And there's not one can't go out there that is going to get rid of any sort of entity at a comment you well know. Advocate that your profession. There's not going to be one piece of stage. That is going to react let's say had demonic. Entity in a home. We do know that sage works for a spiritual Clinton saying and energy to friends saying and and things of that nature. That one item is not going to rid the problems or that individual. Nor is it going to rated in let's say negative stairs as spiritual entities. Angela one more question for we are jumping to break and you kind of touchdown and are ready but just a kind of summing up how would you recommend people we have a lot of listeners that go to psychics and consult with psychics. How would you recommend that they. Proceed with caution to sort out those it to them might scam them. Well I I would say that you know I'm not a big believer and I don't trust these groups like you know I that psychic group I won't say that. Some of the Arab. You know mass media groups commercials. That are being run on television stay away from as the candidates. Willie bring those individuals again they might even teach them how to. Interpret a harder interpret some points. But I would just recommend that you do your research. You know the Internet is say wonderful tool look for history look for testimonials. See that there appears saar in the same field and that type of thing and so they don't have to be rich and famous. They don't have to be a mass media psychic. You know could be woman next door or that's. Men next door but do your research and if anybody suggest to you that you need to have. Multitude of Reading list I think I never tell my clients went to get another reading the bench tonight comes back to you at a certain time like said that fatigue yeah oh yeah. I'm not gonna reach every week and I gonna reach every day. You know when the time comes and contact me and and woke up so they tax so just stay away from opportunist. So with that feels like they're opportunistic. And they are an opportunist. Protester gut instinct. Sergey V stop calling sister Cleo to. And then I don't know that our son so much fun was that ours are gonna take a break Mordechai on the phone numbers 8446877669. Inning and as you listen Jason TV. Beyond really revealing back after. Are you ready JC GB with the help of the phone lines next hour right on the number eight. For her 687766. And I'm looking forward to it taking your calls with a guest Angela Thomas. I'm Angela we have a very very short segment here of for a top of the hour break but I want to ask you. We were talking about two. Some charlatans in the industry there's plenty of them out there there's plenty of them in any industry but. And at the bigger question here is how do you recommend that duke. People whether they're your clients or anybody's clients whether there is the psychic is good or bad how do you reckon and they handle. Bad advice or noticeably bad advice but advice that might have consequences for example if somebody got a reading it said oh you're going to have a tragic accident in a car. I don't feel that I'm assuming you don't say avoid all cars how do you recommend people handle something like that. Well I can tell you right now that I am not one that it would that figure now tell somebody that they're going to be in a car accident. Because again you're you're generating fear and anxiety and and it's not the role at all. You know I can only you know we speak for myself power for myself. And the thing has is that I can suggest. That they take another option. For example if I say it view. Decide if you decide. To go this way. Then this is what you connect anticipate happening thereafter. If you choose another direction. Then you can anticipate this sort he do nothing you can anticipate that. And I never tell. Any client what to do. You know I've they'll ask me in my opinion and I said. If you want my opinion as Angela. I'd be happy to address set after your reading. That by now I'm just trying to deliver the messages to you and it's up to you to do with that information. But anybody that is trying to say listen. There's a car accident now. If there is some thing that's pressing that I had absolutely no. That that client list let's say. Obviously helped like I'm not a position. But if I am being told through diet toasters psychic impressions. That's something that's coming up. I will say to them listen I'm I am focused just on this area of the body. And I feel that you need to see your medical professional about that to the testing. Or whatever that doctor is suggesting. If I see that there is somebody that will be in danger let's say from a crime. And I will say listen there is a life ahead coming up between now and whatever timing I guessed. And I would describe. The individual that I was seeing court situations. That is occurring in and around that time that they can't. Identifier. Know who I'm talking about. I may or may not be able to bring yet names that you understand. But I never say to that list then he's going to be murdered tomorrow night or your loved one is gonna get in the car acts. Are able win enough to coach awful we got to take a break we're going to be open up phone lines so it 446877669. Denny 446877669. Elicited Jason TV yeah. Honored her with myself Jason Hawes and they always awesome JV Johnson so. You're going to want to get your dialing fingers ready and call in for a reading in Horry question for our guests tonight Angela Thomas Angela's a psychic clairvoyant we're going to be Britain taking those calls a little bit. We've got a lot of stuff coming up to on the program they should be aware about aware of a broad issue in task of LB joining us are returning guest. I tomorrow night he's paranormal. Investigator psychic and spiritual offer author of talking about a bunch of things the Monday of course Freddy's a best of my looks like two really neat topic. Reads Summers is going to be witnessed talking about to then rappers he's a representative of new message. We're going to be beast be discussing the truth about UFO's contact disclosure and revealing the alien presence and agenda in the world. I'm album here yeah. I don't know what you are doing. I don't know if you if you look at him look at that they mean Haley supposed to be delayed for a sort of free again tomorrow or oneself that I bid she lets hope she gets is on before I head over to the U Canada and it's just so good so you knew that we have we have some great shows and then actually Tuesday we've got Scott Walter on the Yahoo!. He's done history and everything else is forensic geologist. And we're going to be talking to him about a much different things Kensington rune stone and a lot of other things scouts is a wonderful person that on makes every Friday to say you know as the best and beyond reality some makes you tune in and tests show that night as well. Yeah so other springer guest back in. Angela we we are very very happy to have you with us and wanted to shift the topic here before we surge because of phone calls. And talk a little bit about us a mere 2018 predictions because you've made a bunch of them. Before we get into the prediction specifically. I wanna know how. You actually go about making your predictions I know I made a whole bunch of predictions for 2018 I think they've all the already fallen apart side I know not enough and I predicted is gonna come true. I've pretty much a short of that but I'd go up making yours. Well you know my predictions and thank you for asking about my approach to it and they kept sometimes. I guess sit down and start to you know meditate about two and and think about. You know world affairs are different countries and then the information can get and then I think times. While I'm away kind might be writing campaign are. Into doing something that's very nonchalant. And then suddenly and I and hit with predictions. And so I'm writing are piping gel like I would generally type faster than I'm right I'm I'm typing it as fast as I can. And so that's generally how it happens. I'm not too often do I have pre cognitive training and although I have had that most Catholics in my waking state. You. In fact I had several years ago. It. I don't know it there must have been accused a window open. I had gone through. The loss of the Reid family members. Within a short amount of times so definitely have a fighting grieve for going to the flow of grades. And I was being bombarded with so many. Pop production and I was right team than down days Lee. I was posting them on my web site Dalian and I went on to face splat and started in the UK called growth here predictions. So that I could get that date and time stamps. And that's the only reason why puts some of them on FaceBook gets so now blanket come in and sank you know black. You'd change that you know you take CE. XE. You know the predictions to match the results. I you know on all of that evidence I thought that at least that would have the date time stamp. On face that protects you can't go in there and change that. So. But yes there's been times where it just pours again. And other times you know I might get one game that day or I might get once in a week. So our depends on you know where I'm Matt. And you know what kind of psychic impressions and getting an about we're like attached to the energy you know for example. You know what airport to our defense contractor. Or. Places like missiles. Defect carries a lot of energy to me so there's a lot of it's different types of energy I recognize quite know what it is immediately. And so that's another way that I work with predictions as well. Angela let's talk about some of Europe predictions for 2018 what are some of the ones I know you've actually had some already come to pass from no where and why go to weaken a half and a February here now and even then a weekend of February. What are some of the ones that may have startled you most. I think my biggest concern right now is for Indonesia. Myanmar. Their relations. You know I've read that relations between the two areas will decline in more violence begins to break out in the region. So there have been some conflict among them. But I feel like there's going to be a continued. Brutality and murders. These Muslims there today as are the rallying. Muslims said they're kind of killing. And sell but I said mini golf ball formation sweeping genocide. And because I used the word sweeping I was trying to. Get across that I feel like this is going to spread. And spread lied. So that genocide is what I am most concerned about but also you know I made a prediction about US national security. And there's something coming up and by the way I only used between now and the next eighteen months. Surveys so we'll begin of these are predictions I put out in January like everyone else did. That you know from January until the next eighteen months so it fixed tomorrow are eighteen months from now. That wet what bothers me as the US national security because I believe that. There's going to be a pentagon. CI AT and end at day. Collaboration and I feel like two or three people will be arrested for treason. So I feel like there's something the last time between the Pentagon NSA and CIA. Said yes. Off fault you know and puts our country at risk. So I won't be surprised when that's over yesterday. Q how are you suggest I did you son Josh are you suggesting that there are rogue elements in those three organizations that will conspired to do something or you saying. That that's the organizations themselves. Are involved in something an affair not. Say that there's there's broke people petition at the Pentagon. Not everyone that works at the Pentagon. You know there are bad and you know there are a lot of patriots and men and women who have spent their lives devoted to. Being in service packed to the people of the United States. And there are some within the CIA and come with a neck in FAA which is very disturbing to me. And so those are the two big ones. And of course I know that the world is focused on Kim Jong-un and I have. You know law in the forest father passed I was making predictions about North Korea and those gains through and I I have links to those older. Predictions on the website so people can find that out and look for the evidence habit. But I feel like North Korea you know we have this Winter Olympics things. In between South Korea North Korea. Their date collaborating with some of their sports players. But I do feel like he will be. Trying to do some things. During the Olympics or shortly following. The Olympics to undermine. South Korea. And you know. I feel like he's going to face a major life threat. Especially. From the enemy within and so not only do we know that you know he goes about making threats to other countries. And those countries that any kind could recount. However I feel like he's. He's got a couple of people that. Are hired to you know they want to replace. Yes. And it wouldn't surprise me if there's not a life threat that's being reported about him. Those are kind of you know I've got to Caspian Sea. I think that there's something going on. With some sort of oil disputes I feel like here's how large. Processing plant Torre or any refinery being destroyed. That we're going to hear it out but also the waters hair. They're just seems cities some sort of I don't know off the first. Poisoning in the water or contamination. And backed. The water has been painted and contaminate it. So I know that we're gonna hear about that. I also feel like cat you know the artist that they and Morrison you know into the mystic. Was one of his tickets. And also John Cougar Mellencamp. I feel like both of those people will hear about their health. And like Fred in the news between now and the next eighteen months. So there's oh in many predictions. That I have made and you know I may make more in February and march and you know all throughout the year but these that Yale. I don't know I might have about 20/20 five. And I published thus far. Ford 2018. Right welcome back to some of these predictions as well when it jumped to the phone mines have got some people lining up here and end of the been winning very very patiently someone to go to Dona in Kentucky. Hello Donna welcome to be on reality radio. Lara thank you particular call. I'm Diana. And I am wondering if you would give me. Our our our reading and trying to connect to someone over on the other side are you want is lately it. Well actually you know I'm a psychic clairvoyant medium ship is not my Forte. And so if you have a psychic questioned in fact is that different says is that. You know I deal with the lifting. And rarely delight deal with that medium ship even now like here's spears quite a bit. By I've got a medium person say a professional medium but I am. A professional psychic but Don. I'm not an astrologer I don't care about your year bird whatsoever. But what's your mind that day a bird McCormick place. And November the 21. November the 21 good birthday by the way. OK so. Do you have any specific question or area of concern. Other then having it's secular press and I on the other side. In which you wish to connect to it. Just like and not in any Brett and that person has and and I and I ball. I can say he would say you know you don't need a psychic to tell you that you know when we are. In grief protecting comments waves were fine one day. One week a one month and then secondly. We feel that and that's however. I do wanna say Donna that in and around latter part of June. Or July. There is a shift in Europe spoke and so what I mean by us focused. And I mean Dinah is is that there are campaign. Edgar happening in your life and less energy and or July. Timeframe. That is going to. Keep your attention on that and I feel like it's something very positive and by the way. I feel like you're cut going to kind of change a little bit heavier pass I don't feel like you're changing your entire life. But I feel like there's something that you are going to feel like doing. And that you'll want to talk to person you know and so in and around June July timing. I feel that you are going to pursue that and it has you are not busy your mind with reflections try to you know. And you're happy that you feel more productive said you know what I'm talking about. I feel that seek re eating part is not going to end tablet you like it does right now. How will you still have a bit of Greece then perhaps until. Lake it you're not gonna feel as a crippled. Or indecisive. Or as I'm able to you feel like make him a little stat Carr can't do this I just feel like get. But things are. Yes June July period changing face you and I lie kept fully done. And what happened that the issue. Thanks so much for the phone call we're gonna go to break you're just a moment don't forget the phone number 28446877669. When we get back from the break we'll take more of your phone calls and more discussion with Angela Thomas and suggestions. Maybe you can see. Times her talking about so who puts things are right now we're taking phone calls so let's continue to do that Angel we have time mile. Accent don't think we do have time before the bottom the or breaks you probably shouldn't get into that because it wouldn't be fair to the caller you know probably a little closer on our yeah. So we don't tell us some you know when it comes down to your predictions again. On obviously there's no prediction day where everything just floods steel like on December 28 save you prepare for the 2018 predictions if these things must come to you all the time. They didn't come quite often and you know sometimes. When predictions into my head I might be dry lightning. And not go you know what I need to go in tight set into outside help. Or I need approach my FaceBook page shows the wet side of whatever the case maybe I need to write it down. And you know sometimes that happens to suddenly hot or procrastinate. Thinking. IE is Angela not psychic that I can't replica and you know I don't think that's gonna happen just yet. And then lo and behold it'll happen and then of course it's too late to post it. Because I couldn't come out to Republicans say yes you know I knew that was gonna happen because then there would be no evidence. So yes it happens quite a bit at. By the way Angela's website is her name Angela Thomas dot org. An and just because they know we have on the fringe media dot com what can people find there. I'm different media dot com is that radio podcast series we have. Some terrific guests that talk about a of course French topics. And so I do that and of course by psychic predictions and psychic development and psychic readings. Great OK so those are both web sites for Angela when we come back we'll take more of your phone calls. The numbers 8446877669. PM Stoll freed 8446877669. Listen Jason TV and be on Ellen. Casey came here this senator senator Thomas psychic hurt her in her website is Angela Thomas dot org. Or can also check out on the fringe of media dot com and into the screen and continue with the phone calls here we have a bunch people that him waiting. This is Phoenix calling in from Chicago he Phoenix welcome to the show. I can turn the music played yet. So in my due to India right now what's going on there. I. Yeah it and really look. At it Larry. Not just dug Imus on what your your kind of cut in and aren't going your a lot of wind or something but what I hear you what's on your mind you're on with Angela. It any. Wet you know what I would like gears just a month and they embarrassed. Your specific question I don't major a year apart. And what is an electronic sex that's. Okay Greg Craig. In. The nation. Here. Okay here it can't speak at a lot of question marks about. And our intent he seems. Hope our heart. So seemed to succeed at home and in that. Yeah so deathly about it now via. I'm at a lot of Russian market and the career aspect of life. Right right and I'm going to say to use that. I really don't see that you are going to make a major. Change in your career passed just yet. I am gonna say as we start to get into the policies then. Policies and to me it's not the calendar season of third week in September but rather when you start hearing that back to school time. That's what I've charge saying you know making de Bakker changing your life. And so when I when I say pick a change in your career life. I'm talking about you know taking on new title. Taking on new responsibilities. And so sort so it starts to look a little bit more extreme. And let's say in the past couple of years. So I do see some changes coming that I don't see you changing. Every saying you know let's say like and let next month or any. Next month yes I don't know why you will not change by next month. I feel like a bigger changes coming around back to school time are dead set him are. You know that Somalia could drag you know what I'm leaving night. My normal career and I'm going to pursue something different. I don't feel like it's going to be as significant change and Hilliard get to the policies and and I think the downplay the content and Conrad. Thanks your car buried let's go to. The line yeah this is a good call from Missouri here welcome to the show. Didn't pronounce it right this time and raided it last time. Now but it looked up they will soon anyway. I and let the settling in. It. Happened at a fund name and what your monthly ever. I November's thirty. Am tempered parity at Tokai and what you questions for me today. And the question it's my husband has been and conceded his career path. No actually going to ask her basically it's touted during the and being completely support about that you can get about two years and call me and my question is is this year going to appease. A successful model you'd been successful they just break even successful. It's actually really is going to have. More of a significant change of course is not going to be a billionaire overnight or anything like debts. But there is bigger business coming from the eastern side of the United States so even though I know you know the two if you are in Missouri. There is some sort of connection to say. Person and that has a bigger. Company are bigger whatever is going on at that individual business side. And the eastern side of the United States and I see now that that's coming out in new York New Jersey. Area. So. You might go well he's just local local. And that would mine you know it that would matter. I feel like there's an individual companies 'cause that is going to assist him. In some capacity. That the business will see bigger change says. And he'll have more money to suck away in the day. And perfect and you know yeah I'll good luck to him I know it's going to be great year for him and they hear that silence. So wonderful and thank you for common. Glory yeah. OK let's goat to Cassie Conley from Oklahoma he Cathy welcome to the show you don't be on reality radio. I thanked the Mets Aaron. Day earlier left you have for years you you you'd be you'd you'd. And it that the pound for everyone out there in the paranormal they'll. You really have appreciated it. And when he is toned down on its debt. I've tried the that you're very. And Angela. Pan and get an idea how I don't have a question where you're Ambac is. As a child I had this same experiences as what you have. Said you're experiences the band. Meant when Barry Barry strong are all in the warrant where might mile parent my immediate ambling. My friend. Entered college were terrified of eight men trapped because I was tapped those moments like you'd you know. Said that you attack. And I would. Just kind of would be a lot and then back and blurted out. Man. And then it would cap. Children and what happened to me as the young adult where as it heads back to acquire worked out so ostracized. Permit I. Really ask god to just taking a wait Ernie. Land. Intermittently over the year I'm sixteen and now on mountain. Plan. I've had burnt areas where things to come curb it not like it was letting Lohan. You know how we in my early years. Question here is now am my age I elect amateur in act. Be able to deal what it is there a way for me to come back to what I had. Elect Dell why all the years. Part of me was missing. Yes and one of my biggest suggestions is that you focus on one or two areas. Other abilities because when you begin to practice. You know let's say using certain exercises and techniques and you incorporate meditation. Into the next. All of your other abilities so let's just say for example that. You start to your life your psychic abilities well then you'll notice said hang them a bit more player of the one hand and I thought I laughed. Okay. Heidi and getting a bit more medium ship experiences. That I was let's say twenty years ago. And so I would try to take everything on once. But I certainly it would incorporate meditation prayer. And certain techniques whether you trying to mentor in your area. Or you'd find you know not credible psychic with. Book Greg instruction book of whatever the case maybe. And but I can get your ideal age at sixty years of age. You know you've slept just trials that behind. And here now at an age where he could truly focused and generally we see people. That you know 303840. And up and behind. That certainly has a window. Open and then here comes those abilities. So just keep up the great work capacity I think that you're going to receive significant change. Once you begin to really. Begin to practice that everyone that this saying I would kind of keep your circle of friends. Smaller. Especially when you go to relate to them that you are. Are practicing and tried to exercise the mine for. Psychic expansion. Oh anyway god bless you thank you so much economy. Can't thank. There can't act. OK let's take one more. I think we have time for one more this is just in calling and he just to welcome to the show. When I was hoping to get it. Justin how old are you. Saying it. Okay itself unfortunately. Just an as much as I would use up to read to you. And fortunately you know like he had. Because you are under the age of eighteen. But I certainly do appreciate. UConn in. I hope Justin that you are able to work plan. Others that are that can help you as an individual. Let me ask and I psychic or read terror. Cannot do that witness. You know and and steal a good conscious of doing nap before you but thank you so much for coming again. Yeah Justin thanks so much sorry that's just the way it is I met Angela is that something that's more of an ethics thing in your in the second community or his or something. For me personally I can say it's an ethics say yeah because you know eleven years old or anybody below the age of eighteen is still not. Where they need to be and I'd prefer people well over the age of eighteen however. There are sad state that absolutely. There are laws in place that say. You must be eighteen years of age or older. So I certainly wouldn't want to break any laws that I don't wanna break my own ethical code. I don't understand yet know that makes a lot of sense other speaking of laws are there any states that regulate other than maybe just saying that you have to be eighteen years or older to get a reading but. Are there any other regulations or states that regulate the psyche community. You know there's not any huge regulations where anything is being enforced. There are laws in place. In fact you know our professional as psychic it eat in or anybody who even claims to be. Need to do post that is it for entertainment. Purposes only. Even without UN China. That they are you know there's real psychics like myself. So that you. Have to put that out there you have to put a legal notice. That you're not a medical professional you're not and then turn me. Or anybody of that nature you know. That's the only thing but I don't see a lot of enforcement's. Going on so you know otherwise they'd be rounding up a lot of tactics scammer. She answered a message should mention that Justin is a good friend of the program is called on many occasions so do be sure to call back again just in some other time. Let's take one more call this is I think it's cast from Missouri casts. Welcome to the program. Thank you. LL hang me I have a question per inch or less comment. You are short and my. Earth Day is there ain't trying to teach you. 922. Then and what's your question. I wanted to know if my granddaughter. Who is now seventeen going to be eighteen is going to be all right she has gone through a lot of trauma. And have it throughout her whole life. So if she's gonna get her education and be okay and not have ever again. OK so let me just say right now of course I'm not a medical professional. So I'll what I tell you is denied any you know I have no medical knowledge but I am gonna sake. Tactically that I need to say to use that. There is some particular are. Medical professional. That with yen on a an environment like such as the hospital. Or clinic. Or at therapeutic place you'll understand when and sank Dennis west. The you'll our granddaughter right now. I feel has she gets. Around April may June of this year. That there is communications. About such a place. I don't feel still go Lynette timing but rather I feel like October November. He does then get the opportunity to go. What are your questions Latino is she going to get through this. She can have a mental breakdown. I can say can you say your granddaughter is still challenged. Even if she had all of the professionals and the war to she's still will be challenge is going to UK car. Quite a YL. To overcome but I want you to know that there are some. Positive that you mark your granddaughter will reach you ask me about her education and let me be quite honest. I do feel like there is that in turn perhaps that she and her educational pursuits a letter I mean but that. I feel like there's an interaction where. She is going to maybe take some lead from school. She might decide to be homes schools are veterans and sort of independent over computerized. Schooling you understand. But she will pursued that but right now. I feel like the biggest opportunity border. Is to get you know better mental and emotional health. So is she going to be okay. Yes but I can say it's going to take a lie when of course. You know you don't need a psychic to say that's very realistic as well. But thank you so much for calling I loved reading about your grandfather. And got election. Thank you thank you Cassandra for the phone call we appreciate you calling in. I'm Angela we only have a minute left here what he's got going on I know you have a bunch of stuff on the website Angela Thomas dot org that people cannot look through. How do you recommend people navigate that. Well you know simply just go if if you I have so many pages to that website is if nothing else she'd go to site map. And and have a better selection and the menu bars limit said that I would certainly. You don't go to the about me page set to find out you're really dealing when a baby want to research meet. Articles media whatever the case may be to feel better about that. But they also have articles on there about developing your psychic abilities or even if you are an existing psychic can you wish to expand your business. I also would have articles on the web site that will help to explain how to do that on a professional level. So there's there's a lot of personal stories and psychic experiences. I've had with the client sedar our interest. So there's just a lot of things on Angela Thomas skakel are. Testify at classes and I will be announcing the sport venues. Coming up between now and march that I will be. Teaching. Psychic development workshops. There hasn't. Great take you so much for coming and hanging out with a smooth look forward avenue and I guess some point. Well thank you Jason and JP I appreciate being a guest on the show tonight lets you. Have a great night okay so we're gonna come back to wrap things up in just a few moments it's beyond reality presentation do. Has joining us it's apparent. Investigator psychic and spiritual author of be talking about his encounters with the UFO's positive energy vortex is and dimensional doorway. It's in every Friday as the best of the unreality so makes you tune and then night if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio link to FaceBook page for us. That had to be unreal the radio dot com week final stations we err on. Or possibly adding a new loans to its check in Austin. Can also download the free iPhone and android app right there. Shall I shall listen live catch past shows on the go or click the listen live Monday night were light Jonas and online chat and TV myself agree community people hang out to download showed iTunes Joseph Avery to force elsewhere show Ford makes it easier for people to find and that's what it's all well but assumed to have for us tonight everybody have a great night's GC GG beyond earlier. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Johnson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's normally don't really read news. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason host hello and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to readjust and beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.