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2/7/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 8, 2018|

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, There have been recent efforts to protect Barack Obama by the left wing media and the Democrats. The issue is not whether the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, but the extent of it. We need to find out what Obama knew and when he knew it. It is ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it comes to a brick and. Hello everybody. Mark the event here are number 8773813811877381381. Month. To be the best I can. An article had the flu. In the house spending money. Energy here to be able to do broadcast today but my mind is as sharp as ever before now. Before we get into some of these things. I wanna explain how I think. And when explained how I approached the show. And it is a statement Ronald Reagan used to have on his desk and I have one of them in TV desk. And it's there's no limit the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit. There's no limit the amount of good he can do if you don't care who gets the credit. You know I don't mention. What I said in the past to play audio from my past comments. For the purpose of trying to show anybody up. The purpose of trying to show you how oppression I am. But he justifies some prediction or any of the rest of. That's not why I do it. I do it because. I think very very logically. I mention the past. So you can see how I think why I say what I say. And to discern the progression of events. From your host. As I approached. And I know others who want to pat themselves on the head and pat themselves on the back that's not what I'm doing. Honestly I don't have time to really listen everybody else. And good living TV and prepping for my own radio show I'm starting a new book again soon then gonna have a show on fox I honestly don't have time to listen what everybody else is saying nor do I want to. That's. When an audience is for. But I you do need to go back here because. There's some recent that efforts here the last. Thirty or forty minutes to protect Barack Obama. From this text you've been hearing about all day. But in order to make sense out of all this. I need to go back. Lay out what was said last march. And and I can go back to last February but I'm not gonna do that. On. FOX & Friends on March 5 I will spare you my march 2 radio show in my march 6 Hannity show. And then we're going to listen to what I said. On Hannity. This past Monday just a few days ago. And then there's some news out that you ever heard about. As the Wall Street Journal news page tries to defend Barack Obama. Now what are we talking event. We're trying about a text. The text to change by page and stroked. A text in which. It makes clear that Barack Obama. Wants to be kept informed. So the debate now are the so called debate is. Informed about what. Some people argued that point about Hillary Clinton. Her email investigation. Wall Street Journal says now as I will explain a little bit more detail that no. People who know page and struck say it had nothing to do that. The president just wanted information about. The Russian investigators. That's not exactly right either. And you see. Ladies and gentlemen this is one text in this text is very revealing. But it's more than that. As you listen to these audio is to put it together rather than me repeating myself and then I'll take it and next step does that make sense mr. produce. So I'm not playing this to say look how Smart I am. I was the first one to do this or that I don't care. I care about this republic. I care about getting to the bottom of this I have a unique vantage point having. Served in the ring and administration for eight years having served at the top levels of the Justice Department. When I smell. A rotting. Political. Event. I want it you know lot. So we'll just been a few minutes. Going back in order to go forward. Now this is FOX & Friends. March 5. 2017. Nearly a year ago. If you can I hope you listen very carefully as we walk through this step by step by step. Cut one go up the evidence is overwhelming. This is not about president trumps tweet this the Obama administration's. Spine. And the question is whether it's why we know they went to the fights a court twice. The question as. Could they spying on the extent of the spying. That is the trump campaign to try and transition. Trumps Harry gets and I want to walk you through this the American people. Exhibit one exhibit want this is all I'll. Penn street two separate sources would links to the counter intelligence community had confirmed. At the FBI sought and was granted eight Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court. This is spot. In October inning counterintelligence permission to examine the activity unquote US persons in Donald Trump's campaign which ties for Russia. Let me go off. Does it mean they say the first Spicer request sources say named trump. Was denied back in June denied by the court and who. But the second was drawn more narrowly and was granted in October after evidence was presented they serve aired possibly related to the trump campaign. And it's alleged links to two banks. Now sources suggest that they fight so why was granted a look at the full content of emails. And other related documents that make continuous persons I know people are hung up when trumps. Where wiretap and how they get access to the server information doesn't really matter who was wiretapping electronic surveillance or whatever was. Exhibit to the guardian while no right wing British papers. Here it is. Quote the guardian has learned the FBI applied for a wind from the foreign intelligence surveillance court over the summer in order to monitor foreign members of the trump he. Suspected of irregular context for the Russian officials. Even my this is going a presidential election. The sitting president the incumbent party is now investigating. The presidential candidate of the Republican Party and his campaign to some extent. But fights a court turned down the application asking FBI counterintelligence investigators. To narrow its focus according to one report. The FBI was finally granted they want an October. Exhibit three McClatchy another well known right wing newspaper it's. Here they have. The agency's headlines FBI and five other agencies five other Obama administration agency's probe possible Covert crumble. An eighth to trump. The FBI and five other law enforcement intelligence agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation direction attempts to influence the November election including whether money from Kremlin. I'm Covert created presidential elect Donald Trump to people familiar with the matter said the agencies involved in the inquiry IDF. FBI the CI ABS today the Justice Department. It treasury department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and representatives of their record the national intelligence. Are you telling me Barack Obama didn't know was my musical agencies as you know Ron Paul Howard are not yet got to go and not god I need to make the case. Because the media seems to be confused about how report. New York Times and other well known liberal outlet intercepted Russian communications part of inquiry into tribe associates January. 19. The FBI is cleaning the investigations aided by the NSA the CIA treasury department's financial crimes unit. Investigators have accelerated their efforts in recent lease but have found no exclusive and conclusive evidence around it listen to this. One official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications. Have been pro Biotech. Soon the White House this is they knew at times and other I don't know we'll explore another right wing outlets continue that's a New York Times again NSA gets more latitude to share intercepted communications in the final days of the Obama administration. Hat at the administration has expanded the power of the NSA. They shared globally intercepted personal communications. With the government sixteen other intelligence agencies. Before. Applying privacy protection now why would they do this on the way out the door well march 1 exhibit six. Obama administration rushed to preserve intelligence I'm Russian election packing. In the Obama administration's last faced listen to this some White House O officials scrambled to spread information about Russian efforts. Not undermine the presidential election. And about possible contact between associates are present electron and Russians across the government I'm not Don. The exhibit seven. New York Times when it's said to have talker rush and about sanctions trump took office what were they get this information. Well mark another bicycle right there are always monitoring the the Russian ambassador and somehow or another. Maybe they are maybe they're not but there's an awful lot of other activities sure we have Washington Post one more Washington Post march 2. US investigators. Have examined contacts attorney general sessions had. With Russian officials during that time he was advising Donald Trump's campaign. The focus of the US counter intelligence investigation. Has been on communication between trump campaign officially been rife that there's no best. Ukraine Bobby sessions and examining its context while serving as Trump's foreign policy advisor in the spring. And summer and 20s16. This is been going on pray yes. All right let's go back to cut to mr. producing go ahead. How confident are you that this new this investigation which was on Russian so called Russian hacking but now the White House says this morning will be broadened it to looking into executive overreach how come I mean are you think they find something that. I don't know a blunt they already found something the issue isn't whether the Obama's administration spy. On the trump campaign or transition a series and its targets the issues the extent you can be 142. Time they were so aggressive they waited for. Five months ago back in October where we speak for the general election they narrowed their request all of a sudden we have leaks coming out on Flynn. That we have eight or horrible meeting that took place between sessions and so forth and I'm telling you as a former chief of staff when attorney general of the United States. In the Reagan administration these are police state tactics know what Barack Obama now. You know everything I've just read you part apart from wanted to articles and I know. Yeah newspapers it's right act so Barack Obama not only knew this. But he gets a daily intelligence briefing and let me tell you something about bailing colleges briefings if you I attorney general. And you're FBI is gonna fight such collect up to that hey why aren't. To investigate aspects of an up opposition party in the middle of a general election campaign. How much you want about the present the United States knew that I don't what is on the. Again. I come alive now I had pretty good grasp on this based on the sparse information but. Again I'm not doing this to tell you how Smart I am going this time I'm experienced. And I think these things through based on my own background. And I knew and I know today something is horribly horribly wrong. And then the push back came almost immediate. And I wanna move from this information to the plate for the push back again. It was extreme it was constant it was all the big media. And it was started. And the reason is. While I'll explain that later as they did on Monday on Hannity show let's go to cut six mr. produce ago. White House officials say the president sources for various conservative outlets most prominently perhaps radio host mark Colvin who seemed. It takes three days chunks of information and combine them into one conspiracy theory of what he calls a silent coup and on the conservative right part website which Friday highlighted a conspiracy loving radio talk show hosts like that marquee event. Tell the story asserted that Obama has been trying to undermine trumpet every turn. 'cause he is even that minor was inspired by a Thursday night radio segment by conservative talk show host marking an end. Apparently. This idea came from right wing radio host and unlicensed. Gynecologists mark. It got about these wiretaps kind of let me stop there. Maybe sound. And I'm not an unlicensed acknowledges that you are now gone ahead the other show that shows that written off my right. Aren't as Smart didn't get congress to investigate Obama's silent. Move vs solve what is a White House okay. By you the president may not might see men and most likely handing the president the United States had a right right are part of Carter called panda. Talking about why hey rabid right we didn't talk show host and I has been here rising. Starr is a firebrand conservative radio host marker didn't. A brief for the people there who don't know who is he he's got quite a following you and she's. I just conservatives figured office 2000 relatively radical positions about the need to. Reinvent the constitution and government and the ways in which we think about society that they know. She ended march Lavinia. Isn't news outlet says that the New York Times is not wise to boast. Is that Wall Street Journal's and the LA times is not a major news networks is warrant less than half a guy who rowdy a Rutgers I know one run talk radio guys don't have. A lesson right plus they're right they rob rile people up without raises charges and nobody choose Canada because you. President I say he's getting his information. Are these people. Obama has committed a crime scenes you. And detailed speculation from a conspiracy loving talk show hosts like my Alabama okay. You know obviously depends on how well I mean you've got from the solid sound killer. And talking golf and how they don't know. Come back alive so when all this took place two things. I knew I was on dissent. I wasn't on the something why would they care. That's number one number two they were a handful of colleagues in this business. Who. Came in my defense. Most of them sat on the amounts to didn't say a word. And now they pat themselves on the back for having broken this I don't pat myself on the back for anything I just laid out few march. In a minute take the next step the next step and where this may be headed when we return not be right back our. You don't have enough time in this segment. To build on the foundation has just paid for with the right after the out of state stay here. You see if I've always believed that it was impossible. For the Obama White House and Obama himself. Not to know the general outlines of what was taking place in his administration. In fact it would be almost impossible. If he didn't. He gets a daily presidential briefing which includes counterintelligence investigations. Give a counterintelligence investigation going on based on a warrant. Secured by the FBI Justice Department. You better believe that's mentioned. In those briefings which is why continue to press congress to get copies of them. We also know attorney general lynch deputy attorney general Sally Yates. FBI director economy deputy FBI director McCain. Struck page and many others. Knew about these ice applications and about this these price of one of the extension. Why would they keep it from the National Security Council Ben Rhodes the deputy National Security Council has a big timely here. But they've kept it from Susan Rice fin number one national security person advising the president United States. Why they keep it from Valerie Jarrett had a finger in everything and why would they keep it from Barack Obama. More when I returned. American revolution starts here. Our clothes and show call at 8773813811. During different times on this radio program and on Libyan TV channel fox. I have continued to return. To the issue of Obama. I was asked by Sean Hannity come on the show Monday. And I agreed. And I was listening to some of the guest before me as I was in the last segment. This was Monday night. So very very brilliant people. DeVon newness was speaking very very courageous men and you know I'm a big fan is and have been for a long time. Given what he's been through what he's trying to get done here. And as I was listening. I thought I need to return this issue. And getting out of the weeds. And focusing on. This President Obama. Let's listen to a little bit of this cut three go. While you can see out on hell's breaking loose the mainstream media pretty much trying to keep a make it live on it. As one of the Democrats but the fact and that's why this was the the noon as house Intel committee memo that I was talking baca had huge problem with the the top levels of. Federal Bureau of Investigation and I say that we great trepidation and I play alive I was chief of staff and attorney general. I knew at least two former directors of the FBI. We worked incredibly well with the FBI over the Justice Department. It we're not would never even have occurred to us to interfere with their activities. For or against it never would have occurred cuts hostage interfere with the election and you know and ladies and gentlemen. All this talk about rushing interfering with our election which Russia sought to do it and not just our election and elections all over the world but they fail. The FBI also sought to interfere with our election. Mr. coney did. Mr. McCain did the director former air beyond current deputy who will be out soon as did their underlings. Mr. stroke ms. Paige Braddock they care and others whose names we'll go down in history in from the sleep. We also know that Loretta lynch did the same thing and I want to emphasize something to you. There's no way and how Barack Obama didn't know some of this there's no way and how Barack Obama didn't know that he is department of justice and FBI. Has filed applications for the fights a court. These foreign intelligence surveillance court. For counterintelligence investigation. There's no way he wasn't informed about that either directly from the FBI the attorney general or error in his daily presidential briefing. His intelligence briefing. There is no way. That they would have told him because of the potential that it could affect the election. And they spoke by the way that was from losing TV on January 24 of this year and it's it's out there if you careless and now this past Monday three days ago three nights ago. I was on Hannity and here's what I said cut forgo now we know why shift. And the rest of them are fighting so hard now I know why the left wing Pretoria and guard Democrat media. Are fighting so hard. Trash at noon as me you and others let's talk. Through this quickly who are they trying to protect. Hillary Clinton. Sean who else are they trying to protect. Barack Obama and his name never comes up so let me help everybody within us. Loretta lynch knew about these types of warrants. Yates the deputy attorney general the extensions rob rose and steam now the deputy attorney general he knew. FBI director economy deputy director McCain's. Drop beheading counterintelligence. Painting his girlfriend. Plus would have known about these. These have fights applications and warrants to let me tell secret. These are counter intelligence efforts. You have to assume the National Security Council in the White House note. Why would the FBI and Justice Department keeps that from the national security director in the White House why would they keep it from the deputy director. In the White House so why wouldn't be left out of the president's daily yeah. Intelligence briefing. Which I mentioned in March congress also needs to get a hold up. I am telling you know what we're looking at the FBI we're looking at the department of justice and we're now looking at all. At all at the White House Hillary Clinton pays for a warrant that's the easiest way we can put it. Hillary Clinton colluded with the ya with the Russians but it appears the FBI at the senior most levels. Colluded with the Russians soon whether it was waiting around winning it doesn't matter that's a fact. So the senior level of the FBI tried to interfere with the selection as well. This is why such a big deal and I know Republicans are bending over backwards saying this is nothing to do a Muller. Everything to do in my life because that transition from a counterintelligence investigation. Into a criminal investigation and if I call me of all things confesses to being a leader. And Mueller. Mueller as the former FBI director. Those are his people that's his environmental he's not out there as some independent force but I wanna get back to Barack Obama. It's his FBI. His Department of Justice his State Department his candidate I cannot believe for a minute and a National Security Council didn't know about this. And they showed how elaborate this is now the more information is coming out. We haven't even gotten to the ins sit down all collection of intelligence on people including by the way sessions when he met within spoke to the Russian ambassador. Michael slam when he spoke to the Russian ambassador to the unmasking and leaking out his name. They're record number of unmasking of American citizens and trump world and so forth and so on. And the American people have been subjected to a massive crop again. And misinformation campaign by the Clinton Campaign by the Obama administration. Let me ask you a logical question Sean. Eruptions went Donald Trump could be president of the United States. When they get everything they want from Hillary Clinton whether its uranium whether it's undermining our defense by cutting out paramilitaries then. By refusing to secure our border why in the world with the Russians won trump as a low Hillary's. Intend. To question I've asked many times. Because it doesn't make any sense because the Russians were not pulling for trying to. The Russians were trying to disrupt our election. But there was no collusion. And there are more and happy defeat. This ex British spy Christopher steal information. To help the Hillary campaign in the DNC to trying to disrupt our election I believe they put their finger on the yeah. A note on the on the weights. Wanted to help kill a matter of fact this is many. Incredible propaganda campaign where they've turned the victim into the perpetrate. And then finally. From Monday cut five go look at these. Hi guys bring them out there and clapper out there and there they're propagandist how they're that they don't have Susan Rice out there and then roads out there and Valerie Jarrett out there. Barack Obama's gone in the witness protection program nobody even knows where he is anymore his name never comes up I'm telling you. But the frenzy the sense. Of what's taken place here. It's to protect. Hillary and protect Obama since when has the Democrat party supported law enforcement. They undermine the Baltimore police department. They undermine the Ferguson police department the NYPD. In the LAPD. All of a sudden they're defending the FBI and then they turn around and zags. Why are you attacking the FBI and you know and I and others. Our defending the FBI against the rogue activity that's taken place at the most senior levels. And now leaking and leaking we already know come easily get. So leader struck so leader pages beleaguered how many other leaguers for coming out of the FBI which is how we knew on March 2. And six of last year something was wrong we got a little bit of price information being leaked. We got a little bit of stuff out of the FBI about why I choose media and at times about wiretaps. We re able to try and piece this together on your show among others. And then it all now make. Sense this is a massive spectacle and massive biggest scandal eruption in the history of this country your historian. But whether it is or not I mean that's that's got to realize they're it is. I lesson not only do we need a special counsel. We need a commission. I was talking to my wife about this Friday night Dershowitz mentioned over the weekend he's right we need a criminal investigation didn't. And we need a policy investigation. Didn't come up well what we need to do we cannot walk away from us. All right. So that lays the foundation. And again remember I'm not learning to say she walkers I was first G welcome news I was great gene Welker as I predict it I don't care about any of that. I wanna get to the bottom of this. And you and I are gonna continue to tried this with our logic. You have to think like it detective. You have to think like a strategist. That's what we're doing here. Now we have a piece in the Wall Street Journal news section they spent an hour old maybe a little older but fairly new. Where they're leaking again. The FBI to protect. Stroke and page on this tax you've been hearing about. No Wall Street Journal Dow Clinton will Wear. Writes text messages from 2016 Cho preparation. To brief President Obama about Russia's interference in next year's election. According to associates of the FBI employees involved in the change. Not as Republican senators suggested meddling by the then president in the federal Hillary Clinton email investigation. Now how would associates. Have missed paging mr. stroke notice the most is paid to mr. Stroud told them. Today yesterday the day before. They were texting. A 25 page report released Wednesday. Pets today by senator Ron Johnson a Wisconsin. Chairman of the senate homeland security and government affairs committee highlights previously cited text messages between Peter stroke. He former FBI agent and Lisa page a bureau lawyer with whom he was having an extramarital affair. Mr. strokes supervising investigation of mrs. Clinton's use of a private email server while she was sectors stayed in was to become the lead agent. The special counsel Ramallah esteem investigating any ties between trump associates in Russia. Mr. struck was removed in July however. After the Justice Department's inspector general uncovered numerous text messages between stroke on page 2015 inch 116. That were highly critical of mr. trump. Since drugs removal was disclosed in December staffers for mr. Johnson and other senators have been poring over the payers correspondents. And the Justice Department has turned over to congress two batches of the Paris texts. And I wouldn't investigative committee supposed to do. While Wall Street Journal and this is and writing obtain many that text messages between the two staffers last week. Reporting that they showed no overall conspiracy against mr. trump this is where they come into defense mode. Republicans and the president himself has cited the messages. As evidence that the Russian probe announced they wider plot to undermine. This to try and tweeted Wednesday new FBI tapes of bombshells he didn't cite any particular text message when we know what he's talking about a it is Wednesday reports they would me. You know I can hear this anywhere else I don't know who's saying what let's say what me. Mr. Johnson pointed to a September 8 to 2016 exchange. In which mr. stroke and is paid for discussing talking points for than FBI director James Connolly to deliver to mr. Obama quote. Here's the text vote us wants to know everything we're doing unquote ms. page said using the acronym president of the United States mr. Johnson said. The text raises questions about the type and extent of president Obama's personal vomit in the Clinton investigation. & Associates of stroke and page said that exchange refer to the president's trying information on Russia election mentally. Which the FBI was heavily involved in of that period. That exchange occurred just days before mr. Obama and Russian President Putin. I'm mad at a summit in China. Mr. Obama said in December 2016 you address the issue of tampering with the election process for mr. Newton. At the September meaning. In August and September 2016 the FBI was no longer actively investigating the Clinton married goes on. I think senator Johnson drawn to and a I don't think that text and anything to do with the Clinton. And I grieve the Wall Street Journal had to do the Russian. But that's for the Wall Street Journal and I part company. Our friends at CNN it's. CNS that con. That is cnet's Susan Jones. On August 3016. Three days before FBI agent Lisa page any September 2 text message saying that Otis wants to know everything we're doing. House Democrats asked the FBI. To investigate trump Russia connection. In a letter to then FBI director James Connolly dated August 302016. House Democrats wrote in part quote. That's aren't based on multiple press reports it appears. That the FBI is investigating whether Russia exit treated cyber attacks against the DNC. And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. There resulted in the illegal hacking of a wide range of emails and other documents. We are writing to request that the FBI assess whether connections between trump campaign officials and Russian interest. Maybe contributed to these attacks in order to interfere with the US presidential election. Serious questions have been raised about overt and Covert actions Itron campaign officials. On behalf of Russian interests it's critical for the American public to know whether those actions may have directly caused there indirectly motivated attacks. Against the democratic institutions and our fundamental election process. So three days later. After the letter. According to newly released text and I just read to you seem by fox news' Lisa page and her fellow FBI agent Peter struck we're discussing the preparation of talking points. For calm need to give the President Obama. Kuo who wants to know everything we're doing unquote. Pedro to stroke. So the Wall Street Journal is fed information by allies. Of stroke in page in the FBI anonymously regurgitate it. And that's that that's not that's that. What information was given a Barack Obama why can't we get to the bottom of that really to keep guessing. But did you know he know a lot. I'll be right back. The media are already set aside any Wall Street Journal articles. And I just counted it. Live that information that they had but they didn't want to use that are printed cnet's did which is that Democrats. Formally were pushing for an investigation trump. Slash a slash. Quote unquote in Russia collusion three days before the text. And so they take leaked information from surrogates and supporters of peach and and stroke. That's that's what the media argued and they're joke. I wanna talk different net that's something you really need to pay attention to him. Why. 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So now the Wall Street Journal piece. Is being spread like. Late BS. How the fields there because. The Pretoria and our media believe that they have a partner. That this text message. From page to stroke. Saying that quote is essentially one and everything were working on. Wasn't related to the Hillary Clinton emails OK fine but her too was related to what the Russians were doing and I campaigned. And then our friends at cnet's news a little bit of digging so wait a minute. You're being spun. Wall Street Journal. Three days before that text. On August 302016. That's important three days before the text. The Democrats. In the house wrote they're very aggressive letter demanding. At the FBI investigate. Trump. And the supposedly Russian collusion. Funny we eighteen again. This is three days before the text. The text an issue here. Put his wants to know everything we're doing Otis once and everything we're gonna that's September 2 three days before. August 30. The Democrats and house right quote based on multiple press reports. It appears that the FBI is investigating whether Russia exe cute it's cyber attacks against the DNC. In the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that resulted in the illegal hacking of a wide range of emails and other documents okay. So what do the Democrats are asking the FBI. We are writing to request that the FBI assess what the connections between trump campaign officials. And Russian interests. May have contributed to these attacks in order to interfere with the US presidential election so they're pushing this collusion issue. To the FBI. And they're basing it on them and by the way this letter was public you know how they do that they put it out of the Foreman press release it into the media and the media ran with. No doubt Obama sought. Serious questions have been raised. That overeating Covert actions by trying campaign officials. May have progression interest remember. This. Propaganda was being pushed even long before August 3026. In the lead up to the general election. They don't want. It is critical for the American public to know whether those actions may have directly caused or indirectly motivated attacks against democratic institutions and our fundamental election process. So three day. August 30. Before this text. That letter was written Potisk wants to know everything we're doing. But there's another question here ladies and gentlemen this is what I patting ourselves on the head lock I said it fit that's think these things through. If Potisk wanted to know everything. About the Russian investigation. Everything about the Russian investigation at some point. At some point would have included the phys application. Would have included the Faisal warrant. Wouldn't it courts. So. The FBI didn't provide Barack Obama and any subsequent information whatsoever even if you buy this gibberish. He lost interest and he no longer. Wanted to know from the FBI exactly what was going on. Are we to believe ladies and gentlemen I have that the director of the FBI conducting a counterintelligence national security investigation. Remember if trump well they punitive member of trump world. Is accused in federal court than face a court. Having a Russian agent and we don't believe that information was kept from the white house of course not. When I played for you my comments on FOX & Friends on March 5 2070. I explained back then. That that information would have been kept from the present United States would have been kept from a standpoint when it. And you have an attorney general of the United States and Loretta lynch who went so far so we will Bill Clinton on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport she thought it was secret. Local reporters caught them. She lied about the reasons for that meaning she's had to return that their grandchildren. When in fact she was tipping off Clinton. That his wife was in the clear. I mean they've tried to pull over guys time and time again and I'm not surprised by this latest Wall Street Journal. Piece by del Quentin well we're. In which he is ripping out the information leaked to him. By anonymous sources. Who are close to stroke and page to try to interpret dress but that text and but he has his timeline dropped. Does Dalton Dow Quinton Wilbur. As CNN's points and halo three days before that text. The Democrats and house wrote this letter demanding that the FBI open investigation of trying to campaign officials. And they're supposedly interests in Russia and the suppose a collusion that took place that's that time. Why are we to believe leaker is now. Who have as friends & Associates. Struck and page. Why why would the media just swallow that digest net. Embraer and up to you and me. Because. It's par for the course. It's par for the course. And now the Wall Street Journal point he's been repeated. I saw on the our all star panel on fox one liberals there repeated it. It's being brought up over and over into the Wall Street Journal reports the wall streeters who cares. They're wrong. CNN's news. And we need to know. And then we have the State Department. Information being fed. Launder it through the State Department again yeah. These are official channels of government official channels of government. Absolutely incredible isn't it now Obama. Has denied ever getting involved in any investigations. While clearly then when transferred. All the information on the rusher pro. Easily gathering information on it I don't disagree that he shouldn't. But that's not what he told Chris Wallace. The FOX News Sunday show April 2016 cuts seven go. Mr. President when you say what you just sad when Josh Earnest said as he did your spokesman in January. The information from the Justice Department as she's not a target some people. I think are worried whether or not the decision whether or not. How to handle the case will be made on political grounds not legal grounds can you guarantee to the American people Kinnear who. The Iraq the Justice Department is I think Hillary Clinton will be treated. How's that evidence shut goals that you will not be an anyway protective. I can guarantee that and then I can guarantee that who can not because I give him. Attorney general lynch director of that is institutionally. How we have always operated. That I do not. Talk to the attorney general about pending investigations I do not talk to FBI directors about. Pending investigations. Vieira. We have a strong message did he just asked for if you if you follow Wall Street Journal. You asked for quotas wants to know everything we're doing on the Russian us. Again I don't have a problem that. But I think it is as a generic match. But I think as he came to trump world I'm saying you know a whole lot more than in England not as of today and even do this. There's absolutely no curiosity. In big media. About what Obama knew and when he did not. As of today. If the world ends today. As far as we know Barack Obama knew nothing. Not. About what was taking place and is FBI he's Justice Department. His State Department. His national security apparatus he knows absolutely nothing. As of today that's the report. Nothing you know anything because we don't ask him when pressing. Again there's a reason why the Democrats. Are in full. Leftist mode give a damn about the FBI. Give a damn about coney. Before coming was fired he was good double. And trump fires have now is an Angel they wanna use and get truck. And similar Muller. Don't care about Mahler they just want Muller to let it get. Trumps out that's all they care man. Go ahead full line and always have maintained that those present so it just to button this up I guarantee if you. I guarantee you that there is no political influence in any. Investigation. Conducted by the justice department for the FBI. While I want us we know from stroke and pages. Texts. That they were highly political. So much so that stroke had to be removed. We know this is a matter of fact. He guaranteed otherwise. We've got other little problems with the Obama and his administration the IRS. In modern times. In modern times the IRS has never been unleashed. Against political opponents the way the IRS was unleashed against conservatives and Tea Party groups we still haven't gotten the bottom of that. Because of the retiring guard media protecting Obama. And his administration. We still haven't gotten to the bottom of that. And despite all their howling about gun control. It's the first and hopefully the last administration actually Armin. Mexican drug get. They're arming Mexican drug gangs so they could track weapons. Resulting in the murder of one of our heroes. A Border Patrol agent. We get to the but already there. Eric Holder claimed that he was held in contempt and I was that. There's a lot of that stuff that's gone on in this administration. I'll be right back. One more piece on this and we did a little under the budget. Because of Wallace supporters who defenseman. The Democrats blackmail us they like hospital to secure the border we have had millions and millions of illegal aliens who run a pathway to citizenship we wonder. Fund our military properly and that's of course the main objective of the federal government main responsibilities. Security and protection. I and and so that's good let. Again they black moss on that say they want tens of billions of dollars in new domestic spending increase in on the details secret this year. The deficit for the year not that total debt the deficit for the year is going to be over one trillion dollars. That is just absolutely unacceptable and these Republicans are so excited would themselves they're running around wearing depends. They're so excited. That they have a DO. Whenever you see Chuck Schumer smiling run the other way. He's thrilled with this. Because with a Republican president Republican house Republican senate. You're gonna see more discretionary the second biggest spending on discretionary spending. In American history in other words. The all the this this year. Patches mean next year this goes through. And me we restate that the rest of this year and next. If this two years ago those were. There would be more discretionary spending and any time in American history except one year under Obama. There is nobody fighting for future generations nobody. McConnell be long gone Schumer will be long gone but they're dirty work. Will be smothering our children and grandchildren and a great grandchildren it's just to spend money we don't have at such a pace. It's such amounts. And took place that bird. When generations yet born is unconscionable it is in morrow. And so they can be shaking their hands on they want they can be excited the president can tweet out that this is a great deal because in the military I got all that. I strongly support the military they need much more money there's no question about it they've been brutalized by Obama and the Democrats. But if the whole society comes tumbling down in future generations. On their heads. What will leave don't. What will we had done. I'll circle back to that if the bottom of the hour. I'm sure this didn't play all over the place I have no idea what I'm not playing because the Tre Kelley playing it because of what he reveals. Cut eight go. The chairman and as you work twist on this memo has suggested that there and that there's a lot more to cop. And as the investigation continues it looks like the next place that you are looking at as the State Department. During the Obama administration. We know that there's a criminal referral that was made by senators Graham and Grassley in editing clues as. The foreign source. Gave information to an unnamed associates. Hillary and outside who then gave information to an unnamed officially Obama's team to. Art and stopped so another foreign source. Is. Giving information. Ultimately to the Hillary Clinton Campaign another foreign source. We were foreign actor in this ex. British spy and his. Kremlin contacts and Allen another foreign source. I wonder what Donald Trump junior is thinking about now. How he was dragged before committees of congress how he was slime about the meeting he had with the Russian lawyer in the rest of them and so forth look at this. Incredible guy had permission to steal what do you know about that everything is terrorist. No moderate and I'm known about it for over a month. If you go read it documents at the Department of Justice do you see it. I'm troubled by armed it is one reason I have tremendous respect for Michael Horwitz is inspector general Department of Justice this. It stopped there. The respect from Michael Horowitz until we see woody writes. These on top of this and respect one of these not they don't wanna respect what is this Washington's a great respect for Robert Mueller had no respect for Robert Mueller. But apart what's does the right thing then I have great respect pharmacy doesn't then I woke. Go ahead. Isn't that I reject the notion that the U. I G himself alone can investigate the Department of Justice because there is a state component State Department component to this. It needs to be investigated Tom. I don't view the investigation in terms of stages to me she's one continuous investigation and pursuit of all relevant facts leading force the truth. I'm pretty troubled five what are red and the documents with respect to the role the State Department played in the fall twenty succeed. Wouldn't including information that we use center court proceedings I'm troubled by. Not only weeks before the election somebody in the Obama State Department was feeding information from a foreign source to go to Christiane. When you hear who's distortion one of the sources of good information news you're gonna think oh my gosh cover that name somewhere before where could it. Possibly imagine. And five source. The domestic source and I'm trying to think how Secretary Clinton defined pound I think she said he was an old friend who emailed her from time to time stimulus at all. I'd be really warm if your warmth. Sidney Blumenthal. Taking foreign sourced information. Me ask you this folks who is the secretary of state at the time. John Kerry. Do you know anything either. John Terry didn't know anything. Barack Obama didn't know anything. Susan Rice didn't know anything Valerie Jarrett didn't know anything Ben Rhodes had known that. We didn't just fall off the tuna boat here. These activists these are radicals and the fingers in everything. They have their fingers in everything. In fact when Obama said you know he wants to know everything. That was the way he he operated he wanted to know everything he was a detail guy. So I wanted to know everything except about trump and Russia collusion when his own parties pushing that narrative over and over again. Expect us to fight back and now we have the S State Department State Department Justice Department the FBI. And I believe the White House I'll be right back. Liberalism. Ends at liberty. They didn't call my boy didn't show. At 8773813811. We'll start taking some calls we'll get and a few other issues. Such as spending. Spending. And apparently that's an important issue anymore. You know the ability to provide for yourself your family that's a simple old fashioned diet this country was founded. Self reliance insurers both personal liberty and safety. 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Same with your investment to diversify you just do the things you need to do to be prepared. Course we will hear crazy don't know not crazy at all. Neatly in the Second Amendment. I believe in diversifying my investments. In Italy and having enough food just in case but what happened in Puerto Rico what happens in other places. When there are natural disasters. She's. Let's go to Kimberly Conway south. Carolina debate WR and and how are you. I don't say thank you and we're kind of writing out a little bit of that storm. So hopefully my. You can hear me OK I can't do that. I want to thank you for your program that you put out last night com you do it's great to. I can't thank holiday tutorial on. And progress on that trip progressed this fit them and and I think he did it last letter perhaps cannot afford you also. Told the listeners the badger hole. You know a lot of your background and how you have that it does and we were from a from a young man to where you are today. And both of those things through just fascinating. All right wolf thank you end and I would hope you're nervous aren't you you don't need to be nervous. He had. And I've my daughter and I we're doing our best due to entertain. What you have to say to my grandchildren her children. And I am not how all that. They and that I don't buy it scripts. You know I'm. And all he always and l.'s youngest yet Peter Peter go but go from here so let the fifteen. I when I'm gonna do. Missing U2 books mr. does have you write it down for rich I. Will send you a copy my dad's book of proverbs for young people. And also new copy of plundered deceit for your fifteen year old Kimberly so don't hang out. I don't hang out because I think when your range grandchildren I think they might have an interest especially since your interest in their future to which is a great thing. Thank you. David Arlington Texas the great WBA pago. So mark there's. I'm glad to see that it that the Eagles finally helped up the long suffering fans and you got a long suffering cowboy cred here where it. Did you hear you greatly appreciate what you do but I got a couple of real quick things clicking. Around Abu. The most important ones first I think is. I would like to know and all the things have been talked to never heard anybody go into. The question of who toll. A page. That post wants everything we're doing what sort of thing we're doing haven't heard they're going into your answer. Well you know I think it's very interesting point maybe nobody told her maybe she overheard it but. I mean these people need to be brought in front of the committee put under oath and question don't you think. Is that it's like kind of a way goes the White House doing then you've got something. OK. Then what your next point. Okay. I'm gonna say that this may be minor but it might not be. The you keep hearing about have as far as awards have to go through multiple levels of approval and come up to China and also open for. A field agent would have to you know applies to is. Or whatever makes up the chain is they go through. It's been on a slight and probably would be field agent. Become a counterintelligence investigations. But somebody at a lower level and oddly low low level. Would be to provide the information but it could be at the level of a stroke and page took. It starts at the top like we all know it bids that doesn't have to go through any local approval majority at the top. And you know that's why it didn't have any oversight. As you go up through the levels. While it that this is the prime with a oversight is when you have a corrupt senior. Management at the FBI and at the Department of Justice. It's not a matter of oversight to matter of executing. Right. It's a matter of doing what you need to do now to get the outcome that you want and from this state for the Democratic Party has to be remembered as the party that stands against civil liberties the party that stands against privacy the party that stands against. To process the party that stands against the constitution. And quite frankly its leadership the party that stands for police state tactics it's that simple whether the media like it or not whether they like it when I say they're now. All right my friend thank you for you call John Los Angeles serious satellite go. I love that little dot what did you say. Her. Percy will have the hell we gave John and that paradigm or. There are looking marked up brilliantly brilliantly altered put garbage that you keep. What move or act and understand you don't get. And merit me a little muffled. Yes our our quicker car talk right in his mouth these guys ahead poker are equipped report what. I can't hear you and sergeant John Rihanna have to go eighteen units I don't know why. I don't know. Garrett Kalamazoo Michigan serious satellite go. Well yes but you'd want to bring up the back there I am absolutely Rick hall. Why anybody who go to war to get to the bottom of this fight the war thing. I mean is that not probable that it is a direct violation of a banana. Do you mean due process. I think what's taken place here is and I think that. Cart page of the into civil rights lawyer somebody that sort he may well have a case because up. I don't know the man I'd been reading more more about him and publish reports and again I don't know. But his activities are that you would think if he was in fact he Russian agent then something would be done about it by now but he's on TV. He seems to be a very straightforward he's testified before congress. He's going to be question he does it sound like a man who's hiding out from some nefarious activities to meet busy year. Now. And Matt and highlight. I believe they used him as a way to get in the back door. And to that and to survey out. He happened to be on the shelf they were familiar with a nothing makes sense of what they did this guy because in the past he was basically an informant for them. Oh provide it with them with the information so they can successfully pursue Russians. And nannies and a dock does that make sense here. Who admit that they caught kind of want to throw in merit. You know I don't I don't think I'm I'm kind of disgusted with how some of these Democrat carried himself you know I don't personal opinion but it might take a few people off. I don't think they give a hoot about. About the FBI I don't think they look. My Saddam myself I don't think they like the FB. And yet they wrap themselves in the FBI this is nice and to do with the men and women the FBI has everything to do with the corrupt leadership of the FBI and everybody knows. But their propagandist first and foremost that's what they are. Think they've they've gone so far it didn't even be glove maker anymore they've only become lobbyists for their left that the Erica. Area what do you make it immediate. It absolutely had to combat amid the mainstream media just bad their lobbyists there are nothing more than a lot and it's it's a Catholic and. Maybe we need to start a movement to push CNN and I airports I was an airport. Sunday that it had to take two planes my wife and I. And the propaganda coming out of their big mouse on CNN blaring throughout the year boy you know they they cut a deal these airports for CNN and it was actually news agent. It's not. In May do we need to start objecting to this when you sit in a bar restaurant but we gonna take it people politely because I don't have any control over but if there's enough. Objection took a shot off or the putt something else summing like maybe you know the jewelry channel it's. And it's better than CNN. Correct my appearance my overall spirit this whole thing here that when I met Bob. Investigation implode in her lap. That they're going to round up a couple Neanderthal. But nobody ever really cares about use them as they're scapegoats. And nothing is really going to become of it. Because very sharp. You may well be right you're very sharp you're thinking ten steps ahead that's when I try to do. I'm my friend thanks recall by the way much has been made that. Many too close he's been on the floor the House of Representatives for eight hours talking. And we captured some audio. I'm Nancy Pelosi on the house fly when you listen to and here you go. Quality and got a funny article struck because they have been riots and the cause colon is. When the V which dropped bringing US troops from end to end and leave the deep yeah. You lose. Why is no good way finally what. South of and boom. I'm a. I think our mapping and the budget but resist we much we must. And we will much. About that. Yeah. 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And marketing and but steady the senate something like that so some point these these deals are gonna disappear into that that's just matter of basic logic. Greg Boise Idaho Sirius satellite how are you. Gonna Dario okay. Joseph and regular called mark here's it's being let all of the talk show hook certain that they and their point of why all the start in the first. We cheers bill and Hillary people also beer Q so what were the hero and in debt which they show on TV Mary not. By 2016. There were personal network 200 billion dollar and over two billion in their base here. So those were. Obtained by costs 85% of the people. That Hillary had incurred yeah beaches. Yet at the eight large sums of money there are any book or she would even meet with. And new uranium Warren the example that want to be there or the battery many arch. Debt that is the reader to try the server she doesn't want all these emails negotiate pariah in the public record. That's the reason but apart server point albeit. Eric trump says. Poll. This Russia thing in Korea excuse bird looting of election voters they're fit the Russia. Collusion Aqua accusation. Here to try to distract basically accused well. Of doing what Hillary will do. I write my friend and very very interest fascinating fact Hank. Los Angeles, California serious satellite go. Why are markets I want to summary chartered for adults you start to. I've written hundreds of search warrants an improbable called arrest warrants. And in this fight so matter if you so. Go to the or you old he affidavit. Now and and on the date the courts not penalize you pull anything because it's in secret. What are. Sit down what are content that's the battle and I'm saying congress needs to get the applications none may be some members of congress have seen them. But I say get them redact what is truly. And national security concern or you have. And he's concerned about and tactics and so forth but let us see the rest I would normally say this but we're talking about. You know it really. Deeply entrenched the abuse of power at the highest levels of the FBI. And so this is a different case. It's very clear road and then after Beirut war explained he says what do boom what is sure. And how it came about and they don't have to disclose its so well. You know the memo than in his memo touches on what's in there that protects the classified information. In the the the Senate Judiciary Committee Grassley and a and then Lindsey Graham saints think so but you know you and I wanna see two if they'll just. Any serious and objective way. And redact the information that would give any kind of supporter help to the enemy but how much of that could be in serious how much of that could really be in the are out of their very little on the war I don't I agree with all right Hank thank you for your service to it's a tough neighborhood to be a detective. Ten Dallas Texas quickly WBA pago. And mark appreciate everything our country you know my constitutional court. And you know you go ahead. I appreciate it you know I just don't really understand how the American public. Could sit here and let the Democrats stay in control. Do things that they do that are so hello. Outside and now to hear it here a year. An American citizen and you watch the TV networks for you watch certain cable networks. And reach certain newspapers you know I do it's gone up. It's all Tron fan Tron fan trump their Republicans think that's all you get. Thanks for your call we'll be right back. Hello everybody marks the end here are number 8773813811. 877. 3813811. I'm not gonna play the audio. We better off queued up to of Adam Schiff and the Russian comics. Who make him look like complete jackass but actually he has. But I want you realize how deranged and mentally ill this man is and use those terms because they use has turned to define Donald Trump he's deranged and mentally ill. And I know this. Had I know I'm not the same way that they NEX leak the professors you know. About trump. The sky and shift keys on Russian TV and 2013. And then he's demanding that the fight to court be more transparent today of course he's demanding that the face a court not be transparent at all. In February. When February 1 when he seventeen. He says that Russia supports the Second Amendment because Americans are killing each other you know what that was worthless. It short and sweet. It's cut eleven mr. producing go ahead. We can see for example on FaceBook so graphically what I was mentioning earlier the multiple aims of the Russians and their interference in our elections because. Yes on FaceBook you had the content that was clearly. Anti Hillary near the content that was very pro trump. But even the bigger quantity of contents that was being pushed through social media. Was just content designed to pit us against each other to exploit our divisions. And so of course stay as you have seen they parted black lives matter to try to broaden the racial divide in this country. I thought you guys did that. That's how you guys we're brining the racial divide used Obama holder. Pelosi. Go ahead. Fittingly they also trumpeted the Second Amendment apparently the Russians are very big fans of our Second Amendment. They don't particularly want a Second Amendment of their own. But there really glad that we have one. The Russians would be thrilled if we were doing nothing but killing. Each other every guy such Canadian. The Second Amendment is there because it's part of the bill or rights they hate the tolerance. And less they're defending terrorists or mass manner. Lester defending illegal aliens. But they hate the bill of rights they hate the First Amendment except when it protects the trying to guard media. The pennant to the Democrat parties we talked about here. They hate religious liberty they hate freedom of association. Course they hate the Second Amendment the fourth in the fifth that depends on. Who's being targeted. The ninth amendment they pretend doesn't even exist and I argue that the march 9 amendment is a manifestation of the declaration. Of course the tenth amendment they're all for an altercation though the new confederate. Except of course whether or not. Right there offer federalism except when they're not. Doesn't matter ends justify the means and that's who they. So the Russians are pushing the Second Amendment. This is a conspiracy night. This is a kind of guy who would have a radio talk show at 3 in the morning. Oops check that there's a couple of good guys chocolate 3 in the morning after them. Five and a more. But he's a quack. Then of course you've heard all day cause it's been on the Internet. You can listen yourself you don't need me to play it over and over again. And that is how he was bamboozled by two Russian comics and so humiliated as he that he pretends that he knew what they're doing that we didn't. The Daily Mail has followed the emails he was following up and they wanted to get their own truck. Particular naked pictures of trying to. Naked pictures of trying to. Why should we take this man seriously I know we don't. But CNN does MSNBC does that's why we don't take them seriously but this guy is. He miscreants. He somehow content he's a left this gun. Is that a ship. Micron Adam. Shift to shift course. It's not particularly unique that's just what he has. So as these conspiracy theories have on liberty said that he has conspiracy theories. And because he's a leftist you know have to have conspiracy theories. Who did it take more calls here. That scene here. And I can you tell him battling the flu on trying to conceal this much I can avoid. Well they Columbus, Georgia serious. Not to wanna make quick they admit. I remember during the beginning of the Obama administration. How little speed so transparent. Not so much now. What are your thoughts on that would be outside the order they were given and Obama involvement I haven't quite right it's like. Owen cases and in the course. You have these congressional committees that the Democrats winning their house. Wanted to get to the bottom of anything because this is full scaled Democrat party media cover up operation. To protect Obama to protect Hillary Clinton. That's exactly what's going on here and what else took place here is. The abuse of our intelligence agencies in the FBI like we've never seen in this country never. That's exactly what's going on here. And you know I read some things from some guys who are very tepid about this you know on the one hand this on the one hand that when you're facing tyranny he shouldn't be tepid. He should jump in what both feet and take this on and that's what needs to be done. All right well I thank you for your car Tom Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The great hate ELO go. The. Dolly the great one hate that perk developed I know you have a marine you're sparingly but it's corn base our nation. I appreciate it clear I won't just wanted to comment and say here. My boss. Committed fraud but you know and all our stakeholders or if my boss was treasonous. I would resign my position well all the FBI agent resign. Because of war thing. I just resigned like a drama queen he was economy hat that's worked for CNN he's been negotiating apparently with CNN for some time while he's on the government payroll. So he'll be another great commentator there. You know a lot of these people they need their jobs they wanna be paid and they did you wanna give up that the FBI there's a lot of wonderful wonderful people who work for the Nokia. And you won nine and the rest of the country trying to protect them against these are people who are the views via via. I Tom thank you for a common friend. Jeff ocean. I feel in North Carolina the great WOR NN dot. Like mark out what I'm curious about who would love to know your thoughts on this it. Rodman who signed seemed to be complicit in in this horrible met yet he. Originally recommended to get sanctioned that I'll meet me fired. And I just haven't been able to have he. I can raise a very interesting point he recommends the fine economy in many points company's best friend Muller. As the special counsel I think this guys bad in the he's bad news I think he's a coward I think. And he felt pressured to appoint a special counsel by the Democrats. And yet consider this Jeff given all we know now about what Connie did McCain. All these other people a stroke. Page and on and on and on. Why isn't a special counsel investigating this there's a hell of a lot more. A thousand times more on the table with respect to that activity and then there ever was for Russian collusion so. Yeah I'm dear friends with the attorney general of the United States but there needs to be a special counsel. To investigate these activities. And many FBI the Justice Department are gonna investigate themselves that's not gonna happen. But we can only hope. No and I got a chance. Door get affection. Are ardent pro people as though I've known for thirty years. Some thirty. Because mourn theories. Are right Jeff thanks recall. Steve. Somewhere in Illinois that I can't pronounce serious. And I Harry yeah I'm well thank you mark I drove it due every night where are you I'm Batavia Batavia oh and all locked out oh okay. So nobody could explain to me and this is something nobody gonna rub we have the most did read that these incredibly intelligent people. Who are investigating everything no everything. And they can't get a dossier. By handed to them and investigate. It all they can't looking into it at all and do a background check on anything. And he did that it is so ridiculous that that somehow that. You know they have to take this document. And not investigated nobody investigated this and all the FBI right orbit CIA or the NSA I don't get it. Nobody's investigative what. You've got yeah. Well they used that they're not investigate it they're not gonna investigate themselves this is why we not only need a special counsel but we need a commission. Five members know mourn seven members. Of of true professionals. And who. No they're that's cleaning information they're not looking to charge anybody. But they're looking to find out facts and then make recommendations on what to do about what's taken place we cannot have the FBI again interfering in a federal election. Let me be abundantly clear that this. The senior level the FBI in a funeral last election. The used information from the Russians. And the interfere in our last election on behalf Hillary Clinton that is a fact that's the bottom lie and we got to make sure that doesn't happen again. Hi my friend thank you for your call will be right back. I was ordering my flowers. Not for me you know 1800 flowers. I feel leaving. Click the radio icon in a collision LE VI and that's what I just. Diana do exactly the same way. My son chase. He needed to. Thought he Casper mattresses I went online order in the same way. The only restaurant. Gary Detroit Michigan serious satellite Harry. I'm good how are you mr. remember I'm OK thank you do it. Yeah videos to your show probably now have friend of mine turned me attitude about five years ago well yeah. But there are buried you know are. They changed thank influence. Older I'd do all the time I. And now people. Don't have art is wired and you know I lighter Penang now I'm this bad no budget that they are spoke step as you know I awarded Democrat. What domestic spending that his support to military and everything you know it's good. They are they always blackmail us you know they put illegal aliens before the American citizen. They put welfare. And before the united states military they really are destructive I think. You know AAC you know they want billions of dollars probably illegal. Without so important American majority in the military. Yet he got that about right all right Gary thanks for your car let's go to mark saint Louis Missouri serious satellite don't. OK mark. I just want to point out that I listen to the Obama interview several times with Chris Wallace. And it truly sounds to me like. He would specifically saying that he had not talked to the FBI director. Or the attorney general. But he was very specific in using likely believed to weasel language he said he hadn't coordinated with Peter that need to be discussed cases with them. But that kind of leaves out the rest of the world. In the sense of who might of briefed him and who he might have talked to. I don't think he sat there like some spin golly directing. You know you do this and you get adding you do this I do think. That he was well aware again of the in general the out. Of what was taking place overall. That there was suffice a warrant that was an application before that. And and so forth and I. I have no doubt the Loretta lynch would have talked to them the way she talked to Bill Clinton on the comic have no doubt the economy would talk them. No data than any this is a highly politicized group of people in Unclei company's gone and I'm glad. BK is gone and you can all thank Donald Trump for that. And I'm glad Laura lynch has gone. No absolutely and I think even if even a good stuff gets screwed. We all know that our friends in the media well ignored. By either claiming that it took nothing burger or that we're just about two races stick on that. And you know. I don't know about you but. MSNBC I always understand to be what it which is a left wing Kook operation. CNN decided that it was kind of band and news reporting. And try and appeal to the Democrat base. And it did a rather quickly and they've got this guy Jim Acosta now. There's all sorts of the phones over there at CNN he collectively unite to of that negative seventeen. But Jim Acosta he weighs them down even more. And he views the presidential press briefing opportunity. As a place where heat is supposed to have to be focused on by the American people what he's supposed to be the important one. And now he does an enormous disservice to the country that's not what a press briefings about Obama was never treated this way. Obama Clinton was never treated this way Johnson was never treated this way Kenny was never treated this way. So. You've got these people who use these press conferences and to aggrandizing them selves to make themselves as popular as they can with the co pays the Democrat party. Let's go to Destin. Asheville, North Carolina series satellite go. Yet we're how in the world I get every publication Almonte are just like you say well formed. Eco nuts sir will you get on getting that stinging endlessly that. He hit god god thanks I don't sit next to me arrested but it dean dean dean dean dean I'd go right ahead. Korea. And it did it baffles me how in the world. Do you have confidence he would and they all they made things. How they get away with fail whatever they want whether a lot. There's no way to. To punish them that that we would want to I mean. The only way they get away whether this people stop watching and they keep something in my they don't care about you and me they don't care about the general public they having niche. That's what they're going after they're constantly in third place they seem to be fine was that. And I would argue they're probably really in fourth placed on the jury channel because. Thanks NEC and have a monopoly at airports for some reason he can't get away from. Well it is like get there's a group out there came out like in October. They're called black because they were eight Russia on the ground social media group. Bill is all about perpetuating you know. Police brutality so they were concocting these stories and and spreading them around. And they were totally. Whole bully. Put together with actors and all current just up and out like a three minute piece on CNN about it. But like that's up. Let me let me out via. Stop watching Xena. Somewhere action if more people did that we'd have a peak surge in mental health in this country aren't. CNN is like. All these people in a padded room and you're looking through the little hole in the door in the bouncing off the pads. So why why punish yourself. All right my friend thank you for your call Shonn San Francisco California the great KS FO ago. Marked effect from a particular color really appreciate it I live I just north of here go in the belly of the beast under no rally. If I'm surrounded by liberalism to left square right my kids are gonna get indoctrinated preschool kids I can't quite I don't know what they'll. I can't put quite literally getting your car and you move. Re right here I don't carry on and I don't believe that listen I know. I know. But unfortunately. You communities changed. His surrounded by left wing Kooks you just sit communicating and indoctrinated. You gonna have to make prior. He's the one good thing we have in this country's mobility. I'm sorry. You're not going to be able to us that you couldn't you just not. It's cook Phil that's what it is. So that's what you can do there is no other answer. Stand by well. I wouldn't stay and fight that if I had 34 or five kids. I would take them somewhere where they're actually in real educational of this country I'll be right back. Establishments. Worst. Nightmare. Marks love then you call him now 8773813811. You know I love my. 2010 to Merrill. But it's reached that age where things are starting to go wrong I don't worry about these problems and more than. That's since I had extended vehicle service protection. From car she'll. You getting covered by car show is he great idea it's affordable protection they can save you thousands recovered repair. In a new fuel pump in question over 500 bucks replacing a water pumps over a thousand bucks. If you need repairs to a control armor torque converter stuff most of us are heard it before until it breaks. Now we're talking thousands and thousands of dollars to fix or replace. Even have plans that cover your car's computer GPS electronics and more. Car shields the ultimate in extended coverage. In the teacher's favorite mechanic or dealership paid directly see don't have to get involved and so sign up today you'll get 24/7 roadside assistance in a rental car while yours is in the shop. Save yourself from higher repair bills get covered by car show like I did before something goes wrong. Call 800 car 610800. Car. 6100. Comanche code blue van. Or visit car she'll dot com that's car show dot com and use code live in L dvi and either way you'll say 10%. That's 800 car 6100 total of them or car show dot com Kovalev and eight deductible they apply what a great services to. Like I say we have an unarmed Merrill. You know there's a fellow running in a very crowded primary in Texas. For the Republican nomination to be a congressman from Texas and happened no this gentleman for some time. He is take conservatives conservative he served as. And Ted Cruz is chief of staff. And have more than that. He has say a very decent principled man and his name is chip Roy chip how are you sick. I'm great market trap me on the show it's great to be on. Tell us about the district tell us how many candidates are running tell us on the election in his. Absolutely thanks for perhaps think that the 21 congressional district here taxes stretches between art and it and it Kanye and out into the still country tax brightness that are we have. Eighteen candidates running which is an extraordinary number. Although at the student of history you might appreciate it went. John Tower ran for the about it 1961 or 71 can go in being aged eighteen seems radical but at the very crowded field. What we're doing great market look you you have me on on the first night. That I announced my candidacy in December and thanks to so many of your listeners who gave up from across the country throughout Texas. My campaign miracle that outrage. All of my seventeen opponents in the fourth quarter December and I can't think you're not in your listeners and upn. Would encourage them to continue to help Ford campaign that we we needed and were marked extra hour. Well what are the 82 or three issues that you see out there right now. Well I mean look at the finger and I'm talking to people this district about that they care about every single day. Obamacare. Spending and been particularly open border with no result in Washington to do anything about it. When I talk to them about despite I talked to Washington DC and they recognize that I'm endorse. By pet crews at his former chief of staff I senator Mike Lee my good friend but it worked closely in the trenches in the senate. And out freedom caucus and you know mark Merritt and Jim Jordan and the good guys out. That all my other former boss Governor Perry and I know that I've been in the fight and been in the trenches. They respond very favorably to the campaign and they're very excited about the idea of having water around. It take on the establishment frankly on both sides of the aisle they're running the country into the ditch. I'd be here right now with this ridiculous deal that was struck today. Matt the way escalating our national debt. What we have no more room to go and yet binding the hands of the president in a note that he needs to have strong military spending. Congress does not doing their job and that we need every sport the bigger it got that spirit spent better build a burst and go broke. And what is hero website if people wanna support you in the district or donate to you throughout the country. Absolutely it's ship boy dot com CH IP ROY. Dot com Support.Com. And I cannot tell you now. How much the support from people across the country every contribution five dollars point five dollar hundred dollar it means so much. I Wear any really good position to be able to send reinforcements from Washington did you go right bank and stand up against the broken establishment did not occur and people. And don't really really appreciate the support. Mister minister the chip Roy dot com upon my social sites. Chip Roy dot com and you know I I unique in a race with eighteen people I may or may not get involved in your case I think you are your election it's crucial. Not just be congressman and you'll need to comment on this but one day. Perhaps the senator who governor. Have come and you very very well you. Spent a lot of time thinking about the issues that are important this country you're one of us during solid conservative which means establishment will no doubt despise you. Your particulate you're intelligent and a few solid across the board. What other issues do you see out here that are important to you an important here district. Well in addition the one that I just mentioned it particularly at how we're getting our border security and an opposing amnesty to the people that district. It's also the unelected bureaucrats and judges. And mark I know you've been one of the early leader on this and how important this. To grow constrain. What I'd been constrained bureaucrats. And right now the president and you know the people that he is true that the it department to alleviate the administration an agency. Having trouble against these so called beat state. And the bureaucrats that are played and frankly congress. Has to open shirk its responsibility article one operator government the founder gave them the power to lead of course to people. Actually restrain the aircraft and restraint judges like that night circuit judge completely made up all. About whether the president can stop people from coming in from terrorist country of course became. And it just third and convert it to reassert its power of being close to the people that probably go to get early on all four. Do you think you would join the here. Freedom caucus if you were elected. On apologetic way out of actually I I very much appreciate their support in their endorsement. Not always get agreement on not only can Gregory anybody else's endorsement or orbit but I know that era they're trying to fight. For the people and try to represent those who elected them honor their commitment to repeal obamacare the limit spending. And Donna take on the establishment but it unfortunately is continuing to get it. More Morse and I think the state of history you'll remember the one Ronald Reagan David harper shootings between 1964. You bemoaned the seventeen million dollars a day that we were spending more that we take into that deficit spend last year. We spent one point eight. Billion dollars a day in deficit spending now 54 years after is great opportunity beats that we've got to take on this doubt take that occur. On my guiding and on and this is not only sport you can you my friend and sporting because we need you and your very articulate voice for our principles and there are very few of them. So it's a bright dot com chip Roy dot com I hope the tonight's out there will relationship Jimenez a big industry is. It is quite it quite a tribal district an important district right at our taxes to great district technical country great people great history. And outlook got mark your liquor they know that there wasn't euphoria and mr. such a I allowed that conservative movement for the country thanks Roy you do in the books that you Britain. And early being intellectual thought leader of the conservative movement at a time when we desperately need the bank credit audit. And really appreciate the support here what certain chip Voyager or dot com. While you're really really kind and with the nation get to know me as I do so god bless and good luck on the trail. Take serious he is the real deal. I mean he really is there's so few. He says excellent candidate he's got an excellent pedigree in terms of his career and it litigator. As I said he was chief of staff to rotate crews repeated time. There's just no question about his bona Fides and his principles. You can hear how decent and articulate he has coached chip Roy dot com chip Roy dot com. I strongly recommend that you use your contributions very wisely don't give it to the RNC or the CEO of that seek. Pick the candidate to win the support and when you're eighteen candidates running in Republican primary. Have felt like this chip Roy. Was opposed by the Republican stabbed him and so forth but who has a solid as they come and is articulate decent as they come he can win. He's gonna need your help that strip bright dot com are right. Let's see here. Mario. Garfield militaries of the great WABC go. Pleasure to speak with you person corner of understood there. Was wondering if you could test session at that position of farewell my question would be till you get there anyway that president trump. Would have been volatile issue an executive order and basically start the investigation. Formed a comedian perform any investigative unit that presidential investigative unit. Because poverty is going on would construct the of the night we cannot trust the CIA and don't. And it eraser interest in point can the president appoint a commission. To look at this he absolutely can't. Which is why I keep saying we need a commission to look and he absolutely can. It's a way to address this without having to go through the FBI the Justice Department having to go through Mahler and so forth. Again it wouldn't be AM criminal investigative commission that would be nonsensical to a B eight commission. They would examine what took place. That was look under every stone and they come up and recommendations if they release their facts so yes the president can do this good point Mario. That he would think intends I would go to an order not only do this. But peace although there are drives and computers and the home. They can't do that they can't do that as they say they're not a he criminal investigative unit and a but they can. Conduct themselves as I said as a policy oriented organization trying to to the bottom of this and I believe the president should do that thank you my friend. Mark tri cities Washington State to great KF Al Diego. Say thank mark hey red Jeff Sessions this criminally bait stand that guy can last. Apparently be tougher I would like you see mr. sessions get tougher I think he's he's relaxed he let you wanna do. Gosh you know what we've got a constitutional crisis going on. And I wish he would appoint a special counsel. Not to look at that quote unquote Russian matter from which he's recused himself. Now a special counsel to investigate the activity that took place at the FBI and Justice Department. Yeah I understand any at this Rosenstiel appoint a special counsel for no reason at all who's now. And trying to take out trumpet decent phony obstruction of justice ideas. And but here we actually have corrupt activity. There aren't. I'm my friend thank you. Where are so I'll be right it's. Exciting news folks. Simply safer as a company and it's been around for many years. They've transformed into the fastest growing home security company in America. Now they protect it with two million people including me and I found. When they just released their brand new home security system the all new simply safe. This system is being completely rebuilt and redesigned. They've added new safeguards to protect against power outages downed Wi-Fi cop land lines bats hammers everything in between. Now they all knew simply say it was redesigned to be practically invisible but powerful sense is so small you hardly noticed. You know who will notice them intruders. Simply say spent years building this system and it's so much. But you still get the same fair and honest price 24/7. Professional protection for only fifteen dollars a month. There was simply say if they're no long term contracts this new system is smaller faster stronger. Than anything they felt before it is cutting edge technology no wires whatsoever. But supply is limited because they truly are flying off the shelves and get this checked every couple of days. So that is simply save mart dot com go there right now to what are your system. That simply safe mark dot com to protect your home and family today simply safe. Mark. Dot com. Edward Northfield Minnesota series satellite don't. Hey America. I'm honored speech interior and it just gonna tell you that got a new to Syria so satellite radio but I look at your program. I am reform are Democrats. After an arm collapsed all them get restoration register and take it anymore. You know former military member I know pull a little bit Hillary Clinton did occur. And now we now know. In essence what the avalanche frustration that the a complete crime where our course and you clean and simple and we were gonna hold these people term. I I don't know if we partner. I I don't know if you don't have to go at it I don't know if we can't Wear. As I say I know congressional hearings are important we've gotten this far I know. And some of us out here it's important to do we're doing but to hold people to account and you really do need a criminal investigation and there is someone right now. And we have the media against us we have the Democratic Party against us using the entering tallies of the culture. But the press and of government to trying to obstruct. In so it's it's tough and yet this is a battle for our republic that's what it is. That's very true. Just one last thing I can't the other way that. Just socialist camp under cute and so I did talk but is there every. He could that I mean at this point. I don't think it would do any thing. So. No idea and I and I don't expect that to happen Edward I want to thank you for your service to god blessings. And Grand Junction in the grey tea is easy don't. Oh market to take my call long time listener. For a certain older books I think you're the smartest guy on the radio. And I think my question has. The call me investigation and that Hillary in the email saying we he wrapped let up a nice neat little boasts that no charges. Why just before the election I cannot figure this out didn't suddenly announces reopening it and end at these protecting Hillary. What what what do we have to Gaynor how to be. I hope they don't pilloried by doing that. 'cause he had no actually we had no choice. They learn about these emails. He couldn't be in. And so they had a present them and say see we get these emails and look kindly move so fast over the weekend to to say okay enough no problem everybody no big deal. Hillary's not happy with that because she's blaming everything and everyone for her loss recourse other than apparently she's a disaster. But Conley was in my view covering trainer and the fact that in the end when those and you make a good point with those emails that we can before he clears your very very quickly. He had to do that because he several months before he had cleared here. Also would the with the emails so he was trying to close a loop. I think Hillary lost because Hillary lost and I'm doing any initiating campaign in Michigan gene campaign Wisconsin. I trump. To attack in two. Blue collar workers the way Reagan did in his two landslides. Trump also help the Republican base. And so you know the Democrats were shocked she lost because she's single lousy candidate she's a lousy person and she's a radical Coke. I my friend thanks for your car and as I've said before. There is no reason at all why the Russians are Putin would wanna trump this present united state you can see. You right now. But Hillary they got pretty much they really wanted your rainy and mend. He disarray in the military and on and on and on. Why in the works its use common sense why in the world with the Russians want Tron. At give us that the Democrats you know it's because he's making money off them if they're not just forget about them. Just as a rational matter why in the world with the Russians want Tron as opposed to Hillary they got everything for a. David Fort Mill South Carolina on the market that NN parry. I'm mark you're doing well you know there are certain. Real quickly my first question is wrong. But by the judge mom because we were lied to when used alone or with that dump off bond document how. Oh my we don't know what she you know is more than one phys agenda and we don't know which charge on which application extension. But if you're gonna say what is it the judge in these judges went on they take action I'm with you. I would drag these people in front of my court I wanna get to the bottom of that and I wanna hold people responsible absolutely. But I that's my question I just don't understand and you know I mean. I bet and then move legal process spurred much much much. I got around by your exactly right David and focus needs to be placed on these judges. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel I want to thank you for being here bearing with me I think we've provided you look. Some interest and information. And I hope to be here tomorrow to god bless you.

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