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2/6/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 7, 2018|

On Tuesday's Mark Levin show, we are told that Robert Mueller is the Special Counsel America needs and if anyone can stay on course and not be deterred by the winds of politics, it is him. Mueller was appointed to investigate Trump, the man who fired a professional ally of his, James Comey. This ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it comes to a brick and like night. Lance said. Am I honey. And of course he did very very very well I don't think they're used to India. They cast really doing as well as I do whatever segment they put me it just I get tired you know it's a full day in them sitting and it's 945 minute let any event. We have time in more and in the move plays some of that the and certainly not from the start off with a and I thought hard about what to start off with and I think I'm gonna continue I left off yesterday. Where is that mark that point. We've talked a lot. A lot at the senior level the FB I. Under Jim Conley helped corrupt. It is Dan. With the leaks with a does CA we've talked about how the Hillary Clinton Campaign that would be Hillary Clinton. The Democratic National Committee. Essentially pay for this Faisal warned parents even though they use straw men to launder. Their funds through. You know we cut to the chase here. And how this does CA. This absolute phony document. That had the assistance to the Kremlin. Not any foreign. Ex British spy. Was used in any significant way. To get a judge on the bicycle. Approve a warrant that is. To approve surveillance of an American citizen. That the FBI and the Justice Department accused of being a Russian Asian. And they get to charge him with a anything. That would be this Fella Carter page. And they use that of course to open the door to leaks. The use that to train diminish. The president United States they still do that and so this is thinning massive. Propaganda and misinformation campaign disinformation campaign by the Democrats by the senior level the FBI. There's nine point an add on Hannity lesson on this radio program yesterday really it's Obama and his people. But I want to circle back a little bit. When a circle back a little bit. Did Jim Thome. And Robert Mueller who is Robert Mueller. You hear these accolades they've built him up like they'd build a gym come. Easy deserve it. Robert Mueller is he really eight straight shooter is he really this objective Jeanne man. Who's had to do good. For the country. When he was appointed by rod Rosen steam which was really an outrageous point when you think about it since colony. And Mahler are best friends. Carl Cannon. Carl Cannon. Who is media reporter. For real clear politics he is in fact the executive editor the Washington bureau chief of real clear politics. He was one of the very few. Media types who raised a flag. The way back in my. He said in the wake of. Donald Trump's firing of FBI director James combing the Justice Department named Robert as smaller that's very that would be Rosenstiel who did it. As he special prosecutor to investigate possible Russian interference. In the 2016 election. It was a decision greeted with a chorus of supportive crew walking from inside official Washington AK this month. Quote if anyone can stay on course and not be deterred by the whims of politics it's Bob Mueller said former Missouri senator in US attorney John Ashcroft. A great choice Senator John McCain somebody we all trust echoed California congressman Darrell ice and impeccable credentials chimed in representative Jason chain that's in Utah should be widely accepted. Democrats are even more extravagant California senator Dianne Feinstein said that no better person could have been named. Illinois senator Dick Durbin tweeted I have the highest regard for his integrity and intelligence. All this was dutifully reported in the press. Which gushed over Mueller chest as he fuse. Quote Robert Mueller the special counsel America needs in time in the near times editorial board. Times columnist Nicholas Chris stuff we've telling you lack of self awareness worthy of trump himself he writes gleefully predicted disaster for the present. Muller is a trump nightmare a pro who ran the FBI for twelve years and has broadly respected in both parties in Washington. For his competence and integrity Christoph route if trump thought he was removing a thorn by firing colony he now faces a growth of pretzels. Chris I've never mention why he had much reason. To recuse himself from his subject is attorney general Jeff Sessions did. I'll explain later. First I'll say that when I heard deputy attorney general rob Rosen Steen had appointed Bob Mahler is a special prosecutor. I didn't experience the same rap city is Mike capital and compatriots. YE. Three reasons. First Jim commune Bob Mueller have a long history profession as professional allies. For mullah debris hit reed brought into investigate the behavior of the guy who sacked Tony seems a conflict of interest. Perhaps this is the wrong way to look at it must professionalism most supersede any personal loyalty okay but here's a second reason. These two guys working intent and have a track record of bureaucratic infighting. Without another Republican White House says they shared adversary. That analyze their reputations for being about political intrigue this is not news. Some of the positive coverage in the last few days highlight of that episode. So long and that's right the story line that took on Washington. Went like this. So aren't coming in with a cold here but we plow ahead. In March 2004. Colony then deputy attorney general spent with sirens blazing to a hospital bedside of his boss John Ashcroft we talked about this but a reminder is important. As recovering from gallbladder surgery. At that time the Justice Department was being pressured by a White House counsel Alberto Gonzales. And chief of staff Andrew Card. The sign papers re authorizing a secret anti terrorism domestic surveillance program initiated after nine elevenths. The clock was running out in the papers had to be sign of the program what laps. But Jim Komi but it gives you the program's constitutionality. Wouldn't do it. Now he was a deputy attorney general at the time. When he American's policy attorney general and card the chief of staff to the president were on the way to the hospital probably rushed there to to stop them. Coming had enlisted Bob mullah than FBI director as an ally. Both men apparently told president George W. Bush privately they quit rather than extend the program. Here I stand I can do no other company told bush. Yes he had what he Florence Nightingale what is this. That's Martin Luther is iconic line and although in 2016 Hillary Clinton would come this economy. As mark ended Judas and Lewis there one thing as a parent. Jim Conley is a government appointee who thinks of himself antimatter many people find grandiose. But he wrote this back and it. Bush backed down in the face of the coming Mallory insurrection. But three years later coming told his dramatic Ashcroft hospital bed story any congressional hearing. Eddie Fisher rated then attorney general Gonzales. As I say the attorney general at the time. Gonzales. Has always denied. Colonies explanation of the story usage. Always. Call me makes it like he had Mahler rush to the rescue of the constitution got that Ashcroft before Gonzales and card did. And stop what would have been this this outrageous act by the the White House that they came to the rescue. The third. The most important factor tempering my enthusiasm for the news special prosecutor Mahler. It's like Carly and Mahler badly bungled the biggest case they ever handle. They botched the investigation of the 2001 anthrax letter attacks. That took five lives and infected seventeen other people. Shut down the US capital Washington is now system solidify the bush administration's antipathy for Iraq and eventually. When the facts finally came out made the FBI look feckless incompetence. And easily manipulated by outside political pressure now this is the important. There's thirty example that he presents. It's smaller and company. This too was an enormously complex case they here's some facts. Despite Dick jihadist slogans accompanying a mailed anthrax. It had nothing to do a Saddam Hussein or any final. The FBI ignored a 2002. Tip from a scientific colleague of the actual anthrax killer. Who turned out to be a Fort Detrick scientist named Bruce Evans guidance. The reason is that they quickly assessed on an innocent man an innocent man named Steven Hatfill. The bureau was bullied in a focusing on the government scientist by democratic senator. Patrick Leahy whose office along without a senate majority leader Tom Daschle was targeted by an anthrax letters laced letter. The bureau was duped into focusing on Hatfield by two sources. Conspiracy minded college professor. With a political agenda who never met Hatfield. And by that columnist for the New York Times Nicholas Christoph. Who put her conspiracy theories in the paper now mocking the FBI. For not arresting hatfill. Will be his inspiration here in truth hatfill was an implausible suspect from the outset. He was a virologist. Who never handled anthrax. Which is a bacterium. I men's by contrast. Shared ownership of anthrax packs was diagnosed as having paranoid personality disorder. And had a habit of stalking and threatening people with a anonymous letters. Including the woman who provided the long ignored it to the FBI says that tipped off this is a guy. But they say they have their guy. An innocent man. And this is Malek. Who was hands on in this investigation. Personally leading. So what evidence to the FBI have against hatfill. There was none. So the agency did hail Mary. In according to bloodhounds from California. Whose handlers claim could sniff this sense of the killer on the anthrax tainted letters. These dogs were shown hatfill who promptly petted them. When the ducks responded favorably their handlers told the FBI but they've alerted. Quote unquote on Hatfield and any must be the killer. You think that any good FBI agent would it take these quacks in the Fannie and found their dogs and good home. Or at least check news accounts of criminal cases in California. With these same dogs have been used against defendants have been convicted and later exonerated. As Pulitzer Prize winning Los Los Angeles Times investigative reporter David Willman detailed in its authority to book in the case. A California judge who tossed out the murder conviction based on these sketchy canines. Called the prosecution is dog handler. As biased as any witness at this court has ever seen and it was in the public record. And Mahler did even bother. And you did it colony. Instead Muller who micromanage the anthrax case and fell in love with the dubious dog evidence. Personally short attorney general Ashcroft from presumably president George W. Bush. That is Stephen hatfill the bureau had its man. Call me the deputy attorney general in Tarrant. Was asked by a skeptical deputy secretary defense always full but Wolfowitz if tackle was another Richard Jewell you remember the security guard wrongly accused. Of the Atlantic Olympics bombings calmly replied that he was absolutely certain quote unquote. They weren't making a mistake. Such certitude seems to be company's default position and his professional life Mueller didn't exactly distinguish himself of contrition neither. In 2008. This guy. After Ivins committed suicide so the real perk committed suicide. As it was about to be apprehended for his crimes and that Justice Department formally exonerated hatfill. The Justice Department not the FBI noticed and paid him five point 82 million dollars an illegal settlement. Mueller the FBI director could not be bothered to walk across the street to attend the press conference announcing the case's resolution. When reporters asked him about it Mahler was graced list he said I do not apologize for any aspect of the investigation he said. Adding that it would be erroneous to say there were mistakes. This is Muller. This is Malek. He goes on. To read other things too. The biggest case and it. Involving chemical attack anthrax. In the United States and attack on the capital attack on senators. Five deaths. And Muller and Conley were focused on an innocent man. For five years. They virtually destroyed his life. And they've never apologized for it. He was the wrong man. They had no evidence whatsoever. Even ignored a tip my co worker. Of the killer. These are the men who are now colluding. To conspiring. To take down our president. I'll be right back. Those barreling into. The white. But I want to remind you who he is as well. He get a sense for who Mueller is. You know who Communist. I mean they tried to put an innocent man in prison. They ruined his life. All evidence to the contrary. No evidence at all in his case. They had their man companies it. Even when the deputy secretary of defense said. We got a Richard Jewell case here he says absolutely not. These are men whose egos. Are beyond description. And hollering comb your best friends they worked together before. The undermined attorney general John Ashcroft they enemy that sees me Gonzales they undermine the chief of staff to president George W. Bush card. May end up and then they undermine that president. Not allowing him to make the decision about whether or not he wanted to go forward with the aid. Ironically. Espionage program. He saw how calm he conducted himself as FBI director completely out of control. Had to explain rod rose to sustain. The deputy attorney general. Under trap. Appointing Mueller spent. Shall council. Knowing full well about the anthrax case knowing full well that Mueller become your best friend it's appalling. We're Rosen scene there. Is absolutely appalled appalling. So this is Muller whose he had special counsel. He picks as his number two this fellow Andrew Weissman and I let me remind you who this is. Because this is equally discussed how to write back. And show he use. Tomorrow's morning show you couldn't reach mark now at 8773813811. Rosen Steve has 100%. Accountability. The appointment of Mahler. Because DeRozan Steen is close to Molitor. And Rosen Steen was close to call me. Now I was talking about Andrew Weissman. He's the right hand man the number one prosecutor under Muller. Mr. anthrax grew up. What's he all about well Sydney how does he former federal prosecutor any dealings with these guys. Would Mahler with Weisman in the past and so for if you look at Weis when you look at a photo enemies and that she's. He's a married he's that he's a tough guy now that he can abuse the law and abuse the and he was a clown in my recall who went to the Hillary Clinton victory party pages he had together to financially lost. And in addition of that. He. Was the one who called Sally Yates. Recalls she was an Obama holdover before sessions was confirmed as the acting attorney general who refused. To defend the president's position on the refugee executive orders. Weisman senator an email or attacks congratulating her owner carriage. Some Muller of course appoint him as his right hand man now what's his record. What we can't go through the entire record. But just like in the case some Muller he had his anthrax moment too and it is a big big deal. Mr. Weisman. As Sydney now rove has been portrayed is having an impeachable ethics. Is that prosecute he would want if your family member wasn't. It was extolled for having a hunch that he former treasurer of Enron was willing to say more and would cooperate. Who would be the case is an indisputable fact show. Let's start with the mr. weissman hunch they young and run treasure. Then go Liasson. Was ready to cooperate quote unquote. Mystical Liasson was about thirty years old when Enron CFO Andrew Fastow and a cover boy for CFO magazine. Conical ice and into one of faster us fraudulent get rich quick schemes. So thirty year old local ice and wasn't easy squeeze for prosecutors like mr. weissman. Who honed for their own uses that tactics and organized crime bosses they convicted. Angle ice and had made a fast million dollars had a young family and he was guilty. Weisman charged and quickly. But an owner's 26 counts. Mystical ice and pleading guilty to a five year count in just wanted to do his time. The problem was he refused to cooperate chronicle of mr. weissman. Federal authorities took mystical ice and a prison he was placed rate in X solitary confinement. A hole this cell with a slit for light and barely enough room to stand. Men's part tougher than steady all bent lice and we'll tell you that 24 hours in solitary confinement. Can drive a man insane. Mr. weissman and is Enron task force left mystical license solitary confinement promised two weeks. They broke mr. license. Yet faced Harden criminals in the daily prison population and that is how mr. weissman. Got that hunch. As for the prosecuting you would want if you were innocent four former Merrill Lynch executives beg to differ. Mr. weissman ran the grand jury interrogating many of the witnesses and at least one of the defense. He then sat in the courtroom was his arm around Houston Chronicle reporter Mary flood. In oversaw every aspect of the prosecution. The prosecutors obtained convictions against Merrill Lynch employees bill follows. And recent period. Mr. fuss like Ben bison was about thirty years over the young fan. He had steadfastly maintained his innocence and really handle the paperwork for a transaction. Which have been taken through all the steps within Merrill Lynch by Merrill's own in house lawyer. Why Smith's team vehemently argued against allowing defendants bail pending their heels as his San tonight to the manna for case violent. They sent Delphi strike maximum security federal transfer facility. With the worst federal prisoners imaginable hundreds of miles from as little children. Eight months later eight months later the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals completely exonerated mr. silence. And ordered his release from prison within three weeks of the oral argument. Before the court even issued its decision. Before the oral argument. Mystified us wanna speak of what he endured. Which means he endured a horrendous situation and that federal prison. The fifth circuit held that the conduct of the Merrill defendants was not criminal it's charged in the indictment was flawed. You see mr. Weisman had made up the crime. The Merrill executives suffered up to a year of wrongful imprisonment they were all released. As for mr. weissman ethics. The ethical rules to which prosecutors are supposed to be held. We pride and prosecuted disclose all the evidence that may be helpful to defend. Well mr. Weisman and his team to the opposite. They yellow highlighted the statements of witnesses most helpful to the defense long before the trial. They threaten those witnesses would indictments. Which kept them from talking with the defense. And they gave the defendants in complete an affirmative really misleading summaries quote unquote. Now what those witnesses would say. The fifth Circuit Court of Appeals held the prosecutors quote lately suppressed I'm quote evidence favorable to the defense. And not for an ethics violation but not for reversal of the only two convictions that survived the first appeal. By the evidence was still hidden. One of the nation's leading legal ethics expert bill hot votes folly substantial grievance with hundreds of pages of exhibits against mr. weissman. The New York bar. Yes and the author of this piece. Sydney Powell former prosecutors say he cosigned the complaint. That time mr. Mueller had already brought mr. weissman under his wing it the FBI. So the Department of Justice was defending mr. Weisman against agreements for which he could've been disbarred. What happened to that grievance. In New York the New York bar kept it for several months. Unexpectedly received a deck when nation letter from the office of professional responsibility for the Department of Justice. Would no notice. The New York bar had slipped it into me had shipping grievance to the Department of Justice to decide he's serious complaint. That the Department of Justice was defending. The federal swamp as deep. Dense in deceiving it is infested with a corrupt kebab and protects its own and it can't be trained fast enough. But Sydney now. That's the number two prosecutor. Mr. Mueller is right hand lieutenant. Weisman. Mark Muller. Only. Pretty damn incredible bunch of thank. They think they run the country. And they are all focused on taking out. President trump. They're all focused on destroying president trump and his administration they never wanted him in the White House. And they wanna get into the White House. They know they will have the full support of the Democrats in congress. In the full support of the media to whom they leak relentlessly. Conley is an admitted serial leaker. Even as FBI direct. Mr. weissman no doubt in my mind is a leak. And mr. Mueller no doubt in my mind easily beat him. And no fear that the Sunnis and as I know they've leaked at some point it sometime in the past we get regular. Leaks. At a Muller's investigation don't. Who their focus on why they're focused on them what's coming up. It has to come out of his operation. Nor the FBI or both. And agents. I typically assigned. In this case to the special prosecutor's office special counsel's office. This is of course why Donald Trump should speak to these people. Under no circumstances anyway in any of you Prescott but in this case now. These men. And women have no intention. Of searching for the truth. Don't search and destroy mission. And they know they have the backing of the Washington elite they're part of the Washington. I thought it was very very important to bring this up. And in this context quickly. A reminder. So sailors on Hannity last night. And this is part is what I had to say cut one Mr. Big is ago. Now we know lines shift and the rest of them are fighting so hard now I know why the left wing Victorian garden Democrat media. Are fighting so hard. Trash newness me you and others let's walk through this quickly. Who are they trying to protect. Hillary Clinton. Sean who else are they trying to protect. Barack Obama to his name never comes up so let me help everybody within us. Loretta lynch knew about these types of warrants. Yanks the deputy attorney general he extensions Robbie Rosen Steen now the deputy attorney general he knew. FBI director economy deputy director McCain's latest rock beheading counterintelligence. Agent his girlfriend. Plus would have known about these. These have spice applications and warrants we'll have details secret these are counter intelligence efforts. You have to assume the National Security Council in the White House knew. Why would the FBI the Justice Department keeps that from the national security director in the White House why would they keep it from the deputy director. In the White House so why would it be left out of the president's daily car. Intelligence briefing. Which I mentioned in March congress also needs to get a hold out. I am telling you know we're looking at the FBI we're looking at the department of justice and we're not looking at all. At all at the White House Hillary Clinton pays for a warrant that's the easiest way we component. Hillary Clinton colluded with the with the Russians. But it appears the FBI at the senior most levels colluded with the Russians so whether it was waiting around winning it doesn't matter that's a fact. So these senior level of the FBI tried to interfere with the selection as well. This is why such a big deal I know Republicans are bending over backwards saying this has nothing to do what Muller it has. Everything to do in my life because. Transition from a counterintelligence investigation. Into a criminal investigation. Ever call me of all things confesses to being a leader. And Mueller a Mueller is a former FBI director does his people. That's his environmental he's not out there as some independent sports but I wanna get back to Barack Obama. It's his FBI. His Department of Justice his State Department. His candidate I cannot believe for a minute to the National Security Council did not map there's. And they showed how elaborate this is now the more information is coming out. We haven't even gotten to the incident down all collection of intelligence on people including by the way sanctions when he met with a spoke to the Russian ambassador. Michaels when when he spoke to the Russian ambassador to the unmasking a leaking out his name. There record number of unmasking of American citizens and trump world and so forth and so on. And the American people have been subjected to any massive propaganda and misinformation campaign. By the Clinton Campaign by the Obama administration. Let me ask theological questions Sean. Why eruptions when Donald Trump could be president of the United States. When things get everything they want from Hillary Clinton whether its uranium whether it's undermining our defense by cutting up paramilitaries then. By refusing to secure our border why in the world but the Russians one trump as a lot of Hillary Clinton. Yeah it. We'll be right back the. If you needed more evidence but there is. But how low some. He progressives are these Democrats are. These so called prosecutors and agents are. Adam Schiff. We had a properly functioning congress would be expelled from the House of Representatives he is in leaker. And he is spending has every waking moment trying to figure out how to remove legally elected president. And UC serial liar to the American people. He is the ranking Democrat on the house intelligence me. And so fox has been reporting all day. That the reply the ten page reply to the three and a half page House Intelligence Committee were memo. Is loaded. With classified information I don't know if such trio. But apparently somebody who's read it said it is quote filled with the information on sources and methods taken from original documents. Mr. Schiff would have done well. As he KGB agent in the old Soviet Union mr. Schiff we do well a day. As a right hand at correction to Vladimir Putin. Despite all of his professed. Distrust and dislike for Russian his tactics. Are right ought. How that is if you are a representative of the tyranny. Mr. Schiff has a totalitarian mindset. He's not interest in truth they're access ethics or morality of the law. Much like mr. Mahler. Mr. weissman mr. economy quite frankly. So that's the game they're playing now apparently putting the Fox News and they're citing somebody who read the democrats' rebuttal. And quotes and it's still with the information on sources and methods taken from original document. And so then the White House and the administration says we have to redact certain parts so it. They know full well that CNN MSNBC. NBC ABC CBS and tolerant. We'll carry water for them even though they know. If retiring guard know. Exactly what ship was done they don't care. They know Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC went out and that goes CA included with the Russians they don't care. And they know that mr. Mahler is not a paragon of virtue any more than commune once they don't care. Because they're not either. You know the ability to her. I've Prius of your family that's a simple old fashioned value this country was founded upon self reliance insurance both personal liberty and safety. When you're prepared. You'll have to rely on the government when there's a natural disaster financial crisis just like about these Terry Cain is that took place in the summer. Local Puerto Rico and Houston and so were absolute real natural disasters. And in many cases the government's the last thing you want to depend on an emergency. He can't protect ourselves and take various cells senior plan. What do you start make sure you've invested in some food storage and trust my patriots supply. They tell me prepare and I help you to. 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Friday marked the men here are number 877. 3813811877381311. So Ronald Reagan would be a 107 years old. Well before I get to a few other matters. We talk about that for a moment. In 1974. My brother Doug and I went to Philadelphia who lived in the suburbs and Elkins park in town and country. We've listened to any. Speak. That have been given. I governor Reagan 1978. Who went back to Florida who would listen to this speech I gave me being given by. But I guess he wasn't governor then. Ronald Reagan. And he formed a political action committee was introduced by a gentleman by the name of Paul waksal. Pollack's halted and the governor of Nevada senator from Nevada. And one of Ronald Reagan's closest friends as they were the governorships repeated time overlap. And Paul lack salt was. As solidly conservative is there ever us. And in many ways I consider him a mentor. Don't tell that story one of the day as a matter of fact hanging above me behind me in society. Is this program is a photo with senator lacks all my father and me. When. And visited the senator for the first time you know I was a resident and citizen. Pennsylvania and he took twenty or thirty minutes. Talk of me and my father. Had actually been thinking about moving to Nevada and when they running for office while obviously my mind changed on that but anyway. As a young man. Some sixty years old now you can throughout the mask so in 1978. Pet checked that 1974. Was the first time my brother and I. In person her great in speak. And there was always this talk that he wanted to be president you know in the 1968. Republican Convention. He was a favorite son in California he lost of course. And even as a very young man teenager. 1213 years old I was a conservative who was conservative by. Reading and watching. Reading national review watching firing line. And reading Milton Friedman things of that sort. I was involvement athletics and everything else but. That was very very curious. And that philosophy and history. This guy Reagan really really. Caught my attention. In in the northeast I know. A lot of you may not realize this in the northeast he was he was an unknown quantity was known as an actor. And people they get the respect he deserved including. You know as today the establishment Republican Party. The party that I was involved in was still people like Mitch McConnell. And John Boehner. And when I decided in 1976. To support. Former governor Rankin. Begins sitting president Gerald Ford in the Republican primary in Pennsylvania. Question I was mocked him that I need care. And there were a number of us very young guys 18192021. And so forth young Turks who. Supported Reagan over fort. Reagan decided not to spend much money in Pennsylvania who were pretty much on our own. Now as it turned out. He didn't campaign much in Pennsylvania their campaign a little bit yeah. So we had to push hard for. For him and I decided even I think it was nineteen give or take. That I wanted to run as a delegate to the Republican Convention. Because I wanted to cast my lot was right. Problem wise so that everybody else wanna run as a delicate. So we had to get strategic the number of us young guys and gals and some of us had to drop out packing others in order to get as many delegates as we possibly could. And to this day I've never been to a Republican Convention. Mostly by choice. So you know the story 1976. Rating came. Very very close and lose about a 10212. Delegates sure which means if he gets 15052. Or so delegates. 56 he could want. Most people and expect that he did. He's an enormous help. Not from conservatives all over the country. He tried a last minute move by selecting. Senator Richard Schweitzer of Pennsylvania. Was very very liberal. To try and win over the Pennsylvania delegation but it didn't work. The Mississippi delegation. Which had pledged to Reagan stabbed him in the back. And they didn't stay with a great. So there were instances of that. But we all know. That he be back. In the old story goes that when he gave his. Concession speech when Gerald Ford. His wife. We're on stage Betty yeah in this Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan were called from the media from the stands to come to speak he's spoken. It's the story goes and it's correct everybody knew that the Republicans have nominated the wrong man. And Jimmy Carter would when the President Reagan never stopped strategizing planning preparing. And running for president. Of course she'd only one and 1980. And I was involved in both campaigns and true. Wonderful honor. And I left the senate house counsel only been there about six months of tandem computers. Right outside of a Dallas Texas. Not tandem computer routing Texas Instruments. Texas inched. And came to Washington DC. It started out. At the slow agency called the action agency doesn't exist anymore because we abolish. That was her job under very wonderful fellow by the name of Tom pocket. Who Karl Rove was spent most of his career trying to destroy my effect. And I never forgotten. The talk was there reg united through and through Vietnam back. He had of the slowly consent. And he asked me to be is effectively as chief of staff. This is where I found boxes and boxes and boxes of this crime book. That this poverty program this stuff. Had been purchasing and shipping out into the these poverty areas. He was written by again I'm an aimless Pawlenty. Never heard a song on ski. In the book was white and red on the cover and these were paperbacks. In the worth tens of thousands of rules for radicals. You see action this. So called poverty agency has the Foster grandparent program but you have to understand they all sound a bit under the left they are astronauts. Vista program and so forth. Sam Brown a former new left radical anti war. Protesters and had headed action woman that in March the banking and headed Vista. Now for the longest time she might still be the head of Barbara Streisand political pack. Radicals. They were they were sending money out to. Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda. Midwest academy type organizations a lot of money flows through the radical organizations in Chicago which has to disastrous mess so we eliminated the agency over time. It eliminated its funding. And from there. Over the course of years. Who whined that the chief of staff to attorney general Meese. Having stinnett the White House and so forth. And when I think you're ready and I think of them so fondly. What he did is present United States for eight years this. This little respite. From progressive in his. Which he we've only had two times in that century the last country and Calvin Coolidge and under Ronald Reagan. Really the only two modern conservative presidents and we'll look back on track and I hope will be able to say the same thing for him. Has has said many times before I think he's the most conservative president in my lifetime since Reagan. And hope it stays that way. And if it does. One an honor. Who have talked to him over the years and meet in a few months ago again. The Reagan. So many stories I could tell. The very decent and very genuine man in an extremely well read man. You know I talked to you from time to time about these four Oscars. Marks and hagel. Andrews so and so what he's he read all the talk about the good guys to Merck. Past DI. I mean so many I can even think he read them to. Hit a personal line greatest home whose whose shells were filled with us. Type of material. Probably one of the most well where presidents we've ever had and yet. They try to turn him into a balance has to be act there. He's a dangerous man. Ted Kennedy colluded again this time with the Soviets. They're trying defeat Reagan and is. Reelection race which he won 49 states. Police swing of 3000 votes he would've won fifty states including Mondale's Minnesota. We've never seen election landslides like this popular vote Electoral College vote. To take regular. In the hiring contract matter. There was no underlying primary. There was no underlying crime there at all. And so we had Lawrence Walsh for over eight years. Spending about 100 million dollars. Indicting innocent people. Manufacturing and process crimes. And Muller's America very much. Like Lawrence Walsh they punitive republic. As was wall. Who hates the president of the United States as that Walsh hate regular. Walsh came out of the rhino wing of the Republican Party much like. Mollie has an Mahler is very much like he was introduced when he was becoming United States attorney by Barbara Boxer. And that Dianne Feinstein. He. The Reagan understood progressive news. Pianist and progressive president. And only come back from the break. And when it touched on this again. But in a different way we've talked about ankle. I did last week I believe. And wanna talk to you briefly. So we can put this budget debate and everything else in context that's going on immigration. And that another gentleman. Not so much a philosopher. But a so called intellectual. And I've talked about it before I let people coming go on radio they're busy busy year eating dinner whatever it is. And sang at once is enough. It's any differently is important. His name is Herbert Crowley CR OLYU. Sporting 1869. He died in 1930. Who is one of the leading academic and progressive thinkers of the time. He co founded the new republic. He authored many many books and articles. But one of his most. Famous books essential for progressive intellectuals was called the promise of American life in nineteen night. One of the men. Who is deeply influenced. By Crowley who has a radical progress he was a socialist. He had an affinity. For. Hagel marks and so forth. This will be shocking to him. Was Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt. He found Crowley to be. Extremely crisp place. I'll be right back. You folks on this stuff interest in the personal progressive. Which enough budgets immigration. Need to know who these people want. Progressive business was imported from Europe. And it would result many radical break from America's heritage. They radical break. From America's heritage. In fact it is best described as an elitist driven counter revolution to the American revolution. In which the sovereignty of the individual. Natural law. Natural rights in the civil society built on a foundation of thousands of years of enlightened thinking in him and experience. We'll be drastically altered and even abandoned. For an ideological agenda broadly characterize as historical progress. Progressive is on this is me is the idea of the inevitability. Historical progress and the perfect ability of man. In his self realization through the national community or the collective. While its intellectual and political advocates. Clothes that score and populist terminology think about Bernie Sanders. Despite the existence of democratic institutions and cyclical voting progressive listeners emphasis on material egalitarian as in the social engineering. And it's insistence on concentrated centralized administrator rule. We inescapable even varying degrees of autocratic governance. And from progressives there are no absolute or permanent truce only passing in distant historical events. That's even back as is said to be relative to time and circumstances. And that's why you get this war on our culture. There is no we eternal moral order that is that was true in good in 1776. And before. Is not necessarily true and good today. Consequently. The very purpose of America's founding. Is the based. Not Crowley Herbert Crowley was among the leading academic and progressive thinkers. He co founded the magazine the new republic any author of this book I mention him as many but this one in particular promise of American life. Who was an essential book among this fellow intellectuals jurists. And certain powerful politicians including Theodore Roosevelt. Crowley argue that to conceive the better American future as a consummation which we'll take care of itself. Has been necessary result of our customary conditions institutions and ideas. Persistence in such a consumption is admirably designed to deprive American life. And any promise at all scenarios he's completely rejecting the American founding principles on the declaration. And the values upon which their base. He says the better future which Americans proposed the bill does nothing if not an idea which must insert essential respects. American history contains much matter for pride in congratulations. And much matter of regret and humiliation. Americans must be prepared to sacrifice to their traditional vision. Even the traditional American ways of realizing it such a sacrifice is I believe coming to be demanded. And unless it is made American rifle gradually cease to have any specific promise. That is you must. Throw off. The founders. You must throw off. Are revered documents. You must reject our history. Life begins now. Right now. And the intellectuals and the elites. And their ideas. Are what matter. And how we organize around them and organize society around them. I'm not done again I don't just do this for an academic purpose we're gonna go through some of this and related back to the debate that's taking place right now on the budget and immigration. I'll be right back. And an apologetic. Patriots and on apologetic. Constitutional lest you can reach him at 877381. That's 3811. Remember that New Year's resolution you made it clear IRS problems behind you let's February and you're still living in through the Arabs trying. At today's that day they show the work garnish your wages freeze your bank account. Let me carry you with an actual case from my friends and optima attacks release like you. Charles drag desirous from as well under the new year before calling optimal tax relief. Optimist quickly stepped between Charles in the IRS protected his assets and resolve this tax brown. Optima knows that behind every tax primary good people people a family's home savings and paychecks. Who need protection. Which explains how they resolved over a half a billion dollars in tax debt for their clients and there are eight plus rated with the Better Business Bureau. Call optimum tax relief right away tax time's coming. They're numbers 80499630800. Point 996300. That's 804996300. Backed Herbert Crowley had so much influence. On what took place in this country. Really over a hundred years ago. And most of he's never been taught about Herbert Crowley or is other. Colleagues and and like thinking at people who had enormous influence on this country. You can see they reject its underpinnings. Crowley wrote. The individual American will never obtain any sufficiently complete chance of self expression. Until the American nation has earnestly undertaken in measurably achieve the realization of its collective purpose doesn't sound like cable. Someone martz but definitely hagel. Not crow leave. She's me like many before incense. Tied historic progress. In the modern state to the IT the material egalitarian and again think Bernie Sanders. It's a central Tenet of marxism. Crowley wrote it is the which inflicts the most serious damage. An American individual out. And American individual achievement and politics and science in the arts will remain partially impoverished as long as our fellow countrymen. Neglect to refuse systematically. To regulate the distribution of wealth in the national interest. I'm aware of course he writes that the prevailing American convection is absolutely contradictory of the foregoing assertion. Americans have always associated individual freedom the unlimited popular enjoyment of all available economic opportunities. It would be far more true to say that the popular enjoyment of practically unrestricted economic opportunities. Is precisely the condition which makes for individual bondage so in other words. And I'll get into this another day we've talked about it and have a year or two ago. For the progressive. Again like hagel Crowley Paul arrest. Individualism is an individual us. The only way the individual can self realized. Can be fulfilled. Into the state. Through the collective. So they steal this right from the handle. And marks. The American founding. Which principles. And institutions. And the fathers themselves pyrite. They must therefore be this embattled. In his book progressive democracy which she wrote in 1914. Crowley was blunt. He wrote as in the case of every great political edifice. The materials composing the American system. I derive from many different sources and I characterized by an equal balance. Both test of endurance and as to Lleyton possibilities. The appearance definite madness and finality which it derives from its embodiment in specific constitutional documents. And other authoritative word just a large extent blue tree so he blows at the constitution. And who's played against very. Sotomayor. Breyer. On the political side to Schumer is and so this. Is their thinking. This is the thinking they are radical progressives. Both historically and theoretically wrote the American system is based upon an affirmation of popular political authority. When the colonists proclaim their independence of the British kept crown and then a parliament. The repudiated siren had to be replaced with a capable substitute. And the substitute could consist under the circumstances only of the supposed to makers of the revolution. The American people as a whole. After the declaration of independence that people are they wearing however they're powerless to be organized and expressed. Became the only source of righteous political authority in the Manson Danish. Crowley route in fact however as was this assertion of its direct control over its home political institutions. By the primitive American democracy. Its willingness to restrict its own effective political power was no less definite. In insistent. See they hate. Checks and balances they hate divided government they hate the fact of three branches of government as a member of the progressives they want a centralized power. It did not show the slightest disposition. To translate this supposedly affect a popular control. Of the institute of government in that active popular control. Over governmental behavior. That democracy abdicated the continuing active exercise of effective power in the very act of affirming the reality of its own ultimate legal authority. So he's saying there is they build a system that protects the system. That is the system they dealt. In the course this is the thinking of radicals revolutionaries. And I don't even in the positive sense. Because just like Venezuela or Cuba or China or any of these other. Phony repressive and genocide all regimes. They call themselves people's republic. They call themselves democracies. In a chorus of Hamas has done the same thing in the Gaza Strip but I have an election or two or three year however many. That they don't care about democracy. So. They used to people and populism. I don't order promote. Fascism or Communist. The irony is that the kind of centralized administrative state. The Crowley advocated in which surrounds us today. And as many fire relative handful of architects. Is all but immune from the popular well completely impervious to direct popular sovereignty. Which is my point in the book when I just broke. He can go through the in vote over and over and over all you want your ability to affect what's going on at Hud the department agriculture. Is passing at best. And nonexistent. In most cases. That's why they didn't feel that way by the progressives these massive. Ivory tower institutions. That cannot be penetrated. By the vote. While they keep talking about the vote. But Crowley was not actually navigator of popular sovereignty so much as he was an opponent of genuine individual is an unconstitutional Republicans. The latter two being obstacles to a centralized state. Which it is claimed that governing authority exists at the behest of the people and for the good of the people. Let us remember. For the progressives historical progress is said to be a process a never ending cultural and societal adjustments. Intended to address the unique circumstances of today. The ultimate goal of which is economic egalitarian isn't the material liberation of these so called man's. More own Crowley. And can get to a point. Another condition hero must also be satisfied before an expert administration. Which is what they talk about all the time. The science of political science the science of social science the science of behavioral sciences of course they're not sciences at all. Now the condition also must be satisfied before an expert administration. Can expect obtain popular confidence. It's authority will depend as we have seen on its ability to apply scientific knowledge they go to the realization of social purposes. If they social sciences and attainable or does not command popular respect. Popular opinion will be reluctant to grant to the administration it's necessary independent authority. Now what wake anybody of so called knowledge. You made command popular respect. And along one doubtless by increasing demonstration that social knowledge is the fruit of a binding and formidable social ideal. And that is really serviceable. For the accomplishment of a social program. That is that such a demonstration is such a demonstration sufficient. Is an on another and equally necessary method of increasing popular confidence in the expert. The method of getting a much larger number of people the chance acquiring a better intellectual training. Is it fair to ask millions of Democrats that's lower case. To have a profound respect for scientific accomplishments. Again we're not talking about the real sciences there. Whose possession is denied them by prevailing social and educational organization. He can hardly be claim that they greater proportion of the million sort insufficiently educated Aaron not just as capable of being better educated. As that thousands to whom science comes to have a real meaning. And of course what do they do. In monopolize the educational system. Which is courses less about education and more about. Indoctrination indoctrination about what progressive as indoctrination about what. Promoting centralized. Ubiquitous government indoctrination about what Haiti American history is Crowley did. Rejected it he wasn't alone. He wasn't alone in the least. Crowley expressed the view held by all progressive Democrat and Republican and yes we talk about the Republican establishment. I call it progressive as in light. What state is in light but that's what this. In his Erin cents. Industrial American their free capitalism created economic and social class system different is specifics but not necessarily kind. To that described by Karl Marx. They hate capitalism. Writing in the new republic in 1920 he said the non answerable indictment against capitalism has an American institution. Is not that enterprising businessmen seized and exploited the opportunities and power. Which society placed at their disposal. The natural even necessary. That they should organize production and distribution of bases more profitable to themselves and to society. The offense against the American national welfare with which they are indict of what is any different kind. His their blindness to the social penalties of their methods of hiring firing and playing labor. And the refusal to make the technical social education of their employees he charger on business are on the businessmen state. So in this regard to see Crowley expressed the view held by all progressives democratic republic. That capitalism. Is the enemy. This is why reject. Nationalism populism populism nationalism and so forth and so on they don't realize that the they borrow a lot to the arguments in class warfare and communal. And objectives and so forth. And overarching centralized governmental power from. The progress. How do you argue against. What had one argue against. It's very simple little field trip. The supermarket. A little field trip. Two major supermarket. We walked down the aisles. You see all kinds of food from all over the world all over the country. Fresh and frozen. Can't deny can't. All kinds of rappers. Processed and organic. Would this come from house as possible. Winds from California. Wines from Virginia tomatoes from New Jersey peaches from Georgia has this happened. Had a suspect. Tony different kinds of butter or margarine. Fifty different kinds of yoga. Fifty different kinds of soda. Ten different kinds of milk. Eggs small legs medium eggs large age China exact Regina exit drill our jags brown bags why today. Whacked. All kinds of flour fact all kinds of flowers. From all over the world. How's it possible. Get hot food cold food you get back Posey get white bread you get multi grain bread didn't get Italian Bret white. That's my answer to mr. Crowley in all the Marxist out there we the American people. Live like no other people who ever lived before us. Kings and queens. Kings and queens of the past cannot imagine. How you and I live today and I'm talking about the poorest Americans. The push to marry. I'll be right back. Constitutional republic. And embraces capitalism. Anyone can become anything. There's no guarantee. That's for sure. Can fail. He beacon and nothing. But this is for a short and I do guarantee at. And they centralized socialist regimes with close he get to Nirvana. The closer you get to the perfect state. The closer and more you're dehumanized. You can't accomplish anything. I would suggest. Do you think about the supermarket shelves and American and the supermarket shelves in Venezuela. The hospitals and American. And the hospitals in Cuba. I would even suggest that you breathe the air. In LA new York and Chicago. Purses breathing the air in Beijing. And Shanghai. It's quite different you know. Yeah we have a political party. That has been devoured by the progressive movement this importation. Of of the European hagel isn't slash marxism. And told him many times progressive isms the bastard child of Marxist. And they have a stick constant purpose than destruction. They call it the transformation. Of America. The rejection of our principles look around you. He could lose everything. If they win you lose everything you already lost your health care system. Trust me when I tell they're not done they've only just begun they don't even know they've done. If you ask them for their constitution there isn't one if you ask them for their blueprint they don't have one. HS constant constant constant. Transformation. Until we reach the perfect society the problem reaching the perfect society is. Regimes have tried that before you know the consequences. Valentine's Day is around the corner kinda look. You're apps flew past introducing the brand new Janice saw eyelid lift for drew BI list. 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Do this for favorite take the plunge he tried. 800 skins 604 and get the four luxury nick gives a complete beauty systems for the price of one. Take advantage of it now valentines. Is the perfect time Valentine's is almost here. 800 skin 604 that save hundreds cancer skin 604. What does all this have to do and anything while first of all you're Smart you're the smartest audience out there. So you know thought tied together we'll what's going on now with the president and congress. I'll be right back. Remarkable event here are number 8773813811877381311. Not tying all this back together. We're gonna shut the government down the thinking of it. The Democrats apparently won't give an inch on immigration. The fact is that neither party has discussed the debt community either party discuss the death. What do you know about the debt in his their plan to deal that is that not an issue. When most politicians of the Republican Party and all politicians is the Democrat party don't discuss the debt. They you know the progressives and one. When they won't discuss cutting. Programs that are 50607080. Years old. And I didn't even related to these assistants have been about. You know the progressives want. When any single department or agency is eliminated. You know that progressives of warmth and you know they want because we're not even allowed to talk about it. He complete paradigm shift. And we don't even realize. They act as if we cannot survive without this department or that nations. Mean in every ten nations and the government we survived just fine. They act that way when some. Private sector and it is eliminated because of taxes or regulations. No matter. Do they care now on the east. And it's not even the entire federal government's thinking about it Tuesday. They don't care about the military. Fact they would like to drain the funds away from the military as they drained the funds out of the Social Security trust funds. As they drained the funds under the Medicare trust funds. Define today's. Absolute necessities is because they essentially argue because yesterday doesn't matter remember. Only today met. I mean when you get right down Tony get to the nub of the progressive autism is like being drunk. Nothing matters before I needed drink today. In so there is. Now there's holy Grail that you can't shut down the government. And I say this tongue in cheek if the government shut down all the time it's currently. What 808809. PM eastern time. And it's effectively shut down. Now apart from. Certain elements of that the intelligence agencies and law enforcement at the federal level and of course the military. The parts of the federal government that the progressives care about. Those that kicking around push you around take your wealth redistributed to somebody else. I elect away or not what the lair what's between your legs sweating under the bathroom what Jim he is and on and on not that part of the gunman shut down several hours ago. If it snows around Washington chats now and it's icy around got to watch it shuts down of its Friday night Saturday Sunday. It shuts down. Can never have enough federal holidays it shuts down. And yet we're told how the hell would get a little of that at the truth is that vast majority of us can live with out much of the government. Not all again and I'm not Americas and the constitutional. For the most of us who wouldn't affect airlines at all. But since the progressives control the propaganda wing. Of society the media. Since the progressives control the enforcement wing of our society. The government effectively. Most of the court. The bureaucracy. They control what goes on most of our classrooms across the country. But China and our theaters. Broadway. On and on and on. They create a scenario where. It's apocalypse. The end is near the government shutdown of the government has shut down. Were perfectly fine. Because then it shuts down at all. SNL I have this set immigration debate again the president has shown his hand the president's offered one point eight million people of the citizenship I think that is a disaster. Pena made a pomp commerce out there and the rockettes they think it's. Brilliant politics who say because. Now he's really exposed the Democrats for what they are honestly we didn't need to expose the Democrats for what they are they've already been exposed. If Horry. And been exposed. And as cinematic. So we get back to what Crowley wrote. Give the government this H. She hit the government does it. He can't he really constitutional and every since the word I know we play along. No I have friends some of my friends of the Federalist society some friends of friends on the federal courts. Some friends where law professors and so forth and so on and. We'll continue to. To make the case that this is a constitutional republic and make the case that in some many respects it is not anymore. I mean the administrative state is the fourth branch of government where is that in the constitution. I'm not saying they should be some administrative activities in the federal government of course. But that's not what we're talking about isn't we have massive. Administrative agencies and departments. That kick out almost a million regulations. A year. They should say million pages of regulations a year. 80900000. Give or take Everett event before. Not one votes been taken by congress not one votes been taken by the American people. That's not a constitutional republic. And I wanted to point this out that. This debate going on now about the budget will the government be opened with a government close and such study in the debate we should be handling the debate we should be having his. How much more spending is it going to be how much more death is that going to be and you we're not even allowed to have this debate. Mitch McConnell won't have this debate he considers us lunatics. You know we talked about the fact that it's reagans a 107 birthday if you were living today. Mitch McConnell. Has a full grown adult. Never supported Ronald Reagan in any primary battle number. Supported Gerald Ford truly worked at the Justice Department as a young man in 1988. Did not support Ronald Reagan in the Republican primary. Think that yet there he is the Republican leader of the act. The United States have Omar neither did Donald Trump visited on trying to get Donald Trump doesn't pretend to have a pass like that Donald Trump doesn't pretend. And interestingly enough Donald Trump is more conservative than Mitch McConnell Everett has been. He's more conservative today. The met in much of the hate for Donald Trump comes out of the establishment. It never truckers who pretend to be more conservative than trumpet when you read that they right. Now maybe consider this in six and that half the president and it's this happens and missile happen. They're not terribly conservative. All right we'll be right back. People are hawks. These oppose amnesty and they did that wide because they AFL CIO the Teamsters and so forth. Insisted. That they'd be border hawks because there was a time when the private sector unions believe that there. Membership. Was being subjected to. An illegal wages that we're undercutting. Union contracts. But today the private sector unions for the most part if not all of them certainly most of them support illegal immigration a massive immigration. Because the new leadership of these unions have basically sold out their members. In hopes of getting other members just like the progressives. Generally who seek to replace the voter would new voters. Has it been talking about now for some time. Now they wanna replace their membership but Newman. Will be more. You know willing to vote for them is as their leaders and so forth. But here's a montage of their hypocrisy. Doesn't mean go back that far in some cases twenty years in some cases eight years and so forth. Schumer Feinstein Sanders. Tim Kaine Jon Tester. Joseph Donnelly Claire McCaskill Joseph mansion. And Bill Clinton. Hat tip free beacon cut three go. Every year two million people cross the border here illegally. That is something we cannot have any longer and provide a chance for people currently here illegally to get right with the law and earn legal status to illegal immigration is wrong plain and simple illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the US legally like some form of a path to citizenship whether it's a dream after allowing those who cross the border. Good day when America could be the welfare. For Mexico is gone we simply can't afford. People should be here those who come legally. V. Okay. Plus our borders 40% of the babies born on Medicaid. In California today are born of illegal immigrants. Creates a very real problems Wednesday. I believe we are very serious immigration problem. This morning. Deeply opposed to illegal immigration or make sure that we do not provide services to folks in this state who are not your legally over a period. In the right citizenship I don't want. We need to have lived there needs me not being amnesty means you can find I'm. Well there's a bipartisan agreement we get doctor Don I think we ought to get doctor Donna should've been done. Ours shall receive from borders where our doctor. Kids have a chance to remain in the United States. I voted against comprehensive immigration reform are you comfortable with the president taking unilateral action. I'm not crazy about it if we. Actually get to that point awards according someone who has never know any other country has been willing to serve and our military then we have this is truly I think. The lowest that we can possibly go I lose. More effort to secure the borders. They never before any piece of legislation I've ever seen who voted on. You won't need to build more law we need to do whatever we can secure the board. The borders. In the budget I will present to you we won't try to do more. To speed the deportation of illegal aliens who were arrested for crimes. To better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by former congresswoman. Barbara Jordan. My folks is it going all night with Harry Reid and on and on non. That you see you and I we haven't changed our positions these people have changed their positions because they chameleon it's because they don't put country first they put party first. And they wanna change the voter. They wanna change the voter. They can't win majority status they believe. Largely correct unless they change the voting population and that's exactly what they don't. So rather than resist it. They and their union supporters and all the rest have decided to change the union membership to change the voters. And that's what this battles over Democrat power. So fun the military. Bush supports it Democrats would more and more voters changing the voters. Look I columnist ICM. And that's what I see. Donald trumps of the White House today. You know we just had this this colts football player this wonderful player killed. As was. Another individual in their car they got out of the car. On the side of the road there's a problem of the road they got lost or something in an illegal alien twice deported. With a Eli record back in the country. Runs over the. Kills them. But I wonder how many football players next season and undertaken any against illegal immigration how many. That's not the result of quote unquote white privilege that's not a result of quote unquote. Yeah. A wealth dislocation. Or whatever it and phrases everybody uses these days. This is common sense. President trumpet the White House today on the border cut forgo. MS thirteen recruits or our broken immigration system. Violating our borders. And then just comes right through whatever they wanna come through that comes through it's much tougher now since we've been there and we need much better border. Mechanisms are much better border security now. Let's stop Vermont there are communities in this country. They're being ravaged by innocent I can't. Believe it or not Long Island New York this is a huge problem. Northern Virginia Fairfax and Loudon county Virginia. Los Angeles. So many areas so many communities. And this isn't even a typical gang these are gangs that. That brutalize their victims. For no reason. Kill the most heinous way cutting out somebody's heart while they're alive decapitate any papal almost like ice is techniques. Have they been using these techniques. Since before rice's. And they mostly out of El Salvador. And we don't. We can't necessarily stop and it's not as if they self identify how I am when MS thirteen. And some of them are the age of may I say dream race or look at the DREAM Act exe and that's an MS thirteen oh sorry. I had ball hit the wall. We're around the world we're never gonna solve this problem and I've got into the top people made easy work table right now. Now without the lowest I don't work. You're MIC and union I call on congress to close the immigration loopholes and allow this deadly gang. Too great so easily into our country. But the Democrats say unless we get. As many. Aliens to become citizens in our voters we're not gonna do it. We're not gonna do. The same party that undermines local law enforcement the same party that pretends to defend the FBI. When it's defending the rogue senior elements the FBI undermining the FBI. The same Democrat party that is of this straining the united states military. That Democrat put. And then the president made a statement today. Which was right on real leadership. Hat tip right scoop cat fight go I really can't do it. Frankly I was ever that we don't change. Can you don't get rid of these loopholes killers are left to come into our country. Gang members and we've just okay. Shut down will you show them. You shut it's we don't get. Now that. His music the many years not because I'm interested. In the provocative or creating dislocation for federal workers or anything like that. Serious Republican leaders in fact serious Republican statesmen understand. That the only way he should advance something like this or Reagan in his case Persian twos and MX missiles and so far the only way you can advance something. Like this. Is to draw. The Red Line. And quote unquote shut down the government we all know the government never shuts down which I'm about less than 20% of the government that's fine. Point is it's the only way. That this president will get some of his priorities passed. Through this regressive led United States senate and House of Representatives we'll be right back. Voice of sanity. Human beings. Asian world yeah. Karl Marx revenge show call in now going to be 773813811. In 1925. An ounce of gold was worth twenty dollars and it would buy two suits finisher. But times have changed since then have things we no longer carry a gold coin in our pocket is money. The government made us exchange that a long time ago pre pre need twenty dollar bill. 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That's pound 250 keyword Markel and then dial pound to safety say mark live event and there are specialists are standing by. They're wonderful people dislike you or prepared to Philly and clay what they do. Ty how I can acquire different fractional sizes different amounts and so forth and so on. And if you can qualify for the 500 dollars and free gold or silver. Now for a limited time by the way so that's pound 250. Keyword mark Lemmon this is a great outfit in capital. I know one of their principles very very well Scott Carter. And and I'm very very pleased to have him as a new sponsors I switched over to them because I'm so impressed with the they are and what they do. A second call Tom Cornelia Georgia. You lie you lie dole. And mark just result wanted to I just can't think of where we would do it in as a country without. Your. Information year to your knowledge you're sharing your fashion. And then giving us the history tonight that you done. I am going way back to when all this stuff started and we have to appreciate that and and then the content. You know as far as progressive as some would like to justify it very simply saying it is of until. He'd elitist control freaks who just do things just to show that they can't. I that's not a bad definition actually. And the and and I've always just say you know Tom. What they really are and I used their terminology so it doesn't get too confusing but I wrote about and Ameritech there's status it's that's what tea. Aristotle use the word state is I reintroduced in Libby and Cheney so many years and of their status they're not about progress they call themselves progressives. I kinda have the use economically too when I'm writing about progresses but. Like I said liberty and Cheney what a decade or so ago. That's what they are they're about the state always the state government government government never really about true individuals. And do you recall a woman that worked in the Reagan administration that you weren't there are who wrote the book that deliberate dumbing down of America do you know that. Lady who was in the. I do not recall now but there were 3300 of us you know if he gets a little tough hey Tom thanks for your excellent call I really appreciate it. Let's keep bouncing around jet. Net coup where are you in Wisconsin. Nick or. Nick cosa. Nick and I don't mean it'll be Indian name meaning yellow running water. Really yes sir may well you know we call right here. I urinating anywhere you guys had. I'll I'll talk mr. called trainer is that I believe the Democrats are scared of the government shut down for the simple reason that some of their people might realize they don't need. The government you can and it's touched on every pastor but I think you do it on a that's really what they're scared joke that's why Chuck Schumer back down so quickly they can't afford to have their constituents find out they don't need them. Let me ask you this Jeff when you hear a Schumer said. They were as close as we've ever been to a two year budget you know he can McConnell this economic and nervous. I what's the deal don't we get to get in since it's our country. Since it's our money since this dad has been placed on our children and our Granger. What does she give us a little insight on exactly what you and McConnell are talking about. It does scare me the only. Deck and it frustrated now is trial which is Bonnie could I didn't trust them in the during the election but now I trust them more than I trust McConnell. I think that's right no question about it. All right Jeff good call we appreciate it leaked Las Vegas, Nevada they Greg Tate on KD WON go. Cleveland thanks protect him I call will be very. I wanna thank you for playing not it's about the Democratic Party M battle are critical of ludicrous and out of touch which. The United States they are early brawl and ski it's totally. And they. Only one under through his stead as many votes as they can legally or illegally. And in Japan they're just so out of touch with America and I thank you for. And I just say this first I want to thank you lady sick irony of this is as I say they will use. The vote. And changed their vote or use the vote to deny the importance of the vote. It's almost. Becoming an answer in Armenia in the in the near future. Sort of a routine we gonna vote and in 90% of what the government does is totally out of your control. And I want to cut you off color and lastly it's such as wanna commend you went thank you. For the underrated through the October 1 true thing we have to murder after a channel man that he. You're contributor to resonance. Be much makes much much there. And it's just wonderful partner thank you leave you with an individual. All of us. I in raising you folks and I think we push it from 700 some thousand dollars up to about five million dollars. And that's thanks to yield. The stuff we've gotten the bottom of that out there in Las Vegas and now. Brian Baltimore city Michigan. On the market than that is that correct. Our new Baltimore Michigan. New Baltimore Michigan what happened to the old one go ahead. They market north. They let and I think we all agree that this memo that shares went up to the White House is it political gimmick that is purposely loaded up with classified information. So would have to be rejected so he can run to the cameras and cry foul. My question is this why don't the Republicans call their block in just release the document as this that way they can go back and say. Okay Democrats to go to wanna release classified information game you know although I application of those sworn affidavits that are loaded up with false statements. Here everybody get this he took in all these underlying intelligence documents that show the real collusion between Russian and Hillary campaign in the DNC. And the Obama operative. Here everybody gets the steal my. Probably as they can't just release some because the stipulation is that there has to be reviewed by the executive branch. Because of that you know we've separation of powers of the documents belong to the executive branch of before they're gonna release them. The executive branch has to Sam can't or ultimately the present. I. They just seem that there's got to be a better with him on and this trap that they sent up to the White House. And all right my friend I agree it's problematic. Problematic when you're dealing with truly evil people. And Adam Schiff. Los Angeles, California the great 8:7 AM the answer go. In my case so my wife is a Canadian and we put your pocket. In that we did the legal we have immigration and we had to jump through a lot of who spent thousands of dollars to lawyers and to the senate this state. And I think we've finally got everything it can't go my my lawyer kinda have to respect you know. If you have been engaged to direct you worsened which stereo to be much easier to get them here on the island. I guess my question to you is there's many people in politics they're very well educated what part of illegal word in and of itself you're not understand the Tyra Banks. That is illegal I'm probably gonna go to prison I just don't understand why they had been I mean I expect you want votes. Personally not even all that it's gotten so bizarre and absurd they you know and land use the word illegal they is the response by the leftist. No person can be illegal of course they can we prisons filled with a legal people quote unquote. That is people who committed crimes American citizens who have committed crimes. And what you're saying is quite right which is. Out why do we accept this crime why don't we have something called Sanctuary Cities and that sanctuaries. They are nullify tires they are they're there confederacy is and unto themselves so they win the language war. Which is something that I keep trying to fight. But that's the best answering gives you thank you for your call my friend let's continue. Donnie Alexandria Virginia they Gregg WMA. Al go. Pakistani telethon he's been waiting forever I feel bad for them. I can buy downy. Here's trump trying to fight the last. When it comes to the budget when it comes to the wall and then there's somebody been named Tim Waltz Democrat Wisconsin's. They're coming out of the woods all these back centuries. I here's what he had to say about that trump wanting to shut down at salute shut down a government cut six no he's. Saying he would eat his words I would love another shut down it's essentially Democrats don't meet his immigration demands I would love another shut down. Well no one else would this hurt people it's actually it parents are very few people and some of us would. Because unfortunately that's the only way to have true progress would you progressives. And I lived through many government shutdowns when Ronald Reagan was president against 107 birthday today if he were alive. And that's how many good things. Got done in the Reagan administration at least some crucial things got done in the Reagan administration including. Defense spending strategic missiles in the defeated the Soviet Union if the government had not been shut down and again. This is a not retarded cents in fact the government really isn't shut down. But if he had not taken those positions so much for what he did accomplish would not have occurred. It just wouldn't occur go ahead. No this is an absolute failure of leadership. I understand this you don't get everything you want I understand you compromise to get things that make a difference. He compromise with the modern Democrat party. Did he not offer one point eight million people citizenship. Test and even a compromise that's a surrender. You know. I had. Then again the president's tendency to lean towards totalitarianism. Had got shaft you idiot he became an entertaining he lead to a totalitarian and through. Half presents and finally turned apparently. That would be the great late congressman Tim Waltz have you ever heard him before other than those who actually. Have the huge disadvantage of living in his district I'll be right back and. Higher education these days is insane. Students stormed faculty offices they write one conservative speakers visit. Got buddy Ben Shapiro. Agreements lists safe spaces identity politics and turn higher education in the something lower but not everywhere. Here's a place where students can debate ideas openly and honestly where they pursue truth together with the professors and respectful manner. But the students and faculty have integrity and that's Hillsdale College. Every student and he'll still lives by an honor code some a list of do's and don'ts but it's simple pledge and here it is. He coastal college student is honorable conduct honest and more and indeed. Beautiful and study in service and respectful the rights of others through education the student rises to some government. That's it. Every freshman commits to follow that code and throughout their heels still education their character is built to be true beautiful and good. He'll still graduates sir our country's teachers and doctors stay at home moms lawyers journalists and more. The excellent education they receive. Couple without honor code produces successful excellent human beings learn more about this amazing place called Hillsdale College. Good will event for Hillsdale dot com that's LEV I end. For Hillsdale dot com live in for Hillsdale dot com and Aaron. Let us continue shall we ask which. Dot com Arlington Texas a great WBA Peco. By mark elusive dark. Yeah we're not sure if memo from under him. I think just Donald Trump would send it back to the FBI and USA. Of them suggest the reductions. If you're already you're going to go to the public and so we'll put the Democrats are trying to do their turn to her but your country's security. Hello no reduction to stay where he was going out from the public. And emotionally ready does it have to Rebecca remember. Well let me ask you this let's say there is classified information there are some kind. Do you think they should redact agents' release. No it should be respected what why jeopardize our country's security for a memo. And yet if it's classified. And sometimes things are classified there won't jeopardize our security because. Sometimes they over classified. You have a different view of that nice post. Probably if that was the case let's just be called an estimated up. Much or little hard. The president right there. What do you think of that ahead of shift pulling one like this according to a fox have been reporting this all day. I wouldn't expect anything different to be honest. We have such a contentious society and can you more than I thought I expect exactly this kind of different. Then and from him and protect let me ask you one more thing before I don't why do you think he gets. So much attention from the media. Could it be that they really the because I believe the media agrees upon them because because weirder Ballmer wants clearer road but some remote. All right sir thank you for your call. And there is this little piece. That goes CA author Christopher still wrote another anti trying to memo. Was fed information by Clinton connected contacted. In the Obama's State Department. Gets worse and worse and wars. And how the Democrats in congress had a little themselves. They know exactly what's going on here Clinton associates fed information. To trump those CA author Christopher steel. And this comes from a memo that was written by Grassley grant Hartley two right wingers. And fox reports Clinton's associates were feeding allegations to former British spy Christopher steel. At the same time he was compiling the controversial anti trump does he paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the hilly Clinton Campaign. According to an unclassified memo from senior senate Republicans who recently made a criminal referral. The lawmakers are now asking the FBI for an emergency review whether criminal refer also to be made public would limited reductions right now most of the pages there. Are blacked out alone at all. The memo from Grassley grant which is not public for the first time harassment seminar provides new insight into steel circle of context of that time. Heavily redacted a memo states Steel City received information that came from quote a foreign. Sub source. Who is in touch with redacted. They contact. Redacted. A friend of the clintons who passed it to which active. So there are multiple foreign sources now that provided information to the Clinton Campaign be used against Donald Trump. And there's the irony. And Robert Mueller could care less. He's busy chasing the wrong guy on the anthrax case. Very very bad judgment this guy. Troubling enough that they Clinton Campaign funding mr. steele's work but that these Clinton associates were contemporaneously feeding this Christiane allegations. Raises additional concerns about his credibility the senators wrote to deputy attorney general rob Rosenstiel. Ladies and gentlemen. If there were ever make paste that requires a special counsel. Because it involves a senior levels of the FBI and their pastor Terry contact and conduct. Certain individuals in the Department of Justice how com and also attorney general Jeff Sessions won't appoint. A special tabs on this case. Ladies and gentlemen Lisa let our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel thank you for being let us. Have a good evening.

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