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2/5/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 6, 2018|

On Monday's Mark Levin show, Barack Obama must have known about the FISA warrant application process and the police state tactics detailed in the Nunes memo. He must have known because several senior members of his administration knew. Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it comes to a brick and. And here are number 877381. 381187738. Lines. 3811. I am back. Both guns blazing. When I think Brian Madden. Stand by and you know two great friends too great hosts. And great patriots for filling him. But here I'd be. And tonight. At 9:30 PM eastern time I will be on Hannity on the Fox News Channel 9:30 PM eastern. On the F Fox News Channel on Hannity. Where I'm going to be talking about this memo issue. And trust me wanna tell you I was grinding my teeth all day Friday Saturday and Sunday. To speak to this given. Your and mine. Significant role in some of these underlying issues. But first. I know the stock market went down 11175. Points in the Altay it's the largest single day drop ever but the fact yes. As a percentage of the drop of the stock market it is not it's just that the stock market has gone so high. It can dropped fairly significantly. And you could still be in the plus over the course of twelve month period or eighteen month period of 24 month period. So whatever you do don't panic as a matter of fact do what I do ignore it. Pretty much ignored. Because you don't wanna start selling your stocks while they're dropping. Sight realistic. You buy low and sell high. If you wanna go broke. You buy high and you saw allow. You just have to have some guts and hang in there this is also why talk about diversification. All the time. If you can't. Now most of us don't invest directly in the stock market we have pension funds. Which do which we have little control running. I'm. And so. They hopefully diversify into this that the other thing that this is also why I'm a believer in other things like. Gold and silver not that you should plunge all your money into it shouldn't he should diversify. The vs little a year and a little there. You get an extra. Piece of real estate maybe that's a good thing with little rental property that's a good thing you just don't wanna be invested all in one thing look I'm not a financial advisors this is common sense. This is how I handle my own money. That's something else happened down. Incidentally the was mr. Goosen was the Super Bowl yesterday. I think it was yesterday. Well as on the plane for half of that but I finally. My wife and I finally landed. And we saw most of the second man. And I have to say is Philadelphia. Native. Oh here he goes don't don't tune and I got a lot to talk about on the man mouse or just hang ran out of Boston and a lot you don't like the Eagles but you have to understand. For me from my family. We don't win anything in Philadelphia. And Philadelphia. Despite its great basketball teams at some decent baseball teams. It's a football city that's what it is it's a phone policy and lots of boxing city tidbits of football's. So this is a big deal for Philadelphia. But it was in the mean I was asking people around these living TV studio today they thought it was great most of those guys cannot Eagles fans you know the Redskins fans and other women Redskins fan tuna. They really do I like the risk it. And a lot of them are. From the Baltimore area so the ravens fans or this side in the other and they thought it was a great game I thought it was an unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. We'll talk about that a little more in the third hour I remembered. But man oh man outside what the pregame shows were pathetic. Sit at the airport or watching these things patriots patriots and the patriots this and then the patriots and Belichick and radian radian Belichick but he type. The greatest pair ever got but that doesn't mean. That that's all you talk about as in the lead up to. This particular super Bubba the Eagles played all four quarters. They had an unbelievable. What I have to say falls is an unbelievable story and well anyway. And when he didn't this memo have been chomping at the bit. I read this memo couple times. You know when it first came out on Friday mr. producer we put it up my coming up on FaceBook and Twitter and my comment first was what that. Women on the one hand. On the one hand. The Democrats say that this will reveal sources. And techniques. And classified information. And national security information. The FBI director said it would be a grave. Mistake. None of that was true and then on the other hand they kept saying. It's a dud. But I doubt it says god there's nothing in her Conley said you know what's the big deal. He's a bigot Tweeter and a he's actually tore apart his network. So as I pointed out on my social sites on Friday their schizophrenic man. It's a damning memo. I've read people who tried to downplay it Everett people who. He need to know these five points he needed only seven points he you know these three points OK got it. But I did my own analysis I don't meet somebody else's points to point me in the right direction. I'm gonna start with the last night. I'm minister over the last time. And it's this. That the people who were involved. In knowing. Knowing. About the phys applications. Signing off enough ice applications. The people who were in well. Included the attorney general the United States Loretta lynch the deputy attorney general of the United States. Yates. Susan yanked. The director of the FBI combing the deputy director of the FBI the tape. Now. There are others who knew too. But these are tough people who know. There was also. Rod roses. Right grosans. Not Susan Yates Sally it's so you have Sally Yates. Roses then. Loretta lynch. Coney. BK. What do you call me the cave. Haven't come. Who really cares. The leak case. Loretta lynch of course she ran to the Phoenix airport. To meet with Bill Clinton on the tarmac to tip them off that Hillary was in the clear. Yates is a political tactics acting attorney general she refused. To defend the president's. Very defensible positions on his refugee executive orders to these are highly. Partisan political individuals. In law enforcement positions. In law enforcement position. This explains a lot I don't know who. And I can't point specifically. To one or two or five people. There is stroke. The notorious agent stroke who was head of counterintelligence. At the FBI. A leaker based on texts. His girlfriend Lisa page a leak or by her own texts. Stroke. Page McCabe combing. People alone on the now. All in the night. And so when I read this memo I was piecing it back together the march 2 when I was on the radio would you folks. March 2 of last year. And there were some of these sporadic news articles number. Which kept mentioning these crisis times. One in the summer that was unsuccessful one in October that was successful. We talked about that. And I discussed it on FOX & Friends sundin and discussed and on Hannity the next Monday so the main march 2 fifth. Six. I didn't make this stuff up. I it wasn't all of the media but it wasn't some of these mediators which meant. It had been leaked. By the senior people at the FBI by the senior people to Justice Department one or more. To the media. To try and make trump look bad before the general election. To commit continue to push this. Russia collusion narrative to try and dragged Donald Trump and of that Russian collusion narrative without hope. They would defeat him. All during this time. The FBI the Department of Justice the president the United States and our intelligence agencies knew for a fact that Rusch was trying to interfere with our election. They knew for a fact. That they tried to access the RNC database and fanned out. They knew for a fact they tried to access the DNC database and succeeded. I think you nothing about any collusion. There wasn't any collusion. Which is exactly want. Christopher steel. He foreign Egypt. They expire. For the British government. Using his whole context in the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin's arrogance. Hold together this document. That was funded by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Which was laundered through a law firm and laundered through fusion GPS. Trying to protect them and cover them. It's exactly why this goes here this unsubstantiated. Vial. OC. Was used to get the vice. Faisal warrant. Because there was no other basis for getting it there was no other basis. Pre claim of collusion. None. So they had to manufacture them. And apparently we don't have all the records that unfriendly. Foreign intelligence surveillance. Court. Eight judge. With among other things is the number of points out. Newspaper articles and Karina very you've pathetic thing in case. Except for the doce yeah. And they conceal from the gut. The funding source of the doce yeah they conceal from the judge that it was. Opposition research. They conceal this from the job. Which is pretty amazing. Christopher Steele on his own. Is pushing this document. In every possible direction cause he hates trop. And here you have an X spied for Britain trying to influence our election than be repeated. He leftist ex spy for Britain. On the payroll fusion GPS. Trying to influence the outcome of our election. So it is heat who pollutes. With Russian. He now hired gun a fusion GPS which is hired gun of the Hillary Clinton Campaign. The Democrat national coming. It is today who collude. When they British ex spy. And consequently collude. With a Russian operatives. To affect the outcome of this election. It is the leadership of the FBI. Under James cone. And our Andrew McCain. Who seek the further influence the outcome of this election. They see the influence the outcome of this election. I using. Negotiate. Which includes. Russian disinformation. This is an old style. Soviet trip. The old Soviet Union. Now I bring this up and I've been bringing this up for almost a year to protect. Their tradition and institution of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But Democrats to. They damn about the FBI any more than they can give a damn about the Baltimore police department. A they give a damn about the practice and police department are they give a damn about the NYPD. Or they give a damn about the united states military. They don't give a damn about law enforcement. Anymore than they give a damn about the military. This isn't about the FBI for them. This has nothing to do with the FBI as far as their consent. I'm gonna tell you something nobody else has told you so tomorrow. All the geniuses can go on the radio and TV and tell you how they thought it. And that's pretty much been the pattern for the last ten or eleven months in this investigation. As I've been breaking it down and unraveling. They just don't have the experience. And that's okay. But don't believe there. Why. For the Democrats circling the wagon. Why. Are the effort toying guard media. Circling the wagons. What's happening. And many view the answer. When we return. It's kind of hasn't been asked vanity. We are. Battling. The highest levels of the FBI and we are battling. Parts of the Department of Justice we are battling the media we are battling the Democrats. That's how aggressively to retiring guard. Media. Is attacking this memo look how aggressively the Democrats are defending the FBI they hate the FB. They hate all law enforcement. Let's say exactly what's. And remember this day when I tell you to. The protecting Obama and the protecting Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton paid for the goes here the Democrat national committee paid for the does he. Hillary Clinton. Has not been asked in any aggressive. Firm resolute way. About this she denies knowing anything about it and that's that well that's not the. But even more Barack Obama. Barack Obama knew what's going on. Now when I tell you how he knew it was going at least. Any general yet subsequent delay I won't tell you how he knew what was going on. When we return. Conservative. Hi Aaron John Mark love then you show young Colin now that 8773813811. Barack Obama had to know at least generally was taking place from multiple reasons. And he's the one that Democrats protecting us. He's the one the media are protecting a much. And oddly enough the style trumped his and their cross hairs. Is if he knows any of this he knows almost none of it. Number one. The attorney general of the United States Loretta lynch. She knew about it. Two isn't bashful about revealing information that she met with a Bill Clinton on the tarmac. In Phoenix. To let him know that his wife was in the clear. The idea that an attorney general of the United States is political she was. Wouldn't inform the president of the United States what's taking place. Would these ice applications and in the face a warrant to me is preposterous. Number two the deputy attorney general of the United States at the time Sally Yates extremely political she demonstrated. When she refused to. Defend. President trumps refugee executive orders. Which where constitutional. She refused to go to. Chino. About the relevance ice application. Number three FBI director call me at the time he knew. About the price application. Number for the deputy FBI director of the tape he knew about the price application. We know the economy is a serial leaker I don't know what he late in relation to this. We know that the the cave is a leaker I don't know what he leaked in relation to this but we know they all despise. Trump. The senior level the FBI and. Obstructed they Hillary Clinton investigation let's be blunt. What else the call. But there were a price of leaks. Sporadic and pinpoint it to the media. To the media. It had to come from the people who know about it. I don't believe for a minute. That the senior level White House staff wasn't told about that this was a counter intelligence investigation. Rick Carter page is being accused in order to get the Weyrich. I being an agent. Arusha. So you have to assume the director of the National Security Council knew about it Susan Rice you have to listen the deputy director of the National Security Council Nevada. Ben Rhodes I don't know who did exactly pro who. Didn't but it's easy enough to find out. They're not gonna come on my program. But there's no reason congress can't find out. And I'll get to that in a minute. So lynch Yates call me McCain. Struck page they all knew about the price application. What they have kept it secret from the president of the United States would they've kept that secret from Susan Rice and then wrote why. Why would they have done that. Moreover. If I found pieces of this in the media. Yeah I have to assume the president's. Press deemed found pieces of this in the media. Even if for some ridiculous. Ridiculous reason he wasn't aware of it directly from his own people. Their lives. If I can piece it together. From public records sacred piece it together for public records. Number three. As I said on March 2 the president of the United States receives. A daily briefing. On intelligence issues that prior day. The presidential daily brief. This was a counter intelligence. Espionage operation. Relating to trump well I don't believe they can't throw 12. That that information at some point in some way. Wasn't provided to the present the United States that the daily presidential brief. And I said from day one congress needs to fight to get irrelevant copies of that material from the the presidential daily briefing. In other courts. There's no way Obama did not. There's no way Obama didn't know. About. Securing the warrant there's no way. And you he's never asked about. And he's a one. The Democrat party's protecting and he's the one. The Victorian media are protected. He's don't want. That there worried about. Because the truth there's. Barack Obama was president the United States when the Russians were trying to interfere in our election. And why did he go next though nothing teach how the American people know. Why did he tell the American people. Because he thought Hillary Clinton was gonna win the election run away with the election and he didn't like you think the American people. That her election was an anyway. Adversely. I mean not positively affected by Russian involvement. That's why I kept his mouth shut. Not because they were afraid that it would be viewed as politicizing it quite the opposite they've politicized it. I keeping quiet and not telling the American people. Senator makes sense now isn't. And these sick irony of all this is it's Donald Trump who is being accused of collusion without any evidence whatsoever. None. Because he didn't collude with the rations. All they took or look at Sean had a meeting with Russian. His son didn't have it does CA from rations to use against Hillary Clinton on day. The RNC didn't pay for it does CA did it. They're trying campaign didn't pay for it does CA did it it didn't trying to cover up. I laundering to eight. And friendly law firm and then another organization. Did it. No. They didn't. That's what's taken place here. In this is why. The media are conducting themselves the way the media that they hate Donald Trump. Don't get me wrong they hate Donald Trump I was the first monetize the day after the election in a trying to impeach him and they're gonna try to prosecute him and I'm not gonna play all that for you again. But this is it too for a program. They hate Donald Trump. But they need to protect Obama. Because ladies and gentlemen as I said on March 2 march 5 march 6 and thereafter. These are police state tactics. Police state tactics. Domestic political surveillance of your political opponents. You'd be used. A federal law enforcement. The abuse of the Faisal processed the abuse of a warrant. This is a a scandal like none we've ever seen. Yet the perpetrators. Are treated as the victim. You see the media are never going to report on this. In any accurate way. Not only did the media green. What that perpetrators were doing the media were the beneficiaries. The media web publishing this information being leaked to them by the FBI and the department of justice and. The White House I specifically remember a New York Times story. What yeah that information have been share with the White House. They're protecting their sources. They're protecting their sources the media do not care about classified information how many times have I said. Now the others are better bring it up. Remember the Pentagon papers. They couldn't quite. The published the Pentagon papers classified information. They did give a damn what the Defense Department said the FBI department said Eric or anybody else and they still don't. Look how the media have published. The name of Michael plan. Retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn whose name was unmasked. By a Clinton administration official who still has not been hunted down and prosecute it. And I didn't think got to the intelligence side in this. The media are more than happy to report state secrets. They do all that time the award themselves Pulitzer Prize for. So they don't really care. But the FBI is generally care about the sanctity of the Tyson's corner the price application. For the hardworking men and women who are out they could care less and by the way neither could the Democrats. You have the Democrat party that will not fund the military. One dollar for the Marines requires one dollar for food stamps how many more times and it's. They feel exactly the same way about the FBI. They hate local law enforcement stories telling about criminal justice reform which means letting criminals out of jail. They're marching constantly against like how. Why don't we fooled we know what the hell's going on here yet that the FBI and they got a dressing them. And I you Republicans are attacking the FBI now or not. What defending the FBI was defending the institution of the FBI. We are defending the men and women the FBI opened up Hughes and are being used. By the colonies and the the caves and all arrest little left. Guests political activists. Partisans. We've taken over it. The top levels of that agency. I'll be right back. Hey here's an exciting news simply safer as a company. Been around for many years in the transformed into the fastest growing home security company in the nation. Now they protected with two million people. Well they just released their brand new home security system the all new simply safe. This system has been completely rebuilt and redesigned. 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It Democrats are going to put out there memo now a couple of things. You notice the extensive coverage Adam Schiff receives. And shift isn't in the majority. Adam Schiff controls nothing. But he has a narrative. That the media wanna give voice to. And so he's constantly being promoted whatever press release he puts out what other outrageous statement he makes it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. And when the president the United States tweet it out today that among other things is a leak here and notice he didn't deny being only here. And notice the media haven't. Challenged him on being gently. And notice. Also that aspects of the memo were already leaked. They just sit back and wait for the present a United States it is five days to check of this classified information and so forth and so on does that. Because they played by a wholly separate senate rules. The Democrats do not want to get to the bottom of this. Because. Their two top Democrats. Would get stung by. Which gets them. Surely remember well. And not trumpet. After having seen me apparently on. FOX & Friends son. When Donald Trump. Talked about it tweeted out that. That Obama. Tapped his wires. Over there at the trump tower now. The media. Went apoplectic. Alleges phraseology. I knew and you knew. This phraseology isn't the point. That the media attack on him. Was again to smear him any complete diversion. A complete division. They didn't wanna talk about surveillance. In a price a warrant. So much so that grinds doctorate CNN was running interference. Running interference. For the FB. I claiming that I couldn't prove they're did they face a warrant. Jake Tapper trying to independent Brian Ross defended him just Barbera same thing. And they're all wrong they've all been demonstrated to be run but nobody circles back. You confront two on nobody. Nobody circled back in confronts them. And so the Democrats gonna put out and among let's see what kind of attention that gets from the me. You know get an enormous amount of attention. You see. Adam Schiff. His hypocrisy. Is never tried it out by the me. Because Adam shifty shift list. Is a leftist he's a progressive just like any. He'll never be questioned for what he has said in the past about the FBI. And intelligence agencies and when he says now. His memo will be presumed to be correct. Actually it's Nadler is but that's owner of the store. Chris Cuomo won't. Won't there take him on the way he should be taken on down women. Now. Wolf Blitzer. Now he's thinking of retirement like a postal worker who else. Who's gonna take a month anyone and MSNBC no. The media have decided that protecting. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are more important than anything else and of course simultaneously. Destroying Donald Trump basement to stop. Stop him from winning the general election. Now they seek to destroy his reputation he's mentally deranged he's out with them when stars he's what every win it you know all the rest of it. And now ultimate call is he signed a coup that is to remove him and again. When I first brought up that phrase in the context of Donald Trump. The Mead Johnson settlers cuckoo's talking about a coup. And I know the next breath they're talking about a coup. The 25 amendment impeachment he's mentally deranged. They drank some woman at a Yale who is more than happy to be used tees at eight professor of psychiatry going on about. That range man and mentally unstable and there's something wrong with a guy and they've left that for now but they'll be back. All right. I told you more about this memo in one hour than most will be able to tell you and one month. I'll be right back. Stop the puck passed up up all of us everyone we just literally know that this week's podcast is brought you by. Let's votes that is correct this list is essentially a library for clothes. So at what it does this evening as subscription fee which is it starts as low as 59 dollars a month. 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And they have a whole range of design that brown and so as a way to unite says resign as close their brands like Rebecca Ming golf would be easy BG Max answered I mean I don't know what these Disney but they sound great I seem to let Nike athletic but one yeah I've heard of ninety state has a big on. And also it if he ends the perimeter fence at the check out you'll get 50%. Off you'll last month. To not let tell it's dot com and the frenetic finish a check out and re found dual bulletin read cool all the with a podcast. Mark what many here are number 8773813811877. Create one. Create 11. What about the State Department. What about the state the product. But ruled that the State Department planned on us we know. Well. The may have been a role the State Department that's still being looked into. And so. My next comment on this. You know I've been saying for some time now we need a special counsel. To investigate this man. We do. But we need something else. And I mentioned this to my wife. Friday night after the memo came out. And I wasn't on the air and I told her. We need one of these commissions and then I heard that Dershowitz and it's the same thing over the weekend obviously I don't know what's in his head and he doesn't know it's a mind that he's right. And I'm right. We need a commission. The very serious objective. Experienced hard nose professionals I'd say five no more. The closely examine. What took place at the highest levels of the FBI and what's still taking place at the highest levels of the FBI. To look at what took place that the Department of Justice I mean I barely scratched the surface remember this guy or who served on the staff of the deputy attorney general at the time. Rod Rosen Steen. Who's still there. And he was in communication with fusion GPS. About the Christopher steel. Does CA and in fact had met with her talk to steal about the dossier and his wife. Work for fusion GPS working on opposition research on negotiate according to the memo also something we knew early. He's at the second highest level of Department of Justice. The second highest level of the Department of Justice. You think he's alone won't you think he's the only one. At the highest levels of the Department of Justice who knew what was going on now we know as a matter of fact that's not true. And so. In addition to a special counsel what's needed here is a commission. I'm not in the commission's. But sometimes they can be useful. And that's why some name became the Republican. I Trace Gallagher simple like that knows somebody who is. Able. And I don't want to. Trying to not only get to the bottom of this from a non criminal perspective. But from a policy perspective. To address it. To address. That needs to be done in my via. I mean the FBI. The F you have what you think about the that this Christopher still has a long time FBI source of Reading for the memo. Who was paid over a 160000. Dollars. The DNC Clinton Campaign via this Americans pull away. Law firm through fusion GPS. In the sky marking alliance. This guy was say. Consultant to the FB yeah. This guys believed to have been the source of at least one major leak this deal. Bush in this stuff out to the media pushed it out to John McCain and his staff. And then the FBI got rid of them. Once he leaked again but he didn't tell them that they were he was like he leaked a mother Jones which is about as radical as it gets. Police who suspected them a but when he leaked. Suspected of leaking to Yahoo! News that was okay because apparently the FBI knew about that. And it's amazing how much can come only news. But that does CN. But the phys application but the place so why aren't. When Jim comb he met with president elect Donald Trump the trump tower one on one he insisted on meeting one don't want. He sees that'd be no witnesses and he could take notes claimed that contemporary and then. Then assert that they're actually the truth. They're representative of what took place is very very clever. He set months before I believe was June or July at a hearing that the dossier was specious. Salacious. Why then did he produce a summary outlet. And presented to the own trumpet trump tower. Just a few days before the president a few weeks before the president was sworn in and generate. A clear issue why did he do that stupidest. I think the hole and over trans fat. That's what I think he may have said publicly during a hearing. That it was salacious and so forth. But if it salacious it's to be ignored why would you make a summary of it and presented to the president one on one other in the say look what we have here. But only happy to be no other reason there would be no other reason. And of course while he said it was salacious. There was also use. Why the secure water. You folks might also recall. Back on January 15 I was on the Hannity show. Again a reminder I will be on Hannity. 9:30 PM eastern time tonight when the Fox News Channel. While on January 15. And January 15 when I was on would wish on. It went like this cop one go. Spies are you talk about oppose constitutional. America mark. Your books on the constitution for mama must read by anybody that cares about. And we're seeing eight presidential. Candidate fixed a primary. Who gets an in moderation before investigation would call me and struck I'm talking about Hillary then tries to fix spite. Buying it on one paid for Russian propaganda. And then that would lock those lies are used to get a Pfizer warn against it opposition candidate and the incoming president and his team. If that's not post constitutional. I don't know what does mr. element. Couple things about that there's an old chief of staff to an attorney general the Justice Department first of all. Let me say this. As an American citizen. To watch this is repulsive it's unconscionable to watch the mob media do what they're doing. Last week we told the president I was mentally unstable. From months before that we're told he's colluding with the Russians today were tolling we're told he's a racist. Was colluding with the Russians he's mentally unstable. He is a racist and got to start and so was disgusting it's it's so outrageous what happened. That author Michael Wolf three days ago he was he was the in thing now he's gone. What happened to out all the allegations about their sexual missed cuts now that's all gone now on the something new because mate known liar. Dick Durbin. Leaves me confidential meeting with the president and other senators. He's relied on by the media because they want to rely on just like they wanted to rely on not author. They want to push this president out they talk about the 25 amendment they talk about impeachment this is the Pretoria guard media. The biggest scandal. In our lifetime is staring them in the face you eye and a handful of others seem to care about it and it is this. The politicization of the highest levels of the FBI. And the Justice Department to hold overs from the prior administration. It's not a question if judge Jim colony the former FBI director lead the court. Here's how much do you late it's not a question if you leak classified information the question is how much classified information. He was the director of the FBI they're chief investigator. Who is who is hunting down Donald Trump. Sending texts to his girlfriend hat because he's cheating on his wife and when I use the word of the Justice Department you did that you're out. You know why because they didn't want to be blackmailed by of all people the Russians. Now we learn there's more attacks which appeared to suggest he's been leaking to the media and now we know because there's a report. To trump administration this is as of six months ago faced one. And 25 lead stories one league that day containing information potentially damaging to our national security. Leaks with the capacity to damage national security flowed about seven. Times as fast as they did under bush and the majority believes there in the trump administration. Again this is as of six months ago 78 concern the Russian probes. Now talking about the Russia probably have a special counsel who was appointed to do watch. To investigate collusion he's investigating everything but collusion pays special counsel does not exist to investigate. Financial crimes whether some guy registered as they as federal agent and so forth he's investigating collusion. Where is your case missed a prosecutor what's it been six months eight months. Give us your collusion case mark Allen addition to him up we have but this does yet. This is an adult CA this is 35 pages of crack. That was put together by this fusion GPS. They be Hillary Clinton Campaign in the DNC collaborated use their money he is a loss from not hire this guy. Who then hires a British ex spy who then worked live among others the Kremlin. That's collusion they put this thing did gather and they worked get and they give it to the FBI. Now the highest levels of the FBI are very excited to have. Habits they're even thinking about what this ex British high on their pay wrong what they do it that I know they used it. I know that if there's a warrant in part you know how I know though Sean. Why won't the FBI director. Or why won't anyone at the Department of Justice minera SA. Know what wasn't used and more fog rolled right. See the point in us. Why when they're asked over and over going there is here pairings including rod Rosenstiel who signed one of the extensions this very fight so hard. Why wouldn't they say no we didn't use because that would have been a classified. Cancer that would have provided any classified information know we knew as. Let's that they don't know I said we didn't use but they wouldn't say. That's how I know. And that's how I knew at the time that they used it. I'll be right back well. A little issues with the FBI in the past they've heard of Watergate and effort to keep road. There really is an excellent book on the subject of an excellent author. Who's written extensively after significant research from the. Topic Max Holland. He wrote this great book the leak why mark felt became deep throat a mark felt was the deputy director the FB IMR Holland how we use their. Nice to be here nice to be here. I know we can you know he could probably discuss this for hours and hours and hours. Can you tell us at least in general parameters about mark felt who we was just assume most of us don't know and what his role was in Watergate. OK so mark Phelps joined the bureau in the forties it was a huge extension of the bureau in anticipation of the war. Tracking down known Nazi. Collaborators saboteurs in the light. Also. Fears about Japanese so there's a tremendous expansion of the bureau. And he was still director. After it turns seventy. And so when he was approaching retirement there was a with the called the war of the FBI's succession. Among the health generation to succeed Hoover and beat the director for who knows how many years. And so there was a bleak war between. These bears do Hoover mainly William Sullivan. Some degree carted them both should. And so the difference with the others is that they were outside the bureau. So when they leak derogatory information you know it was a don't know what went toe to and so to and it felt was still inside the bureau. There was an interim director. But let let me slain and they were all leaking leaking about why. Okay well Sullivan was heir apparent and he they came over little impatient with Hoover. He knows showing signs of stability in 197071. So I started leaking derogatory stories about Hoover to Evans and Novak for example. In an effort to accelerate hooters you know getting pushed out. But Hoover didn't want to leave the Nixon. Who is very friendly with who or didn't but want to fire. So he was looking into after 1972. Election to replace Hoover. So once who would discover that so that was leaking to discredit Hoover he forced Sullivan that's when I felt becomes an error parent. And he naturally assumes that Nixon's going to want to appoint someone from inside the bureau to succeed over the viewers are extremely insular. Agency. And then. But Nixon the points when who were suddenly dies and make 72. An outsider and impact grade. And a month later in June 7 two Watergate happens and so would focus is about after the break in. Is leaking just enough to the newspapers. So that pat gray looks like he doesn't have control of the bureau. And therefore. Will influence Nixon deterrent to an insider namely. William mark Phelps. Were on the bureau like Hoover did. So his police say you have to remember that Watergate wasn't a campaign issue I mean people just. Didn't care. It didn't affect. Nixon's polls at all I mean it's hard to believe. But it didn't at all and so so crude leaked to the Washington Post another fable about what word. But he also lead to a time magazine reporter named sandy Smith. Who is much more trusted. And much more are known commodity but people the bureau. And it actually some of the more important stories appeared in time to just that they never done this much credit as well. Let let me ask a question while we're at this point. He was at the center. Of this investigation other words if things would crossed his desk right with the FBI was the deputy directory could see what every one of the C take. Right in those enhanced by the fact that pat gray. Accented himself from the investigation he'd want to believe it's in the hands of the professionals. Because he knew was politically sensitive he didn't. Want to anger the Nixon white house with you know president investigation forward but he also known yet to win senate confirmation. And if you were nominated the Democrats should vote on the nomination. Mr. bureau's investigation have been thorough that he might not win confirmation. So he was sort of caught between a rock and a hard place in the way of dealing with with this this to leave it in the hands of the professionals when remark. So. Yeah. You talk DiMarco. Know whether cameras started getting an interest sit in the story. He already had dementia so. There was really no point in talking to him in May one day he's admitted he was marketed deep throat the next day he'd deny it. But I read this book and spoke kiss his autobiography. It's unintentionally revealing I mean his. It is you know good dress and high opinion of themselves it just comes across. In the pages like Q you wouldn't believe. And when we come back if I can keep you have to the bottom of the hour. What is it that that motivated you to jump and it is because the narrative pretty much was quite different than when you're telling me you're telling us here. That he was basically eight disgruntled. Deputy director who wanted to be director. And he was. The time he'll Tommy has been mischaracterized in their for the bond me out he wasn't happy about it and so among other things. There was some payback here against the president and so what these were all altruistic leaks on his part notes on the F five. If I've said that correctly or not and we'll be right back. Americans' constitutional. Convention though mark television show Cohen now. 8773814811. Max. Colin and they book is a leak why mark felt became deep throat was I AM. Well let me ask it this way Tom was he a guy who wanted to get even when Nixon. No. He wasn't disgruntled he was may be disappointed. But he's trusted Nixon resist the only person you're going to appoint him FBI director he doesn't want to ruin his presidency. He needs Nixon. So he's just leaked he did show that pat gray isn't right for the job. So that makes it needs an insider who knows how to run the girl like who ripped it. So the idea that he was doing it for. Exalted reasons he used protecting the presidency from Nixon are protecting the FBI can make some is hogwash. So I wasn't out to get Nixon he needed Nixon is SharePoint pet but here's what I understand them. How would mix and put all this together if he thought I mean. He says he is he wanted to show that that they gray was a bag guy great couldn't do the job for them that doesn't mean Nixon would pick mark felt but you feel he had a better shot at it. Well he would there's one conversation in which aldermen tells Nixon. You know. Marks so it is very ambitious. And he'll do a good he'll be our boys if we appoint conducive when. There are complaining about the leaks that are coming from the FBI agent had. Grays and abilities stop them so he was a natural. Fallback. Position person racists. Oh yeah in fact that's why I started getting interest in this subject because there's a conversation. Not to whom Britain in mid or late October 1972. Shortly before the election. Which aldermen reports that we now know who's been leaking from the FBI. It's mark felt when Nixon was astonished he can't understand why if so would do it since he's been trying to ingratiate himself. And the Nixon says that he Jewish agencies seek closet liberal she's. But and it takes them awhile to figure out. Why so there's been doing it because they're just. Completely flabbergasted. So at some point they conclude it felt and correct. Epps who wanted among others. Absolutely and expect to sit me out from the book because I couldn't understand when Nixon didn't Trier felt test right away and why didn't. He was afraid that so which opened one of the national TV networks and spilled the beans about. You know the wrongdoing. Especially the wiretaps. And to break him at Ellsberg psychiatrists office just so new world that. So they were worried that he would spill the beans is is you know months before all that came out. It felt ever blackmail them if they and only financially but that he ever threaten. No it but he told Bob Woodward detect grave was blackmailing him for a you so choose of the biggest lies he told Woodward. He EU portray agents face not a short discussion. Pat gray is kind of an innocent victim here. Well he was you know it means that as the eight under Hoover was this. You know someone described. To me is that. The pestilence I mean. You have to realize. It was you know who was closest thing to the cult of personality we have ahead. In an important federal agency and he'd been there for fifty years almost. And the ass kissing and the cycle fencing and a lying. You know was just. Unbelievable. And if Nixon was right in the sense that they needed an out so that the clean bill up because very unhealthy. Things are going out and so. And that since it was it's kind of a one off situation I mean it's. And the people who were. You know Jack keen to us succeed Hoover it was a no holds barred you know knife in your back atmosphere you know they do anything I felt. Believed it was once a lifetime opportunity for him was do or die now or never. And he would do anything you know he. One of the reasons gray who is surprised but felt this person that he is he was you know kissing greater access. And telling me was so breath of fresh air in the best directors they've ever had and all the other things and you know I'm just back he was saying. He was an idiot he didn't know what he's doing. Let me let me ask you this. And I don't think home these deep throat in all that I don't really go there that doesn't interest of take what does interest me Macs. Can you see this scenario. In which is kind of what it's apparently there's a lot of leaking going on now would that surprise you. No that's. That's how Washington survived some weeks. Our mission is senior senior levels of the FBI mean them a lot of the American a lot of us here who do a lot of the American public they just assume better behavior when you have this much power. We wrongs. Yeah everybody leaks I mean they know there's a famous story about Clinton when he first came in the White House and they were not leaking and is hitting a lot of bad press. And sit there they've brought in. That Nixon old timer actually get his name at the moment. But he. Yeah there is no data stirred into greatness you quickly instructed them if you don't leak. The press is gonna be ravenous and in and ask to be certain depresses the beast and it has to be fed and you have to know had a leak. You know for positive. To get positive press so it it's an art and the bureau was particularly good at it you know nasty leaks against people that life. To some degree all the bureau this agencies of the government do it I mean the press survives or thrives several weeks. And it's important to understand and stories you know where the information is coming from all that's said. I was astonished when cone we owned up to loosely kind of been in Washington for forty years. He was about to get caught that he was he was testifying under oath he wanted to commit perjury and a. Great. That's true but it was still remarkable that he owned up to it I mean I agree with you he owned up to us as we go look worst. If they've established that heatedly that. He says stuff before so he's he's afraid to me don't rise to become director of this the united at least. Most of time publisher of pretty shrewd operator I mean. You know but that's different from. Bleak keen to destroy it president. Tell me a little bit about your background I confess that I started reading your book but I don't I didn't really dig in your background match I'm sure the audience is very fascinated with you. Well I am he could sit from the left. It was a column a little doubt that the US should. On what grew up from Los Angeles went to any college. Not to room for a bit went into journalism. Has been in Washington since 76. As a columnist for the nation magazine in the eighties and and I left to right books. Most of my books about intelligence. Cuban missile crisis Kennedy assassination. Watergate that's. I tell you where he wrote the nation which means you are the man of the left that's very interest and and yet this. Piqued your interest and yet you would think a guy like you know. With trying to put your finger on the scale needed Patricia Ingram skin you're really trying to figure out what took place here weren't you. You know I'd like to think say I grew up a little since I was. Eleven assists and I'm not so much intrusive polemics is effects. And now. What word to read a little bit this Woodward came around to agreeing to some of what you wrote that he can't buy into all is that correct. Well he's been very squirrelly he's I mean one of the other things that attracted me to this subject was his varying explanations. About so you know and all the president's men and so was trying to predict. The presidency from Nixon. Later in the secret man Woodward's said. So what does trying to protect you know the constitution. Or the FBI against. Nixon and then that it eulogy oneself it's. So will the ultimate truth tellers. And all of those sort of you know have a certain degree of BS attached to them. And I became suspicious when it seemed like it is an explanation of soap. Well so expedient and tight weather over the strip immediate circumstances was and Woodward isn't very. Slick so I found let me know the most difficult. Interviewer probably ever had in my career was with him. Approval of Al Bernstein did you ever talk to him. I'd did bid to in other candidate joined at the hip and felt. Only dealt with Woodward's so that was you know to talk to birds seen about so we're sort of getting second and information so I went directly to. Woodward and you know just that my questions for him. Am. Impressed as. Well I think he's seen his reputation. Is so large. Is of the movie. You know being played but I. Robert Redford will do wonders for your career. And at Orson a great Chernoff has before. I never found his book costs. You know they always seem to be flat so I mean that was. He just threw a lot of facts out there and he was supposed to interpret them and understand what was going on. And the resources could be no hidden but. And so my display it in my opinion and has taken a turn for the worse because I think he's been very dishonest. About felt I mean he's supposed to be the world's greatest investigative reporter. Yet the most obvious thing about this is there was a you know just. A nationally internecine. Battle just to succeed Hoover and it's sort of you know he doesn't recognize. Completely win oversee it and I think it's either. You know it's very convenient for him last season. What kind of sources and use I mean I know you've written about this patella. Well I used to Nixon tapes. You know they're very important position where you know for example that Nixon learned so closely kinks. In October 72 that's he couldn't write a book if you did note that. My uses Nixon tapes Watergate special prosecutor's. Report. The papers and Watergate special prosecutor. Well you know the boxes have been written and Phelps both of course which is in it certainly revealing. And then a lot of documents say that. Through the Freedom of Information Act from the FBI probably the most important. Was the FBI's investigation post war brigade of the leaks. They themselves realized felt was the culprit. Of course they weren't an advertiser for public consumption but they've they early have figured out it was him. We're running at a time that I find this incredibly fascinating. The reception in your book it's been a while now that the reception you put the G10 million views on Meet the Press or face the nation. Or this week or any shows like that. Well that's increasing I mean I'm not gonna complain of course but if I didn't get reviewed in the Washington Post. When they wrote an article of my my book is timed with the 40% of Hershey when they wrote an article. Trying to sum up in the the most significant developments that we understood since Watergate. They completely left my book out of the picture although I think it's. Pretty substantial work. I tried to be at the museum but loose black. A people who were. Not interest in the overturning the you know say ballistic interpretation of Watergate and the presses roll and it. So I've been shut out of certain. What they wanted to learn about the I don't think. Right I mean. Journalists you know one of bask in the reflected glory it is. You know All the President's Men even though is. It doesn't bear much relationship to what really went out. While this is fascinating to me and I think my audience. Max Holland and I wanna thank you for coming on the program in the book is leak. When mark felt became deep throw popping up there on my social sites OK okay Chia publisher prints a few copies okay. My god bless take care. When I started reading this book I thought it was fascinating reading about this book. So I'm waiting to hear about this. And because. Yes. There's a lot of leak make goes on and yes at the top levels of the FBI and we'll be right back. I think his book is fascinating soon. Dallas eleven degrees. New York nine degrees Minneapolis minus two degrees when there is in full swing and your HVAC system is working overtime. If you are properly maintaining your filters in early breathing unhealthy air you just might find yourself would no heat and thousands and repairs. Now there's a better way. With filter buy dot com filter buy dot com America's leading provider of HVAC filters for homes and small businesses. Filtered by dot com carries over 600 different filters sizes. Including custom options all ships free within 24 hours plus they're manufactured right here in America. By a family. He's family that owns the business it's a small business. 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What they stand on both sides of the same you know line and so forth and so on. And why would it matter to you anyway. Given my philosophy given my discussion history economics given our association and so forth. Does it bother you. I mean by the way I've barely talked about it since they won the Super Bowl which is a big big deal. You know my father Jack he's he's gonna be nine. So from all. The Eagles have hat. The first Super Bowl victory 52 years of super box. And I very much wanted to in the state to. MI Julie and I call him on the phone after the super Bonior wins and she says Tom. Well what do you think the Eagles won any said. Well they better when I wore their jerseys. He's not to Wear that Jersey. Holy war the cat. I'm curious to know really know we. Trust me we got serious stuff here soon and I'm gonna be on Hannity and why an hour and a half 9:30 PM eastern I hope you'll watch. To get into this stuff and a very significant way because it is important for the republic you know. But only had him curious to know your thoughts about that soon we'll be right. About AMR I live in our number 8773813811877381. 3811. Somebody should go word count on how many times the media mentioned Donald Trump's name for any reason. Vs how many times they mentioned Barack Obama's mind they are so obsessed. Would destroying this man there's simply no question about it. But I really what you think about these things that we're talking about tonight because they go to the heart of the republic. In my view an addition to a special counsel there should be blue ribbon commission that is set up to get to the bottom of policy issues has relates to that what took place and is taking place at the highest levels of the FBI and Justice Department. As well as trying to page intelligence agencies the unprecedented unmasking of American citizens. The gathering of so called in sick at all intelligence. The the the unprecedented amount of leaking. Related to these investigations. In this isn't a joke there should be special counsel looks and a potential criminal violations are there ought to be this commission. The tries to determine non criminal issues from a policy perspective to get to the bottom up. That's how bad this. Moreover I don't know what's going on with the fights a court. I don't know what's going over the phys a court. But the judge or judges on the court should be calling the FBI in DOJ do account. And they should be holding hearings I suppose in secret to get to the bottom of that. And if in fact. As a matter of fact. These judges are judge was misled and they where. They should hold. The department and the FBI in contempt. They need in order to be held in contempt they got their order Warner. And some of the lawyers involved in this really should have they're out licenses pulled at least be investigated. From an ethics perspective. The territory guard media. They're protecting the lakers. This is the source of information. That they get M even more than that they grew the league. So the irony is bothering gathering classified information secret Tice according information that was leaked to them that we talked about ten. You eleven months ago. And they beat their chests about the noon as document as if that provides classified information. He's not classified information in that document is no national security violations of that document just absolute. Unhinged line. Day in and day out. About this stuff. What did the president know 1180 now. Attorney general Loretta lynch. Deputy attorney general Sally Yates FBI director James Connelly deputy FBI director McCain. No question. Susan Rice the director of the NFC Ben Rhodes the deputy director Deanna see that none of them knew anything. Well we know many of them knew everything. So the applications. That were filed. With the appropriate read actions of classified information should be made public Delhi's presidential briefings Intelligence Committees should look at the relevant. Briefings to determine exactly officially what the president was provided with. We know that he he had available from the various news accounts and so forth so let's bottom line of all this the bottom line. That they Hillary Clinton Campaign in the DNC. Paid for the information that was used by the fights a court issuing a warrant against the trunk campaign. Even though the FBI didn't disclose the source of the infamous. Now that. Is frightening. Absolutely frightening. We'll take some calls have been talking a lot here let us go to Jack Indianapolis Indiana they great WS TM don't. Any more break talked to you know Eric I just wanted to Shearson ward which you. Actually not the ownership political philosopher Edmund Burke. Listen to your program away and love your show I. The only thing necessary for the triumph but we were. This forbidden to do that here I'm just glad to hear you or your own side. For the country in fluctuate in units is just mr. some of the moves on the some of of people would come wanted to talk when your program called earlier that it's just great listener and so it took. It internal welcome news in your nonsense and you can just tell that. It's all in terminator just they're but sluggish during particular union it's some your caller coordinate it's just it's inspiring. Well thank you I appreciate that check and you take care yourself. I hear this phrase live local while most of the live on local host do what 7080%. Live in national which is why I jokingly ever want about liven national. The local hosts are important to local news is important to. Everybody just can't do national stuff all the time that we do here and we appreciate it. Chris rat island Vermont they're great WS YD go. Not articulate much you take it upon column the great one number one whichever one fact that. Thank you for being brave enough. To not only going your read your show on expose. Basically the spying. From the Obama's State Department and the Obama controlled FBI. What you were also brave enough to go on fox and friends with. Yet lieutenant mark. I saw that episode there that that ending at at the exit delve into the break and used it a little bit longer. It was beautiful Meyer that's why we need people make you in this country to push the true. No corporate bulletins okay how and when flight again. The liberal media inspired by Brian shelter from the so called. What I like that they unreliable sources saying that Sean Hannity why in America lost because basically that. I consider that grouping him you in late break are new to a lot of the conservative media outlets. Let me I can only speak for myself the question on so very very dear friend but I can tell you Bryant's doctor. He is a complete. Courses this. Is a complete clean up. In March when I was discussing this on the radio. He can thank you need to come on the show and I said why would they come minutia I mean it's not like we're actually in an opportunity to discuss this stuff. He is an app correction. If he were in the old Soviet Union he would be the state media personality. In this country he is a state media personality because. The Democrats and the left controlled the meat that controlled the a bureaucracy and in many India. And courtrooms in this country and I mean that trumps election was unexpected. Very unwelcome by CNN and MSNBC in the progressive movement and they're trying to put an end. He is a very dumb guy he he is not in any respect inquisitive like a journalist ought to be. And you might remember Chris that at the time he was doing his little slime job and Jake Tapper was done his little slime job but. In particular him and I wrote an open letter to him nice that you only meant in any curiosity about place these so you can't pro not a matter of fact. Of course. I explain exactly what mr. I was citing other news sources. They may not have been prominent they may not have been ubiquitous but they were there that this was going on this leaking was going on. And he preferred to attack me so I wrote an open letter if this trading him rather than digging into. So all I would do a spread the word that he is absolutely on Rabat liable he's basically left wing Kook to what he has. I'd knife and I really appreciate it stay warm in Vermont now there's something else I want to remind you that before I take a few more calls here. These changing narrative they changed it on a dime. They were getting leaks from the top levels of the FBI I we think we know who now among whom we think we know and pretty. To smear trump despair tried before the general election and then the smear trample on the transition period. And before his inauguration. What happened on March 2 fifth and sixth. When I started to put together all these weeks as they reversed course they changed their tactics. They thought all this stuff would damage trump. And then when I said. White look at all this stuff look what's being leaked pricing information is being leaked. Why is that court decisions information appear to be leaked. What else is being late surveillance. And trump tower. Now trump called federal wiretap who cares what he called it called a canary I a espionage espionage. And so while we didn't have exact information. Provided to us deep out to us because our sources point leaks from the FBI. But we looked into New York Times I did I saw what they said. And Sony started to point out and string together at their police state tactics on domestic political surveillance. They reversed course no longer were they having a blast smearing trump with the leaks. And they decided wait a minute he's honest something with the police state tactics we cannot let him positioned it that way and I wasn't positioning it was just laying it out. Then they went on the attack. And they went on the attack. But. Not intimidate me at this point we have very. Very courageous chairman mr. newness who have been sporting now for quite some time. And I do want to say this and I mean and earnestly. All the radio talk show hosts. And all the TV talk show host who sat back. And wanted to see how this played out in the earliest days. Who had. Fear. To get involved. Who didn't wanna come in my defense. Even including some friends. All of them. He should learn from this. He should learn from us. Now of course there in the front line patting themselves on the head I don't know what four. But it is better. To have them now participating then this than being a walk and they were able for the longest time there really a handful. Bus carrying the ball here and pushing pushing push team given the kind of support afternoon as in others on the Intel committee who needed it. While others were hanging back waiting to see. Because this this is a business where he. Let me leave them. Well let me say this and one lot of wonderful Smart people in this business there's also powered. The latency and then sprint. That's continue. Jim Oakland California the great KS FO go. He has to go mark hey listen what the heck. Is this judge I cannot believe that there's not by the judge walking now they're walking the planet he's eating dinner and he's watching TV. Friendly group. Assists got. I think you know he. He had the Justice Department come up wide street Louis based manipulate him make a little of this court and take a whole quite so warm feeling and jeopardize. An in a word yes Kenny got a bristling unique guy in the damn. In contempt charges Adam why hasn't this been put on the news you need to tell Sean to put this on the news. I don't I don't tell Martha do but I'm talking about a myself and it's something that I raised before and are raised again. But let me tell you something urgent. This is important interest. Because of the fights a court has to step up in the face a court was manipulated to do and it did. And the American people will continue to lose faith in the judiciary. The ties the court is the only. Check that exists. Between rogue operators. Like homey like McCain like struck my page I call them. And the rest of us there. And reconnaissance Burton pitted trying to make the case to this judge Nick Carter Paige was then Russian agent. I don't know this guy may be easy clown maybe he said mister professor I. I don't know anything about it but our Russian nation. Well if they can make the case it is a Russian agent why don't they make the case now that he's a Russian agent Jim. Yes. I'll play can't they help time for a while market yet idea apart yet here's the other point is I think at this point. Protecting the sort who's been mapped it. Speedway lap more is what you are important the damage has been done you. The funny thing is when no other source of mass. Hillary Clinton's campaign in the DNC paid for trash. Which was then turned into in part an application. Two to have to conduct a spying. On me that don't make punitive member of the trump campaign are trained transition team. Well I think if something needs. Be declassified everything everywhere every scrap. Come out I think but probably to get it to an Oval Office to directly on the clock find out that the amateur is being done by that is it came to this country gonna declassified. And let the chips fall where they may. And I really think it's important I don't look I'm quite information my entire career. Mark and I know sort of lamented there's nothing in here it is anything close the damage I mean yeah yeah apparently not damaging. You're right. I my friend appreciate your call will be right back. Jesse Dallas Texas they Greg WBA I mean how are you. Until then thank you I'd like to thank you were doing an education beyond what I had because. You know on this high school get graduate but I feel like I know more than most. College student now bars because visual everything you're very kind. Thank you I am a diehard cowboys are certain ethnic you know me. To admit. That I am happy for you because our. House broken and you I was praying for years now hold on hello are you. You're rooting for the Eagles because in befriend me where did you want them to win. Well I didn't want them to let you in an Adamo when he I. My dad do for you because I know. You got to remember I'm in doubt. Made him so you know I don't trust me my maverick got the wonderland. Probably garments. And that argument do you know lead but I think you know I know what it means it's a partial and begin Olympic as far as grand. Now he can't get the second land and I think that would happen in America right. Now well let me ask you something is Dallas strengthening its team. Right now are not warm yeah. Let's have. That I don't like it won't thank. Once you get a part where you can't let me use you're the man here's my question you your team Dallas. They gonna be getting any better. Hope sudden somebody else. Candidates can't do anymore. Even the Eagles could never one like that you're due out. You are your down with all the winners. All the blonde it would don't know of course some pretty good read a book bog down. And you never wondered this championship. And probably they appeared to prove it bit dome that's I go horrible luck out. I regret latency you all Europe. Eagle man and a cowboy fans at the heart by can't rip. I didn't want to do well at all. It implies that is pretty good you know like tonight's. How would you sorry I had bought. You don't need to I'd guess appreciate your comment. A fascinating game. Rich did you watch it mr. producing. And you're still is gonna. Which have to do I channel the second half. The first half in the end what would you think. It was a good game I liked a lot of why would you watch the first half in the end of the kids Elizabeth. I was Batman can yours is that kids. Both. I'll check Atlanta was written for them people Milan have that people in Seattle you know. It's not the first time the Eagles are faced him anyway you know. All right nobody cares I care. I folks don't forget one hour from now 9:30 PM. Eastern time it's gonna be life. So I don't know what's gonna happen I will be on fox. Sean Hannity Stevie shall I hope you'll watch. Community sprinting from. The radio bunker into cooler than TV both parents. To be on Hannity on fox and one hour I'll be right back. I champion of freedom. You know you're one of the greatest champions of freedom in this country is not the English speaking world mark. Call mark at 8773813811. Valentine's the case come in all shapes and crisis but how do you know which ones best release so many out there to choose from. Now for me it's simple. Is my Valentine's go to and right now. When you order early you can get 24 multi colored roses for only 2999. Or upgrade to 24 romantic red roses for only ten dollars more. It's an unbelievable Valentine's offer from 1800 flowers 24 multi colored roses for 2999. Or upgrade. Two red roses only ten dollars more. Now these beautiful gorgeous bouquets of red or multi colored roses had the perfect Valentine's surprise. And she's guaranteed a lot. 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They get to twenty bucks up I'm I'm sorry subscribing and you get it it's a gift for somebody. You can get your family involved in all I think a lot of it I mean we are growing and we're growing quickly and I considered our conservative national town hall meeting. On Libyan TV and I very much once you join us. Eduardo Gainsville Florida they grade WS KY go. They need to living. I'm getting a little white bullies. I'm trying to do beat you gonna help me understand what I'm hearing from many. TV news outlet is that this is an idea. Hold on now that it might be very very tough because I still have my senses but go ahead. Okay well the Republicans are saying that the newly investigation. He's not being affected luckily there wasn't really obese man won't hungry that I couldn't go and compete in the House of Representatives. That community has been beaten with a lead group because every team would they don't lie something repeatedly noted these guys. No team they beat me from people who didn't who completely didn't look at. He needed happen but he never. Real loud and what a life and why he recruits at big east Republican I keep saying yeah I'm happy to do. I don't believe it I want to look I don't want to do that I didn't mandate. I didn't look at these two white blonde yeah. Yeah he do this and we let them and what. I think you're quite right. Because they don't have any guts that's why I mean you're exactly right the whole special counsel. Investigation. Such as this. Was triggered as a result of this propaganda this disinformation campaign that I've been talking about since March 2. It's an old style Soviet campaign. So the moving around different tracks they're trying to create an environment. For impeachment as have been saying over and over and over again where they hope they take the house and they also tried to cook criminalize this issue. And the amazing part about this news there was no issue to criminalize. And you had this guy rob Rosen Steve who's now the favorite the latest favorite among the media and their Democrat does supporters. Because turns out we know from being known as memo that he sign an extension. A beef iso warrant. Even knowing. That that dose CA had to beat the ball or a big chunk of it. In order to get that warrant. He's also the guy that appoints the special counsel in this case Muller. And he's up there testifying Farrelly misleading congress. When he was asked repeatedly about the dossier being used for a phys application he said things like well wait for the IG report and so. He knew they don't lose. He knew that it was used. All right Eduardo thank you for you call my friend excellent call. That's got error Robert how Lendale beach in Florida on nine mark I don't know how you listening on the other than that okay got it all right heads there. Good they're protester LaDainian. He I'm so I in the united located on port 25 years originated from Soviet Union. I'm I don't like Teixeira radio audience. My observations and pretty but he points. Number walk. Democratic Party in the United States. If absolutely you know have to look I wasn't what you all my life is so rigid Communist Party. I don't get that same method and a in this same goal I don't know if this same crap I've gotten to. Number two. All we need to understand it cool well and BI officers. Can be human. On the lol liberal position. Bro I didn't couldn't have done. In the first can pay big game Bob doll we've got a bill I trials for Republicans. Pretty good deal cutting them cool and there has been promoted get to that I know I will have been right by putting. I'm not just remind the audience they're worth a thousand FBI files found in the White House and Clinton go ahead. And dramatically. To reinstate our democracy. We need Palin biased process where all of these people will be in that corner behind. Bar. Okay thank you while we have to draw a line there. You don't want to we don't have people behind bars in court I Knight is used to seeing those pictures folks really do that sort of a I want to play this for you. Hat tip to our friends right scoop. Victorian Nolan. On face the nation AK AD face the nation. On Sunday when she listened very very carefully to this okay. Cut five go. Congressman Adam dowdy said they now have concerns about the State Department you've served there until recently you know what he's talking about. I don't I look forward says to hearing what he's talking about I will tell you though more grit that during the Ukraine crisis in 2014 and fifteen. Chris Steele had a number of commercial clients you're asking him for reports on what was going on in Russia was going on in Ukraine what was going on between them. Chris had a friend at the State Department any offered us that reporting. Freeze so that we could also benefit from and it was one of you know hundreds of sources. That we were using to trying to. I understand what was going on. The men in the middle of July you when she was doing this other words can became concerned dossier the dossier. He passed. Two to four pages of short points of what he was finding. And our immediate reaction to that was this is not in our purview. This needs to go to the SPI if there's any concerns here that one candidate door. The election as a whole might be influenced by the Russian Federation that's for something for the FBI to investigate. And that was our reaction when we saw this it's not our aren't we can't evaluate since. And frankly if every member of the campaign. They're Russians tried to approach and tried to influence and gone to the FBI as well in real time we met my nephew in the mask wearing today. Well I choose something. Was Christopher Steele doing Russia's spinning. Why haven't we go to the Russian apparatchiks. For opposition race. Handed to McCain and his people. Push it out to the media like buzz feed among others. Pushed it out for the State Department and some reform. Pushed it out to other media outlets. Push that directly to the FBI. I think this whole narrative. That Vladimir Putin wanted trump to the present United States has been a fake and a fraud from day one. That they clearly wanted to Hillary Clinton they can get stuff from Hillary Clinton she's anti defense she can't type border security. She's a push so. I've never understood this argument that the Russians won it trump. And so all we heard about was the financial connections to the Russians what financial connections are so compelling. They had a mean they did send out that the means that it's all stacked. So I've never bought this stuff that the Russians wanted. Trump don't think the Russians wanted Hillary it doesn't mean they weren't causing trouble with the DNC and tried to cause with the RNC. Because that's what the bill. That's what they feel that not so whether India Vladimir Putin house but that's the way it is. But based on what's been going on. I think the Russians wanted Hillary. And and why wouldn't that. It's like Iranians wanted Obama. Why wouldn't that be Cubans when it Obama all these. Sort of that theocratic Third World regimes backward regimes dictatorships Communist regime. Don't want it Hillary went out one day. Let us go to Steve Springfield Massachusetts on the market than that I'm sorry Steve but he can't win them all go right ahead stick. All you're doing mark on later this is a great honor I'll I guess there's just a brief hello you really riveted by your blood dissertation on an eagle the other day. All and it really opened up a lot of things this I really think the Democrats are like you to militarily and in the leverage. You know ending the inning and. I mean. Any any means just a place he hadn't. Yeah you know I I I think he used whatever political Poole director disposal. Yeah. Yeah it ended this whole Russian thing is crazy I mean. Good defied a warm bay of piper we retreat for the election I really think they'd they'd probably worse I tried for quite awhile. And this looks like they're way to cover themselves in case you want. While they were doing it for some reason. Canada. I can't believe that this part of pay. Have you seen any evidence whatsoever has been gone on forever or neither even leaked that suggests that this guy Carter page. Most guys have never met or spoken to in my life is a Russian agent. I know it's totally crazy but your other caller is right Dunning they're the clintons have been in deadwood the FBI for a long time going back auction thirty years. Like regular caller was saying Bob Dudley FBI files they talk. I'll I mean it Ivan Ivan calling them prolonged type cannot yet get to the casual lose a jar luck. And. They had true. All right Steve thanks recall my friend. John Tampa Florida serious satellite go. I Mark Douglas you know your your great looking at age it is all due to thank you here's the deal that you actually understood to Detroit. There's this guy a bomb. It's still haven't all the pieces are on the floor the public Darrent follow all the asks we have to start. Of course you're doing a great job so the real. Analyzing this micro analyze and so and so what we got a stop and say hey what do we put all the pieced together which were doing. And they give it only one way it's a want it's only one late. They thought she was gonna win. Date so all this aftermath that we're seeing. If we put the public together. It's still he had no. Idea so. Dictate she was going to loose they set everything up so she would win of course she didn't end of salt but it. The judges in the paint the fight to judge just like DOJ FBI unfortunately the 8% of the bets a true. And like earlier caller said every they got their hands in every department in its deeper than we think but. The bottom line is pride got a goal before destruction and a party spirit before a ball. They actually aired gets Obama Hillary the whole crew the whole secret society. They they did not want trump to win. They aren't my friend got to go I missed the clock here we'll be right bass. Goals for 2018. I've got to but I can only achieve them from well rested and thankfully at the Casper mattress helping me get a great night's. They Casper mattress has he unique combination of phones to provide the right pressure relief and comfort so you feel perfectly balanced. And thanks to the readable material you're guaranteed to sleep Cooley. Plus the mattresses are built to last for many years basically since have got Mike has broken the best sleep ever. So I know two when he team's gonna be great year try cast we yourself for a hundred nights in your own home risk free. They ship it Tia for free and compact box plus you don't love it you don't have to put it back in the tiny box they come pick it up and refund you everything no questions next. Start your year off right with a guarantee great night's sleep every night. Getting Casper try yours for 190 in your own home with free shipping and returns. Go to Casper dot com slash mark and used code mark to save fifty dollars on the purchase of select mattresses. That's Casper dot com slash mark and enter code mark. Get fifty bucks off the purchase of select mattresses terms and conditions apply don't forget. About 35 minutes or so I will be on Hannity TV on the Fox News Channel that's 9:30. PM eastern time. So on the West Coast that 6:30 PM your time central to act you know everybody out. I have no idea what time it would be pins say Zimbabwe nor do I care. So that'll be tonight it's lies so I zoom from the radio bunker to live in TV bunker. Who we can do Hannity TV. All right let's see who's out there. C'mon c'mon let's let don't Henry Mountain View California the great KS FOO. Hey I'm mark. I think I have to say I I picked it. Hole. Memo backed him for a certain period you know Democrat renewed Republican ma'am are all bad. Is like a total. It's kind of a waste of time. I mean LA LA minute limit otherwise not because we care about the republic. Whichever side wins that argument. Will either not chump one for the republic or what not to one against the republic. You cannot blow off the abuse of enormous federal power the interference in any federal presidential election. By one party against another. By he's sitting president against another Kennedy. And say you know the back and forth it's this and that that's easy to say that's not what's taking place here. You have some very very principled men and women who are trying to get to the bottom of this it's like pulling teeth and they're being smeared in the process. So I appreciate you calling Henry strongly disagree. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel folks I we'll see you in thirty minutes on fox. Check elevated TV and see you tomorrow.

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