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2/1/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 2, 2018|

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review, fills in for Mark. There is absolutely no question that we are staring down the barrel of a very consequential scandal. The Obama team spied on the Trump campaign and it is sick how Democrats are making efforts ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it comes to a brick and the show that. Bush is not the voice of the great one mark who then it's the Sammy good was the OK one day and punch you know. Handy dandy relief pitcher covenant for mark tonight I've got so much to discuss tonight. I've been writing it down and trying to keep it in bullet points today folks because I've. Really stoked about doing the show. No please lay out for you what we're gonna do today. You're not gonna be able to turn the radio off you're not gonna want to jail if you leave your car put her on the Markel and show Latin whatever don't miss a menace. Zambrano walked you through tonight which you haven't yet heard I think in totality you've probably heard snippets of the trump Russia fairy tale though. X-Files collusion stories. You've probably heard snippets of Obama gate the spying scandal you've probably heard snippets. Uranium one and then the Mike Flynn. Targeting witch hunt you've probably heard all this but I'm not sure you've had it put together for you. In eighty. Coherent decision and it as a coherent they gave quick cure is possible to use me narrative trying to it's funny trying to say coherent incoherent. I'm gonna make this makes sense for you. And in doing it I'm gonna keep it at 30000 feet at times so you understand the larger story. And sometimes I'm gonna get down to the use of buzz word and you are being less strenuous on so Smart. That he got to the granular details. The back up what I'm telling you. And I think by the time we're dumb with the show you're listening. You're gonna come to the same conclusion I did as a former federal agent. That there is absolutely no question we are staring down the barrel of the most consequential. Scandal political scandal. In the history of the United States. Here's this 30000 view thesis we're going to be operating with for the entire show today. Obama spied on truck. His team did spy and try and keep in mind none of that's in dispute. I'm going to explain you why. And how it's possible motivation sport. Now get a break it down for you because this is a very complicated case. But the assertion and I just made the 30000. View assertion I just made why am I doing this is not complicated never forget during the course of the show. The Obama team spied on the trump team and everything I'm telling you is an explanation of why. Motive and now. Because people get confused understandably be so much going on in so many sick democratic efforts. I mean really I am not knocking all the Democrat voters I get it there are good patriotic Americans who just don't vote with us that's fine. But did these these slobs up on the hill in a Democrat party who are now in effect police state supporters. History is going to judge you harshly. Especially Adam Schiff shifted. This lying manipulative sleaze ball. Who at every opportunity. Goes out and tries to lie to the American people to manipulate them to prevent you from hearing the truth that is the Obama gate scandal. Let's start with shall we say a park want. The staying. This set up. Folks. The Obama team against spied on trump. This is set up the entire time. They may say it was a setup wow. Why would you say that just say something at seven out of this of course I wouldn't. But go on March show and say something like that without producing some evidence that. It's very well likely this happen. Folks don't find it a little odd pouring this investigation. All the information that's come forward. About these people who seem to be randomly approaching the trump team during the course of the campaign. Soaring 2016. An approaching members of the truck team. Post you think this is an accident you know and and pretty clear what I mean by this when I call this the staying the setup. You know if you our. And saves it in your house whatever I'm doing the show for my home studio. And some dude knocks on your door and says hey listen you know we're thinking about robbing a bank would you like to join us to be like wait what are you crazy. We talking about. Say same guy shows up a week later he winds up showing up at the pool you go to you might have shown up this Jimmie keeps asking you for your interest in Robin back. Yeah I think sums up there. You ever met this guy before. But all of a sudden he's approaching you with some kind of operation we get you involved in Robyn Beck. It makes you think maybe this is a case of beating setup. Now most logical people you'd probably call the cops. But if you didn't end. It probably figured somebody was trying to set you up because you've never met this guy. What are these random people. Never ask yourself this keep approaching members of the foreign policy track team throughout when he sixteen. Y. And how is it. That all of these people as they approach the term team. There information. Somehow makes it back to fusion GPS. Which is working for Henry who. How does that happen. Howard he's seemingly disconnected. Armored give you the names have been now made it clear on this before we start. I'm not suggesting that the people I'm gonna mention even know. That they are working with more floor. Using GPS which is working for Hillary Clinton as they're approaching trumpet. They may be you know do this in this entire thing. But I'm going to tell you the names because the names are out there in the public sphere and have been reported on. And these are people who have approached the truck team who are being involved with the trauma team. And there information has subsequently wound up back with fusion GPS doesn't that make you asked very simple questions like how. Folks put yourself for a second. In the trunk teen's shoes. You have a bunch of foreign policy advisors couple people. They're being approached by people constantly about information or they're having conversations with people. And those conversations are making it back to an outlet. Being paid by Hillary Clinton. To gather information on trump are you resist making sense. You get what I'm saying. People are approaching it trump team. Either initiating conversations about bad things. Or are alleged to have heard conversations about bad things that from the drug team. And set information. Is now making its way back. To an outfit working for Hillary Clinton. This happened. Now pulling it out to 30000 feet so I don't illusion. This is the stating this is the setup. Now again. I know the loony liberals listening to this whatever but gigabyte whatever the liberals are calling you conspiracy theories that usually means your over the target. Now I've got to give you the names. And make the information you can Google yourself that's already out there in the press that this stuff actually happen. So when you're looney lunatic liberal friends thank passing have to be here. Then you can just Google it yourself to see really well this was reported in the media and. Because they pull this unmarked by the way mark you know the host of the show mark what did you say. They tried this on him. That they goofy guys CNN what's his name stealth there. You know and mark quoted a much of Washington Post New York Times article can call market spears did he was citing the New York Times. So be prepared that you do this but keep the Google button ready okay. So remarkably golden showers story as a family friendly show I can go with the details and even to describe what that is most of your familiar with the putt. Bottom line is it was a nonsensical. Ridiculous absurd story. About Donald Trump's behaviors supposedly in a hotel room overseas in Moscow with some. Prostitutes. The story is false it's it's nonsense it's not true it's. It's crap I mean is no easy bird for its garbage. Think that story came from. So as reported many times and in media outlets in the past it's supposed to come from a guy named Sergey million. Mary on. Supposedly told people who told people about the story. And after second essay the phone game second or two or three times removed. This well that making it back to Crist pushed Christopher steal it British agent who's working for a fusion GPS to accumulate information on truck. So their allegations out there that this story originated the billion. It's just a because Milli on again has also been reported. Is stated to have an eye contact with George pop vocalists who is a back venture. Third rate the pseudo foreign policy advisor on the trumpeting this guy is not some key player despite the fact that the Democrats wanted. Now granted. This is one name of a couple of really give you this is the weakest link in this I'm gonna be candid about that up front. But its interest name that you Leon. Has in fact had contact with people who are bad topic with you should GPS. Supposedly this story about the golden shower episode with Donald Trump originated with him. Through other people makes it back to steal. And he's also alleged that had contacts with George popping up was a back venture on the drug campaign. Why you have those contacts added that happen. If he had those context how was it that the information through the phone game made it back to fusion GPS was working for Hillary how is that. This is all by chance this week. That's just one. And he be that we can swap first. There are two more people here. Number this is part one here we're trying to set up the fact that the Obama team spied on trump. And that this is is set up so this is this this is this thing. So these people go in they have these contacts with a jaunty new information makes it back that's one. Again I think brightness things that you're number dip. Now explain more detail yes that is break. Don trump junior gets an email from a publicist named rob Goldstone a guy they know from the miss universe pageant they've doubled each other before. In the email. Goldstone says hey this guy was is that the singer and ankle are often is that. They've got some information on tropical and it was set up she's beyond Hillary and a modest set up a meeting at trump tower. Now keep in mind dontrelle juniors completely transparent about this slate of you release the whole email chain on this. Sure he'd like to take some of it back the that the meeting but nothing nothing on Porter legal happens that this meeting but the meeting set up by his publicist. This guy I alarm off. You're gonna be if you haven't heard this yet you'd be shocked at this guy and his son and their connection. Diffusion GPS as well. At their meeting with the truck while compel you by the time I'm dumber this fewer that your your eggs are gonna be scrambled in my is going to be blown. The Obama team side in the trump. They are running out of places to hide there's nowhere to run do not miss the second this show is the most import sure covered them for mark here. Police departments if you wanna call and by the way it is haven't read 1311. Lesson you tweet I am actually done Gino on Twitter will be. Okay about Gmail wacky bunch you know on Twitter and and aren't so listen we talked about open enough to show. How we're gonna lay it out for you. Don't forget I can't repeated enough. The Obama team spied on dropped. And the track team. I'm gonna show yeah. Recover in part one now what this tele Novella call this thing. This thing is these seemingly random people. Approaching the trump foreign policy team. And the information amazingly. Always seems to get back. Diffusion GPS. And Hillary team and in some cases the FBI as well. So the first person was Sergey met Leon where the it's alleged the story of the golden shower episode happens that gets back to fusion GPS you steal. Also Milli on his is as it's been reported. In contact with pop accomplice from the track campaign man number two here person number two. Ya know our office. So they've request they the through his publicist said that they set up a meeting with the trumps. A meeting with the trumpet the Tribune Don trump junior agrees that this meeting. In the meeting and emails these people say they have information on Hillary again downturn Jews expose all of us are ready. But who shows up for this meeting. Folks this is unbelievably. Telling. A Russian lawyer. Last name vessel that guy that shows up for the meeting why is that important. Because vessel that guy at this Russian lawyer. Who she meet with both the day before and after the meeting I'm sure this is all big Kuwait he gained by the way with a wink and a nod. She meets with fusion GPS. It's kind of weird. So again you have another set of people here in this setup for the trumping. Contacting the term team are communicating with the champion and some of how their information. Winds up back with fusion GPS who's working for Hillary. All chance. Again like the guy knocking on your doors seventeen times a month asking you if you wanna go rob a bank with a little chip or someone set you up. So vessel that's guys' shows option nothing happens about Hillary in the meeting dontrelle junior realize it's a waste of time. Leave the meeting releases all the emails publicly after that. Fascinating know that vessel in the sky. It starts talking about the magnets he act in the meeting and some other things about making its yak is against sanctions act on people involved in serious crimes overseas in you know. Are banned from certain businesses adds that BO which is in the United States. The Russians don't like this is a lot of people there over there that are involved in this from being sanctioned themselves. Is it just coincidence as well that he's GPS is working pick until basically dig dig get the magnets you act repealed as well they're also attacking Americans who were involved. It now the advancement of the magnets you act. So again you have these people this Russian lawyer who meets with fusion GPS both the day before. At midday after the meeting with trump junior trump tower. And they contacted charm demon reach out what role what's going on here folks. I'm just sum up this far quickly because this is gonna get. We have this I had a litany chapters at a minimum buy it cute name so we would stay involved right this thing the daylight the reverse engineering. Crowd strike this gonna get even if it gets even better. Who's the third person. And again this was reported by the New York Times over the loony liberals listening who want to claim this is all the conspiracy theory you can pick it up with a New York Times. So a third person. Has the meeting with George Stephanopoulos at a London bar remember that for later locations in port. Has a meeting with his back venture foreign policy advisor who won the Boy George profit topless. And says later. That he contacted the FBI intelligence authorities to stop the topless mentioned something about the Russians have been dirt on Hillary. How did fusion GPS know about that. Folks I got a whole lot more on this and come back he'll miss the second this episode on DMI geno. At people and Gino on Twitter in for mark will be give his colleagues and 71 feet. More logic. And allowed by law. Denmark later in the show called now at 877381. Night. 3811. Night. I welcome back. The market and should stand by geno at the guns you know on Twitter filling in for the great one it folks who signed up for living TV yet. Go to see your TV dot com on the run and a real good to refer promo right now if you promo code of the in two. That's Levine cute and number Q. He gets when he l.s office great deal they got some terrific programming over there they got the crowd issue of these brought on and we Stuckey that roaming millennial against the cases show and of course the flagship show Mark Levine shutting him Jamal can show over there. She got some episodes coming out there absolutely terrific go check it out CR TV dot com be sure he's a promo code that the in June that's the number two you get twenty dollars off. It's really great network go check it out really great content. All right folks so this thing the set up. The stated that set up for the trump I gave it its unions and working on a third now so New York Times reported. Again the New York Times and AMR geno reporting some Mark Levine reporting it. New York Times reported that the investigation. Into that your team and I'm call on the stating the setup. Began because of a conversation and along the bar between backed venture political advisor named George Stephanopoulos and a guy named Alexander Downer. Who at that time was an Australian diplomat. It's alleged that top accomplice told downer that they Russians had some dirt on Hillary which basically everybody on the planet already knew. If you add half a brain and functioning heart in two years it worked. He tells that the downer. And according to the New York Times coverage and believe me I'm not asking you actually trust the New York Times I'm just telling you what they say. Because I understand liberals listening to this to a liberals don't wanna know the truth that the Obama team spot in the term could he support the police say they love the police say that's what they deal. Now owner. Goes to American. Intelligence law enforcement officials and reports of pop a couple of said this and a New York Times alleges that this is what started the whole thing. The spying for the trump. That was the setup folks. That is set up horses that was the setup of the senate break. You have these people approaching the truck team during the course when he sixty. Either volunteering information. Or taking information and reporting back to American Intel. And that information is also winding up in the hands of the political operative. In inform our Chris Christie who's working for fusion GPS who's also working for Hillary Clinton at the time. Don't get lost in all of us remember that 30000 foot view the Obama team is spying on the champion. I'll get to the why the motives and laughs and with me it's a complicated story. But don't forget the overall top line. They're spying on the term team. This is the set up from the start. These people are approaching that your team there reporting back to fusion GPS it's getting to American intelligence and want horsemen as well. Very she'd stuff now which interest thing about fusion GPS before I go for the next Martha exposing this. And how this comes out. What's fascinating is right around the time that the Clinton Campaign is paying fusion GPS doing law firm. They're paying for Mathieu a law firm because it makes it easier to claim plausible than I don't you can just pay the law firm for quote legal services. And but that law firm does with the money is a little bit harder to track. The law firm they pay you pay fusion GPS. That's getting information follow me here from all these people that are approaching to trump demon. Either taking information or volunteering information in this. This little trap here. The law firm that's paying the company that these people reporting back to is Perkins who. That's fascinating Perkins who we because. Right around the same time. OS that is paying Perkins who we knew we might could act as though I fail why should I care. Well I think used to be Obama for America is now organizing for America. It is the now obviously the Obama campaign team was not necessary after the second term because Obama could now be reelected to a third there. So we renamed itself organizing for America but still retained a lot of the Obama operatives in there. They were paying the exact same law firm doric when he sixteen. 900 plus thousand dollars in the same time this law firm was taking money from Hillary. Pepe. And opposition research group. That is somehow getting information from all of these people approaching to trump the not that I see here folks nothing to see here at all don't you worry. If what he would've went right to the police and out of this would have never happened for you Woody Woodpecker fans. Folks this was a set up the whole time. Now let's go to chapter to this book because this is important. The daylight portion of its. When this gets exposed not get to some motives and stuff later because it right now it's in it's important to understanding the mechanics of what happened. What what happens on election in November. The shot heard round the world something very few people expected. Any crystal is. Who I don't know where he is now CNN whenever hasn't had a headline at one of these left wing media outlets saying. The chances of trampling the election approaching zero so nobody thinks truck is gonna win so. You're probably asking the question of why would the Obama team set up the trump demystify and and if they were so concerned. They weren't gonna win. Folks. They're not stupid the Obama team. The Obama team. Doesn't wanna take any chances. The Obama team can't take any chances. The Obama team is well aware through their polling that there is a chance trump when it's not a good one but there is a chance it's obviously not zero is crystal is his headlights. They know that. The Obama team at the time has some very very weak Intel. I mean Intel that wouldn't pass the smell test to get award for Jay walking. But there's an ongoing investigation now prior to election day of the champion again based on intelligence you couldn't get award for. Felonious mope breed the umpteenth degree. But they somehow want that getting award despite and the tramp. They need this on the track team because a lot of the players involved in the Obama administration. Who are now involved in this. Have other. Let's say interest and other information not coming out as well. It's awfully convenient that you know we had the ring and deal going on at the same time we had massive capitulation to Russia at the same time all this stuff was going to come out the event that Hillary Clinton lost now. If Hillary Clinton wins this all gets swept under the carpet we never hear another thing about it. But I now see you later. Hillary will do everything she can to make it all go away because Hillary's involved in this jail. Well she's are again big conspiracy theories stuff actually happen. There was a prosecution. If there's some of the same players involved in the uranium one deal please Wear me. Gag orders were issued and all of a sudden went away. The Obama administration as an interest in making sure a lot of this information doesn't see daylight. So all we can get trump dirty up a little bit. When I get little shot. So what happens. Drug lords. Chuck when's it shocks everybody. Panic sets it. You can only imagine the Obama team that sees it is 95% if not more likely. That Hillary's gonna win this thing and don't worry this is all gonna go away panic sets in on election night when they find out Trump's gonna win this thing. They don't know what to him. Now the operation gets exposed. The Obama team in the transition has to go back and somehow. Reverse engineer a crime that never happen. Now why would they have to do that folks. They would have to do that because the Obama team must now realize. That this investigation may have been been conducting into the truck team. Has not produced a scintilla of evidence of anyone on the team acting on behalf of a foreign agent. They know this. He's not stupid people do not underestimate the intelligence the Obama team. They were rather ruthless when they needed it. Now they have to reverse engineer crime. They better find the crime but they have nothing to justify his point their actions. Now they understand that during this transition. Where trump is now the president elect Barack Obama is still the president. They understand there are a world of trouble in the critical question is why. Why did they understand we're in world trouble. Well for the very obvious reason that Donald Trump is now the president elect. He is going to have access to the very same intelligence. That Barack Obama did. Now they're like oh. What do we do now. Now he's gonna start figuring this out. So what there's a critical moment that all of us. Donald Trump gets elected. And about ten days after the election every he's still the president elect so Barack Obama still the president for trump is one of the camp as the campaigns over. He's now the president elect. Something very suspicious happens. This is a critical moment. About ten days after the election. Admiral Mike Rogers of the NSA. Who understands. That there is made an ongoing. Spying operation of some sort against truck team members. Goes up and visits trump tower. Now as. Former Secret Service agent you know we have three Wayne. Stacy yes a Secret Service detail before trumpet as the as the Republican nominee but that footprint that security footprint is expanded when he becomes president elect. It takes a little bit at pine. To expand some of the technical portions I'll leave out the details for obvious reasons but. The big job gets expanded and expand even more when he becomes a sitting president right. So back ten days after he wins the election and that time period is critical because you figure we take some time to set up let's say technical countermeasures. In other words if you're running for president and you won when you became president elect it's absolutely critical. That people from them the military who work with when we should be the Secret Service who worked with us when I used to be there. That they set up a bunch of communication countermeasures that you can't be spied on don't pick a little bit of time. Maybe about ten days. So admiral Mike Rogers. Weights about ten days after the election that makes say an unannounced that I see on announce any unannounced it was bosses. In the military into the Obama administration. Any takes a trip. Up the trump tower where member of the elevator meetings every ball liberal those meetings are happening at trump I want want to stop. My piece of what happened. So Rodgers goes up there. On November 17. And all of a sudden what happens then heck does that. There are gone. Japanese team. They evacuate trump tower. For bad dancer New Jersey not really I mean reported by the media but not reported on in any way that was interest thing like we're talking about it now. Folks I'm laying out a series of events for you that actually happened okay none of this is conspiracy theory stuff these are events of facts that actually happen. Do you think it's a coincidence. That as I started the show with remember keep in mind the 30000 foot view view on the team spied on trumpet. The only question is how and was legal that is the only question not that they get. Rogers. Who's writing the NSA and goes up to visit trump ten days after the election. Probably. Assured that there's some kind of technical countermeasures we can have an open conversation with trump. And what is picky tells trump. More than likely worn straw that there's something going on. In route with regards to surveillance that is probably a bit improper of this team. Trump leaves trump tower that gay bar these the next day goes up the day admission New Jersey doesn't conduct any more of this meeting sounding term power. Think that was a big Kuwait he did do. How that went down. Now. He could not. This surveillance the spying operation on the track team has left the paper trail here. Paper Charlie can be found it's not that easy to destroy all the stuff folks. The paper trails Lemony get through next after this break. You're not gonna wanna miss folks do not tune into the show for one minute appellant its most important show I've ever done. Conan for mark to regulars call 87738138112. SMU to meet an act he dungy no onto it will be attacked. I welcome back to Mark Rubin showed Dan bond geno at you by geno on Twitter villain in remark. Aren't you missed any portion of the shelves. But remarkably showed dot com. But iTunes anywhere you can miss the mark pike is you gonna have to listen the first hour PO. Because I have been explained view this entire time don't lose the 30000 foot thesis were operating on here you Obama team spied on the track team. I am explaining to you what happened. And the likely mechanics of how it happened based on meet them all reports that are already out there folks. First up there was this thing. All these people approaching Detroit team that unbelievable we have contacts with fusion GPS afterwards and gets back to the Hillary team in the FBI. We just got done talking about the daylight chapter two. Trump gets elected all of a sudden trump can see this intelligence. Wolf the Obama he panics. Mike Rogers goes up to trump the trump tower Mike Rogers yeah NSA director. National security administration goes up. Doesn't tell the Obama team about it. Warns dropped ten days after the election about what's going on trumpet leaves her bed means to New Jersey as do any more meetings term power does that we will wiretap. March we by trump make it more sense. Now conveniently case you think our man Rogers just went up there. There have coffee went up there for a coffee clutch. Maybe have a kit Kat who know us. I went up there they want to have some of that sad to watch job beef jerky now now now. What do you think happens after this meeting so again he needs to trumpet November 17 given my Rodgers the Indiana say. Know what's going on here folks. Dominance plain view how I think it's spying operation happen. And this set up with a trumpeting the entire time. That's going to be the next hour but bear with me for a second Rogers exposes it to want to drop they leave they go to bed minster right. Don't you find it awfully convenient. That over the next few days. What happens to Rogers. What the Obama team starts calling for a business all my gosh again another crazy coincidence why would they do that. Because they'd like the smell this Cologne. So Rodgers doesn't tell the Obama team or his military bosses he's going up this he dropped. Rogers is very suspicious about patterns of spying going on with regards to the accumulation of data in the use of it. Rodgers goes up talks to drop. Truck leaves trump now the next day in the following days the Obama team says hey we gotta get rid Rogers our home man. All big toy keeping folks nothing to see here don't you worry at all. Also convenient. Right around that time. Rodgers. Threw OCL compliance office request kind of an audit. Of the use. Of databases. Metadata and that type of material. Basically material used to spy on the twenty million. He requests a review let's leave it that with the out with defies accord the foreign intelligence surveillance court. He requests a review what's going on. The Obama team gets wind of that review because Rogers knows some of these data. Some of this was being tapped into. Your problem and probably used in the spying on the drug team and is probably a pattern as a Rutgers doesn't want his but hung out to dry. So we request a review. The review takes a little while folks. The foreign intelligence surveillance court has to review this this pattern and it takes a lot of submit a report. What's in that report prominent talk to one the other side of this because it is absolutely. Dammit. And should scare any liberty loving American and open only writes I'm Dan by geno at the budging on Twitter in for mark. Back to the Martin showed Dan by geno at the brunch you know on Twitter and for the great one. Folks I don't wanna keep repeating content from the shelf but this is an important show. And I have to rewind the tape good pitches to reset where we are so you understand we're going this information and get people here and I don't wanna lose. Remember when I've been talking about. The Obama team spied on the truck team that is not in dispute. The only thing in dispute is how they did it. And is how they did it legal. I've been making the case do you I think strongly that the answer to that is unquestionably. Know. I told you in chapter one of the story that this has been a Santa. I gave you the names of three people that approached the truck team. What were contacted by the track team our conversations with the truck team bottom line is it was a connection there with the trumpeting these street people. Who also with these three people. Had a connection confusion GPS who was working for the Hillary team and the information also makes it back to the FBI. I strongly believe. That this was a setup of the trumping the entire time captain to. The daylight trump wins everybody says a pat. I promise I'll get to the reasons why would Obama and why this happened don't don't work but hang with me got to understand the backbone of this first. Trump gets elected the Obama team packs. Because trump will now see a lot of what's going on because he is now. The president elect and his privy to some of the same if not the identical briefings Obama would get at times. Mike Rogers is the NSA. Sees a pattern of activity spying activity. Doesn't like it I'm trying to keep this simple without getting into the walker. He submits for a review what compliance review of how the data was used at the NSA's accumulating that can be used to spy on people. What happens. Rodgers goes and visits trump. At trump tower on November 17 get to the election the next day trip to evacuate. He goes up the bad mr. again as the wiretap we make sense now that everybody poked fun at trump and marked by the way mark will be enforced well. Now does it make sense. He who laughs last laughs the latter's revenge is a dish best served icy cold this case. Media eighty it's laugh that mark everybody else who markers gigabyte mark which is covering with the media already report. New York Times reported on wiretaps I have a screen shot of using the actual word by the way. Rogers. I believe tells trump what's going on. Trump leaves realize he's being sign up. A submission is made to the flies a court to review this buying process. Now that review kind of like an internal affairs review. That is not published for months later into the following year that the report is Dan. Now if I cannot weed out later in my account but it's from it's an official document from the foreign intelligence surveillance court it's not some. Kooky left wing conspiracy theory not stuff this is an actual report from the foreign intelligence surveillance court. In that report on page forty and 83 or should I assume this is an absolutely damning information. In their reporting clearly states that there have been abuses of the spying powers of the NSA. What I wanna point out to you on those pages I think this is on 83. This is the critical line. It talks about the sharing. All this data that the NSA has on people. We've private parties. And third party to a private contractors in third parties that's the verbatim language wait why. The NSA is accumulating. Piles of data on American citizens. Mike Rogers asked break compliance review. The review comes out much later talks about the NSA's been sharing some of this information that'd be fair it says a lot of this they believe is human error but it says though it doesn't say all of it. Meaning some of it's not human error. Multiple channel communications and act kind of thing email chains where people may have got involved and but it doesn't say folks it absolutely does not say all of its human error which means by logical inference that some of it was done purposefully and shared. With private contractors and their pars do you realize what I'm telling you. Now. The gold in question is. Who the hell's the NSA sharing information from their database 53. Party or private contractor. Who were today. Now does the portion with the staying in the beginning. Make folks listen to me I was a former federal agent does not pat myself on the back in just establishing some bone fights can I tell you conclusively. That that connection could be made that those third parties and private contractors were people being paid. Being paid by the Clinton Campaign he's GPS as folks know I can't it doesn't say that in the report. But I do think it's awfully suspicious. And work looking into. That all of these people keep approaching the truck team. How these conversations with the track team. These conversations started to somehow as reported by the New York Times and FBI counterintelligence investigation. This investigation. Is using the tools of spying that later were reviewing those tools of spying reports that some of this information was being shared with. Quote third parties and private contract is now. What's even more fascinating about this ongoing spying operation on I believe Rogers. Tells trump about in part. What's more fascinating about this is there's a procedure for this right. When there is one of these significant. Investigations I saw this in the Secret Service like there's a lot of oversight that goes into significant investigations especially those of the political impact. Now (%expletive) you think this is a significant in investigation counterintelligence investigations the Donald Trump Mac and that they'll repeal. Promised only the most consequential CIA investigation possibly in American history. What's fascinating about this is former FBI director Jim Coleman is up on the hill in march of when he seventeen. And he's talking about this investigation. Andy's asked by a representative from New York congresswoman named release of chronic. If you weren't that investigation. He's notified. The proper authorities but he's supposed to notify it's not a formal procedure but it's pretty standard practice is indicates that testimony. To notify the White House the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. And notify congress beat the congressional owe this people who had oversight congress certain intelligence officials. He never notified congress home we've what's going on. This until I just hope. He never notified congress. He doesn't tell congress about the most significant. Counterintelligence. Investigation. Potentially in modern US history and we're supposed to believe Jim Comesa good guy and all this. No other reason he gives. You represented Stefani is fascinating. He says he was cold. By higher ups in the FBI and counterintelligence division not to say anything because of the sensitivity of the matter bomb. Wait come again there patio. The entire reason for congressional oversight of the FBI which is not an autonomous agency. The FBI is not a government and of itself. Folks I mean this with all due respect I was a federal agent the FBI men and women out there are the best of the best the cream of the crop I have nothing but the utmost respect you and I genuinely. Genuinely feel for you the you have to go through this right now because a couple of in the sales at the top of that organization and a rooted for. You guys are women out there are the best. Don't be misled for a second by the stupid liberal talking points that this is summer your fall through had nothing to do with this. This is a handful of idiots at the top who rudeness. He gives the answer that they pick. Notify congress because of the sensitivity of the matter that's the whole point of congressional oversight. To be notified about sensitive investigations. That's the whole point. Peterson notified congress for eight months. So after trump is elected. Folks what the hell were they hiding. What were they hiding. Now. After this trump election win. People realize involved in this. That something's wrong. That there's not any substantive basis of information and evidence to justify everything they did this by and the trumping if there was we would've seen it already. They have been spying on trump for months and he's team and there is no evidence whatsoever not a scintilla of evidence that actionable collusion exists. An exception. So what happens. Well Rogers becomes public enemy number one and NSA. The Obama team starts calling for his removal figuring he told the term team about what's going on. A man by the name of John Corwin. In the Department of Justice national security division conveniently immune from oversight. And YG investigation that's ongoing that's a whole different story the inspector general kind of internal affairs investigation going on this whole time. A guy named John Carlin asks for a view is well. All these spying procedures using the N Ed and essays accumulation of metadata. Possibly an Obama administration ploy to head off the Roger's request in other words while you're gonna request an inquiry we're gonna make up we're gonna look like the white knights in this we're gonna requesting a greet you. Carlin resigned not long after this inquiry started by the way. Now whose current. Think before he was DOJ national security division had. Unquestionably. In the know about this spying operation that was happening. Ali was Bob Muller chief of staff another Kuwait he date how does that happen are amazed day. Just a coincidence folks just a coincidence and by the way heartland after the election who knows about the stuff. Who request the air quotes review himself the CYA. Partly goes out of the woods after the election starts doing interviews and NPR seeing red and these other outlets. Trump he shouldn't be going after all he needs to let this investigation proceed what investigation into the crime that never happened. That people involved in the government in the DOJ that you up and we're in your division and Iran had must have known about. This spying operation. Folks that collusion Maine was a myth the entire time. It was a myth to cover up the largest most consequential spying operation conducted in US history. On a presidential candidate. And it's all gonna come out the Washington. I got more folks I'm not even close to done I I have to take a break and on the other side of this ominous start getting you to do things. The problem here with the legality of this the vacuum of evidence that missing. And the motive. What's Obama's team hide why are they so concerned about turning up the term. I mean they thought they were gonna lose right so why bother. Support you're not gonna wanna misses. On their minds you know anti budging on Twitter will be. DiMarco they show again by geno at the budging on Twitter into the great ones like you describe we'll get your calls events and just shy Helle this whole thing outpost is really complicated. 877381311. For us in between and had deep on genome. Up close and senate get first your TV. A few if you're not you're missing out on mar twelve inch or every I mean it's is that when he sits there he watches the monitors these speeches and just for lazy people it's priceless. They've got some great deals Iran announce available CR TV dot com that CR TV dot com you put promo code within two to number two you get twenty dollars off. Go check it out and gets the crowd to show Mark Levine show Michelle mall can show. They valley Stuckey Gavin mcginnis the lineup goes on on the roaming millennial it goes on and on on early spring and will count got ranger will count now on the two. It's a great great network of chicken see your TV dot com put in promo code would be in June. That's will be in junior twenty dollars off. So we did. Naked down a rabbit hole is mr. producers said to be there and I hope we've scrambled your eggs a little bit. Now again we always have to rewind the paper bit don't send me nasty tweet your kid yourself we have to folks this is complicated. Remember what I'm try the case some making do you. I used to be an agent this is what I did prosecuted complex federal cases. You have to lay out evidence. You have to lay out a series of facts. Remember. Coincidence skimpy evidence do. If it's a coincidence that you're at the scene of a crime that's evidence to show where there are okay not a quick heated grant if you actually committed the crime. I'm laying out to you a series of events that I think case I'm trying to make he was the by simple. Gosh why shocks I don't know how that happened. Maybe one or two problems an accident maybe one or two ovens a coincidence. Not these series of 1520 events I just laid out for you and what's the premise were trying to prove Obama's team spied on trump. And they did it. The out unlawful means. Now member chapter one with the same set up all these people approach to term the report back to fusion GPS and they get exposed. Rogers Mike Rogers goes up Telstra trumpet accurate right. All of a sudden all these people start resign now. The question is now we've got to dig into this habit. How did they spy on drop. Because it's easy for me say right any idiot can say. You know they did that trump demystify what does that mean anybody doing physical surveillance because it's clear folks about one thing. So you understand. So why are not American citizens is not illegal. Spying on American citizens illegally isn't legal. Physical surveillance of criminal targets or potential criminal suspects. Potential intelligence targets. Physical surveillance meaning you know some you know whatever potential terrorists are criminals working out Jim. FBI agent goes undercover starts pension extort money Jim there's nothing illegal about that are all now think. However. That's not illegal because that target subject whatever you wanna call Amer. Has no reasonable expectation of privacy and public jet. Now the gold's gym whatever can throw that guy out but there's it's a reasonable expectation that you're net it's not private you're an open gym okay. Now in New York private phone conversations in your email traffic there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. Therefore it is not lawful in the United States. You therefore just tap into that email and phone traffic without reducing probable cause any crime was committed war. There is a separate means to do it on intelligence case. On the other side of his break folks I'm going to describe to you. The actual legal process to do if you were going to spy on the term teen legally. How you would do it. And importantly. How I believe that was actually done. Notice I said I was gonna described here the legal process and a crisis I said does innocence can I tell you how I believe the Obama team did it. I don't think what they did was lawful. And amateur read you some headlines. From left leaning outlets. That back up my own case because I don't let kooky media matters folks who liberals listen to this stuff right there does a conspiracy theory. All right what are you gonna have to bring down CNN and the guardianship. Is not about the value on the other side of the break was reported by them. Again folks. It's not a conspiracy theory. Is that actually happened. I'm Dan hunt you know at the brunch you know on Twitter if remarkably give us call it's and 7131. Month ago. For a liberal media bias. Marc-Andre and now headed 77381381. Margin. Our I welcome back there by geno Latino by geno on Twitter. It's like a Matthew McConaughey moment autorad are. Welcome back do wolfman Jack and I hope that I thought these listen that guy growing up I heard he invented radio syndication. He's the send these tapes out there are people who used to play is paints and that's a syndicated radio stars who would have thought right now marks and 1500 stations whenever. So folks is to be clear for those you just joined we delay about the case on the Obama team spying on trump how it happened right let's restart the story to get back to this. I said few in the last break I was gonna explain to you how illegal spying happens. And how I think the Obama team that the distinction is very important. But before I get to that want to bring up one quick point because he may be saying when I opened up the show. And I talked about chapter one of the story remember the story is the Obama that he spied on the trump the the first part is the setup how they set the drug team up and I talked about how all these people were approaching the truck team. Any information was somehow making it back diffusion GPS and Hillary team. And making it back to Obama administration officials in the Department of Justice in the FBI. One of those people. With Alexander Downer Australian diplomat. With the New York Times folks I'm not making this up Google it yourself the Internet is the ultimate fact checking weapon if you do your homework the right way. The New York Times themselves. In an effort to save their reputations. Just put out a story in this seven and December saying. This Alexander Downer this Australian diplomat he started the entire tribe spying operation I'm telling you the spying operation is it is a force the whole time to dirty up the trump he put the New York Times these who'd been the reason. So they see what Alexander Downer just destroying diplomat met with George pocket now publicity trumped foreign policy by truth is the guy was a total back venture in a bar. In London. And in that are in London. Papa doc always tells downer of Russians there on Hillary boom everybody on the planet knows but it shall we get this straight. I knew I was probably saying that the time you why are higher there FBI investigating everybody knew the Russians that dirt on Hillary. Everybody. So this starts the most consequential counterintelligence investigation in US history. Now let me just read something about this hour this is from lights that it's an article by mark caps got published two weeks ago. Not making this up folks this is stuff that's out there credible report. Pay close attention to the names I tell people all the time the best advice I ever got was a federal agent memorize the names. Because any large conspiracy those names will always come back up. Here's a quote from this piece by task. They're talking about this guy Smith who's an investigator who's investigating this that the exchange of money between you view the giving a money from the Australian government to the Clinton foundation. And I'm quoting here at this senator dismissed and dismiss complaints are former President Bill Clinton. Former secretary of state when he sixteen democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and multiple Australian government officials. Including senior diplomat. Nor are her. Alexander. Downer that government's high commissioner to the United Kingdom. Downer hit US headlines recently when he was reported to have told the FBI. They may 2016 conversation he had with. George pop but Koppel is bad that campaign aide to president Donald Trump. Folks pretty amazing I'm how all of these people were approaching the trump team. And it encounter meant pop topless in London I told you the beginning of the show don't forget that the pale. They all seem to have connections for the clintons. And diffusion GPS. While he's GPS is working with the FBI to gather information on track. All big coincidence folks not in the C here. Police state stuff don't worry about it that's all conspiracy theory right I'm just make it all this up. I'm giving you reporting it to actually happen. Now before we get to the PC thing let me read you some other headlines by the way these are facet got to get somebody might gotta scroll through them. Okay this one's a doozy. Now I told you downer. Meets with pop a topless. In this bar in London and that's allegedly witnessed. All illicit spying operation happened I'd say wrap story it's nonsense but it's the New York Times trying to cover themselves. Because no one can explain why Obama was spying on trump what I'm doing this show. Here's an article Yes CNN not like fake CNN this is the real CNN okay. This was from April 14 of 2017. Remember what I told you. Downer meets pop about the listen London bar. Don't let that London thing go away. Headlined April 14 2017 report by Jim Sciutto Pamela brown and Eric radner from CNN. British intelligence pass truck associates communications with the Russians. What US Dartmouth what and why. Another crazy coincidence they don't happen. Oh my gosh wait who's reporting miss. Duffel blocked the uneven I don't CNN dot yeah let me read that headline yeah. British intelligence pastoral associates communications repressions on the US counterparts. I did talk folks it's all a conspiracy here I'm making is so I have to end this And Jim Sciutto is account and made this story up. Now. Member there are some people who put this theory out there and they were mocked. I'm just telling you would CNN's Paris. British intelligence pastoral associates communications with the Russians on the US John Barnes. That is what is it anyway controversial. I'm reading US headlines. Let me not reach US. What headline but I can take a look this one up you know because I don't want it affects real headlines that the joy boy now about a thousand headlines. There were a lot of. By the way a lot of these stories are my website that I abide by GO dot com and last name a lot of these links some talking about around my website induced excitement that you could see through the library if you're urged to read the whole story. And one of media to drive. Not trying to get free points and just telling stories and there was another headline before this. The NSA at and I'm not a fan of snow might be clear this but there was some documents that were disclosed. Illegally. That show that there was a transfer of money. It's not nothing illegal about his foreign policy stuff that the NSA was paying. The British equivalent the NSA. The GC HQ pretty significant sums of money. In an intelligence sharing operational not a legend is anything illegal about this folks we give money to a lot of foreign governments for a lot of things. I'm just telling you which some of these documents that were disclosed illegally but we're outed by the British press. You can look this up right I don't have the specific headline in front of you have so many Ray Allen get to. But again none of this is in dispute. In some of those disclosed documents they they indicate that there were payments between our intelligence services and the British intelligence service. There equivalent of the NSA would be the told the GC HQ. The GC HU took a lot of this month. And in some of the documentation people within the GC HU say well we're expected to produce some results from this. Now you can read into that what you want. Do you find it even remotely interest me. Then the New York Times says that this entire spying operation started in a bar in London. While CNN reporting that British intelligence passed information on the US intelligence about the drug team. The intelligence was passed to a guiding downer who's an Australian diplomat. Part of these five eyes intelligence sharing countries who also has a relationship with the clintons. Not gonna see your folks. All a big Kuwait Keating. Don't you worry liberals. Not gonna happen here in public excited it will quarter levels let's walk into any of this. Let's just pretend none of this ever happen. He read you another interest again line. Those programs that can find this one because this one's OO we we go here we got got about when he tabs open my iPhone next year. GC HD hero. Which is the British equivalent to the NSA. Again I'm just reading CNN's headline before that they were passing Intel on the truck team to American intelligence source. I just read tabloids folks. We we giving money did GC HQ. They were expected to produce stuff. Is a fascinating story from the guardian. This article is one year old. Monday the 23 of January. When seventy. Not that long after trump unexpectedly gets elected. Headline. GC HQ chief Robert had again courts. While I wow. Why did it happen. Immediate opening paragraph the director of GC HQ Robert had again is to stand down early. For personal reasons. Mainly health issues involving his wife and other family members. I don't know Hanigan. I'm just read the headlines folks. It's not the conspiracy theory. If this stuff actually happen. You kind of get the picture about. Why I wanted to paint that little picture before. We started discussing. How you would spy on people legally. Now I just read you CNN's headline about foreign intelligence services reporting back. The United States and American intelligence counterparts on the track team I just read that headline. If not happen. Why do you think that what happen if there is and perfectly legal avenue for US intelligence assets themselves. My on the truck team there's legal way to do surveillance. And here is. We're federal agent there are two avenues you can pursue the surveillance subject and I am not talking about that the where you have no reasonable expectation of privacy physical surveillance and public places legal on anyone any time. May not be nicer cute but the FBI can watch you and a public place that they what is nothing wrong with that. That's illegal I should say about it maybe something wrong if they're targeting you but it it's not a legal. Tapping into your phone communications at that tapping into your email communications and the outpouring. How do you get that. Now there are two ways. If there's serious evidence of a crime and a violation of the United States Cody federal crime. You can pursue. Duty title three of the United States code you could pursue what we would call wiretapping just normal conversation. What you have to do to get a wiretap you was a federal agent you go in front of a judge with an affidavit. You have to prove a couple of things. That there is enough probable cause that a crime was committed. That tapping the phone lines are they email content whatever it may be phone mines which is would be very interesting special regard to get them the minute but capping the subjects phone lines. That there are it is the only way you can get the information that less intrusive means what more. It's very very difficult and criminal case federally the caps someone's phones it's not easy folks. And that's a good thing we don't want it to be easy be given a free constitutional republic. There's another avenue though as well. That's second avenues fascinating in this case. You can also surveil people doing Pfizer court bore a bicycle aboard the foreign intelligence surveillance court. Do it hard to tell us Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Now that's pretty fascinating now approach because usually probable cause. But it's very complicated to get supplies weren't sure was easiest the liberals want you to believe it is. They want you to believe it's easy to get a Pfizer court warrant because that's exactly with the Obama team did. They want you to think that this is just like go in this storm kind of day candy corn now it's no big deal no no no no no it's not. To go into his flies a court. And to get worn you have to show a couple things. You have to show there's probable cause. That this subject you're looking to surveil the American citizen that person on US soil. That that person is acting on behalf of as of a foreign agent he's acting as a foreign agent or she. But that's not enough. You also have to show. That that person is acting on behalf of a foreign agent. In the furtherance of a violation of some US law. In other words you can't of incidentally running to a Russian spy in the public's and get prosecuted for what if you just a line in front you buy a bag of donuts. You have to show that person had probable cause he was acting in violation of the law while acting as the party's. Folks. Does it strike you as odd that the trump teen Carter page. And Mike Flynn was unmasked. That they were surveil them listen to. And yet there's still money scintilla of evidence that either a crime or a fights a court violation happened. This spot really been a little bit. Is it now making sense to you. Why the British intelligence. May have been according to CNN. Passing information to American intelligence officials spying on the track team. Never occurred here that they had nothing. They had nothing the entire time. And when trump got elected they had to go back and reverse engineer a crime to cover their tracks that make this look legitimate. Well I'm not done. There's more. You're not gonna wanna miss the aside as a breakaway comment I'm I'm promise you. Eggs get ready to scramble because this thing we are gonna go about another thirty feet down the rabbit or make it even more fascinating. Don't miss the second of a day in my geno at the Bellagio on Twitter will be here. Okay. Mark Rubin showed Dan bungee Olathe brunch you know on Twitter and from the great. They don't far enough down the rabbit hole yet. Mr. producer mr. call screener you're like dude. Why is Golan. Folks I told you at the beginning of the night and regain the scrambles to Max. And I think we've done it but there's a whole lot more to go here. So here's where we are. The Obama team spot in the truck team. I've given you CNN headlines showing you at least in part how they did it. They had no evidence of a crime of Russian collusion. So what do they do. They just fabricated the evidence where they needed to. They hired a political operative firm infusion GPS who hired a British spy. Who created dossier of of entirely fake information exclusively under the control of the Clinton Campaign. That would you bush used in a dossier in an affidavit presented in front of a foreign intelligence surveillance court in October. The cleanup the mess. A mess they've created by spying on the track team the entire time. I've read you a CNN headline. Where the British intelligence officials were feeding information to American intelligence officials. The person in charge that unit. The GC HQ resigned suddenly have to trump is elected along with John Carlin from the DOJ national security division he resigns due. He leaves for the private sector John Carlin was Bob Muller chief of staff who won't presume that happens. We have all these people. If Jim clapper can't go on TV and give a straight answer about what he knew about the dossier. It Jimmy don't let Sierra. Opt. I don't parts that were verified you which parts yet there were two lines today it will verify the ones that said the Russians really don't like Hillary probable while. That's a great job Jim you're the Director of National Intelligence right. That's really got you got nothing else at least five Notre Dame and all you can tell us is that the Russians didn't like Hillary. Wow. What a bang up job you do it. All right from the other side is break don't go anywhere. Prominent talk about how the Obama team reverse engineer crime. The cover their tracks it's gonna blow your mind they're a bunch you know. Stop the puck passed up up all of us. Everyone we just literally know this week's podcast is brought to you by. Let's hope it's that is correct this list is essentially a library for clothes. So at what it does this evening as subscription fee which is it starts as low as 59 dollars a month. 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Gets the crowd to show data begin to show Michelle mall can show. And we stuck he's got to show Americans roaming millennial on there. If you will Callas the show on there it's the best conservative content out they go check it out CR TV dot com promo code within two that's the number two you. The big two for twenty hours of good to see your TV dot com check. Now all right. Sorry we gotta rewind a tape publisher why that a little bit backtrack to where we were so we know where would go win. The Obama team spied on the track team. The only question is how. Chapter one this thing all of these people. Start approaching the tramp steamer talking with a chunky people with connections to the clintons and connections diffusion GPS. That information and magically makes it into a dossier. And makes it into the hands of the FBI which is used to spy on the trumpet. Now. Chapter two the daylight. Trump wins the election surprises everybody. Every once shocked the swamp isn't a panic we spied on the truck he what do we do. How we hide this. We spotlight on this guy. We didn't have any probable cause of the crime we even have probable cause of Jay walking what do we do now. Plus not everybody's on the team. Admiral Mike Rogers is the NSA goes and visits trump on November 17 after the election. Did trump tower what happens the next day of the trump he is gone in the wind is pleased to see in Queens. Up in bad news in New Jersey never conduct in the meeting need to edit drop out now they conducted at a b.s but you get the point not those meetings. They really. The following days the Obama team's is that Mike Rogers man he's got to go what a bad guy yes she came on him. All the coincidence. I also tell you mend the CNN news reported Not making this up by Jim shootout. The British intelligence officials were passing information to the American fell intelligence officials on the truck team I'm just reporting the headlines. Right after the election Donald Trump unexpectedly wins. The head of that British intelligence unit GC HQ Robert Hanigan resigns for personal reasons AP babies no. Just a coincidence. All of these people start Leven from the Department of Justice national security division as well. Including John Carlin. Who unquestionably knows about what's going on ice in the national security division of the DOJ. He resigns due. Wow. Who was Carlin. Bob Muller is a chief of staff. Muller now gets appointed special counsel walked square hole. Russian collusion pay no attention to the spy scandal Russian collusion is there any evidence that no. But let's get a special counsel anyway. And let's make sure. That we hire Bob Moore. Bob Mueller. I also involved in the investigation. When it was with the FBI. Along with rod Rosenstiel who was the United States attorney in charge of Maryland. Into an investigation into company involved with the company did business with uranium one. There's a massive. Kickbacks scandal. Scandal was never disclosed Dorian niece if he is board that was supposed to do then La authenticate verified fact that the purchase of the United States uranium. Was going to be a legitimate purposes is never brought up an immediate. Matter of fact pleaser taken on late night guy Nero weekend. On this case while these people involved in uranium one and you raided the sale of uranium to the United States at the time all of that stuff magically goes way it is never brought up. They don't mention by the way. A Bill Clinton's trip over to Kazakhstan they don't mention his relationship refrain Jewish true then donates to the Clinton foundation after he benefits financially. From the sale of uranium from Kazakhstan. Bob Mueller. Ron roses being involved in a case that should have been brought it up and stop. Stop that uranium one sale. Never brought up in the meeting in the sixties me. Nobody brings it up. Amazing how all these coincidences keep happening. Shocking him. Let's get into this reverse engineering now. Truck wins the election the Obama team has to cover their butts and man did they have to cover page. Because they know that the trump team is eventually gonna figure this out. There's a critical thing that happens. Clapper leaves the job as a Director of National Intelligence. Clapper was and the Obama guy he leaves. It takes a while to get the end coats the trump appointee confirmed by the senate. It's fascinating. That nearly eleven minute he gets confirmed. DeVon noon. Yes US oversight responsibility in the House of Representatives as a congressman from California he's a Republican. After the the yen eyes confirmed. Devin Nunez goes over to the White House to review some information. Now the White House part is critical. I worked over there spent five years of their folks we have a process with information the segregating securing of information. Information in the United States government. That is sensitive and compartment did. He's kept in isolation facilities not connected definitely not to the open Internet. But in some cases not even connected to different forms of let's say the Internet the government hasn't wanna go into too many details. But even if yes there is certain information that is only contained in certain spots. You think it's a coincidence. That DeVon unions who has oversight. A Barry intelligence agencies in the use of our intelligence and she's passed away break Director of National Intelligence to be appointed. Within. Days of his appointment. Nunez goes over to the White House facility this is critical August this in the second. To review information. After he refused this information he is so shocked at what he's seeing. He gives a press conference. And proceeds to say when he saw. Was basically mind blowing and had very little to do with Russian quote collusion. What you think you saw. And why do you think it was only at the White House. I'm just asking you is it possible. Just may be possible. That Obama was briefed on information. Captain within compartment that facilities in the White House. This is how the system works this is not X-Files stuff this is how sensitive compartment didn't information distort. It's not kept on the open Internet and email. It is captain facilities to you have to go to the facility to see. Why didn't have to go to the White House. And what did he see. At the White House that's so disturbed him that he gave a press conference right away. And said he had very little to do with Russian collusion. So what's in that memo. With the briefing Obama. With the briefing Obama with information so classified it is only kept at the White House. Over the classifying it to only keep it at the White House. You get. With that information think about what I'm asking you hear so classified. It could only be capped at the White House. War. Was the information classified. To keep it at the White House. Remember what I told you in the last hour. Jim Colby acknowledged in march of 2017. And ongoing counterintelligence. Investigation. He into the charm key. And when asked why he didn't notify according to standing procedures. Congress when congressional overseas into this. He said well the matter with sensitive that's the whole purpose of congressional notification. The Democrats are now in the past. They did a panic for months now there and a real pass. They attack Nunez with a fake ethics violation they attack his character the Democrats know now they will for ever be the party the police state he will be married to this. For ever. You not understand the man moments you understand this entire show. They now have to reverse engineer crime. To go back and cover their tracks and backtrack. For Witten unions. Dan Coats and trump appointees are now starting to see and are looking at and are going holy. Men. What the hell was done in our name in a free constitutional republic. How did he reverse engineer crime. Folks the briefings that were happening at the white house with information. Information. From spot taken from spy. Team. Through unmasking that you have never happened. From information passed from foreign intelligence to our intelligence to circumvent probable cause restrictions. To circumvent the judicial wall that should have stopped people from starting an investigation into crime that never happened. That information was spread throughout the Obama White House. That information. Was selectively leak. The media people. And contacts up on Capitol Hill. That's the Evelyn four guess the Obama. Department of Defense assistant secretary MSNBC appearance make more sense now. When she won on MSNBC and any moment of geometrically. Large stupidity. Goes on a cable channel and says. You know we are concerned about the truck teams context of Russian we want to tell him how we do. So we wanted to spread the information upon they'll. I know. Why they should see that. What information on the term Petit and her contacts with Russia. How exactly is. How did you know the Russians were we were talking at trump he. Publication which is why not. Ottoman just admitted to what an MSNBC and you admitted to leaking. The people not ready you. Into that program. Noticed you haven't seen much of heavily exists. Kind of quiet about that hasn't she. Crazy how that happens. Folks. It's not a conspiracy theory. If it actually happens. Now. One quick thing before the break. They've got to pick a hostage in this the Obama team. There's someone they really you know like in the transition team. That man general Mike Flynt. Mike Flynn is a vocal trump supporter they really don't like my place. So what happens to Mike Flynt. You know let me get that the other side of the break. I think history's gonna tell the story in general Mike Flynn far differently than you've heard it. But you're gonna hear what happened to Mike Flynn right after the break I'm DiMaggio bare back. The market in show again by geno at feet by geno on Twitter filling in for the great one. We very sad start to make a little sense. Why add mean tweeting like crazy and covering up my web site ferociously for the past. Three weeks the biggest scandal in American history and somebody may be asking this point yeah I didn't know what it. You must of wrote all this sound like an and a book well working on some of that that I've done this entire show up seven lines of Paxson about fifty words. Not trying to impress you I'm just trying to tell you I've been looking into this now for weeks. And it had its course of this that's pretty. Pretty darned period. So I told the Obama team may need they need a pound of flesh. He Obama team's got a few months trumps elected now but Obama still the president. They better get someone because they have to cover up the most ferocious spying scandal in US history. So overcomes a convenient target for them. I got it let's go get my fled. So what are they deal again more crazy coincidences folks if you miss the beginning of the show you better go to the podcast listen. Because the coincidences. There really star man up. On the team they don't like. My plane a lot. Generals not on their Christmas list. Continue to pound the flash because they have the reverse engineer crime that this drug he committed or this collusion thing that's meant to distract from the spying scandal the Obama team's engaged in is never gonna fly. He needs something and he he quit. The Santa didn't work the trump he never bit. So what do. Well Obama weights he waits. He wins hurt. When the ticket trip. While flames out on that trip to the Obama team make some moves in that time period right around there. And they kick the Russians out of the house they have a New York. Knowing what's gonna happen. Well we kicked the Russians out of this property they have this diplomatic property of course. The Russians are likely got to reach out to the incoming administration again only a scandal in the eyes of people looking for a scant okay. Remember if negotiating. As a incoming national security advisor. Or forget about negotiating that negotiating the conversing with Bart officials the crime why isn't John Kerry in jail for just talked to the Palestinians. Telling them oh ignore the president why isn't he in jail for that all because he's a Democrat that's right sorry forgot about that. So Obama gives these Russians the boat. Probably say Andy Cole win. Now. He has this great let's wait till twins overseas maybe in a Dominican or. Public. While he was there. And let's listen in on that phone call but this is critical. Let's not say we're elicited an I'm a phone call let's say we're listening in on the ambassador and all of my gosh what happened we caught up by a quote. US person in that call. Problem how did you find out who that US person was all reaches a messed it up late we come again. So you have no probable cause of a crime you have no probable cause winds acting on behalf before an agent. You have no probable cause of everything. But you magically get to listen in on this phone call with win. Knowing they're gonna call Flynn because they kicked him out of the house of the New York different happens to be overseas in the Dominican Republic and as the conversation about this. The phone calls. All recorded but don't worry they weren't targeting Flint we believe me I don't have a camera here here's the way get enough votes to be here. So good let's just say we're listening in on the Russian ambassador as long as we say that we can unmask win later. When the entire time. The goal is to get a full transcript of the record for my points conversation which they're gonna use. In part cute. Of the way in reverse engineering of a crime. Unfortunately I have to get that muse that is great. I'm thereby geno at the Bellagio on Twitter. Making conservatism. Great again. Dial Lynn now all 877381. That. 3811. All right welcome back to the Mark Rubin showed Dan by geno at. Keep on Gino on Twitter filling in for the great one. We're almost there folks bout to tie this up into a neat little package Loria. So Obama's spied on trump. The Obama administration's spied on the trump seemed to be more precise. The Obama team realizes after the trump shock election they have to cover their tracks. Now there in the process. Of taken a pound of flesh. They invent a Russian collusion narrative to distract the compliant lap dogs sucked up boot licking media. To distract from the real story. Which is the largest spying scandal in the United States history. On the charm to. My first they need to take someone out. Because they need some bona fide behind this nonsense Russian collusion narrative and they put a bullseye on the back in general my point. When travels the Dominican Republic Obama conveniently kick some Russians out of my house at the New York. What happens. Russian ambassador calls led that the United States on behalf of the Obama administration says don't worry we were just listening to the Russian ambassador already called Mike Flynn added that happened. He called a US person. Who's probably unmasked by the Obama administration is Mike went. Information starts to leak out there about a crime that happened everybody's thinking why crime. The incoming national security advisors talking to his Russian counterpart. Our largest geopolitical flow in the world outside of China. It's only a nuclear armed country is probably a good idea that they make some kind of contact maybe say hello before term gets an office you pick. He crying. But they don't have a crime. But the Russian collusion narrative won't take unless they get someone to get someone quick. So they have a transcript of this call when they tell you don't worry we were just listen to rush in now might play just jump on crazy had a happens aren't. Awe shucks. The FBI puts it a request that energy you might plan. They don't tell Flynn what's it about what what the conversation is gonna be about. Makes that call over to Lynn ski edge you're. Following Indy indicate. The number two with the FBI. Who's been intimately involved and Hillary email investigation whose wife ran as a Democrat got nearly 700000. Dollars. From a pack Hillary Clinton raise money for. Oh that guy arranged at all. All I'm sure he told would schedule this was a criminal interview right oh no post they didn't. All okay I'll thank you. So they just say the FBI wants that talked it does say wanna talk to Mike about a few things. Of course the general doesn't see any problem with that easy incoming national security advisor probably talk speak BI every day. Who shows up at the White House. Fascinating how these coincidences just keeps slap me in the face. Peter stroke and another agent who I'm not gonna put his name out on here. You know doesn't need that right now. But these two agents show up at the White House interview might play in for what he thinks is just the conversation about I don't know national security he's only the national security. Advisor. But that's not what it's about. It's about this conversation. Flynn had with the Russian ambassador which Flynn clearly sees nothing wrong with this plan doesn't even lawyer Iraq. Matter fact. Doesn't even say to them hey guys you wanna come back later because I didn't think that's what this was about he thinks there's nothing wrong with this at all because there isn't. So we talked to them. Now at some point. He mentions that he and discuss sanctions when he did. Now this is all done. Under the guise of violation of the Logan act. We'll get. The Jay walking a federal crimes. It's not even that Jay walking to federal cries because the Logan act which states that private citizens can't negotiate with foreign entities on behalf the United States government. Has listened to me folks. Never been used in United States history successfully prosecute someone ever. Jay walking past people have actually been issued tickets for Jay walk. But not a lot yet. So it 200 years nobody not Dennis Rodman who went over to North Korea not John Kerry who seemingly negotiating with the Palestinians right now my trust back. Nobody's been prosecuted this but Mike Flynn is gonna be the first. So they go over and they talked to. Any nicks a statement that doesn't comport directly with the transcript they have because they happen a call Mike Flynn resign. So Mike Flynn is prosecuted then. For false statements to the FBI after by the way the FBI basically goes after his family and threatens to bankrupt. Keep in Miami guys are decorated military officer with the with the storied history of service to the United States but let's not let that get in the way of the Obama administration leading us out. And who sets this interview up. Arab buddy Andy MacKay. How whose wife just a coincidence folks nothing. To see here. By the way received 700000 dollars for a pact that Hillary Clinton and raise money for. Through Terry McAuliffe the democratic governor of Virginia and known Clinton concede the area. Nothing to see there it is all a coincidence. Fascinating what happens next. Sally Yates the number two with the Justice Department who by the way knows McCain very well. Another just coincidence of course they work they know each other very very well. Yanks pops in and decides she's gonna have a conversation which not because she's still working she hasn't resigned yet. Matter fact she never resigns because trump fires are because she refuses to enforce the travel ban. By the way which the lead Bulldog and the special cross the prosecutor case Andy weissman working for Mueller says her email congratulating for the fire her for defying dropped folks. This is in shade this all actually happen it's not an X-Files conspiracy theory if actually it. He said her email he's now the bull dog. On the special counsel he's going after truck. So create walks in and says Mr. President we got a problem. Your national security advisor may be guilty of the Logan act I am absolutely sure everybody robes looking around going. What the hell is Logan act. What we'll woke. What is that. So please several horrible and united. No we've got to now negotiating and of our behalf of a private citizen with a far government wait come again. You're investigating a decorated US military officer. Former head of the DIA the incoming national security advisor front and Jay walking the federal crimes. Folks. They need this help. And they got blood. They Gallinari. Now folks what are they covering. What are they covering up and by the way houses the amateur and abuse promotes that Tia and just these articles all of these articles. Are on my website listed in news takes you can't miss her if they're listed out my game and I put a summary of what you want all of this an article for read more yourself. It's my last name by GO dot com read all the articles for yourself then I did right there are there other people's articles. I even CNN's stuff popping them reporting on this stuff and cal to reporting their own reporting right. Why is all this necessary. Here's the coup de gras. All of this is necessary because the Obama administration need dirt on trump. Why did they need their trump. Folks do you really believe those 30000 Hillary Clinton emails that are missing. Are actually missing. Now I will. Put my. Professional and personal credibility on the line do you right now. That those 30000 emails saying listen. Bozell the keys to the kingdom. We already know. Again this is a fact this is not open for interpretation. We already know Hillary Clinton on her private email account was emailing Barack Obama why do we know that because Cheryl Mills and an email we already have. Has set as much. We know she was emailing Barack Obama on an email account that did not read state dot com. Which means it was a personal unsecured email account she was emailing the president of the United States. Let me just ask you a question. You think it's a coincidence that 30000. Of those emails are missing net chats may be one of those emails. Could be one of those emails we already know exist to Barack Obama. Let me tell you. What else is going on at this time. Did hear and see. Is allegedly hacked. And it's never happened. That's a whole other story. The DNC. It's not enough to take a pound of flesh out a win on the Jay walking a federal crimes okay the Logan act. That's not enough by the way that was leaked and Helen advance. Byron York is for the washing is Amber's a tremendous Wear to school pirate nor do Byron York the Logan act Sally Yates these articles are put my website you. His work has been amazing on this how the Logan act was already being set up put people in congress to pass to the media we're gonna get all the Logan act. The Jay walking federal crimes but that wasn't enough. The DNC email start showing up in public files early Iran during the campaign. The Democrats needed narrative to cover up for their comp incompetence. How convenient of a narrative. If they can hit that. On the Russians and then in trump to the Russians through quote collusion wouldn't that be great. Right around that time some emails start disappearance but some big snow. Right around that time. Obama for America the campaign arm which is now organizing for America again and because Obama's campaign team doesn't need to campaign again he can't run again. But Hillary camp. Organizing for America makes a 900000. Dollar payment. To wait law firm. Perkins who we. Got us where does that name weren't press sounds familiar Perkins go we will where they involved it. Well just coincidentally. Perkins truly is the very same law firm if you were listening earlier in the show. That also made it hit the payments on behalf of the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Diffusion GPS. To go gin up a fake intelligence on Donald Trump to be given back to the FBI. The spy. I'm Donald Trump. Wow. Just a coincidence. I'm sure. Now. Doubling down on war. Perkins school we re appears again. Because when they DNC is allegedly hacked. You might see yourself of course it was hacked the media's reporting this trust nothing new media tells you. The FBI never saw that DNC system they were not invited in by the DNC to review the air quotes. They weren't hack. Who comes in to review this system a private company called crowd strike. Haze that private company. The comedian. And review the DNC servers that were allegedly hacked by the Russians that their later going to be attached to Donald Trump by the when the Democrats that is. Follow her kids to week how does that happen. That's just crazy. Wow wow another one of those just crazy coincidences folks don't worry liberals listening. None of this actually happened yet but geno talk at the march 10 million whatever listeners and out making it all off. Are you crazy. I just laid out do you over the course of two hours 47 minutes and twenty point eight seconds. The biggest scandal in American history. If the only response you have coming back is all of this was chance accidentally coincidence. You meet the very definition of it and so. You wait. Amid a leave you with these three questions them come back to pilot the show. These are the three questions that remain to be answered. One. What those Obama emails to Hillary Clinton that allegedly disappeared say. Where they on a private Obama account. Like Loretta lynch the attorney general at the time at a private account under the Vietnam did you. Elizabeth Carlisle. What was Obama's name did he get warm what was it John Smith Joey bag of donuts what was his email account. What does email saying. Any mention of Perkins Korean Aronson payments at all may be. They ask you question number two. Who supported the memo. Who went in front of the flies a court I think I know who it is I'm not willing to put it on the radio about who support of that memo that the dossier was sure. No one else was that agent involved it. Maybe other cases that are gonna go down to. One final thing. Who verified the asset. Christopher Steele was an appellate. Incessant working for fusion GPS. Who terrified him. It's paperwork on that I'm sure right this verification unit and a process. John Brennan involvement at all. Remember those three questions. Will be back and. My coach welcome back to the market didn't show the end by geno at the Bellagio on Twitter. If her recap of a lot of what we talked that tonight obviously you can go back and listen mark show is on podcasts violence in this market and show. But again for the articles go to my website but you know the outcome all the articles laid this out when I discuss the matter there you can read the yourself. I'd make any this up folks. Right speculated I told you was such. But I think the connection at this point is clear and I wanna leave you with a final thoughts. The Obama administration went through this entire spying operation to dirty up the term team. Because there was a lot hi folks its not you know any you can always pick out where is he genuine conspiracy theory nonsense. When it's all tied up in really convenient in the end. You're not gonna get that convenient of an answer. They had a lot to high. There was the dealings in uranium one that was the dealings in the I ran the all the capitulation that were made in the global scale. The use of foreign intelligence and intelligence. The misuse of foreign intelligence the the use of foreign intelligence assets to circumvent US lost there was a lot how hot. Before the break I told you about missing emails between him and Hillary what they discussed why is there a transfer money all of this had to go away. The only way to make this go away after the trump team won. With the dirty up the trump team enough to develop a political capital bank account big enough. To get trumpet out of office by impeachment. They knew they had some right nobody's and they knew of this collusion narrative would stick and they took a pound the question went. They made up a bunch of Logan act violations. They hired their chosen guy in Bob Mueller to go and get trump. They knew they can find a criminal if he needs you we all ripped the mattress tag off once folks. Mueller was their guy. They knew Mueller was gonna be the way to make this all go away. But folks this house of cards is collapsing. Because they left the paper trail they cannot escape it. That paper trail. Is highly likely. Is about to be exposed in this memo. Which hopefully we'll see tomorrow. When you see this memo tomorrow when you go back and listened to the show again. Your eggs will be scramble your mind will be open and who makes sense now log. Thanks for listening feels.

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