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1/31/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Feb 1, 2018|

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, President Trump’s State of the Union address was outstanding and Reaganesque overall, despite some substantive disagreements with the president’s espoused approaches to immigration, infrastructure, and paid family leave. But despite the uplifting, bipartisan tone of ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it comes to a brick and. Know everybody mark living here are number 877. 3813811877381. 3811. Not to get too. This evening. I'm not gonna do. He redo of the president's State of the Union Address their clips here and there that we will focus on. I am gonna spend a lot of time discussing with you. What we saw last night the spectacle we saw on the Democrat side. In the media. That in no way you probably don't expect. Look there's a reason on the cleanup hitter. When it comes to this format. I take a lot of time during the day. To do the research into the thought. I don't have any researchers are advises or anything of the sort. Really dig deeply into events. There's so. I thought the president's speeches I posted on my FaceBook and Twitter site was outstanding. Absolutely outstanding. That's not to say don't. Disagree amendments senators. Obviously you know I don't support. Eleven million illegal aliens getting citizenship which he does. I don't support. What was a one trillion now one and A half trillion dollar infrastructure programs. I think it is a massive boondoggle at a time when we should be husband in our resource is cutting the debt for our children and grandchildren. And stop. Feeding from the public trough. And pretend that it's for a public safety and public well being in transportation and all the rest enough is enough. But what the president sent. In so many respects from so many issues. Was so right on. And in Daytona with a temperament. That was so appealing. Pat I concluded and I conclude now that it was reaganesque. It was reaganesque. I just thought it was a really. Special state of the union speech and I even big on the state of the union speech. And if you're conservative. But for the two aspects that I mentioned as well as this family leave which he slipped them. It should be pleased. With the 90% of a speech and that's pretty damn good. When he talks about face value believe he's a man of faith when he talks about god any guess frequently you believe is a man who believes in god. And this action Shalit. His support for the First Amendment religious liberty his support for the second time. His earnest. It's harassment. I know it was a Democrat I know he was a liberal but he's not anymore. He doesn't have to play games that he's not playing games. It was an exceptional speak. And I say that. As a conservative. And we'll talk about this a little bit more. In more substantive way but I wanna get to something else. The Democrats. Not just their conduct which was appalling. Wasn't one congressman here one senator there. It was pretty much united front of hate. And hate for a lot. Well they hate truck no question. But it's clear they hate much of what he was saying. And much of what he was saying was quintessentially. American. I have to conclude. I will conclude. Despite the push back I will receive. The when you watched that speech last night as most of you did. There really is a divine. Pro American. Purses anti America. Pro military. Purses anti military. Pro capitalism. Vs anti capitalism. Pro national security. Purses anti the national security. Pro constitution. Vs anti constitution. Pros citizen. Vs anti citizen. Pro Israel. Vs anti Israel. Pro law enforcement. Vs anti law enforcement. The Democrats. In ways we've discussed before but the American people have never seen before. It Democrats by their own actions. Or in actions. Their own body English. Their own facial expressions. Their fellow tour applause. When some rare instances there applause. Reveal themselves. Reveal themselves. Be exactly as I said. No what does this come from. This is the largest political party in the country it's bigger than the Republican Party in terms of registration topping your hat now it's not a majority party but how could you have the largest political party in the country. If plurality. Which has as its motivation. And its purpose. The destruction of the American spirit. The destruction of the American system. The repudiation. But American principles and American history. What is this comes front. How is this possible. While this isn't the first society which. Such a force existed and I've told you before. Most of the great people. The great people who we've studied. Who've done great things. Has said. That is the nation this nation is to be destroyed it will be destroyed from wasn't. The Democrat party has become a party. And particularly nefarious ideology. It's a party of aid nefarious ideology. That permits. No dissent. Or at least no dissent that may threaten. Its core beliefs. It is a party. We're told it's wintering here and there it's not a party that splinter. Some of its members. Blue collar workers. Farmers. And so forth. May be having second thoughts about their. Their membership for their role in the Democrat party. Many of whom are Democrats. Really by heritage. More than anything else. But the Democrat party apparatus of the Democrat party the party institutions. The party sorry it's. The media the party mouthpiece is the Pretoria guard and so forth and so there's a split among them. The unanimity. There's unanimity. And so what is it. That drives this park. Beyond the symptoms beyond me. The port behavior. Beyond the platitudes that she hears some of the what is it. Well ladies and gentlemen. We're gonna take a step back. And I hope you'll stay with me she can really understand what's going on here and who these people aren't. There's a reason why they're an alliance. With so many professors. So many so called intellectuals. There's a reason for it. And the main reason for the incidents. That the Democrat party. The party apparatus the party leaders. They reject. The American founding you here. If you when they talk about it. How they trash the founders as slave owners. They trash the founders of slave owners as a way of trashing. But they created. As a wave trashing the declaration of independence as a way trashing the constitution. As a way trashing capitalism. I know I read these people they know who they are I know what they said. And a little. Of these principles the idea of individual sovereignty. Of the individual. They re hearing the individual apart from the government. In lupus. They believe that the individual can only. Fully realize. Himself or herself. Very centralized government. And wanna talk he briefly. About a German philosopher I hope you'll stay put me on. Whose name is hagel. And you live from 1717. And 1830 when he was the most important. German philosopher for 200 years. There was another German philosopher who stole from him. It's nameless Karl Marx. And more particular rise he had core philosophy. And apply it to materialism. But I'm not gonna talk about marks right now and about Hinkle. In enormous influence on Marx and Frederick Engles. But he also in many ways is the philosophical father. The American progressive movement. The project it which you saw. In the spectacle on the Democrat side of the House of Representatives during the president's outstanding state of the union speech. There's a reason why. You'll slow them cringing. Jennifer collecting walking out sitting still. When you thought they should have been doing the opposite. It's not about Democrat Republican. It's about their ideology. In this pickle. This is called period of German idealism he's given when the school. Most of you never heard of this. The most tenured professors in the social sciences. And the behavioral sciences. In the political sciences. The philosophy courses they are well read. And trained in table. In fact. Before hagel there was no such thing as social sciences and behavioral sciences and tolerant. He was very prolific. And he's legendary for developing the philosophy of what he called historical progress. This vocal prime. When he said it was basically look I'm not inventing a new philosophy I'm describing an existing reality and what this is reality. The reality he says is the history of the world is said to be progress report conscious freedom and state of harmony. Conscious freedom of state harmony what's that. Conscious freedom is based on reason and spiritual principles meaning self realization. He doesn't mean religion. Self realization. As opposed to tradition. And customs. And habits. And they subordinate the individuals elected reasoning and reflection he argues that is. Your face. The traditions and customs subordinate reason. The series going this. So he argued that human development and the lack the round. Changes from one historical period to the next some societies are stuck in their own history. Others progress over time. But the trajectory of history generally is toward the ideal state and taking this from rediscovering Americanism. But that's OK it doesn't matter when taking it front. As I wrote it. You see how it's flipped. Individualism the individual. Must abandon all that's come before the individual must abandon. Customs traditions faith all of. If the individual is going to be in it. A person who come progress. Who could reason. And so forth just get rid of all these ancient rituals they don't mean anything. You can see were hagel. If you were around today would reject our constitution who reject the founders of the country you would reject the framers of the constitution that ratifies the kind of. None of that matters hagel would say. None of that matters. The history doesn't matter. The traditions the pit they don't matter. Because we're reasoning ourselves. What opening our minds you know possibilities. To what he calls eventually. A fully developed states. And the fully develops state is the fully develops state. Puppet government. And the fully develop state of the individual. In in the end there one in the sect. At. In the end their one in the same. Any calls this the final end. I'm not that that Hitler in his own way call that the final solution but he calls it the final end. So that which appears irrational in a state will eventually be brought in the harmony. And the state in the individual will be brought into the united. Vacancy remarks took off topics right. As far as I know I can be the only one interest in this in the entire country as far as I know millions of millions of you listening to this we're looking for something else. So far as I know this'll Kiet told ratings for the week I don't now. But I think it is absolutely crucial. And I'm gonna continue to explain we'll be right well. You can see where mr. hagel. And his ideology. Run square in wall of the constitution. From the founding principles of the snake goodness. Concisely. Explain in the declaration of independence and beyond. The emphasis. In our civil society in our founding was on the individual. Not on the collective. Not on the collective not on the government. And according to hagel. Can't emphasize the individual. He got to emphasize this. He's utopian. Large. Central State through which the individual. Finds happiness and fulfillment I wanna talk about this a more. Because it is more relevant. To what took place. In the House of Representatives. Rome yesterday and anything else I surmise that anybody else is saying. I will explain you why they're doing what they're doing. If you'll stay would make I'll be right back. My my grandma speaking took off for a revival Americans who are. Live your first 8773813811. Game. When I get back to this. So in the case hagel who really is. One of the founding fathers of modern day progressive as and that's why it's important understand this. He argued. That the individual finds his actual those nation liberty happiness fulfillment. With the state. So the individual is not consumed with the zone existence when his home private affairs which he called substantive. Extremely subjective. But by way of the state the individual sees beyond self and becomes a citizen of the state. Whose reality is part of the universal life whole and collective life. Through which the individual learns what is reasonable. Objective. PC they must surrender. Their ties. To rituals and panacea to customs. If they're truly going to fulfill themselves. As one with the state. This is what he called the final and this is the final end sought by the individual and the state the consciousness of mine and freedom. And in this way the individuals serves. And benefits from the state in vice affairs. Says that which came before. He effectively vanish it. It's discard it. Man the some of the work. Progressively moves away from the state of nature to the final land through reason. So you reject Aristotle. You reject Cicero you reject block you reject modesty. You reject where you reject Adam Smith he rejects Hume you reject. The enlightenment. You reject reformation. All that is. Junk. According to hagel and marks. And Woodrow Wilson. And Bernie Sanders. And Kamal Harris. And Nancy Pelosi. And Robert Reich. And on and on and on. Man progressively moves away from the stated nature from the declaration of independence from the constitution. From the principles that under relayed them that's the whole point. In the elements of the philosophy of right ankle wrote. Of this ideal state. The state is the realized ethical ideals or ethical spear. It is the will which manifests itself. Makes itself clear invisible substantiates. Itself that is the will which thinks and knows. This state finds an ethical custom its direct. And I'm reflected existence. Other words reject custom. And it's indirect and reflected existence in the south consciousness of the individual and in his knowledge and activity. This state which is they realize substantive well having its reality in the particular self consciousness raised that the plane of the universal. It's absolutely rational. See you see in the end the state is absolutely rational. Does substantive unity is its own motives. An absolute man. In this and freedom retains its highest right. This and has the highest right over the individual whose highest duty in turn. Is to be a member of the state let me repeat that. This and has the highest right over the individual whose highest duty in turn. Is to be a member of the state. So the individual is against subservient to the state the state can never attain the lost the utopian nights. Devised by hecla any individual never be adequate to the cost. And meanwhile the individual's independence and free well are absorbed by the state in the name of community and general welfare. Is so called actual allied unity of the individual would be ideal state requires the abandonment of the past. Had both found no relevance at all in the argent and founding principles of a nation except I understand that next step in the historical process. And they synthesizing that comes from what he called dialect mrs. Fact heckled took a direct shot at the notion of the eternal natural law on rights has expressed in our declaration. As well as the social contract that is the civil society. Of course these are the bases of America's founding. And the declaration of independence he insists that. But the only legitimate form of thought involves the application of the science of the state now but the sides of the state we're not talking about what takes place in a lap. The science of the state. The ability. Of human beings relatively handful of human beings become expert on all things. And to determine. What's best any justice. For society. For the country. And for the people. So. You might say what mark anybody knows this doesn't work look at these Communist regimes and when he wasn't the Communist because there was no such thing at the point at that point. Was march who follow us on stole a lot from may well. Rework it. Did try to appeal to quote unquote the common man. And markets took this idea of his start dialect s.'s. And traded in what's called material dialect mrs. OK. Again I'm not gonna do marks today but the point is. He talked about the history. And economics at all things relate economics all things relate economics. But like hagel. You've got to create this all powerful state. And that people. Need to relied. And conformed and that's how you find your true liberty and that's how you get your realization. And this is how you become one with the spirit of the state. That's what's going on ladies and gentlemen in the Democrat party. That's what you saw. During the course of the state of the union speech. When Democrats. When Democrats refuse to arise or applaud. When the president of the United States. Was speaking of quintessentially. American values and principles and beliefs. When the president of the United States was talking about securing the nation stayed on the border when the president the United States was talking about tax cuts to strengthen our capitalist. Private market oriented system when the president of the United States was talking about strengthening our military getting rid of sequestration with a president of the United States is talking about. Faith and religious liberty. When the president of the United States was talking about the bill of rights like the Second Amendment their reason why the Democrats wouldn't stand up. Is because they no longer share our reverence for our history our principles our traditions and our beliefs. They've abandoned them. And they abandoned them a hundred years ago and what you're seeing is the project it. Hagel that tragedy a Woodrow Wilson that tragedy of all these progressives. The turn of the last century and beyond. Who reject the idea center in the end a declaration of independence. That's what's taking place that's why they don't believe in a nation state that's what they get careless and bottled water. They need power. Any power. Whether it's a judicial Fiat. Or opt populist election they don't care very goal. There you go. Is to make you one with the state. So we can achieve what I wrote in another book called America phobia. This utopian state. Where everyone's pretty much equal every once pretty much happy everyone's pretty much provided for. You can hear him Bernice and you can hear it and Elizabeth Warren he can hearing Cory Booker he's been here in Schumer. You can hear it in Don lemon you can hear it and Jake Tapper you can hear there Wolf Blitzer. Begin here. Wrap the lineups on MSNBC and CNN. NBC CBS and ABC. Most of them are too stupid to understand the source. Of their truly radical anti human ideology. Some of them are on a winning stooges. But it doesn't matter what motivates them what matters is what they stand for. There is no perfect state. None has ever existed not then. Not now not tomorrow. Hagel said the state. Is he completed reality is the ethical hole. In the actual causation of freedom. It is the absolute purpose or reason that freedom should be actual lives the state is the spirit. Which abides in the world and their realizes it south consciously. While in nature it is realized only as the other of itself or sleeping spirit only when it is present in consciousness and it goes on. So what does this say the power of the state. From what we try to get our liberty. And he does not mean liberties away we've seen liberty. Should I go to and I. Course mr. producers as to monotonous. He does not mean Libby either way we means that it is his progressives. And an entirely different idea what liberty it's. And you. And I didn't. Then the framers did. And the revolutionaries that. In the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans is totally different idea. Again it comes out of this German ideological background. What they mean by liberty. Is something called closet that is. These words can get confusing you see because positive isn't sounds positive just like progressive isn't sent out for progress. I like to be positive. So they've developed this entire line of thinking and. Law positive law. And basically it comes down this. There are no moral truths. Law is not to be based on morality. Law has to be based on the science and reason. Pure and simple. Morality is another throwback it's a throwback to religion and faith it's a throwback to the founding it's a threat. You need to explain yourself. As such ancient. Quaint notions. The purpose of law is to advance the state the purpose of law. Is to advance. The progressive ideology the purpose of law is to create this ubiquitous utopian state through which each of us. Each of us. Will be free truly free and self realized and in that. Society will be truly free and self realized. So. For the progressive the last. The machinery the Democratic Party liberty is not about your individual liberty as a matter of fact your individual liberty. Is that cog in the wheel. You're individual liberty is the problem. The more you resist. The more you show. You can be successful. And self sufficient. The more you are destructive of this whole idea of liberty for the steady and naturalization through this thing. The more you are siding with a Aristotle headsets are out and the founders and rejecting. Hey well Roselle and marks. And rejecting progressive news. I'll be right back. You know I'd dallas'. 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So you never need to think about air filters again you never need to go to a warehouse store to find them. They come right to your door they're scheduled and they're ready to go save money save time breathe better. With filtered by dot com that's filtered EU wide dot com filtered by dot com. Now there was another philosopher of whom I and make great fan. And his name was Carl poplar not to be in any way confused with Karl Mott marks. And he live from 1902. To 1994. And he was a very very harsh correctly so critical peck. He exposed singles you'll logic. He said hey eagles' intention is to operate freely with all contradictions. All things are contradictory in and in the sense what he means by that is. Hagel said that. Society within society there will be forces they compete against themselves. One becoming. More successful than the other one victorious over the other. And that is how the process is to work. And that is how the processes toward. And he says pickles intention is to operate freely with all contradictions all things are contradictory and himself in themselves he insists. In order to defend a position when means the end not only of all science but of all rational arguments are leasing hagel says. To reject all history all tradition and all the rest and let. For reason and he says what does this have to do that reason. And the reason why hagel wishes to admit contradictions is that he wants to stop rational argument. And whether it's scientific and electoral progress by making argument criticism in possible in other words. One idea defeats another one idea defeats another and you keep moving on and on until you reach your perfect society. And but Popper is saying is actually that's not always how it works now is. He says hagel intends to make his own philosophy proof against all criticism so that it may establish itself as he reinforced. Dogma it is. And Hickel proved hopper's position when he among other things disparage national long. Eternal truths divine rights has fundamentally mythological and superficial. And of course. But also isn't set about pickle. As said he was one of the favorites of the monarchy in Germany. And it just so happens. Is proper points now. At hagel. Despite his ideology. Was a mouthpiece for the monarchy. This is why in the end he rejected. Natural law this is why in the end he rejected faith and religion this is by the end he was truly wise. According to pop this was on elaborate ruse the problem here ladies and gentlemen. Take a listen marxism. They served. As the ideological basis. For this populist movement called progressives. Which is only populist if it wins the election but loses the election. In many ways it's fascist. Doesn't accept the election. Seeks to impose its will through federal district and Circuit Court judges of the Supreme Court if we can. I'm massive administrative state which has created. From progressive as. All right I think we've been pretty heavy I'll leave it that we'll move on we'll be right back. Oh everybody mark the event here are number eight. 773813811877. Create 13811. If your interest in what we discussed. We want we move on other issues. We don't reject what we already talked about we can. You don't talk about that as well with callers and so forth so. But we are gonna move on to get into some other things the Fox News is reporting that the House Intelligence Committee memo could be released tomorrow we'll of course because I won't be here tomorrow or Friday. But we'll have some great hosts who will be but I will be back on Monday. And we go over then should it be released there's a lot of push back now from the FBI and intelligence services against this and I I find this ironic. At the very people who are under investigation for good reason. Komi stroke page. Became eat. Patches for. Now. Back in August 2015. Let's head now tuning in a few years ago August 25 and I I mean a statement Mr. Big is this has actually was earlier than that but that's what we found. I was so sick in hearing about. The dreamers to dream is to dreamers have supplies exclusively to illegal alien children I said this again two and a half years ago cut nine ago. Gain in day out we're told about the dreamers. Well the dreamers illegal alien children. Well we have dreamers to our children what about our children they never talk about our children Jeb Bush the Republican establishment the Democrats. What about the impact of illegal immigration what about the impact of waves and waves and waves of illegal immigrants on our children their job prospects. And we're told be happy 2044. You're going to cease NBA white Asian what does that mean. What's all the ways this nonsense. Given except. It changes to culture and demographics they damaged the jobs in the economy. And all that mayhem make creates but the lack of a civilization americanization. And you're told there's not a damn thing you can do about it worse than that it condemned. The accused is seen a phobia. If he dared to say hey Sloan out of it. Then we're told what kind of words and language were allowed eight years. They're changing the language. Do you growth. Dean gender. There's no such thing as boys and girls isn't hers. And anything that comes out of your mouth and a must have some kind of a big city connotation. Because you know we have racism and I DNA. Celeste now dictates. From the youngest stages. To senior citizens what can be said and how can be sedated and mark who can say. So this word dreamers. As those of you who'd listen this program over the years now. I've had a problem. Have actually written about the that the illegal alien the illegal alien child is more noble than the American citizen in the child the American service. And so for the past couple of years. I've been trying to undo this the least the extent that I. And do we use the millions of mindless. What about our kids they're dreamers do and they get said this is recently is a few weeks ago. But it's something I've put out there. In the public mind in the public discussion. For some time. We just happen finest from two and a half years ago. We're told about the dreamers who the dreamers illegal alien children well we have dream is still we've the American citizen. We have dream is still. I thought the president gave a fabulous speech. And one of the areas people are pointing to is this cut ten go. United States is a compassionate nation. We are proud. That we do more than any other country anywhere in the world. To help the needy the struggling. And the underprivileged. All over the world. But as president of the United States my highest loyalty. My greatest compassion. My constant consider. His tour America's show of America's struggling workers and America's forgotten communities. I want our youth to grow up to achieve great things. I want our poor to have their chance to rise. So tonight I am extending an open hand. To work with members of both parties Democrats and Republicans. To protect. There are citizens of every background. Color religion and creed. My duty. And this sacred duty. Of every elected official in this chamber. He's to defend Americans. To protect your safety their families their communities. And their right to the American dream. Because Americans. Are dreamers to. I. Know. In and day out we're told about the dreamers. Well the dreamers illegal alien children. Well we dream is still our children what about our children they never talk about our children Jeb Bush exactly exactly. Yeah it is. A great line and a great point. They gray line and a great point. Because it strikes home. We build up the illegal alien with all the bullet points. And we knocked down the American since. It's perverse. Absolutely perverse where you have public officials who were supposedly representing the American citizenry. Trashing the American citizenry in the name of farmers some of whom haven't even stepped foot in the country. Who are portrayed as more normal this week than we are as I wrote in an immigration chapter in. Libyan Tierney ten years ago eleven years ago however long it otherwise. And it's true. That's the position of the Democratic Party and now you understand now you know why if you looked at we discovering Americans. You know the thing about my books is one fits with the next it's like a puzzle piece you just take one chunk and trying to deal with it the next round the next round. So when I'm dead and gone the volumes will be out there for anybody who cares if anybody cares. As I walk through it piece by piece by piece. And this is the fact. The fact is that the progressives. By hook or by crook. Have to reject. Americanization. They reject assimilation. They reject the boundaries of a nation state. May have found that they quickest way. To accomplish their ends. Is. Right now through May Day immigration by changing the vote. I changing the voter. And I propaganda Eisen to you believe it or not that you are inferior. To people who come here illegally. They you don't wanna work. They wanna Wear that their jobs that are just too dirty for you know jobs are to Gary for that. It's incredible. We the American people who built this nation who build other nations who save other nations frontier. We won't pick our own let's. Of course we will pick their own let us and we mostly due to pick our own let's. But if in our market system you're gonna pay somebody under the table. And they they're able to evade our tax system they're able to evade. All the edge deductions and come out of their paychecks and it's a cash basis and everything else and now we're talking. Farmers need based PayPal. I say yes. If everybody is serious. About competing for a laborer. There are these a minimum wage instead let the Democrats and the rhinos still is they bring people of this country. Not only the minimum wage and the American citizen it is bound to the minimum wage. Then they say they won't work life. Right could it taught people the minimum wage of eleven bucks twelve bucks an oddity fifteen bucks wouldn't go to paying two bucks. Yes. And when is enough enough how many people are picking lettuce happening twelve million. But these eleven million and listen to the stereotype of the left in the Ryan I'm not saying this this is what they said hey not pose pick lettuce. John McCain once sent. Well then. Sort of be held a lot of lettuce in this country don't you think mr. producer. There ought to be let us everywhere. It's gonna be nearly prefer you know I think she is now. That is that is everywhere. When you have 2030 million people here illegally. Apparently they're all picking us. According to leftists the media and trying to. But that's not true. We know that's not true. Some illegal aliens work some don't. Some are on welfare and some aren't. So white paint the picture of the dreamer. Why paint a picture of the more noble human being. Because he ends justify the means and this is propaganda. It's propaganda. Now I don't need a state of the union speech to tell me. That my children are dreamers do and your children are dreamers still which is why I brought the point out not just two and a half years ago three Clark. Years ago which is why written about this point. The propaganda the language that they force us to use now everybody uses our time about one point eight million dreamers. Other all dreamers some of that night. I did you have a group of people. Doesn't matter dreamers. When I hit how many times have I explain this mr. producer fifty. One of my kids what about your kids their dream is still while I don't matter. Mean what the dreamers he's. And of course. If you understand the ideology. In the approach of the left that is the progressives in the Democrats. But the president proposed was never gonna work. One point eight million. It's a joke to them are you kidding us. One point 83 point 611 million I mean it doesn't matter to them. There in the fundamental transformation there ended building the biggest nest utopian state you can possibly imagine. It doesn't matter who's here it doesn't matter why they're here it doesn't matter what their backgrounds are other cultures other histories are whether they assimilate or not. Why should according to the progress of this is crucially important please. Why should it. The progressive. Whether it's in colleges or universities whether they're in Hollywood whether they're in the media the Democrat party wherever they act why should they push. Where the assimilation not Italian. Or worse yet the americanization. Of an alien what they would check themselves. When they reject the founding when they reject the declaration when they reject the constitution. Brent fatalism and marxism and Roussel is an and they all the other isms. Of course they don't want assimilation. Of course they don't want americanization. And of course they dug out the whole idea citizenship. Could it based on these old rituals and ideas you know. I'll be right back. The dvd and I know I let us have much played truth. Who pick the strawberries mama in the strawberries need. Ladies and gentlemen I have something very cool that. March 7. March 7 which is a little over a month away isn't that the day he had officially that the deputy. FBI director resigns rain and it's march 6 when there. But in honor of march 7 which is my two year anniversary. With love in TV. He showed that I found at CR TV. Co founded. In honor of that date. We are now set up. To give you twenty dollars off framed for new living TV customers. For new movie and TV custom. 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And now you're educated and that you are giving it has been tried on things and and the thing is you're not doing there in a way to bicker and judge herself. You're just you're just informing people on this is the way that men who that this country. And this is the thought that we've gotten so far away I mean nobody else other popular particularly in the electric that would help us talking about how. All all these different things or are taking place and so. I just wanted to. Thank you. Again I can tell you how much I appreciate. And I hope you're the point to tell you how much I appreciate how you help me to be able to articulate. The values of capitalism. Because I have two young son. And I am constantly reminding them why they're so privileged to live where they do need to be grown up in the country that they are. With but they moved in with possibilities that are in front of that. And because. What I've learned a little review of how do you public articulate these things it helped me a pat on the them of that and I think you can that's. Well aren't you nice thank you very much I really appreciate that and but I can't change who I am but I do wonder sometimes mr. produce what type because and in this cloistered environment where I broadcast from an unthinkable I can't I key gauge anybody's reaction but I'll just keep plowing ahead you know. Yeah and and I I think he knows. Especially for conservatives nowadays were cold all the time that our way of thinking and not say that nobody else to look like we do him. And you know it in IQ I refused to believe that. Because I don't know what I eat I don't eat out in people. And I did go feed if any in general and I realized there areas where you prevalent. But I think for the most part you know people are starting to appear during the pushed back against all of what we've been told through these last few years. And that direction that the country try to have in game two and I do think it's fiction. Eric yet in making great point because. The survey numbed by CBS after the speech showed that the roughly 75% of the people who heard it like to. And then they broke down on the percentages were people really like a lot of what the president had to say. And can you imagine if we took the filter off from CNN and MSNBC and all the rest of them. And we were able to have a direct dialogue. Through these other. That you know news and other opinion platforms. Which is controlled by the progress is pretty much. And can engage the left on these ideas and so we can you imagine I think I think we would be able to turn things around that they control these these. These levers of power in information making it much more different and difficult which is why they trying to crush on Fox News or trying crash. From time to time talk radio or individuals who broadcast in these various for a and so forth. Well then again and that's why I appreciate so much what you're doing because. Not I have a dog world and a lot of karma vehicle on the road during the day I was into a lot of grit and for the most part a lot of this very entertaining him and I like to listen to then I get sleeping here and there. But when I come home in the evening when I could your program on. That's when it becomes time for serious intellectual discourse. And that's where the meat and potatoes are inadequately thank you can't. And I don't think it is quite against them come about so many things that look the talking about you know our time is limited so. Well you so very very times when you do. Well how work in the new urology field in a hallmark. Yeah me so I I travel all over the state and I I'd service meteorological simply. How about that I don't get in trouble when I get to drift yeah all right well thank you Sarah and I really appreciate your calls very uplifting. Thank you. Speaking of uplifting. Hillsdale College. Do you have any free subscription to and primus if not here's your chance to trying to community of three point seven million conservative Americans who read in primus every single month. And is always it's free as part of Hillsdale college's efforts to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty. You can subscribe right now for absolutely no charge ever have lived in for held cell dot com that's LE VI and for Hillsdale dot com. And my site features seem primus addition by my dear friend doctor Larry aren't he's the president of Hillsdale. And the world's leading scholar on Winston Churchill and doctor on chairs three key lessons we can all learn from Churchill. It cheers for free and will then Fred Hillsdale dot com. Doctor Ryan tells the inspiring story about church shows courage and what you and your children can learn from him about making wise choices. This terrific piece appears only in an primus the free monthly speech dodges from Hillsdale College. Primus is one of the most widely read publications in the nation. When they larger circulation in the near times or the Wall Street Journal it features the very best in conservative thought from heroes of the cause. Read this inspiring addition start receiving a primus free every month. Go look then for hills dot com that's LEV IN frank Hillsdale dot com parent. Let's take another call here. Let us go to Mike's. And still Illinois the grade WT AX don't. And it mark Gavin dear listening to see absolutely elated with your discussion. Our bagel. And I watched this speech last night in particular they react so the Democrat. I would. Struck in my mind went to John F Kennedy's inaugural address famous war are what you know ask dot Inco board. But in that speech he talked about. Two competing forms of government Weiner in which the rights of man derive it from god. And the other at which we are at odds where the rights of man derive from the state. Yeah of course most bitter Cold War context talking about the Soviet Union but I'd bet my watch so Democrat by about how far they have. Moved and trans grass then transport themselves. And it's something absolutely contrary. To what John F. Kennedy talked about it inaugural address. I'm a lot of the chair when I realized that the and I didn't know until afterwards. That Joseph Kennedy would be delivered it to that spot. Just parody was just scroll through thick and I it's probably not. Radical left. Within the Democrat party. Is now the Democrat party. Yes probably. And they are let this Soviet Union a lot of that the United States government. They are now they have become that come within the United States. And it and it is fascinating because it's all about the material that the power. And they don't care I heard it argued about the dreamers. And the one point eight million outside and it and it's not gonna make any difference. And I know it's a great political move and a great lie and they know its spending and do you aren't really Democrats they're not gonna take their hand. No they have to be defeated at the ballot box. Thank you awaken me up I have not listen to your show I'm bland middle. And I was you I was listening to it and I thought about these things last item is worried at all today. And I turn on the radio and there's this discussion okay go ahead reading years I have not. Tad bit. That kids in the audience did was provide the background and foundation and the reminder. Of what I was already thinking it so thank you. Well thank you sir thanks for listening spread the word I've been around for about fifteen years so. Welcome welcome welcome more of America and much appreciated. We get some great callers tonight. That's continue. Nicole saint Louis Missouri the great KF CK a liberal go right ahead Harriet. Hello I am day let. And technical questions when they're out pop radio wherever it. And let me let me slate and there's your progressive and you don't understand me. I'm not all talk radio I'm a single individual human being what would you like to ask me about Meehan what ice. I'll kind. Arrogant cop out but mark would bring up an AM I am marked yeah. What outlook extreme work as. I did and why I believe that the critic I guess there are well why I don't have the puck out past president and prior presidents. Canada why can't we bowl or been caught but don't go away oh I know that you don't have. Problem moving forward but you do need to know. The the basis for the founding of the nation and if what does moving forward mean. Is moving forward mean more government. Does moving forward means a different kind of government. Does moving forward means securing our borders. Does moving forward mean allowing illegal aliens to become citizens. So I hear this phrase let's move forward and I don't know what that means. What does that mean. I don't. Know what I have to talk someone about the past. I mean frankly let's just talk about the pass all the time don't think. Yeah a written. Well I have one for the most part is they say are. You. While that Tommy where is the liberal radio stations in America. Read our our our they're Miami needs callers are many. The reason our mania is does nobody wants the listen to. Yeah yeah. No I'm I'm I'm I'm realistic look I'm not a pom pom girl or boy in. I just because you want us to. What you mean by moving forward with trying to. You earn it and why are now you're being negative you know. You put me down you Sam won't understand. Yeah pretty Smart you know Ryan and I am I graduated phi beta kappa I graduated college in very young each. I'm just saying trying TI ninety able to secure them go ahead. Moving thing would mean what is what is moving forward mean. Edmonton the next Victor are looking at work out secret a lot better about how to keep doing. I we. Outlook is not quite you know I would guess. I'm trying to figure it out I'm not sure what you're asked to go ahead. You know not that it would hurt your tackle really right. I'm really not talking crazy. I wanted to know what she's talking about. Was I OK they're mr. because I thought it was kind of nice actually. Very nice. Hebrew meaning on the street and very nice. I thought I was very nice to that call I don't know moving forward means for a progressive she said did she say she's a progressive I think she did. What does that mean we're moving forward. And I asked I thought politely. She said I wouldn't understand. And I had to use the. Education color didn't work. Wasn't impressed. All right I'll be right back it's. Like trivia. What British style shirts that I've been reading about all year and a fact more than. You know this one I want him on TV in the meetings and social events. They're literally my favorite dress in business casual shirts. Effusive CT shirts here right. 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Kids are looking for presents. For dad's birthday or whatever. And of course you man out there. This is a great share. And this is a great deal. And it's free delivery any six month quality guarantee and free returns. 60% off. Three shares for 99 bucks and they are great shares. You won't find trips like this anywhere else seriously. Check it out. That's CT shirts dot com slash L dvi and look them. David Detroit Michigan Sirius satellite go. Omar okay thank you. I don't perhaps it fortune appended a dreamer saying I wanna. Just give up progressive a little what -- why we talk about the past is because the past built everything up to where we're at now at the nation. Not. Exactly right. That's how we I don't even understand the point I know I spent a whole hour hour and a half on this. And why should we look at the past there's a lot of great things in the past that we should hold on to and a lot of things in the past that we should reject. I'm Kristi. Why oh why don't we Revere our parents. What are we Revere grandparents why do we Revere our ancestry because we learn things from these beat. You they go right ahead and love them. Right at this aren't the dreamers thing goes. I drive a truck for a live and that's the everyday. I'm lucid dreamers all over the place. There everywhere. Everybody would I would have Virginia would effort to mark from you know where Dennis. My wife works in Woodbridge. You've got and it thirteen people working at her office unbelievable. It is unbelievable why are we why don't we have this don't they have a constitution. Now we. Actually in many respects as I point out eliminate post constitutional period and this is part of the problem. Where we have. It's cities and states that nullified immigration laws and the left. Encourages that we have federal judges and encourage it. So we call them Sanctuary Cities but these are really confederacy east if you. San Francisco's and a Sanctuary City it's a confederate. And that goes for all these other cities we allow them to use language that Cheney coats they're roguish behavior and the lawlessness. And I'm not buying an ideal moment. I'm in here and trump last night president trump what you said. The Americans are dreamers. That hit home with. I'm a dreamer I have been since I was three apple would want to drive a truck. Yeah like kids my kids are dreamers glance or skip surgery immersed surgery immerse themselves. It's a point in the makings for years you're quite right are we added into that conversation. Why we have The Beatles ones to give up everything to bring other people and it should even be here anyway they. But because their future Democrats that's why. If they're here make him get on the back to bust. You know we get carried away with here. But your phraseology if that would be provocative. Clip which is saying is get in line with everybody else. Of course you're right but you know the president says he wants one point eight million us citizens now which I I absolutely reject. Hi my friend. Thank you for your car excellent called. Terry said Newton. New Jersey the great WABC go ahead. I'm mark I just want to call late you know the impact that your book America OP has had on my. High school daughter. I home school her she interior. In grade school and I have her lead America PS2. Cover decrease some appeal of the green acres. Firm but because of that book he has now been able to synthesize. The study of history with the study of Nader thought. Well thank you thank you I'd much appreciate that wonderful I might ask your daughter. I mark the the millionaire I number 87738138118773813811. Thank you for the president's. Finished his fabulous speech in fact. I posted on FaceBook and Twitter. But I thought it was an outstanding speech despite some of my disagreements with a couple of his issues big issues but still. Still fabulous speech. I also said that the Democrats looked completely out of touch in the media. We're obliterated. The what do I mean by that. The media have attempted to paint this president I just listen to our network known as I don't know if you all get it out they're going on about this point star and wish he paid and if she was hated to violate the elections that. He reporting in this country's tawdry. It is ideological. It is unethical it is unprofessional. And when you consider we have freedom of the press in our First Amendment to the constitution our bill of rights. The people who are currently sitting in these positions of public trust. Are destroying the First Amendment they're destroying that part of the First Amendment. That protects. Press freedom. They are abusing it. You're abusing. Platforms at thereon. I mean they're free to do it is I think we can do about it and I think the government should do about it but they're losing losing viewers and losing listeners. Because you are not covered by the First Amendment you are free to turn them off. And that's how you. But it's gotten so completely out of hand in the one thing the trump presidency first the trump candidacy but now the trump presidency has done. As expose them. Because they cannot control themselves. When they talk about trumping deranged it is they who are being deranged. But they talk about Trump's unethical behavior it is very unethical behavior. They see so much. In the deceit and propaganda that they. Seek a project on trump in themselves. There are also Democrats. Who are actually elected. Rather than serving his pretend journalists and post. Who are as low as soon as they get this this guy Joseph Crowley he's a big dumb. Guy. And he's also a member of the House of Representatives of big dumb guys need representation too apparent. If anything Donald Trump said. During the State of the Union Address strikes you in the slightest way as a racist. Of course not. But listen this fool cuts exco. A the president failed as they once again show leadership or it isn't. For our great nation. And when too many Americans are struggling economically. These are real a real leader before the vision for a future for the capacity please I know you're all saying. About the unemployment rate particularly among African Americans and Hispanic citizens. And which also how he's trying to create a growth environment for our economy. And kill all these job killing regulation I know you're also. But this is a guy is completely out of touch it doesn't matter that. They're like zombies with their ideology their progressive ideology. Zombies who just say the same thing over and over again one big lie after another. Doesn't matter the circumstances doesn't matter what's happening in the kind of it doesn't they just say the same thing over and over again as an example go ahead. It was racist people about incumbents and immigrants to the complete lack of any mention. Any mention. In relation to securing our democracy. Problem the Russian government while this is fascinating to me does anybody remember. Obama in the face of the rations. Trying to. About anything no fact he what and it occurred on his watch and pit. For the Donnie journalists out there. The attempt by the Russians to interfere with our election which fail but yet that they interfere with our election was in fact. An event that it prayer. Good Democrat administration Obama. Any parent let Maine read the intelligence agencies had occurred when they read the Justice Department it occurred when they had the FBI. So they're Russian succeeded in interfering with a our election which is the argument. Then it's on Obama. Edits on Susan Rice and it's on the red lynch then it's on Jim Colby. And it's not a Brennan and clapper and all the rest of the. You pay down moron. And I said. No mention of Russian. Coming when the prior present United States gave his state of the union addresses. You mentioned Ben Ghazi. Eight eating mentioned. What occurred on his watch under his nose at the IRS data. Questioner that he mentioned any of those sick no. That the president didn't mention Russia. He raises demonizing comments on immigrants. Did I not hear the president of the United States which would have been against my advice recommending citizenship for one point eight million illegal aliens. That's that's racers feel. Does that sound racist neo. Go ahead. The speech wasn't new wasn't good that's and that's you big slob don't when he hear from Joseph Crowley. Now let's go to Kamal Harris not Kamal Harris who see wants to be president. And of course she's highly qualified to be president now I don't know she was attorney general California which is a one party state. Should cease qualified to be president. Cory Booker qualified to be president why I don't know. At that very very weak farm team and yet. Here they. And they drag out. Joseph Biden. And his dentures. Talking him up let's see 75 semi I don't I remember when Reagan ran when he was 69. Caddies to volleys so well he's a youngster compared to these people. Perry 74 years all. It doesn't look day over 73. John Kerry now he's thinking about running for president which country. Syria I don't know. Iraq. Surely not ours. These Kamal Harris. That's set to go. Had sent MS thirteen is an example of some of the worst of criminal gang behavior. To equate. It's dreamers stops autopsy take dream marriage. MS thirteen. Use the word dreamers at all times leaders engine. War. Your races bring an MS thirteen in the context the discussion about securing our border here racist. Throwing out Kamal Harris has said so. Joseph Crowley. He said so true. She got to learn how to speak the language. He got to learn. How to be a leftist. I had. It's completely irresponsible. And it was scapegoating and it was fear mongers hey Donnie I call you Donny I think I will call you Donny could you sound like a dummy. I don't care who you are Donnie. Did I not hear Donald Trump said he wants to give a pathway to citizenship to one point eight million dreamers using the language of the lack. Did he not yes he did. And yeah. They're saying that he demonizing all these dreamers by referring to MS thirteen. They are incoherent. They aired a footage and they are ignorant. These leftists including Kamal medically tomorrow. I had. And it was wrong it was wrong it was wrong technically in terms of the nature and character of these population cannot do it. Monotonous. Then there's somebody called sunny. Is that house that are Houston. We have no clue we don't watch the view that I watched that stupid show they got quite yet Donna what what's that he had been used to be on WABC. Chile de La Jolie gave relies on a joint day black and chino Tenet pitino had a schedule that they still. And then Whoopi Goldberg and how we got the name war before. What. You know Whoopi Goldberg said just a joke what the anyway sunny house than Houston g.s on the radio. Had eight. No I thought the speech was heavy device soon to know you did you really. You thought it was divisive. Shula knew ahead. But and parts it was very offensive but when you said Americans are dreamers you. I would say add that. Any offense that you seek is very offensive when you're you call Americans dream is still ladies and gentlemen what an Italian. In the first now you really got to go back and listen to him. These progressives wittingly and unwittingly. In many of them on win only but it doesn't matter why. They really do look at the world differently than you and America is a horrible horrible place. Except when you call them on it they can defend. All these immigrants and would be immigrants when it comes to this horrible horrible place that is divisive. Wanna make America why he can't. With this economic inequality. British social injustice. What is environmental excellence. There's this that the other thing yet. You must keep flooding across our border I'll never understand. They keep flooding across our border to come go to America that the Democrats described as the worst thing on the face they act now why is that. Because America. He's not as the Democrats describe it that's why. That's like I had. The stock bill has bipartisan support it has the support of America and where this president's conflict dreamers. That's let you wanna talk about complaining. Sunny Houston pounced on. You understand the difference between docket entry into NATO. Can play their dream as we gang members so this is the Mon trying to. So here's the president. Once that may. Not seven or 800000. Docket members. Legalized. He wants to make one point eight million including those stock remembers citizens. And this is evidence of him being a racist and anti Hispanic you see because he mentions MS thirteen for the purpose of securing our border. Let me tell you something sunny Houston house than many plays and become our Harris let me play something big done Joseph Crowley. What are your family members. Was brutally murdered by an MS thirteen gang member I don't think he'd be talk in this way. I don't think he'd be talking this way at all. In this I know as a matter of fact and logic was Kamal Harris let's say as he manner. Technically I know for a fact. If MS thirteen gang members weren't here a number of people wouldn't be killed and raped and otherwise maimed. That we know for a fact. And you see she's qualified to be the next president United States. Yeah when I love being here tomorrow. Thursday the woman he hears the day after. Friday will be back Monday. Well Sunday is an important day. Right throughout the country it's an important days in effect throughout the world it's important. That this and they will be particularly interest and I think. Once again the Philadelphia Eagles are the underdog. The New England Patriots are supposed to win and a walk. While I'm curious to know what you think all market taken a turn on us yes I am. Yes we can. So Mr. Big is there mr. call screener I want to thank all the wonderful people who are waiting. And I have a question for you out there let them nights. What do you think it met this game. I'm no Stephen A Smith. But here we are. The patriots play the Eagles. It's the patriots and Eagles how many points. You're better. Married and had to clear the board then just call screener hello hello hello. I think in any calls it you know. Now what do I think. Well I think the Eagles aren't they under go. And clearly the Annika. If they can do one thing and do it well. They can win the game. One thing you do it well they could win again. And that is get the Tom Brady that's been shown in the past get that Tom Brady. And then the Patriots offense obviously breaks down. That you got to assume Belichick knows that's what they're gonna do with cops on the other then trying get that Tom Brady. If they blitz a lot. You know he's gonna have a few targets have there are few out these from the throat. Notice that 9:9 AM. Well. Noticed that I believe ladies out there as well as men out there might be interest. I'm a Renaissance man this is what I do not really. Now what's interesting also is the Philadelphia Eagles got to this point even though there. Superstar quarterback Curtis knee. Several games. And he put it it is what if the Eagles who beat the Minnesota Vikings vikings. Show up on Sunday I think they're gonna win. But it hits the Eagles who had a few room. Ugly games. Well then they're gonna lose. But if they're on their game they can win if they get the Brady they can win. Even at the watch those receivers and watch the backs coming out. But so we'll see what happens and by the way the Washington Redskins I wanna congratulate. You know one congratulating them mr. producer. They got a new quarterback you know that they got. But cousins is there existing quota that. They got Smith. From Kansas up from Kansas City. Now they're talent is fairly equal Smith has a better runner but here's the problem cousins. One at like thirty million dollars he would be way overpaid. Be pushed them closer to the salary cap in unique and bill what's called a team. It's not like cousins carries this team into the playoffs and even better it is typically isn't carried him anyway. And I am also a Redskins fan. Voting ends here somewhere Redskins fan. One of the reasons is high like the way the owner sticks to his guns with the name of the Redskins. But I like the owner till I believe he's one of us. The stances to map that says. He wants to win in and only he went because. About seven or not we'll look at all the injuries the Redskins head while a lot of teams have a lot of entries including the eagle. Point oh listen music you know and I'm I'm I'm definitely gonna got a piece I got it. I got it. I won't be back till Monday December as both sides say this is what I used to do for the next thirty minute. I'm right back. Mark love Jen. How America's passionately. Cerebral voice. Talk quite sad voice now at 8773813811. While the and a. The cost greens filling a very very quickly. On this topic let me just say this by the way. Very quickly. The FBI is expressing grave concerns. About the release of the fight so abuse memo in the face of these women of the House Intelligence Committee Republicans that is the committee the majority. Because they're concerned about its actress. And now some of the intelligence. Organizations are to release. This is being released. Because of the FBI because of the intelligence agencies because. How will you ever ever inform the American people about what took place here and you know what the objections. Are so over the top. The one hand they tell us there's nothing here don't believe it's talking points on the other hand. Lookout desperately. As areas of our government don't wanna released release will be just fine. Just fine. I don't believe a majority the Republicans all the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee would vote to release a moment and endangers America. That much monopoly and I'll take another point everything we know now about what took place at the FBI. The senior levels of the FBI. Is no thanks to the FBI. No thanks to most of the media. It's like pulling teeth. And I think in Iraq themselves and patriotism wrapped themselves and national security when they're leaking like a sit well there when they obstructed. Undermining Hillary Clinton investigation when they unleashed a bogus investigation against the sitting president and I really stood MM up. Besides we're told it doesn't have any meaning and it's partisan so what are they care. Which is it classified and damning. Or irrelevant and partisan anyway. When it type had a great group. PM capitol. Did you know that in 1925 an ounce of gold was worth twenty bucks he would buy two suits and a shirt. While times have changed since then we no longer carry it gold coin in our pocket is money. The government made a sea change that a long time ago for a twenty dollar dollar and if he had that kind. You know it's worth more than twenty threat. Of course she did that's why. You would not use it as money for another reason PM capital is in the wealth preservation business. Keeping your buying power is they're goal now investors know that it's not what you have it's what you keep. Today if I wanna buy two seats in a shared and used a twenty dollar bill. Now. I read that twenty dollar bill they would have received Bridget gold coin it might buy a pair of socks. I had my one ounce gold coin that would still be if they each still be able to buy two suits finisher. That's called preserving your buying power. 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When one goes up one typically goes down and selfless now. Wanna protect itself from the wise about it and this is certainly one of the ways to do it in paean capital is an outstanding organization my buddy Scott Carter is one of the principles there. Let's take some calls Shelley sweet cat Tony Gainesville Florida the great WSK why don't. I caught the right about that patriot came in the eagle. Okay here's how they could patriot what are a couple of reasons kind of not a bookie now just tell us why. Well because he had telecheck and that. Brady. This didn't hear her stroke your tenure so they paid quite well together and the most important thing is I cut since the great wide risk here on that team. Utah's. Who did you say I couldn't hear you. OK let's try to get you you look cousins who's on the team. And I can't hair weave it but when your phone has it jumped up when I would have an interest is that what he said rich. I think his cousin is one of the great wide receivers. While it's nice you know to partisan by you might be right. You might be one you might be absolutely right. I couldn't tell you what a great honor did that Bonny did you speak my hero the great one mark good thing. Thank you so. You're welcome your group when they want when they knew I would in the Bedard didn't count but did not only is up but think about you have to thank. So long in this 17 point court I'm hoping and they got about Yani has been saying that again I think they got to cover Robbie route he. Yes and I think he'll be there no question about that the study covered. Very very important to died and at least they're told Dow Malcolm Jenkins did Miller. Like I don't know who can put them out. Well they better get the Brady that's my strategy in and our guys do up with that that if he had had to do without giving up long passes to. Yes why your whole hard and I didn't want to be on your number one fan. I love you are leaving that mark I want you had told them everything you won't. Well you're very kind calling from the capital Pennsylvania capitalists. Got material. Jim Orange, California. 8:7 AM the answer our great affiliate don't. First time caller mark I love you you're doing great I want to know I've been a diehard Eagles fan since 1960 post tenure all. I'll know more spread out. And I children Eagles who root for and they didn't win that's. Oh let me know waiting for a mantra all. Years and 68 right now there are other islands street and the only street I yeah I knew I didn't find out something called your little listening. Because well I'm American patriot I'm seriously and American patriot bench. Dennis Prager and had a call from a Philadelphia Eagles fan who says that these there's four or five players that's now. The other piece flag it and these National Anthem there aren't that that deal. Very little left gushed I'm yeah laughter now you I don't know about the patriots. But because this just made sure I guess the symbol of America. The eagle. And I I. I'm I'm. You know there's a lot of ways you can look at this for instance Massachusetts sends one left wing Kook after another. Boston is a left Twin Cities not everyone in Boston like our listeners I'm not saying if you understand its majority left point and the conservatives in Boston we'll tell you that. So there's different ways to look at but I will tell you this I despise the owner of the Eagles and I despise all the all the need drop purse whomever they yet play for including it within the Eagles organization the trust and a lot of patriotic men in the Eagles on the eagles' field as well. I'm gladiator and including some who served. Hi my friend we salute you thank you. Let's stick to the pact. Thanks think the patriots are gonna win why you think the evils are gonna win why I'm curious Susan Brooklyn New York the great WABC got. Maybe. I think. I'm a big concept. Prepared mad at the end you know that lack an opportunity neat when you know and and it didn't etc. I think what the patriots. I'm all for the underdog and I would like to see either team who played in the last. I have a feeling that and why didn't come gradient who'd. The patriots they are so prepared. He can that there is ready for everything now. That's correct and they doable you winning at the end of the game don't think. Armor or even sometimes when they shouldn't hold. I suspect I. I suspect the city's. That the teams that have lost. The patriots the cities they represent most of them will probably be rooting for the underdog the Eagles but I could be wrong. For some reason the Eagles are hated for some reason many parts of the country Philadelphia's hate it. All right my friend thank your for your call and I don't know why Boston we'll be loved perfectly honest with Glenn. Fort Rucker Alabama mark within that government Edson. Served by I am going for the New England Patriots some innocent and it's a but tell that the why not taking a poll. He is superior coaching staff they're going to be healthy gras gras will be back. Brady has been there so many guys Illinois. Let me ask you about the superior coaching staff. The eagles' coaching staff has been there for two years. That's a pretty strong coaching staff coaches thank. Two years and they're in the Super Bowl. EO Ian no doubt that then you look at patriots have continuity bowl but this you know obviously the bella check now that paint that they think it's Tom Brady lesbians. But I I raise cotton. And Eric Brock and end all and they go out and about what if they NF Tom Brady totally different team with. But that's correct they get every every other player you mention. And they still they still wouldn't be I don't think they wouldn't be patriots not yet Philadelphia doesn't have a Wentz and they are how to explain it. Well there over the weeks that the whole there was not a strong in either conference there wasn't a strong dominant team. And and they play BAA week. Minnesota team that's what they are chipping well I think played a week to Minnesota team. Absolutely Minnesota did just crash and burn them. But they did crash in turn on and they were defeated. Paso. Area that was a strong Minnesota team that walked into that stadium. They ran an eight when you heard all these sportscasters say yes and no way over and over and over again they predicted this would be a blow. I. All right thanks for vehicle. Don and kongers knew the Arctic great WABC go. Follow markets great talked tear. I am for the patriots and the only reason being it's purely self treatment course. They in New York Giants and if the patriots win. They will be the only they would will have been the only team to have beaten the patriots in the Brady Belichick era. No matter. I miss that you for the Eagles or the patriots. Or patriot. And you said if what happens. If the pay if if if the patriots to win Larry. They will be that means. The giants who have been the only team to have beaten the comparing notes Gmail account. Tom and I don't parallel giant record this year as we get to England when he gives egg exactly but still you know what. Eight and then also they get being ready. You know I I I despite the eagle. Rocco let's appoint. I Don appreciate because there kinda. John Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the great WA TP go. Mark I'm so glad you took my call I'm glad that I got from the RK two Eagles on the play a lot of gonna win. Is because he has just given up seventeen points in the last two games. Ten points to that this technique and a C championship. Team and admin points to them so the vikings who who who wore number two seed. And then the number one defense in the this is the number one defense in the league they did they had been number one these mentally and we put up 38 points on the most all right my friend thank you. You know mr. because I think the problem is us not to callers they're all starting to sound like staccato here. To send. Carl Victorville California serious satellite by the way. I don't anyone's enjoying this I'm having a blast. Go ahead. Eagle but I think the patriots OM. I think there at the Eagles channeling that they come. They're coaching staff doesn't make our budget dumb mistakes have been a big game. So you think it'll come again is that to five minutes left to settle in the fourth quarter. Yeah I'm I mean Seattle should've won the Super Bowl but coach got stupid and then last year. Not soccer and sent a ball on the twenty yard line we all had domestic programs that they. Kasten and not knowing enough small back and tied game they really were stupid and editors and are not the NFL on I don't know yet I'm not. Out of falcons fan and I watched that game in my I was almost nauseous when McCain was. Yeah right and it's not that and I hate the patriots I don't it's that's that. They're they're the lead was so massively and you're watching this this happened and at the end to such a stupid call you're exactly right. The Seattle call as it was the dumbest call of the century. Tell ya the duke player trade and you win the Super Bowl. But they did win the data did unarmed army. I don't know I think I think there are talking about watch patron so many house so. You think anybody who watched this Super Bowl game outside of Boston Philadelphia. I'm sure they're removed a lot of people out like just watch or certificate proper parent. I'd. Six my friend we'll be right back it's. 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And got locked up I wonder how low your first trio never a big supporter of the police. Awful idea budget is clouded in the military you all would be a YPD and you're a unity of city and they love you. Thank you it's my deepest honor truly yes. Okay. Kamal I believe it'll be the Eagles wide they have a hunger to win they've never won a Super Bowl. Edit a good for the patriots very heavily. Then. They're pretty bad you have to admit their defense is better than the patriotism and. Yeah because they don't have good debt owed to look at the way it was almost like a big big guy daylight I think. They're big guys they're they're veterans and their damn good no question about it. Thank you Larry and thanks all the cops and firefighters. I really do appreciate we salute our armed forces police officers. Firefighters and emergency personnel now look I will be back home on namely to great hosts filling in Thursday and Friday I hope you'll stay with us. And I'll see them by the way can I say this deli dolls.

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