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1/30/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 31, 2018|

There has been an outright charge by the media that President Trump fired or forced the firing of Andrew McCabe to create an image that Trump was obstructing justice. Legally and constitutionally, Trump has every right to fire who he wants though it would not go over well publicly. Trump was right ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it comes to a brick and hello everybody mark of any air our number 877381. 3811877381. Create one month that two big stories tonight. Upcoming president's State of the Union Address. End. Trouble more trouble. At the senior levels of the FBI now ladies and general talk a little bit about the president's State of the Union Address but here's the deal. It's starts in less than three hours. I don't understand these programs that I'm not trying to be critical. The go on and on their hated five talking points about what the president's gonna say and then we talk about the fools the clowns that are going to be in the audience and create a spectacle. And this is discussed all day long me ask you question do you remember the last State of the Union Address. You never Barack Obama's last State of the Union Address do you remember when he said course you know who helped us. But the one before that of the one before that of the one before that only one I remember. Is when congressman Joseph Wilson. Confronted Obama incorrectly told him you lie. On the immigration issue. And the only one I remember before that is when President Reagan took a whole stack of appropriations. Conan omnibus bill and drop it. On the podium to show how these omnibus bills are. Unknowable unreadable and preposterous as he was attacking congress for its budget practice. I don't remember much more bad state of the union object I certainly don't remember. What all the people on TV and radio were saying about them before the State of the Union Address. Both talk a little bit about it there's two issues. That are coming up. That talk show host on TV radio very very excited about because it's gonna show trump as a uniter and it's gonna show the American people. Then he's not deranged and Bob Bob Bob in other words. The the and the analysis goes it is gonna break out of the box at the liberals have built for. And housing and do that he's gonna support a one point five trillion dollar infrastructure program. And he's already proposed eleven million illegal aliens and amnesty. Now they're never gonna put it that way but that's exactly what it is Mitch McConnell is very excited today he said Lou. Says this is a good beginning Lou Locke is a radical left wing group. Eight radical left wing group they say it's a good beginning and Mitch McConnell very excited about that CC relaxed dark. Right down the cracker. And one point five trillion dollars in gonna put this in perspective for a little later in the program one point five trillion dollars folks. And you're gonna. Be told that don't worry it's gonna be a public private partnership had there we only put it 200 billion may put in this. Me tell you something we don't have any money. In less than fifteen years the Social Security trust fund that hasn't already gone broke this ability has is gone. And Medicare is too. We were over twenty trillion dollars. In fiscal operating debt over 200 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities and we conservatives. We we can't they I mean this is fundamental to who we are what we believe for generations to come. This is fundamental to the idea. A limited constitutional government and fiscal responsibility if we're not fiscally responsible. We don't believe the government's too big and what do we stand for absolutely nothing. So Canada that a little bit more to Hawaii knowing on supposed to be clapping clapping clapping and let me tell you something to be very excited about the president. Giving his speech I wanted to be very successful. And I and one the American people a lot let. Like I've told you before hasn't yet been going all of a sudden surrender views I've held for fifty years that's not gonna happen yes as a teen. Because what's right is right what's wrong is wrong no matter who says. And the president has an excellent story to tell them. Excellent. When it comes to the courts when it comes to regulations when it comes to know Aaron. Farm policy. He is an excellent message to the American people do which is. I'm trying to build the military back up to do it China and Russia but the Democrats are blocking it. They think we need more money for food stamps one dollar for food stamps one dollar for the Marines. This really a lot that the president has done and tried to do. That he should underscore because the American people aren't otherwise going to hear about it. They're not always gonna hear that. But look at all in that. Little bit later. There is big big news. With respect to the deputy director of the FBI position. And the late mr. McKay who was forced to resign. And if you look at the reporting yesterday. Over and over and over again from. To NPR. Today near times the Washington Post or CNN MSNBC CBS AB CNBC. All of. If you looked at it. The innuendo the insinuation of not the outright charge. Was that the president of the United States. Fired or forced the firing of Andrew McCain. Because they want to build into this. National psyche obstruction of justice. Think that the president had nothing to do it would've been OK if he did. Constitutionally. Politically you would have gotten whacked no question in my mind about that. The legally constitutionally of course has every right to hire any subordinate that he wants. But there is great breaking news we're gonna start with a Washington compost even though it twists and turns and tries to position. The justice to but this is important. I know. But it is. The Justice Department's inspector general. Has been focused for months. On why Andrew McCain as the number two official at the FBI. Appeared not to act for about three weeks. And a request to examine a batch of Hillary Clinton related emails found in the latter stages of the 2016 election campaign. According to people familiar with the matter so what's happening now. Is that McCain even called me and all these people leak leak leak to the media today's count are leaking going. Some people are saying. This disinformation and misinformation being pushed up by McCain and his allies. I Communist allies being regurgitate about a likes adjust our borrow and Don lemon and grinds out there. And Wolf Blitzer and all the rest of them needs to be countered. The inspector general Michael Horowitz has been asking witnesses. White FBI leadership seemed unwilling to move forward on the examination of email house. Found on a laptop. A former congressman Anthony Weiner. And told late October. About three weeks after first being alerted to the issue. According to these people who spoke limitation act anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter. Key question of the internal investigation. Is whether McCain or anyone else at the FBI wanted to avoid taking action on a laptop findings until after the November 8 election. These people said. It's unclear whether the inspector general has reached any conclusions on that point. But it's clear that the FBI director and us. In major line of inquiry for the inspector general has been trying to determine who at the FBI. And the Justice Department. Know about the Clinton emails on the way to a laptop and when they learned about them became busy central figure in those inquiries these people sent. Now let's stop right there. So in other words Donald Trump is right about this guy from day one Donald Trump was right about this guy being a liberal Democrat partisan from day one. Donald Trump was white right to tweet about this guy over and over again as he debt. The media didn't care the media attacks not. Because that is what the phony media do in this country. The FBI declined to comment as did a spokesman for the inspector general on attorney from McCain did not respond to requests for comment. Agent McCabe. Let's face repeated criticism from president trump is stepping down as deputy director of the FBI and will formally retired in March. On Monday McCain relaxed the FBI following a meeting with the FBI director Christopher Wray. In which they discuss the inspector general's investigation according to people familiar with the matter. Inspector general Horwitz announced in January 2017. A year ago. But he was examining the Justice Department's handling of the Clinton investigation. His report is expected in the spring. The matter of the wing you know laptop female house has been debated publicly for more than a year in part because. Many Clinton supporters say the FBI until the 2016 race to adopt trapped when an all out announced in late October. That it was reopening its probe and Clinton's use of a private email server or when she served as secretary of state now we know wide. Think it through. Now we know why. You see because ladies and gentlemen. They chose to sit on these emails are right before the election the week before the election. And so obviously there was pressure that built. Trick pony and McCain. To look at. Is he a real serious honorable professionals at the FBI. Not like Tony in the cage. And those out and those dregs. And so the pressure was on and so coming head to announce flatly got Lori and I don't look at real fast thriller everywhere else next. Rather than three weeks before. Key parts of what went into that decision to remain murky. Entering major focus of the inspector general's probe according to people familiar with the matter. In late September 2016 FBI agents in New York we're investigating Wiener for possible Internet crimes involving teenage hero. In the course of that probe they discover that his laptop contained thousands of work emails belonging to winners and wife. Oh Matt Abbott it. Abbott there was a longtime aide to Clinton and agents wanted to know. But it email us questions may shed light on the Clinton investigation. Which have been closed in July without any charges and of course. We know I was close to July. Because that was obstruction and it coverup. We've been through that many times and tonight's at another time to repeat it. But you can see the consistent behavior that pattern. Of cover up an obstruction on behalf of the Clinton Campaign and we know that come easily can we know that McCain is a leak or thanks to Howard Kurtz is book. We know that strokes a leader. We know that his job front pages a leaker. We know there's leaking coming out Ramallah as camp and this is why most of the media most of the time protecting their sources. Do happen to be senior level. FBI and Department of Justice officials. New York FBI office alerted FBI headquarters to the new email issue within days. Accounts differ as to when precisely but McCabe was aware of the matter by late September or early October at the latest. According to people familiar with the matter. The agents on the Weiner case wanted to talk to the Palestinian out that. That's the wanted to talk to the Clinton team now investigators and see whether the messages were potentially important some people familiar with the matter said officials had FBI headquarters. S and Iraqi agents to analyze it in house metadata. The sender or recipient and times of the messages. To see whether they seemed relevant to the close pro. Became was involved in those discussions. But there are differing accounts about how much then FBI director James combing understood about the matter in the early days of October of don't hand me that crap we been told how. Brilliant James coney is how experienced he is former US attorney deputy attorney general. All of this guy was swell this guy come it was really on the bop. An attorney for calling would not immediately be reached for comment. Some people involved at that time sitcom he learned to the issue around the same time as McCain. This content coming did not know about it until weeks later senior Justice Department officials according to several people tonight with the issue. We're not notified until mid October. But for a period of at least three weeks. According to people involved at the time nothing much happened in other words ladies and gentlemen McCain sent. And I would argue commonly sent. That's friend that you won't affect the outcome of the election what happened was pressured though from the bottom up. Real investigators. The real gun issues as we used to cause they were as saying what's going on what's gone on why they sitting on let's get that about a list. McCain's defenders in law enforcement say there was nothing nefarious going on officials were pursuing a careful process. And determine what are the emails might be relevant. And that took time I don't law enforcement officials however and said they're concerned that the issue seemed to die for a period of time. At caves desk. Without explanation. And on October 24 2016. Shortly before the election on Wall Street Journal reported that McCain's wife. Had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. From a close ally of Clinton than Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe AKA. The Clinton back man. Their donations were from McCain's wife's unsuccessful run as Democrat. For the incident to Virginia senate so hundreds of thousands of dollars fluent in McCain's wife's campaign. From a call off his organization. And this is what's a tropical. The doormat laptop issue that appeared to gain new attention inside the FBI and Justice Department adding meeting of senior officials of both agencies. Senior Justice Department official. George hospice. Asked about the status of the inquiry into 181000 winners laptop according to people familiar with the matter. At the same time the FBI was facing a new set of questions this kind of up in the caves were all and they stalled probe and the Clinton foundation. Based all probe into the Clinton foundation. Some in the FBI's Scott McCain deliberate he repeatedly moved hamstring that probe. And with suspicious of his motives for doing so according to people familiar with the matter. What do you think of this ladies and gentlemen. Truly it makes people. Which the government functions sober but. With a home run for his beautiful wife and I don't really think about the the momentum in my life ever spoken. It doesn't matter. The entire case against manner for it has been leaked. To the mean. Without his ability to reply. Same with winds same alone. When you have investigators. Or prosecutors. We're trying to destroy people. Through the media. Trying to affect politics through the media trying to change the outcome of an election. Through the me. And the media happily. Reporting what they say because the media agree with them and their politics and also the media want Pia. Some of the breaking stories that. McCabe who sat on emails from Romania Anthony Weiner emailed home he sat on the yet information for two months. With respect to let his memos and so forth he already cleared Hillary's. PS steel does CA was used in the polar heart you know one of the F Faisal warrants stroke and page through the key investigators. Hated trop a lot of Hillary for a constant leaguers I mean this is bad. Yeah radio's. Call and now. 77381. Of these 3811. Now. A mile track there among conservative and so the conservative media types at this moment that he really. They're not have been. Oversold it better really. And I have some new bombshells in there and seventy something and myself. Do they comprehend. What we already know. And with the New York Times reported yesterday in an attempt to protect their sources but expose them. What the Washington Post is reporting today how many more bombshells. What what do they expect. The confession. This is truly. Extraordinary. What's been taking place here. We're unraveling. One step at a time. An abuse of power the likes of which we haven't seen in our lifetime it. And we haven't even seen it all yet. We have really got to the highest levels Loretta lynch Eric Holder. Barack Obama. Susan Rice. Valerie Jarrett in my humble opinion all of them. This isn't the first time the deputy director of the FBI would have taken it upon himself. Just roll. An investigation. I don't care what inspector general concludes maybe they'll conclude that they can't conclude why they sat on it for three weeks into the conclude that. Mr. McCain had a good answer there is no good it. There was a recent book. Called leak why mark felt became deep throat mark felt was the deputy FBI director. When Nixon was president. And in the promotional material for the book. On Amazon it says. Through the shadowy persona of deep throat FBI official was the number two the deputy mark felt became as famous as the boarding gate scandal. His leaks helped uncover. Best known through Hal Holbrook portrayal in the film version of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein is All the President's Men. Felt was regarded for decades as a conscientious. And highly secretive whistle blower who shunned the limelight. Even after he finally revealed his identity 2005 questions about its true motivations persist. Is he was a serial leaker. Leaking into what what impressed me sad that they're great reporters. Not that they deserve a Pulitzer. The deputy director of the FBI. Who was the traffic cop and in many cases decision maker with the investigation of awarding it. Was leaking constantly endlessly relentlessly. To the Washington Post. Mocks hat and Max Holland is the author has found the missing piece of that deep throw puzzle. When that's been hidden in plain sight all along. And he reveals for the first time in Vito what truly motivated the FBI's number two executive. Become the most fabled secret source in American history. And in the process he directly challenges felt own explanations while also demolishing the legend fostered. By Woodward and Bernstein best selling account. Howling critiques all the theories of self motivation that have circulated over the years including notions that fell have been genuinely upset. I'm White House law breaking or tried to defend and insulate the FBI from the mansion nations of the president of that President Nixon in his Watergate henchmen. While acknowledging that Woodward finally disown the principal whistle blower image of Phelps in the secret man. Collins shows why that famed journalist latest explanations still fall short of the truth. Holland showcases the many twists and turns the felt story. That and how widely known. Revealing not a selfless official acting out of altruistic patriotism but rather a career bureaucrat would his own very private agenda. Drawing on hit and new interviews and oral history told in just released FBI Watergate files. Papers of the Watergate special prosecution force presidential tape recordings and Woodward or Bernstein Watergate related papers. He sheds important light on both Phelps. Motivations. The complex and often problematic relationship between the press. And government officials. To Washington Post when a Nixon out. Washington Post one of Nixon out. Felt was very upset you know why he thought was upset mr. producer. Because Nixon passed over him. And never made him director of the FBI. He was settling the score at. That's the bottom line so let's settling a score. He was furious. That Nixon didn't make him the director of the FBI. Woodward and Bernstein didn't give them. They're getting. Reams and reams of leaked information. And that the criminal investigation being conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the special prosecutor's office. I'm telling you this story and there are other examples of of misconduct at the highest levels of the FBI again not talking about. The army of men and women patriots and heroes award at the FBI. But it wouldn't be the first time it would be the last time. Mr. McCain held the same position as mr. felt the deputy director the FBI. Mr. McCain was a traffic cop in both the Hillary Clinton investigation police launched. Steel. Russia collusion investigate. The same Washington Post. They use the leaks from felt. To build up a ton enterprise to brand its own name. They hand out Pulitzer prizes. Has for the most part been covering up. For FBI officials just isn't near times. There is this insidious relationship between government officials and the media. If government officials. Are going to undermine the country. And advance the cause of the progressive movement. You know receive the opposite to me in a receipt leaks coming out of the FBI for example. At the highest levels against Barack Obama. Are Eric Holder. Are Barack Obama as light. Or Barack Obama's chief of staff. Or Barack Obama is vice president of Barack Obama's and a national security. You know receive leaks coming out against them in the in the media. Protecting. The lakers in those cases. So this is the mindset and I can understand why this mindset is poisonous and why this mindset. Was. Fairly widespread in the Obama administration. Because it also touched the highest levels of the intelligence finished. Do you think Michael Flynn whose name was leaked. And even in that instance. If in fact and it's likely they did. The senior level the FBI. Was aware. Flynn like him or not that's not the point. That Flynn. Had a conversation or conversations with the ambassador to Russia. That's likely. Was also the result of an FBI leak. Because if they should be a wiretap. Or at some form of surveillance of the Russian ambassador or others. Would have had to go through the FBI and the Justice Department. He doesn't have to necessarily be the fights a court because you don't have to use the fights a court money foreigner like the ambassador Russian. And then if Quinn's name is leaked. Either by somebody at the White House. Somebody one of the intelligence agencies or even likely now. Somebody at the FBI. Somebody via via. And the Democrats. Have gone full Soviet style. On us. Ironically while they attacked this Russia collusion stuff. Party first our first. Party first power for a the media in this country. Almost to a man and woman met the exclusively been almost. Are out there trying to destroy truck Nate perfect examples Andrea Mitchell on this story came out yesterday about. That McCain she tweets out there very quickly here re tweet somebody saying. If this isn't fair personal matter this could be a problem. In other words for trop. And the stories all last night all yesterday afternoon were about truck. The insinuation is that the political. Individuals that the Department of Justice. Or the FBI director himself got rid of McCain. On orders from trot that's what they were hoping for that's what they were praying for us that they can claiming an obstruction of justice that's not what. According to this story. Inspector general is investigating why McCain sat on those Anthony Weiner email house. Which are relevant. And because they are email sent. He received as a result of being married. Pat Abbott and and you know she received as a result of being the closest confident that Hillary Clinton had a that they never seen before. The question isn't the question from the field. The FBI field officials was why is McCain why is main justice sitting on this. So you see the argument that the liberals make him which is this is an attack on the FBI by right wing zealots. The attack on the FBI declared by mr. McCain to mr. McConnell mr. coming in their cronies. And it's an attack on the institution the FBI and the integrity the FBI by these men. Being defended. At the same left wing politicians. Who trash. Police officers and local police department. And give a damn about the not in the least. In order we're gonna talk about the state of the union that I mean my gut. State of the unions and about two hours. We'll talk about it but isn't that kind of talk about the state of the union after it actually carries I don't know maybe I'm missing something. OK okay I'm under ideal we'll talk about little bit don't get content more about it I'll be right back. I'll brag if the facts here I would. That when I was a talk radio this. I'm quite used to subsidize somebody who walked me through this doing Watergate. But that there was somebody after a voice out there. Who can unravel these kinds of things can begin to pull together the payers. Pieces of information and it basically because of my experience because of smarter than most people. In this is very very important. What's taking place. With a all the distractions of all the ceremonies Laura and I am just telling. And one also tell about my ID care you've heard of mount. All these cyber. Violations. By government and eighties by surrogate for governor amenities. By thugs. It's extremely sophisticated. Extremely sophisticated. She won trying fine. The best. Company. That can do the best job. To protect you. I've now found that company. I was looking. And I found that company. So I've transition to this company and I want to be aware that because now they're wonderful spot to. And their name mine I. And they've actually been around quite a long time. And they've been taking care fortune 500 companies for years and years. 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Let's get well. And a full board here. Gary asked Scottsdale Arizona serious. Like go. Landmark Ariel OK actually not a long time listener. Just as the human spirit seriously and sometimes I'll bet my I definitely enjoy your show. A new two year but anyway is that I'm calling because I definitely I've been a law enforcement for almost thirty years now. And just to see what's going on am and our government. You know it just. Oh levels were yet but I wish. Ohio our secretary stage. You know the previous administration and I'm just all of stuff that's happening. I mean how can one do not believe the surge at such a whole world. Don't want that one truck I mean I'm living it. I don't. He sets the rules and you look at this and Donald Trump. This front around the phrase obstruction of justice they start investigating collusion which isn't even a crime and never occurred. Now they're moving around trying to pick off associates say his with the most preposterous. Charges. Digging up dusting off old charges that were never brought that considered. Because manner afraid and his partner. Flynn with a false statements this other guy happened topless or whatever his name is for the false statement. I mean they got 1617. You know the shark tooth prosecutors there the vast majority of whom are hum. Are certifiable leftists. With that we'll patty agrees and include significant contributions to Obama and or Hillary presidential campaigns. I get this guy BK. His. His it is a pedigree is now being revealed and Donald Trump and others and I have been talking about it for sometime but he's under attack trying to. If you can't talk about the independents today FBI does it sound like an independent FBI use there. Our local matter at all. And does it sound like. The media really care if its independent or not. I don't think they fear and clearly its third of their power. And move you know it did it's just I'm. I don't wanna. Solid and we got to go but you know there's only one party trying to get to the bottom of this and only half of that party. And you can no thank. The House Intelligence Committee more than anything. And particularly DeVon newness thank you berries for your service we'll be right back. Stop the puck does suffer podcasts. This episode of noticing the fish is sponsored by a blue apron that's right. Do you cooking in the kid sitting getting food Olivia wanna get a Blu-ray Fred sent directly to you know that this is the name of the company even amusingly. They could at the foreign object though is we may print that one in America probably knows is that like the number one fresh ingredient or recipe delivery service in the whole of America. 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Went under the remarkable event here I number 87738138118773813811. Idiotic go to the one of the state of the union. One day and and usually although not this year and usually invited. But you know under the radio show. And you're gonna watch it as I am it's easier to watch it. Sitting in a home. In this state as being in. The meeting will be focusing a lot on the malcontents in the miscreants that will be calculating the Cali he had gallery. Brought in by the Democrats. Illegal immigrants. Among others. I don't know what else they're bringing him but it will be a real Star Wars scene that. The fact of the matter. They wanna create a spectacle the media will spend as much time reporting on the spectacle. And is it five or a 105. Phony State of the Union Address is that will be given by left wing Kooks all around the country. The disrespect at the office of the presidency. Receiving the disrespect that this presents are receiving is really unparalleled. And really the only way any Republican function properly. He is if people conduct themselves for the friction. And there are certain traditions and events that take place in this country where. You expect. People too I mean yeah I applaud you can sell their hands or whatever but to conduct yourself. As a mature adult. But that apparently too much anymore. The president has a lot of good stuff that he can sit in memories on the American people as well and he should lay out his record he should also lay out the problems he's been cut. With the Democrat. With the media. But he's really done amazing things when you look at license. We look at is his handling of North Korea in ways that past presidents have not in a refused and he's having to deal with a ran in the outrageous or Randy don't. The Democrats Eric in a perpetual hate mode for two reasons one trump is undoing. Obama is parity where. He's undoing Obama's disastrous destructive. Anti American policy. And number two he's advancing fairly conservative policies. They also hate the fact. That he will not allow the media. Which isn't a penny to the Democrat party and vice Versa. To interpret his agenda and interpret his statements for him he doesn't directly through Twitter. Also he doesn't suffer fools easily. And he doesn't like to be attacked so we attacks back. Point is that's like a normal person. But you know I didn't do that we've got never truckers who are very offended by this thing. He's got leftists. Their behavior is far worse but they're offended. That he's conducting himself this. And on and on and but there's a couple areas. As I understand the information being put up by the White House and its targets in the media. There's a couple areas that I find troubling. And they're hoping that the Democrats will rally and unite with them to advance these objectives and I heard Mitch McConnell is very excited about both of. There. Arafat who aren't around that whoever is that they know what I'm black hawk for someone that there's several Arab and what are they gonna do. Liberal things. Big time liberal thing. And that's how the White House hopes to rally Democrats to a united cost. Number one massive amnesty for eleven million illegal aliens and that's the number. I had estimated twelve but it's 1112 million. He's not legalization for seven or 800000 doc out. It's not citizenship. From one point 89 and it is. The eleven million amnesty citizenship. That's a proposal but the market on an estate in exchange for the men chain migration knowing not. In exchange for getting it all the Mexicans gonna pay but no we're not. And the way out the president. So my colleagues think this is an actor genius because it exposes the Democrat doesn't expose them to anything this is their basis is what they want this is what they live for. Balkanization. Then against us turn up the base and midterm elections. And the way out trump on this so they get a Democrat president house and senate memo control everything and don't know what to do than unlike the Republicans. The second issue in which apparently the White House hopes to rally the nation and the Democrats to show paired. And root it out there I had my car doesn't have what we have Bob Potter isn't McConnell so excited about this. It is a massive. Infrastructure. Hallmark we need to grow some highways and that I said it is a massive. Infrastructure dot and ladies and gentlemen. If you really think about this the amount of money your community taxes you property taxes sales taxes income taxes whatever it is where every Eli. The idea that they started fixture roads and highways in your bridges. Vineyard tunnels but everything's gonna happen this money you know we used to have a highway trust fun let all that money. Here outside of. Of Washington DC. In the commonwealth of Virginia that can't even get that day and subway or run properly you know what they're doing. They're standing at my miles and miles and miles and the outer suburbs. It's not going to be 35 miles from Washington DC. You can't escape let. The silver linings I mean the red lines that the Blue Line a purple line that this line of that and I know that Ryan a solid black artists like. And that cautious through the ropes. And they don't. Just against a cause of fortune. So we're Naylor. To a couple things we know the massive federally controlled. Private public partnership see that now Daniel got a look it's a private public partnership private and in an inning and invest in this and. Private companies get rich investing with the federal government and these projects. There's always cost overruns. But what's gonna happen in many of these cases. And I gonna fix anything we can build new brand new so we can have local politicians cut ribbons and take credit man ran for a for state office. It is such a massive scam. And what about the debt. You think this is cost free. You must be living in Colorado smoking pot or Washington DC and smoke some pot isn't cost Greece never cost free. Don't believe this silliness anyway it's not cost free it cost us two dollars and a dollar. So here's Gary Conn on CNBC today. Cut sixteen doubt. We've got to do a bipartisan. Infrastructure bill in the senate we need sixty votes in the senate wow I can have a real problem spending money in the senate aren't they ladies and gentlemen. You've gotten almost all Republicans may be. Ten of them won't go five of won't go twelve of them won't go and. Most of the data page spending. How much one point five trillion dollars just like Obama's face less. Why they're gonna have a helmet time get it. Getting bipartisan support for massive spending ever. It is Howard and bring the country together in the idea. That the Democrats are gonna wanna bring the country together. When they could pulling us apart when they them all organizing essence Obama when that has been their political agenda and strategy. The idea that's not pocket this one point five trillion good pocket the eleven million illegal aliens becoming citizens. And they got to go for impeachment if they when my house how many times I said it. And of course that happened defeat drop. Destroy him anyway I can't. Well we're gonna bring the country together if one party doesn't wanna be brought together we're not coming together. And so rather than talking about coming together we should be talking about how to defeat the how to stop them. Had a great competition. Competition. Internet network media and so forth how to bring more competition into the monopoly school systems. Have alternative. Movies alternative television shows. What we're getting out of Hollywood and so point. What we abandon these ideas these reforms. While we abandon them. There's nothing if you're dealing with a corrupt party the Democrat party and attract media would let me. You know we're all gonna come together or not. Start from the top mr. Vickers so this is Gary Conn. Well named mine that over at the White House senior economics of whatever the hell is Japanese cut sixteen go. We've got to do a bipartisan. Infrastructure bill in the senate we need sixty votes in the senate who were gonna. Have to create a compromise. There's people who wanna go on deficit spend the entire infrastructure in this people that don't wanna create any deficit to build our infrastructure. CNN says this is it now we pretend to be right there would pretend we take in the middle road. And people want to create the debt people don't want to spend an echo we're gonna take a moderate does that ring and have our public private partnership that coming up pay 200 billion. One point three trial court and that's a man we're gonna have the greatest subways highways. Tunnels. We've never seen it that's yes we have it's called the new deal. It's called the great society. We're still paying off the debt. Go ahead. Try to do is find a compromise in the middle was the president gonna talk about tonight's gonna talk right to keep principles and infrastructure. He can't talk about a trillion and a half dollars of investment but more importantly he's gonna talk about streamlining. The approval process on infrastructure should let alone now we have this infrastructure. Honest to produce and sure sure we're gonna talk about. Streamlining the process. Was home the bureaucracy. The state bureaucracy local bureaucracy federal bureaucracy we're gonna streamline the process. He really streamlined the process. He don't have a process you don't spend such an incredible amount of money. If I mean. Probably don't talk about what they're gonna do a social security and Medicare. And go ahead. This would take seven to ten years to build a relatively simple road. We need to streamline that to less than two years the president might even mentioned streamlining in the less than a year to get infrastructure approved. There is plenty of money in the system in the private sector in different bonds that we left in the tax code to finance infrastructure to allow. All right so this is like you're gonna get a bunch of mud against Willie Kent and bonds in the camp distraction week. When I get it from twelve to eight to seven the total one years of Mexicans are gonna play fayed I haven't seen anything at. Gold plated. All the tunnels will be fixed no more potholes bridges everywhere bridges are rainbow bridge it's going to be an like nothing I've ever seen and let's go to the outstanding. It's not. No it's not. I don't care pitch trump or Reagan or Calvin Coolidge though it's not. I mean folks we didn't just fall off the tuna boat. I don't know about you I've been living in this country my entire life there's nothing more wasteful than the federal government not think. 125 billion dollars a year in waste. In fort trillion dollar budget 125. Billion that we're gonna fix it now hot tea and get it perfect example of how they're not gonna fix. There's a long place called Davis bacon every and I won't. Most of you never heard of that before particularly if you're under the age of fifty. Davis bacon is a law that was put in place. At the demand of the unions. In so. The wage rate and the cost goes up. To produce these various infrastructure projects to fund. Moreover. If the present United States slaps the fiftieth. Tariff on foreign steel that comes in in this country. Because fifty parents aren't enough we need 51. To build a bridge. To build a tunnel to build a road that cost is going to go up. So I know not gonna streamlining because they're not addressing neither of them. They're not addressing either of those and then I'm going to address either. Because they want the Democrats to vote with us we want to be able to say see that. One point five trillion in infrastructure the cost of homelessness. And an extremist not my last lap like that rightly went right down the middle. A beautiful thing. And meanwhile the highway trust and has been robbed of all its money. All this money. Which is why they keep wanting to increase the federal. Excise taxes or taxes on the sale of fuel. I'll be right back. Go to show. Arlington. Connecticut. We calling us from got a great WABC. Listening. Yeah I guess they have this thing so ignorant people's republic of. Persecuted here. Taylor got caught looking infrastructure so I mean I'm in construction and what would they got you all over this because you know him to get some you know. Money talked my way it jumps just went way by. The way trumpets what about the isn't even Obama went about it that we won't ways it is everybody forgets that you're in Oshawa with each up more. That there were not just sitting on the porch plants here just waiting for birch north Britain for money I mean even before would be it an even before he's projects go. I don't know I want you slowdown and explain this to everybody go ahead. Sure but before party began to see a bridge that that's going over over the water before it even begins. There's imperfect but myriad stories it's gotta get there aren't they you know just studied it just beautiful. What's the best way to get the storm with all the army corps of engineer permits earlier army corps of engineer. Fumble pujols and things like that that alone could take years. Then there's of course the design of the breach which again could take years and cost you know beat Reggio cook just the design cost millions of dollars. I stay or in the agencies not gonna spend that money. Knowing that it's just had to sit on the shelf useless productive waste. There environmental issues there are private property issues where somebody can litigate and taken to court and fight over the price of the property or whether he could take their property and off. I mean there's a lot of issues I don't think it's they're gonna say could take one year two years that's and that's incredibly misleading. Although that is it is particular to your just to get there that's that's where I mean I won't give a project. You know from the time gets you know kind of conception to the public goes out to be a given at least five years at least speculative. When he got four months to get it damn small offense in my backyard for the HO later. If it's exactly. Hysterically. Yeah it's done everything a lot of things that go the go into this and what simply Munich for the most current trillion dollars would be would be released do what industry does want. We won't be any U 88 reliable stream of money maybe you know not just a. Other words they get I get that highway trust fun opt out and operating and stuff steal money from the. Exactly I mean that that's one of the things that it in my treatment could seem there always correlate it to the congress the president about his. Wonder how we trust fund and not just for the this year they point. Hundreds he'll let you know I I remember when they used to do these earmarks which the president now supports which is a disaster. All they'd have bike adds that anything related to any mobility whatsoever they would call a highway. Exactly it's it in and it's ridiculous you know it's not just on the federal appointment of your etiquette. Saying they did and I'm sure other people that's not such as you know theoretically our trust fund this growth because they profit for the journal on an. In the meantime what happened to the cigarette money member of that what ever happened. Coach it's your report. Go and they spent it it was gone in a year or two and it's gone saying damn thing's gonna happen with this. Jacob I mean excuse me Joseph actually call thank you sir we'll be back. I've made liberal plot holes. These are truck full of hot constitutional. Ass cold. Mark Gordon. Golan now ready 773813811. And I see who else is in here. And let us go take Kevin Green Bay, Wisconsin in the gray WT AQ go. It looked in there it is an honor to talk puke. Tobacco you know that idea. Don't voted we've covered Americanism. I can build constitute a date though I am favorite looking forward to reading that. Not. Electrocuted in his attitude that yeah great great now on. You weren't here he went whoa what I'm seeing on TV. Good Democratic Party has read the global five different. Responses. Coming. Tom. From president. What's it gonna go through all side we gonna need a mood. What what don't know about I'm not gonna go what are at stake. It is bold leadership on the democratic side they YY five. Why why didn't you know minority of the credit stand up and and give a response. But this five different people Smith their proposal leadership this dual leadership at all. I wish Schumer was giving the response not if he so hideous the American people as a collective will be throwing up on her sneakers. Probably good. So I my friend good call I appreciate the Kennedy. Let's see. And Los Angeles, California 8:7 AM the answer. Are you saying go right ahead. No I don't mr. Event but this it's such an honor to speak with you I agree with 99% of their own but you're saying but unfortunately in in regards to the infrastructure bill. I have to disagree with you we spend four point one trillion dollars from the Federal Reserve. Patent buying what was happening with the housing crisis. So much money trickle down the banks and their corporations. So they can finally. So they can become stable. And now. We have this should go over legislative policy and legislative policy has to include infrastructure. I understand in the past. People wasted money. They appropriated and and how the word. They get and you've got the Democrats come into that power and the B reverse everything well we need to trust Tom that you can be able to negotiate much. What are you are outside side size and I like trump but he's not god. And you may not know this the panel trump isn't actually negotiating a contract. They greet you and appropriation it goes through and and it's had a down containment. Now I yeah I. If you are happy and he had democratic governors and mayors Republican governors and mayors they're gonna make all these decisions. Well release many of them. Well that's part of it is speculative at this point because it's actually not stay. Let him that they asked for a list. Of infrastructure projects from the mayors from the stage lights the governor's. As well as federal infrastructure projects. And so it's not speculative actually you know the ones being speculative. We actually think Donald Trump is in pain and listen to me. That's how I know your colts. He just a cultists. Donald Trump's and chart I'm not worried about it. But that's not Republican government small. Here's where I disagree with them why here's what I like in the bill or here's what I think he get easier on pet. Let let me get I I agree with you let me ask you why don't. But let me go let me ask you one question is doing is it OK okay when the financial market crash. And the Federal Reserve stepped. Thanks for your car I don't know where he's gone the wrong show. They could crash in the Federal Reserve as mother and do the infrastructure. Passing. Let's continue. Let's go back to LA bill Los Angeles 87 EA and the antidote. Get more in marker content and marketing tool in Los Angeles did go to 100 year backlog. The sixty curbs in the streets in the city. Right now wait wait wait you think a big chunk of this money for California's unique to their backlog of Kurds and other crap. That the left is who thought up look at the overrun on their so called subway system it's out of control go ahead. Yeah it not to mention Jerry Brown's Choo Choo to nowhere. Maybe it's it's crazy. The country's filled with this stuff do you think we need one point five trillion dollars to fix our roads and bridges that's what they're gonna be telling you tonight. We needed to fix our roads and bridges. They're not spending this money to fix our roads and bridges they're spending this money to bid does that help one boondoggle after another. They've asked the stakes in the cities to come up with ideas they're pulling out their dust it off their biggest plants that they can come up with. How many times do we have to go through this. He is we've already paid their taxes these these roads and bridges should have been fixed a fixed. As we went along prevent everything that it should have been done with the character that we are already paid. And again the highway trust what you pay. A tax a sales tax. On every gallon of gasoline you use. Where is that money. It's gone it's gone around whole injury Bert reed California. Has the highest gas tax. In the country. And he's gonna funnel some word deed to his church in your little. More than that you know where the fiscal conservatives don't worry we're going down the men on their rapid and has spent as much as somewhat they've already got the propaganda figure that. One point five try and they're gonna put in 200 trillion at 200 billion in the private sector's been reported with a all the rest it and so whether it's on. First though that's not true that's not what's gonna happen. That's not what's gonna happen unless. If I think I can make a bigger bucks. Off of playing with the federal government. They're doing something in the private sector I'm going to do that but look at all the consequences of this let's say that's true yeah drain one point three trillion dollars in the private sector. To do this government initiative. And and for somebody said why it's okay trumps and tracked no truck is not in charge of this once the appropriation does still. He has nothing to do almost nothing to do with it. It's gone yes it's it's out there. And we'll do what they want with it and we've got a super majority in California. Democratic upper house slower route. The Republican Party is dead in California. Be it. Anymore I am. On the front mess over a hundred gear back we'll be right there's. Nineteen councilman in Los Angeles nineteen knuckle heads sit around a table. The only really asserted tricks and the sidewalks in the curbs. Is until the end of that eighty a lawsuit. This. Girls who works courts ordered them Linda exactly. All right my friend I appreciate it. 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Grant you that you come right now that yes this is that in just stick a question and I had I been thinking about. If it was true that they used to. An illegal information or an illegal document. To go to a fight to court judge. To get a warrant to buy and the trump campaign. And in the middle of that they brought in land. To testify or to interview. Can that be invalidated because the warrant was obtained illegally. And that the charges brought against him be thrown out. Think it could be. I think it's worth a shot. We just need all the information and his lawyers you know and finish and his lawyer should be demanding on the infinite promise he's already play. The entirely on false statement I. It is that if they report and ends I'm saying it may be too late. But I would have but I but I get your point I mean there's no reason his lawyers can't can't start. Filing is assuming Flynn is up to it has the money to do it and so forth. As they learn more more information racer Nash is the problem is when you plead your swearing under oath to certain facts. And certain behavior it's kind of hard to reverse that. But that said yes I mean I I would make a run at. Really I mean the only reason they were able to hear what he was behind bring Alicea ice and I would make a run. Well let me know and and you talk about the infrastructure I want to tether without my daughter and I am with the Baltimore she's been at least seven years. And we go down on to 95 at a New Jersey and then we got one to 95. They Canadian built in that damn stuff I was there for three years drab and up traffic for Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter. And I sat there effort to Oudin hours. I'm telling you it's been seven years because my senate hasn't lived there are seven year and we just went down that week and I said I can't believe. It's taking seven years to make a ramp I don't even know what they're doing I don't know. Why appeared to be making one damn rant. And it is outrageous spot right along their 29590. It is a disaster. And you're gonna see this all over the country when they start. Actually spending this money and they're gonna be looking for ways to spend this money you know what. I live. Not exclusively. And not continuously. But in and around the outer birds in Washington DC for decades. They never stop building they never stop saying they don't have enough roads they're not wide enough we need overpasses we need Bridget. It never ends it is a massive developers industry. And so we do have bridges setter decrepit we do have tunnels they need work let me tie yet. We got these these these think tanks and associations in and around the beltway. The civil engineers and the rest and keep putting out. We need to do this we need to do this all this is gonna happen now Armageddon is coming Armageddon stomach. They keep priming the pump and pumping the prime and this is where that comes from. Now I just don't understand it and even when he go over the Delaware memorial bridge. It's still constrained they don't have the cones up I have it is finished. Rally it's it's it's three lanes in each direction but one lane in each direction he's usually blocked which is your point. I write my friend thank you for your call while he didn't think I know yes I know. I'm right back. You drag your IRS tax problems and 2018. It's not if it's when they catch up with you know. With the number one tax resolution firm optimal tax relief. Standing between you and the IRS you can finally look forward to a fresh start. Not optimum knows that behind every tax from our good hard working Americans people's families homes savings and paychecks. People who need caring expert and I mean caring and experts. To stand between then and the IRS. That's how optima has resolved over half a billion dollars in tax debt for their clients. And not only that their eight plus rating with the better business PO. Stop living in fear that this is the day the error shows up at work or not so you don't. Garnish as your paycheck or freezes your bank accounts call optima to see if you qualify for the fresh start initiative. And iris program that just might solve your problems for good. Caught optima here's the toll free number 80499630804996300. That's 804996300. We know how away. There are many ways to watch and listen to the State of the Union Address about an hour. Well over at CR TD they have a wonderful wonderful. Panel. Would stand by on gene among others the show Moffitt. You can watch the state of the union effectively essentially with them. At this link and watch them comment afterwards it's going to be compelling substantive entertaining that's on their watch. So I think in a very very much enjoy it up with a link up on my social sites at the top of the hour Soviet does link open watcher. Let's go to father. Arsenio us in India in that country of India where in India are you father. I'm on the pollen and you know we're so modern data problem not do. All right how are you is there. I'm good. I wanted and they cuter in person. One what you know that I. Daly had Massa pray for you you're seeing your family and friends thank you continue your work. Unabated. An unabashed which is pretty different. Secondly I like to say that something you mentioned. A few days ago what really goes the harder the issue so. What do crazy wrapped up the Republican Party girl with the media. They're putting party before country. And so this situation horrendous aren't just a deliberation or debate of ideas. Which really in my opinion. Darkness against light for good against evil. And it's been certainly assume the pace. Even makes it exasperated more. And it just. Insidious to the highest degree. Oh really is it's a rock you know at the heart of the Republicans. Most of the great thinkers in American history that made the point that if America. Is to be destroyed it will be destroyed from within in this is a perfect example of of what they were talking about here we have me. And an idiot bureau that was created. It's not a constitutionally. Incorrect and created are granted that ended it. And all this talk about its independent independent independent I mean it's supposed to be independent from partisan politics but to say that the president can't fire people. Because. Of the fact the party some politics within the higher levels of the FBI. Is to turn it upside down and when you have one political party. Which is serving is a special leader. For rogue activities that's taking place in one of the most powerful communities we have in this country. And not only that has worked to unleash a special counsel. To try to drag down president when he's trying to do at North Korea in Iran and so many other problems. I mean it is absolutely tyrannical. In trying to go to work and democracy actually have the more direct order a particular area that is true only. Actually true. And so the only way to. Get treated me that that's the word that you can't debate you can't compromise it has to be defeated. And others who just every single aspect of what sought power of prayer. Needs to be employed. To put these people down in fact prove beyond the prayer I say this is at the masters to bring them low. In. Both father I hope you'll keep in touch I wanna thank you again for listening in and calling ending god bless you sick. We'll be right back. Stopped the puck passed up up all of us everyone we just literally know this week's podcast is brought you by. Let's hope it's that is correct this list is essentially a library for clothes. So at what it does this evening as subscription fee which is it starts as low as 59 dollars a month. 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And they have a whole range of design that brown and so as a way to unite says resign as close their brands like Rebecca Ming golf BC BG Max answered I mean I don't know what these things but they sound great I seem to let Nike athletic talent yeah I've heard of ninety say it has a big on. And also it if you and the primary colored fish at the check out you'll get 50%. Off you'll fast month. To not live tell it dot com and the pregnant could finish a check out and re found fuel bulletin did cool. I'll with a podcast. Hello everybody mark living here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. Well ladies and gentlemen. Don't be upset over me. Don't be upset to me than a week or ten days from now the speech will not have mattered and I'll tell you why not because of the president not because of the Republicans. But because the Democrats in the media they've shown no inclination to work with us and an evolution and every inclination want to. Rick is harder. And that's what they're gonna continue to dip. And so. He can offer trillions of dollars in new spending he can offer multi millions of new us citizens out of illegal aliens. He apparently. Desperately wants to try and change the narrative. The compounds in the year Iraq had sat there will tell you that that's exactly what he's done and when I'm telling you is he can't do with them. It's not gonna work. Not because of him because of them. Folks. They want him to go to prison they want his sons to go to prison. And while erratic they love for his daughter and his wife to go to prison. If they can't get in the prison they would love to remove him. Based on their claims. Mental the arrangement. That they can't get a momentum of the arrangement. They would just flat out like to impeach him if they can take the House of Representatives. They've got a special counsel going to have an impeachment plan going that we talked about. They've they they're stupid they look in the 25 amendment which is harder but just looking at it may talk about it. And from their position and what you think this through. They figure one point five trillion by the way what a one trillion. You know one trillion dollar infrastructure. Plan generally speaking broadly speaking now it's one point five trying to sort all grew by half a trillion dollars. I'm sorry folks I can't sit idly by and smile at that stuff. If Obama did it we all be dead. If Obama talked about eleven million new. Citizens. Made from a pool of illegal immigrants we'd all be flying off the ropes let's admit it. This is a great strategy no it's not because it's not gonna matter they're gonna kill whatever he wants to do double down whatever he wants war. What he's put on the table and still up stab him in the back. English you believe the Democrats are rational and if you believe the media will reverse course. And if you believe MSNBC will get a whole new lineup of hosts. And Seattle got a note a photo lineup of hosts. Nothing's gonna change. You heard what Nancy Pelosi sat. Her racist comments. You know what Chuck Schumer edgy just snake in the grass. It is really amazes me. The lack of comprehension by people who have microphones and cameras when it comes to this stuff. The Democrats are not out to the governor. The Democrats are not out for bipartisanship. The Democrats are not out for a union up how hard they Democrats are out. To destroy. Us what we stand for our belief system. Our education system our healthcare system our immigration system our economic system. Law enforcement and military that's their agenda fundamental transformational. Progressive as. It can work let us. We'll take what they can't from trump we'll take what they can from McConnell to take that what they can't from Ryan the laugh all the way. And I'll give almost nothing in return. And by the way this is a PR stunt like some of these. Talk is of Sen on TV and radio. It's a damn expensive PR stunt one point five trillion dollars and eleven million citizens. Who were illegal aliens yesterday. Plus it's not gonna work. The rhinos are all over tedious commentators. That's real live this I think it's wonderful. McConnell can Bailey. Compose himself I could tell because he actually went. There's little. I'm working on where where are going to run away Hamlin who Oxford I consider its a good beginning. Are these rights are you Lou our kids. Say leftist organization. And McConnell is citing a leftist organization just like on the tax. Though they giving class warfare and battle and when I get back to that. Some of you are seeing. Bonuses as a result of the tax cut. And promotions and I think this is wonderful. You know that is. That is the corporate side of the tax cut equation. When you slash taxes for corporations businesses small businesses and whatever. They hire more people they promote people increase pay to get bonuses. They invent more things. They produce more thing it's a great thing in order it's called liberty. You know it's called the private sector you know what it's called capitalism now. The problem is on the individual rates side. Millions of Americans actually is ready to see their taxes go up. They don't know yet another hit on April 15 or thereabouts. So is not a great clap when it comes to individuals it is when it comes to corporate. So don't be fooled by that either. Don't be fooled by that. So the president talks about. Liberal issues. Like amnesty. Liberal issues like massive spending. Dressed up as a private public partnership that won't cost them into the treasury and won't even add to that debt. Are you kidding me now. And he didn't make. Question well. It always tennis. But he's our president who won't happen. Is it will. Absolutely well. The president when he was talking to the media off the record and of course they leaked it. So when it comes to immigration it's wanting to be a businessman it's another thing to be the present United States and retirement millions of millions of people I'm paraphrasing pretty damn close. He said I put myself in their position and you know that make things right we have to show compassion a lot of south but the myself. He could never have won the presidency saying that never. Never have won the presidencies. And yet that's what he says. So these two issues. And I'm sure we'll talk about protectionism tariffs and you'll see that Democrats applauding on that took so. Here's the distinction. When I stated upsets people but I can't help. The goal is to persuade as many people as you can to your point of view I'm not talking about the hacks in congress talking about the American people this is the format to do. If you don't make the case. Ford. The enforcement of the immigration laws. That in just throwing out there we've offered this and we're gonna X that he ends chain migration and that they got. The only case. We shouldn't have to even discuss securing the country that's what securing the border means. In the same breath as granting amnesty. You've already given a zillion. Points to the other side just by linking it to let alone. Giving amnesty to millions eleven million. That's the real number. When it comes to infrastructure spending. You're making a proposal that the old. Really governor of Louisiana Huey Long would have been thrilled list. Franklin Roosevelt would have been thrilled with Barack Obama would have been thrilled with but for the Republican congress blocking him. You don't lurch left to make these Democrat type proposals and embrace and is your own. And get nothing for it. Haven't made the case to the American people. You need to make the case to the American people. Because if the president doesn't make the case to the American people and he is the greatest following in the greatest audience including tonight especially tonight. The who's going to make it. Who's gonna make it so when it comes to an amnesty he's taking. The Democrat. Rhino position which is why McConnell and Ryan a thrill. When it comes to infrastructure massive new spending. And it is deficits and don't be fooled. He's taking the Democrat rhino position. These are the positions of the swamp. And if you find yourself defining them. And it's very difficult for you to be talking about the swamp the swamp the swamp. When this is this month. I'll be right back. It's a very Smart guy. That'd be infrastructure bipartisan attitude. Integration by parts. Next I think we'll hear that between getting 80% of it that's a victory. Well we're not gonna get 80% of we're going to get an up. An enormous number on amnesty eleven million in any case and down the road. Which Republicans really think about. That number will tips states and make it almost impossible to win the presidency over time how that's how seriousness. And that's why it's really not good enough for all of us to sit here and just say I trust I trust I trust you have to be engaged. As this is as citizenry doesn't mean he disloyal to the president. Doesn't mean you sabotaging the present quite the contrary trying to bring the president back on these issues I don't think we can. Not at this point. And. No one point five trillion dollars and private public partnership that you will be told that it's only a couple of hundred billion by the federal government. Has anybody. Are you familiar with the east these massive. Infrastructure projects coming in under budget. The many of those. Who's out there many of those. And what do they don't. He thinks gonna pay. Pay for this. And before you attempt and we need infrastructure. You understand infrastructure means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It's not necessarily just roads and bridges you know. Building brand new airports for cities that one another airport. Our communities of one another airport to choose not to float their own bonds. So used the American federal taxpayer pay the bill rather than a little the localities of the State's paying the bill. That's just one example there are thousands of examples like. We use the federal taxpayers gonna pay for these white elephants. That states and localities want the would dare not impose on their own taxpayers. The irony here is when that tax cuts came and was it was that he came to eliminating tens or severely capping. The ability deduct via your property taxes we have state income taxes we were told you're sick and tired or act of subsidizing. Blue States. But high property taxes and high state income. And you were not sick and tired of subsidizing Blue States when it comes to redistributing tax dollars. Or not sick of subsidizing other states. Other than our own. Or other cities. We're not sick of subsidizing airports for other cities. Roads for other states bridges rather stay this isn't just a fix up job we're not just re modeling and repairing. These are massive new spending projects. This is how in the new deal they kill the economy rather than. Unleashing the economy. You drain resource is out of the private sector and you commit them to government run. Government. Prioritized. Projects. That's what you do. And so you don't watch. Suddenly the Republican Party become the party of FDR and massive infrastructure spending. Along with a Democrat you're gonna see both parties jumping up their members like clapping seals. Whether they're wearing wearing uniforms are outfits are what are all of them are gonna jump up and applauded any year your favorite talk show. And raid at TV hosts tiger why this is a great thing politically strategically. Now while we're also now supporting amnesty. Has a great thing. Eleven million. Because we trust the president and therefore. What's the problem. I'm sorry to throw wept like it's not a wet blanket I'm telling you the way it is this is the way it is. Tom San Francisco. Telephone. No let's pass on this mr. calls barely had time on three times that would be in two weeks. So we want to thank time but we're gonna move on okay. Clayton Wichita Falls, Texas serious. Martin didn't do well here but you very well thank you. Mark I think that in that the nail right on the head about infrastructure. I'm a native Texan but I did lit for eight years in Massachusetts and I witnessed the conclusion of the big big. And you know that that project was going to be originally about two to three billion and you know what it ended up costing the fact that these. Let me see apparent over twenty billion and a damn thing still leaks in my right about that. That's right I think the last estimate whether it was 24 billion which you want to costliest section of the highway in the United States. And yeah and and you know nobody cares. Because you know. The the local taxpayer didn't feel the brunt of that the state taxpayer didn't feel the brunt that the federal tax rate because all this money is thrown in the air and it falls to the ground. Federal taxpayers not even aware of it in this is what they do this is infrastructure spend. That's right great that is what Alicia and a great example of what infrastructure spending can be to a star suffered. Tier three billion in turn that to be all 25 billion. Let me give me an example. Not too far from room located. There is an overpass that they've been building they've been building it for two and a half years. They've widened some of the roads. That lead to it and in me from it. Two and a half years since gone on and on and on. What's the thing this. Let's opponent according to see more and more of the SN everybody's going to be smiling because everybody's gonna think that this is a noble enterprise and we're honored to now we're not it's not. It's money that will be taken out of the private sector either through taxes or the private sector diverting funds and that's. They're going to be paying. Labor cost material costs that are through the roof. Absolutely. All right my friend I appreciate your call let's go to Quinn Springfield Virginia Sirius satellite Harry you know. Are you doing tonight markdown ball. Want to solve let's say in America US burning and are really appreciated the support that you and your listeners. Give. I listen to what god bless you sir and we salute you and thank you. All producer. And on the topic of this infrastructures stuff on a fairly young man in thirty years old and just kind of get me back to move all the politics that thought it was. Responsible thing to do after the last election went so crazy and you know I did this noted that debt thing is gonna win pretty heavy on me I'm I'm curious what it's gonna look like him. In twenty years when you know the bill collectors come in you know might then we Marty beat triple where we're at now history. That's going to be massive. Social security and Medicare are going to be almost impossible to rein in for future generations. And that this money like the stimulus money you remember the stimulus money under Obama almost a trillion dollars that was supposed to go to roads and shovel ready job what does that. What does that do. What happens all the money that they got and I mean if from the tobacco settlement. Hundreds of billions of dollars went to this what do you. It's gone a couple of words on highway trust fun on cup but where's the Social Security trust fund one cup but the Medicare funds going to apply. But don't worry this time it's gonna be different when no it's not thanks recall on things for yourself. My clothes and show where we create the talking points to call in now at 877381. 3811. So we're hoping the Democrats rally Ryan around and the state. And massive government spending. Team and while we'll take that they can get to knocked around and around this president not for advancing not training. Even if he was Barack Obama read read Carney. Franklin Roosevelt wouldn't matter. In need of great talent for your business but short on time. You don't have to get lost and huge stack of resonates to find your perfect time. You know you just either right tool smarter people's zip recruiter post your job over 100 of the web's leading job boards we just a click. Then zip recruiter actively looks for the most qualified candidates and invites them to apply. That's why zip recruiters different unlike other hiring sites zip recruited doesn't depend on the right candidate fining yield. It finds them. Know what that 80% of employees who postal zip recruiting get a quality candidate through the site in just one day. Zip recruiter is the smartest way to higher fine out today why zip recruiter has been used by businesses. Of all sizes and industries to find the most qualified job candidates for the immediate results. And right now. You my listeners can post jobs on zip recruiter for free. Yes free to study zip recruiter dot com slash limited it's that simple. Zip recruited dot com slash LE ZI and one more time to try it for free that is it recruited dot com slash London. While we're on the subject of immigration. Which have been bouncing around here and there. He's not allowed to use the work chain migration anymore Kirsten Gillibrand who is a complete fraud. Especially when it comes to the issue of sexual harassment. I she was on the field. And she said. You know this week chain really does does have a date the horrible impact on African Americans. Nancy Pelosi said the same thing. These are two translucent members of congress. So all of a sudden. All of a sudden you see it's. It's discriminatory traces. But here's a montage of Democrats using the phrase over time had to wash intrigued beacon go. Thanks Simon uses the phrase chain migration is intentional. I don't wanna caught on and change that migration the words not change. Migration its chain migration. Start from the top please don't. Let's Simon uses the phrase chain migration is intentional it's trying to demonize. Feelings. Next we year's scare tactics regarding chain migration. Then just clarified that this is not an okay. Supply chain migration. Necessary to reduce food chain migration so this is now. Actually my grave condition. It's. Migration without the other part of this is that there are changes made. In what's called chain migration. In this way we address the concerns raised by many about chain migrate. And I would just add it is not my belief that my son and daughter. Our chain migration one that is we have chain migration. This issue of chain migration is evolves we're. I know that's so my colleagues like I'm so glad you're gonna prevent something that they called chain migration from. Literally trying to. I'm not stop. Do you realize this guy Dick Durbin you realize how painful his first name is to so many people mr. producer. Yes. They go around the senate floor. Dick Durbin saying he'd get. Here is how painful it is to people who have little children listening to us. Dick Durbin this in Dick Durbin that Indy here the nest. Is offensive to people named Richard in particular. Decide mentioned it. Just reminder Bill Clinton in the 1995. State of the Union Address we played this recently we played it before. But given that it's the state of the union. This is what Bill Clinton said. 23 years ago how. Let him go. All Americans. Not only in the states most heavily affected by and every place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large. Numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. They just I hope not otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants the public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers. That's why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more. By hiring a record number of new border guards but according twice as many criminal aliens is ever before. By cracking down on illegal hiring. Back barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens in the budget I will present to you we will try to do more. To speed the deportation of illegal aliens who were arrested for crimes. To better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by former congresswoman. Barbara Jordan. We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimate self defeating. For a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws. We have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop. Oman. Oman and wonder what Kristen Gillibrand seemed so that really. Nancy Pelosi. As I affectionately collar stretch. Given the and a well whenever so lab. She was on CNN last night with Chris Cuomo so here we have two Democrats from two Democrat. Wanna originally from Baltimore Pelosi. And of course New York that would be Cuomo having a discussion with each other as his as if it's a news program but it gets a little bit testy cut twelve doubt. Do you think that it helps the chance of getting a deal done by describing their off Perez making America white again. But I that they don't I've unconvincing that a year ago but the president said it. He said when he talked about a look at certain countries and how he characterized them as shadow you lady I can you let you finish. He he he he he he he he he he he said he said no we didn't give disgrace you've been a disgrace for a long time. And how the younger Democrats wake up and kick of that held the career and I say with all due respect not. You know the other benefit of watching VCR TV link that I put on mark Lemmon show FaceBook a mark living show Twitter. Seriously if you don't watch. The state of the union supposed to just listen to it on our wonderful affiliates. There's not the the need the pretending. And having balance. By having some hack on their left Winger who's annoying you throughout the whole dance thing. I punish yourself. I'm not gonna punish myself. The links of the mark Lemmon show FaceBook mark living chose Twitter. We gagged and bound geno Michelle market. Who else well count. And others. And I think you get a really really enjoy and the production levels really. Really through the roof so. You can watch on your device you watch on the computer to one. I know you'll like him roku keep a watch on the rule yes. Kyle Charlotte nor Carolina serious satellite. How are you had more than 200 so Harrington thank you very well thank you beard at night. Thank you. And I know it's your turn. I am Margaret just wanted to kind of run a proposal by its opinion on into. I'm against it I always vote no. Now whenever I go into the yet to vote and has some fun thing has sent I don't know what it's no no no no no but anyway go ahead time. I would not want to cut on the infrastructure spending quote unquote that the government wants to do. When we don't know that the infrastructure needs help in this country in my mind a general idea about that. Fixing that problem is have a government in turn into a contract with the private party much like it it. Sarah so that's what they're doing it has its private public relationship. And you need to understand the government doesn't do anything. Medicare is a payment system. Two private. Hospitals nonprofit hospitals. The government doesn't have construction workers and dump trucks and cement trucks. And all the rest of it. So when the government spends money it's always a public private. You know type of situations that doesn't get us anywhere. Get the money and a mother my question also be calculated by the way and by the way I happen to live in an area where. The roads don't need repair the bridges don't need repaired there aren't any tunnels. You know on and on and on and on I mean as is every road and every bridge every tunnel in every airport I have to be built up again from the bottom up of course not. Matta no matter though but I will give you a personal example when I was commuting in Baltimore. Eight towel fell from the tunnel. And as a particular so all of our excellent. Absolutely no I don't particularly the Baltimore should I guess what I'm saying in his. How and other and let me get sick to have a responsible representative government at the local state or federal law if we tile is falling off. In his two tunnels that go in and out of Baltimore. And both under the Chesapeake I use them both if they tie up. They're holes are through the roof they charge a fortune to use to gain tunnels the gap all kinds of federal subsidies they get all kinds of other subsidies the fact of the matter is if eight tiles falling from the rules that these politicians are taking money away from the tunnels and spending it elsewhere. So now the federal taxpayer comes and and provides them would largesse. That'll just allow them again to use more money to redistribute wealth to grease the palms to get reelected. And that tunnel will be my responsibility. You our responsibility. Or won't get done. And that a bit are you to respond without Monaco who wanna pinnacle private group that works better tribes. Sarah I'm trying to explain he is something. What private system are you talking about. That the planet that private enterprise system away from the government who wants to do that's who wants to own those tunnels. Our nobody. It liquor while any company's name one. I mean there's actually that theory it's not reality. I Kyle thanks for your call. Let's continue. They have these poll wrote ranked. I've got when you're meets to 67 the Dallas Texas for a it's run by AE foreign private company. They owned the toll road has been paid off. Twenty times though. If they wanna raise the price of the tall the government has to approve it that is the government of again. They still can't make money. As I can put their money elsewhere I'm gonna put it elsewhere. But that's not even my point. They're not gonna do any of that. Larry Evansville Indiana the great WG BF go. Great thanks but Mark Thompson partisan structured boat yard I know you remember some years back when we're also European look almost from the votes as well. I'll split. Concerning this one point five trillion dollars that's look like they're gonna want to you know. What happened to the one trillion had it we get it up to one point five trillion right out of the box. I guess being overrun parity overrun before it started it is amazing and we gone from 7800000. Docket of one point eight million. Citizenship amnesty we've gone from a one trillion dollar infrastructure program already told one point five trillion dollar infrastructure program. Will be told don't worry it's private part at a public partnership. While the government always relies on the public sector to build stuff. Our trademark wit well look at that this would be a one point I trend is being an international that useful. So eloquently about national debt unfunded liabilities. Social Security trust fund. I would trust fund and such but one with the interest rates now going up as well. I'm Lotta people don't know that over the last thirty years we have we the taxpayers have paid out over ten point one trillion dollars in interest. I'm national debt. So we've paid out half of what the national that is now over the last thirty years. When the rates go up. Rick what what what would court disaster. Disaster. Which is one of the reasons the Federal Reserve is kept their foot on the brake. And if he goes out because up in tiny little fractions because they know what all happened. Well sure sure and my record though. That's you know worked well over ten trillion dollar speed it up interest over the last thirty years this has sent into the Reagan administration are you now. And what you just said earlier what with PR battle another night with the projected national debt but to be gone up forty trillion dollars and twelve years. Look what they look at the other interest payments are going to be on forty short. I know and none of this is discuss the bulk of the B if you throw airlines people say we're gonna attack the dead I wanna propose a budget to attack the debt. I don't I can do that on the one side and now the other side you're proposing not even a trillion dollar infrastructure now it's up to one point five trillion. Larry thanks recall we'll be right back. State of the Union Address will be carried. Right down the line on our radio networks. Our affiliates. Pick your cars and when listeners at home by a fireplace moments of do it that way too you can listen on here mark will enact because he was on the I heart radioactive. But the on satellite radio. In a really management and the president has a lot of good things he can say that his agenda about what he wants to do. But I just wanted to bring to your attention to the issues that I know mostly others aren't gonna wanna talk about so we talk. We're also hopefully not going to see a spectacle. The phones and clowns. Among the Democrats and in the gallery. Who have as their purpose. To disrupt what is a wonderful tradition. Promising have to applaud much and if the jump up but CNET to do anything. Except conduct themselves. As gentlemen and ladies. Or how are they self identify. You like trivia. What British style shirts and I've been raving about all year. You know this when I want him on TV in the meetings in the social. They're literally my favorite dressed in business can't grocers now if you said CT shirt you're right. And my friends at CT shirts coming at the best dressed listeners in America. That's because you guys purchased more CT shirts than any other radio program in the nation. Now does that include each of you know so what's holding you back CD shirts are British style using the softest most exquisite fabrics ever. Where they're casual attire no tie talked are on top when you're wearing a CT sure you look great and you know. Now let me help get you start. One CT should normally cost a hundred bucks right now to get three shirts for just 99 dollars. Now that 60%. Off. And CT shirts come with free delivery free delivery a six month quality guarantee its half a year. And free returns. Nobody else does that. That's how confident they rate and allow the shirts carrying 99 bucks kick just three amazing CT shirts and they are. Go to CT shirts dot com slash London CET shirts dot com slash LE VIN. That CT shirts dot com slash Lebanon. Are ranked let's take a call here as we. Work our way out Garrett Cleveland Ohio on the mark then that they'll. Mark let me ask you deny you feel all of that he got the bill for amnesty and or eat protection on the other end. What effect the agriculture industry and edit it. I don't know how do you think it would affect. It or are you quit after another it's we're relying on illegal aliens. To grow our food to harvest our food package our food to transport effort that is BS. That craps being gone for the longest longest time. Here's the funny things there. Do you use it if we would get rid here's the so called radical part because I believe in liberty. Who get rid of all the rules like minimum wage and so forth and affect farmers particularly agribusiness. And none of this would be necessary. The market would determine. None of that would be necessary. So to keep importing. Individuals in this country. Who drain our law enforcement resources who drain our education resources who train our healthcare resources. Because you are concerned about somebody picking strawberries. I had about enough of that and so as most of the rest of the country we can't. Have businesses in this country whether they're farmers or whether they're producing pencils who allowed illegal immigration. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. We'll be back tomorrow and in my unique way we will discuss the state of the union speech enjoy it. God bless.

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