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1/29/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 30, 2018|

Andrew McCabe has stepped down from his position as Deputy FBI Director. He should have been out a long time ago. Was the infamous dossier used to grant a warrant to investigate Trump’s team? If it was it’s likely that McCabe would have known that and would have approved it. Now, the media and the ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it comes to a brick and. It's kind of interesting out there isn't. As the deputy director of the FBI the shooter recused himself in the Hillary investigation and the trump. Russia phony collusion investigation. Given the fact that his wife was a high profile politician and candidate in Virginia running for the state senate. With the full support of the Democrat party. And Hillary Clinton chief back man the former governor. Of Virginia McCollum. Over 700000 though. What they're all upset about is he's one of the present United States actually asked this man who we voted for now that that apparently is so over the top. But the fact that this Maine didn't recuse himself and let me tell the standard. It's the appearance of a conflict of interest. An actual conflict of interest necessarily just the appearance of a conflict of interest. When you're seeing a law enforcement official that's all that's needed saying with a federal judge. Because you expected to be objective here expected to be able to conduct yourself. Well and what that any that Tina of partisanship. And the president actually voted for. And of course the media that Democrats are all excited about it. The same median Democrats who all but ignore all the partisanship that we've seen on behalf of Hillary Clinton. And by McCain. In his name pops up and attacks. Wherever stroke and page are talking about an insurance policy and but here's the bigger issue. Yes you know I can't listen all the shows during the day because of doing living TV and so we're lesson in the car and pick something so I don't know if anybody said this but I doubt it. To me this is the big issue. That locks is now. When you go to the fights a court to get a warrant. The spying on summit. That's not just done at the lowest levels of the FBI that works its way up. Put the top of the FBI. The FBI director and certainly the deputy FBI director the deputy FBI director is a career civil servant. And that's why the top career civil servant and the FBI. Is supposed to look at these things are prove these things. The issue then yes. What. Isn't that price application not I keep coming back to this I brought it up a year ago and I'm gonna keep bringing it up. What was in that ice applications. And it's my understanding I believe. That members of the House Intelligence Committee among others have seen it or seen parts of it. The table to sign off of that. If not I'd be shocked if not I'd be shot particularly a high profile case that involves somebody trump world you understand. That probable cause and counterintelligence investigation is different than any criminal investigation. It's not probable cause that a crime was committed and so forth it's probable cause. That fill in the blank is a foreign agent. And more than a foreign agent it's the net fill in the blank as a foreign agent working for foreign government. Actively affirmative. Now on what basis. On what conceivable basis. Would they be able to us not just applied for a secure from a federal judge. A warrant. That somebody in trump well was safe aren't Russian agent working for Vladimir Putin and his government. I suppose it's conceivable. But to persuade a federal. Secret court to issue a warrant under those circumstances. Is really quite remarkable to me. That's what the dossier comes. That's why this is so important. Because I suspect lay out that they would've gotten a warrant. And that's why did saying now month after month after month. That that does CA had a big news look at I'm wrong I'm wrong I don't have the facts we're trying to get all the information. But I'm putting wanna want to get right coming up would tilt. I've been right so far right. Which means. Likely. The deputy FBI director would have known that would have approved. I don't even off this four page memo that's been talked about now for a few weeks. Will reveal it or provide us with the ability to drop. Absolute conclusions. We'll sink. I'm sure there's some interesting information in there. Even if it's not some kind of a smoking gun or what have you. But it's fascinating to me how hard it is to get to the bottom of this. With the former FBI director combing. With the deputy FBI director or former NASA deputy FBI director McCain. And the other senior officials at the FBI. To determine whether they use that goes here and I told you before all I have to say they didn't use it does not. Know it and use it. We need to use that we need music come cooperating user ham sandwich might point yes. If he didn't use it it's not classified media news. Not gonna reveal anything. And any strategies sanity techniques that any patterns and any substantive enough and you're not gonna reveal any. And they've been asked time and time again and their answer this Rosenstiel the deputy attorney general I've never liked. This guy said while Lloyds from the inspector general's report. Wait for a while what is the inspector general's report that the bill that specific question. Rosen scene knows the answer. And if the answer is no we did not use that does CA why won't use that does CA it was paid for about they Hillary Clinton Campaign in the DNC. It was watched the right to offer a notorious for supporting Democrats it what an infusion GPS a notorious opposition political organization. Which then used Kremlin Sarah gets operatives have beat Boston cremation and why would the FBI used that information. So why put the parent FBI director ray. Or the former now FBI deputy director McCain say he's out. And my conclusion is because and polar part the dossier was youth that's one. Again from wrong I'm wrong it's this is a conspiracy theory this is a matter trying to figure out. What's taking place in the rationale for these answers. So the first reports. In the media aware that mr. McCain. Step down. Being the great patriot that he is. And of course the media. The chorus line. The media propaganda Iraqi chance. It's across the stage. Definitely a gap left leg right leg right leg that Iraq tended that's what they do. Are blaming trop. Trump this trump did this it's impeachable trump did this it's abstraction trump did this year he pairs the veil of independence for the debt. I have trying to dance company Ellis trap that the doing this of course trump when this guy out. No one had this gap. The appearance. About conflict was overwhelming he should have been out long time coming up even according to one that texts what are the senior FBI officials not. This guy should've gotten out. But he didn't get a. So now the speculation. Is about trump. Are you kidding me. Now again we have to go back to basics here at trump has the power as president to fire in east aboard anyone else. That's the constitution. That doesn't mean you can't be peace Ford that the house and the senate do this and it. But as they strictly constitutional slash legal matter of course he can. Of course he. Just like he fired combing the leaker coming delete it and come to cover up artists. Combing the instructor and Hillary Clinton case. And. We'll see what the memo says you know. These two things about this memo to the one hand the Democrats are already spending it. Whatever is in there is not important whatever is in there is a distraction. Whatever in there is a cover up whatever end there's the Republicans and reminding the FBI whatever it got okay Democrats media that's their position. Others are saying stuff like. This Kennedy killer. The way it's been sold. Seattle view things that way we'll look at the memo we'll try our own conclusions I don't really care what politicians say. They're not the ones that matter in my view. Well look at this memo which has been put together by. Noon as in Galilee and see what it has to say. And put the pieces back again. We've already looked so much information we've gotten. Despite the obstruction from the FBI and the obstruction from the news mean. Most of the news media in this country and in fact the overwhelming majority of the news in this country. Have had zero interest. Zero interest and determine the extent to which. The FBI's abuse power they've had zero interest in mr. economies leaking they've had zero interest. In the had a counterintelligence and his girlfriend. And their Texas matter of fact the opposite. They were furious with the FBI for releasing them they're furious with. Known as an Galley on this memo for urging that it be released as a matter of fact this fraud. This Sony moderate senator from out West Virginia. Mansion. Barry was on Meet the Press attacking known as an asset at House Intelligence Committee how they dated great disservice to America. This guy. Mansion vendetta dancing in the United States and can anybody tell me one thing that stick is done and everybody sits around like. What's managing editor Rick I can imagine about slim. Barak Susan Collins you bet. Name me we should pass a law to protect Mahler UA yet get a pass a law to protect Mahler. As I went through the other day. They she even know how laws are passed let's see. The house and the senate passed a bill goes to the president and he signs that that's I get a law why Alex rob zionist. That's a lot of minds the constitution. It undermines future presidents. Why would he tied his own hands even though he shouldn't by the guy for political reasons. But the news isn't all a moderate. She's not she's a left wing Coke. Not the United States she's a moderate she waits for the Democrats. All right I'll be right back. Democrats are minorities. Our. Nine the microphones apparently the Republicans have now voted. To release the memo to the president wants five days look at it up to five days we'll see what he does. Suspect he won't take five days. But shift is out there spinning spinning spinning and not a single Democrat voted to release this mama and they. They demanded that a Democrat minority memo be attached to the Republicans and now we're voting on this. Go ahead. I'm good evening I want to give a quick briefing on the events in the committee this evening I think we have. Across they had deeply regrettable line in this committee where for the first time in the ten years or so that I've on the committee. There was a vote to politicize the the classification process intelligence. I am potentially compromise sources and methods. I made a couple motions this afternoon or this evening. First we scheduled a hearing today you're the business meeting. So that the minority memoranda could be made a terrible so the members of house the house that has been misled by the majority is memoranda. We expect that vote to be noncontroversial. And it was. The house members will now have access to the minority memorandum. I made a secondary motion that prior to the public release of either memoranda. That the FBI and the Department of Justice have the opportunity to come. And briefed the entire house and classified session. On both memoranda on the underlying facts in the underlying materials. So that the committee could make a responsible judgment as to whether they're memoranda should be made public. That motion was voted down by the majority. The majority expressed concern that something in the minority memoranda or otherwise. Could compromise sources and methods and for exactly that reason we asked that both memorandum be that it. By the FBI and the department justice. But that boat that was voted down. I spoke with the director of the FBI. Earlier this afternoon. He expresses strong interest in being able to brief our committee prior to any release of these materials about concerns that the bureau and the department. That's an I'd like let's cut to the chase here here's the problem. What the Republicans on this House Intelligence Committee understand and from which they are to be applauded and even celebrated. Is that they start bringing in the minority to do this they start bring in the FBI does this they'll be leaks all over the place. Because mr. Schiff or somebody on the minority side leaks like this. I don't know who it is but they leak like as him the FBI leaks like this it. The Republicans control how's that control this committee this isn't about breaking tradition or anything of the sort they have their hands fall. Was he senior wood senior levels of the FBI that have gone rogue. They've gone broke that's what those text messages stuff. This goes to the heart of this republic. This goes to the heart of the republic. Mr. Schiff is not concerned about the politicization of the FBI he's concerned about. How Republicans on his committee moving forward doing what they said they were going to do. Doing what they said there are going to do. It's very interesting to me that the minorities getting all this attention on TV right now. Because they serve the purposes of the media and vice a Versa. Mr. Schiff also said I just don't play anymore. That the president has put his personal interests above the national interest and apparently so the Republicans on the committee. Pretty outrageous nine inning. Says the majority memos distort it. As you would expect in this thing. And so he's on a Rampage now. He's on a Rampage now. You and I will decide for ourselves but we think of the contents of this memo. A mr. Schiff and the others will have to defendant but we're in a position now with the Democrat party is in complete cover up an obstruction mode. For rogue senior level. FBI executive. Because they wanna take up track. These can now watch have a balanced understanding what's taken place and when shed any understanding what's taken place not. Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee led by newness was really hero in this. Has gotten as far as he's gotten without any help whatsoever from a single Democrat in fact. Every step of the way. They try to obstruct him smeared him out ethics complaints against him and on and on and on. It's tough I know for one week ten days I was under the same attack. But so we'll get more more this information hopefully soon. So the Republicans have voted to release the memo I'll be right back. Mark love that's. America is tyranny hot here and call it now on 8773813811. Think this is. Simple as I knows even Bryan stow your CNN and understand it maybe not. The FBI surveil. A candidate a political campaign trump world if you will there was surveillance during the course of this campaign. They got to iso warrant. Oh about a week before the election. The Obama administration. The little rattled wage Department of Justice the gym Komi FBI. And then deputy director McCain. Whose wife is a big lib Democrat of Virginia. It was never write something was always wrong about this. Something was always wrong about the you see here's the concern the Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee campaigns and organizations. Paid money. To an organization. That hired a next British spy who worked with a among others. Kremlin operatives that put together. The stock to. The Doctor Who winds up in the Democrat administration. The democratic government he will. In the hands of the FBI. They got it in various ways from Christopher steal the expert aside from McCain and his staff among others and probably other ways to. The stock it was being pushed data is being circulated within the media. The FBI. Went to the foreign intelligence surveillance court. To get. He wire that is. These legal sanction. To conduct. Domestic surveillance. On a member or members that Donald Trump's campaign. And if in fact they use the dossier. That means they Hillary Clinton Campaign in the DNC. Funded the day the the the immaterial that was used as the basis or eight basis. For surveilling. And opposition campaign. Jim Thome knows what took place. But in here and send him. Mr. McCain knows what took place. One or both of the may have signed off on. Others at the FBI knew what took place. The Democrat party. Has absolutely no interest in getting to the bottom of the non. The Democrat party is covering up. For these activities. Because it further exposes Hillary Clinton if further exposes the DNC. Fred exposes perhaps mr. McCabe. Whose wife is obviously liberal Democrat operatives supported heavily by McAuliffe. The former governor of Virginia close to the clintons. It exposes combing. The only actual collusion that we're aware of that involves Russia. That whirlwind. Is it collusion. Between the Clinton Campaign and the DNC. Through straw man. To the Kremlin which provided. Information. To try and derail the Donald Trump campaign. And yet. The narrative has been completely the opposite and one of the reasons the narrative has been completely the opposite because. These text suggested mr. stroke in this page where leaders. Other information that we've got today suggests that mr. McCain easily. And we know that mr. Kohn easily. We also know that at the highest levels of the FBI. They ran interference for Hillary Clinton. The outcome was cooked. Two months before the even interviewed. These same people pretty much including mr. stroke. Where involving tree during the investigation. Of these so called Russia collusion with trump well. An associate of leaks to the media. The media which are not interest did in. Reporting facts TO not interested. In getting. Anything straight. When you watch. Brian style where Don lemon. Chris Cuomo. Oral Wolf Blitzer when you watch. Rachel madcow. Joseph Scarborough. Mika version ski and the rest when you watch these people Andrea Mitchell. Well as the networks and so forth. They made it abundantly clear that they think Donald Trump does the threat to the republic. And so. Given their own progressive ideology which is radical left. They're out to get trump for a lotteries. The set the stage for the Democrats take power to impeach him quite happy. They have no interest in civil liberties anymore except their own. They talk about the First Amendment. But the First Amendment actually belongs to you and me. Tattoo just there is these news. Corporate and eighties along each of us as individuals to. Now the FBI that the senior levels. Is out of control. Mr. Mahler was directed the FBI when they used to bringing care. He did all these other political. Agenda items that were pushed by Barack Obama if you don't remember I remember. Where he was changing the language of the FBI changing the focus of the FBI and making it. More of course socially responsible. Much of the problems at the FBI really were created by mr. Mueller. Father in this economy. So this isn't very very big deal. In the Democrats as tiny as much money against the walls they possibly can on process. On votes of the Canadian. On red lines being drawn and they're getting a lot of help. But from Republicans in the senate I'm sad to say. If we get to the bottom all this. It'll be thanks. To the House Intelligence Committee. Especially chairman newness and several others. Jordan. Go work. The Sampras. Exception. And I I must remind you that the people on this committee are not all conservatives on the Republican side. And many of them are former prosecutors at the federal state level some have been judges. And so they trying to dismiss this comedian dismissed the Republican majority ask for sharing this information with the FBI. The fact of the matter is it's the FBI it's under investigation. The the most senior levels it's the FBI that's under investigation. It is the Democrat party that's running interference not because they like the FBI they Ethiopia but they like their top guys that the FBI. And they like what they tried to do trop. In their mission. Is to get trop. Not the fix the FBI not to expose their own guys at the FBI certainly not to follow the trail that they Hillary Clinton Campaign. And the DNC. That's their mission. Adam Schiff is essentially the Democrat party campaign chairman. Dressed up as the ranking Democrat on the house intelligence from. Another is a reason mr. McCain. Now the former. Deputy director of the FBI left. Really just a month or so before he would announce he was going to leave. Because Donald Trump couldn't stand the guy who's tweeting about the guy that actually happened some time ago weeks ago. Nothing Donald Trump has tweeted what's caused this man to resign prior to his announced resignation date in March. And Palestinian agenda. Nothing Donald Trump did the White House did triggered any of us. So as they began a logical rational matter it has to be something that mr. McCain had done. Did he sign off. On the Tyson's application. That that price application include the Hillary Clinton DNC funded. Does he. And if it did as I suspected it but if it didn't. We now have one of the greatest scandals in American electoral history. Because of what the media say that Democrats and that you actually had the Obama administration. Surveilling. The campaign. For the opposition party. Running against his endorsed candidate in the democratic party's candidate Hillary Clinton. That is. A spectacular. Failure. A spectacular failure. Of the fights a court process. That is a spectacular act. But Tierney. By certain people to senior levels of our government. And is Harry Truman said the buck stops with Barack Obama. Stops of the president. The next series of issues that need to be explored and I keep telling about this too. Is how much this information was known by the White House. We know that mr. Komi. Like to brief the White House like to go to the White House. We know that Valerie Jarrett like to claim that she knew everything that was going on in every department and agency. In everybody had to go through her. We know that Susan Rice. Was an activist. As ambassador to the UN and as the national security. Directed the president of the United States absolutely wrong position for a political hack like her and then her deputy was even worse then wrote. Who bragged about misleading the media and the American people on the Iran India. One of the greatest trails. The American as applies to foreign policy that I have ever heard of have ever read enough. And we now know thanks to Josh Meyer Politico to spectacular articles. What exactly. Obama and carry in the others did this out our country. You may find this all rather hard to digest I wanna remind you this is the same administration that unleashed. The FBI. On the Fox News channels reporter James Rosen that unleashed the FBI and the Associated Press. That in fact conducted more. Surveillance of the media than any prior administration to our knowledge. This is the same administration. As the great reporting by John Solomon pointed out. They did more unmasking. Of individuals including Americans. Who in the course of their surveillance activity. And any prior administration. As far as we know. I'm asking meaning. Revealing the names of individuals there identity. Who are who are. Isn't. And caught in these. Federal surveillance activities. Such as save your wire tapping the Russian embassy in the investor gets on he's beaten two Americans. We still haven't gotten to the bottom. We still have not gotten the bottom of there's two things here number one is. This is an incredibly. Dark. Part. Of our history that is now unfolding before. You're whining about it before it's in the history books. On the other hand it's nice to know there's still some courageous. Men and woman with a integrity. I get a newness among others. Desantis. Again among other. Toy dog it. Who insist on getting to the bottom of this I'll be right back it's. Great talent for your business but short on time. We don't have to get lost any food stack up resonates to find your perfect tired. Just need the right tools smarter schools. Zip recruiter post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards would just one click. Then zip recruiter actively looks for the most qualified candidates in invites them to apply. That's why zip recruiters different. 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And what do incredible work this gig at the soloist with the believe they were able to primary so. That is. I admit that the breeze didn't have to go through this and that it illustrations like steel but they hit streak to do what they do. Because he would let me legislator you know fortunately got it boots of both parties. Who have totally abandoned. Their responsibility. To protect the core of the bed bit. And we have a judiciary. Which is totally abandoned its responsibility. To protect the board the men. So this. Have to to take a little bit of now the difference there with him which is between illegal alien war you're a we sit at this. Or even if you're a terrorist than they think now. Granted eight this corpus on terrorists and World War II intimated that. They bent over backwards who led to protect you. In the evening confer constitutional right some of these federal district judges early on on the president's executive order on immigration. There are constrained due process rights on foreigners who have no connection to the United States whatsoever except the desire to come to the United States. So you're talking about the you know the American citizen in and that can make you could point go ahead. Yeah I agree with you I agree with you I believe who Billy you Lillian look but the point in my call before the mid mid. It warrantless search and seizure of people's. Papers and effects communications. And that's where there the congress. And the judiciary have totally basically abdicated. Their responsibility they have a responsibility. To protect the Fourth Amendment. And they've had been the best surveillance. The legislation they've put this stupid divisive court into a better. And that's what enables you know what politicians. Like Barack Obama and his administration. To get away it would be absolutely is certain to see this get a lot. I think I think that you know of the there's there's a point which you go that I agree list. And if what took place is what I've been surmise and since March 2 of last year. This whole court business needs to be looked at because. Those judges on that tries to court is supposed to be. There in secret there's no public review there's no real reporter review there's nobody except the court. Pretty much in the FBI and the Department of Justice. So that judge is gonna roll over and we have no protection whatsoever when it comes to these vice applications. So I would like to know the names of the judges I would like an and the names of the judges who judge to approve this. And we wanna see the applications so we know what the basis of sport now the Democrats don't want to in the media don't want but we do. I'll be back. Everybody mark lemon here are number. 87738138118773813811. You know what let's. I think I need to get to some basics here because I'm hearing. Some things on television during the break that are really troubling. First of all as the gentleman said to call before. In the Fourth Amendment that requires a warrant. To conduct a search. He warned to conduct a search. Now we didn't always have a place to court you know me and always have the secret court. And so what would happen is the justice department of the FBI would have to convince. A judge in the file. With the with the federal judge a regular federal judge. And they would file or document. In secret seek a protective order and other kinds of coverage. And the judge will look at and have to make a decision about whether or not it should be public because. You need to understand. That only in exceptional cases. Are these things supposed to be secret including cases that involve. The potential release of classified information. That might harm our national security. Now the court can order the release of classified information. If it's not gonna Marmara. National security just because the federal government claims it's classified. Doesn't necessarily make itself so that was the point that. So we've created this ice support now congress passed it's a secret court. Given the ubiquitous nature of terrorism and the Chinese and the Russians trying to steal our secrets and so forth in the court exists. Not in the case of criminal investigations but in the case of counterintelligence. Investigations okay. Counterintelligence. Because in the case of criminal investigations. There's still required except for some tiny tiny tiny fraction of a fraction of matters there's still required. To be public. And the whole point of the Fourth Amendment is so. The government the federal government. Doesn't abuse its power as. Vis a vis the individual. These are these the individual. And the framers of the constitution experienced this kind of abuse from the crowned the bricks. And so the enshrined this. In the first set of amendments the bill of rights. The that were proposed by the first congress. After the adoption and ratification of the basic constitution. So now we moved to today. I keep hearing this is raw intelligence. What's raw intelligence. Raw classified intranet what's wrong classified infamy. You're talking about a majority Republicans on the house intelligence committee of different. Philosophical leanings are more conservative than others some rhinos. Someone they prosecutorial background. Some not. Two men and a woman they voted to release this report so I ask a question do you think. Any of them would have voted to release this four page memo. If they actually thought of the information contained in that memo. What harm our national security on the contrary I think they've reached a conclusion. And they rarely ever agreement each other I think they've reached a conclusion. That not to release this information wall harm our national security dying in the future. Tend not release this information will harm our intelligence activities in the future. To not release this information was given cover. To behavior. Either institutional are buying individuals. That is unacceptable. In a republic. We should be thanking them what ever the memos sense whether it's some blockbuster memo or not. The rule is a real the principal is the principal. They call this a five cents abuse memo. On March 2 when I talk to the Airways behind that very same microphone and spoke to so many of you. I was told I was attacked by CNN being told how to lie even know there was a place that. Warrant issued nauert the point about twice abuse memo so you can't rely on CNN or MSNBC or any of these news outlets. To tell you the truth even try to give you the truth. This guy make cave. All of a sudden decides to get out. He announced he was gonna get out of march. All of a sudden today. If there is no boss the FBI director ray looks at the memo apparently yesterday. He's out today. And they're blaming truck for tweets he put out in December. Well it. Mr. McCabe was so thin skinned. As a big tough deputy director of the FBI. We couldn't take Donald Trump what he resigned earlier this is nothing to do what Donald choppers tweets. If they did it wouldn't matter what they didn't. Something else took place. And if mr. McCain resigned. For reasons relating to that phys application. What does it say about mr. Combs. I'm just throwing the questions that we're gonna find out soon enough. Have a great concern and I will not be heard Thursday or Friday so good that I just won't be here. That this campaign is gonna be released on Thursday or Friday when I'm not around to dissect it. That'd be terrible shame but that's just me but. So let's hope it comes out Tuesday or Wednesday. President doesn't have to wait five days. But is uninteresting to you that the people who are trying to get to the bottom of this people who have shown throughout their careers. That they are earnest that they are studios. People are shown throughout their careers and talk about these Republicans on this community cannot extreme. Is that they're thought fought all of a sudden their right wingers and their partisan and and there are and there are more than excited about releasing classified information. We know that's not true and yet let me ask you this question. This same newspaper that published the Pentagon papers. The same newspaper that publishes national security secrets as fast as they get the the New York Times. Is suddenly concerned about classified information that interest in mr. it is. Got concerned about classified information it's constantly. About scoring points. Now mr. McCain was a leak there. Mr. communism later this destruct as a leak this pages a leak it now we know about this economy. That he was caught. We know about struck and page because they said so essentially in their own. Text messages. And I we know about mr. McCain's thanks to Howard Kurtz. The Fox News Channel is brand new book. Media madness Donald Trump the press in the war over the truth. And easy points out an except in his book rich previous listen to this story rich previous was chairing a 7:30 AM intelligence leading. When one of the participants injury McCain asked to speak in prime. McCabe the deputy FBI director closed the door and told previous. We want you to know that everything in the New York Times story is bull SBS. The times you see it quoted unnamed sources are reporting that trump campaign aides & Associates. Had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials CNN and it carried a similar report. There's at CNN in the near excellence. Previous pointed to the three televisions on his office fall here's my problem they're going 24/7 he said. Can the FBI say what you just told me. Became said he would have to check previous thought he might commanded this he freaked the F freaking hero. A few hours later MacKay told on the bureau couldn't start the practice of commenting on newspaper stories or would never end. Gimme a break previous set I'm getting crushed all over the place and you won't say publicly what you told me privately. James comic called later he said we really can't do anything about it. The company said he'd be willing to tell the Senate Intelligence Committee that it changes the charges were bogus. He was short its members would repeat that for the cameras. Now let me just stop that shows you how sleazy and got us this Communist we can't. But I'll tell members of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the blurted out. Let's go on to the main point. Now a week later CNN. Was hanging breaking news story naming previous. Previous. According to multiple US officials say reported. The FBI rejected a White House request. To publicly knocked down media reports about communications between Donald Trump's associates. And Russians known to US intelligence unit. Previous was stunned by the implication that he was pressuring law enforcement. Had he been set up why was the FBI leaking this information one of its top officials had initiated the conversation. Calmly assured previous Saturday afternoon that he hadn't done anything wrong but the story reverberated for days. Is wrench previous lying about the FBI slate asked rich feed we should resign at Boston Globe columnist Amanda. That damage was done. Seat either Connie. Or McCain leaked that the CNN in the near Paris. They brought it up the preakness. Pete is simple why can't you tell the public when you're telling me to come back and they said. We can't. And then they leaked to the near times and CNN. That previous was pressuring them. To put out a story. Is that not the sleazy thing. Mr. McCain for the Democrats defending mr. combing through the Democrats defend. Mr. Mueller. But the Democrats but the thing. They have no interest in the rule of law they don't care about police state tactics. Doesn't bother them at all. In the near times. The near times yesterday. Was already running interference for the Democrats and of course for the media. On this fort page memo. Here's the story by one to three different reporters. He secret highly contentious Republican memo. Reveals that deputy attorney general Robert Rosen Steen. Approved an application to extend surveillance and a former trump campaign associate. Shortly after taking office last spring according to three people familiar with it. If that's true is. Absolutely shocking by the way. How rot. Rosen scene didn't recuse himself. He secret highly contentious Republican memo reveals that deputy attorney general rob rose and seen. Approved an application to extend surveillance to suffice it could. A reformer trump campaign associate. Shortly after taking office last spring according to three people familiar with the and of course Rosen scene is never revealed that. Rosenstiel knows exactly what's in this price application he knows exactly. What took place he knows if that does he was used. Three new shows that the Justice Department under president trump. That was my interest in the Justice Department. Under President Obama you never heard those words. Never heard those words pulled together. But now the Justice Department under Donald Trump and we know he has no control of the justice apparel which is part of the reason he's very frustrated about this but the near times. Uses these phrases in these words to tell the story just like the Republican memo reveals that the majority of the house intelligence to. There are no shows that Justice Department under president trump saw reason to believe that the associate Carter pay each. Was acting as a Russian agent. But the reference to mr. Rosen scenes actions in the memo. So you see the Democrats are already leaking to the near times this is why did the Republican majority and a plow ahead without them. Without getting FBI. An opportunity to review any other than the direct. A much disputed document that TC investigation Iraq's election meddling is tainted from the start so there that's not in his report that is the three reporters for the near times burping up the minorities view. Indicates that Republicans may be moving to seize on his role that's frozen Steen. As they seek to undermine the inquiry now that's not load it's the Republicans want to undermine the inquiry. Undermine the inquiry they're not trying to get to the facts are not trying to hold these officials responsible. They're trying to undermine the inquiry. Has the near times ever reported. That kind of a story would that kind of language when it comes to the Democrats investigating any element of the executive branch the answer is now. Now. The memos primary contention is that FBI and Justice Department officials see the leaks. Failed to adequately explain to an intelligence court judge and initially seeking a warrant for surveillance of mr. page. That they were relying on in part on researchers find investigator Christopher ST ER. There have been financed by the DNC and Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign will they go. This is why. The assault. Not just on newness now but the House Intelligence Committee Republicans. This is why the assault on me he verbal. The soft on me back in March getting too close to the fire went. Democrats who have read the document so the Democrats are leaking shift one of them some of them. But they're very very concerned about classified material that you and of course those the near excellent. Say Republicans have cherry pick facts to create misleading and dangerous narrative yet they always said. But in their efforts to discredit the inquiry Republicans could potentially use mr. Rosen Steve's decision so the effort to discredit. Let me ask you is that these guys the press people for the Democrats on the house intelligence we at least three reporters. Working for Adam Schiff working for the Democratic Party. Much like the fusion GPS guys did work for the Wall Street Journal before they became Democrat hacks. Out of the closet. But in their efforts to discredit the inquiry Republicans could potentially use mr. Rosen Steve's decision. To prove the renewal does suggest that he failed to properly vetting highly sensitive application for a warrant. This file mr. page who served as trump farm policy advisor until September to 2060. I'm telling you. This is absolutely incredible they're giving us their game plan right now. He failed to properly that a highly sensitive application for a one in other words when they went for the renewal. Didn't he know that does CA was in there. Ladies and gentlemen the FBI's been leaking in than here at times the Washington Post. On this investigation from day one. When I took the headlines. From the near times and I took the headlines from the other outlets that struck contagion others were leaking to. And I pasted them together in an irrational way and I said what we have for you ladies and gentlemen is domestic political surveillance. I'm one campaign and administration against an opposition. They went nuts and I you know why I'll be right back. Very very serious business. And I would commend you. The near times apiece from yesterday. If you read it. With the understanding that we just discussed with the proper mindset you'll see that they are laying out the leaks from the Democrats. With a near times the Democrats are going with this. Will also realize that the near times among other media outlets are protecting their sources and the sources are top FBI officials. Which is probably one of the reasons they're not really digging into this because they already have answers they were no yeah so weapon and it does participate. In Serbia's Democratic Party surrogates and smearing those who put this together. If I had told you a year ago. That the Democrats. The FBI. We're using five cents. To conduct domestic surveillance. And the media have an opposition campaign. You thought I was nuts trying. Yet that's exactly what I told you we'll be right back. Court conscience from conservatism. Coal mud now at 877381. 4811. You know it's fascinating about this near times piece is it's basically a brief. Against truck debrief for the leaguers at the FBI. The sources for the New York Times. In these reporters know exactly what's gone. But then they bring up and regurgitate this stuff about how. Trump was mistrustful of mr. Rosen Steve and for good reason. How trump had wanted to remove Mahler tour or not he can certainly understand it. Ladies gentlemen and what's going on here it is there is the 88 coup attempt taking place. Not of the old Third World kind and so forth. But through. The senior level law enforcement some of the highest levels of intelligence agencies that the Democratic Party in the media. They want them out they talk about the 25 amendment they talk about impeachment they talk openly about it. They they had been tagging him with a obstruction of justice since day one for carrying out his presidential duties which can't be obstruction of justice. They're thrilled about a special counsel who's hired nothing but left wing activists. One of particularly this guy Andrew Weissman. Who's been admonished by courts in the past reversed by the Supreme Court on nine to zero why would a guy like Muller I can't. Why would a guy like Mueller be friends with Connie why would a guy like Mahler. Conduct himself the way he did. In the uranium one match. The president sees this stuff he's no fool. And he's trying to figure out how to deal with it and he's being told he can't fire this guy can't hire this guy he'll be impeached. He got Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham saying we ought to pass a statute to protect Mahler yet the media in the Democrats and some senate Republicans. Covering up for the senior levels of the FBI telling us that if you actually expose what's going on that somehow you're attacking the men and women who make up the yet. The end the FBI the magnificent heroes that work there. So the president is east. He's trying to figure out how to get out of the spots. That's what he means when he says when you fight back they called obstruction. Poet when he points out this kind of cave for what yes. When he points out this truck and page for what he reads what he sees and what they are. When he points out coney highest combing the leaker. When he had a when he says I'm troubled by this guy Rosen steam he is actually voicing everything we're thinking I'm watching too. And yet here we have been at times this is a great piece but because of its journalistic integrity goes these clowns expose themselves. Secret memo had setting new Republican target rod grosans. So the New York Times is protecting its sources. Only gets the FBI and the Justice Department. And even if the individuals aren't leaders they're people who support defend. And advance the lakers. The New York Times is is already positioning. The controversial Republican that contentious Republican memo. They're already positioned they could care less about civil liberties or the Fourth Amendment is the gentleman who caught brightly brought up. They care less about corruption at the highest level. There on the same team here. The same team. Which is the drive drunk from office. To drive the Democrats back in office. And to advance their progressive agenda. The maritimes is it to be trusted the maritimes and I've said it many times. In that case I talked cops refused the reported any stupid I don't know I don't know holocaust I don't know what. Because they've gotten moderate themselves decades later always showed a whoa is me we showed a halo like for those six million Jews. And this is a newspaper owned and operated at the time. By Jewish family to Jewish. But what are they be trusted now why is this the paper of record. It's the paper that every bird cage should be line. It's the paper that everything should be wrapped up. You know. Ladies and gentlemen. Need you cannot stop time. You can definitely watch those sag needs to be islets disappear wish Tammany brand new tennis now I litre. Here's Michelle from Modesto California I love your new genocide I would treatment. He really did a great job lifting and friendly nice to be islets Bravo chaminade for this innovative. And much needed product you can read Michelle's full review of in many many more. It Janice Al dot com. 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The new times histories filled with extraordinary recklessness but here at times history still with reporting classified information. Again pentagon papers for many more examples and save the Washington Post. The Washington Post. Had deep throat deep throat was the deputy director of the FBI imagine that isn't that ironic he was that deputy director of the FBI in charge of the Watergate investigation. And he was leaking the information to Woodward and Bernstein. It's not that they were great reporters there are great stenographer is they couldn't believe that bomb block. That. Deputy director of the FBI's handing them. Every fact about the investigation. Front page crap about Pulitzer Prize is and that's brought back proud bonuses evident that. Same things going on here. Ladies and gentlemen they can cockpit an investigation. Against the trunk campaign in the trunk transition. They manufactured one. That's why you don't read headline after headline with example after example of collusion between Donald Trump and his family. Or his campaign. And Putin in the rations. Whereas it. There are none. There are none whatsoever none. That the Senate Intelligence Committee find collusion between trump. His family members in his campaign with the Russians if so. And told us all. House Intelligence Committee hasn't found any have let the House Judiciary Committee know about the Senate Judiciary Committee know. How about the hundreds and hundreds of reporters have been reporting on this quote unquote. For going on eighteen months now that they found any such thing now. They have not. That's Howard Kurtz piece is very very interest in about mr. McCain to mr. Condit the leakage. But there's another thing about this story that I want to. And wanna read to you again. What turned up. When they set up preakness. I'm looking for the quote. Here it is CNN quote. Quote according to multiple US officials say the CNN. The FBI rejected a White House request. To publicly knocked down media reports about communications between Donald Trump's associates. And Russians known to US and toilet. So not only did they. Stat previous in the back for something previously Rubin did it. But they put out the word out there and this is the first time the only time of the last. That in fact there were. At there are acts of collusion between Donald Trump's associates in campaign. And the Russians known to US intelligence leaving the impression. Of wrongdoing. And mr. Mueller has been at it for what about a year soon the year spending a lot of money kicking down doors guns open I mean guns drawn. Threatening people with false statements and other things of that sort. Now you might say mr. Mueller has to finish it this has investigation or maybe that's. But even the media lackeys who again cover for his staff which also leaks. They no longer talk about Mahler. Signing are looking for collusion now there on the obstruction trail. Obstruction. They're looking for collusion. There is no collusion. And if deputy attorney general Rosen Stein did in fact approve the extension. Of this he'll legitimate. Warrant based on an illegitimate application. Look at it this way. Essentially a five cents application paid for by the Hillary campaign and the Democratic National Committee that's really what we're talking about. One man. Mr. Rosen Steve does have a lot to answer for even though the New York Times immediately runs to his defense which suggests that he is a cozy relationship. The New York Times. Notices only certain tribal officials in the administration that the New York Times attacks only certain officials. That the Washington Post attacks. Mutation went when they don't attack certain officials had to either because they agree with their policies. Or. The early days. And they protect them. When they go after somebody. With both guns blazing. It's either they disagree with their policies where they refuse slowly. It's really quite that simple. Let's go to an opposition fellow. Vincent Sacramento California Sirius satellite don't. McCall. Personal light fuel lobby at PI bit repeated that created team earlier efforts and under investigation and also those who is in the investigative team. All of lower promoting. And that's not the FBI investigative team he's a special counsel. It's been inconsistent. A fight from a from backlash they will come out like others. Who commands like close. Knew that created team if you multiply that. You know anything they they'll come out of flying color what does that mean. Or an adjustment to interpret not a lot of chance tonight but what does that mean they'll come out in flying colors what does that mean it. At least here investigation into a possible corruption and we have the permit to trump. The Pope this. I was there investigating possible corruption on behalf of mr. trump. They're investigating. The least they were told to investigate. Collusion. Now being the the the very sharp person you obviously are based on your current presentation. Do any evidence of the year that Pia that there's any collusion. Did you decide now why it's really simple question how do you or don't you. Yeah critic I did ask about possibilities do you have any evidence of collusion. No. Has there been any evidence leaks or are presented above board in the media. Of collusion yes or not. Yes where. Yes this Detroit rock. I got some new lady. Cause some other show they tolerate you and their proud of the fact that don't yellow people. I had I can't take. All right let's continue. And. Greens paranoid terror Carolina on the market then that power you. Yes sir I don't well the first off mark appreciate everybody's they're. Post on your screen her you know I'm. From all important call server with thirty years most of that there's been an federal law enforcement. As competitive. While they're really concerned. About besmirching the united specifically members lose the FBI are Serb. The people on the field. Part of the problem and they're not the want to that are going to be offended obviously the worst in the media report to a point a finger in there and boy he transferred you know this merchant this yeah I'm just carries but it. The people on the field you know they do their job this season administrators and from my experience. Both over the way the system is set up the people bit. You promote it also found little people are either Camp David jobs or willing to move their families. Numerous times. Certainly tells them their first final thank you for your services well but. We take something. I have no question whatsoever that the men and women of the FBI listen to this program. We're not in the upper echelons know exactly what I'm talking about. They know who their friends are in the media they know who their friends are in congress they know who their friends are in the White House. They were thrilled that Hillary lost they're concerned that the Democrats not take congress. It is a it is a rip it is a liberal Democrat medium Montrae. That those of us who are concerned about the integrity of the upper echelons of the FBI are somehow attacking the FBI. It is the same liberal Democrat media. Not complex. That is attacked local law enforcement. That attacked the FBI when they thought the FBI was giving Hillary a problem. So I know the FBI agents out there whether there's special agents field agents who whomever they are. They know full well exactly what I'm talking about. And they know full well that there is a huge problem here and I know because some of them come up the mean introduced themselves. I blew it and Evan walk again listen to use often. And I really appreciate what you do. 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Exactly I saw that don't let potentially well I'll give you in this bill budget and yet everything continuing his normal. They did they get you know it's fashion bug you only get one you know one day. The only place of the now how many people get fired local state and federal employees nearly feeling that fired a year. That you probably count on one hand. All right my friend I appreciate your call. I shot right turns. Hello everybody mark living here are number 8773813811877381. 381 when you know sadly we have. This is never enough certainly not for me as I walk through these things. We're not abandoning this issue by any means since we helped. Ignite it. We're going to. Adding another matter that is a profound import. To our conversation tonight. Texas matter immigration. Immigration for the Democrats is come down to this. Since they could not convince enough people to vote for them. In numerous presidential elections and other elections they decided to change the voter. They decided to change the vote. And that's what's taken place they have changed them. And they are committed business. In twenty years ago they weren't in today they got. When the F talking points came out from the white house on the immigration proposal as you know on this program I was appalled. Absolutely blown away that we went from 7800. Individuals. Who. The question was whether they were going to be legalized. To. Giving citizenship to one point eight million people and I point it at the time that's not correct it's far more than that when you take in account chain migration. They got a lot of push back from the cultists. Who said no. That's not the case because the presence can eliminate chain migration and of course that's not the proposal the proposal is. The nuclear family would stand tax at the parents can come over the presence sisters can come over and so forth and so on. And because the president that was even China that's generate hundreds legalize who missed about one point eight million. Receiving citizenship the actual number is closer to over 393 point six million is pointed out in USA today. So the number builds and builds and builds. And I also pointed out here that there be individuals commentators and TV and radio who would find this a brilliant. Stroke of genius. And by the president and the administration to expose the Democrats opposing. Want legalization. And you see folks from the Democrats take the presidency in the house and the senate again and they well. How though ran through whatever the hell they want. Because they're good added we're not. Even in the Washington Post. By accident. Reveal the eleven million figure I had read this editorial but over hot air they dated they pointed this out. Are very early this morning so all the other talk shows could pick up on it. Pretend they sought and here's what they wrote. President trump has laid out a framework for immigration reform does the post. He can't be the final answer but it contains the elements of unimaginable deal legislators who wanna get to yes should seize on those helmets and start working GAAP and why's that. One key to success between now and February 8 the deadline congress is set for itself is not to try to solve the entire immigration conundrum. A grand bargain is certainly imagine moats at some point. Democrats would get legal status for the you eleven million undocumented immigrants in the country. In exchange for stricter limits on and some changes in the nature of immigration going forward. Eleven. Million. Undocumented immigrants would get legal status. And for the Washington Post that means. He eventually citizenship. Eleven million. I think that's pretty damn close to the figure that I calculate it wasn't mr. producing. I said let's be conservative something effect let's take care. One point 839 and multiply whatever the figure was I think we got 9101112. Million something like that. And they're right I'm right. So we're not talking any longer about children not that we ever really where. We're talking about. Illegal aliens. Almost all of them getting legal status and the vast majority of them becoming citizens. I sit twelve million mr. produce more of Bacchus at twelfth while in the near in the Washington Post is off by one. Twellman. And you can kiss away the presidency. Virtually for all time Michigan Democrat running dressed up as a republic. As these numbers are just overwhelming. And of course the Washington Post and the Democrats want this number without securing the border. So the goal here. For the progresses whether they're dressed up as journalists or politicians or tenure pretend whatever they. Is to change the voter. Because they couldn't change our mind. To vote for the so the politicians are now changing the voters they're changing the voting base. To change the population. They're changing the citizenry. In order to accomplish what they wanna accomplish which of course turned the country inside out. This is quite shocking. In its going on it's going to seat the Democrats. If you states and they did experiments they take the biggest state in the country most populous state. Quite frankly the most important state is not I'm not in California I'm in Virginia but it is the most important state in terms or resource is in population in this Antonia okay. They took a state that elected Republican governor after Republican governor if Republicans go. A state that voted for Republicans for president Republicans for president Republicans from president including George H. W. Bush. Who won California. And turned it in twenty years or less in newly state that Republicans cannot win an election statewide. The less they throw some phony liberal actor out there. They cannot win an election statewide. It's a cakewalk for the Democrat nominee for any of the constitutional. Offices in that state it's a cake walk for their senate candidates. I mean even ran that rhino Whitman. A multibillionaire who spent. A fortune. And she got 44% of so the Democrats look at California they say hell let's Ronald Reagan he won the governorship twice he won two presidential landslides there. He was even by his name and party affiliation to carry George H. W. Bush over and now we've completely reversed course. Because of legal and illegal immigration and you know who saw this Pete Wilson's home. And he got behind a proposition called proposition 187 and he defended the hell out of it in and actually passed. Any. ACLU related judge. Overturned most. Of the proposition. He silicon and they also kind. And not California's one party state. It's a one party state you get 404445%. Republican. Yeah but that's pretty much as much as they get out there. And I feel horrible I've got a daughter has signed a law to grandchildren. And a son all living out there. And I've told them to get the hell out of there. And so the Democrats scene and they say how we can do this for the whole country. We can do this. If we can just consistently wins Florida. Or turn Texas it's over. It's absolutely over. But I remember when Nevada. Voted Republican presidential elections I remember when Colorado voted Republican presidential elections. Virginia voted Republican presidential elections. The Democrats had a helmet time. Winning the popular vote and cobble together the Electoral College. We won the presidency twice let's just be honest without ourselves and this is important. In 2000. And each 116 on the Electoral College which is the only way you can win the presidency. But it is a message that we lost the popular vote. In both those elections he can say whatever you volley a loaded them up in California. Yes they loaded them up in California we used to load of mopping California. But we can't do it anymore. We can't do it anymore. You could only lose. The popular vote in so many states were eventually can't overcome the defeat even with the electoral count you just can't. And the window gets smaller and smaller and tighter and tight. This is why what was proposed by the administration was so. Frustrating if not depressing. This is why the Democrats don't give a crap so shut down the government again it's just a temporary bump. In their long term plans temporary bump big deal. We'll get the White House we'll get that house the senate battle ran the whole damn I think through. And the president is proposing what is effectively the eleven million illegal. Aliens. Getting. Legalization. Even worse ultimately citizenship. With the promise of a border war it's going to be hard money we're gonna set up a trust you know where is the highway trust fund money gone. With a trust fund money in the two trust and Social Security gone into this trust fund crap like we're idiots. You get money. For part of the wall in the first year the Democrats take everything kill whole thing. How do we know this because that's what I keep going. The idea that we're debating on whether to secure our southern border right it's it more than northern border why. Because that Canadians are rushing in our country that's why. We can't leave that secure our border based on national security. Sovereignty. Criminal and other reasons that's not persuasive enough because the Democrat party is about the Democrat party. Because for the Democratic Party. It is very halted devoured. A civil suicide you know I hate to bring it up and I've said it up what how many times have dozen times. The progressive movement is that bastard child. Of marches. And what's the most important entity. In a Marxist slash Communist type country the party. The party is the country. The party. This massive administrative state which is quickly now called what. Whatever it's called the swamp bird. The administrative state I've written about this. For over a decade and that's the permanent government. This permanent government all these departments and agencies and not all but. Too many of the vast majority of the people work there. They're an appendage essentially the Democrat party the advance the Democrat party's agenda. That's what they do. So many ways the Democrat party and quote unquote the state the administrative state. In many ways or one in the same thing. When you get a guy like trumpet their ace as you know with the upper Echelon of the FBI won't address that obstruction obstruction. He says you know I wanna I wanted to make sure that people who are coming here aren't gonna harm us out in this certain it's countries. We're gonna put the moment. I'll look at that hit that can't do that so he can't do it. If he listens to them. Can't do anything. This is the thing that the S Psycho jobs like scar borrow and these other phony conservatives are one kind conservative or whatever the hell they are this is what they don't understand. What's at stake. Their sensibilities of so offended by tweets and so forth this is what they don't get. I'll be right back. Our whatsoever conservative review taking a look at immigration. He has a list of the thirty top countries of origin among the immigrants who received green cards 26. And they supply 71 76% of the immigration law. Number one by far as Mexico. Number two is China. He says no help Mexico dominates our legal immigration system in addition to sending us most of our illegal immigrants. Mexican nationals for the recipient of twice as many green cards is the second country in the list and this is in the case pretty much for every year over the past few decades. In fact since 196550%. Of all immigrants came from Mexico and Latin America. 29%. From Mexico alone is that fair is that taveras. Who voted for this. Obviously his neighbors we are bound to have a flow of immigrants from Mexico but does it make sense. That we should admit fifteen times as many from Mexico as from our neighbor Canada. And does so year after year after year for decades. Not a single European or western countries among the top twenty. Canada's number 25. UK's number 26. No other western country even registers in the top thirty. Seven Islamic countries several what Tron trust mart finalists are on the list and they've been moving higher every year. From watching the trends over the years and having some background on this issue he says rather than solely from the chart numbers it's clear that the top source countries. Our our immigration. Are not dedicated by not dictated rather buy America. But primarily by chain migration diversity lottery refugees asylum quasi amnesty policies. That allow certain illegal immigrants to obtain green cards this is not the immigration system America voted for. Nor is it the one that was promised us in 19651980. In 1990. Most of the top sending countries score the worst on important factors in a purely merit based immigration system. Country of margin would matter that much. But since it is not merit driving our immigration system the welfare usage poverty rates. English language proficiency among the immigrants from different countries matters a great deal. So let's take a look at some of these factors. Stephen tanner out of the Center for Immigration Studies today comprehensive analysis he looked at the top Sunni countries and he called the data from the census status. As statistics based on the countries and at the highest population of immigrants apparently living in America as a 2014. So because it's a different measure from the top green card recipients of 2016 all right fine. Now when eighty find some striking observations. Poverty the top twenty sending countries only immigrants from India and fiery station countries. Our act or near the average poverty rate of the native population thirty point 8%. Immigrants from Canada the UK are also below the native right. But they are way down on the list and transit immigration numbers Iran is the exception as it's immigration poverty rate tracks closely with the native rate. But we have other security related problems from some of the immigration from the Islamic republic so what he's saying there. In most of the top thirty countries. Most of the top twenty countries that send us the most immigrants. They're much poor. In our port in this country. Welfare once again immigrants from India Canada the UK on average have much lower usage is a welfare among heads of households than native families our own people. While immigrants from most of the other countries on average have higher or much higher rates of wealth for usage. If we presume Nigerian immigrants are less impoverished and the average base they're generally known high levels of education. We can likely included immigrants from only five of the top thirty sending countries have lower welfare usage than natives again. This point there is that the vast majority of countries sending people in this country. Those people most of them. Are using welfare most of them are much more than a poor American. Most of them when it comes to English proficiency. Are quite port. This is a problem and it's year after year after year. Pretty much in the top ranks the same countries are similar countries switching positions but Mexico. Is always the top. Country. What kind of diversity is that. What kind of diversity is that what kind of immigration policy is that you've got a failed country to the south of our border what man so. Horrific crime going on. And it diversity immigration is this I'll be right back. You're listening tool. And Ali. Race one another great one and you can call it now up 8773813811. In idea of the free subscription to on primus a free subscription in fact here's your chance to join a community of three point seven million conservative Americans. Who read it primus every month. And as always it's free as part of Hillsdale college's efforts to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty. You can subscribe now absolutely no charge ever at Levine for Hillsdale dot com LE CIA and trickles down that kind. In my site features seem primus addition by my friend doctor Larry on the president of hill's now and the world's leading scholar Winston Churchill. Doctor aren't shares three key lessons we can all learn from traction the choice for free and Levine for Hillsdale dot com. And not grind tells the inspiring story about Churchill's carriage to wake you when your children can learn from him about making wise choices. This terrific piece appears only in an primus the free monthly speech tonight is from Hillsdale College. In primus is one of the most widely read publication in the country but the largest circulation and a New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Teachers are very best in conservatives thought from heroes of the cause. Read this inspiring edition and start receiving a primus free every month. Total of Bedford hills down back com that's LEV IN print Hillsdale dot town all right. And taken many calls this evening so why don't mind champion. John south. Then Indiana on the market that that dealt with. Oh. That's what you're talking about earlier would be just. All this you investigate everything I just why did doubt and find it ironic. But the Democratic Party that was so against the Patriot Act now defends. The people. Blue abuse or what but why Jack witch fire whoever was created under the Patriot Act. Isn't that a fascinating point and I thought and I yeah. Well said well surrendered. It's good education insurance which shows us how ourselves. That party's gotten a purpose and the Republicans do but to Democrat who. And yet it's the biggest cup party in the country the Democrat party that tells you something soon thanks recall John be safe out there. Trade gal the on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace on the special counsel he has a message for all of you out there. Cuts for ago do you still tossed after all you've heard do you still trust. Special counsel Robert Mueller to conduct a fair and unbiased investigation. 100%. Particularly if he's given the time the resources and independence to do its job I'll. Loan. The time the resources and who stopped and somebody at a time watch watch out on him. The resource is our endless independents. Who isn't who stopping him. He says he trusts my 100% even after all these choices of hires these media doesn't even have a curiosity about that. I'm not a big galleries and ladies and gentlemen get on the floor can pretty good closing argument is a former federal prosecutor. But he's not particularly impressive to me. And he needs to change his barber. Go ahead. Did apply for the job but he's weary years because we haven't understood and attorney general who had to refuse to do and and I. He can't hit it. He didn't apply for did you. What does that mean. So he was plucked. For the job by his Buddy Ryan rose instead it doesn't matter if he applied for or not he accepted it and when you accept that job there's a certain level of objectivity is supposed to bring whether it. Go ahead. The motor and raise his hand and say hey pick me. We as a country ask him to do this and I know he is a country did not ask him to do this we as a country had nothing to do it. Why you wrapping him in the flag trend. I had to. Tip there there are two components as you're six under a big criminal component. But there's also counterintelligence. Component and no one ever talks about what actually everybody talks about it certainly I have repeatedly. If taken a counterintelligence investigation. As I've said is our buddy Andy McCarthy said and they've now criminalize. Go ahead. Actually an interesting but he's also going to tell us definitively what Russia trying to do in 268 non housing. Tell us definitively what Russia tried to do in 2016. When you knuckle heads can't do it. You can conduct your own investigation. You're supposed to be conducting it through the head of the government oversight committee you can rely on Mahler and sixteen people when you have access to god knows what. You can subpoena information to. You see this is a setup that's gonna hurt trop. Because he had goof balls like this and what they're written in Mahler is gonna say at the end that. That that trump was obstructing the trump was threatening that trump should have done this cited the other and the Democrats are gonna run wild that. Tre Kelley doesn't really see the horizon he really doesn't. He doesn't call balls and strikes either. He's gadfly in many ways like his his friends from South Carolina not as bad don't get me wrong. Lindsey Graham go ahead blast. How you an hour together until more Republican colleagues leaving the hell alone and that's still my advice. So Lieberman hell alone. Even though congress has a responsibility. To keep an eye on the executive branch mr. Mueller is different he's above everything and he's above everyone why because he was selected by the deputy attorney general than the acting attorney general. As special counsel all doubt don't say anything so I would gas. Mr. Gary actually not seeing many US parent. He's assistant US attorney have a federal judges. And they off the table to why did you tell us. And tell your colleagues but didn't comment on. Are they supposed to be blind to what Molly has done he's con dot. In terms of other search that they conducted a matter efforts apartment which was absolutely over the top. And how he's squeezing people with false statement ridiculous charges. That's dealt you gotta keep that in mind when you hit this guy all of a TV. He got to keep that in mind I'm not impressed with the sky police. And then there's Susan Collins. When you face the nation. Cut five ago. You have not weighed in yet on these two. A bipartisan bills that would essentially protects Robert Moeller from an undue firing. Does this latest news changer tab. Let us stop. Why do we assume it's an undue firing. The only reason mr. Mueller is not being fired quite frankly is because of the political backlash and it will be massive if the president does it and I strongly recommend that he not. He would make to Conley firing look like a picnic. So they're gearing up the trying to set him up for that. But let us not pretend well Muller's trying to do is trying to overthrow this president. And the fact that he wants to interview the president. About his constitutional. Authority. To fire subordinates his way over the line and I noticed that misty Galley who has a 100%. 100%. Confidence. In mr. Mahler. Avoids talking about the constitution which I'd love to discuss with. And now we have Susan Collins you know she's a Republican Matalin. Go ahead and. Personal I can and they need to groups of senator and her analysts and senator. I'm cones to punch senator Lindsey Graham France and about a group are very clean. On my. Our is our legislation that has strengthened. Safeguards in the mine now. I as very courageous very courageous that there working together to pass this thing. The most courageous members of congress no doubt about that. Go ahead. Send these special counsel. From a fire in and just as bad as he plays something genius and let me try this again. Does anybody know how bill becomes law. Both houses of congress pass it goes to the president he's highs in the long run. Right. What the president signed this in the law. To limit his options. Even as a theoretical matter why nobody is that. Number one let's go through the numbers number two. Since when can congress passed a statute changing the constitution might get me. Can't pass a statute. Protecting a subordinate from being fired by the president United States. He is the executive branch of parliament and Kelly wants to order them fired. We gonna pass a statute. Preventing members of congress from firing staffers. What is. This show again how stupid these people aren't it's all about politics. That's their point. What kind of precedent does this kid centric future president so what subordinates can a president fire. Have a long list of them now so who's gonna run the executive branch congress. Absolutely asinine and insane. But that's Susan Collins won't she show wonderful. Bipartisan. It's bipartisan. Well some things. May be bipartisan but they might be wrong. You may be unprincipled you may be unethical. They may harm the country. And spa day pyrite SN Katharine Hepburn Susan Collins. All right let's keep it. Roddy. Los Angeles cal. Aren't they great 87 EA and the answer doubt. Yeah you know it mark Revere America and I think you have similar views and so cute. Mobile I'm McCree okay that you put cut Ahmad black guys talk and Californians. Yes. And here at the point you'd hit a porn years ago that I held strong and you talked about how being criticized for everybody for racism so why in Denver on the researched conflict. And I invented character troll of sorts wreck. I've been kicked off with Twitter for life but I expose him from up from I really Truman with a member of the Ku Klux Klan. I don't know we're not gonna. True little you shouldn't group I can show you proof there. I'm shocker here dude if I can show you proof I don't anything our aircrew. You can't but the point is we have been hit them back where it would you create. You created if they want to have a baby on a great quit after that I'm doing Coke so yes that act act at your right. And they're debate on race is just calling people racists right. You have that that group and work through a bit of oh I'd better and affecting our I don't care go further than it like you pretty. And by the way I was referred to myself as an olive skinned Americans. Could cause I am. Back at. You're beautiful man you're betray my I didn't mean you can yeah. Yet people think these are you bigger than I thought yes I am. High riding god bless you my friend thank you for your call. Let's go to Kurt Lexington South Carolina the great WV OC how are you current. And mark they call me beat you of blind guys I've been blood Elmo live but I guess it's a blood in my family. That eighth largest client who americanize a statement does we've been all professionals working in the federal level. I look at his status out here aren't. I don't carry a guy he is certain. I was there yes I really slow it down there because I am clicked that they normally I had been. Schilling's improve the minister to organize time. March when he was governor. Of course Nikki Haley was the only one who listen to me. Current governor belonging to listen to me. And it just gets sick is this because. They'll have 800. From the education. To basically Ollie yeah trickling down pass Lindsay greens keep getting like that. That's your open primary system that it is just a distance it would mean I do it every one of these people and that's what I mean. And it tell blind people let's sit yet use this program here. And we had basically inducted this program. That TK take away attacked this time it's here rest stops. Update product as the rest and take away the blind people because they sit on it doesn't. Negate. My sister who passed away two years ago he says the same thing these people. See. And at least seen immigration. Amanda Maine and being yelled that were over the we definitely are over the break Klein Perry called back OK we'll be right back. Man oh man shipments Annie get anywhere near all the subjects and wanted to cover but I like to be thorough about these things and then course takes on your input. But I do want a place that's something that's very very important. To wonderful organization. It's called mind I'd be care. Only the and I heard it. But my ID cares been heard throughout. Corporate America. And throughout the most important government departments and agencies. That exist. I wanted to talk to you for a minute and that's something I think you really need to pay attention to because it affects you and your family and that's tax fraud. It's expected to be specially bad this year you know your taxes are due soon. In its studio that all fought Equifax breach that compromised the personal information for half. Of America's adults. Now with how clever the cyber crooks are these station you need a different kind of identity protection you really need to muscle up and that's exactly what I've done. You need someone who works for you personally. He takes care of you and your family personally. Providing best in the class service. So I'm very proud that we have this new sponsor a new partner. And that's and my ID care. My ID kit a company that has been taking care of fortune 500 companies for years. My IV care recognizes that individual's needs stellar protection to. So they're now offering their services directly. TU my beloved audience they're offering their services to individuals to consumers they never did that before. For less than ten bucks a month my IDK covers than nine types of identity theft. And they had years of experience for tax fraud but also many different cases like medical insurance identity theft to. So you know my listeners you get 15%. Off. Hit my I. ID care take care of you. That's my ID care. Dot com slash mark. And then and a promo code mark. My ID care dot com slash mark promo code marked its best decision you make you really well. And when I heard them and when I researched and it was a very easy decision. To work with them. In this very very difficult area this us cyber crime in the cyber crooks out there we're trying to rip you off and still your pension. Steve saving steely checking accounts steal your identity. My ID care. And ethical standards of the platinum stand there even higher so really what should check and a mine I need the care dot com slash mark. Take your right to the spot right to this website. And then use promo code mark. You get your 15% off that is now my protection and now my parents protection that's how good this. All right let's continue. Larry should tackle well and all the great W ell yes don't. And what they predict Michael. Yeah I mean you know regarding any trouble Russia meal or investigation it's amazing like he's had to pick it there's so many people out there it's still believe that and you have. I mean you have the mower team all the Democrats the majority of the mainstream media. And people who work for them you could probably fill a football stadium with people looking for the holy Grail that gonna tightrope to Russia which are never going to be fine. And you have not been after eighteen months and on the other side. You have all the information coming out give you know with uranium one Clinton foundation the corruption. At the top of the DOJ FBI and it's all because of a handful of people and you have Devin Nunez Grassley have people like Eric Carter. John Solomon. You know perhaps you Rhode via EIG and there are awaited spend a handful of other people out of our. Massive amounts. Of factual information. You know verifiable untruthful. And it just amazing. That there are still so many people that can't can't say as. You're right on Larry excellent call I appreciate it from Chicago Illinois. The great WLS. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. I hope you'll check elevated TV tonight it's a good one. And of course stick with us tomorrow right here will be on top of this memo and everything else. God bless.

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