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1/11/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 12, 2018|

On Thursday's Mark Levin show, There is a bombshell report by Sara Carter which proves Mark was right about Barack Obama’s FISA abuses! The Trump dossier was used by Obama’s FBI to gain approval for a FISA court warrant to surveil Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The bastardization of our ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello everybody marked the end here are number 8773813811877381381. Point you know there was a huge story. That broke yesterday but you wouldn't know it. He would not because. They're all kinds of efforts Preston chase shiny objects the latest one is the president calling the median. I guess some other countries. As holes. You know. Why do we keep bringing people in the country from these as holes. And of course mediate the liberals are saying now while that's racist. In other ways to say things are ways to say things and trump has his way but he's not a racist. Haiti's one of the most Iraq. Poorly run countries on the face ears for the people suffer horrendously. Horrendously which is why so many of them try to get out of there to come here. And there are places in Africa. In Asia. South of our border. As well as in Europe. Which are all those things what would you call Syria. So. So this is what's burning the at midnight candle for for the journalists out there this is what they're all worked up about. Many of whom have never been to these places many of whom would never live in these places many of whom would never vacationed in these places but that's the way it goes. But that's not what I wanna focus. And wanna focus on this big time story. This is enough. PGA media. But by Debra tiny but the fact is. It was broken by Sara Carter at fox the FBI you to listen. The FBI used. The unverified. Anti trump does CA. Remember that the one paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Alleging collusion between the trump campaign and the Russians to obtain a warrant. From the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court five cents. Says the reports Eric Carter yesterday. Representatives. Know we're gonna get into this this is a huge this is a massive scandal. The likes of which we've not seen. The best organization of our intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement. By a sitting democratic administration aimed. At destroying and defeating. A Republican nominee the opposition party. And after the election. His transition now this is a big deal this is the sort of things that happen and as a whole country's. Representatives of fort committees and no I noticed this does not offense. This is not offense. No big deal when it trying to divert our attention. Representatives of four committees that house Intel committee the senate Intel committee House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee. Been able to examine five cents documents. In a secure room at the Justice Department a corner of the Washington Examiner's Byron York. They were not allowed to take the documents out of the room more to copy them that they could make notes they that's no the answer. To the was the does CA used for spying question. The answer to the question is classified. However and as of yesterday morning no one had yet leaked to nevertheless later in the day yesterday. According to reporter Carter multiple sources told her that that does CA was used along with other evidence to obtain a warrant from the fights to collect. And our old buddy fox news's Sean Hannity corroborated the news on his show Wednesday night reporting that three separate sources. Told him the same thing. And this goes CA 35 page hit piece opposition paper. Was put together by former British by Christopher steel for the liberal opposition research firm fusion GPS. Which was funded this project by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Going to cart this sources also stressed that there will be more information in the coming weeks. Be guarding systemic. Ice that abuse. And this does he certainly played a role in obtaining a warrant added another senior US official. Would knowledge of the does CA congress needs to look at it FBI officials who were handling this case and see what if anything was verified in the does CA. I think an important questions for the FBI paid anything to the source for the doce. Now this source law enforcement source said the broader question was why would the FBI. Use a Democrat paid for it does CA. Actually surveil another campaign. To show you how fairly and fully correct the media. Most of the media are ignoring this. Most of the media are ignoring this this is such a massive scandal. We cannot live any free society. We cannot live in any free society. When administration's of one party. Are surveilling. Candidates and another party. Fort transitions. Of another party. On March 2 wasn't that the radio show mr. producer. On March 2 I came behind this microphone and I put together pieces of news articles and so forth and I told you. We didn't know about. Fusion GPS yet something wasn't right. That there was domestic political surveillance that took. Place based on the public record. Based on the public record. Now. I'm going to remind you about this because there was a concerted effort. Can shut down even the discussion of this. Because I believe. That we are not even close to finding out all the activity that took place by the prior administration. By the top level the FBI. By some of the individuals in our intelligence agencies. Clapper is a very political man Brennan is a very political man. The latter headed up the CIA the former head of an up at the end national intelligence activities. Not saying they were involved in anything I'm saying they were the wrong men in those positions and comito we know communism. He has serial leaker. But I let it remind you about this not to pat myself on the head. But to remind you how this began we still haven't gotten to the bottom of the unmasking activity. The felonious leaking a name this. As Americans. And Americans. Who are having discussions. With partners who are survey out like they're Russian ambassador. And their names were leaked to the media. A felony and a loose. And the Patriot Act. Absolute abuse. I feel the most. Comprehensive. Explanation what I saw coming in March. Was on this radio show marked march 2 was on that Hannity. Few days later but also on FOX & Friends. I believe it was on Saturday or Sunday. On the weekend edition Sunday. FOX & Friends Sunday march 5. It's about five or six minutes and that play straight through without comment I really hope you'll listen of this. And I went choose you listen to this to remember. I'm not inventing a single thing. Where I have questions I say I'm surprising and I questions. And after I did this program. Radio and TV. I came under a frenzy. Coordinated. Campaign. Of attack by the Associated Press. By CNN. By ABC. By MSNBC. And virtually every news outlet out there I was fighting them off I was responding to them even some of my friends in this business. They kept quiet they didn't step up. Some did most did not. And when you listen at this this is from mark this is what ten months ago. Cut fifteen go. On your Thursday evening radio broadcast laid out a devastating case about executive overreach of the Obama administration which many believe. At metamorphosis ties itself to tweets at present trump sent out on Saturday morning accusing potential wiretapping in trump tower. We wanna do your case here this morning to lay out what you know what you know about it the evidence you pass for the potential executive overreach. Of the Obama administration. Well thank nudity here at the evidence is overwhelming. This is not about president trumps tweeting this is about. He Obama administration's. Spying. And the question is whether it's spy we know they went to the fights a court twice the question yes. Who'd they spy on the extent of the spine. That is the tram campaign the Tron transition. Trump Sarah gets and I want to walk you through this the American people. Exhibit one exhibit want this is all public. Head straight to separate sources would links to the counter intelligence community had confirmed. At the FBI sought and was granted eight Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court. This spot. In October inning counterintelligence permission to examine the activity unquote US persons in Donald Trump's campaign which ties her Russia. Let me go on. Since that meeting they say the first Spicer request sources say name trump. Was denied back in June denied by the court and who. But the second was drawn more narrowly and was granted in October after evidence was presented they serve where possibly related to the trump campaign. And it's alleged links to two backs. Now sources suggest that they fight so why was granted a look at the full content of emails. And other related documents that make continuous persons I know people are hung up which prompts. Where wiretap and how they get access to the server information doesn't really matter who was wiretapping electronic surveillance for whatever was. Exhibit to the guardian while mount rightwing British papers. Here it is. Quote the guardian has learned the FBI applied for a wind from the foreign intelligence surveillance court over the summer in order to monitor foreign members of the trump he. Suspected of your regular contact for Russian officials. You don't mind this is going to presidential election. The sitting president the incumbent party is now investigating. The presidential candidate of the Republican Party and his campaign to some extent. The price of court turned down the application asking FBI counterintelligence investigators. To narrow its focus according to one report the FBI was finally granted they want an October. Exhibit three McClatchy another well known right wing newspaper. Here they have. The agency's headlines FBI. Five other agencies. Five other Obama administration agency's probe possible Covert Kremlin aide to trot. The FBI and five other law enforcement intelligence agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation direction attempts. It influence the November election including whether money from Kremlin. Todd Coburn created presidential elect Donald Trump is liable now online. This is even bigger than I was thinking of before they showed him. This does see it. Was used not only to get this morning. He failed the first time than they had that does CA in my view the second time and they got the warrant from the federal judge. On the phys court. And to me that federal judge has some mount answering to do as well. The ladies and gentlemen. Listen to that article that I'm reading ten months ago I now believe that doce circulated throughout our intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement agencies. I don't believe the FBI just kept it to itself. I believe the FBI shared it with the CIA I believe the FBI share who the with clapper is operations I believe they shared it. Throughout. A dozen or so federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies and counterintelligence. Department. I believe it was broadly used by the Obama administration and one thing that they tell investigators. To the best I know I'm Natalie no public reports. Do not seen the focused in on and they should as the presidential daily briefing. The presidential daily briefing what did President Obama know and when did he know what. We would know if they had those presidential daily briefings. And trust me. If they Faisal warrant is issued to investigate anyone on on the opposition's. Campaign where the opposition's campaign or any of that sort. It would be in their daily presidential briefing to the president of the United States. He would have known. Susan Wright would have known. Likely Ben Rhodes would have known and probably even Valerie Jarrett. Go ahead. That the agencies involved in the ink we are the FBI the CIA the NSA the Justice Department. They're treasury department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and representatives of the director of the national intelligence. You tell me Barack Obama didn't know was mono physical agencies as you know Ron Paul Howard I thought yeah okay to go on but not nightmares that their people exodus is a guy. Sorry. Because the media seems to be confused about call report. New York Times and other well known liberal outlet. Intercepted Russian communications part of inquiry into trop as host each January. 19. The FBI is leading the investigations aided by the NSA the CIA treasury department's financial crimes unit. Investigators have accelerated their efforts in recent weeks but have found no exclusive at the conclusive evidence Toronto listen to this. One official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications. Pat them probe Biden. To the White House. I'd like to stop. It's another area of investigation. That needs to take place. Exactly. What. From this fight set court warrant. From the does CA. From the east. Wiretaps cornea the media the suit out exactly watt was shared with a White House exactly what we share with president Barack Obama. I'll be right back. The break at the bottom of the active zone a little. The last segment from any continuing after the bottom of the hour. I hope you find this summer Rivet and not because it's my life. But because it lays out the case of what's been taking place this is the silhouettes. And I drew. It's now being filled in. When I was going through. The massive amount of media reporting because I decided to do my research which is what I do things started to become clear to me. And frightening to me. Now we know about fusion GPS we didn't before. Now we know that the dose CA. Produce what money spent by the Hillary Clinton Campaign in the DNC and opposition research which can also about the Kremlin they should collusion. There's more pollution than that on the left side. Now we know was used by federal law enforcement it was also spread around among intelligence agencies. It was used to get a fight so warm. Against an opposition candidate from another party fight Democrat administration that was doing everything they could do elect Hillary Clinton absolutely. He's Joyce Myers to not send my chocolate that place now. 8773813811. You know that's left tire running a fascist regime these first choice I wanna shut down his mind. Who quite serious that. I take this obligation. Behind this microphone very very very seriously. I'm not influenced by any other post national or local I do my own thing and call it as I see it I always sent. As when I did this program from FOX & Friends and brighter than on March 2 on my radio show. The next day after FOX & Friends on Hannity. And as they say came in the ring withering attack for a week. And there are a handful of people in this business who defended this majority of them sent on their hands he kept their mouth shut which is where they never shut up. And look how this is all taking place now. There's always had to do. Is read there leaks. I had to put him to get there. They weren't ubiquitous. They weren't in one simple place they weren't on a website where most of these top guys. Get their information I actually had to dig in do some work. Speculated they can do some work. And I didn't have all the pieces but is he former chief of staff to an attorney general Ed Meese in the Reagan administration. I knew this stunt to high heaven. And it does stink to high heaven. It's incredible and by the way. As I speak the media cannot stop reporting about and talking about trump. Asking and I paraphrase. Why we are importing people in this country from ass holes. Let me ask you folks a question would it have been better if he called the people in Haiti the. Or bulls would have been better he called the people and African deplorable is putting better better he called the people in central South America deplorable as. When he did better if he called the people in them. In Asia Russia or China so went deplore bulls. You see the same liberals who are offended by what trump sent. Hate us trash yes all the time. The American citizen we're deplorable there's something wrong let us. But you dare say anything about a foreign country. Then there's something wrong William how sick is that. More on that later. Back to this program on FOX & Friends sunny peak headsets is interviewing me. Poor guy but I needed to get through this. We only a couple minutes of this left. Back to exhibit for mr. producer go ahead. This is the new times another I don't know we explore another rightly note that in Kenya but that's. New York Times again. And SA gets more latitude to share intercepted communications in the final days of the Obama administration. Now the administration has expanded the power of the NS today. They shared globally intercepted personal communications. With the government's sixteen other intelligence agencies. Before applying privacy protection now why would they do this on the way out the door well march 1 exhibit six. Obama administration rushed to preserve intelligence I'm Russian election packing. In the Obama administration's last states listen to this some White House O officials scrambled to spread information about Russian efforts. Not undermine the presidential election. And about possible contact between associates are present electron and Russians are crushed a government. I'm not on the exhibit seven number. Stop right there that's separate their so they're getting their information from two sources that are active surveillance. Through the phys color. And other means through ongoing. Surveillance of the Russian ambassador and others through the back doors and they were. Through the back door getting information collecting it. On on trump world they were using the F Tyson court getting information on trump world. I say trump world because I don't know the specifics. Very few astute. And they were leaking information to the media we now know that the I believe that the text syndicate desk that senior investigators at the FBI I was leaking to the media. We now know that others for leaking the unmasking of names to the media this this is a massive campaign. A massive campaign against the president of United States a massive campaign. Go ahead mr. produce. Flynn is said to have pauper Russians about sanctions front took office will hardly get this information well mark you know the price a court. There are always monitoring the the Russian ambassador Osama I don't know. Maybe they are made whether or not but there's an awful lot of other activity so here we have Washington Post one more Washington Post march 2. US investigators. Have examined contacts attorney general sessions had. With Russian officials during the time he was advising Donald Trump's campaign. The focus of the US counter intelligence investigation. Has been on communication between trump campaign efficient in Russia there's no less. Iain green bonding sessions and examining his contacts while serving as Trump's foreign policy advisor in the spring. And summer of money sixteen this is being gone on for a year. Pretty incredible. At sixteen go. As you do on your radio program you lay out a devastating case based on public documents as you point out and not right wing sources but the mainstream left stream sources how confident are you that this new this investigation which was on Russian so called Russian hacking but now the White House says this morning will be broadened it to looking into executive overreach how common are even they find something now. I don't know but what they already found something the issue isn't whether the Obama's administration. Spy. On the Tron campaign or transition a certain limit segregate he issues the extent you can be 142. Time they were so aggressive they waited for. Five months ago back in October we speak for the general election they narrowed their request all of a sudden we at least coming out on Flynn. And we have eight all horrible meeting that took place between sessions and so Florida. And I'm telling you as a former chief of staff when attorney general of the United States in the Reagan administration. These are police state tactics know what Barack Obama now. You know everything I just read you part apart from one or two articles you know I know. His papers its right to act so Barack Obama not only knew this. But he gets a daily intelligence briefing and let me tell you something about bailing intelligence briefings if you're an attorney general. And you FBI has gone up fights a court that did that hey why aren't. To investigate aspects of an up opposition party in the middle of a general election campaign. How much you wanna bet the president of the United States knew that I don't wanna hit is on the Kenyan. And online again and ladies gentlemen also. You heard that clip. They were surveilling. And they got the name of Jeff Sessions senator. Now I went to listen. Some thinking about this as safe as we go along. This is how they forced his recusal. He got his name as a senator he did absolutely nothing wrong he didn't convey anything he wasn't supposed to come today. He didn't coordinate with the Russians these are absolutely innocent. Non substantive events. And yet they used to. The first of all trying to destroy him. It subsequent hearings in the senate. But they used it to pressured him to recuse himself. This is how diabolical all of us it. If they can take at a trump loyalists. And that's what they do it. That's what they did. After I brought all this out. In these various programs my radio show FOX & Friends sunny Hannity on Monday in early march. The media the New York Times and he's on the left wing Alex essentially shut down their investigative activities because they realized. That what I had done. And I said OK we believe the we believe he'll. I've got these disparate reports. This reporter sang this for this news agency gets reported saying this for this news didn't see this reporters saying this over a period of months I put a big. Gathered look what's going on domestic surveillance political surveillance of trump world. I Obama were out. And now we know that Hillary Clinton's campaign in the DNC pay credit CN. Which was coordinator what Kremlin apparatchiks. Through right. Ex British spy you never would have thought that this could be a Little League and we'll be what do you police. And yet. We have a special counsel investigating. Trop. And try to work out great collusion with the Russians weather is not a scintilla of evidence. Or hey sellable and any report. That justifies it he's not investigating. Mahler and his team have tax. And is FBI lakers. He's not investigating they Hillary Clinton Campaign in the DMZ. And Olaf permanent mark alas he's not investigating that I've. The ex British spy and what the Kremlin did reduce his associate. And inhibit the economy and the rest of them he's not investigating that. He's investigating long ago financial deals. Where emperor. He's pretty processed crimes. All narrative has been turned on its head. You have top officials still in this government. Talk officials and then the last government. Where are you losing power as if this was the old Soviet Union. And what I brought it up when I bring it up. I am attacked. One of the most ruthless. Mindless. Blues are people on TV today and knows is is Brian Sell their house and state. Comes after me Tom what congress. You don't know that there was applies to court application. I should read a report yet that it yet that the only conclusion you can read my you don't know that so wanted to investigate it well we are. Is this guy ever said you know what you're right and I was wrong and I should really pursued that well. What is he going. Every weekend on CNN. Attacking the president saying that he's mentally you know he's mentally deranged. Brian stuffing got to look at America that you're defining yourself you're a disgrace. At that time normally really neither free press at a time when you really meet. Investigative reporters. We don't have the. Well good news outlets that where cable satellite. Would Ollie news outlets out there. With the billions and billions of dollars they spent in quote unquote collecting news and presenting news. They will not go here. Because they're protecting. Best damn well this century not just this century the last century. There has never been anything like this. Never. And there's only one political party trying to get the answers and even and that political party. There's only a part of that political party that's trying to get the answers the Senate Intelligence Committee is more interested in bipartisanship. With the obstruct. Isn't a Democrat might have been getting to that bottom out. This Senate Judiciary Committee is trying to get to the bottom out. The House Intelligence Committee. Anti hero DeVon newness. Is leading the way trying to get to the bottom of it and look what they did bring him. Ethics complaint filed against him he had to step back for a period of months now he's back they try to take him out. As they tried to take via. Why why they so worked up what are they hiding hiding everything. It's amazing. And the irony is in the end they may get a lot from trump that they want. Based on the last week or ten days. But you see for me ladies and gentlemen I can disagree with this president. On the meeting he had and hope for the best with the respective immigration. But. Where we all must draw the line. Is when he is the mentality is that our federal government which isn't usually power. I used pick her up the constitution. To reverse they relent results of an election. You do that destroy the heart so all of our public we must stand up and fight it. We must do we have a Democrat party why are they working so hard. We actually have Democrats separate puts rocket Democrats who have. Complained to the Justice Department why did you release those texts. About that FBI agent. Who is cheating on his wife and the woman he was cheating went why did you release those text that show that bad guys partisan act. Why you really shouldn't art texts. That's certainly suggest they read leaking of the media and I told you want to go out senior people at the FBI. Obviously leaking at the media with the media and they have a history of and they are code mainly to the media. This guy stroke plea to the media. His girlfriend may have linked to the media and I bet there are others. The names of unmasked American citizens. In the course of barring counterintelligence surveillance leak of the media. Where's the ACL Leo no when I was left wing civil rights groups you know where Nowak. What is the great freedom of the press not aware. Yes me sitting in my little bunker I'll be right back. So by the way we'll continue this but I just wanna get into the Iran disaster that is unfolding on Capitol Hill police by court here. This information by coworker has never seen the work man worked so hard on behalf the Iranians in my life. It's true. Unbelievable. The working for illegal aliens are working for the Iranians American people the deplorable Xena. Here's a great New Year's resolution resolved right here and right now that January is the month and 2018 is the year. He you're gonna stop living in fear the iris. Resolve right now to stop worrying if today is the day the Irish as a pitcher work. Resolve the stop lying awake at night wiring how you'll provide for your family if to the iris garnish your wages and freezes your bank accounts. Turn your resolution into reality he called the number one tax resolution for an optimum tax relief. Optima knows that behind every tax problem are good people people family's home savings and paychecks. That need protection. Now this explains how they've resolved over half a billion dollars in tax debt. For their clients and their eighth plus rated with the Better Business Bureau. Bless these guys are experts in helping their clients take advantage of the fresh start initiative. Perhaps the biggest break the IRS has offered give yourself the gift of resolution this year call the experts that I trust. At optimum tax relief here's they're number I strolling Kerry to use it. 80499630800. Point 996300. That's 804996300. I'm right Marc Tyler Texas that Greg KT BB quickly sir ago. I'd like if you do a little bit nation the Justice Department all Americans a big favor. I'm likely to do another time line just like it did for the wiretap. Purdue a timeline. For the destruction as Cheryl Mills. And Heather came off since Clinton's attorney. But Kobe gave them a green light that they could destroy their computers. They could destroy the laptop computers. And it that they FBI what they were searching their computers. As it relates to this server fiasco. That they would not go laughter anything illegal search or computers. After January 31 between fifty. The good market guilty that time line and get on FOX & Friends you're gonna see it's just gonna blow wide open. The computer were destroyed in September 16. Mark oh I became. Art fusion back in April 16. March before. And this number sixteen what is what this was just piping hot. It but he could just do it again you could do. This America. You a year prosecuted. They'll former prosecutor that's correct Democrats do not call or talk before markets it can remember what time. Honey your shot suggestions they can tell me it made. It's Egyptian justice under prosecution one don't want what don't we didn't fit allowing. Bills and Taylor had immunity and not get there for testimony. I'm mark great call we'll look into this soon god bless you we'll be right back. Somewhere from deliberate. Everybody Marc the men here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. A final couple minutes left. And when it jumped into Iran we're gonna have. The great. Former ambassador of the UN from the United States Sean Paul and on here because a lot going on. And it turns out Bob workers every bit as diabolical as I've said he has. And with the secretary of state Tillerson and the second offense madness the lead. Dogs. And mad dog I think works in this instance. In capitulate into Iran I mean I know that sounds amazing. But that's the wet noodle triangle right there the wet noodle triangle is Corcoran. Mattis and tell us. I'm told McMaster somewhat but less so so all I'll move him out of my sites were talking about Mattis. Telus and incorporate the wet noodle trying. Which is giving this terrific advice to the president United States in the case of corporate he has absolutely gone broke. In his leaks to the media are endless and I'll get into that later anyway here's the final clip I wanted to play for you from march 52017. FOX & Friends. But my friend Pete headset and a and that's all Abby Huntsman in this case. That's seventeen go. How does this play out in a neat how are they gonna continue to cover this story. Me first say this is the case may meant a New York Times the Washington Post McClatchy and the rest of them I just put it together as a former Justice Department official. And it then and Donald Trump here's being attacked for what between about trump as the victim his campaign is the victim his transition team is a victim. His surrogates are the victim is a police state tactics I'm telling you this is a former key for the stamp an attorney general. If this has been done a Barack Obama all hell would break loose and it shut. And Barack Obama's statement is pathetic. IR and we I let me just say that's what does it go from here. They ought to release both fights a court application. Where they sought the walk the one that's. Up here they finally have apparently. In the sense that certain members of these India Intelligence Committees have been able to view. The applications. In not I'm guessing the vault room in the basement of the Justice Department which I'm quite familiar with the go right ahead. Hobart so we know exactly what they weren't going that's number one number until. Congress needs to see the daily presidential intelligence briefings over the past year or sell. Those are the beginnings. That they serious investigation number three for the Republicans in congress she controlled the majority. The Democrats do not want to assist and they Walt. Because I've started to thank Chuck Schumer and the others are participating in all this cover up activity. And plow ahead without but this is important to the country we cannot happen. A shinning presidential administration. Unleashing six federal agencies intelligence. And law enforcement. I don't mean the president personally sitting there as you know I'm Valerie X I'll get up. Obviously the attorney general and the FBI warned Bob goodness this is I get a Pfizer court application. Prepare and submit it. Do you see you thank god you think former President Obama was involved in this and if so. How much was he involved. I'm not Nostradamus here I just think that we ought to find app and I will tell you this he's more involved when he sets I mean it's his executive branch which is Justice Department. I'm the IRS all the side the IRS's is targeting American citizens I don't know anything about it. We have reporters including James Rosen EA he worked. With the Obama administration did more investigations and recorders and any administration in American history they're quite capable of these things. But it doesn't matter. We wanted to know what took place and there ought to be public hearings on this stuff till I agree with the Democrats let's get to the bottom of this so joining me. Join us this is the public record if it's the newspaper of record he icons let's go. And of course a lot has happened since that ten months ago has not. A lot of what I said has taken place a lot of what I could. Determine what I could discern had taken place did take place. And there's more to find out. Is much more to find them and it's really sad other than they relative handful of Republicans most of them conservatives on Capitol Hill. The Democrats their diabolical behavior. Run circles around Republicans Republicans have no idea. What hits them whether it's immigration whether it's Obama care whether it's taxes. Whether it's. That's what's going on here weird to ease funding the military in order if and to accommodate the Democrats who insist every dollar increase for the Marines we need a dollar increase for food stamps. Now when a swing into another issue. Is the smartest audience of all audiences so you can keep up with this stuff back your way ahead of me. I wanna get back to Iran this is going on now here we can chew gum and walk at same time many places they can't. Here's a headline story in the weekly standard senator take crews waving Iran sanctions would be a serious mistake. As lawmakers work on a legislative fix for the Iran deal that Texas senator says it endangers American lives. This is the same regime that killed hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of American soldiers in Iraq. I just what you remember that. Senator Ted Cruz. Today suggested that president Donald trop. Buck members of the farm policy establishment. We desperately trying to say the 2015 Obama nuclear Diaw and not waive sanctions lifted and the agreement ahead of a series of related deadlines. Waving the sanctions. On the Ayatollah while protesters are dying in the streets could be a serious mistake mistake Kristol the weekly standard. We should be doing everything humanly possible to support and encourage those protests to tell the Iranian people we stand with it. Not trump must decide folks in coming days whether to continue waving sanctions on Iran. That were lifted under the nuclear idea not waving the sanctions Cruz said is a step that naturally follows from the president's refusal. To certify condition related to the nuclear deal in October mainly like continued sanctions relief Koran. It's proportionate to the measures taken by Iran under the dip into the sad thing about this is. Say what you will about George W. Bush George W. Bush put in place. Economic crushing sanctions against. That regime was teetering. Who was on life support. And in comes. Obama. And incomes Hillary Clinton and then later in comes John Kerry in comes the appeasement Europeans. Incomes are Russians who see an opportunity in the Chinese who see an opportunity. In our government. Under Obama is responsible for the transfer of 150. Billion dollars to regime that was teetering. And regime. That is a direct threat to the United States a direct. Threat to the United States. They're not building ICBM has been hit Jerusalem they're putting IC MGM's they hit Jersey City that's what they're doing. Hello I intend to hit Jerusalem took quite frankly. Cruz said. There are voices in the farm policy establishment world in Washington who are desperately trying to say beer and you know even though it has failed. It endangers American lives and endangers the lives of all our allies. Now the culprit in this ladies and gentlemen right now. Actually there's three of them in the app. That would be out. Madness. But what the Pentagon. Is kind of mad dog he's a lack. So wrapped up. They sat this new little triangle. There's no no not iron triangle noodle triangle menace Tillerson always always. The joke. And court there. Tillis and incorporate so close that Tillerson is higher record for aid is one of his top. Advisors. So they're working you see Corcoran and Ben Carden dumb as a Dinah. They're in discussing a legislative fix with the administration. That could satisfy a months old demand from the president to resolve the deals flaws. Trump born in October a few minutes is that that that them. And work with congress and I'll but it these have flaws I'm fixed he's gonna came in the deal book can't. Beat Maryland Democrat hesitated to describe recent talks with the White House's negotiations and noted that. Track officials are still working on winning European supported prerequisite for democratic backed. I am told by an inside source quite frankly in the White House. No trump officials are not working with the Europeans. Quarter is working with the European. Court has gone broke. Market. There's still working on talking New York to see whether they can get that type of commitment. Senator quarter and I both set the stage two months ago. As says this guy carton. When we said you've got to get you are on board and you can't violate the nuclear deal. Cartons said he does not have a copy of the draft legislation but said that to his knowledge the administration has been distributing copies to the Europeans again. Court appearance. I believe that language is changed over time I'm not even sure where they are on that so calm so pardon supports this. He doesn't and look how he supported it doesn't care. He doesn't care he's there to defend Obama's legacy that the American people. This is a disaster we're on the disaster where on the precipice of a yet absolute disaster here I'll be right back. And I hope that time whether connection. For John Bolton. We'll keep working on it but. You can pull this off the good connections and since we've seen him keeps going staccato there's no point so work on it. I'm very very troubled. By the Sarandon because I believe this Iran dealers eventually gonna wind up with a us going to war with Iran. I've talked about the comparison even though we don't need to make fun between North Korea and Iran North Korea is a terrible threat to this country. The only geographic. Designs that North Korea has frankly is on South Korea. Now that's not good I'm not dismissing it that's terrible. But it ran. Is a theocracy it is an Islam home Nazi regime. And it's vision. Is a worldwide Collison. Now a worldwide policy it is not possible unless you blow America off the face and hear what you conquer America. Moreover. They're not building ICBM is. They hate Yemen. There already they've already overthrown the government union. They've already secretive themselves. Really openly not even a secretive themselves the government in Iraq. They have a big foothold in Syria. The working closely with the other nut job and Turkey period again. Hezbollah is there terrorist militia wing. In Lebanon among other places. They're trying to topple the monarchy in Saudi Arabia they are trying to topple. CC in Egypt there obviously have is the goal. A second holocaust. With a Ezra. This regime was teetering Intel Barack Obama Hillary Clinton later John Kerry. The peace we Europeans. The Russians of course the Chinese of course decided that. Let's say the regime. Obama. Is worse than double came on I've said this now. Since this DR who's instituted. Neville Chamberlain didn't finance. These Third Reich. Barack Obama has financed. The little third run. Islam on Nazi regime in Tehran. He also as we have learned. Told the Iranians when the Israelis were prepared to assassinate. The top terrorist general in Iran that's breaking news today he tipped off the Iranians. We've had two incredible reports. Incredible not only because of the reports but that they were in Politico by Josh Meyer. Who's the best as I can tell doesn't have an ideological agenda. In his first report. Heavily substantiated. I like Mike wolf running around trashing trump this as a serious journalist and yet he's not paid attention to the way Mike wolf that. His first reporting went down case after case after case. Of terrorists and would be terrorist. How the Obama administration let them off how the Obama administration did not seek. To capture them. Even though many of our. That's federal departments and agencies were prepared to do so we're poised to do so including one. Uranium. Who is getting materiel to the regime in Tehran that would be used to contribute to their nuclear effort. That is unbelievable. They writes a second piece of few weeks ago. Citing on and off the record top sources in the government and former government officials. Who say we rim out to crush Hezbollah. Crushed the and their massive drug ring. All over the world which was bringing billions of dollars and of their terrorist operations. They're terrorist operations. Which reach far beyond the Middle East. Project far beyond the Middle East including you know our own hemisphere. And Barack Obama stopped them. He stopped. And then of course tonight we learned that the Israelis had to be on the the top terrorist in the regime. The general of the cuts who's responsible for so many hundreds of American soldiers being killed. And so many hundreds of them being maimed losing their limbs losing their site losing parts of their stolen all arrest. The Israelis. We're gonna take him out. And Obama. Alerts the Iranians. And sabotage is the F. What you think about this. And all night tonight. The news is Donald Trump being attacked for calling certain countries or areas of the world ass holes. I said he said it just said we don't need deplore balls from those countries then then it would have been like Hillary Clinton. But they would have attacked him for that. Where racist jerk I couldn't believe that's it on and on all night. The world's burning. And this is what they talk about. We don't Iranian video. Is there another person in the country talking about this on the radio I don't know like hitting it wasn't any much is that the president the country on TV talking about this Iranian DR. What's going on in the shadows with this road senator Bob Barker Bob Barker who helped eviscerate the treaty clause but marker who ensured. To ensure that this deal goes through it despite the fact that he doesn't Terence has it against. And it proves my point it underscores that put an exclamation mark about it. That he wanted this deal. Because now he's doing everything it can't protect it like that bridge over the rhetoric why this is that bridge. Well that British colonel building a bridge was slain British labor. Deal. You. Need supposed to blow it up. Supposed to blow it up with a Japanese troop train comes across and he well. He's someone love what this bridge. And ultimately it does blow up. Then that's not so well done he shot and he falls on the playing here in the bridge blows up you know but. Our Bob Clark air. He's a British panel in a movie for Bob Barker this is that bridge. They're land deal. And mr. Madison over there at the Defense Department all of talk about mad dog and I kind of mad dog over that sounds like a lot dog debate. And Rex Tillerson is Exxon mobile's. But up the phone. I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen. It's true. It's true. What a bunch of the floor office. I'll be right back. And almost no that's 877313811. And the liberal contact number is 87738138. U weapon. You know if you're starting off this and new year with some resolutions can I suggest one that we should all try together. 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We're not gonna get John Bolton connection just doesn't work commands an unannounced I can do about it. Hi let's go belly. Manhattan they great WABC in New York don't. Ask me because what. Yeah see you say to me about. Talker it's a mile course running amok or stroke not putting misplayed socket data it's like. Separate quarters that the likely to present you expatriate not. While the concern I have is the president's. Cabinet you've got to listen who's advising the president to follow court there. You've got Mattis who's advising the president to follow corp they're actually working with corporate. And I think the president the way he manages is he's he's gonna sit back and wait and see what comes them so when you say. You know why does he put cork in his place and that sort of thing I don't think he views it that way and it concerns me a lot and hopefully HR McMaster will step up. And help president with a somebody needs to. Not in a press the president to meet with Tom cotton. And take crews and a handful of others. And get those full I get the full spectrum of what's going on here. That does a rotten deal when he ran for office it was a rotten deal with a Obama unconstitutionally. Instituted and it's a rotten deal today. I'll just wait to try to get the distinct exit. Mostly coastal walk you know try to bring it to become your practice. And the two it just kill it be done Leno. I'd rather thank you. For Reba in Beverly. Hills high gas California serious satellite Perry you. It's my yes I'm fine thank you. No right listen. Well today he I wanted to talk about him as an Iranian and Jewish stepped came and primary cut am seven years after did a position. And newbie and you've got lots. And to be. And who believe. Naturalization and everything that you were talking about there. That carry government to appear on. Yes and what I have. I am allowed that the Iranians. Have then went in came to conclusion is that. Do Obama was brought in by facilities. And was his main. That targets. What I mean and uncle who was it sudden vision of America and he did not think for even the black people in America. And he as you know. Let me just correct he was one brought in by the saudis he was brought in by the progressives the radical Kook left in this country. Can beat you with the community organize that nobody has our camp I grew up so he never once mentioned radical Islamic terrorists why he isn't. Yeah like that he was part of it. Can't listen. I can't go there that he was part of it if you suggestion in the mean that he p.s that. In funded yet in the case of Iran I think you're right I wanna thank you for your car and when you folks to think about something. And it's headed back then. Nobody. Has given more money. To the cause of terrorism. Than Barack Obama when he repeated so media matters to him nobody. Has given more money to the cause of terrorist. I find in the Islam on Nazi regime in Tehran. Then Barack Obama. It's incredible to think about it. Because it's true top Washington DC think. Make WM ET Al well. Yeah out and do a little off subject but good food. From earlier discussion and Ingrid just drives me nuts. I wish the Cornell we keep saying and I hit eating here supposed to export. And I let me just producer let me put on hold a minute. We finally got a connection with John Bolton we've had been a little trouble getting a connection jump ball very of their sect. Here what are your travel order our car our power I it's no sweat. I wanna get right to it this Iran DR I'm quite concerned about the workers go on row here I think he's working with a all the worst elements in this administration including the secretary of state he's in my words not yours. This is a deal it ought to be killed or trying to revive it in fact again make it almost impossible for this president or future president's. To every kill a deal like this what have you heard. Well I hear much the same thing I'm not sure the president has actually made a decision. I just wish that there. This I could because they do and how strongly I hop Helfgott echo how important it is. At this particular moment in history to kill this deal entirely both YouTube and I've got. There he goes to strategic. Stake for the United States and it was entered into in 2015. It doesn't matter whether Ron has violated deal or not although I'd be prepared. To discuss at considerable lot just exactly what they're about Kelly yeah. The fact is the deal is harmful to the United States and we should get out of a certain spot but a especially now. When we seen people rise up in over a hundred cities across Iran. To demand the end of the regime chanting death to Khamenei to trying to get out from this. Extremist terror supporting game. Now to not to turn the screws on the extent possible. I just think it would be a tragic missed opportunity for the president not to follow his own in banks. About how to handle. Have you been contacted buying them for advice by HR McMaster the National Security Council directed. Had you been contacted for advice by the secretary of state Rex Tillerson. And I think contacted by advised by man's dog. And Matta so there at the Pentagon. Never mattered. Mr. Courtney has he asked do you fear input. No I'm not waiting for the phone but it's something that. OK so here you are one of the most brilliant. Farm policy thinkers we have in this country. He served in the Reagan administration you served in the Bush Administration knew where a great ambassador to the United Nations your strategic thinker. And not a single top official in this administration. His console to give and mr. Corcoran whose background is in developments. And building malls he hasn't consult a deal. Don't you try. Some little odd. Actually I don't know I tell you why that people who were advising the president. Not content out of the deal could prove it put it a few pinprick sanctioned tree human right violation that not to bring back. It really sweeping nuclear sanctions. Are people who don't wanna get out of the deals ever. They are finding ways to extend the are adherence to the deal hoping against hope that every three months every ninety days. They can find another way to persuade the president to they had and what they're pursuing now. It will eliminate that ninety gates certification requirement in Cairo. So because they know every panic comes out the president gets agitated he knows what he wants to do what the deal and there's a risk that one of these days. He'll actually get out of that so the way they're sick that this is people keep talking about. Centers on not bringing to the president's contention. But the deal still exist and it's still harmful to American interest naturally has. It's not whether. Our European friends will be irritated because some of their deals with Iran will be affected. It's not whether the Ayatollah will be irritated it's. Is in America's national interest this deal was a bad deal for America a dangerous steel and funny fifteen. And it has not gotten any better with age. You sit back sometimes as I do look at this and ask yourself let me ask you if you do. The amount. Of push and fight. To. Sustain this deal. By Bob corkum and some other public. It is absolutely mind boggling. The case about worker. He greased the skids for this. By setting up a statutory. Regime which got around the treaty clause of the constitution and flipped everything on its head where president could veto. A congressional objections to his DR and they would need sixty votes. In order to override his veto rather than him needing two thirds of the senate. For a treaty and Bob Parker is on TV saying I disagree with this deal. And now today he's fighting he's the lead fighting to keep that he can't seriously say he disagrees with the deal now penny. It it's just inconsistent with the position he's taken in the past the fact here. Obama didn't want consideration that this treaty so he never submitted the document to the what that means is. If you're in the senator people even the Senate's constitutional treaty passed you've got to fight for. You've got to cut off appropriation for the State Department you've got a weekly administration up he's got to use the power of the purse. If force Obama defended after the treaty if he had it would have been defeated them until I think anybody. Understand that history. Who watched this thing go through I give I just think it's reprehensible I give enormous credit Tom cotton who I believe was the only member of the. All you want your court record they're the only one. At that time that I have a different take on this divine due to lower when we leave here which is. The senate doesn't even have to wait for this president to submit it if he's going to go ahead and push forward with a steel through international organizations and so forth. Mitch McConnell could listen we're gonna treat this as a treaty. He doesn't have the right to bypass us we're gonna treat this as a treaty we're gonna debate the language as he's put forth a more than a load it. Up or down and we'll see at the Supreme Court. Yeah I don't I think it is it constitutional requirement that the president submitted to the senate I think. That was part of the design that the problem that it has occurred over 7200 years is that credit has to give it up. The bulk of its treaty ratification power. But if there were ever an international agreement for the senate to take a stand and fight to get their power back. This was and facilitating Barack Obama being able to implement this treaty was put a huge tragedy for the country. And worst tragedy could have been that constitutional third. President shall have power buying and with the advice and consent of the senate to make treaties provided two thirds of the Senate's senators present compare. We have rules disagreement out of this that doesn't much matter nothing happened anyway. Now but the point is that this would say an international agreement that should have been presented to the senate this is precisely the kind of arms control agreement. That has historically always gone to the that. And for Obama to disregard. What I think was the clear. Purpose so that the ratification quad should've caught the senate and I might say the house. To have a year constitutional struggle it did not happen and other detract. I my friend John Paul we appreciate it you take care yourself. OK art you're here click here right there his former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton. I just handled the screen with a it's it's it's really not relevant here. But the exact. Text he is that the president quote shall have power line with the advice and consent of the senate to make treaties provided two thirds of the senators present compare what I would have won target on the senate floor. He is okay we're gonna treat this as a treaty whether he submits or not there's nothing in here about submission of course he should. But we've got to stop this kind of government by a presidential Thea especially when it comes to a massive international. Treated like this. That has enormous consequences for the future of this country that's just my take that's what I would of them are we'll be right back. That are twenty trillion dollar in. National debt. Over 200 trillions in unfunded liabilities. 120 trillion dollar fiscal operating debt is estimated to be forty trillion dollars in the next twelve years. Is anybody talking about controlling the debt anybody. No it debt train this large can only be headed towards disaster. 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Keyword Markel event opium capital specialists Chris standing by right now for your call. Right now they're there. Again call count to fifteen and say mark the event pound 250. Mark Lemmon now's the time to diversify. The stock market's gone through the roof. Things seem calm but the deck is exploding. The debt is exploding. So protect yourself. Diversify there's no pain in that. Call pound 250 can say mark the event. All right let's see we can slip in a caller right now. That is gonna Fred Morrison Minnesota on the mark within that goat. Yes mark and so does. Thinking about this students. This sanctions against Eric and I couldn't help but it post this here parallel between. You know what congress says you know and then they have the president. And it's up to the president to implement and win the congress passed a lot saying that Jerusalem would be the capital Jerusalem. He was always have to the president. On home alone. When congress passed the law yet but the president had to trigger it. Go ahead. She writes and so and so finally said okay we're gonna recognize Jerusalem as the capital. In the congress is up in arms about it and here we go again with the Iran sanctions and every thirty or ninety days. Congress heard the president has served to the sanctions. And this is seen since there's a parallel here that this congress. The man then one of the men who was the primary. The drafters of this bill was Corcoran. And Bob corkum was there any history not as a footnote the one of the great Pisa isn't American history. And one of the great violators of the constitution American history. He. Work you need bipartisan fashion and see that's what's so exciting it's bipartisan. To give Obama everything you wanted to Obama worked to give the Iranians everything they wanted to and that's why we are where we are. Excellent call my friend I appreciate it. All right folks we'll be right back. On live under the bridge. Everybody mark live. Living here are number 8773813811877381381. When you know there's. There's a problem out there. When I say things TO on the radio. I mean I do speak in plain English right it's not broken English it's not my second language. I use real words like complete sentences. So there was a report out there that. Then I said that there Donald Trump sold us out. If Donald Trump goes through. Along with the leftist agenda on immigration and amnesty he will sold us out that's exactly what it. And also said I have hope that we moved back which he seems to be doing. I would encourage. People in my business who take quotes. That the live median others like CNN used without me to first get the facts. That's number one. Number two that is he practically putrid individual by the name of Joan Walsh so putrid she was fired by MSNBC immediately hired by CNN so that tell you play. And she was apparently asked. If she would rather live in Haiti in Norway and she wouldn't answer she said she did not like this loser ranch she didn't know that shows you what they. Dishonest human being she is. So many people from Haiti have come to America. And I know some people from Haiti and they are lovely lovely wonderful people. In fact there's a woman from Haiti that I would argue and consider. Really a part of our family. That is nothing to do well whether or not Haiti. Is a hell hole and that's what hope that's what try percent of that it's now it is a hell hole. Because the people. Think government's the disaster there economies the disaster. And on and on and you gonna deny that. And yet that's what we're told to do we have to deny that. That we have to deny that and by the way we're also told the president referred to other countries as well. So he's got Democrats and liberals that he's dealing with in these meetings and immigration. And they look for any opportunity to cut him off companies. But then this. Putrid individual Joan Walsh I don't know I remember Amanda never talked to on CNN she had this to say go ahead mr. good news. I would agree I can hear April in my here saying yes there that is wrong these are white nations and this is a racially discriminatory a approach the world it's also wanting to pass up people who made homes here and have done very well here. Because they happen to you brown and finally if. Let let let's let's stop I'm so sick of this narrative note to cast people out because they happen the program. Who said that. Who said that. So now he'll pull the immigration laws voted on by both Democrats and Republicans alike. He'll pull the immigration laws that Barbara Jordan talked about. And we played her clip that Harry Reid talked about the Bill Clinton talked about so many of talk about rationally. Now it's because you wanna throw brown people. Is that what the law is is that what we say uphold the law to throw brown people out. This coming from the white this woman I've ever seen she's. Almost transparent like Chris Matthews. I had. What he's was dealing with the today two days ago he made the mistake of saying he wanted to craft a bill of love. On immigration he wanted to he would sign anything that they brought so he's been getting hammered in the right wing media for the last two days. And Coulter. Laura Ingraham Marc Lippman they are going after him this is him turning around he's got the megaphone now and he's shouting to his face. Beazer S house poll. Countries I hear you and I'm not and it's. See this is sick. This is how the progress of mine works to. That they they've got spaghetti from France. Now she's right in one sense any perverse way I've told you. That we need to keep the pressure on the move the president back has nothing to do with a year or anything of the sort. I don't have many people come here from Haiti and around the foggiest idea coming in really care looking at the numbers overall. Overall. Either follow the rules are you know. To follow the rules he had done and apparently. We're not supposed to. So my objection is uphold the law and follow your campaign promise. President isn't a sell out who was he in fact does so. In the art of the deal sounds like a sellout to me the other thing what I said. Doss has had its up to you and me get engaged now to get involved now. We have this gang of six they'd like to call themselves gangs. Isn't it funny piece back up. Elitist politicians. Or they can intersection I think gang and anything. Here bunches circle merits. But three Republicans three Demi you wanna hear who the three Republicans are Jeff flake Lindsey Graham think Cory Gardner. Thomas you think it any good can come out of that. Those are needed a Democrat. They aren't even a Democrat. Now. Many of the people who fled. Some of these countries like Haiti. They fled done to get out of the hell hole. Hell. Many of the refugees who come here and wanna come here they're fleeing to get out of a hell hole you know like Syria there's now hall. My Cuba there's a hell hole. I Venezuela there's a hell hole. Or Barry gets these people now as a matter of fact and actually for these people. Actually wish these regimes that rule over these people. Weren't true rock actually wish they believed in liberty and individualism and the kind of principle is that we have actually believe. That if our civil society can be transformed into it at that if they civil society to be transformed and our civil society. You would have a wonderful wonderful burst of humanity. Rather than the progressives who wish to look around the world of copies centralized regimes. The outcomes are disaster. So Joan Walsh doesn't care about patience Joan Walsh doesn't care about Cubans. Joan Walsh doesn't care about north Koreans and Iranians or any of the rest. She cares about their government's. Which he seems to support. Which he seems to support. We've got a challenge these people we're the ones who are for humanity. Liberty. The rule of law. We are the ones. Not people like Joan Walsh who just wanted to point that out. President of the United States will do whatever the president of the United States wants it to. I've a different role and my role is to try and convince him through yield. To come back. To come back you've got other hosts out there who are dancing on pins and doing tight walks and doing whatever they do I don't get it that's their problem that's up to them. But I column as I see him. And that's what you should do when you have a microphone. I am convinced that what you want from me talk show hosts on radio. On TV on podcasting a whatever. Is somebody you know what do you agree with them or disagree than who has integrity on these issues who has some principles. Who is an chameleon who isn't gonna bounce around. Last year I sat down wanna hear it. What he's saying today. But he seriously looking at these things. And try to address the not play. Not play. Michael this Arabia. You can hear people tomorrow start talking about the Iran deal who have ignored it the entire week. The most like I said last wait while he didn't say anything last week. Let us go to rob the San Diego California serious satellite go. I think you very much for focusing on this very important issue of Iran nuclear deal and and the need to cancel it and I'm. I heard I heard yesterday your your statement that we mentioned that a number of the conservative. Our Monday Britain I'm different dimension not important. That this this whole issue there and you'll need to cancel it and kind of like. It is going to Ayman. I read an article on the Americans in particular in recent. Many of which you probably mentioned why they're Rand equal Gil must be champ told. I'm not just couldn't put six vice president trapped. I want you talked us. And tell us some your reasons. I bet I'm well. Iran currently operate. A number of new a number of site. There are highly suspected of being. Nuclear sites. The there are very different groups Israel Israeli official to mention that and I'm. Tender and I think guys are excited to headquarters and foresight terrorists. With a high degree of confidence or suspected of being. And nuclear military nuclear site and the Ayatollah Khamenei said that. All the military type of Iran without exception are off limits to inspectors. It ultimately that's. I made this abundantly clear under the Diaw there's supposed to be on limits they're supposed to be inspected. Including snap inspections. The Iranians have unilaterally set. No snap inspections on them no inspections of them whatsoever so they're obviously doing things there as you're pointing out. Right and then there's that between 0% to anyone that says the deal actually keeps Iran from a from my getting the new nuclear and nuclear arsenal of nuclear the nuclear bomb. Actually the opposite because what it does is that it allows brands remain sanction free. And so loudly patient three. Under JPG waved Iranian nuclear deal. So a Randy getting all these extra time both extra money that it could be true actually. Supporting nuclear program. And it between being shielded the minute that that an end to end the Iran nuclear village building a nuclear program by. By you know they there were a bit international community especially during the IEA essentially rings true. I you're saying it's Cutler and you're correct in its more than that isn't. Because in addition all this an additional all they've received. Now they can do business would Boeing. Corporation do business with the with the South Korea and do business which does a lot of business with a Iran. Do business with the with when you are who we used to call Western Europe and so forth and do it legitimately. All right Robbie I appreciated I'll check out your article like I'm sure it's absolutely excellent based on your call thank you we'll be right back. As Joan Walsh. The most people don't know on this program I barely know her. She's attacking Laura Ingram and COLT threw me. No what do we all have an economist for this. Romo wants. Tiniest. Now these Liberal Democrats tell us over and over and over again as well as the the amnesty Republicans they tell us over and over again. He can't return these people back to their country. You can't send them back to Mexico or Haiti or whatever. Can't send them back to Honduras the crime the poverty that disease how many times have we heard that mr. Beers over. And over and over again. Isn't that the definition of a hell hole. Hey it can't send them my dad what are they gonna debit gangs and that crime and poverty and widespread Aziz that then there's no way up that's why they're coming to a beautiful America. Well let's send home all day when he race says. Well what do you the foot and what do you erased just. And now they want it to be racial. They wanted to be gracious at the president called all these people and he didn't. Deplore holes. What what the left say about that hat watch your race is now they call us deplore bulls and you know that here. It deplorable. Pretty contract. Issues they hypocrisy. Is just a streaming all of them as far as I'm concerned. Nancy Pelosi. I believe needs a very Serra psychiatric exam. At her weekly press briefing today. Nancy Pelosi is a racist and I'm going to prove it to you right now. Cut one go I would and that. McCarthy if for. If I blinked as powerful and not that this a joke the five white guys who can stop. This. From ms. translucent. With the eyeballs pop and on overhead. From the endless number of faceless no doubt about it just saying since she wants to talk about physical characteristics. So here we have somebody. She calls at the five white guys as I call him and everybody laughs what's so funny about that. Why is it a last line. Wise. Pointing to somebody's race a landslide why is that the pointing to one person's race. Is appalling and money go another person's race is a laugh line of the fact happened. It is sick. Progressive world. Yeah I had ties not from the top please. I would say that McCarthy this forward. The five white guys and call him. And that is that he didn't he can hit Beavis and Butthead keep both that he. He looked into. Yet and burgers and the next your lap. Are they going to open a hamburger stand next what does that mean rich. Are they going to open any hamburgers and she's demeaning her colleagues. Who had the unfortunate. Circumstance of being born as white. Men the male genetic illness. Self identified and biological. He winning it they can opening hamburger stand next to a heat he he. You lost your mind where does that that's phony psychiatrists manually. I had. Now does not listen to the reporters left and let downs he's not a map. How happy what he's an Arab emirates act. I had all white reporters. I like 98%. By the way I sent via email to my buddy Steve Denise Smith earlier today he was on. The show's called first take. I now have with TV in my little workout area. Where were Coleman buddy Justin you know for Carney on so forth I didn't have to be working TV before now it's up so I watch first take I watched it. Today's hero in this time. Maxwell is acting as catwoman or something. Kellerman. His eyes but an out of his head as he stared at that TV camera what is says goof ball. Your typical goof ball white lidge got man mansion as race sure. There right hand Pakistan. Stairs into the camera like he loves and so so predictable and Stephen is unpredictable that's why I like the. And I do I consider my friend. I'm watching this thing go on here and they're talking about. The Rooney rule most of it is in America the Rooney rule is that these as I understand it not that I'm an expert on it or care of the is that these owners and their senior management have to interview minority candidates for coach. Positions before they hire somebody is not right. So they go through the motions like some kind of OK look at we're gonna liberals let's do the interview and we interviewed this deadly enemy in this guy. We got a black I have brown guy yell at couple a white guy so why act. Something like that. I kept thinking. Do we have a ruling rule for the commissioner of the NFL. To ever Rooney rule where they have in your view my match minority candidate they should. They hit literally. Now why this guy they can't find and they make up the commissioner not that there's anything wrong with that well why isn't there are Rooney rule. Fact goof ball. All right I'm not done what Nancy. He let him we'll be right back. This is the nation's town hall meeting. And you can join in at 8773813811. We think we've figured Nancy out. Being this psychiatrist that we aren't a psychotic that she is. But first a new movie about Winston Churchill which I apologize lob darkest hour you really ought to go see it. It's causing renewed interest in this grisly. While I've got access to insight on Churchill only available from Hillsdale College my friend doctor Larry on the president of tells him. He's the world's leading scholar on Churchill that you know that. He's a fantastic piece about the three lessons we can learn from church. And its Jewish for free at Levine for the hills don't dot com. That's LE CIA and for Hillsdale dot com. Did you know that Britain one standalone against the parent Nazi Germany while doctor aren't tells the inspiring story about Churchill's wise carriage. Which teaches us. No one knows he's great Churchill stories better than Larry on in fact. The official biography of Winston Churchill it's published by Hillsdale College press. But this piece of Pearson and primus. Tells us free speech I guess with three point seven million readers. It's one of the most widely read pop publications in the country with a larger circulation in the near times think at that by the way. Meet this inspiring addition start receiving and primus free every single month. Is part of hills does commitment to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty. Gonna love in frank tells dot com that's LE ZI and fresh Hillsdale dot com. What a great organization I think back to Nancy go ahead. I would say that. McCarthy is the word. The five Blake doesn't call him. Maybe you can open up hamburgers and the next your lap so I think we think she's about five guys. That's we think she's going to go ahead. Couldn't convert on a couple of months. The very idea that this week as saying on one and we definitely guys and general Kelley from what kind of my. This was this white guys that what what is with this white stuff. What is what this racism. It's it's. This is appealed us a lot of other than any clapping seals they are the among the press corps keep talking that's why. Our name to close these children why are her grandchildren why. I think they owner. Want people talking about her children and grandchildren this way I mean it's offensive with the black white brown whatever you what it is offensive. It undermines the whole notion of Americanism. It undermines the whole notion of the declaration of independence in undermines everything the Martin Luther King's head about a color blind society. And yet for the left they can't stop themselves. They cannot stop themselves. Whether it's race in the eighteen hundreds and race in the nineteen hundreds erased now they are obsessed with. Now I read it's gonna be some kind of protest at the State of the Union Address they try and gives did you read that most of it is it. And the protest designers say they're gonna Wear. Black wow. How profoundly gonna Wear black like it's a funeral or something against. You gonna Wear black. Maybe some of those Democrats should go back to the old outfit. White with the white hoods what about that can we talk about that act can talk about that ever. Why. Now. We've changed for different. In out of high white guys see that really changes reflect. What did you just stop talking about right now wait have a parent caller we've got to have a national debate garments. On watts. Seven national debate on liberty verses do it now race. The left says they want to debate on race and then they don't. Cause they promote racism. Other at IC the black is protect. Protesting sexual harassment. Just like the global the globe or right global clothed or whatever helicopter. Golden Globes and so forth. So here we have we were told that the the irony is this is so hilarious and sipping at the same time. Here we told by Jackie spears remember her she's gonna leave the effort where they gonna Wear black to protest sexual. Harassment. She and others said sexual harassment is pervasive in congress. So members of congress are going to Wear black. To protest. Sexual harassment. Congress has paid to see settlement secretly. Congress is tolerate some of its biggest names sexually harassing for decades. It's at all pervasive in congress. This just like how you dislike the Golden Globes. Except rather an Oprah out there a huge hypocrite as Steele said and I agree with him completely. He said what the help she was punishment Weinstein sheer all the whispers and everything that she doesn't think gives this sanctimonious speech we salute CO. He'll listeners he. Not clapping COC. Then we have the state of the union. Where they didn't Wear black to protest sexual harassment while loudly effective. I we live in a very bizarre time he really did bizarre time in so many fronts. Even bizarre time in this business talk radio they hear some conservatives. More like Souter and chipped. It just weird. What's going on in this country and by the way this. Psych professor you know the daily caller does and damned good reporting that sent. We have ENN miles. Tron I believe. He psych professor who called trump mentally impaired may not have a license to practice in her own state pole compelled. The Yale University psychology. Not psychiatry. Have been wrong psychology professor who called president trump mentally impaired. Peers like Avaya Avaya and AM valid license to practiced psychiatry I guess won't psychiatry. In her home state of Connecticut. The professor Danny Lee made the headlines over the past few days we've talked about a lot who's gonna come on the program in the public suspect in the sensor. The censure her. Who would have selected popular. I wanted to get an analysis of myself. On this. One expect. How I release comments the American Psychiatric Association released a statement on Tuesday warning members of its perfection. To refrain from making public diagnoses of public figures like trumpet that a proper medical is that. Yes I would help. You know I. What I think give kidney stones padded out wow I'm just watching it from you know thousand miles away on TV acting detect kidney stone when it talking about. Do you have brides I don't up while you get examined now I need to examine yeah I can already see it here right now it's gone on. Leave her colleague responded the issue in a piece to Politico. Which they claimed it is perfectly okay to question the president's mental state because of their profession is. Psychiatrists. Campus reform reports another great outfit that state records indicate that les. Physician surgeon license expired some three years ago. On May 312015. No one of the publicist and wanted to talk to me. And that her application for reinstatement has been pending a percent sore applications been pending from a state EF three years. Up RO. Deduction mr. producer. Quack. Ducks quack quack quack quack. Other publication was able to produce Lee is licensed details. To back up the claim. In addition to her pending physician's license the professors controlled substance registration for practitioner licenses also laps. And a lot of laps and go on here. Having expired last February 1 in other words Lee is not legally able to prescribe medication as a medical practitioner. Too bad because I'm convinced that Dianne Feinstein needs them. Lee responded to campus reform increase simply stating I only need one license. She didn't clarify precisely what license she has and what state she's registered. The DC's Joe's Simons and rice the US president's public meeting with congress I chatter that narrative about it got it anyway. Wouldn't you think folks. That is somebody is touted as an expert by CNN and MSNBC. In the usual Congo line of leftist returning guard Tony reporters. That they would look into the person's background to make sure they are the expert they claim to be. Campus reform bigs and this. Looks into the state records. Her license expired three years ago. On May 312015. At least in Connecticut her home state. She's had an application for reinstatement pending there for about three years. And then her license. Two prescribed controlled substances. Also lapsed. Expired last February. In other words as he daily caller reports here Lee is not legally able to prescribe medication has a medical practice. So who exactly issue and when exactly. Is she doing and where is this license. She's also a Yale professor. He epithets and that is alien who has it who has relations and relations prescribe guns around the license to practice where what went on these licenses. She says I only need one license while we all want license we have a driver's license what other license. Where is Iran a license. I can't ask. 'cause he publicist. For the book she edit. Won't letter on my show CM like Twitter and Google ladies and gentlemen we wanna hear from the lips. We want to talk to the lives we wanna engage the lips. 81 of these days one fight. Joan Walsh on the pro. The only problem is that upon my ratings there's nobody knows who the hell she is I'll be right back. In other holidays might be over but the winter. Just begun didn't according to studies the air indoors contains up to 100 times more pollution in the air outside. This can cause illness allergies in unnecessary Wear and tear on your HVAC system. Leading to very costly repairs even worse the premature replacement of the entire system thousands. Of dollars. So resolved to breathe better with filter buys. What is bill provides America's leading provider of each bat they HVAC filters for homes and small businesses. And they are a small business and family owned small business in America. They carry over 600 different filters sizes. Including custom options all ship free within 24 hours plus they're manufactured right here in America. Filtered by offers a multitude of Merv options all the way up the hospital grade steel be removing dangerous pollen mold dust. And other allergy aggravating pollution while maximizing the efficiency of your system. Right now you can say 5%. When you set up auto delivery so you never need to think about air filters again become automatically take out the alternate put in the note. You don't have to go to these big stores and get the parking lots and all arrest Home Depot Lowe's long on not save money save time. Breathe better. With full term buy dot com that's filtered by filtered by eight BUY dot com. Filtered by dot com I know you know lot of I am now a new member myself wonderful wonderful sponsor. The Rand Paul thinks we don't know enough money in this country to build a border law. You're known what we trillions and trillions of dollars in redistribution of wealth and so forth. So here he comes out because he truth be told favors that Matt open borders but quasi open borders. He is after a libertarian. Outside ago. I you would favor a senator of us spending eighteen. Billion dollars that's in the proposed budget on a border wall along the US Mexico border and what ever happened to president drugs promise that Mexico would pay for. Well what happens there real journalists like give breathing heavily like you need dead and I am long. Wolf. The help cause her son wolf. Wolf. Who's had one half by two aunts Walsh. You know I had. We are remain a fiscal conservative even on the walls are okay here we go with a lecture the eighties if fiscal conservative even on the law. And even when it comes to the military. While eighteen billion dollars in a four point one trillion dollar budget that's really gonna kill us off. The damn federal government waste that money every month. But he's a fiscal conservative. You know I had. Are spending 203040. Billion dollars on a wall I'm still a believer that we don't have money to spend were 700 billion dollars in the hole. I heard from us somebody the other day that said we've built 2700 miles of concrete barriers are interstates in all those noise control barriers. We've done that for two billion songs. Guess what they latter's in the pop right over that ran you know that. You know they ran he should. Cushy no. Go ahead. To be debated and I think we can't have barriers and we will have barriers in certain places I think we should all these technology. Which is less expensive all right that's enough can't get. They call us to secure the border. Mr. Paul because the expansion here fiscal conservative. And look at the border towns and border states. You say your fiscal conservative view a look at some of the school systems how they're gone broke in hospitals and all the rest. He say your fiscal concern you see your constitutional. Well we need to uphold our immigration laws and Nora Paul aren't limit immigration. Laws we need law and order. So this is a priority in this is one of the things the federal government supposed to do by the State's gonna build a border law. So this is all BS he doesn't really want it. In my humble opinion. Love my own Memphis Tennessee east. Is satellite Harry is there. Yeah respect mark are you good night to talk yeah. Thank you yes sir I am series in the moment LaMont. Well the month. I'm sorry I'm not realize that if Princeton all right the monument not a problem it out for I electric just. We wanted to do it to tell you like to have one of ten agree or do you all of this border wall and it and it made it it. Excuse me where she is a year not one of one's white five guys are you. Well letting black guy here in retrospect probably up support so let's just wanted to make sure does not make sure it's there now go right ahead. Well and that's got another think to their you've touched on earlier about three Democrats and there are. Cuts costs and bring enough of great spin it in everything and it is just. Sickening to me and a lot of other black eluded to try to placate to vote for it and what thing. Just. It's a question I'm serious about this LaMont. In in in in your circles are their black people they get up and make fun of black people. Yes and their and their skin to make fun of their skin color. It is just ridiculous and this is ridiculous and that's it. But as is say something funny about the Saddam out of quite that I'm missing. No it's not it is not that I mean it's not an electric pray it it'll sit the main thing here and look how the game you know not sincere. You finish and it provoked to include cameras land and whoever else and let solidly Democrat did they let whatever they pay to play. To try to placate. Global action and not Hispanic and whoever else to score well but they don't mean it is just to keep them apart airpower. Where we know they're the same thing with our home. Let me ask you questions. We're out of time. They say they gonna Wear black and these state of the union to protest against sexual harassment I have a better idea you wanna hear it. We were told that it's pervasive sexual harassment here's my suggestion. The sexual harasser is most of whom apparently amounts to keep their pants on that would be good protests don't you think. LaMont yes sir no we get to hit that about where I'm blacker effect until black book ever met makes people think collectively able. Hey you know I call again I really appreciate your call my friend. Please let our voices police officers firefighters. And emergency personnel. CNN radio tomorrow. Check out the name CD thanks god bless you.

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