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1/10/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 11, 2018|

On Wednesday's Mark Levin show, Bob Corker not only bypassed the treaty provision of the Constitution but made it so that a supermajority of senators was required to overturn the Iran Deal. Now Corker is now trying with Ben Cardin to make the deal permanent with a new bill by pretending to fix the ...

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He can download the shown your iPod and listen to any time. Nine goes through Amazon echo devices I just mentioned your Amazon echoed echoed device. And we can continue to use every platform possible to get that message out. Every platform possible. Which is why who worked so hard with our wonderful AM and F and affiliates. To try and make sure that you can hear they show. Most importantly in real time. Our program directors are very very good people only think this is very important. A lot of you. Millions of you wait to listen to this program and so we're giving you more more ways to do it. And we much appreciate it. We're gonna talk more about immigration and our two. Like I told you last night you will be able to discern who the pom pom boys and girls are to the rockettes are. On this issue. We'll tell you have nothing to worry about it looked tired of that. We're gonna get this we're gonna get that and it's only the beginning of a process you see folks if it's the beginning of a process you need to participate since the beginning of the process we need laid out viral markers. You don't just sit back and laugh it up and chuckle chuckle chuckle and talk about the right wing. Is out there. Now you know I any right Winger on immigration now that's hilarious. I'm a right Winger on immigration. Because the president says he'll sign anything that they send him on our right Winger on immigration. How Meyer right Winger on immigration. Because I support. Enforcing our immigration laws since when is enforcing our immigration laws. You right wing agenda. Since what is opposing Sanctuary Cities he right wing agenda. Since one is wanting a secure borders so we can manage properly immigration in this country. A right wing agenda since when is demanding that federal judges will get to them. In the next hour follow the constitution when it comes to immigration a right wing agenda. Since when is insisting. That the private sector comply with the immigration laws when it comes to the hiring of people when it comes to these says. A right wing agenda. Since when is trying to protect the civil society. In the American culture from the importation up other cultures without assimilation in this country. A right wing agenda. You get a year or next hour from Harry Reid 25 years ago. And right Winger Barbara Jordan one of the most brilliant. People to ever serve in the House of Representatives. An African American lady from Houston you're gonna hear from there. Posthumously. On video. We will play the audio. You're getting are from others who apparently were right winners. Now the in thing to do is just cited country down the river now the in thing to do is to redefine citizenship. Now do you think that goes to redefine what a wall it's. And I'm right Winger. No. Hardly. But before we get to that. There's things going on in congress about Corcoran in the White House at the end I see that had me gravely concerned on the Iran. This is snuck up on us it may be have. In issue tomorrow. And I'm looking at the Washington free beacon. I'm looking at the weekly standard I'm looking at right fire buddy Joseph Pollack I'm looking at the Dalia. And when I led the daily caller I'm looking act. The associated. Press has anybody discuss this today to talk radio I. I think busy with their pop. And ponds and Iraq checked into that don't act out down there right now don't know. You need to hear that. This is a life and death matter. Without rain getting nukes and ICBM since threatening United States. This is a deal Obama put together. This is a deal that Bob court agrees this is for. And I just read today that Bob Corcoran the president have lapped. Well in another romance gone ladies and gentlemen. They made up. Unfortunately. The great reporter Adam Credo lowered free beacon senior White House officials. And congressional leadership. Are scrambling to save the Iran nuclear DR and convince president Donald Trump to again wait he's sanctions. On the Islamic republic. Despite opposition. According to multiple sources working on the matter who spoke to the wash and free bake it please listen this is important stuff. We're not gonna talk about Oprah today. We're not gonna talk about Steve Bennett enough of that already. The White House is facing down a weekend deadline. By which it must wait key economic sanctions on Iran in order to preserve the nuclear accord. While trop has expressed frustration about the need to save the DL senior national security officials are working to convince him. That waiving these sanctions is the best course of action and I understand it's HR McMaster himself. And trying to figure out who else and I will alert you to them. When I do. On the congressional front senator Bob Clark there. Is said to be working with senate Democrats. On new legislation to hold Iran accountable for its on going ballistic missile construction and other rogue activities that they'll sources say. Is failing to gain traction among Republicans. Did what many described as a range of flaws that mainly serve to lock in the Iranian nuclear deal and prevent truck from a banning it. This guy court there. Is the worst of the worse he is he worse for the Wear. The latest efforts and Bobby legislative push. It would preserve their nuclear young not only in the short term. But limit the ability of the president and future presidents to ever exit the deal. It's pretty clear the people around the president are trying to sell him on Iranian Potemkin village of sorts at one source close. About the White House and congressional negotiations on the matter. There is no legislation that would fix the deal on the table. Only legislation that would lock in the DL and even make it works on issues like ICBM missiles. Any legislation bridges bike Corcoran senator Ben Carden left wing Democrat Marilyn. Wolf failed to garner support from Republican opponents of the deal it is reported. Such as Ted Cruz Tom cotton and Marco Rubio the source said. Can't anybody get through to the president and let him know that corporate card and will be opposed by most everyone on the right. The source asked in frustration. A spokesman for Parker told the freebie committee continues to work with the white house on legislation to address pressing gaps. They ran nuclear yet and who's he working with HR. McMaster. And I wanna know who else. Senator corporate remains engaged in productive discussions with the White House sent. And when they say White House and only trot. They mean staffers. Some of whom were leaguers. And a number of his colleagues in the senate about the appropriate path forward and our allies continue to be updated on relevant developments corporate spokesman Stan. As tension and discontent grows on the issue some Republicans have proposed alternative plans that they believe would crack down on a ranch intransigent behavior. And provide trouble they pathway to abandon the idea and reimpose all sanctions on Iran. US Iran policy is facing a pivotal moment. And US policy makers must had a laser like focus on our objectives to permanently prevent a grand. Freddie nuclear weapons capability to combat Iran support for terrorism and to support those Iranian people in the streets. Protesting fur Frasier. More hopeful future represented Peter Rossum of Illinois said. Another source involved in the negotiations told the free deacon at the house's version of new legislation exposes key weaknesses. With the effort spearheaded by. Court there and carton in the senate. The house version of the bill more than anything out shows how hollow the corporate card law as. And so as said the source who's discussed the issue with the White House that house language is actually strong anti Iran language. And chose house Republicans will never accept the loopholes and Prodi a language that's coming from the senate side. The thing is dead on arrival. Now the legislation being pushed by court drink cart in the senate and other of their allies. Is being billed as a legislative fix to the Iran nuclear arrangement the agreement. Which has required the president to publicly certify ran ads in compliance with the deal every ninety days. It's not. That requirement has cost increasing friction in the White House. As senior national security officials and secretary of state Rex Tillerson where they convince an increasingly frustrated president. That he preserve a deal the president believes it's flawed sources that. The White House is seeking to strip the ninety day recertification requirement for any new piece of legislation. While the bill is still in the works sources said that coworker is privately telling the white gas. I hope you're following this because it's a life and death matter. Let's see here enemy MITRE had the right page here okay. Now while the bill is still in the works sources said that cork is finally tying White House officials. The legislative effort as much further along in and actually years. At this point Republican leaders such as Tom cotton are not willing to back the bill which would need his support in order to move forward multiple sources said. All right we're in the middle of the sellout led by about Corcoran who has always supported this law while lying that he does. Bob court there listening you remember. Bob Walker. Created. A process that I passed the treaty provision of the constitution. Bob Barker created a process with the support of Mitch McConnell and I'm sick and tired of the judicial crisis now we're a running pro Mitch McConnell. Don't pieces on the Fox News Channel. Nothing had any self respect don't they know McConnell across the board is lousy we're getting federal judges because I Grassley. Backed. I'm sick of variety show laps. Police have some integrity. But court or not only. Whip McConnell is backing. Hello America he not only bypass the treaty provision. He may this statute in such a way he drew up in such a way will we needed a supermajority of senators. A veto proof majority of senators. This stop the Iran deal. Let's go to the weekly standard. President truck must now decide whether to waive sanctions in coming days legislation that attempts to make gut. I'm president traps October demand affixed at 2015 nuclear deal with a rant is still facing obstacles. Days before trump listed to decide whether to issue sanction waivers. That would keep the agreement ally Brickell. Trappist retreat repeatedly begrudgingly waive sanctions lifted under the deal only to be hit with a congressionally mandated deadline to report on whether Iran. Is meeting for deal related conditions. He refused to certify one of those conditions in October you'll recall namely that continued sanctions relief to Iran is proportionate. To the measures taken by Iran under the DR. Upon announcing that decision trump warned that he would terminate the agreement if administration officials working with congress in European allies failed to fix its laws. So now what's happening. They are pretending. To fix its flaws. Rex Tillerson who was always against what the president in an October. HR McMaster apparently doing exactly the same thing. Bob Walker. Ben Cardin Democrat. This is a huge problem. It's a growing problem. And the trying to press. He's Republicans. I will be right back. Just informed me that it's not only Rex Tillerson. It's not only HR McMaster it's also Mattis the commander never seems to be meant. In this is the vice the president's getting co workers working with them. Very very closely would make minister's office. My sources in the White House by the way and there's two of them. And it's horse in this latest effort involves a legislative push that would preserve the nuclear deal not only in the short term. But limit the ability of Tron and future presidents to ever exit the deal. There is also dispute over portions of the bill that would allow congress to use a simple majority to override any decision by the president to fully re impose sanctions on Iran. Now that is flatly. Unconstitutional which is not. Which is par for the course of mr. Courtney does not like the constitution does not like treaty club the president runs our farm policy. If congress wants to defund something thinking defund something course they never feel. Kind of it's much to do it. They're aren't on somebody they can declare war on something. Like that president runs our farm policy the president runs our farm policy. I remember nonetheless tried to do this direction instead we have courts are doing it. Just Chad did. Liberty and truly conservatism. And call mark now all 87738193811. And it's sad this is lining up so far among the big players. In and around the White House. The secretary of state of course he teases immediately. The secretary of defense unfortunate when it's come to this Iran you know he's been appeasing immediately he's doing exactly that now. HR McMaster is working very very closer to close with that court he's at peace. One of the men who is actually been very good on this has been the chief of staff to the president. General Kelley. And good for him. In the first time I met. Donald Trump was was when that's the first time I spoke in the first time I met him was when he was candidate. Well before it was Kennedy trap actually. And that he attended the anti Iran deal rally. And then mr. producer several years ago. As big on the South Lawn of the White House. They've been 253040000. People. And I had the honor of speaking there has to others take who spoke there and Donald Trump spoke at all the annually opposed to this. If the president listens. To those members of his administration that I mentioned as opposed to general Kelly and others. He will effectively be embracing the Obama approach. The Randy has Joseph Pollack puts it over bright color. He's correct. These fake changes which which will be sent to be enormous and wonderful and so forth. Well also tie the hands of the president and future president. How do you tie the hands of the president in future presidents and dealing with a ran ICBMs and nuclear warheads. I just wanna be is. Year's final count because I know a lot of people eyes erupt at let's get out as something fun. Please listen to me. North Korea has nuclear weapons and a North Korea has ICBM step North Korea can hit the United States now. And they are showing muscle every single day. So late throwback regime. That starves its people that has a minuscule G. I gross domestic product a forty billion dollars. And still bill ICBM split nuclear warheads on the tip and shoot a mini United States. Not just one. Los Angeles Chicago. New York. One that. One match up. Iran is getting to that point. We like to say how to these past presidents allow North Korea to get where North Korea. Now you know how look at Bob corporate look at bank card look at that Democrats and many of the Republicans in congress. Look at the president's advisor mr. tough Bob mad dog madness. It's your general HR McMaster. Mr. ExxonMobil tough guy Rex Tillerson. Who never saw a pro American farm policy he didn't like. A complete puppet of the bureaucracy. One of Bob quarters hot Bates who helped make this outrageous deal. Series is a top official. To the secretary of state how the hell that happened. And a handful of people who are fighting who understand. This is why it was important to have John Bolton as secretary Stater John Bolton. As National Security Council directed this is why it's important to have some people of the president's here other than just general Kelley. Or walking him through these things and explain these things. In farm policy. The president campaign. On scanning the arraigned via. The president campaigned on containing Dhaka. This isn't right wing stuff this is the right stuff. I heard it commentator on fox today say. You know these right wingers I don't understand of these hard liners we're gonna get chain migration eliminated what any get the lottery eliminated. We're gonna get someone so deported or sent something to myself when that happens. These are proposals. These are proposals when President Reagan got in legislation. In Simpson has all. Not just amnesty. But in the federal statute. The building. In securing the southern border. The Democrat told the money that. How many more times are we gonna get screwed here before we understand what's at ARAMARK and wiry. This is four levels or checks. Isn't four levels a chance. This is totally winks. We always negotiating on the democrats' terms. Because we have sellouts like about court. Because we have sellouts on immigration. Like Lindsey Graham. We're always on defense. No I tell you about this radio business has it applies to this president how this works. Many of my Brothers and sisters in this business understand. And it's a much easier life as a talk show host to go along. It just go along. To be a Pollyanna. It's just easier. It's easier. And it may even help your ratings. I wanna give them some advice unsolicited of course. Because they're listening. I've been doing this a long time not as long as some of them but a long time. I'm at a time slot when I was told this program and program and of this sort of any kind could never survive. Dinnertime on the East Coast and parts of the of the rest of the country. You're never had been a successful nationally syndicated talk show host. Never. From six to 9 PM in this country. They tried many. And they failed. Other radio companies would networks tried to run people against this isn't about me I just want to listen I'm making a point and they have every. One may have thrown at me is stay out. All seven of them every single 11 guy was up against is a big math. He couldn't be easily locate shell out for 6 PM to. Now why is that. In part. In part it's because you have to be true to yourself in the audience knows when you're the phone the audience knows when your chameleon. You can say as I told you many years ago and as I this tonight that the audience notes. You know. That what took place in the Oval Office yesterday is very troubling. Very troubled. You know that this Iran India. Is a direct threat. To our cities too are people in this country and could one day result in an all out war would you send your kids here grants its. Over to the Middle East again. We do not. What Iran turning into another North Korea. By the way if Iran gets missiles with warheads on them there even more dangerous than North Korea. North Julia hasn't talked about conquering the world and spreading their ideology. That little bonus just trying to hold on power. The Iranian regime Islam on Nazi regime in Tehran has as its primary purpose for existing. Expansion. North Maria. Does not. Even though it's constantly threatening South Korea. You run. Move don't know Barak Iraq has moved into Syria Iran has moved in Yemen. Iraq has moved an eleven up. While the ice discounts they dies the Iranian talent they grows and gets more and more powerful. We've given them a 150 billion dollars to build up their armaments. To build up their technologies. They start their own people they did not their own people who'd like nothing more than a overturned a government but god can't. And eight hard. Any mad dog Magnus. And Rex Tillerson and all the rest of them. Eight the status quo is fine. I just wanna remind the president remember that rally that you attended remember what you sent. Rely on the right people for advice. Talk to John Bolton talked to Tom cotton. And even in this instance talked Marco Rubio. And you must be a neo con oh how what an argument. They neo cons hate my guts. Is it about being in neo con. We have a terrorist state. That is killed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of American soldiers. Where they Tara say they keeps threatening to blow us up the pace they are. Wait a terrorist state that is try to humiliate us and take an hour show is not high seas. We let terrorists take its threatening. Our allies. And rather than work. To overthrow. That state. Which is teetering. If we would push it. Obama saved it. Bob cork or saved it. If this is the worst deal in the history of deals is the president has said. Then why keep passing around. Why keep playing games. You know they show listener throughout America every corner of the country turn all over the world. I'm talking to the bus drivers in Chicago and talking to the taxi drivers in New York. I'm talking to the cops and LA I'm talking to the farmers in Kansas. I'm talking to the commercial fishermen and doing I'm talking to all of the this isn't some distant issue this isn't some theory or abstraction. Some foreign policy it is a foreign policy. Which directly affects us. And I am gravely concerned. At. Conservative media is not conservative media. It has become a he's been media. Accepting whatever the Republican establishment. Is now sending to the president. Are arguing that the president should do. If you are a constitutional conservative. If you believe and I pretty. If you believe that the united states military is being eviscerate it. If you believe that our orders are being eviscerated. If you're sick and tired of our soldiers. Being abused by the enemy if you're second part of our salad being abused by the enemy. As these rogue states get more MR notes the capacity for nukes you better wake up. That's how hot. Enormous amount of damages. Been done in this country while the Republicans who control one or both branches of congress. And in some cases the president. Why. Why so much attention to fixing the Iran deal a deal that is un fixable. Why so much attention. On illegal alien dreamers and not American citizen dreamers. Why so much attention to these progressively less agenda. Why. We'll be right back. I would. I prefer them before you know in the microphone. And beyond profit. Muffins for liberty. Offense to the constitution. Offense for national security trust me on this. It's easier. 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I went to my back section the other days a wonderful wonderful man he's a great patriot. And he and much of his family came here from Iran. And a lot of friends who are persians Iranians. And he did such a wonderful job. And taking care of my L five disk I think that's the nomenclature. He might reach recall that first it was a slip desk he went under the apple owner of and then it exploded. In her life hell. And he took care. Then went back yesterday after bunch entries are taken parent or just pro forma and the problem now as we have my own on loans and said this is essentially. Has been dissolved. And so we'll see how that goes for awhile. But I get aches and my back I'm not complaining I know what senator Siegelman explaining again geeks in my back and a and I wanna tell you something. When I get into. Aren't that they cast from actress. Gives me enormous relief this is just one man's opinion enormous relief. That's how much like this that. In this matches and I'm quite serious about it I am locking their sponsored. Because I may not have otherwise purchased. In the had the ability to communicated via and I was. The first major nationally syndicated radio show that they came to and I needed to try out that mattress. There's another member of the family who loves the Casper mantra. Barney my dogs. They had eight Casper mattress for her pets. And I three bed strategically placed throughout the house that is his favorite spot in he is a bad back he said major surgery. Just pointing it out given a thought. He would attract. So what do you think of that the surrender deal that is going to be enshrined in you're going to be told. What all these strict procedures had to put in place thanks to pop Corcoran. Bob Parker ever put strict procedures in place to defend this nation from Iran. Quite the opposite. Ben Carden was a left wing Kook from Marilyn as he ever put strict procedures and anything to protect us from Iran. Now he's a complete sell out east disgusting. Now where redefining the word walk next thing you know what we're gonna redefine the word is. I just wish they'd be honest let's just tell us luck. We seven need to do an entire walkway or not we said the Mexican government's gonna pay for it it's not. I say I was gonna eliminate doc app I'm not. Lana Margaret now we're gonna get ready chain migration way to get rid of the lottery yeah read all this stuff I hear it. I hear it. I know what the Democrats delete them only pass laws it's called nullification Sanctuary Cities and other rest. I'll be right back. Went on to a quick. Hello ladies. And when mark lemon here are number 877381381187738131. Morning. Exciting reminder. Loyalists and the Mark Levin show this year. Can hear me now on your Amazon echoed device here Amazon echoed device just say allow access enabled remarkable then shows skill. Enable the Mark Levine shows skill. You connect Livni instantly and after that whenever you want to listen to the show you just say Alexa open Markel then show. He can get more information. And mark who then showed dot com Mark Levine choate dot com and searched keyword elects. Alexa so. Amazon echoed device say Alexa enable them mark Goodman shows skill. You'll connect instantly with my show and after that. And every one listen all you say is Alexa open Markel mentioned again you get all this information mark Livan showed outcome. Searched keyword Lex isn't modern technology amazing. We could hear on radio I do it would have been TV. Would digital TV it's absolutely amazed many ways we can reach each. Let's move to. Immigration with the federal judge by the name of William house. In San Francisco. Who has another disgrace. He's ruled that the president of the United States cannot end doc app which was instituted. Unconstitutionally. As a another federal judge ruled. By Barack Obama through re fi. So the president of the United States is not free. To eliminate docket and the president before him was free to impose an unconstitutional. Our courts are completely out of control like so much this government. In Josh Blackmon. Who's an excellent. Thinker and writer writing it national review on online he's also professor of law constitutional law. It South Texas College of Law in Houston. Adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. Says on January Tony Tony seventeen the executive power peacefully transition from President Obama the president trying to. At least one judge in San Francisco didn't get the memo yesterday a judge William house of any LS UP. Ordered the trump administration to keep its pre predecessors deferred action for travel and arrivals doctoral program in place. This remarkable and I would argue pathetic. 49 page order has all the aesthetics of a judicial decision but is at heart an amateur act up punditry. Judge also paints the picture of a divided White House where in the quote chief executive publicly favors a great program has administration has ended. Citing a presidential tweak the court suggests that doctors rescission quote was contrived to give the administration of bargaining chip. To demand funding for a border wall and exchange. For reviving doctor. At least points have been plagiarized from MSNBC crime. Such rhetoric any judicial decision would have been unthinkable barely a year ago but now what passes for the new normal. Once again the judiciary is attempted to shackle president trump. From making his own judgments about how to exercise the power of the presidency. The Supreme Court has reversed judge allison's outlandish rulings on docket before and it will do so again. If you know that you're reading the these phony big lie need you wouldn't even know that the Supreme Court is does. In 2012 the Obama administration announced an executive action known as doctor. This policy deferred deportation of the so called dreamers. Aliens who enter the United States is minors but we're not lawfully present in grant them work authorization and other federal benefits. Two years later the president once again turn to the pen and phone degrading similar deferred action policy for the parents of US citizens. Dhaka. As this second program became known was successfully challenged in the court and never went into effect at that sanctions that. The eight PDA. Obama did it for the kids and any tried to do for the parents the parents had never went into effect. So here we have Obama legislating out of his office. The Obama administration by express flights determined that not and docket when lawful trump administration reached the opposite conclusion. And moved to rescind those policies in a normal world that decision would have been the end of the manner. But in the bizarre world we find ourselves any federal judges now on form the tribe administration. That it must keep docket in effect. Judge Alcee based his decision and the fact that the executive branch offered only a hasty conclusion that the agency had exceeded it statutory. And constitutional authority. Which makes that which was a mistake of law. Specifically the court ruled that the drug administration decision was arbitrary capricious an abuse of discretion or not otherwise in accordance with the law. Reading this serious charge one would suspect the president trump scrawled his legal defense of the back of a cocktail napkin but as sharply. Partly. On October 2017. Attorney general Jeff Sessions determine that doctor was implemented without proper statutory authority that it was an open and it's a convention of immigration laws. Now it was this policy a violation of the immigration and nationality act but it was an unconstitutional. Exercise of authority by the executive branch. Sessions reaffirmed his duty to defend the constitution. And to faithfully execute the laws passed by congress. Sessions added that the proper enforcement of an immigration of immigration laws is as president Trent consistently said. Critical to the national interest in the restoration of the rule of law and our country. Sessions analysis was premised on the decision from the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Which two years earlier ruled that Papa was in fact unlawful. In May 2015. In a halting stop ga ga the fifth circuit assume the program will be implemented in a way similar to docket. And had been as a blanket measuring Kindle legislation that a case by case exercise. A presidential discretion in prosecutorial discretion. This opinion strongly suggest. That doctor for the kids. So caught you know kids in his mid thirties which was not being challenged was illegal as well. As even judge Allison was forced to concede quote. At least some of the fifth circuit's reasoning for holding dot by the DA DA illegal but applied doc. In fact doc says legality was on even shakier footing than opera. Because dreamers did not need to have any familiar relationship and an American citizen to receive lawful presence. I'm like this dot com. Docket could not be justified as a family reunification measured. But can only be defended on what the Obama administration described as humanitarian concerns. This is no doubt a legitimate policy argument but in no sense is that they I need commanded to trump administration. The fifth circuit's ruling was appealed to the Supreme Court with a justices split four to four following justice scalia's past. Had justice Philly been on the bench I'm confident. The challenge would prevail. And now judge course which is and I'm confident it would today. Comment. So in a normal world that would be entirely rational for the attorney general to wind down baca DA CA which was the model offered doc. They sunny ruling against the opera. And it goes on. Jack Alison next argues that to happen doc are different because citizen children competition for citizenship for their parents. Where is the dreamers had no pass played a lawful presence. That argument actually undermines the dock illegality congress has viewed dot com with a beneficiaries more favorably is a class and it goes all these legal points that are very important. In any event these contrive a levels are relevant. President trump does not need to persuade every single federal district judge about doc as illegality before halting it. And by the way there's about a thousand of them. Chad Johnson who continues a disturbing recent trend. Now both for the deference doodle might coordinate branch of government and making legal determinations. Trump has the electoral mandate to reverse the decisions of his predecessor. And the constitutional obligation to assess the constitutionality. Of his actions. The judgment here premised on a decision of a federal Court of Appeals provides more than enough basis to justify the resolution. Of daka. Furthermore. The president's determination that an exercise of his own power was unconstitutional. Watched the court solicitude. That is a decision for the president. Tonight in consultation with his advise point is. With the president now that says we had a president before him who conducted himself illegally he's allowed to make that judgment. Jeff Johnson completely ignore the constitutional issue focusing exclusively on the statutory question. Indeed I'm unable to think of any decision where Cortes supported it president to exercise discretionary. Are ready and he has deemed unconstitutional. In other words. He's ordering the president to do something that the president has deemed unconstitutional. That is his predecessors. Unconstitutional. Thing. The government has already announced it's going to appeal this ruling while the ninth circuit is unlikely to pried any relief. The Supreme Court has already signaled it's just status makes would test south since rulings. Last fall he ordered to trump administration. To turn over internal White House documents concerning why doc a was canceled. The government filed an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court urging the justices to shield the executive branch documents from judicial scrutiny. In the case that we hitter in what they're near times described as an unusual move judge Allison plowed his own grief. Which he told the justices that the government leaves the court within incorrect impression. And the writer says I was unable to find any Supreme Court ruled that permits a federal judge to file a brief he would appeal of his own ruling. Jewish house of strange habit because he didn't impress the justices either. Last month without recorded dissent. Their Supreme Court rebuffed his effort to review internal documents. Not that it mattered because he was still able to halt the president's actions based on the limited record before him. This is now common. Comment where judge's demand access. Two internal deliberative documents. And one rebuffed rule against the president anyway Evans is the feeling of a show trial. It is no wonder the Supreme Court took the unusual step of intervening in a discovery dispute. We have these row. Federal district judges ladies and gentlemen hundreds and hundreds of them. And they've decided that they are at war with the president of the United States. There was so much wrong with what is going on in this country that it is very very difficult to quality constitutional republic in any. Really serious and substantive way. When you judge is doing this sort of thing. It really is incredible. What if you support the rule of law that you didn't pass but that future congress pass catching a pass congress this past and you called her right Winger for supporting it. When you oppose. Nullification by sees it federal immigration law. When you want our borders secured to protect the American people. And demand assimilation of people who come here from other countries. When you fight the Democrats. Who insist that any dollar increase for the Marines must mean it with a dollar increase for food stamps. When you say it is absolutely appalled. Absolutely Paula. That that the prior president. May pass 150 billion dollars and in financial transfers to the Iranian government. That the president the United States should uphold his promise. To reject that deal and so forth and so on. Very very difficult. We'll be right back it's. Political realignment. Very very good. Very very fit the most conservative Princeton since Ronald Reagan I think Donald Trump. Is now moving into Lindsey Graham territory Lindsey Graham was just on fox I've never seen and so happy. And he's attacking you know talk radio posts and people who go on TV and wanna sell books and so. This is Lindsey Graham he won't debate the issues and any substantive direct way. You name call or any dismisses. Dismisses usually engage. If Lindsey Graham is really really this happy one of the leaders of the gang of eight. He should be very concerned and talk show host and radio commentators. Are misleading yeah. They're misleading. If they don't tell you can really start focusing on this. Who speak my buddy Daniel Horowitz. One of the great writers a conservative review. And really an expert on immigration he's written about it great extent Daniel how are used to. I'm doing all right and thanks for having me on again yet at bedtime tonight. Well let me ask you sent he's got little kids at least not. First things first what did you think of the president's. Meeting was mostly amnesty supporters in the Oval Office yesterday. You can play drinking coffee with a floor quickly and each time they did it and it should still elusive on the one hand. He has spoken to a lot of the philosophy on immigration that you laid out last night that no other show is willing a threat he's he's. Addressed that before. But then hold com the next day and literally undermine every talking point of putting americans' sovereignty America's security first. And made. Amnesty. Imperative and this security to elective rather than the other way around. Since when is national sovereignty assimilation. Following the rule of law he right wing agenda Dan. You know I cannot figure this out obviously you saw from Bill Clinton Harry Reid. Barbara Jordan back in the nineties. They keep to be universally at big government liberals that wanted socialism for America but the understood intuitively. That. Underpinnings of this social contract dictate you must take care of your own fitted and that he but put them first. Had one of the few good members of congress text me last night and he said he's never seen his colleagues. Still happy with so much alacrity such a sense of urgency to do think for her legal and you've never seen that for Americans benefit. And there's about 1015. Emergency issued on a immigration from refugee and asylum in UEFA he's been and a thirteen crisis the criminal alien Sanctuary City crisis what do Beth thanks very thick what do that. Doctor deferred action from criminal aliens for America it's like we can only. If Gupta with the issues and the negotiating chip for an amnesty. It's not even as a standalone even though that's required and promised to the American people. Are you a little concerned that the president. Has stopped making the case to the American people but it said he talks more about doctor than he does anything else related immigration. That's exactly what concerns me I'm not so concerned about him alternately. Signing on to a legislative amnesty bill but I do. You're that alchemy of your health just administratively extended and obviously the courts are big problem. I'll put that message into everything yet these big bully pulpit. And you cannot do it on the cheap you have to leave it. You have to make the American people understand our position because they've trumpeted do it. Don't want to do it. Nobody gives our side of the story that we're strangers in our local land that America has become a dumping ground. They were all we hear about it a bunch of push you know I would that they poor but a bunch of not educated. Best citizens in the history of the world Americans think these people are great nobody's preventing other side of the story. It's very odd how our immigration laws are blithely violated. And judges in trying these violations for these Sanctuary Cities judges themselves violate the constitution and existing statutes. In order to do these sorts of thing we have with deeper problem here don't we have. Eighteen what we widespread. Lawlessness taking place. You know act. End of last year I didn't articles that twelve but most insane court opinions of twentieth seventeenth and it would be very hard to narrow it down to twelve. Did they huge problem if you know dated much deeper than immigration and I think it's most prominent with immigration just over the past couple weeks district judges had mandated. That trump continue Obama contraception meant. Deep required trump. To give an. This to a horse and her illegals who come here just for the purpose of having abortion needed validated deportation of criminal aliens. Speed required sales are legal they're hitting them all sorts of right. We are on the costs. 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Who who I consider an expert on many things and particularly immigration and you know Daniel Horowitz central and South America are listening to this debate. And in part as a result listening to this debate in the failure to start building a wall. And other physical pain entities in the southern border. Crossings are way up again aren't that. You know it's funny proponents of amnesty ironically always day well it's so hard to secure the border that's just that's a hard task. The only way to do it is just to grant amnesty and not irony aids you don't even have to implement all the enforcement just an attitude change. Ideal collided that you can't blame them. A will our politicians haven't treated America like any other nations that is a joke they don't defender of property that they know they can come here especially once dedicated. You're geared at stake you drop the kid. There automatically erroneously viewed it as it is syndicate secure Welker out of the they're being at that they're gonna calm you and that cracked it or you even signal an end to it. Diesel dry up. And these common perception that trump would be demon. Following the law. In the first three months of this presidency. It prediction that the border the I'm no apprehension that the border declined to a generational. Low elicit that. Trickle in April. But then you let trump card they'll quit the cable we got to do dot com we got to fix it. On you know that smugglers pay attention that the lot more than even the Republican Dave. And basically every single month. Since then. That number that got opt in opt. And now they're back at Obama leveled the apart he purely. Unaccompanied children and family unit crock thing. Had gone off at 320 and 580%. Respectively. In April. That tells me that they know that once you come here and had eight child. Even the president even trumpeted the rhetoric doesn't have the appetite to enforce the law. I just saw an interview with Lindsey Graham during a couple of breaks ago. In which the host said to him you know the Kennedy runs more as a conservative and then you know they realize that when their president they have to work with others he said yes now vice president he asked that. So in other words what they're saying is so what if the American people may have been lied to so what are the American people deceived. And it's about trap and talk about anybody. Now we have the governor does that mean. You'll posted about this is that they understand the American people don't want it. The understand their constituents. Don't wait wait wait Lindsey Graham is running around saying 62%. Of the trump they supports this where's he getting that number from left wing group right. Well at the same thing that 90% of voters want not make the did background checks on gun but if you speak to Bill Clinton or Al Gore they'll tell you that the living issue for that I mean they're they're phony. Poll they basically station we you know grant legal status for the greeted people that it. But about it and honestly this is a figure that comes from this left wing group called PPI funded by left wing billionaires and others. And we Republicans during that number around they threw it around during the meeting with trump yesterday. The reporters the host they don't its fortieth F 62% from its eight main topic is a fake. Fixed number. Yet in reality is if if that were true they would have done it. Thirteen fourteen years ago I ever since really 2000 and they've they've been trying. That they're scared and remember even what Obama had. At full control the declined to do that which is why he didn't executive believes the always understood. That the American people do not want that the that the you know it is completely bogus about a way to exit polling on the presidential election proved it because trump act. Actually did much better. I'm in a lot of these states that Mitt Romney or John McCain did despite his yacht leaked rhetorically with very strong and issue. No which he did better with Hispanic voters. What Hispanic voters and blue collar white voters and blue collar white voters. Well this is very concerning me and Lindsey Graham thinks this is all terrific isn't that problematic I mean this guy has been pushing against immigration enforcement. For almost his entire career. And with a very scary key here is where is the Democrat party. Harnesses the power of their piece to advance their agenda the Republican leaders like Lindsey Graham. They you try to make it and run around their base and what they're gonna do lead in dole to our talking points. Here's a little bit of border here's a little bit of enforcement there even if they hear it a little bit of chain migration reform you're one of the things to watch out for. If they're creating a fault line knocking it down. There are things we won't allow that and to feed aliens to bring in a relative as legal permanent residents. Well I got news for you under current law that's not a problem yet to be a fitted them anyway. Still they make things up and then they they keep figure we that we gave you your two people it doesn't of chicken now now give it our dessert. I wanted to clear what you're saying just because somebody is legalized. They can't cut in that chain migration yet they have to become a citi's. Exactly repealing prompting a yeah. I want you to listen for a moment this is Barbara Jordan you mentioned this but we've pulled this from before June 7 1995. She was the chairman of the commission she's civil rights leader she was from Houston she was a wonderful wonderful lady and an inlet and intellectually honest and astute. Choose that as head of a decommissioned. Several decades ago that congress put together to try and figure out. And get to the bottom of this immigration issue something that would never be done it and less of slow with a bunch of left Winger an open border types. I want America to hear this is a liberal Democrat African American civil rights leader. Who is considered an is just a marvelous marvelous woman. On immigration. 22. Years ago cut one go. Now let me turn to the issue of americanization. That term earned a bad reputation when it was used back in the twenty's. Nevertheless. Here we find that the best way to describe what the commission believes to be any central plot of immigration policy. Does cynic in cooperation of new colors. The United States is the most successful multi ethnic nation in history. It has united immigrants and their descendants from all over the world around a commitment to democratic ideals. And constitutional principles. Nationalization. Is the most visible manifestation of the americanization. I have spoken at some length whether commissioner Meissner about her commitment and naturalization. She has been pushing this issue within the government since you assume their responsibilities and I an ass. I applaud our resolving this matter. She hasn't reached out to the private sector did get their assistance. And maybe carrying illegal immigrants and naturalization. Now let me use this platform to do the same things she did. I urge private industry churches community groups volunteer groups. Individuals to redouble their efforts. To provide English language instruction and civics education. All smooth emigrants. Reminded immigrants that they do have a responsibility. They have a responsibility to embrace a common floor all American civic culture. Civic values. And institutions. It's not only don't we hear Democrats talking in this I don't know of one Democrat in congress who talks this way Daniel Horowitz we don't hear Republicans talking this way Billy. Oh we don't even hear the most conservative won the need to act. At that they'll address that security and economic aspects which are important but no boy geek you can never discussed the cultural aspect. I'll bet she is she's definitely right and you we have we've reached that point in time. We're you know in California. 24 point five per cent of the student body. Are considered what they called it acrid and ELL in English English language learner I'm needing they're not proficient in English language. We have leads balkanized country and you know listening to Barbara Jordan the words. I think that 22 years ago we were at the foot of the mountain. Many of us would kill to go back to the demographic of 22 years ago that would 25 million immigrants to go or not including all the backdoor undefeated in five to. 1995 that a lot of people forget and everything else down the Middle East embraced what this trickle then. Now it's 170000. A year roughly. Nobody is even speaking to this and were told to shut up and just go along with amnesty. Yeah. Now Daniel Horowitz of the conservative Rio went to listen to Bill Clinton at the state of the union speech on January 4 1995. Just two years after Barbara Jordan made her speech cut to go. All Americans. Not only in the states most heavily affected by and every place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers. Illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hope might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants the public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers. That's why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more. But carrying a record number of new border guards by importing twice as many criminal aliens is ever before by cracking down on illegal haren. Lab barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens in the budget I will present to you we won't try to do more. To speed the deportation of illegal aliens who were arrested for crimes. To better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by former congresswoman. Barbara Jordan. We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of loss. It is wrong and ultimately self defeating. Foreign nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws. We have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop. Wow that's. Bill Clinton. 2223. Years ago. Do you know of any leading Democrat who wants to be present United States who would even dare to say that today. You know and like you mentioned there's few Republicans then and noted how he talked about welfare benefits. What nobody did nothing here is on the one hand they leave the dock up people are against the most productive people in the history of of the universe. But on the other hand according to congressional read there's there it. Memo and that they're ready two years old when doc wasn't fully functional Dior getting aid as much as 35000. And gradual acted. I'm earned income tax credit benefit either there thunderbolt you know credit welfare through the pass. Code which by the way I'm almost double under the new tax bill nobody even. Putting this out there that you know what may be if you're pretty give amnesty and it still productive we should make it part of the deal they don't care from the look at credit. To me is the question was Barbara Jordan right Winger a hardliner. No and at the point she she was so was this is Bill Clinton they're right wing hardliner. Who made it Democrats would say he is that hope. If it's certainly not certainly wasn't considered that they nominated him in elected him twice. Harry Reid right Winger a hardliner. Only not. And I'll get to him next Aaron had gotten him before but I just wanna remind people how far we. Sinking and we sinking on this subject Daniel Horowitz or not. What we're thinking in the toilet and let's not forget Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer. Voted for 850 miles of double layered fence into definite fit. And so did Joseph Biden where is it. Why don't we just do that Daniel Horowitz money we just say you know a lot. Congress does the president say you fund that law. Of twelve years ago. And then we'll talk docket. When I hear these pseudo conservatives on radio on TV in passing and I hear them say all the administration's gonna get. The elimination of chain migration and the elimination of a lottery and they're gonna get a law that's a pretty damn good deal do we have that DO Daniel Horowitz. And how likely within the Pope always said that the number of times. She'll need the money let the as. And the thing is this is not equal proposition. We are entitled to those staying there is no entitlement of amnesty for our national. We are tied which gets back to the point that put it all my books and I believe you have a nearest. A nation of citizens gets to decide what happens to the nation. A nation say the nations of foreigners don't get to decide for us do that. And bet that the really important point and BP just did it expose Daon Russian. That the two for birth tourism. Where a bunch of that the wealthy he's. Erupted in Chinese and. Literally the media and political class take it is a dividend that the constitution says that you couldn't unilaterally a a third jurisdiction against the consent of the people and drop a baby even prospective late and it not a darn thing we can do about it. And get that derby candidate we all know they're subject to the jurisdiction of put knocked Toppert certificate. And I. Dana hearts at sea or keep up the great work much appreciate and love reading your stuff. Got black electricity gas bless you to take care let me tell you some folks the idea that people who committed this country illegally. And unilaterally claim jurisdiction and our constitution. Is absurd and nobody knows for the cubs front. Nobody knows why that's the case but we accept it. I'll be right back. Yeah borders and fences and my little story that told you about. Trying to get me. Seem relatively modest a very modest sense in our backyard. That really follows the the line of the back deck none of them mr. producer Maryland American. And we've gone through all the requirements of our homeowners association while we're waiting for an outcome our third attempt. And I won't fill you in on what takes place. Palin at a meeting yesterday part of the meeting was us. 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You don't wanna miss the next hour we'll be right back. On live under the bridge. Everybody mark lemon here. I number 8773813811877381. 381 myself. But getting really dishonest propaganda from those now pushing amnesty on daka. And it really is the obligation practically of our friends on fox and other networks. To call these politicians on a when Lindsey Graham news that figure is 62%. Of trump supporters. Support legalizing people. These these stock up recipients. It's alive it comes from the left wing organization that hates trop in twists numbers in my humble opinion. If something doesn't sound right typically it's not. Not that that even matters this isn't a matter polls it's a matter of law. Let's say 62% of the American people believed embezzlement was OK with that matter. Then Matta we actually have elections are people who are opposed. To open borders they say they are and then they flop what is it that matter to Lindsey Graham. Why don't we give a damn is Lindsey Graham some kind of leader on this. By because he does on TV. I want you to listen to this exchange we're gonna get to a number other people to this is Elizabeth Warren and Mark Warner. On CNN today and they've been all over the place. Cut forego. Me. Dreamers and I know only the cause presents his truck broke America's promise. Eight years ago on America's promise for the future and people would come out of the shadows. And they would be the only candidate that they would have the opportunity to go to school here in America it's. It's not I've no idea. With this delusional leftists is talking about non. It's America's promise if you come here illegally. Barack Obama violated the constitution the Democrats want more votes its that simple. As they. Push headstrong in their fundamental transformation of America. From a beautiful wonderful liberty loving civil society constitutional republic. This some kind of imagined utopia that they want it can cock like all those other wonderful utopia is. Where people are starving to death and imprisoned Galahad. Yeah jobs to join the military to the commonwealth or part of the American Catholic. I think 97% of them are even going yeah. Yeah we're in the military. Stopped that's what I wanted to trump Mark Warner. 97%. Of them are either going to schooler in the military. The last testament I saw that the people who are considered. Doc have members in the fortified million range. And I just double check because I remember talking you Mathis. Right now. 900. Of them presently serve in the military 900. And doctor recipients have been open. To serving in the military since 2014. I have no problem with giving 900 of them serving in the military. A special path towards legalization and citizenship. I got no problem that. But that's 900. Today at a multi millions of people that we're talking about and this G a Mark Warner. Saying 97%. Of them are either going to school or in the military. Tyson wo would that sounds kind of weird. Now if these are true children. And they're not in most cases because we're talking about 2007. And before so many many many of them. They're touted as long past. I'm not going to school this is a concocted figure 97%. Again we're talking about not 2007 before so what's gonna happen now. Ten years since 2000 said we can have another amnesty in two or three years with the same arguments made. Yes we are. Then nation is on a trajectory. To losing. Americanism. And it's culture it's nothing to do about race crashed into a culture. And we must discuss this people are fleeing failed cultures people are fleeing societies. Patted the spot. Where there's not enormous amount of crying. That's why americanization. Assimilation is so crucial and it's ever discuss that it's not discussed I'm pretty. And AM Mark Warner or lying through his fourteen feet. 97%. Of them are either going to schooler in the military. He throws a military and that's not a hundred according to USA today a few months ago 900 of the total figure in the military. I thought we were talking about little kids by the way did you notice. There's squarely. These leftists. They're very very squirrelly. You heard the audio of Barbara Jordan. Fantastic. Person really who was in congress. Here which he had to say about americanization of assimilation. And that people who come here including legal immigrants have a responsibility to this country. That's very very important as you heard me play Bill Clinton it is 1995. State of the Union Address. Any make comments that no Democrat running for president will ever make again. At that illegal immigration. In his comments were pretty similar to what I say oh this microphone and they're now considered right wing and hard right. And then we played this before because we dug it up Harry Reid. Many years ago we dug this up Harry Reid 1993 why. Because this is what I do research. 1993. 24 years ago. On the senate floor. Cut thirteen go it. Making it easy to be an illegal alien is now how about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant. No sun no sane country would do the right. Guess again. If you break our laws by entering this country without permission given birth to a child. We reward that child with US citizenship. And guarantee of full access to all Republicans social services this society provides and that's a lot of service. There's of the babies born packs very expensive. Countries to county run hospitals from Los Angeles on Warner. Two illegal alien mothers. Just when the American people think nothing can be more observe. The way we deal or rather don't deal with the illegal immigration. They discover that we have a political asylum system. That would qualify us for that for senator proxmire. Golden fleece award over a thousand times over. I don't know why he didn't make this award he should have. Thousand people. Showed up in this country. Landing at airports. Washing up on our shores of making bonus. Crossing our borders illegally. Overstay their visas saying two magic words political asylum. And virtually assured themselves of being allowed three meaning the United States. How specious claim. Those words are usually within a matter of hours will be released on her own recognizance. On the streets of our country it was a promise. And they'll sure overhearing. Anyone really say they're surprised. Vast majority of asylum applicants never ever choice for these parents. T credible news. This is an ancient history this is modern history. This is the Democrat party just two decades ago. In the decider why oh why are we fighting us. We should embrace this we should promote this we should exploit this. You can bring more people here. We can bring more people here and register them eventually is Democrats and bring more people keep something in mind could you hear it said all the time. Most of these people aren't citizens. You know they don't get to vote and even put aside. Illegal voting. What they don't tell you this. That in terms of good determining our congressional district. The Census Bureau counts of illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are people so they argue that. The number of people in the district that the number citizens. That the number of people in the district they argue under the constitution. His house. You determine. The number of people and a congressional district. You seem an incentive. So this benefits the Democrats particularly these heavy Blue States. New Jersey especially. California especially. In other states. More Harry Reid 1993. Cuts for golf. Not only do we have more of them these under. People each year without. They are why they came. We actually give them all the documents they needed to simply disappeared. Into our society. I live in Washington that suburb of Washington. Is near the CIA. And there if you drive down. Following medicine boulevard they have now people placed there are a little memorial for the people who work done. Earlier in the day. This year. The meal. Who is the person and I think I'm having formal. Citizen. In the murder BCI am boys earlier this year. Canada the United States illegally. Lived here for years and illegal alien. I'd. Have you ever heard a Democrat but he heard a Democrat the last 78 years go to the senate floor. And talk about an illegal alien who has murdered an American citizen. It's rare occasion as. Go ahead Birmingham claim to fear. And yet he was still able to shore but MI MS office in Virginia and file a claim of political style. Was this guy given adequate hearings sent home now. He got to work authorization. A Social Security card driver's license and the ability to obtain. An AK 47 assault rifle and got. CIA workers. One more. Harry Reid on the floor of the senate same speech 1993. Cut fifteen go. I had polls show Americans won't lower levels of immigration. And border security. This includes majorities of Latinos. 65%. Of them believe they're too many immigrants. The American. Mr. President are upset. We ever going to be ups out. But they're upset for a reason. Our immigration policies regulating all aspects of entry to the. Stop you get the get the drift. Now that an hour ago Lindsey Graham was on the Fox News Channel. Now what you compare with pieces. What Harry Reid said just a little over two decades ago cut sixteen go. Passed a statute that is senator Graham pat. Well that's okay. Did those folks don't have to solve problems the president does. He's got to work for him with Democrats to fix problems like immigration they don't. They're pretty much out liars when it comes to where the American people are 62% of the trump voter support a pathway this is. And yet that's not they doubt this guy's gonna to power. Who keep repeating it repeating it repeating and I'll never be challenged. So now you are out liars you all who agreed to Barbara Jordan Bill Clinton. Harry Reid. Donald Trump. And truly the vast majority American people who oppose open borders. Now you're an outline he nozzle calling it deplorable. Go ahead. Kids if you secure the border. We're not gonna have a deal without a wall component you need a wall component highest for a walk component to somebody asked for a walk component. What happened to the biggest most beautiful Paulus why all the world has ever seen forty feet high and make it fifty feet high. Ten feet wide. All across the southern border paid by the Mexican government violently and handle walk component. Mark you don't understand this is four levels of chance what the hell's wrong with. Go ahead. That did a fabulous job of talking about this problem he did it in a small it just stopped how was it a fabulous job. I mean other than the politics of it. What was a fabulous job and I'll sign anything you guys semi. What was the fabulous job. This guy can barely contain himself he's so excited about what he heard. Lindsey Graham. Guy that. Passionate way and die you know what his job does not to sell books his job is not to carry TV show his job. And I his job is what you're Lindsey Lindsey Graham lies to the people of South Carolina. Let's Lindsey Graham job to be on the public payroll for the rest of his life. Be a senator the rest of his life easier to come out here in the private sector rather than condemning it all the time and tried out. Maybe get a move to a border community and see how that's working out they'll never do any of these things. He's a genius he's from Washington DC here to help us. Go ahead and is that we're we're Democrats now is proud of my present answered that. Question where. Cut seventeen go. I mean I think everybody who listened CEO can completely understand that the task that you all haven't hands. Then I think whenever anyone runs for president they tend to. Ryan you know sort of live with a stronger stance on certain issues and now when they hit the reality of getting things done. As this president seems to wanna do it changes a bit but it's very interesting when you look back at just about. It just noticed how the ground keeps moving. The passive defenses keep being assert. The the this president is sounding on this issue more more like Jeb Bush. I mean. Number when Jeb Bush talked about love in this context mr. it is and everybody was mocking him. This is about lobbies. Which is exactly what the president said yesterday and by the way. And conduct in this program conducting myself. Here we have the biggest. National forum at this time of the day and evening. So that we. Can do what we need to do pull the president back in get this thing senator again I'm not gonna just dance across the stage like all these frauds. Telling you everything's great it's just the beginning and so forth and so on. The time to get involved is just the beginning the time to get involved his now. Let's finish Gramm go ahead. Campaign. Jeb Bush was the one who talked about it being an act of love and he was he was lambasted by the president YY yeah. Hosted by the time campaign during the campaign. I guess they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's a little incidents that it so if say it's an act of love and let's stop right there I got to take a break and I've done we'll be right back. Lindsay today's game. And then take come home. Lindsay Cooper Grammy moment. You know Joseph Arpaio has done something very very stupid. He's 85 years old now he's announced he's gonna run for the senate in the Republican primary. So it will split the vote with the other conservatives there Kelly ward and guess who will slip through with a minority the vote. He congresswoman by the name of Mexico I know I supported makes tally to win her seat against Democrat. But she is the exact kind of Republican Mitch McConnell wants she's a Lindsey Graham Republican. Why did conservatives do this. I don't get it. What they do is they're really gonna be any difference between eight Kelly ward in Joseph Arpaio vote. When it comes down to substantive and significant issues. We lose these conservative state South Carolina ensure that conservatives in the united states of Arizona should have conservatives in the United States senate. If we can't think conservatives out of these states we're not gonna get many conservatives that I any states. I'll be right back. Yes it's true. At Marshall that is a fastest growing radio show in America. In my glove and the show is on now at 8773813811. Half. I'm no fan of Google and its left wing politics and how to abuse is itself. Significant position in the marketplace. But the idea that the government should step and is our buddy Tucker Carlson is arguing now. Is preposterous. You go on the Internet now you can find multiple competing sites with Google they're small. But so why. You don't have to use Google you could have a campaign of people who use competing sites. That's where the focus should be sunny libertarian conservative ideological issue it's reality. What the government touching the Internet. As little as possible. That's what happens in these fascist regimes and the notion of equality and fairness and and justice and equal time and all the rest of any more than I want the government interfering with conservative talk radio. There are competing sites would Google used them. There are many other search engines you lose them. And we can still criticized Google we don't have the use Google. And we can argue against Google and their left wing. Tactics. I'm all for that. But don't use Google use something else. I use other search engines I try not to use Google. So the only place to go for a search engine that many. On the Internet they're right there that's the great thing about the Internet. It's like saying I'm sick and tired of ExxonMobil and don't use their gasoline use another company. Putted well there. Gasoline or oil companies. Might leave the sound like leftists. In my humble opinion. Pilots and libertarian who's not a libertarian thing that's what makes this country wealthy. And prosperous. And free and all these things the government. Does the opposite. Mean think about it ladies and gentlemen. We think about this to fuel it. Here's a great New Year's resolution resolved right here right now. That January is the month and 2018 is the year you stop living in fear the Internal Revenue Service. 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Their beliefs in justice and equality egalitarian as an in fairness on top of private entities and they demand that those private Kennedy's. Comport with their viewpoint. Well I prefer a different approach. Competition. God of the competition. Google is not a monopoly it's the biggest guy in town but it is not a monopoly. And the extent it is as big as it is it's because so many of us use it and I say I use less use it less and less. There's big there's other alternatives they're they're going ahead and use them. President demanding that we fixed it and changed it's and so forth and so on. Indeed the entire Internet all of social media cable news satellite channels. You look at a radio all the competition that exists so for now thanks to government. Why don't people understand this. Who are positions of power. Right back to Lindsey Graham he wasn't finished with his answer. Wasn't finished with a isn't that his answer. Let's finish what cut seventeen. Go. It is and love forget blood it is times get tough so so has the president given away too much already in this negotiation where's this whole thing had it. I think this is our hope is headed to phase one where we get border security. For the DREAM Act got the doctor kids have I. I I just don't understand how he gets away is this. A law was passed by congress in 2006. To secure the border they wouldn't fund. The Lindsey Graham leads the charge Dane in day out to fund the border security now the way he leads for the argument for amnesty for illegal aliens now. So who has led the fight. To pay for that 2006 statute. Has it been attached to it appropriation bill now. President dispatched a budget bill now has it been attach anything no I've actually been funny for plant narrative will they do that well. Why not. We don't listen to this snake oil salesman some more. Whose show what Lindsay. I had. That we in the diversity lottery like to present our claims. Demands and he's right to demanded. That we start breaking chain migration that we get a deal that. Represents for the American people it's. I noticed he keeps that that we start. Breaking the lottery diversity program happy start breaking eliminated. Thank you start he's already you see this it's. That left. They're just positioning themselves. Bullets early on in the process you know market this is the way it works which early on in the process now let's not. We're very late in the process we're decades late. I had. People support the pathway to citizenship. Overwhelming numbers support border security I think most people think diversity lottery is kind of crazy. This president is no longer a candidate he's the president of all unless you can't get this problem fixed without working when Democrat she needs sixty votes this is what. Obama thought look I'm no longer Kennedy they can work with Republicans. Is that the way Obama thought is that the way the Democrats think they left. Where this senate now alien we even though we're in the minority the Republicans on earlier where we have the work with a has. Is that the way they think is that the way they talk what is this. I had. I saw yesterday was a man who understood the issue. Was in command of the room -- saw yesterday if we're honest with ourselves as a man who agrees with him. That's what he saw yesterday that's that you all saw yesterday. All the Spanish side. That's what you saw yesterday. That's why you hear all the excuses from the compound boys and girls and all Iraq cats they don't have the carriage. If I'm the integrity that on the principles to stand up to speak the truth and trying. And bring the president back on this that's what we're trying to do I'm trying to doing and millions of you are trying to do. We want him to succeed we want the country to succeed far more than Chuck Schumer. Dianne Feinstein and quite frankly wins program. Go ahead. Is gonna take this country to a solution for ten years. Have been working on this Obama try guys because they get a deal doesn't mean it's a solution ladies and gentlemen. It means it's his deal. They're two completely different concepts. He'd deal any solution. Lindsey Graham is the least qualified. Person to talk about a solution. That you'll be happy to talk about a deal. I had the bush tried it couldn't do it. Donald Trump will be the president that he can't do it he's got credibility on the border security issue. There's nobody else had lied easiest credibility in the border security. Because that's what he campaigned on. And the key is that he got. Lose and I see put out a tweet last senate made in response to this program. I know he in the Stanley listen I'm glad I'm very respectful of them as they are may. In the tweet essentially said look I said I thought I made it clear Dokic comes with a border law. What's not clear is what you mean by that. The border wall and what we mean by. Your resolution of doctor and you say you can leave it to congress to figure out obscenity. Most of us have dealt with that's countries like Lindsey Graham. And we don't trust them. And you didn't trust them before. And when you also said Mr. President look I'm just pointing it out USANA whatever they send you gonna sign that. Senate chilled out many of our response. Go ahead. Does have compassion in his heart for these kids. We're gonna get a good deal that's the other thing Lindsey Graham does he sounds like a leftist we all have compassion and our hearts for all kids. Including our own. And they need these people aren't kids. Many of them are in their twenties and thirties. They're not kids. So Mark Warner said you know 97% of them go to school or serve in the military kids don't serve in the military and again I corrected it. 900. Of multi millions actually serve in the military and I'm happy with accommodating them. I really have. But that's a fraction of a fraction of a fraction go ahead. Leadership in the difference between being a radio talk show host and your team personality and president. Is it has pros and you've got to solve problems and. Things Lindsay is gonna stop him promises and you folks for ten years he's been working. We have different roles Kubrick. You wanna get elected to the senate be on the public payroll on collector public mentioning get your public health care. Exempt yourself from Obama care exempt yourself from social security and exempt yourself from the border states. A lot of us on radio we do people all over the country we know more about what's going on in this country. Through these programs that you could possibly know. And you could possibly know. We not only speak to our audience our audience speaks to us. And why is sleazy grand go on TV or radio if he keeps mocking them. Because he's a publicity hound that's why. He's a publicity. So here we are once again next administration dealing with Lindsey Graham. Dealing with a Lindsay men. Joseph Green Bay, Wisconsin a great WT AQ don't. Thank you mark. It's a great honor to speak of you not only as an educator on Airbus. Well respected book author I love your books. And you deal this Jeff. Why I think that with a sense of comic book stolen diagrams we can actually educate himself go right ahead sir. Yes sir I own liberty and tyranny and a chapter nine you open up closeness that all they talk about comprehensive immigration reform. And this they used the language that he. A nation of immigrants. And and compassion but what what you don't hear about compassion for. They don't. You know let's I wanna tell you something I said at C pac. And he was three or four years ago I don't recall off the which has really. Any phrase you've now heard others say but it was first time it was said what I gave the speech at C pac. There's no such thing as a nation of immigrants. We are nation of citizens. A nation exists for its citizens. And its citizens. Create a nation in the civil society. You can't be a nation of immigrants curing nation of citizens. And then nation exists for the citizens it doesn't exist for the would be alien legal or illegal in it. Our constitution exists for the citizens our military exists for the citizens. Our police forces exist for the citizens. We are the country. Countries inanimate objects. We the citizens of this country in this country belongs to the citizens. All right a headset. I guess there then head and we also ordination of law. And yeah. Toward according according to these black throw bombs these rogue judges like on black robe bombs. Who usurped. The law and didn't twist it to their political liberal I ideology. They they go against those people. So you look at the citizenry in this country. And they destroy their there is hardy I would ask this question thank you for your call Joseph much appreciate I would ask the liberal judged is questioning progressive church. If you are not going to faithfully follow the constitution why should the rest of us faithfully follow your orders. In your decisions. We take an oath in this country those of us who do given your jobs within the no threat to the constitution not the judges. And not to their opinions. And I ask this question men in black many many many years ago and the question asked. If these. Progressive activist judges are not going to follow the constitution why should the rest of us follow the rulings of progressive activist judges. The rule of laws then it's that including for them I'll be right back. You know ladies and gentlemen joining eighteen is here. We always want to look our best on the whole New Orleans. It's kind of like here this. Looked younger than ever than you ever have a news and its guarantee. 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But she got a call 800 skin 604 supplies are running out scene need to carry 800 skin 604. 800 skin 604. Or go to tennis now that time. We only had no let's take a few more calls as we round that the show Callaway great living TV tonight. You know on Monday we spent the show talking about impeachment. But discussing with the constitution says briefly the history behind it. In the attempts. That are being made to create the environment to impeach the president which. Is an enormous concern to me. And tonight show we're trying about the 25 amendment what the constitution says a very brief history behind that. And the campaign behind that which is really impeachment campaign about how it relates to the 25 amendment so I think you know find the program extremely important and informative. And this goes to let's see David in Glen Ridge New Jersey great WABC go ahead. Mark and played an amnesty let me give you a head start as part of the race. Hurt apple you're being content produced at a point merit based system get around doing lots. Using Lawton is an at a point merit based system can you know give give gamers like at 25 point at our. And let them go to the same front door and everybody else who want to come to America and immigrate here. Well I guess and I going through the same front door is anybody else you're giving them a 25 point headstart. Sure we did a compromised. I. Here here's my attitude about the seriously on the other serious when they. Start appropriating monies. To build physical barriers on the southern border where they can be built. I mean super duper physical barriers the Israelis know how to do it the Hungarian slated. I can't believe American workers don't know how to do it and they do. It's just the UV's lack of will in congress among our political elite that's number one. Let them abolish chain migration that they put in place and a statute in 1965. Do it. Number three let them abolish the lottery migration. Thank you and I talked about before anybody else. Do those three things then we'll have a discussion about docket. Have a discussion about doc and. But do those three fake. Not gonna do it. Thank you for it caught my brother ladies and gentlemen we salute all the heroes out there and I'll see you tomorrow right here behind a microphone. God bless. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my plate so the last thing I wanna do his waist time standing on line in the post office so why don't ever. I use Stamps.Com. Which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy in print official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail. Using my own computer and printer. It's so convenient just click print you're done Stamps.Com is saved me so much time and money I can't believe anyone still waits on line at the post office anymore. Don't you wanna say time and money to Stamps.Com makes it easy. 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