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1/9/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 10, 2018|

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Do you realize over the last half-century, every significant change in immigration policy has taken place without the support or affirmation of the American citizenry? We’ve been deceived about this over and over and over again by Democrats and Republicans alike. Not ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

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Enter bunker Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. And here are number 87738. Line. 3811877381. Create one when we're going to spend probably most of the program on the issue of immigration not as you think. Which is. Just playing the president's. Even today 45 minutes with the Democrats in prison for his genius no we're not going to be doing that. We will place them. But this issue of immigration it's now or never. And half a century of effectively open borders chain migration the lottery migration. Failure to enforce a peace is forty to 45% of the illegal immigrants have violated. The leases for which they should be deported if not prosecuted. The country's changing and while the left tries to stick us in a box. And tries to say that we are against people of color I'm not even talking about the nation is changing. It's complexion that is nothing to do this. What's happening is people are coming into this country. From the Third World. In massive numbers. And when they get here they're bringing their family members and. No nation state. Donations to. Canned continue to go on forever. Certainly under these conditions I don't give a damn what business wants to give a damn what the unions want. I don't give a damn what the Democrats not honestly I don't give a damn what the White House wants. This is about the nation this is about twenty years and now thirty years from now fifty years from now. I can remember back. Over ten years ago. Over ten years ago when there. Only actually a fuel class behind our microphones. Who were fighting off George Bush and comprehensive immigration reform. We had an entire radio broadcast company that supported open borders. Now of course it's hosts are out there banging the drums. Some of the some of the big posts in this country and I'm not talking about my buddies but some of the big house in this country they were all for immigration reform then they reversed course. And you'll always know that's a trick out there when somehow assess as I've said for years while quiet at the last thing is senate for years because that means they did not. I've written seven books. For them discuss this immigration issue. Actually five of them now that I think about it including my first one man in black. And I got the thinking. Do you realize over the last half century. Every significant change in immigration policy. In the last half century has taken place without the support her affirmation of the American citizenry. That we been deceived about this over and over and over again by Democrats and Republicans alike. The Democrats I can understand. As a party the Democrat party is an institution has as its purpose. To turn this nation inside out and destroy. And to re create it like some kind of a socialist. Utopia got a wrote about that's caught America LP. The Republicans ladies and gentlemen no excuse whatsoever. And I know people are thrilled with the president's political performance today he's demonstrated that. He's got the mental capacity Italy no more talk about the 25 amendment. Wait a minute. We needed this meeting today to tell us why do we react to the left why don't we react to the media and the Democrats and yet the front groups. What we need from the president what we need from this administration. What we need from conservatives in congress. Are articulate. Coherent discussion and explanations. With the American people before we lose this country. We know what the Democrats want Hollywood and saying there is putting Democrats how long have I said. If we re importing Republicans they would never support this. Every significant change in immigration policy in the last half century which has promoted open borders. Has been done without the consent the affirmation are supported the American people often on the cover of darkness. And now we've reached a point. What we did deported but if you don't put anybody. Other than outright criminals are beginning at the port and given Sanctuary Cities that you must be a racist. The Democrats a box as then we don't have to be boxed him so I think the race. We're not talking about black white red brown yellow whatever. We're not talking about that. On the other hand. The importation. Of people most of whom are poor. Many of whom are illiterate in their own language how the hell do you have a civil society like this. We don't even have affirmative. Assimilation. Do any single assimilation program in this country quite the contrary our public schools are all up promoting balkanization. And racism. And race baiting. I colleges and universities and same thing that Democrat party the same thing the media the same thing have a held ET but nation together. Under these circumstances. So this is bigger than them meeting that took place in the White House. Without president is meeting with people who wanted to remove him from office. Phillies who the real humanitarian twin car. We want people to know that in order to come here. They shouldn't try to sneak across the border where they might be killed or raped or something horrific may happen to them we want that even though there's an orderly process. You follow the orderly process you may or may not get him. You do not have a right to come to America you do not have a right to be legalized in America you do not have a right to be a citizen of America you don't. Do not have a right to have welfare in America. Evolving and changing during the great society. Even Arthur Schlesinger junior wrote a book about it. A leftist. A professor a historian from Harvard. Who advise Kennedy. And the Kennedy family. Even Theodore White another of their body is to write books about the presidential elections he warned it was one of the dumbest idea yes. In 1965. Valor act. Hard seller act I should say. So we're gonna spend some time today going through this and what I regret. Is that neither the White House nor the leadership in the senate nor the leadership in the house all of which we control. May the articulate comprehensive case. For American it. For republicanism lore. For national sovereignty. This isn't on all right they are as American thing. An American thing. Used to be understood. I can't deport people because it might be the father of a child a mother of that child a child of a mother who. Out it can't deport anybody anymore. The laws are meaningless. We have cities and states in this country better nullifying federal always talked about this repeatedly. They're using essentially the same arguments. I think confederacy use. About the right to know a fine. Incredible. October 2003. The most articulate three to four minutes. An explanation. By a liberal Democrat former governor Dick Lamm of Colorado. On why this matters. Any single person in that meeting at the White House today whether the president. When their members of the senate members of the house not they say is not locked. Articulate. What former governor lamm is about to articulate TO fifteen years after he dated in the first instance. Got fourteen go. I would like to share with you might plan. Can destroy America. If you think some news that America is his mother too rich and self satisfied. Not diverse enough to white bread. I have this plane. Going to you know set them all vacations rise they'll fall and he said no autopsy of history. It's all great nations commit suicide. So here's my plan eight parks. And what may get a bilingual like cultural. History shows us. But no bilingual like cultural country lives at peace within itself. There's not one I believe that doesn't play exist within an incredible amount of attention. Hey guys and and conflict if not civil war. My second part of my plan really would invent something called multiple choice. That's really two parts. Number one I would say it all cultures are created equal but let me make no difference that much. I made it possible to talk about such things as culture. And the second one is that I would really tried very hard and make people. Continue their cultural identity. I would replace the melting pot with the salad bowl. My third part of my plan would need to make the fastest growing demographic group that country the least educated. I would add a second and third class for the first underclass. And assimilated under educated antagonistic. And that I have 50% of them dropped out of school not graduate from high school. Before I plan would be to get the big foundations. Have fun and big business a fund these efforts were lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity. And that they demolish. About their lack of success was only the default the majority. I was started grievance industry. The entire plan as I wouldn't develop a dual citizenship. I would promise people actually. Divided loyalties and allow them all out call but don't overlook Vincente fox and George Bush. The six fires is important. I would plays all of these subjects are off limits I would make an absolute top. Actually are criticizing this whole thing. I would inmates come up with a word like terror tape used to be 200 years ago I say we call it racist. And I would try to accuse anybody. This. I would object to my ideas. By seven. Part then that would make it impossible to enforce our immigration wise I would develop a mile track let's call this thing that. Because immigration has been that it passes for America that will continue to be. Good in the future. My eight the last part and it's important. That I would censor this book and this man is dangerous and my plan and I don't read this book. Unbelievable run. So right on. So completely right. And yet here's Donald Trump today cut six mr. producer ago. It's very interest me because I do have people that are mixtures using very commentary and very far right and very far left. They're very unhappy about. What we're doing and I really don't believe they have to because I really think this sells itself and you know when you talk about comprehensive. Immigration reform. Which is where I would like to get to a eventually. If we do the right. Here we are not very far. He's done most of them. One of the things they can we do this properly done that yet so far away from comprehensive immigration. And if you wanna take that further step out take the heat I don't care if this is incredible. This was his top issue. Separating himself from almost every single Republican running against him. In the Republican primary. His Spin Doctors are all over the place and while what he actually meant to say and his surrogates and media on TV and radio are. Are rewriting and restating what he said and so what you heard what he just said. Mark the art that you ladies and gentlemen. Enough for the bumper sticker stuff the rubber is hitting the road. Right now. If you oppose what this country's headed you need to speak out. It doesn't mean you're disloyal to the president it means you're loyal to your principles. You need to speak out. I am very concerned about what I saw today. All the politics aside I am very concerned. I saw two parties unite it. Against us. If we do anything beneficial out of whatever this deal is going to be it's gonna be because starting today you raise your vices. You voice your concerns. Not because you sit back and smile are to the idea. Now. No. We're losing our country. Started in 1965. Like I said with a heart seller act I'm gonna talk walk us through that. 1982 it is Supreme Court decision out of the bloke that ordered that illegal alien children have a right to public school education. What does that come from nowhere. You know one federal case after another. Mainstreaming illegal immigrants mainstreaming legal immigrants where states had not mainstream and quote unquote before. We have. Now reached the point where we didn't discuss this issue. Well when you talk about deep mourning people who have violated our law yet call. Any no name Xena above it lacking compassion are racist we can't even discuss it anymore and the Democrats. Knicks are turning on us. Fifty years and this has work. If progressives once again in another area public life have destroyed institutions. Because they want to change the country and elect more Democrats everybody citing this daily caller peace and they shut. The Center for American Progress a former Hillary Clinton hacks saying look one of the reasons we need to keep doing this. It's provokes. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to realize that's been gone not rampant sentry. Why do you think red state attorney purple what do you think grapples entertaining bloat. This is a big reason for it and it didn't then that's the purpose that's what they want and when you call. When he racist her racist. I want people coming to this country illegally regardless of their race. Biggest mistake. Time to speak out folks. It's time to speak out. Case president trap at the White House today cut four ago. There should be no reason for us not to get this. Okay win this group comes back hopefully what that agreement this group and others. From senators on the house comes back. On the signing of having a little beside me and I'm not gonna say oh gee I want this I want that now he's only because I have a lot of company. The truth and come up with something really good. That's no art of the deal that's complete surrender. And I suspect the president will realize that trying to walk some of that back but that is very bad. He did it in front of the media he needed for the Democrats the whole world heard it just give me something and I'll sign it you kidding me. That's what he set I didn't say it. That's what the president said I'll be right back. Paris' left. It is her right vs wrong call market 877381381. Wanton. The third greatest president in American history in my view Ronald Reagan behind Washington Lincoln. Cut a deal that Democrats they got their amnesty and they refused to build. The law. George Bush cut a deal with the Democrats. They actually voted specifically to build 700 miles of wall and fencing and and a fund that they've built less than forty mile. They violate their own laws. They spend on everything and anything. They waste enormous sums of money. But they will not secure the southern border. And the president Cecil sign anything they send us. It's up to you and me to make sure that the what are they sending him his acceptable. To our future. And if it is he'll hear the same compound boys and girls. The same rockettes. I told you Erica I told it to you'd advise holy said. The reverse course and circle back and jump to the front of the parade. I am somebody could rely on who's gonna stick to his positions not because they're hard not because they're right wing. Don I can't stand conservatism is understand. You know humanity. There's nothing to building a harder right wing. They're based on experience. Nations collapse. And they typically fall from within. And it's the voices like yours and mine and a handful of others who speak out at times like this. Who are typically overwhelmed that are to be remembered quite frankly let's begin. It's heated at this issue. The status argument for comprehensive immigration reform. Reduces to this. America is a nation of immigrants that's pounding in settling in the nation came about because of immigrants who braved dangerous to come to this country. And risked everything to go the prosperity we enjoy today. Certainly this is true as far as it goes as I explained at liberty and tyranny. Of course to say this is a nation of immigrants is to say every nation is a nation of immigrants Mexico. The source of most immigrants in the United States it is a nation of Spanish and other immigrants. The implication is however that both legal and illegal immigration no matter how extensive is another moral imperative justifying the transformation of the civil society. This is not so. Once again the declaration of independence provides guidance on this issue it states in part. That to secure these unalienable rights governments are instituted among men. Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. And we. Consented to any of this. How could chain migration be something we consented. We've never consented of that. A lottery. Most of us had even heard about this until a few months ago we consented to that. We can senators Sanctuary Cities. We can send it to forty or 45% of the illegals in this country. Violating their visa requirements of staying here do we consent this. More to the declaration it is that right of the people. Alter or abolish the government had to institute new government laying its foundation on such principles. And organizing its powers in such form. As to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness. Had that governed the American citizens consented. To the current state of legal and illegal immigration in this nation. Duke parent immigration policies and enforcement practices. Affect the safety and happiness of the people yes. The status whether they be Democrats or Republicans. They insist that in particular the 21 century immigrant in the United States is the spiritual heir of the immigrants who helped build a nation. His motives are is noble and his ambitions desirable as those of the founders. And today I have access to America's bounty and freedom. Displays and other American meanness of character. And is eight renunciation of America's heritage even worse the state is portrays the immigrant is universally more virtuous than the city's. He said you aspired to indeed achieved a higher position worthiness and the citizens. Priest doing jobs Americans won't do quote unquote is a person of faith and strong family man and so forth. And the citizen has said of his sustenance to the immigrant. Who was said to build his home maintain its property artist his suit raises children go to always wars and so forth. Therefore even the illegal immigrant deserves a privilege status in society. In the sense that his law breaking is said to be a personal necessity and societal value. So he must be carried out of the shadows and into the light you must be celebrated as a role model and is righteousness must be rewarded. With citizenship. Now for we conservatives this is a truly odd formulation. Since it demeans the citizen. And his Paramount role in American society it is a community of citizens. Who consent to be government. And for whom the government exists in the first place. The principal responsibility the government is to the citizen. Otherwise the government ceases to be legitimate. To say that. That's citizen who was in fact primarily responsible for the nation's Carriker and that culture to which the alien integrates. Is less viable to American society and integrating Elliott. Is nonsensical. No society can withstand the unconditional mass migration of aliens from every corner of the earth. The preservation of the nation's territorial sovereignty the culture and language mores traditions and customs. That make possible a harmonious community of citizens. Dictate. That citizen should be granted. Only by the consent of the governed not by the unilateral actions it demands of the alien. Through chain migration and so forth and then only to aliens. Who will throw off their allegiance to their former nation. And society. And pledged the allegiance to America. Claremont institute senior fellow at California State University. Professor at the time every day or hour. Reflecting. America Aristotle as observation wrote. A radical change in the character of the citizens would be tantamount to a regime change. Just as surely as a revolution in its political principles. So folks the government therefore is not only justified and obligated to qualify immigration to those most likely to contribute to the well being of the civil society. And to create the conditions in which aliens have differing backgrounds can be absorbed into the American culture through. Assimilation. Now history. In 1965. As part of the great society. And the Democrats controlled everything by super majorities. This status did in fact. Lay the foundation for radically altering the character of American society and the relationship of the government to their government. When he signed the hard sell Iraq president Lyndon Johnson said this bill that we will sign today. Is not a revolutionary they all it does not affect the lives of millions it will not reshape the structure of our daily lives. A really add importantly to either our wealth or our power. And join the debate. The debate over the bill on the floor of the senate Senator Ted Kennedy claimed. And I asked anyway first I cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed building present level of immigration remains substantially the same secondly he said the ethnic mix of the command to will not be upset. Contrary to the charges in some quarters the bill will not inundate America with immigrants from one country or area. Where the most populated and economically to. Hi nations of Africa and Asia. That's what he said. Johnson Kennedy in the other state has been a great society were obviously wrong. It's hard to believe they were not intentionally deceiving the public in 1964. Republican vice presidential candidate represented whilom William Miller New York. While understood the overall increase in immigration that will result from the 1965. He said we estimate that if the president gets his way in the current immigration laws are repealed. The number of immigrants next year will increase threefold and in subsequent years will increase even more. The bill. That was passed abolish a decades old policy of national quotes. Which was said to be discriminatory because it favorite immigrants from your usually Britain Ireland and Germany over the Third World. That's an increased immigration levels for each hemisphere setting in motion a substantial increase in immigration. From Latin America Asia and Africa to the detriment of previously favorite aliens from York. The bill also introduced for the first time I'm just giving you history a system that chain migration comes from this law. As he Center for Immigration Studies notes gave higher preference to the relatives. Of these new citizens and permanent resident aliens and to applicants with special job skills. So the historical basis for making immigration decisions was radically altered in 1965. The emphasis would no longer be on the preservation of American society in the consent of the governed. Now aliens themselves. Would decide who comes to the United States through family we reunification. With the elimination national quotas in the imposition of chain migration aliens emigrating to the United States were poor. Less educated. And less skill then those that preceded them a pattern that continues. Now to this day. Now the late author Theodore White who I mentioned earlier there was no conservative. He wrote that the immigration act of 1965. Changed all previous patents and in so doing probably change the future of America. He wrote it was noble revolutionary probably the most thought less of the maniacs of the great society. In the 1960s. Cesar Chavez one of the founders of the united farmworkers union the USW vehemently opposed illegal immigration. I don't it undermine his efforts to unionize farm workers and improve working conditions and wages for American citizen workers. The USW even reported illegal immigrants to the immigration and actually the naturalization service at the time. In 1969. Chavez led a march accompanied by Ralph Abernathy. President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and former right hand man of Martin Luther King Jr. and senator Walter Mondale. Along the border with Mexico protesting the farmers use of illegal immigrants know times change. Most of the unions he's changed course and today they lobby to confer amnesty and ultimately citizenship on illegal violence. These include the American federation of labor congress of industrial organizations AFL CIO. American federation of state county municipal employees. Farm laborer organizing committee hotel employees and restaurant employees international union laborers international union of North America and on and on. In the united farmworkers. Mr. Chavez must be turning in his me. Because you see ladies and gentlemen for the unions. This news. New membership. New dues finished the Democrat party. This is new Democrats. New voters. So the unions is a large influx of both legal and illegal aliens. As a new source of political clout that favors their allies in the Democratic Party. Potentially adds membership to their own dwindling numbers. They came to the same realization is historian Samuel bell. Who noted that the voting age children of the Ferris who might great migration constituted. The big scene masses who finished the votes which we like to Franklin Rosen out again and again and in the prices ended the traditional Republican majority in this country. There can be no doubt. As a practical matter that the state is benefits for votes promises. Is an attractive albeit destructive and Tyson I just told you. The senator for. For progress American progress that leftist organization the daily caller reported. Their talking points out look we need this for votes. Despite president George W. Bush isn't senator John McCain's long record of advocacy for more legal immigration amnesty for illegal aliens. It's not enough. He could he with the status agenda. In 200444%. Of Hispanics for example voted for bush for president 53% for John Kerry in 200831%. Have Hispanics voted for John McCain for president 67%. Voted for Barack Obama. The status tolerates the illegal aliens violations of working wage and environmental standards. Because the aliens babies born in America are under the interpretation of the fourteenth amendment of the constitution. Which I disagree with the interpretation. Still all they're treated as United States citizens. And under this 1965. Part seller act I'm talking about. Upon turning 21 years have aged child could sponsor additional family members. For citizenship. From the status perspective the pool of future administrative state constituents and sympathetic voters. This potentially. Bottom yes that's exactly what's going on here today. Exactly. I've got a lot more I hoped to stick with me. Because. What took place in the Oval Office today Timmy is enormously troubling and a lot of people gonna say don't Warren Martha got the art of the deal he knows how to get him and so forth and so on. Let me ask those of you think there was this question. Is it not the job of the Republican leadership in the house in the center in the present United States to persuade the American people to our position. To saving this nation state. To saving Americanism in the American culture at based on race but that's all right stuff. Just these are views and positions that history in ancient history demonstrates to be true. I'll be right back and. Many young men and talk radio I know I don't load up the show I guess there I think the one thing you do I hope take away from the program. This information. Can draw your own conclusions. But information. With the green than me or not he can check everything unscented. Didn't. Dismiss my rationales my reasoning my logic if you wish. But they do exist. Did you know that and what in the next hour we're gonna continue. Talking about this. This is our country. Ladies and gentlemen we the American citizens our country it's not. The property at temporary politicians. In the house in the senator in the president. And there are not listening to us. And they're playing us election after election after election after election. Let me just say this is doing the Republican primaries when I said no the Mexican government is not building the wall. In fact the battle Trump's gonna have his wits Schumer and the Democrats to get appropriations. To build a law. Member of that mr. it is. Or to quote the backed ventures as I said years ago but the truth is that. And I took a lot of heat for this. What is no more talk about Mexico doing anything. And now there's no talk Paul wall stretching from sea to shining sea now what we got rid risen we have mountains. Well we have rivers and mountains during the Republican primaries last time I checked. Obviously can't play on a wall in a rare it's hard to go along the amount unless it's the Great Wall of China somehow they managed to do it. Did you know that our tween. Trillion dollar national debt is estimated B forty trying in the next twelve years and dec train this large can only be headed towards disaster. This week had more more dollars we lose more and more buying power investors know that it's not what you have the what you keep. That's why they diversify their portfolios. To help keep their buying Paris strong when the dollar gets weak. He and capital understands wealth preservation. Helping you keep your buying power is there a goal. Many investors are diversifying their portfolios like me. And IRAs right now we gold and solar that works don't be caught on the tracks of the debt train disaster diversified. Today. Learn more and I claiming your free PM capital investor guide. And for a limited time you'll receive 500 dollars in free gold or is over on qualifying purchases all you have to do is call. Do you style pounds to fifty and say the keyword Mark Levine that's pound 250. Keyword mark look then. PM capitol specialists are standing by I know these guys I know Scott Carter. Who's won the primary part people involved in this company it is a great company a great sponsor call pound 250. And say mark live in again. Pounds to fifty say mark within our right. I've only just begun I hope you'll still stick let us as we move into the second hour this cannot all be done. In one hour with hit and miss stuff so we'll be right back. I it's Cheney progresses employee of the month to month to zero lead and it did get better tightening it means to me I just had a new idea for our song what to name your price tool. So when it's like. Tell us what you want to pay me hey hey and trombone was Bob a moron and you say it will be punt coverage options that the job like kid then and we just all these speakers now small choir goes even come next. Didn't comment is that yes no maybe you. Anyway see you practice tonight I got news there's so the break. Casualty company and that. Everybody mark elevated here are number 877381381187738. Ones who. 3811. You know ladies and sent gentlemen at some point. The nation has to stop bad things from happening. Let those bad things stop the nation from happening. We've reached a point in this country were illegality. Is praised what illegalities had to be compassionate. With a refusal. To enforce federal immigration laws he said to be compassionate. Where states and cities which would never. Be permitted to go off on their own when it comes to the Second Amendment in guns and so forth to go off on their own when it comes to immigration. In her praise for energy defended back courts. A combination of court decisions. Bureaucratic decisions. And political decisions have brought us to this point. And it continues to happen. And now the radical. Nature of the politics. That surrounds this. Is unbelievable. And there Republicans. Sosa early theory that some of them have thrown in without and what you listen and Lindsey Graham at the White House today. This is how Lindsey Graham. She's this. It's not a serious debates not a substantive debate. He's the victim. Lindsey Graham doesn't make the cut five go. Tonight democratic friends thanks for coming to resist movement hates this guy. They don't want him to be successful at all he Carl Fox News and I can hear that from becoming. That's Laurent doesn't he appear on Fox News endlessly. But he can hit the drumbeat now coming from the right wing go ahead. TV talk show hosts are going to be right I am radio and TV talk show hosts. Are going to beat the crap out of him go ahead. 'cause it's got to be amnesty all over again. I don't know the Republican and Democratic Party can define love. But I think what we can do is do what the American people wanted to do. 62%. Of the common voters support a pathway diseases. Chip for the now let's Afro way to get that number for a. Where is it getting that number for a it's a group called PPI. It is a left wing group that put that number. And they put a lot of other numbers polls and survey numbers that are all. Anti conservative. Anti trump this ad in the other always backing the liberal agenda. So Lindsey Graham is now signing he left wing organization for his number and that number it was out of that 6062%. Number. All throughout that room. Because they want you to believe. That your way out of the majority here now way out of any majority here. I had. If he'd have strong borders. You have created a opportunity here Mr. President. And you need to close that shot up let me tell you something. This opportunity. This secure the border discussion. This is being gone on. Since I was in the Reagan administration. And it still bush administration's. Other truck administration. Not cool where here is gonna tell us what we needed ill. Mr. gang of eight. You enforce a large you know at some point at some point you can do something about it. Here's the president today in the room he's. Had to watch these superficial coverage on radio and TV. About what a brilliant political stroke this is let me tell you something for its and twenty year should kids aren't gonna care about what took place in the Oval Office about the brilliant political stroke or anything else. When your kids are gonna have to DOS. Is the the result. Of what takes place here that's quite a very very important for you. To engage now not just go with the pomp Thomas. Not just go with the Iraq pets but you need to engage now. Here's the president cut three go. None of that right now. There'll lucky areas. You have a river you have a violet red. Scott Stapp. Says it seems to me. Not much is actually changing in terms your position in the reporters say yes go ahead. No I think it is okay. Yeah. Stop. My positions. Are going to be with the people in the room and what they come up when. You believe that mr. Medusa. My positions are going to be with the people in the room I thought he was gonna say with the people that any ads in this room and what they come up with. Go ahead. I am very much reliant on the people in this room I know most of the people on both sides. Have a lot of respect for the people on both sides and mind you but what I have proof is going to be very much glad a lot of what people. Come to me what I have great confidence and that he did they tell me what things I'm not in love with a lot Vanilla. 'cause I respect that. Now if I'm a propaganda site say this is three levels of chess that none of us can file because it's just absolutely. Incredible. But. If untruthful with him. And you're truthful with me and we're truthful with ourselves this is a problem. And even though the president may start walking it back. Trust me when Chuck Schumer here this and Dick Durbin read this stuff. And Dianne Feinstein heard it and Jeff flake carry it. And all the others. They now have set beacon tenement Dylan will sign it. The way it should award does the president make the case to the American people and he can do so. With a great temperament that he showed in the meeting he can do so anyway what is. The speech to the nation using that conference tweets and so forth. Make the case to the American people. And at some point this test the slap in the Democrats keep saying yes if one Koran mistake one out of state that look at all the what they don't say that anymore. They say one more amnesty and no money for a law my concern is that will get some. Truncated wall with the usual sensors and you know you guys driving back and forth and jeeps which can't possibly cover all is turning. And be told that this is good everyone wash don't feel good both parties are so good. The Iraq cats in the compound boys and girls will feel good we'll pass it and you almost say we have a victory. And we won't. This is my concern. I've been pressing this case for years and years and years and it's only getting worse and worse and worse and harder and harder to address. And you heard me. Coming from liberty and tyranny now has plundering the seat. When the issue of immigration is raised you debated the one group rarely considered a console it is a group most adversely affected by current immigration policies. The rising generation that is young people. And so I say we need to examine it. Now for more than two centuries. The United States has attracted immigrants from all over the world. America's civil society which societal and cultural traditions and values have served as a beacon to humanity. Has historically inspired millions to come to American search of a better life. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries immigrants from Europe came to the United States seeking among other things religious freedom. In the nineteenth century immigrants from countries such as Ireland Italy and Germany were mostly skating famine and oppression. Twentieth century America welcome those fleeing communism and despotism. However. As the late Harvard professor doctor Samuel Huntington explain in his book who are we the challenges to America's national identity. He wrote America has been a nation of restricted and erupted immigration as much as it's been a nation immigration. It may surprise some to learn that in the past each successive wave of immigration was followed by a period of time. With the flow of aliens head. Has more recent arrivals assimilated. In the American way of life that doesn't happen anymore. There is no respite for assimilation. For example from 1901. Through nineteen my boring everybody mr. producer maybe I am. Maybe maybe I mean I gotta go back to Michael Wolf from the author. Our kids' day yes I take I kick and an era may it may that'll excite people. From 1901 through 1910 approximately eight point eight million people immigrated to the United States the United States Census Bureau reports that between 1911 and 1920. There were five point seven million immigrants in between 1921 in 1930 the real little over four million immigrants. The 1930s. Through the 1970s experienced periods of immigration followed by integration. And assimilation. About 500000. Individuals immigrated in the United States between 1931 and 1940 that's it. Between 1941 and fifty. Over a little over one million that's yet between 1951 in 1960. Approximately two and a half million came to America over those nine years. And between 1961. In 1970 there are some 3.3 million but today. There's no period of assimilation between immigration flows. Rather the flow of immigrants coming to America. For more than forty years is an unprecedented. In and it erupted. Even with chain migration at Enron and with no end in sight in the last decade and a half a lot. From 2000 through 2014. Fourteen million new permanent legal immigrants were admitted to the United States in addition to this surge of millions of illegal immigrants. The Migration Policy Institute reports that 2013 estimates from the Census Bureau. But the US immigrant population of more than 41 point three million. Where 13%. Of the total population of the United States. BG 2012 and 2013. The foreign born population increased by about 523000. Between. One year to the next by one point 3%. US immigration and US born children now number approximately eighty million persons. Or over one quarter of the overall American population. Doctor Huntington who I described earlier. He said the massive influx of aliens has been rationalized and part. By what European scholars have promoted includes conceptualize as societal security. You see it's an attempt to justify the deleterious effect unfettered. And assimilated immigration has on society. It refers to the ability of a society to persist and it's essential character and are changing conditions and possible our actual threats. Beyond sustainability within acceptable conditions revolution. A traditional patterns of language culture association. And religious or national identity customs. The doctor Huntington wrote that it is concerned. It is concerned about all with identity the ability of people to maintain their cultural institutions and ways of life. But in the United States he added quote. America has winning nation in immigration. And assimilation. And assimilation is meant americanization. This is him. Now however immigrants are different. The institutions and process he's related to assimilation are different. And most importantly America is different assimilation of carrying immigrants is likely to be slower less complete and different. From the assimilation of earlier immigrants. Assimilation no longer necessarily means. Americanization at this point there assimilation might mean. You know entitlement state. Because I point out if assimilation no longer means americanization. And and what kind of society will younger people and future generations live. To generate these books for reasons they talk about it for a reason. I don't write. Books like Michael Wolf. You know trying to make a quick buck. I write books that I hope will convey important information. Princeton University professor doctor Douglas Macy points out that as a result of continuing high levels of immigration quote. The character of ethnicity will be determined relatively marred by immigrants. And relatively less by later generations. Shifting that balance of ethnic identity toward the language culture and ways of life. In the sending society so that is folks. He cultures and societies. From which these people are fleeing. Stay with the and a lack of assimilation means. That we assimilate into those cultures and those societies. Therefore immigration without assimilation and americanization. Undercuts the civil society. As ethnic racial and religious groups self segregate and you see. Even names of these groups. The problem is magnified further winning nation abandons its own culture. To promote multiculturalism. Dual citizenship bilingualism and so on. And institutes count. There's policies and laws promoting and protecting the practice says a balkanized groups and their infinite array of grievances. Open ended immigration takes a considerable hole on the job prospects of younger and less skilled workers as well as college educated immigrant. Typically younger workers those between the ages of sixteen and 29. Are competing with the recent immigrants for similar jobs many younger people begin working as waiters construction workers or grocery store clerks. These are the types of jobs many illegal immigrants also seek. How can that be you might ask if you're off the argument goes illegal immigrants do jobs Americans won't bill. For example the United States chamber of commerce advocates widespread amnesty to enable its members mostly large corporations. To quote utilize immigrant labor when US workers are said not to be available on quote. National Restaurant Association same thing the Independent Institute a libertarian group. Says the same thing and so forth. So I looked at the federal statistics. Along with the the CIS. And using the federal government's own statistics I will prove Kyoto when we return after the break we play these are all. Provable unequivocal flat out the lies I'll be right back. The system. 472. Civilian not to. For those occupation six are considered majority immigrants legal and only. I've talked about this before it's important to underscore this. Those six occupations America about 1%. Of the total work force 1%. However jobs that are stereo typically thought to comprised mainly immigrants actually comprise mainly American citizens maids and housekeepers are 51% American citizen. Taxi drivers are 58% citizen. Butchers or 63%. Since. Landscaper as the ground workers are 64%. Citizen construction workers or 66%. Citizen. Porters now Hopson concierge is our 72%. Citizen and generators are 73%. Citizen. Sixteen point five million citizens have jobs in 67 occupations composed. But the significant percentage of Democrats 25% or more in other words. Millions of Americans who work in jobs that are incorrectly a widely considered immigrant tight. Hi immigrant occupations are mainly low wage jobs requiring little former occupation. Notably citizens and high immigrant occupations have a much higher unemployment rate and so forth and so. So the logical conclusion is that although Americans hold more of the jobs and occupations that have a higher percentage of immigrants. Untold numbers of Americans particularly younger and less skill. Are having more difficulty finding jobs in those occupations. As immigrants. Are filling a growing percentage of them. He establishments. Worst nightmare. Mark closed end call and now 877381. That creates one laden. Breaking story US wind North Korean strike. I don't know who leaked this to the media. It's all over the place now that they should track these people down. And throw them in Guantanamo Bay. And be very very slow about bringing charges against. This is pure treason. Absolute pure treason I mean I. With the the people on the highest levels of government we have today. And the bureaucracy. In the media we have today we could never ever of one World War II I'm convinced that. The Germans would have no windy day was the Japanese would have known all about our bomb technology. Who's the media today. Are filled with. He looks. I don't house to put it. They need to find out who leaked this and and take care but. 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And as simply save mart dot com that simply save mart dot com simply save mart dot com. Point out tea I can't wait to this winter's gone. Pardon me. And then when everything colts lose you name it. Cilic continued down the road to informing ourselves about what's at stake here. But he wanna talk about gibberish. I see we continue down the road and we've talked about. Blue collar workers. Manual labor's. Put about college graduates. In the affect immigration passed. Well. There's been many studies someone in particular caught my attention. By Hal salzman. Danny coon and to be Lindsay law from the Economic Policy Institute. They found that for every two students at the United States college's graduates would stand. Science technology engineering and mathematics degrees. Only one has hired. Into a Stanley Cup. One out of two. Now this report further states that quote. The computer science graduates not entering the information technology workforce 32% say it's because I T jobs aren't available. 53%. Say they found better job opportunities outside of ninety occupations. The three scholars concludes this indicates quote. That the supply graduates in the stem related fields is substantially larger than the demand for them and in industry. Indeed while demanding that the federal government. Substantially increased the number of high skilled at high tech immigrants in the country. Hewlett-Packard. Cisco American Express Procter & Gamble T-Mobile. And Microsoft slashed at this point when I wrote the book. Tens of thousands of employees. The Census Bureau reports that 74% of those who have a bachelor's degree in science technology engineering and math that is stem. Are not employed instead occupation. Think about that. And in the stent related industries quote wages have remained flat. And are hovering around their late 1990s levels. That means the salaries of professionals in these fields have not increased in the last sixteen years while salaries have not increased the flow of gas workers has increased. Over the past decade in continues to rise. The annual inflows of guest workers amount to 13 of one half of a number of all new IT job holders. And these professors in their study they concluded that immigration policies. That facilitate large flows of gas workers was supply. You know when their visas will supply labor wages that are too low to induce significant increases in supply from the domestic workforce. So litigation so immigration policies designed to increase the number of high tech workers ensure that wages are kept lower. Than they otherwise would be. Still support open borders. I can continue to reap from this book I'm not going to its plunder in the seat an entire chapter on immigration means he question. The lovely kids. When he talked to stable and he Lovie grandkids. How long have I talked about. Are dreamers. The dreamers of citizens who are legitimately citizens. People who are legitimately here in the United States legally. Our kids have dreams tour. You won't hear Lindsey Graham talk about that he will not hear Dianne Feinstein talk about that. You won't feel it here Dick Durbin talk about the. What about a little dreamers. What about our children and grandchildren. It is an incredible thing the Democrats. On the one hand. Make it so cost lead a higher American citizens. With a Obama care of all these entitlement cost us. With the massive minimum wage increases to fifteen dollars and on and on and on making it so difficult to run a business small business. In particular. And yet. The champion illegal immigration. If people are paid under the table who paid below the minimum wage that they create below the minimum wage that they create. Because they want the voters. They want the fundamental transformation they talk out of both sides of their mouth. I wasn't discussed at the White House today wasn't. No wasn't. That Democrats know exactly what they've done. They're doing and an education doing it and how. Care that doing it to the military to law enforcement to our economy and the during an on immigration. I'd say the Republicans are playing defense but they're not even playing defense. To capitulate. And the daily caller he's which I'll return to now that we have really big context for. When. The Center for American Progress seemed well known left wing operation the action fund. Circulated a memo yesterday calling illegal immigrants brought here at a young age so called dreamers. A critical component of the democratic party's future electoral success. The memo co authored by former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri. Was sent around allies calling on Democrats to quote refused to offer any votes Republican spending bills that do not offer a fix. For dreamers and instead appropriate funds to deport them. Trump called on congress to final legislative fix freon immigrants. Caps actions memo. Since protecting doc does not only moral imperative for Democrats and also key getting votes. Quote the fight to protect dream is is not only a moral imperative is also critical component of the Democrat party's future electoral success. And she's right. And their right. They're right. She says it Democrats don't try to do everything in their power to defend dreamers that will jeopardize democrats' electoral chances in 2018 and beyond. He should the next few weeks we'll tell us a lot but the democratic party's long term electoral prospects its long term electoral prospects. Are based on long term open borders. The legalization of illegal citizens. Taking illegal aliens and newly legal aliens turning them in the citizens. Turning him into Democrat voters by doing. I doing what they do for born American citizens which is offering them more. And Mo are redistribution of wealth. This is the end of a free society this is CNN a constitutional republic I'm not trying to beat provocative. It's true. It's true. Look at the balkanization that's taken place in this country we have these phony left wing reporters and intellectually. Where more all eyes that are before exactly that's what you say it. You've created based on race based on immigration based on law and order based on age they started com. It is a constant state. They constant state. A conflict. Constant. And they always win out. Always. It's actually appalled. Cut for mr. industry again from today's White House meeting go ahead please. Bill should be no reason for us not to get this. Judge okay win this group comes back hopefully with the agreement this group and others. From the centers on the house comes back. Signing him having a little besides that I'm not going to say oh gee I want this what that healthy side because I have a lot of problems. Surely you can come up with something really good. He has a lot of confidence of people in the room. Are you serious. Park you don't understand the play here you just don't understand this is way above year intellectual capacity you just don't understand here. This is a counter to the book it's a counter to the 25 amendment issue. That the president is the range and he's not intelligent that he can't speak properly that he can't do this and can't do that. And so you see politically he's done this and of course you see the president will never signed anything. That goes against his campaign promises. That would he just said. I'm asking is that we just say or do I have to project. And say. That's what they'll do. I can tell you this I know this for certain. If you don't engage members of congress now if you don't say Mr. President. This thing cut it. This is what they're gonna do. And you'll get. Couple hundred miles of all. Paid for by use the tax payers not by the Mexican government of course. You'll be told with the greatest sense of all fences the greatest sensors and all censors the greatest this of all greatest that. You will not have what you were promised. When marquis can only do so much I said that during the primaries that these promises. How was he going to achieve them. But at a minimum ladies and gentlemen. You get up for the fight. He get up for the fight you make the case a statesman makes the case to his fellow students he tries to change. The attitude of people he makes the case to the American people. That the compassionate thing to do. That the legal claimed. That the moral thing to do that the virtuous than it did at the prudential thing to do. Is to protect our sovereignty. That's the keen number one point. To take people who violated their visas. Most of which are not three year olds who know most of which are not three month olds in the crib most of which are adults. In his brother asses out of the country they have no right to be here and no expectation of the they are illegal in the truest sense of the term. People here 200000 people came here in 2001. Because of an earthquake they need to leave. There was never any promise. To there was never any expectation. Have legalized status you need to leave. The US chamber of commerce. And its members. If if they are violating immigration laws they need to be prosecuted. The attorney general of the United States and I've given him this advice on the air novel continue to. These to go under federal court in every one of these Sanctuary Cities with a rid of mandates. And seek. To require. Local officials in those states to comply with federal law. And they can make all the arguments against nullification that was made against the confederacy bar slavery of course but still. The legal and constitutional arguments. If the Obama judges continue to uphold them and take it to the Supreme Court but it. Fight I think case. And Whitney particularly helpful. If we could know exactly what the cost hard to localities and states for illegal immigration and illegal immigration. Always hear any Mars these people pay taxes right. Nobody asked them to. In terms of the illegal aliens there is nothing to do what it. You're violating the law they're paying taxes you still violated you know I make the analogy over and over and over again. Pro are back and your friends out there. If your parents who violate our tax laws. There Robert Mueller is in the world and the IRS will throw the book at them. And I'll go to prison. Do we say in the case they shouldn't go to prison. Because they're child will be without parents. Of course we don't. So why do enforce our tax laws are not our immigration laws. And the Democrats. Constantly playing the equivalent of three card Monte give us amnesty now will figure it out in the future. Amnesty decade after decade after decade after decade chain migration noted that 1965. Law I told you about. Endless endless endless immigration we don't let other people are family members you don't wanna be opposed to families do you know. I'll be right back. It's important. That we throw at the distinction on these issues. Left isn't why we should sit still to laugh tracks that we gotta get involved. Have hope for the president on this but I am very very concerned about it based on the people CNN is congratulating the president for what took place in the Oval Office and let let me remind you something he got to look at Nixon. He created though she created BE EOC he did a whole bunch of stuff trying to buy peace with the left they were out to. Decapitate his presidency from day one. Just as they're out to decapitate trumps so if he starts to lurch left. And I just been praising is the most conservative president since Reagan if he starts the lurch left. On immigration and these massive spending bills on infrastructure and so replied cryptically on immigration which was a cornerstone of his election. How he will not buy peace with them they will take the house. His base will be demoralized and they will impeach. I'm greatly concerned about this as you know. The nice years ago. You know I love my car 2010 Camaro appreciate the Camaro came out again. But it's reached that age where things are starting to go around so I don't worry about those problems anymore though not since I got extended vehicle service protection from car shield. In a getting covered by car shield is such a great idea it's affordable protection. They can save you thousands for repaired covered costs. A new fuel pump cost over 500 dollars replacing a water pumps over a thousand dollars. If you need repairs to a control are more torque converter stuff most of us never heard of until it breaks now we're talking thousands of dollars to fix. 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Enter bunker Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. Is our three our number 8773. Statewide 3811877381. 3811 luck. Do not be fooled by these snake oil salesman. In media. Do not be fooled by the pound come boys and girls and the rockettes who just want to feel good keep listening check the ratings that I'm telling you. We're in a fight now. And the president moves off this and more toward our direction of the thanks to yield. The thanks to the show. He will not be thanks to those who who peace. What took place in the Oval Office today who actually find it. Genius or remarkable or unbelievable like CNN does. And as I said. Right before the break. Richard Nixon decided that he would give the left but the left one that he would give the Democrats that the Democrats wanted to he would give the media with a dense media wanted to. They took everything he gave them. And they still one of his head. And they got. We're going to lose badly we may lose badly anyway will we are going to lose badly for certain. If the base of conservatives. Leaves the president. And I don't want the base. Believe the president I don't want him to be impeached by Democrat house I don't want them the go ahead of all there looney tunes crap. And so it seems to me and I hope it does to most of you are patriotic duty. No duty to our families into the future this country to object. And then not be persuaded by. Slick contempt clever talk about how we should celebrate with the president did today because as some jerks book. We are in a battle now. We're in a battle and persuade our president. In the same lol some members of congress who have screwed us before on immigration. To hold the line. This isn't dump on trump day I'm not doing that but I do wanna go through the things he said it not mean that we're gonna go to the callers and we wonderful guest at the bottom of the NR. You remember this stuff about earmarks. From members of congress would slip into that all kinds of weird spending stuff on the in order to the use your tax dollars to bring the bacon home for some ridiculous cause of their own community. Well they eliminated that and it was something that. Many each year. But which you listen to the president today cut seven go. They are still left. Tell him that day. And I excite you so much about your marks the only earmark system. Great friendliness when you had earmarked for the brewers ahead of the problems with the amount of maybe all of you should start thinking about. We're back to a form of earmarks as this. You know wrestler laughing. And laughing at him they're laughing because. They know what the public thinks of earmarks the public is on this. Is that it really felt that not getting along and it's not this system that lends itself tonight getting along Mr. President. You're sitting in the Oval Office. And at least half the people you're sitting with are your enemies. Not your adversaries. Not your competitors. They seek to destroy you they wanna throw you in prison they want to throw your kids in prison they wanna throw your grandkids and president. If you're at a place. And I say this. Again not because I want to be provocative because they reveal themselves they reveal themselves every day they reveal themselves look every media interviewed. And they speak for the media what they're leaks as well. We think these investigations on Capitol Hill are all about what do you think this special counsel is all about the drop the destroy you. I had belt and hostility and anger and hate the Republicans and it's. You don't know OK here much you can say what you want about. Certain presidents and others where they all talked about they went out to dinner tonight and they all got along and they passed bills you tomorrow. About it then we have. And better control just got a little. So we have we have analysts of this meeting. All over cable TV tolerate it. Telling us how magnificent this book. I. I can you believe that kind of an argument. He wasn't done cut ego. Thank you should look at a former air tomorrow eulogy nodding. Yes Lindsey Graham. Is right about twice a year otherwise. He's a goober go ahead. Save the wanna get along and you wanna get as. Rolling again you have to look at it didn't perform because there's. Obviously. The levels they. Trumped up. Throughout the eight years of Obama you go before that. Animosity and hatred between. Republicans and Democrats could not remember what I used to go out in Washington and that's key Democrats having dinner with the Republicans. Everybody got a lot. You really don't see that. We love living. If you don't see it is okay. Get nothing done I don't look at your doctor doesn't. You all try very hard. That's I can really take us. We're gonna get docket lemon docket is unconstitutional. We've had federal courts have ruled this such talk is about to. Expire the and former President Obama this is one of his says Fiat us. We gonna get docket done docket done docket then noticed that is certainly the walls on wall done walled up. Just incredible to me. And now we're supposed to reinstate earmarks. Peter Morristown New Jersey the great debt that he dropped Jeff Sacramento California the great K assets out go. The jet. Sir I was calling I list from Sacramento California and I've been dealing and it just isn't it's just out of control. I am I went down into the capital this week superb form just to discuss things about immigration and building a wall and Sanctuary Cities. And I was physically attacked and called a Nazi just a warning that simply address. He used to it. I think we're commonly it's just like he's between parties in the past and it just becomes so divided we opened no thinking along even have a discussion. And I don't know what can we do for the future in this country. Please stop asking me what we can do and I've said repeatedly what we can do its article five convention of states. I'm not a magician and I'm not god I can't fix with a snap my fingers and three clever sentences what's going on in Washington. Convention states article five have written entire book about it there's an entire organization Bob Bennett. There's three million volunteers involved in it if you're really really serious about helping and you know you're not gonna change California. They need get involved with the organization. You don't have to work California that made you donate to it may US and how they can provide assistance and other states and so forth. That's what you do. Can I ask you another question sir do you feel as if California is bill Walsh College. I don't know do you you live there. Like I do live here but I'm also not experience. It much political shut the issue in the past and. You're living it forget about politics you're living. If the highest income tax rate in the nation one of the highest property tax rates in the nation. You've got behind one of the highest sales tax in the nation. You've got the most ubiquitous regulatory state among any state that I'm aware of you've got they governor who strongly encouraging more more illegal aliens to commended. In the state. You've got the Sanctuary Cities up and down the coast there. You've got an environmental movement completely out of control. You tell me is California law state. Or I if I don't think it is Heidi get it back. I'm doing like politically active car how to how to get back them when you politically active or not. The intention of states article five and that is a nationwide after what we still enough red states at least temporarily. To try and get us back to a form of constitutional republicanism. I think California's gone. I think California's gonna doesn't mean you don't fight at the local levels it doesn't mean you don't trying to elect to state senators state representative. But I mean as a as a whole. Do you think Ronald Reagan did get elected president governor California today. Not. Only won by two landslides. Are. So my my point to you is if you could fight like hell for it congressional cedars state senate cedar local C and that's what you gonna have to do. But I'm not a Pollyanna I column as I see him I really do they don't they just don't view my job on radio is to be self promoter. And to that kind of throw lollipops and everybody. Why would love this say this though wall a have you on the followed it. You've been very informative. And I'm glad I stumbled across you on the radio about two merely go because. I wrist feeling very alone and ever since I challenge you on the radio marked. You made huge changes in my life and just in terms of thought process. Places to look for information and I look at you almost looks father thing here wow I'll have a father I lost my file clerk at a young age and you're a great example of a man and I do think I can't you. Nick myself. At least a small portion of that I'm looking you want to call. Now now let me let me tell you something when he takes first harnessed any copy of liberty that of the liberty amendments which would give you a good. Feel for what I'm talking about as number one number two. You are area. Well your strong young man. And you understand. With the states time and was this country's going and you're looking for ways to address and I hope you really embrace what I'm about to send him. And you feel free to call any time OK Jeff. Thank you sir appreciate you and happy new year thank you very content topless. Paul Long Island New York the great WABC. Out. Well he definitely got the polls and people kind. I was blown away you have to what happened that I quit president trump. Why does the Republican Party continue to lead from line. Handy tool that. And embrace the less destructive policies when we're in control. And why would they embrace policies with the Democrats themselves are saying to each other we're gonna get more democratic voters even on a based political level resurfaced political. Had they defend us. I was a madam I'm Margo they connect I don't understand this and I agree with you thousand students come. Conspiracy theory behind that stick suits it very disturbing very worried about my kids very worried about the future is contrary. And we wanted to be. I'd rather thank you for your call Steve Long Island the great WABC same neighborhood go ahead. I'm walker yeah aren't you straight talk. If you watched. Texas street talk your from Long Island you have the accent you'll be giving Texas anything to speak. But I want to illegal alien and aliens are actually wonderful resource along our residents. He is Vito what he'll I had it what you read because. Like I ousted queen once a week by illegal alien I get out of here these guys that Clinton's. Rick Melbourne Florida the great WM Mandy go. Hey mark thanks for taking my call. Important topic is always. The bat. It is it like I too could not believe what I was hearing from president prompt. About succeed. Dhaka and it. That's kind of beyond me which we've already got laws that we're not following what we think another laws really gonna gonna do any. Such fixing Obama can't you know it's the Republicans that are ensure I mean. These huge. Disasters you know we can talk about eliminating these regulations are doing on the which are very very very important. But when it comes Obama care if it survives a Republican congress in this Republican president is here to stay and far worse. If doc quote unquote survives this president in this congress. And an even do worst thing trying to it it's gonna be far worse you can never get rid of these things. You can never get rid of we have a Republican House senate president they told us to get up all this power what are they doing. They're not doing any thing and and the point that I thought that you were making earlier I think is dead spot on. If if we have quote unquote immigration but no assimilation. We don't have immigration we have an invasion. And is happening over you know 10203040. Years. But we are we are getting. It in open enemy wanted to take us over he would come into our geographic area. Form beachhead or stronghold. From which he could launch. It's just happening that's what's happening is just taking so long that we don't they don't seem to notice it. And though. We error we are not even assimilating. The American children when you listen to what some of them playing that are coming out of the university's. Yeah they're not talking like America. You know there and they're talking like socialists. They don't understand America. And so I think I think. You pointed out. The convention and state is spot on if if we do not act now. And reduce the power that the federal government hands through the couldn't predict constitutional process. It's just gonna take a sober and we will be helpless. We have time and still act. But if we don't if we don't make a call like I committed a few years ago. Then I was I was no longer going to expect other people to call my congressman my senators access track. I was gonna do it on every issue that was important to me. And if we can we got that opportunity we need to take advantage of it or will be explained our grandkids what it used to be lied to live in America. All right my friend well said nonsense we'll be right. Can seat mile an hour Mark Sullivan that don't. Mark my own. Yes they're all right they're trapped they're more go to. Great show and most sacred duty Bowman I'm gonna push back on this one and they had to do with the president pivotal left torpedo movie will be to ask. He is so yeah I think I don't I think you disagree with that move by the president my right. I think doc amnesty is a great thing particularly when Iran against it. And I think putting that on the table before you get all bill is. He's a great their strategy don't you. Well look. The fact is the home builders and construction industry and we got infrastructure on the way. Hopefully. That's gonna happen practically without some pretty liberal luncheon. Actually know a mom quite conservative and not. Actually here or not you supporting a trillion dollar extension only of 200 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities and twenty trillion an actual debt. You're ready to surrender amnesty undock and how you conservatives. How much well ordered they actually supported Israel and proud that has nothing to do of being conservative Alan Dershowitz supports Everett Israel as a liberal. Israel has nothing to do that I'm asking you how are you the conservatives they're you support profligate spending you support amnesty. Government be they OPEC got oh I don't like guys or control. It doesn't stay at your life there's a lot of communities that are hit with a legal immigration and it's a disaster for a lot of these communities. We should I criteria unique unique to how hold you over you need to re acquaint yourself with the principles. Ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back with a great congressman Ron Sanchez has just announced for governor of Florida and he has my strong and endorsement. We'll be right back. Plunder Romo right. Away and now it's 77381. Create what one. Ladies and gentlemen 2018 is here it's time to look your best that's right look younger than you ever have in years guaranteed. 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Harry supplies are running out that 800 skin 604800. Skin 604. Or go to tennis now dot com. Another is really a handful of members of congress. Who I have enormous respect for. In one of them certainly is Ron Desantis congressman from Florida Harry user. Our air and happy new year two years you've been working hard have been watching over the last few years. The watching some of your local press where they're saying while he's on fox knows all the time and we don't know if this kind of conservatism a work in Florida and so forth and so on. You're running for governor of Florida is that correct maturity. You have my whole full support correct. I appreciate very much mark. So did get a few ads against you but that's said. Oh why oh why is it run the saints is that supporting liberty. Supporting. The state of Florida and having the people of Florida make decisions about Florida as much as possible. Supporting a strong military. Supporting securing the borders so we're protected as a nation say. Supporting the military local cops why is that considered right wing. Well look marquis got understand him and I'm coming into this we have a lot of momentum. I'm somebody that's walk the walk not only in serving in the congress but serving in the military completes deployed to Iraq. And Guantanamo Bay. An and somebody who has a good story in terms of working hard and putting myself through school and getting in a position. Reich could make the most of my own life and so when they see a candidate coming that the threat. People try to just throw large stones edges so bomb totally fine to Ryan. I'm on the key principles and the good thing about Florida is our governor whose term limited Rick Scott he's done a really good jobs and laying a foundation. For strong economy any major creative at one point four million jobs in Florida. Since he took office says seven years ago so we have a foundation we can build upon. One of those jobs I wanna see in Florida you market want that underground bunker relocated to Florida at some points. I see one as you know. Yeah no exactly so we'd love to have you. So there's a lot that you can do little many good things about our governor. Opportunity is you can set an agenda. You focus on 45 things that really matter to deal. You make the case. And then used Yugo and and and work with the legislature to do it. And congress some very active army were doing a lot legislatively. We do a lot of you know and it's been supportive of what we do in terms of foreign policy. Very active on the investigation. Which one of 435 I mean you don't set the agenda that you try to shape the agenda in whatever way you can. The governor is different you're pointing the justices to the State Supreme Court. You're the one driving the legislation and and putting up before the the legislature so I think I'm a really good position have a really strong agenda. I think yards and I think it's consistent what what you've done in congress youth have fought. For federalism you and you and you believe where the states have the ability to operate they should operate with a federal governments must operate it should operate but it go to be very cautious about. You know muscling out the private sector and when you're governor you going to be fighting for the same things that is the right Florida and make decisions about flaw. And yeah without question and a worse situation where. We have an inflection point on the State Supreme Court at a very activist court for a long time. Because of the age limits of the justices three of those liberal justice says. Are there now have to retire at the end of this governor's term until the new governor can come man in actually have a three replacements. Who were constitutional lesson who understand the job but the court. It is not too internal firm or rewrite the law and constitution is applied the laws are written up by the constitution is written. You're exercising judgment you're not exercising legislative well. That really. Allows the people Florida to be able to govern themselves because this court struck down a lot of very significant reforms. Over the years regarding school choice they've shut down things involving litigation reform which is really needed in Florida. So you can restore. The same type of constitutional government on the state level. Then I think president trump is trying to do with excellent nomination that he's put port of both the Supreme Court and the federal circuit courts. Moon. And com each year the greatest successes. In the House of Representatives what would you consider them today I mean. You're a mighty force behind. Pushing for the the federal government for the administration recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of this I sat there. In the audience that you conducted a hearing on this which was an absolutely brilliant here. And what will Lee has done we had laid the foundation when the president came in obsess. I sent a letter with over hundred members of congress saying Mr. President you promised this let's do it. And I took I led a delegation and last march to Israel we actually looked in Jerusalem and all the sites where the US had. In the interest and so that we can we basically showed hey. This can be done pretty quickly in a war eventually build a night these embassy but you couldn't do it did a big press conference dad got great press. And then obviously he didn't make the decision at that point. But then coming into this next inflection point we wanted to make sure that that was on the front and I give president tried a lot of credit a lot of his advisors were autumn. Don't do it don't do it Tom goal was just today. Just to remind him that did to the did you see that people cared about so there I was really fortunate to play the leading role in the congress on that and I think president's speech at doing it was phenomenal. Now on the back and were making sure that the State Department has been dragging their feet. Because some people say hello all media like six or seven years old Javier Britain and I don't know. You're gonna get at least a temporary placed on very soon and so are more open with the ambassador David Friedman to make sure that's a reality. You know there's always pressure on no income tax states has only a handful of you left Florida's wanna. To create an income tax and there's always this pressure in Florida practically from the left. I take he had committed to no state income tax. Rule we have state income tax over my dead body no way we cannot do that that would totally take our economy. But I will tell you mark if you look at the Democrats who are running mates. Are promising a lot of new spending we have to balance the budget and Florida. I think the logical result of some of the programs that they want to do. Will be estate income tax and so that's worth the Liberal Democrats are moving towards. And I think that would force there's so much of Florida's competitive advantage or meets. Just with this latest tax bill. You're gonna see a lot of capital start to move into Florida that if you're gonna sort of financial services company. Why would you do it in Greenwich Connecticut Westchester county New York. Do it in west palm. ER Virginia for that matter where I'm stuck and I'm telling you now on a year or so I'm heading down there. Good good. Well we were you'll you'll love maple do little ribbon cutting out but I can't. No it's the underground bunker we don't do me kind of but anyway so. I ask you question his heart to run statewide campaign in the state that is as populous as your state. So I assume we need support so it's my conservative look then nights in the audience would provide was support he can fight. You know in the Republican primary get the nomination word they go. They go to Iran and DC and this dot com. Well on defense there's dot com. We'd love to have your support and your right market is it's tough it's big it's expensive. The flip side of that though that there's a lot of great putt folks and the grassroots and Florida and throughout the country. Who really care about that in a minute think Florida is. Futures important for the folks who were there for a lot of people who may move here. It's also important nationally because we wanna have big states that can actually. Implement a limited government policies to ensure success there's. And if Florida can continue that Texas has done it. What a contrast between New York California vs Florida. And Texas and so on committed to making sure we remain at stake. You know rooted in conservative reform. I just want the nation and now and I hope they it is my listeners get behind your your efforts here. And if Floridians to know and I'm acquires nicely rating if you will because again I have put their homeland I have my parents are there and so forth and a and I intend to move that one day is no question about that. I guess of you know I got to know Ron to sentence I mean not socially. Two very decent man a very principled man he family man a beautiful family. Trying to do the right thing he's a very atypical politician you mentioned. You use you graduated from law school from one of the greatest law schools in the country despite the left doesn't you also served in the military. Honorably end you served in congress honorably. And what else you want to tell the nation and the people Florida about why you should be supported over your Republican opponents. The reasons one because I do you have the history of service to the country in uniform and congress to bomb one of the guys do. Ran a certain clear Reagan principles. Got to Washington and and stuck by those principles and do what I that I would it would do so I have a record of conservative. A cheap man that I think down sometimes is lacking any candidate to top of their game. And then the third thing now mom one of the few candidates in the country that is supported by the president he that's weeded out support for me a couple weeks ago. And said yes had to meet privately look I'm behind you man years you don't get them. So I think that's the type candidate that Republican voters are looking to get behind and I think I can mobilize the conservative base like him. Mobilize the trumpeter who can mobilize an investor and on and really create a strong coalition expected ticket to victory. Listen I checked his home down there to. It's pretty nice Smart and I am seeing yours but I pay it it's a nice place down there tomorrow aren't good enough for sure. It's not nearly as crisis has but it's not bad. Listen Ron. We wish you all the best care I want to give out your website again mr. producer popping up on my social sites if you will which by the way. Are my social sites I own them. Personally so we'll get Ron Desantis information up there. Go ahead and give it out again. It's drawn to it and there's dot com Ron piecing it is dot com. All right nice ring good luck we look forward to having you back god bless you mark thanks so much for your support. Are you too. Even the great governor. And a great governor I say he'd support article five that they were ready they already have passed that they're in the legislature. Wonderful Florida legislature like the Texas legislature. There you have the two biggest Republican states and that both of which are behind an article five convention states what's at times. And fairly conservative states to. I would kill to have that means my governor in Virginia so we get these loathsome you know Hillary's bag man and then this other issue Mali. He wobbles into the governorship and a chest. So pathetic and then some states have opportunities to put really really great people. In these top positions in Florida you do right now to run the same tests run the Santos. Dot com that's Ron DE. ST and TIS dot com go to check out his record. He may not be well known across the country may not be well known throughout Florida but Florida has a magnificent opportunity for a great governor I'll be right back. Now if you're starting off this new year with some resolutions. And I suggest one point. Stopped watching left wing fake news. Last year we saw how far the left media will go even at the expense of their own credibility CNN has disgraced itself. MSNBC can't disgrace itself anymore it's at the bottom. If you missed the last couple of in TV episodes. We recap the Obama surveillance scandal. Now we're going through the impeachment issue we're going to the 25 amendment issue. 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And that way get ten dollars off a ten dollar discount of your annual subscription derby can check it out for a week absolutely free. It's a sign up now it's your TV dot com. H he would use code live in LE ZIN. Give us a call 844 love in TV that's 844 LEV. I NTV and by the way. And I love every give numbers on this spent. We're growing. Very. Significantly and we want you to participate in this. You can and if you will we'll explain how works he just call 844 living TV. Eat for four LEV I mean TV. Mike to the great New Mexico's serious satellite go ahead six. Barked out a doubt they're great I. Thought Derrick. I don't know people realize how that it. It has Toledo area and I travel all over the latter part of the country at a but it there it the city that Peters hit pure pure. People it didn't speak the language. Our restaurants. Businesses all. Internet sex now now that it spins him greatly. And I often so Aaron Baer we're getting taken over but hey. Are refugees now where it got huge population of the Molly. Do. Our rights there I appreciate your call. Yet he hit you yet. Frank Woodbridge New York a great WABC don't. A little more thorough review how is unlike any dinner guest we have dinner would you every man mark. Thank you what are we having tonight. OS or less that we had to claim parmesan and almost made jokes because when you additional crime rate around Hollywood. They've scored collapse from the bottom out whole slew let's frankly it's I am lactose intolerance they can watch. All of a shame Google I went our thumb calling nicer way to introduce myself as an infuriated constitutional us. I'm infuriated by the pretense of this daka amnesty and this dreamer and misread. Which are believed to be putting quotes. Because. Americans are being denied fundamental rights that are here. In New Jersey we cannot defend ourselves. Or women are defenseless. And I have been fighting for Second Amendment sushi W writes your New Jersey for a while. And it's ridiculous my wife can't defend herself my daughters can't defend themselves or grandchildren. And it's all visible that they're going to grant rights of people it shouldn't really be here came here legally. This is an important point you saying we have a constitutional. Right under the Second Amendment. Which is being that chip away and he while people are coming in this country illegally in their protective. In new security structure of the way it's being denied on new Jersey's awful. Rick hidden creek Buick Krispy Kreme Christie there is bragging about its trump wasn't president he would have been president hey frank call again okay. It's too late the program to continue because it's time to say how tough but I appreciate it. Ladies and gentlemen Lisa. That our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Check out Clemente did a good one check out rob just say this is citing needs our support. And I'll see you tomorrow right here. God bless. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my plate so the last thing I wanna do his waist time standing on line in the post office so why don't ever. I use Stamps.Com. Which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy imprint official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail. Using my own computer and printer. It's so convenient just click print you're done Stamps.Com is saved me so much time and money I can't believe anyone still waits on line at the post office anymore. Don't you wanna say time and money to Stamps.Com makes it easy but even into a digital scales he could automatically calculate exact postage. I use Stamps.Com because it simplifies my busy life and right now you too can enjoy this Stamps.Com service with a special offer that includes a four week trial. 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