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1/8/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 9, 2018|

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes was an outrageous diversion and a humiliating embarrassment. She didn't call out anyone by name, she didn't point a finger at the audience and admonish the actors, nothing about the culture of sexual debauchery and molestation in the ...

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Enter bunker Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. Everybody finds event here I number 877381. 3811877381. 3811. Just feel. Hollywood how crazy the media. They all. Think Oprah when people present is pretty cool idea. He can't stop talking and neither can conservative radio host. And and and neither can people on Twitter and Trace the call Oprah Oprah Oprah. Now I object strenuously. All this. I'm for Judge Judy mr. produce I think Judge Judy. Will be a far better Democrat nominee and Oprah Winfrey don't you. I really do. I think we need Judge Judy. As a Democrat nominee. Or. Jerry Springer since he better represents the cultural views of the left I think Jerry Springer of the grain. Or got their us. Thank elicit a glass after us via ordered they be Dr. Phil because Dr. Phil can analyze. Oprah Winfrey fortunate they buddies. Ellen DeGeneres she would be perfect for reasons I do that need to explain. But really Judge Judy. I'm gonna get behind Judge Judy for the democratic nomination now. Juggernaut will create that covered so many times have degrees at focusing not judge Joseph. And Judge Judy as a lot more off. She actually has an IQ oddities yes. She has an IQ. Hope for really doesn't have an active in my humble opinion. She sort of a soft Jerry Springer. Relation wise. And joining from me. Now people are said to me mark what about Whoopi Goldberg. And I think you can never elect somebody named will be put on the other hand we elected somebody named Barack Obama so maybe Whoopi Goldberg would win. That's a possibility. Or joy they are patient know. We already have Bernie Sanders and he's better looking. And get some people say. So we got a hole. Conga line of freaks and frauds in full so we can pick front. On daytime TV. Oprah Winfrey has done. The enormous things for this country she has. Created. Thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs hasn't she hasn't Sheehan mr. district. Yeah and she's built some anything. Massive mansion I think it was in Hawaii out of where she is. Hollywood whatever it. But she'd be perfect. But now I like Judge Judy that she'd be really perfect and I think so. I'm not interest in taking your calls on this. I don't watch the Golden Globes I could care less. I'm sure most of you don't either. But by the way solely great movie of the week. And I don't go to movies. I saw the darkest hour movie. One trick show little piece of friction it was exceptional. Exceptional. And the actor who played. Churchill listening Gary Oldman. He won the gold glove award. And I thought to myself that's not there he's a white privilege he's a white straight male. They should have picked. Somebody else to think that well that's not fair. We don't have to be exactly accurate when we do movies doing having that be exactly accurate when you write books about the present the United States did you. More on that slot and a minute but it is amazing to me how the media. Priced out there out there at CNN Jake Tapper over there at CNN. Fact all of the fools over at CNN that is MS LS Siena all those that. Bizarre out and others. They actually take this fools books here's. They know he's not going to treat. Not in every respect. They know that so much of the book makes no sense like the present United States didn't know who Boehner last. When in fact he had played Koppel Boehner LA I know exactly who Boehner. And if this is America today. According to the media putting the Hollywood courted the Democrat party here we are discussing Oprah. Any fictional book. That's touted as a non fictional book. I slip and fall right. Who has absolutely no credibility. But before we do this. Oprah at the Golden Globes last night you're not gonna wanna miss this lecture from Oprah. I'm sure it's chicks well that night out. In 1944 real easy Taylor was a young white. And the mother. From the church service. Given that Mobile, Alabama. When she was abducted by six armed white men great enough blindfolded by the side of the road coming home from church. They threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone. And her story was reported to the NAACP were a young worker by the name alone. Rosa Parks. He came to. She gave her on her face and together they eighth saw justice for just this wasn't an option. In the Arabs and crawled the man who tried to destroy her work never persecuted. Easy Taylor. Died. Ten days ago. Just shy of her ninetieth birthday. She is. As the only glimpse two years and a culture broken by brutally powerful men. For too long women have not been heard or believed. If they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. But their time is up. That's not. This is grotesque. What happened. Was horrific. Police don't misunderstand announcement. Jim Crow was horrific. Slavery. Was terrific. How do you tie this. Today. To man. Two men. Why don't they namely lives why wasn't it on the screen last night. A rolling screen. Of the men. In Hollywood. Who molested. Where harassed women in Hollywood. How could they didn't have the guts to do that. How could they did not all men. Nothing to do this civil rights era has to deal with modern day Hollywood. Whether it be a crime tape around that town but. I don't know who wrote this for Oprah Winfrey. I don't have she wrote it herself. But it's a really. Clever attempt. Added distraction. Added distraction. I'm not taking responsibility. That Hollywood community. For the conduct. About tactics. And at some cases it's actresses. This is nothing to do with Jim Crow nothing to do with the NAACP. And if in fact. It's time to speak truth to power against these men. Why didn't they don't act. Why did they do it. Why did it take. A story about Weinstein to begin to unravel the yarn ball here. And Oprah Winfrey. Goes to the microphone like geez. But she's making some profound statement she made no statement. About the problem that persists. In a left wing ten. Controlled by Democrats. Controlled by. Hollywood controlled by their reduces their directives are actors or actresses. And she talks about. Jim Crow. Not Harvey Weinstein. Who she was fast friends list. Cut ten go. So I want all of our own us watching here now to know that they knew today is a. Let's let's let's. This is Hollywood. Applauding. Hollywood. I want all the girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the rise why didn't she say I'm standing here before you today how. And you should be embarrassed of yourselves. You should all be embarrassed of yours to be part of a community. That tolerate decades of the archery. Decades. Of sexual molestation. Decades. Of sexual harassment and their many viewing the audience. Who know. Who the perpetrators are and where and never came forward. In order to protect your careers are promote your careers. You may be sitting next to many of the victims of the very men. Who you protect the. That is a disgrace. Now that would about a speech worthy of a presidential wannabe. But now. Instead we hear about Jim Crow. And the NAACP. Which is fine. But is nothing at all to do what what's taking place today in Hollywood nothing. Nothing. What she should have told the girls watching there. Is not too. Not to stand by while all the girls are being molested and harassed. Because you wanna become famous because you don't wanna rock about because you don't. Wanna charge talent they Harvey Weinstein of the well no she didn't say that. She didn't say that. Go ahead. This is. This is jest. Intended. For the applause. Intended for the media. But not an ounce of substantive reality to it. When you talk about the men who are not phenomenal banning. What did you talk up the women who are not phenomenal. Some of them very famous and rich some of them who have Academy Award to sign on their hands knowing full well. About Harvey Weinstein among others. Oprah Winfrey was friendly very friendly with Harvey Weinstein the extent to which she may have known and I've no idea. But all of a sudden everybody's Helen Keller. Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Michelle Obama. Close tightly Harvey Weinstein knew nothing. And all arrested a big wigs and Hollywood no not. Knew nothing of any of those produces not a that Iraq is nothing. Absolute joke. Absolutely it's like the a football players millionaires in the football we feel kneeling about social justice. Well America and those are my travel. Over paid permit on us now. What you had a big Golden Globes. Was a mostly a bunch of millionaires applauding a billionaire. About sexual. Harassment act. Has changed and now he's married now that complement. I talking about. Quite seriously. Putted it up themselves. This GA is it'd dent a molestation. And harassment. She challenged the judge she hit some. Does she use names well we get a get a lecture about Jim clos for crying out loud. Jim crew know. We didn't have that discussion we talk about it all the time. What was done to black people in the south. With a Democrat in charge was horrific horrific horrific. Don't Jim Crow when you're talking about the Harvey Weinstein of the world. How many. Out of the last Lawrence. Not the victims. But the perpetrators. We're Democrats. We're labels were donors to Obama. Donors to Hillary Clinton how many of them. We're sitting it out audience first shatter that audience people are both SATA the Academy Awards. I want every damn awards they get daily chat at how many of them at their movie screens. Television screens. Does she tell then. Hollywood. Know. And of course they set up a blond hair. This one I'm. I happen again we will not stop this bull what did you know waiting for. Who's stopping them. Who's standing in their way. At that Hollywood. Is about cowardice. Hollywood is about this seat. Probably what is it about. Me next Hollywood is about lip visit. Hollywood. Is there's a crime tape put around it. If everything Oprah went to east in free is saying is true. How could she not. How could she not pointing her finger at that audience. Picks his. And if she didn't. Now she's being touted for president. Touted for president. Once again. I'll get on the Judge Judy bandwagon for the Democrat party anybody wanna join me don't call. This is call tongue in cheek. Judge Judy would be far better I don't think she give that speech to the golden gloves okay I'll say experience. Oprah Winfrey was a humiliating. Embarrassment. Absolutely path that the copyright back. And apologetic. Patriots another apologetic. Constitutional lest you can reach him at 877. 38193811. Now. And how about the steps that meant. I never understood this stagnant. And I mechanic and hide. All right they hill newspaper John Solomon has added again A real journalist. FBI agents text messages spirit congressional probe into possible news leaks. Republican led house and Senate Committees this is breaking this minute. Are investigating whether leaders of the Russian counterintelligence investigation at the FBI. I contacts with the news media that resulted in improper leaks prompted in part by text messages among senior FBI officials. Mentioning specific reporters knows organizations. And articles. In one exchange FBI counterintelligence agents Peters throws all that guy. And bureau Laura Lisa page oh that lady engaged in a series of tech shortly before Election Day 26 team. Suggesting they know in advance. About a Wall Street Journal article and would need a main stumbling on to this story so it could be share what colleagues. Quote article is out but hidden behind table also can't read it on quote. Page connected stroke on October 24 X 1:16 am remembering that this guy's throat gets. He's the lead investigator on dollars that. Trying to concoct a collusion case against Donald Trump I don't on quote. Wall Street Journal boy that was the Astros a text back using the initials of the same financial newspaper WSJ. Should I find it and tell the team. See the point is they knew about it. The question is if they leaked it seems very irrational now than it. The text messages which reviewed by the hill showed it to FBI agents discuss how they might make it appear. That they innocently discover the article such is through Google news alerts. I can get out like I do every other article that hits any Google news alert seriously. Stroke route adding he didn't want his teen hearing about the article quote from someone else quote. Stroke played a key role in the early Russia election meddling pro before it was removed last summer by special counsel Robert Mueller. For exchanging anti down a trap text messages would page about away. Was the inspector general of the department of justice and uncover these texts. Not close out AKA Mahler. The Justice Department has told congress that stroke can engage in an affair with page. Who served as a lawyer advising FBI deputy director Andrew McCain whose wife's. Is a left wing Democrat Kook who ran for the state senate average and yet with the backing up hundreds of thousands of dollars from the co governor of Virginia. That would be McCullough let me gone. They all newspaper reviewed nearly three dozen texts in which the two agents discussed articles. Try to track down information about a specific New York Times reporter. Or opine about leaked information and stories that they fretted where quote super specific quote in other words the implication is. I'll I hope our fingerprints aren't on it. Republican investigators in both the house and senate say that text magic did suggest FBI personnel. May have had media contacts but don't necessarily prove it. So they wanna learn more about what the two agents were talking about and whether any FBI officials and out of the rash of pro engaged in leaking sources told they are. Call me later. I really gets let me get like this should lower their atop. The left wing has control of that damn bureau that's exactly what's gone on that and I happen and I'll real FBI agents like this festival what's taking place. President trump was bitterly complain about leaks in the Russian probe suggesting that created a false narrative about his campaign and only administration. An FBI officials have taken their greatest act of don't ask you a few major stories in the Russian case is it accurate. FBI contacts with the media wouldn't necessarily be improper. The less they resulted in the release of confidential law enforcement information are classified information. Such as the leak last February of an intercept of then national security of my visor might flee his contacts. With the Russian ambassador yeah let me help everybody out here. The Obama administration on mass names. In their counterintelligence investigations. And on their ongoing. Espionage activity. May unmask the names of American citizens. And they leaked it to the media. Exactly what they did. We have trade daddy out there who said over 34 weeks ago. That Samantha Power. The left wing goof off Pak who was the secretary UN second and at UN ambassador and Obama pointed from the United States. If she said her name was used in the unmasking over there at the NSA they weren't all hurts. Doughty said he get to the bottom out at anybody here from Downey like lately how does barber anybody here from an. Now where is it now where. It was string of text messages just five days before the election. Paid so lawyer Larry it's dropped. They counterintelligence agents play Washington Post story about a time line in the controversial. Hillary Clinton email investigation. Page mentions that conversation she had just hacked with the FBI chief of staff James arrived Dickey. And openly expressed concern the information about the FBI's timeline. Was too specific for comfort in the article. Sorry right Vicki called timeline article on the post is super specific cannot good. Doesn't make sense because I didn't have specific information again. Rule I wonder who leaked it must have been a little birdie. Or somebody who know that's who leaked it. A few days early at straws it texted page about another new article suggesting US anti FBI yet the whole town is anti bureau. Just a tiny bit from us he wrote. This goes on and on and on. It's annoying as hell let's finally played at NBC. On them in a minute I got done within me that. Leaking. Know. There is no way they lake insurance policy no they didn't mean what you think they meant. Given a pass to Hillary. Our non that's just a conspiracy. To take attention off ration collusion what ration collusion I don't know. The media in this country are so awful. Are so correct. There's so abusive at the First Amendment. Remember that's. First Amendment freedom of the press what does that all mean that you what I supposed to be protected. From the government. Bet there's freedom of the press. Why. To protect us from the government every part of the government. Is that what the media doing today are they digging into the FBI Solomon is some of the others are where CNN. Nowhere. Which CDS. Now where where's MSNBC. At some kind of a marijuana club. ABC other resident knoller. And uninteresting getting the bottom of getting the truth. But the two shared a national public radio article on the opening of Trump's new hotel in Washington the two barely contain their disdain quote. That's one low place I hope to never staying pay drought stroke replied agreed I hope it tells hardly yes and having their affair I suspect they Wear. At motel six's in places like that but what a line. Occasionally they tell us all pine about the media in general struck for instance calling near post article about agents and happy with the outcome of the Palestinian outpace stupid. And referred to fox anchor Chris wallop as they Eric. If they're one of the presidential debates stroke also had an observation about then fox anchor and Kerry NBC anchor Megyn Kelly. Quote vaguely satisfying to see Megyn Kelly who had Botox and let our eyeball capitals are really going after truck he texted. So they hate fox is they hate all conservatives. In say what you will about Chris Wallace he is a serious journalist hello crack crack crack. Yes yes. Well they haven't ladies and gentlemen. Question is headed clues so AKA Mahler. Had this kind of staffers so long wanted to take the inspector general to figure this out. Well ladies and gentlemen the media don't care. Because they're focused on two things right now. They're focused on a lady. Was a professor via. And her name is Lee bandy Lee. Young university professor of forensic psychiatrist. And their focus on an author houses name again and remembers. Wolf Michael. To Sony's. Now we actually invited. Ms. Lee on this approach. Mr. producer had an email conversation with professionally isn't it correct mr. it is Kirk. I mr. it is here on the here and now I ask you to get a whole ms. Lee not really explain to land because I really wanted to question her any serious way. Not through whom the humiliation a mockery of any serious way what happened when you contacted ms. Lee at first. Shoot and edit the current bush couldn't do this week so Aziz suggested next week one. She suggested Monday January 19 is that correct yes. And she copied her publicist. About disappearance and yes once you she won her publicist the schedule it. And publicists. Back and said she couldn't do anything. So now the publicist interceded and said professor Lee couldn't do anything curry. They say and the publicist works for saint Martin's press is that correct yes. And a name is get reality dance GA TC isn't that correct yes associate director of publicity. At that's because ms. Lee has a book out on this subject that doesn't. Yes. So we get ever thank you mr. produce we get endless requests for people to come on the show hawking their books of their ideas. In 99% of them I reject. Here. We actually reach out to professor bandy Lee. Noted expert. Noted psychiatrist. Who knows all things about Donald Trump having never ever spoken to him or even met. She's meeting with Democrats on capitol how she's gonna do it again and I'll explain that later. She's on the media she's on TV she's on friendly radios. As in years little Marc look in the third biggest option on American. Wants to talk to Andy Lee and figure out. Her thinking process he's on Donald Trump's. Mind. She says yes on January 19 January 19 there's an M Martin Luther King birthday. January January 15 and then in 1982. Dates we picked either so tight vote. You don't want. And she doesn't want a company. Pushy guys but her publicist does not. In fact here's what her publicist wrote to mr. that is hi Richard. Any schedule will not allow for an interview thank you Gabriel. Any of you at any time period. But kind of publicist is that. He left wing hack Coke. A left wing hack Kook. This is what the media are talking about this is a campaign I toting this couple weeks ago and now you see it. Coming out that you have the back benches and our total two years ago when they never said it dancing about it I'm tracking this had been tracking this data. Caller bring up the Goldwater rule we went into the Goldwater rule in our hearing about the Goldwater rule. From all the other backed ventures and. Continue to bit. We're in the world is being legally. If there's a guy tackle a Democrat she's with them. If there's a gaggle Democrat reporter she's with the but she will not come on this program in a minute tell you why she's a fake and a fraud. How well. She had a chance to come on I was in it for more than equal time I was an interview. She's a fake an affront she's being used by fools like the morning schmo. Mr. deliverance in this issue not. Being used by that clown Bryant's Celtic. Who let you ask me has a screw loose. Being used by the Democrats to prepare for impeachment. But what they claim and then in 25. As you make any sense. It's hopefully that's exactly what's going on this is that diabolical campaign. And now we have this fool Michael Wolf. More on him when I return months. Actually just mr. couldn't. There really isn't Stedman. Keep doing these days. And by the way NBC we wanna congratulate them they've come out of the closet now of course they came out of the closet money. Started MSNBC. You know the likes of the morning should on this issue ma. And they put that they have. Because it's a tweet list. And NBC. Nothing but respect for our capital owe you our future president. This is during the global the Golden Globe awards so NBC is. Out of the closet. And that they were always kind of a closet anyway but now think Matt rated me an hour. Let's not what do you think our I mean any thing like that where kids I don't that's not right power. Our limit our H oh you lack it was a misspelling. Our future president cannot everybody knows that. Then they realize how stupid it wasn't a whole of course refer Oprah. For for anyone let trapped in the back. NBC. What did you okay. Now the destroyed institutions. But does it bring new institution out there and what should be part of you wanna risk CS put out a tweet like that. If you're starting off this new year with some resolutions Nancy just one that we should all try stop watching fake news. Last year we saw how far the liberal media will go even at the expense of their own credibility. If you missed the last couple living TV episodes of the year we recap the Obama surveillance scandal and a lot more. Starting with total mockery of yours truly by the media and in it with total vindication. These kinds of stories you're only going to get on seer TV were bringing you the truth night in and night out. And 2018. He shaping up to be a huge year for CR TV. We're adding new shows from a host like into well Cali Stuckey and Moore. Plus the price is less than eight bucks a month when use promo code look then. Time to fight back against liberal media even example tonight's living TV. The entire subject of impeachment with the framers meant. Where this comes from the war ahead of with us. As they say it's time to fight back against the lips do you suffer think distract tries CR TV for one week completely free. At CR TV dot com. Make sure you use code look then that's code L dvi and and take ten bucks off your annual subscription. Sign up now at CR TV dot com code look then. We can just give us a call on our toll free number 844 love in TV. That's 844 LEV. I and TV and noticed I would tonight show it to dues. What's a doozy mr. that is or whatever it is it's a doozy. Yes it is like a statement nine I don't know. Noticed that minutes and get a flu this year. Democrats to hold new meeting with psychiatrist who calls trump the danger to public. In The Washington Times. Some democratic lawmakers writes David Blair they're renewing their campaign this week of questioning trumps mental fitness for office. Aided by a psychiatrist who has tried ethics reviews from her peers for giving opinions about the president without having examined them. If she is a license and ought to be yanked. I mean this quite literally. Lawmakers will gather for dinner Wednesday night I mean it is the woman for dinner I asked him to come on the show credited. Never ever never ever since her publicist. Publicist. But as a gathered for dinner Wednesday night at the Washington Oklahoma representative Rosa to Laura. I'll let that one pass and it it Democrat in a salon like setting to hear from doctor any leak. A Yale unit it's like going to assailants is an. What with an immediate rose that the laurels on all of and they're gonna have a seance OS seance with doctor Danny Lee of the Yale professor of forensic psychiatrist. Who believes title track is dangerous requires a mental capacity exam. By the way he thought he heard Nancy Pelosi lately. There is somebody who needs a mental capacities. Right there. Oh yes absolutely and I'll be right back. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my plate so the last thing I wanna do his waist time standing on line in the post office so why don't ever. I use Stamps.Com. Which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy in print official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail. Using my own computer and printer. It's so convenient just click print you're done Stamps.Com is savings so much time and money I can't believe anyone still waits on line at the post office anymore. Don't you wanna say time and money to Stamps.Com makes it easy they even sent to a digital scales he could automatically calculate exact postage. I use Stamps.Com because it simplifies my busy life and right now you too can enjoy this Stamps.Com service with a special offer that includes a four week trial. Plus postage and digital scale without long term commitments go to Stamps.Com click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type in bunker that Stamps.Com. Enter bunker Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. Somewhere under the grip good. Hello everybody marks the men here. I number 8773813811877381381. When I know I'm not been enough time to get everything. But what I do get to. Holy macro. We will get to Michael Wolf. The phony. Who the media love and they even say well. Yeah traffic and has promised that telling the throughs are nice but get out there. Story he's telling Pulitzer it's really compelling and cannot get generalize on an. Anyway I get to that moment. First I wanna go to Jake Tapper on CNN yesterday. With a White House advisor Stephen Miller now. I haven't seen this I haven't heard this yet. I've colonel ballot when the course today and I didn't watch it real time I don't rock watched it in take time. But let's listen to this together because I suppose that many. Have not heard or seen as someone radio here so we'll hear it again and so it's Jake Tapper. Of CNN. With Stephen Miller who works for the president formally worked for Jeff Sessions that took out. I wanna ask you around you you obviously are very offended by the notion that the smoke fire and fury paint a picture president trump trump does not mentally up to the job. I'm on Saturday president trumpet a series of tweets trying to defend himself. On this issue of fitness and he said quote. Actually throughout my life my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like really Smart. Look at Hillary Clinton also play these cars very hard as everyone knows went down in flames I went from very successful businessman to top TV started president of the United States my first tried. I think that would qualify is not Smart but genius. And a very stable genius at that do you think tweets like that help or hurt the cause that the president is stable enough for the job title. Let's purchase that lets just not right. If you real journalists you know I'm. It's it's not a big deal between he's defending champs. Any significant truthfully. It's been a Y. Why would you focus on this the future sick I'm quite sure spent the past. Other than try to score points or raised questions about the president's and so forth and so on which is obviously the party line at the constipated news network. CNN. I had. But I think in the toxic environment that you've created here in CNN cable news which is a real crisis of legitimacy peer network. And we saw of course with the extremely fake news you reported about it Don junior and WikiLeaks story it was a huge embarrassment for your network even just like not your gender. Oh well and yeah. You can't tell Jake Tapper. That CNN as a joke all my blue water. I had. You got the Komi testimony wrong you know we're trying to get these gonna present his candidates was a lot of people and I'm getting to the issue of your are your husband the president the prime. And Osaka our old. Oh Jake doesn't like that. And you don't understand. Jake does not like that you've just managing how dare you question Jake. Gallup. You absolutely reaffirmed the plain spoken truth to self made billionaire revolutionize reality TV. I happen to something magical what's happening in the heart of this country. The people that you don't as a political analyst earnings I don't know what your talking all the people that you don't contact with. Was elected president he Nazi the president is in the thirties yet. In your proposal should the president losing before the election yes. They want. Oh. Go ahead. Stand the people who manufacturing jobs have left we've been to these high crime communities and who have been affected by a poll Steve a controlled immigration. Those voices those experiences don't get covered on this network that light and it didn't prove the point. I was I was books to talk about the very issues under describing you're not even asking about it because they're not interesting facts to you. And young. Jake has been exposed. You invited Stephen Miller here show Jake. And you didn't give us the truth about why you're having them on your show. I had. Questions and everything you as a candidate Obama talked in my your flight now I'm not hot and I want all else. Question because I don't have not telling minus an object. Today even Jeb Bradley and the White House reason why I was gonna find the president of one reason why I want to talk about. The president's experience as well I've seen with him traveling to me dozens of foreign leaders with his incredible work I got united in their questions I understand that 24 hours a day of it's even material here may not gonna get three minutes for the Americans like better the real experience and I'm Donald there's one viewer that you care about right now and your being equally as have been found out in the army police and I'm I don't know. And I can do is try to ferret out waste and up my viewers like you. God he wasted enough is viewers time he relaxed Don lemon that's a waste into the U each time all the time. How about this little clown from house and state. But is the bride Celtic hero watch it now there is a waste of time and quite frankly chizik. Don't you think he should have a little sign on your desk in front of you while you're doing it though. Saying that in 1992 year campaign Press Secretary for democratic congressional candidate Marjorie Margolis has been ski. He later served on his owner a congressional press as are congressional Press Secretary I'm not saying that spices everything you've reported. But it does tell us a little bit about your mind. And I don't even need to India lead to tell. You relive. You've got some conservatives vote not me. Now most of you have something else to do on Sunday's other than wash that. Mike you know clean your house or wash dishes that are. Or watch your windows or something. And I don't blame me. Then we have Michael Wolf. Mr. gates would you open your microphone again we struck out a way that any lead police so much wanted to have on the program. The Democrat operative dressed up as a Yale professor of psychiatry. And it wanted to ask a number of questions about her conduct that. Her publicist blocker even though she was prepared to come on now didn't we invite Michael walls the author of this fire and fury book as we discussed at the moment program. I emailed his publicist and haven't heard back. Another publicist that doesn't want publicity for the author. Isn't that amazing now. Who is that you happen and I thought about your head and dig it out we just gonna give her the publicity that it publicist deserves. So this guy Michael Waltz all over the White House talk in the people he's he's hanging out bans office he's talking to this when talking of that one. Can't check the clown out. I want to bring them on the program you woke up. All of a sudden he's he silent. A sign. Because Michael Wolfe is a phone. You've had numerous individuals say I didn't say that we took it out of context. You bad. Numerous assertions like he didn't know who John Boehner was when he clearly did note John Boehner was and I wanted to bring the gentleman on not like it today show whenever you know. RA morning should now whenever you know our DB CNN you know I'm mark let. An interview but they dot. And they got me for a reason. Position here to show. That's. Now we have Michael Wolf on the beach BC radio Saturday he'll go home BBC radio play here we are with millions and millions of the yield. Can help given the notoriety that he so slot result. He Toxics. That's three you know you know I think one of the interest thing affects. Of the bloke so far. Is today. Mary clear. Amber yeah. That's when he talks cycle house like that like at the fun. Yeah emperor has no clothes GM never heard that line before anybody yellow line before. But here's the thing he exposed the media once again. The spot there all of this but they're quoting the block they're promoting the book even a bit and not your average about it doesn't matter I think it's right. That's what this doctor says it CNN. Doesn't matter if you're at that time we take trapped. I had. The story that I told the seems to present this presidency in such a way. But he says he can't do this job the emperor has no clothes and. You with the emperor has no clue rules. And Graham has no clothes a company keeps saying the emperor has no clothes and that night that's. And I would be take claimed Kennedy in his in his days with no clothes but that's a whole other story. I had. Brie where people are going oh my god it's true he has no clothes can't finish mark is this yet. He's an author usually. He has no clothes hamper has no clothes on my guy and he hands though clowns. I had. The backgrounds. To the perception and understanding that will finally end this that will end this this this president's. So the guy has any motive. And the president's. That's his motive. So it's questioning the president's mental stability is questioning doing all these things. Why is this book popular other than the fact that the left wants to be popular seriously. It's filled with propaganda. It's Philip propaganda. And in the end brands now it's slow there. I write that story go. This is certainly aren't any any senator rapid. He's on meet the depressed. With that what's is an indicator of memories. And anyway both Chuck Todd. When did I go to he'll grow in China world were all hoping. Pat forgo. This is. You know I I think not an exaggeration and not unreasonable. That's not unreasonable to say this is not running Fifth Amendment. Kind of stuff wise is I made any thing and that's when you all the time twice and it. Chinese citizen that loses. Emperor has no Cologne all of this is 25 amendment kindness that I mean. I'm getting more attention Caribbean carnal bark parent. Than anybody ever seen before his 25 amendment kindness. There really is and thank you for having me on Meet the Press I remember we'll Meet the Press was a real shot. What pools like this would have been dismissed. I had an up the 25 yes actually they would they would say we're not. In the end of verb is sort of in the media period we're not a 25. Amendment level yet. Or they wouldn't alarming that's not. Chaka you'd complete clown. The guys spoon feed you this that. And it. You don't say Jimmy factual basis for this hoo hoo it's that. Thinking hanging and making its value as us they rank it and yeah Brad has no Cologne. And he was Tony 25 amendment not at the 25 amendment lovely and but we get it without so much OR. Mayor Jerry track bed truck time march alarming wow that's alarming. I had. Alarming in every way. This this this could not okay this is a little Toney Fifth Amendment the 25 amendment. Is eight. Concept that is alive every day in the White House line is he content when he went into. It's a concept. That's alive and me day in the minors. He had anybody you know my house is talking about the president being so mentally disabled and there and it. And he can't do is. Look everybody's talking that way ladies and gentlemen the why don't they trigger. How hello chock outdated job for you Schmoll. How come why did he say to that guy OK everybody in the White House is talking about if this goes on and on and on. What about parents what about cabinet there once a good trait of the 25 amendment. In Afghanistan. And emperor has no clue. Pat find out do you speak with any members of the president's cabinet as well I didn't. Oh CBS. Norah O'Donnell. Interest. Out. I didn't and did you speak with the vice president type. Roland halve point is when she doesn't really make war. Give that you money for this amendment is going to be true a gauge triggered by the vice president in my view Irene cabin it. Did you speak anything like it. It's been going around the White House but I did not speak to the management or any attempt then you're a fraud you full. But don't Larry there's Katie Katie Terry what's her name. Katie terror excuse me over their MS LSD. Home to miss the deliverance. And other like the having serious discussion. Zahn CNN and MSNBC. What do you make of this phenomenon in nineteen emperor has no clothes grilling. But that the trying Fifth Amendment Maloney I think it's it's being discussed everything at the line has been cannot. And they're not they're not quite there oh really answer yes. We think that is inaccuracies in the McClellan really don't matter you see because the guys take it's true we need to go we can say it is inaccuracies but. Then fill in the black or white seat. Michael Wolf. On MS Ellis the cut six go do you think she's Texas. I mean I and that's. Yes it is great out on our. Now Michael Wolff in order to do this right we do live media house you've got it into their leading questions with a yes every time. Sex that's almost phone. Zebra phobic all the politics all the yes yes yes yes yes you wanna sell books this is what you gotta go. Do you think he sections I mean let's hit that went from the top go. Do you think she's access. And united and us. Yes it is great yes. Yes that element. I don't xenophobia come. So what does that mean business ethics and other. Any say yes first unity yes what does that mean that I'm. Not afraid of others it's a friend of foreigners she's she's she's of the phone to. Do you think he's he's seen a firm that he has doesn't mean that. Guy had. Anti semantic. You know I've had this I had this specific discussion with us with Steve Bannon. For far behind he thought Gibson he's an unstable it came easy and animate these races and didn't think he was he was an anti some. All lots of people accuse you Katie there being the moron of all morons. Dance and it sounded an attack on your genitalia to attack on what's between your ears you know all the sponge McCarron I'll be right back. California Sirius satellite goat. Alone. Erica you there. Guess here a lot scarier but hear me. Yes sir I can hear let's go. Let's go OK who's Balkans apparently a slower than it should disarm. Fumble or so why he didn't Q you point out one thing that is in the ring to be a lot in this book. Yeah I will let you access to the Internet. Tony Blair said his quote is a line Rush Limbaugh says his quota is a lie the president said he never sat down this kind of Foley hours that he says they've. You're not even listening clam up pay attention and educating yeah. I gotta get through that thick not in of years. Also he said he didn't know John Boehner he would know his name and what he did that he was speaker of the house course he immediately got with a morale here. And doing quite well in fact they were friendly. Anything else town. Where do you act get lost you moron this is what we're dealing with folks. In game one I name fun. I go back in game five more that I wanted to come on my show the office. I'll be right back. Then you from the show we have a special number you can call to reach him 8773813811. Ladies and gentlemen Tony eighteen is here. It's time to look your best to try to look younger than you ever have in years guarantee. 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Skin six of war. Or go to Jenna Sal dot com. That tennis sell that count aren't. Let's take a couple more calls. Them a jump back him what do you think. Charles Lake Charles, Louisiana on the market and an outcome may I help. They don't market expect him to call this a water ask a couple chord symbol first question here as there are feared that water. A lot of good three if you agree you're in your opinion. Oh my rationale. Or at least be viewed liberals are washing their blue burner the water. Then second question we have these people would keep focus and almost wanted to put them under cost solution. Have they held them below twelve and skirted the constitution. Spirit bear and because I want to play quote. There well you're good and wanna bring back as well be probably about that are dressed as rebels say. They end. Look here's the bottom line all your questions these people are. Progresses some of them wittingly some of them on winning. What this means to them this. They can't have an honest disagreement. You can't have a different opinion they require. Conformity. They require of conformity I've said many times set progressive is an is that bastard child of marxism. And individual liberty. Does. And flying and listen to the pursuit. Of centralized aggressiveness. And at which point the individual's liberty is eventually does our. These people would take us places we don't wanna go and try to do that now whether it's health care schooling or whatever this. It's a failure of their extra practice in Venezuela or Cuba or Zimbabwe or North Korea or anywhere else. Even not even in Britain where people can't get to it Dennis where they canceled 500000. Procedures and so forth. We are headed in this direction we're headed in this direction quickly. The problem it has but the question is whether we're too late. Because you can see. In the case of trop had just come to realize that when you look at what they're going to tramp trump doesn't deserve what they're doing now. He doesn't deserve to be so thoroughly completely disrespect in his prison the United States. They're not even questioning his policies anymore they're not even just questioning used his tweets anymore they are questioning his soundness of mind. His soundness of mind. And this is this sort of thing we talk about this the other week. That that tyrannical regimes though you don't have a legitimate opinion a legitimate policy legitimate disagreement. You argue ranged UA demand did you need to go into an institution you need to be removed from your position of power. And that's exactly what's taking place here. All right Charles I appreciate your call thank you. Ed gears Centerville Virginia a great WMA. Al don't. All my it is truly an honor let me just say that yeah my knowledge time. A lot of different issues in this political reasons he took his. Area of politics. And let me just make a quick comment and you're go callers. You. Had me my entire year with a lot of comments you made about that guy Darren. By the emperor has no clothes. Is just absolutely alerted. Okay thank you. Hit here's the thing that kids are taken a guy who they now. Has a very seedy past as an author. Who has a very poor record for accuracy. And there are multiple examples even in this book even though that left wing Kook from an elated he asked me about it and you wanna hear it any starts talking I mean this is your typical left wing Kook. Twice daily from I don't I don't. Not even when they're my family I stay away from. Because he can't he can't have a discussion so what's the point and so they use this author. The reason he's on MSNBC. And CNN and all these other shows is that because he's a font of knowledge he he has something profound to say. He's done something out we never heard before it's because he is a a megaphone. For these reporters to use him. To express their left wing partisan hack you points and they do it I. Quoting him asking him questions you really believe that you really believe the course. He hasn't where he does but the reason but the point is they're giving him all this facetime and all this airtime for a reason. Yeah and a quick note of following what you're saying that I've been following from saint 1994. And now I read you know there's books and I've been watching a lot of video and a dog that year. And they are featured have to be some kind of lunatic and I know for a fact he's not a move that's code for I don't know him personally. But you could tell that the demand is. And are easy question here is there a single Democrat. Public official. Whether they've been president in the center of the house that they ever painted as mentally disabled. We're mentally during I can't think of one and trust me if we had a week after week after week of the week now wouldn't. I also would absolutely and I've been able to start the better it's just too that the walls stand there in the media. He was you know what they call them aside you know Obama there wouldn't be doing nothing compared to what is going to this man right now. If only they had as much interest in Hillary's theme houses they do and Donald Trump's tweets then we'd be somewhere wouldn't it. Will be you know what I will actually have a lot more faith in the government now is at least we would. Going to do third investigation on that but. The government and I'm in. Our editor appreciate your calls there very much. Let us continue. Andrew Washington DC the great WMA out doubt. Hello injury there. You are. Iran and its. You're name is Sandra. Read it right there I had it is. What more could put the yellow book is doing and knew Jack. And they've tried a number of things from beginning from questioning the Electoral College the Muller investigation. Two room. To a series of efforts to undermine. The voted the American people. And now the question his mind. And this reminds me of a term called gas sliding. It's a psychological term. Comes from the movie guess slight. That child boy Ian Ingrid Bergman to Miller and is sure bullying who tries to convince an innocent life. She's losing her mind. And the more he says that. So more he believes she'll believe it. Now why do you think they're doing this. Because they want him to them. To succumb. To to go winter under the attack. They want this could be a they wanted to succumb but they but they want. This is on the influence not so much him that the American people to believe that he's the cycle. The believe that he's dangerous. And if they don't in the house. They wanted to feed him. Should he run for reelection which he said today he is intending to do. And trying to win the house. Under the east. Pretexts and others. So they can impeach him this is all done to lay the foundation for impeachment. Not even though impeachment does not applying to physical or mental disability which is why in 1967. They ratify the 25. Amendment of the constitution. Woodrow Wilson couldn't be impeached. They didn't know what to do when John Kennedy was assassinated and so of course where our 25 amendment. They keep throwing that around 25 amendment 25 amendment which is never gonna happen. Because I requires a vice president majority cabinet and two thirds of the house ultimately and that's just not gonna happen. So there though the impeachment group of what they're doing here it is trying to Wear us down. Trying to Wear down the American people and the Celeste is that if anything it's good at the dateline. Repeating over and over and over and over again rushing collusion and now that is ingrained in the nation's psyche even though there isn't it. Obstruction of justice that's ingrained in the nation's psyche even though there isn't any. Business deals for the Russia that that are that are somehow. Potentially criminal. Ingrained in the public's mind you know on and on and on Eddie's face sexual deviant in grain in the public's mind that he is. He's mentally deranged and unstable and is a huge threat to this country in the world. Ingrained in the public mind it's one thing after another this right everything humanly possible at this guy. And they had this preening Pretoria guard media that is within every step of the way. This is what I call and had me calling it silent coup they want to remove. And the fact that the media and the Democrats. And and the the cultural warriors out there in the rest one to remove this president. And I call them out for it suddenly old he's a right wing conspiracy here is he uses the word coup while you wanna remove them. What do you call it all right Andrew thank you for your calls it. Henry Dallas Texas the red WBA page don't. Typical car really appreciate it isn't who you talk about the elderly closest struck by. Of course how to book a special relationship. With the hope they'll they'll they'll probably. What would bring this won't do it because. All the people who are going to be. Thinking that they can do you know slow or to basically put their little focused. So little comfort their health advocate diagnosis aspire to be I actually didn't. I mean it can be good but there. There could be. She knows exactly what she's doing and the Democrats are no good there for everything they possibly can't. And this is their state they will not debate this on the issues. They won't the Davis on philosophy or their ideology. They will not do that instead it's about commercialization. It's about removal from office it's about character assassination. And they do it every time I wanna tell you when I served Ronald Reagan. What they did the President Reagan what they did then Nancy Reagan the things they would say about them and on and on and on but I have to confess. Having served as an administration for eight years. Having worked in the semi six in eighty campaigns and they Wear the left lay out a cup I have never ever seen anything like this that's. Well it is safe. I think if I remember it was like yeah actually professional couldn't I would mean. Doing everything I could say shut that out because that's dangerous is dangerous all the people that. She should lose their license in my humble opinion assuming they get licenses. Real estate is at the you don't. Know if it's so let my son and youngest and progresses and aversion. You're you're right that's. Their own little cycle problem I'd Henry thanks recall will be right back. Hillsdale College. In our new movie about Winston Churchill with fitness off and they strongly. Recommend when darkest hour. Is causing renewed interest in this this great leader. I've got access to insight on Churchill only available from Hillsdale College that. This and this my friend doctor Larry aren't who's the president of Hillsdale he's also the world's leading scholar on church go. Has a fantastic piece about the three lessons we can learn from church. Each shoe is for free. At Levine for Hillsdale dot com that's LEV pint entry those do not count. Did you know that Britain once stood alone against the power of Nazi Germany. Back aren't tells the inspiring story about Churchill's wise carriage and what it teaches us. No one knows he's great rituals stories better than Mario mine in fact the official biography of Winston Churchill is published. By Hillsdale College press. But this piece appears and in primus hills just free speech died just with three point seven million reais to one of the most widely read publications in the country. With the largest circulation in the New York Times and thank god for that. We this inspiring addition. And start receiving in primus free. Every month. This part of the hills Dell's commitment to help all Americans pursue truth. And defend liberty that's living in freight Hillsdale dot com LTV guy and pray Hillsdale dot com. Now what we knew intellectuals see in this league with the mean. I'm not. Really giving it away it's effective history but I won't overdo it. Is that church hill. Refused to negotiate with Hitler. He's being pressed and pressed and pressed by certain of his cabinet members including Chamberlain. And Halifax. And they were conspiring. To remove. And Churchill stood as friendly as he possibly could the pressure was building building building building. And he and McCain would become actually quite close. Even Churchill's opponents that often dismissed and it's kind of an drunkenness and an enemy obviously was a brilliant man. But this is what dead. This is what your typical politician does. Not Churchill his opponents. He didn't warning about Hitler for decades. He'd been warning that the British had built up their forces in preparation for war. Anything Preston Preston Preston negotiate sue for peace we can't win our army is surrounded it Dunkirk. 300000 soldiers which eventually get out another brilliant Churchill move. The greatest civilian armada. In history. And of course they're trying to find fault with him and jumped on him and do this and India and end up. But as I say the king. Turned out to be a big fan attraction OC was reticent initially. Because he understood that. Churchill was the one guy who didn't want his prime minister and he is king. This stinging carriage to go to Canada. So he in the crown of the family would be safe and he wouldn't any get. Course and Ian let's save Britain in addition this brave man we're really two things. We were attacked at Pearl Harbor which brought us into the war. Inhaler tech Russian. But it. In the church go ahead the capacity to give a speech that played nobody else. Like nobody else in history now. Yen and a anyway you can go watch the movie I would strongly encourage you to watch it's really quite good. It's quite good. I have no investment in this other than knowledge knowledge is important. There was a poor gentleman who is trying to get into the theater. And there was the walkway was you know that was kind of it's kind of the hill. This gradual. It is obvious he had had a stroke. On the left side of his body he was having trouble moving his left foot in his arm and one felon grabbed his right side and I came up I grabbed his last sentence of what. What's what's gone he said well. I'm having great trouble. Getting to the theater. I said pull how to begin who's with me since my childhood obesity child. Well he was a wonderful guy in the other guys helping was wonderful so we got into the top become a wheelchair they're. I don't know eventually what happened he didn't wanna see the movie. And I want to wish him all the best and he's listened to the program today. We'll be right back. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my plate so the last thing I want to do his waist time standing on line of the post office so why don't ever. I use Stamps.Com. Which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy in print official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail using my own computer and printer it's so convenient. Just click print you're done Stamps.Com is saved me so much time and money I can't believe anyone still waits on line at the post office anymore. Don't you wanna save time and money to Stamps.Com makes it easy they even sent to a digital scales he could automatically calculate exact pose. I use Stamps.Com because it simplifies my busy life and right now you too can enjoy that Stamps.Com service with a special offer that includes a four week trial. Plus postage and digital scale without long term commitments go to Stamps.Com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and typing in bunker that Stamps.Com. Enter bunker. Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. I am march then our number 8773813811877381. 3811. Well this is what most you have not heard all day hectic newscasters cut eleven go. After that speech she had quite a few people in that room saying. They sure did like the sound of president Winfrey Oprah to. Point one means it was all over Twitter last night after that speech did she word again. The next station Friday leading the fight for the democratic nomination she'd be leading the democratic ticket I think he twice when he presents a campaign actually make any silly idea we've elected a reality television star and our allies is out of the question. And he is he's amid a TV star than he is and she knows the American public. There's not gonna let facts here handle drugs when he twenty news. Cool now's movies when he won Nottingham he and president and industry is yes. This is thrilled dot com. Thestreet so inspiring many now calling for Winfrey to add yet another title in front of her name president. Actor Ben Platt if you need these next two years all the traffic between the supportive over twenty when he presidential can't. They saw a lot of those comments over. Right for office and Kevin we have to talk about Oprah's beach because there was a lot of reaction that she may run for president 20/20. Every what was mesmerized Allison Jennings admitted she was getting swept up in. I certainly wouldn't. For Kurt and I hands down I would do anything for her but that's speech last night was not only empowering and inspirational but I thought it also echoed a lot. Hillary Clinton's concession speech and 116 but she's into all the girls watching out there was not helpful speech and it was also a historical speech you know. No I treated last night it was like five minutes of desperately needed therapy. Mr. Reid is senate armed enemy next round out for how long did she have her. Talk show freak for a decade bank. Longer than that. Tell me how many shows did she do that focused on sexual harassment and sexual molestation and Hollywood Tina. Anybody know. All those 25 years. And I think I may have watched too. And by accident. Told you folks a little my own culture at the whole bubble wrap around me I just team deal analysts said the current and anyway. So she's on the air more than two decades I'm just curious. There's another liberal Democrat with a all kinds of contacts and Hollywood all kinds of actors actresses directors producers lighting people audio people. And turns whatever. On her program. How many shows do chief focus. On. Sexual harassment of molestation allegations in Hollywood. Yes you folks out there and check it out let's see. I'm just curious. She's on TV along Kanye. Like Jimmy Kimmel how many did he focused on easel for. Oprah Winfrey. Paul for Oprah went and you know she'd be better more than letter around him when he probably wanna run run. Trump got elected president and the same leftists who are saying Oprah will be better are undermining trop in a minute tell you why they're undermining trump while many reasons but one of them. Is his position on immigration. Which I pray he does not abandon. He says he wants to secure the southern border. Why is. That this is so controversial. That you would have secured. Elements that make a nation state. That is he went to secure the borders. Is there another country on the while yes there aren't many in New York that they don't believe in that that some of them have now reversed course but too late. So why don't we learn from experience. From the experience of others. Because folks the left it does not. Support the country as it. And they will abuse. The voting Booth. They allowed the use the constitution. That would use the courts they will abuse the bureaucracy. They will do what ever they have to do. To advance their ideology it's not a reality able advance variety could not ideology now they're reality. The reality is what happened steel. He loss of individualism memorable night talk about conformity uniformly you lost a liberty. You cannot have the constitutional republic. Any progressive AA. A vibrant progressive government they will not over time they cannot over time. Co exist. They cannot. President trump. At Camp David Saturday. And a handbag which listeners some of the back and forth here. Cut twelve go to president. That's the way out or else. This sort of real time news well. Everything I've done is a 100% for the slate was anything traveler and you know I just keep collusion now is. Because of your time and after years he's been absolutely no solution there's no collusion between us and the Russians now. You know people dismissed this. Folks there's been no collusion between trump. And the trump campaign the official senior people in the trump campaign and Russia. We have sort of a reverse McCarthyism going on here. So now any connection with a Russia. And nobody despises spewed more than nine all the code pink Republicans are kind of laying low right now. But I know up what you witnessed. He's a fascist. He's a fascist is destroyed that. That Mason democracy that was developing. Now when the Soviet Union collapsed. These courts over forty billion dollars I guess that's hard work. Yeah I know who he has no ideas have always known who we is have always known why he is and I know where Russia is still. Russia would like nothing more than America to lose to lose wars to lose economically. To lose our government to lose. And that's what he's captain. But that's. And saying. That a party and a candidate. In our country was colluding let Russia. In fact the only evidence that we have an actual collusion is fusion GPS which was funded. Which was funded by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Incredible. Incredible how the immediate downplay this if not flat out ignored absolutely incredible. There's been no collusion. That's been shown by any committee of congress. By any investigation of any kind. They any reporter by any news out with nothing. And somebody should pay a price for that the Democrats a Democrat leadership the media. And the price should be a complete and utter loss of credibility instead they've now moved on that he's deranged. And on other stuff. I had. Between Hillary Clinton's DNC and the Russians. Unfortunately you people don't cover that very much like the only collusion. Between Hillary and the Russians and the DNC and the Russians. And one of those things OK any other questions. The but assumes. Okay. Why don't they ask any questions about North Korea. That's continued cut thirteen go. My ass. First Lady are you committed still ahead. So let's let's listen Robert Mueller doesn't have a committee. Speak with his comedian personally know a couple things to the president is not required to speak any. Was Barack Obama even asked to speak about the IRS scandal was even asked to speak about the thing Ghazi. Affair that took place was even asked to speak about fast and furious was he asked by the media was he asked by investigators. Now. What he said that he may. Only deranged or mentally off now. Despite the deal he got in unity into their brand which is a direct threat the United States now he's not mentally deranged. And all the rest of it now. I had. It's. No clue. He's you know cry. And just in theory everybody tells me I'm not under investigation. Maybe Hillary is I don't know but it's. Been no collusion. There's been no crime but we have been very open we could've done it two ways we can in very close and we're taking years. But you know sort of like when you've done nothing wrong let's be open and headed nowhere because honestly it's very very best for our country. It's making our country look foolish. And this is a country better I don't want looking foolish. And it's not gonna look foolish as long as I'm here so we've been very open and do we just want to get I don't want. That sounds a hell lot smarter than Oprah Winfrey did. Does and as tradition. Sure it does to me. He didn't even talk about Jim Crow laws made. Team to talk about Jim Crow laws. I'll be right back. Extracted here. The best I can. Zach in Los Angeles serious satellite go. Do you you know there first I'm Colin. You. It set a couple comments send just some like you don't want to propose I mean. You get these doctors to get the mediate you know these people reading this narrative is. Obviously has been shown to be less than true it. Outright lies exaggerations. Has anyone thought for one minute in the media that soccer woke. About the military. I I spent eight years in the military. On the back under Clinton and for bush junior it sort combat deployments. Out there we have one thing that chain of commands. And I and our faith in our government our state and our people and I think that what we were doing out there and I wracked Afghanistan. Moving forward now you have the media that this guy won't try to paint our government our commander in chief. In a way. That seemed unstable. Your rational what type of message does that send to the morale. Of our troops the people that work fighting the people that were protecting overseas. I didn't even thought the implication that how. Some individual and the military a sort of question. They're not they're out trigger a madman. Well first of all thank you for your service and secondly. Excellent excellent excellent point. And into entry question no they don't care. They really don't care as a matter of facts there. They're arguing now. In order to the Democrats are saying there's a black man the president they're saying two things we want these illegal aliens. To be legalized. That's number one were shut down a government cannot come out the American citizen arena illegal aliens. Legalized abortion and the government number two. There is saying Mr. President you wanna increase spending on the military which has been for me spending point of view even this serrated during the Obama years. What they're saying there is if that's what you wanna do that you have to increase every dollar for the military you have to increase domestic spending. This is what they pulled going Obama's administration and they dearly dearly here at the military. Thank you Zach and thank you for your service excellent point. The minute tell you something that very few people on radio minutes earlier very few people on TV because. Of the backlash. I want to salute right scoop Bryant over there. There's a breaking story tonight. In breaking story out of Oregon and of actually. Las Vegas. Kleiman Monday remember him from him mr. producing. A judge today. By the way and Obama appointee. They judge today throughout criminal charges against Nevada cattlemen clay Kleiman Bundy his two sons. And he co defendant in their 20s14 standoff with federal agents citing quote. Flagrant misconduct unquote by prosecutors and the FBI. And not disclosing evidence before and during the trial. I remember when they pulled this against. Former senator Ted Stevens who died tragically in a plane accident in Alaska. The government's conduct in this case was indeed outrageous said US district court judge Gloria Navarro. There's been flagrant misconduct substantial prejudice and no lesser remedy is sufficient. Again and Obama jet. The judge issued a ruling before a packed courtroom would nearly 100 spectators inside. More than a dozen others waiting outside the doors climate monies lawyer put his arm around his client. Supporters held hands wiped tears from their eyes and hugged one looked up and whispered thank you lord. The dismissal with prejudice meaning prosecutors can't seek a new trial marked an embarrassing nadir for the government. Which now step to convict the bodies of two major federal cases stemming from separate arms stand offs. Choose me. The second stunning victory for the bunnies and their filers may serve to bolster their fight against federal control public land. But it's not clear how their movement has fair. The three of spent most of the last two years in jail. I'm on Monday who led the 2016 takeover. Of the mouth you are national wildlife refuge in Oregon those at least a 180000000. Legal fees in that case. And said most and a national clients for his business he vehicle fleet service have left out of fear but he promised to keep port. King and so forth and so on. Now what do we think about the underlying facts. We have a federal district judge appointed by Barack Obama. Who is so disgusted by what must have been overwhelming misconduct. By the FBI. And prosecutors federal prosecutors in this case. If she threw the case out with prejudice. With prejudice. Have you heard this story on CNN. Well you don't know you don't watch it. It's a rhetorical question have you heard this story on MSNBC. At an Obama judged throughout the case. Against climbed Bundy and his. Sons I guess. Because of FBI and federal prosecutorial misconduct. It does happen. Apparently happened twice in this case. It happened in the Ted Stevens case and it's happened in other cases this is not to denounce. All federal prosecutors and certainly not all FBI agency you always have to say that like it's a footnote. But it does happen. By mr. Malek. The leaks coming out of his organization to the New York Times. The leaks of Jim combing. And the leaks apparently. And of FBI agent stroh's. And apparently his girlfriend. You know laugh when prosecutors federal state or local. In investigators federal state or local. Our. Conducting their investigation of their prosecutions. Through leaks. Put yourself in the position of the defendant. Who does not have the resources to compete with the federal government. For the state government or local. And they keep reading things in the media and the media want these leaks they call this report. Even though there one sided even though they're driving a political agenda. Even though the media. The reason there's a free press First Amendment protection is to protect us from the government. The media. Feasts. On the bus they leaks. Especially when it advances their agenda. I'll be right back. American revolution match. Starts here. Our clothes and show call ahead 877381. That's 3811. And the more I think at this Oprah Winfrey speech the more preposterous it is. She doesn't have to reach back to Jim Crow and the 1940s and so forth and so on the talk about modern Hollywood. Let's talk about her she's been on the air. Who was 25 years including going to the Bill Clinton presidency. How many of the women who came out bravely. Came out brave. And pointed at Bill Clinton. As molesting them as a solving them is raped me where. How many of those women did Oprah Winfrey defend. Indeed she condemned Bill Clinton. Did she. Condemning Hillary Clinton. For attacking those women and any woman who would come forward no she didn't. And she stands up there and she's applauded by Hollywood. Incredible. I don't talk about Jim Crow. When the Democrats and it. Was headed by Bob better. Who was a Klansman. Not just the Klansmen to grant legal whatever the hell I had as I did she get a point here white Paterson the the Oprah Winfrey ever. Use her show. To condemn him and demand his resignation I'm just curious. I want you realize how outrageous he was where. The reason there is a West Virginia in the first place is it broke off from. I'm Virginia it used to be part of Virginia. Because it supported the union. It Robert earned. Well. Was acclaimed. And I just find it very very interest. I don't remember Oprah Winfrey ever doing Sean Robert Byrd. Now she wants to talk about Jim Crow. Where did at the golden global awards. Did she talk about the role of the Democrat party in Jim Crow that you talk about the role of the Democrat party. In such Jim Crow rules us. Literacy tests. And poll taxes. Did she talk about the Democrat party's role in segregation. You talk about the Democrat party is Roland slavery. No she didn't for the best of my knowledge. So here we go Hollywood. That is caught red handed. Starting with a Weinstein and then it spreads. Look at that venereal disease. That others who to molest and harassing. Assault team. In some of the most powerful people in Hollywood and some of the wealthiest people in Hollywood knew or had to know when they get dementia. And rather they call them out. Last night. She got a standing ovation. Total all the girls out there. That a new day has come. Why didn't you knew they come. Before. Why in a new day come before why did she point singers out there. By the microphone. It was an courageous speech was a breathless speech. It was in platitudes that speech. Which is exactly why she got the applause that she got from Hollywood. It's appalling. You know the holidays might be over. And obviously wonders just begun in according to many studies the air indoors contains up to 100 times more pollution. In the air outside. This can cause illness allergies and unnecessary Wear and tear on your HVAC system. We didn't costly repairs or even worse the premature replacement. Of the entire system. You should resolve as I have. To breathe better with filtered by. America's leading provider of HVAC filters for homes and small businesses they carry over 600 different filters sentences. Including custom options all ship free within 24 ARRIS plus they manufactured. Manufactured right here in America. 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I served well regarded Leo when you think one thing that's not being discussed is the fact that she's a correspondent for sixty minutes. And it has been dealing a whole lot of theory hard hitting piece there's a time. Prison reform actually as one on immigration coming up which you have a got a few others that are in the roots. And these are all being pushed very hard. From the highest level at sixteen minutes and really pretty ability to see how well she can handle. These tennis public matter and it it's coming to the idea of her running. XP software it would testing the waters and seeing what did the initial feedback was going to be and the more she'll be showcase gun on sixty minutes handling. You know the issue that will become the issue that the whole of election. The more it's going to be pushed and I think it's you know people been joking about it but I think a lot more serious than anyone realizes. Especially that you got the blessings of the obamas behind her. And when she would amount to say that you know President Obama is it is you know guiding her and and then helping her however possible. She had. A war I I take it seriously but and a market to the fact of the matter is. She's got a fight on our hands if you think Bernie Sanders. Ended Gillibrand and all the rest of America and it's just easily roll over for a Winfrey I don't believe that's the case since she's gonna have a big fight on their hands. And that doesn't mean she can't get the nomination. But. And this thing shut Padilla. You know people want her to release her tax returns now I guess it will be a lot of questions about her personal life the way they are about Donald Trump I listen. All right my friend you make some very interesting points no question about it. Thomas Ogden Utah the great KK AT don't. This particular call yes there. And I just wondered Q are there that I think it's really remarkable that the mainstream media. Can ignore. The convention of states in article five for years now. But within a few days they're teaching everybody how about the 25 amendment. It's a good point is and as. Yeah they're not even teaching about the 25 amendment pursuing and they just keep waving it around. Yeah yeah Google convention and state Symbian open is never any new assignment he got a powered on Twitter. You know I'm my friend it's a great point. That seed here. Had some very good callers tonight. And thank you for that. I'm like Oreo and Michigan serious satellite go. Yep you know these people that are talking about a 125 amendment and as people are forgetting maybe the fact. On trumps the president come cabinet is one of the you know the world's most preeminent. No. Surgeon and doctor Carson. And you know he he endorsed comp. And yeah I don't I doubt he would ever you know agreed to serve in his captive he had questions about the man mental. Stability. Think we need to make what I call arguments in the alternative. The left is no evidence of any kind. Any mental instability by Donald Trump what they're doing is attacking the way he conducts himself. He defends himself he pushes back he doesn't like to be called names he doesn't like to be accused of different things and he hits back. That's his nature that's what he does he doesn't look behind the scenes he's not squirrelly about it he gets on his Twitter account and he tweaks it. And that the media are not used to this immediate prefer Republicans who power tool bag and who will sit com. That's what they prefer they wanna beat you into obedience and submission. They want him to find their media contacts. Among the journalists to put out information he does not operate the way that they insist he must operate the media. Are. In the aggregate. Radical progressives. And they are abundantly clear about it now CNN has surrendered any notion of being in news operation. It is a progressive Democrat operation MSNBC is a very Sanders operation. I mean over on fox and I have I will be working over there at the end of February just once a week on Sonny's two on my show. I've had my criticism of fox over the years and I still playing with a nine cent however. They do actually have people on fox. Who served Clinton who served Obama who are Democrats or liberals and they actually get to speak. The I used as foils and shouted down the way Don lemon does it or or the other is over there and CNN is an example. All right sir and anything else. All right thank you for your call gray Lorton Virginia they. They WME algo. A low mark not just beat you sir thank you Bob I have to say. This Oprah Winfrey will become president then we really had me freaked out there because I actually think she may win. And the reason why I say that it because we both know she's gonna pull the black vote which. You know I don't know it beat you know I go to percentage of up after America we have in the country unite and pull a lot of the women vote. Pull I would say seriously. I think she can pull 70% of the women go you know I don't what really scares me. Now I don't think so but she would need 70% while she need is 55%. They even scarier. You know. I just I've not really feel cold and she runs she might wind. Because they'll go why Asia may hatred of trump kind of been put out there and pounded and pounded and pounded and pounded. Are people really don't know they could edit and of course like you say none of good good results armed veteran. And here's the thing trump the trump needs to keep pushing the conservative agenda. He keeps pushing these conservative principles principles economically and national security wise immigration wise and internationally. You'll have a great record to run on and I know people are dismissing this don't dismiss it if the economy is rolling along at a very strong pace. He couldn't begin to secure our borders. If we are confronting as we are any prudential and I believe from this our enemies and so forth he will have a hell of a record Iran. Now the issue to me whether it's Oprah or Judge Judy I was saying that mocking only tongue in cheek who my greatest. The issue is whether the country has been so fundamentally transform that none of that matters. People just want their piece of the government pie. People really don't believe in America as a nation state. People really wanna get the so called free health care even though it's a disaster so forth and so on. So this could be bigger. You know in terms of a poison that is spreading through this country. Then that even the candidates who are running. Right and Ed I have to tell you spoken to many of my female. Armed fine and even my ex wife. And down. They just have been that big tree all go Trout and eat even though he's doing things like I had before the election to right so they need votes from. Absolutely did not vote for him and no matter what he does. He cannot turn an. Until I get I I I I look at them I did look at depth look at that what about this what about that it may just. They hate it and it. I mean meanwhile meanwhile they love Obama who sold us out to the Iranians who sought us out to the Cuban government. Who sold us out for the Russians with the end. And uranium deal and they did they love Obama even though his administration was lawless the IRS with fast and furious. Even though his administration you you've illustrated our military and undermine local law enforcement. You know they love Obama and it's it's hard to actually get through to people who have that mentality thank you for your call my friend I'll be right back. There's a great New Year's resolution. Resolved right here right now that January is the month and 2018 is a year and stop living in fear of the internal revenue answer. 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I've got a great live in TV tonight. Fresh off. Freshman of the year presses will say I hope you'll check it out rich. Long Island really aren't they great WABC. Go. It is Clinton the second. That's on me and rich friends forever ago that. Deputy had this type of goal that would that they Wear you out in Daniel's body so we you know we not let things about him. What mixture into would agree at Reagan this adopted this and all they don't look like a repeat. And. Let me let me guess that something there they do it. But not like this this is every day gain in des app they prop up the psychiatrist from me now. Who are not confront serious people. The media. Are using her and the Democrats to voice this you can't tell news from opinion anymore on the so called new shows in the east news channels. No I think that the barrage that hit that's all that's that's it's it's not even knew little or the departure of what you should land them that's really all this. Shanda. Right I didn't play I find fight sort of leverage zero I don't squabbles have begun to bridge the. Doesn't look like the kid sitting on the bridge player and eventually it just like. Yeah return to single lap actually let me correct myself we can on the bridge looks better. That's true and by the way that's that suddenly I never wanna see again neither and now I know I'm not trying to restore I don't want to get you to. Yeah you got that right I'd rather appreciate your car body Francisco. California's serious satellite we only have a minute go. To get everything you Michael and I did this didn't have a lawyer I've grown up and that is that the aura. I saw and now we know in a minute you slow down you visited Al Salvador go ahead it. You can be very beautiful compliment him you know before I'd be very united. Now about what they get delivered a letter it in the Democratic Party in the what you did a bit directional oh dot Danube. And has gone very. And if I had world and had an up. Bitter PS I guess the socialists have destroyed Al Salvador the way they've destroyed much of that Argentina they're trying to destroy all. Destroy chilly they've destroyed big chunks of Brazil that's what they do they destroyed but the event is well absolutely gone Democrat for. We salute all you heroes out there stay warm what do people say that like he hit a stakeholders to hand. I'll see MR Eric Ghiaciuc elevated TVP well. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my plate so the last thing I wanna do his waist time standing on line in the post office so why don't ever. I use Stamps.Com. Which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy in print official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail. Using my own computer and printer. It's so convenient just click print you're done Stamps.Com is saved me so much time and money I can't believe anyone still waits on line at the post office anymore. 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