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1/4/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 5, 2018|

On Thursday's Mark Levin show, We have people sitting down with liberal authors and promoting themselves at President Trump’s cost. There is no excuse for what Steve Bannon. If you have worked for this President or any president, you should have enough respect and decency not to undermine him. The ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well also they didn't. Somewhere under the grip can feel when mom this. Hello everybody marquee event here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. Well well well. What's he gonna talk about immigration called me. Iran. 25 amendment again. And then trump. Here's what we'll tell you right up front. I am sick and tired of the soap opera. And sickened tired of you know we live our lives in reality. He go to work every day most of you know. You kind put money in the bank. Pay your mortgage pay Iran put food on the table. You try to do what's right. Most of you most of us actually pay taxes and carry the weight of all the other citizenry around here. We see what's going on in these dark Blue States how they violate federal law how all of a sudden they are federalists. Having nullify federal law and order to change the demographics of their states. How members of congress now are elected largely in some areas of the country based on the illegal alien population great piece in conservative review on this. But again Daniel Horowitz. We see China on the rise rusher on the rise we see what Iran is doing. Our military desperately needs an infusion of significant amounts of money being blocked by the Democrats. Points as one dollar for the Marines than one dollar for food stamps. I watches the federal judiciary is are really out of control. And we gotta talk about a book. How many days are we gonna do this. With bright Bard and Steve and and and others to. Who say they wanna put America first. Let's put America first. Let's put all the self promotion will liberal media and. And liberal authors who you know are gonna trash the president of the United States and his family. I don't get it. I really don't get it. We're not gonna have many opera. Kennedy's anymore given the political demographics in this country. To have a present the United States who support 7080%. Of our conservative agenda. Here I am I never I never would have believed it here I am defending the president of the United States against attacks by Steve bad. And not just him. And not just him. The fact of the matter. This is turning point in this country. We are I'll say it. A superpower in decline. I'm not gonna candy coat it. China is right on our heels. China's right on our heroes their military is being built up massively. They have a geographic reach they didn't have ten years ago. Gave a hundred year plan really let out a twelve month plan. Would a political party in this country the Democrat party. Which is different than any party we've ever had in this country. Oh yes I know we've had a Democrat party certainly since slavery because they supported slavery. But I'm not talking about that. It's like the alienate taken out of the body the Democrat party the erratic. A left 1960s. Rioters and protesters now run the Democrat party they run the newsroom's in this country they run Hollywood. They run the big unions. And we have people. Sitting down liberal authors liberal media types endlessly promoted themselves. At a cost the president of the United States. Many wonderful aspects of his agenda some aspects of his agenda which I opposed. And there's no excuse for that none. Not. The fact of the matter. We have a very small window here. To advance whatever we can advance. We have states now but they're not only turning Blue States had a solid blue oh we're never gonna get fat. If we lose Florida after a gut it. Or god forbid taxes very good there is no conceivable way we can win the presidency again men. Under the Electoral College or the popular vote. There's no conceivable way nodded. Or BA one party country. So rather than focusing all of our attention at securing the border. Throwing people out of this country in law violated their visas days. Addressing. I've got. Getting ready chain migration. Instead of focusing on that we focus on this crap. This president. Is doing. More than either the bush presidency. To put original list conservatives. On the federal bench. On the federal. We got 51 Republican senators that yeah. We lose the 51 we lose all of them we cannot yet. Our regulars on the federal bench anymore we cannot get an original us on the Supreme Court anymore. This is serious up. You know why Nancy Pelosi is telling me more. Reckless big now's among her caucus to keep quiet about impeachment. Because they want to pick up enough house members to impeach this president. And bogged us down an impeachment discussions and debates. For the next ten years to make it impossible for him to govern. Ed dragged down his numbers even further so he could win reelection even if he wanted to. That makes. It even more reckless. When people who serve the president or who have served a president. Go off on these strange adventures. Working with a left wing media working will leveling off there's. It's just appalling to me. Absolutely but you wanna have a straight up UFC fight on ideas. Then let it happen. You want to debate it let's debate it but don't sabotage the president of the United States. You don't need to trash his family. Believe that the Joseph Scarborough. The grotesque the grotesque brought. And complete sell out. Mr. deliverance over there at MSNBC. This funniest scum bags like him. They only to come from within. And I am truly truly sick and tired of these dead Ender never chopper guys I'm sick about. They know damn well. That many of the things companies doing or is trying to do. Are more conservative than we would have gotten from virtually any of the other seventeen candidates running in the Republican primaries for present in the United States. We know this is true. Trouble is actually become more conservative in the presidency the when he was when he ran for the presidency. And make him I understand the infrastructure crack. I understand that I understand the family leave and we will fight those things. I don't so many of the fundamentals. I am speaking. As a lifelong. Conservative. Not somebody who's noted this as somebody who served Reagan for eight years as somebody used their better. Attorney general Edwin Meese. As somebody who's written. The biggest most consequential widely popular conservative book in modern times Libyan tyranny. I'm telling you this. Because I call it straight. It's what I see. Edge that you would buy and instead. And as we know that marriage serious these measures. They come front. Emerged as what they come from billionaires. Spreading their money around. All of a sudden I hear about the marriage is never heard about the marriage is ten years ago didn't hear about the marriage is fifteen years ago when Greg was running never heard about the marriage is. Now at some rashes that marriage is American. Purchase I don't know. I never heard of them before an old Rebecca marriage her. All of that embarrass him out until now now I don't know. And I don't care. It's not personal main. You've been told now. For a couple of years. Heck conservatism is dead they conservatism doesn't deliver anything ladies and gentlemen conservatism delivers everything. What he's conservatism. Conservatism is Americanism. What is Americanism. Americanism as the basis for humanity. Our principles are the basis for humanity. This idea of unalienable rights. This idea that. These unalienable rights do not come from government they do not come from men. They did not come from women they do not come from political parties but they come from my god almighty himself. That's Americanism. Don't tell me Americanism is dead. Don't tell me conservatism is dead. We have people out there trying to promote different. Concepts of ideology different paint captions that they've come up with. They're wrong. The test of history tells us they're wrong. Look at your constitution somebody ought to look at. God knows members of congress don't look at god knows members of the yet judiciary. Simply manipulated them alas that you look at it. What is that document all of now. Which would document other. The document tall about ordered liberty. The civil society virtue. Sign that redistributing wealth it's kind of an entitlement programs it's not about new massive. Phony infrastructure programs. It's not about open borders where you lose your entire nation state. It's not about liberal judges who are appointed for life who sit there and aside. You know which candidate they like or which agenda they like pared their personal policy preferences and train shrine and in the constitution. That's tyranny. I understand why the media last debate a book. I understand why the media want us to debate anything what ought to be discussed. I understand I really don't. But I reject it. Completely and utterly. If you worked for the president of the United States or you have worked great president. This president of the United States. You should have enough respect and decency. And prospective decency not to sabotage. Not to undermine him. I don't care Billy Eli. I don't care who you. But apparently that's not the case. Our politicians today I've never seen a weaker a lot of politicians in my life. We actually have a United States senator from Colorado Cory Gardner. This guy. Used to be conservative and it was in the house he decided to rent the senate he moved into the moderate mode. He's a complete and utter airhead and lightly. And he's announced on the senate floor today in emotions you and I've never seen from the man. Because the attorney general the United States is going to enforce federal marijuana laws. In all states including Colorado which legalized marijuana. He's kind of blocked every single appointment to the Department of Justice. Every single appointment to the criminal division. That is civil rights division. To the Bureau of Prisons. The Marshal service you name it he's gonna block it because why god that people like Colorado have a right to be high now. Notice he doesn't have the capacity. He doesn't have the intelligence. To change their federal law. He can't persuade his fellow senators to change that federal law no. But he's gonna stand up and block that trump Justice Department and the sessions Justice Department. That's what Republican is going to do toy Republican administration. Nobody will attack this man. Nobody will criticizes men. And he'll dress this up as federalism. Hey this they should do whatever they want. Really well where are we on this ladies and gentlemen. Do we support nullification other states can do whatever they want they do whatever they want when it comes to the Second Amendment story garden hose right now. Did they do whatever I want they want when it comes to Sanctuary Cities is Cory Gardner Nelson well. But did ask him about Iraq now we have been built I had senator. Who's gonna claim that he's a real Federalist UC. Meanwhile. Meanwhile. We got a debate a book. I'll be right back most of the okay. Controlling everything. Look at the media. There are pockets. A media that are non progressive. There are even though he's smaller number of outlets senator. Openly conservative. And yet if the Democrats controlled the FCC. You know how many times they've sought to shut down talk radio. They'll do it. They'll do it. There's an effort underway to get rid of the Electoral College. Through the backdoor. There's an effort underway to continue to change the nature of many of these red states purple states and in Blue States like Virginia as a perfect example. Make it impossible. To win elections at the national level. Impossible. They wanna change gerrymandering rules. Not because they believe that there unethical or they don't. They don't like them per say it's because they wanna be able. To read this system. So they can forever when the House of Representatives. And they want to make sure that regardless of who wins elections the bureaucracy is so entrenched in their policies are so entrenched and in fact their constitutional lies. But it doesn't matter who wins the next election. This is what we're facing. I'll be right back. Would turn off your radio and opened the window. And probably hear him straight from the studio. Called mark glove then I had 8773813811. Let's get into some of this stuff. During the holidays and before the holiday they pass this tax bill. And he had renounced supply siders are all over radio and TV patting themselves on the back they think this is magnificent. And I bet many do you think it's making us. 'cause you're told to stay in and day out Damon data. Amy carried a host who I admire enormously. And don't listen many of anatomy in the car. Claim that. These deductions for property taxes and state income taxes of the nothing more than federal subsidies to the blues thing. I thought to myself man how fast we have sunk. When you pay taxes ladies and gentlemen you're not subsidizing any state. You choose to buy a home you own a home. And hey look Kelly taxes your property to pay for among other things the schools the police the fire department and so forth and so. Some states and localities are completely out of control. Like in California new York New Jersey Illinois Rhode Island Maryland and so forth and so on. And so the thinking of this class warfare stuff coming from the pseudo right. Is that all that'll teach the states. Maybe they shouldn't do what they do to their citizens. And so in order to teach these Blue States election. We're gonna punish. The citizens of this country. Who own property. I'm home who pay state income taxes the vast majority. I limiting their deduction. Percent to one SA deduction. He subsidy ladies and gentlemen what you believe all your money belongs to the federal government. At your house that your property that your mortgage. Picture pending every month. You're paying estate income taxes. Since when is deducting those things he subsidy to you by the federal government. It simply means you pay less in federal income taxes than you otherwise weren't. Why should you be treated. That way. Right is that the argument. Everybody. Should have AM you know a level playing field I think basis. Level playing field but first we have to agree that it's the individual who pays. That the state. State doesn't pay any taxes. So there's pain to be felt as a result of limiting in some cases eliminating these deductions. It's up by individuals and that's felt by families. In many cases families and individuals who relied on the tax code in advanced purchase their homes. And yet ladies and gentlemen. When you bought your house. When you put down 5102050%. Or maybe quarterly cash and how well he. The pony you made that deposit and you pay that mortgage with after tax. Income do you know what I mean by that. You've already paid your federal income taxes you've already paid a state income taxes you've already paid. All the other taxes income of being an American you. Paid all those taxes and then whatever you have left. The purchase a car. The purchase a home within the deposit on home down payment that's what you've already paid taxes. On the money at the very end that you get that key. And Spaniards. When you pay your property taxes. You're paying your property taxes on after tax income. So now in essence. You gonna pay taxes twice in the same money. Federal income tax what do rearing commenced plus. Now you're gonna pay your property tax. With you after tax money. I know this has a little complicated but that's the way it. I'm pretty subsidizing new. Subsidizing new. Because you're allowed to keep a little bit more of your money if you've already paid taxes out of the Lazio. And to hear at least. So called conservatives who announced pseudo conservatives defending this. Is a polling. Absolutely opponent. They wanna turn it into politics. They want attributed the blue state grace is red state not commit to a blue state vs red state you're the one paying my taxes. You and you and you. California's not paying federal income taxes. Yeah it's not paying federal income tax of New Jersey not paying federal income tax pathetic highest on that. These so called supply siders were all over radio and TV. Shakes their products have a real supply sider many. I'm one who supports cutting rates across the board. Then. Mr. Laffer I don't know what's happening him. With a lack prepared he knows full well other regular tax cuts were focused. On slashing individual. Federal income tax rates. That was them. The focus that was that priority. Other corporate cuts to another changes that they've made an enormous amount of sense to benefit the economy. But that's set. Nobody paid more income taxes after Reagan was done nobody. Had a tax increase. And while I'm. Out on a holiday the vacation listening to this stuff for driving illicit. On what the hell has happened here. Well we didn't do enough on the individual pac side he sure as hell didn't. So. I don't think we should be congratulating ourselves not in the face of this you say. And by the way more and more. Individuals in this country won't be off the tax rolls thanks to the increase. The increase in that so called family dependent deduction. Which will be among others pushing forward because you know. This Claire class warfare stuff is is endemic. Here's a piece right now related to this Warren Buffett. Whose course 75 billion dollars. Since the tsunami of wealth didn't trickle down it's surged upwards so here we had a class warfare warrior. Whose ports 75. Billion dollars and he's concerned his seat. Because he says between the first computation in 1982 of the port 400 wealthiest list. And today the wealth of the 400 increased 29 poll. From 93 billion to two point seven trillion. While many millions of hardworking citizens remain stuck on an economic treadmill or in this period he said that tsunami while didn't trickle down it surged up. Reports. This is where I get in trouble and. Don't know why I do. Who cares why does that matter. If that guy next door to me. Was worth three cents in 1982 and today he's worth 300 billion dollars what is that mattered to me. How does that affect many. That I lose something because he became fabulously wealthy. Was I denied something because he or she became fabulously wealthy as they did know me in my life. And they have absolutely nothing to do with capitalism in May have something to do with the fact. That somebody worked hard at somebody works martyrs somebody chose a different career path somebody invented something somebody out five times in the became wealthy. Somebody was whopping and then became important. This is a very dynamic complex economy because it's based on capitalism. What does this have to do with anything. The way you create jobs. It is not through class warfare worried about the Forbes 400 the way you create jobs. Is creating the port. 50601. Million. The way you create jobs. Less regulations. Less centralized control. More liberty more choice more opportunity. That's how people become millionaires and billionaires unless they're crony capitalist. So I read this guy that's why Buffett worth 75 billion a that much so why. What drives a man like this to say these things. What drives a man like this this thing these. The say the stupidest things as we have more stupid billionaires in this country than you can shake a stick they know how to make money. But they don't know why. They don't know the the model that that that makes them super wealthy they don't they don't comprehend liberty. They're billionaires but they're stupid people. They know how to build. You know railroads assist them our broadcast says stem why this system or that system but fundamentally they're stupid they. Because they do not understand the underlying principles and model. That help them create well. And so what are they do. Makes GM fabulously wealthy in this sport people in this country I system doesn't work. System doesn't work. In these. Tyrannical totalitarian regime there's a handful of multimillionaires and billionaires and you know who they are that the people who run the government's. Not because they invent an anything's not because they produce any things that because they sell any thing. But because they market anything that because they service anything. It's. Using brute forced police power. How many billionaires are there in. Venezuela. The couple. The people who stole all the money from the government from the citizenry. Who run the government. OK. Let among the population the civilian population how many millionaires and billionaires are left in Venezuela not really. I think people better off. The people better off mr. Buffett. Have any Cuba. The Astros are billionaires. Drug running and other things stealing the money from the people. It's OK ladies and gentlemen. It's okay because everybody sport you see there's not this big gap BP between the rich and the poor. At the wary about some billionaire who lives next door. How unfair that would be it's very fair in Cuba. Is very fair and Venezuela. Everybody starving to death. And they billionaires are there in North Korea. You get my point. This class warfare stuff. This poisonous. Absolutely poisonous. And yet. It is ubiquitous. And Paul Ryan was pushing this tax plan on TV and we played it many times three. He senate like Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett and Paul Ryan's and look like leftists. These supply side it. So called supply design and supply side. They believe in cutting taxes for corporations. That's not supply side. That's good supply side economics. Supply side economics is slashing taxes across the board. Whatever the legal entity with your sole proprietor leader in international major corporation. Whatever you want. The supply side it would argue. Indeed in the past that you should slashed taxes across the board income that. For individuals corporations alike. That's not what they did. Many many people were left out. Many many people were left out. But don't Wear you seat because those are the rich have enough. Oh yeah they're rich. They make 150000 dollars it is another rich. I'll okay. And this Warren Buffett Paul Ryan and the left agree. There's very few voices left for capitalism very feel and yet when you look around. This is why I want to. Used my fox show used Libyan TV use this microphone to get back out there and educate people about. Success about liberty about property rights about constitutional government and all these things and feel we've lost little. There's so many ways. I feel we've lost. Why am I a lonely voice defending capitalism. When as I speak. Let's see what time is it easy it is 6:48 PM eastern time. On the East Coast. Singing get out there the weather. You go to a major grocery store and buy virtually anything from anywhere. In an automobile. We can get gasoline virtually anywhere. Tracked back to your home your apartment. With the heat. The benefits. Capitalism even more the benefits of private property rights. So numerous there they're there infinite. And yet because they're so numerous because they're in Wheeling and recognized. Instantly bind this class warfare crap I'll be right back. If you've been thinking about your home security there's no better time to get it and right now. 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Chris El Paso, Texas the great KP SM go. They their arm for profits honestly I don't picture show. On I sort of admitted I am media liberal I'm a Democrat however right you enjoy the longer use. The others directly into our. More bill could be accomplished it. You know Arabic and actually listen to one another and so are her come on isn't sure about. I'm very I'm very nerve answering out actually wrote down my question can go and we're in a run at times it goes toward different. I'm so I'd like to know if you believe that the voters who voted grew legalization of marijuana. That they're both basically does not matter anymore because Jeff session the politically into the car. Coming do you think the voters who voted in California against same sex marriage do you think their vote should count. I think nearly every vote should you know around the Dunlop he wouldn't vote for other votes don't count. As the Supreme Court ruled five to four against them. Yes. Yes it. Seeing a little bit more complicated isn't it people this is the popular welcome people save the people should happen. There's a federal law in place. That outlaws what's taking place in Colorado. Now what should happen. I think that that people who voted on that matters if they don't regret it their own Cambodia where all people voted for the federal officials still in the past that statute against. The use and the growing in of them marijuana. But it isn't enough that people motive isn't the answer really is it. Yes that. OK so that the people load in a state or something that's horrific like slavery should we listen and act. But that that's that's that's a little more complicated the whole issue is complicated business. If certain right. In the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the hello everybody mark lemon here are number 87738138118773813811. Love I'll take some calls from the former pot heads and existing. I'm not gonna turn this into a positive. It shows. I've never smoked marijuana that's a fact. But that's not even appoint and nominate very small and distinct minority. When the clock was clicking at taking and I was cut off at the end of the first there was trying to say is. The fact that people vote. Let's say you voted for slavery. In the most extreme example. Doesn't mean you're right. And we're not ruled. Solely by the vote. We have as we talk about all the times certain unalienable rights. We have certain unalienable right. Which case the vote doesn't and I know this is a very interesting case. The marijuana case because it's marijuana. It is a product. The federal government regulates products all the time the federal government even outlaws products that they think those products are dangerous and yet when it comes to marijuana there is a they significant enough group of people who. Do not want the federal government regulating or banning that product but when it comes to a host of other products we don't hear from the state. The problem man this. Do I believe the stage. Can decide yes I believe the states should decide. I believe the stage could decide a lot of issues. And I believe individuals district should decide most of the issues. But that's not the system we have now. Is it. So what do we do. We can nullify loss at the state level that we don't like from the federal government Gary and I still wet. And so yes Sanctuary Cities. If Sanctuary Cities Sanctuary Cities. Have embraced the same interpretation. That the confederate states that we don't like it when I don't want him. You can't tell us what to do. How is that different then. And those circumstances. When the marijuana issue. Actually it's quite different. Because under our federal constitution and the federal government has a significant study. Or when it comes to the issue of immigration. Saudi purely local. And that we not only tolerated the courts uphold. State and city nullification. Most of the Obama appointees. Now that limitation in the constitution doesn't even exist when it comes to Merrill. Doesn't even exist and yet. It seems to me nullification is except when it comes mostly to the last agenda. On Sanctuary Cities or marijuana. As I say over and over and over again when it comes to the Second Amendment states have almost no say. The federal government steps in the federal government steps sent. When it comes to social issues are cultural issues marriage. Procreation and so forth and so on abortion. The federal government has nationalized all those issues in fact the Supreme Court has nationalized all those issues. And the left I think that's great because collapse agenda is the last agenda they're not so much interest stayed in the process than not so much interest that. In the constitution in fact they're completely disinterested in the by hook or by crook the ends justify the means at all. But some of us are trying to be. Fairly rational map. You're the attorney general of the United States you take an oath to uphold a federal constitution. You're United States attorney in a district but may include Colorado. You take an oath to uphold the federal constitution. So you're gonna nullify the. I don't marijuana law. By not enforcing it. Is that a Barack. No I have been about right what other federal law shall we nullified because I got a whole list of them that I want and I'll. I wanna nullify obamacare. I won enough by the tax code. I mean I got serious things I want an alibi. And we have some very interest in calls before I move on I had another subject to monitor interest but I think engaging some of these cause. Calls wolf further personalize these debates in these issues. Cleaning this issue whether or not. It's. Subsidizing Blue States they're not subsidizing red states when it comes to you deducting your property and state income taxes Michael Annapolis. London may WM you know go. Yes thank you Marcus and hard to talk with you and I agree you have probably just about everything you say. I do believe though that I have. In different reflection on this customization. Issue. I live in Maryland which is a fairly high tech state. Let's give a simple example suppose you make 100000 dollars. And you live and I know backstage life got no income tax state like Texas. Then you're going to be okay say 25%. I'm a whole 100000 dollars. On the other hand some really good height actually look like on their. What emea two who pays 25%. He means federal income tax 25%. Right right to do this as an example. On the other attitude that I can't stay like that. Well Marilyn Marilyn 7% income taxed hat and then. I admit that same 100000 dollars but that I have cracked. 7000 that I pay inheritance tax so that I'm paying the 25%. I just say you don't get the holes 7%. Eating here and I said you're adjusted income is not. You don't get that you don't get the whole 7% back. I. Get a deduction so it depends on what your bracket yes if you're in the 25% bracket. I mean let's just without any other complications. You're getting 25%. Of the 7% that. Right. Here in Texas. You paying 0% state taxes. Right but you're paying 25%. On a whole 100000 to two thirds. Where you can look okay enough. Pilot and Marilyn I'm paying maybe to 25% of the feds and and I get night. My deduction in the navy campaign 23%. For the Fed to 24%. Or 22% of the Fed's. And 25%. On the 93 the. An individual decision you decided to live in Maryland somebody else is decided live in Texas you're not subsidizing Marilyn. Well no not subsidize it in subsidizing any. But when tiger's in taxes I pay more. To the federal government that I paid the federal government in Maryland. So we should raise the corporate the state corporate income tax in Nevada and Texas. Well up to them but that same gonna wait a minute wedeman. Everything's up to this day I got depth when it comes to taxes. But let's say we're talking about corporation should the same thing applied. Not that I'm talking about you did but whatever we're talking about. Whether it. Individuals or corporations. You decide where you wanna live this is not a subsidy to Marilyn Marilyn receives nothing. It's not a subsidy the individually individual receives nothing you stop paying 22 point 3%. The president Texas I mean we're taking a bad example because. If you pay zero income taxes in Texas. That also means let's say your employer you don't have to pay as much current employee. There's a lot of events that we can't calculate that let's let's take your your case. I said you're not subsidizing Maryland Maryland gets nothing. You're OK if you don't like it you can move the Texas or Florida where these no income tax states. There's nothing that prevents it which is what people are doing. Rod but I'd still say what I'm doing it live say I'm in a note ex state. I'm Dana Bullock 45% of the federal. While then if you then then Texas I guess your argument should be Texas should be lobbying. For any impact. Now that ridiculous. I'm just trying to I know what you're doing you don't need to keep repeating yourself I know what you're just trying to do. I'm trying to respond to you which is this based on your logic. The legislature in Texas in the governance taxes it should sign in the law. And income tax as highest possible. For this day his highest possible. Saying get a deduction. You're completely misunderstanding. Well trying to Wal-Mart has gone. Okay. Deployed Abbie look to forget about the stage where you're looking that is how much MI okay to the federal government. And Texas little say they're paid 25. That's not reality. And that's why you keep. Altering your example in reality is if I live in Virginia. I'm paying any federal income tax a state income tax. Any local property that. If I live in Texas I am not paying a state income tax and paying any federal income tax. And I'm paying a yes state aid local property tax and what you're saying is I don't learn about the state what I am worried about the state. Thanks for your call the. Point is this ladies and gentlemen following that logic. In order to get a deduction. You would want your state to pass a state income tax. He's here I'm trying to say mister minister. Why did people go to you know. Why are people flocking wire Florida Florida Texas and other no income tax states. Why are people leaving Blue States and going to those states. Because they don't wanna pay among other reasons they don't wanna pay the state income tax. They wanna pay lower taxes which means you have less than the knocked. If he's right and I'm wrong people will be flooding from Florida and Texas and a merlot. To pay an effective federal income tax rate not a and his exempt money 5% of let's say 22%. But of course it doesn't make any sense because when you add the state income tax what's actually leaving your pockets. When you add the state income tax that the federal income tax it makes seats. What you would get from the deduction that's the point and I don't mean to complicate this. You're not subsidizing the state. You punishing the individual. I'll be right back. No wind. I don't know every single person. In doing high. Stay for the purpose of having me federal income tax deduction you. It's nonsensical. Nobody seeks to paint state income taxes and local property taxes. For the purpose of getting a federal income tax deduction. Which is why the gentleman very nice man repetitive and very nice thing kept repeating that point. Well forget about the State's Rick no you don't forget about it the individual. Is paying. Have multiple levels. Or not. Because his logic is reversed. So you wanna move to California debate over a 13%. If he could be did you get a federal tax deduction of course not. Are there instances. In which somebody. Paying state income taxes and state and local property taxes. May pay less than somebody that doesn't have a state income tax yes but it would be the exception to the rule. It would be an odd case as a matter. And I case. And besides. The Republicans in the eastern that concerns making exactly the opposite argument. They're making exactly the opposite argument which is. We are subsidizing close friends. Hope people's eyes glazing over but here's another one where your eyes may glaze over land. Palisades Idaho on the marquee event that Harry is it. I bought and mark action taken Marco all I got a question for you bet where in the constitution. It stated we're that the bed. Output power and the constitution. To regulate about substance like Norwalk. Nolan. Although actual policy given an all powers. Not delegated. Should be. Federal government are they'd be delegated that they. Is it the vast majority what the federal government does outside the constitution. Where does the constitution. Talk about Social Security's there. Of course. Where does the constitution talk about Social Security. The war but that's. Not constitutionally. They're I don't know but I'm just making a point. That. So what do we do. Let it all you got. Me you know now I just find it odd that the issue of marijuana. The issue were guys like you makers pain. Certain other constitutionally. Wandering. All made out the conservative. Are. I I I can write music. That when he comes to marijuana that Cory Booker excuse me Cory what does Cory Gardner gives me. A Colorado this is worry once the shut down the department addresses this issue. That this is a guy who's your typical Ryan no you know I moved from the house to the senate senate. This is the issue that motivates. Cory Gardner marijuana. This is where there stage right stage is where federalism comes in the play. The demand ever say he would shut down the government if we don't go along on the southern border now. They're the man says it will shut down the government if these cities and states continued and Allah by immigration laws now but when it comes to marijuana. He's all excited. Why isn't this product this. Product. Draws the attention. I politicians. Who don't get a crack about federalism of the constitution. And then suddenly they wave it around can you tell me that land. I I agree with you on it sounded like it they're hypocrites. That you are hit then that's right. Totally didn't seem. Let it. US if you asked Cory Gardner. Where the hell is that constitutional basis for obamacare forget about what John Roberts did to our constitution. And why do you shut down parts of the government all that well think Derek Luke. But hill blocked all we top appointees to the Justice Department. Who seek to control the Obama appointees have swelled into the bureaucracy over there then he'll take a stand not Obama care. I don't yeah I don't marijuana. Why is this the motivating issue when it comes to federalism. I have no idea I argue I would order. You know I yes you make a good point. I might Brent thank you for the call them otherwise I'm not saying they shouldn't be Social Security I'm just saying you want Social Security. The stop playing games. Pass the amendment of the constitution that supports Social Security with the Supreme Court did when. When it was challenged in the 1930s is once again they we wrote the constitution. So fine. Do we think there's two thirds of both houses of congress that would support such an amendment I suspect there is. Do we think that step three fourths of the state legislatures would support and I think cell. They go through the front door. Robert Huntsville Alabama. The gray WC NN quickly go. Thanks sir for taking my call I'm so Jeff Sessions is I actually rolling back Obama. Of regulations or or policy that you know answer reversed this marijuana. Position. End and this. Guy from Colorado. Cory Gardner. It's infuriating that that he. We system. Don't hold up everything insisting that the attorney Joseph and the United States. He disarray federal law and he's a senator. Well and do something about it mr. Gardner. They want as he can't. Be right back. And the middle ground there is no middle ground talk with mark within now at 8773813811. You know you're starting out. This new year with some resolution to match against one that we should all try. Stop watching fake news last year we saw how far the live media will go even at the expense of their own credibility. He missed the last couple living TV episodes of the leader we recap the Obama surveillance scandal and by the way. Did a tremendous within TV tonight our first one of the year. It started with total mockery of yours truly by the media and ended with complete vindication. These are the kinds of stories you're only going to get it CR TV. We're bringing you the truth night in and night out. 2018 is shaping up to be a huge year for CR TV we're adding new shows from host all the time like Andrew well count Alley Stuckey and Moore. Plus the prices less than eight bucks a month when he is from a coat love then LE VIN. Time to fight back against liberal media. Do you suffer favorite tries CR TV for a week completely free at CR TV dot com and make sure you use code look then. To take ten dollars off their annual subscription. Sign up right now at CR TV dot com or give us a call. 844 love MTV that's 844 LEV. I and TV. I said all the pot heads if you wanna call call somebody else I took a few calls on pot they go take one more and I'm not turning this into that. Take part page show we'll leave that for others. And it's got to live Georgia in Cape Girardeau, Missouri Harry on serious satellite. Why thank you bring that expedited my car. I declined to comment on being that person is confident that I have a while ago about Fiat and people living in each day about making a hundred belt and I don't think that he really understand the tax side that. They're both making 100000 in their federal tax late its 25%. Regardless of their deductions that they. Itemize. So he is talking is this they would not be open at any deduction that they lived in Texas. And that I would expect a full 25%. At an actuality. They could take charitable deductions or charitable contribution deduction dork. And I were. Out of pocket medical expense deductions so they can get. Federal tax straight down as well so I think he's kind of got got a. Why you that you are you explain it better than night that night I was lucky and I said each case is different but. Let me ask you something Georgia do people move and high tax states for the purposes of getting a deduction. Because you never earned because he can't keep more money if you don't pay state income taxes correct. I took it exactly that I can't get tonight that's about the state and local income tax deduction the soft touch that deduction and and I was just really. I didn't get enough of the Republicans are gonna. In the media to explain this concept to the American taxpayer. And I hope everybody will consult their spaghetti and accountants tomorrow. Or this thing and find out. Expo and blunt this. If he can't get deductions for state and local income tax on your. I don't like to return. And. And the following year because he kicked back as right deduction. And the following year you have to report that deduction amount that you took it as but I am. Well what's gonna happen is that. If they're not going to be able to this deduction. Then that means they didn't next year but what I have to reportedly attacked and can't either so it's going to be conducting a walk us. Yeah. Okay. Really I wouldn't disagree with that because the time it's a wash is that is the day you die. Right can he keep carry over his income deduction income deductions for the time. The time. And where you don't make out is when OK it's income it is no longer any deduction because you've done. And now there's not going to be any deduction at all so. He's 2018 people who were taking a deduction and now it's the 2017 is Canada's income you kind of screwed. Like if you're looking at a Mike last year and you can't do click edit income this year. Yeah that's my only get a people think this kid out there and as a deduction. That this year or next week I'll this year the seventeenth. Didn't you don't report that 101000. As didn't happen next year. And you can't really offset. By the deduction. From the past year when and sent it. But others ever itemized deduction on your schedule like I bit into another prominent black eye you're you're talking about the pocket issue. Now why would core bill Reid did what he did it and I would like Cory Gardner Corrigan Gartner. I think the agenda the agenda that they have they know the long term effects that will have an. All these children. In our society they know that it will. Well I think there's some of that and what amazes me is what is what these fools fighting over on the left in these fools in the Republican Party. Abortion opponent of abortion. Hot. He can see the culture is going to help thank you for your call let's break it called cure to what I was saying on that is. If you're paying. Probably. People have been within aren't good let's say you're paying a state income tax and then you're paying a local property. And you paid you can point seventeen. You're not committed let's say it's over 1010101000. Cap when you have thought. The case that's not a deduction and it. Yet the prior year. The deduction you to focus Canada's income sort of saying is you're caught short. But nobody cares that. Bill Irvine California on the market then that dealt. Open your eyes. Yeah mark no it isn't. I think it should just basically our shares issued. Well fairness is. I have plummeted turning in my head North Dakota. I usually use far Herbert since you're the turmoil use attorney Islamabad farmer in my head North Dakota and I make 500000 are you farm current attorney now. I'm far. You know I don't know I'm an attorney Greer okay I'm an attorney I can light it dark corner and I think more about food and I practiced law the go ahead. But then and that's why I'm an attorney and share purchase goal and Emeka half a million dollars. Saving up. The attorney in in California okay Lester actions. Federal tax which. I'll take it federal government should treat either one of those guys differently. But they're paying more local taxes state taxes yeah I don't doubt so why is it any your business. Well north some are you sounding like a liberal. Not only have a deduction that anybody can use. Depending on where they live it may be effective and more effective than that than somewhere else. Amended all this I really am not somebody lives and Idaho good that somebody lives in California. They have to pay the state income taxes the state property taxes I don't know what the taxes aren't Idaho. If you have both Soviet people have made their decisions and you're sitting there but it has to be fair and I think you mean he. All right no no I don't I don't think what you need. This federal courage should not treat. Somebody different federal government's not treating anybody definitely the rules apply across the board. In some cases the rules the same rules. Will benefit some people more than others but if you think living in high tax state. Is something that people wanted to do in order to get a federal tax deduction you're wrong. That's not the case. That's out. Right so why are people making this argument. You just. May. I make the argument that sure you should be able all are no longer reviewed doctor that your off Trout creek actress. Speed up to all local taxes but that's struggle. Tax dollars should be on your cruelty and come whatever is now delighted to be docked. Well I know federal tax dollars should not be on your gross income whatever it is it's on your adjusted gross income. I mean he may vote on how you make donations to your church don't you. A lot of common atheist why should you get donations. Deducted. Two here in May I'm asking a question. That's all fair right. Why should you get to deduct eight at this day is coming battle and why should you get to deduct 8000 dollar donation to your church. And I'm an atheist and I don't donate any faith organization but why should the tax code they real that's not fair. Watched you meet when you start getting into this stuff they don't it's a very ugly but I'm not for. Equality as fairness I'm not for this class warfare crap I'm not for this blue state red stake crap. Individuals pay income taxes the Republicans were very cute on this blue state red state staff and their mouth pieces in the media repeating it very very cute. I'm the one that's breaking through the supply sider I'm low tax guys saying wrong. Wrong. I had my friend thank you for your call. Let's continue to show me. Leon Colorado Springs, Colorado of the great radio alarm. This state. What a lot of people are high quite frankly go right ahead. I do Kirk and I. There is an idiot. Everybody gets passionate support. Attorney general surgeons. Vigorously enforcing this law those that think a lot of good and though they're saying hello as. He says that the best way to get rid of that bad luck is to export to vigorously. So accorded Cory Gardner thanks senate. Colorado's laws bad. Well then guess what he oughta support it forcing it vigorously. But why does it he proposed the Cory Gardner pot law. And trying convince. People in his party. As well as the Democrat pot heads to support him what does he do that that's that's he can make a whole national effort out of this. I take it because he's an idiot as mildly conclusion. I think I suspect that it just basic culture. There would be a pretty good chance of getting it through the you know we're repealing but federal. I'm glad I hit hit here's the point if he says that the people voted that way aren't. All the people in San Francisco support being a Sanctuary City got a promise that according. I really I mean I want to understand. From Cory Gardner what his idea federalism. When his idea nullification is. You know I'm ready to get back to first principles but they're not he's decided on this product because the way his state. At the voters of this state has voted he's gonna stand firm on this but he's not standing on principle. Any more than the sanctuary city of morons are standing on principle. I think I think what you've done to our politicians do is separate and visual I mean the whole thing with the wall for instance which I agree with that under percent. But we birdie got the lie it was the 2006. Whatever was ransacked. Aaron my friend thanks for a cup mr. calls and I don't want all these pockets Carolina. They all say the same then think. They say the same thing. And that's fine but we're now learning much from I'll be right back. Wonderful new sponsor I hope you'll listen and. And participate in this I really do. Know the holidays might be over but the winner has just begun. And according to studies the air indoors contains up to 100 times more pollution than the outside. This can cause illness allergies unnecessary Wear and tear on your HVAC system leading to costly repairs even worse. The premature replacement of the entire system. 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And I got my filters what about three weeks ago. And they come automatically and I put him in place and that's that may get rid of the old and so I hope you'll check it out and it's an American company to small company. Based here in the United States it's filtered by dot com that's filtered EU wide. Dotcom boom and the pricing is terrific to Fenway. All right. Let's continue we've got some interest in calls as far as I'm content will. M Dover Delaware that gray WG ND go. Then Margarito or nobody. Meanwhile. A beer or or talk to the apology you'll be poor Tom commentary I want these liberals say the president law. Legalize marijuana. Until the exact and they can a lot of pockets and spend money out there ought. And I guarantee you they say it's gonna go to education. There knows summit itself but it's not going to be there to see more motivate you place. Do we have that problem out of federal government. You eat big tax and tax actually been better spent the never got some they can get everybody screwed up on. Everybody got to think. That the statements towards something great from oh yeah and there we go but when he they have put urged dirt and he pulls. Their and you. You literal burn yourself but some dumb body it or not. Opera I think your car right thank you. For all I know 50% of my audiences. In the pot soon. And it does your audience and I you know you attacked the pop and it's not really. There's a lot of callers from Colorado because obviously this is affected them directly. Let's go to mark Colorado Springs again Colorado are great kgo Largo. I doubt seriously could hear your voice in the new year we've got someone who went on them you know listen to your bush. Your first model our bureau opening statement and then you're just kill it and the guard is going to be here in the Steve Bannon creating. Or not. You know I'm currently is the former media. Remember how the newspaper reporter really. And I am a media observed her NRA. I didn't intend to misty media observers like yourself are really do yeah I am ma. I'm frustrated and I've got friends. It's absolutely. A lie. Where he who recent survey. Results that came well. About how many American people. This trustee. Members of the media I've done an analogy. Yeah I'll be there on their lunch today with a guy who is an ardent trumps it. Order that will now he victory literally created or too old YouTube videos. Our current campaign speeches since I cannot return. Between. Figured it language. And or important. This. I'm my friend got a role thank you for your comments much appreciate it we'll be right back. I. Yeah all agree don't. Miss in the lights for this next one. Too much. Lyrics. Gonna get things just writes like progressives name your price you'll tell us what you wanna pay it we help you find coverage options are your budget. Blue moon. We need to lights are back on him truly can you. And now completely dark. This guy he is an accomplishment and blah. I'm mark lemon here are number 8773813811877381. 311. And I left it until all the stuff I wanted to get to bed I'll do more tomorrow. Using breaking story now on the breaking story tomorrow I'm gonna hold my fire missed it is. Hold my fire. In the circle back. Rebecca Mercer. I've never met him I don't know where she apparently funds a lot of stuff. As not put out a statement. She is minority owner of the brighten our website I don't know when that happened but she has. Apparently her father. Was the investor first assemblyman swords holders interest her. And apparently she was also a big. Funder of other efforts that Steve Bannon was involved and she's put out a statement that cutting off all funds cabana. And according to reports there's a debate on the board of bright part apparently they have a board. On whether or not. And and should stay in similar leaning against him leaving. That seems to be the situation so what is the lesson here. Whatever the outcome what's the lesson here. There's several lessons are there. If you live by the liberal media he died I polygamy. And no loan no loyalty. Wexler. If you leak into the liberal media. Picker on the record with a liberal media they won't use you they will milk Q and then they will speak to a they have no allegiance to you whatsoever. They used to. I cannot tell you how many times a reporter has called me. And encouraged me. Tried to prod me. To trash talk. Another conservative. Including conservatives in this business. Who do it to me. And I won't do I can't tell you how many times mr. producing good tidy probably keeps track of this I've been invited on the Sunday talk shows. The trash tramp. When I was an early Crusoe quarter. I won't do. Not allow them to use me that way. I've something to say I'll say on the microphone. Are living TV and in the future on fox. I'm not gonna allow the left. Which as an aggregate hate my guts. Because of what I believe because of my views only it does look coming in and had a look at my Wikipedia page which is a disgrace. What's been allowed on there. And you'll see. The idea that that that they need to be left the reporters like abandon. This preposterous thing heated back and you don't. Immediately go to that well apparently all the time. More often. Now he goes to that well I'm sure they. They want quotes from him in order to finish him off. Honestly Bennett has damaged himself. He's damaged himself by the way he's handled. And the publishers so ecstatic by this and the author to they're pushing their publication date that is the release date to Friday. Typically books come out on Tuesday they're moving it to Friday because the demand is so strong. Tommy what do you think the demand is strong among conservatives among nationalist populists among Republicans know. Among liberals and Democrats and other media types. Because they can use the book to attack the president. And his family but is exactly the point. That's exactly the point that's why you don't do things like that. And in the end it backfires. The president. Is smeared. Stanley smeared. And the source of the information. It backfire. So who benefits the left and the left and so I'm. That's the situation as I speak. And not only that. Now we have Democrats. Like the Toronto that they are. Circling bandit. You know listen let's place on this I was leaving to go here but let's do it. That's gonna cut seven representative Adam shift today on CNN CNN's live on MSNBC laden is nonstop at seven go. Your committee has asked the granite and testify is that right you wanted to come before the intelligence committee we do want to come before the committee they're number reasons that we think he could shed light on a number of key. I'm meetings that took place as well as potential communication. And finally from his comments from the book. There's a lot you can tell us the Republican your Republican colleagues. On the intelligence committee are there board. I think they are certainly hopes so and and I hope that these revelations of what mr. Bennett has said that. We'll not discourage them from falling through and make sure that comes before committee. That's not the only committee that wants a piece of back and now we have Mark Warner. He was on CNN last night. Cut eight go. Senator do you want. Steve Bennett to come before your Senate Intelligence Committee it's. Cool it he's got a factual basis. For these allegations. Particularly the ones that have we haven't mentioned yet he he assumed that people have participants have that meeting minimum brought up and met mr. company's health. I'd like to find out whether that's true in my I'd like to find out why he made these claims about money laundering about this meeting mean treasonous yeah I. Obviously I agree that this meeting should have been reported to the FBI. So yeah if he's got a story to tell I've likened to come before our committee before I mr. Mullen and give testimony yeah. Was aware that no wasn't worth it talking as this author anomalies I don't know what. It's not just ban and there's others are gonna come out here too we're gonna see veterans previous I don't know. Mean it's not worth it does boomerang. And this is this real sleaze ball this represented Erik. Small whale of a California. Pat Knight and by the way notice Wolf Blitzer keeps asking the same the same question. He finally woke up. One problem. Hey that's good yeah. Let nine go. You're a democratic colleague in the house. I thought congressman Ted lieu between did this in response to this story also told me the same things that based on the statements placed event and congressional. We'll committees now need to subpoena him to testify on the other prompt Russia investigation do you agree. Yes where we would like to hear from. Mr. ban there's of those a host of other witnesses who have not come forward yet who we hope our Republican colleagues colleagues understand are relevant. Or investigation and so mr. van has certainly was relevant. Before the statements that. Back to Adam Schiff who is a complete sleaze. And humans on CNN today. He sees even more in this book. And Bennett's comments cut tango. He also suggested in this new bombshell book that and money laundering which is illegal obviously with the Russians are put. I've basically at the heart of this investigation. Involving Donald Trump has a candidate as a businessman with the Russians tell us about that. Well it's ironic because. I've been discussing my concern over money laundering for months now. And the fact that we're not doing you know what we need to do to get to the bottom of that allegation. Only to be criticized by a bright part for raising this issue and I ST ban on doing it himself. People look at the issue of compromise compromise that and they think of a salacious video. From my point of view if the Russians will laundering money through the Trump Organization. We're guaranteeing finance expert for the Trump Organization. That's far more compromising of this president in our country. Country you believe they were I don't know but I do think it's negligent and given the credibility of these allegations. For us not to look into it and it frankly would be an easy thing to find out or refute. They will require a subpoena to. Okay and are targeting expert about what should they have that happened that has not happened the only subpoenas for bankrupt and. Throughout PKU what's gone on here. You what's going on here. There's a lot of other statements apparently in this book about. People saying on and off the record that the president has a screw loose. This continues to be. A Montrae. That is pushed. By the guy with more screws that are loose than anybody I know. Morning shoot well. So they gonna play this up again. Cut twelve go. On January before. 2018. And there is a misunderstanding for a year. Did Donald Trump isn't deals could be president of the United States there's been this understanding for several years and yet. It's now all out in black and white. And people are actually shocked by it when the Republican Party should not be shocked quiet and again I will say yeah. What's most devastating at the end dog you can Donald how busy he had yet another insider it's saying there's more than meets the eye on Russia and a lot PPI. I mean I don't I have Bannon didn't think these fools would seize on this. Scarborough is a complete. Prostitute. Funniest. He knows what he's saying is ridiculous he doesn't care. He doesn't care. He got this guy check Mark Lee from Oregon the huge left this this is all CNN MSNBC CNN and come back and forth back and forth. We're about Trump's mental state used to cut thirteen go. Well I'm I'm very concerned about is his mental state. Because the decision making role of the president in terms of nuclear war is extremely significant. They had to must. Mash up yulia. Why did you say a year and venom hurricane John in red fat boy now now. Not yet Merck wait. Enersys slop Steve Schmidt Islam was a strategist for John McCain. When McCain was running for president and you may have noticed McCain lost and so therefore the guy's an expert on all things easy pompous ass. And so is on MSNBC. Constantly. In the areas today. And guess what he's saying at fourteen go. What will we see increasingly. Is a president who is under pressure out of his depth. Ignorant. Aren't prepared. And at fundamentally on fed. For the office and admission apparent to everybody. Apparently the members of congress. I'll put that they don't say probably aren't they say it is journalists. Are they saying privately in the bars. Nobody is dangerous on fitness. I think is something that out of this book in these other actions on the third day of the new year. Or increasingly going to become part of the political narrative ends in 2018 because no and maybe. It's increasingly clear that the question of does present its manifest on fitness for this office that's not. Only people surrounding the president talking to this talk thrown off the record you pride yourself. You feed the foods like this. These these hysterical. Asinine comments. Firm pretend reporters. And pretend guests who pretend to know something. He gets fed them. These absolutely. Outrageous comments. To this left wing report. That's why trump. And his supporters are discussed doing all of and I don't blame them. Talk about some of these unfit for office but Joseph Scarborough won't have this. Steve Schmidt. Won't putts this. Jeff America we won't touch this it's Keith XAKA Keith Ellison. Daily caller. Peter has some. Minnesota representative Keith Ellison vice chair of the Democratic National Committee that I say vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. Sparked controversy on Wednesday by each winning an apparent endorsement of violent left wing group had to fight. Allison's endorsement of the group which the Department of Homeland Security says is responsible for domestic terrorist violence. He's just the latest instance of Ellison publicly attaching himself to radical thinkers and ideologies. Allison's once defended famed anti semite Louis Eric Kahn head of the nation of Islam. Against charges of anti semitism in a not bad for the Washington Post last year Ellison said he should've been more A should have more closely scrutinized for Eric on. Who wants a Hitler was a very great man. But blamed a right wing smear campaign for any questions raised about his ties. That anti Semitic figures. Allison has his own history radical positions including advocating for black nationalism. Going college he wrote columns are doing for the creation of a blacks only at those state. And called the US constitution the best evidence of a white racist conspiracy. To sub to date other people's. Similarly. While speaking at a protest following in 1992. Alison declared that black people don't live in a democracy. And don't have an obligation Obey government. While speaking to an atheist group in 2007. Alison compare the 9/11 attacks to the right shot fired. He stopped just short of accusing then president George W. Bush of having a hand in the attacks. Quote it's almost like the right shots fired kind of reminds me of that Ellison said it is terrorist attacks of the terrorist attacks. After the Reich Bob was burnt burnt they blamed the Communists sport. And it put the leader Hitler of that country in a position where he could basically have authority to do whatever you want it that's a quote. Also went on the say he would suggest the US had a hand in the attacks because you know. That's how a what you any nut ball box dismiss you. Before later walking back the comments. In 2009 the democratic congressman headlined a fund raiser for a controversial. Libyan born activist running for the Virginia assembly. The activists east I'm over the edge. Was known to have praised one of the founders of Hamas. And who have called on Palestinians to embrace that Jihad way. In its battle against Israel Allison campaign with him anyway. That same year Allison was the subject of a house ethics committee investigation. It freaked out the disclosed that an American Muslim organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Had paid thirteen 1500. Dollars for him to take a pilgrimage to Mecca in 2008. Democratic national chair candidate Keith Ellison. Address excuse me Alison like the black nationalist he has since distanced himself from has a history of spewing anti Semitic conspiracy theories. During a 2010 speech played mostly Muslim audience Allison claim that America's foreign policy puts Israel interest rates. Because American Jews have been mobilized to do its bidding in America that's funny. The neo Nazi Klansman. And their former website accused me of the same thing mr. Ellison that is of putting Israel ahead of America. You sound like a Klansman. Allison's ties that Tara Conner and his own anti Semitic statements waste source of internal division within the Democratic Party during last year's race. For DNC chair. Democratic mega donor hi I'm save my save on threatened to leave the party Collison was elected chair saying the congressman is clearly an anti semite. The anti defamation league get top Jewish civil rights group similarly called on DNC did disqualify Allison price anti Semitic statements. Party leaders Democrat leaders refused to disqualify Allison Tom Perez's First Act is DNC chair listening Allison is number two. All of that Democrat party saw that Democrat party and its history. Is so much its present business. We'll Joseph Scarborough. That pathetic fool. Well he cola Allison deranged mental. He should be expelled from congress now. It is Joseph Scarborough is exactly what I said that the meant fitful we'll be right back. How marvelous event show lie I national. At 8773813811. Ladies and gentlemen twenty. Team is here. Time to look your best that's right look younger than you ever have been years guaranteed. That's easy with a brand new Guinness sought treatment for drew B islets. Here's Mary from Fort Collins, Colorado I don't believe everything I hear she wrote. So I tried this I lift my right eye in the next they award everybody said my right island better and I couldn't believe it. Yes it's all the sagging lines and your eyelids and disappear. This breakthrough highly treatment as viewers free free when you order a generous self for bags and toughness. 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Reject it quite notable marxists in the win column C aired at Yale must be an absolute genius. I have I used to use called the program humming and help the yes so all the marks as saying Kaplan who's gonna collapse is saying overload can message. The beginning of time. While in some places it has collapsed as an and is well. So as in Cuba has taken him educating as in North Korea. Among other places and these are absolute hell holes. Google can't help counsel them. How low saloon has worked in Japan and Australia. So special Japan is not quote and quote a socialist countries more capital assign and by the way. Because they've moved more or more away from capitalism even though sunny quote unquote socialist country. They've had a flat economy. For at least a decade. And what do you mean it works in Australia because you have a leftist who came in before this conservative. And all this left this stuff that it's working. Twenty or thirty years there won't work they will do what it always does he wanna know why might isn't socialism more. So moon actually. Those kind of work if you had endorsing terrible bit. You know EA it actually incredible know what's working in candidate is what's left of capitalism socialism does not work. Redistributing wealth he can only do it while you have a majority capitalist. Society and I only by numbers I mean were you still have a relatively robust capitalist society. Where you actually moved from capitalism into being more aggressive form of socialism the economy collapses. How can Kapalua as a partner to police or Imation. Kind of shady credit card. Oh yes yes there is I don't know may well let me add on as a pay attention is an automated. No right good car Troy yes yes it's it's it's automated. Use a computer. So ladies computer no Uga Uga almost parity is a telephone and I see me call me with a telephone. You being silly because now you're being a moron what do you mean automation what's gonna happen capitalism. Or place capitalism helps create automation which creates jobs which improves the quality of life. I have continuity at. I don't know what I'm but this guy a mental patient call me from some iMac as institution I don't know what I'm the only year. Well I debate marks is what's his name sure I well now is the guy I don't know only kids. Can't. Let us go to Sam Ridgefield New Jersey a wonderful place the great WABC how Manhattan's. Yep markets Richfield Connecticut ecology about a month ago. That the dentists. And. How well turnouts are the nation is curious. Yet it's still not yellow teeth. Good thing and they way you want to wish you happy new year and I'm not a Stoner. I'm but anyway just a couple of comments on mine as. You know the person. Nice gentleman called about Maryland state Jackson Pollock and has stopped in the plays missing is that. You gave your standard deduction. And then you pay your mail and tack on top of that. So you're paying more than the 25%. Taxpayer in taxes because you got to pay this 7% Maryland tasks. So what you're saying is that individuals that say they're paying money for 5%. Rate as starting rate any 7% say. So you're starting at 32%. They kind texas' starting at 25. Right and you know obviously you can. Billy and then fill here's standard deduction was additional deductions. Like your second caller that talked about the old recapture deductions. I don't know what that actually was talking about that. You know the next time somebody like that call I just ask them what the IRC section is. That says you have to recapture your itemized deductions from the prior year. Never heard of that. I think what she meant was if you get a refund. I could get a refund from the feds or state government then you have that in the next year. State gas pedal well. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't do numbers and account. Now I I get that spirit of brilliant man not a tax guy that and you get enough of basics. And I know you don't move in no way high tax state for the purpose of getting into documents that say it. Exactly why would they pay honor percent. I'm some tend to get 25% cut. I don't know I I was trying to continue to work it through with a guy but he kept repeating themselves. Right and you heard it's brilliant in the end the usual. And then and then again I'm the F Toledo bend you know the old guy with a bad. All you remember actually look. Absolutely. No rush well. Yup and I have to tell you that's because they didn't get any of the personal things than and I know we have to move quickly. But my wife and I talked about having you over for dinner and all I can think about is a well done sirloin with action to bring you. And milk duds. That might do a baby in ever I teeny Mel does anymore they pull the crowns on my peace. Well you know now you know why it would that it better. You went to that Dennis and cars. My way I need to go to my Dennis you won't believe this. Mr. producer in five minutes before the first show of the year yesterday started I broke a tooth. Eating a pretzel. Anyway luckily it's not Britain luckily were more capitalist and socialist. Luckily I did a great tennis and luckily I'll be going to that Dennis I'll call them up and I'm gone next week. You had so. Luckily we all have you mark. Yeah here to you to your lovely family and again I told mr. call screener the whole thing about. You know people moving out I'd have stayed so low tech stage and what that's gonna do you know red purple blue. Yeah. A late pick these these idiots in congress are lowered or any of the blue state. So more these people are gonna move into the red states in terms of the purple states that's what I Canada. Exactly and that's bad. These state governments high can it change why they think they give a damn about their citizens that I can change their ideologically driven. I thank you Sam AK yourself. Wanna underscore this point. Well I generally the blues stage says this this well incentivize them to lower their taxes no long the I don't care their citizens leave there. They're all about power. And they're relying more and more on people who aren't even citizens. And the relying more moral people don't pay taxes. It's just so stupid. How when I must supply sider or not. David Havertown Pennsylvania and exactly where that is on the market within that how are you as soon. Pretty good you go mark all right thank you. It's an honor to talk user. What I wanted to save a bit fascinating now. The left is at this war on tobacco smoking. And another pushing like crazy to legalize marijuana. To a point like look at adult. You know that's a good point I can't stand either quite frankly. Okay. And Saturday so they make illegal effectively illegal with the massive tax increases the cigarettes and they make legal. Yeah absolutely educated smoke in any bars or restaurants. And it significantly from the owners of this out while that's true too. We have had not and I. Only that he he had aids confusing which banks are you supposed to use our glue. Wait a minute wait a nice south identified when nobody apparently. David how cold is a parent Havertown at about. Seventeen degrees right now and yeah microwave about. All this is even known distress. I don't forget to Wear your cautious. Have truly. Don't forget to Wear a hat. I don't forget to Wear gloves and a scarf. Don't forget dot lift at least now these are these weathermen and whether women who like it's three result thank you I I know what I'm doing. I'm my friend I appreciate your quo. Let's see you know let's go before even finish mister Nichols released at a time in Dallas Texas. He's a lawyer who supports socialism this time around my head up. I don't support socialism well that's what he wrote here what did you tell. Well what problem but the fact finder yes because. You're argument that people should be able they've got their interest taxes that and then not whether where. There's nothing more than a transfer of income which you are hanging on where they live. Yeah it is federal code should allow it and you depend on where you live that's not steal the federal code should make any distinction. Well the federal collection have spell check you don't have a standard deduction everybody gets standard reduction gone. Everybody can deduct if they pay. State income taxes they can pay state income taxes if they pay property taxes they can deduct property taxes. If everybody who wants to make it charitable donation to a church they can deduct boats anybody wants to make it charitable donations to make. No kill dog shelter or. Two wounded warriors are what are they can deduct that people who don't make those who died and those contributions don't get those deductions. Because the state income taxes are being devastated you're getting beat out a lot. Sorry sir I'm a private citizen I'm an individual I live in a state had no choice but to pay those taxes. You make it sound like I'm getting some benefit or something like that I'm not and neither are millions of millions of people who are listening to me. I don't understand what your objection is. By injection or you have a choice to pay them well why should I subsidize you're. Not subsidizing anybody. How are you subsidizing somebody who pays their taxes. Did ducks they're out. Property taxes in SA or other state income taxes in Pennsylvania. How are you subsidizing them. Because they're getting a deduction against that federal taxable income. Now they're not getting they're not getting anything back there money you sound like a leftist that's number one. Number two this spending goes on no matter what it's not as if all we don't get that dollar the federal government that means we'll spend a dollar a last. They're not making any sense to me. Well prepared you don't want to make your current well I'll tell you what oddity a 32 he can convince the whole country how. Really you like go ahead. OK so it probably the same amount of money issue and you live in a statement pays income taxes I live in Texas which doesn't. When you pick your tax deduction against your federal AGI you're paying less federal income taxes than I am. But I'm paying more taxes than you are overall lineup if I'm paying five point 5% in state income taxes in Virginia and 25%. Now let's say in federal income taxes and I get a deduction on my state income tax and maybe. Two out of the five point 5% so maybe at twenty some percent of that. I'm still effectively my household is paying higher taxes to the federal and state government the new one. Well that pick out your anger and that's because I happen to live where I live but don't act like I'm subsidizing your subsidizing me you're not subsidizing. Any other taxpayer that's my money. It's your money you're used to what you wanna live like you to write wanna live Brian and I and effectively paying a higher rate federal state combined and you line. I'm not unlike given your credit persuade we're talking about I don't. Can you just like they got from Annapolis. Meeting here in the account before. We've American citizens private citizens in this country. They live wherever they wanna live. At the pay taxes where they live. And so they pay taxes where they live. And so if you live in Marilyn and you're paying 7% and you're in the 25%. Federal bracket you started 32%. Preview your family you live in Texas he's started 25%. And you don't want you shouldn't get that deduction I'm subsidizing up subsidizing anything. I am all right sir I can send you on Social Security. Now about. Oh you're not what do you do. I'm loyal Democrat or. You're actually. Mocked okay yeah. Euros a CPA so I'm surprised that your response. Because it. I know that you don't like redistribution of well I don't either Sarah Sarah your tax lawyer and your CPA. If I commend to pay my taxes whose money in my hand. You're our own my own. It was the state paying my taxes. Are saying now you're saying it's the state getting a benefit when I get a deduction. So you know what you are okay but I am right. And I'm saying that if you have rules that apply across the floor and of course there's gonna be different applications to me ask you something a question Lance in the prior hour. I'm an atheist I'm not gonna make a contribution to a church how can you do when you get a deduction and I don't. Yeah a noodle on that one I'll be right back and. Really sad you. He did Amazon and look at the bestselling books on the list there at this liberal whose trash can trump. Thanks to the on and off record comments by a certain people surrounding trump. On his book is number one. It's incredible. That this was done it is actually grow and by the way. The radical atheist groups make the same argument is that tax lawyer from Dallas that's why bring it up. They oppose tax deductions for churches and synagogues and faith organizations. You make exactly the same argument is that tax player from Dallas must not fail they don't practice religion. They're not really talking about France the tax lawyer and a guy from an app that time that. Equality when you get into egalitarian as an inequality. Not the same experience. It empowers government that doesn't empower the individual again I'm talking about when it comes to justice in the law and so forth. You know when I wrote the liberty amendments it's because I knew regardless of who's running Washington. The only way to fix the country and restore its founding principles was to call a convention states. I've no idea that my friend mark Maclin was actually launching a project could be guess that is exactly the same time is that amazing. Today I am honored to have served on their legal advisory board since the very beginning. His four years later over three million of the more involved twelve states have already passed the convention states resolution. The war on our way to calling the first article five convention of states and American. The people are going to propose and ratify amendments to restrain the scope and power of the federal government. So what's your New Year's resolution how about resolving to do something that really matter to you. Your kids to Ukraine kids into the country. He cared about the future of our nation like I do they go to convention of states dot com sign the petition and volunteer today. I'm all in. But the future of the nation depends on you I'm depending on yeah. The only solution is big is the nation's problems convention of states' dot com. Convention states that count I publisher gets sent to me speaking of books. A copy of the cover of the paper back version of rediscovering Americanism in the tyranny progress as it looks beautiful. I strongly hope you'll go ahead and acquire the hard back copy. It's not number one on Amazon right now that is the anti trump book but can go to the same place Amazon rediscovering Americanism. I think you'll enjoy available on more than they left wing as well. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Please check out living TV tonight at first did a millionaire and I'll see it tomorrow god bless each and every wanna you. Take care.

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