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1/3/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 4, 2018|

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, President Trump was channeling Ronald Reagan with his nuclear button tweet aimed at North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump’s tweet was just like Reagan in 1984 when he joked, “I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I know American. I'm pleased to tell you it is that signed legislation. We will outlaw Russia forever but we begin bombing in five minutes. Ladies and gentlemen I'm Michael van that was President Reagan in 1984. It's an honor to be back and when I thank all the great guest hosts. Now fulfilling and I have been a wonderful holiday. We'll have wonderful new year. Man there's so much going on I reached the point today where I just had to stop. I just had this happen and I start and then you have this band and trump thing which we'll talk about. But when I go back to Reagan let this play this again. Reagan August 11 1984. Eco. I know Americans I'm pleased to tell you today that I signed legislation. They will outlaw Russia forever but we begin bombing in five minutes. We begin bombing in five minutes. Was Reagan demented. Was he unfit to be present the United States. Was he out of control. Was deranged. No one of our greatest presidents in American history was also one of our greatest foreign policy presence in American history and in fact without dropping any bombs. He destroyed the Soviet Union. So what does this have to do anything you know. It's still continue today. For president trump tweet it out to the inbred. The North Korea who say you know I got this nuclear button on my desk. Presidents said. I've got one too it's much bigger more powerful than yours. And of course the left in this country so hates trying to. As they would hate any conservative in the presidency. As quite frankly they seem to hate America they should decide what North Korea and Iran a lot more often these days and many people around them. That these for the kinds of responses. Trump is getting John Heilman who knows and nobody another slob in the morning schmo show when he lines up obese slobs. Because he knows the North Korean generals find the morning schmo show to be their favorite show and so it gives you any comfort to the North Korean government and bring in and slobs like Jon Kyl. Hi I am. Chat seven doubt there's a change is good news is it's how I. We have some this thought connection to normalcy here. For all of our lifetimes any president of any party who treated threats of nuclear war in any way Lecavalier when we mess. See that really are Republicans or Democrats. KG a moron we've had mutually. Capabilities mutual capabilities to destroy other countries called mutual assured destruction mad. All the president was doing is making quite clear to North Korea don't mess with us we can obviously blow you off the face the earth a thousand times. That threat is always there. The fact that trump articulated in his tweet. It's not something you get worried about are scared about her means he's going to start war Donald Trump wanted to start a war would've started a war. He's had ample opportunities for the Iran. The North Korea among others. And he hasn't he's been totally fully responsible. I like that clown who preceded him Iraq now house Obama. Who gives a 150. Billion dollars on top of one point seven billion dollars in ransom. To be someone Nazi regime in Tehran. Which as I speak. Is killing and torturing and maiming and imprisoning its own people more on the highlight. Kept on your time. We have Brian Sell to or over on CNN who is becoming any less machine his own lab machine not just because his looks his looks are bad enough. But because what he asked the sale all the time. Cut eight go considering how of the New York has started com and what does this say about a year. Madness. And I think we should talk a college that are my you know when president troubles Margaret last January some writers and columnists like Andrew Sullivan started right away. To raise concerns about the president's mental health about his. Oh so it's his mental health. Now this little clown sculpture. Who went to the great Paulson state university. And he created a block. So great was his blocks at the New York so I'm tired of so great. What's his article is iconic an excellent that CNN hired him and you can see why these parts. He's a predictable. And beat moronic. Acts. Mary say we'll all due respect. I had. Office in the months that followed we saw Republican senators like Jeff flake bring these this is all they cite Jeff flake while everybody site staff like if you're liberal hack. Journalist Tony you sight Jeff flake. What next popcorn go ahead. Asked about his fitness for office Bob Walker another thing in the comes to mind yet I think we can apply attest to is sixteen tweets and in the test would be. That's when the leader of shutout Maher on you think you're so pro Fannie not proof found it in the Celek. And she worked at CNN. Then there's Tim Kaine. Tim Kane the the junior senator from Virginia who lost the vice presidency. Cut not let's listen how profound this city it is cut nine go. One of president. Has had a steady pattern you know of undermining diplomacy. If you did that you raise the risk of unnecessary war you make America less safe city. As a steady pattern of undermining diplomacy and he's facing. This hit clarion in North Korea he's facing a hit glaring regime in Iran. He's got. The best UN ambassador since Bolton. At the United Nations. He has handled diplomacy actually beautifully. Beautifully. But he's not an easy like Obama. And the Democrat party isn't full of these memo they do not think America should be the only super. Power that they don't believe America should be a superpower all you're not they're proposing now on the budget scheme. They insist that if you increase one dollar monetary spending you must increase one dollar in domestic spending that's what they're doing up that steel Obama trek. They're insisting on it now or we're gonna shut down a government should help down. Should adapt and make sure members of congress do not get paid. Bet they do not get medical care and not why the blood penny is added to their pensions should be out. Because this country doesn't exist to redistribute wealth this country doesn't exist RA welfare state and our military is he central. But typically there was a report out last week. That China. At China. Well past the United States is a military power in twenty years does that concern anybody. No apparently not the Democrats have their agenda and that set the problem is she dropped trumpet for ranked companies are not. It's next Catalina Bryant's shelter at thousands stake tells us that's now. But back to Tim Kaine go. Juvenile tweets or whether it's not even not. Weeks juvenile tweet. Timmy Timmy Cain. Juvenile tweets. I mean he's not molesting the parent you wanna talk about juvenile and sick and predatory that would be Bill Clinton. Juvenile true tweets I happen to think it was a great week. That's awful to wait. And my alone. Letting the inbred in North Korea. Kim Zhong fat boy letting him know. I don't threaten us with your button with them but until. And it's a bigger but then nearest everybody was they act was an IQ of a four know exactly what the president was sent. Back to Tim Kaine was an IQ of three out of Korea whether it's undercutting. Act now there's a guy Steve Cohen. From Tennessee. Steve carp from Tennessee he's truly bizarre. And he's on MS Celestine. Which has a conga line of freaks. Conga line of freaks starting with this this morning schmoke plan. I had Donald Trump is the most despicable human being to ever put resides at 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue. I'm isn't playing as good as it I just gonna say a narcissistic sociopath doesn't change. And it endangers the country. And and and war like wag the dog is something he went to win this. It's so what does this much bring count for a how does a clown like this get elected to the house who represented. He's the most despicable human being to ever reside at 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue. Would anybody ever said about Barack Obama would they be Shalit down into second. What they shouted down. I hate the media the one that the brings us up. To Steve Cohen of Tennessee. The truth this when you consider what John Kennedy did in the Oval Office. Within east German spy with a mobster girlfriend. With a nineteen year old intent and on and on and off. With the orgies are. Yes no are. I asked the argues that took place at the White House swimming pool I don't know that's pretty despicable isn't it yeah Berry a marriage and that while I just yet. I just hit what is Donald Trump on in the White House that so despicable. Can somebody please what is so despicable about what Donald Trump has been in the White House. He likes his steak well done like ketchup well how does it set all right so what should despicable. What's so despicable. I think. Steve come on another clown. Another no name back venture. I wanna play for you one more time as a reminder. What Ronald Reagan said in 1984. One of our greatest presidents I would count him as number three. And when it comes to farm policy he did what nobody thought was possible he defeated the Soviet Union he did not buy into. Henry Kissinger in daytime. You build up the strongest military in the face the earth you and apologize for. It real tax cuts across the board in. His emphasis was on individual wrapped tax rate cuts across the board not a single tax increase racing off tax. Any bill that the united states military. They hated his guts to do. What did he say in 1984 that. If an SL ST where Iran and all these backed ventures and nobody's a knucklehead swear around what he's he's saying about. Our Greg and keep history in mind history is our guy. Now. My fellow Americans I'm pleased to tell you today that I signed legislation. They will outlaw Russia forever. And we begin bombing in five minutes. It might know Mac and I don't live there. My legs under us and Lawrence I was imagination. All of this guy's gonna cause well like any. All of what is at stock awards that what he says about Russia. All of a lot now he's got stuff going on Afghanistan follow. And I haven't spent equities that when they got all that I and then he gets terrific in their freedom. Don't fight it. I remember. These same leftists. Would be attacking him to. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the president tweak its in keeping with. Republican president successful Republican presidents of the past. And it's sent a signal to the inbred. Kim on fat boy that he needed a year don't threaten us with your Latin slob. We got to button to. And we don't even have the test their missiles anymore we just know they're very very precise. We can shoot one right up your ass I'll be right back. And. Big week. While I was off there those of you who follow me on FaceBook Twitter sleeping this week in particular had my attention. An early on. The big blue media. The progressive. Almost fascist media in this country given its ideological. Advances. Its ideological perspective. The nordic. Or downplayed it. Like the new X mindset hit the Holocaust in the back pages but it it bothered to write about it. Holocaust denying any excellent. Paper record would you know. Early on the American Media did all they could. To ignore it. To downplay it. And I was using my social accounts which have multi millions of followers. To keep pressing the case as were a handful of others but nominee early. One gentleman who has absolutely outstanding as a fellow by the name of army Sarah. And we will bring him on the program next hour he was at the forefront he always this. But we have a rebellion. In Iran. We have a president who's been tweeting about their rebellion and supporting. The rebellion. Supporting the citizens of Iran against the Islam Al Nazi regime into Iraq. Which marries at citizens which starts at citizens which steals permit citizens which tortures its citizens which rates at citizens. Which grows its gay citizens what the top of buildings. Which imprisons it's Christian citizens. Which has killed American soldiers. I said it's not American soldiers. And the prior president of the United States are these not demand that he's not deranged he's just great piece well that Obama. He thought it best this terrorist regime. He subsidize this Paris regime. He'd turn the other cheek when it came to Hezbollah's. Pace of Politico. It was all but ignored with the rest of it. And there was an earlier piece of Politico. Thanks in this Josh Meyer just reporter. There's obviously gone underground he's under such attack on the left them. How the Obama administration specifically told entities within the Justice Department and other federal law enforcement. That's not chasing down. Iranians are there Sarah gets we're trying to get nuclear technology. The great Obama. I beat great odds. Now he's not demand that he's brilliant. He is smaller blocking he's the future. Sinatra has to deal of what. We'll let Obama did. And we talk about some of this in the next now what are talk about. I just can't wait you can see him like a race course with the bit and chomping on my bitch here. How the Obama Lloyds. Price that hemorrhoids. How the Obama no ice. All over the place ACC. First they were saying hey. This doesn't mean there's a widespread revolution this doesn't mean America should get and Bob it's not an America's interest don't ladies and gentlemen it's not in America's interest. That they're building IC BMC wanna put nuclear warheads on them that they're threatening to destroy America that they kill American soldiers knowledge not in America's interest. What really care about what goes on Iran. And then. They argue the other side of the coin. If the people you win it's mixed up last and the Rand deal. We'll get an of that more. Copyright. Logic then allowed by law the mark let me show called now. At 87738193811. There. Why are all these. Officials telling talking to a liberal. But grant. Michael Wolf. I don't get it why Steve Bannon. Spilling his guts if these are his actual words and actual thoughts to this guy Michael Wolff was a mountain well known leftist. Is writing a book. About trump. For the purpose of hurting trump. Why did you talk to guys like this why would he sit down. As he former confidant of the present United States. From what we're supposed to have a loyalty. And bleeding got. And cough up along. And say things that him I don't know if this author was recording you know people so why don't often actually said these things. If this guy knows what he's doing. He was recording the conversation for perhaps not I don't know. Time will tell. NY USA these these these vile things about it guys kits. There's not a man in this country. Who wouldn't defend his children. Who wouldn't defend his family. Against attacks by another man. There's not another man in this country who would end Donald Trump is not going to. He's not gonna put up with it. Now the guardian newspaper which is a left wing British newspaper. Apparently got a copy of the book. Fire and fury by Michael Wolf which will now be a New York Times best seller. Thanks to the people leaking around Donald Trump including bad. So this guys can make a lot of money off of book. I hit job on the president. Why do. People participated stuff like that. The guardian. Sea air. The Donald Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon has described the trump tower meeting between the president's son. And the group of rations during the 2016 election campaign as treasonous. And unpatriotic according to an explosive new book by the guardian knot I looked at this meeting we've talked about it others have talked about it. Seems like forever. I think treasonous around patriotic about that meeting. Based on what we know right now unless. That in those something else what's treasonous and unpatriotic. This is according to the guardian I'm just basing it on the news reports. Banner and speaking to author Michael Wolf warned that the investigation into alleged collusion. With the Kremlin. Wolf focus some money laundering and predicted they're going to crack Don junior like an egg on national TV. Why is he involved in money laundering. And this a pretty scandalous allegation. Let's see here. The summit Bannon who was chief executive of the tram campaign in its final three months then White House chief strategist for seven months before returning to the right wing right barred news writes the guardian. Is he central figure in the nasty cut throat drama quoted extensively often salty language. He's particularly scathing about 8 June 2016 meeting involving Trump's son Donald junior. Son in law Jared Kushner. And campaign chairman Paul man afraid and Russian lawyer and that's idea whatever her name as at trump tower near his what I don't understand. If you have so much contempt. For the president's family and so much content for its. Some of the senior advisors and so much contempt for this one of that and why did you support. Donald Trump all this time. Why did you switch from Ted Cruz Donald Trump. I think it's a fair question. But I don't know what's unpatriotic. And treasonous. Treasonous. About the meeting person and even if you thought I'm quoting even if you thought that this was not treasonous front patriotic or bad yes. Where for crap and I happen to think it's all that he should have called the FBI immediately. Ban and went on. That should have been set up then they Holiday Inn in Manchester, New Hampshire was your lawyers who meet with these people. Any information you say could then be dumped down to bright barter or something like that may be some other more legitimate publication I don't understand what this means he's talking about. Covering your tracks with the leak is that it then means. I guess so he says you never see it you never know what because you don't need to but that's the brain trust that they had. You know. This country is facing. Such challenges. With the progressive movement in the Democrat party in the courts the bureaucracy and the media. In the culture like Hollywood. This country is facing such great threats. From North Korea and Iran in quite frankly China and Russia. Why me why do this. Why participate in this. It really escapes me. Why would you participate in this and not just banning any any others who did it. He's a lightning rod Khamese. A lightning rod because he wants to be a lightning. But the president was very angry about this today you can imagine as any father. Would the. When his son. When his son in law. Even his daughter among others are being personally attacked. President put out this statement. Steep and it's nothing to do it me or my president. When he was fired not only lost his job he lost his mind you can see trump is furious. Steve was a staffer who worked for me if I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates. Often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican Party. Now ladies on his own the president said Steve is learning that winning isn't as easy as I make a lot. Steve had very little to do that our historic victory which was deliberate and forgotten men and women in this country. Almost seems like it was written by Stephen Miller. It's needed everything to do with the loss of a senate seat in Alabama held for more than thirty years by Republicans. Steve doesn't represent my base he's only in it for himself so the president you can see has had enough. He's furious. He says Steve pretends to be a war with the media. Which he calls the opposition party Eddie spends his time at the White House leaking false information to the media. To make himself seem far more important that he was it's the only thing he does well. Steve is rarely in a one on one meeting with me and only pretends that had influenced a full a few people. With no access and no clue homey helped write funny books. We've many great Republican members of congress and candidates have very supportive of America of they make America great agenda. Let me like me they love the United States and American are helping to finally take our country back component up rather than sent. We seeking to burn at all now. Now mr. it is who's been looking for a statement. From Bannon. And so far nothing right ranch. We don't see one at this point. And people draw their own conclusions what what is troubling to me having worked with a president of the United States. Having seen some leakage. Look out to advance their agenda or promote themselves and these were leaker is during the Reagan administration although there weren't as many at the center. And nothing but contempt for them and nothing but contempt for leaks. Against a sitting president United States. But I I don't even understand the irrationality. Behind. Who's sitting apparently repeatedly. With a well known liberal author who has as this purpose. It damage the president. And his president. And it's not like he's coming up with something new that damaging information is coming from the it's not even information its there opinions. Why play in that. He's listen to this program long enough you know that I have been very pleasantly surprised by this present. Doesn't mean in the sickest thing. Doesn't mean I'm up Tom Tom boy doesn't mean I'm Iraq can't we know who they are now. You can be discerning. And a conservative very pleased what he's done and as I've said before and this was repeated after I left. For vacation. Donald Trump so far. Is the most conservative president since Reagan. What she starts pushing his trillion dollar infrastructure plan which is a payoff to mayors and city councils and governors and legislatures that helps them out. Bail out their budgets which are Richard totally out of control on using our federal tax dollars to subsidize their works. How will have a strong disagreement with that as I had a strong disagreement with a major aspects of the so called tax reform plan. That's a lot. He's not a left wing Kook who has as its purpose the fundamental transformation of America. But with this president is not on regulations. Let's put this president trying to go on immigration. What this president's done with the federal judiciary look what he's trying to do with the Supreme Court. Look at really started farm policy he's had the greatest foreign policy since Reagan absolutely. Absolutely. The way he's confronting North Korean very responsible way. Dealing with a Iran and that outrageous deal. Did something that no prior president in the last seven years has had the stomach to do which is recognized truce on as the capital of Israel. He's trying to build up the united states military he's come to the defensive local law enforcement. I mean it's quite significant. So it troubles me a lot of when you have staffers or former staffers. Whatever their senior status or Lou. Always stand whatever their status as we take it upon themselves. They're trying to drive the agenda we're trying to drive a narrative. This president is more successful than I thought he would be despite the fact. The McConnell is the majority leader in the senate. Despite the fact they had a very small majority in the senate. He's done everything you can possibly do constitutionally. And legitimately. As president of United States on his own. He's under brutal. Delhi daily hourly attack. By the progressive retiring guide media. X slobbering all over Obama's every syllable. He's under brutal attack by the Democrat party. And if we do not hold the House of Representatives we will spend the next year or two fighting off this president's impeachment. And they do this in order to prevent him from advancing why because they're upset with the tweets know his agenda. It does not help. The country. Limiting. The constitution. The American people. To be doing it if he is with the individuals who have nothing but contempt for this president and this same thing. If accurate. If accurate. Better really. Vicious about his family. I'll be right back. Tonight and help this guy Michael Wolf selling more books. We'll be selling point on his own. Most scathing attacks on trying to find. People who should know better quite frankly I mean if you gonna mountain. The challenge the president's positions and you work for the president will do and do it respectfully. You know bill was in class who was some loyalty he can challenge him perfectly I am I'm own favorite that. I believe in challenging ideas confronting them and so forth. But to sit down with a leftist. In the end. You know. Start believing that guy and I just don't then I'm not impressed. And now of course this will be fodder for CNN and MSNBC for a week maybe two weeks. We may be too. And I would say also as a lawyer that if and it wasn't interviewed by mr. Mahler he will be now. Because he's making assertions in the book whether he can factually backed them up or not. If I'm a complete. And total how to control maniac prosecutor I'm gonna wanna sit him down. Maybe in front of a grand jury even. I don't know. I'm not encouraging yet I'm just saying it's certainly possible now based on what I'm reading it obviously read the book nor will it. Did you know. That are twenty trillion dollar national debt. Is estimated the forty trillion dollars in the next twelve years did you know. So when you count unfunded liabilities were talking about over 200 trillion dollars. He debt train this large can only be headed towards disaster. I talk about this all the time I've written about it. As we print more and more dollars we lose more and more buying power. Investors know that it's not what you have but what you keep. That's why they give. Air supply that's the key word diversify their portfolios. To help kids they're buying power strong when the dollar goes week. He and capital. That is helping you keep your buying power is their goal. Many investors are diversify their portfolios and IRAs right now with gold and silver don't be caught on the tracks of the debt train disaster. Diversify. Today. Learn more by claiming your free. For a limited time you'll receive 500 dollars in free gold or silver. When qualifying purchases that's a lot. All you have to do is call and listen this just style pound 250. Pounds. To fifty. And then say the key word mark let them. Pound 250 key word Marc Le van. PM capitol specialists. Are standing by right now to take your calls call pound 250 say Marc Le van order. There's a mark living gold dot com PetSmart now dvi and mark living gold dot com. Diversification is the key to any reputable responsible objective. Serious financial advisor will play the same thing diversified. That's the key. That's what I do. That people make it around it's okay pat Colorado Springs that break KV. No I don't. My dead women who dug about a lot of both. Painted ball and then union and then they'll both be able. They paint it black. They've been in 2017. The opening bell mobile all the. This gives John l.'s best year ever the Washington Post did that when they do that. The Boehner met a chat on the all people employed local that this book long left out. Yeah owning the mobile more able phobos but that much but yeah I do believe cleaning woman who. Linda bloom mobile and well didn't they call him iron. Well and I tell you what tell me why were the media so slow to around. To voice the app protests against the Islam Nazi regime in Tehran. All of whom voted Britain where. They're content won't want all the and there are love affair with Obama is so strong. That you know the fact of the matter is that this regime was on its needs quite frankly. After a mania the the policies put in place by George W. Bush to strangle it economically. And Obama rolls and there and pulls the sanctions and then funds them. I mean that guy is you talk about deranged. I would say Obama was deranged. Copyright back. I it's Jamie progressive number one number two employee leave a message at the paging me Britney Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your a cappella group net harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool is she do you given me the pep talk. Now get out there hit that high note and take Matt harmony all the way to nationals this yeah. Sanctity. The interest in Philly actually. Hello everybody Markel event here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. I've been reading. He frequent tweets I army semen. Who really is a Smart guy and remand him before and I just had become familiar with them through my stepson David. And I started reading these tweets from Iran because I was tweeting on Iran and a couple others were tweeting on Iran and posting FaceBook of course the media held back. And he in he just has tremendous insight on the subject of Iran and I wanted to bring them on the program Omri howry is there are government. Well it's a pleasure I'm. So this. This protest and started what six days ago. It. And the response by the present the United States you think it's been fairly effective. I don't know what cost effective he's been because. You know the situation is so fluid that market it typical to know what's attractive but I do know that it's been in the thus far exactly the right reaction he's been doing to oh the things that he could be doing. He's doing exactly the right thing which is he has made it very clear. That the United States supports the protesters. 800. So he has made it clear and he has made sure that staff conveyed through their words and increasing their actions. The match no rhetoric and the position will be backed. By actions and so the important thing that he's done is not just said the right things. But specifically. Said the right things and indicated that he will back those with actions it's exactly the right thing to do. Whether it's effective do you know the protesters say incredible odds who knows. If anything could be effective but it's the right thing to do. And his ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley she's demanding an emergency UN session is an issue. That's right there investigating what they can do either through the UN Security Council or through the UN human rights council of course. You know the UN is. Best described as not to the world's most effective force for democracy it's also bad because equally. As well described the cesspool of desperately dictators in many cases many of the organs are back. The especially the human right. Parts of the United Nations have been hijacked. By some of the worst actors on the planet so they're limited options are limited options is side is the Security Council because of course a lot of supporters. Countries like Russia or consistently veto anything good ambassador elite can do and there are limited options outside. But the Security Council or no one had to veto because simply they're majorities of terrible countries. Across the UN and especially in those places where people do human rights work. What what is going on in Iran you know we we we have we had some. Would you agree that may very timid recording early on and now they're starting to pick up a little bit. It. You know Iran and great control. They control journalism. To an enormous enormous expense. And see. Ensure that journalists are censored. They black male journalists. And so it's really difficult. You know. What is actually happening in the country now sometimes. We think that there are cases of really open I used. And really journalistic malpractice. So for instance. Now sort of income actually. The UN that as to they can beyond the New York Times. Bureau chief Thomas Serb bring you know his first couple of stories warned declined. How are Tyronn he wasn't in total raw. When you wrote dungy we can keep it he's one of them he said he was in Japan and yet he wrote. Article it will reflect it what do you exchange which is good these are sporadic. Protests. And grew what do I you know advocates of the loan deal or saying. Which is ripped the protests were about economics. And they would and they were record economic quotes. And so you know mark when used to when you ask. Why don't we know more about. The what do we know more about what's going door. What do you Syria because it's really difficult to get good journalism and their. Hand. Whether they're. Well didn't journalism reflects increasing protest decreasing protest. What your group collects economic motives or political motives. Don't have told very much about whether or not the protests are sporadic or increasing local. Let me ask you this as as you monitor this yourself and some things have come through social mediums have put people concede on the Internet. Might might take on this is this is more widespread than I was in 2009 MI wrong. Widespread. Yes. You know. We're talking about something that you noted that haven't been seen in but I know Iran at least since the revolution which is to say. These protests are happening in places where protests usually don't happen. And I don't mean that in like you know metaphorical or grandiose to it. I mean that quite literally physically the protests are happening in parts of the country. But they haven't happened before. And on that sense yes they are there are more did our broader than the previous. Protest at turner bigger than the previous protests. And they have certain features that are interest being and we don't know what they need so they appear to be leaderless. Obviously within any given city. Or any given talent is there's a bunch of people protesting. There's going to be a leader there there's going to be an organizational structure there. I on the whole it doesn't appear that all of them are being coordinated in no way that. The 2009 protest work. And to that extent we just don't know what that means we don't know so for instance you can see Marc oh there's a global what you. Why an argument you could make is well the protests are diffuse. They appear on connect it there's no leader stitching them together obviously if they will. Go out with a whimper though Peter Welch. But you can also make the argument the other way you could say this thing has no center. It. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to I don't placated or diffuse this. And so the regime more have a very difficult time putting it down and just not clear which one of those districts. What is the take of these former Obama administration officials who are really vested in that deal that they have with a ramp. I mean the worst is this is so good their behavior as being in the really we email to some of the even on the. Even among. Folks on the left score. No warm you know they don't agree with us on the way foreign policy what sort of the way that the world should go. But they're not invested in the deal of note behavior of the Obama alone has been embarrassing. To those folks. You know via the problem is market. Do you pull in many way are. Well could be enabler of the regime in beating down the protesters. It is too much and it tea. Green enormous amount of resources. And it's also what this does get to your question. It's also one of the things could warm socks from kicking on the Russian coastal took unharmed and stand in the way of the solution because the GO. Shall read it a function of how war chew over a bunch of our non nuclear sanctions you people don't remember history will remember this. But so many years the Obama many many months and a full year. The Obama administration went to congress and congress would say hey we're getting nervous about how much you're giving way to deal onions. It looks like you're giving away more than they're given to us what's going on and the administration which they were only going to give away nuclear sanctions only nuclear sanctions only nuclear scientist. They're giving up their nuclear program won't be enough or they're making nuclear concessions. Where did go on nuclear sanctions and Hannity and be alone and instead. They cannot. It's not enough to want many more. And the Obama administration and the Associated Press reported this in as many words the Obama administration. Basically you need to aren't. A bunch of course human rights and ballistic missile pillars and section. And a nuclear sanctions so they could lift that. So they took a bunch of good Goobuntu the measures that we have. Could you used. Against a bunch of a black against a regime. And they said. These are nuclear sanctions so little more than one wouldn't nuclear sanctions. The reason the wheel sanctioning the Central Bank what woman wouldn't know cool your. The reason that we've gone after wouldn't carry nuclear what do we do we had gone ask her the the empire. Put the corn supreme leader he co. Whoa whoa way. The supreme leader. Is worth billions of dollars. Get them in contempt prior to counter actually by its predecessor it's where do you draw money from it under the temporary support business empire. And it used to be sanctioned. And this link and it's important it'd be sanctioned because he draw upon that to fund companies were expecting pretty much. Because this may get into John Kerry and the rest of the Obama administration. Moved to former need. The fact that we had sanctioned that network. Obviously ran and it's unclear. They were the Kerry and others who said really this is an Iranian situation not us that's not correct is that I mean it's an arena situation obviously but it affects us took. Now you and Ben rockets that are it's such a gross things to say listen. These guys to sell their nuclear deal maybe I'm ball. Our war capital. First several months and into an infant is basically what he'll count as political trauma on Washington DC they unwound. How war sanctions all of our warned the United States they want to ask her how war allies they empower country to see how war city orders. I had to do with us. It does. Ridiculous but it doesn't have to do that he didn't have to do anything with united since when do you spend which. The second half of the Obama administration obsessed with this and of course it has to do with it it's a ridiculous statement to make. They don't want us. They don't want to trump and toasted they don't want to be united they don't want congress they don't want our elected representatives and they certainly don't want to come administration. To make them look bad. I sure we if we could come down on the line at any time and the reason they didn't come down on Iran is because they wanted to nuclear deal. All right folks there is Armey Sarah and you are the managing director of the Israel practically appreciate keep tweeting I enjoy reading them. Thank you sir Cochran and I take care yourself. Other other takes on this is an excellent piece that that teaching me about a man by any Michael dean. He thinks this is a potential opportunity. For real change in government over in Iran it's a wonderful piece worth reading. And we'll keep anonymous we'll keep an honest John Bolton. Earlier today or maybe it was yesterday it's an outstanding comments on this well. I think it's. Important that the trump administration keep but the pressure there are going to be some more decisions they're gonna have to make on this or India coming up the next weeks I believe. And they should transcript. I mean you normally don't get one opportunity. To fundamentally transform a government like this this will potentially be a second opportunity to do it. I'll be right back and. A fellow by the name admiral Mike Mullen. And and services. CIA director. Because the one point. In any Democrat administration or prior administration. And he was interviewed by Martha Raddatz. At ABC news she wasn't happy lay had to say but he said it anyway. Hacked it right scoop cut one go. But we certainly should be on guard for human rights violations. And I think we should be supportive of more freedoms in that country and and that didn't work in 2009. Might it work this time what would be different. Let's stop right there. So he's found that the uprising in Iran and she says it did American 2009. Well course ladies and gentlemen Obama waited ten days and he didn't do anything effective. To support. The uprising in Iran and we now know that his plan all along. Was not just who he is there any worse than metal chain. He was to subsidize the right at least level Chamberlain didn't give Hitler billions of dollars. Go ahead. Well I think since the 2009 timeframe more road. That is very instructive I think we chose to not be. As as supportive as we could have been then. And I hope we can be right now so that Iran can continue to evolve and have a incredibly. Young population. They look to future that they cannot see. They've been promised. That changed. And a healthier economy by the current government. And I think the protest represented the inability to deliver that so far so I think support of them and their people is absolutely the right thing to do. Man. And and Nikki Haley. The UN yesterday hat tips seasoning paprika. The freedoms that are enshrined in the United Nations. Charter condos are under attack can Iran. Hardy didn't kill hundreds have been arrested. It's Iranian dictatorship history is any guide we can expect more outrageous abuses in the days to come. The UN must speak out. In the days ahead we will be calling for an emergency session votes here in new York and that the Human Rights Council in Geneva we must not be silent. The people of Iran are crying out and freedom. All freedom loving people must stand for their cause. The international community made the mistake of failing to do that in 2009. We must not make that mistake. Again. They want to listen to this question. Very important. Which lists this question by a reporter. To Nikki Haley comparing. The Iranian regime. While it let's just let cuts for ago. Now we saw strong when it comes to trade on Monday did you get a hand people who got a few different I mean you become indignant when it comes to the Palestinians. The meeting will be enough liberal allies are over fifty years of occupation. Let's stops happening they've been brutalized fine. First the PLO and then Hamas. And Fatah. Truthfully. They've been brutalized wasn't by the Jordanian regime and other Arab regimes. Who'd brutalizing the Palestinians. But look look at this reporter quote unquote. Is trying to compare the Iranian regime to the Israeli government. Thought I had. And the question related to it what I didn't make you leave that drive on the right side of history. We just look alone in this great columns and against football team members of this patent in the UKL 120 days on as you want your mom. It's right out I'm not only makes you. So you say this is this is it so now you see that's gone on our brand. In about that it's Israel and the Jews. Go ahead. Think not much I said proudly. Even if I was the only hand in the Security Council. Do you fight for the will of the people in the United States they wanted to see if the embassy moved to Jerusalem and we followed through with that. We very much still wanna have a peace process nothing changes would that the Palestinians now have to show their will they wanna come to the table. Now they're not coming to the table what they ask for aid or not giving aid we're gonna make sure that they come to the table and we wanna move forward. We. These presses. Sure sure Hamas and Hamas. They want their piece press system Chenault. I ladies and gentlemen we shall what do they say move forward. I'll be right back. Daily adult dosage of our constitution. Margaret didn't show Colin Powell 377381381. Blonde you know ladies and gentlemen. You may think it is 120 teens here. It's time to look your best that's right look younger than you ever have in years guarantee. 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You know folks they told me supplies are running out now so check it out 800 skin 604. 800 skin 604. Or go to Janice L dot com. Haven't taken any calls this year have I missed it. We had to guess now Bob in Los Angeles here the first call of the year on the mark lieutenant Harry music. Wall thank you very much mark and I'm doing I'm doing fine how are you doing very well thank you. It could it is why the mention another four years in the Marines 8084 and then that became a copier and LA lab AA that's had to say thank you thank. Armed and 1982 bald guard waiting in northern Atlantic. We had a 160 ships. Thousands and thousands of troops. Just to us single lateral Saber Saber rattle against the east. President trump was able to do that would just eight Twitter but it which cost nothing which costs nothing to remind you why. Why do you think why do you think the media and even others. On the pseudo right. Are jumping all over him when they know the very history had discussed with a ranking and they knew exactly what he was doing. I don't know why why do you think they have you ever seen anything like this where they take the opportunity to start attacking him is do you range and on and on our nearest ceiling like this. Never but it did it's it comes from the street level to mark we see on the streets here in Los Angeles. And we got we got the hardest district here on the side of LA there's there's a mural that they read this. And there's people look red Bandana. I mean it's crazy it's the guys. And I imagine though imagine imagine that the taxpayers in this country resisted. Now that we would we would fall but see that's what they want that's what exactly what they're trying to do which the us conservatives. But I need to be aware that I also wanted to mention mark Blackburn mentioned something about the president being paranoid about or even. Take a temporary we mean hello what sent you know Jake Tapper. Jake Tapper on Zaria and you know it inadvertently. Because. I sought out slowness and poison on his toothbrush made it a go back on vacation mr. were what are you talking about. Now he would he would come. Referring to the book there was the quote from the author saying that the president or the trade of being. An important. He likes mcdonalds OK look like. Let let let let let that the than me ask you this question in this for the whole nation here. Guy writes a book like this here's my problem. The guys trying to turn that trucked into an idiot trying to show that his staff can't stand them on and on a non. The guy's a liberal why the hell anybody sit down with this guy repeatedly to give him my father. Well obviously they disarmament money and they want to destroy our country and. Don't know if you're you're moving too fast for me your bat bat but I'm asking questions. The people who sit down with him in gave him the fodder are not making money. They are giving him ammunition to attack the president of the United States why do you think they're doing. Well it's obviously for this person that was crucial. It was personal on means exactly right at. He got righted he got fired he didn't like it and this was just. Is his way of of getting back and apparently he was still in the White House. Thought I didn't I can still be Paris all right. Yeah it is personal but I look at that sound bite from Jake Tapper and input your on your radio show because they're proud of the seal McDonald another producer and. All right thanks for your car. Jake Tapper it I don't wanna chase down who cares I don't even care. What they did do off this well now. I don't think so. I mean I'm I'm reading over the holiday that the China is going to surpass us in twenty years militarily. They continue to steal our technology they continue to threaten us and our allies. There they are with satellite photos. Giving out oil to the North Korean regime have boat to boat ship to ship the Russians have done exactly the same thing. We've got significant protests in Iran that are very very important. We have stories about how the Obama administration. Happiest. Not just Iran but Hezbollah. In order to get their deal. And. How this book was this talk about this book. They in and day out right well that's not gonna happen here. Let's go to our. The time pronouncing that correctly Dallas Texas the great WB AP Harry hill. I'm OK like how lucky. Very well thank you. The Libyan. Part of a petition against the government can do it here two years ago and it started it back. As you sit in 2009. And the people shouting this street and ask Obama are you group absolutely the government. So like you to do well what didn't say anything about ten days. And I've inherited debt. Well how many would be leading the country. With the plane and then he got ordered to pay back actually can help there people back and Gloria now. And the trial become the president and from the beginning American nation need backup the people. That's what it people who are deputy. And Hulu or anger. He making them they didn't go to the wrong. And there are good demonstration there right now it's a lot deeper. And the people shopping and they'll mention the government. That would only about election. That Hollywood. But now every corner of the country that people right now Brenda and fighting back with their current government and right now. The even if you really asking for help and what they ever went to trump can do it got there will be great for. Are different. Now I appreciate your call I think you're quite right. Am the last and Larry Connecticut. All right ads there in mark would worry sir. I'm a little chilly but other than that I'm fine thank you. Yes very chilly here till I just wanted to let you know. That's citadel would very good to meet this year. All my wife my kids got me all your blocks. That while they had. I just finished at all. The first few that I redwoods. Liberty and tyranny. And plunder and he did see. And my god I love them absolutely loved the book. And I look now I'm in there all arms and just starting. Rediscovery Americanism. And let me just day. You the most articulate why it. Commentator. In here extremely conservative. And I love you and I knew I do I've been a listener always knew error. But dumb you you'd think like I do I just can't articulate the way you do and I'm only. Trashed and then all of this battle and win our country again. The road map that you keep putting it in your book. I'm trying to do that and MI my New Year's a resolution on FaceBook. Or is that I was going que La. I would get a post. Conservative. Views from you went from great forward on a daily basis to try to win. One lap this at a time. What we want an official word. Out to him I wanna thank you very very much appreciate that and earlier in Connecticut so you better do everything he can stay warm up things and you got the books just don't Brennan you know just freedom. And I much appreciate it tablets he said you know. And new years we read. Friend's house and the food was unbelievable. But he steady and Linda. And who. Is there. Go to law. Who's obviously made it their son. Her name is tally his name is then. Benjamin finishing. We're seeing their reading I didn't notice about her. And very nice very conservative. And she told the story of how she became conservative. So how did you become sort. Then she solid as a rock. She said while I was a liberal. There's a true story just now and I said you where she said yes. And then she her now husband was trying to persuade adhered to conservatism. And I think she told me you know they could never really get married until she was a little bit more. You know in the liberty and that's what it's. And she said. She was at a bar. Reading. Liberty and tyranny. And she said. You let me on this mr. producer of the rest of country may have gone away over time but she said. I was reading that book in the when I finish that book I became a conservative. Liberty and tyranny can do it. I'll be right back. Byte it's Jamie progresses employee of the month to month to zero lead and it did get better. Hi Jamie did meet Jamie I just had a new idea for our song let you name your price tool. So when it's like. Tell us what you want to pay me hey hey and trombone was Bob a moron and you say well if punt coverage options that the jobless did then we just all these Peterson's possible choir goes he was coming. Didn't comment is that yes no maybe. Anyway C a practice tonight I got news there's so the break. Casualty insurance company and affiliate expert match limited by state law. Liberty amendments because I knew regardless who is running PC the only way to fix the country restore its founding principles. Mr. Coley convention states. I had no idea that my friend mark mettler was actually launching a project to do just that. So today I am honored to have served on their legal advisory board since the very beginning. Just four years later. Over three million people are involved twelve states have already passed the convention of states resolution. And we're on our way to calling the first article five convention of states in American history. The people are going to propose and ratifying amendments to restrain the scope and power of the federal government. So what's your New Year's resolution how about resolving to do something that will really matter. If you care about the future of our nation like I do think go to convention of states dot com sign the petition. And volunteered today. I'm all end. That the future of the nation depends on each of you and on depending on the trivia it's the only solution. As big as the nation's problems that's convention states dot com convention of states' dot com. I night Jeff. Long Island the great WABC. A police officer Harry is it. Great market street Pete area about recent colder and I was actually I wanted to make the trip up the Jersey this video this summer. And enough I couldn't make it myself on this race in this car outlawed I'll be embraced the late model race also I think I love the next time. The next time you come iron in there. Miles thank all of you to. I just wanted to yeah I used to work at the Port Authority bus terminal and a recent terrorist attack. In home. Are you I am more portable guys I've been on the job like seventy years or the guy. I actually took him down it was horrible my work but portable. You all so. But let me ask us why why why do you think the Democrat party. Is so committed. To open borders. Beginning five and a half million people brought here or who came here illegally. Legal status and they're prepared to shut down the federal government over this they're prepared to. Also how when it comes to the military they're insisting that any dollar increase in military spending. There must be 88. Dollar increase in domestic spent what what do you think motivates this party. Number I'm not. That's simple isn't it pay off subsidies and the importation of Democrats. It is crazy. Time and look forward to meeting in next time god bless you. Jerry Passaic, New Jersey degrade WABC go. Well because. There is nine years to lady started in the mean the sentence and students started to begin. Well the other. 40. The Jokester tries an inch or less slog. There should have been done on a year ago but at least that's very I'd done our at least 70% of the population under strict leash or electorate are wonderful. And this is this of the Iran. Pat and Anna now you know Obama literally saved Iran he save this regime. Oh absolutely so all we need to we talk every. Talk all the dumb what he's already been that was frozen like sanctions. Pictures under different people belliard hit leash. Now they sure it was for their failure to Betty sense that there billionaire put her deletion sailors. More and more dark jeeps coming out perceive much. And they and they make this. This unofficial deal with Hezbollah. I mean does it get more loathsome than this I mean whose domain it trapper Obama who's deranged trump robot. Surveil Obama earlier strong core trigger greater or did you search. Writes thank you so you call. Colorado Springs, Colorado of the great Jay-Z L I don't. I'd like a happy new year here. It. I'd bite my putt coming out and being a woman out where all the Pentagon. That was your marching in the street why are they not backing the people I ran. Those women are actually fighting for their rights and that they'll and then. Outside a lie 'cause they're not feminist or leftists. They're all from big government. The so. You know. Just because these people self identifying in a sign has their own nomenclature. To themselves into their movement doesn't mean we have to accept it. What's a feminist somebody who believes abortion on demand how is that feminism. Somebody believes that their birth control should be paid for women how does that feminism. I don't consider that feminism or. Eminent or anything of the sort. I don't either and even here I would not being comfortable to sort of mark Harris and my baby here. And I think I thought comfortable that we compassionate conservative won and they do not accept my point at you even informant. Sources everywhere there monotonous. Yeah and I I completely back the people of Irene and the people who are fighting for their rights and my heart I got them my card with them. Not right thank you very much. Personally the fact not only his trump. You know repeatedly. Voiced his support for the people of Iran against the regime of Iran. Just look what he's done all over the globe not only is he confronting. The the inbred in North Korea. Not only did he address the the Iran deal not only did he. Recognize the capital. Of Israel at Jerusalem. Now he's saying you know Pakistan. We're tired of you being two faced retired U prom. Voting terrorism hiding bin Laden hiding other terrorists then you do just enough where we can say your our ally we get the hundreds of millions a year he said that's gonna stop. Just like he cut almost 300 million dollars from the UN now some of that was baked in his they say but he wants to cut more. He wouldn't receive this under any of these other Republicans you would never seen under any Democrat that's for sure. We did give the man credit where credit is still then you read people or you at least see them in passing. Who who just so despised and even so called conservatives. They won't even recognize the things that he's done. I think if staffers and former staffers are talking to a liberal reporter trashing him and his highly. Well I don't find that. He terribly acceptable at all all right ladies and gentlemen. You know this is fun I should do this more often mistook it is I mean radio. I'll be right back. Where I'm deliberate and. Hello everybody Markel event here. Our first show of the year I number 8773813811. 8773813811. You know it's important from time to time. To go back to advance. To go back to places. To see what's happened to them. Particularly. When you consider what took place in the Obama administration so much destruction. So much upheaval so much that quite frankly. As a result of the Obama Biden. Policies. You know Biden's being treated some like some great elder statesman Biden is an idiot. He's not a great elder statesman. He's an idiot of longstanding he's a vicious man. Who sought to destroy the lives of men like Bob Bork. Clarence Thomas among others. But this is how our media work this is how our culture works. Men of worse than no substance. Men of his kind. Held up high as examples. And they shouldn't be held up high as examples. When I say we should look back we should look back at cities like Baltimore and what's happened a Baltimore. Since that left the school mayor in the left the school prosecutor in Baltimore. Did that damage that they did in coordination west. The Justice Department under Obama. As well as the Obama staff. Member. And we were told that these cops had. Committed acts of brutality against Freddie grain every single police officer was found not guilty. In fact. Some had their cases dropped the every single one. It was a phony issue from day one and it costs people to this day in the city of Baltimore their lives. Their properties. And it's affected the police force. Fewer and fewer cops. Mean no once worked there as a police officer can what's taken place. And the police of course they understand. If they jump in these communities and they take the lead regardless of race training else. That they really are putting their necks on the line physically. And in terms of their careers. The left under Obama. And Loretta lynch. Under Valerie Jarrett. Under those. Felonies that mayor in the prosecutor there. DDE enormous damage to this beautiful city Baltimore. It's a wonderful story. But it's now very dangerous. Because in the the attack on law and order led by Obama. When I was away I heard this interview. A Baltimore pastor. Reverend king G Scott. On NPR and I wasn't listening then PO. I heard on the Internet. Take a listen to this. This brief clip from an interview go ahead. After. The death of Freddy gray. Yourself for the families of victims. Didn't want police to back off now. That represented. Progressive activists. Lou journalists. Are politicians but it did not represented the overall community. Because we know for a fact that Iraq overtime that pretty gray was killed. We start to see homicides increased we have fab homicides and and they Lou while we will protest. Where I wanted to see happen. Was that people would build a trust relationship put up police department so that they would feel more comfortable. With having conversations with the police. About crime and enable them because they would feel safe far. So we wanted the police that we won a game engaging the community. We want them never beat the hell out of us we didn't want that we need to program police officers. And we need a quarter in the black community to step to the forefront in this discussion that's was of course and that's we will see a decrease in crime. Yeah. Now. Well this isn't gonna help a lot of attention as it may be on talk radio I'm good listening maybe obviously an NPR but has discovered a lot of attention has it been on CNN or MS Celestine. Or NBC or ABC or CBS. That's gotten almost no attention at all. It's very sad what's taken place in Baltimore it's very sad what's taking place in Chicago it's very sad what's taking place in so many of our major. Metropolitan areas. And yet when we had. Our first African American president. Who is a leftist ideologues. I would contend the more damage has been done in the inner cities of this country weren't going his eight years. And in the recent past. And more efforts are being made now to reverse some of the things that he did in the metropolitan areas in this country. In order to improve the situation. Mitt Romney ladies and gentlemen Republicans hello hello hello Mitt Romney. Now wants to be a senator. Warren had cheer for 412 years is decided he will step down. Now there were two Orrin Hatch's. There was Orrin hatch was elected in 1970 Sen. When he was a fire Brad Penny was a solid conservative. Right up through the Reagan years and then he flopped. Put any thought. He became a big body of Ted Kennedy's. Penny was offering health care legislation. Then he was. Defending business as usual in the senate I mean he changed almost completely. And that's what happens when you're there a decade after decade after decade. He start I remember when he started I think he was 4142. Years Sony never run for public office before he ran anyone the United States senate seat in Utah. Tough primary. He ran by the way impart on term limits. When he came on my show last time around and I supported him. Is being conservative back then and then immediately switched after the election and I apologize to everybody for. We lucky can say what's right. And I was as trek. That's why we started the have the liberty score over conservative revealed. Which scores a period of six years not just a period of one year or two years so it's a much tougher and more rigorous and more accurate. Scoring system than any of the others. And hatch does poorly now. Because he's a dealmaker. He doesn't try principles. He can make deals and drive principles but if you're just trying to deals that's not good enough. So Mitt Romney wants to be a senator I seven years only wants to be senator why does he wanna be senate. He was governor of Massachusetts. Did your heart what's makes a number of good points this piece over conserve review I'm not a big Mitch. Mitt Romney France. I'm not a day Negroni. I don't believe he stands for damn thing. I really don't. He and McCain brought us Obama they ran terrible terrible campaign. In the people more interest to them. It's true. And Horowitz Daniel Horowitz points senate CR Romney is the grandfather of obamacare. He sat idling Wallace state redefine marriage before it was cool and then proceeded to champion marriage went seeking the president's. On immigration when running for president he was quote severely conservative unquote talked about self deporting. But his record before running for president and ever since running for president is in line with the failed establishment way of thinking in fact. Obama issued that doc amnesty during the general election 2012. When Romney had the biggest platform to speak against this best of our national sovereignty instead. He said he would keep amnesty in place. Thereby trailblazing the GOP response. Of legitimizing one of the most illicit ax and a president. In modern history. In Troy fourteen Romney opposed to conservative effort to fight Obama's dot amnesty. Even as it relates the bedrock Republican issues of Iran and Israel we can see the difference between say president trump and Romney. All Republicans say they believe Iran is an enemy are pro Israel believes Jerusalem is Israel's capital and are concerned about Palestinian terrorism. But much like their belief in life if you will up. Whenever the opportunity presents itself to Alter the paradigm they dog medically cling to the status quo. And downright savage though those who are trying to forge change. Like Mitt Romney savage take crews. What Hezbollah as funding from Iran increasing from 200 million to 830 million. After the transfer of frozen. F funds. Following video we now know that Romney was proven wrong. They want a minute. He won a minute. And speaking of Trump's boldness and Israel and the PLO let's travel back in time to 2012 to 2012 presidential primary would Newt Gingrich. On December 9 2011. Gingrich boldly proclaim that there is no such thing as distinct Arab Palestinian people and he was right. That they are an invented people. And that they had no claim to any land in came Romney. To criticize in the next day. At a debate in Iowa I want exercise sobriety care stability and make sure. That I don't say anything like this said the average is signaling human anxious sketch from Massachusetts. Who is now considering a run for the senate in Utah. Even on the issues on which they claimed I agree with us Romney Republicans. Romney Republicans. Very hotly opposed doing anything meaningful to change the paradigm because of stability. We wouldn't want to destabilize Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan by changing plans. When would want to destabilize the PLO by cutting off funds. We would want to destabilize the insurance markets for the 2000 dollar monthly premiums. She's been. We wouldn't want to destabilize woman's health ID funding Planned Parenthood. Yes we love Israel but let's not rock the boat by moving the embassy let's just talk about it. Asked rationally. Yes we need immigration reform and immigration reform really means the same all amnesty and don't talk to me about reforming chain migration and refugee flow. This is essentially what the Republicans say and do. And we are sick of this game. All voters who say it again. They want somebody who's gonna challenge the status quo Reagan said freedom is the right to question. And change the established way of doing things it is the right to put forth an idea staff that by the experts. And watching catch fire among the people. That's right Romney is the quintessential failed Republican politician in the sense that either. Trailblazers the left wing policies of the political establishment. Or blocks the path of those who try to stop the policies of the left. Which he has already pursuit. So why is eight. Why does he wanna sit in the senate globally accomplish. And all likelihood he will be the new John McCain the man who cannot find any reservoir of outrage against the sick and policies of the last. But who won't virtually signal against the right at the drop of the hat. Will be they go to Republicans for the media. Romney would be worse than nothing. As senators not just a vote and voice. Sure. Let's not forget that at that time on the left is becoming dangerously unhinged Romney actually praised anti for. And yet people around these kind of run over Romney the great Romney. He is actually politician without a purpose. Xena mr. it is. What is the point. I'll be right back. Let's take some calls here and let us go to move. Matthew Newark, New Jersey the great WABC. Go. Hey mark guys. I hear everything that I love US Australia great. But I'm human being without. You know when we talk about Donald Trump as you know handling external conflict. People come and go over the border America's first. All good thing I really wanted to know from you is. If it's America personally while I'm in Newark new security it's not too different from Chicago. And it cat. I don't know I I just. I can't leave. We have to do so about Chicago and then talked about or the wall we have problems in year old Brett. Well let's talk about this. First of all these cities have not been federalized kind of thing. That is the primary responsibility. For local law enforcement is a local law enforcement. If you have mayors and city councils that are weak that will not back up their cops who don't hire enough cops who don't pay the cops you're gonna have more crime. If you have a localities that have liberal judges like most of our inner cities do. The united and be locking up. Criminals at least not for a period of time. The national limits and I'm home I'm educating the national movement and I'm concerned about knows this so called criminal reform movement. Now where we have a lot of mostly white people from. Various parts of the country. That's certainly congress are advising people in congress to let prisoners at a federal prison. Because of crimes they've committed that they don't think they're are terrible offense is even though many of these people have fled down from more. Mora you know. Felonious type activity. Moreover. Jeff Sessions. Is going after crime in cities in this sense he has. Done more in his few months in office really less than a year and Obama ever did in trying to deal with MS thirteen as an example. And they've also tried to the Decourt. Criminals. And this country who have records there was a record of criminal behavior. She's the primary responsibility. Is with local government but the federal government did under Obama is in a fear is tied their hands. He is to take some of their tools away. Is to browbeat them is to make a much more difficult to do their job. And so while there's only so much the federal government can do to support local law enforcement there's a lot the federal government can do to undermine law enforcement go ahead. But market. I was just playing here I think I said how did you. I I heard every single thing is that I ran a federal federal federal overreach or. Still lack of federal overreach or even though that's not their job to local. Job I've lived in Philadelphia who iced dispensed from a solid NIC. And I agreed. Listen. We are trying to say stop mumbling what he's trying to say. What I'm trying to say is that it is not MF thirteen are longer I would give that is in New York City yesterday's. Well as a whole there's a whole variety of factors but the federal government is supposed to control the border and immigration the federal government does not control. The N new York city police department thank god it move mart already idiot mayor does the media that day coming up people there were four great fear. There are issues that are ripping all I know you're eerie moaning but you're not listening and telling you. He while lawn watering your communities then you vote for people are gonna support lawn daughter we're gonna stop trashing the cops are gonna stop supporting liberal judges. We can do so much at the federal level but it is not the federal government's responsibility to nationalize local law enforcement. I'll be right back. Making conservatism. Raising again Tylenol. 877381. That. 3811. I'm so American I'm pleased to tell you today that I signed legislation. They will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing and five minutes. You know folks I think one day. Kiss kiss me I think one day maybe. If trump doesn't win reelection may be five years from now maybe ten years from now who haven't. Whatever. What do you look back on this period. I told my family. And wish this guy was still around. We're gonna appreciate. Many of us not all of us I would go the way he. He confronted the meeting in this country. We're gonna appreciate. The way he tried to speak directly to the American people he knows he can't give the greatest great speeches. But he has pave the way on social media. Twitter drives the media in this country knots. Can you don't agree with everything who can't. You see guys like Scarborough. And they're Congo line of the phones they bring in to say the same thing. They can keep up with the prisoner. They can't figure amount. Anoint the fact that he uses social media. There's very few media outlets. Let's celebrate the president's use of social media. The attack them and attack it. Over and over and over again because they wanna be the funnel through which is messages. Communicated well if that happens to be disaster for him. When you listen to the likes of Don lemon Bryant's health care. The morning schmo on this issue now. And the list is so long I can't remember. When you listen to these phony journalists. Green on and on about their profession that they have destroyed. You can thank trump for exposing. We always knew they were leftists for the most. But he's brought them to the brink. The absolute arrangement. I truly believe we're gonna look back one day when you look at much of his record. In confronting North Korea like no prior president wouldn't. Since the Korean war in confronting Iran where has his predecessor. The only peace during and that subsidize their terrorism quite frankly and Terrence subsidize their nuclear program. We're gonna look back and talk about the cuts he had and taking on the federal judiciary trying to secure our border. We're gonna look back on his. Strong support for the military. Worries having to fight congress including Republicans in congress to get them the funds that they need to protect us. His support for local law enforcement. We're gonna look back and tell our grandkids and great caring kids. What it was like during the presidency now I know. A lot of the out. Self aggrandizing so called leafs. Self aggrandizing so called intellectuals they hear what I say they scratch their heads but they weren't. Because they don't get any of us. Particularly on the conservative side. Trump is not a populist he may have somewhat of a populist message message. Trump has demonstrated that for the most part not completely. He's been quite conservative. And when he does conservative things he practically any racks up those victories has a conservative he's praised. This is one of the reasons the nationalist populists are so furious and some people. Tried to mislead you by defining conservative victories as establishment victories. And mostly the establishment does. Establishment doesn't. So when they come I was their massive infrastructure bill I will oppose. Live over 200 trillion dollars in debt I don't know where they think this money's gonna come from. When they come out of their family program I will fight it. OK so one. So one. We fight the things we support. China passed and we fight the things we opposed to trying kill them. That's the nature of the beast. But for the most part. I'm quite satisfied. I just don't. And I say this is somebody you read my books many Indians. Who did not expect this from the spread. Now having said that I don't think there are answers in Washington DC overall why support convention states. I think we have we're we're. Distancing ourselves from our constitutional roots every single day while Marquette played just say you like prop. The president can only do so much. He's not a dictator and we don't want him to beat it. What's happening is countries happen over the course of the century. You need the people want their living in the constitution back and they don't. And a lot of us don't a lot of us do but a lot of them don't. You've been thinking about your home security there is no better time to get a man right now. You've heard me sing the praises of simply save home security. It's the best protection period. Simply safest put together a massive security arsenal for your home or special package campaign just for you. It's got increased sense motion sensors. The last break censors. Everything you need to start. Criminals from every touching your home. And right now my friends it's simply safe are giving you my listeners and absolutely incredible off. Get 200 dollars off their special hand picked security package. It's complete protection for your home. Simply say there's already the best value in home security. And these are the guys that I trust there are no contracts no commitments no wiring. But right now and I mean right now he can get 200 dollars off this special security package. Just gonna simply save mart dot com right now. This is possibly the best home security deal you'll ever see. That simply safe mark dot com and you'll save 200 dollars on my special simply safe home security. That's simply safe mark dot com. Brian Baltimore Maryland the great WC BM go. Mark capping a year it's great having you back look at those but it could be here again. I've mentioned before I have a really good friend Judith target the Baltimore city police department and he and I just spent the entire data democratic it's not been a while and those I'll base and that. That interview with that reverend I don't know had it been broadcast yet but they had a heck doesn't. And I couldn't I won't say that that Caribbean reverend he should have a familiarity with the ping command mentored you're not post. But the man is a blatant liar and that's right all right Aaron let me. What do you decent. The one that said we did not want the police and heard what we wanted the police in our neighborhood we told we did not tell them we didn't want and then there. And we just didn't want him beaten the hell out of well that's not what they sit in the good. All the archive can be found all the interviews and all from the karma to ride the post riots they blatantly sets don't want the police we don't want any government. He says they did say that penny says. The progressives edit the activists said that he was quite specific he didn't say it wasn't sad. He said that's what those people sent. Right it would hit by more than just the activists and progresses so I don't know I don't have any way of knowing but. Use that so you know better than nine years from Baltimore. Right and I have my friend and I can't speak of and that is what they said and it's it is evident that crime went through the roof that they had the most workers per capita in the history of the city. China others but he said just repeat. That that view was represented by because he he was confronted with the NPR reporter. So their rep prisoner progressive activist liberal journalists liberal politicians. Didn't represent all. That it didn't represent all the people in the city below or. And I I expect he's correct. He's in it it was sad you know he was correct with regards frank yes it's definitely the progressives or liberals but it was that you would help us far more than just them. And it's pretty it's kind of sad and nobody has stood up and taken to task like you said that wasn't on CNN. It wasn't on MSNBC it got a little bit of playing locally on the need to send an NPR but nobody challenged that in the validity young that I. Suspect this guy's been attacked by the left Disney. Oh yeah. It's that the guys that put on the uniform and actually. Go and try to serve are basically treated like criminals and there are certain danger every day and it's sad because they eat the majority double barrel great guys and they're doing their best round pick the united community just and nine times out of ten. Appreciate it or want it. Until things go sideways. All right Brian appreciate your call. Hot Burlington Vermont on the great w.'s GMT our affiliate there Harriet. Hey mark I'm doing great happy new year to true honor talky you appreciate it. Thank you so let me ask you before US meat heavy stay warm and Vermont right now. I thought my god has been terrible and it is it isn't an awful. It's a mini heat wave right now though we've been that teens today show up above ground zero routines so it's been people on the students on the hated. America ran a Heidi. Terrible. Well I had shot you know I'm one of them very few deplorable. Surrounded and in my state of Vermont here. And I just curious. What your thoughts are on talking to liberals my thoughts are movies. Move. But I now I believe me you think I'm hitting. I I know escape that alleged Bernie Sanders look and I said. If you're here today here that liberal I'm telling you about she's my fifteen year old daughter Kyle who is super Smart. And John I guess and. I'm gonna do it Todd because we're not have enough time to do this here but. I'm missing YouTube books and hopefully we have a mr. that is Communists any plunder embassy do we have that rich. Do we have a liberty and tyranny still. Meanest thing you liberty and tyranny and plunder in this seat those are the two perfect books for your fifteen year will she do some reading. If she share well. She might have a super Smart it's just hard to the media as soon as dad to compete without. And her academics that are surrounding the wood burning posters. All right well tell her tell her read this and after she read to one or both books I want you to call me back Tommy if it had only act okay. I don't hang up Todd don't hang up this is why I write these books. Only so much time on radio. You know one don't want to discuss this because his millions of people listening and they. Even if I discuss for five or ten minutes that's not nearly enough putts I need to speak to the fifteen year. And so I write these books that's one of the reasons I do it the the the first book. In terms of the basic knowledge about conservatism. And anti conservatism will be liberty and tyranny. And then the next book when it comes to youth. That I feel would be the most persuasive his plunder in the seat. Because it's a very generation that's included in deceive. So those two books should make a huge impact if you have any. A child or grandchild who seems to be moving laughter is on the left. If they want to actually read them. I think he can make a difference. I could take a break down I. I'll be right back and. Right now I know why they don't talk about global warming anymore they call it climate change. They won't even talk about climate change. It's freezing out there. All of us know this we go out there are appendages trees. Well those of you in certain parts of the country in Maine I'm not that you see on TV. And isn't it amazing it's this time a year where they never want to discuss climate change. Certainly not global warming. Because the whole thing is a joke it's a fraud for more centralized government a bigger attack on on capitalist. Why are they talking about. Global warming or climate change right now. With every weather report. They're talking about some kind of a snow hurricane tells us now Larry can I never heard of it. Parents know hurricanes coming doc cat everybody. So Larry King. Wallace global warming I don't understand is all ball climate change and go either way it goes every way. Just give us more money. Hole. You know I was in Florida a couple of days visiting my parents had so how much time averaged just whisper in my ear. Okay got a minute for this. And that I was then a check on my parents for a few days and dying. In a flying back. Late Sunday. And it's freezing. In Virginia. The planes can't simply. Missed my wife let's say. You mean you can't fault you gotta look at the glass half full not half and they. I write all right got planes half full. Luckily nobody sitting next mission our enemy. They could someone Alicia mocks who's flying into the into the cold weather from Florida psych what are yadier mind yes I am. It's not. You know if you're starting off this new year with some resolutions may I suggest one that we should all try to stop watching fake news. Last year we saw how far the liberal media will go even at the expense of their credibility. If you missed the last couple of Ain TV episodes of the year we recap the Obama espionage scandal and by the way we're starting up a brand new. Year programming. Tomorrow night. And that espionage scandal started with total mockery of yours truly by the media ended with complete syndicate. These are the kinds of stories you're only going to get on CR TV we are bringing you the truth night in and night out. 2018 shaping up to be a huge year for CR TV we're adding new shows from hosts like Andrew well cap how he's stocky and more. Plus the prices less than eight bucks a month when used promo code Lausanne. That's LE VIN it's time to fight back against liberal media. Do you suffer favorite seriously trying CR TV for a week completely free. He got us here TV dot com make sure you use coach lives in that's code L dvi and to take ten dollars off your annual subscription that's 10%. Sign up now at CR TV dot com or give us a call. Our folks at their the government shut down oh we never shut down 844 Levine TV that's 844 LE VIN TV. You know ladies and gentlemen. The next time the Democrats threaten to shut down a government I think we should say. Oh well it's Saturday. Saturday Sunday talk holiday shutdown the government. Because by my clock it's almost 9 PM eastern time and the government is shut down I guess what. I don't give a damn gym imperial Nebraska a serious satellite quickly go. Mark it's great to talk Q congratulations on your new talk show for Sunday night. You know I just wanted to point out on top of what you have brought up about Mitt Romney. I think two things they. Killed him in media presidential election was just Romney care for number one and he never came out against. Obamacare exactly other than to say well it's okay to this stage but I don't think it should be the national we will wish you washing. Black and right of milk posts you up enough. One of the things you really need to be hammered on about that whole thing and in Massachusetts. That would subsidize 60%. By the federal government anywhere you built four billion dollars over budget. From that script that's why I'm Ronnie stands for nothing that's just being honest Romney stands for nothing. Which is why the Republicans like a thanks recall my friend you know it's great to be back we salute armed forces police officers firefighters. An emergency personnel on all of you mindful of an audience thank you for listening and I see you tomorrow it's a brand New Year's we plow ahead. Victory the pretty country. See you tomorrow.

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