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1/1/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 2, 2018|

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, We bring you the best of Mark Levin! President Trump's national security strategy is Ronald Reagan's third term and his speech was outstanding. It is prudential and quite different than Barack Obama’s which focused on appeasement and capitulation. If you’re a ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mark within here and number 8773813811. 8773813810. Wow this what this is everything and went. I get the flu or cold or some combination and I got it. So unfortunately this will be my last show of the year had intended destined to be my last show of the year but I'm really trying to muscle through today but I think it's important. I told you I would be here and here. Nobody Ben Ferguson is gonna fill in a more. You know what am. There's so much going on the final show for me of the year. So I wanna focus on something positive before we get to the rest. I listened to president Trump's speech to. It was an incredible stage. There was an outstanding speech. The liberal media either give it no play or downplay it it's too bad. And my buddies every conservative if you are correct. They wrote a piece over there. Jordan Shaq tell calling it trump national security strategy is right in their term in this. It is a muscular. Yet prudential. National security strategy. Therefore it is quite different than Barack Obama's. Which was oriented and appeasement. And surrender to American sovereignty. And capitulation. And we paid the price for something. That. But it really was an outstanding speed I mean I have to say and I've been saying this now for a couple of months. If you're raking concern. Our constitutional conservative right traditional conservatives different. Phrases and labels given the same thing. You have to be very very pleased right now. The the direction that president Trappist taking this country are trying to take this country you really did. You can disagree on particulars he can disagree and I do on this tax cuts whose sofa but they'll. Yeah. His first year has been. Highly successful. Practically when you consider the forces arrayed against them. People are attacking this man. Who would be celebrating this man if his name was Jeb Bush and conducting himself the way Jim pushed it. He is he's advancing the cause of liberty he's advancing the cause of security. He's not a code pink republic. He's not the media isolationist. That's abundantly clear on the other hand he's not a radical interventionist. Of the Lindsey Graham sort. He's desperately trying to build that the united states military but he can't go on his. He needs funding from congress but he's desperately trying to do. He's confronting North Korea it was dropped in his lap. He's confronting Iran and what Iran did Omnia. And Iran deal and more on that a little bit. He's taking on the run. He's trying to secure the borders the way he said he wanted to secure the borders that the Democrat party the bureaucracy in the courts are against them. Not to mention some Republicans. And I think. So many Americans are just pleased that he's not Barack Obama or left us at they're out there shopping consumer. Spending is up unemployment is way down you know our friends at cnet's news have reported in the reporting now that. Black unemployment is the lowest in seventeen years black unemployment and a Donald Trump is far lower than it was under Barack Obama. Have you heard this on CNN now because in and is avenues out. To hear this on MSNBC no because the IQ collectively is negative seven. The networks don't tell me about it. Black organizations don't tell me about it. The unemployment rate among blacks today the lowest in seventeen year. It the truth. And so I look at this president. The substance of what he's doing. And I'm thankful. That he was elected every Hillary Clinton. He even did something that all his. All the prior presidents and they would do. In the seven year history. For the modern State of Israel on that is. Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move the embassy in in order to move the embassy first at the recognized Jerusalem as the capital. Well Donald Trump has done that. And even some of his ardent supporters didn't believe it would do that I was very skeptical of any did it. Any did it. And you you've got neo conservatives out there among others. Who are an appreciative of or are appreciated only in pass it. I just think there's so many people in the media. Whether it's the biggest live media that they called mainstream media inaccurately. Pseudo conservative media which there's too much. But whatever it. Cork personally that it. In trump failing because they wrote so many columns are only so many speeches or attended so many panel. Even and sir think tank and answer were on fox what are. So Farrelly incompletely. Against him even up to the point of the general election. They wanted him to loops they said they did they voted for the third party guy who has some scare front Capitol Hill. That's for their own careers. There runny nose. In their own minds at. They cannot give trump a break in and I gonna. That's why they need to be dismissed. They need to be dismissed. I call him as nice image you know since his last show of the year I'm just in on summing things up. As I was tricked cruise strongly for crews throughout the Republican primaries. That's the only ones I was still assessing that jumped in early enough. And it comes at ten grain Jewish trump. And I think you know when you put a couple issues aside. Trump is the most conservative presidents since Ronald Reagan I don't think there's any debating that. I really don't. And if they cinema repeal obamacare bill he signed into segment which they won't there. They what is an attack that cuts tax rates across the boy he would sign that so. But they're not sending him. He's changing the face of the judiciary. All I shouldn't say things because of the race out there who in my that he is changing. The makeup. Of the condition. Obama tried to pollute the radical left. And trampled trying to pull its constitutional laws. Again these are big things very big thing. And I feel like trump is becoming more conservative the more he's an office. I really do I think using more more things. Through the lens of liberty and limited government because he's having to deal with the entrenched bureaucracy there's even a big piece. In Bloomberg. Which acknowledges. Bloomberg of all places Washington bureaucrats are quietly working to undermine Trump's agenda by Chris for a slave now and Benjamin bank. December 18 today Bloomberg. Type time in and that later took we know that's true. We have a permanent government it's called the administrative stake. And that was the whole goal that progresses over a hundred years ago. Elections are important from their perspective but the purpose of an election is to keep building the permanent part of the government. In a put as many judges that you can hinted. To protect them from our future elections it's all written about and rediscovering Americanism. Let's go back to try. He spoke today about this comprehensive national security strategy speech. You also need to do this because he's pushing for a significant increases in defense spending which are crucial. And his. Proposal is very similar to Reagan in 87 and 88. In a CR points out. He borrows from the strategies implemented by President Reagan and his campaign to defeat Soviet Union and I did the same thing in my call and my argument to defeat. Which hasn't. An entire pillar of the trump strategy is dedicated to preserving peace through strength phrase at regular news. This realist approach to foreign affairs recognizes that he dedication. To ensuring American have government. Preserves stability and reduces the chance for comp. Similar to Reagan. President trump recognizes that ideological warfare is an essential component of grants at a grand strategy. The trump national security. Strategy. Promises to deny violent ideologies the space to take root and quoting. Includes combating the evil ideology jihadist by exposing their cost us. Promoting countering narratives and amplifying credible voices. Both trump and Greg in their policies recognized that tools are elements of national power that America continues to challenge adversaries in support Alan. Obama famously refused to recognize that there was an Islamic element too radical jihadist movements. There were proliferating the globe going is tenure. Obama took pains distances from the ideology of terrorist organizations. Once famously declared that ice this is not Islamic. President trump refuses to take the politically correct approach. His national security strategy mentions radical Islamist ideology several times and details that. Their ideology calls for an worldwide Islamic Palestinian submission to Sharia law. And as many left this out let's have already reported the trump plan drop climate change front. Threats to national security promising to counter the anti growth energy agenda. That is detrimental to US economic and energy security interest I'm quoting from his point. The Obama national security strategy claim the climate change was one of the major threats facing the US and world as a whole. President trump first introduced the concept of principled realism in the while delivering his first major foreign policy speech in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. He said for our part America is committed to adjusting our strategies to meet evolving threats in new facts. We won't discard those strategies that haven't worked we will applying new approaches informed by experience and judgment we are adopting a principled realism. Rooted in common values and shared interests. Now principled realism folks can be described as a combination of realism and pragmatism. It recognizes that sovereign nation as well and should put their interest first principled realism announces a departure from the bush Oman air. Which was linked to neo conservative in wellstone in world views. Bush and Obama articulated more of a global standard for international relations the trump national security strategy claims to recognize the world for what it is. Not for what it audobin. Trump national security strategy labels in no particular order North Korea Iran China Russia. And radical jihadist groups that you threats to the United States. He telling the several ways he ate seek to undermine America's standing in the world on China. The national security strategy seeks to roll back China's criminal behavior against the US strategy calls out Beijing for stealing intellectual property. That it hundreds of billions of dollars. The strategy recognizes Russia as a nation that seeks to weaken US influence in the world and divide us from our allies and partners. But it also remains open to cooperate to cooperate across areas of mutual interest both countries. North Korea is said to be ruled as a ruthless dictatorship that regard for human dignity. And then national security strategy states. Warning Pyongyang is growing cyber nuclear and ballistic missile program. It takes a no holds barred approach to discuss in the this is the Iranian regime sponsors terrorism around the world. He's developing more capable ballistic missiles and has the potential to resume its work on nuclear weapons and could threaten the United States and our partners. It recognizes the threat posed. Excuse me not just by ice is an al-Qaeda. But all G Heidi enemies and he goes on. It is an extremely. Substantive. Comprehensive. Thoughtful. Document but even more it's right on the money. It's right on the money the president has laid out a successful rational. Farrow foreign policy candidate. National security agent. The problem is we and he's fairly. Irrational. And in many respects contemptible. Opposition party that will try to undermine him. Even if it means undermining the country. More on this you'll get to hear from the president. Some what he had to say today as soon as I return well. In this thing. Thank goodness it was profound. Really has itself. That the nation back on the right path and healing and national security we've kind of move off that pass in the past the various. The doctrines. Various ideological approaches. And the last president complete and utter disaster. As he tries to grow his own legacy in popularity and farmlands. That by growing them here among the Kook left. But undermined our military and undermine our allies every step of the way Sweden. And will be taught me about. The UN. There was a vote in the UN. That actually attempted to undermine American sovereignty as well as Israeli settlement. There was a vote in the UN. Security Council called for a declaration. For the United States to withdraw the name in the country but it meant us for the United States it would draw. It's declaration that Jerusalem as the capital is so if you we have the United Nations trying to substitute. It's decision charges. Absolutely appalling and direct attack on national charity as well as Israel's national Cyrus thing. The only country. To vote against it that is to veto it was brought up by the egyptians had believe they claim Cairo's State Capitol was United States. One country the United States. Were the only ones who wrote it. Absolute menace is the UN now. I have the view on this and they're gonna forget about is from the United States I think this. There's certain countries that voted this way. Eight an expanded National Security Council. So it wasn't just the original numbers. But there were some of them too but I think at the UK claims London as its capital as of now I'm rejecting that. I don't believe London should be the capital UK therefore it is not the capital of the UK. Print claims Paris has its capital I don't agree with that. Parents should not be the capital of France so I reject that so for now on Paris is not the capital of France. Russia claims Moscow as its capital while I don't agree with that. Moscow is not the capital of Russia henceforth. China says Beijing is its capital I don't believe that. So we reject these seniors the tableau trying to accords Egypt claims Cairo will also teach it brought up this issue of the land. Now we reject that took. She ladies and gentlemen Jerusalem. To defuse. Has been in existence more than any of these other capitals so I reject all these capitals for now on. Still breathing. These hot button this phone call is not a whole month living toll free at 87738138. In Latin. I wanna play you know a few clips of the President's Day the speech that range time. He gave it not. You know coincidentally not coincidentally at the Reagan building Washington. The media try to make this Manning fumbling the full. Certain Republicans think Corcoran flake at the same thing. Donald Trump is doing more. In the areas. Like miss. For the cause of conservatism liberating constitutional isn't and all of them combined what is quicker than for. What is flicked on then of course CNN MSNBC and restaurant actually possessed. Doesn't you know criticize women feel I should as I did Greg inning when I was in the administration but that's beside the point. Beside the point. I want to go but to seize the opportunities of the future we must first understand. The failures of the past. For many years our citizens watch as Washington politicians. Presided over one disappointment. After another. To many of our leaders. Oh man who forgot. Whose voices. They were. To respect. And whose entrance. They were supposed to dissent. Leaders in Washington negotiated disasters trade deals that brought massive profits to many foreign nations. But and thousands of American factories and millions. American job. To those other countries. Arab leaders engaged in nation building abroad. Well they fail to build up. And replenish. Our nation and home. They undercut and shortchanged. Our men and women in uniform. With an attitude resources unstable funding. And unclear missions. They failed to and is. That how are often very wealthy allies. Pay their fair share for defense. Putting a massive. And unfair burden. On the US taxpayer. And our great US military. To go they neglected a nuclear menace in North Korea. Made a disastrous week. Then in comprehensively. Bad deal with a ring. Can allow terrorists such as I do this to gain control. A vast parts of territory. All across. The middle not out. We just seems that shrug it off for tickets for granddaughter many of our friends and neighbors to the what's been accomplished here. I trump and his generals. But I am magnificent military men and women. We've effectively destroy nicest. Non and other remnants have it nobody in other parts of the world and I'm talking about the so called ice this elephant. It doesn't exist any. It was done and nine to ten months. Not not only was Barack Obama and not only was Joseph Biden winning confidence. But they allowed the most horrific kind of genocide to take place. In the last many years since Cambodia. It was. Horrific it was unbelievable what was taking place. This is the sort of thing that Obama's policy brought they're not compassionate and humane policy. Appeasement never risked. Obama has no guts he had no carriage. He had no foresight he had no vision. He rejects history and its lessons. Because he's a pure and radical progressive. He's in radio. They put American energy. Under locking key. They impose punishing regulations. And crippling tax. They surrendered their sovereignty to foreign bureaucrat. In far away and distant capital. And over the profound objections. Of the American people. Our politicians. Left our borders. Wide open. Millions of immigrants entered illegally. Millions more were admitted. Into our country without the proper vetting needed to protect our security. And our economy. Leaders in Washington. Imposed. On the country. And immigration policy that Americans never voted for. Never ask for. And never approved. They policy where the wrong people are allowed into our country. And the right people are rejected. American it is and as usual. Have been left to bear that cost. And to pick up the tent. On top of everything else elitists who drifted. From the American principles they lost I. And America's destiny and they lost. Their belief. In American greatness. I just think those. Comments in particular were outstanding absolutely announcement. Cut three go in Afghanistan our troops are no longer. Undermined. By artificial timeline and we no longer tell our enemies and our plan. We are beginning to see results on the battlefield. And we have made clear to Pakistan that while we desire continued partnership. We must be decisive action against terrorist groups operating. On the terrace tonight. And we make massive payments every year to Pakistan. They have to help. Our efforts to strengthen. The NATO alliance at this stage for significant increases in member contributions. With tens of billions of dollars more pouring in. Because I would not allow member states to be delinquent. In the payment. Well we guarantee. Their safety. And are willing to fight wars. We have made clear that countries that are immensely wealthy. Should reimburse. The United States for the cost. Of defending them. This is a major departure from the past. But they share and necessary war. For. Any nation that does not protect prosperity at home. Cannot protect it's interest abroad. A nation. That is not prepared to win a war. Is a nation not capable. Of preventing a war. In nation that is not proud of its history. Cannot be confident. In his future. In the nation that is not certain of its values. Cannot summon the will to defend them. Now those weren't. Are truly. An outstanding. It is a message to our fellow citizens. And when you listen to what he sent. And when you listen to the left. Were really two different worlds. Two different world. Ahead. Today. Grounded in the truce. We are presenting to the world and new national. Security. Strategy. Based in my direction this document has been in development for over a year. It has the endorsement. In my entire cabinet. Our new strategy is based on a principled. Really guided by our vital national interest. And rooted in her timeless values. Realism is correct. And you know does he talks about America first America first America first. Any president that doesn't talk about America first his enlisting president like Obama. The job of the present United States is always America first and that doesn't mean you don't enter into agreements and treaties and do we need to do but. The call has to be. To defend promote. Nurture your own country you're the president you're the only president we have. This is something the left will not comprehend because the left believes that when I say the other day. About progressive as progressive as and is the bastard child of marxism. It's marxism of that. Marxism is about eight world revolution in worldwide revolution. To our donations eighths percent. So they keep pushing the borders and other country. Well let's put progressive is in Mosul about progressive doesn't doesn't believe that it ideology and that the border. Nor does it believe that our governing structure under the constitution is the end all and be off. Because as I also said the other day progressive is an unconstitutional as some are antithetical that is there is no way. That one. Can survive in the others survived the same time not possible in the end it's not possible. Torrey where about 102050 years from now with the country's gonna look like. And you know federal judges who are progressives. We won today another court I should say. Commands that the president. Continue Barack Obama's contraception policy it will not allow him and. We have these. These traditional kings this this oligarchy. And trumps trying to address it as best as he can as well would no appointments. Had five go this strategy recognizes. That whether we like it or not. We are engaged in any new era of competition. We accept that figures military economic and political contests. Are now playing out all around the world. We face rogue regimes that threaten the United States and our allies. We've faced terrorist organizations. Trans national criminal networks and others who is gonna violence and evil around the poor. We also face rival powers. Russia and China that seek to challenge American influence values and well. We will attempt to build a great partnership. With the those and other countries. But in a manner that always protect. Our national interest. Six. We must protect the American people. To homeland and our great American way of life. Is strategy recognizes that we cannot secure nation. If we do not secure our borders. So for the first time ever an American strategy now includes a serious plan. To defend our homeland. It calls for the construction of the wall. And our southern border. Ending chain migration. And the horrible movie and a lottery programs. Closing loopholes that undermine the enforcement. And strongly supporting. Our Border Patrol agents ice offices. And Homeland Security personnel. Everything he just said there which is obvious common sense has opposed by the Democrat party. Everything he just said. Construction of all on the southern border in the chain migration ending the lottery program. Closing loopholes that undermine enforcement strongly supporting those who. Who apply the enforcement. The last the Democrat party in many of their ethics front groups and constituent organizations. Absolutely reject this and what you think about that with that people within the country including a major political parties that the biggest political party. That has as its mission. To turn the country inside out. Absolutely incredible from within. You understand this when you understand progressive as. Now the truth this has caught progressive autism. Utopian state news. And I like that phrase better. But in order to explain progressive autism I had to use a nomenclature the progressives and re discovering Americans and as I point out of the beginning of the book. Let's go to cuts and it. You know. In addition our strategy calls for us to confront. Discredited defeat radical Islamic terrorism and ideology. Then to prevent it from spreading into the united. And we will develop new ways to counter those who use new domain such as cider and social media. To attack our nation or threaten our society. Second pillar of our strategy is to promote American prosperity. For the first time. American strategy recognizes. That economic security it's national security. Economic vitality growth and press period alone. He's absolutely necessary for American power. And influence abroad. Any nation that trades away its prosperity for security. Will end up losing both. That is why this national security strategy. And exercises more than ever before. The critical steps we must take to ensure the prosperity of our nation. For a long long time to come. The reason I'm remains this pilot as he speaks is because I think it's important. That you duly passed a sense. You're not gonna hear it from these other programs. You know I can hear it from television stations I just think it's crucially crucially important what he's doing. We'll be right back and. The remarkable thing. My failure. I'm glad you're with us. Doing a lot of how to think holiday shopping from your mobile device. The retailers expect 54% of holiday shoppers to visit their site from mobile devices. 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I let's play one more clip pair missed a producer San Diego. The third pillar of our strategy is to preserve peace. Through cranked. We recognize that weakness is the surest path to conflict. And unrivaled power is the most certain means of defense. For this reason our strategy break from the damaging. Defense. Request care. We're gonna get rid of that. It calls for a total modernization. Of our military and and reversing previous decisions you shrink our armed forces. Even as threats to national security. Grunin. It calls for streamlining acquisition and eliminating bloated bureaucracy. And massive leap building up our military. Which has good fundamentals I'd benefit. Of creating millions and millions of jobs. This strategy includes plans to counter modern threats chances as I've ever and electromagnetic. Attack. It recognizes. Based as a competitive domain. And calls for multi layered missile. Defense. I'm gonna stop there. And I'm just gonna say this. When you look at what this man has been accomplishing. When you look at what this man's policies have been. I agree that I bet 85% maybe 90% at this point. He deserves our support. I would like doing carriage. Those at the weekly standard and national review. Carried those at the Wall Street Journal. And some of these southern. Never try it for outlets with certain notable exceptions of course and each one of them. And all the others out there. It's time you really try to think these things through release sober mind. We need this man. You see what he's doing and national security and he's trying to go to the centrist he's trying to secure our nation's. You see what he's doing with the judicial you see what he's doing with the economy like how locked. Know everybody marks an end here I number 8773813811877. 381. 3811. You know. Our last show of the year a year. My buddy Ben Ferguson will be here tomorrow and we'll have some wonderful guest hosts and some wonderful best solutions to. So it's my election year but. You know ladies and gentlemen. Much has been said about Neville Chamberlain. Peace in our time. Waving around a peace agreement with a Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler smiling. Doing exactly what he did it. Helping to set up the UK and as well as other countries. You know Barack Obama. Was worst in a hole chamber. You see Neville Chamberlain. Not only claimed peace and our current there's just claim peace and attend a Barack Obama. Gave the Islam on Nazi regime it's a round which is again a subtle Rashean. A 150 billion dollars. Before that he gave them one point seven billion dollars in his secret plane flight. Number when they moved currency. Currency and other countries. Police beat pads and delivered in the middle or nine the airplane did and a number on I think always so when the identity imagine a president doing this sort of stuff. Barack Obama aren't. Armed Islamic nuts regime in Tehran. On the Islam and Nazi regime in Iran that has killed American soldiers. Kill other Americans. Has made it abundantly clear once ICBM Intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach the United States for nuclear warheads which intends to get an X. 78910 years. There was also a story in Politico one point. By Josh Meyer. Who pointed out how Barack Obama and his national security team lied to us about these side secret deals. Where rather than pursue. Certain. Of these someone Nazi regime's. Operatives including one. Who's helping develop that or steal nuclear technology. They let him go but they wouldn't pursue them and they put the word. Well folks but there's no more to this in order to get this Iran deal. Not only was the constitution's averted not only work. Where. International. Felons. In international terrorist supporters. Allowed to go. Now it turns out that the Obama administration. Quote. How Hezbollah turned a trafficking cocaine and laundering money through use cars to finance expansion. In the head at least that tell the story is the secret Baxter of hell Obama let Hezbollah off the hook. Now Barack Obama would bestow president he should have been peach initiative and is certainly one of the reasons but the multiple reasons. No president has ever done anything like this and I can head in many instances with Obama. These domestic political. Espionage that took place. On an up opposition party on an opposition candidate. I don't think there's any question that the politicization of the highest levels of the FBI. The Justice Department and the intelligence agencies. Not to mention the NFC. Especially. And all the media guns are aimed at trump. Trump as a victim. Trump is a victim. We are the victim. This is a very very long story and it's called part one. Part one of the secret back story of how Obama let Hezbollah off the left. Amazingly it in Politico because this reporter Josh Meyer who which has been trying to get all data come on the program I guess they gave him an a the next told them last time. When he came on the show he's not allowed to do it again as I'm not a big fan of Politico. I don't have this guy gets to do this. But he did it. And he deserves a Pulitzer Prize. He does. When it comes on my show or not whether he's banned from my shot or not. The story is not getting the attention it does heiress because no story that reveals Obama. For selling out America as he did in so many instances. Every get. Full some coverage by the touring guard me. I can't read the whole thing if I printed it out the almost sixty pages against our one but I wanna get into it a little bit. In its determination the securing nuclear deal with the Iran the Obama administration. Is the first sentence. Do you we held an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian backed terrorist group as a lot. Even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States according to a political investigation so let's stop right there. Cocaine pills cocaine destroy it. Hezbollah is funneling cocaine into the United States. And Obama. As you'll see that the brakes. On pursuing Hezbollah's activity in the United States and in our hemisphere. And of course Hezbollah uses his money and it turns out billions and billions of dollars. To prepare. For its war against our allies including Israel. They are a militia for Iran. So as you listen to this understand not only was Obama awareness Obama. Permitted therefore Obama facilitated. Because I DEA the Drug Enforcement Administration was on the was on them. Was closing you know. And the brakes were hit at the Justice Department and ECMR holder mr. holder needs to be dragged before a congress. He needs to be dragged before congress he needs to be held to account for once and is damn life. The campaign dubbed project Cassandra was launched in 2008. After the Drug Enforcement Administration amassed evidence. That Hezbollah had transformed itself from a Middle East focus military and political organization. Into an international crime syndicate. There's some investigators believe was collecting one billion dollars a year from drug and weapons trafficking money laundering and other criminal activities. And I notice and we got to go after Michael Flynn. Over the next eight years agents working out of a top secret DEA facility in Chantilly Virginia. Use wiretaps undercover operations and informants. Tell Mac Hezbollah's illicit networks but the help of thirty US and foreign security agents. They followed cocaine shipments some from Latin America West Africa. And on new York and the Middle East and others through Venezuela Mexico to the United States. They tracked a river a dirty cash as it was laundered by among other tactics buying American used cars and shipping them to Africa. With the help us on T cooperating witnesses the agents traced a conspiracy they believe. To the innermost circle of Hezbollah and it state sponsors in Iran. But as project has ever reach higher into the hierarchy of the conspiracy. Obama administration officials. Turning increasingly insurmountable. Series of roadblocks and its way. According to interviews would dozens of participants were in many cases spoke for the first time about advanced. Shrouded in secrecy. And a review of government documents and court records let me stop here. 2008 ladies and gentlemen who was the director of the FBI anybody. Who's that are active FB IMR. Produce and. Robert Mueller. Robert Mueller was the director. Of the FBI. Just say you know. One project Cassandra. Leaders sought approval for some significant investigations. Prosecutions. Arrests and financial sanctions. Officials at the justice and treasury departments delayed hinder or rejected their request. The Justice Department declined requests by project has Sandra and other authorities to file criminal charges. Against major players such as Hezbollah as high profile envoy to Iran. A Lebanese bank that allegedly laundered billions and alleged drug profits and he central player in a US based cell of a rainy and part of paramilitary 'cause warts. The State Department rejected requests. To Laura high value targets that countries where they could be arrest. That's carried. Holder or Obama. That's Hillary. Obama. That's Loretta lynch. That's Robert Mueller. Mr. special counsel. They were all in charge of law enforcement at the time in the late. And is obviously as a policy decision it was a systematic decision to David Asher. Who helped establish and oversee project has Sandra as a Defense Department illicit finance analyst. They cereal he ripped apart this entire effort that was very well supported resource and was down from the opt now. The untold story project Cassandra. Illustrate the immense difficulty in mapping encountering illicit number X and NH where a global terrorism drug trafficking and organized crime a marriage. But also the extent to which competing agendas among government agencies. And shifting priorities at a high slow. Can set back years of progress. And while pursuit may be shrouded in secrecy from Latin American. Luxury hotels and car parts in Africa that banks and battlefields of the Middle East. The impact is not in this case multi ton loads of cocaine entering the United States. And hundreds of millions of dollars gonna know a US designated terrorist organization. With a vast reach. Obama knew and hundreds of millions. Of dollars. But going into this country. And you knew that multi ton loads of cocaine were entering the united state. Going into our streets. Obama entered office in 2009 promising to improve relations with Iran is part of a Broderick. Reproach. The Muslim oil. The campaign trail it asserted repeatedly the bush administration's policy pressuring Iran to its illicit nuclear weapons program. As a working. Many would reach out to Tehran to reduce tensions. The main it would become Obama's top terrorism advisor and then CIA director John Brennan went further. He recommended in a policy David that the next president has the opportunity. To set a new course for relations between the two countries. Who not only in direct dialogue with greater assimilation of Hezbollah in the Lebanon's political system. This isn't and it. I may twenty tent Brendan. An assistant to the president for Homeland Security counterterrorism confirmed in his speech. The administration was looking for ways to build up moderate elements within Hezbollah moderate elements within a terrorist organization. Hezbollah's very interesting organization rent Tony Washington conference saying it evolved from. It purely a terrorist organization to a militia and ultimately a political party with representatives and a Lebanese parliament and cabinet according to a Reuters report. There's certainly the elements of Hezbollah and other truly concerned asked what they're doing. And what we need to do is find ways to diminish their influence within the organization try to go to the more moderate elements. Absolute insanity. In practice the administration's willingness to envisioning new role for Hezbollah on the Middle East. Combined with a desire for a negotiated settlement to the Iran nuclear program. Translated into our reluctance to move aggressively against top Hezbollah drop operatives. According to. Project to Sandra members and others. Lebanese armed deal Ali fight a suspected top Hezbollah operative who immediately reported the Russian president Vladimir Putin's. As a key supplier of weapons to hear in Iraq was arrested and prod and a string a 2014. But for the nearly two years buy out was in custody top Obama administration officials. Declined to apply serious pressure on the Czech government to extradite him to the United States even as it was lobbying aggressively against. Now you know why put backs Iran. As he gets paid off. Now you know why Putin backed Hezbollah because he gets paid off. Boot is worth over forty billion dollars imagine all that hard work it pays off kids. I'll be right back. You can GPS. The FBI obstruction of justice and cover athlete they have as Hillary Clinton from the FBI. Attempts. To overthrow the trump administration and the president. Mr. Mahler who closed designs T raining and one mr. Mahler who closed his eyes to this. Mr. holder who's being paid to eat green justly high fees to stir up. Contempt and attacks. On non. On efforts to fix the voting system. Mr. Obama who is making an absolute fortune traveling the world with the billionaire buddies. Domestic surveillance that took place. And now this. That dealer ran. Violated our constitution the treaty clause with the help of Bob Corcoran among others. 150 billion dollars released Orion. That's just for its nuclear program. But for its conventional weapons program and terrorism is put Hezbollah Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Incredible. And they call trump reckless Thomas hose truck but at trump in reckless or any regard with respect as policy. That's a long way this remarkable story from Politico. Who is the Lebanese arms deal Ali fired up. And he suspected top Hezbollah operative from the agents believe reported to Russian president Vladimir Putin's key supporter of what he was doing in Syria. Was arrested in Prague spring a 2014 for nearly two years he was in custody top Obama administration officials declined. Apply serious pressure on the trek government which would lessen us it's a very close ally to extradite him to the US. Even as Putin was lobbying against. Hi guy who had been indicted in American courts on charges of planning the murders of US government officials because he was backing this. Terrorist revolutionary group Farc in Colombia that has targeting US officials and Colombian officials news providing them. Was that put arms and other forms of support. I was attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization attempting to acquire transferring your anti aircraft missile. Was ultimately sent to Beirut. He's now believe by US officials to be back in business. And helping our militants in Syria and elsewhere with Russian heavy weapons. Project Cassandra members say administration officials had his Obama administration officials also blocked their undermine their efforts. To go after other top Hezbollah operatives including one nicknamed the ghost allowing them to remain active despite being under seal US indictment for years. People familiar this case say the ghost has been one of the world's biggest cocaine traffickers including to the United States. As well as a major supplier of conventional chemical weapons for use by Syrian president Bashar Asad against his own people. Want project Cassandra agents and other investigators are repeatedly to investigate and prosecute Abdallah. Has suffered dean. Hezbollah's long time envoy to Iran whom they considered a linchpin of Hezbollah's criminal network. The Justice Department refused. According to four former officials would direct knowledge of the cases. That would be holding. The administration also rejected repeated efforts by project Cassandra members. To charge Hezbollah's military wing as an ongoing criminal enterprise under a federal mafia style racketeering statute task force members sent. The alleged the administration officials declined a designated Hezbollah a significant transnational criminal organization. And blocked other strategic initiatives that would have given the task force additional legal tools money and manpower. To fight as a lot. This incredible. You wanna talk about a congressional hearing coming right back. And apologetic. Patriots. Another apologetic. Constitutional. You can reach him at 877. 3813811. Man this is my final live shown who the year. It's gonna do a show tomorrow and I'm just unable to. We are muscling through. But physically and intellectually I believe. This is the last week fresh nominees Christmas and the holidays and a in the count count continues. Introducing the brand new tennis out treatment for droopy eyelids. Here's Mary from Fort Collins cholera. I don't believe everything I hear she said but. I tried this eye lift on my right guy the next day at work everybody's at my right I looked better I don't believe. 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All right let me get back to. And I can't thank. Them from doing their best image to this and let's see connective. Hold on everybody I can find the article again this is way too important to just blow off. I'm rich she can shoot it to me all right he's sending. Paula implement those who started this I guess it. You. Com. Let's say please bear with me folks well here's an important part of this article. Isn't it amazing with a all these media outlets that it took one out with a peaceful us together because the others don't care. The others don't care got it. Here media project to send remembers the administration officials. Also blocked disguise the goat. They were repeatedly blocked. By the Justice Department. For former officials with direct knowledge say the administration also rejected repeated efforts by project Cassandra members to charge Hezbollah's military wing. With the recount. But the former officials denied that they would be real many actions against Hezbollah or its Iranian allies for political reasons this is Obama administration. Officials. There's been a consistent pattern actions taken against Hezbollah. But through tough sanctions law enforcement actions before and after the grandiose and Kevin Lewis. And Obama's folks idiot who worked at both the White House and Justice Department in the administration. Lewis speaking for the Obama administration provided a list of eight arrests and prosecutions as proof he made special note of a February 2016 operation. Which European authorities arrest in an undisclosed number of alleged members and us national has allowed business affairs unit. That the DA says oversees its drug trafficking and other criminal money making enterprises. But project Cassandra officials. Noted that the European arrest occurred after the negotiations with a ran were over. And said the task force initiated the multinational partnerships on its own. Fifty years of seeing their Casey shot down by the justice and state departments and other US agencies. The Justice Department they pointed out never filed corresponding US criminal charges against the suspects arrested in New York. Including one prominent Lebanese businessman formally designated by the Treasury Department. For using his quote direct ties to the Hezbollah commercial on terrorist elements along their bulk shipments of as Melissa. Cash for the organization throughout Asia Europe and the Middle East. He former senior national security official the Obama administration played a role on the Iran nuclear negotiations. Suggested project Cassandra memories from merely speculating. This is a very very long insignificant article I barely touched the surface. So the Obama officials are trying to cover their tracks. Smearing. Pointing to successes and Norah. But the fact of the matter ladies and gentlemen. There was obstruction. And there was a cover up. And I think it is fair to characterize this as the Obama administration facilitating. The illicit funding. And Hezbollah. The Obama administration facilitated. The illicit funding of Hezbollah. It's course. With the pouring of cocaine in the United States by Hezbollah. Cocaine hit our streets in part. Because the Obama administration wouldn't take out that Hezbollah. Network. This is saying. You know I thought I. I look at this and I look at the uranium one via. And I look at the fusion GPS stuff. And a look at the domestic political surveillance stuff. And then I look at the media. They're basically a handful of outlets that are serious about reporting that that. The desk which are the media which either ignore or downplay it. And I look at the never troopers. Who are so out of sorts about this election. We're just as upset as the left the trump got elected. They've all lost their moorings they've all lost their morning. What the Obama administration is under cover of darkness. Is worse than any administration. In modern American history. They used to be the church comedians they did these hearings on the CIA in the illicit activity that was involved and they basically eviscerate the CIA. The used to talk about. This is all that combined and worse. What's going on at senior levels and the FBI what's going on what mr. Mullen mr. Mueller was the director of the FBI when this was taken place. The director of the FBI. Mr. holder. Was ahead of the DOJ for most of us. Why it's because the article print it is over it's almost sixty pages and nobody's gonna read it. This isn't your dining out. Absolutely appalling this guy's good. Sort of saying there's this guy was no Neville Chamberlain Obama gives metal chain and abandoning. And on this domestic spying stuff. They were spying on the prime minister of Israel they are trying to spying on the ambassador from Israel to the United States. They were spying on American Jewish organizations they were spying on members of congress. In other incidents. Except many. Nobody cares. However you want to describe it they were buying on the Tron transition team. They were buying on individuals. In the trump campaign if not on trial or directly. Not ideal right because trapped weights and you don't like it's tweets. The FBI used I would argue until they prove otherwise. Who's on at the same is no but they won't say now. Is they 35 page hit job you're job character assassination job. Drawn up in part if not primarily by a Russian opera and it paid four through eight laundering scheme. By the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee. They're investigating trump reclusive forgot sex. Tommy has been a single elected Democrat today who's come up. Spoken out on cable TV satellite TV network TV sonogram. And we want to announce the Obama administration for what but blasier outlawed. And it's one of their favorite news outlets Politico. Well I think hearing about the need for congressional hearings. It's Christmas time now now we can't be involved in that. What's been done to this country. What's been done to this country. Play Obama the Democrat party in the media. We're learning more more about. The un Americanism. You know it's worse than. The anti Americanism. The anti patriot. The any ideologically driven agenda at these power hungry. Not just. Whether they're dressed up as journalists dressed up as politicians dressed up as the head of the FBI. Dressed up as the head of the NSC. However they're dressed up. The fact of the matter. They had and are doing enormous damage to this country. Absolutely don't believe it's even worse. We read over the weekend that the lawyer for the trump transition team is upset. Because apparently Muller went through the back door to GSA directly to get emails from the transition team. Now some so called legal geniuses are all over radio and TV sing what's the big deal meant. The servers are on by the GSA and everybody knew that no that's not correct. It's a little bit more complicated than. The what do you expect. And I was talking about this and Andrew McCarthy wrote about this and an excellent piece and nationally it was just an amount. The striking thing about the latest smaller investigative controversy. Acre fossil over the special counsel's acquisition of voluminous files from trance transition organization. This how necessary it is the word transition implies an incoming president's transition team is not yet in the government. The president elect will soon be running it is that's an ambiguous date in private entity that is being briefed on. And operations has it conducts preparations for government. And an eighty's out through which private person nongovernmental officials. I communicating with public off office holders and other private citizens in order to recruit potential administration officials. Discuss policy and understand the responsibilities the new administration will be taking on. There obvious legal matters to be discussed. And has been bombing of Lawrence and discussions that are potentially privileged to our strategic the most gracious stick on a public pronouncement in the formulation of policy. It's complicated. That is why I think prosecutor and investigator. What do rebuked president. Should make the request directly to counsel for the presidential transition. That is the latest sort out any nodding legal issues with court intervention necessary. So that they do not become public controversies but that is not the Delaware. It is not a mile away. As we saw with the utterly unnecessary predawn raid on the home Apollo Manfred. Busting in with a search warrant and guns drawn at the very time man affair was cooperating with congressional committees. And when he was represented by a well respected lawyers through a Malek could have requested production whatever materials he was speaking. 'cause these are not they stay thought. I was investigation is examining whether trump campaign officials colluded in Russia's espionage operations in after the election. And whether contacts between trump associates in Russian operatives and that it's actionable corruption. That being the case irrelevance of at least some transition materials is obvious. Let's put us I complaints about what. In effect as Muller's general Warren. Kind of broad not to take lies abuse and investigative licensed the Fourth Amendment was adopted guardians but actually talked about that here a couple of weeks ago till. After all there is a criminal investigation of Tron collusion with the Russia regardless of whether McCarthy says I think there should be that being the case. Be foolish to discount the likelihood the certainty. That there's information in the Tron transition files about the incoming administration's contacts from Russia and other fine countries indeed. Twelve on the Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner transition officials have multiple contact for Russian officials. Based on the letter one of the lawyers for Trump's transition team has sent to congress there's abundant reasonably. Molly's investigators were well aware. They're trying to transition organization trump for America. Claimed ownership and control of the presidential transition team records the repository for those records was a government agency that GSA. But GSA was basically eight filing cabinet not a transition operative much less the decision maker about the disposition of the. Files let me cut to the chase while Mueller did is make it impossible. For the lawyers of the transition team to go to court does not Holler. Because Mueller apparently went through the back door got all these communications apparently 101000 or more. Through this government agency. So. The lawyers have been trying to transition team didn't even have an opportunity to go to federal court to stop them. What do challenged. I haven't resolved. Pretty incredible isn't. I'll be right back. Thinking about your home security there's no better time to get at them right now. You've heard me sing the praises of simply safe home security it's the best protection period. Simply safe has put together a massive security arsenal for your home he's special package handpicked jets field. Cutting trees since it's motion sensors glass breaks answers everything you need to stop criminals from ever touching your. 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Cars from the US to western Africa if you are they mentioned in the article western Africa. And under what we discovered was dead. Arab Muslim in the US were going to call. And particularly in Fredericksburg Virginia shifting wrecked cars which made no sense. We were trying to figure out why did they want will be Smart people total. Cars and they would choose to come to western Africa. It turns out they were loading the card with money and drugs chipping meant to Ivory Coast and demeaning and then distributing. The money to Hezbollah operatives. And as I followed the cards to Ivory Coast. I I looked into Hezbollah in the Ivory Coast and we were shocked. I found beheaded as well Ivory Coast yeah team that's great and and he was planning to build a 300 million dollar shopping center. The quadriceps the project and have a job Ivory Coast to launder money for Hezbollah. We also found that Hezbollah whisk would smuggling. Half a million dollars a week every Wednesday on Middle Eastern airlines out of having John into Lebanon. And when I brought this all to be FBI by FBI contact would ecstatic and his bosses were. And hello. I'm a little wholeness. Have you gone public with your name I'm just curious don't don't give it to me you know now. I don't know and that's not uncommon thing is now I'm willing to hold on so we need to love affair that. So our corporate budget in new pictures and aren't hold on we're on the air hold on we're gonna carry over to the next hour we'll be right back this is. The. Know everybody mark Lou many here are number 8773813811877. 3813811. This will. He last hour. In my live programming this year we have some wonderful guest host lined up on genome. Shapiro. Cunningham. Franken end. Mean and O'Connor buddy Larry O'Connor and we have some of our greatest. That shows as well so we're gonna keep you fully entertained. Well they're living TV we've got some great stuff to loan amount and the folks who spent months putting together some of our best stuff little clips that are thinking and some of its hilarious quite frankly. Some of that only we even hear it who knows. But we trying to you know keep keep the ball rolling even during the holiday season. And what are the backs Michael Fredericksburg Virginia hasn't signed his name that's not his location and I get that he was telling us more about what Hezbollah was doing go ahead Michael had to tell you. Well what we discovered was that a Hezbollah. Had a massive. Cars smuggling operation electric cars from the United States to western Africa and the only other places that I would only involve to a western Africa. And they would load the car dubbed with money and drugs and ship does he do. So like Amazon Ivory Coast or orbit mean or Togo and then the drug from the money would go to whoever has wanted to send it to. So I traveled to Ivory Coast on several occasions we have looked at these. Car dealers here in the United States working out of the and send them on its force selling used cars could in fact it would look about this mission of the wrecked cars. And the FBI I was wondering why they want let's call it then could they were smuggling contraband in the car. In sea containers which no one tactic. And when I got to Ivory Coast they discovered to have a good way an Ivory Coast. Had seen that he was planning to build. Accused 300 million dollar shopping center so they could launder money. And I've provided the FBI with pictures of his Hezbollah flag pin and pictures tournament office with. Associates from Hezbollah. And that they were just ecstatic. And we tracked car is actually down Carter did that come from here. They were jumping for joy and then after a couple of meetings with planned to contact you can bet that were allowed to do anything with the what are you talking about it Hezbollah and a coach. That we can't do anything that we had even discovered that they were there and I don't like you know this was caught on whom B. What you with this. It word 20092010. And have to go back and look at the report. Well it was around 20092010. You know and I'm sorry rectitude. It's a we we also discovered they were putting out the golden dome mosque we knew the exact mosque we knew where they were living. We knew who is doing it and we knew that they were smuggling a half billion dollars a week on Middle Eastern airlines everywhere and being. Out of Ivory Coast to. To love about so. A lot of information would could still clear. And then I was shocked when my FBI content connect that we can't do anything like this that what are you talking about. Well we can't do anything whether I thought oh my god there. Out of 20082009. The head of the FBI was Robert Mueller was he now. I don't I don't know actually I'm I'm very well he runs he was. Does that sit well I think for like twelve years until Conley came insidious he was ahead of the at Denny's now busy chasing and you know. People who false statements process crap you wouldn't want it you're gonna focus on how Orkut. Exactly. I'm not without the without identifying yourself. This story in Politico that I ran a red just maybe 1012% of its parent. So you Natalie no rings true you know it is true. I know it's true I personally would they air and took great risks. To get that information. Only to have them say we can't use this. And they were then you were told the highest levels of the Justice Department and the FBI. And those words like yes well aware of exactly what we know people in and leadership would not let the music. And you had no idea one. I had no idea could the FBI doesn't share information downstream. They only sit up straight so they would they would barely tell me anything and then I would go over what instruction they said. And I also set up front car dealership. To to mess with veto muscle on that work. Selling there were buying the crowd and shipping them here but they wouldn't tell me everything I knew that there and let's let up right thing going. Brilliant and I. The Arab Muslims here. With these people associated with the Hezbollah or they where they were. Supportive of Hezbollah are you don't know. We didn't know at that point even the FBI wasn't sure who. The do you Arab Muslims were connected with and what I brought back pictures of that has a lot lagged in this ma'am to all but they were stunned. And pictures here we are being held the golden dome mosque. And certain they'll be apartments where these guys were living there who lavish lifestyles with. And okay loud satellite TV and all that in the little bit of a mess the country that just says no money. And there would even a restaurant called shape. It would change day. Those remarks to a restaurant that all these Lebanese. Operatives want to. And could you talk about market in this video the metric. It's there you know that fit their volatile market influence with. Because as good. The the information it was crystal clear here Hezbollah they're gonna the 300 million dollar money laundering shopping center. We have hundreds of tourists and they shut it down to we can't do anything more that. And when Donald Trump. Tries to confront this Iran deal. When Donald Trump is trying to reverse course he's getting a lot of resistance from the Democrat party including people who had to know about this Obama. Holder. Mahler. Lot of resistance from this and I have to assume that the house and Senate Intelligence Committees were briefed on this to win you know. Yet not only that but I am. Knew or should have known. Mueller knew or should've known that all that's gone on and you have to now all these people in intelligence knew or should've known that. Our Hezbollah was smuggling that don't want this report got a strain. So they had to have. An affirmative proactive reason to shut it down there had to be a reason they didn't want an. That makes no secret that it's jealousy when I was chief assistant to the change in the United States every week. We would have a meeting around a table in his conference room actually off the conference and it will be the FBI director of the DEA director. The deputy attorney generally associate attorney general. I would be there are some others I can't remember everybody thinks this will be our law enforcement mean. And everything and anything like this would have been the because we did nothing like this would have been discussed at that meeting. And the attorney general would have known about it. If the attorney general knew about it. The attorney general got his orders clearly from the White House. And probably from the State Department to put his brakes on this stuff and to put the foot on the brake in order to allow them to go for what their so called diplomacy. Current and I think the only way to the bottom of this is to bring holder and to bring Muller and there. To bring Hillary and authoritarian. Put them all on euros or one of the time and and and trying to what took place there it helps them that they leftist. Website like Politico has this massive article and it's only called part one there's a part two coming. Front and you and your verifying. We've kind of checked out off the air your ears verifying these little piece of this you sang I can tell you who the hell I had to deal of this and what took place. And you're saying yes somebody oldest son put the brakes on. Yeah yeah it was an enormous. Intelligent item you know and I think that's something you could act on we knew the pilot was taking a happening you know two week could have been shut down. We knew that they were shipping the car couldn't shut it down easily. But they didn't and they pull everything back and think and what's the market is. What I would in the in the northern part of the country know that jungle covered the jungle took a country. I do which country again and we talk an amount. What which country you said west stats I'd really like this are we got a naive and then I'll take out. Light and when we were up in the north of Ivory Coast. I could see that there were areas that were abandoned by the military where until organization could set up training camps I told the FBI about it. They were very interested wanted to put out onto Defense Intelligence Agency that would shut down two and then we got broken. Exactly what I say they would set it up. We US fairly senior operatives. No I would a guy who is. A contractor I had done a couple of things with the FBI because I did private intelligence. And I did a couple staying with the FBI wan auto Russian car at all. I want a guy trying to you're talking too much as a lawyer and just trying to up via K okay yeah I'm right back and yeah I gonna do things with them. And we do sort of fell into this situation with the Karzai lived in the area I knew a lot of the bug problems. They accepted me. And we ended up. Calling into this thing but the Intelligencer would gathered would profoundly important. And it was shut down. And and it was apparently the intelligence gathered was expensive and very substantive they got them. Would there what their activities in central Americans south Americans in Africa. And in the United States this Hezbollah is a you have its network throughout the world. People just think of it is a militia arm of Iran what's raising funds for itself and Iran. And the enormous number amount of tons of cocaine. Came into this country Cohen and his political. The article so it turns out that the Obama administration was in effect in massive truck dealers. And right. Yes I would say so we knew the true Bob intelligence association. That has grown worse says to be moving our cocaine and heroin through the pecan valley in Syria. And that they would come through there without any interference to make it's stupid to the United States. And there was a lot of this of chatter about been shipping drugs than what we've found in western Africa would be that would seem to be much more of a financial organization. Then let us know an organization that. Now let me say they're planning for or against Israel Iran Hezbollah others. Stories today that they've got this this trail that they wanted that brings them right up to the border with Israel Hezbollah and Syria. Protected by the Russians we now know that through this article among others. That Putin is on the take through Hezbollah and Iran making absolutely a ton of money and I am. Now all these crooks and cronies of course in the name of our when it comes to comes to Iran. But anyway listen don't hang up my producer wants to speak to you can. Our remark I appreciate your call very much. So the Obama administration. Was allowing me Mexican drug cartels some of the most brutal in the world if not the most brewing in the world. To purchase weapons and ammunition from from the United States including gun dealers. Which were used extensively to slaughter people in Mexico as well as one of our heroes here in the United States. The Obama administration is now confirmed through political on the street gentlemen. Also put the brakes on. The investigations of Hezbollah and their drug running and other. Illegal financial activities. Intended to arm that terrorist militia organization. Because they said that they were a person in peace. The Obama administration cut deals. With Castro in Cuba. In order to open up relations within an open an embassy there only to be rewarded with some kind of and of a sound system that has caused brain damage and hearing damage to him many many diplomats who were in our embassy. And of course the Cuban government survives by drug dealing. The Castro's for one of the biggest drug dealers in the world. And the Democrat party. Supports all these policy efforts I'm not saying supports drug dealing obviously appeals. That supports all these. Obama. Farm policy efforts nine wonder if somebody would corner Ben Carden. The phony buffoon who is a Democrat senator from a Maryland but somebody with corner Chuck Schumer and the phony the food leader. But the great empire State of New York Ernie these people. Impress them. Where's Jake Tapper. Where's Wolf Blitzer which Bryant felt it where's Don lemon. Now where. Now lair. Where it's kind of like. Where's the Congo line and freaks aren't MSNBC. Now where. Where's that clown Lawrence O'Donnell that he screaming at his staff. Where is that idiot that what's what's the big winner over there by the big ratings catch you remember her name I don't know watcher. Parent that's right parent where she ain't no way. Where is miss they're. Chris Matthews now appears he has little problems gone on not that I'm surprised. Where is any of them now. Why wasn't this story broken by the Washington compound is why why wouldn't they. Why doesn't this are broken by the nearest lines why why why wouldn't they they are covering up the Holocaust. How about meet the oppressed. No. Not Chuck Todd kept us very busy. Where is that George Stephanopoulos. While he was ahead of the Clinton war room we can expect him to report anything and on and on a ghost it's disgusting. I'll be right back. Turn off clocks. Antonio Texas women this is my buddy. You're here's where are you gonna get in trouble world beginning in trouble. No sir that's gonna saying things behind you it's remarkable in your record a person who do very well enough for me. But I told him that I wanted to tell you. That your what are happy a lot of them are. I want them. We have a statement finalists and I know you call or statement. To be good in the office. The media years and I think. Presidential destroying found that especially. With his national security speech today. Mom. I didn't do nothing with loving country. And being nationalistic. Unlike some of these people who say no he's not the only goal this winter. Like he could not too little like better behavior research that we received. Only it's a funny way count it doesn't mean and in. Two and al-Qaeda I am I outside and I said earlier in the show I said at the couple weeks ago. When you look at what he's been doing. You don't agree with everything he certainly the most conservative president since Reagan so far so far. They're they're city's he would eat you know if the economy take off you'll be out there were silent cal Rambo. And in the heroic and by the way I'll be retiring in about 67 much smaller than the man in our tenure and least. And perhaps I'll look followed your advice that you gave me long ago when our tour card from that yeah. And yes and I office. Oh really. But man you have my back no matter where you run for you know that drank. I don't mean you know you have friends. Always an inspiration he's been doing that the dark parent just that the business no. And. Listen I'm gonna go between the colonel have a wonderful wonderful Christmas. And keep in touch keep in touch will be right back. They go big constitutional lawyer you concede today. Broke free no appointment necessary just column Andy 773813811. Eating machine can do you know I let my Carlisle Hart 2010. Camaro. The regional with the new Camaro series it's beautiful. 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They're also lays out the case so if you have a conservative member your family your father your mother when your kids your husband your wife and your uncle whomever you can get stuck. So perfect gift up I think gonna make a big fuss over to. We discovering Americanism in the tourney a progressive as good as we can spread the word as many people as possible. That'll help trust me. I wanna mention one other thing so I'm not rushed at the end of the show which is. Coming fairly quickly. This is my last live show this year. I mentioned we'll have some wonderful best stuff sucked at some wonderful guest host who want it all up so it's not dead air. But it's been an enormously important here and a fascinating. In some ways fascinating goodness somebody's fascinating bit. But I feel like we're one big family here I really do. One big town hall meeting took. Peta join my show. On the West Coast at 3 PM. If you hear it live on the East Coast at 6 PM at all times in between Hawaii and ask him all over the oil. That tells me you really wanna hear what we're talking about you literally money here and I have to say. That should be supported the program. And I want you know I do not take it for granted I was very hard to prepare for this program he can only go through a lot of stuff. If he wanted to do the program the way I do which is a substantive program I hope it's entertaining. And open every now and then you're cracking a smile even when I think you know now. But I do not. You know consider this. Something that you just blow through everything. And I prepare my parents taught. Tour card and I work hard. And I want to thank you have been doing this now how long Clinton's fifteen years. Yeah fifteen years and I'm gonna thirty years or 25 or 27 or whatever it. Fifteen years I didn't start out to be radio host although I'm reminded when I'm sixteen years old I did a little radio. The station Philadelphia called WEU it's not WPH t as a teenager did for about thirty minutes because I wanted to try it. And I harassed the program director now for the let me try and I. Remember back in the late 1970s when I was in my early twenties I tried a little bit of the station WW DV. Which really doesn't even exist anymore and I think in Philadelphia. But I never intended this to be my ultimate career. And things worked out where it is. And the true business that. I can't heavy radio career if you don't want to listen. And so I know I'm blessed. And I'm blessed by yield. Does have you come and listen to the program whether it's on AM RS and whether it's live or delayed. Whether it's on satellite you download it from your iPod remarks live and happier IR real app. Millions and millions of millions. And I'm enormously grateful. And this is mighty long way and sang along and eclipse tank that. I wish you all those of you who are. Celebrating the final days and Chanukah and wonderful wonderful Chanukah and those of you you'll soon be celebrating very recent Christmas wish to make. Very very Merry Christmas. You know and I have an opportunity to be with your families I hope that edit. And when I wish all our men and women overseas. All the best and thank them specifically. They could be doing other things but that's what they're doing and all voluntary military. And there's a lot of weight on their shoulder. And I want to thank them very very much. For everything they're doing for us and some of them are very young and I wanna thank the and I want to thank all the people out there who help other people. I want to thank all the people out there who help animals. In a few. You know think about it. If you look kids or grandkids. Getting them a dog is a perfect thing to do. Or attack. So whatever your interest and I happen to be a dog. But it would strongly encourage you to do that. Don't change your lives for the better and those of you who had dogs and you've suffered through there passing in their illnesses as we have. It takes a period of time to mourn it really does. But I hope you go out there. In get another. And they don't have to be poppies poppies are fine. But there are other dogs out there who need homes so. That's why at this Pepsi Griffin sprite. And I put money into that and I hope you'll also donate to organizations no kill shelters in your neighborhood and at the national group's local groups. In one other thing point of personal privilege. I'm men. Extraordinarily lucky to have two wonderful parents. My father. My mother who are still without us again I'm extraordinarily lucky. And all the passion you hear my voice. All least I think I ever did. Anything I've ever been and I will be different thanks to that. It's thanks to. And a wonderful kids and grandkids. Get a beautiful. Lovely wife. In my mother in law she hates to be called my mother in law. Outstanding people I'm surrounded by a wonderful wonderful people. And they're the ones who make me. I just get behind the microphone get behind the camera but they're they're really the and a visit team. And an all you have your own team to. You'll hear your family's. This is a wonderful time of the year. I think we're also blessed. But the outcome of the election quite frankly. I really do. I think we dodged a proverbial political mullah. If Hillary Clinton repressed in the United States. This country would be. It of the disaster. The more we learn about what Obama has done. And Hillary has done. More disastrous he concede it would have been. And for all the vicious personal because all the president trump takes and he fights back and that's what we like and that's what I like. He really is making headway. He really yes. And when he's pursuing the conservative agenda whether churches there supporting the military whether it's confronting. Islam to nazism. Where they're trying to secure us as a nation state. Strengthen our economy. He really deserves our support. We don't have to hang on every tweet. Let them hang on everywhere it went up to hang on every back and forth doesn't matter it's irrelevant. His enemies quite frankly are mostly our enemies. Nasty people in the media who finally come out of the closet as left this that they've always been. I. The Democrat party which wants to take us in the direction that is. Clearly entire founding an anti constitutional isn't. Any president. In Obama. Any party that really did enormous damage to our military for law enforcement. We the American people we hold these institutions high. So we have blacks. That this president was sworn in January 20. On 120112. And 1:2. PM. We really don't. So a lot to me. Thankful for. In the in this year and hopefully make sure will be better. In it only be better. We do the kinds of things we need to do in our personal lives and quite frankly. Publicly and politically. So there's my little rambling and he went away to the end of the programs that do that I'll be right back. Sitting here thinking I have the most decent older brother. And brother Doug. Is the most decent guy in the world police that's. My body which cements. My executive produced. A loyal. Wonderful guy and a buddy of mine friends from what is it rich fifteen years just about. I mean Charlie had the phones at that these. Trust me. Tasted good guy and all all my guys dug David Chris and the rest. And look into the I'm just blessed because Sam and I want to thank you. You know government handouts are everywhere. And people and institutions who claimed eleven dependents are all too glad to take it. It's disgusting that our system takes money from good people like you and then turns around and gives it the liberal colleges and a million other stupid things. Colleges are all too eager to grab the money and do whatever it takes to keep the money flowing and all colleges 01. Hillsdale College. Hills knows they want us for years and years and years. What a magnificent institution and sponsors intelligent doctor Larry on his the president. Just a truly superlative person. Pills and doesn't take one penny of government money why because he'll still refuses to let government bureaucrats dictate what they must do and teach. Everything hills those dust from the financial lay that 97% of its students receive. To the free online courses in office he depends on people who choose to donate to help training new generation of principled leaders. No matter what they major and fill out college teaches every student to pursue truth and defend my. To be outstanding citizens. In their free online constitution courses are teaching millions of Americans the same principles. You know who the holidays. Learn how you can help tells till further freedom at the interest Hillsdale dot com. LE VIN Faith Hill that kind. Now I wanted to do one other thing before we close their callers. I wanna play us on a play. On special occasions. That I administrative. This is wounded it's. And London. And crew. Easy. Whether. It's. Land. And we can. That's me yeah. And we. Long do you read. I. Mean and I. Yeah okay. You've. He. Who ran. Oh man you know. Oh Sandy's. Eight and you can meet a nice weekend. Drama. Com home. Okay. Do you hello. Yeah. It's the only. We now. Okay. The oh. I. Okay. I. Yeah. I. Detainees here ladies and gentlemen we don't take any crap either. No we don't. I'm talking about all of us. You live in night out there you're special breed. Here's special breed. And I can't say again how much I appreciated that I want to remember something throughout the holidays hit. He's getting a lot of negative news on TV you know this is that just remember. There are tens of millions of us. Who feel the same point. Tens of millions of us you're not alone. You know. We going to fight. As much as we can the best way we know now constitutionally. So Italy. Legitimately. To retain and what's great about our country. In the that the rest of the back. We don't give up. Because we're Americans. And Americans who love America we don't give up. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. And when his thank you again have a wonderful comic does a wonderful Christmas a wonderful new years and I we'll see you next here. Feel safe path less.

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