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12/28/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Dec 29, 2017|

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Larry O'Conner from WMAL, fills in for Mark. We’ve learned over the past year just how deep the deep state is and how powerful the bureaucracy in Washington is, which is all the more reason for Congressional term limits. Voters should have the final say, but ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This holiday cricket wireless and get a free LT fortune with no annual contract. Even so yeah. Forget why list only to smile about there. Requires that a foreign service technician in the third Ellis from us for sponsor restarting its recognition typically five dollars in the Texas trojans apply onetime pizza place you for details. When it comes to a brick and. I've got a question for young what do you think would actually fix things in Washington DC pastor right now. You could push a button wave a magic wand. Turn a switch and make one thing happened in DC I mean give you choice a or B we all like term limits right well let's talk term limits per minute. Would you like to see term limits for elected officials would that change Washington DC. Or. Have a term limits. For federal workers. But Tomlin it's for the bureaucrats how about term limits. For the deep state. What do you think would make him bigger difference right now in Washington actually get things go 187731. Met 3811. That's 8773 want. 3811 at the Merkel have been show I'm Larry O'Connor sitting in for the great one today. Who in my mind I'm going on radio guy I do radio every day under via mail in Washington DC. Afternoon three to six I'm right after Russian right before mark who have been so light you. Well I'm mark with the show listener and I love listen mark lived and I get being here and every day in my studio as I wrap things up Pete takes over and easy well and truly is the great want. I'm very honored and excited to fill in for him for the first time and happy new year to all of view and I love to get things going right off the bat with a question and it conversation because that would make that's what makes talk radio different. It's what makes what we do different than all the other media. Is that you get the call and tell me that I'm full of it you get the call it and say no you're wrong wouldn't you like to pick up the phone and tell Anderson Cooper how wrong he is wouldn't you love. To be able to send a tweet. The Wolf Blitzer in by you probably can but he doesn't read it he's got people who read those things when does anyone think Wolf Blitzer actually knows how to use Twitter I don't think so. He barely can read his teleprompter know what we do here and talk radio is the most vital the most important kind of media session and it comes to politics in America because you. Have a say your part of what we do here and I think this is a great conversation to start things off with what would make a bigger difference in Washington DC. Term limits for politicians. Short term limits for the deep State's 87738131. When I've always liked term limits on like the idea of term limits however. However I think that if term limits were a great idea our founders would have put them in in the first place now I know after the fact we instituted term limits. For the president and that had more to do with Franklin Roosevelt breaking tradition and being so full of hubris that he couldn't couldn't think that republic could. The Republican could last. I any longer than having another president other than him through world war two and what have you I mean I mean who really arrogance. That brought us Roosevelt for four turns and it was arrogance that forced term limits on to the presidency because no one up until FDR actually thought that. They should stretched beyond what George Washington had already set as a precedent for our great nation. But setting that aside for a moment I do like the idea. Voters ultimately having the final say in who their elected officials might be. I mean that is the ultimate term imminent is and I know the great one already has worked dances is his idea. In and his last book the second last week that he wrote he talked about those some of the liberty amendments will be to put into this constitution to fix things. Because there's certainly broken and one of them has to do with term limits for elected officials I'm fine with that I'm fine with that. But I think we've learned. Over this past year exactly how deep deep state is I think we've learned how powerful the bureau. Receipt yes. I think we've learned the changing elected officials sadly doesn't always fix the problem. Because the deep state in the bureaucracy and the federal workers control so much in Washington DC now I've lived in the district for five years now. Doing my show on Libya MAL but I live many years in the state of California Southern California at Torrey first met Andrew bright are their 31 round we discovered near. Started me on my blogging. Writing and broadcast career and we instituted. Term limits in California and it was the same idea we were so sick of the same Democrats running springs out of Sacramento. We were so sick of the same people institutionalized. Because of the gerrymandering because of the district Sacramento wouldn't move it wouldn't change it wouldn't budge that we put term limits and you know what ended up happening. The staff ends up running things the lobbyist and up running things the special interest and a running things in fact because you forced these elected officials out. Because a term limits you actually end up instituting. The business of government outside I need the voice of the people outside. Of the elections and that's just as bad if not worse. Now federal workers. Lot of them are in my audience and it's hard to be anti federal worker in growing audience in Washington DC let's face it Northern Virginia and Maryland. The people who live there they often work in our government and they're good people. And they're trying to get something done in each and every one of them when they call in talk about the problems that they see every day of work. They often tell me about. What they could fix if they could turn that switch or push that button wait that magic wand Basie the bloat they see the waste based TV inefficiency it's not their fault. They're good people who work on our government but at the same time they for the most part have a pretty good deal. And I'm looking at a great reporting here at the Washington examiner about Paul Bedard. I he points out that because of a new raise the federal workers have received starting next year. I get this. That top pay that cap on the top paid for in general service employee. Which covers most bureaucrats will be a 164000. Dollars per senior executive service employees they'll be allowed or a maximum of a 189000. 600 dollars the average federal worker last year. Earned a salary of 86000 dollars plus benefits the total compensation package for the average federal worker now. Is a 123000. Dollars. Compare that to an average non federal government. Salary which is 58 grand. Total compensation package 69 program. So. Almost twice as much in salary and benefits go to federal workers verses unique just working out here. In the regular. Non government world in the private sector. So I think that we've been pretty generous. Through our representatives. In in rewarding people who work for our federal government probably get a little back. But we say that's OK you've got a great deal we're gonna give you great salary and give you great package a bit benefits. You could only work. In this job for say twelve years. Then after that you rollout you find another job okay get a great run he had made some great money much better than most Americans but not you have to move on. And work in the real world. What would be wrong with that and wouldn't that help fix things. I think it would have a beer for you at 87731311. Here on the mark within show let's start with Brandon Springfield Missouri what do you think Brandon says. It's a radical idea but I like radical ideas. All right Greta we'll get you an imminent we're having a best slight technical problem by the way while we're. While we're fixing that I wanted to remind you aren't him on even though from Washington tonight broadcasting live in Washington this is a holiday week for a lot of people and I like. Many people in this country I'm visiting my family my new family my in laws. In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma right in the middle of the country right in the heart of it all and boy is it great. To be here broadcasting by the way from the mighty the legendary KT OK the big big powerful. 1000 AM radio station that carries Merkel have been in so many of your favorite radio programs you talk radio shows here in Oklahoma City so. I just wanted to thank Kate you caper being such a great host for me. It's great to be here in great to be an Oklahoma. I think we've seen from this year from the the president's efforts you know a lot of us voted for president trump on because he was our first choice. Not because it was our second choice I like to say. He was my final choice. Even in the primary process I went through a couple of different A by the time I actually got to vote in the state of Maryland I had three choices. I had shot in case it Ted Cruz. And Donald Trump and and at that time when I was faced with that choice I voted for senator Ted groups. A Burberry is reason they had nothing to do with the against Donald Trump but I've found myself more aligned. And it and end end connected with senator Ted Cruz. In terms of my political ideology and in terms of you know the ability and intelligence of someone who could really understand. Our constitution our freedoms our liberties and get things started that being said this and we get a fairer. And and heated and lively primary process and Republican Party and Donald Trump one. So he was my last choice and I didn't regret that both from any moment and I was happy to hope for a matinee. And many of us were happy to vote for Donald Trump for a lot of different reasons. One of them was because he was an outsider because he promised to come in and actually. Vick's changed and radically upturn what was going on in Washington DC so many of those things that were driving us insane and frankly in retrospect. He may have been the only choice to really effectively get that dot. Because he was so far outside. The beast that is Washington DC but look at what we've seen this year and must yes. He's gotten a lot done in terms of reversing the regulations that President Obama put through so many of them through executive action. So that they could be easily reversed. But. He is being resisted every step of the way and then a little later in the program we're gonna talk there's so much about what we're seeing. With regard to the Justice Department with regard to the FBI and the roadblocks that are going up in front of this president and highly political way. You're seeing the Justice Department that this storied fabled justice department of the United States of America. In many people's opinions being used. In in the grosses political weight to stop. He duly elected president there's nothing more frightening to many of us than that and that's how strong the bureaucracy in DC appears to be to many of us. I mean if trump can't up and the bureaucracy no one camp. Which reminds me to think the only way we can take this government back is to actually set up some some radical ideas that being possibly. Term limits not just for elected officials. But for employees as well all right we got our phones like let's go to Brandon Springfield Missouri Brandon your mark wouldn't show. Failed to go on a good what do you think. Well I think. Term limits were there York's super sure a public official percent. Well I think that's kind of to the voters you know they're paying attention to their they're going to everything so. Do you think it's a fair trade off to say listen you know they you're gonna make find money while your federal worker and god knows it's nearly impossible to. By your federal worker and a looker radically changed those rules as well. But why you've got the gig you're gonna be taking care of you're gonna get better benefits than most Americans the only deal is you got to get out. I I I'm with you rent and I think it's a good way to go I don't think it's committing a lot of people say well we want the best and the brightest working the federal government. Do you think we get the best and brightest now I mean now that enough. Her good friend and at community in Springfield Missouri I appreciate art. I will continue with that you and a moment I wanna hear what you have to say god knows you've heard what I have to say about this so keep it great here on the mark within show on Larry O'Connor. Gladly probably. Sitting in for the great one more in a moment when you do you wanna have term limits for bureaucrats. Not just elected officials 877313. Long run I'm Larry Connors mark wouldn't show. Larry Connors said he is remarkable. It's been today the twentieth of December happy new year to one and all a couple more things are gonna learn about me over the next few hours in terms of my young radio styling. I know little lady di I like change in topics I like they're coming up about different things to talk about but one. Through line you might see at least for the first couple of hours of tonight's program is the deep state and and and things that are going on in Washington DC that are contrary to what you the American people want to expect and oh by the way. Voted for. And to that and I coming up in the next half hour to speak with a great journalists here in DC les Smith. He wrote an article tablet magazine that all conservatives in Washington are talking about it has to do with how Obama is deep stake continues and how. The media is working with them in disregard. Specifically about the topic of Lou great report. Showing that Obama's new administration. Basically put a halt to investigations and prosecutions of the terrorist group Hezbollah because they really wanted that Iran nuclear deal will we'll talk about that coming up. It in the next half hour right now wanna continue this conversation how do you fix it were about solutions are we were conservatives when ounces sit around and complain and whine and moan no. We see a problem when we come up with ideas to fix it and we've often said that we need term limits because we had to get those elected officials out of DC that'll make a difference what we've seen. How deep the deep state as we've seen how strong the bureaucracy is how. Absolutely immovable it can be at times and you can bring in different players and bring in politicians my god we were so angry that we elected Donald Trump. To fix things and he's having problems with it too infected each state is racing up and trying to impeach the guy so how about we put armed limits. On federal workers. 877313811. Let's go to Johnny keystone Arizona Johnny you. I'm mark couldn't show. I am radar and good. Current. What do you think in my name my name is the only one here Elian from South Carolina during. Oh right I have you we can easterners and that's a good did tell me what your opinions. Well in my opinion then to unload trying to. Could prepare as a class got a full pension. And Barack Obama should not just mentioned. That was the end of democracy. Now program grow their older truck should just literate there. Yeah I remember what I might not that not to that was a Bill O'Reilly interview was before the Super Bowl if I remember right in these that is a corruption and is no corruption that this kind of a smidgen of corruption and boy that's that's sent a signal I'll give you one more. What about when no Obama was interviewed on sixty minutes about Hillary Clinton using emails. Using her own email server and he was asked about then you said listen what I can tell you wish she never had any intent. Two break the law and that that was the message to James thome wasn't. Yeah yeah RA but a little lower salary. They're back to detect potentially playing get a full pension and they test again they usually go. Thanks relative order. You're right in this is ready and I appreciate the call thanks for Cong I that's another reason why many of us are frustrated or at the very least. Concerned and curious about is Jeff Sessions as attorney general and wondering why. The investigations into those things are not moving forward in fact that I really just is a way of introduction you might know me from. I an interview I did with president trump in the White House in November when I asked him specifically many people are frustrated. Why these things haven't been investigated and they've made little news because he did the natural human thing he's a guy I'm frustrated. But it's not happening I'm frustrated that I can't get a special counsel to investigate a Hillary in the emails and all the things that happen under Obama and and somehow that was seen as. This controversial. I'm in that District of Columbia you are on the mark women should Tom what do you think about doesn't term limits for federal workers. You know Larry you and I usually green and a lot of things that this when I'm gonna have the ticket at this time. All right David this is wrong and someone you love also wondering where to begin. First of all yes there is expertise. You dump all your FBI agents have newbie is all the time. One adult only intelligence officers they have newbies all the time what about NTSB. Well about the national transportation board because aircraft and I train wreck because these people have expertise filter over years. Very very good work that you told the media out the bad water. So look that compares to Markel that I try to get to remark on this as he's had made same arguments you so awful numbers for dollars. You're comparing apples and oranges. Here comparing the average American income across the country. Would. Worker went through most of the federal workers or who lived. I right here in Washington DC area let me tell you I'm GM's third move my wife wouldn't private sector. I've around the globe for a lot of do we make less food are a lot of our efforts toward feel government worker. Tom I'm glad your voice was able to be heard on that an idea which you're saying actually you're making another case heard an argument that I have which is we should now move the federal capital. Oklahoma where it's a little more. Affordable. Radios principles patriots. Call and now. And 73813811. Match. Larry O'Connor sitting in for the great one mark Olivia and and the lesson you learn more about me. As the afternoon goes on I'm not that important other topics are important your important and how we get something done in this country is important that's sort of the overriding theme. But these first couple of hours the Merkel even showed this evening. About the deep state about fixing Washington DC and a drain the swamp in the media is a big part of that and the stories develop over the last two weeks it. You all should know about I know the mark talked about it a little bit. And I've heard of Ben Shapiro. As those damn bunch you know hitting honored as well over the last several days this and I want to hit on it as well along with a friend of mine and a great reporter in Washington DC les Smith he wrote. At the definitive article. About Josh Myers Politico investigation. Over the Obama administration and the great pains they went to do to ensure that they got there Iran nuclear deal he rooted tablet magazine three currently implanted on my Twitter feed it leery O'Connor. And Lee Smith joins us now Lee how are you and happy new year. I'm doing well happy new year to you Larry and thank Brad May out onto real lab it's a real pleasure and honor. Listen I am not overstating the case at all of the conservatives I know in Washington DC and never troopers broke shrimpers. You know a little bit of both everyone in the beltway is talking about this article in particular. Let's start at the beginning briefly talk about Josh Myers I'm very good investigative piece of Politico and what it showed. Well I I I I should say I mean I I very much appreciate your kind words and credit really goes to Josh carrier. And we are working on a thirteen thousand word page where I assume it takes several months. It's that's fantastic and detailed peace. About the about how the Obama administration basically. Thwarted. A number of occasions the VA that DEA. I had again different Hezbollah operatives around the world that minutes. These guys are an international threat Latin America and Asia and Europe as well and I as well as the Middle East. And so my irons very careful fashion. He tells what happened here. And the response to my Aristide cement. You might have seen him on Twitter loved many people were many people were thrilled this was revelatory they are recognized that can't patent the journal. About an elite people who yeah I look before we get to those other people before we get to the respect on this is a couple of things you wanna point out about just MySpace. The first is yes he put it go to the administration according to this article in Politico. Put a halt to the DEA investigation showing this this big huge international drug wind it was funding Hezbollah. But the purpose and people went on the record leak wedeman talked about everything. How many anonymous source stories have made huge headlines this year not this actually people went on the record saying the reason was because John Kerry and Barack Obama. Didn't want to upset the mullahs of Iran they were okay keeping a drug deal funding Hezbollah terrorists out there and going. As long as they got there Iran nuclear deal that was the motivation rank. Writer. The quiet I mean you know about that that is exactly the point I mean they they basically optical. They prioritize. The Iran deal over everything I'll contend the foreign policy not just the Middle East. It was I was American foreign policy in general. So I did turn that is Josh Myers reported as you reported back in April they'd let a number of Iranian agents Scopes were caught doing things here in the United States. And now he reports. Eight months later. They did the same thing with Hezbollah operatives say yet that what happened. It was for the sake of what the president that the President Obama believes that it signature foreign policy achievement. Join comprehensive plan of action without again everything what the Serbian. So this video and so men including the national security of the United States yet. Literally yes so so long so the article is written it's publish an un unlike many other and hugely significant revelatory articles over this past year. It's virtually got ignored by I mean it took eight days before CNN ever mentioned it on their website or on the air. It did not get the same sort of reverb preventive effect that you get when a story hits bigamy compare it to the one more story you know. Out of Alabama but then the push back begins and that's what you Dietz also well in your article a tablet magazine. Yeah I mean look I mean an end at all of these people in the press not all of these people but there are number of people in the press. You saw how they responded when Obama was president these people were worried gain on Obama's path. I'm Obama's behalf. It's now been nuclear deal would be wrong so now the idea that someone is writing an article saying. Here's part of the cost of that nuclear deal with the law so the press as well our former Obama social and other political operatives. Understood from the Myer. There was a lot of egg on their fate of their response. Boots in the press than I'd like the Washington Post. And it and now on and on Twitter that some social media and and you. We've just been saying no way they attack and wanna look disgusting aspect that it was but other. Other journalists we're attacking a journalist we're doing you know doing and very solid piece of reporting it didn't really did unemployment but nonetheless. And we understand how the press work. If you understand what the president did during the Obama years. Specially their health. Serving the administration and sell the nuclear deal really rob unfortunately it's not surprising that he what the president become well. Am in les Smith it's fascinating in light of what we learned specifically about Ben Rhodes who's the deputy deputy national security advisor to Barack Obama. And his manipulation of the media in support. Of the Iran nuclear deal he bragged about it to the New York Times magazine he said he created what in his words. An echo chamber and as you discovered in this article that echo chamber still exists even after the Obama administration and Ben Rhodes continues to lead. Yes I mean look I don't wanna go too far field. This is part of what we're seeing in Russia yeah it is well I mean a lot of the I don't think that's our field at all I think uses same thing different color. I mean a lot of the people who are putting these stories in the Washington Post in the New York Times I'd CNN. These people who were part of the echo chamber helping solve the nuclear deal between the same people who are putting duty not to run but not since Russia exported. And we know where it's coming from it's coming from the same political operatives it's the same ecosystems so unfortunately I. I mean the last but the price but we had different problems. But what happened what happened during the Obama years is that I amid a damaged and very important American institution I know a lot of people are issues. Of the press so we have been. I think that will wonder I think it's a wonderful American people edition we should be careful what we're told. Question what we're told question what we read. Nonetheless what happened to the press. I guess the last decade it just astonishing. And the response that Josh Meyer article in Politico. Is that there's an aspect of you know. Do you point to another aspect of this and that has to do with the media now members of the media we should say because of the not everyone's the same with them later in the program are gonna share Backus and one of the finest. Investigator for still working and so I want to play with a broad brush but that. But then that echo chamber created by Ben Rhodes on behalf of the Obama administration to support this Iran nuclear deal. When you're exposed to it he he was so dismissive of a mean he called these foreign policy reporters National Superior orders you know what twenty somethings that knew nothing. So so now they mean as you point out lead they have a vested interest they have skin in the game for policy and not just their reporting. So when this story comes out what they've got to protect their reputations. Absolutely they're very concerned about it. And are having a real problem right now because this is one of the reasons why Russia did it so important. These these people during the Obama years. They didn't know how to get stories in themselves. Ben Rhodes was right there a lot of 27 year old literally now not what they do and they were taking leaks from bad roads and other people on the administration. What do they do what you did Obama administration that god as it turns out they're still taking leaks from Obama operatives. We moved from national security Stephanie rock that. So rusty gate at the end it can highly plane because it there. And that's I guess what it's got the product and it is absolutely awful and people are right not the only different things that they've read or hear. Our guess is Lee Smith he's a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute by the way in a great great writer you can't publish unedited. No not not predict believe it can be a little. Skeptical that the other thing good way to go exactly. Good this is cautious skepticism. By the way also author of the book the strong horse power politics and the clash of Arab civilizations. This and he wrote about the echo chamber and how the media have basically. Tried to push back against a fellow journalist who for all accounts should get a Pulitzer for this a fantastic report. Let's pause that for a moment because that thankfully leave you're able to actually talk about the real politics involved here in the international ramifications. Let's go back to this Iran nuclear deal in light of this report. In light of the knowledge now that the Obama administration let Hezbollah go Scot free and stopped federal law enforcement from going after them so they can get the Iran nuclear deal. Is is there anything left for the trump administration to. It's a hold onto with this deal I mean is there any reason why they should keep this thing going or should the Iran nuclear deal die the death deserves. Well I I certainly hope it dies and you know about this coming month in January in the new year third two important two important deadline coming up. One has the certification. Of the deal that he part of American legislation. And another dead miners and that's sanctions waiver this will give the president. And the administration another opportunity to look at this deal and see whether or not that the other in the best interest of the United States I I certainly believe it or not. But the other important thing about the Myer. Again it's not just it's not just pointing triggered that the Obama people but they did it also underscored continue to highlight. The problem that Hezbollah opposes the United States. Our allies and interest around the world in the truck administration leaves in it then that the best. I want to be extremely important to trump administration but no problems right now without policy in the Middle East. And some of those include level not. So that's the other part that needs to be that needs to be underscored. The trump administration needs to watch that would what it's doing in Lebanon and it needs watch out it's doing and Syria and Iraq as well. I know that he's rock and Hezbollah are enormous problems. For American national security and for American foreign policy. Are around the world not just in the Middle East the Myer Ph.D. felt what they do in Latin America Asia. Africa and Europe as well as the middle. And and they are the terrorist arm of the Iranian government and they were given a free pass because Barack Obama won it that. Legacy button he wanted to be able to walk out of office saying I got the Iran nuclear deal it's it's truly despicable. I never Joshua are no I don't by the way I did the Josh Meyer peace as as it did the details all of these things. Are we aware of of of any Hezbollah terror incidents that happened as a result of this I mean I mean is it fair to say that congress has a role here. Two to investigate to have some oversight in this say listen people die because of this decision people that shouldn't of died that we could have prevented. I have the Obama administration not step down. I couldn't bear interest standpoint I think I I'm a minute I let them sir you know and let your listeners now the attorney general. I believe want an investigation and the lessons so. Well we'll see what happens at that point you make it very important. And I think a lot of people have not thought about this significantly yet what are the different operations that Hezbollah pulled around the world. That might not have happened. Had the administration not hold back different age and the DA in my other places. And they are younger first Josh Meyer piece is about the Iranians by the Iranians in the United States in what the FBI was pulled back do. The very standpoint because we had seen many many Hezbollah operation. We had of course that's gotten a famous operation in Bulgaria. We're suicide bomber killed a number of Israeli tourists look at this thing we need to be looking at a different things that the different place who has followed involved in the Arab but the embarrassment quite Larry match at that probably a good thing crawl the public and there. Police Smith always it is our commitment as you follow least miss work at least Smith the DC. On Twitter and I appreciate you joining us this a holiday week here before New Year's thank you for your article that you probably were on drugs are. Thanks so much reverend Larry I really appreciate it happy new year you and all of Europe thank you it is 47 minutes after the hour I am Larry O'Connor you can follow me on quarters Malario Connor with an apple. Larry Connors and again for the great one mark was in the summer and continue this theme coming up in a moment Cheryl act as some of the finest investigative reporters are working in Washington DC she's got a great Expos they called investigating. The investigators at DOJ. And FBI. Is there a real problem of a tangled web of politicized investigators at the Justice Department all seemingly surrounding. The Hillary Clinton and email investigation and the Robert Moeller Russia. Probe both show like this and exposes each of them in this blockbuster investigation she joins us coming up in a moment. Also I think as I mentioned before I look changing the subject I mean if you don't like and how they cannot stick around for you know eight minutes nine minutes my eighty deal kick in will clip to another topic. And that coming up I'm gonna talk about Star Wars. I mean talk about this last that I think because I have I have a theory. I think that social justice warrior feminists have ruined the Star Wars franchise and if you haven't in the movie I won't spoil too much. But but boy the feminization. Of the Star Wars galaxy is strong. And I don't think it's for the better but I wanna talk a little bit about NBC news for a moment it hasn't been a good year for NBC news let's face it first we had Mark Halperin. He's gotten dumped from MSNBC because he was you know blood do when an appropriate Harvey Weinstein kind of stuff. With people who work there and then of course Matt lollar. And as a secret little button under his desk that says well you go let's just say you wouldn't want your daughter in turning over there at The Today Show. And then just yesterday now we've learned about another what you know you have if you're NBC news you've got three franchises he got through today show and nightly news and NBC news. You got everything on MSNBC. And then you got CNBC Halperin was MSNBC and lauer was NBC there's a bit CNBC so far you know gathered is talking about those stocks and bonds right and then maybe your occasional shark tank at night. No one's gonna get in trouble over there poll who won't think twice about that one of their directors a director who work on power lunch in the Suzie Orman show. His name is Dan switch and he just got arrested in Westchester New York. According to the arrest report CNN you know you gotta throw and all the alleged reason there but you're getting you're gonna throw and all the idea has been accused of stuff. But this guy according to police. Set up our nanny cam in his bathroom. Hidden in a Kleenex box so he could spy on his teenage babysitters. And he's a director at CNBC. CNBC has no comment about this he's been arrested and now released but says the criminal charges will be pending so all three of peacock network's news outlets have now been hit. By A is the the creep factor and that's not a good thing. So NBC news is not decided to come out with a. Brand new policy for all of their employees. New York Post reports aren't. And according to their source there's no other rules about how employees at NBC news should hugged each other. I'll read from page six here New York Post. There's a series of ridiculous rules issued on other office conduct one relates to hugging if you wish to hug and colleague you have to do a quick hug. Men and immediate release that a way to avoid body contact. There's also strict rules about socializing including not sharing taxis home and I'm not joking. Not taking begins to steak houses. I don't think that was Matt Howard's problem. I thought I'd be pretty picky begin with the state health it was really a problem in the grand scheme of things with Matt flowers rape button. But there's more. They also NBC news executives that is the will not just be patrolling the halls of 30 Rock like I'd none at a Catholic school. Dance they're also asking. For employees to become spies and snitches on romantic relationships and other zero tolerance. I'm romantic relationships and they want employees to rat out their co workers. If they happen to have an office romance. Hasn't what is Joseph and Mika about this. How exactly does there. Relationship work in these new guidelines I'm Larry Connors mark was. This holiday cricket wireless and get a free LG fortune with no annual contract. Even so yeah. Forget why list only to smile about when. Requires that a foreign service technician and materials from us for sponsor restarting its recognition of between five dollars in the Texas trojans apply want to be sleepless for details. The when you come to a brick in the. As these stories universe been famine eyes. And not for the better I'm Larry O'Connor. Sitting in February 1 mark Hogan we'll take up that topic and many others as this afternoon evening goes on today I am broadcasting no. Here do in the Merck. Within show from the greats. KT OK 1000 AM in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma legendary radio station in a fantastic city and I am. Pleased as punch to be here talking to the great mark within audience. Amongst which I count myself by the way I well listen America every night on my way home. After I finish my program so thank you mark in the whole team here at the Merc have been show I love being here. Joining us right now one of the best Cheryl active since she's an investigator reporter. And do you view must. Follow her on Twitter Sharyl Attkisson and check out her web site share Backus and dot com. A the most important we get her book her latest book just came out this year this smear. It has talks a whole lot about how our political operatives and fake news control what you see. What you think and how your vote at sort of the theme here on this evening's program and she joins us now Carol thanks for joining us and happy new year Tia. Hail Mary thank grabbed me. It was in your latest article here pitcher like some dot com investigating the investigators are DOJ and FBI I think is so important and needs as much attention as possible. Because you're actually starting to connect some dots here we've heard all of these names. And all of these stories about these operatives investigators say and people of the DOJ who have acted in pretty blatantly political way. But you're connecting how they all relate to the Hillary Clinton you know investigation or the Robert Mueller Russian investigation. On but at the lay this out for us William. Well I think that and how much coverage. Rightfully so in many cases about the elect collusion between China and Russia but. Much less much much much slept about the investigation. Into the investigators. And the primary investigation the way I see it. Is being held by the Department of Justice inspector general who appointed by President Obama so he's at eight. Republican Party and and he has made clear he's investigating a number of officials at DOJ under Obama. And a number of FBI official the ball and yet the bad appellate click email investigation that. And it chew appear to exonerate her. As well as the truck Russia pro at somebody fame characters or actors intersect in bulk of that. And it could start to look at it. I'll add as I say it appeared that those doubts are piling up and that investigation and it largely on another way. Although I might point out nobody and officially accused or charged of anything in particular. And the moves being made by the FBI DOJ. People who are either retiring going into private practice. Being transferred or whatnot. You know their supporters in some cases they've been there and they're entirely unrelated. To the investigation not a lot but it's certainly worth looking at it. Sure any and ends you're left with just one of them I wanna I wanna hit many of these that Peter struck I think is one of the most fascinating. Individuals here he. He is the person who was revealed. I sent those text messages too cute is that pair more. They're saying things about having an insurance policy to ensure just in case Donald Trump gets elected president. It's amazing to see how much he was involved where I mean I mean he modified. James comb these findings initial findings about Hillary Clinton in the million modified the language so they're idiots do you know didn't fall into this statutory. Illegal behavior grossly negligent. He participated in the interview with Hillary Clinton he then got named the Robert Mueller investigation he's the person. Who accepted the Russian dossier apparently from. From fusion GPS. He had his fingers and Ohio twice Sharyl Attkisson. Yep I think it's hard to ignore that act I mean I think his supporters would say. You can be a you can feel very partisan about somebody clearly despite that president. Email. But they would RT and they'll be air. But the whole point. That's special counsel investigation as to avoid it parent conflict of interest because that was considered to be apartment first fight and if you have. People who all are overtly partisan on the team. Then certainly a legitimate questions need to be asked especially. When it famed figures intersect both. Appearing to be operationally clipped on the one hand also appearing to be. You know very much involved in that trump Russia collusion proud. You know one right after the other. And and it did to that and I you know it's seems to me is Cheryl they do you know you're doing some great investigative reporting here. When you look at where the energy in the media is right now. I would think that that a politicized FBI in a politicized Justice Department is a great story. But there does seem to be as much interest in somebody like that from your colleagues. There really hasn't and then I published an article in the hell about the thing that article you're talking about a web site that looks at. You know the pull the alleged politicization. Of our Intel agencies I have a question as to whether I've asked whether they're the mid systemic. Corruption and orbit either and I Intel agencies and I point out not just. Under one administration but. Under certain characters that it grow more pervasive and powerful than any single party or administration. That persist over time. Longer in and it's in a fashion that can wield more control over these issues then that most of the now and I think. It app support article an important consideration while. Our guest is Cheryl Akerson and her latest article overture like isn't dot com is investigating the investigators specifically the people who investigated either Hillary Clinton team off. Server or are involved in the investigation of the trump campaign impossible alleged rushing collusion. You detail here eight different high ranking DOJ or FBI officials who have in one way either been removed reassigned. Or there are now I'm thinking of resigning. A that's a remarkable number eight of these people all involved in this are now suddenly either gone or or signaling that they're going is there something afoot here. Well you know I guess we'll have to know in due time because in some cases. It claimed that the votes are being made on related only investigation I can't tell you that. The department of just that the Specter general in addition to congressional committees are investigating. Has said outright in a written report keep looking at. These certain DOJ. And FBI official or whether they should have recused themselves. From Britain Secretary Clinton investigation because they have ties to or communication with Hillary campaign. Figures connected to the Clinton has you about the looking at whether there was improper influence made. In that decision making process during the Hillary Clinton that negation of her on the handling of classified emails. So you know he has said that either area people looking at somebody figures but he said it looking at are the one who has. Moved or transferred or are left there previous positions already and you put it together which I don't think anybody hasn't found one article. It does and at least look like it starts to tell a story and made it bigger story than one that they hold that are. Tell me what you've learned about Andrew McCabe that this is the deputy FBI directors are correct and and he also was involved in many of these investigations. Arm he he has a lot of political connections we've learned. He does and batted in he's just figured that. Is persistent and seen it when you're looking across at these two big investigation. She is connected to these other figures that I mentioned in my article some of them. Or under hammer or MRI's. Advice and I believe both stroke. And that woman the other FBI turning with him he was having an election there. Both are considered McCabe associates and that I it has worked under him that while. So he sort of a key figure the best and and it can record that I haven't urban and reported in news report. That after his congressional testimony behind closed doors in the past week or two. It he would talk fed through friends that he planned to retire and it is eligible for all pension probably around arch. So he may indeed be able to mark time in because I don't think the DOJ inspector general investigation I'll be finished by that but. Sound like she's sending a message that he's quite winding down not. And and let's just repeat for anybody who isn't you know keeping score at home billion we live in Washington DC we're sort of in the belly of this beast and we are seeing all of these reports flyby. And McCain's wife ran for senate in the commonwealth of Virginia. In the middle of the Hillary Clinton email investigation this was and 2016. And his wife received. But any enormous contribution to her campaign by the standards of a state senate rod 700000. Dollars and that. That campaign contribution came. From a super pac run by Virginia governor Terry McCullough who is basically a family member of Hillary Clinton how does that not rise to the level Cheryl like this and at the very least of appearance of conflict of interest. Well that is exactly why the department inspector general that he thought it was a matter worthy of investigation. While he hasn't made a conclusion that. Been out in the public yet. He did think that. Just like you said that would certainly worthy of looking into that that McCain's wife received 700000 dollars or very close Clinton associate. And immediately prior to. You know that Hillary Clinton email investigation being officially launch it probably are being cut at the time. And whether he should have just to avoid the appearance if nothing else we shoot themselves is their primary question is back into our. And you know I remind my friends who are we're Democrats on the left to who have expressed concern over the idea of a hostile foreign power. Showing undue influence and perhaps even colluding with the presidential campaign in this last cycle. That when they're concerned about that I'm I understand why they are concerned I don't see the same patterns in the same evidence that they see but at least I understand why they're concerned about that because. And that's an erosion of public trust that's an erosion of something that we Americans should be able to rely on the integrity of our candidates and the campaign. But Betemit. Something even more concerning the Cheryl act has sent. Is a Justice Department beat these these legal arm of our federal government with all the power they have the police power of the use of deadly force. Being politicized. Being utilized as a tool of one political arm or one political entity. But that's deeply troubling in deeply disturbing isn't that something that congress should have been pre released speech taking off from your perspective. I kicked out and I do not some congressional committees and members are looking into this but to get out of the whole dynamic of how things work on Capitol Hill. Come at you probably know committees and leadership on both parties are often in my opinion at least in my experience. Dictated in ruled that some degree by federal agencies and by the interest that they ought to be regulating and overseeing so. Sometimes they only goes so are when actually doing their investigations and that kind of stopped they're allowed to make. That staffers tell me they're allowed to make a public think about something the and they move on they only told that they can go so far so. Yes I do think they should be investigating at an epic set my article on that hill. This is more pervasive than any single political party at a I don't I want the other complaint and it's not always picture leak. Ideological into I think it's more about the power that these Intel agencies whole thing had been given and had been building. Over the decade but particularly the post nine elevenths era when we exceeded a lot of our. Privacy we accepted that some of these would have to be infringed upon. Because we needed to protect our national security but at the same time there are some actors that certainly. I'd like to think most people on our intelligent it is very good on a people from income and sources have helped me but there are certainly actors. That even these people are worried about inside their agencies. Who are doing things. For it not for the best of our country and are politicizing the way they've saved the powers that they've been given. That are not surveilling on the basis of what they're supposed to be that that are prevailing political enemies. And journalists an American citizen of that they can find out information on them not to protect national security yeah I think these are really important concern. Always incredibly corrosive of the public's trust in our government what's left of it at least and NN by the way I sure like us and I think it's important to point out. Mitt as a journalist you have your own run ins with the Justice Department under the Obama administration and and you continue of when your into the trump administration. You continue to be stymied in your ability to get to the bottom of the weirdest things stand now with your. Lawsuit against the DOJ. Well my luck that against the federal government for that intrusions into my computers in the privacy intrusion is moving forward. Positively as a black always finally got it such an act. Then you're good at letting it go forward. And we have found that potent subpoenaed Department of Justice CIA FBI at AM and you name it. And we're taking depositions on but the Department of Justice continued to instead of cooperate. Even other than new administration at the same actors and they're still acting the case and trying I'm not to let it progressed rather than. Looking at the friend nick and acknowledging what what was done and trying to get to the bottom of it so. Little changes that things from administration to administration or talking about the sort. Listen there are a lot of Sunday programs on all the network on cable there's all of the same sounding hosts with the same sounding questions to the same sounding guess in the same kind of political pundit talking head drew round tables that occur after the interviews but there's one Sunday program that stands apart Jimenez Sharyl Attkisson is called full measure. We share legacy and ended syndicated nationwide it's broadcast every Sunday across all the networks go check it out online you can see where it's playing in your town. Which you won't be disappointed it truly is making a different show like this and I'd love talking to you whenever I can I appreciate you joining us today appreciate that Larry happy new year. It's 620 excuse me as 21 minutes after the hour I'm Mary O'Connor sitting in for the mark live and ship. Blew up the ball online here at 87731311. And I'm no flaw not gonna push against its hide. I don't know a lot I have on my mind a lot I wanna talk about the clearly you wanna talk about this stinky smelly. Apparently politicized investigation not just into the president in his campaign and the alleged Russian connection but you clearly is still wanna talk about what went on with that Hillary Clinton investigation so we'll take your calls. It 8773813811. Did you agree. With the congressman this week is that there needs to BAA I'm using his words purge. Of the Justice Department are urge of the FBI to get rid of. Politicized. Investigators and politicized. Attorneys who have I just wonder will repeat this now at the Justice Department and the FBI they have. Police powers granted to them. On our behalf. They are able to it investigate us they are able to surveil us they are able to jail us if necessary they're able to use deadly force against us. The take away the very liberty of life. We allowed them to do that but there's a deal that we made under our constitution. There's a deal we've made with our elected officials. In congress and with our chief executive the president whom we all vote for this deal is that there's oversight. Many deal is that they're allowed to have those powers over us but only. If they follow the rules follow the constitution. And our elected officials conduct very real. Oversight to make sure they aren't corrupt. Irish I'm unsure that oversight has happened. I mean. I mean we get a congress actually. Hold the attorney general Eric Holder in contempt. And nothing happened. So do you agree that the DOJ and the FBI are out of control. And what's to be done I'm Mary O'Connor. Sitting in for the great one mark was. There's there's very showed in New York Times there's so afraid. My blood men caller now heading 773813811. Princess Rooney is a congressman from Florida Republican and he's getting a lot of heat because he won on MS so what are they going on the Sundays why Allison I guess. I guess you to do my friend in her bright person which as you walk into the fire right you go where there they're in there and meeting to hear your message right so. So France's really goes on MSNBC he said there should be a purge at the FBI because of the political bias over there. And he's getting a lot of heat I'm Larry O'Connor and filling in for mark lived in here and the number is 87731311. I want a duck tail off of what we deterred from sheer black its gonna talk about that urged. As that they use of the word purge. I understand you know they they immediately jumped to Communists say it is immediately jumped to dictatorship. Whenever it's a Republican using that terminology. That's odd that evokes those kind of idea you know perch that's what a dictator does. They never they never look at those socialist dictator policies. Of the language the actual policies that their side employees. That we come right out of Karl Marx's how to manual. Now that that doesn't concern them it's that the word is used that they don't like him in this case it was the word purge why got to hand it there representative Matt deaths also from Florida. He's been making the rounds along with Jim Jordan the two of them are like us sort of side by side on a lot of these media appearances. And I guess it was on Fox News last night and Ed Henry there. Pressed him on and that you agree should there be a purge you get. That pay the purchase starting happening. Is that these people are resigning or getting reassign all further political biases as you just her chair elect assembly out there. Well I setting aside whether you like the word perjure not that there need to be some sort of housecleaning. What is attorney general Jeff Sessions doing because there was a time in this country where someone was. Identified and described as a a career. Justice Department official a career FBI investigator that meant something. It meant that they weren't a political appointee they weren't hack they were somebody that the current administration just happened to put there. And so they are clean and I'm solely to many political influence they've been there their whole career they just care about the truth. They just care about justice they just care about enforcing our laws and sadly now. I think the mood in this country seeing what is going on seeing what happened with the Hillary Clinton investigation seen what's going on. With the Robert Miller special counsel investigation. Of Donald Trump. And the dossier. And you learn of all of that into relations between these lawyers and investigators and media there political figures excuse me. And and and sadly I think the opposite is now true. Did that the problem is with the career Justice Department officials because they are so entrenched in the deep state they are so entrenched. In the politics of Washington DC that day. They're beholden to backed. And not to the constitution not to the law. And if you dare call the mind if you dare shine the light of truth on what's going on. Then you work slandering every FBI agent you're slandering every Justice Department official you're slandering every good worker bee there. Who's trying to do the lord's work well that's not the case. I'm not doing that at all. But the best thing if you really love the FBI if you really care about the FBI if you really care about the Justice Department. You should be outraged about these stories. That's my biggest problem with rod Rosenstiel. The deputy attorney general when he was facing off against the Judiciary Committee against Libya for mentioned represented gets and representative Jim Jordan. When they were pressing him on these issues the man looked like he was. He was late for dinner. The man looked like he was he was mean worried about picking up his dry cleaning. I want my deputy attorney general to be more outraged than anyone else that there's even a hint even a suggestion. Up politicization of the Justice Department and the FBI. The best thing we can do for the FBI is to make sure that they are clean as a whistle. Otherwise all of them all of the law enforcement officials were at the federal upper level are painted with that brush. The watchdogs for the DOJ should be angrier than anyone about what we've learned over the last several weeks and yet they're not. They're circling the wagons there entrenched they're protecting each other and themselves. And that's exactly the wrong move. So what's the solution in do you agree that this Justice Department has been so politicized. This sadly the American people have lost faith. And the federal government to enforce the laws of this land and even. In judicious way. 87731311. America only here for you let's start with Robert in Baltimore Maryland you're on the Markel didn't show Robert. Are negotiating a good but I am agitated. And agitated than the Justice Department is no longer that that Eliot mess kind of operation that I thought used to bit. Well you should be agitated. That. I can tell. Me. If I had done half of the things that these people are doing I would be in jail I would have been fired. I'm him and kicked out everything under the sun except. Being promoted and put into a higher position. And doing the things they're doing and the other hole talk about them. All of it's being purged their retiring their resigning and all this other house and that's crap. They they basically robbed the bank. They're retiring now also we should just let them go. Is that is that the way to all work and let them retire on all the money they run from the bank yeah. Chocolate. And I'm excited we're retirement is not what you do be. Nothing new B. Excused mean. I can play the retirement actually. Fight night. And that's your thing. I'm sure so Robert Robert a Baltimore thanks her you Conan the mark wouldn't show tonight good to hear from you only get as many in here as I can't. Because that's what I love about talk radio and what a lot about the Merkel events show many probably takes more callers and any of the national post. Cabinet Salt Lake City, Utah you're next up America to join Larry O'Connor. There are your com good Woody Allen. McMillan Lou almost BS from. BI and everybody elderly they BM BI and elders is why it's. And our guys that are. Erupted. You got more mentally retarded the FBI didn't like me uranium one will go and Malkin and Jordan is an outright even though today so you got. But I didn't garden that didn't insult you already can now. You know waste they let Hillary go without food over and over and over and over again in July and Albert. Yeah normality why all of a lied. They wouldn't. Take this statement under all right what do know that. Yeah and I know and I think and or oh they didn't take any notes so there's no you know every everybody gets in trouble Mike Flynn is now in trouble because he supposedly alleged election say allegedly because he's plead guilty to it former general Mike Flynn national security advisor for a month in the trump administration. Pled guilty to lying to FBI agents and they know he lied. Because they compared his testimony to other people's testimony and to some evidence that they had. Hillary Clinton there's no way to know if Hillary Clinton lied to FBI agents when they questioned her. Because they never did any kind of recording device on that investigation on the Ahmed interview and they are where they're found findings before they even interview here. Walt when you're sitting there and run homer to Elijah Asia turned over everything that you're gonna have anything left. Which all seeing all this you're like introduce surely you they'll get more alert. You know to the solution. On record Andrei. Implement a million people I didn't yet not put. Yeah I know Kevin I the some thanks for the call out their Salt Lake City, Utah IA I sense your frustration and then again. This is not just about politics live I'm not so naive to suggest that this isn't. Somehow about politics there's obviously politics involved and also led to this equation but it goes much much deeper than that I worry about this country. If the majority of the American people lose. Faith in certain institutions like the Justice Department I I'm I'm not kidding when I said that. I want my DOJ might FBI to be like Eliot mess I want them to be on corrupted I need them to be. As pure as the virgin snow that's falling in the north east right now. Because that's the only way this arrangement works. We're we with our god given rights has articulated a protected by the bill of rights in the constitution so wisely laid out by our forefathers. We allow the federal government to infringe on those rights under certain conditions. And one of those conditions is you don't break the rules. You don't break the constitution yourself you don't. Actor and politicized. Way you don't use the Justice Department and the FBI in a political way to punish your enemies or to give your pet. Cal's a free pass. And that is exactly what we are now seeing. And as soon as that appears to happen in our country. We're seeing some very dangerous. Roads ahead of us. Very dangerous and I don't want that to happen Bob in Atlanta Georgia you're next up on the mark Livan show. Hey Bob. Hey Christian alone. To me I've been watching this I voted. Libertarian at times I voted my conscience and who would you running. So it's not about party it's not about politics but it is. Drew me in my lifetime this would egregious abuse. Of power by the government are few things that bothered me about it when I look at what was. Done to the Clinton decided that investigation with respect you than it was discovered. The not invested cardinals under oath so they put that they engineered. Solution that allowed them to a wall so that that's what the whole intent was. Yeah David did they had to find an out and had to find it before the conventions and Bob if I can just interject warmer thank. Not only did they did they do that but then they also made agreements with all these people that they would destroy the evidence afterwards so no one could then come back. And re investigated. If they did was absolute outrage go ahead. May I also believe that this whole dossier was designed and engineered and and it would be used to sit there and that's why they won't. Leave that information about the fight to court warrant post to our children all. Just wonder people all people who who are not participating bay in that we can engineer invented planted. Knowingly and accepted by the people who took it knowingly. In order to puke. Be the justification. And I think that this year that did that in itself. It's quite often the FBI agent who haven't yet there was talking about what he said that they had the the plan won't get. The insurance plan Peter struck an assurance plan I zealous and I. He's that I want to agree with you that Donald Trump can't win this election won't win but I think we need an insurance plan just in case and then suddenly he is the man. Who was the point person on the dossier he is amended Italy he is the man who briefed the House Intelligence Committee. The first week of December about the existence of the dossier. And then within a week. James cone he was then planning to brief the president elect in trump tower. And all of the people who were. Serbs failed inappropriately. And who were unmasked. This I believe that this was the that mechanism that we use to to do all of that and who engineered as copper and the people who did it. Should go to jail and hiding behind all of that good people look at the FBI veteran calmer which is what you all of the FBI is a great place you know that you write except for. There's a really bad they didn't need at the top and it needs to bill that they had made the cut off of this snake. Well I've got Bob I'm afraid it's more than just in the the head of the snake eyes sadly and I appreciate the call I really do here on the mark living show. The year and you battle you're absolutely right this second that you raise the criticism I can hear them working in the cubicles in media matters right now they don't take holidays off trust me. And they're not gonna be right you know rug right wing radio host Larry O'Connor in for Merkel event. Says that the Justice Department is corrupt and they're all liars immunity. You know. But that's the trick that's what they do are you saying sorry that all of the FBI agents were putting their lives on the line to protect our country aircraft no. Now also what why even raise that as a question of course I'm not saying that. Just like Barack Obama wasn't saying that all police officers are racist when he was protecting black flies matter at the White House. I actually maybe he was saying that now but I think about it but it's not like he was every challenge that way was he. The looser he was not. How about Peter in Leesburg Virginia boy that's God's country there in Leesburg units up on the mark within show. Mr. Saying first of all. The FBI needs to be run by agents it's not run by agents he tried by a bunch of lawyers. Okay and it's been less likely throw a lot of time we haven't had any agent turned the FBI may million years and won't restart put age inspector in charge. If you could start cleaning up the FBI as far as the department adjust search. What do you read the Department of Justice. Just session to him Friday. Yeah I had nowhere to be. Yeah I think he's recused himself from a whole bank thing at this point not just from the Russian investigation. I'm staying right in the department suggestions. And for the military if you are person military. Although in general and start couldn't 78. Provoke you can be me in the general's position you're shake up the military US start marketing deals. That's how you get it done. All right Peters moved I feel sorry crossed the Potomac over to the Pentagon now as he starts sickly doesn't drain the swap Peter thanks for the call and happy new year Tia. I wanna hear from Scott in San Francisco California. Listening here on the Merc with a join Larry O'Connor what do you say Scott. They Scott era. Are we lost Scott he said he was had top three secret clearance that would have been jailed for ten years if I he had done. What Hillary Clinton I hear that all of the time by the way one of the beauties of doing talk radio in the nation's capital of the Yemeni houses so many of the listeners there. In the greater Washington area are members of the FBI and the Justice Department or the intelligence community or of the military. Are there listening on their way into worker on the way home from work they know. They're the good people or make in this country run to make in this government run and they were more outraged than anyone about what happened with Hillary Clinton or I should say what didn't happen. With Hillary Clinton. Why others in the government's most specifically the elected officials and the people who just department who weren't. More study is is terrifying and infuriating but we need that investigation. Hopefully we'll get our people right here on the mark Livan shall continue with this conversation and coming up in a moment has Star Wars in feminized. And has have been ruined. Because of a look at that to malaria O'Conner into the great one mark event. Mary O'Connor sitting in for the great one mark who lived in in a moment we're gonna take of the issue of the new Star Wars movie and what's happened to the Serwer is universe it's become. Feminized. And and think that's necessarily a good thing but let's continue our conversation about the Justice Department. Let's go to John in Savannah Georgia boy that's love Savannah Georgia what degree turn you live in John. You're on the market and show. Hey John incidentally Europe. He he's an average American and he talked about how the FBI and the Justice Department had a history. Back before the civil rights and days of the sixties where they would use their weapons that we users agreements power for nefarious reasons and I would agree with him. Think they used to be it's time in this country where liberals classic liberals were suspicious of the government. Of the overreaching power of the surveillance state and of the Justice Department and the FBI working on behalf of corrupt individuals in this government what happened to them. What happened to those classical liberals who were always in his stance where they were suspicious of the big powerful bird government taking away their rights and liberties. They what happened they got in charge. And now they put their people in place and they're using that exact same Justice Department and surveillance state for their own ends. It even believe in values and principles or you don't. You can't just add to use the exact same tactics for your fans and suddenly everything's okay. But sadly that's exactly what we've seen from the left in America. I'm Larry O'Connor and this is the market. This holiday cricket wireless and get a free LG fortune with no annual contract. Even so yeah. Forget why list only to smile about when. Requires that a foreign service technician in the third I was promotion for sponsor restarting its recognition typically I don't see the Texas trojans apply want to be sleepless for details. The Star Wars movie Korea all right so don't worry about turn and I was out here are we are gonna talk about the Star Wars movie. Horror they're better than a broad strokes and enforce awakens which is now two years old. Actually has just as many examples of the problem I'm gonna point out and then this latest. Last jet imovie does but the problem is that the Star Wars universe they galaxy there are characters and droids find themselves in has been completely and totally feminized. And if tiger ruining it. It's ruining the movies it's ruining the characters it's remained a plot lines and it's ruining what made Star Wars great I'm not saying that thorough as news from her incredibly masculine. But boy they that this social justice warriors have taken over. At an end and I think we've got a serious problem here with the feminization of the Star Wars galaxy and the heroes and the story lines and if you understand what I'm talking about if you seen this would have leopard your reaction to is that what's wrong with this movie having gotten very good reviews. I now I'm rotten tomatoes I think get a sub 50% rating. I think there's a lot of great stuff in this movie I really do I think visually it's phenomenal but the overall themes. And to be dead but plot lines that hinge on V. The condemnation. Of males heroics. That had been personified by hand solo. And to a lesser extent Luke Skywalker in past movies those have now been condemned as being the problem. In the Star Wars galaxy and the solution is act more like a woman. Not playing a few more details without any spoilers I promise but I would look for you to jump in on this 287731. 3811. If the Markel have been show. I am Larry O'Connor is filling in for the great one here on this holiday week I hope he's having a great vacation I hope you're having. A great vacation if you're on vacation I had moon god knows I still listen to mark have been when I'm on vacation. It's a must listen radio and just by way of introduction. I'm a talk show host I broadcast on WNBL. In my opinion the finest talk radio station in the country because we're in Washington DC. I mean I mean but trump administration and congress and all of the things that happen in the swamp of those are local stories for us. Happy WM AL how lucky MRI. From three to six in the afternoon but I get the follow Rush Limbaugh and lead in to Mark Levine and every day during people's drive home. So that's who I am you can follow me on Twitter I am also columnist and blogger over at The Washington Times but I god knows we don't talk about just Washington DC stuff there or a WM AL or for that matter. On the Merkel have been show that this is a cultural issue yes but it it transcends the movies. It also talks about who we are the thought leaders in this country and yes there are thought leaders in Hollywood. They they they have great influence. Over what we talk about and what happens in our country as my old dear friend and colleague Andrew bright parts of god rest his soul used to say. Politics is downstream from culture. Oh I know you've heard that a lot but he invented it he coined that phrase and he was right. There's a reason why whenever Hollywood actor is in Washington DC the politicians are dying to have them testify in congress they loved glom onto them. Because they recognize the importance of culture and our country and how cultural icons. Make a difference. In so many people's lives. Who aren't paying attention of politicians necessarily but god knows they're paying attention Star Wars. Or they're paying attention to beyoncé and there's a reason why Barack Obama would have Jay-Z and beyoncé. In the White House all the time there's a reason why when he went out across the country and he was doing rallies in various cities he wouldn't go on the local talk radio station. He go on the morning zoo for the hip hop station I mean partly because he was gonna get a from the audio. And he wouldn't get asked any tough questions but also be understood that that's where the voters were in many instances certainly his voters. Politics downstream of culture and win a stalwart franchise like Star Wars that has so much influence on young people and people who aren't necessarily paying attention. To politics on a daily basis when they are influenced by this movie in subtle and not so subtle ways will that makes a difference in our lives. And let me just say this without spoiling anything about. The last jet I what you get I think it was a pretty good movie I enjoyed it I had fun with it and I thought it was. Beautifully filmed some of that imagery in this movie are is just. Unparalleled. In my opinion. But at critical plot points in this movie. The masculine. Heroic. Actions. That had been celebrated in the world of the late seventies and early eighties with Pam solo and Luke Skywalker and Obi wan can OB. They characters who would do heroic. Selfless deeds. They're chastised. By the women who were in charge. There is one moment where the rebellion personified. By a general kid Billy Carrie Fisher general area. And an admiral played by Laura turned. They start who's shooting orders around in the bridge and they pan the camera over to the people who were in charge of the ship they're all women. There all women and they also represented various races of human beings as well as aliens. When you cut over to the bad guys guess what's. The empire is all run by white man. And win in the general and the admiral have their famine i.'s plan of success. They turned to the male heroes. In the rebellion and they basically tell them to sit down and shut up they don't need to know what the plan is. The women are in charge here and we'll take care of it. Now again without spoiling too many things that actually doesn't work out very well but that's not a lesson you walk away win. In this film. And if you think that I'm reading too far into it if you think that I making a bigger deal limited I listen I'd love to hear from you at 877313. Well one but I don't think guys out. Oh there's an agenda in Hollywood trust me on this if you didn't know that I don't think you're paying attention. Oh and by the way I keep referring to it as the rebellion you know that what's what it always was the rebellion and the empire the rebellion in the empire guess what. The rebellion run by women managed by women. It's now resistance. Sound familiar. Did you see what I saw when you saw a Star Wars the last tonight. Am I wrong about this. 87731311. Let's go to Ryan and sin sin. At the Ohio your first up on the hardwood and show I'm Larry O'Connor. Well are ignored agreement and man I'm good at doing what do you think and I am making a big deal out of this or is that really happening in this movie. You know why the first I would go see it last weekend. Spent forty dollars to have I Backstreet ticket and what not all excited. And I just could not believe. What we got replied I would want how. I have a local audio we can anybody else Nazi. Hey you're absolutely right all right belt as we water was just eight jarring hit social justice Lorie. If we lose riot. Got used to that you're you're still dropped for a second you're right it's Sid the science it's it's not star horses that social justice wars. Exactly what it is the biggest thing. It's the structure we don't like I can't believe like everybody else I. Wouldn't. A quote the bottom wanna read it for anybody about it. Apart the pill what we kept on repeating a great. Per game destroy cart path that's exactly. What they were motivated by what he'd become hateful pipes that pass. He trying to get their history everybody knows that public saw horse weight yet that are proud of you know but then again it's our history it would it brought us to and yeah we are today don't like basically there's been called. Is this a reincarnation of what's going or not it's steady if people like get strong right at the approval rating went up getting rid of the candidate or are you know. It's such a great point yes destroy the past we can't progressive must we destroyed burned. And forget the past and and and again by the way that idea is promoted and pushed by the winning characters here. And and you're not supposed to use your skills that you practiced. With and trained on your entire life you know to be enjoy and I used to be about train train train learn learn apprentice apprentice and takes forever to master all of these things it took Luke Skywalker how many months with the yoga in the swamp to learn how to lift a spaceship. But but you know the woman just uses her into weak chin and she can lift boulders again not to spoil much in the. Even a dollar and that's that's quite rigorous point is that. So excited or. We week childhood. Oh man it's sad Ryan it's sad that listen thanks for coded from Cincinnati Ohio and happy new year deal with the this movie has been up for two weeks and I've been I've been dying to talk about this. But I didn't wanna spoil it are right but I think that enough people now if you wanted to see you've seen it by now and I hope we're not spoiling too much. But then again beautiful movie but there's some serious problems with this. And an and I think that there are social ramifications cultural ramifications. Fist pumping a stalwart as Star Wars being sort of up and it reinvented. And and what's the message here. What's the message. That that me that these that this. Heroic male character would do instinctively. Are wrong and have to be squelched. Have to be impeded. The women have the answer is. And the manner not to question. What the women are going to do I'm not kidding you when you see it yeah that's exactly what they'll do. That's what you'll get from it as well John in Columbia, South Carolina the Paul meadows state you're next up on the mark wouldn't show. And a job as mark wouldn't say well. I do their error I'm glad what do you think. Well 43 years old I grew up watches powerful. You go watch his firm I I went all the but. And obvious. Toll. I walked out of here is that well. Cannot how our society is gonna go and watching you are a commitment to be. Are clearly hated it I wanna ruin this or anybody else but. Next album going on discussions about the you naturalization. Notebook. Just in general. It is pretty much. I'm used to Gupta who want power so. I almost feel like in in in Star Wars. A new hope Wright episode for which approach to all of us we we refer to it as the first Star Wars right. That it yes princess lay out. Was not your typical princess you know she was gone told me she you know she was a rebel she was. You know engineering a lot of stuff and she you know who died gazans aspect Hansel but she still had to be rescued. She's still required the men and the male characters to do some pretty heroic deeds and she was grateful for that. I I feel like they've lost that part of the that they had not understood the balance in the movie and in the forest apartments that. Well it at that he had used it's just dead ought and senator you're watching films. That. Several years or bypass or decades in this. It's continually get worse and worse where it is then you're mad at B kind of felt a lot of all of these. Bat yet he even live here turns me. I was calorie and so forth but I mean it makes the whole power. All the bad guys of course are as well they're just. Dirt didn't change some but just don't see. Spader for example even the a minute these character. But you know a list BV's betrayed Eric. The grandson is portrayed in certain ways the end. Very. Metro sexual very weak but. Being Brian how and he he's got psychological problems he's not evil right yet listen icon into. A great point and I appreciate the call and by the way I wanna say Adam driver I think is the best actor in the film I think he's the one who plays. Tyler ran by the way United States marine and and and so. Our credit has to be given there are but they got the way they're setting this up you almost think that in the next movie. Tyler ran as he takes over the empire is going to say family you know what I'm gonna make big galaxy grade again or somebody I mean they're being so blatant. In what they're trying to do here as the resistance. What changed their uniform. And all of the star fighters for the resistance will Wear pink knit hats all right this am on more of our conversation here in a moment 877. 3813811. That do you see the feminization of the Star Wars galaxy the way I do is that a problem. Or my full of it 87731311. And coming up a great news about law enforcement in America a fantastic stat. Where a police officers deaths have reached a near fifty year low in just the first year. Of the trump presidency we're gonna talk about that and I wanna hear from cops about that why do you think it is. But first let's continue our conversation on Star Wars I'm Larry O'Connor sitting in for the great one mark live event. Great one mark look many I decided it wanted to be monologue introducing myself and explaining why was that the top of this program tonight. As a filling in an effort to me may have but you know listen the people tune in all throughout the three hours so I thought I'd reveal a little bit about myself. As the evening goes on one of the things I'd like to tell you is that I haven't always been in politics or punditry your talk radio for that matter. Actually started in the entertainment business. I started working in the theater business on Broadway I am moves in management wasn't a performer but I am pretty finely attuned to what happens in our culture in the entertainment world. And you can see trends happening and I'm telling you this latest Star Wars movie this is a very real trend its sort of of course awakens it was. As subtle as a sledgehammer in this latest one the feminization of the Star Wars galaxy that the matter wrong and in fact. What's wrong about the world they're living in the gala to living in his men. And the women have all the answers John in LA the belly of the entertainment world beast you're next up on the mark within show. You know I just saw the movie last night. I can definitely see where you're coming from when the point true Beijing. But I also saw a spot where. From my perspective they were showing. That step and that there's a lack of better work permanent shift. That's most work. And I saw it several times toward the Indy. Yeah yeah I think we the viewers may have seen that but did the characters ever acknowledged that. That of course. We very rare nowhere how hard it. And then listen that in the John I think and what you're referring to in there was definitely one tactic that I think. It was a disaster end and there is some acknowledgment. But and John thank you for the call but but if you go to the central character and the central theme of the movie. Other central character is a woman and I she. Just threw her own intuition and in our knowledge is able to school ends and correct and instruct and better. A jet I who has been studying almost his entire life on the ways of the force. And he was wrong and she was right just because she knew inside. Not mayhem. That's set up many Lincoln Nebraska you're next up on the market within ship. I height. Yeah I. I am I'm twenty and I I've liked Star Wars from my entire life and when I saw the last storm I I can already see the. Seven that the Haitian national police say it yes I'm an and I am and I see this torrent. And breed of leader I wanted to just kind of get up and want Caroline. It doesn't even seem like forward. Amir says I. I also faith. Maybe this is stretching far but I think that. Although other illegal bird. Not quite memo most of the bad guys. Yet that is not not completely but I get what you're saying Sam thank you for that sort of makes him his jar jar drinks at all. Coming up I'll hear from cops why do you think police killings are down. Then show. Where we create the talking points to call in now at 8773813811. People on those. Media not very thrilled with me bringing a Jerry Gervais there at the end I'm sorry you cannot give me crap about it as well I'm on Twitter Larry O'Connor. Or on pace would be Larry O'Connor as an OR I'm sorry about the George Irving's referenced it but ready here's the good news Perl associate this is warriors out there I'm pretty sure charger was he gay. Or transgender or or trans species or something. I'm not sure but. Mitt Mitt Mitt but he checks off a box of some kind I'm sure so let's set aside to charge everything firmament Shelley. I'm Larry Connors sitting in for the great one mark lived in night you talk radio Washington DC and a BM mail every day. In the afternoon leading into mark so I love listening to mark just like you love listening to mark. By the way also wanna point out I am broadcasting today. From the center of our nation though heartland Oklahoma City, Oklahoma KT OK the mighty 1080. Am and what I hospitality here has been fantastic. So what I did mustn't boomer sooner and all that jazz here in Oklahoma it's a great place to be. The Tex mex is best it's heads in the bronze burgers can't be beat now I've one of the great things about doing talk radio I've learned over the last several years. Is that law enforcement police officers those in uniform. And then those who work in law enforcement in other capacities are huge fans of this medium. They love talk radio and always agree with everything but we are blessed. With having a law enforcement. As a big part of our audience and so I would like to draw on that right now probably to hear from law enforcement because there is a fantastic developments in any of very grim statistic. That we always take whole look at the end of every year and that is that the number of cops that were killed in the line of duty. And this year president Trump's first year in office that number has now dropped. To win near fifty year low. It is a remarkable thing after three years of growth. In this horrible horrible. The statistics we have actually seen a huge drop. And there are a lot of theories about why that is Ali a lot of them out here for yet but let's face it. I think we'd all like to hear from cops I'd like to hear from cops I'd like to hear from you you should tell us why you think this is what's different. What's changed. Why do you think the number of cops. Killed in 2017. Has hit eighty be a near fifty year low 87731311. You teach us something here. What are the conversation you're having at the station what is different this year. Then we've seen in the last several years and do you think that's it or is that just a statistical anomaly. 87731. 3811. A couple of ideas are the first one is rather obvious we've got a leader we got a commander in chief of president who made this is central core issue this campaign. Bringing back law and order to this country and not cozying up. Two my destructive groups like black flies matter I mean compared this to Loretta lynch Eric Holder and Barack. Obama Barack Obama the president understands the chief law enforcement of agent in our land he actually celebrated black lives matter heat. He honored them with an invitation multiple limitations to meet at the White House. The it it was sending a signal at the highest level that's be they kind of destructive rhetoric that we heard from this group. Whose intentions may have been honorable I'm not so sure. But many of the people who agreed in March to a black lies matters of all our clockwise matter I'm gonna join them I'm not gonna be against the idea of black light smattering. Well the leadership I think had some more dubious. And dubious. Agenda is. And as that one of them was to undermine law enforcement and put a target on the back of law enforcement in many respects and I think that that's why we saw. Sadly so much happening with our law enforcement officers in the last several years being targeted literally for doubt. I didn't did the leadership change. At the top of the hour of federal government make a difference there or or have there been. Reforms put in place by the Obama Justice Department the reforms that took place while Obama and Loretta lynch were in charge. Did that change the way police officers in Iraq. With members of the communities that they police and because of those changes that were put in place that has reduced the hostilities. Between the criminal elements in our country and police officers and because of that this is a success story for the Obama administration. And their policies are actually now. Are reaping some sort of real tangible results that have allowed for less police officers to be in the line of fire or or how well this. Are cops actually changing the way they interact are they are they. Maybe a little more hands off. Are cops basically saying you know what it's gonna be safer for me why bother I don't wanna beat the cop involved in the next Ferguson. Why why should I put myself on the line. Why should I put my reputation on the line why should I do what a cop should do and actually go after. The bad guy actually investigate criminal behavior actually. Police the neighborhood that I'm in charge of if I assert myself that I actually use a good policing techniques that I've learned. Well I'll be the next cop in the line of fire. Of yup Ferguson and or name whatever scandal you wanna put out there everyone will call me and my of fellow cops racist so why bother. Why bother why get my hands dirty I got no support anyway from the media are from the community. I'm just gonna you know do. The least that I need to do to get the job done and whatever. I did the cops that I know they wouldn't do that. But maybe that's why it may be they've just decided not worth it not worth the effort not worth the danger not worth the criticism. And the slander that I'll deal with so instead I'm just gonna be a little bit more hands off. And because of that and because of that that reduction of engagement by police officers in the communities that they police that his good benefited them in the long run. By eight not being killed in action. As they had at the levels over the last three years when our president at the time embraced clockwise matter what do you think. I don't hear from law enforcement 8773138. 11. How about Mostar with red Spencer Indiana the Hoosier state great game you are on the mark within shot. Gould good color they think yeah I believe well. Long hours but I think you fill all the point the only point that I don't agree with that has mood. Any of this is that there's some crude to be given to. The Obama administration and Laura lynch no maverick. That's not yet through it out there is an option I wanna be here yeah. Right well you. And they are work are retired from Washington DC. Worked in the pilot primary there for twenty years. I've been pro war. There weren't a major universities in the country. Then Rick ended forty years there retired. I've seen it from. Different parts of the liberal communities. Yeah want to tell everybody is to put us. I'm a true to those grad student this. The everything is racial thing. Has since the early seventies vision. Going on in the inner city. Barack Obama just bought it nationwide. And brought it out of the university and edit cause that I've seen as so fervently. Everything we did was because racism. Of yeah multiple for decades now. You know among much and we just their racial mean. And it's that there's no explanation. You cannot. Ever tell you personally you're not racist that they will probably but you know no matter what your background is what can we use which you are. Well it's a well known her and. How does one actually prove that one is not price. It's impossible Greg Greg and Spencer and Ian thanks for certain us up here appreciate and thank you for your years as services the law enforcement. I think you hit on some very good point there are Kevin in Queens New York. I get elicit New York City had some pretty good does that this you with your your primary and I saw your your mayor to block a deal they're taking credit for Kevin what do you think. Yeah I really liked it they credit for everything but does this thing is that there was so much part of our thought under the previous administration. Quietly and yeah I remember people do more. Then now four years for robbery or for a homicide it. That they're not doing a short time but a lot of people that are have been arrested under the previous administration. Put a crime just go and so as one point Giuliani and Bloomberg yet collect. Now another boy let them make is still under the Obama administration you create in a lot of hesitation. A lot of people second guess themselves. They also all. Tactics my you know they ruled that they did and you know. But on the president trot by I do feel that that everybody that I work with. Well competent and not a young dog that the president of the United States has back. All resident shopping or go. So it's not necessarily you know a change in rules of engagement or policies you know love from the Justice Department or more applicable in your case Kevin from the NYPD. It's a question of if something bad happens if something makes the headlines you're not gonna have your as your president has your back your president is not gonna go out there and undermine U. Throw you under the bus the way his predecessor did. Collect and I believe it all in your New York. Then they guard car there are there's been a lot of changes to kind of make a double the more difficult because. You know that there's been a change in how are we have been here now and yet you know. Until that others who know presidential administration built it together and we get the job done regardless of the tribute that we have to deal. On Greg Kevin in Queens listening on the legendary to be ABC thanks for Conan today to the mark live in show wanna get as many law enforcement here because I. I think it is and expect I don't think there's one solution I think that there's it is a bit of the combo platter here and I would love to hear all of your ideas as to why now. We've got to by the way well I think it's a mere fifty year low here's the ironic thing. The lowest figure. In this very grim statistic the annual number of cops killed in the line of duty the lowest year. Not too long ago it was 2013. It was 2013. But then suddenly in the next three years they huge. Spike. Year after year after year and end to meet in my opinion. The rise of black lies to matter and the rise of criticism of law enforcement as as mooring racists. That we heard from the mainstream media and from the highest levels of our federal government that had to be. Had to be part of why you saw the rise in cops losing their lives while wearing the badge and let's face it I you know in in 2016. Five in Dallas. In one night. At the hands of a terrorist maniac. Who wanted to kill cops cops by the way who were working to protect. Black lives matter protesters people forget that part. Those five cops in Dallas who died that night at the hands of the sniper they were doing their job that night in their job. Was to protect black lives matters protesters. A despicable despicable thing Bob in LA you are next up. On the market and join Larry O'Connor about. Hey Larry I donut and good what do you think of this U law enforcement action. Yeah I got thirty years on the job now you only have about less than a year been through in 92 riots here in LA. And remember this is well. If that streak cup for about twenty of those years. What I see is that. Some limitations are put on the cost by the video or body worn cameras. On police commission. Our local government here are you know underlying work. The the state and I guess in generating gonna go to into the year. What a good call good our country right now thumb sanctuary state. So when he's seen that when you have liberalism and a lot of cops are conservatives and number no I listen mark every day. You know and you'd you'd have to be somewhat of a coming to go out there and just. Put your comment your life on the line unless it's absolutely necessary I'm not saying that the guys don't do it they do. That you have to watch her bare back a little bit more these states and partly because you don't go in all horror through the pork. As much that he used to him not Gunner what's gonna reduce your chance we're getting shot or injured era. Or your partner so I think there have a lot to do it. See I you know I and I raise that as as one of the possible reasons here and I don't I think there's a big part of that as well Bob I appreciate about an LA listening on the great. KR LA. In Los Angeles all right I want to hear more from law enforcement. 887731311. Of the killing of cops down to a near fifty year low why don't you think that is and by the way which you just heard from Bob. Echoed by Randy something spokesman for blue lives matter. He commented on this and he said you know cops right now. They're saying you can't get into trouble for the car stuck you don't make an don't want to be the next Ferguson. They don't wanna be the next officer burned at the mainstream media steak and so they're just not engaging the way they used to. That could be at what do you think 8773813811. On Larry O'Connor this is the mark lynch. And he got losing his life is a tragedy but that we did he get good news this year Tony seventeen Trump's first year in office. And that is that the deaths of police officers in the line of duty has fallen to a near fifty year. Lo and I'm asking you law enforcement why do you think that is there's a lot of theories out there and it could just be you know statistical anomaly who knows. I hope it's not I hope it continues on a downtrend but why do you think. A doctor Kovacs is now on the mark Olivia and show he's gone from a wash so Oklahoma I meant Oklahoma KT OK as a go America. Garrett Larry we're doing good thank you thanks. Well what do you think well I'm telling you let me tell you from me reserve police officer perspective. Ten years on the force. As a reserve officer very. Medical director for the City Hall lots of those medical. Ambulance service in our department and it. We were Greek certified. Fully enlightened it and it all the actions and you would require promote full time police officer OK I ended up retiring recently because. Are you may recall remember him not recently we had our Tulsa police reserve sir you accidentally shot. And he got suspects when he thought he was reaching for his. This major yes I do. And what happened why it is that just about all the other police agencies. Suddenly shut down the reserve departments. Even though that was an isolated incidents we found ourselves basically not directing traffic. Which. Really you know didn't charge very fiery on an error her history in purses so why artwork done. What changed this year then doctor Kovacs. Well I think a lot of it has to do it twelve I think. You know we have a barrel. Aspect here. Where were getting some support from the federal agencies didn't end you know tribes of big law sportsman guys in any certainly has supported. But do you agree you think the decision to signal business sentiment there's more respect for police officers and police officers are no better place to do your job I think you for the call Doug I wanna get as many as they can get time for one more Jeff in Kohler Wisconsin you're on the mark within charm Larry Connor. I yeah I it. If there is the difference my opinion would be that. A lot of the target and taken off of the backs of police officers by trump himself with seem like police for the last several years of and a gorilla do you're sort of speak. The end now that trumps an office so team ever yeah constant negative trawl can also bet she is leading again. Police officer. I thought that's brilliant they can't walk and chew gum at the same time they can't beat up on cops and beat up on trumpet the same time drumstick diminish. The thinking Korea. Thanks for the call Jeff and thanks to mark the event. I. Told them. Well. On eight Moneyline is still. No well see armed well there's a mommy and daddy or eight and see when they call Geico. They could save a bunch of money on insurance open airy and got so. Does that make them very happy. All kids. Well I'm glad we could have this talk sunshine. Geico because sitting 13% or more car insurance is always agree to answer.

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