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The world of creepy and scary Christmas legends does not end with the Krampus...

Dec 20, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with noted paranormal expert Jeff Belanger about the darker side of Christmas legends. While Santa may be jolly, some of his cohorts are the stuff of nightmares. 12/19/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Arnold it's on reality radio I'm JT Johnson Jason is sick Jason got sick over the weekend and has been dealing with a respiratory infection. He sounds like he shouldn't be on the radio frankly and if you're listening days and you know what I'm talking about but so I'll be here and I'll be entertaining our guest tonight Jeff the manager. He is an author a folklorist. He paranormal researcher we're going to be talking about a couple things one is. It basically creepy Christmas you know those stories in the cramped listen these creatures and full glory and myths and legends. The kind of the stuff that nightmares are made of but it happens to be around holly time unlock things that we take for granted when it comes to work christmastime. Things that we liked. Actually have their roots in traditions that are far more sinister and moon and learn all about that. When we bring in our guest and Ross are gonna talk about a lot of his other work. On legend tripping. Some of the other things just went on he's done a ton of stuff and Emery just talked and he's also an author of a number of books will be talking must some of those books as well. We did have a programming change for tomorrow night's program which is pretty excited. Keith scales will join us Keith is the tore manager. At the 1886. In the 1905. Basin park hotel's other crescent hotel is considered. And has been named by some as the most haunted hotel. In America we're going to be talking about supernatural activity going on there. ESP weekends. House of a hundred rooms tells of ghost toward guides do not tell that's a book that he scales is involved in. Talk about his ghost tours and other advanced whole bunch of stuff going on there Wednesday night. Will be talking with doctor Craig Bauer the be discussing his second book called unsolved history of myth and history and mystery of the world's greatest ciphers and ancient from ancient Egypt Egypt to online secret societies he's also. I starred in the TV mini series miniseries it appeared on history network called the hunt for zodiac killer. His first book was titled secret history the story ecology. And we're going to be talking about that as well then Thursday were round out our week of life programs with Jonathan gray he's an archaeologist historian and a lecture. Herb and Maine and author MB talking about ancient technology forbidden discoveries and the futures of the past present and the future that's all coming up on the program. Later this week and of course we are just a week away from Christmas so what a great night to be talking about. Christmas and holiday. Folklore. And particularly the ones that kind of lean to the creepy side I'm still curious about this. This some crap a story because. I didn't even here I never really even heard about it demand seen some things but says in the movie came out a few years ago and everybody all of a sudden had crap that's on their radar and the story is this is one of those deals where. The real story is actually more terrifying than anything Hollywood can. Up put together and we'll talk about all that don't forget the telephone number we'll take a calls later in the program is 8446877669. We'd love to have you calling him be part of our discussion. And if we get a chance later we'll continue our psychic experiment as well. We didn't have a chance out last week toward the end of the week but we'll try to get to that again tonight and for the rest this week we know it's a tough one we know it's a difficult one. But that just really makes a senate challenger sells to see if we can. Most of those psychic energies and actually make it work so. A go to break when we come back we will be bringing our guest and again tonight is Jeff Blanchard it's beyond reality radio I'm javy Jason is sick. But I'm sure he will be back with this tomorrow. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. The easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's. He gives you a police. Warm Fuzzy feelings about Christmas but our guest tonight is gonna change those thoughts for you. Merry Christmas. To be bringing in our guess just the Lander right now hey Jeff welcome back to beyond reality radio so great to have you on tonight. Now. Before get into too much of this I just wanna kind of get caught up with few I think it's been about a year I think the last program you Ron was about a year ago we were talking about some similar topics creepy Christmas monsters legend stuff that that holiday related so it's been about a year. But it even up to. May have expense not it's been a great year for have been sort of precocious ventures which is which has been going great and now. Tea hmmm I do of TV show called the legal license for PBS and that we got on Amazon prime this year so that's really been cool until we get it out of that audience. And I started a weekly podcast called little legend and a really short like a micro podcast there there about eight minutes in length. It just this story each week and then there are available in our league pitcher you podcast site can enter our future global player ever. It's really just didn't do enough. A lot of stuff in the New England area put them but still a passion for stories and legends did. What really interest me more than anything immediately. With some of that reputation I wanna know the back story. How did we get there you know and everything it got one and I feel like if you go back far if you have a better understanding of it and like Christmas is one of those great legend that he did it's really multilayered. Yet and we're gonna have a lot of fun doing that day due to recently like to swim in the shark infested waters there climb a mountain or a re doing something what do you do yeah. Got it within march so in March I climb Mount Kilimanjaro and down. For the leukemia lymphoma society and that's something the government bucket list her. Really for years and I lost a brother a lot of cancer two years ago up to east two years ago tomorrow. And it was and obviously things were all the stars lined up a friend went from looking in public societies that they were doing the decline. Kilimanjaro. And it's it's the highest peak in Africa in 191340. Feet and I edit the value. They need to treat for all last winter and flew out there and march. 16 up to that opportunities backed down and it's just it was a life changing experience and a very spiritual one to two to go through something like that to just. So it's such hike goal and and work for it and get bigger and it's one of those things that will forever be a part of it that close experiences that you need to keep so it's really Bennett transformative year communal ground. I know you're in an adventurer. But are you a mountain climb or is that something you've done in the past. While I don't at that a lot of the mountains and doing that like that the white mountains and as you know the support solid orders them and Mal Washington which is the tallest peak east of the Mississippi and done that. Six or seven times since. So yeah I've I've been a hiker for a long time. That the thing electoral majority it's not a technical climbs so we're not passing it by ropes and repelling it's you just gotta be able to hook it up the mountain. And so two yet I have had a a passion for that for a while but it was just them it was in the training was it was pretty intense and a lot of it was during the winter because. Kilimanjaro its summer at debate. Right on the equator that as you head out and get north of 101000 and then 151000 feet he turns to really an Arctic tundra at the top. So we had to be ready for for all the seasons and where you live to you know you can you eat you can wake up to winter and have summer like dude. Like 4 PM until just like game and we're doing that is because that Tuesday. I read that so but. Yes the way you described it then it's not the kind of like an Everest climb where you're using you know pounding things into rocks and in using ropes to get up surfaces it's more of like when I go off for a walk it's that hill that takes me three minutes is it. They need them cursing the whole way but this and took six days. Yes and it's a new Estes Park it where it's just a gentle climate in this part three year you're lifting yourself up over rocks and boulders and just stick it close and if you fall you will indeed I. To. And it's you know I think commitment sobering it. You know we passed markers for people had died. You know it at one point there was a marker forgot that have been hit by lightning. And you're just you're you're in the landscape that look like Mars there's nothing around you and tenure in the cloud so. It's a storm crowd whipped up around you and you're covered title this year you're holding your two year all the other stuff. There's nothing you can do except dropped the metal and height of a ball in itself the smallest possible though if debt and need to Patrick people died from the altitude. And that's cat so bring it just about to will affect you until you get up there. And it's it's really. It's really some that it is she greeted PP she possibly can to get enough there. And it's just not enough that you walk as slowly as you can and but you gotta keep moving in it's really. It it pushes you to the two physical and mental let that that I'd never been pushed before. Oh yeah yeah you know I spent some time together. At the Stanley hotel and Estes Park Colorado which I did the Fuhrman the exact elevation of 4000. Something out and out is it seven cannot yet. And I remember how difficult it is just to walk a flight stairs. Would get out here no seriously in the news it's a challenge so it is you know. First of all traffic for you for doing that for great cause but also even here you know fabulous for you for putting yourself into a a physical condition and mental state where you actually were able to do that a strip. Luckily that's what what it was the night of the summit we we went for the summit around midnight because it's gonna take the last push he started about 151500. Feet. And yet I go to 191341. And it's three point one miles and take eight hours. It it's just that slowed little going. It is a push it up around 3:30 in the morning I was as cold and dark and tired than ever bet and I couldn't get an affair. And it really felt like I I can't do this I gotta go back it just can't breathe. I just I followed defeat front Camille Little more if something happened around 5 AM that was really. But do you think a turn around and see just this faint line of purple across the horizon. And it really is very sound coming at just let me just get to that and as we we approach the rim political still point which is the rim of the volcano which is topic Kilimanjaro. A turnaround at him to see that sunrise over real high above the clouds. Over Kilimanjaro it's ultimately TV you'd like. I hope you know to be that moment that the temperature warmed up 510 degrees which is enough to really make a difference. Even though it still couldn't read it I knew at that moment to thank. One I was gonna make it to the summit which is still another 45 minutes ahead. And to that something was letting me appear because at 191000 feet there's no bugs no grass no mosque. That lives at 191000 feet there's nothing for. And we don't belong here in the beside people down the valley apple worked for the top of Kilimanjaro. That means house of god. And at that moment you realize. Something much bigger than myself has deem me worthy to come up here and it's letting meet path. And it's the most humbling experience my life. Mom what an experience. Two changes topic here we've got a chat room that's all abuzz with the words legend tripping now we're gonna talk what do about that Tom as well but before we get into the Christmas and the holidays stuff what is a legend tripping. For me let tripping is that it's a it's a term that's been around for a few decades now and it's really. A call back to the stuff we did this case it's so member pat. At sleepovers and you heard about on it grave and he's not done it three times at midnight at which to. Hit every pound got a story. It's it's the egos there indeed there yourself you know summoning bloody Mary at the sleep over like Mickey analysts think the primary treatment. We hear all that his legend tripping you year's story that counts. It's believable enough or plausible enough that you say I wanna go become part of it. Eagle out there and you've you've you try it you put yourself in this story. Any paranormal investigations show you have ever seen from from decades ago to last week. First and foremost electric let's intricate supporters story. And they wanted to go check it out you can take that to the next level which is what I parable investigation in you can you can go beyond that. But you can also go longer which is just I hear this place is on it I just wanna go inside and check it out and for those jobs SATA these are some. If not hearing this story is still pretty cool to. I mean that's that's the piece of it and and that's the that's the stuff I've always enjoyed the most. Other people can sit in the dark all night long with the NF meters and that's great. Go do it but that's just not my idea of a great time. You know it's hot it's funny you said that because when you described you know the sleepover in the end you when your buddies here about the graveyard down the street this kind of in the woods is little bits and and nobody visits there but there's a story you're going to check it out and that's count how that's kind of how I got my start I think it's probably how most of us got our start and you aren't you got a smile to my face. And it made me immediately think of how far we've come for good or bad. With EMI MFA EMS meters RK two meters or digital recorders are all the stuff works we can't stop thinking about what we're doing and we're looking at devices the whole time. All right GAAP that'd be. You know I'll I'll use of its staff put them what I'm doing things with troops or whatever but if it's just needed and and small group personal friend like Elway related trip that we are looking for the story. You know the of the think you were kind of go back she'll do it now irony in the article back tablet. This story so powerful when you're holding them Kindle first of the year in the and try this at home folks go ahead with your lol no I don't want anyone in the in the Health Department working that be totally alone. Light a candle holder for mayor Anthony bloody Mary three times. And just be honest with yourself. When you say the second time like the fourth circuit. The at this one moment in your ego. Oh man what it. Cool and they jumped out of the beer because theological braid it like this no nothing lived in the relevant that particulates that this one little piece of that really deep primal part of you that just goes. Oh man went to. It's like shredded up girls just guys that of the beard tickled me he took out. Of that so powerful story is. Then what is it about that. Thrill or curiosity maybe I'm not sure which of the two it is but it may be combination of both what is it about that that makes so fascinating. It's the thing is this is speaking to really primal part of who we are. As a species it'll mean we're talking about stuff that goes back many many thousands of years long before religions got organized long before any debt. At a time when. We were still trying to figure out the god of thunder and light in the C eons stars and all the other stuff and we were trying to figure out our place in the world and universe. We still haven't figured it all now that we don't have all the units or would you explore these legends and stories. It's a reminder you know we don't know what's out there in the universe we don't know what that life may be that we don't know every creature but he ventures around planet we have. No idea about vast majority of the ocean. And and so when we talk about that what happens after death but we are religions weigh in on it but do we really really know. And all of that stuff these religions speak to that that primal part of that very basic human that's with inside at all less. And that's why we love them because it let's just explore those topics it safely making people laugh at the eldest assisting as bloody Mary there's nothing in the beer. But we keep that that story and legend around for some really good reason its surface in some way. That's that a million times he pick a place like the Lizzie board out in Fall River, Massachusetts. That place is haunted guaranteed and down and the reason is if nothing else to people were murdered and that counts. No one was ever convicted punished for the crimes that on that even a 125 years later. Yeah a great point. We're talking with Jeff Blanchard Jeff is an author an adventurer paranormal investor investigator or researcher. Is what some website is Jeff Blanchard dot com you can also check out ghost village. Dot com we're going to be talking about his books. And what are you talking about creepy Christmas legends things like the practice the things that actually. Were the popular stories before we had Santa Claus in these other things have put a smile on her face bisons were the more menacing it's beyond reality radio I'm javy Jason is home ill tonight he'll be joining us tomorrow night don't go away we have so much more coming up. Santa Claus coming in was more appropriate to the team in. Eat all the naughty children. You probably know that story that's during the cramps are we talking about that was our guest tonight. Jeff Landry is an author an adventurer paranormal researcher his website is Jeff Blanchard dot com. You should also check out ghost village dot com he's got a number of books to his credit including. Who's taunting the White House the world's most haunted places so much more. Jeff again thanks for being here Jason and by the way. Is out ill and and he was very very disappointed Jeff not to be able to be here tonight because he loves. Having you on the program as well but I have to tell you earlier in the day week we did little test. And he tried to speak any sound like some of what those creatures from the movie Mars attacks to receive them over. That's what he sounds like you've done Harriman taken on the net and off so unemployment. And how did you take on another story that has nothing to do with anything we're gonna talk about tonight but sound. We had a recent report I think it was in the New York Times and in CNN also covered it that the US government. Is actually. At one point funding. My guess was a 222 million dollar program to collect and analyze. What we would consider to be UFO's. It was resent and it's one that it had been denied for very long time and I know you put your hand until all sorts of paranormal discussions and phenomenon non UFOs is one in that bucket. What do you think about the federal government finally coming Fordham saying yes you know we we were kind of concerned we've. We spent 22 million dollars or keeping track of this stuff very recently. Yet I mean. The record that really shouldn't surprise anyone you know so well god what is the US so maybe it's identified and so if some. Flying in your airspace he wanted to study it and if it's you know some top secret aircraft for much foreign government you don't know about you would probably elected now you know you'd want to study that. If it's something external he still want to study it there's so many credible reports that come from all over the world. Mostly think about where these credible reports come from the come from airline pilots and military pilots and so on and and you know these resources these are guys that know everything that in the I would an because it's their job it's they're lightly it's what they do you many hours a week so. It should be funded of course which it. It's and I think really. For many decades it's been funded in what way shape or form under different names it's just not one of those things that. The government wants to tout because. A lot of people would think it's ridiculous even though it truly is a matter of national security. It would be irresponsible not to have so. A group at least taking a look at these reports. And and footage and so on and at least think do we know what that it. Yeah that's that's a great point do you think that we are. Close to having any kind of disclosure from. Whether it's the US government or some other government of another nation saying yeah we have made contact we know. We are being visited in here's what we did or do you think that something is still quite a ways off. So I don't there's the Catholic Church has issued an edict basically saying that it's like is that. On on another planet it doesn't undermine the Bible or anything else silent that's really interest things. Just repeat what they were doing and you know there's an awful lot of Catholic world. What they were doing was just playing early ground work great today. This news to come one day and we want to be at. I really not a very Catholic things do. It was to the entries on top of that the threat that that was really something and it makes you wonder what's being said in what's being founded. And whispered about. I hate to answer your question with another question that TV ads I've put you in charge of the whole world that you had all the facts and you do everything that any secret government anywhere ever do. She found out that yes indeed we've been visited by a you know creatures would advance technology from another world. Would you kill people. This next question. That's what took you. I would say no I wouldn't I would you know people because number one. What the heck can we do about it. If they are that advance that they come from that far away. You know I wouldn't tell everyone because a lot of people would lose their mind. Many people wouldn't many people would be you know OK with it and and learn to live in the world that we're. People are visiting from another planet but there would be an awful lot of people that just wouldn't have the mental capacity. They would live in fear all the time. And that fear would make him do dangerous things so I would hide it because I think that would be the socially responsible thing to do. Yeah I think at the possibility of chaos resulting from an announcement like that is pretty real. Yeah right so hey guys that are here and there are so hard and let you keep we if we all band together. Got our weapons and minds and hearts all on the same page we still don't managing. Director Pete condone what they get that. So yet and the Tibetans still but I I loved the discussion right because it XP questions. What you know. I don't think we're lonely universe that would mean that the universe is really an efficient and teacher has never proven to be inefficient and I'm content there must be. Other life out there but the distance is still quite a problem. And so. And it why would you come here and we have the best pizza and the galaxy play it and mean it's there's just. Tell us that of all the planets I visited resist. We get to that Pete but is that reason enough to come you know many light years away I don't now. Yeah a great great point let's you know speaking of announcements in coming and being afraid. Let's start this conversation with its. When in relationship to the Holiday Inn myths and legends in monsters with crap story because. That's one of the best it's one of those ones that's kind of become somewhat pop culture of fixed because of the movie that was out a few years ago. A bit so creepiest hat. Yet it is it's still at this this fascinates me on so many levels and in fact. Saturday night couple nights ago I went to the New England cracked the ball it's an annual ball and there were. 32 crap it is up to be crap by his. And it was a meeting like lord that they read this thing in the conference are so elaborate and public. I'm leaving at a time when cramp at this coming back. And the bigger question JB is why why is he coming back now so it will set up. The story goes. You know first you have to understand saint Nicholas pink necklace was born in Meyer Turkey which is poverty Turkey. It is born into that needy this rich guy giveaways well. Helped support people and it was just are all around good guy tainted they need churches that term is legend grew and indicated to us. The day he died it was December 6 34380. December 6 as a really important day because in Europe that. That's technical mistake that the day he comes to bring presence. But the day before the fifth of December. Belongs to crap. And crap that you. The monster. He is. The Christmas gavel and he's familiar because really the idea that goes back thousands of years well before saint Nicholas long before. You know of the Catholic church and so on. He's he's the classic. I think heaters that classic and figure that the upper torso of a hand them a clue and boots first seed. A long red forked tongue hordes that it is at burger is wrapped in chains that he carries this. This factor basket on it back because his job is to come and snatch up the naughty children. On December 5. Take them all the way back with player he will kill them and eat them. So December 6. Santa Claus is treated just bring presence of the good girl boy. It's scary it's ugly and think about it here. Sadly that take part decrepit and many comes from Germany German folklore it is where he's most prominent. Go to bed on December 5 Cheney did you think it all the bad stuff he did that year. I I mean I talked about the stuff of nightmares and with this this predated the church that predated. You know at least while attributed this the celebration of Christmas as we know it anyway. And it what was what was the intention of the story tellers at the time was it to can help control children and make them. Better children or was this just. Was this something that that started from some kind of sightings in and some reports that turned into some kind of you know the folklore. OK let's. Looked at it because let's go back even further than then it was a crap that's really its popular around like that made eighteen hundreds of these. Wildly popular all the when it like that 1910s and twenties and the beat goes away. Entirely he still lurking in the shadows but far far away and that's because collectively as a society we pushed him away. But the at this stage for why. Crept into saint Nicholas 10 o'clock and so many other creatures came about let's just go back to the sixteen hundreds. To England and the year was 1647. And the puritans had just taken over England they just chopped up the head of control in the first. And they wanted a a a rule that was basically based on the Bible toward their first orders of business was two and Christmas. That was one of the first things they did it and then. And that it and then that came over here too and it in the United States. You know because we were England back then in the sixteen hundreds were an English colony. If so include Christmas was banned ends in New England as well but a few years later. And the reason it was banned is because they they felt the practice let's satanic. That's keeping their words not mine infective at got a little. A little thing and they they hit. This is basically. I've Schilling fines for anyone seen feasting. Traffic offensive festive and keeping that sack religious holidays. It it it shouldn't be celebrated at all and they were there we're gonna find you five shillings which in today's money would be like thousands of dollars it was a hefty fine. And an entity they can't Christmas. And the recent ones because they realize the roots of it were so hated it was all these pagan influence that they wanted to on. Bible doesn't really make much reference to keep the desperate it's just one little passage that even mention it at all. It's been Luke chapter two which basically says separately. Sleeping in the field with their flock did the night Jesus was born. And Bethlehem there was only one he's in a year Sheppard didn't stay in the field box that's winter so you can pretty much throughout December 20. So so and that's okay and that doesn't you know. I celebrate my birth state sometimes like the week after you know no underground that we remove me interrupt at 1016100. Christmas is planned. And it was in. If there was only for about thirteen years in and then in the years 1660. The tigers are word kicked out of ruling when the monarchy was restored Christmas illegal but it really wasn't celebrated it was just not outlawed anymore. It'd been pushed aside. And it wasn't until the mid eighteen hundreds that Christmas really came back and came back because biblical story. And that's really magical. Thing when you think about it this guy named Charles Dickens wrote a ghost story called a Christmas Carol. Any combined. You know missed Alger a combined. Very. Police sit and and it gothic tradition of telling ghost stories around the salt that's. And it brought it back. We'll everything to tickets because after that. People started getting into Christmas again. I think Nicholas Keira encryption because it was such a tradition for ghost stories to keep hold especially you know Halloween ghosts got like a bit. But Christmas ghosts got weak and and we flipped it in modern day society. And so. Now this is scary time when the time for these monsters come in this is about the time that crap this comes on the same. And he's adapted from from various things perform like that the leaders and so on. And out of Germany he comes crawl and not the enemy and cause he's not be increases or declines. He hit up partner he's a coal port if you look at political postcards. You sometimes see. Crap that can't stand the together. Going into house. It just idling and Angel feel and crap this is grading not children are going keep it that the original good cup that. And that was the role of cramped he was the disciplined he was the consequence if you were. It's almost hard to believe I mean you based on how we celebrate and observe Christmas now and move into the Santa Claus. Component of that. It oh there's almost an effort and culturally I would say tested. Be it is the origin two tool whitewash anything bad anything negative it's kind of you know everybody should be smiling and happy. But that hasn't always been the case. No and we did that in so many ways so if you go to Google library get the old Brothers grim stories. It took a lot of those came from Germany as well they collected the full spoke the story. Cinderella coming out of Brothers script if you watched the Disney version in the the the princess leaves the ball to drop the glass slipper and the prince goes around finding try to find who's put it in the these cute little glass slipper in the in the Disney version the wicked step sisters are trying to squeeze their way in and it doesn't quite hit. In the original grim detail just to give you one idea the contrast this. One step sister concert to post op and feel that glass slipper with blood effort to get her foot into it. The other what Kutcher her Eli and that's the same thing it's still can't get into it but it was just a lot rougher backhand. And we have really sanitize the and we did that with all the old folklore stories. And and that alters the dangerous monsters and creatures in peace peace and Cooley and so on. But can't sit like crap but they were pushed into the far far corners but it didn't go away. The fact that the movie can not a couple of years ago the fact that I went to crap that's all in Providence, Rhode Island the other night. Ito tells me he's coming back and coming back at the TV did the cool thing like this that the collective. It greens I didn't decide that no one person can't. It's just enough of lesser interest group we go now or script is now like we can use so we need a little cramped strike is very minute and it's it's sure enough he comes out of the shadows that becomes up the pieces you know how can it be of service I'm ready I'm ready to work again. And he's coming back into it I'm waiting to see that himself on the shelf cracked in the court matter of time. We have about 32 trip to to break and I just have to ask this though as we have kind of cleansed in these stories Disney does defied them if that's a word. Is it because. In the Middle Ages or when these the origin of these stories many of them you know and there was a harsher time death was part of life death and death all around you was a reality it's not. As the quite that way anymore is that is that motivation for the changes is something different than that and if it's a long answer well the way. Yeah I think we'll have to expand after but I think the shortest part is that we we always got to protect our kids as much as we can't and that's a natural thing its parent but I. We'll have to look at immediate disservice to shield them from too much that maybe they can't understand it. When things they're dramatic and dark and light debt because. The world is also like that mean yes thankfully we live in a modern country were were not giving it a bombed at every corner like other kind of. We don't have the play directly you know people driven neighbors dropping from things like the plague colder parts of the world rest CIA now yeah. But you'd never know quite complete can come out of nowhere so I think I think maybe we we. We need the story together that's why they're coming back. Yet okay were to take a break we went along this segment it's beyond reality radeon javy. Thanks for being here our guest is Jeff splinter his website is Jeffs only injured. Tom don't go away look more com. Beyond reality radeon GP Jason is six and I know I'm doing. Her her turn her own theory he will be back we went long in the last segment sort of the go right back to a break here but I wanted to let you know that the phone numbers 8446877669. We'd love to have you join our conversation with our guest Jeff when jerk. We've got some people waiting on hold we'll get to those phone calls as well also don't forget to stop by the web site at beyond reality radio dot com and I checked out lot of great information there plus sub list of all the radio stations. That the show is carried on. Around the country and Fisher out in your mobile you not able listen on the app or in any other way or you just prefer to listen on the radio you can do that. And check out the list by going to be on reality radio dot com. Also check out the sex FaceBook page given alike share with your friends so we like to include you dared to great way for us communicate with you what you know what's going on. On the program tomorrow night we've got key skills joining us he is detour manager at the 1886. Crescent in 1905. Basin park hotel's two crescent hotel considered the most haunted hotel in America so much more coming up again the number 8446. 877669. It's beyond reality radio. I'm javy we're looking forward to rejoining our guest Jeff 400 just a few moments don't go away got so much. Casey is a sick tonight. There are. Never fear he is suffering from the chest cold I think it's going around seemingly. Everybody around he's getting it that's why I am staying deep inside the studio bunker I'm not leaving here until summer. We sets and tell people so welcome back to the program we've got a great 140 night we'll be talking with Jeff Blanchard he's an author an adventurer a paranormal researcher. His website is Jeff Blanchard dot com he's got a number of books to his credit including who's haunting the White House and the world's most haunted places in tonight. We're talking about Christmas legends folklore the creepy kind yet the stuff the makeshift you know questioned whether or not you really wanna go to sleep tonight. I don't forget tomorrow night Keith scales will be joining us he is detour manager at the 1886 crescent in the 1905 basin Parker tells the crescent hotel. Is considered by some to be the most haunted hotel in America. Wednesday doctor Craig Bauer joins us we'll be talking about his second book called. Unsolved the history and mystery. Of the world's greatest ciphers from ancient Egypt. To our mind secret societies and Thursday Jonathan gray will join us he's an archaeologist. Historian and author and lecturer. We'll be talking about past alien technology presents forbidden discoveries in future. Prophecy that's all coming up from beyond reality radio bullets springer guests of the evening and Jeff only injured Jeff club. Before we went to break we were talking about. Bo will be we're talking about a lot of things and before we jump back into that I just I didn't ask this question the beginning but I know there are a lot of folks that. Haven't heard you on the program before because of the growth of the program. So how did you get into all this to begin with. Like started as a newspaper reporter and down like grew up ultimately count any glory Warren. Potatoes and could look at where I agree about the next town over from now. And Trinidad and influencing their programs as a young person. It started as a reporter. Feature writer is around October you go looking for ghost stories and we were so different and started down. You know looking looking for great on the legislation this is the early days of the web since the mid 1990s. And it turns out of my paranormal articles are getting ten times the traffic of all the other articles on the on the newspaper's web site. So in 1989. And it started ghost village dot com and started. Output might work there and think hastily Boettcher ghost experiences and what was. Six little web page is back and it's grown to over like 60000 pages of content now on. You know it's an eighteen years. Mine which is that is why write it means that the law and it's time for web site. Yeah and and that's those kind of pioneering days too I mean for you to put website. On line that has lasted this amount of time. A bomb that's impressive or means that the continent has you know as they stood the test time. Yet it's it from there like the rest of my career you know came to it sort of Reading books that certain working in television and it started. You you know doing lecture. Lectures and programs in order these things were one day you wake up and you go oh my god this is my job. As it does take in planet today. That the candidate recited a wanna be a paranormal researcher. You know. Look at the legends in ghosts and monsters and stuff it's it's eight if interest to me but I didn't think you can make a living at it until maturity. Yes exactly what we're also scratch their heads about that. Yet but it. And I. Anything out yet let's say that was at some people waiting patiently and hold the stick a few of these phone calls before we continue our discussion this is Michael from Canada he Michael. Welcome to up. We do doing JD and now. Who I guess against. OK. Well anyway. My question tonight is the idea that you made the comment that. In seventeen hundreds late 16100. When Christmas was historic and Britain. Well on the road and then if they'd thought embedded at all maybe a game let's religious holidays so. And the question is can. Where did the twelve days to Christmas this song come from is that you know we'll fund columnist and you know allowed on or is that some kind of religion on that some kind of code or some might Baptist Church had. Well onerous. Question interesting question what do you think just. Like and you actually so it's it's it's really it's taken. I'll pay him around becomes from the mule festival and you have to relate so Christmas of the conglomerate a lot of banks and one of them is setter and aliens which is the Roman festival to the gut Saturn which took place between. At December 17 and December 23. With the solstice which assault following right in the middle that. Six days and then. The road Roman emperor Constantine when he was trying to unify Rome under one religion christianity. He made the 24 Christmas Eve of the 25 Christmas state so he was adding dissent and Eliot. That basically say need to realize because. Jesus was a commoner. That is birth date was not really important only only noble track of their birth and I was part of the chief historian to get in the Bible doesn't say when Jesus was born. But when went constant he was trying to LG is that the Romans. He had to make Jesus. And even bigger figure so he needed a birth date for one and so. This was kind of a way to crush and I Saturday. So that's part of it so that they were there a date there have been if you go isn't nordic part of the world detestable you'll which took place on the all this. Felt the festival has its own traditions and so. The twelve days. But it has been crushed and I used to them to debt Christian meetings but but the originally was that these very eighteen days that are cherry picked up. In and around the Adam the pollster. Does that change your opinion of the song and on Michael. Well it'd just things that this song. Which use dude maybe drive away evil spirit or something like that I heard one story. I you know I haven't heard about drastically evil spirits but I can tell you the real. At your door just have to be just tried I've got to tell you I've heard some people saying it that would drive away spirits and other things I mean that's. People singing it probably would drive away anybody that. I illegally version I really like is the Bob and Doug MacKenzie twelve. Is. So thank you Canada. Had to go to the net that's particularly appropriate from Michael Michael thanks so much for your phone call. We appreciate it let's stick when Marie now this is Vince from Missouri they've been talking to the show. There he puts on a new ones are it started off track here but you talk about crescent hotel near usually. And I will be talking about this idea. Yes I would like to just let you know that if you wanna know yours burnish the crap that is not the only. The only place the power bat Al. I'm lucky to contact. Her name that you really come Valentine's. Agent. Mountain time. She's been there to assist him aren't. And there as a drawing mr. during 1977. On the power bat palace in years and it is amazing. Me and they want to it be go to your inspiration you want to know the Information Minister that count that is the person to get in topped it with cheese on FaceBook. And she is also made. Thanks for the heads up into Jim a question for Jeff. Yes there and knock you got to talk about that that didn't question not terribly emotional places in the you know in the world. I think if you talk to her you might find some different. Okay great thanks for offering that Jeff so you. Probably written if you haven't visited the crescent hotel. You panic the crest until one of those places that comes up again and again and the thing with the he legend Ike I call it you know the parable radar. They're the reasons that we talk about certain buildings more than any other you you know that there's something that happens in and that's the Lipton part of it in and buying the word legend I. I don't want anyone to think that I don't believe that there's something. Beneath that effect quite the opposite I'm. I don't think religion can be born if you just make up a story that not enough. I think is the catalyst. And a legend grows we'll take its reinforced. When other people go to these locations and have their own experience and then talk about it right blog posts about it brought radio shows and things like better. He shows go on film there. That the legend just grows because something is going on someone's experiencing something and that's one of those places that. When you when you talk about top and hotels around the United States that that are on did that all the places that comes up a lot so. Yeah characters sure mark. Yeah we're looking forward to talking about that so go back to the discussion of the night and we're talking about so legends folklore and the creepy side of Christmas. What things I've noticed is that a lot of these stories come out of germanic or Nordic Countries was there something unique. To that culture or those cultures which are very very close related debt spawned spawned in spurred these stories. Yeah and you don't we just started touch on it before that the cold days of Christmas keeping gleeful spirit. So it in in the nordic part of the world you have to realize that the winter solstice was the shortest stint there and it's still the case it's the shortest day of the year it's the least amount of and that's frightening thing is the son going to ever come back in. If you go far enough north the front gone the other is now gone deferred you know a period of time until until the year. Moved enough that it'll it'll start to come back and get daylight again. So it's a very frightening time of the year if you would sit outside you could howling wind and that's something you don't hear and that summer. And if it's just the wind or is that the Norse god Oden riding through the sky and eight legged horse and and those of the cries of his vanquished enemy. It does spirits that are that are screaming and crying out. Hiding in the woods. But they looked on the landscape they saw winter kill everything it killed two of the flowers to kill the plant to kill the trees killed everything. Except a few particular. Types of trees that until we have agreed it doesn't kill the holly bush. So these folks said well this. The east must be magical treat it must be more powerful winter they would take some of those ballots some of the branches and cutting them open their doors and windows. Because as prickly needles would keep the evil spirits out of their whole key to good spirits inside keep the bad spirits that. It's actually it's a tradition we obviously carry end of the stay we turned the the branches and to read despite Turk making it to circles which is a Romans saying they would re on their doors after victories in battle. So has some of those traditions. You know we owe so much to the nordic traditions because they knew this is a scary Abbott the year this is that this season where you have to survive. In that you live in spring summer fall in arguably some parts of the world you had to work all those three seasons. Just to survive the one you have to take firewood in need to defeat food and you had to have resources and he still. We're worried you know what happens is that it's too much winter too much now what happens if I get snowed in and I run out of food. It's sold frightening. And it's no wonder that these monsters ghosts and legends all conference this part of the world. Because that was really what they were thinking about all winter long. Just give us another taste of some of one of these stories may be one that we haven't heard of. Okay that's what they just. I doubt about it like a week ago and at this point I can't believe it's 1% to patented. The furthest next summer gonna go to France. And France as a creature called air Qatar which translates to father what perk. The pact story it's absolutely crucial. And that the back story goes goes back all the way to. We'll be about a thousand years ago and there was a butcher. And this butcher. One day kidnapped three lost children. Brought them into this butcher shop murdered them with their throats carve them up into the input their meat into insulting to help. Next thing you know I think Nicholas watch box and who's butcher shop. And the butchers is so technical to honor me with your present let me give peace of find cuts of meat as a gift because you're here this is a wonderful thing. But I think nickel is not to the butcher and he knows what the butcher did and so as the story goes think Nicholas resurrect these three children. Say is that you know bring them back to like send them back to their parent. And then tackles this butcher with. You have to atone for this atrocity. You can't ballistic. I'll murdering monster excuse I don't know what you gonna have to do we you're gonna have to serve me for the rest of maternity and elegy to become. Air guitar. Father whisper you'll come with me and you will be the naughty children. Should you do it that today if I hope paired who tarred around Fred. Oh come around with the switch of stick or with a little with a bit and he is the one that no deal. Midnight till it but he's no longer allowed to put this threat to cut them in the. So that's that the so associated credit yes and it lists good kind of development took him in a rehab then and now he's only. And it just so bizarre though I mean first of all is are there any of the any other stories that involves saint Nicholas resurrecting people. So that the only limit sound. As far as like what are rising from the dead I think that if we want I I've found that that goes to fret. But that Carriker carefully park is almost identical except for the back story. To another I think you're in Germany called bad technical which means that Nicholas the first. The belts nickel was never homicidal maniac but he is he does show a couple of weeks before Christmas he carried sticks and he'll choke that your house and he would they gave me do you have anybody children in need might cynical we kept. This one right here very tight and adults nickel would take you're not reach out to the backyard tie him to retreat and beat him. The idea being that. Speaking to get the kid behaving him flying right by Christmas time. So Merry Christmas the. But the thing is. Speckled so you know this year might played built nickel our village that I might be your children and next year you might be the belt shackled he might be my children and so. It we we take turns it all comes around. If I remember correctly there was an episode of the office the American version of the TV show the office that right to white dressed up like the ocean ankle I think that. Right in in 88 that figure still kind of popular and Pennsylvania Dutch country so. You know it and the applicant wanted to execute that. Almost beatle was gone and now it's making a comeback at this cracked open spewing TV on the offense strength that. Not nothing that that was seen by millions of people and that's really interesting to do end and he can understood you know you can't. Put enough significant role the Internet plays as well if something's felt like a good idea it's gonna come back. We just can't break we have to go to break here and we're gonna also arrested jumped pretty new another break one we come out of the break we're gonna play a song that you did. You tell me which one though you wanna play decently too. Time now to me now which when you wanna play out of the senate to break decrepit. New perfect okay we're talking with Jeff bland jerked his wife's web site is Jeff Blanchard dot com don't go we. Nothing you can. Chasing its. It was tomorrow night telephone numbers 84468776600. Guess ninety's Jeff when your. We went long in the last segment we won't be able to bring him in until after the next break but when we come back from the next break we're gonna start off. When they saw on the chest orange eroded performed. It's called Christmas night so look forward to that it's beyond reality radio I'm JV again the phone number 844687. 766 member of the there. No way to. Bring us the so you knew it shouldn't they. Worship. Watch where you step. Revenues. Everything they. Ring. And you'll passes. The news. Jeff. The land jury is our guest tonight and Jeff blender is the composer and I believe perform he did it all right just that your song. I wrote the song but actually had some help put it in now. Column brought in some some rigors just like or it Lou the mono we're work pretty thing and implant that. Friends of mine and so I don't know what it is about the economy is it just makes me musical and reverent. Well I am a curious seeded duke wake up one day and say you know I'm operator Simon I had a dream about this a moderate a song about campus. It's veto and with that attic for the mind can I dared the my friend re edit my podcast will be like amnesty but decrepit Fontana like. I can probably do best though if this is what is playing music I got some guys and so legion that'll get together and next thing you know and that I've done a few Christmas functionality system. You know it's it's I don't wanna go on tour I don't B musician but once in awhile that you could sensibly do. Yeah you know Jeffords out of I'm with you completely a man and I do the same thing Everett if you myself perform if you myself and is again it's almost a therapy isn't it. Yeah right to put it it's cool like I can totally appreciate people that that's their patents that apple once in awhile it just. I get an idea or something like won't leave you alone and so you can to sit down and write it down and but it's just it's academy that we live at a time and we can chair of that stuff people like it great and it's not to make any money that it just put out there for freight and have fun. It's just fun and we have another one that you sent us called I think my Christmas tree is haunted will play that at the end of our discussion. So I see couple questions not related to Christmas and they're creepy Christmas stuff but. You've been involved in a lot and related relationship to paranormal television reality stuff wouldn't think how do you what do you think of the evolution of turn on the television this week. C.'s new shows coming out to learn new things showing up on TV today. Yeah you know I think that it's. It's a reflection of what. And I where we are with and our belief in LA. I think it's something they're people that feel like you know television drives the culture but I I disagree I think the culture tries to television. And invite person and they feed on each other so he was interesting how you know he had ghost hunters to trust the so prominent for so long it. And it really set the standard and then it was but it successful which means it's going to be other shows like it. We've seen so many coming go over the years that some of hung in there for a long time. You know it hasn't anything big the good thing is that it's taken this subject out of the closet the popularity means that you know but when we were young. We were 1520 years old couldn't talk about those he'd get to and you could be different but only indeed he had to know what company you're. Now you can talk about goats around office water cooler and that's thanks to all the terrible television all the all the chose. It's so I think that's a really good thing the bombers that I think some people have expectations that. There's a ghost around every. Rhetorical corner you know people looking for them you'll find them every seven minutes before commercials. And that's just not realistic you know which your watching the highlight. Sometimes pieces investigating. That it's turned into just a few minutes of television but. But it for the most part you know I'm a fan of anything they keep the discussion going and keep the subject out there last week. May have been the week before we had a last minute switch in guests are scheduled guests could do the program and we. Had to replace. Him rather quickly like within a half hour and and I'm blanking on the name right now but we brought a gentleman on the program and sadly we don't we're only enabled have gone for about four fun minutes of the discussion got really good. And then we had to let him go but we promise to bring them back on but. My my point in question is this he is involved in another paranormal reality program which takes. Provoking. And aggressive. Go stunning if you will to the extreme for example in one of the per episode he puts a loaded gun to his head. And provokes the spirit to pull the trigger now. You know it's it's this this this stuff will be amended I don't even remember exactly where it's gonna be but again we're gonna have discussed back on but dumb you don't JJ sooner or both you know kind of scratch your heads a little bit wondering if you know is this good for our field. Is this bad for let's take aside that the fact that may be kids would be watching that we certainly don't want them doing anything like that a bush put down side for second justice for just from the paranormal. Investigating component of that what are your thoughts. He had no I mean as the apparel investigator he wouldn't do have to step that we had any of the talent shows. Right like it's that you know if I'm really do an investigation I want think it can he would a real peril investigation it's so quiet and and so boring or whatever television chat about it. If we did not watch it I would watch it put it back. If you that the equipment you wait for hours. It's in sometimes to it's it's in the review where you find that it's actually interest and sometimes her view happens to you later you'd be going through all the hours of footage dividend to. According to go oh wait did something right here. So so yeah dull topic under it and and provoke spears I the TV producer me understand what they're doing that because. They have to look at what else is out there and see what we have to take it to more extreme level you know it. If they're yelling we have to scream and they're screaming we have a lake and brings fire arms. You couldn't do that that the problem is where do you go from there and I think the answer is you know maybe we can start doing human sacrifices us. So. You know we're we're back to the Roman gladiators and feeding people alliances and now. You know our side our society as fully comparable exactly like millennia ago it would just rebuilt from. Only difference is we do it on TV now I mean we confirm but doing Julia yeah. So why should I have to really go to some coliseum I can just get six technological my couch now mean that soda and a high definition. Read his four day at straight tests on the give us another. Christmas creepy Christmas creature. That you that you kind of the kind of gives you. Moments of pause. I'd love this one this one it's comes from Wales. It's called the mighty eagle and that's and mine you might very where's Welsh it's it translates to the great mayor and it's. Basically it found the horse that rises from the grave. To. Yet and now it's it's stopped and so this has been around since the eighteen hundreds but. It was almost completely gone but it survived at like one little village in Wales. Where what they do is each. Each Christmas season. That the money load rises from the great and it's depicted by somebody who will take a literal or skull. Draped it we've along great sheet and put a hole underneath the skull so there will be Amanda livings and underneath that holding that pole. And then five or six other guys will go with them and local law telling notebook caroling to. Pubs its caverns. And two private homes and they sing the fight back and forth song were like hey let it send a little too and Taylor it's been no long achievement. Eventually the homeowners are pub owners will relent. Allow that the body vote to come in and and what did what did that zombie or seeking is his food and drink and so. A lot bowlers will be rewarded with food and alcohol and then I'll go to the next and it might. You know experience as a full court that a guy who studies legend when you do something when you have alleged that result in free food and alcohol. Can I can't tell. That this is female that. It is the suckers got leg that is gonna walk so. So the money loaded kind of make it to come back and really thanks to the Internet and as you know because. Crap has got popular cable that we have obstacle so we've got carefully target and certainly wealth goes well you know we got something to. And so now everybody's kind of like. Bring it out there players under the stage and there was stadium. 88 Christmas festival like Christmas parade in monetary Wales two years ago. And they were multiple muddy load that was the head of the Orson and along great keep marching through regulate how and that's coming back to all of these things are coming back in I think. The reason is it's speaking again to this really primal thing. Saturday Elliott Yule saint Nicholas and a closet Christmas all of that he. In our DNA it's been with a for thousands of years it's not going anywhere and however you wanted to celebrate whatever direction you wanna take it whether it's. A ghost story traditionally begins stated or whether it's Christian tradition and you wanted to celebrate the birth of Jesus of what that represents. If you wanted to celebrate commercialism and what that represents you can it's all yours and that's the beauty of this holiday is that it can be. Multiple things at anyone who thinks that it's Airways the only right way is just extremely arrogant and and shortsighted. And it from a historical perspective you're just it's it's too big. Yeah I remember you giving me nightmares with the story that I think came from Iceland. That do you not. Like. Agree that the green level up from Iceland. She like crap but she's she's she also limited amount kitty. But she's the Chinese controlled with hoops for feed and mini legs and it. It's it's a female figure. And the difference between this 1 and take crap Pacific crap that comes to looks bad kids. The Greeley did not discriminate she has. She just has the case for children could expect it's it doesn't matter order she's coming down on Christmas beat it she's going to abduct children. And it's a frightening time really for her so that's what parents are on the lookout for this monster. And she wants to take the kid back Turkey and cook them into her favorites due to keep them. And in this one is just it's horrific because. It is you know it at least decrepit tickets they elect our practices evil. He's just doing the job you know it it's if you don't it. And it tells them he's there's a decade you know what to do. But the agreement that the monster that the monster who's going to hurt innocent children and to meet that makes her all the more frightening. The fact that she doesn't discriminate that she turned that night into the atmosphere for parents of it just speaks to probably be the most frightening of all that legal types figured that I've found. And that was a Christmas season visit as well. Yeah that's that's the Christmas season also Christmas seat and he. In Bulgaria is that there are two that the Caricom Callista is one but that's actually after such as the puck Christmas seed. This one will take the sheep and voice of your relatives. And what the current uncle just tried to do with people who were you outside think about to meet I'll be you know outside your home. And then hypnotize you and you stay out there all night and freeze to death. So against indicating that the police and an even look at your relatives. So I say play it safe if it's deceiving here what are your relatives outside just keep the door locked and don't look at it played today. Yes we have now we only about another minute with few sadly when we have you wanna go so fast but at what you up to what what's next on your calendar where should people be checking out. You know I've got. That kind of program that's that's coming up already into that and eighteen. It might might stage shows and everything to do right I thought I told stories depending on the economic health Christmas stories her her ghostly legend and so on and and just sharing. The culture in this particular treatment I've got my weekly little bitty podcast which has been really fun to feel like these stories and you won't hear me each week. You can you can find among my web site and against Trevor reverend do about it. Just you know work on new books and and just finding the next adventure I'm really blessed to be what I do it and grateful that. So people like you have me on the talk about it. Well we're certainly gratefully agreed to join us some we're gonna make for slick Eddie starts looking at the calendar to make sure to get to back on. Sounds great and I hope I hope we survive Christmas release my stress and you know given you know. Good behavior bad behavior I mean I just I hope you make it where you make up on the 25 that. Yeah that is free it is for sure we're gonna leave few wins that your song I think my Christmas tree is haunted this one's got I listen to it before the programs and a little more of reason people might wanna get up and dance to it as maybe. All right thanks Jeff ledger. It's beyond reality radio this is I think my Christmas trees hearted we're gonna go to break after it and we'll be back to finish and finish things up after that. General. Best fourth. A street. I welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio I'm JG Jason is back with a Smart I hope movie feeling better and rejoining us. We've got a great show scheduled tomorrow night actually and look forward to this when we've got to keep scales joining askew says the tour manager. The 1886 crescent in the 19005. Basin park hotels the crescent hotel. Is considered by many to be the most haunted hotel in America. Going to be pretty cool talking about that. Wednesday night doctor Craig Bauer joins us he is discussing his book calls unsolved the history. And mystery of the world's greatest ciphers. From ancient Egypt online secret societies he also has been part of ATV mini C miniseries on the History Channel called the hunt. For the zodiac killers would make talk about that as well. And then Thursday. We've got Jonathan great he's an archaeologist historian historian and author Andy lecturer we talking about past present and future whole bunch of great stuff coming up on the program. Don't forget to stop by the web site in the FaceBook page make a party your daily routine it's beyond reality radio. I'm JV join us tomorrow night look forward to seeing them. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced by Al Simpson told students they. It's an normally you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's stopped going to finish in the agency hello fading certainties because well Jason host hello and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at