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The mysteries and hauntings of Georgia's military bases

Dec 19, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome author, paranormal investigator Jim Miles to talk about his new book that focuses on the many stories of strange occurrences at Georgia's military bases. UFOs, ghosts, bigfoot sightings and more. 12/14/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Wednesday on the West Coast there's damage to us many years that somewhere in between what completely unrelated review myself just because they always Dawson chief each ounce so in what. Point did the North Pole visited Santa has something to do with this like relocate itself into the northeast because it is frigid for pre Christmas whether it has become a variance. Cultists is next I mean just assets are foremost on store Trammell are ridiculous it is written or store our fat and viewers were down in the moment teens and sit in the wind chill gives it like single digits yet it was it was below ten degrees like eight degrees last night bring an outstanding at ten minutes some drop a little further it's just too cold and it's so cold that I actually brew myself up a little bit hot chocolate here in the studio notes it's simulator at the Sony goodness street here nuns. She's well she's spoilt. Penalized if they log on to beat Australia hey everybody thanks to an in Nam if you have an Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond. Radio. Like FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com where if you click on the station tab these final station we are on across the country. Or just download the free iPhone android app great that allows the listen lies catch past shows to join me online chat more on. Just click the listen live to have bread on the website you can connect into an online chat room where you listen on the show and they'll achieve Ian myself and just a great community people. Yeah and many times or gas join the chat room as well I'm not sure for guest tonight will that he possibly will his name is Jim miles who becoming on a little bit later. He's a historian and an author he's got a whole bunch of books to his credit are going to be talking about. One of his newest books called mysteries of Georgia's military bases. Ghosts UFO's and big foot and apparently there's a lot of reports from around Georgia which has a lot of military installations. That there's a lot of colonel activity going on on the well he has just he has a bunch of books I looked up as books and and he's he's covering all gambit of Everett. Yeah he's got quite a list. And one of the things that we'll get into most certainly. Is paranormal activity that's related to civil war battlefields and other civil war sites and you and I and how whisk guests on the show reject. And just had countless conversations in addition to that of people who got their paranormal curiosity piqued by visiting Gettysburg and other civil war site. There's just so much energy at these sites that it's hard to believe that there couldn't be paranormal activity going on and in Jim miles has been to a whole bunch of Rome has written about them and wanna talk about that too. Or especially the traumatic events they go on at at these locations and and it's it's amazing I mean it really isn't just that managed seems to get trapped in a lot of things around there. And it just sparks activity. Suppose when you've got a field you know three or four interfere field were 151000. People died. All in the matter of we don't 48 hours you can't help but have that kind of energy and stuff. On their and so probably in a sense yet affect what's problem possibly in batted around around here now it's scary even so some news thing came across Mya ornaments sheets today a marriage sheriff everybody bought. You heard about this run only Chinese space station. And make China is delicate Chinese fighter drills and same thing needlessly get it I guess now at this. Runaway Chinese space station could smash into a major city next year. Really own it I knew I actually didn't hear about on in Chinese space station that was losing orbit. And I also heard that they weren't sure where is gonna go. I'm not a 100% sure but they're saying and giving a rough testament and while the areas or populated areas of the European Space Agency has warned that there is chance that the station could hit a populated area. Launched back in 2011. Tying the long one or. Also known as heavenly place was part of China's effort to assert itself as a major player in the space industry and create an me and orbital laboratory. Percent of agree searched. Last year however. Following months speculation over. Or just the orbit of the system in China China's CN SA space agency revealed that it has lost control station. And that would be plummeting back to earth sparking fears over the risk of falling debris of course I mean that's a big thing to just fall down on the I'm now scientists at ESA have revealed that station could come down anywhere between two latitude lines on the northern some Southern Hemisphere. The potential impacts owns includes cities such as New York Rome. In stand in stumble and stumble she slower and Tokyo. Seoul humans. That's some seriously populated areas yes while it. I remember when skylab. Was a sky however space sky collaborate member of that coming into uterus or at her that's when I hit Australia right. Here and a pretty much burned out before it hit anything serious so created a bunch of damage bush have been not not anything great yeah man I mean I can you imagine if a giant space. Orbiting. Whatever you call it lab. Survives reentry doesn't get completely destroyed in the reentry process and and slams in a New York City cannot imagine some moments that happen as or any. Mean is there any defense against something like that can some of far from anti missile technology destroyed before his Grammy to be interesting when in when it's a supposed to happen and they. You're fascinated at how fast coming in next years some point. And it's just are made it's a scary thought if you if you think and it's just on what death from above you'll never see the soccer common practice. Gosh and I imagine that tell you know as it gets close to the time the bill. We know one and how many hours and advanced Elmo but the be able to do the math at some point in the Digital Sky lead in to have played a total different idea where was gonna go. Remember the details I just remember blowing out at night. Watching the skies as you can see it re enters the atmosphere and watch it looks like with the shooting star that it was burning up. We're watching it but asks her yeah everything's out up there and we do we don't think by and then just think about all the things that are floating around. When you go up and shuttle or anything like that. The amount of objects that you need to avoid. Which is pretty much the garbage that we put up there is terrifying New Orleans yet there's been a lot of talk recently about space junk and Howard going to start to I'm removing it from Earth's orbit because it is in the way of many. Serious efforts to at the launch any kind of spaced on vehicles specially from being going to the moon or Mars or whatever. And they're looking at some type of space shuttle type reentry draft pick gulp and actually. Collect this stuff and bring it back to earth safely maybe even recycle some of all that in that would be good but I am my my idea is it probably just try to push it. Away and some sort or plan that would be taking it didn't skip a nudge you sort of silly bunch places you know what's what does out of orbit as large you've nudged it in the right direction it will just keep going forever and it also takes out some other you know at planet of people trying to figure out how what's going on this this is a Topper were gonna have to save one of our space experts because I total I guess -- -- -- to be fun to get some more but there's got to be some signs to have somewhere. Yeah sorry but I'm thinking of guess who gets pretty cool people coming up in fact I'm tomorrow night Stacy brown junior who is a bigfoot creature in a researcher and a filmmaker. We'll be discussing this Florida skunk ape project. And some other big foot this images and thermal footage and went to things are related to big for another crickets. In the never Friday of course is a best of the unreality but next week we have some very close friends of ours and some amazing people last year we had a different just the winter on officer. Adventurer. And he's he's he's out there everywhere but last year we had him come on talk wasn't Christmas ledges and it was a great show we've gotten to cramp a small that we're gonna have him back on Monday. Tuesday were going to have the incredible Troy Taylor. Author of American haunting sunrise vote. The spirit world and the birth of modern go centrist and Troy societies are great guys agree investigated and out there for ever. Yeah and he's going to be talking about the run history of paranormal investigating in America and how pop culture has affected American history. Paranormal pop called culture that is he's going to be talking about. Civil war Abraham Lincoln. You know basically the early days rate through announces going to be an interesting conversation so. Our bullets you want to incorporate your diet and we'll do that normal give and give back. Back in a more you listen Jason TVM URL into. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I don't know why so had made contact Michael Jackson's ghost. We have been trying to. My yeah general spirit we had a caller. Who it was that was if a funky cool. And that it's written by the guy hasn't experienced numerous Michael Jackson's sand around his comeback I do. India and you know scorer and oldest and I don't. You know I hate. Can we find how did you say play that we've we have that recorded somewhere so it was one of the most I just I thought we were seriously you know control women and yet I close the curtains lock the doors to those that the FCC would be here any minute yeah this I think we finally left to play sorry if the F five key doing. I guess he would connected with I think we'll start seeing who are connected with. He claims Michael Jackson. I think you out we'll see slick confine it to and obviously comeback tour they'll be really. Funny to play anyway we're talking to us from the a little bit different and that's a veteran to be talking about mysteries in Georgia's military bases or guest tonight. Is Jim miles Jim is a historian and a writer and we welcome him to be on reality radio dram Jim great to have you on the program tonight. You're good bigger. So the best place to start is the beginning tell us how you got your interest in the paranormal. And specifically. How the Georgia military bases got on your radar so to speak. I will look at my interest in the very normal starter when I was here that. A group Mobile, Alabama which is an old bottle of port town and there have been everywhere that you the jeers ago. And the moment people come from rural Alabama. And they have a completely different center of colonel what sort of that are. And one I was thirteen years old on the point out on a camping trip. And there. You bunch of choppers and around the campfire about. There's not 1 in the morning. And all that I was silent giant orange object in the sky. After Wallace started. Going back and forth in the annual fashion. And I quote current quote unquote into the ground. He's got brighter. And finally disappeared. And there were number unbeatable I didn't. What to signal crawl the region. Back in 1966 Clinton in 2000. And that story relates to the book. Does point out you know what located right next to Mike is that he's. Everyone around what is almost robins air force that it went through one of the gate yes strategic air command exactly it. And it hit to my unit or basically. That is like in the old days it was 24 rockets. All of the other 120 point nuclear weapon he's done until opponent into what. And they were going to be launched into our atmosphere took all of about invading. Soviet bomber we did mention down. And I can only imagine there be quote would wanna keep. I owned very important place like that with Russia. A massive number of destructive bomb. And if there's an interest among ever since they're normal. Regardless of what it did. Four are generally the gym before we get to the book I wonder I want to take you back to this this experience you had as a child on a boy scout camp and you saw this orange. Or. In the sky and you said there were many others are reported similar sightings at the same time. Aren't yet at that time across central Georgia. In Colombo here. Or better than. And then he's more Robin very own ability ability got across the mid city. A lot of people have been seeing what we're seeing a bit on. Right you have vote that swung down from his dog. And the pendulum fashion. And words a all seen on the same nighter was this over a period of months a year do you know it how what to span of time was involved. Our body year 1960s and 1960000. And whether any media reports of those events or was this something that and no one reported one of those you know it it is a time when people kept the stuff to themselves. And the 1950s there was still a great deal that is interest in the boat. And all of these fun anymore well recorded that I wanna constitutions. To. Local city newspapers in the region. And did there come any explanation from maybe some of the military bases or government personnel saying. What you saw was not a UFO these were military craft toward these were real anomalies of some kind did we get any of those a typical excuses at that time. Well right here at robins air force space it would send out usually a major lieutenant colonel. And then poke around her that there's so you know. Blue book project blue book days. And they would eventually come back where well aluminum here phenomenon. Probably Mars into believing. In it and and things like that but. They never blamed in varying and convincing fashion. They were just going through motions. On this track of people. And did you did you describe this like how big was it in the sky from your vantage point was at the end of the size of a of a baseball was that the size of a beach ball what what was it. What are you it would reform them full moon night. And that there's the Arctic waters the I would say airport or or small were. There on the moon or worms there were quite large. Would you set a force small mammoon. Yet in perspective from your vantage point now. I did it touched the grounded all heard it he said it was as it came closer it was brighter I think used said but it never land. Well there's always knowing that disappeared but I'm Patrice. I don't know how long that they're winning in order to an independent of god but. I remembered that never happened and we finally went to. All we know that just sit there until one. Interesting and that's what started your curiosity and would you down this path and obviously at some point we about a minute before we go to break but at some point you like turn your attention from a UFO sighting to being a little bit more interest in ghostly activity. Well around to a code stern in 1972. For eighteen years old. Much into line and on with the knowledge of the curve of sudden but perhaps essentially. Well around 19. Lou being a war on now in the vote down here here call hours ago. We got to deal now when there were people and cargo light longer so we moved on. And now we've culture alongside the other way. It was another bright moonlit night and we got out the walk around insured and read the plaque from London general investigated. So we were in the cemetery out back. And looking a great flare up. What an older man who has done it they're in the past five years yourself. And who stood here we book ball. And Olympic air coming out no one corner of the great. Okay hold the rate they're June right we gonna pick up the sterling come back from break. Paris so we're gonna say real quick break and more to come to listen GCG beyond beyond LA. Atlanta George yeah. And hot Atlanta. Great town limbs replace units within you know were there for dragon con Jane you know last year. Ezra Pound and replace their love Savannah that's beautiful place as well but such a history especially of Gholston. We're just trying to carry experiences that happen Iowa. Yeah it's a come it's a good it's a beautiful state great great place and our guest tonight looks at it a completely different way. He is Jim miles he says historian and writer. He is written a ton of books I mean it's a long list of books on the paranormal specifically tonight we're talking about mysteries of Georgia's military bases ghost UFO's. And big foot and a gym before winter break we were talking to you're. I think it was your first experience. Seeing a ghost of some sort and you were talking about looking at a slab I think it was in a graveyard and a pick up where you left off and and and Intel source of the story. What we were sent them there looked an upgrade it and then I'm Dana. Started coming now from one corner of the great in the white. Yeah actions but that. And then grew larger and larger and larger. And it got to be of several big crop. And there it started to take any human form. And I hate to say we didn't stick around and see what the end formal or oppose. I picked her up then we ran the car to randomly screened out other. We came back the next day to check it out. And they were not being on extraordinary about that great either no hole there nothing on nothing unusual at all. And then we both standard and entered into the. Well and of course and then that's one of those scenarios where you you kinda wish you'd stayed a little longer to see what happen. Yeah but not certain moments. So yeah so where were you getting feeling longer feeling of fear or signed something making you feel scared and when that was happening. Just good general fear of the unknown. Knowing the majors than. We and then a lot of experience that I hope. We don't overcome what I think we're really rate the way idea. So was this Cassius substance that was coming from the grave was it like smoke scorer or a fog didn't have a white appearance to it. It won't know what dish on the. Newton and you said it started to take on human form. It certainly won't do we give them all where to think we're going to be into law prevent it being. Where some kind of fed was gonna show up. Now that's enough to send anybody running from or graveyard I would imagine but. It it started you down a path with a real fascination for the colonel particularly. Go steep type activity although you've looked at a bunch of different things and down. When you started to research goes did you start from the perspective of going out and doing some quote unquote ghost hunting. Or did you just start to the research the history of purported terminal sites. Outlook always vanity and reboot your. And I've never been urged to go while the lucrative when you were eight. What would the scientific equipment or just you know hanging around. So are there any court in these stories. All crop Georgia. For a very long a bit. I want to you know they're all of them in the making here. I look at these. If form of modern day old war. It's no different from what historians have been collecting for a long time and just generally in an area. That nobody considered. Only proper. Topic of certain. Like you know what I but all England. Don't work being in different areas. And Albert errors involved early on in our group remained at the. So you late to pretty much just just get a document in writing in and try to and try to have it all that. Yeah not me I'm not. I'm sort of aid. Either ban. The story or not like they're appearing together or even. And then you know they're. Quality and and it comes as some conclusions about what is going wrong. And and I think that's important because there's not enough people like a lot of you wanna get out there actually Reese researcher with the hands on try to see. And I'd catch it on film can catch audio of it and things of that nature but there's always there's I agree aspect of it the people who are researching at. From mom. Which saw the stories and Eric Nelson putting them together and and trying to figure out that way. Yeah I don't I don't think that. Actual research in the field. Paranormal experiences. Is going to revise any result. This sort of thing than whether or thousands of years just here in Georgia. There's a great book called yes that here. What are gathered by game when he in 19100. On them one new Dell wouldn't deliver very native American. Belief system. Fate and the same type phenomenon that we have today. We have got it hadn't cheesy it. Bill White people. They have what they only be supernatural monsters running around. And a bit. So they wouldn't approve them want any particular type of phenomenon. Actually did. It oil and I and I can I can serious and we sang and and I respect that I I done ideal actually with. With charity nation. Now in North Carolina and so I spent a lot of time with them on the reservation investigating with with them as well and I don't invest it because I feel me we can try to document. Some sexy back it up with footage and some sort of audio. Which helps you sort of well categorized different types of these aren't things and I today embed but I also have the utmost respect for those who go in and and try to categorize and figure it well from more vote. Look literature. Aspect as well. So I and I think dimple for those at both of those types of people to work together it's give it's just that much much better from the field. It. So Jim before we get into the discussion on the military bases specifically. You said you moved to Georgia at what point in your life. Time was twelve years old my father worked at Brooke we are portrayed in Mobile, Alabama. And that big music all of them paid so a lot of look look to Jordan to. Who worked at Robin air force base here. And when you moved to Georgia. And you hear you actually be a bit lived there long enough that it's pretty much. Your entire life for the most part. Worry you and learning of the folklore and the stories and as some of the history particularly. The civil war history which is is an unbelievable part of Georgia's history. Yeah I started writing career. Went a long period of war book about the global war. They were not only history. Book any word beat hill toward guys. And I trained civil war mom mom George the Pennsylvania. We Carolina's. To Louisiana and Arkansas. And what what. What up what was her restrained Al outward battle you open the material at all hours. I'm undertaken. If he's found them photographed without. And while we're actually doing the or reaper on the battlefield. We never hand that urged. Experienced. What the super natural. The jolly followed with odd. However I was always hearing stories from other people. Man that wrote these down in a report years ago. I I had 83 book theories about civil war goes in Georgia. And colder than normal amount of the war goes to Georgia. Especially in the Savannah. Savannah area. Not on. Probably be low on his plate in the civil war era is Andersonville group. What is only pick the mile per room per warrantless. Quote from the cornea confederate Prisoner of War camp there a little down along the railroad. Where thirteen thousand union soldiers died. They didn't have. Clean water. It and position them quote being. In the Clinton. And thought you were thirteen thousand soldiers who died. In absolute misery. He got to expect the plate to be on it that would be Andersonville. There don't there does seem to remain for whatever reason. That are. There was a and Time Warner and several union prisoners. And they gain very intimidated and murdered other prisoners were a little bit that they had. And so be it better rendered so don't they were gonna bring you guys that are picked up. And the prisoners tried. And convicted and paying the mirror and make all the raiders'. Learn that you people have been there at night. Where they have heard. The verdict. The governor's comment. On match point is bringing hang them hanging them Ingraham. And there's a camp Kris still. That's still cool cool around. Bill Clinton by eight. Administering. Last rights there's soldiers from underneath it. He threw three years ago. I've been an incredibly. I area paranormal experience. We're talking with Jim miles music historian any writer his book is called mysteries of Georgia's military bases ghosts UFO's and big foot. He's got many many other books related to the paranormal are gonna continue that discussion on the other side of the break. Yes so in the phone numbers 8446877669. Again that's 8446877669. If you have a question from he GB or guest. You listen as Jason GBM guiana island radio. Don't constantly doing you don't throw the ball to remember those little things like to run around my house all the time. If so why not see your Hardwoods and let those energetic he's using your workload make those kinds of yours earned their keep. It depends sweeper and now from. From ground zero. The crap compared sweet. Our special patent technology amounts in the bottom of those four legged freaks throw them the ball in the holes and wall face like around trying to stop. Our technology grabs dirt from all the salt. Make your pets do your work the pets Weaver are correct. It has not been tested like animals that may have side effects and so pitch today. Are you should be considering what you're gonna get somebody special for Christmas this year in prep products it was a great way to go are part of our program here. I get one some for all three AMOCO. Stamina is what acts and an enemy and might 42 kids. Had no right B 44 by time Christmas it's an Afro and welcome back to the program everybody it's beyond reality radio quick reminder tomorrow night Stacy brown junior will join us Stacey he bigfoot researcher any filmmaker will be talking about a bunch of his work including. The Florida skunk ape project and also. Roswell it's been seven years since the Roswell incident. And we still don't know if at some you know this is what happened to this day owned by Johnson and every Friday as the best of the unreality radio Joseph favorite to download the show from iTunes forever to serrated Forest Hills was a show Ford makes it for easier for people finally greatly appreciate yet we do tonight we're talking winds that Jim miles. He is a historian any writer he has got a long list of books to his credit. You can check them all out on Amazon among other places and only Jim tell you hey Jim where else is Amazon the best place for people to go to find your books. Yeah. OK so Amazon's the place makes great Christmas gifts for a short. Jim we are talking about tennis civil war history we've got about four minutes a little less than that for this segment. One things that I find very very amazing and Jason and I touched on it before I would approach into the program tonight we've talked about it and many in many shows. Civil war battlefields and historic sites. Are probably the most common place or certainly high on the list of up places that people go. And have their first paranormal encountering and in many cases it begins a will can be a lifelong fascination with paranormal topics have you found that to be true as well. Yes. Here in Georgia now we have the second largest battle field and civil war I would pictured on world war where. Part of Georgia. And people go there come back where a wide variety of different type stories. And welcome return. Alone or with friends and remember them. They want to try to share the load experiences with them. So and they want Hughes who was a last aren't they wanna share the experiences with some. Who were ordered. Yet but I sewage coming back pretty much telling their stories and when and one in people listen. Hulu. Jimmy it's you know I am in the northeast and down my visited Gettysburg. Many many times and I've been a paranormal investigator and a researcher for quite of a period of my life as well. I can't save ever had. It turmoil experiencing Gettysburg even though I've been there are tough times. But a lot of people have and even if you don't. Have some in the you can necessarily attribute to being paranormal. The you can when you're there when you're one of these locations you can feel the energy whatever that is how or however we define that energy it is something that you can feel. It is one hour doing little a lot of civil war re urged I think he's the crowd to. Oh olive on the battle field early in the morning and late in the evening. When you're pretty much alone you can walk trying to hold them and build the girls are so vital place is that that change the courtroom battle. And you've been a year old. About the energy from the hundreds of sound momentum in all there in 2000. That dot Aegon. And even more than would be many good and every battle pro life than all of that is definitely leave it picture. On battlefields. Well of course that many people losing their lives are are having met and that's sort of traumatic event that energy from the traumatic events. Meets attached itself some more so attached itself whether it's to install New York or something but. And it's just there you can feel you walk in you can feel it and it's just it's so suppressive Vanya. It is although we never had a paranormal experience call actually at the battle field. You can just feel and I fear it that the all the sides. Is sacred because of all the men that fought Becker on there. And not a particular thing in history. I'll I'll call for many many years. And just describing. That being the carnage. And Caroline them there is only used. And I'm thrilled I'm responding. Trying to convey that it might it. Well I agree with you I've never had any yen. Experiences on the battlefield as well. A wall maybe a little things turn there but nothing much but it's always been on the properties. That seemed to surround the battlefields that are located around the battlefields like when we want to Gettysburg. And javy and also it's it's more of the of the old orphanage which now is amuse damned thing in places like that. And Jenny lead house those places seem to for whatever reason have a lot of activity maybe it's just because they're tight quarters. And neater shoved in there and the buildings made double whatever whether it's limestone are. Or what ever end but those seem to have the activity when you're outside it's tough anyways because you're dealing with a lot of miles I contamination which. Sort of throws an investigation out the window anyways. Duncan manager remembered on an investigation about. There will be a lot of distraction I think. Yeah on the we do have a lot of people that are reported seeing a whole phantom army is showing up in a field and that kind of think. And we'll get into more of that with our guest tonight Jim miles says after the break and I was sort of a second hour of the program forget tomorrow night Stacy brown junior joining us. A pre record Friday or not approve her best a Friday and then Monday just blender great friend of the program be joining us will be talking about. Christmas alleging its legends including the Christmas which is it was a great great story. Absolutely creepy when you look at Paris or is a quick break more to come elicited Jason TV on the island. East Coast many respects him. So case because they always awesome JB Johnson one of my favorite places to visit in the country is Gettysburg. It's you know what I've been a civil war buff since I was a child and read a lot about so worn always just was just in law of the civil war battlefield at Gettysburg and never even gave it its second thought from the terms of of the paranormal perspective. Until I got into paranormal investigating Andersen Dieter stories from people and it occurred to me what. More. Active place could there possibly be any place where in case of Gettysburg 50000 casualties over a three day period. You know that type of trauma and that type of men human tragedy. Can't help but breed. Some kind of energy that eventually can present itself in paranormal activity. Well yeah of course any any large loss of life like that gives the higher the higher probability that something might still stick around some energy still there. And it's not a battle field Bolick look at Waverly hills. Union sixty some odd thousand people died there and of course the place has too crazy activity throughout the hole location. Because the potentials that much higher for some sort of paranormal activity of some sort of spirits. To linger test to stay tunes or the energy from something happening track and Martinez has that much higher possibility. To trap itself within rocked the mixup the foundation or some part of the structure that snare. And we're really talking about that in more detail with our guest is Jim miles he's historian and writer will be bringing him back in just a moment. Before we do that a couple of reminders. The telephone number is 8446877669. Would love to have you calling join us talk about this topic or something Yeltsin might be on your mind him remote view via masterful piece of paper where did you learn there. Design on we've got people in chat saying pick a card please pick the cards spend so much easier well an L and on a study defeats the purpose we really want to see if somebody can and it's really gonna take. The ability to tap in here and really continued nail this the way were looking to do it on their offense they will say though it took him three received the corridor as an extra three months in the fifth finish solo around. Well we'll judge it as we move along we may make some modifications but I tomorrow night that a Stacy brown will be talking about big foot. Friday a best of Jeff Landry will join us on Monday a lot of people on the paranormal community no jets have seen some of his work. He'll be talking about Christmas legends including the cram this in other crabs was relatively unknown to a lot of people into what was it two or three years ago that movie came out. Yeah a lot of people didn't really know about it and honestly if you if you look at up. Chris this was actually a sidekick with Santa Anita for a long time I mean he he would show up and enters it with their bad kids could be that day prior to Santa coming so Santa didn't win Spanish and showed up. He all the kids in there where there were good so he knew he can just pass out guess he didn't have to guess who is. You get literally came through and cleaned house for Santa Santa didn't need to keep and keep it nice and not eat list he didn't have to do that work because crap just took care of minority ones friend settled down might get but it what a sinister creature very very very sinister reject Lander will be talking about that legend and many others a lot of really interesting Christmas legends and many of them at the very dark side to them. Yet just as a Balkan power is she is just sees an incredible guy right now longtime friend and I look forward talk. Yet so we'll be looking forward to that on Monday night may and then and of them were other great guests coming throughout the week next weeks and if you join us. We're gonna bring our guest back in Jim miles again Jim is a historian. Any writer. He's got a book out that we've been talking about cold mysteries of Georgia's military bases ghosts UFO's and bigfoot. Jimmie you told who told us early on in our conversation here that your first real paranormal experience. Was a UFO sighting and it actually seem to happen in years a military base which he may have helped you make this connection but apart from that. What else drove you to the point where you thought you know one let's let's research military bases in paranormal activity put him together. And write a book about it. Well I have always maintained a lot of on all the different type of a paranormal phenomenon. And that one of their most news. Supernatural activity that they couldn't. And I don't really know a little bit better and until certain collecting it for about thirty years. When you know going to look Bob bounded by what ought to do not. And I'm realigned. And acquired a lot of material along and arrangement that occur on sort of altered it. But it doesn't end up reserves unit and a lot more or two and nine is that. They should appeal to a lot of people. A significant number of Americans that serve in the military. Whenever you have the number of the military is their entire family is in the military. They live in new patent say they're injured they connect with each other because the move around so much. And I found that in places like court building. The now there they're part of her and I'll. Paper and on with the children. And they talk about what good and bad about it posting. And there and start talking about the opponent out there on particular base. And in Fort Benning. There's a paranormal mother load this year. That they. The trained hundreds of thousands. Of Americans for who served in the military. Beginning with the World War I. World War II Korea Vietnam. And they are still actively. Refused being out front line soldiers. Go out today to carry on our our prices I heard her freedom. And they the people who live there they told us to war. And that the military bases their little unique. And Fort Benning. The primary thing they hear are banned book what. But they're not put up quite well thank all of these are. What they hear the news. An intruder in or you're out angle on ram ram bam bam down the hall and up the stairs. All these soldiers we're big them. And made the all around and and promote the perk movie people have that up. I'm living in another opponent that you'll hear me out here on base. Jim when you when he started investigating. Various paranormal activity and started researching this and keeping records. Did you find because we frequently have UFO SX Burks experts on the program and often. They talk about unusually high eight. Report's numbers of reports of UFO activity near military bases did you find the same thing. Absolutely. Ear where I live throughout their course saying. I found that already. Early. Document and that you have shoulder problem problem early in the oh victory. And each of these events. The people who follow them or either active duty personnel. In a little bit. An alternative well. And that the civilian who receive them all coherent military. Oh record the opera World War II. And they reportedly staying accurately. And military intelligence. Check them out. And the ridiculous it is the military. Could not promote what they solution for them. And the Turkey is that remain classified or more of a century. And they quietly released the record and that he people on myself go all the good present. This is serious evidence that you oppose. Aren't doing their business around the major military installation. But then I just wanna emphasize everybody author a lot of people instantly when they hear UFO's they think of an alien spaceship that's how what it is we're talking months unidentified flying them and use. If you knew it was an alien spaceship it wouldn't be considered UFO correct. It. Jim with the number of personnel that have served in the US military on on the basis that you're talking about that you looked at around the world. And with the high incidence of UFO sightings in other colonel activity on these bases com. Is there are some type of gag order. On these personnel when they leave the military that if they've had some type of UFO encounter that they're not allowed to talk about it because we do get some. People talking about it but it's really not as many as you would expect. I would doubt that there's actually. A formal thing that they are pretty it and live. But I think having been in a closed society. They do not want to ask me now upon. The military are the people who observed in them. And but they keep them quiet. Just to preserve the the reputation. Of the US military. Probably talking about you oppose Burton Group senior housing. Are big put doping around her. Pet a review our army bases. It probably frowned upon our. And ultimately they talk about that. In my experience you have people when he years later anonymously saying I'll I'll I'll wanna tell the story. I'm sorry I don't want to know why I was at a military injured. And I had my reputation. I don't want I want the story finally into the hole and then they will. Be candid with you even roll over them and mom made. Jim woods. The amount of technology that exists at these bases and this is after discretion or really wanna get it specifically to some of the stories are true including your book. But it with the amount of technology and surveillance I mean we have we know that security. Has to be tremendously high and probably always has been. Higher than you know anywhere else at a military base it seems as though. We would be getting some type of significant evidence of these types of reports are we collecting that. And is being held under wraps by the military or do you think it doesn't exist. Honestly I do not know why haven't heard that there still collecting information and there's soaring hitter are analyzing it in anyway. I get the idea. That the military understands there under observation. And they're driven model or they can do. Whatever our security measures are. That if you oppose the truly chrome another darker is them. And they certainly now superior technology. And what you can't beat out or outlook what we didn't bring up. It just seems something as simple as surveillance cameras around military bases we picking up some of the stuff I'm just wondering if they have it and just aren't releasing it. Or if this stuff doesn't trump on camera. Now. I don't want it is important for mom. What year what they don't I'll be here and the third person you want a giant. I think the rectangular. You have go. And it would final debate and it happened very near. Find them fighter planes that were lining up like that. And the pilot is why they were not seen anything at all. And and in many of these those of situation there people who yet. And there are people who don't think. It's interesting. We're talking wins Jim miles historian and writer we're talking about his book mysteries of Georgia's military bases ghosts UFO's and bigfoot would come back from break. We'll get and it's more the specific stories of these so George military bases Harrison we're gonna they're real quick break more Communist than Jason G. How would you rate were trying to remember. My mom because it's just turned brutally cold in December in the northeast and demo Murti tired of winter and I Edmonds I usually don't say that until January but our next couple years you might always be a snowmobile constantly snowmobile and now it's like we dread. What kitchens and we do inside by the fire Childress said there are brilliant at what I've acted the show. Everybody it's beyond reality radio phone numbers 8446877669. We're talking about paranormal experiences on military bases specifically. Georgia's military bases with our guest Jim miles. His book is all about that you should check it out on his books including that one are available on animals Amazon. The book is called mysteries of Georgia's military bases ghosts you foes and bigfoot Jim we've got just a couple minutes in this segment. And I are talking about some of the specifics and let's get away from the ghost for a second. What about Mike crypt did type sightings of bigfoot stuff how common is that particularly in the stuff you looked at in Georgia. Well important military phase of the army bases in the huge. Georgia. Eric ball down music and that we have several military papers. That occupy. Several. Tony that the area. And they use far. Were training. Older than armor. What helicopters anything like that. And that these areas there's there's a lot of art that that is the theory. I only. There's a lot of rivers and small land and just advanced areas. Where people have not been allowed to be clear it up for soldiers for the past. All it he is seven years. And now we have three primary. Infantry basis armored basis. For banning. Ford you're near Savannah. And court court number near ground. And there are a couple of belt and then I didn't there. At fort Gordon Beck in 1979. Army and mean thing Jack. We're now cooking would be on on the on the property of debate. And they came to a crawl. Giants. Put her just Q. Although well. The interest of the poverty came back a couple days later. And you know the area there there were being in order stream darted from burning. And it was flat and feature worked up for some. Some undergrowth and he's small trees clustered in one little area. Bogey started looking toward that. He found little act the morning I. Walked into that and he was confronted by an eight to ten and put all that put. We're going the monster in the huge arms blatant than popular. And what order and came up that big but he's he's old. Yeah yeah weathered look he had Ukraine here. And what the suggested is that the big footed found themselves. I have a debt. Would water went through it and that he had reached an appreciable change. Well let's hold on right there is we have to take a break but and I wanna be able cover the store hopefully we get back. Are you listen Jason GBM beyond our elegant radio. You re great some of these Cheap Trick. Absolutely so hey Jim sorry sir that we had to touch off their real quick because we will go on a hard break but if you pick up where you left off but the speaks. Yeah this other man not entered big put. All more. And they were confronted about his gigantic incher. And it didn't appear I mean it looked like it was sending ground. And so the man. Loan backed away. And he was head manatee area. In a crawl to a mutual burned. Earth if you know Obama. And if found about 83 on the part of Obama. Reportedly from the bigfoot. Snead could pick and skirted around and found big piece of the year you know and they've earned. And not far away it won't be found that where. It couldn't pick in the dump. Where is bound plane so there's some I can't recall auto where people have reported that. Think things like that. Now it is. Forty years later nearly and a good man is still around it by note that real lane. And he's still he freely about his experience. And you've got a good reputation. And he would perhaps the most well thought in the that. It put. Incidents in Jordan. Are you firm believer in big votes. I believe something stop bear I'm not saying that they are. A real biological creature not. But I moan about people who respected them believe them know that they are seeing something out there. And we just want it's it's tough to Aaron let's go to the fallen yeah let's do it we've got to bill from Florida on the phone any what's your stories this bill welcome to be on reality really agree to have young. Thank you so but I did then so excited about this show I was. And on million Brett. The break it and then Georgia at the time but what do we didn't start to warn the Rangers. And you told me some pain that boosts. We know about it ever seen anything like you oppose the court. He got them on the mountains but. One night all about my chops by my opposite they got onto boats that they were. Growing across the border to swap some. Important. And that you might all the light just came out of the soft. And you know just. Great angle or you know like. Eleven. Lipped agreed turning in. Israel to terrible idea of and but there also. Will do native Americans there. I remember persecuting me and do it you very culture because of all we know is that seemed to be here it would be kind of at that time and you weren't. With blank on the side of the broad but I there were some place do. Well what did they don't you put toward me. You could walk it and then you would get eaten GDP. Got a reduced by hearing and I don't know why people just yet certain point one. The Atlanta area has some bad up in the long time ago Brett. There. Do side if bigfoot or are you opposed their recent. I really believed there isn't as strong native American. Being born there. And it's just. It's actually gotten and as I was saying oh look this show. And I do believe there was a creature so query those bombs they've got on their results this. I wanted to add that it may be let you go farther back side the the modern day you're going to ignore it and they'd that it appears to have been to Israeli engine and goes back a long way in and that. Area. Well thanks so much for the call I appreciate that yet bill thank you for sharing that with this never did a great point Jim. I don't know this history of this particularly well. But there were a lot of displaced Indian tribes come in that part of the self. There is the trail of tears there's a whole bunch of things. That. That the Indians suffered through and we. Have. A lot of reports of a native Americans being very very. Sensitive and spiritually aware. And having this is a lot of gifts in that regard is does that play into any of your stories stories or any things you researched at all. Well he was talking there about Fort Benning. And that's a very large area along the Chattahoochee River. Which was occupied for eight to 101000 years in the and some of the reports. About don't support that things are not just about former soldiers. I'm there were reports about native Americans. Report at all what they call war drums being organized by all the civilians. And there are also reports all of armored. From pre civil war farming land. They baseball all of African Americans. Who may have been playing me and around the only upon there. So it's not that the military that the home that particular piece property. It all offices here in long period in the history. What did you discover as you did you get a chance to talk to a lot of the military personnel themselves about. These stories in these encounters are with your research mostly done through written material. A local water at least from written material. But living here more problems. I made some connections then heard from people wore on in many of them want to keep an anonymous so poppy. But they just don't want their name attached to it they don't want to embarrass. You know what they do for a living are. You know little statement that people don't believe that kind of thing well a lot of people go on record. When you're working at government installation. Do you find that says there is a change in that a flaw and that it all our people starting to become more willing to talk about this it seems as though. That we see more and more of an on television obviously was shows like ghost hunters are each and aliens or you know UFO hunters or whatever happens to be. It seems to becoming more part of our pop culture and it. It does that open up the door resolve for more of these conversations to be had and more genuine. I'm. Like and so they would open and honest about the military profession the very conservative thing. All of it it. I hear your part of all the law organization what law the rules and regulations. And everybody understand you're not possible to do anything. To make the military or members of war. He'll. So they're they're. They're serious. About. Not. Letting themselves be identified as those that. Might be criticizing. That the army there or the but maybe. But there are also there and visited a lot of them just don't speak out say don't wanna view credit criticized or. Or anything of that nature. Sure people still ridiculed. A lot of Americans still think that he's he's you have apple did not injured drunk. Any piece a year ago in your voucher crazy. And then drop here in the woods in bigfoot then you went out there with a shotgun turn yellow bird now. Boy he that's definitely the stigma that still give an officer in the hole you awful thing. In what has been something that pretty much been pushed by the government over. Over cardinals for how long I'm trying to make people who come out and say they saw you off or whatever appear. As just that crazy kind of person you just wanna laugh baton and sort of shrug off. You know I'm absolutely sure that continue to donate it organizations. They still don't want to get a bad reputation there. Are happier images besmirched in any way. Not bad for business or get up. Jim we are we're gonna run time here soon I'm you've got a lot of books to your credit including the one we've been talking about mysteries of Georgia's military bases but. If you idea create a list of sub live where people might wanna start with your work. And immediate may be considered it a little Christmas list for people what to what top three or four books of yours would you recommend they start with. What if they have an interest in the civil war I would say to defeat. Does do though our history of German mark and Atlanta. Our. Georgia. In Savannah. Is it the story all people is not look military action on it. All along morale there are civilians. On their laps more who are stolen from them they're worried about their children starving. And the myriad emotions. Slave who run away from the man it for the first time in that it is their freedom. So a lot of them are the aspect from the military and well there's a theory human story. And the plan favored civil war books. I want other project for ten years. Georgians have a lot of small area we have 159. Counties. Blogspot and to go on and trying to find that go toward the air and land on in Georgia. It's a good period long time it was a mad men on in the last thirty counted there's so. But I think Dublin Adam as my Georgia people. Of the middle Georgia and then. Look at the end of the hole. We tend to have Atlanta in the rout of Georgia. We divide by mountains. That latter and the belt Georgia. And I'm a bit this book so that Jordan would hopefully you realize that their part. Although very nasty area. Where of great history. And wonder if people and not let called. On it more Georgia opponent and we'll Georgia and called it out and. Yeah you definitely got the whole the whole bunch of America haunted a central Georgia wanted north Georgia haunted south Georgia. Was are certainly on third and when I had to list Jim. I'm Albert same the door is civil war. There's there's. The board goes from north Georgia and would go to south Georgia. And people usually. It's the quality of Georgia that they want to. Loan about a particular in Benton travel to. That long ago it because it was a family is a book about. And there's the mountain. And as I wrote we all the more book. The civil war built both have a lot of history and which automate the build toward that Morton. Now this is kind of a silly question given how much work you've already done but do you have anything new on the rise in the U working on. Yeah I'm working on a book right now called strange Georgia. I wrote these weird Georgia entries for the Barnes & Noble experience. It's like an extension know what's been going on of the crept past ten years. Animal hole on that are investigating. Weirdness at Georgia state park. We have a very large. A collection of the park and Georgia that covers. History geography. Just everything about Georgia. And and we people enjoy meeting these stories they pick it down at his trip in a field trip with such. Great and Jim I know you're on FaceBook if people looking to follow your follow your work break. Okay and they can just find you by just typing Jim miles I guess. Yeah current cost thanks for coming on an analyst Jim you have a great night we'll look forward to talk to you again at some point. It. Art again the book is called mysteries of Georgia's military bases goes UFO's and duke and I'm always fascinated by the military angle would this just because as they said earlier in my questioning. You know those sites have a lot of surveillance have been a lot of eyes in a news they're never not being watched by their human occupiers. They this thing's going to be seen as him semen those guys. I agree Jim and even more we did we filmed over Wright Patterson airforce base they had footage some crazy footage of things but they couldn't we couldn't take it we couldn't show in. Here's he's so old now rules when it comes down itself. Are it's so we'll take a real quick break Mordechai Millicent Jason GBM beyond reality radio. Jason GP. Mention I heard too great for you still have the psyche experiment going on. I'm sure we don't have a whole lot of times so we've got a couple people on hold me we can get some of those yet but before we do remember tomorrow night we've got a great program coming up we've got Stacy brown junior. Joining us to talk about bigfoot in Monday's Jeff boy injured to talk about the crap that's another Christmas. And holiday legends and its on Tuesday the great trait toward Taylor will be on an analysis will also be targeted him. About new books and everything else struggle yet OK so once again in this a psyche experiment involves a piece of paper with a shape drawn on there are two things we need from you we need to know what's unique about the paper. And what shape is drawn on the paper we don't have a lot of time we're gonna see what we can do here let's go to our first. Caller this is vents from Missouri haven T got an early welcome the program. I'm gonna be overlapping paperwork and a Christmas tree. It's very seasonal events but it's not right now not right but thanks for calling he's or collections at. Aren't let's try one more here a deterrent for this one this is Joseph from buffalo they joke. Audio. We're we're we're concentrating years. Yeah and beat. Army. Will help but here are out on that note. That's knighted Joseph Mendes Annette. But sorry Joseph eventually Karl yes thank you for calling in. Let's see let's go to this is another Joseph this Joseph is Indiana HO. What are what are welcome and we are looking at this piece of paper there's something unique about the paper and there's a shape drawn on it we need both of those items. Are guided out of the cellar and looked. All. Not in tonight but a lot of people are going right to the holiday theme the energy and they are just as a photo they trickle yes thank you Joseph we appreciate that I don't think we've got time for another one here missed the it would probably better not take one year we don't have the time but booked into doing this I mean it's an interesting and I know. The third people out tomorrow against that may be what we should do Jay is start the program off now with a phone calls but. We'll start focusing on that some people have time to tap into our minds and then by the end of the program who have. And I don't know with the award when we focused and could probably drive right not. The it might go bad so we can give Michelle what are we try. So if you haven't yet me Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page for us. And then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can click on the station tab. If finals stations where across the country and I mean she and Clark you checked out often too costly at a news stations that list. And you can also head over at an annual you can I'm generally you review dot com you can also download free iPhone and android operate there too logical listen the show alive catch past shows join online chat. In doing all on the dole makes life easy. Or just click the listen life temperate from the web site. That allows you to join an online challenging V and I usually hang out during the show and great community people that are there as well it's ridiculous and the show right from the actually trying to make it easy for everybody. If you download the show from iTunes to listen to aaron's rated forest as. Which we want you that we wanna get the ratings up there and Ellsbury gets Showalter makes it easier for people to find an and that's what it's all about we greatly appreciate the support the show's been downloaded tens of thousands times a day. And that's what it's all about soul and its success because a polio. Yet it is thank you everybody who listens thank you were already stations carrying the program were anxious to add some stations to that will be announcing them soon. It's always nice to grow the network but weren't some great markets and help everybody's preparing for great holiday season. We are we are here beyond really ready for sure we've got some cool stuff or renew next week. Ams so Larry you'll Jason GBM generally reveal catch Omar and I. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced my child Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be a really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's still going to face competing agency hello and Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson follow. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.