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Haunting the paranormal - aggressive style. Plus a continuation of the psychic experiment.

Dec 13, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Stephen Erkintalo to discuss his unique style of paranormal investigating that includes extreme and aggressive techniques. We also continue ouyr effort to find psychic abilities in our listening audience. 12/13/2017 -Beyond Realty Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And say there have good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. Yeah lying there and mil hanging a land line game. And I zone Shane sham and you mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's just now West Coast once again he's still as many are stuck somewhere in between what the owner earlier you myself Jason Hawes news. Some JV Johnson this is an exciting. Night Joseph of course lesson we had a best of program running so this is their first live shows the weekend were kicked things off with a bang tonight and excited about this yes we've got a best person I've known for many many years actually have gone on to TV shows with a negative view and also Larry King lives smoking things with them that it's James Von Prague many fuel known from well he was also the executive producer buying ghost whisper. Yes he did a bunch of TV stuff has had a lot of successful programs he's been involved with but he's also just one of the most. A well known spiritual mediums he's also a bit bestselling authors got a bunch of books to his credit including. A one we're gonna talk about tonight called wisdom from your spirit guides but. On when we announced James being on the program chat when wild. FaceBook where while people seem to really be excited about it as we are. Yes he's a great guy and a every tomorrow hung out with the means he's really down to earth and he's funny to exchange. He's a good got talked with an analyst and where we've had a great time each time we've we've medal so well we're looking forward to that don't forget we've got some great stuff coming up for the rest of the week to Jim miles will join us he's a historian and writer will be discussing mysteries that Georgia's military bases that's Wednesday's last Thursday's program and then Thursday we've got Stacy brown junior bigfoot researcher filmmaker and you'll be discussing. Discussing brown thermal footage and Florida skunk gay and sudden we're gonna recover and I'm pretty much bigfoot that buster scripted stuff their. Armed you know we don't talk politics on this program at least not too much sometimes we buy nest necessity have to dipper toes into it but I do wanna mention to me that thinks pretty cool on a December 11 president from. Head has been offered a directive to the NASA. It's a policy directives saying that he wants NASA to focus on human exploration with an eye toward getting back to the moon and then Mars. Tomorrow memo well you get ill on mosque saying that he was it was going to be. Trying to get marks. Soon to yell musk is doing and that's obviously a private company but it's nice to see NASA. I'm kind of revving it's engines a little bit and none of none upon intended their but getting back into this. The concept that we need to dominate space because I think that's something that the United States has. Kind of but turned its head to in and not been paying attention to China's been making great gains Russia's been making great gains in space we've kind of just been kind of minor own business here or not. Not not renewed them would engage in that efforts I'm glad I'm glad we're turning our attention back to and I think it's an important. Way you would not only invest in our future but them also to give people something. That they can you know excited about. Which is great because you've also go places like India over who's been talking about planning to have what moon landing by twenty to one and littlest. So I miss you say something mean but what worried about are not gonna do Aureus or not gonna do it sorry. A text it to our nights are in our order but due to a so they generate salaam. British Columbia in beautiful place and their sheet and keeps checked current move. You know they keep on half of these. Human feet. Washing up on their shorts just random human feed showing up on the beach thirteen of cool so yeah. So a lot of thirteen dismembered feet have found along British Columbia assures in the past decade. Eight of them have been identified a man walking his dog British Columbia's beach this week meeting grisly discovery for initiate. Along with part of a lower leg. Adding to the mystery is its thirteen foot to wash up on the Canadian provinces coastline over the past decade. Early analysis suggests these are human remains of course in the contested. And they're going to go further investigation testing in the in the upcoming weeks Bada. In the corner service corner service at all previous twelve feet were human. And the service identified eight of them and determined to belong to six different individuals. So on no foul play they claim was involved in those cases. But really not sure Kim who yet that's that's pretty on leafy greens don't randomly loading up on your shore it would make me wonder if there was some foul play. I mean I suppose you can look at it and see how the foot if it was severed or if you know there's something in me you and thirteen severed feet tall players. Yet if they're if they're actually severed there's got to be something going on there but yeah I don't know how high you can just kind of casually dismiss that at its into little little obvious of just hey. And another even stranger thing was it's an via. Corps spokeswoman said I'm not able to speak certain reasons but they said. That there's no reason to believe that these cases were connected in anyway. Is thirteen feet wash up I'm sure there's an equities it was a ten incidents over a decade and then I mean. I've lived or island on my lifetime it would probably had a body here in the air but at thirteen feet. And thirteen feet. There's something something now right about something is not right I think it's needs to be looked at a little I can't say there's no fault Australia though some ministry something should be checked out. There's just something happens something off so anyway as a few era hanging around your walking across a British Columbia shoreline and find a missing for what it could be that fourteenth which would mean seven people Israeli citizens and at least maybe even number that's a graph here somebody's walking a little. Lopsided right now so anyways if you haven't yet animation head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. I like the FaceBook page for us. And then head to be on daily radio dot com. He finally agree stations we are on across the country. You can also download free iPhone and injury rate which lies atlas in the shall life catch Paris shows and join telecheck more. Or eaten you can click the listen life temperate or the website as well. And that alone should listen right from the website hold joining an online chat word GB and I had a great unity people use thing now. If you download the show from iTunes does a favor and rated force adults Bush's shall forward and makes it easier for people find I know people were having a problem Jim. With listening when we just updated the web site some people were having a problem listening from the website. Two Pashos that problem seems to be fixed now so everybody go back to listening from there. Yeah we're always trying to improve things and sometimes our efforts to improve them creep on for seeing problems you know it's that rule abundant. Unintended consequences and that tends to happen but I gotta do is let us know we usually get a fix pretty quickly and so it's. All right so. Take a break when we come back we're gonna bring our guest stint again tonight we're talking with James van Prague he is a spiritual medium is also a best selling author his new book is called wisdom from your spirit guides. We talking about that and a whole lot more we James. Parents farmers or 8446877669. And 84468776. Fame before go to break meant. We have to bring out that at some point we'd like to revisit that contest and. Yes our psychic mode you're viewing experiment which a decent we mean scared some folks we've made it much more difficult. But well not much more that I mean it last week we did it the initial caller did did pretty good he was Fowler right path and is this something unique about the paper. And there's you on cigarettes and now I won't do enough to bring doctor Harold and grade are you listen Jason did. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. RR RR GA sing and chant hey don't forget tomorrow night's program we got Jim miles joining us he's historian. And a writer will be discussing mysteries in Georgia's military bases has as did you do any investigations and any of the Georgian military bases. Now to Georgian military bases Nam and we don't we've done a lot of things are great Patterson air force base and and we've done a lot of work with the military in different locations. Yeah I know you've done a bunch of stuff and and also serves it we've got Stacy brown junior coming in we're going to be talking big foot he's a bigfoot researcher filmmaker. Discussing ground thermal footage. The Florida skunk ate the Florida skunk ape project. Roswell seven years later homered to stuff of the mostly kind of the big foot scripted kind of seemed gone on the rim talk bigfoot onset before. It should be in texting and a return to our Olympic foot it's always some crazy. Most some crazy things crazy experiences of what people don't want to sing and and ads while the main. You know. Speaking of crickets and and this isn't about a cryptic but it just sticks it just it's marvels me how unbelievably complex the natural world can be and you know we look at humankind and we look at things that we build and think you know how. How incredibly insightful we are now on masterful we are controlling our surroundings however. The natural world has that and more going on Ford and one of the things that researches have just discovered is that bumble beats. No bumblebee is of course is of an insect. Actually. Are very very. Agile incapable mathematicians. Attracting and the way they figure this out there's a there is say. It's a paradox is called the traveling salesman problem and what that is is that. The traveling salesman has to be visited by two locations are bunch of cities. During that during a certain period of time. And they're scattered and then end up back at the same place started from what's the shortest route to do that obviously is not two points or be a straight line. BA tournament going to much different to different locations in getting back to the same location and doing it in the most efficient manner. Karen and that's always been you know kind of a classic paradox church for the call the traveling salesman problem well it turns out the bumble bees are so efficient and so good calculating distances. In this in an instant. That they can survey an area. And they can calculate the distances between all of the different. Unum pollinated pollination stations in this particular case they were they were fake. Flowers. In the research and figure out the quickest route to actually visit all of them and get back. To their whole life instantly. And so wider lies as such it why is it plays such an important for guys that ports well yeah well that's why I'm a little loss and I think I think that most of the researchers in most people who study insects have always assumed it was kind of just a random. A process for insects to pollinate. But it turns out and in the case of bumble bees they actually do the math and they actually figure out the quickest route to hit all of the flowers and in the back. Where they started from the ship probably do. Maths to realize that if they sting you and they are going to dot I mean if they could figure out the math on that I think that would be. They'll probably be the best math it's interesting somebody I know that they're at it now. It's just amazing natural world in of these things that we kind of assume we're just kind of of random in this particular case actually are there's a system to a there is a mechanism to it and and a lot of these creatures that we considered to be. Lower on the news particularly in the food chain actually quite ingenious and they do some pretty cool stuff. I think they're highly intelligent I mean the things ECB's two is just it's mind by and I highly intelligent creatures. And of course in this whole thing with. Then disappearing in a more more than more of them dying office is scary as well. Well we all know that the insect world particularly bees are the key to successful agriculture and with high is disappearing in the B count dropping on the it is something's causing alarm for a lot of people McGann. Figure out what's happening to our pollinating bees we don't know I don't know what's going on but I do know best. Here's some more good news for you by the way. I mentioned earlier that. Donald Trump president from. Has directed NASA to begin working on non more human exploration of space particularly getting back to the moon and then to Mars. And obviously the first step in going to the moon is to establish a launching point from which we can get to Mars. Well Anheuser-Busch. Has decided that the Budweiser is going to be the beer of choice for traveling astronauts and anyone who might be colonizing the moon indoor Morris. I saw report on this that they are looking to actually brew beer in case you can't say I encourage see them. Slogan and it's you know Lleyton. Have Busch beer whatever Budweiser and it's marvelous world and all SF you know he's significant amendment applied. Well it is dead it's all gonna happen it's absolutely right so I don't know how much of this is generally a marketing ploy or is. Budweiser in the Anheuser bush company really believes that the future of its markets in includes making sure the people who are living in the International Space Station more on the moon or on Mars. Actually can buy Budweiser but they are launching. Some products that do their launching a bunch of different. So already come components of the beer making process aboard. On a mission that will be re supplying the International Space Station so they they can conduct some experience up there to start to learn how to brew beer in space. You the only experience MR I went to Europe is doing it keg stand and space. Apple that you and Wheldon the over the network because the deal would actually oh. While he's out how how would it work. Don't know I don't know that it would I think you and I should really test the scenario do you think we can contact somebody in India and I think down here which are probably tried doing a bunch of keg stands and see how it works out down here are. And then. Then try to figure out the rest of I'm good with that I'm absolutely good with that I'm I'm always up for some research service I don't tickets are those college days. I really do not I know I know and in it would it'd be painful indeed teacher bottle these people talking amount. There's some YouTube errors and everything they're saying that these California wildfires are conspiracy. Mean yeah I heard about it so it's the most ridiculous judges in the fires Lisa video of the fire it's hard to enter conspiracy and I got friends that got up production members and I executive producers and everything even pilgrim films generate terror. And mural these fires and but you have in their posting these pictures online and it's just it's disgusting to me. And if you believe me if you have any thoughts that these wildfires are conspiracy please give us a call send love to hear. Not make you funny I would love to hear your thoughts on. But it's just some of these pictures that are out there it's X is people posting these weird pictures about health. Forest fires that melt steel and levels homes but leave the trees sounds legit. And empathy and understand the way the fire burns in the way that the use the winds blowing it and how it's affecting its. You have these areas that are just trying to impart to a crest totally destroyed and then you have some errors in 3040 feet away that. Have very little damage. But it's I just I don't understand how people can sit and think that this is a conspiracy. How old entities fires in California conspiracy it's just it's ridiculous all the people that are being affected. Well I mean needs to be hard to tell the folks who lost their homes. That it's a conspiracy because it certainly seems to be you know real to them I mean it became really can't really argue that fact. And like I said I'm more and I'm making funny you know I'm if you if you if this is really if you think that it is I would love to hear. Your take on and your thoughts on the phone numbers 8446877669. And 84468776. X nine and just now. Again when I make funny you know poking fun you I'd love to hear series on it that way I can understand that side of the morning and all our people get a little concerned when they're calling. Because they're worried about patent them in no way to remake funny so. Ari we're gonna take a quick break can more Kanye listen Jason GBM BI. Really relieve back. Program that is beyond reality review Jason NGZ. Our phone number is 8446877669. And open up phone lines we're gonna we're gonna open the phone lines wide open watch anything you want a tiger or we're gonna talk about. We are not gonna have James in Prague on tonight apparently there is any scheduling. Snafus of that be changing that. But we are gonna go to the blinds right now because we are gonna pick up on this conversation that we started early in the program this is skippy from Boston. He skippy walking and welcome to be on Rihanna read a great to have you on. Location GDP you know they heard. In the vehicle Trump's presidential patients safe initiative to go back to the mold and the key to Bruck eat correctly period the year ago. Illegal current chart that got about can't actually go. To execute century church my brother and similar and that's just got to get up and I you know even guys that. And I have to learn a this time with duke and hope to be ruled Garrity has opened up a pirate irrational act and the whole thing you need he would not get the plans and old rich but the more I cannot about it. I backed cabinet mission late in the backyard initiation al-Qaeda that this restaurant and but you know what still no atmosphere. Congressional scene that only come into a net this that is a relative. I don't expect future. Can I take it guess what most of their habitat that you didn't think about he's still doing that we look at. Well actually right we changed it up because somebody finally got so now we had this new one goalie and you wanna explain to me. Yet what we did was we we upped the ante a little bit here and Daryn we're trying to really see if we can get says summoned one of our listeners. That sound can tap into us through remote viewing situation or a psychic situation. And instead of a playing card this time around we have a piece of paper where they shape drawn on it. There's something unique about the paper. And we wanna know what the shape this we wanna know what's unique about the paper. And what shape is drawn on the paper so that's what you have to try to figure out at this point little more difficult than playing card. Well every. Aren't alone that's what matters and that should help you really tune in it's like an antenna is. Yeah you might you might the whole time to tell the story I'm like really who suckered this guy into actually bidding into mail bar on the on the on the moon but. Why is scenic shot. I edit it was open up a book it doesn't know that cherishes books that are right at the pay per. In particular chart about initiate. Well it's it's the it's what's what's unique about the paper and what she is on the pursuits of two and two things. Or to paper. Look actually initiate this can be fully call. And the paper is to be true that it. Now on passion you know I didn't hear it and were knocked in or knocked in his say if it's right or wrong on if you get one of the two it has to be ever thanks so that's it they don't pay attention thank you try that one thing I guess it's I can imagine trying to write on toilet paper. In all right so when asked what are okay but hey thanks for the call appreciate it. I did wanna mention something and I so we're gonna actually have a bit of a a little bit more of a series conversely. About this a colonizing the moon thing because there was talk about that ever sense. We visited the moon late sixties and early seventies. People assume that you know within a dozen years or so we'd actually have some basis on the moon and it's quite striking to me that once we once the Apollo missions stopped we just completely. Ignored them and gave up on it we do we just stopped and it seems to me given the advances in technology that'd be so much easier to get there now. What. Yeah you'd you would think so I mean we we are able to make it expand. But. And I just we'll just what you think and others talks about colonizing whole areas under the ocean as well but he and we haven't seen little or no whimsy and even the scarlet and our own planet let's go to Kent in Kansas he can't welcome to be on reality radio we get beyond. You guys. Early new time person of color. I had a suggestion on a lot towards California and may be a guest on your paper. That exported to that. I have heard and this has been presented to me a few times. A lot of them and I don't know this should only there but on the medical marijuana crops that are legal that are growing have been incinerated during its buyers and well. The some might carry but it it was mr. Hurd. Now I I have heard similar to what you're saying that was actually one theory that how long that's one idea that somebody brought up that. The government getting more into the medical thing in my doing this they were shutting down all these. All these legal growers who we're who are doing in selling so they're gonna monopolize the industry is that where you're trying to. On the way it does seem like our attorney general this time it's really hell bent on going after. Legalize marijuana for terrorism. Yeah Heidi so you're suggesting. Can then maybe. If if we're talking conspiracy what we're actually talking about is a government set fire to destroy these marijuana crops is that partly idea. So I'm not certain it's that you know they're far rather so trying to factors you can and you think about you know. But let me just isn't out there you know no I think he's his exact energy. I think it's recycled paper by the way and new. I'll Stonehenge. Great great guesses not right I'm gonna wanna get back to this idea that you just present term it's it's really insightful on but when you're saying then is that you're not disputing and and we're not talking about a conspiracy the fighters are real it's just a matter. Guess I don't leader straight out at all yeah. No not at all historic shrank. Just a matter of where they came from who's responsible and do you think there's been maybe less. Then a full effort to to stop them. Well and almost seemed tortures them less than actual effort to see why they are starting. Now you know now let's great point three point. Are they had thinks the corporate ship here. All right let's go to see this is Scott in Massachusetts Scott welcome to be on reality Ribery Debian. Good morning Jason JB I I I really major input on this and are gonna give you some information you gonna tell me if you think it's. Coincidence so that's something more sinister here. My father chuck Wolfe started on August 4 2017 UMass memorial. Hostile western Massachusetts my mother saying underworld died on December 4 2017. At the same facility for a mere four months apart. Number four radiology machine was that the UMass medical center in Worcester Massachusetts in the car or noticed my pulse was number four. I used it reached number forecast pumps with serious gas stations before my mother's stuff. My mother collapsed at a Chinese restaurant in choose not to choose just and the owner was Chinese told me before his thirty day outlook and chart not. Because the Chinese she won't become the Chinese word for death Ryan's well for work. That's a result in and I'm serious about the science solely my helps because of the house could talk it would say kept the hell a lot of the child's Scott Wolf. So my question do you whisk. Felt so like giving you with number four is a common denominator. Yes or something sinister at work here. Well at least once it. I just have to say just add to this you're calling on line number for a minute and enacted and it didn't know I don't I don't you whistle what are you. Well I wish we had minus McCants on the numbers ladies honestly. I'm not an admiral just but many you've you know you've got a lot of reasons to scratch your head about this I don't know that I would. The necessarily afraid of it. But you might want to consult somebody who's got a little insight as to how the numbers were. Well it has in China in China and number four in seven are considered to be via padlock. And there's there's there's from it's it's strange to be almost a whole lot of four connections. With everything that that seems durable revolving around you but now you're selling your house because of it is. Yeah sorry I might pull my folks both my parents but just stated are dead. I have no Brothers and sisters I have spoken with the speak up and I'm leaving there's nothing on this house was just a post Haaretz for me it just reminds me of staff. And I and and and and sit out this and depression and bitterness and I'm leaving. You know Julio were you looking to go. I I wanna go to our wanna go to London that you were gonna go I have no family here or anything there's nothing keeping media blinding me here. So that's where we're going wanna go to London. You'll want lol yeah pretty much just starting over that's right that's right that's right. If you have the squared and honestly can this lady could you run my story partner. Yet we actually waiting you might also want to order website I think it's the numbers lady dot com wolf to bull look at apple have slick Eddie posted. And our chat room I don't know if you've been visited the chat room and all but if you also want to go to the website I know she's Lewiston and our guest. Let's that was before we surge had an issue with guess but on yet it's there too so you'd be able to find it. I tried something very sinister here. It just can't just be a mere coincidence that something this some dynamic to working. Well there's is there is the whole thing. Signs and if any signs leading you in a certain direction and so forth but yet. It definitely shouldn't own research set a little bit but he'll look glamorous and see see what she's able to tell you on the as well I think. That's really important and I'm extremely sorry about loss though. I don't use a computer right now from the old school law. What I what I need out what I lost a computer can't duck can replace and it's just it's just a nightmare gentlemen just an right now. Wells just know your purse. Yes sky you hang in there and hang in their Scott you know like I can understand you wanted to change of scenery. Absolutely understandable. Best of luck to you. Are less so let's see this we've got a couple more we calls we can take here before we go to break this is. Joanna I'm not sure join us calling from recalled from joining. Ontario Canada well on the Tonight Show. So I would you wanna sit and take a stab at this at this unique paper and shape that we have none of us. I it just I'm guessing that for a limited until the train home. Q what we've gotta you gotta give a save and what the unique characteristic of the paper is. And the shape and then we'll tell you if if you gotta get a miles okay. Okay I'm thinking the shape of the triangle and I'm he has moment. Oh. That's not it that's not agenda but thank you for calling do you consider yourself to be someone who would some psychic abilities. I had so much into it but Agassi. That's time under. Yeah yeah that's okay it's it can't really don't it can't be much I want yeah it can't be much more than that with the amount of time you have to do it it's kind of has to be done instantly so we understand that. While things thank you very much for the call are right let's take one more this is Terry from South Carolina. He Terry welcome to beyond reality re a great to have young. Hey Jason day of it but it's not our time call than your show. Months ago in pat Phelan banged up a stone. From America's Stonehenge. And gum. I was planning a trip to New England later. In the year. And what I heard that Becker perm one of the places I wanted to go also back in September. I've visited America's Stonehenge in those quite. Facility very enigmatic. Stone structures and so forth. And when management core I. Asked the lady at the chatter word and a slot that is what an attack and just for a minute I was gonna say. That I've heard in my on your program and that I. Oh and I enjoyed the too chilly there. So but it probably he would have been out at the entrance gate pinging that gate such a guy he he is I mean he's just a worker. Or like a family run operation but anyway I want analog banner. And senate senate side Sergio on mount beyond reality. Also told him that I took a walking tour of a place called gun you want them Connecticut. We talked for close to to our. Pat. He had just just about you know the bike innings and then marched sample error in you know that big. Who could have possibly. Done this and he eat properly. Eat out at traditionally to a new term that I had never heard before caught that goes. And which stands or notes lower before Columbus and upwards. The people who are adamant that no here it was over here before Columbus just patently ridiculous so. And I did you know that your program how late two. Make my plans to. I'd go to America's Stonehenge and also the Lynchburg Knight accused many were that. In Massachusetts that's another. That's a rock carving wood might probably prince and recent player you from the parking hundreds. Well no panic and I can sit there and say that there's proof that there are people here before Columbus and other other explorers I mean a rate here in Narragansett banker in it's day. In Rhode Island we we had and a stone that was carved in that carvings and from the vikings. I mean it was just not too long ago that and we'll just work for five months ago they found him parts of an old viking ship. And I'm in a river rate in in the in the center of the United States so it's completely obvious that B and of course there were people there were and the Indians were here prior to that it myself. Yeah fact of the matter is it's obvious that there were people there were explorers who found their way here and everything else prior long long prior to Columbus. I'm just happy that that worked out for. All right we'll have a Brenda thanks for the call Terry's always great to. No that one of our guests who's been on the program has some. Offered something in our listeners enjoy it and if they go on check out trickle. Absolutely so we're gonna take a break over the phone number is 8446877669. Dental treaty 8446877669. Give us a call you this. Jason TV on the honor other. It's. Currency 446877669. And we called an audible. And James in Prague could not join us so we are switching gears we're gonna talk about. On teens and just. Bring your rolled down to earth paranormal stuff. And we're gonna bring in in just a moment it's even. Mercantile low from haunted tours TV Morgan talked to him in just a little bit before we do that let's go to Greg in Colorado Springs. Greg welcome to be on reality radio you're on the air. Any good evening Alan a picture of mine called on it thanks. What you're gonna show and listen to it every night for. Actually shot like we do. You know I Brooke let me say really quickly I didn't trip out terror attack you like this visual psychic but muted in its neat just on occasions. I went out Oyster Bay Long Island different ways back up then that the Teddy Roosevelt court. And so had a weird in the room. One last week I took a picture on the way out while in detention should listen when you look at the picture gets mutual optimal window like. Can class just we go down now stop at a restaurant you get something he'd actually a picture of a guy. A young man dressed here at division I am running across in front we waiter comes over lady. I said the sent a young man used to work church is yeah so it what happened to him that he task should go Jesse did this apparently. She goes well he left work and it was running across a highway and got choked. Well that's what it really counting on chip and I I realize that they're just something that flash. I I just got an immediate Zelnick who wrong them unbelievable feel regret what. The paper that I saw a large group. Mechanical drawing the shape was not a venue but more about an option type of do you look. Dressings on our money that's not exactly right for what we're looking for for our paper. But I'm curious as to how often you have these episodes of about fifteen seconds averse to jumping to break but. Is this something that you and you've been working on. Not much at some ownership for what they my whole life the Senate's so nonchalant than somebody else mayor and I even. And it's just amazing it just happens. Without asking. As anybody else in your family have those type of guests. I hurt they need to and very. Distant and. More on the Indian slightly up. Yeah no I am I'm not surprised by that hey thanks for calling in we appreciate the call we exit to jump to break it's beyond reality radio but Jason and javy we're going to be talking point to tour. Cosponsor this. Yeah welcome honor literate myself Jason holes it was arson team each ounce you know I'm really excited and how people take very seriously this remote viewing slash psyche experiment to we've been doing the last few weeks it took about what three weeks for. The last experiment when we had a plane Carter I think is about three minutes before we women in grand we don't do it all might every night itself. You know we just take various segments may have some people waiting on hold now really get to that. On also after our next break we're gonna bring in a guest who is pinch hitting tonight because our original guest. Had a scheduling conflict. But we've got Stephen Kirk in Tolle joining us he's from haunted. Tours TV dot com we're going to be talking images would that be wanna see if we have anybody on the line the condemned can tap into our psychic waves here. I think so let's assume that let's go to John in springs Spring Hill John you're on beyond really to read agree to a young. Yes armed. There are people. Arms like beauty. Construction paper. That. Are all capable. You. And there and that's a picture what are your kids. Through second full day. John great great efforts there that is not right and again the way we're doing this is you've got to get the what's unique about the paper and the shape. It's on the that was drawn on the paper yet again balls when I can tell you one of the others' rights got to be bolts so John thanks a genuine good topic you also wanted to bring up I think. Yeah our. Hours let me you are all on that each channel. Three days ago. Ten are very important that our long but captain. Topic yeah Riordan talked about. Are your days ago. And you'd think. Vote there are. Weren't. Girl and GB. Or eight game ball. ZE. You. Yeah current. Well they're wrong. I've I've never heard I've never done any reports of them being together from tests can walk Barry ions can answer that. The top them in seems to show up on his own seems to be solo most of the time in all the reports I've done is he's always showing up sowell. Com. So there might be other reports as well bullet. And in all the reports I've looked into and and all the other people in been studying him as well I've talked with usually he's he's still he's on his own zone. Our organization thinks Nicole. Yes thanks John for calling in Moscow to let's see this is 10 am let's see Holman sponsor Canada. OK we're gonna go to Tim here I think if this final work for me home on display and sank. I mean with the loudest are the forest revenue totaled a triple Berry here we go let's go to Tim and I think it's Niagara Falls say Tim welcome to program. Here are worried tonight goodwill from the sale. OK first up. On the guess. Four G really unique what are your call on hello. I Graham. On a piece of carbon paper. And why it got there but it is bit. Well you know what a penny Graham would would seem to be a great guests on the Bure not correct in this particular instance but that's a that's a great effort do you think you have any psychic ability generally temp. Sometimes can sometimes I read people and then they don't. Susan. You're more than ever had any pre cognitive abilities were you've kind of seen something that that's happened in the future. Oh. Entranced with a record parent in my herself so long. Just real small openings. So was there something else also you wanna talk about. Yeah. Knew we had to cook or guess on. Armed. Last Monday's suggestions. Or the the show would beat who I'm paranormal locked out. Aaliyah nick crossing and Katrina yeah. Not exactly earlier what you guys just a little follow walk. Security has soared to tone about a block down the street from the panel a couple of sort Arab Spring. Going to be another reason might wanna check out Q2. If they ever get up that way it is kind of courage. Well. Confidant and are pure old church school lit. Ala nick now I talked often actually talked and today is also alone on some talk. Yet he thinks of the call Tim we appreciate your calling and we get another call from Niagara Falls gonna take this and we're gonna go to break and get ready to bring. Our pinch hitting guest in Steven Kirk and hello from haunted tours. This is Sherry from Niagara Falls Sherri welcome to the program. All you people here I want to get credit tracing paper hacked and then Dirk can't. I can OK you know. You know they tried to trade. In my tag you know now. When you see a guest you actually mean you're trying to tap into the deep recesses of our mine eyes. I detect it. Admitted he mentioned decried the take added David. Type a paper initiate. The first thing they get my my list drinking paper. Okay I'm no I'm sorry you are not right and it was it was great drive yet do you feel like well you've got some mom a psychic ability you ever had that sense. I have I have before it. Around to get you get strange you know you're on a hot. On TV you like this medical shows and they had the flat line with debt. While there. The low usage or flat line. I would be woken up. And trying to kind having this might mean. And this CNET last night hearing that foreign and with the and don't need somebody like and we knew we guy who. And that went on for about a year a week at that point where my mother would start to get really freak like everything secret cori yet I. And later on my pinch. When they would get their get out there was one night where. I could swear I heard my plan calling me and I called my accent but it was like 3 o'clock in the morning I think ego check on radish. That he cannot get out of shape about calling in late but he went in there and try to inflict heading into bed crying could you automatic bond there. And broken his arm when he was crying gridlock. And at a time like he went a little bit late. And I was Libyan detection but probably they had that the rightly drawing you know a lot of drama and you put victory number. And I would actually woke up the next morning and I won't even numbered street 61. July Corey both remembered everywhere I read. Where I could. And they want. It did contact the kind that. This time around I'm surprised it went in tracing paper. And it was just so strong. Apparently gave quite shape admitted to get to the outlook. Well thanks for call we appreciate and again we know this is a very very difficult way to actually try to use those type abilities in and gets on you know get anywhere with that it is difficult but. That's kind of the point of it to heart or take a quick break the number is 8446877669. We do still have some people on hold. Who wanna try to get into this experiment with us and we'll take those calls will be a little bit later. Don't go away so much more. Beyond reality Rick Jamison do. Lady Jason Payne JB yeah. Flying by and originally I guess. A dual band that was kind of means a scheduling conflict issues so we went to. RI database and we had a pinch hit two effort and slick Eddie and Alex got a hold of her good friend Stephen. Mercantile from haunted tours TV dot com we welcome Stephen to the program Stephen. That should be patient and hold that a lot of people calling in about the psychic remote viewing experiment we're gonna. Pepper some of those calls broader discussion but thanks for stepping up and being on the program and it's great to have you here. Absolutely thank you and I think you having a super I don't kind of laid Omar quit under. Yeah. Well this is this is like mid date energy via hit this that we're just start recording academy there werder yeah this is late in the afternoon are. That's going to be luncheon about an hour for listeners we go from there. So tell us about yourself Stephen a movie we know little bit about do we know some of the stuff you're done but give her listeners an idea of who ER. Are a long story short. I mean I started a paranormal three years ago started with a hole and called superior paranormal but I created might go. The whole concept was. What every other parent person budget I eat goat. To which you do inside on locations. I wanted to kind switch it up a little bit just kinda create content create UConn and long story short I left that. He went to people came on board. Started doing my own ping took a long break for about a year. I just to check and I wanted to do and that's about two years but really been into the paranormal but the child. What I got back into it after year break you know I kind of it kind of into it that. My anger better and I grew more wisdom more research on terror normal you know more theories just. Different types appear each other just aren't on the top schools where they try to create yourself the possibility of a possibility they could create. East being in a non factual field kind of Ron what that could see there. Certain experience experiment worked so that would kind of go I want around. Kind of find anybody who kinda the same vision hit me. Until two producer's message me down a Clearwater the chopper Brothers. Who have done movie down California little item and returned there are scored on Amazon prime. And whatnot so they contacted. And it everything else just went from that upon a portrait only their vision in the first up the so that we felt. Worked at the make stringer house down and Brooksville Florida. About the first time we all met I met both of them I met the host of the show and then that was it everything else just kind of came into play we also started work in our angles figured out what what do whose role is what. I come in and night time to do what I do at the current war that the air to host it not terrible time the producers are selling. And that Trulia I do very extreme thing I don't know what door ringing on mark Gingrich but I do do some extreme thing you know from. I have a do we do quartet too much has values a ouija board of human blood on my ouija board are quick action on my ouija board to loaded gun in my head and called the spears to pull the trigger. I got so many different re colts from the experiments. That I believe I have never been done or at least present at the public to be done and Alex got crazier about same adequately done in my head slightly by the a little bit by the reasoning in doing so because a lot of TV showed a lot of YouTube people a lot of everything basically they they do the reenactment to what factors. And what I wanted to do was. Put the gun to my head and sighed at the location where another man walked and and killed another man by the cubic club. And you were sitting so I put the gun in my head and basically get out the spirit to pull the trigger. And delicate I want to read that to myself in order to have that type of energy actually being they are not bringing in an actor not bringing in anybody through. In social and little clips here and there and show I wanted to do I wanted to be right there and it. Did she got my energy and see you know we creating apple could bring back the energy in order to how that triggered a lot. Well Ed about embodied in return you know like I've been identity Cuban club investigated there on you or city eligible replaces Tom. I mean in return if something like that did happen what. Would you get out at B you'd never never really know because it it would be over for. It would be now. When the gun was loaded and what popped what I did do is what I took the ball out of the gun that would icon. Now. Whether it offer not it's gonna you know the show's gonna there on Netflix and all the other also armed. Wherever streaming network that they do so. Yeah I mean I'd talk to trigger it and I didn't do it that way I don't pull myself and harms way were actually. On camera but I just to true Borbon extreme. There. Yeah yeah I mean you're you're clearly take it to an extreme here. I'm curious as to why he used sink that approach. Is giving you the results that your getting do you. Think that by being extreme yours yours soliciting more from these spirits and would otherwise. I do it away because they would say you know we've all been in the field we all kind of know about it and a taste you can and away longer than most people and I love that. Don't want to we use flashlights right will go without you know local will grow these quite true actually quite leaders at all. Now at this thing went off a light meter I mean it's green it's flashy bitch knows something but I personally. Do not think about squarely in the field. I don't think it proving anything I don't think it's showing anything I don't think that there's nothing that be like without a shadow that now. A spear just walked in here and through that thing to green or red or that Teddy bear went off whatever the case may be kind of a lot social what they do that. Other uses gearbox I spear optional. A lot of a lot of Liu Katrina quit. So. My approach to edit I wanted to give like just channel my energy and I'll just say that the big gun did a lot want that to get out or revolver that triggered a lot. I would holding you to eat in my hand actually being. Just handle actually hurt not on the trigger and it got a law. Now. Is that pro for the paranormal. Metadata. Not metadata. But I did at the spirit to pull the trigger. You make it a law and it did. Now. Stating that at bat that. Now without them we have to go to break here and just it just isn't a few seconds here but I always wanna term I'm understanding exactly what you're saying you had a loaded gun this with there was no longer point and that your head. And our order art you was that you hit it went on. It went all wet took the bullet now when I have the boy Dan I don't have begun seeks eligible now I can't. Is is all of this I'm assuming it's part of the show in some or somewhat somehow caught on video. Yes or content while we're we have a lot more questions for sure about this whole thing and we appreciate again Stephen for joining us to chat about this the way to do that to break. Yeah and it it's it's all positive positive aspects of it so on are we were gonna take a quick break more to come. You'll listen Jason did in. Aren't talking tonight it's even Kirk and hollow from haunted tours TV and will be getting back to that conversation just among the gym before we do that we've got some people waiting. To try this remote viewing psychic experiment by the way the phone numbers 8446877669. So. Let's see if we've got anybody you can tap into our us through our hyper active minds here at 1:30 AM eastern time and see if they can do this Eric Artest go to Chris in Boston. Great fan of the program Chris welcome the program great to have you on. It gave me hated doing on the side out like look I wanted to yeah chat room and I. Yeah students invited guests and I would actually be. A star. On rapid. That's not bad but great Greek seasonal I guess there with Christmas coming I don't know it would definitely ferret. It's a good look to get what that they are going interest we appreciate it let's go to Robert calling from Georgia Robert -- your turn were focused on this and you've got to tapping tore mine seem to Israel at this is. Okay arm. It's like poster boy. When those sort boredom when Norma. All great stuff but not correct thanks Robert for calling in Robert do you think you have some psychic abilities in general you think if you ever feel like you do. I know there won't formally send it and how will morneau was sort oldest child for several generations reliable long strange are examples of dark. Well okay and our interest yeah that is nice article thanks for Colin and in participating again the numbers 844687766. Now will continue to take calls throughout the evening. But let's bring our guest back in. Stephen before we went to break we were talking about one of the things that you did. Which seems pretty extreme in and it's kind of your your your MO is to go at paranormal investigating in an extreme way but I just wanna clarify this is gonna wanna talk and chat about it. People are trying to figure out exactly what happened. You were. You had a loaded gun pointed Richard had a gun was not cock but it was loaded in West Point and that your head US the spirits they you're trying to communicate to pull the trigger. They did not. You were moved the ammunition from the gun and then what happened. And then want to remove that then handed it to the producers are. And Croat Croat or Robert what can work cut the gun back. Put my hand on the handle and I just repeated the same question. And doubt that and then it went. Like and I wouldn't it went all you can really you might handed not on the trigger. I watched that video I saw it too great he is. Will be out there will be released everybody will see it and here. Yeah I mean are they're gonna see it regardless whether it could also another another thing auditor. What are the producer show that aspect of it on a certain network where a lot happen arc. That's up to them I don't know the rules by not up but we are going to have that footage. Definitely shown on some thought about it due to what happened. Well see let me ask you this in general you know most respect on. When you're when you do something like that knowing that it. It could air on television and younger generations conceal younger kids are gone they're looking for the man looking into. Investigate paranormal. Are you what do you what do you think and I'm just saying this as a father and you know have six kids and so forth is when in my kids too and in the my show. I have day then they see what dad's doing and so forth it's it's one thing but and they a lot of times kids are out there trying to recreate the things that they see a stealing on on TV. So what do you what do you think when it comes down to a situation like Dexter actually bringing it to that extreme. Yet and you know in my case. I'd do a draft we do address numerous times don't try it at home this is something we do not suggest. That is all. They all what I'm trying to do what the shot was trying to do I can only help people so much what not to do don't do this you know I'm just. Honestly I would no disrespect toward anybody that it and anybody like that. How can control what we can do but I know they're gonna mimic what they exceed. They spot especially if they start looking up to an individual with the field now again tried to address don't watch that they're gonna be a parental advisory. On the label a croc show on certain episode. So I mean not so basically what we have to put up on the and again like before I do something to that extreme I do I do suggest and I do state you know. Don't do that don't try to throw all what we have marched. You know. Express our car we can't seriously don't do. Yeah morning and it. And I decided as a guy who is a guy like I said his father was written with numerous kids and I am I'm a guy I don't and a lot of guns NG beacons aria and I'd just I'd never in my life. Appointed wanna myself that that has any anything edit or. Or even pointed myself in and that sort of manner on so it's just one of the things that of course is. And like SLA everybody's going to do their thing their own way. I wouldn't do it the way you did it but now I'm not mandated to each their own but it's just it's definitely is something that that worries me as as a parent. And some of it is some of the people who are some of the kids out there who would see the show. And about him not every episode is that what it means we have episode where. On the only. Yeah it does it only does their one and I did not mean I can only just express how I'm doing things and shoot it in format and trying to capture evident. The best way to I feel I've ever been done and trying to do it in a certain type of. No that's that's unique in that and it gets a ribbon gone I'll give you that adds up. And out and an idea like I did I do expressed some way it everything I have do not do that element to be on to adopt the parents to rarely. Beds I mean not a kind of a touchy subject bench and so I guess do I do you know it is that an apparent that the watch cricket I got our it what they eat out that that's a cripple advisory on it. And I know you know that the show airs on the morning harp on YouTube you know we can't stop it from watching it. Exactly especially seeing the look on their ipads or iphones and anything. Yet they they did do it I mean that's really the best to Travis just you know I'd be stressed not to do that don't don't do this so home I mean I don't. They only a trap. There than in Edmonton and in you've gotta you gotta take that approach of let's go to the Romans we have so Tonya from Florida who's got a question. They Tonya welcome to the program. I think he's a much for having me this. Thank you. I think I did at a Christian entry again since his type map. He was played not wielding a gun and it had so and you thought about residual our intelligence on things like I guess is getting it. But that scared to try and pull the trigger shall. You know be more intelligence on but to go ahead Susan. Okay. Actually not a great question. You said what it would it mutated into an encoder. Well an intelligent all the eggs in the media only took taunting nick and interact bill must it's almost it's falling into something more like an inhuman types that are residual it is more just the energy tropical locations so that's not going to be able to interact with a new object brought in two locations. Of that do you think so but it. A reboot political between my that's my Connecticut that they are. We did one intelligent try to opportunity occurred on things spear is. You know the energy to currently traffic communicate with Q what it shortening and they spit out of Maine and we whatever that may or may be. Like environment. Yeah and then residual beef. Also you know the energy that's what just like embedded right ten atmosphere it's not intelligent they try to calm and those are depleted based talk maybe. Such. Dramatic or traumatic incident that happened and it may be what recreate itself over and over that same kind. That happened. Yeah it's it's a UT when he implying it's over and over again. So might be your credit. You'd think that that energy could also be. A decade I was looking for intelligent opting to see if that work and it did and it did go walk. My period or that one intelligent. I think a lot of the things we pick up our decision wave and we feel a lot of people in the field know about Waverly hills. On and they are screened here that. There's like you're right thing and say. They are three we go and do an investigation at Waverly ilk and we hear her I've never been so I don't puppet port on quite an opposite reader doors slamming I screen and all of a sudden. That stat and say another team now comes and that energy right there have been added right there pal like what's that been expanded to get walked upon but the energy stated quite embedded with the York. With the universe. And that happens all the time it took 43143. Everytime I want 43 AM match at a law that scream and all that because it was embedded that much. With that now they and other team comes in every week later. And it's 143. They got it EB PL and they captured or planning and my screen. Now that I think are this is my opinion. This is what I think a lot of seem to actually document. It may be a lot of these residual haunting that we're actually hearing. Arc from people that are still alive. And whenever they eat they get scared they screen you might freak out they do whatever they seek. Whatever the case may be back energy that it get instantly happening Beckett leave a mark on our. That may be a lot of the read it almost worked capturing. Is literally. Year ago from going back to that location three weeks ago that about that locally. Bull and I and I agree with that actually I wrote about that and some of our case studies and more than one in my books that I. You know about about case. Case files that we had that residual type Ponce of a living person that was still was still living we've we've had cases like that would they were able to document. Awesome go to get yelled back nobody wondering had anybody ever documented that anybody do. On the west. If the question am Indians and the answer to that is also your stream is it or you you having a traumatic experience and your energy getting trapped with and an object to that makes up a structure isn't going to be able to pull the trigger on a gun that you just brought. I don't know I don't know I agree that topic I was trying to gain an intelligent talking to happen or I what to do that. Not yet what you attic could be what more. Orbit darker force or order a lot of force. In our heroic to be human or an intelligent type human haunting or and and inhuman type on which would fall under the well everything from angelic stone sued them on next to elemental productivity. I'll bet. When you do it be given club what it did you pick anything are the people are right what did you did you get it mortality or individual. The Cuban club I was their first first few hours but if you if you watched a show I ended up actually I became guy got food poisoning where there are so I have I believe that investigation because I spent most of the night in the bass from on the first floor but I guess so blood. So yeah that was more grant and Steve in the rest of on this done via the rest of the time there. But we've got them over got a three way interview doing an ally yeah this has released whatsoever for cholera I want to thank her time and. Tonya for calling in Stephen we're gonna get a time you're just a few minutes action not even that much time Telus people conceit. The show. Give us just a one paragraph description of what the show is about and where people can find a more budget. Okay yeah I mean just mainly trade book right now iconic to come apart for the moment virtual did it. We were bishop going to be released in late January it was going to be out of October. We did that feel more so it kind of tackle that out. Basically you know about the shock just you know from a loaded gum with dumb like that I'm gonna do more. Situation that would really gonna bury my Coke six feet under the ground at a cemetery right neck of the bed and try to do EBP go out and out and Eric. It's gonna be paying like that would (%expletive) just extreme. And that's what showed about the dust extreme but try to capture things that have never been done Duke's gonna have never been done and we still speak to the dead and a different format. And what's been done over the past. You know 1234. And sixteen years old that's really the carpet on the short that documentary style. Well and see them and actually had any contact duke is I think we need to have you on for a longer period of time for a whole shows we get into it in depth and a lot of this so. But I greatly appreciate you coming on hanging out talking with us night. Absolutely cannot bring you treading on and that's what Iran and so on my desk I appreciate it. Now they surveillance out on the Aaron will definitely talk to you again soon saint Stephen numb by the way we're gonna go to break here and during the break if you wanna call and get lined up to what tried to and participate in this remote viewing. Psyche experiment you can do that it's 8446877669. Harry will be right back after this Kissinger. So it's beyond me. Steven Tyler joining us. Check out haunted tours TV dot com. You'll learn more about the show us are ready do this this I think I am let's figure out what's gonna see some of the configure the sort out we don't have a lot of times are gonna try to get to many as many of these calls as possible so again we've got a piece of paper in front of us there's something unique about the paper. And there's a shape drawn on it. We need to know both of those things we did so we're not to tell if you're right while one case of the other it's got to be both. And and then you win we're gonna give way of hoodie with bedrooms is wintertime it's snowing in the northeast could be time for sure it Arabs here. Earlier or now are so let's go to Joseph in Indiana he Joseph welcome to be on reality radio Richard turned. Allen bill would very alien out on it. Hard work on. Could as to show. That's not going to be the right guess this time around so let's go to this is Cynthia. Cynthia is calling from New Mexico where New Mexico Aureus Anthony. Into the Gary. Our engine can carry your encounter like have you connect and hours shram Albuquerque, New Mexico. Parent of the clinical yes thank you for calling in now you know how this works Jason Meyer concentrating on this piece of paper with a drawing on it tell us what's special about the paper. And what the shape as it's drawn on it. They took wrapping paper. And it's. And he didn't mean here. Great gasses break guesses Cynthia but not correct a lot of people think it's a Christmas theme here interesting can you. Are so we've got some great stuff coming up later in the week for you don't forget that tomorrow night we're going to be talking to Jim miles historian writer will be discussing mysteries at Georgia's military bases and I'm for gonna get any use in to any civil war conversations when. When relates to mysteries that Georgia civil war urgent Georgian military bases I don't think in Georgia's. Pretty good history you know Sherman who Sherman the scorched earth rates through the middle Georgia into Atlanta. Pretty much burning everything in his past. Dollars spent time down and Savannah Georgia which. Places just incredible in its city. Built its stature legal segment Thursday we're going to be talking with CC brown junior bigfoot researcher and filmmaker. We're going to be discussing. Brown thermal footage. Florida skunk ape project Florida skunk eighty. And Morse. Should be interesting joke if you having him make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like FaceBook page for us we're trying to get those numbers up and it's going up pretty quickly there then has to be on reality radio dot com. And you can download the free iPhone and android app there which. Let's listen live touchpad shows and more. You can also. Listen to the show or more separate clicking the listen lines tab or find any stations we are across the country by clicking the station list now that list is constantly being updated. So please just you know check it out periodically in inaudible off the find out warmer Cher would stations wearing out across the country if you download the show from iTunes if you just it was a treatment please read it Taurus adults push shall Ford makes it easier for people find. And that's what it's all about. Yes it is an insecurity for joining us thanks so the radio stations carrying the program we like to see that lists grow and we appreciate all the stations have come on board. We've got a year has we approached the end of this year we've got a year ahead of us it's gonna see some great growth lot of news stations coming on board were excited about that that means a lot of new people hearing. Our conversations calling the show participating in chat all those things regardless. He's being very confused about our conversation soon and things like that but that's gonna pretty much do it for us for tonight and you listen to Jason TV you'll catch Omaha. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell incidents with. It's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will purchase a slow and chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.