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11/10/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Nov 11, 2017|

Senators passed legislation that they have mandatory sexual harassment training. There must be an epidemic for Seantors to push this resolution so that they can control themselves. We have people working in the Senate who feel unsafe and uncomfortable, yet we have most Senators coming out and ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Friend. With three is signified that food repelled humidity and handles violent. One dropped Chris stopped with John Reid of freebies here you're here talking and free is never address John freedom prison here. One drop for his back from the front don't forget. What makes your blind blind sheer blind go blunder collection by John freedom lightens and frightened scared to hold shades to give YouTube once upon every day. You'll hear talks to make this statement. This year won't do laundry collection from different don't forget. Oh everybody mark lemon here are number 8773813811. 877381. Create one. I'm happened yesterday. You know happened yesterday. Nobody's talking about. The club a sharp. Grassley to the senate legislation pass to sexual harassment training becomes mandatory in the United States. Taking this right of the grass please let some. It's cosponsored. Members include Chuck Schumer Dianne Feinstein Thad Cochran Thad Cochran. I think he was sick Dick Durbin Lamar Alexander Tom Udall Pat Roberts Mark Warner Roy Blunt. Patrick Leahy Ted Cruz and Christine. Roger Wicker and dead fish about a I don't see John McCain on Haiti mr. producing. Penalize Madison. He's legislation was introduced by. Clover Chara Minnesota. Ranking member of the rules committee Grassley Mitch McConnell Richard Shelby Shaun Marcum Pinto. Catherine Cortez must. The Nevada. And this is what it says quote making harassment training mandatory in the senate sends a clear message. Harassment of any kind is not and will not be tolerated in congress period. Senator club a short said sexual and workplace harassment is a widespread problem that affects so many women and men in too many places professions and industries. Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable or work in the passage of this official senate policy. Is an important measure to ensure that's the case in these halls. So the senate is passing legislation. So its members and staff control themselves. Some sexual harassment. You know this is a massive untold story we get these little. Comments sound and Barbara Boxer says she was harass somebody else says or harass four occasions people or Herat. I hear a lot of rumors about these members of congress what sleaze balls. Drunks and womanizing it. And worse. So another passing. A mandatory training requirement. Which they think won't. Stop or at least limit sexual harassment in the United States senate. And then we have these senators coming out trashing Ryan Moore I mean it's hilarious how sick this this. Is it not. So on Thursday. The same day the Washington Post comes out would this long article on rely more. I'm not a special played a friend about. The United States senate. Passes a role I guess it is. I think it's a statue whatever it is. The train senators not to harass each other. And that's Herat they're step drastic step by passing this resolution there it is a resolution we take this step to ensure that. All who worked for the senator able to do their job without feeling unsafe run come about we have people working in the United States who apparently be on the senate. Unsafe and uncomfortable. This is from Grassley no place a workers' immune to the all too prevalent school large of sexual harassment but we congress have a particular duty to set high standards of conduct. In the wake of so many scandals are reports of sexual harassment around the country it's critical that we continue to do everything we can't prevent it. Now look. Tony language. Yet now it's gone on and Hollywood it's gone on here we need to just make sure it doesn't happen there it is happening there. Otherwise they wouldn't pass this resolution now let that and I don't worry. Why didn't every single member of the senate cosponsor this rule. And. Because aren't here's senator Shelby of Alabama. Comprehensive anti harassment training. One now be a requirement for every one in the senate community when the community like the NFL community. Senator club Richards resolution is a common sense bipartisan proposal that would make it clear that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. I am pleased that this resolution received received unanimous support. You get the the hypocrisy. How brazen SS. These slates that pits what are passing a resolution. And getting themselves. And where condemning ourselves we want to make sure people I say there's no sexual harassment and I'm also the United States senate. And then I packed themselves and I had for passing the resolution. Today the United States in this is Cortez my style I don't know who the hell that is from Nevada. Today the United States senate has sent a clear message. That's sexual harassment has no place in our country has nothing to do with the country. Our workplaces and in the United States congress. Now there's going to be anti sexual harassment training. I didn't see much on this that national review online. To you and CNET editor's note in the editors write usually the editors right. Because one or two people are actually writing the piece and they don't let their names attached to a so its corporate mission. National review calls for more to drop out of the senate race I didn't see nationally you ready dancing yesterday about what's gone on and sent. Mitt Romney the great late Mitt Romney now wants to be senator. Roy Moore is unfit for office and should step aside so Mitt Romney knows what took place. Step aside grind. The senate committee the National Republican Senatorial Committee want no longer fund raise for Roy Moore. Would this be the same Mitch McConnell control committee. That spent millions and millions of dollars to destroy more in the Republican primary. Yes it is. Then you have to hit these lectures. Her and know Roy on the show once. See you're hypocrite. If you don't believe everything that's been set in the Washington Post. If you're not a true believer. Here hypocrite if you believe a lot of the allegations being made in Hollywood. But don't immediately believe the allegations made in this case. Representing some 38 years ago. Respecting Roy Moore. Worse than that Europe's using. Immoral behavior you're excusing pedophilia if you will or something out of this sort if you do not believe the Washington Post article on the allegations in the you must support the old west kind of activity. Because you actually look at this. Ladies and gentlemen. The issue isn't whether people think this is disgusting or not. Wait 32 year old man. To have some kind of sexual conduct as was described of any kind really with a fourteen year old girl. None of us believe that's appropriate behavior and we don't need lectures from the inside the beltway crowd at the pass a resolution. To control themselves against sexual harassment. We don't need lectures by people who in their own private lives now in many cases that there absolute contemptible sleaze ball. The issue has been dumped in our laps. It is being dumped into the public square. By the Washington Post in the middle of a contentious race in Alabama. With a candidate who is running is despised by the Republican establishment. They were unable to stop and is despised by the media including the Washington Post which endorsed his opponent. Even though the Washington Post last time I checked is not geographically located in Alabama. And the article was very odd as I pointed out last night. That the reporters are down there and they here. They hear. About Roy Moore and teenagers. So if you start to break down the article in trying to unravel in order to put it back together again. It is said that you support. That's 32 year old man. Having relations of some kind of as described with a fourteen year old. That's where we are right now that's what happens. When you have this this group think. It is easy to come on the radio going TV are writing an article or be a congressman or senator insect. This is this just think this guy has that now we're not gonna do my best and I needed to let drop out now yeah that guy get rid of the yeah. We don't enough this happened. In the Washington Post presented it in such a way. And it's such a time where it's impossible for us to resolve that it is impossible. That's why nothing but contempt for these politicians almost all of them. This not taking the high road. Taking any road. This whole thing is loads of the way the Washington Post did it. The timing and that none of them. By the way. It got a lot dancer foot on the journalism side apart from the rest of. Anti was it today at court you know Drake. It's not innocent until proven guilty we get to draw our own conclusions but apparently we don't get to draw their own conclusions. You have to draw the conclusion that the Washington Post wanted to draw. That Mitt Romney wanted to draw that John McCain want you to drop and all of last what you did draw. All right it don't have a right to your own conclusions. Yeah actually I'm not allowed to have a right to your own conclusions haven't fallen. Feel safer about the senate today by the way ladies and now that. They passed a resolution. That they're not supposed to molest each other. And they're not supposed to molest their staff. While they're out there issuing press release and doing interviews about. An article. Based on a story that's 38 years old it never is delighted day not in any election not in any growing more controversies. Not by any local newspaper and now we're gonna go over this again unfortunately I was planning on doing something else today trust me on this I don't particularly enjoy this stuff I don't enjoy it off. But something came out today that's very very interest. The Washington Post presented this. As for women none of whom wanted to speak to them. So they dragged the information and of these women. This course when was the fourteen year old at the time she's 53 now. They said neither of course men nor any the other woman sought out the post while recording a story in Alabama about supporters of more senate campaign. He post reporter heard that more allegedly had sought relationships with teenage girls I demonstrated that to be an utterly. False statement. It's an impossibility. The one I didn't know each other but they say the women say they don't know one another. And yet they overheard. Or a reporter heard I should say to be accurate it post reporter heard that more allegedly sought relationships with teenaged girls and the poor. These women didn't know each other. Nobody ever heard this before how the post year. That more allegedly sought out relationships with more than one teenage got just. This is a as as an analytical matter when the women didn't even know each other in this manner a manner and every came up before. And how would they know who to contact I don't get how they know somebody planet. And what they point out in this court meant as a Republican and that she voted for Donald Trump because they're trying to give you may resonate. A credibility and maybe she is credible I don't know. They drop this in our lap and now we're judged Jordan was supposed to decide immediately but then why did. And the Washington Post. While they told us about ms. Portman spectrum. As a Republican. Who voted for Donald Trump. Supported Donald Trump. Why didn't they tell us about ms. Gibson's thing. Debra west and Gibson. Why I was a left to AL dot com. Ms. Gibson's and the owner of an interpreting company signs of excellence. Provided services for Clinton too in the 2016 campaign. As well as working with former democratic vice president Joseph Biden going other events photos posted Terry company's social media site sure providing sign language services. For senator Patrick Murphy and senator bill knows Nelson both Florida Democrats. How hard would it have been for the Washington Post mr. producer and country. To find that public information. On Deborah west and Gibson and included in this story if they're going to include the women in the story they're gonna write the story. If you're gonna tell us this course and as a Republican who supported trot why didn't they tell us ms. Gibson. Is a Democrat. Who supported Hillary. Why didn't step in the Grumman. And that's Reinhart and Allison writes for the Washington Post three reporters and not one of them nor the researchers. Discover that Derek west and Gibson. Is a Democrat activists of the highest order but they did tell us that leak horsemen. The fourteen year old at the time. Was a trump supporter what do they do that mr. it is. I'll be right back. That's any candidate Roy Moore this is from. They outside. Pursued her while she was in high school work for Hillary Clinton's campaign is a sign language interpreter. Put it videos and documents posted on line. Videos and documents posted on line in the Washington Post couldn't find I want to show they have deceit for the Washington Post was his there article yesterday. This portion according to campaign reports none of the women has donated to work for more his democratic opponent Doug Jones. Was rivals in the Republican primary including senator Luther strange whom he defeated this thought in a runoff election so they're trying to shop. That everybody is politically politically pure of heart. Portman 53 who works as a customer service representative at a payday loan business. Say she is voted for Republicans at the past three presidential elections including for Donald Trump in 2016. That's it. You know damn well the Washington Post knows that this other woman was I Hillary Clinton Joseph Biden. Democrat. Activists you know damn well they knew that and yet they go out of their way. I omission. To ignore information that's online on her FaceBook page. Then any report conceit. They've still got it up to today it was his local report that found it. That's number one and number so they go out of their way to say really none of them have supported mores opponent. None of them got involved in the Republican primary. In fact they key. A woman who's making the allegations score then it's a Republican who votes for Republicans and supported trying to. How I I'm just telling you that timing of that story this aspect of the story. Yesterday as I pointed out somebody they heard from somebody about all these border teenagers. It doesn't add up. I'll be back. Miss there's some americans' constitutional. Convention. Though mark bourbon joke calling him now. See 773814811. Senators Glover sharing Grassley legislation passes sexual harassment training becomes mandatory in the United States. What would compel the United States senate to do that. You know it's interesting just a few miles down the road from the nation's capital where these senators sit. Is a media corporation that's what it is the Washington Post corporation. Owned by the wealthiest man in the face the planet. These folks who owns of course Amazon. Is there a reason why the Washington Post hasn't gone to Capitol Hill and heard. Names specific names of senators and members of congress. Where sexually harassing people on Capitol Hill. Has anybody read anything lately about. He Washington Post exposing it must be an epidemic in Maine has to be systemic at least a pattern something going on Capitol Hill. For the senators so. Any fault throw it away so aggressively passing a resolution proudly issuing press releases that they won't tolerate this. They won't tolerate what who didn't let them know. Who did what a home will leave Washington Post. Which is just a few miles down on the road these same reporters they sent Alabama. What they tracked down the members of congress Stephanie image Grumman Beth Reinhard Alice rights. Are you going to track down the members of congress who've been sexually harassing people in congress. We would like to know who they that's not 38 years ago. Not 38 years ago just a couple of years ago maybe a couple of months ago maybe a couple hours ago I don't know. All you have to do is go to a few of the watering holes out there on Capitol Hill and you know do it reported used to do it he'd go there. Check out their supporters and their staff and see you hear anything. She apparently. Did their own backyard Capitol Hill is in the backyard of the Washington Post. They just passed yesterday the senate. A resolution saying stop sexual Herat harassment witness that the train new including senators. It's like a Monty Python bit senator's passing a resolution to prevent themselves. Prompt bottling other people against their will apparently doing something. And the Washington Post wears a watch them votes they send their reporters to Alabama who heard something. Which isn't a possibility. They didn't year they didn't happen this year about these four ladies. It was that day that it was given to them. There women didn't know each other never know each other never spoke to each other didn't know each other existed but somebody heard that all forward. That. Suffered at the hands. And really not even at enhancement suffered that. As a result of that the Roy Moore. This is just basic logic now I know they don't wanna hear this a national review I got it. I got it I know they don't wanna hear this active site that site. This news organization that went. I heard one of the of people who is on the air on one of our favorite on our favorite cable channel say it's good at the national center republic that report right there. Senatorial committee. Is no longer gonna fund the Ryan Moore campaign why is that. Why is that. That fact is they hate Roy Moore that's why they're doing this. They don't know the facts any better than you what I do we know nothing except what the Washington Post route that's it. There's no way to adjudicate this there's no way to resolve it that timing stinks we all know what this report. It's based it is clearly partisan even if it's accurate it's partisan. For the very reasons I stated. According to campaign reports none of the women has donated to a work from wars democratic opponent Doug Jones. Okay you must not be political. Or his rivals in the Republican primary OK then they don't have an ax to grind against and that's what to kind of Honda. Including senator Luther strange whom he defeated this fall on the runoff election okay. Portman 53 who works as a customer service representative at a payday loan business. Say she's voted for Republicans of the past three presidential elections including Donald Trump at 2060 so let the reporters are saying. Not only. IAA political but it didn't. The main accused of the 53 year old who didn't want to come forward but the post found out found out about her in the other whose they heard about. She's a Republican who supported trump so they're all. No actually. In that we learn. From a local report. That another woman. In fact. Is an activist Democrat. And the information on her FaceBook site he's got photos on her Facebook's. She's with former US vice president Joseph Biden. And she said on FaceBook she provided interpretation for an inventor involving the vice president 2012. Photos showing gives and we Clinton and Biden began circulating on social media shortly after the more peace was published. Why didn't the Washington Post on how is it that average citizens all of us online confinement. But the Washington Post three reporters are research staff a billion dollar company. They couldn't find any thing they found nothing they found it. He concealed it. They concealment. And why did they do that. What are they conceal. Wanna put all the facts. This is why people. Are having difficulty with this and struggling with it. This is like people are watching the Congo line of Republican establishment had not not solely that others there aren't just. But for the most part there watching the Republican establishment there watching them one after another ex let's say almost exactly the same thing. Roy Moore is enormously unpopular with the Republican establishment they want on the loose they can't stay in the gap. Even if it means losing the sense they don't wanna guy in there that they have to deal with like this. Let's be honest with you think he's a quack what do you think he's the smartest guy ever what you think this doesn't matter they don't wanna. And this newspaper was fed the story. And the one I think you know hey I can put it last night there's many storage in this story and one of the big stories that we're not good enough apparently. It's okay that Tom I don't mean the name of the individuals I said last night. Watched. Grow. What Oppo research group what consultant went campaign operative gave them this information. Look at it this way if these three reporters. Are so blind and deaf and dumb that they couldn't find in public. Social media ms. Gibson's connection to one Democrat after another how the hell where they get up. And never came forward before in their lives. How can these same reporters who somehow miss overlook what's on the Internet what's on FaceBook one of the women. On the and it goes up. Somehow they missed that yet they heard. About these women and they go to great glanced a look at the campaign reports and none of the women. When Bob in the Republican primary none of them. Have worked for more is democratic. But in fining it out here how how so. It's all over the place. Trust me when I tell you my analysis of this and that's what this. Just an analysis of what's been dropped in our laps before this election as a nation. Won't be heard anywhere else in it doesn't matter this audience is large enough. What will happen is that group think whether it's the establishment Republicans or others who who earnestly. I'm having difficulty with the S as we all are. Or the last but the media particularly. Guys like me they despise me hey guys. Because I just don't accept the narrative when everybody goes that way I'm thinking I should go the other way. I don't do it. Guess to be different I do it because. At that and these things through for myself. Now you're not a hypocrite. If you don't agree with the media in the Republican establishment of the Democrats on this. You get to look at the facts and draw your own conclusion that's the only way you can address this now because there's no other way to resolve it none. And no this isn't like Hollywood. Roy Moore in his statements in the past quite the contrary he's hated by Hollywood. He's a he's a yet evangelical Christian very religious man. He stood up on the on the ten commandments issue what do you agree with them or not I'm just knowing the facts out. There's nothing else in his past whatsoever that we're aware of yes that would certainly indicate that he's anything like a Harvey Weinstein. And yet I'm hearing this on TV and listening to it on radio so that just tells you how pathetic it's gotten. And now. Those of us who read an article like this and have some questions to ask about the timing some of the way this was approached some of the information that's hidden and all the rest now. We don't support 32 year old men dating fourteen year old girls. How about if you. Analyze what's being thrown at us. Analyze what's being thrown at us again the issue isn't whether. People think it's disgusting for a 32 year old man to have relations of some kind with a fourteen year old Barack we can all agree that's disgusting. Fact it's illegal to. The issue is whether it happened or not. The issue is whether it happening now. When this has been dropped in our laps. By the Washington Post. In the Washington Post we've come to learn is very sinister. Very partisan. Very selective. In what it does. So. I just wanted to lay all this out again with new information that's out there. And present it to you. I know I know I'm in a minute distinct minority because I choose to look at this analyze it and by the way. Hollywood is a disaster. I can't even keep track of the number of allegations as the number of people who are not and I know we're getting concessions to. I believe I mentioned mr. division one a month ago when these things started happening and they were breaking one after another after another that the FBI should set up a special investigative unit. He special criminal sexual investigative unit for Hollywood and I wasn't kidding member of that. Well with DA in LA just did that. LA county district attorney forms task force for a Hollywood sexual misconduct this is exactly what's needed. LA county prosecutors are preparing to attack on Hollywood's growing tide of sexual misconduct accusations. With a new task force and I wonder if they should do this for congress. Any congress just passed a resolution in the senate yet. For a mandatory sexual harassment trip I ask you something ladies and gentlemen in your own lives do you need mandatory sexual harassment training. In this the other week. What does it take about three sentences and in my parents your pants. My faith your face pageant how to behave yourself. They'll be rude to people. Don't make inappropriate suggestions for people. Don't stare in appropriately people. Keep your hands he south keep your clothes on it's I just trained UI is strange. I'll be right back. Tension gun owners out there. Can you say with a 100% confidence your family and how much say. When he'd defend yourself too soon. You know exactly what to say in what to do is your gun when the police arrive. Here's how they can take a simple and rewarding journey to concealed carrying home defense conference. It's called the 20s17 concealed carry and family defense guide. It's from the US concealed carry association and it's 100%. Free. You'll learn how to detect attackers before they see you had to survive a mass shooting. The safest and most dangerous places to sit in a restaurant had a responsibly own and storied guy and even if you have little kids. And a whole lot more. It's a 164 pages in comes with a bonus audio versions he can listen in your car. The slight changing guide is 100% free for a limited time you'll also get a bonus home defense checklist. Would defend them dot com that's where I want you to go defend them dot com go there right now for 100% free instant access. Once again that's defend them dot com defend them dot com. We don't know what happened last Sunday ladies and gentlemen. Five days ago. 26 people were slaughtered. In a tiny little church and a tiny little town and text. But unfortunately. The nation lives in the world of the media in the world little left. And the last two days we've had to deal with this. And it is relent. So this constant. Relentless and constant. Here's a montage of media and politicians. About Roy Moore and several these people serve in congress but the senate just passed a resolution against itself. On sexual harassment training. Which I think about that. You've elected people the congress. In some cases who meet sexual harassment training or better put anti sexual grasp the trend. Which you would have thought they had as little kids. And these are grown men and women. Outlined no we should see these are true and if they are many should stepped out John McCain was clear he needs to step down. And Reggie didn't prove resistance. Birdies I want him in the next day or so. I've not laid out Pete king. They came in less he can prove his innocence Tommy heat and you do that. And never liked this guy anyway go ahead. I've done this that's true that I don't believe that meetingplace foreign clearances but if it's true we none of us believe there be any place for an in the US senate. But you senators have a high tolerance for sleaze ball she really didn't Ted Kennedy the lion of the senate called on the lion of the senate. Was a sleaze ball no offense but he wants. And there were other sleaze balls and sex and the people pointing fingers now I sleaze balls. That doesn't defend any untoward conduct that may have happened. But just pointing it out go ahead. Prison any shred. Or is he understood something. Why out and if they're true. And how do we know if they're true. Had a we know they're not false had we known. Let's appoint a police statement. I don't know. Then there's this quote that Chris Cuomo on CNET TV can follow the city it. Had five go. They that's why the if true thing bothers me because more do you need as an allegation is a suggestion without proof that's what that word means in the law. They are word they're accusation. Is proof I'm Pablo well bore hole. You know like Chris comb Cuomo. I heard you like to put your finger in light sockets. So now my allegations proof. You realize how dumb this human being and it's. How truly dumb he asked. The accusation. Is proof. It's not proof moron. It's an accusation. Go ahead. That it's being Igman. Proof or if a woman comes forward as I did happen. Someone coming forward with testimony is evidence you could have. Other evidence you can bet them you get impeached your catcher how you can do other things in terms of legal process but if you come forward and say this person did this to me. That counts every comment that's made by people on the right that's not proof few Lydia. It's not proof. I'm telling you I think that Chris Cuomo late at night. Likes to stick his finger in light sockets. Which has a deleterious effect on as I kill which is loaded beacon. There I just proved it because I said it just proved it I said it I proved. Coming right back. That is smooth and clean and not of god then might have next. Just as this move to guide and saving you money. God couples and GT 24 sevenths access to licensed agents online and phone Olin and I kind of and finite and among teens and I mean I am also a ninety big fan of Barbeque potato chips. Million. Loss making this heat. Geico expect great savings an awful lot more. Somewhere under the. Oh everybody mark of any air our number 877. 3813811877381. Create 11. I am not a special leader for Roy Moore. That's not the point. I know. That people want the chain of box and that's what they wanna say because. You're trying to think through these things again it was drop in the public slap my lap your lap. And we're trying to discern what may or may not have taken place. We're also trying to determine the extent to which in this case the Washington Post had an agenda. So we control our own conclusions may be more information will come out that mr. Moore I don't know how exculpatory information comes out in four weeks. Which is part of the problem is it. It's part of the problem. So I just want to be clear on those special clear but on the other hand. I'm not the judge and the jury either for ourselves we are because there's really nowhere else to turn honest. And but in terms of actually resolving it I don't I don't see how we get there. And I am really appalled by the Congo line and Republicans. In the media now and the media in congress and at a conference. How they conduct themselves. Rather than rationally objectively. Wrestling with this talking about it trying to explain it. He's dead in the water and he's the only and they run from. Not to what amazes me is finally the Republicans are united. Not a repealing obamacare not on slashing tax rates across the board. Not on securing the border not only addressing the debt now don't rebuilding the military men and. They're all united on Roy Moore. Bizarre. Most telling the LA county district attorney I know nothing about her Jackie lacy exception has enough sense to form a task force from Hollywood sexual misconduct. LA county prosecutors are preparing to tackle Hollywood's growing tide of sexual misconduct accusations for the new task force. Now maybe. LA district attorney Jackie lacy. We'll show the FBI how does. Have a task force. On congress because apparently congress is out of control sexually. Because congress just passed a resolution check that the senate just passed a resolution yesterday. Admonishing itself. Not to sexually harass. Themselves. And their staff. And the very proud of it. So they're going to have anti sexual harassment training in the United States senate. These are the fools you sent to the US senate that we sent to the yes sent and there are out there say at this. Roy Moore stuff is anomaly what. And the Washington Post. Washington Post a couple miles down the road. I would like to know. Exactly who they're talking about they are economists that necessitates an anti sexual harassment training course. Truthfully. So we'll never know the answer. Certainly not for weeks in Alabama but the gotta use you're common sense in your experience reliant. 38 years. Multiple campaigns. Multiple. Local statewide news organist. Just the way the Washington Post wrote it makes it clear they were fed opposition research I truly believe it. Some little hole who cares well they have mostly care because they hit. And I also know that because they hid the fact that one of the other woman was sent Democrat activists and it was all over social media so elated as luck. And then thirdly. They wanted to give you the impression. That none of that actually was taking place when in fact it was. I'm those special leader here I'm trying to. Unravel as just as you. Roy Moore was on my buddy Sean Hannity show. And here's some of the things he said cut eleven go. I don't know in this courtroom from. Anybody and I'm never you're never had any contact whether allegation of sexual misconduct which are completely ball suddenly a politically motivated. Only their only saw a very successful campaign that's what they're doing. I've never. Our the owners more memory language or regarded the other girls. We understand this is forty years ago we have from our current military I dated a lot of young might east. Yeah. As for ms. question. That's black and white. Says he doesn't know our. So. If she or her family have photos of the two of them together when she was fourteen years old now's the time to show us. Cut twelve go. You are trying to prove your innocence and in another words. He's just like he's sharing they're doing it true that DC has senate campaign they're bringing something you're trying to make east. Some audio from other girl her dark. Never say anything about sexual impropriety. And they're all slightly only fourteen year old. And I had nothing to do this this is a completely manufactured. Story may continue to draw this campaign. And there they're losing this letter Labrador iron. They don't want cardiology and visitors got in nearly. Are they good or negotiation to break a look at their very liberal science a transgender people and engenders a military and in. First. They're desperate. And then. Yeah and then that cut thirteen go what about those that don't give you the presumption of innocence what do you say to them. Lot of talk about there they're not even getting immediate reduction minister as saying are you resigned because the Washington. Broke these charges against the president who. Are there allegations about the Russian all of I didn't. They're in Washington is attacked our foundation they've attacked her why. And now they're attacking me personally. Almost actual writer I don't know what's coming next but I'm sure they're in the next four weeks. They're going to come out and another oral because they've gotten in general and they're fulfilling their agenda. I think as we states. Now that's not in dispute is it I think even liberals will agree that the Washington Post has an agenda. Well maybe they won't agree because the liberal media have an engine no question of battle like look how they've tried to destroy the president of the United States staying in and day out day in and day out. They in India. Now on the show we know what tomorrow. And I wanna move into this. This other matter we'll take your calls on this. But tomorrow. Is veterans day. We've been playing our military songs mr. that is remind me and break. Since 2003. When I first came on the air. I'm very proud of the men and woman who have served this country. Some. Who never came back. Others who came back with severe injuries. And others who spared not injury didn't have injuries but they're brave men and women who have served and others of course. Who have supported him in the military. And their families. I feel the same way about police officers. I really didn't. They face a different kind of enemy the criminals are enemies. They're the enemy of the society. They seek to destroy the society from within. We've enemies outside our borders. And we've enemies within the sports. Who kill maim assault do what they do. But tomorrow's a special day we put aside to honor veterans. And I also on our active duty military to. One day they'll be veterans as well. Then of course tomorrow who in addition to all you that's out there. Kind of my father who is also a veteran. My mother's father who's no longer with us. My grandfather. Who serve any which came in Guam. In his brother in law grand uncle. Who have served fought and Guadalcanal. And so many others. You think about. The men coming off this punk tune votes children on the spot never came home some of them never recovered. Every now you think about every battle and that what do you think about the battles in World War I we only talk about world or one anymore. The north Korean War which was there her and that's where we don't even talk about the war in North Korea. The Vietnam War. A long bloody war. Where are wonderful wonderful heroes were undermined here back at home by the left of course. Afghanistan. Iraq. So many I can't they in the mall. Can name them. But he is what I can tell. I'm not talking about this case in the world wars but. When you look at post Vietnam. But there hasn't been a draft. That tiny tiny tiny percent of the population that volunteers to serve in the military. And when budget time comes up they're treated as food stamp recipients. Sure sure what kind of dollar out of flew stance we have to cut a dollar out of the Marines Shula. We'll cut a dollar at a road construction would have to cut a dollar out of the air force and on and on all right it sickens me disgust me. And the man who helped negotiate that deal John Boehner and the other one Mitch McConnell. Still treated like. Like celebrities by the F. But Tony garden media. But in honor of our vets. And all the men and women who do serve and answer. I'm very. Joseph and Palo Alto, California the great chance of snow belt. Hi mark I'm kind of outline more but he just made me think different thinking nice hair brown curly brace on these fathers have the pastor Luke. Resolution to keep their hands on. These guys are so lame. They really are Hispanic they really and then and the crowd that there issuing press releases will be bringing. Accounting commerce but I I just to put it on I think about it but garrido calling it. I'm Aqua Herman Cain much running for president. He's a bunch of women to the same thing me and they said he. Elected ban me rent them out there for five of them and then when he dropped out. It was over you and your commitment and so I know it's all garbage. That. He's thinking the timing. I don't think they had so they really got to get their game on and. I already think the response by the establishment Republicans and their media Sarah gets. Republicans airliner spared their garbage energy demean the office or not. On the all right yes to me when I was fourteen I can acute miniature. Let's you I should Boehner molest me when he was done. I had on Canada and OK thank you now now now now. I know she's joking that you can't ceaselessly. Mark El Paso, Texas the great KT SM go. And markedly Merkel. Will. Include your play or drive nibble all this and the different between evident from troop strength being proven guilty. They keep saying proven innocent. And he's gone either curing them or are they don't know how to read because when I read it could innocent until proven guilty. Which we don't need the crew here and an intrusion and possible. Did this is sort along with the American. Well obviously Ana and understood your point. Which are about 38 years goes in fact it happened and so the question is how in the world. Do you prove your innocence. And you know what I want then take acclaimed series or reduce but they're certainly need to resign because. An allegation regarding allegations love proved. We might be considered evidence or testimony is. And then within that that the most. And I'm not I'm not we but the. Problem here is even if it's true the statue of Atlanta limitations have run so the point is there's no process there's no. There's no way to resolve this and that is exactly why people are saying some people not too many unfortunately. That the nature in which this was was raised the what nature much the Washington Post got the information. And has had some very I think area. And ethical type of reporting that they they've conducted here. That has to be part of the equation when people are trying to make determinations about. About the nature of the story. I'm mark I appreciate you call them there now paso Texas. I shall return. He establishments. Worst nightmare. Mark clubs and call him now 8773813811. Big race big race tomorrow and mr. produce and comment on marathon race but the Armenian and across the country of course. And I'm always rooting for PS front people say to me who's PS track. Australian known. And you not to find out. Pinch runner is a great run. By the way in the I should even tell you this and people know I'm driving anyway I was gonna tell you so that's pretty funny but like I T. Because it'll identify in my car all right Aaron rambling. But we wish PS runner all the best we really go. You and let's see oh yes. He wanna protect your home this holiday season. You need to listen. My listeners now have early access to simply say its biggest Black Friday sale ever. 200 dollars off their holiday security system. And this is a true best seller. He thirteen piece ours on the coverage your entire home. 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Simply save mart dot com. And other special discount is over on Monday so he kind of Harry. Are right. We should take some calls I haven't taken any calls Brandon. Or is there on North Carolina on the mark living and I've dealt. Market. Good job and always look I think you trump in an idiot or give them the dike it's uphill battle. I lived in sent to border trying to beat Alabama. They think it would double faulted. And then look for 38 years million peaked in now also you can probably work. All of makes this. They tested could get to debate tomorrow if it indeed and let. What do you think about people who say he has to prove his innocence. Press how do you do that it could happen. Well exactly and he's guilty and how do you do it in 38 it's if it's 38 years ago how you do it and if he didn't do it and out of my house. Prove here this is how even how how would even. What mechanism what process kitty used to prove isn't. That's a point you can't. They think we're dumb call for that I mean it's good but noted that this is a derive what do you mean it is stronger in the virgin group. And now we're gonna find out and Alabama morally I. He was eleven points ahead now it's Danny. Well whatever they're playing with a pole again it is an amount and they're not playing with the he can't blow this stuff clubs and then if you can overcome. In my excite people saying in Virginia they just switch and Democrat drift. Nana I had four Republican delegates around in Narnia one. And by the way several of them were quite conservative that I think you go food rookie record of shenanigans while we're gonna find that in December. I'm Brendan thank you for your caught. Appreciate it T there's there's there's a percentage of the popular where this group thank. Works. We're works where it becomes a daily drumbeat you're hearing it now you're seeing it now. And more is on defense. And you can't discuss. Apparently what he wants to disguise. But 38 years is a long time. And it's not like he just popped up. In public view it sound like. He wasn't battling the establishment all these years it's not like. The federal courts in the Bard didn't didn't go after him forum. His refusal to remove the ten commandments and so forth and sunny is many public figure is very very long time and Alabama. And this the whole way in which this came up it just it doesn't smell right to me. And then you have fools like Chris Cuomo saying that an allegation is proof. Then you have so many on our favorite cable channel saying that it's good that the nationals Republican senatorial committee would drill its funds. Based on what. He adamantly denies this knot again I'm not a special leader for rent for Roy Moore. But it's the more information comes out the more information comes out. But based on what we now look this was dropped in our lap we can bring in up we're slap in the face with this. And people are saying yes to draw your own conclusion that they won't allow us to draw a conclusion they're telling us to draw there conclusions. And it just so happens that the Republican establishment one after another after another is telling more to get out. So Luther strange can somehow get him. Regardless of the Washington Post story. Regardless embarrassed by. Try to try to get defeat. Twice. And failed twice. The Washington Post senator reporters to Alabama. Not just to go to a yen more event and kind of what his supporters thought they sent their reporters down there. Because they were given. Opposition research information that's how they knew they were quote unquote four teenagers. And I don't know of a nineteen year old girl qualifies as a teenager or not. I had understood that many when it nineteen gross to become. Eligible for the draft as of nineteen or 21 and only know. But fourteen year all we can all agree. That's. Unacceptable. But we all know that's unacceptable so that's not the issue the issue isn't whether. He's 32 year old mansion at any kind of relations of any kind with a fourteen you know the answer is now under every and any circumstance. The issue is whether it happens. While in our Brooke that the information I have to conclude yes he needs to get out he set. Gilead hope ruinous he's got to prove his innocence. Well this proves to be true and I. Not anybody speaking this way knows it's an impossibility. That is. If it proves to be true. He has to prove his innocence how. If you're innocent how are you gonna prove your innocence in this case. That's the issue that many people are struggling. And how it is that this information came out now not before or even doing the Republican primaries. But after the selections made four or five weeks before the general election you can't beat the line that that's purposeful. That's not dumb luck by the left him by reporters that's not a coincidence. That's a tactic. I know I swim against the yen. The tide but I I Comas I see him that the chip slowing in many. Cheryl Long Beach, California Sirius satellite out. I'm I'm sitting here with my mom had done what I hear about the Holocaust survivor recently home every day and we get plenty god bless you for everything you dale. And stay and which she would be like I'm in our regular television all the time it would love what you're on they Hannity shall we just can't can't get enough of yeah. Are you saying you love to have my own show on fox. I've because there's so many people who would watch you and it was like hello out all the other like mainstream media you think you lift its. Yeah are else like remember when he did you Hannity and called circuit feel like Kennedy in abeyance. That won't happen because an academic you have to conservatives you know. That big red. I wanted to have a I have one how about the levee in fact there. You know let that and the rest of it that common ground is getting so again you know. We just really rested recant or like irregular shelf so that's why we always equipment you on the radio we Brian all things and I. But anyway don't understand this whole thing went they chat. And you know I just find it really interesting it reminds me picking back to when Herman Cain was running for president. Second one this say this is the second call to make this point. You know and it's the same thing with one president trump remember like all the women and that you know bad. We're going to be coming out for sexual harassment then he finally get the presidency thank god and the Obafemi kind of like Mel yeah I remember. Bill Clinton how they couldn't stop talking about the rape allegation oops I. I think they did didn't. Now they didn't and now that it like all of a sudden here is that you know the senate race coming up and all that that person and you know I. At the scene now and and somebody who like with a lot about any you know I'm the first one that they liked yeah if an allegation is true okayed elected go to the back was not totally but the problem it. In everything that tried in the press. So can't even go into court of why you can't even listen to back because it's already try and all these. Now now I know you're a law professor. I had are neck and now I take care of my mom thought I meant your wonderful it is not home but now Cheryl here's the thing the story now. Is all the people coming and telling him to get out of the race town that's the story right now he needs to get out of the race he needs again and it so that's the news. And that's not new says there politicians giving opinions. Why why are they talking to the people on the street. Source saying that he's a good man need to beat the man and we don't want to let us well let us keep it lighter than when did you guys become like the judge and jury. Now let me ask don't you find it interesting that. One lady Gibson is a Democrat activists and she has photos and our own FaceBook site. And it's all over social media and in this long long story that goes on and on and on any go to great lengths to point out that. That Tim. The woman who who was fourteen at the time. Voted for Republican president's three times and around unsupported trop and they could find no contributions to any more his opposition in the Republican Party your in this general election. And somehow they missed this. This resonate on this other woman has a possible. Think it doesn't make sense at the same thing like. You know they always pull out the same cars if you're not think about it if you're anonymous died and it. You're raped and if you're not a rapists then you know here it is I've always wanted to get. Now I mean he did not spread that sexual harassment you know cart he got them inside the cart. You know I'm tonight from Alabama they didn't they with a rate you know I have had a date if this proved not to be true they'll find something on map if what the Democrats do. Every time noted how every time president trump that's something amazing abroad. Every time when he spoke in Poland when he was speaking with Netanyahu everytime he get they've got to pull something like they got to pull the rug out from under him and now it's just. That's who judge Roy Moore that he's the rabbit are trying to pull out because if that happens. They're trying to block tax reform from. Bennett let me let me tell you what they're doing and they are desperately in Alabama trying to find more quote unquote find more and the worry so. That that's what's going on right now all right Cheryl I appreciate your call you take him my best your mother to him. I'll be right back it's. And the downside of having an older car they a lot of is that things start to go wrong. In the and the snowball. 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That's car show dot com code blue then he deductible may apply. I write let's roll David Salt Lake City to Greg KK eight seek out. Mark thank you for taking my call my point is there. Just ruling over dead in the fate that the delegations. Is the equivalent to paying ransom to terrorist. We all know that that is counterproductive it just encourages them to do it again and again. Why can't these stupid Republicans figured they figure that out. But that's what's happening here. Why can't they at least. You know they create this scenario if it's true he needs to get out which of course we all agree with don't you. But that said. Well then why don't you wait to see if it's true. Yeah the answer is it's impossible. How you get enough its trail. Which have been fighting this. Now we union we should at least be sitting. That's not sitting in absolute judgment like we know what actually took place when in fact we have no idea whatsoever. Hi David I appreciate your cough. You know you gotta make a judgment you see this man's career you see is lifeline here as far as we know it. And as soon as this story came out point you're like wow that's unbelievable. Yeah well maybe it is unbelievable. You never know. Let's see here Charlotte. Chicago Illinois they great WL let's go. Back you know how Barack Obama agrees. Into the United States senate prevail and I. These major Democrat and Republican candidate. Each one had double or record smeared. One unsealed smeared all over the Chicago papers they dropped out there whenever I guess they never re entered politics again. And Barack Obama who would just love. Let's just named Jack Ryan I think so. Right he was one of them I don't wanna mention the other person that they found some kind of couple you know. I think obviously divorce records in that contained we'll taxes stars acknowledge why would they ever and field. But at any rate the Barack Obama had just lost a huge to Bobby Rush at a rate for the US house. But it's decapitation by the US senate was gone he agreed and his opponent lethality from Maryland to. And after a hundred days chief Gary running for president of the United States and leader of the free world. Even though he told reporters he had no intention to run for higher office. So the rest is history don't. I'm my friend I appreciate it. Let's go to bill for my home in Delaware a serious satellite area. Mark Perry donor and arguably you have to Wear a beard grow government and veterans or here is not clear well you as one. Arm of congress passed legislation to control himself. These people who want to make balls for us. And it it seems to me than what you're an existing problem maybe I just thought about president's legislation Clinton was president. Well you know we do have laws on the books but I'm this is a resolution that applies. To them. This is a resolution that applies to them. So are not around they don't have you know like truck they passed a rule that applies to them. I my friend thank you for your call. Tired ladies and generally got a full hour leftists have few other things I'd like to get into here we might. We'll continue this is well. We'll be right back. Safely is your holidays headquarters. Pile after pile from protesters return blocking everything in between Safeway has exactly what you need to create memorable meal feed the hungry family and friends come in safely today for a big Turkey enhanced sales since the time for the holidays. You mr. Cronkite yeah. This decision farms Turkey just 49 cents per pound exceptional place a dollar purchase makes him. And curing 81 spiral sliced ham is only 199 per pound safe way and it's just better. Where I'm doing. Hello everybody Markel event here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. Remember about quarter. Who is the ridiculous. The ridiculous knuckle head who serves as chairman of the foreign relations committee and helped bring us the hearing. Coworker Obama deal. Does he greased the skids for the yen for the process that was put in place when he voted against it so the media well it was against that property front now. Actually. He traded a process. That was extra constitutional not unconstitutional. Which kind of treaty clause provision on its head. Rather than two thirds of the senators present. To ratify an agreement. Corporate supported a policy that would require. A veto proof sent congress for that matter. That is two thirds of members of congress. To stop whatever Obama was doing if it was it was absolutely. Unconscionable. And of course court Kerney Anke had tea surrounded himself with which aren't many. He says well. President wasn't gonna submitted to dissent. I discord is unfamiliar with the Constitution. Center has its own duties. They present a united state is gonna violate. The constitution. And go around the senate senate doesn't let that stand for that. The senate can do is treated as a treaty anyway. Take that document. And vote on it as a treaty. Then if the president goes one way in the senate goes the other way they consult with a house that is in this case. Paul Ryan. About impeachment and if they're not willing to do that thing go to federal court and challenge the president there are many things you can do but court hears a fool he's a profound. Please can see in recent months he is absolutely. On balance in my humble opinion. So a couple of days ago. Big headline chino and various newspapers. Here's one from The Washington Times senator Bob Corcoran said Wednesday. He will hold a hearing next week looking at presidential authority to use nuclear weapons. And move that seems targeted as president trot. I'm maybe he should hold a hearing. On Iran's capacity use nukes thanks to what he did it that is court. Mr. court clear. Who has repeatedly tussle with mr. trump said members of both parties have questioned what powers the president has to use nuclear weapons. Actually he's the commander in chief that's another part of the constitution that mr. Carter's obviously in familiar. Mr. caucus say it's been more than four decades since congress is looked at the issue and it seemed that time was right why did he look at it when Obama was president. Because Corcoran is a very very. Thin skin dangerous politician. This discussion as long overdue he said and we. Look forward to examining this critical issue. Witnesses include the former commander of US Strategic Command a former Defense Department undersecretary. Who served in the Obama administration. And work for senate Democrats and eight Duke University professor of political science he can see he's already. He's already packing the witness list with lefties. Packing the witness list. He's and I'm serious man he's a dangerous man is Corcoran chairman of the foreign relations. And distributors have we not miss this man to appear on my program. In the past. We have and they don't respond because he's a coward on top of everything else. I don't Holler at gas or anything like that we would have a wonderful discussion and he would have to explain himself he'd have to explain to you the American people. His interpretation of the constitution in the treaty clause and what he did it. To help arm the Iranians would ICBM is a nuclear warheads. That's on him as well as Obama among others. He'd have to explain to UN me why he chooses to hold this hearing now and you chose not to hold it during the Obama administration. He'd have to explain to us. Why trump is dangerous witness when in fact it is spot coworker who helped arm the Iranians witnessed. The reason Bob court is not running for reelection it's because he get reelected. He can't get reelected. He concerns me mister Crocker said the president last month running at the president was taking the country in a world war three. This to caucus announced he won't seek reelection. Yeah at least elements. This is a man who wanted to be vice president but try and turn it now. He wanted to be secretary of state trunk turned him down again. Now all of a suddenly came and tolerate trump is the present United States. He's a punk that's what he has to be truthful is upon. The United States senate. The House of Representatives you know has already. Provided its grand ideas for tax cuts which include many tax increases the elimination of many important deductions that bring down the tag the effective tax rate the House of Representatives is out of control because the speaker of the house sounds like Bernie Sanders. Speaker of the house is very excited that they're gonna create a another bracket. For the rich for millionaires. I'm almost 50%. The should be the same speed that house who could not rally his troops to repeal obamacare cannot rally troops to secure the border. Will not rally his troops to cut spending. Paul Ryan now sounds like Bernie Sanders when it comes to class warfare. It's a disgrace. But the Republican senator is a much better. This is from the LA slides congressional Republicans advance to competing visions of tax reform yesterday. Setting up a potentially bruising battle in the weeks ahead as they struggled to agree on a bill president trump consigned. It would be nice ladies in general with president trump would take the lead in this as Reagan did we talk about that the other day in both 1982 and 1986 but he won't do it. Instead he has this. This is Manhattan liberal Goldman Sachs guy to which there are many in this administration and formerly in this administration. This guy Gary Conn who is exactly that. I love the way these Goldman Sachs guys and I think it's Goldman Sachs hedge funds are people making money but I love the way these guys pretend to know what these little guys go back in the middle class and all the rest. By the eighty work on an assembly line. I'm just curious do you drive a cab was in electrician plumber. School teacher cop. The senate plan eliminates all. State and local deductions. All. That is state local. Property taxes. The house proposal retains property tax deductions up to 101000 dollar I thought this was supposed to be the greatest tax cut in American history. As a trade off the senate version would preserve other popular deductions targeted for removal my house plan. Such as for medical expenses. But. You know where individuals ladies and gentlemen some of us have known many a medical expenses of us don't some of us have homes some of us don't. So it's not a trade off. If they eliminate. Your property tax deduction. On your home and you've had this deduction for years when you purchased your home that's how you figured out your budget that is a big deal. What a way where exchanging it by keeping that up expense deduction for maybe I don't have medical expenses how does that help me. Let me tell you something that's gonna Shockey. You ready for this. I hope both of these plans fail I'd rather have the current tax system. Which is a disaster. Then the worst proposals that the Republicans are now bringing forward. There are worse than the current system. Millions of you're gonna see taxes go I don't care what their propagandist. I don't care what their propaganda assess. Millions video where not quote unquote rich. Millions of Unionists here taxes go up I hope. Both of these proposals out of the house and senate fail utterly completely. When mark the consequences for the president will then the president should grab the bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground for wants. Sorry he schett. Both the senate and house plants would lower the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20%. The house plan would cut it immediately the scent it would delay the implementation for a year. Until 2019 in order to save an estimated 808 billion dollars see the see the the the the mentality of the Republicans just like the left to save an estimated 108 billion dollars from home. Hope for the spenders for the government for the bureaucracy. There are also key differences in how new individual rates would be set the repeal of the estate tax and a variety of other provisions. So basically the S senate bill would not repeal the estate tax it's called death tax that's what we can't be more accurate. So both in the house and in the senate they embrace. Class warfare they are not cutting taxes across the board slashing them because they refuse to cut spending. They refused to cut spending. These are big spending progressive Republicans. This is why they hate you and me they hate us. Part they hate us. Because we actually are conservatives they run as conservatives. He won are votes. And then they screw us that's what they do and they do it over and over and over again I'll be right back. Tomorrow is veterans day. And I only did tell you excellent he sees somebody who's in uniform. It's unlikely there event that tally active duty and so I. Should go up and say hello Panama in the back or her which I know you'll do. You see a lot and a lot of folks walk around with their hats that show where they had served their web service therein. Elderly folks same thing. But from this program the millions and millions of people listen. Many view gore that's been many of us who aren't we want to thank you. And I wanna play one on my favorite songs that makes. Do you get them and saloon and gotten love us and ask. And I. News you all remember all us. Naive. Or whether. It's swear. Iron teams know. That's manner. And we let us. Saw do you read. I. This is okay. Do you. His smile his movies and as he moves. And a man every. Love. And these. Okay and yeah. With his legs from Obama. Seeing it do you OS nine. Boom. Yeah. I am wrong. We. I. Okay. I. I. A beautiful beautiful people and tomorrow I would be remiss when he mentioned that. Would have also been mine. I've lost where there. Leo. So we want you a happy repeatedly. Who passed away a few years ago. Now as they play that song as we. On our veterans and our active duty. Play Regis something. From Bridget Johnson over PGA media. Something that is a disgrace. The Republicans control congress we control the presidency would control the Pentagon and it is a disgrace. The secretary of air force said that after weathering he 15100 pilot shortfall last summer. The problem has escalated to being 19100 in 26 pilot short. We're missing one in ten of the force that's supposed to have 20000 pilots. Think he's in general we are down 2000 pilots. Secretary Heather Wilson he used to be a member of congress told pentagon reporters today that its. Not just pilots though an air crew when it comes to readiness. It's spare parts and flying hours and munitions she noted so increasing readiness of the force so that we win any fight any time is our top priority. Well what the hell is going. What. That fellow's going on we're telling reporters this you've got the secretary of the air force and saying look boys girls congress. We understand needed anti sexual training. As sexual harassment training. I did did drop there all lined up talking about Roy Moore while they go back into the chamber to vote and make sure they don't sexually harass each other. In the meantime what 2000 pilot short. We're sure they're crews were short spare parts we're sure you know should they have at the flying hours that they need. Republicans. And got mad dog match. That's not out here. The navy saying Dan hit. It short chips they're short cruel or short happens. The army worried sink and it. A Russian Geronimo the Chinese are really on the mode. They're muscling out muscling up. I was degrading. I'm a Republican. They wanna raise taxes on Americans I don't care how pleased that it they want to raise taxes on Americans. They're already know Obama cab won't secure the border and worst of all they won't rebuild the united states military don't jump. Davis is his. His greatest the Reagan years. I'll be right back. Mark look. A big show is tomorrow's morning show you couldn't reach mark now at 8773813811. That. I keep telling you there's going to be a big announcement I'm hoping it's next week. I think he gonna like it. No I'm happy in my body. That's not happening not now not ever. No not one penny. That's how much funding tells college receives from the government not even in directly in the form of student loans or grants not one penny. The vast majority of colleges receive around 30% of their revenue from government funding loans and grants. That makes them dependent on the government and taxpayers like you and me in order for them the same business. In contrast Gilles still refuses every penny of government funding why. Is money from the government comes with strings attached. Do's and don'ts restrictions and mandates that dictate how a school operates and educates. But from the very beginning in 1944. 1844. Hillsdale has provided a world class education. That upholds America's founding principles and preserves the blessings of civil and religious liberty. You know as president in 1844. Mister minister. James Polk who happen to be great president in my view one of the unsung great presidents. Everything heals Dell does from the financial aid 97% of its students received. To be completely free online courses that offers depends on generous donors who recognize the worth of independence. Not one penny preserves the integrity of a host of college education. Not one penny in choice say hills Dell can continue to be a beacon of independence for all of its students across America. You can learn a lot more. Learn a lot more learn a lot more about hill sell to. Got to live in for Hillsdale dot com love and Fred Hillsdale dot com that's LE VI entry Hillsdale dot com. Many of you heard me talk about this for years. I really want to check out their site it's incredible. And they do so much for the public for you and me. Outside of the classroom. It's really incredible it's incredible what this college has done. This is kinda college. We need times house. At Hillsdale is there right now right at the top of the mountain shining city on the hill is nice and shiny college town and that's Lynn Frey Hillsdale dot com LE VI and for Hillsdale dot com to check it out. John Los Angeles, California on Sirius satellite tell. They aren't gonna directory air ever lived so long iron ugly in the air force and effect missile crew back in 1970. And we are sure are true then true. Because overreached Jenner keep track what they need in the future. Then. Yeah but when I'm saying here is we've had the military build up we had adult up under Reagan and then slowly but surely it degrades again. He had this sequestration put in place Obama could. Massively though that domestic spending which he did then if you wanted to cut a nickel from that you had a kind of nickel from the from the from the military which is of which is absurd you either find the military as you neither you don't. But that's the deal that McConnell and Boehner made with Obama and we are very very short right now and it's a huge problem we have China which is very aggressive we have around which is aggressive North Korean nine go on and on and on. Thank you for your call my friend that we could've been that short in the early seventies we were in the Vietnam War. And we were spending an enormous amount of money on the military. Dollar for dollar we're not doing that today. As a percentage of GDP we're not doing that today it troubles me enormously which is why keep bringing it up. Jamie in Georgia. The great WYAY. Now. Very young blogger. What they're told Garko last week I'm gonna put so both the poor district geared toward reduced Ferguson. What we need to do replaced every one album in Washington. They're all great role took up. In what they're doing to this country if you won't changeup there carried to people that so they're doing. This door that drove it good and ordered Alabama is being weak April. We're tired of the fake poll that they put out sway voters would go go why in the media. Crow would put some employees. Were the slander walls or lie. Now. Slogans. Can't slander laws or libel laws in politics of this of the but beyond a certain point in the Supreme Court has said that to us though wouldn't matter if they pass laws that's number one. Number two we're not going to be able to replace every single month because there's way too many in the people in this country. Who like to direction it's going it even though it's downhill as far unite this. And number three we needed to do that I'm glad you've decided to step up and run that's very very important. All right Jeanne appreciate your call. It's gonna Cecil Fredericksburg Virginia the great WME out no. Mark protect my call hey can I you know growing up in the seventies in dazed and everything. Do you still look at politicians. En route from the Democratic Party. You have the far allow. You have the moderates and you had I don't know lightly and chilly blue dog Democrats what ever happened and afraid anymore. Is very much angle dog Democrat anymore. Well I think during the endangered species list. He had made it's gotten to where. The Democrats sent blue light wade talked to allow. And though the Conservative Party what I used to know as a Republican. Annan and out of the Republican party's never been any Conservative Party. They have used conservative phrases and you've. They've run on conservative as he's never minute that you were the only two conservative presidents we've had 900 years or so. Our Coolidge and Reagan. This is why I point that out. You'll have these nationalist populists you'll have the progressives on the Republican side and others co chair is there and press two of the greatest presidents. That's what we've done. They used to be where you could tell the difference. And now everybody both parties are crucial for the last act these guys know Colorado. I'll let me underscores something on the streets and who's a true. The Republican Party is enshrined in the Obama legacy. Obama care. Doctor and so forth they are enshrined in legislatively. The Obama legacy. There even to the left of trump who is not a philosophical conservative. If they would send a macular repeal bill on obamacare he'd sign. Even though only once do I get amnesty and it doc and he said he won't do unless he gets a wall they want even send them back. You know saying. What have a little bit older Obama I don't just a net because there are liars they are because they knew Obama wouldn't sign it and they know trump will. I appreciate your call sees a very much. Not it there's one other story wanted to get to a it's nothing new than anything we've discussed but you know you get fitted him when he can finish it from Newsweek there website. For all you climate change tonight is that they're like me. NASA. Discovers may have told. Plume. Almost as hot as Yellowstone. Super volcano that's melting and article from below. There is a super volcano. Under an article that is melding in larnaca from Bologna and I was a. But what Mike Dunn and I can shrinking bitch. All my lack not driving a black as extravagant. And it got a limit on low ball. I hate Tom my hat legit no it. You're not doing anything Dan article. Mother nature. Punishes itself. Lord celebrates itself. Where and non entity for the most part. A mantle Lou the you're not here this anyway because you know always hear it and paint a federal Aaron put out a report that. That then the major reason for a climate change is man. Mankind. We would just commit mass suicide. You know the foot he better. Researchers at NASA have discovered a huge quelling a pop rock under marine burden land. Which lies between the Ross ice shelf and the Rossi. Is creating vast lakes and rivers under the ice sheet which a man an article. That presidents have a huge mantle plume could explain whether region is so unstable today. Why collapse so quickly at the end of the last ice age 111000 years ago. It wasn't the automobile. Mantle plumes are thought to be part of the plumbing system that brings hot material up from Earth's interior. Once it gets to the mantle it spreads out and the crash providing magma from volcanic eruptions. The area about the plume is known as hot spot. For thirty years scientists has suggested. They mantle plume may exist and a marine bird land its presence would explain the regional volcanic activity seen in the area. As well as they don't feature that exists there however. There was no evidence to support this idea but now. Scientist for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Have created advanced numerical models that you see how this works now we've new models. Models fifty years ago showed I know coming ice age the models. Two years ago showed AM. Becoming you know heat waves. And as a model cities and went in art and this Kennison caught climate change it right. Our society is now from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory created advance numerical models to show how much he would need to exist beneath the ice. To account for their observations. Including the dome in the giant subsurface rivers and lakes. We know our president on an article is bedrock. I didn't know that did you know that and you know what. As lakes fill and drain the ice thousands of feet above rises and falls sometimes as much as twenty feet. The study author from JPL said when she first heard that a mantle plume might be heating Marie bird lane she thought the idea was crazy. This is Helene. So Russa. I didn't see how we could have that amount of heat installed have ice on top of that she said in a statement. But any study published in the journal geophysical research solid earth I missed that line. She really seeing colleagues looked at one of the most well studied magna plumes on earth the Yellowstone hot spot. That is you see what happens in Yellowstone right. So they have a ladies and gentlemen. Don't tell your neighbors and enough thank goodness don't say anything anybody else think you're nuts. Not right. I'm so proud to be a partner with Kyle Cox the owner blind should not come. I love his entrepreneurial spirit I love letting you know about the best quality products from independent businesses like businesses like blind street icon. And by the way that's blinds TT ER dot com. The lines to dot com is the only company endorse for custom blinds shades and shutters and by the way. You wanna know why. Because I know you like to do things you south you wanna save money Kyle showed how to measure four and install custom made high quality lines myself. He saved a bundle in the process cop has a personal fit and free guarantee to. So fret any reason your blinds don't think even if you mess that blinds the won't make the new size is needed for free he only pay the shipping. And get this when you enter promo code market check out mark you'll get 40% off your entire order every time. Why not try buying treatments for one windows today or one room today see how easy it is and go from there. It's the perfect time to do it's Friday night tomorrow's Saturday Sunday Thanksgiving is coming up. Take a shot at it I know they he'll come back for more just like I did. The lines here dot com's and it's blinds TER dot com promo code mark. Harry Richmond Virginia on the market then that. That dealt. In life. Hey I can't believe he's got a cold night non managed pull that you know plot got pretty hilarious fun. That's just kind of culture or early audition well I'd love what you do for conservatism everywhere I'm still trying to finish reading. And read the current American who has done. Well lit when you played Martina McBride song hello that's so true. Thank you yeah I love it to say you're delivering pizzas is that we do every day. But can't they tell you make good money doing that. How you make pretty good money doing that. And they know me well how can never did not anywhere from 8800 or not it and I'm always driving ways. Well. The year you'd it's a great service I can tell you that but I wanna thank you very very much you very were not part. I don't hang up my when he give you a one year subscription to CR TV. Much appreciated. We have a wonderful audience you people are just the best. All. People from all walks of life listen to this program all walks of life it really is remarkable. And we're on the mark flew NF in the I heart radio that they'll Wear on patriot satellite radio and where on. Magnificent FM and Iranian stations across the country. He would download the that they show by the millions every month against Italian how blessed I am and how. And. Okay. I. Okay. True. The. Oh. Have been veterans day we honor you we truly did hit on your flag aperture flag them okay. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Tonight's writing it I Griffey and I kept safe and I smokey and get nights out left. We'll get after Krajicek get experiment yeah I says get Hezbollah and then all of a sudden you know like I browsers. Thank god bless each and every one of the Osce. Hi this is Maureen Moreland Morrison here to tell you Geico has more than just great savings much. Yes while Geico could help you racked up more mullah faster than you can say metamorphosis. They've also been the fastest growing auto insurer for more than ten years. That's more like furthermore Geico has fast and friendly cleaning service that might seem like an oxymoron. But it's all the more reason to say no other auto insurer has more more than Geico. Geico they expect great savings and a whole lot more.

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