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11/6/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Nov 7, 2017|

A horrific mass murder was committed by a barbarian on Sunday at a Texas Baptist Church. The Air Force admitted that it had failed to enter the mass murderer’s domestic violence conviction into the NICS database that could have blocked him from buying the rifle he used to kill 26 people. Texas ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I it any progress is number one number two employee leave a message that there. Hedging its youth Jamie. Don't be alarmed but I think there's a guy following you you we should get their guard dog we talked about is nothing scary maybe like to be shown with an attitude. You know progressives collision insurance covers injured dogs and cats and no extra cost self wait. He got stood up when I Saddam. He's been called he's the UME. Mean it's just her collection. Don't tell them that this. Casualty insurance company and affiliates but it's not available at New Hampshire North Carolina. Know everybody marks it then here are number 8773813811877381. 310 well. Really need to know that this terrific. Mass murder that took place in this tiny little town of Texas. In this tiny little first Baptist Church Sutherland spring. By another barbarian. Who. Who didn't who was an atheist who used to get into fights with people of faith of Christians social media. And that does not appear to be the basis. For a tennis. Massive killing spree. A family fight seems to be the basis is very violent man. Also. There are two element. One a plumber. Historic 2000 she's. Hearing shots and commotion going on at the church across the street. He takes his rightful. He runs outside. Any confronts a mass murder. And reports tell us that they exchanged gunfire. The plumber who I understand is also an NRA trainer. Or instructor. Shot the killer. Who is dressed in black. Wearing a black hood. As they record and that shot him. You know who is wearing armor. In the part of his body that was exposed between pieces of art. And the mass murder. Apparently wasn't supposed to have a weapon he lied. When you apply for the weapon. He lied on the form. We don't really know. What took place in the church. And the regional director of state department of a public safety for Texas who is really quite. Good money the information is conveying the American people Freeman mark. He is unable to tell us we won't tell us right now. Neither will share. I suspect dismissed murder. Slowly but surely. Executed these people. I suspect he walked up to one after another after another. You realize he shot over fifty people. He shot over fifty people. 27 now consumer debt similar in critical condition. He shot. Eight babies who was eighteen months old and he shot a man who was 77 years. He also murdered his wife's grandmother. Who's attending church. And it was his wife's church or his wife's mother's church mother monster. So he married the the grandmother. And this mass murdering this this barbarian. He was set thrown out of the air force. Because he's been married twice as apparently beat his first wife and Pete is. They beat his old child. And fractured the skull. Fractured the skull. And stories are coming out now that have bizarre the guy who has. So he was court martial in 2012 on two charges of assaulting his first pass in the chow. He was confined free year a good and bad disc that conduct discharge and reduced in rank to. In his first place to force him in 2012 New Mexico. And he got married in 2014 of Texas. In what authorities are telling us is there was a domestic situation. Between him and his in laws. And it's likely that this this is swept. Pushed him over the it'll though it doesn't take much to push this not over the edge. That's quite clear. They talked to some of the ex girlfriends they've come forward. Britney had cut twenty twos and sheet data Kelly for two months when she was thirteen and he was eighteen. She said she broke it up but he continued to arrest him. They searched criminal records in the county where Kelly lives the barbarian. The only minor violations trying to win the expired registration speeding failure to stop the stop sign driving without insurance. But he Colorado Springs, Colorado a 2014. Where he was living at the time he was arrested. An animal cruelty. Who's chasing the dog the trailer park and attacking the animal when he caught it. Quote the suspect and started beating on the dog of both fists punching him in the head and chest. He could hear the suspect yelling at the dog while he was striking at the dog was helping him whining the suspect then picked up the dog by the neck. Threw it into the air and threw it on the ground and then. Drug him away a lot sixty. You know it's often said and I agree with this. The way you treat animals will determine how you treat human beings. The way you treat animals won't determine how you treat human beings I really believe that. So. You know I've got clip after clip here that gun control crowds they just come out of the woodwork in chest. So completely appalling that. We got to get in these debates every minute undeniable I won't get into it in a moment but. Scheduled for the bottom of the hour as the governor of Texas. Greg Abbott. Who's been asked about gun control gun control gun control. And of course virtually the first thing out of Obama's mouth are really tweeting and the restless. About Duncan. Think about the situation. If there have been strict gun control. This killer would have killed more people. He would have killed more people. Strict gun control would not stop this killer but he would kill more people because the plumber. Would not have had a weapon. Let's switch to shoot him. I'm just beginning the story I'll fill in the of the points in a moment. Comes out of his house and he shoots this the on purpose. The mass murder he jumps in his car and such driving away the plumber stops and other gentlemen 27. Real cowboy. You have been of the vehicle in the chase the killer. 95 miles an hour. Through traffic. Pretty brave men. And this is what distinguishes Americans from Europeans and distinguishes Americans from all the others. But the last says the Europeans did this the Europeans too that the weed out more Americans. We're Americans with different experiences different backgrounds have different mindset. At least most of us. So the nasty marry the barbarian the sub human. He. He fails to make a turn. He goes into addiction pretty much. End he's followed. But the two heroes in the plumber 55. Takes his rifle outputs and up into the cause of the vehicle. Teams and at the killer's car and chats for him to get out but there's no movement. And the reason is. Put in a news reports. The mass murderer. Committed suicide he shot himself in the head. This tiny little town. Little farming. This tiny little tripped. And this piece of crap goes in there because he's having a fight with the as and the loss leaders and any executes his grandmother and and he executes. At least the school are more than a score of other people. And some of them as I speaker fighting for their lives right now. Right now. I'll be right back. His stay here he says. Been really nice of them no. Stephen Wolf credit for shooting an injury in the Texas church and. Well for his daughter told him she saw a man clad in black opening fire at the first Baptist Church in Sutherland springs. The New York Daily News prompting him to grab his rifle and investigate the shots. Every time I heard a shot he knew that probably represented the life he told KH BS TV. I was scared to death it was scary for me I was scared for every one of them and I was scared for my own family that just live less less than a block away I'm no hero. I think my lord protected me gave me the skills to do it needed to be done and I wish I could have got there faster but I do know what was happening. The former NR eight instruct you know I'm sure many here this all over the news huh. Here's a former NRA instructor. A plumber. I hero who came to their rescue. Loaded his rifle rushed out of his home barefoot to the church across the street wearing counted the suspect DeVon Kelly 26. They exchanged gunfire. Well if it's OK HSB he shot Kelly several times as the gunman fled the church's vehicle. He eventually came across Johnny Langdon to earth with driving a pickup truck and tone on that guy GA Shattuck the Baptist Church we need to stop. The 27 year old Lang and north told the eight he was driving the Sutherland springs Texas to pick up his growth from one of bare footed man. Have been exchanging gunfire with the suspect the church shooting jump into his truck. The gentleman with a rifle came to my truck as the shooter cacophony greet me quickly what just happened is said he had to get up so that's what I did. Nine indoor phone well Fred then chased after Kelly who authorities say opened fire with an assault type rifle at churchgoers. After 11 AM killing at least 2627. He killed at least a dozen children you know limits for producer. A dozen children. And wounding more than twenty others. We just take pursuit we speed over highway 87 through traffic we hit about 95 down farm road fire 39 trying to catch sky. So eventually lost control. On his own and went off in the ditch nine into effort called he just gave up he went off in the ditch. K to hate mail from what I could see and then he just never removed after that he didn't get out didn't try anything. That's because he'd been shot. Can you put an end it himself apparently. Lang indoors said he was on the phone with a 9/11 dispatchers throughout the chase and police arrive shortly to the scene where Kelly. Had crashed his car. The gentleman that was when he got out rested his rifle on my hood and kept it team gave him telling me get out get out. Playing indoors said he corner of the Dallas Dallas morning news there was no movement. Now Hannity get begun. Heated domestic violence. Conviction now offense. In the military well now we know. Alexander stimulus of the Texas Tribune posted the following hat tip right scoop Ryan. The air forces launched a review of how the service handled the criminal records of former chairman DeVon. Following the twenty trump domestic violence conviction. Kelly was convicted by a general court martial on to charge is domestic assault against his wife and stepson under article 128 uniformed code of military justice. He answered twelve months in confinement. It naval consolidated drink and mean mark in California. Before being released I'm reading font that so tiny you can barely see it with a bad conduct discharge and 2014. Results reduced in greater. We talked about that took. Initial end of information here we go indicates that Kelly's domestic violence offense was not. Energy into their national crime information center database. By the Holloman air force base office of special investigations. Air force secretary Heather Wilson and air force chief of staff general David Goldfein. Directed the air force inspector general in collaboration with the Defense Department inspector general. You conduct a complete review of the Calley case and relevant policies and procedures. Service will also conduct a comprehensive review of air force databases to ensure records another case. Is have been reported correctly. Well ladies and gentlemen when they did the background check not only had the mass murder lied. On his form did not check the fact that he'd been convicted of anything. But when they checked it in the NI CS database. There was nothing there. There was nothing there. Because the air force base office of special investigation didn't report. Didn't report it properly at least. Legislate it wanna know this is. Fresh off the and a proper Alexa elect I'm sorry Alexander Samuels. With the Texas Tribune had not seen this anywhere else. Now hope it's accurate. But I hope the tank because of reporting today. Pretty incredible isn't. I've been monitoring. The media coverage of what's been taking place here. And while the Democrats done that immediately young gun control. They've been mentioned. That the plumber. Who loaded his rifle. Ran out of the house and bare feet. And shot commissioner. Several times apparently. Had been an NRA instructor. Had been in an army instructor. There is no law that could have been passed to fix that situation. If the information is not entered into the database. What are you gonna do pass a law to insist on it. And it's the mass murder. Before becoming a minister Merrill wise on his form. Bringing to pass a law that says you can't rely on your form. And so we'll get the usual chest beating and propaganda in the politics and all the rest. But there's 27 people dead today. And many of them children. And they haven't told us how this went down in that church and I fear the way it went down is this man. Just started assassinating one person has been out. I'm guessing. Surmise from that terror that must have taken place in that church is really unimaginable unimaginable. I'm right back. They're a proud conservative. No ifs ands war. This goal yeah at 877381311. Don't think Greg Abbott Texas Harry is there. I'm doing great Martell you do it. I'm I'm doing very well let them. You know I'm I'm following what took place and it's a tiny little town in Texas here's Sutherland strange in this tiny little church. And com. Authorities are telling us what took place in that church but it must have been absolutely horrific I'm not as needed tell me something they you know like atomic but you know what took place in that church. Will we do not think the public knows what happened and that is that. Say a person who is completely deranged and no one in there and downloaded stuff and they are. And killed a whole bunch of people and it was a small church and it was completely devastating. And has been a big challenge for this very small community. Less than 500 people. Nobody in me going there and knocking them in meeting with them talking to them I gotta tell you these are people of strong resilient. And in typical Texas especially these people are coming together uniting. As a community and and as they're gonna work their way through this. But I gotta tell you marked just. Should never have happened I don't know if you've seen the breaking news. Yes yes they didn't they didn't report it to the NI CS database. Right and man and so this is the person. Who never should have had a gun. That you maybe have gone earlier. And in Texas. He was denied the ability together have the handgun license. And he should have been denied the ability to buy this gun had information been reported as is required by law. So some people say you know guys would need more laws the fact of the matter is. We need our laws that are on the books right now to be complied with the going to be enforced. You know given the reason my starter for this question because when I was watching the coverage to one of the local law enforcement gentlemanly the sheriff. He said I do not want to describe what took place. In that church Sutton announced I wonder if this guy was so deranged that he was. Not you should have been actually executing people you have a whole bunch of little kids who were killed by this man. Well that's what happened and alibi going to the detail. But eight you you you kind of laid it out there Dave Dave was. In a complete deranged way he was a shooting wildly he was shooting cut to cause damage and he's good cause damage. Unbelievable. And I'll bet throughout the day you've been asking about gun control gun control gun control how much. Well of course there's something and it always arises here but as the facts have been revealed over the course of today. I think bill's talking points. Have been weakened by the fact of the matter that's. Put all the gun control laws that are needed. It good boob indicative contained at this shooting. Were on the books already. Know what we need is compliance with the law and had the law's been complied with here. That this probably would not have happened the original what they probably market because there is something that you know well. And that is that it's good for him if someone is willing to break the law to kill someone. And a personal life is willing to break the law to get a gun illegally. And did so that we can outlaw. Guns all we want it doesn't mean that. I criminal there's not gonna get their hands on a gospel. And yet we have a plumber who came into this house in his bare feet of former NRA instructor. And he confront this man and he only got a rifle legally. And he shot. And there's very little I mean this talk about the heroes of our very little talk about the NRA did you notice that. Exactly he is they take 20. And it is the quintessential example of a good guy with a gun. Can stop a bad guy with the gun. And that's exactly what happened here the good guy with the gun good neighbor who pull out of the gun in single handedly trying to take on a guy. Single handedly did armed him. But shooting him forcing him to drop his gun. You know tightlipped it's it's it's awfully it's it's let me ask a question I mean I mean do little this. What major town is this little town near to send. And Antonio did about thirty miles to the east of San Antonio. Babies be take I ten is due east a bit about. Ten to fifteen miles south of there. That is beyond the suburbs of San Antonio is this a small little town of about 400 people. And about fifty of them a shot. Right and and and limited area. Everybody that now was either related or ever bet everybody midtown new. Someone who was shot. I was there last night speaking to the victims and their families in the community center and the new and candlelight vigil and there was not a person in town but there was not affected personally in some very deep way. You know go and I have to give credit here. You regional director of public safety glee was famous Freeman Martan has been doing an outstanding job communicating with the American people. Where we have top notch law enforcement officers and this is a team effort you know we got. The federal state and local law enforcement officials all working together. And that's little to be get on the crime scene and began to go loose sift through all the information. And to provide information to the public you know that the public has been clamoring for this information. And slowly but surely. Is the information has gotten out as to why the shooting took place why it took place at a church. And by how this guy got a hold guns as federal and so. By the by and short order. Pretty much all questions to this crime are going to be answered. Welcome and I wanna thank you for any of busy for re giving us a little bit of your time it's much appreciated. Well my pleasure mark always grit to this which. YouTube. God bless those people there tell him. So the breaking news. Which we. Which we reported actually like ten or fifteen minutes ago thanks to my body Bryant right scoot given me the right scoop. But the Texas Tribune reporter Alexander Samuels. The air forces launched a review of how the service handle the criminal records of former chairman Kevin Kelly found the twenty trump domestic. Violence conviction the reason they're doing that ladies and gentlemen. Is because the special investigation unit. I'm almanac air force base. Apparently did not report. The conviction. To the end national database thing and I CS database and they would have known. No gun no. The gun shop or anybody else and I would have known that. He was prohibited. As a matter of law from a purchasing the weapon. He asserted the governors say that in Texas he was prohibited from carrying a weapon and concealed carry. So violate state law and even on his his federal form. To submit in the check the NI CS database. He lied on his federal form to say this is this is no matter gun control of this that this is a horrible horrible. Mass murder that took place it's just horrendous. There are evil people who do evil things and not just in country in fact most other countries. In many cases are worse. Historically in many cases towards. That's just a terrible thing. You know John Lott has called on occasions like this because because like the Rain Man with statistics. And unfortunately. Given the the barrage of propaganda and mythology that is thrown into some people like us. I'm. You've got to address it. And is he wrote on his fox post before knowing almost anything about yesterday's mass public shooting gun control advocates are once again calling for mark gun control. The attack at the first Baptist Church in tiny Sutherland springs Texas. Killed 27. People wanna do something Konerko one thing is certain proposals put four about a month gun control advocates and wouldn't have stopped this attack. We know that for sure. Because his name was not entered into the database. But what they ignored. The lot right before even knowing that. Was what stopped the killer was a good guy with a gun has one witness said without the good guy with the gun he would have been much worse. If more people were carrying guns the attack might have been stopped even faster and more lives would have been saint. And I dare say even within the church. If somebody had a gun are clearly within the track. Democratic senators Dick Durbin Richard Blumenthal about Casey Dianne Feinstein Kamal Harris all immediately made statements where various versions of congress must. The media spent all day after the attack rhetorically asking whether or not was now was the time for more gun control. CNN's Jim Acosta who is a rapper played in my view. Repeatedly asked the president trump is content with these mass shootings exploding every month or so can you imagine. The media spent all that doing this we still can only speculate about killer DeVon tallies mode as memory wrote this earlier today. The media weighty when a few hours it would have learned that their calls for regulations primary for universal background checks. Wouldn't stop this attack and neither proposal put a stop any of the other mass public shootings the last couple decades. Kelly what a gun any gun store and pass a background check that historic conducted on. Any pass that because his name wasn't entered in to the system. By the special investigation unit and Holloman air force. Base. Others on MSNBC immediately called for limiting magazine capacities for the magazine is just a box with a spring and it. They can be made it very simple tools and nowadays 3-D printers make it even easier project. We still enough Kelly planned this attack on an advanced that we bought that gun back in April 2016 and so forth. Well this is where we're up against. Ellie Roger who killed six and injured fourteen others near the university California at Santa Barbara full not only sheriff's deputies but also the internationally had known doctor Charles Sophie Sophie is medical director for the LA county department of children and family services. But it gives some people paused before they assume that there is an easy solution for identifying. In a dangerous individual she's found that people who have mental health grounds it's not so simple. But we do know that the attack at the Texas church could have been even worse Phil wasn't for an armed civilian. He local resident grabbed his rifle ran outside his bare feet. And shot the suspect. Something should be done but the question is what. Texas let's each church decide whether to allow permitted concealed handguns. We don't know whether this particular church allow that will we do know is that time is crucial. The longer it takes for someone to arrive at the scene with a gun the more people will be harmed. The median politicians wanna do something effective they should take a page at a Israel's playbook. When there's a surge in terrorist attacks Israeli police call on permeated civilians. To make sure that they have big guns with them at all times. And police tend to support an increase in permits. What help most and preventing large scale shootings in public police financed its. 450000. American officer members and 2013 the most common answer. More permissive concealed carry policies for civilians. 80%. For the surveyed officers believe that allowing permit it concealed handguns would reduce the number of victims of man's. Public shootings. That you wouldn't know that if you watch the 99.9. Percent of the media and listen to the Sony experts he wouldn't know it. Next narrowly. We'll continue discussing this but I wanna add another issue that is this half salute. Disgrace of the tax proposal coming out of the House of Representatives and I just punching you know in advance. That now. I said it was it was 85% good 15% pit at that 15% is really bad and as I said that the in the last week actually it's the opposite. The more I learned about this the more it was 15% good and 85% and it needs to be killed and I'm sorry for the president. I really am an only wants a win and they feel they need a win. But this is a big loser for the American people it is a disaster. It's a disaster. 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I guess a question for you. Do you think charges he could be love to get the two heroes. Target dunking it and high speed chase through traffic endangering people's lives. Joseph Cole. No I'm serious police officers who killed many people during high speed chase that. Let these men did not. Let me get this straight if I had taking your liberal run. Not Sarah Polley erased that you love the minute let me see if I understand what you're saying. Some guy doesn't know a church in blows away the parishioners including militants. He's confronted outside the church. By this this gentleman this plumber a neighbor. Annie shot. He jumps into a card to speed away any you tell a lot more people as far as they know. He had also another another hero down they jumped into his car. Well in his pickup truck in the chase him down and make sure he's done and you won and now if they're gonna be charged with a crime is that correct. 95 betray your people why I know they didn't endanger anybody's life. They put that guy down and they save lives you know I feel sorry for you wanna know lying. You're an idiot now get off my phone. Cause some Lebanon don't pretend you're misty conservatives. That guy deserves a shot MSNBC matter of fact. I have proposed and replace the morning schmo I really don't other pots. That's continued challenge Bruce. Monument Colorado serious satellite go. Well mark uploaded Clark isn't so tough called Apollo what are moron or bombs here is I'm sorry about that hey. Two points bomb I do have my federal firearms license. Well formed forty course need to read. In the form you have to pull out of purchase I don't quarrel. One of the questions honor it is to Wichita fans still out many times go right ahead. I'm sorry and one of the question does that have you been dishonorably discharged from the young Serbs. And that's another question at all not form the apparently has been Eli we had to. Yeah. Exactly and stand the other point Bennett and I'd like to make it. That 32 half that. I'm sorry 3020. Seconds. The other point is that when somebody filled well one of old form you know and then lied about it. Then there's never any repercussion you signed Hughes signed that under perjury. Yeah it's a felony should be repercussion but thank you for your car my friend. Coming right back. Hi this is Maureen Moreland Morrison here to tell you Geico has more than just great savings much more yes while Geico could help you rack up more mullah faster than you can say madam more emphasis they've also been the fastest growing auto insurer for more than ten years. That's like furthermore Draco has fast friendly cleaning service that might seem like an oxymoron. But it's. All the more reason to say no other auto insurer has more more than Geico Geico they expect great savings and a whole lot more. There. So everybody marks where then here I number 877381. 3811877. 381. 3811. In law enforcement pointing out that fact. They did everything I have all the contracts were done to determine whether. Mass killer had a right have a weapon and so forth they were asked about the air force and he said Jeff dance here forcefully airforce. Has already explained that now. Somebody dropped the ball. So it's only three hours here. Some days I feel liking it a lot more time. I wanna get into another matter we keep talking about the interest. I really what you folks understand. That this so called tax cut bill is not a tax cut but. They're rearranging the decks on the Titanic. In the doing and ways of it's gonna hurt a lot of people. And you just don't know it just kind of fact. I pulled out the propaganda from the house claims that means Camille this congressman Brady's senate committee. And all outside is all there rate cuts they're gonna have and so forth and so on that. There's nothing there about a new tax bracket. There's nothing there about capping property tax. No deductions. Or stay income tax deductions. There was nothing there about them police an original idea to get rid of the house saving accounts into the put that back but let's look at the mindset is all wrong. They're lowering rates for some people. While they're taking certain they're deductions away student loan interest for instance that's been on the table I don't know if that's still on the table or not. And the reason they're doing this ladies and gentlemen is two fold number one they want to slash the corporate income tax rate from 35 to 20% I'm all for that. But then they say they have to make of the revenue. They're never gonna make it the red. You wanna know why sent about taxing it's about spending they're out of control. Paul Ryan is a fake. Paul Ryan spoke to me a few months ago I told you about that. Please let me a few months ago or at least night suggested. And I won't talk them. I said general and concern about two things more more people pay no income taxes because that means they're gonna keep voting for liberals and treat keep trying to get goodies. From their fellow citizens. As to the other thing is is this talk about another bracket he said luck I can assure your listeners he said to me I can assure you. If there's another bracket we're talking about a bracket 139 point 6% so in other words of the 39 point 6% may be a 36%. Maybe 35. But nothing about 39 point 6% and now we're talking about. 45. Point 6%. And when you lad and. The sell the home my three point 8% obamacare attacks it's about 50%. Under Republicans. They should just slash taxes across the board. Slashed taxes because tax rates across the world but that's not where their mother don't. Here is Steve believe it or not the wall street journal editorial page and actually you know read climate. The circle merits have a right. And by the way we can call Paul Ryan he's the new class warfare warrior because I saw him on one of these Sunday shows we played the clip I listen to that internally. Sounds just like native Pelosi just like brainy senate don't worry about the rich. UH no more loopholes and the loophole. What loopholes that it is Zito and RE talking and what loopholes. What is he talking about. Now rather rich this is the rich that in the richest of the man this guy has really lost he has lost that he has sold out. Nobody defends capitalism anymore. Nobody defends wealth creation. Nobody defense hard work and success. It's all redistribution of wealth. Since the vast majority of taxes are paid by the top 50%. Income earners and the vast majority those taxes are paid by the top 5%. You can elect tact that top 5% even more so there's less and less people who pay taxes. I don't care what your income is folks that is irrational that's trouble that's playing right into the left stands. Here's the wall street journal editorial at least in part. You know Republicans at intellectually confused when they sent out press releases defending a top marginal income tax rate of nearly 50%. That's an Obama thing ladies and gentlemen yet the Republicans in the house are proposing this. And that's what they're up to this weekend. As they tried to justify their bubble bracket tax rate of 45 point 6%. They say after our criticism on Saturday really Wall Street Journal we've been criticizing it since when Mr. Big is it Thursday. We call it a stealth tax rate because it's buried in the fine print of the ways and means proposal you aren't the guys found. Some other sites found it. As a matter of fact and we certainly raised it. It also isn't part of the tax simplification story Republicans are selling by publicly claiming that house reform shrinks the individual code afford rates from seven. But caught out by our reporting what is with these. You guys did not catch them. But let's let's play along there now denying that the fifth rated stealthy while defending it is good policy. The 45 point 6%. Gregg amendment that operate announced 39 point 9%. So that an increase it by 20%. Is a bubble right because it applies to tax filing couples. Who make between one point 2901 point six mind that is about one million for single filers. The surcharge is intended to claw back even the phrase I used. Any benefit these filers get from the new 12% income bracket that applies to income of less than 90000 dollars for couples and so forth. Republicans apparently think it's unfair for people to pay the same rate on the same dollar into what they're trying to say there is in their own. Nerdy way. Let's say you make a million dollars. He attacks on the first certain amount of that money 12% the next certain amount 25% the next amount 35 the next hour 39 point six and now the next amount. 45 point 6%. What these people are trying to do is claw that back if you learn over a certain amount of money so you're whacked right on the first ballot. As 45 point 6% bubble right add to that the three point 8% Obama Kerry charged that Republicans are keeping his part of tax reform. These taxpayers would now have eight top marginal rate. Of 49 point 4%. That's about 50%. Fifty cents on the dollar. At state and local taxes. Which would no longer be deductible against federal taxes. Basic policy we support because they're idiots. And these mostly Republican voters would in many states pay a marginal rate on that next dollar of income. Closed at 60%. And ineffective. Total share of income higher than they do now. And this is Republican tax policy. The Republicans are resorting to democratic arguments. That it's no big deal because he's taxpayers can afford it. They're also claiming this is Kosher because the 1986 Reagan reform also had a bubble right at 33%. In addition at the top rate of 28%. Buddy Bob already up 33%. Is a lot lower than 50%. Which was a top rate before Reagan's 1986. Tax cuts. So Reagan cut and an 82 of the top rate from seventy to fifty. And then in 86 he cut it from. Fifteen to 28%. And as they run at the time they say Reagan's bubble rate was also a mistake it greased the skids for raising the top marginal rate. Just 31% from 28%. As part of George HW Bush's tax increase in 1990. That Kevin Brady Paul Ryan 45 point 6% bubble bracket becomes law. This will soon become the new top rate for everybody. For everybody perhaps when Nancy Pelosi speaker after 2018. And it goes on. Republicans are embracing a higher tax rates to redistribute money ten non taxpayers. Mostly. In democratic strongholds this is this is the Republican right I I think that's he's been a despised. Why don't take that calls. I don't wanna hear from the. Don't read the weekly standard. Boys are stepping up. Over at the weekly standard. Taliban and name him Mac look bash is taking questions and answering them in the context of this so called tax reform. Dear Matt Republicans have called their tax so that tax cut in jobs act president trump wanted to call at the cut cut cut cut cut act. And here we thought his specialty was branding what would you have named it. I'd be fine with calling it the Republicans pissing down your leg while telling you that your bathing in a warm mineral spring act. Or maybe they're robbing Peter to pay apple act in this scenario use the lowly individual taxpayer are Peter. The apple corporation is apple. If you want ballots. Even keel somewhat optimistic analysis of the proposed tax now I can you optimize every capable colleague Chris Eaton. If you wanna hear the anguished soul rack and next meaning of a man whose ox which escort. Pull up a chair and sit a spell you come to the right place. Brian that unfortunate species that Republicans wanted to Penn doesn't exist. The middle clash lob who would not feel tax relief attacks paint even as they attempt to re cut that tax files of the corporations get a 43%. Tax reduction. From 35 to 20% while my top tax rate stays the same 25%. And I lose the lion's share my itemized deductions and this is gonna be a lot of you folks. Meaning my taxes on my most corporations are going up. Even as hobby get a tax at a higher rate than apple. Whose too funny sixteen revenue was 215. Point six billion dollars. Or put another way Apple's revenue alone last year amounted to 72% of the cost of all individual tax cuts. In the Republicans one point five trillion dollar plan. According to the bipartisan committee for a responsible federal budget remember responsible budgets don't worry if you don't either does former deficit hawk Paul Ryan. Only roughly 300 billion dollars of the one point five trillion purported that tax cut is due individual taxpayer she got that. 300 billion of the one point five trillion in cuts. The rest goes to business tax cuts one trillion repeal the estate tax 200 billion. If you're multinational corporation whose obscenely rich page just died here in the money. Even when I abstained from voting for them. Which I have for three at the last four national exit I in the breed of Republican who endured all manner Republican candidates and he goes on. So he says I patiently endured eight years of Barack Obama hiking tobacco taxes the Medicare payroll taxes. The indoor tanning service taxes among other things. Alito emerge from the title I darkness Stacy a unified Republican governor touched a one thing Obama didn't touch. Income taxes. Federal income tax my own. Fall Populist Party. Is now. But. Many millions of others in the name of their hilariously bill tax relief plan is going to increase my taxes. East I think I taxes will be hiked its yet to be seen as details still need to be hammered out in Canadian legislation needs to be passed. Republicans as far proven unable to pass so much is game as that was they did they'd likely claim that the fake news liberal media's the winner. Plus I have not yet run the numbers by my middle class accountant. The services under the new bill I will no longer be able to deduct my taxes. And who Republicans seem to wanna make absolutely thus eliminating more middle class jobs better for me Republicans would have had to file my taxes and oppose start at a higher rate. So simple to be fitting how modern attention span rather than pay some frazzled numbers fracture a couple hundred bucks around April 15. I thought I tax break in half but exploiting tax so deductions and actually helped me keep a little more mine the money Aaron. Rather than packing off to the federal kiddie. Aside from no longer being able to deduct most of my business expenses under the sorry excuse of simple simplification. Magazine subscription gas mileage jumper cable nipple clamps very difficult interview subjects. Oops sorry I mean you read that I'm. I'm really taking a hit with the elimination of half the state and local taxes deduction assault. While trumps pet Democrats posing as Republicans. That means you Gary Condon Steve nutrient yup. Sorry flirted with a ranking raking in revenue with everything from 401K contributions to charitable giving. Eliminating the salt production. That is your property taxes and so for a seems to be either compulsory revenue extracting vehicle of choice to find their massive corporate giveaway any goes. So here we have class warfare battles going on now. But out of the one if point five trillion dollars individual tax cuts amount to 300 million. And that is. It disaster because what's happening here. He's people who are already carrying the load from most of the taxes in this country the federal income taxes way out of proportion to the percentage of the unit of the money they earned. I going to carry even bigger loads. They're going to carry even. Baker notes. That is pretty incredible. For Republicans who are going to have what is effectively. For some of our citizens nearly 50%. Federal income tax rate think about that. Nearly 50% federal income tax rate even Barack Obama didn't accomplish that. Even Barack Obama in the cup of that. In everybody's going to be hit along the line here somewhere where they they went there are gone after four of one case they had to pull back. Student loan interest I think there's still dying there. They're going if the mortgage interest up to a certain amount to capping it. At whatever their capping an app when not even certain at this point and of course property taxes in the Penn State income taxes. A bunch of well you can read my FaceBook and see what they call these people. I think I called them bastards I'll be right back to the. Long Island New York daybreak WABC. Golf. Yeah I happy this day how lonely out that you are actually speaking truth to power about this issue. I have run the numbers several times I voted Republican. I am no longer going to be guys this is unbelievable there increasing taxes. On the wealthy on the middle class. Issued yesterday people like I read. Goose hey you know I'm sure people lead New York because we aren't actually the New Yorkers and Henri. It is congress in prime operator upstate New York he's no. You know nobody Great Britain basically address actually I know what worked well suggested that people we re elect. You're in New York I report that we like Democrat now aren't actors that they never tell what they were protected. We're a red to blue at people in New York all we thought the Florida and turn that blue because there are a lot of patriotic act there'd be ridiculous. That that that goal than taxes should be defined legitimate activities of government. Not to screw this day and that's stated these people are those people or to redistribute wealth from. From individuals individuals from individuals to corporations this is exactly the wrong way to do this. And every serious constitutional conservative. Fiscal conservative. Traditional Reagan conservative should say no and I object to this and explain why. This is a joke this is Obama light may be it's Obama. Obama heavy. But it certainly isn't a tax cut or tax reform I'll be right back. Our logic that I allowed by law. Mark let let me show called now at 8773813811. That. Not one penny that's how much funding hills taught college receives from the government. Not even indirectly and a former student loans or grants not one penny the vast majority colleges receive around 30% of the revenue from government funding. Loans and grants. And that makes them dependent on the government and taxpayers like you only stay in business right. You contrast hills refuses every penny of government funds. Every pen. Why because money from the government comes with strings attached. Do's and don'ts restrictions and mandates that dictate how a school operates and educate. They're from the beginning in 1844. Hills still has provided a world class education that upholds America's founding principles. And preserves the blessings of civil and religious liberty everything hills does from financial aid 97% of its students receive. They completely free online course it offers depends on generous donations from donors actually who recognize the worth of independence. Not one penny preserves the integrity of Hillsdale education not one penny in choice it feels still can continue. The beacon of independence for all of its students across America. Learn more love and Fred Hill stub dot com that's LE VIN frame Hillsdale dot com. Jeff Houston Texas a great KT RH country go. Yes I was just listening here resent. Dissertation on attacks. That spell. And I think it's a great discussion but it you're gonna have discussed this session. I think he should be accurate in this thing you're saying. When you talk about them eliminated salt they're not eliminating it they're trapping. So again that's an important. Believe I say it several times and I also read from the Wall Street Journal and you say you're not capping it. I'm not gonna let us be accurate where you're coming for a oh let's acrobat what you're stating. Your eyes stated exit share first of all we don't know exactly what this is being proposed because you're an accurate with your opening comments it's not a deal. Out of bills there if you heard Paul Ryan this Sunday he said there's still taking things around it's not even a bill. About 50% radar mapping marginal rate so what I say about the first tolerance and you're did you listen to the program when I started talking about it I know hyperbole and Al shut your mouth. Can't shut your mouth. Mr. Big is that I say your taxes while percent to 25 then 35 and 39 point six and then we're up almost 50% did I say that mr. producer. Oh he conveniently missing champion and enter into how did you miss it jabs. Contra why are you talking over me because you don't wanna be demonstrated to be a fool. Now did you hear me say that earlier in the show or not. A yeah of course not. I specifically said what they've done what the Republicans want to do is claw it back actually sale last week. So people who learn the rich he's certain amount of money individuals a million. Couples between one point 21 point six million. They get the top percent rate and they get the 25%. Rate depending on what every income level they decide on eventually. Those dollars taken as they go and then. When you hit when. Your very successful then it kicks in and almost 50% said exactly what he said I didn't sent. That's why I get sick of this guy and he kept talking I would. And he's hiding her tax increases. I just think this whole thing is a disaster absolutely disaster. Absolutely a disaster. Charles Concord, North Carolina the great WS PC go. Omar. Just all I know while I got invited to a town hall meeting over the following late this afternoon. It was our local congressman you know went. He was really touting this plan this tax plan and and I would I vote you know buying up a couple of more you know about the class warfare it. And the fact it would hurt probably small businesses Talbot but he was just play and you know it. Everybody was gone did the tea up top toting you know what is everybody possible issues should begin detection and he'd pay if they nobody is but you know. We know you and I both know that's not true. Well look at they lie the Phillies Republicans have a look at that call our lives. I mean I'm I'm talking to millions and millions of people the thing is recorded we even put it on my website when I'm done. He says why are you misleading the people why don't you tell on the first dollars 950%. I did say that. Yes sir. Medina played in Moscow don't mention too that I know you have Oprah I booked. What do the same way about our president we're supporting one when he does good things. But it really makes it typical. Industry questions are they just. When we we really need somebody. To disagree that this stand you know stand up to the plate you know. Charles Charles America comes first no politician comes before the country. No politician comes before the people. I support the president when I can't because he's turned out to be very conservative president gonna talk about that later in the show. This bill is not a conservative bill it is not a tax cutting bill. For a whole lot millions and millions of Americans. And while we're gonna get his callers like now one guy gonna say you know you just say you're not this again not that I know exactly what I'm talking about my winning bring it up. You know I was gonna call that was about 3000 people he stated that it didn't panic could have been more later on I don't know but. But anyways he had a lot Keating he did not get too much when I mentioned some of the class warfare you know when he's at 40 evening back AS and. You know mom what's his name oh yeah nobody well what is who was a congressman do you remember Richard. Richard Hudson. But certainly it is a district but. Justin near Charlotte and covers shock as well. Does he even know what what it's not even a billed as even though it's being proposed by his party. Thank you really. But I'm not noticed you know pacing the total land with a leadership just about every time you know something major like this. Of course yeah yeah. All right my friend thank you for your call. All right. We will continue to hand let's see him looking at this thinking that this. This onion news as it comes in here that's taken of the coin here. This Miami slide on the mark then that dealt. They won't tell you okay. I could patiently waited now lakers and KFC for your. I just wanted to call as number one and a dad of little girl two year old little girl. Am a country boy had moved down here to Florida would have been content all my life my whole family well served in the military at some point. And I can Hilliard the good thing bothered at all. We've got three members include my dad who are you. Yeah class about as the government as 100% disabled or PT AE. And yet the joke that we can't all sit around kind of ball did you do today is seen that the deal could go out bite into. The global battle class about it is if you support got us into our own little. Uh huh that's not true. If they court has. Adjudicated that somebody has not forget what the definition is now have in front of me. Anyway particular mental illness they're not free to purchase it gone. Can hear you won't I'll keep it that these three gentlemen are certain role it was CD 100% disability from the government there alternate army is still only through what. PT EST posttraumatic. Than most of the most of your Vietnam guys that are still around and yet not. One hour and other most of them are not because I deal with them all the time. But there are some who are wire these men dangerous to society this three you know including your father. Absolutely not and what's crowning is. Well as far as the computer knows that they are the computer you know the government what I'm I'm confused he said and they any kind of can't take it again. All they can't they can't okay when you're telling me they're not dangerous. I don't know I know that the prospect personally know these okay. I can tell you India you tell me how many man shootings have been done by Vietnam veterans. I'm I'm saying they're sharing of information when I'm talking about I began believing the call for veteran animal organized. No but I'm trying to figure out your point how many mass murders have been done by Vietnam veterans. All right I didn't let alone Vietnam veterans who are a 100% disabled men going postal right now and I think zero thanks for your call. I don't get that call at all. But the call screener mr. calls grant city he disagree that means that we need more gun laws and thank you for what. When you apply the facts ladies in general it doesn't make sense. People have to throw up their ideas for first surrendering their liberty left and right. Because they want answers they want things fixed. Well we can't fix evil. If an evil human being wants to harm a whole bunch of wonderful people. Maybe we can find them maybe we can stop them. But there's no law. That's gonna fix it murder. Is a capital offense. Murder is a capital offense. If you're gonna shoot 58 or 59 people you're gonna shoot. A kill. Fifteen or 59 people killed 27 people has just happened in the these horrific events. I'm just trying to strip the rationality behind this. Sean. For my hope Lee. Where where are each Sean this is the war and fort Mojave. My hobby Arizona yes I have yeah mama tried here right near a lot of okay Fatah got cocky or Kmart he carried on now you don't get. Yes very well thank you. Well I'm actually NRA lifetime member at some better and I am so as to belong to a couple shooting caused swing in our instructors. Outside meant tristate. I have built in three in my area are fiery customize a bushmaster yeah. I have a couple other guns. And I quote I had a quarterback Archie. But there are some things that I will I'm willing to give up. And I end here in the state Arizona but I do that when people say I'm willing to give you mean all bush. Yeah you willingly give it up on behalf. We know on what he means that the this bothers me but they're they're a lot here in Arizona where. I can silicon without anybody having a background checks. Says that's been gone on for decades they call it the gun show loop now. And the fact of the matter is and we've talked about this unfortunate talk about in Las Vegas situation. Less than 110 of 1%. But the murders that take place in this country every year as a result of that so called loopholes that are aware and then. Where. Is this so called loophole would have almost no effect. It's a shiny object. And you know I'd like lives an hour from Beckett so when I saw that I knew my friend my neighbors Michael Kurtz. It's not how he got his gun his brother in salad and the guy had dozens of weapons. So this this is no loophole this is a non issue. And none of these mass murders resulted from a relative selling a gun to a relative or strangers sent. None of the. One person in this you know why parents their pleas so let me tell if we can present or prevent 1%. So I don't want presents less than 110 of 1%. You understand what tends society talking about. They're the same way with a automobiles. While I don't thanks for your car. I'll be right back it's. Route to. His heart and what Kyle Cox and our clients that I come. I love his entrepreneurial spirit I'd love letting you know about the best quality products from independent businesses like flying straight icon. And by the way that's blinds TER dot com blank should not come. The only company I endorse for custom blinds shades and shutters why. Because I night and they like to do things yourself. And you wanna save money. Kyle showed how to measure for an install custom made a high quality lines myself and I saved a bundle in the process. How has it personal fitter free guarantee to if for any reason your blystone fit even if you messed up blinds there won't make the news sizes need it for free. You only pay shipping. You get this when you enter promo code market check out you'll get 40% off your entire order every time. Why not try buying treatments for one window today and see how easy it is then you can do the rest of the room. I know he'll come back for more just like I did. It's blank stare dot com blinds TER dot com promo code mark. We now. We've had a number of interest in calls not. Jose Dallas Texas they re WBA paid out. Well mark I wanted to say that contrary it gently used and not as the economic great admirer Beers for your informed. Factual critical thought that you give to provide to us and he's been wanted to touched on the point that you brought up about the shooting in Texas which was eight. Highly released Drake did make sure against licensed concealed carry holders which is. What's called the 36. Which means that anybody that has the business and organization and can post a sign. Then all of says I am breaking the law as a concealed carry holder that's licensed. It's like coming to their premises. And many many churches and Texans had that I'm positive I wasn't able to confirm that this church had it. But these men are not there not being they'd be crazy but they're CD. And advocates of blending coal and feed these things and realize that these areas are now very easy targets for the so do you create mayhem. Where the law abiding citizens like myself and yourself. Are restricted from being able to protect ourselves and our loved ones from united I wish I could go ahead of addressed governor rabbit to redouble his efforts to make sure that that is actually taken off the books well. No well that's a great point. All right Jose appreciate your calls there. Let us continue Vincent. Middleton Idaho serious satellite Harry is there. Do you go man okay. Like I basically is what causes the lift from India for the last couple lighten the people that come on here disputed water reached an opponent just Cho got. You know everybody's so blind sided and what's really happening with our government and they're this morning their handouts they're not that they're mad because we're not gonna get a well it makes us Americans that actually work for a living. Look really bad you know that and they've done it I. You know like you make a great point you know the people who get the handouts. They're not affected at all by an. They're gonna continue to get handouts while the rest of us are a lot of us I should say are gonna see taxes increased despite them. Lowering the rates because they think we're stupid we can't figure this half. Oh yeah that's for certain they don't understand how you know what we're talking about a word we're not we're not. Criticizing word saying we're frustrated and it's immoral. You know are my teacher can hear a lot smarter than it should be because I'm paying for everybody else that it seemed like it. A joke that big notre Wal-Mart and buy a stake I have to buy Rama noodles and I still work. You know and it's a joke and then you know we all that gun violence Leo ever the reason why. The Second Amendment therefore as far as protection not seek and you know of course you can open carry a gun but you have. Out to be an idiot walk around out there are fifty they aren't you people get afraid of that kind of stuff and it makes a bad name for us. Constitutional people that actually you're trying to abide by the law. And did doesn't make sense. And our rights and appreciate your call. Charlie queens degrade WABC one minute let slip the end though. I did aren't OK go senator police. And an interview with ten years and conservative Republican. Thank you criticize. It where you can about the track it is completely true most people probably don't believe there and the small news moment. And basically if you remove the city and state tax in New York City and represented new trees and he cattle optimize. I've been in contact sandy and I'm gonna pay more taxes and net. Think a lot of people are gonna be surprised. When they get their tax bill of this stuff goes through you know wedeman. And they say they were cutting my taxes. Didn't like I call Mark Levine who say he's got it all wrong played a minute what's going on here. I'm sorry that's what's come and we'll be right back. Now insurance minded speeches from Geico it's a common expression don't look a gift horse in the muff. And what does the horse's mouth is too with useful and shorten schools this is the exact case with a guy collect just the happens three in their point cute all else however looking so high the and a whole emergency room texts. Original I peacocks they don't pay. The guy go pat we'll get him out. Get amazing service. Everybody mark living here are number 87738138118773813811. I think he one of the most outrageous. Frauds. As a journalist is this Jim Acosta on the CN. It's gonna screw loose and he's a big lefty. Is really. No way you could Conan journalists quite frankly. But he turns this this mass murder in this this town in Texas into an anti trumps greed. And he's on CNN. Cut five go. That he is very very likely to be asked this question. Just win is a good time just win is the right time. For the president to take on this issue worse he. The contents. As soon as others whose support so the Second Amendment so we very little restrictions are are they content. With the status quo is this just the way it's going to be. Hi we're just going to have to deal as a country with these mass shootings. Exploding every month or so. And then having to deal with the consequences is that the is that the the status quo was that the new normal. Other the president is comfortable with. Is the president comfortable what monthly mass murder ladies in general he must be because he doesn't support any more gun control must know this city it makes this statement. Yes today. On national TV. Without even knowing all the facts his hate his of an effort trying to. He's so. Overwhelming. We now know. That the air force base these special investigative unit the air force base. Where. This sub human barbarian was. Imprisoned. Did not report his conviction. To the FBI for their database. And those of you don't have gone you gotta fill out paperwork. To be cleared in essence. Could people say there's no background checks her background checks in he goes into this database but the date has to be put into the database. So is mr. Custer going apologized to the president. Is the president now responsible. For every mass murder that takes place because he doesn't join Chuck Schumer and Nancy polo scene in the hard left me this during the Second Amendment. Well mr. Costin now acknowledge. That demand. Who's stop these sub human barbarians from killing even more people. Was a former NRA instructor. Who loaded his rifle ran out of that house so that issues Tony a bare feet and shot him is he going to admit that. Does the president get credit for that I'm just showing how do you ranged. This guy is this Jim Acosta and he's not alone. There's scores of fools like this. But I wanted to point that out. The winner Regis something you probably heard a little bit of that this but I know wanna drop it. Former president. George W. Bush and his father former president George H. W. Bush. Both criticize president trumpeted new book to be released this month. We choice should be bush admitting that despite Trump's political affiliation he's worried that I will be the last Republican president. That I will be less Republican president George H. W. Bush also cause company blow hard in the book. The last Republicans by mark K pop to growth. Which was previewed by the New York Times and CNN on Friday they previewed it because you have to former Republican presidents trashing any kind of Republican Chris. And ever previewed any of my books because they can't read them. I don't like I'm quoting. Bush senior I don't like them I don't know much about it but I know he's a blow hard and I'm not too excited about him being a leader. He also commented on Trump's ego while this guy doesn't know what it means to be president the younger bush sent. He indicated that a president should not exploit the anger and cited but rather come up with ideas to deal with a neither man voted for trump in the last election George H. W. Bush confirms in his book in the book where they voted for Hillary Clinton. George W. Bush said he left the top of his ballot blank and did not vote for Clinton because she has bad judgment. Now. I believe this is worthy of some comment. Number one. Jewish W bush. Thinks will be the last president the last Republican president. You know on the Tea Party Rosa. It grows up not just. Against Obama but it rose up against the last years of bush. Massive spending. Massive debt. Even proposed AME nondescript aid to the Supreme Court we help block that. He signed McCain. Feingold. I can go on and on he was pushing for a widespread broad amnesty. So there are good things about Jewish W bush and there are bad things about George W. Bush one thing George W. Bush was not insane that is that George H. W. Bush is they weren't. Conservatives. They were barely right of center mostly. You basic moderate establishment Republicans like so many of their staffers not all about many of them. Who's trying to to be never trumpet so the leading never trump person in the bush them. I'm by the way I can understand why they're upset the way Jeb Bush treated in the Republican primary is a way after his father was attacked by trying to find. But these words that they used to describe trump. They never said anything in this kind of gunbattle bomb. Obama is a blow hard to. Mr. Bush. Obama is a blow hard. They said nothing. Exploiting anger and dividing the country that would be Obama. Why would the bush is silent about Obama. And yet they trash truck. There's a lot of people saying it's because he's an outside the snuff this outsider stuff the reason. That they trash tramp. I think in part is due to that. Trump's personality in the way that he speaks. But there's another reason to trash truck and that's another reason a lot of bush staffers trashed trial. And there's a lot of reasons the rhinos trash truck in the media trash truck. It's not just because this person out in the way he he speaks the tweets. It's because Donald Trump's record thus far. He's far more conservative than either the Bush's records have ever been forever war. So far. Donald Trump acting on his own cause he's not getting much legislation assigned. Has been very conservative president. Now. Where's he embraces a Bernie Sanders and trade protectionist policy while those things will change. He hasn't had an opportunity to do those things. So based on this actual actions and actual record. And the way he's conducted his farm policy to Edwards traditionally conservative. And there was a short piece in the LA times by Steven Hayward. Who's written about. Reagan and also he's a senior resident scholar at the instituted governmental studies UC Berkeley of all places. He wrote a piece that despite the chaos trump has managed to push the most conservative jet engine in a generation of what he means is since Reagan. In assessing trumps prospects let's keep in mind that Trump's personal approval rating on Election Day was nearly as negative. Last year Americans voted for some and they didn't much like reflecting the even greater dislike of Hillary Clinton and the desire for a change of directional Washington. And changes what we got. In assessing trumps accomplishments let's not get too distracted by his unconventional conduct. The hitherto ideologically on board man has set in motion administration arguably more conservative than Ronald Reagan you know I. They don't get these comments like that. But if he's going to say the most conservative administration generation whoa. What generation is he talking about. It's not more conservative than Reagan's but it's conservative and that's the good news. That's the good news. So far. So far. He pulled back on his docket did it. In any pullback again from the brink. Who's gonna push out widespread amnesty. In any Cid nine you know what you better go to law that's thank steel rising up its saying now. While a congress controlled by his adopted Heidi remains gridlock trump is rolling back regulations. Any number of the Obama administration's most controversial treatments. Including the internal structure of obamacare in the clean power plant. His farm policy resets look increasingly sure footed. Whose judicial comments nominees are uniformly conservative. It's inconceivable that any of the other leading Republican candidates from the 2016 cycle. Would have governed is only as strong pass. Tramps rhetorical combat bearable and behavioral recklessness. His government by tweet still make it hard to discern whether there is a method to his madness but whether he's just going with the populace flow he helped unleash. He is yet to be tested with a serious crisis. Where showmanship and bluster count for nothing. There's an internal inconsistency in this piece. The title is trump has managed to push the most conservative agenda and a generation. Community any talks about the populist flow we can't be both in my humble opinion. Conservatism is not about populace. Pure democracy is about populism legislature about populace referenda are about populist. Directly that electing senators as opposed to the constitutional method in the past that's about populism. Socialism. He's theoretically at least about populism has as communism at least theoretically. We're talking about Republicans and little are Republicans in whether or not trump realizes that by his main Sarah gets realize that. He's not promoting a nationalist populist agenda he's promoting conservative agenda. When you give them kudos for the judges he's nominating and some of them have been confirmed course which has been great. Course such as an populist. He's a constitutional conservatives as are all these other nominees that he's putting up. As are all these other nominees. When he's fighting. The left on immigration. And a populist issue each trying to uphold federal law. And secure the American border. It's not about populism. About preserving the republic and Republicans. The president of the United States is unilaterally undoing regulations that Obama unilaterally put in place which is why he can do these things. It's abundant that the first. Sent about populism. Most of the population most of us don't know what these regulations are happen you know a lot of them because we felt that. I ask you name five of the regulation you wouldn't know so let's talk about populism. I republicanism. Limited government spot constitutional. Now when he circled back. Because trump. In the areas where he has been able to operate. Despite. Trump has done. Almost. In every case. The conservative thing. As I say even when he was starting to blow it on doctor he pulled back. And their other examples of this to have. This is why the establishment can't stand them this is why the bush clan can't stand him. This is why McCain can't stand him. This is like Corcoran inflate cannot stand him. It's not just because the way he tweets and speaks and so forth. It's because he's the conservative they never wore. It's about time the people out there pushing their national populism understand. In embrace triumph for what he is rather than trying to protect themselves on the him. Trump has picked up a ton of the Tea Party movement. That's what he's done. The Tea Party movement. That's what he's done. He's a man who wants to keep his promises. When he doesn't. Have come here and I'll talk about it we always do but. We hammered him hard on docket any pullback. That's a good thing. He want people are calling us a favor and allowed get a Mac chant he needs to hear from us. Now again I wanna make it clear. He's not as conservative as Reagan but that's OK. He's more conservative in the bush is everywhere. Ever. In my view. In just because he can't articulated it just because he doesn't articulate it. So they. But he articulates other thing that aren't better connecting with the American people. This I believe is also by the press hates his guts. Not because he's in nationalist populists. But because of his tweet. But because of what he's doing. If trump were to immediately. Pushes stock agenda push a big tax increase. Keep the borders open to all these other things the media would love. It would love. The bush she's Muslim. Iran has a lot. They don't love him because he's that he's advancing. He largely conservative agenda and as I say there are times when he doesn't and we'll speak out about it but. In my in my humble opinion at least so far his first year he's much more solid than I that the bush is now where. Which is one of the reasons I believe they're trashing him I'll be right back and. Please explain something to me here. Donna Brazil has a book that's coming up. She builds up Bernie Sanders who trashes Hillary Clinton does a thousand of them from. Why do we care. Why do we care if Hillary Clinton. Sabotage Bernie Sanders. Campaign why does that matter to anybody. I mean I managed to the Democrats why does it matter TO army. They've gone all right Larry Heller but she did in their playing out Brazil's comments over and over and over this is a woman who leaked. The big questions than Hillary Clinton Campaign I don't care what she has to say she's a hardcore leftist. They're around Washington DC forever. And you can't have Hillary Clinton sabotage Bernie can't San his campaign as a Communist. They're gonna democratic simply wanted to run for president. But why are we taking signs on the I I don't even get do you get it mr. producer. Will they love while look at her revelations everybody look at this look at that well who cares. I don't care. I don't care what Donna Brazil says today said yesterday it says tomorrow. I don't give Hillary Clinton sabotaged Barry Sanders. It's like Lenin sabotaging Trotsky what do I care. It turned out just fine. And yet the Republicans are the broadcasters are bringing this up there like rehabilitating Bernie Sanders. More Bernie Sanders Falwell said his was sabotaged by Hillary Clinton for Bernie Sanders not the the guys that Coke. He's a leftist he's dangerous. I am glad she's sabotaged him what do you think about that what do you think about that. She sabotaged Bernie Sanders and G sabotage herself I think it's the greatest thing. I'll be right back. Love that there. Making conservatism how crazy again dial Lynn now all 877381. That. 3811. He knows stands for the little people I stand for the little. And all people. And I can't. Like this tax this this phony tax proposal. I mean. The president will sign it if he gets at Emory and criticize. They're Republicans are proposing this stuff at least so far. And I give people give them a chance and if they don't. We'll hear from us now there is no give them a chance it's that their country it's your country our country. Zip recruited you know. 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Right now for you my lesson did you compose jobs unzip recruiter for free that's right free just go to zero precluded dot com slash London. Zip recruiter dot com slash live in one more time to track for free. Good zip recruited dot com slash LEV I N. I don't watch Saturday Night Live. And better things to do like watching the UFC. And by the way the FC was great. Great. GSP was unbelievable. Highlight his thing I did. But he wasn't gonna hold that title for long he's a very good fighter but he's not among the greats but I do like them. Anyway that aside so on Saturday Night Live this guy Larry David he's a writer he's a comedian and frankly. He's discussing. I want you to listen. In this clip it's about a minute fifteen. If he didn't hear it on site and I live up your mind railing and just listen to this guy cut ten go. I've always. Always been obsessed with women and I've often wondered. Didn't fight coming up in Poland. When Hitler came to power. And was sent to a concentration camp would still be checking out women in the camp. No homo but not on over there by the hour or so. Oh my god it's gorgeous all I've had my IR four weeks. I didn't I don't know I'd like to go through some sort. Of course. The problem is. There are no good opening lines in the concentration can. Wasn't going. It's really okay. You know. If we only get out of here. And look to take you up for some markets. They like what this. Well what I so. That's enough if you folks think this is funny. I don't think any do you think this is this is sick. This is an humorous the suspect. And they went at an all league bosses over there it's and I live let it happen. NBC had no problem when it. I mean when you think about what took place in these concentration camps the the horrific genocide. The tortured the experiments the rapes. The ovens. The cyanide poisoning. The summary executions. And hangings the machine gun. And on and on and on. Think this is funny. This is humorous. This is set what kind of a mind things with us. Maybe this guy he should be able to bike and I can tell you that. Absolutely unbelievable. Unbelievable. I wanna give me this to be frank and off the pair. From the hill newspaper John Solomon is tremendous reporter we're reporter unlike John Custer whose idea. Who has India plays a liberal dressed up as a journalist. Dressed up as a human being. Early calmly draft accuse Clinton gross negligence and emails I you know we listen that you listen to this program we've talked about it at great length that the federal statute on the Espionage Act. Eighteen United States code 793 were the ones that dug up earliest and we're talking about it repeatedly on the air. Has has a task. Gross negligence. That is the the possession of classified information. Which is revealed through gross negligence. And that would include having a private serie trust me. Here's a story in early draft of former FBI director James come restatement closing out the Hillary Clinton email case. Accused the former secretary of state of having been grossly negligent. There's a language that's the key that the material violation. That's the indictment. In handling classified information newly reported memos to congress go. The tough language was changed. And a much softer accusation that Clinton have been extremely careless and her handling of classified information. When call me announced in July 2016 that there'd be no charges against. They change is significant since federal law states that gross negligence. Is they handling. It inhaling the nation's intelligence. Kenney punished criminally with prison time or fines. Spokesman for the FBI Clinton did not immediately return phone calls or emails seeking comment. The draft written weeks before the announcement of no charges. Was described by multiple sources who saw that document before and after it was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee. This past weekend. There's evidence to support a conclusion that Senator Clinton excuse me Secretary Clinton and others. Usually email server and a manner that was grossly negligent with respect to the handling of classified information. Reads the statement. What I've come these early drafts from may second 2060. The SARS is who'd seen the early draft who spoke on condition of anonymity. Because they were not authorized to speak to the media. So did draft statement was subsequently changed in red line and it's on or around June tend to conclude that they handling of a 110 emails. Containing classified information. That we're transmitted by Clinton and her aides over her insecure and should be unsecured personal email server. Was extremely careless. Now memos show that at least three top FBI officials were involved in helping coming fashion and edit the statement. Including deputy director Andrew McCain remembers his wife big time Democrat. Received over half a million dollars in support. Through Virginia Democrat governor Clinton bag man my call us. Entities. General Counsel of the FBI James Baker and chief of staff. To comedy jam red Vicki. Jenrette Becky. Off calmly told congress last year that he would never have prosecuted Clinton without proof she intended to violate a law. The Eddie and the heat any specifically set specific intent he changed it remember from gross negligence. The editing of his statements suggest there might have been dissent within the F. Guy about his decision. Now. Who is involved. In changing this. Well his advisors. His advisors advised him to change it. Apparently among those who assisted him. Where those people whose names like this game. Okay. It Vicky. And baker. Now as a former chief who stands to a former attorney general Edwin Meese a magnificent man breaking for a magnificent president Ronald Reagan. I've nothing but the greatest respect for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the thousands and thousands of patriotic men and women who put their lives on the line. To protect us. The hunt down real crimes. I've no respect for senior management now. None for economy at the time. Baker. Predict he indicate not and I believe there's a lot of leaking coming out of these guys. Or somebody. This whole Russian. And their willingness to go after trump and the willingness to be used by the Democrats to go after current. And there are there obstructions. And in concealment of information that congress is asked for just giving it. Very reluctantly. It never made sense to me to win when Connie got up they're depressed for event. Laid out the case for indictment events and oh by the way can't be gross negligence at specific content. Of course he can't be gross negligence he rewrote the statute in order to protect Hillary Clinton. Even though Clinton. In her own delusional mind. Leaves the commie herder coming helped him because he didn't pull the trigger and recommend an indictment. He protected it. That's the big scam going on here people he he tried to take me and I did that press conference he protected her. He was always gonna give her past we know that now but even giving Europe pass. Call me and his cohorts senior advisors and the FBI. Realized they could use the phrase gross negligence because. While that was the basis for an indictment. So that it change it to extremely careless. And coming is a book coming out to battle and my wonderful Leo Republican hosts and broadcasters are gonna promote that went to. If you look on the results at. I don't care what kind of results and who gives his opinion seriously. While Hillary was sabotaging brownies and who cares. I'm glad she can sabotage Bernie Sanders and then sabotage yourself what's wrong what act. Now what do we care anyway. I'll be right back. You know friends it's hard to believe. 2017 is almost over Thanksgiving is almost here. Time doesn't stand still so don't waste another minute throwing you Mac right now. You make is the association immature American citizens that's a leading conservative voice for Americans aged fifteen enough. Their resolve to continue their mission to restore America's moral compass to make America better place for children. The save America from the left. As an inmate pays it isn't any Mac memory loss or gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits and discounts. And help you save a lot of money. Who car insurance and Medicare plans to discounts on hotels and car rentals and more. He Mac is the organization to join. He voice for conservatives in Washington exceptional benefits what's not to love about that. Since joining Mac right now at WWW. That he Mac that US that's WWW. That EM IAC. Dot US. A call came back told free. 8882622006. At 888262206. The association mature American citizens the benefits are great but the causes even greater joined GMAC today. Dennis Stanford Arizona serious satellite go. More. Well you're so you're a merit there and I just. Really really. He's big picture so all of us people at the Baptist church's support. Would you play that clip of that. So called comedians will host that so called. Audience laughter. They have not sort of insert I've seen my dad was the Second World War there are certain. He had a brother slaughtered their nominee Belgium piped piper that your rights. He had another approach killed in the Philippines. And like that was what patent when they've liberated a concentration camp and I seen. But photos. Of black that concentration camp and almost all that were slaughtered by a budget sadistic. Aryan. People thought they were better than anybody else in this world and that they've made me sick and needs people with just. Laughing about it they've made me sick. They're. It's it's incredible it's incredible what passes for humor these days he really is these late night shows. Our disgraced their pathetic you've got the third great comedians. Who get these national platforms and their very best they're not even funny even with a twenty writers that they have. And then you have sanity now lives. To put this clown Larry David out there to do concentration. Camp jokes I mean did you ever think that we get lowered Dennis. We now know that this discussion. You know. If they had relatives thirty critics worry army or expressing regret they're her. Enemy Tyson this guy's a secular liberal Jew he you know it. No no I say this is it June. Yeah this guy thinks it's funny. Yes it is sick. I'd say thank you for your call I appreciate it in your very her wrote Stanley Cup plus plus you'll. Tommy wake crossed Georgia on the mark within that area. Mr. mark first and foremost our prayers go out to all those who have lost loved one yesterday and downs like I need to do on a Mac cuts opening for that little tale. They're near has. You I just wanted to say that I. Of pop part of a community of about 2000 and we have loved about 500 member church. And there is absolutely no way anybody walks in that church and killed more than maybe one or two people. Before they're shot and I hit every assured that we have. At every door in the or strategically placed in the audience. Are carrying weapons. And your chances of survival listen that you Paula burnout are slim to none. None. And frankly that's the way out of the. That's the way Everett church is gonna have to do it that's the way we're having to do it that are. Football game down in south Georgia. Unfortunately we're just going to have to allow as many. God fearing gun toting Americans to carry they're about weapons all men and just cut down home casual. Yeah you're right. I'm man thank you for you economist Larry David. Nominated for a minute Emmy award for outstanding gas sector and economy series Santa lives nineteen. Yeah nominated for an Emmy for outstanding writer for comedy series signed felt he was the big marketing might the hindsight now. Won an Emmy award for outstanding writer for comedy series for this time fell episode the contest. Shared an Emmy award for outstanding comedy series for Steinfeld co creator Jerry Steinfeld. Nominated for a Golden Globe Award for best actor in television series. Curb Your Enthusiasm 020405. Photo by fellow comedians and comedy insiders is number 23 of the greatest comedy stars ever any poll to select. The comedian's comedian. Nominated for an Emmy award for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series for is rolling Curb Your Enthusiasm again. I'm Laura award for TV writing achievement from the Writers Guild of America and twenty cents a he's a left this in good standing. And in my book he's just that perhaps little puke. That's. Anybody who's mind can take them to making holocaust jokes. Or any any genocide for that managed just discussing what picks up I think he has a great Roy wanted joke ready next week. All right daddy Aggies got a game Rolando jump ready next week. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters. And emergency personnel. And I salute you my great audience I'm deeply class tonight thank you. Check out living TV tonight I think you know like it's brand new. And I'll see you tomorrow on our radio Sewell. Now insurance minded speeches from Geico it's a common expression don't look a gift awesome enough. And what does the horse's mouth this true with useful and shorten schools this is the exact case with a guy collapse yes the happens three in their point cute loss however looked in so high the and hole. Emergency roadside assistance digital I peacocks they don't pay. The guy go pack we'll get him out get amazing service.

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