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11/7/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Nov 8, 2017|

This barbarian in Texas assassinated people at point-blank range. This killer had a history of instability and violence and under the federal system he wasn’t supposed to have a gun but the federal government failed. Meanwhile, Iran is on the move and all these gun control Democrats who voted for the Iran deal, which ensured they will have nukes in 10 years, have no problem with nuclear proliferation. Also, Fusion GPS co-founder, Glenn Simpson, met with a Russian lawyer before and after a key meeting she had last year with Donald Trump Jr. This sure smells like a set up, it sounds like they are linked up with the Russians. Why would Simpson meet with this Russian lawyer if not to coach her and then be debriefed. Finally, its election day in states across America. In Virginia, the Democrat Ralph Northam is the new Governor. The reason he won is Fairfax county - any Republican would have to build up a lot of votes in other counties to counter Fairfax’s large Democrat population. The ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Critical ought to build your small business it did happen with the tight end domain name the place for dreamers for thirty years in county it's to keep dreaming up yeah. Ice. And you're just getting started looking around. Let's keep dreaming yeah. Dot net. Know everybody. Mark lemon here are number 8773813811877. 3813. A 11 mr. bridges are you sure about the time polls close in Virginia. He checked three sites and they told me 7 PM. So to take PM not 7 PM it's your head not mine right. I don't wanna screw up the election in Virginia all right. Virginians. You have 53 minutes to get to the pulse. Now suddenly he might say what's the big deal. It's a state election. Well it's a big deal it affects your Second Amendment Rights. The effects of business environment in the state. He sales taxes you state income taxes the effects even property taxes in many ways. Infection transportation system. It affects whether the teachers union will control your educational system I have never. Understood what I understand it I've always rejected this idea and in in this state and Virginia. And the state I I was born in Pennsylvania and I'm sure most of the states in this country. Public schools are closed Mondays and Tuesdays the Tuesday of Election Day and the day before. And this is because the National Education Association. And American federation for teachers to two big teacher unions. Who go in 99%. For Democrats. And Liberal Democrats. They demanded their contracts that the teachers get these days off they column work you know workdays but they're not work it. In house work days or whatever. Many of these teachers are Manning the pulse of the precincts. Its army of two million. And these clowns on the school boards they broke for this even in Republican Harris. It is a big push has been a big push for decades by the National Education Association in particular so why do that. What do you close school the Monday before Election Day in many districts. And close it on election allow people vote in the schools so that. So what anyway. There's a big election in New Jersey to these elections matter. You like for governor. And we have a very good lineup in Virginia I'll tell you nation. All of America. Gillespie is not as conservative as I am. But he's not the Democrat who's a Coke. Is a fraud he's a flake. And so when it comes to things like schools and transportation. And now. And taxes and I fear the mall lower away. He got to make a choice. Legalized yeah I think would be an excellent governor. Is a woman by the name of Joseph Volpe she's running for lieutenant governor solid as a rock. There's a gentleman who has the perfect name John Adams he's running for attorney general of Virginia solid as Iraq's I endorse all three of them. And I wanna encourage you to those of you are listening to me in your cars. Driving in your cars where her all over the commonwealth of Virginia it's raining it's called. I know I got it. That make your vote even more important. Because a lot of people are not gonna vote so it's absolutely crucial media duty. Can you vote. And you vote. You know one of the things that Democrats wanted to do in this state as another state they wanna expand Medicaid while that will bankrupt the state. Don't bankrupt the state they wanted to drive up income taxes they wanted to try to sales taxes I live in the state the used to be a dark red state. It's now a blue state it's not even purple anymore it's a blue state we elect to idiots to the United States senate we'd like Hillary's bag man. Governor how how bad does that does it get any worse than that. Well yes it could be California but you get the point. There was an ad here I was Tanya better as I watched it several weeks at this guy who's running for I wish I remember his name is running for state delicate. And he's running commercials. Saying his opponent. Opposes. Controlling the sale bazooka us. And hand grenades and flame throwers. You can't buy it does look as hand grenades and flame throwers. But this guy's hoping to drive out the democratic base because so much of the base is made up of morons malcontents miscreants. Who buys into that stuff. They buy into this. You've got. The Democrats who have a conga line of women on in these commercials. Lying through their teeth that Ed Gillespie of all people. Once I outlaw abortion. I wish it were that simple I really don't. I believe alike is alive but putting my views aside. A governor can't outlaw abortion. There's there Roe vs. Wade decision that's only been discussed for over forty years now. So the Supreme Court nationalize the issue Alley nationalized the issue seized control over the issue. So even if you had a governor who wanted to outlaw abortion he can't and yet this is the kind of crap that's on around up there. They Democrats whether it's Virginia when it's New Jersey anywhere in the country all these races. Off year elections on your elections. Do not wanna have a debate on the issues. They do not want to debate policy they do not want to debate philosophy. They do not want to debate the issues that mattered to the average Brit they don't. They don't wanna get into the. You run. Lies and they run platitudes hey you. What free education yes. You went brain health care yes you went green this Freda oh yeah. And they run lines. Because that's what they're all about. Anyway. Anyway and amount of time I just spoke. But is it seminary minutes mr. producers something like that. Again I just wanna encourage. Republicans. And conservatives. My brother. And sister constitutional considers get out and vote in Virginia New Jersey and anywhere else is an election. But the Virginia election might be really really close for instance the attorney general guy running for attorney general last time is a real allow us. He's a real laughs he's prostitute at the law and himself. And that. He won't buy it by a couple thousand does maybe 1000 votes like you remember the exact number. So the vote matters unit in an off year close election when it's cold and raining out. Aren't enough. People don't care about their future with the help connect a bad. You know governor Greg Abbott of Texas a great governor. I'm a huge fan as he was on the show last night we discuss what took place. This beautiful little hands beautiful little church for these beautiful people. That is an initial question that some of you may have found a little pot. It was this cut eighteen go. Authorities are telling us what took place in that church but it must have been absolutely horrific I'm not asking you to tell me something that you know I'd atomic but you know what took place in the church. Will we do not think the public knows what happened and that is that. Say a person who is completely deranged and no one in there and unloaded asks them and they are. And killed a whole bunch of people and it was a small church. And it was completely devastating. And it's been a big challenge for this very small community. Less than 500 people. That number and again we go in there and knocking them in meeting with them talking to them I gotta tell you these people of strong resilience. And in typical Texas especially these people are coming together and uniting. The community and and that they're gonna work their way through this. Now the reason I asked him that question is because I was kind of Reading between the lines of one of the local law enforcement gentleman there. Hussein wasn't gonna get entity tells what took place in that church. US and Canadian unity. And that told me these people were. Assassinated one at a time as an entry. And unfortunately. Horrific claim that's exactly what took place. This is from the Washington examiner. And I'm supposed to talk about Donna Brazil I don't care about Donna Brazile she's a left wing moron she's always been a left wing moron. I believe she's dishonest she leaked questions to Hillary Clinton during the debate now she's trashing Hillary Clinton. I we have to get involved in the Democrats Peyton Place who gives a crap. From the Washington examiner. Survivors of Texas church massacre say gunman shot the eighties at point blank range. They husband and wife who survived Sunday's shooting at a church and Sutherland springs Texas. So they gunman moved from I'll talk I'll shooting parishioners inside the church. And shot babies who were trying at point blank range. Joaquin Ramirez and Roseanne solace described the shooting. At the first Baptist Church in an interview with San Antonio's KS AT. The couple survived by pretending they were dead those solace was shot in her left shoulder and Ramirez was wounded by shrapnel. The couple told the radio station they heard what sounded like firecrackers. Popping and said Summitt told the parishioners to take cover. Everyone began screaming and yelling solace any crime to find places to hide. The suspected gunman 26 year old DeVon Patrick Kelly was shooting hard she said. Seles said she could see fellow parishioners who was shot there was a mama when the gunfire stopped. She said she thought the police had responded to the shooting but the gunmen had instead entered the church and began shooting from inside. Ramirez said the shooter moved into the church as center aisle and then began shooting I'll buy I'll looking for more victims and opened fire on babies who cried. What made noise. I was praying to god save me because I could see deaths Ramirez sent. 26 people were killed really 27 and joining were injured in the shooting victims range in the age from eighteen months to 77. Really. Hard to stomach. Here's how. CBS DFW dot com slash AP reported that. The gunman who killed 26 people a small town Texas church went how I know. Looking from this victims and shot crying babies at point blank range. A couple who survives it. This guy. Had no job written all over on the had violence written all over him. Had killer written all over. He brutalized his step baby. Fractured. The baby's skull. And beat his first wife 22. He served a year. In military prison. Received a dishonorable discharge. He lasted. For five and a half weeks is an unarmed security guard because he's a whacked out. He has a history. Of instability and violence. Another case. Is Colorado it took a dog by the throat. And threw it hard to the ground. Punching it in the face that dog was whining and. Yeah I mean. He gets it done. And he gets it got. The man is convicted. A domestic violence. Which means he's not supposed to have a gun. Under the federal system he's not supposed to have again. The state of Texas tonight and a handgun effectively didn't. But the federal government failed. The special investigation unit. At the air force base. Which this barbarians sudden human PC you know what was convicted. Apparently did not report his conviction. To the FBI to put him on their database really there's three databases his name was not. Provided to. Isn't an issue about gun control Hornish about gun control. They hero who stepped up and shot him and be able to step up and shoot him. This is one of the reasons this story. So called is being covered differently by the media. In Las Vegas. Because they hero in this case is a former NRA instruct. Hillary Clinton McCollum at deplore. The lib media what Como a local. He loads up as they are fifteen he runs from his house and extremely modest house. He's bare footed. Runs across the street in confronts the killer. He's everything the liberals hate. About Americans and America. The plumber. White Christian. Male. NRA member. Former NRA instructing. Owning NAR fifteen. It's not wearing shoes when he runs outside is very modest house. Many stops the killer. Wasn't a politician who's got the killer. Let's and a politician from Washington DC wasn't a politician from a blue state. Wasn't a member of the media. As an American. Hero. Who did what he had to do. So the stories covered differently. His. And right out of the box Barack Obama. And the other leftists. All the mediocre years. Now they're talking about gun control when they didn't even know what took place. That there was already a law in place to stop this man that the federal government screwed up. I'll be right back it's. Crews stay. The dream team defense. They concealed carry license. I expect you to carry a weapon at work. I expect you to carry a weapon I don't mean wave it around the main desk kinds. Expected to be holster but I expected to bring your weapon work. Which strongly encourage. Religious institutions across this country practically religious institutions were some of these mass murders seem to be taking place. He should have individuals. Among your congregants who have concealed carry permits some states you don't even concealed carry permit. To bring their way. To bring their weapons. Not the flash from around and so whether via the concealed carry your patients say they carry permit you know I had him for yourself you've been through training. I strongly believe this. I strongly believe I believe it because I believe in being humane and compassionate that's why. Probably right back. If you turn off your radio and opened the window. You can probably hear him straight from the studio home. Call mark glove then at 8773813811. By the way Jim let's look at Jill Vogel Jill vote on not not Volpe it's Vogel who is running for a lieutenant governor. The Fed wanna have a that they comment about gun control to me do this the other day I'll take a few calls on this but we're gonna move along because the gun control head bangers is no stopping. Mike Clifton New Jersey degrade WABC go. Mike thank you Mike. Yep Arianna can you lower your radio please. I am sorry. Let's is just one small comment mark who want to argue that scared banning anything that's like a life force so powerful weapon. Like for instance I know that grenade tour. Are they into or glucose. Or got any predictions for the one pulled it out of our bureau on earth you're Oreo didn't you feel like. You went away if you if if you wanna get something that you to more than one bullet at that time he got to get a special federal license from the Treasury Department. Do you even understand what a semi automatic weapon in his. Oh shoot smaller water there aren't now it doesn't you know he got to pull the trigger each time the bulletins. Did you know that are just not just want to repair karma because I'm pro brokaw's book that I you know listening to me. Have you ever fired a semi automatic weapon nor are not. Okay. The machine then you're lucky thing and listen and AM educating young Casey really can understand this a little better. You pull your finger on the trigger in the bullets just keep coming kind of automatically. That's an automatic weapon. And that requires a special federal license and extensive process that you go through with a Treasury Department. All the other weapons are called semi automatic weapons they're not assault rifles are not assault weapons because the vast majority of people the overwhelming majority people on the markets only anyone. He have to press the trigger each time for a bullet to come out do you understand. It. Okay so I'm I'm telling you this in the nation in this because there's a lot of propaganda from reporters who don't know weapons or who don't care. Same with left wing New England type politicians. But there are many men and women who don't live. In Boston or Providence, Rhode Island and or any major city in the northeastern California or Washington State and no appointment and so forth they may live in Wyoming and Montana or Alaska. They may live in Colorado and Texas states that have seen as being gun ownership or Pennsylvania. And the people there understand this if you wanna get an automatic weapon. It is a arduous process to the federal government has to specifically issue a license to. None of the mass Mary's had of occurred has resulted as live from automatic weapons not. I'm out of semi automatic weapons he has to pull the trigger and the bullet comes out. Pull the trigger in the bullet comes out people that finished you pull the trigger the fashionable come. Two caliber gun owner myself I are letting you know handgun. How many have root growth occurred broker which I've had for thirty years know and what does your decision that's what you want. Mount but I I just think bits they have to put us are uncertain you know. No they don't have to put a stop on certain you know. The man who shot the killer in Texas had an a AR fifteen to use force there. Deer hunting. And because they look like a military weapon because that's the way they're blamed out. People like Dianne Feinstein and others lie about that's why they say we need out long military style weapons. If you wanted to by Mike a military style weapons today you cannot buy one legally. Again unless she goes through the Treasury Department if you want an automatic weapon. You perhaps combined one on the black market sometimes they shipped in here illegally by the Chinese and the Russians and so forth. They're not manufactured in the United States for the civilian population. That's why they call a military style weapons you noticed a never say a military weapon. You see the difference. OK we can on the war that you know. Everything from the war. At the wording. He is the reality because what's happening now as we're dealing with tons of propaganda. And in the case of the mass murder in Texas. The special investigation unit at the air base in New Mexico. Did not finish his convictions into the database there's nothing that would stop at nothing. And yet if they followed the federal registration law. Maybe he would have been stopped but I suspect not because of fear as evil as this man. Maybe you burn a church panel locked the door. May he blow it up maybe take a truck in the parishioners are out on the the front of the church you drive over 25 of them we just saw that done by in in and in New York. So I mean. The fact is people want solutions. People safe. Fix that. Fix that fix that and the politicians are more than happy to say. Give me your liberty give me liberty change the constitution. Give me more power it gives me more power and off exit. The same politicians. Who want secure the border. The same politicians he can't balance the budget the same politicians who lie to us about a tax cut that's a tax increase. The same politicians who want illegal immigration in this country the same politicians who eviscerate the military trashed law enforcement. Those politicians now we're supposed to believe them the same politicians who destroyed our healthcare assistant every damn thing they touched parent and crap. Now the fact of the matter is this was a federal government blunder. In terms of identifying this man you don't put the data in the database like I said yesterday that that date is not in the database. And these guys these these gun stores have sold this man these weapons they went to the database they get what they're supposed to do. And the feds let them down and the Fed's us all that. Now so nobody wanted to pass another law. And do a lot. There is going to be another bullet so. Because I actually saw him. Just pointing out. Yeah Estonia. Brian Columbia, South Carolina the great WD OC eco. Yes well initially it I'm. How much when he a year law enforcement veteran arm specializing in domestic violence and you you mentioned something a while ago about the background of this year. And now so I want to point out based on this 1520 years of research and actually. Said that these match heaters if you look at the background. Almost all of them. Had a history of domestic violence. Oh accompanied with the armed triangulation. Assaults and now men. Information came out this year. It's directly keydets city at stating our home. The research that have been built over the last eighteen or twenty years this cal with bill indicators. That we're not follow all one can boost there's misconduct charges in air force should have been filed as felonies. Mom. To take taken away they're not dishonorable additional. C court order a phony and if it'd been that they know they were supposed to reported as are all the service branches. To the FBI to put it on me and CIS in the national database it's treated as a felony he's not permitted to purchase a weapon they failed to do it. That's what happened. Let down but these background and history I'll appoint. I call a warning shot they point out. What domestic violence it's your right if you inning to beat up your wife's. But yet your kids. The likelihood is you're very violent persons and heard other people. And let the centers continue to bet 80%. All of the a vendor they get into a lethal force sensor network they shoot a police saw Cirque. Or Alter has usually people forced. Com 80% of those individuals have a domestic about history as well so it just do 100 Internet partner here we're on the harm anybody. Yeah you're right makes sense. Thank you officer. We appreciate retired officer there. Angus King is an independent from Maine which means he's a left wing Kook who pretends to be independent because they like that and the left wing Kooks in Maine like to pretend they're independent independent from one. Independent from common sense of course. So they bring this clown on with a another clan. Who says the circus is that it's right there and MS LSD. And who's the ringmaster in the morning each mile and of course the lovely message miles. In the morning should not even has the red nose for is for the cake. And what you'll listen to Angus King. And he is great knowledge about weapons cuts for ago. We can continue to refine and improve the background check I'll let let let's stop right there. We can continue to refine and improve the background check once again ladies and gentlemen. He can't refining and improve it if the information is not provide. Government to government. Right. Air force staff via. To this guy's clown I don't look back he's a moron how would you improve. Refine and improve the background check they even own a weapon maybe that's. Sense we get any. Go ahead. We can continue to refine and improve the background check we found a gap and it in this case let's fix that with the military's second in the fine I GAAP. In this case. It's not a gap it's a failure. It's a thing it's not a gap. I had. The loopholes that are in the background check system such as. And gun show the so called gun show loophole what are that the gun show loophole Tommy ladies and gentlemen how many people have been killed as a result of the gun show loophole. I've talked about this before how many people have been killed as a result of the gun show low ball. They've seen the sagging clothes that look well baby were offset. What that means is that it doesn't have to be a gun shout out body gives a weapon it's been in the family to his son aren't monitored the daughter. All right got a gun and patted Chris on time and I sell it to my neighbor. This statistics demonstrate that facts doesn't benefit of these it denies they don't care they're propagandist they demagogues. Less than 1% of all murders in this country it's a fraction of a fraction. Result from handguns acquired that way. Parent. And the vast majority of handgun deaths are suicides we've talked about that there's been jarred. They've got a hole. The gun show loophole. Was Bob nothing. It won't stop at 601 mariners. That a reportedly occurred in Chicago this year yes you heard me 601. It would have shot stopped. This mass murder in this church in Texas it would this topic got a 32 floor of the hotel in Las Vegas. These guys had no solutions that no fixes what they want you to think they do they pretend. They pretend. And the media types out there promoted to. They promoted to that they talk about magazine sized it's. This not job this barbaric and that's not him I wanted of that church with fifteen saves. Exchange. This guy's the magazines. You brought in fifteen magazines they dial Las Vegas. Was there what for a week five days bringing up duffel bags gym bags and luggage suitcases. Well what I have now. The size of a magazine is of no consequence. If she's sick of hearing all this I'm sick of talking about it and I mean if I don't push back who the hell's gonna push back. You know it's David vs Goliath Goliath out there day in and day out. These massive media platforms they just liked but the point gentleman who called me a couple of calls ago maybe it was last call. From New Jersey. We should limit. Guns. To one ball that at a time. Twit essentially done. Well I didn't know that because they call them assault weapons that's why. Or semi automatic weapons. So you believe that there automatic weapons and their military weapons that's what politicians use that phrase military style weapons. Style. Not military weapons. Though luck is a copy the function is not a copy. I'll be right back mullah. God fearing Christians were being church they were already brained thoughts and prayers didn't stop a troubled person from buying assault great weapons that took the lives of 26 people. Thoughts and prayers I'm not going to stop the next. That's seeing. Every time lawmakers. Have been there thought they sent their prayers they sent their condolences so what's been done not a lot. Now we see a pattern and elected officials saying. We need to send our thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims. But they're not proposing. Any action that was awesome friends. And yet no laws get lost thoughts and prayers are not even close to enough right now these thoughts and prayers and sympathies to. Com. A mask for inaction. And you know ladies and gentlemen. That hero who pulled that is there a fifteen that if these politicians and media types had their way would be illegal. Com. He had thoughts he had prayers and in Iraq. He's not the killer. It's amazing to me I suspect. I know for a fact. That many of the poor souls who were dragged in those concentration camps in the Third Reich. These various countries rounded up put on cattle cars and so forth. I'm sure they prayed a lot. Should not afraid. I'm sure they use CDs. There have been brutalized. By nicest should they prayed a lot. There's evil in this way. There's people of faith. Things don't always turn out the way we want them to turn out. But these politicians and these media types. They're telling you forget about print that's not enough. Either you embrace their ideology you embrace their policies. Or evil prevail not this is a that is sick is it gets. And the reason these politicians and media types speak the way that they do as they're not people really a faith they don't really practice a religion for the most part. Well that's not true either they are people of faith and they do practice religion it's called progressives. So essentially if you don't surrender. Your faith for their faith. Their faith in man and only certain men. Women and only certain when. Then there's something wrong with you. Now many of these politicians are the same politicians who voted armed Iran. Would nuclear warheads hole I know not today than ten years. And they claim the support gun control they don't even support nuclear arms control. As we approach the one year anniversary of the launch of CR TV conservative review TV the nation's fastest growing digital network. We even more steadfast in our mission of providing the most thought provoking and patriotic TV platform available anywhere. This is why we worked so hard to bring almost 200 episodes of Libyan TV cheer. You can watch the mall parent previously drew incredibly affordable subscription to CRT. He can also watch Phil Robertson is new and fantastic and completely unfiltered show in the woods with Phil. That's not enough there's new features like the CR TV White House brief the morning grinder is the hilarious get off my lawn and a lot more like their buddy Steve Crowder. Our dear friend Michelle market and so forth. All these programs are stunning high definition 100% commercial free. And all available to you at any time 24/7. And they're very very professionally done I should know I do it every day. It's time to start being watching programs you can feel good that he can start doing that today right now. By signing up at CR TV dot com that's CI TV dot com or hearing your car. 844 love then TV 844 LEV I and TV Virginia during a car get it aligning your precinct immediately. Point trend line you get to vote. He got four minutes to get on line four minutes and your vote really might make a difference in a close election. We'll be keeping an eye on New Jersey will be keeping an island Virginia and other places throughout the course of the evening as information comes in. As I know the nation all of your interest and we've got much much more I'll be right back. Now insurance minded speeches from Geico it's a common expression don't look a gift horse in the enough. And what does the horse's mouth this through with useful and shorten schools this is the exact case with a guy collapse yesterday. Happens three in their point gift loss however looking so high the and a whole emergency roadside assistance digital I peacocks they don't pay. Think I go pat look it in the mouth gets amazing service. Well everybody Marc the men here are number 8773813811877381. 38 while one the president is on and crucially important. Foreign trip since taking in. The Philippines. Japan. South Korea. Vietnam and China. Countries in the Pacific countries that encircle North Korea. He pets three. Aircraft carrier groups fleets. In the Pacific that's an enormous. Naval presence we've got at least one. Nuclear attack submarine. In the same area. We've moved our heavy bombers. Much much closer into the area. He's moved more bombers in the Guam. I think we've also moved more bombers and Japan. I'm. We'll see how that goes in the meantime in the Middle East. Iran continues. To provoke. Countries and that in that region of the world. I am certainly no special clear for the year in bred to run Saudi Arabia. At least for now. They're an alliance with the most of the other Arab gulf states. There in a quiet. Jolie un reported alliance with the Israel to some extent some limited extent. Because they all see the danger and the dangers Iran. And runs. Here is working with Russia. Russia's kind of build yet another nuclear. Power site Schuller. For Iran. Because each cash. Iran is taken have a big chunks of Syria Iran has taken him a big chunks of the Iraqi military. Iran has overthrown the government. In Yemen with its net terrorist militia. Appendages. Iran's Hezbollah. Is destroying what's left of Lebanon. So Ron is on the move. And all these gun control Democrats who are absolutely nonsensical and incoherent. Supported voted for in congress. The Iran deal he ran deal which. Insures. That Iran will have nuclear warheads within ten years. And of course it excluded. ICBM. Intercontinental ballistic missiles. All these phony gun control types apparently have no problem with nuclear proliferation because they voted for nuclear proliferation. And they hands of one of the most. Vial. Dangerous regimes in the face near. Taiwan I hear these fools. Like little dictator. Like this clown Murphy from Connecticut. Like the idiot Gillibrand from the. Can all of them go on and on about gun control one will we stop this how we fix it. On the other hand they voted top armed Iran with nuclear weapons I don't care how they spin it I don't care how they pretend. Otherwise how can they defend at the facts of the facts. A president trump. His in Seoul South Korea. China deal with North Korea. And I hope China. And this nit wit and NBC news. Think she's got she's got she's gonna answer the question is a real gotcha question. And she's so proud of herself she's got this Cheshire cat smile and she sits down at Adam I gotta she didn't get and she got to step. Caught one go. You talk about wanting to put extreme betting on people trying to come in the United States but I wonder if you consider extreme betting for people trying to I got. So let's stop right there so we need extreme betting extreme betting for Americans. Trying to back up not just bad. Extreme betting that people coming into the country who we don't know. From dangerous places all over the world. She opposes extreme betting let's be honest. What does the president say go ahead. And what I had done. Well you know you bring it up a situation that probably shouldn't be discussed too much right now we could let a little time go by but it's okay if you feel that that's an appropriate question even though where these. Heart of South Korea. I will certainly answer your question. If you did what you're suggesting. There would have been no difference three days ago. And you might not have had that very brave person. Who happened to have a gun or rifle in his truck. Go out and shoot him and hit him. And neutralize him. And I can only say this if he didn't have a gun. Instead of having 26 dead. You would have had hundreds more today. So that's the way I feel about it. And Harry's not gonna help. And are you considering any kind of gun control policy going you're obesity. So stop cheating here when he sent. And she obviously doesn't even comprehend what took place let them. The information on this this barbarian the sub human wasn't placed into the FBI database the national federal data things. It doesn't matter. She's gonna keep plowing ahead. Because she's an idiot go ahead. Just gun laws in our nation is Chicago. And Chicago is a disaster. Should total disaster just remember in this man didn't have a gun or rifle. You'd be talking about a much worse situation. In the great state of Texas thank you. And he had an AR fifteen which is the real target the focus of the left for reasons I don't understand. Maybe it's because millions of Americans at least hundreds of thousands on an AR fifteen. Nothing particularly special about it. But look if your net which you don't really understand weapons you don't shoot them in May be shut them once. Or whatever you don't take the time to learn about it like this is a cause a lot of these people it's like. Worshiping idols gun control is like worshipping. And progressive Islam as the religion that's offset simple that's were fighting against they pretend to have more knowledge you know now. They pretend he is facts they never use facts their lives. Or just never went. They claim more than denying it's when in fact there with a flatter which put us. They're. And some dumb was this kind of went taking more calls today. There's a very big story ladies and gentlemen is very big story. It Fox News Katherine Harry true I'm a big fan of Pamela brown. Sit ups and don't know him merit but it doesn't matter what your listeners. The co-founder of fusion GPS. The firm behind the unverified trump those here. The SN. Network they Russian lawyer. This is breaking met when they rationed lawyer before and after. A key meeting she had last year. With Donald Trump junior fox news's learn. And let's think about that first sentence. So the co-founder this fusion GPS which was set up. Or which was used first by. The free beacon that later by the Hillary campaign. The DNC. And their front in this Marco lives. Did you dirty work that firm. Behind the trump does CA when the Democrats funded it. That's when the trump those CA was produced. Met with a rush and lawyer before and after eighteen meetings she had last year with Trump's son. You know we call this ladies and gentlemen in my view a set up. It's sort of smells and sounds I guess set up by this fusion GPS at this time funded by the Democrats. And Hillary campaign. That contact shed new light this is date on how closely tied the firm was to Russian interests. At a time when it was financing research to discredit then candidate Donald Trump. How closely tied fusion GPS wise. To Russian interests. At a time when it was financing research to discredit then Kennedy Democrat in I've been telling you for months. That they're real they're real scenario here is. That the Russians wanted Hillary Clinton. They wanted Hillary Clinton and why wouldn't they they got 20% of America's uranium. VA Hillary Clinton she's a push up. She's a joke. Why and how they want her defeated the president of the United States should they would want to elevate. If they get 30% of Americans uranium what the hell we don't know. Congressional Republicans have since questioned whether that politically financed research contributed to the FBI's investigation of rationed collusion with the current campaign I don't think there's any question about it. At this point. Not only colony comes in. By himself. Holding a summary of that does CA. In discussing it with Trout I don't think there's any question that the FBI. Basin of its investigation on that and even more that the FBI. Cilic got caught. Wanted to use Christopher steel. And fusion GPS perhaps. To continue its investigation. I think the senior level the FBI wanted to defeat trying to. Wanted Hillary Clinton to be president of United States and the deputy FBI director who's still there McCabe. And his wife of daytime Democrat supported with over half a million dollars through that with a democratic governor Virginia's senate campaign organizations. That would be McAuliffe. I mean I don't make it misses. The June 2016. Trump tower meeting in Bob Donald Trump junior. And Russian lawyer that tie you whatever and Amos. Excuse me. It occurred during a critical period. At that time Fox News has learned that bank records show. Usually GPS was paid by a law firm for work on behalf of a Kremlin linked all the got lists and fusion GPS was paid by a law firm. For work on behalf of a Kremlin linked all like art. While paying a former British spy Christopher steel to dig up there on trot through his Russian context of fusion GPS. Sounds like. It's. All she peered up at the rations. Simpson's presence. With the Russian lawyer this is the co-founder. And fusion GPS the farm Wall Street Journal reporter Simpson. His presence with a rational lawyer during this critical week in June together with a revelations about fusion it's simultaneous. Financial ties to the DNC Clinton Campaign and Russian interests. Raise new questions about the company's role in the 2016 elect Tommy are any of these particle bi partisan Democrats interested in taking into this. How about Mark Warner. For those media outside average and you may not be familiar with him he's a guy with tourette's. While mr. bipartisan Mark Warner want to get to the bottom of this how about Adam Schiff list. Adam Schiff lest you think Adam Schiff woods. On the House Intelligence Committee will want to get to the about a minute you think that bipartisan. Media over there at CNN in the constipated news network. You think they wanna get to the bottom of those. Wolf Blitzer. Brian Sell certain. And Don lemon. And whomever how about Chicago line a left wing Kooks out there and MS Ellis state starting with. The morning should on this issue. Think they wanna get to the bottom of those. I think that special counsel Robert Mueller. Is investigating the trump tower meeting as part of its probe of Russian interference in last year's election. Simpson. Infusion GPS were hired. By baker hostetler. Which represented listen Russian firm. Prep has gone through the Russian lawyer. Irrational Laura has said she sought the trump tower meeting and ordered a lot of the candidate's team against Russian sanctions but the initial approach. Including an offer of compromising information. Candidate Clinton so. Just to recap and put this in plain English. Fusion GPS. It's co found the sky Simpson's former reporter for the Wall Street you. He met with the Russian lawyer before and after. The Russian lawyer met with. Don. Trump junior and the others. At that. Fusion GPS Simpson. Met with the Russian lawyer before and after. She met with Donald Trump junior my humble opinion the setup. I don't have all the facts but these are a lot is a lot of information. Lot of information. Lawyers representing fusion in the rationed Lawrie did not respond to requests for comment much today. On Friday I should say. Senate Judiciary Committee investigators interviewed Simpson for more than ten hours on August 22. He spokesman for the comedian no comment. Well that's helpful. The DNC and Clinton hired her campaign hired fusion on April 2016 through lawyer mark alliance. With General Counsel for the Clinton Campaign. Fusion turn page you are a 168000. Dollars for the does CA now we know the money. Memos from which. Was shared with the FBI in the summer 2016. Fusion officials said last week steals money came from. One point 02 million it received in fees and expenses from alliances law firm Perkins coy. I know it's Cooley I don't care private contractor and with the DNC fusion have been conducting research and trying to. Another Republican candidates on behalf of the Washington freed because it. Now. That's just explain this again complaining. Hillary Clinton. The DNC. Simultaneously. Interest. Higher market lies who's already General Counsel they Hillary Clinton Campaign. They hire him. And he hires fusion GPS. He's a pass through in order to trying to cover their tracks. Is a bad. Fusion GPS hires Christopher steal the ex British spun. He in turn works with apparatchiks in the Kremlin. To get information on Donald Trump for the so called those here. That information is shared with the FBI and served as a basis. For their investigation into Donald Trump and trump for. And now we're learning that fusion GPS. And mister Simpson according to this report. Knew the lawyer who Donald Trump junior met with and met without a lawyer before and after Donald Trump junior. And then effort in others. Met with the Russian lawyer. That smells like a setup to me I'll be right back. Virginia to know what's going on in Virginia. Quite frankly. So when I get packages to businesses really. Incredible. Really incredible. The these layers. Of deceit in the layers of them. I'm really diabolical political activity. The democrats' side with a Hillary Clinton Campaign. You you pull one layer up and there's something else. So why would. Mister Simpson of fusion GP SB meeting with the Russian law or the woman. Who that would now trump junior. And Jared Kushner. Upon my effort. You remember that so called infamous meeting where nothing actually happened but there's those who get dirt on Hillary corner of the Russian lawyer. Why would she be meeting with Simpson if you can GPS before that meeting and after that meeting. If not to be coached and afterwards he's not to be debriefed seriously. I'll be right back. Remember speaking to vote for a reply of Americans who are. Illiterates at 8773813811. The turmoil severe. You know what's gone on here. Is the urbanization in Northern Virginia plus. The really enormous since clues in terms of the immigration. Both from out of the country and in the country know what I mean by that people fleeing Blue States coming into Virginia. Slain Maryland and DC and Northern Virginia and voting Democrat. So they leave these areas because they want. Lower taxes and so forth and so on and they come in these areas in the low for more taxes. It's an ideology progressive is not a religion. And also the individuals who were imported into the state and they have children and so forth and over time. I'm Manny and become citizens. And the vast majority vote Democrat. About twenty years ago I live in the biggest county in the state it's an enormous talents over one million people it's Fairfax county Virginia. And the state was marginally Republican. And in the county was marshalling Republican. He counting hours Democrat. I live and accounting now Loudon County it's the fastest growing county in the state and perhaps the country. It is marginally Democrat and now and then that's republic. So when you have this high population concentration in this. Part of the state called Northern Virginia. You have to have an enormous turnout. In the X experience even beyond the usual ex the ex expert and in the rural parts of the state. And it's reached a point where they just are not enough voters in these other parts of the state. To win the C need to somehow figure out. How to persuade. People in Northern Virginia. To vote for you or persuade fewer than to turn out. In a big part of this problem also is so many people are reliant on big government. Not everybody but a lot. So this once dark red state. At Reagan won the massive landslides twice. Went for Barack Obama. Elected Terry McCullough governor. Elected Tim Kaine. Senator. Elected Mark Warner senator. This sort of thing is happening all over the country. Not exactly but enough. When George Bush George W. Bush said the other day he might be the last Republican president. Slapping a trumpet itself. If he is the last so called Republican president. It's due to people like him. Who have tolerated open borders and they supported open borders and then support amnesty and then they pretend. That people from all over the world are gonna vote Republican. Actually. Most of them vote Democrat. Because the Democrats. Appealed to people. Who are not assimilated into our culture. And our constitution and our declaration into our mindset. Which is why the Democrats support travel is nation. They support. Balkanization. Rich against poor old against young unit and they race. Eight they've religion date they do all these things in in this race in Virginia. Just telling you the entire country. They went back to their formula and their formula is. Raced it. And the formula scare tactics. They cannot tell the truth. It's a visceral. But it's also in the DNA but even more it's in their political calculation. They're not gonna tell you what they had planned for a statement for a country. Because many people were rejected even Democrats. Not activist Democrats not radical Democrats old school more mainstream Democrats would reject it. So they trying to conceal. And there challenge always is how do appealed to their Kook left wing base. Well at the same time not losing their blue collar Democrats. And so they line. That's what they did. Let's see here we have. Notes coming in. Android. 16% of the precincts fully reporting the Democrat fifty point 1%. Since Ralph north and take less B 48 point 8%. I don't know where these votes coming from right now. Yes seizures Loudon County region. This is rightly. One of the wealthiest counties in the country. Of the fastest growing counties in the country. And so far about 20000 people voted for the Democrat delivering 191000 people voted for Kalus so what's that tell. Puts into it. I don't know how this is gonna end up. In the Democrat is allows guests like McAuliffe lousy tainted. Warner these are these are like stage tier politicians. Rotten lousy politicians. But the Google got packed crowd is with us now what do I mean that people who go in the voting Booth. And they load Democrat. Blew this guy tackle the guy was a Democrat again when the Democrat ballot a Democrat damn it I likely be debt free educate. I I I I want freebies I went free yes free this free that. Now Fox's reporting with 19% of the votes in Gillespie's 50%. And north and a Democrat 49%. So when I said in the last hour. The first out of this program. The people in Virginia if you're listening you needed to vote you really need. No question about that. Thanksgiving is two weeks away I mean do I love thinks it. I love thanks him. I told you before. Got a New Jersey. In law's. Wife. And that they all like to cook. An amazing thing it's a wonderful thing for somebody hey who doesn't like that could be who doesn't know. Let's see who likes to eat especially Turkey. It's even better than that. Most of them like start me can you believe that I like the white meat. So there's more tricky quite meet for me. Because their most leading the fact me. Pretty interest in his. And have. So they're put in a way cook you know I'll tell you what's amazing. There's only two burners in this sense. But he called stove top earners I don't know my target don't cut is too. I don't know how you tick cook for twenty people 22 people would just to stove top cook it. While they used the out of the above course there's another but they do different things right I know that much. But it doesn't matter to me. They sneak out of the room everybody's talking to one another. And I go off a minor. And then ultimately my wife texts me. And she says. You being anti social please come now. Well it could be that I am anti social you know and now. Social rhymes with socialist candidate but anyway yeah. So it's a lot of phone they like to cook and I like the heat. Here's the other problem is to produce and country. I eat pretty fast. They like that kind I like the heat. But I do hang around I do enjoy it very very much it really is he family time as. Just wish more of my family was there. In my cancer across the country and parents are across the country. But we do the best we can. Which is pretty good. I think Thanksgiving may be my favorite. You be my favorite. Because of the food the camaraderie. And by the way. There are no liberals in my Fam. Well there are some but I don't talk to them and talk to them for decades and we wanna know that don't know what the hell they're doing. But the family members who manner there Olympus. So the debates are among conservatives. Libertarians. Nationalist populists constitutional us. It's intriguing. It's intriguing. Really is. 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Absolutely free would do order while supplies last Cheney dairy. 800 skin 604800. Skin 604. Where Jenna south dot com. Malaria. Let's take you call shall we. Tony Tampa Florida on the market then that dealt. Are you doing sir. I'm lovely thank you mr. Lugar first of all American city thank you I really enjoy listening cheers show. It's actually good to listen to so who is intelligence case. This whole thing about you know Republican and Democrat. I wish there could just being partied it is America. You know. When you disturbed making decisions that they innocent. The American population. Alone. Well I agree with you and the Democratic Party is fundamentally transforming Americans we can't really call that pro America. Well they're fundamentally transforming America and then they wanna fundamentally change it and that news I'm. Repulsive it's unconscionable. The Republican party's fundamentally transforming America too but they pretend that they're not they pretend tax increases or tax cuts. They pretend that. Initiative and success. Are defined is redistribution of wealth I've had it with them. In their phony tax cuts. Yeah. You know I I'm not a wealthy man and end. God knows about the smartest solution but. I would you know would be the source tax increases and I'll give everything I have it would benefit still greater population is America. Now on. Who's gonna define the greatest population of Americans anything that you do that Colorado give every cent you have. Well unfortunately bent to correct. Our men that's what I you know it it it's come to court where. Rather land wanna thank all the idiots and wound county where I live all the idiots returning and a voting for the Democrat. I just wish their taxes would go through the roof and mine wouldn't you know what I'm saying sir. Oh yeah yeah I I all right thank you vehicles to. I'll be right back it's. 8% of votes then. You know Virginia. Gillespie 49 point 6% Ralph north and the Democrats 49 point 3% here's the problem. So far. Humble attempt. This. Fairfax County is only what is it mr. inducements to be. Taking a look. It's got a five of 244. Precincts reporting in the course. North and has now over 58% of votes there and that's a big populations and so let see what happens. My domains can excuse my French. That Democrat is 45000. In Gillespie has thirty house. Where should I movement stupidest. Where should I emotionally moved to Florida and what what should I do. Scandinavia you're at your mind. I don't know but this I can't stomach the stuff this campaign and if these these. Had only been surround by fools. You know friends it's hard to believe that 2017 is almost over time doesn't stand still so don't waste another minute join GMAC right now. A Mac is the association a mature American citizens it is the leading conservative voice for Americans aged fifty and up. And they are resolved to continue their mission to restore America's moral compass to make America better place for children and the save America from the left. As indymac memory loss or gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits and discounts that I help you save a lot of money. Who car insurance and Medicare plans. To discounts on hotels and car rentals and more MF is the organization to join. You voice for conservatives in Washington exceptional benefits. You gotta love this organization. Joining a Mac now at WWW. Dad enact that US. It's WWW. That day MI AC that US. Or call amen David toll free number 8882622006. It's 888262206. The association immature American citizens that benefits are great. But the cause is even greater conjoined GMAC today. I'm ranked let's take some calls chowing desperation out. Last note to. Wallace Clayton Georgia power user. I'm Dario that sir appreciate everything you do. And now you're welcome to come on down here any time to look to accuse him a candidate who will keep any yank your nonsense. All comments he got really good you know barbecue. I'm Italian we do. That's that's right you know maybe. I. Tomahawk on now what's the what's the great food in your community. Any echinacea and it's true it could make it there you go. All right I'm there but at that time doing it thank you. Our arts are our nation. Investigation that the Russians. I wouldn't be at all surprised. If Bill Clinton himself. Was not the one you get all those. Awful things within ladies of the Eden that big keys jump up your right. That's what that's what those people do and Everett I'm Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton or Barack Obama or about any other accused. On the other side of some. There hardly doubt themselves and meg it drives me crazy that you know. I'm no city slicker I no longer. But I can see it sure that every time and the fact that that the politicians don't do it and jump on it and say oh let's go look at Apatow second look outside managed to find out that the Clinton and Obama as an arrest doesn't have already done it. And the other rejected all legitimate Republicans generics. And they're. And their honesty and accusing them that saying that they've heard it done and they got to bailout. I would like to. The bad. Yeah yeah the Clinton foundation as they accuse others understand is definitely. Then they have committed themselves it makes me crazy that are. Well it certainly right when it comes the morality of the prostitutes and all Bill Clinton's Palestinian and what's the problem. I'm I'd rather I appreciate you I'm looking at the act county break outs. And it's very much has predicted in Virginia. And I'm thank in the whole country thinking all your interest in this. A lot of the edge distant rural areas their numbers haven't come in yet. I just hope there's another deep enough people in those areas to make a difference. The and Northern. Virginia counties in Northern Virginia seems to expand the terms of which counties they take over that. The blew us spread just keeps spreading and spreading. Yes I don't know how this is gonna turn out we'll know more in the next asks. I'll be right back. He needs to understand that I more than simply a high command in this crowd grew. Just like Geico is more than just the company that received money guy who also has fastened squarely claims service so they can help you when you needed malls and well I do. I'm like man I also love reading could to do is podiobooks. Like Lou. Geico I expect great savings and a whole lot more. Hello everybody mark living here are number 87738138118773813811. Let me update you. There race in New Jersey the polls close is that not correct mr. producing. 9 PM we're gonna double checked that. Will be off the air by the time. Those polls close more than likely. Enemy charm right before he starts talking about it but in Virginia. With 48% of the precincts fully reporting. The Democrat north and has a fifty point 7% lead over Ed Gillespie the Republican of 48 point 2%. So. The turnout apparently Northern Virginia was significantly more than it was 2013. When the Democrat McAuliffe point. It's a New Jersey has closed. Some are defeated Democrat is announce the winner. Imagine running as a Republican there. You know Christie won the Christie is really despised in New Jersey and I understand. But the some of these states. For the most part of one party states. So that's truly are what we know more how well you know. In the meantime. You know I get all these news articles and it is sick of the news I don't wanna do them right now I'm gonna take calls. That's an immunity get ready mr. call screener. Then. Quincy Illinois and a great WT eight data Cisco. Caller our America. This is your hour fully let's put it that way go right ahead. I Margaret great thought he. Rival sincere earlier talk about how people are slowly and from. Merrill and in DC and moving and Northern Virginia. And you noticed is that an all over the country that people are slid from Blue States. Blogger rich states. Hernandez and then destroying the red states. I want and then many of them are destroying the red states. Exactly what they've moved Erica they want lower tax too much regulation took that to bring this bring Verity of what thumb and their garbage ideas. And it is. It seemed like people are ready to red state the blew the stage. People are leaving police states in droves because they're all these are terrible. Well both types of people are leaving Blue States. People who are conservative and people who are leftists. But the last this don't learn their lesson they committed these red states and they continue their voting patterns. And also we have another problem here in Northern Virginia would developers developers here will do anything. Anything friend nickel. So you have really hearing called Tyson's corner which is completely urbanized now. And there are others did not doing the race has to do with concentrated populations they tend to vote Democrat. And you've got to there you've got an and other areas Reston Virginia which. He's becoming urbanized than again by harmonize I mean I population wise. And they vote more more Democrat and that's what's happening and these developers many of whom are Republicans just don't give them. They just don't get the net so they built these expensive condominiums say get. You know wealthy liberals coming out of the cities and so forth than they built these dirt poor apartment houses. And buildings. So in other people coming into these communities it again the point is you have Democrats living in these community. I served and I appreciate your call all the way in Illinois let's go to Tony in the array Virginia for delete these the rate caverns they're wonderful wonderful. On the market event that Harry you know. And I am I am I'm just look. I know I am to anyone in out. This county that I live in used to be Republican now so screwed up it's not even funny. Yup exactly tobacco in the morning Harangody APEC Calhoun they'd probably lawyer lover now. Yeah. Yeah will go. I don't like what I did make a comment and I'm not going to what is your Kirk. I don't know what could be either all or someone you know it and well border raid from crippling panic. I don't slowly into. Any used to be a Republican candidate I'm look united tonight. And when 87% of the vote in its overwhelmingly for the Democrat Norfolk. And I used to say look at Prince William county and town the whole country just look at Loudon County. You know if they edged Republican the Republicans have a chip they must never go Republican anymore. Ever more now not the priority of like Italian united Stafford I am and I am and paid apparently were beautiful red apparently didn't. Just too small just not enough people to make it districts and there are not. So watermark but their warmup but still work because I can't repeat it people. He can Linda Cavanaugh a and court drawing I I I can't I'm not a mechanic and I can't make enough money here to put my prayer line. God happy traveled down to break learn kinda work. But you know it's funny you know a lot of people don't believe in and out the move in the West Virginia. The west Virginia's turned into a red state. Well yeah well that's all right eloquently Gilman who bank. Not screw him but isn't it interesting. How how so many of us are now looking for areas of liberty it's sad isn't it. It very clear terrible. Then. I Tony god bless you my friend. That's continued shown. David Phoenix Arizona serious satellite go. Thank you pick like hallmark com yes. Wanted to draw on your expertise to always check and actually time period talking about the whole mountain fortress second in the whole case. Gonna get thrown out based on the crew poisonous tree principal. Well that's what his defense council's claiming that how that Tommy the argument that the fruit of the poison mystery why the search of his house of his kind arm rather. No no I go all the way back to the place or beat information to get the price so why was based on bad information that got them wired collapse like that. Wouldn't be fruit of the poisonous tree that was an illegal because you had a federal judge that sanctioned it. And issued the warrant so the fruit of the poisonous tree wouldn't apply. Then wiretaps but got an integration program no knock go but the judge didn't cut them off. So another one and I mean we'll see what they do little but. I think it's a very very difficult if not impossible argument based on the ice and more. Oh well we don't know exactly what information to judge had issued that warrant. Probably never will malware or well but that that I know that the judge decreed that true to the poisonous tree. He was media. Law enforcement that was created by getting something gathering information unconstitutional. Quote unquote. Hide David thank you for you call my friend who reminds me law school days. Cali Waterford Michigan. On the mark the event that go right ahead. I've lacked high thank you so much for all you do for all your love then night because we would be the last the value. Itself. So you don't guy should retire next year. I can understand why it once you both all like that we would be so lost without you know. John I got a lifetime deal him. I could leave its highest point it's no but I don't want to Madeleine. Policing. I can understand why you would sell a hundred and they're popping when asked because I'm confused. Now. I don't if it. Donor. Understand why a Mueller lonely and investigate. What they're blatant and content yes corruption going hand. It keeps turnout. Different and investigative team. I'm not and he would have a the FBI and and calmly took over and he became head the FBI and. Yeah but let's let's step back and went. Mueller can investigate the the issue regarding the transfer of uranium the Russians because. He knew about all that. When the transfer took place and to me he has a lot of answering to him. So I won't investigate that this number one number two and I were seriously doubt on best to become because their bodies. And if he is gonna investigate common because they're buddies he should actually recuse himself on his own as an ethical man. He doesn't need the deputy attorney general who's the acting attorney general on this case to town to do so. That's number two. Number three I think that they've been leaked irate. Well they just call the Virginia race for the Democrat Ralph's north them on the Fox News Channel and I'll tell you life thank you for your com am I am sorry that we breaking news here. And the reason is I keep watching his have been telling this county called Fairfax County. And a Republican the last being put any Republican would have to build up significant numbers in other parts of the state. They count their this Fairfax County. And there are only certain pockets we can do that the Roy areas the populations aren't large enough this is how they get screwed battling but. The turns out from Fairfax county's 27% of the precincts reporting. And the Democrat north than it has. A 2627000. Vote lead in that count. So. Pat make it makes it very very difficult so now all news organizations. Are calling it for Iran north. At this point he has 51 point 4% of the vote Gillespie is 47 point 4% of the votes that Gillespie is four points behind. Any great deal of Fairfax County hasn't even come in yet now that'll be offset to some extent by these rural towns and counties. But not enough. So northern division I Northern Virginia the rest of the state is mostly Republican other than a few pockets Northern Virginia. Alexis I'm afraid the governors and senators in this state. And they've elected another Democrat. It's as simple as that and I will tell you as a conservative Gillespie ran about as good as the campaign as you can run. He really did and routes north and a Democrat ran about as bad of a campaign you can grab. He flip flop on key issues. He was involved in a horrific had a really nasty ad. He cut out the lieutenant governor candidate on the Democrat side from. Because some campaign literature he is an African American but it doesn't seen America. Doesn't seem to matter so the turnout in Northern Virginia was. Fairly significant. And has Northern Virginia goes it seems in many cases so goes the rest of the state end. You're gonna hear a phony experts tell you that this is a projection of what will happen trump this is what's gonna happen in the next election. It's not trump lost Virginia. Can only lost Virginian in general actually lost in the Republican primary to rubio. So I'm telling you. Whatever happens in the end. The 2018 electoral the house and the senate is this has no consequence non. But you won't hear that you know here that this is. This is this is a big problem for their apartments and the reason the media will do this. Is because they know Paul Ryan. And the cowards who support him or run scared the movie than further left you know Mitch McConnell analyze us and he'll be the same thing. So these candidates will move even further left more progress on the Republican side that's why even now you see these. Phony tax cuts they're gonna have a special bracket for millionaires and do you really think that's gonna change the result of a single vote in any of these states. Kowtowing. The class warfare course. And choose and of course not. CNN very good campaign. On the Republican side by all indications very poor campaign on the Democrat side and the Democrat isn't enough as it announced the winner. What I take from this though. Is that the the the population changes in the country. I'm having a significant impact on our election result. And we are. Increasingly a liberal Democrat. Population. And there's a number of factors. Importing Liberal Democrats. From other countries. Our educational system. I talked about this earlier I don't even understand when the school boards and Monday and Tuesday off for school to to enable the teachers' unions who worked the precincts. Just stupid stuff like that. And of course the propaganda mills and universities and colleges are propaganda mills and it over course of decades it has an effect. And furthermore the more you grow government practically the federal government. The more Democrats you create. It created. In the bureaucracy you create and as recipients. Of federal largess. It becomes increasingly difficult to overcome. It just us. So there you have it. Case closed I'll be right back. Things have. Anecdotal information about. Strong turnouts in Northern Virginia not so strong and certain other parts Regina I have no idea if they're active people pouring the stuff in the main. In ammonium. Knowledge base here and so I have to be very careful about what I use in them. And sort through these things but don't. This is some this is one of the reasons. We have this president. With the think he's gonna win reelection run for reelection get blown around a reelection or whatever this. If we do not secure this border and get this immigration issue and control. I can assure you Republicans were never went again. Although win some seats. But. You look at Colorado. People all immigration woody is in effect an uneasiness though. The Democrats. Used Colorado many years ago. As an experiment. You had to take over red state Colorado was a bright red western state. I remember one of the great senators when I was much younger who I admired enormously was Sullivan and in the bill Armstrong. As conservative as they cut. Eight evangelical Christian. He won handily. He won handily at the time now they have a liberal Democrat any liberal Republican any liberal Democrat governor. And they've turned the state. In most presidential elections now below. I remember when Virginia. Was was absolutely red there was no problem. It's now blue. It's not purple its blue. And I can say this for other states were running in the states I remember when California was reliably a red state believe it or not. It produced Ronald Reagan. Any gave them all its Electoral College votes in two massive landslides you don't George H. W. Bush won California. Did you know that mr. producer. And then that set. There's a common denominator here. This is coming to nominate the nation's becoming more and more balkanized. And tribal lines if you will. You just hear the nasty. Races dating particularly on the left by the Democrats it is a nasty business just as it was in this election in Virginia. So nasty business when Obama used and holder used it. And they're not the only one. They're not the only ones. They fire up racial hatred and racial tension. You want to enforce immigration laws. Virginians just elected governor not all of us and enough. Who supported Sanctuary Cities only flip against them but he'll flip back and spend literally supporting. Centuries it's another literally supporting violating federal law. And they run a messed up. They run on the stuff. Got to work cut out for us who want to remain free I can tell you that. We absolutely do. I ladies and gentlemen I shall return. The large glove then you show lives a national. At 8773813811. I wanna remind me is something we had to put things in context. Christine is not a red state. With the blue state with a blue candidates. The Democrats upset that he red state candidates that's now what happened. This guy in north and was expected to win even though a lot of Republicans have high hopes for coalesce beacon and how close he came in his last election. For the United States senate. The look across the country. You know after Obama won. Won twice. Lot of people didn't think the Republican could win again Donald Trump why won't people Donald Trump. As. Important is a state of Virginia as I live here as we Jeannie goes so does not go the nation. You've got 32 Republican governors in this country. I think that's the number 31 or 32 I think it's 32. You have 32 or 33 Republican majority state legislatures. The other Republican house Republican senator and Republican president. It's not gonna last forever it never does. But now's the time that act now's the time to do things that. That's secure the republic that secure the civil society. And expand liberties and expand private property rights that. Break up the last monopoly when it comes to education in these other areas where they have absolutely. Taken control. Monopoly control but they won't do that the Republicans they simply won't do it. The time to strike on convention states article five has absolutely right now. We're not a majority but an overwhelming majority of the state legislatures are controlled by Republicans they won't do it. Both would do it some states but not another cent. They don't know how to extend. Their power. In a positive way. They pretty much go along with the less agenda as an example this phony tax cut nonsense. They're not pushing a fair tax and operation of flat tax they're not reform in the internal revenue code in any significant way for tens of millions of they're creating a massive new top bracket that even Obama couldn't accomplish. They're gonna hurt a lot of people when they're tapping private Pat Toomey a real estate tax. And no state income tax. Deductions that I heard a lot of people when they're capping mortgage interest rate deductions. They're gonna hurt a lot of people when their flirting with the infecting mania eliminate student loan interest deductions there. During the season. To any decent even talk like liberals when you heard Paul Ryan on some nations. About class warfare they're rich or there's the richer than I was shaking my head to man. How low you have fallen. How low you phone. And the answer ladies and gentlemen isn't some new political ideologies. But we won two massive electoral landslides both in the popular vote in the electoral college for a the Republican nominee. Was an unabashed. Constitutional conservative. And yet the capacity to explain. Libyan individualism. Limited government and so forth and so on. In ways that connected with the American people he didn't sit around and say let me go after the blue collar Democrats and go after this he went after everybody. But his message. But this message. We don't have many messages anymore. One of the reasons. That I have so strongly backed trump against this. Russian collusion nonsense the impeachment nonsense the article 25 an amendment 25 nonsense. Is because I believe and are Republican and I believe the left is seeking. Seeking a death blow against. And I think the you never trappers. The bush family bush staffers and so forth and making a dire mistake. They're now looking down the road. The enemy isn't trump. The enemies the enemy. The hard core left. That is so successfully so successfully eviscerate it so much that's great about America. And continues to devour it. Trump is an imperfect vessel that most vessels aren't perfect. Most people aren't perfect. And you he's the most conservative presidents since Ronald ran. I don't agree with everything he wants to do but so what so what. And it. It just amazes me to hear that George H. W. Bush voted for Hillary Clinton. In George W. Bush didn't vote for president. I find that appalling absolutely upon. These these establishment Republicans we'll talk about Big Ten all the time Big Ten. We have to peel these voters of those voters. And yet. They don't really believe. It's their way or the highway. It's their way or the highway. Ed Gillespie ran a great campaign. He's. You know. An imperfect candidate that he ran a very good campaign the Democrat renal lousy campaign and he's more than imperfect he's a lousy Kennedy. Really allow it tactically it. And here we are men nobody ever heard of before is not governor of Virginia. This is what happens. But again I wanna remind. As Virginia goes the nation does not go. And conservatives are making headway. In a lot of Blue States. Actually me and people hold on to some red states but if if the demographics keep change. And changing to an equity this way. Competitiveness. If the people coming in this country and their children. Becoming citizens were voting Republican overwhelming do you think the Democrats won open borders do you think the Democrats will want. Amnesty you think the Democrats would want. Anything they they'd be the ones building the wall on the southern border with absolutely they're all about power. And they're all about unilateral action in their all about frankly a totalitarian mindset. By the wanna destroy the Electoral College. You wanna destroy separation of powers they want to control the courts that ruled by the courts if they candle ruled by presidential Fiat if they can't. The rule by congressional mandate if they can it doesn't matter that. It stands that managed. It's always while we still a chance in our state legislatures. In our state government while we still have a chance. This is why there's this growing. Liberty movement this article five convention statement. He got blown hard all over the place time and we're gonna beat these candidates these candidates ran into this we're gonna do that. Talk talk talk talk talk. Talked talked talked talked about. And needs to be a message that needs to be a model. That you can advance that has the effect of ability. To restore this republic. Electing more Republicans to the senate and house. While it's better than electing more Democrats sometimes. Is not gonna do it it's not gonna cut it. It's simply not gonna cut it. If you are truly an activist. If you are truly concerned about the direction this country. Theatre read the liberty amendments. You should read the book. I want you to buy got a library and read it. That's the most important putt. Pat I don't say this to pat myself on the back it doesn't matter I'm not gonna sounding more of that book I'm telling. That's the most important. Book. To reinstate the American revolution and a term that armed conflict. The American revolution it's the most important book that does that and yet it's opposed by inside the beltway so called conservative think tanks. And not just inside the belt. I don't like losing to these people ladies and gentlemen. I don't like losing liberty every day. Every day. I don't like working every day. And then being told and I'm learning to march and somebody else has a right to my money do you. You and your family have a right to what you learn I don't care if you're mechanic plumber electrician. A billionaire or millionaire whatever hair it doesn't matter to me. There's a thing called ethics there's a thing called morality there's a thing called right vs wrong good vs evil. I know when I get behind this microphone I know when I write these books. The vast majority people in this country don't hear me and they don't read. But enough of you do here enemy and do we. That I believe we can continue to spark. In interest. In restoring this republic. You need to remember that the going the American revolution. I've talked about this for fifteen years. Only about a third. Of the people support the revolution. That's sick. Another third actively opposed it and another third. Was you know. Just kind of out of it. You actually had. Row British militia forces. In South Carolina. In parts of Georgia in parts. The North Carolina who fought for the British. Why. Because they said we don't care what the hell went up in Boston. That's their Tea Party were selling cotton was only a hell of a lot of it to the rich. And this is disrupting our lives. That took place it absolutely did. The difference now though is the progressive movement has progressed it's advanced over a century. Conquering one institution after another. And so we have these weird things going on these we forces in the country. We've got these progressive forces that essentially control most of our governing institutions. And then we have our beliefs our values our principles. Which is in the private sector which is in our churches in our synagogues and self. Which is in our families. She got this force this governmental force. That really runs counter. To our personal belief systems to our religious belief systems and so forth and so. Try talk about the civil society in the country being different than the government. The difference in the government. I don't need him. Lay all this on you right now but I am saying. 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The Palestinians ladies and gentlemen their for nonviolence puff forget about the the random terrorist attacks on the Jews are just Israelis. On the druze DR EWS troops on the druze. There using happily. There we have John Kerry in secret recordings again. About the Israeli leadership he hates Netanyahu cut fourteen go. The surge rates. I mean I don't. Forever so he writes I lose my brother nation. And somehow. Unbelievable druze DR using team yes. Periods. Trash mouth again. Tiny little. Parliamentary democracy in the Middle East. He sealed a horrific regime's hold a monarchies. The Palestinian regimes art terrorist regimes. Led by cool brutal leaders including Abbas. Was a terrorist. He helped fund the immunity attacks on the Israelis there. But just listen to this fall. Cut fifteen ago. I'll be amazed. New Year's. Okay. Years. Isn't it great how John Kerry gives ideas to the Palestinians to stop the violence. Incredible. He never heard of Hamas finally. He ever heard of Hamas. May be known. Pet sixteen go. Years can be losing then you'll notice that in your relatives if you talk about it and organize the other alternative you gotta have a willingness. There is a willingness to make these homered RR Rodney and historically Perez people living in a hurry. And here he's talking to her is not as a big leftists so they haven't. Israel never had a chance for the Obama Kerry they never had a chance to meanwhile. But bombing Kerry of armed Iranians so. There we go well ladies and gentlemen. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel I'm glad you spent time when these the last three hours. Probably back tomorrow. Check out living TV tonight. Keep your chin up ladies and gentlemen. So I'll CNN. That is smooth and clean and Yana don't count my and that's. Just as this move to guide him and saving you money. God couples and gives you 24 sevenths access to licensed agents online at home phone Olin and I kind of and finite and I'm nineteen and I mean I am also a ninety big fan of Barbeque potato chips. Maybe you know. Loss making mesquite. Geico expect great savings an awful lot more.

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