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11/8/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Nov 9, 2017|

Don’t believe the Democrat-driven anti-Trump hype about Tuesday night’s election results - the real blame for the election losses lies with Republican leadership in Congress. In addition to factors like immigration and Democrat-leaning northern Virginia's increasing political clout, one of the biggest factors Tuesday night — most notably, Ed Gillespie's loss in Virginia's gubernatorial race — was the repeated failures of the do nothing Republican Congress. This should serve as a wake-up call. If the Republican Party doesn’t get their act together they could lose the House in 2018 because they have nothing to run on. And if the Republicans lose the House, the president could be impeached. The other problem is that the Republican Party is taking the wrong message from this election and starting to move left. Did John McCain or Mitt Romney win? No, and the Republican Party has never won by moving left. The way you appeal to the suburbs, and to blue collar workers both is the way you ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And now page from the diary of low IQ can you reach. The ghost is this house is protected to progressive but that doesn't mean the politics. How else would you explain that radiator like clinking sound of the moon colored lighting the whole of the film morning maybe he never bundled home and I don't know. He's doomed to suffer an eternity with the savings even at 70% on on insurance when you bundle home and auto through progressive. And right and went to insurance company and if I'm not available and Allstate to actions. Where I'm delivering relief to. Anybody mark the event here are number 8773813811877381. 3811 well as the election returns. Are coming in last night I was analyzing them. Analyze them again after the show. Reviewed them again this morning. I thought this through and given my dish out. Plan if drove the cleanup. All the others come before and some very very good host but. I use my experience and tell you what I'm thinking about this. And by the way a year ago. A year ago yesterday Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. So before we get into the weeds before we get into the because abandoning a. Mr. producer. I don't have the list and finally would you go to the very the last three minute audio that I century go. Almost I'm just last week he confirmed the national review that he is again considering a run in 2016. Who is from. All of this country which does not want you to think I lose. Yeah probably won't do the wrong. Donald Trump has been saying he'll run for president as a Republican which is surprising since I just assumed he was running as a joke. Is that people think that Donald Trump is at home dad Donald Donald Trump is a clown and he does anybody seriously think that god. Trump is serious about running for president now tropical. Get a good clown but likely moderate Airbus parent apparently believe that Donald Trump is a copy which Republican candidate who has the best chance of winning the general election. Among the declared a loser right now and Donald Trump. President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States exclamation point. Real Donald tall. Obama like the food. There at least I won't go down as an eight. Does this mean this is the beginning of the end for trumping the beginning of the end beginning of the end is probably starting of the beginning of the can afford to or Donald Trump to. Donald well you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency book. The strongest person what. Usually isn't allowed us one in the wrong. So right now we have Hillary's events only five or 80% favored religion first. If you look at all absolutely nothing I double digits nationally while I was fifteen and thirty memorial race. It's a leading Florida Pennsylvania North Carolina created in Ohio Clinton leading in Nevada I could go on and on and off. I continue to wait there's so much trouble lobbied president. And sold right now mr. Tom to answer your call for political honesty I just wanna say. You're not going to be present and my rights. The Arizona. Excellent. And why your. Green. Start accumulating Yahoo!. Lot of people left that the other is now they're not laughing so much else. But I rom. Snickering. That's from I'm RC TV you know one that a good month. So let us remember many times we been written off. Let us remember how many legislatures the Republicans control let us remember how many governorships. The Republicans control. We lost the governorship in New Jersey to Chris Christie EC did anybody expect the Republican home. Let's say. They Democrats held their Virginia see Virginia is now blue state. They slaughtered. The Republicans in these assembly races but as of right now as I speak. Peace and leave the house of Virginia's 51 to 49. So there will be challenges for provisional votes and so forth. It's as of now. I don't put smiley faces on things I don't put. Frowning faces on things I tried to analyze so let's get started. We united the Democrats was not the lousy lieutenant governor who was running. We united the Democrats is their hatred trop you heard it. Your hate for trump has never subsided in fact it's gotten worse. That's what united the Democrats. The Republicans were not united. I want you remember trump lost Virginia by 5%. Against Hillary Clinton. And 2016. Those who say. That Ed Gillespie and establishment Republicans. Should've run. Like trump. One company can run like trump the trump trump is the top trumka as far as I know when he lost by 5%. So it makes no sense to say Ed Gillespie should've run like trump and therefore he would have winery he would've won over trump voters and so forth and so on. I don't know that to be true at all given the trump lost Virginia. While he was winning many other states. Ed Gillespie lost. I 90%. 9%. But he 2013 when angle SP was running for years ago. For the senate he lost to Mark Warner then considered a popular Democrat incumbent by point 08%. By less than 1%. That just four years ago. And he wasn't running as a trump candidate because there was no trump at that point. In 2013. In Virginia. In the gubernatorial race can include channel. An unabashed unequivocal conservative constitutional that your. Lost to Terry McAuliffe by two point 6% of the vote any did not get the support of the Republican style. What does all this mean it means that Virginia has become a blue state. What else does it mean. We're gonna get into the Trump's popularity in Virginia was very low. 40%. The democratic turnout was almost 10% higher than the Republicans here. Trump ran as a full fledged Trump's hair. In 2016 he lost the primary in Virginia lost the general election in Virginia. Some hearing this Corey Stewart and others. Go on and on about them. If you embrace trump stronger run like trying to be nice to wind and so forth and what that's clearly. Unknown and very unlikely. They demographic problem is this Northern Virginia. Is very heavily populated in the state. And it's heavily populated by federal employees federal contractors lobbyists. It's heavily populated by immigrants from Maryland and DC mostly Democrats. As well as immigrants from overseas many of whom become citizens or whose children's children becomes news. Mean national Republicans in congress. They tell us that this has an impact in terms of Republican turnout. Inspiring Republicans to vote many people throughout their hands and say what's the point would you agree or not that's the consequence. They said they would repeal obamacare they did not repeal Obama care. They said they would truly slash taxes to their plan now does not truly slash taxes Felicia corporation. Is that disgraceful tax plan that creates. An upper bracket among other things. Threatens people proper they're they're your average person's property tax deductions and so for. They said they would seal the border and they've not seal the border. So the failure of the national Republicans actually. You know. Do what they said they would do to support the president in these areas for conservatives. And the president agree. Has hurt the Republican Party and has had consequences I believe in the states. As it did in this last election. I don't know what's gonna happen in 2018 I can tell you this at the Republican Party doesn't get their act together and started dancing a conservative agenda. And I mean the president on his own I mean the Republican congress. They could well lose that house and I feel our fear they might. Because there's nothing Iran not. The same promises they ran on last election cycle you Newt Gingrich saying if they don't pay suspects though they're gonna. Ladies and gentlemen if they do pass this tax though there don't here's a tax bill that hurts people. It is not a conservative. Pro growth across the board. Tax cut. It's not tax reform. I don't care how they dress and a and if the Republicans lose that house the president will be impeached. Absolute disaster. Republicans could lose the senator I have only modest gains despite the fact there's a huge number of Democrats and Democrat seats that are up for. Election and reelection. That they haven't fired up the pace because they haven't done. But this. There's a problem of an extremely hot style media. CNN. MSM. CNBC ABC CBS. Splash and post your parents. Many of the local papers for you live extremely hot stuff out of the closet partisan. Hate filled against trump even Republicans. Although they promote people like Bob quicker Jeff flake John McCain and others. And I mean he may have very clear about this. The progressive wing of the Republican Party represented by those like just mention even though they tend to be real concern. Is undermining the president and undermining conservatives. And I might go further. They actually are undermining the country. The never trump for his many of whom are former bush staffers. And the bushes themselves. They are delighted by last night's results from Virginians don't pretend otherwise. They wanna be proven right regardless of the impact on the Republican Party regardless of the impact on the country. They want to be able let's say I told this. Because their egos are out of control. They don't put America first they put themselves where's. You know Ben Shapiro wrote something and it caught my attention and in any articulated what I've been thinking for a long time now as well which is Donald Trump is not about a political movement. He's not about a political philosophy. EC power unto himself. He's a charismatic figure. He speaks to a lot of people. He speaks to a lot of people. He's not me. Philosophical conservative but he's not a philosophical nationalist populist whatever that it. Even though he's persuaded that hanging portrait and Andrew. Jackson in his office. The fact of the matter is Donald Trump is doing a lot of conservative thinks. Not because I think he does and based on a philosophical belief system. But he believes they're right. Which is a good thing. People come to their belief systems their guy is whether alien life mid life late life for whatever the reason. And I said many many times I've been very pleased. And surprised by a lot of what trump has done. He's the most conservative president we've had since Reagan so far. More so than the bushes no question in my opinion but he's not about a movement. There are people trying to project their own belief systems on him. Their own ideologies on him trying to crede political force on top of him in the end it won't work. In the end it won't work. The people who elected Donald Trump. Are conservatives. I grew up with these people. Some of them are ready conservatives. Some of them are just old time Democrats. People who are religious. They believe in the Second Amendment. They went immigration put under control they believe in a strong military they love their fire departments they love the police departments. They have conservative values they work hard every day weigh their union or nonunion whether they're white collar blue collar. And many of them. Are attracted to Donald Trump. As they were attracted to Ronald right. And that's a good thing but that's not a nationalist populist movement. It's part of the conservative family of ideas and beliefs. What's this nation was founded. And why am I bringing this up because there's way too many self appointed individuals. Whether they're on TV radio on web sites who seem to think this is all about them. Whose egos are way. Data control. Who seem to promote themselves. They claim that their support but they're promoting the American people. For the promoting liberty at a promoting Donald Trump they're not. They're not and they will be proven. To be false prophets as time goes on. I wanna continue my analysis I have to take a break so we'll be right back. Is the Republican Party look at exactly the wrong message from. You know we'll start to move well. You'll start to move. If John McCain win the presidency. It Mitt Romney when the president's the one we ever won. Major elections by moving left quite serious that it. We continues not Michigan not Wisconsin. It's not Pennsylvania it's not Ohio it's Virginia. And make up of the population in terms of the source of income is different. But here's the problem. The Republicans got blown out. In the suburbs. Republicans can't win if they keep getting blown out in the suburbs even the experts. He can't trade the suburbs for blue collar neighborhood team you both. And that's the genius of the conservative philosophy. It's with conservative principles and values and beliefs properly articulate. Linking them to everyday lives. That wins you presidential elections governorships. Statehouses. It's not ideological balkanization. It's not a war between populations. The way you appeal to the suburbs the way you feel the blue collar America is the way you appeal to all of them are. More on this when I return. Way to start trouble not be present. Well he went right now. I don't believe so. It's elected president of the united us. Tomorrow night I think when Hillary Clinton a thousand winds that. Donald Trump we'll have lost this election. From the very first day he announced that Donald Trump we'll have been cats from the White House. By a big beautiful brown wall. Clinton has 270. Poured into who lean Republican or solid Republican so some big. Kentucky were Fox News can't reject an adult child will prevail picking up eight electoral the most trouble also win Indiana. Could get in North Carolina. That would be huge I'll drop has won the state of North Carolina it's World Series in North Carolina somebody people who really Florida. It's OK Donald Trump will win the state of Florida. Donald Trump will carry the state of Florida hotel trunk. You will take Ohio. He has won the Florida. North Carolina. And Ohio. Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump has. Has dwindled at Iowa we'll go to Donald Trump you. He would have to take off either Pennsylvania or Michigan or Wisconsin. Pennsylvania this isn't calling for Donald. I'll pop I had won the state of Wisconsin. This is a reason why happy. Crowded anyway. Florida Paul won't this scene here is so different than a minute lunch and in a few hours ago Hillary Clinton conceded on the phone Donald Trump. Elected presidents you know this is why are not 55. Well they go. A year ago yesterday. Trump was elected president United States. Year ago today I'm sorry a year ago today. And the left. Is still going nuts. They look like fools. And their base turned out big time in Virginia. Which is a blue state now. Blue governor who plays for the blue governor. Two blue senators. They're a light weights violence they're all truly lightweight. Almost at the Statehouse this is a big problem for those of us who live here. Because they will ramp up our taxes they will attack the Second Amendment. They will expand Medicaid them do all the things have been destroyed so many states in the far west. The northeast new England and all the rest. I like locusts these leftists. As I've said many times they move into these red states and they eat them up. And pull them out. The turn them into little Blue States. Donald Trump lost Virginia. List and Iran. He didn't need Virginia. But there are a lot of warning signs out there there's a lot of warning signs that the and I and wanted to take a look at. The two ends of the media spectrum. We had the patrolling guard media. The Democrat party left wing media they are on constant attack. Every day all the time they make up stories. They give voice to leaks from Democrat members of congress leaks from the FBI leaks from the NSA. Leaks from Russia. And they want trump destroyed. Issues aside. Hell I think. They won it four more years of Barack Obama this sealed once and for all their massive progress in the gym. That's what they want. Donald Trump's elected president Donna trump is on a nationalist populist. Donald Trump was always a trade protectionist even when he was a Democrat he when he was a reform party. Member. And now as a Republican. Such ideological attempt to him it's common sense not to me it's not common sense but that's not my point and I'm analyzing meat and analyzing him. To him it's common sense. It's not sitting there saying I'm a nationalist pot America what is the first time he's ever said I'm a nationalist populists. Fact he says he's conservative more times than not. But he's not to philosophical conservative either. He comes to his belief system. Later in life. Thank goodness. On most issues on the conservative side. He's become more religious man. He understands judges now judges left wing activist Obama judges. Have conducted themselves in a row manner to try and undermine his. Legitimate constitutional duties is present the United States has relate to relate to among other things. Immigration. He sees firsthand common sense what activists left wing judges still so what is he wanted to do what he wants to book constitution is on the court it's not ideological with him. It's common sense with him. He sees they're hardworking Americans all of this country losing their jobs. Are there jobs being replaced. By aliens coming into this country legally and illegally whether you agree whether or not he looks at that any says this has to stop. He believes in law and order at the border what does he say says with the Israelis say it every other government sets. We need to have physical barriers on the southern border. It's not enough to have drowned it's not have to warning systems it's not enough to have an undermanned Border Patrol unique physical. Barriers. That's common sense not ideological or philosophical. In terms of repealing obamacare if they'd given dropped eight straight out repeal he would have signed it. If they would give trot and across the border Reagan style tax cut he signed it. He signed it. Not because he's a constitutional conservative are nationalist populist but because trump is trump. And we've all these little guys running around retaining their trump. All these little guys running around trying to reach a fine trump. All these little guys running around trying to protect their own ideological idiosyncrasies. Or belief systems on a trump he's not them. He's him. He's him. He has his own strengths and his own weaknesses. But he was elected present United States. But I am saying if we go along with this this. Really small ideological movement. That is insisting that we trade the suburbs from blue collar communities. We're gonna get slaughtered. Because we need both. As conservatives. And Republicans. We need both we need the suburbs and blue collar communities and Reagan showed us how to do it. He ran our beliefs and values. Traditions. That cut across those lines. That cut across those lines. Blue collar America and suburban American Idol they overlapped in some cases they do the same people. They want tax cuts. They want less regulations. They want judges who are gonna follow the rule of law they don't want faith and their religion attacked they don't want. As they leave this Supreme Court national rising issues of marriage and all the rest. They want a strong military they love their local police sports they love their local firefighting department. They want law and order. They wanna see that brought down. They wanna see them military build up. These are our values our traditions. They're tired of our institutions being attacked. These are issues that resonate. What blue collar America. This suburban America. Blue collar American and suburban and that's it genius the brilliance. The conservative principles. It's about Americanism. It's about American news. What has made this country great today what made this country gate great yesterday won't make this country great mind. It's not about new ideologies. It's about. Taking all principles. And applying them to modern circumstances. Now. I expect. The left wing media to be a left wing media. I remember what they did the Ronald Reagan in every other Republican president can. Although in the case of trump it quite frankly is more brutal it just did you wanna know why because trump has taken on the media specifically. He calls them out. Yeah identifies and he defines them. And I want to thank him for doing business. I want to thank him for calling out the media monopoly on the left of maturing guard. Whereas Republicans like court there and play and McCain. Played to the retiring by the media by trashing conservatives and they want attraction trot maybe trashing cruise. And if there were trashing cruised to be tracking some other concern. But I wanna talk about the conservative. And I use that as a broad term. Conservative. Too many in the conservative media not off. I too busy pandering. And flip flopping. In abandoning Americanism and republicanism little are Republicans not the Republican Party Republicans. And they can counterproductive. And they been destructive. They really have nothing to advance. They really have no. Ideas. That the vast majority of Americans even a majority of Americans will embrace endorse support. They just like throwing periods in this woman who. That can be fun. Don't get people's attention. And and I finally left media. Promotes. This kind of pseudo conservative me. Because they know it's destructive. They know it's a distraction. Ronald Reagan won two massive landslides popular vote Electoral College vote. Without. Well most of the concerted media there was very little concern to me. Penny deuces. Good ideas. But arguments and then success stories. Donald Trump has a couple of things going against. The Republican majority congress is wanna. They are. Really appalling. Actually upon the leadership the Republican Party congress you know I thought we got rid of pain here it would improve it is not improve. I've been on this this mission to remove McConnell the Johnny come lately he's in the back ventures are now. Finally join me that guy's done again. Through the arcane system that they had been leadership in congress. He's done again. And the Roman senate. Is backing up. Regardless of what the American people want me in regardless of the fact that he's despised within his own party. Doesn't seem to matter. As you no matter. You know the old formula actually works. The old formula that the different legs of the Republican Party conservatism. As well. Fiscal social and national security. They can break in and other pieces don't get me wrong and I have in my books and I discussed that as well but. Essentially. The old formula works. Fiscal conservatism. Social conservatism. Traditional national security conservatives. That's why it happened to blue collar America that's how you attack in the suburbs. But when you're a party that is confused about your own identity. He trains gender and party if you. It doesn't know what's between its legs it focuses on. But it wants to be between Netflix if you will. It's in chaos. The fact. After the manner it. The Tea Party show the Republican Party going. The Tea Party took out 1000. Legislative Democrats replace them Republicans. The Tea Party this log name too close he is speaker and that the republicans' apparent house the Tea Party dislodge Harry Reid. As the senate majority leader in 2014. And that the Republicans in power. The remnants of the Tea Party. Elected Donald Trump president as well as the senate. And house majorities. In maintain the huge. Legislative and gubernatorial. Republican majorities throughout the state. Not a new movement not a new ideology. Men and women all across this country. They lived in the suburbs of blue collar America. Whether they were lawyers or doctors or plumbers electricians are still workers are coworkers coal mines. The Tea Party. The spontaneous movement which people are trying to take credit for. People are trying to jump in front of the movement and redefine. That's not how movements work. Move the tee there are or are not forces either are or are not. Claiming them. Projecting them. Is a fools are. I gotta take a break I'll be right back. Is that good. Conservatives and we hope. The Republicans will follow the country. We can destroy the Democrat party. It is so radical. It is so destructive of health care and the border and so forth and so we still have a chance. And if we move left that if we chased as our ideologies. Not if we take the wrong message out of this election. We can. We can crush despite the Democrat party. And I'll explain that the next. They have moved so far left. They talk about fundamentally transforming America. Democratic Party is fundamentally transformed itself into a radical leftist you European party. Not one penny. That's how much funding Hillsdale College receives from the government. Not even. In directly. In the form of student loans or grants not one penny. The vast majority of colleges receive around 30% of the revenue from government funding loans and grants. That makes them dependent on the government and taxpayers like you and me to stay in business. In contrast he'll still refuses every penny of government funny why. Because money from the government comes with strings attached. Do's and don'ts restrictions and mandates that dictate how school operates and educates. But from the beginning in 1844. He'll still has provided a world class education. That upholds America's founding principles of preserves the lessons of civil and religious liberty. Everything heals of that from the financial aid 97% of its students received to the completely free online course that offers. Depends on generous donors who recognize the worth of independence. Not one penny preserves the integrity of a Hillsdale education. Not one penny ensures that hill still can continue to be a beacon of independence for all of its students across America. Learn more at the van for hills back com that's Alec dvi and trickles down dot com now. I'm not a Pollyanna I never have been a Pollyanna. But here's the point. We are running out of time. The demographics are changing. People are being imported into this country many of whom don't speak English. So they have no ties no connections to American history. And those who wanna learn about American history word they go to our public schools or colleges and universities to our media what do they teach and about American history. To hate America. Hey what makes America great decade Americans. To reject religion to embraced progressive as and to embrace big government. To expect as a matter of right free healthcare free education free this and free that. Time is of the essence. Time is short and we have a great opportunity. We have a great opportunity. To strike a blow against the last in the coming elections. If we do what we needed bill and I will explain that next hour I'll be right. That is smooth and clean and not of god and might have next. Just as this move to guide and saving you money. God couples and GT 24 sevenths access to licensed agents online and phone Olin and I kind of and finite and I'm nineteen and I mean I am also a ninety big fan of Barbeque potato chips. Million. Loss making this heat. Geico expect great savings an awful lot more. This is the time for real wisdom. Lightning round if someone's how about bursting into tears streaming. The next 45 minute. America is crying tonight I'm not sure how much of America that are very very significant portion and I mean literally cry at every. Everybody is crying. And so upset and it is the end of their world. Feels like the end of the world are not lifetime last right I was says slowly getting dropped what I. How do we explain how this is possible. Yeah yeah. It's beer politician. Verse is embrace this Fink gynecology at. Get your portions now. Third and I have to live when you're awake by the way. You're not having a terrible terrible shame also you're not dead and young guy and help. This is your life now this is our election now this is us this is our country this is different earth today that it was. 24 hours ago is a different place. 'cause it just is different the woman President Obama called the most qualified person ever to run for the White House couldn't break through the question remains. Okay and deeper. Concerns tonight that the world's shining light of democracy. Go on talk decency loss last night and that's what's so I heard about this this was eight white flash. This little white glass against a changing country. It was a white slash against a black president in part. And that's the part. Where the pain comes back kind of push back against the advancement of African Americans of Hispanics and women of Muslim Americans. It is a shame mourning moment different from those people. And it is it is a moment filled with. Fear that someone is never going to be able though my attitude about things. They came up to me initial period of depressed despaired. Desperate even. Always clean to me it was a rough night for everybody I think cameo DeMarre the people are worried in our case the president now why it feels like we're trying to avoid the apocalypse and half of the country is voting for the asteroid is there a doomsday plan. For a time like this thing and I write to ask about a news they've clamped do you see this as a doomsday scenario so. Donald Trump is democratically elected and your son is serving as a marine you wouldn't trust his wife's pondered that commander in chief and Cain said. That's pretty extraordinary thing to say. If you have a son who Marine Corps and that you don't trust the commander in chief very good people in the military defend. The constitution. I can't put I cannot put. Eight I can't put a happy face on that. And and that's my job this is the first time. Throughout this entire race where I'm officially in my pants. I am I genuinely during the stand how America came in this this organized all of this hateful. How do you govern when your whole campaign was built on hatred for my yeah. From slavery to human nazism we have faced challenges before us who we are as a people play. This is Supreme Court who knows where that's good enough self the only checks and balances we have. Our I still knew it. And the best ad campaign and his ground game. This is a shot against meritocracy I think because she married and everything in the normal way you standardize these things she did was supposed to do to win. You know she was Hillary Clinton the most qualified candidate that best suited for the job the best temperament. Now it's not a good Canada's history is put on hold. Yeah we have no idea who Y and and cover our bases and take your different show opens first got here the outcome I'm hoping for. The next. President of the United States. We're just in case unthinkable as apprehend and Donald sharpens our new president. They show up in what looks something like this. I felt that we and we got it again. Mark Linn here I number 8773138118773813811. Those people do not represent America. Find him playing this playing other cuts what happened before the election going the election after the election. They have nothing to do an American accent. Their platforms. Platforms. I wanna repeat. And whenever treated if if you figure Steve the last he lost to Warner and the senate race. My point 08% and 2013 four years ago less than 1%. Warner was considered unbeatable. That same year Japanese establishment Republican. Constitutional conservative coaching now I almost beat McAuliffe he lost by two point six percentage point thirteen. He 2016 Donald Trump lost in Virginia to Hillary Clinton by 5% Donald Trump also lost the Republican primary in Virginia. The Marco Rubio. So those who say that. Gillespie should Iran like triumphant embrace trying to and so forth and so on it's not an all clear they would've helped and may not help them at all. Trump apprentice trump any loss. I'm just spelling out the facts. And then Gillespie lost last night by 9%. An establishment Republicans. So that's what's happen that's the history of these elections. And I hear some of these guys turnaround sang he lost because he would run like tramp you see that that the these issues are little more complex. Do little more complex. I wanted to hug whether Democrat party. The Democrat party. Also has very very high negatives. In the last ten years the Democrat party has lost governorships across the country and they've lost state legislatures across the country. I historic numbers. For ten years. Due to conservatism. Do to the rise of the Tea Party. Did a traditional conservatism. The Democrat party is extremely vulnerable but for the fact that the Republican Party. Is incompetent. And without principles. The Tea Party. The grassroots conservatives have shown the Republicans the way year after year election after election and despite all lack. They do not learn. In fact. Even though we put them in power they have nothing but contempt for us. Nothing but contempt. The Democrat party's negatives are through the roof because they embrace a very radical agenda and it's not just a theoretical thing. It's a fact. The American people are suffering from obamacare. They are suffering from Obama I'm not talking about the people on the dole get freebies I'm not talking about Medicaid and welfare. I'm talking about the people who work in this country. It all the damn bills. And pay all that damn taxes and other Republicans and go back and demand more I caught tax cuts. Hardworking men and women in this country Democrat Republican independent whether they care I don't care. The fact is the Democrat party is a radical left your opinion party. It is safe all blown progressive party a Socialist Party. We're 45%. Of the democratic primary voters voted for Bernie Sanders. And all rant. And all the left wing Marxist red. Out of Vermont. As saying usual Communist pat and I didn't call it social democracy we all know where it comes round. Hey ball marks angles routes out we know. You know more about it than his own followers. Matt hardy is radical left. They guy who read a Virginia this guy Norton Ralph north and whenever it ever heard up. First he was born Sanctuary Cities that he was against Sanctuary Cities Hewitt followed with a you wanna know why because they have a problem they have to figure out. How to get the support of their radical cool Marxist left. Violet Mott. As well as the truck drivers and electricians plumbers out there. And it's not an easy task if they're exposed. I united. Focused articulate. Conservative Republican Party. The problem is when you have McCain. And Blake. And Collins. And Murkowski. And court there I don't know. You're never gonna have a united conservative front it is not. Because it's. Not one for all and offer of one. It's man overboard. And the fact of the matter is. Too many of these Republicans are all about themselves making themselves greater not American and not just then Sarah gets. On TV on radio what web site's all about them. Not the country that's a fig leaf. That's a big lake. The Democrat party is extremely vulnerable. Extremely vulnerable. If we would only and graced our beliefs and our values and our principles if they what are only promote our institutions. If we would only articulate. Liberty individualism. And opportunity and wealth creation and job creation. I applied. I those principles does. Police those values every day life. We know it can be done. I served for eight years and administration where was done. And enormously successful. If the Republicans had done what they can't paid off. They be in the catbird seat right. But they don't believe in anything. They don't believe in anything. Anybody who you watch on TV anybody who you hear on radio. Anybody who you read in newspapers magazines on web sites who's telling you oh. That this quote unquote tax cut proposal they came out of the house or representatives. Is in fact they tax cut proposal might tax reform proposal are the greatest tax cuts in American history. Are lying through the thirteenth they are deceiving yeah. And the consequence will be the election of Democrats from sea to shining city. Because the people are right. They don't let their interest deductions capped. They don't want their property tax deductions capped. And why should they be to feed an insatiable federal leviathan a central government that is out of control. Nobody. Nobody Republican or Democrat or in between nobody in Washington is talking about. Limiting spending. When's the last time I read about capping the deficit. I capping the deck there. Nobody wants to reform Social Security. Which goes broke in less than fifteen years nobody wants three point Medicare which goes broke in fifteen years. Can't touch the third rail of the third rails and it's a chance. There are ways to discuss these. There are ways to present these. And it's been done before. It's been done before. And it needs to be done again before it's too late and what do I mean before it's too late before we turn into a fully completed comprehensive. Socialist state and we are close. Where fewer and fewer people are paying the bigger and bigger bills. And that's gonna continue under the so called Republican tax cut. Whether you're deceived by Democrats Republicans that doesn't matter. The seat is to seek. With the taxes go up at the hands of the Republicans or Democrats it doesn't matter. He taxes are going up. Let's of the border remains open under Democrats Republicans it doesn't matter the border remains open. If the military's underfunded under Republicans or Democrats it doesn't matter. The military's not properly fund it. The opportunities that exist. Would be a classic battle of ideas. Not theories. Not abstractions but real ideas. Between the left and the right. The left is set up for that battle and is extremely vulnerable. We on the other hand. Rather than take them on engaged them. Embrace cancel what they propose we defend. He defend obamacare. We defend that tax cut. We defend dot. We defend these things while we pretend we don't. Ideas are bigger than politicians believe it or not they're bigger than dollar term. They transcend politics they transcend generations. And the report that. You know ladies and gentlemen our ideas are superior. It is our ideas that created the greatest nation on the face of the earth and it's their ideas that will destroy. But if you don't believe these things in your running for office. Or you are so called conservative media person on TV radio Iran web sites are. Newspapers or magazines or whatever. And the cases never mind. The case is there remain. They're great opportunities against a Democrat party. The face of the Democratic Party days Bernie Sanders. It's Elizabeth Warren. It's Keith Ellison. It's Chuck Schumer. These aren't mainstream Democrats are not mainstream venues. They left wing radicals. This is why they lie in their axis is why they lie in their. News interviews. This is why they lie about it and it is up best exposed. So the three legs that are necessary to win are still the three clinics. Fiscal conservatism social conservatism. And traditional national security now. It's not complicated but apparently it is. I'll be right back. Call mister good this much time do we have. Well life I know all day you finance. What is your take on last night's election. So I spent ninety minutes discussing my take. They're very much an interest in your input because you know my audience is not necessarily somebody else's audience and I know many of your very upset very concerned very frustrated. In this is the place to come our national town hall meeting. By the way you don't disagree with me. But down. When I'm hoping his I don't get people calling up and as saying. What what they want to be the case rather than what they think the cases. I think most of us can agree. That if the Republican Party doesn't get its act together. And rather than move left which I fear is it's knee jerk reaction. Which starts to move. Toward constitutional as an. Individual liberty and all these other things that under period everything we do. When he whacked hard. My greatest fear is that Democrats take the House of Representatives and try to remove the present United States. Under the phone used pretexts. And quite concerned about. I ladies and gentlemen. I shall return. I want. Arthur road for a liberal media buyers Maher program. Are now every 77381381. Marlins. As we approach the one year anniversary of the launch of CR TV the nation's fastest growing digital network or even more steadfast in our mission. Provided the most thought provoking and patriotic TV platform available anywhere. 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I'm not teams have to we're not there yet. Honest to goodness we're not there. I mean the mistake in not pulling up my yeah. My phone's screen here mr. producer put away yet who who can I speak to. Bloomsbury New Jersey they great WABC. Does this tell. Yes hey mark. I am pretty bummed out about Virginia and the fact of the matter but you've got to have the ugly feeling that just because of its population geography. And it's demographic changes that you noted have been going on and even the late 1990s when Bill Clinton was president. Really not that's exactly what happened in new York and California in the eighty's and ninety's in the what happened to them and it should. And it and Colorado. Which happened in the in the late nineties and early 2000. Yeah yeah and even now while Colorado and New Mexico we saw when they went for Obama and LA and I'll Washington and Oregon they've they've been completely. Blew up since the late ninety's as well. No. I Joseph I appreciate your cause they're. It Julianna. Reston Virginia they great WMA Al Harriet. First and crawling along the ball yeah. The app I think yeah I am you can hire a Betty and I aren't. I am just minus column can play center in Northern Virginia has. The fact that you know we were purple state and there was some hope crowd and I and glad to assist anxiously. You know and then you mr. No excuse me. Yeah tallying that was going to be such a tribute to play. Says after he ran to delay his campaign which and you. Home you know the first transgender. Candidate that won her people are just so mean to anybody at this decreed it's like. Yeah changed Israeli hypocritical it is not and yeah this really and they can't call it bullying and get people. Q but but I just feel like my vote and the way don't. You know when they don't count well all of Virginia has spoken noting. And yes look look look at where there are happy you know I mean yeah like bill. I also when you look into the end convention of states activities have you ever heard of that. How can its its its a real grassroots movement. There's twelve states who have already adopted resolutions. Two. Have a convention of states not a constitutional convention the left insists on calling that. So called conservative opponents insist on calling it that because they want to. Conjure up the image of overthrowing the constitution now do I sound like somebody wants to overthrow of the constitution. OK so it's called convention of states it's under article five of the conventional there's two ways amending the constitution. And I've written a book well eleven reform amendments in there which could really I believe help the country and there are people of other ideas. They can never be one way runaway convention because it still requires 38 state legislatures are conventions of states. To ratify as a one under the normal quote unquote. Amendment process people think about that. The left is all worked up about it there's a another. Preposterous idiotic piece of Esquire on their website attacking me in the whole notion that I wanna replaced James Madison don't replace James Madison. Unlike the left I Revere James Madison. I want you to look into that though because. You know we had people talking about leading movements this movement that moment there's actually. Millions of people at the grassroots level. Millions two and a half million people who were involved in this movement. And I'd like you check it out just go ahead in Google it okay. Point well thank you and I hope desert in Northern Virginia. Yeah I know I know I'm here to tie thanks a lot be well. The way. Jack the mustang. Oklahoma. Sirius satellite Harry user. I am just fine mark first time caller. I think you're probably want them. Best constitution must out there. You know way out here and how slow we really don't care much about Virginia politics. But I. I just play nonetheless he just. Didn't. Google along with what truck trying to do. I understand there's a lot of people that don't like don't come as a personal or personality. But he his politics are trying to lead this country back. To worry you. I know I know what trump lost Virginia. You also lost the Republican primary in bridge into rubio so I'm not. I'm not buying into this argument if the lest it run like trump he would have won I don't think that's true. I can't say I agree because it's already. Fairly democratic you know. But but also but also we should be able to win some of these Blue States we're not gonna win it by people. Running like trump little trump that's out there at the way you gonna win these Blue States is the way we used to win those states and that is. But the number of successes weren't power we don't have a number of successes from congress doing. We have a repeal Obama care. So the issue wasn't a debate about obamacare we haven't really slash taxes even the proposals coming out now there are a joke. So we don't slash taxes we haven't secure the border we haven't done the things that we said we were done and I don't mean UN me you know what I mean. These people haven't done the things they said they were going to do. And that it nor is back in the states and local races and not in every case but certainly in this case. I watched the glass be campaign I hear all these conservatives on radio and TV now saying you ran a day campaign he ran as an establishment. Figure I saw some website that was about to take credit for his victory in any loss than than a trash can. Look the last few ran eight perfectly fine campaign. This this Democrat ran horrible campaign. And we have to admit it within in order to know what to do about these things. In order to fix them no don't overcome them and beat the left we have to admit these things. Gillespie is face an establishment Republican slightly right of senator fairly moderate. And he ran against Sanctuary Cities he ran on tax cuts he ran pro cop he ran against MS thirteen news at trump issues. But. It wasn't enough and there's a lot of reasons as I explained earlier in the program prior why wasn't enough. The fact is the left turned out the Democrats. In bigger numbers. Because they hate trop it's not because they like. This sect candidate for governor. Also you have these ethnic front groups who scares the hell out of people with different backgrounds or colors and so forth. There's all kinds of things going on. On the radar and under the radar and the best way to cut through all the stuff is stock. Lying to ourselves stop pretending. About things they get back to basics and the basics are you got away in the suburbs. You gotta win the blue collar communities. And the way you in the suburbs in the blue collar communities. Is is the advancing our principles and our belief systems and applying them to everyday activities that's my my opinion. Honest hard work. And then India out there and be with two people that. Are for you you know there's there's people out here that we we can barely making it clear I agree that that tax cut they get Cameron. There's no tax cut for me and my family. World were lower middle class so we're not negating if it is going to be tiny. So only because of Oklahoma. You know we don't get that much. You know it's. And successes the the the the president's successes which you and I and we celebrate. Our success is that a conservative. When he gets of course it's on the Supreme Court and then and gets other conservatives on the court. When he advances a conservative agenda we we can all agree that that's very very successful. Congress is not advancing a conservative agenda. It simply is not an as long as McConnell was there and I conclude as long as Paul Ryan's there it's not gonna happen when I watch all around one of these on nation's. Sound like a leftist. Going on on about class warfare. Attacking quote unquote the rich I said all right he's done that's it. That's sick man's lost his way he's been a Washington too long. I've man Jack I appreciate your call my friend you'd you'd be well. Aren't the reason I'm talking and we're talking about this Virginia election so much is because of its potentially national ramifications. And I'm sure the wrong message to Republicans are gonna take for a. Sean round hill Virginia serious satellite go. Pace scenario. Okay how are you now actually Mitch and Panera Bread last week. On that you know Panera Bread and tell everybody where it is them. I'm not I'm not. I hadn't been aware for Barack on purpose. But Nara anyway I'm they would vote all I remember you you to the big guy you are marine Mamie better okay nice to meet you go ahead. All but Doug active on the on that a lot speed. Well Virginia election kind of things. You know might my feeling of voter on that was a particularly around a lot speech you would how much Brian McConnell made them their long. I'm nugget of saint spent about the last three. Let's be almost one last time around remember. Yeah but four years ago he almost had an upset victory select change. But think that motivate change a minor I'm certainly have a certainly a portion of it no question. Yeah absolutely and you know here in. In Virginia I think there's big undercurrent of you know trump supporters. And yeah I think what buckle up speed. Failed to identify. Well I went up by one of the town and my brother is trump lost Virginia. And he lost the Republican primary Virginia to rupiah. And I know Trump's trump voters of which I'm wanna wasn't in the primary was in the general seemed to think they control the world they don't control or. And they don't control Virginia. And when I keep saying is I don't talk about trump voters crews voters these voters that vote Israeli keep talking about as we wanna win and defeat the left which we must do. We're running out of time. You've got to appeal to people who are in the in the blue collar areas as well as the suburbs in the way you do that. Is that old fashioned conservative principles applied to things that people are are having to deal with us. Good bad and indifferent you know the country. Here's the thing. If you listen to people on the left in the so called right. You would think when estate depression as a country economically he would think everybody's collecting food stamps you would think there. There are there are soup lines all across the country. You would think every business is closing you would think every country's cleaning our clock you and that's not America that's not what's going on. That's not what's going on there are too many pockets in America. Which you're depressed and so forth in the way you deal that he's really strong capitalists private sector agenda. But all of America is not a soup kitchen go ahead. That I just don't think it Gillespie tapped into what today's issues are for conservative. You know for years I think that's true I agree was that. So I'm I'm not tiny trying to tie him into orbit and the Democrats had prompted the Democrats in a much bigger turnout and he explained that. Why I think it's going out with any kind of liberal turn out you play an upper most with them they'll get mad and that's when they'll start yelling and not forget about. I mean it was much bigger than 2013 four years ago. Much faith. Yeah well I think you can tie that's a problem but I think you can also. Tied the last piece failure to turn out the voter panel to. Did it seem like another. It seemed like a repeat almost four years ago it. I Chinese have to admit right before the election everybody thought are a lot of people thought particularly unrated Nicholas he would pull it off prime remember. Yeah I think you're both going to be close but he's clearly came down okay. Close he lost by nine points so what I'm saying is if he ran such a lousy campaign why weren't people saying that the day before the election. I don't know maybe because they didn't think so. I'm man don't get mad at me I hope to see again. I got a heartbreak take care transited guy we'll be right back. Staff and I don't wanna mess happened when it correct it. Trump was the general election he won the primary. And Virginia was 34 points. 7% to march through this 31 point 9%. I love you my audience. I get a B on my toes that I wanna be right I wanna be correct that don't wanna mess up and when I think it. 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Very informative show and I marked previous caller go must find it would come to Virginia thank god and I appreciate their. I'm actually you informed that you don't cook. Broke down to Petra full report I want to thank you connect I was like in traffic and happy technical content and I think there and you lock up 15% at creative capital that we know what they're noted went off. But yeah. There could use me as what are the most dangerous conservative Americans in the country lack. I'm a conservative American weapons to be a black man with a library card and I could lead to what we can't thank god that he. Can't accommodate what we've all had a good. Other than the black woman like diamond just. Oh good combo the mental health call me a good topic already have a big me I don't need to add on to. That didn't make a couple of bad we've got potential to be mobile me mark. I'm secure in my Amanda good luck let go another man how much I love you look and let you know let me commend you must you have some good clear because. I'm through the public knowing that Nokia. Hello to move slowly filled with dad that fills the Stanley code number I always love human man and God's good luck in the sky could. I think that any of them and you same deal my man the same deal and he's been money from the start a lovely guy. We'll be right. OK keep your eyes close to home I wanna assure you my. First ever painting right okay. Over here it's oh. So. Owners can do that and she Sylvia asks what do you think. I like Powell. If he's a guy could you could save hundreds of dollars on car insurance yeah that's not true. Here why I pulled your crash while you call them. Geico because sitting 13% or more car insurance is always agree cancer. I'm the national review that he's again considering a run in 2016. All of this country which I don't know what you're doing my little. So we probably won't be the wrong. Donald Trump has been saying he'll run for president as a Republican which is surprising since I just as soon as he was running as a joke. Is that people think that Donald Trump is a clone. I'm Donald John trump is a clown and he does anybody seriously think that god trump is serious about running for president Donald Trump. Get a good clown but likely moderate Airbus parent could barely believe it down from as the clock which Republican candidate who has the best chance of winning the general election. Whom I miss it. Larry is right now Donald Trump. President Obama won't go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States. Exclamation point. Real Donald Thomas. You don't I'll probably. But at least I won't look out past eight. It's obviously this is the beginning of the end for trumping the beginning of the end beginning of the answer is probably starting of the beginning of the can afford to or Donald Trump to. No well your not to be able to insult your way to the presidency. The strongest person yeah. Usually isn't allowed us one in the wrong. So right now we have dollars and 75 or 80% favored we've reversed. If you look at all hasn't let up I'd double digits nationally while I was. Thirty and great race. Clinton leading Florida literally in North Carolina community in Ohio Clinton leading in Nevada I could go on and on and on. I continue to leaders are. Trouble lovely present. So all right now mr. Tom Dick answering your call for political honesty I just wanna say. You're not going to be president my rights. So. The Arizona. Excellent. And why it's. Start accumulating Yahoo!. Lot of people left that we over the is now the not a lefty so much so that. Now than not that they are hate and they are paying big time. And mark lament our number 877. 31381. Month I can't play these and not 8773813811. Year ago today Donald Trump was elected president of United States. That's OK let's interest in mr. because he can tell you we've been through a lot of elections. And that I watch these incoming votes and mr. producer when. You could see some of these states with close. What was I telling. I said the senate has listening off that this is hours before everybody here. Because Hillary Clinton wasn't building up the numbers she needed to build up. And who we contact become on the programs that we can try and lock in the panhandle Florida. The would be vice president knives it. Member of that. I sit at the call out depends on here we can get the vote out in the in the end panhandle. Trump's gonna win Florida. But when he won Pennsylvania that was it. That was a massive. And of course these people are stumped you know how many of you were upset about what took place in Virginia. Multiply that by a thousand and that's how they felt. And when he hit a couple more issues of how we're not we're not leaving these particular issues. I think quiet about this Rand Paul thing because I've been wanting to see more and more information about how to tell you. Not knowing all the details on. This really no. No defense for this guy Renee voucher. Who assaulted senator Paul. Apparently in an appalling way. From the daily caller. Paul confirmed his injuries are more extensive than initially reported after his neighbor attacked him outside this Kentucky home on Friday. Paul's neighbor 59 year old Renee Bouchard. Assaulted Paul Wylie was mowing his lawn the Kentucky Republican was initially thought of broken five bridge and suffered contusions. If they're being tackled to the ground. He's six broken ribs and a new X ray shows they pay. Floral what does they eight he fusion I don't even now. This guys fifteen and a Bowling Green. Who Kentucky state police says the salt of the US senator at his residence charge of one count of assault. I'm there's a leftist. Not a socialist he's also an anesthesiologist. But I mean this it is amazing. And it's quite appalling. I spent the late morning and early afternoon today at a hearing. In Washington DC at this quietly winner the hearing room. And it was an enormously impressive here. A sub committee in the House of Representatives. And among those who testified as witnesses I can't it and everything but. Dory gold. And bastard glory gold. Who is a long time brilliant. Solid. Representative of Israel. Very close to the current prime minister as well as John ball personal time friend of mine who served in the Reagan administration together he needs no introduction. And there were others. And it was a committee hearing. From the chairman of the subcommittee. Has run this campus. Republican from Florida and others Ron Desantis. Is. Very very solid intelligent. Our strategic. And those are viewed only in his district in Florida are unfamiliar to them you really had to become tonight. This is a rising star in my humble opinion in the Republican Party and the conservative movement around the cents. The hearing was on. Moving. The American Embassy. In Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and I thought I knew a lot about this as I watched the hearing a lesson I learned a hell of a lot more. And the Republicans on the committee were outstanding. The government of Israel's located in Jerusalem that can mess it is located in Jerusalem the ambassador to Israel from the United States has some background. Does most of his business with the Government of Israel as you would guess he's been ambassador from the United States there is. There's no residence. Ambassador's residence. Ambassador's office in Jerusalem farm bassinet. He he stays at a hotel it's not a secret. Because they even announced that the Yankees had the King David Hotel it's wonderful hotel don't get me wrong. He doesn't have the security and any needs. And it John Bolton set I don't wanna see in other than gusty here. Now the United States has relations as Jim Jordan pointed out the official relations with a 188 countries out of a 193. In every single instance. Our embassy is in the capital. As determined by the country. In every single instance except Israel. And if Jim Jordan pointed out. Israel's closest ally or one of our closest allies they defend us and supporters and everything we do is we do them. And yet we don't put our embassy. In Jerusalem where it's supposed to be. Because that Palestinians. Don't want it there. The embassy should be at East Jerusalem. Now what I did my shows from Israel which many of you really really enjoyed and they had enormous ratings. I explain and I guess explains. East Jerusalem is where the holiest of the Jewish sites are. The holiest of the Jewish sites. The Palestinians claim that as mayors. And as dory gold. Said today during the hearing. These countries in the Palestinians and I paraphrase need to understand this is our capital. It's going to always be our capital it's not up for negotiation. And I hope they can digest this. But I'm not understanding why we won't move our embassy. To Jerusalem. And now I'm concerned because. There's a law in place ladies and gentlemen that was passed 2122 years ago. It passed in the United States senate by the voted 93 to five. It passed. By unanimous voice vote in the House of Representatives. And that resolution. So I should state law. Directed. The movement of the American Embassy. To Jerusalem. And every six sponsors so. He president of the United States. If he or she is not going to put our embassy in Jerusalem has to sign a waiver. And states not in our national security interest or sound person. President trump campaign on a promise that he was going to move. Our embassy from Tel Aviv. The Jerusalem. The capitol of Jerusalem the working historic. For the Jewish people. And yet he already signed a waiver once and it's coming up on December want and I wanna read this piece from the Washington freed beacon atom Credo. The trump administration is remaining quiet. On when I won't wreak locate the US embassy in his. Go to Jerusalem among growing calls from congress for the administration. To enact a policy president trump repeatedly promised during the 2016 campaign. According to multiple US officials familiar with the matter now this is part of the prime you look at these elections. These Republicans and the president they have to just do what they said they would build. Officials from the White House national security council of State Department. Provide an identical statements of the free beacon on Wednesday saying there's no news to share on when the administration will relocate the US embassy. And Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Israel's capital city. This dance step comes despite renewed congressional interest in the issue. Ahead of the December 1 deadline for trump to either begin the process of moving the embassy or delay any action for another six months. While trump about multiple times on the campaign trail to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. As one of his first acts in office the president decided to formally delay that process. As his administration pursues efforts to restart the Israel Palestinian peace process but let me help the administration out. There will be no Israel Palestinian peace. Because the Palestinians don't want peace. Palestinians want. To claim McLean McLean McLean Abbas is they perished. And he runs the so called moderate rain set top there is no moderate wind. Of course there's Hamas. Which is now working with a rein in Hezbollah. Easy building panels and other very busy with a little panels cannot cannot spend our time so wait until people. I should also point out in East Jerusalem. Enormously holy sites for Christian. For Christians took. I'm. Now when the Jordanians controlled Jerusalem and of course. She and Samaria but I'm focused on Jerusalem what do they get. When they controlled Jerusalem for nineteen years what they do. They destroyed. Jewish synagogues dangerous that's what they did. Among other places. In Jerusalem today I saw this would like to prize my own eyes. Muslims. Go to East Jerusalem Christians go to East Jerusalem Jews go to east truce. Everybody can go to east. Tommy can Jews go to the temple mount and actually. Do more than. Sites he can they prayed there no they can't why is that because the Palestinians full riot why. And I can go on and on. My concern here is ladies and gentlemen is whether or not the present United States has been uphold this campaign crowns. It's an important campaign promise and by the way not just to Jews you know many secular Jews just don't give them. But many Jews do but it's also for Christians. And also people of goodwill. People of goodwill including people who voted for the president. I have no idea why he won't pull the trigger to move the embassy he said he would. He said he would. Do any do you think. That if he present a United States does not continues to take the position of not moving the embassy from Tel Aviv that Israel that the Palestinians will become peaceful. When we believe that. Why is one of the witnesses there or Desantis pointed out. For 22 years. Has there been peace as a result of the United States not moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem of course not. It's truly bizarre. It really is that it's incredible to me. I hope the president of the United States. And on his own there's there's. Own new law that has to be passed. Known law doesn't have to confirm what congress it is the law it's already the law. The only person now standing in the way of moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is Donald Trump he's the only one. I don't care what Tillerson thinks he's no damn good quite frankly on many fronts. I don't care what the farm policy establishment thinks. Understand what I'm saying congress doesn't have to do and in the congress already did something overwhelmingly voted to move the embassy the president United States. Either remove it or it structure. It's black and white. Does it take a break here. Already all right I'll be right back. Is this kind of break. Success fire let's take call here. Boom boom room above from imclone Roger Salt Lake City the great KK AT go. They could take my call. You know I do let's say you're exactly right on. The ship lecture in Virginia was completely. And I would say mostly democratic. Do balloons all over there and beat. Problem that's that Republicans. Are gonna deal with now. They're consultant are gonna come in. And try to. Them and command bring him over to the senator Byrd in left center court. Renegade. Makes. Sanchez include immigration and her own hand him over and then. Amnesty and the crowd had a and the Democrats could have her or her plans for. You know. He's doing he's doing exactly what happened there and changing the demographic of red state. Yet they play around. Hi my friend appreciate your call your eye on we'll be right back. I just checked yes I'll see you don't. You know you're one of the greatest champions of freedom in this country if not meaningless speaking world mark. Call mark at 8773813811. While thank you mr. nice present much appreciated. You know friends it's hard to believe the 2017 is almost over. Time does it stand still so don't waste another minute join GMAC right now he Mac the association and a true American citizens. Well it's believing conservative voice for Americans age fifty enough. And they are resolved to continue their mission to restore America's moral compass to make America better place for our children and the save America from the left. As any Mac member you also gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits and discounts that I help you save a lot of money. From car insurance and Medicare plans to discounts on hotels and car rentals and more. In Mac is the organization to join. The voice for conservatives in Washington exceptional benefits. When Italians this is it this is an organization you can really love. Join a Mac now at www. Any Mac dot US that's WWW. That he and that he's seen that US. When call the toll free line 888. 2622006. That's pretty simple that's 888262206. Really check them out Dave great discounts great benefits if you remember the AARP. You one of us you really need to ditch stand. And joint pain Mac. If you remember of no such organization please consider aim act in addition to the great benefits and discounts they represent our conservative principles and Washington. On behalf of people over 5050. You know. The association amateur American citizens the benefits are great. The causes even greater so join GMAC today. I think you should. Donald Trump. Was in South Korea. Now he's in China. And he is making excellent speech. Which is why you're only seeing a little bit of it on TV even though these news outlets spend a fortune. To send their overweight. Not overpriced pretend journalists over there yes. So here's trumpet Seoul South Korea overnight. Cut he let him go. World cannot tolerate the menace of a rogue regime that threatened us with nuclear. Devastation. All responsible nations must join forces. To isolate the brutal regime of North Korea to deny it. And any form. Any form up. You cannot support you cannot supply you cannot accept. We call on every nation including China and Russia. To fully implement the UN Security Council resolutions. Downgrade diplomatic relations with the regime. And sever all ties of trade. And technology. It is our responsibility. And our duty to confront this danger together. Because the longer we wait. The greater the danger grows. And that fewer. DR. Options. Become. You know the man speaks the truth about these men. And he's not one of these. Coat paint Republicans I know he has said things I would suggest that he is but he's not. He's not hiding from what's taking place in North Korea's so many past administrations have. He's not hiding foe what's taken place in Iran and so forth he's not an isolationist. Just because he's not any rabbit interventionist. Which is never been a traditional conservative view of prudence when applying. Our principles to national security in international affairs. I mean he's doing things that it has not been done and should be done. Cut twelve go. I also have come here to do is an instrument to deliver a message. Directly to the leader. Of the north. Korean. Dictatorship. The weapon you're acquiring are not making you safer. They are putting your regime in grave danger. Every step you take down this dark past. Increases the apparel. You face. North Korea. Is not the paradise. You grandfather. Envisioned. It is a hell. That no person. Deserves. Yet despite every crime you have committed against god and man you already took off and we will do that. We will offer a path. To a much better future. It begins within there into the aggression review regime. A stop to your development of ballistic missiles. And complete. Verifiable. And totaled the nuclear is a. Now they should be a pipe dream metro on. This. They shouldn't be a pike. That was a long held position by our government by the Chinese Government and the Korean government which is exactly why. South Korea's surrendered 100 nuclear warheads. That it had ours and we remove them. At the time we remove them. Really really mean though the president has been outstanding on this trip which is. Something the media will not acknowledge him in the morning sure on this issue now and all the freaks that sit around nice to where's mark halprin. Lopes meant analyze the mentioning. That's what if you notice there's no sexual harassment of any kind over at CNN is that possible. Is that possible. I noticed that CNN this kind of upsets what goes on with fox Jake Tapper can't stop. Tweeting about Bill O'Reilly what's that. Tenet romance one way I don't know what that it. Was this little fact doughboy AM Brian stats player can't stop talking about fox. We're very very weird. In my opinion. All right let us continue to. Andy. Post falls Idaho on the mark then that they'll. And I remarked thank you would have okay. Thank you. About last night I I would surprised personally. Just the culmination of the last year. Watching the Republicans knocked it behind trumpet and a lot of them to offer more resistant to on the Democrats have. I just think that the conservative voters tired of this. Podium but essentially the same pace is back and you know to repeat the same place we've been watt who collapsed 89 years and he made about what was different from a couple of years ago he had Barack Obama to hide behind. It's easy to come out and say you know you spot for this new stood up her that while Iraq how no way anymore. And now trying to show as a result. And we were not CNN it became a trumpet Dartmouth in them what you know Boca by executive order or anything that he had a strong holds true a look at. It's quite true Republican haven't done anything to help. Operating outcomes so. Instead of going and voting third you know Republican candidate that we know is lying to us. You know at least you know what you're getting on the other side of Democrats who are straight up and are honest about what they want. And at this point I'm not sure. How much of the difference there is between a congressional Republican and a congressional Democrat anymore. While there are differences. You them point one of them out but. The problem is even though their differences. They differences. Have mostly in the technique mostly in. Ration is if you know what I'm trying to say is. The Republicans have become progressives pin abandoned. So much that is in the constitution and limited government these things they don't talk about it if they do their throwing alliance. But beat the Democrats are aggressively. You know transforming America whereas the Republicans. Go along when they're in power they enshrined with the Democrats do. So. The problem isn't that does the same the problem is only represents us. Right right got a congressional Republicans are quote unquote conservative government is not the same failure Republican. Conservative voter. They're. Miles apart that this panel a lot I'm going into the consumers in more than. No it's a dirty word now in editor compared the tea mid out there to get ridiculed their immediate you rarely ever hear. Yeah. All right my friends treated. Good call I appreciate it. Let's continue nick Walla Walla Walla Walla Washington. On the mark live and act out. Mark. Terry you don't and I may well thank you. Yeah a lot of your last caller turned around and I've been. The problem is though we conservatives were seen to be ignored the really is when it comes into our local. First Jake Tapper actually like Virginia I'm sure. Party had they're probably mostly. You don't delete establishment types now they can make the same could be sent her you know her. Well maybe not so much here in Washington but this is getting that way I think we we get too much success about trying to find the right candidate to placate to the you know that the suburban school work Doreen. To conserve little space and biggest turning off a lot of people that's why the Google. Those are not as you know not one that should be your as far as you'll bleed participation. Well look that I agree with you and leave the prior gentleman now we're abandoning these principles. We're abandoning the application of these principles to everyday life. And these principles cut across. Professions. As I say when your electrician or a lawyer they cut across geographical lines suburbs vs. First is blue collar neighborhoods and really. That's the problem conservatism its principles while articulated and applied to modern events. This is the bridge between people that bridge between geographic areas it is the glue that wall holds society together. We've known how to do this in the past but you know when you Republicans who have banded and it becomes an impossibility. It is that the people they don't put common people like me I think we've listed that. We need to continue to fight and do you know do you pick our power back because. The other Hanigan who once they're not going to be enough in the united if you watch it and never used to beat this is who. Was this before. Look like you have to understand something when you look at history. The left has a very very high tolerance for your pain and understand and and sent. Right. I don't very high tolerance for your pain my pain and pain of the people in this audience. Agree look at Obama care look at it they don't have a second thought about this monstrosity that they created. Undercover of darkness they don't have a second thought about it there are people in this country their people in my family. And friends the people in my family who cannot get insurance. And refuse to go on Medicaid because there's no program being offered where they live. That is an outrage in America. It is just step in America I grew up and now. I'm my brother did call I appreciate it. We'll be right back it's a. You'll want to protect your home this holiday season police a list. 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Simply save mart dot com now. Since this is the last. Moments of the one year anniversary of the triumph victory that so. Offend the left in the media. Amenities this one more time mr. produce the three minute montage you know which I'm talking about. One more time ladies and gentlemen just a cheery. One year ago ten right. Now. Culture I'm just last week he confirmed the national review that he is again considering a run in 2016. Drew is an. This country we're still yeah you just because there's always an unbelievable Jews are wrong. Donald Trump has been saying they'll run for president as a Republican which is surprising since I just assumed he was running as a joke. Is that people think that Donald Trump is all about Donald Donald Trump is a clown and he does anybody seriously think that. Trump is serious about running for president and I'll drop the hey that clown but likely moderate Airbus parent apparently believe that down from 2 o'clock which Republican candidate who has the best chance of winning the general election. Among the declared loser right now. I'm Donald Trump. President Obama won't go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States exclamation point. Real Donald well. Obama. They're at least I won't out past eight. It's basically this is the beginning of the end for trumping the beginning of the end beginning and the answer is probably starting of the beginning of the end afford to or Donald Trump to. Donald you're not going to be able to insults your way to the presidency before. The strongest person. It usually isn't allowed us one in the wrong. Right now we have Hillary's about a 75 or 80% favorite we've reversed. If you look at all I still look up my double digits nationally will continue to create the great race. Clinton leading Florida Pennsylvania North Carolina native Ohio. Clinton leading in Nevada I could go on and on and on. I continue to believe it's our. Trouble Levy president. And sold right now mr. Tom Dick answering your call for political honesty I just wanna saying. You are not going to be present my rights. Arizona. And why your. It's great. Started accumulating now. Lot of people left Debbie company is now they're not laughing so much else that. And Pennsylvania. Anyone of these big battleground states one year ago tonight he took everyone. Florida. Any Neil. North Carolina. Ohio. And Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was a dagger in the heart. Later we would learn anyone Michigan. And Wisconsin. It's a big deal as victory is. It's a remarkable victory when you consider everything isn't. And enormously historic victory when you greet them all the time or not isn't even my point of time that the election itself. Virtually. Every single poll and pollster got to run. Virtually every single so called media. Experts got it wrong. Tehran. That Democrats were ready to party they figure they had a third term of the Obama where they would finish fundamentally transforming America won't have finished their never finish what you not. And they lost. And they went after the Electoral College. Now they're going into journeyman. Now they when he is amendment 25 now they wanna when teacher. At Ku. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel I wanna thank you for joining me tonight. I know you wanted to hear and I wanted to talk with him. And I much appreciated catalyst. OK get the grand prize of one million dollars what color is the White House. I know listen this I know this. And five seconds oh. Switching to Geico continue bunch of money on car insurance. The judges and that's true gentlemen. They did his job no oil. Geico because saving 15% or more car insurance is always a great dancer.

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