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11/9/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Nov 10, 2017|

Whether innocent or guilty the problem with the Roy Moore accusation is that there is no way to resolve the issue one month before the election. The timing of this makes it impossible to sort through the facts and find the truth. Also, the Washington Post reported that the 4 women didn’t come ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Friend. With three is signified that food repelled humidity and handles violent. One dropped Chris stopped with John Reid of freebies here you're here talking and free is never address John freedom prison here. One drop for his back from the front don't forget. What makes your blind blind sheer blind go blunder collection by John freedom lightens and frightened scared to hold shades to give YouTube once upon every day. You'll hear talks to make this statement. This year won't do laundry collection from different don't forget. Hello everybody mark lemon here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. Now let me tell you have a sport. And one of the biggest talk show hosts in the United States. I may be considered the leading constitutional conservative at least one of them. On radio. The left hates Mike got so they're tape recorders are going now I'm in one of trying to seize on anything I say about Roy Moore a written media matters and other places. To try and smear mean to attack my character that this is how well I'm just tell you how works today. Many of your listening in to see how I respond to Vista and I'm gonna give you my honest opinion which show is still. But just when you watch how this is cherry picked. No I read this Washington Post piece. I ran twice. Then I read let. Roy Moore had to sit. Then I read let Republicans in Washington next. Here's the problem with Wallace. When you're a politician. If you're running for public office in your election is a month or so away. And let's say you're innocent. How exactly do you defend your stuff. You agree with me most of it is. It's not gonna go to court. There's no process in place. For airing the allegations banning them and for responding to them in a way and for some fact finder to figure out. What's what. There's simply no way. And so what has come to mind would mean when I was reading it I'm reading everything related to this is. Why now. This isn't the first time this has been done to a politician. Whether they're guilty or innocent. This information. Didn't come out to in the primary why is that. This information comes out now is reported. Now and apparently. The ballots can't be changed. In Alabama. So comes out now well after the Republican primary and the ballots can't be changed in Alabama. And the information coming from the Washington Post which is already endorsed a Democrat in Alabama. And I supposed to ignore all that. And again it comes out of as a time and I speak as a lawyer. Where. It is impossible. To judge the facts. Or the allegations or the supposed to fax. There's no way. It cannot be risen up prior to the election it simply cannot be his top priority election. That's why when guys like Mitch McConnell and all the other Republicans go on and say. If this is true he should withdraw all what does that mean. If this is true he should we draw. How do we know what's true or not and how well we got beat before the election. And how does he would draw one in Alabama. The ballot stays the sank. And a lot of these Republicans inside the capitol building and I'm I'm just telling the truth. They hate this guy Roy Moore. And hey don't. Some have backed them most cannot. Then I think to myself. The the Washington Post pursue the Juanita Broderick charges against Bill Clinton aggressively though they didn't. I most media outlets they sat on the they sat on. Why they sit on the but you know why. Now the Washington Post stories too long to read. But you've heard the media reports that there are four women who have come forward and made allegation. Four women have come forward and made what kind of allegations. According to the Washington Post story itself the Foreman did not comport before woman were found by the Washington Post. The intrepid reporters were in Alabama they say they have they heard their rumblings about more. Years decades ago. Pursuing teenagers or something of that sort and so they pursue the story. If he just figured it out now and that's why they're publishing it now. These women in their fifties. Summer. Almost sixty. Now it's three paces. And before women quote unquote have come forward. It appears he went on dates with a cut with the three of them. And nothing beyond kissing in two cases and it did even reach that you know actually one of the cases. And they were not fourteen in these cases. I'm trying to remember the eighty's and I can't. And I'm not defending him. I'm just laying out the facts as have been presented here. Not as to the woman who was fourteen. Fox News reports Alabama Republican senate candidate Roy Moore on Thursday adamantly denied a Washington Post report any woman. She's now 53. Who claims the former judge and staunch social conservative initiated a sexual encounter was there when she was fourteen. Allegations that have rocked the race in the final stretch. The post story centered on allegations made by Lee equipment now 53. She told the newspaper that more than an assistant district attorney first approached you in 1979. Outside a courthouse and Alabama which she was sitting with their mother. On another occasion she said more than 32 took it to his home in the woods in history. During a subsequent visit corporate reportedly claimed he took off. Her shirt and pants and so forth. There was no and collect. And you can read the rest is seven I can read it on the air and just because. I don't like reading this kind of stuff there. Now what are we to make the list. True or not. What's with the timing of the story. You know I put myself in the position of both these people fresh Emeril anymore. The man has been anti establishment. In Alabama. Since day one. He was a Supreme Court justice and they're not appointed they run for office. He was a quote unquote controversial Supreme Court justice because he refused to remove the ten commandments. From the courthouse. And was ordered to do so any still refused. And they removed that and they removed him. Wouldn't you think at that point. Some information would come out. But no information came. What did you think at that point. Of his announcement that he's running for the United States senate in the Republican primary information would come out or at least intrepid reporters who wanna get information. But it didn't come out. And here we are as the Fox News article reports in the final stretch of the senate campaign in Alabama the final stretch. In the Washington Post digs out the information according to them. And reports that today. Reports that today. And it's all over the media. Four women have come forward. Yet the Washington Post says they didn't come for the Washington Post found them. And they're all treated the same but they all weren't treated this thing. And they were different ages. Certainly not defending it I don't believe in dating 1718 year olds and so forth whenever the ages. But he denies this all of it. In fact likely denies it. And as I heard some commentators say on not on TV. You know I like the Harvey Weinstein case they said well this isn't you know it's it's. To bad secret it was an open secret this guy in on me he would mean yeah. The way we treat women and how many women in this that and the other thing. When I read this I was stunned. In the left no doubt was ecstatic. But what the media. The timing of such a report. Are we to believe that these Washington Post reported just happening here about this they went to Alabama from some of the supporters and now they were just able to. To draw all the truth. And these women particularly the the former fourteen year old is now 53 years old. Is that what we're to believe. The newspaper that endorsed a Democrat already. Now. That's what's gone on here I remembered. Many decades ago. In the Clarence Thomas case. Many decades ago. How he was treated the allegations that were made against him. The timing of those allegations. This terrible absolutely terrible any it was almost impossible for the man to defendant. Azeri wasn't hearing. And here. You can never come up before. Despite the fact he was a public figure he'd been the chairman of the EEOC. Does quite well known as a former judge. Never come up before and then it comes at them. Comes up then. So the Washington Post. Who was gonna report a story like this that you reported earlier while you know we only learned about this many didn't. I don't believe that for two sentence. And I believe that for two seconds. And these Republicans saying if it's true he should withdraw well of course if it's true he should we draw how do we find that out. The problem isn't a situation like this you know and I know in the media you're guilty until proven innocent that's a fact you're guilty until proven innocent. And by the way speaking of criminal behavior quote unquote. Which. Most of what they've reported would not be. With respect to the fourteen year old could be. He got Bob Menendez in New Jersey. Who's been on trial. For corruption charges. You read almost nothing about the two here almost nothing about the easy sitting United States senator. As any of these Republicans come forward and said he should resign because he was indicted because he's in trial now. In fact Lindsey Graham testified on behalf of Menendez is character. In new agers. Man was indicted. He's on trial. Hasn't been convicted yet. Maybe he won't be. But nobody has jumped to demand his resignation on either side of the aisle Republican or Democrat why is that. Why is that. Many years ago when I was in California. We live there long but he lived there a little while. There was a race they facts are clearly not exact doesn't really matter but there was a race. They ran in California where this wonderful man he's still a wonderful Bruce pressure which was running for the senate. Against Barbara Boxer her first campaign for the senate he lost by a couple of points. And they need some allegations about women or a woman I don't remember the specifics it wasn't anything like this but it was something. And it cost him the election. And it turned out it was all BS. Because when the media report this stuff so close to the election. And there is no way. No way to get to the bottom up and no way to resolve the issue. For the most part at least in the Republican side when the person is accused. They lose. They lose. I don't know the facts in this case I just know this is a lousy way to report. This is a lousy way to do this. In this is how the Washington Post conducts so. How CNN conducts itself. Now we'll see how the left media matters in the others try to cherry picked and was what I just said none of that which none of it is controversial. None of what I've said this country. But it's truthful. And its objective. I'll be right back. Look at my creditors said it was a his eleventh save. Feel the page seven of the credit they. The three other women who spoke to the post says that more pass them on dates when they were between sixteen and eighteen. And he was in his early thirties. Now that would have been nothing criminal about that. Moreover when you read further in there they didn't do anything. They went on a few dates they kiss that was it. Period. I was hit. One of them that turned nineteen. So why are they throwing these in wins I mean that. Again I don't know what's accurate what's not neck. But again the timing of this just makes it virtually impossible to sort through anything. Which I guess is why there's this time. And they wrote on page three in my printed version neither course nor any the other woman sought out the post. While reporting this story in Alabama about supporters of more senate campaign. A post reporter heard that more allegedly it's our relationships with teenage girls now how would this happen. All the various events. All the campaigns. Running for the Supreme Court they post reported just happening here about relationships with teenage hero. These ladies say they never they they didn't come forward. This just doesn't smell right to make. Clever the facts turn out to be. Something about this doesn't smell right to me. We'll be right back. Apologetic patriots and on apologetic. Constitutional us yeah. You can reach him at 8773813811. That we don't know. Anything more than what the Washington Post is report. That's all we know. Now I'm sure. The morning news shows. Are working as I speak to get one or more these ladies. Could go on TV. I'm sure that's the case because they want to Jack up their ratings anyone influence the outcome of the race. They weren't so excited to get about getting one meter Broderick. Our Paula Jones Kathleen Willey even today they look down upon those one. And we have to be honest about these things. Now Roy Moore and his campaign issued a statement. Today the jet today the judge Roy Moore campaign for US senate issued a statement. This is them responding to yet another baseless political attack at a Washington Post a paper that is endorsed judge Moore is opponent. More campaign chairman bill Armstead. Released the following statement on Thursday afternoon judge Roy Moore hasn't door the most outlandish attacks on any candidate in a modern political arena. But this story in today's Washington Post alleging sexual impropriety takes the case take. National liberal organizations and other chosen candidate Doug Jones. Is any death spiral and this is there a last ditch hail Mary. The Washington Post is already endorsed the judges opponent. And for months saving gates and a systematic campaign to distort the truth about the judge's record and career. Do you relish campaign in fact just two days ago the foundation for moral law center attraction demand to the post for the false stories they route. That the judges working compensation. But apparently there's no end to what the postal allege. The judge has been married to Taylor for nearly 33 years has four children and five grandchildren. It's been a candidate in four hotly contested statewide political contest twice as a gubernatorial candidate twice as a candidate for Chief Justice. He's beneath three time candidate for local office he's been in national figure into groundbreaking judicial fights over religious liberty in traditional marriage. If they're over forty years of public service of any these allegations were true they would of been made public long before now they are right. Judge Roy Moore is winning a double digit lead and so forth and so on. So it's no surprise they write wood just over four weeks remaining in a race for the US and it would national implications that the Democratic Party in the country's most liberal newspaper. But come up with a fabrication this kind. The garbage this garbage is the very definition of fake news an intentional defamation. He says it's completely false and desperate political attack. And yet the public we have to sit here. Because the way this was reported in the timing it was reported scratch our heads. And scratch our heads. And I believe that's intentional. Absolutely intentional. Well we heard from a little birdie one of these events that Roy Moore you know that he was. Chasing teenagers have forty years ago. Okay if that's true. It took forty years to tell us. 38 years to tell us. All the people wouldn't come forward. But the little. Parity comes forward. Right before the general election I'm not INS. Not talking about the allegations I'm not buying this reporting. In the way in which this was done. And by the way let's. If we what is stipulate these allegations are true or not not stipulating anything and I mean I agreeing to anything I'm just saying tried an instant. Look what they've done to the Republicans in the state alum that. They're trying to deliver this seat to the Democrat. That's why they kind of this way. Is it a little bit curious the timing of this. Somewhat curious. If somebody is accused of this and they confessed still. It's too late. Why Mitch McConnell sounds like an idiot and all the other zone capital now while it's true and Asia will redraw. Obviously that's true about anybody they should withdraw. But apparently you can't change that out and Alabama Mitch. I'll bet the Washington Post know what. I'll let these reporters know. So the and by the way. And I'm not gonna discuss this all day what's the discussed this is of all we know is what the post ads and what town and how more response. But we also know the timing is intentional. He just have to eat eat eat it then there's no way around it. I've heard it said much today yesterday that. This election in Virginia what's really we have a Democrat governor we get another democratic governor Antonia. So forth and so on well that's true. I wanna read something to you from my local newspaper. Lao an now. Loudon County is one of the important counties and other important in Virginia but it's supposedly one of the Bellwether or was counties. Two very wealthy county it's an extra bird expert as they call them. But it wasn't the same. There was a change. And those who don't live here. And make statements about it don't know I'm gonna give an example. Here's the headline. Loud and Republican losses loses all but one house seat. Democrats pulled off a decisive. Sweep of Loudon County on Tuesday night. Propelling Ralph north into the governor's seat in the reshaping the county's general assembly delegation. So the three assembly delegates. In my area. All four were Republicans and one is left standing. Three novices. Took three Republican seats. Which were safe incumbent Republican states. And this happened in several areas. Especially in Northern Virginia it's not while we ever written had a had a Democrat got an airline and a Democrat we had 66. Out of a hundred. Assembly delegates. And other Republicans have 5150. Or 49. That's a blowup. It's not we had a democratic governor before I went a democratic governor again that's quite obvious but it's more than that. And it does us no good to pretend otherwise it does us no good. To watch the Republican Party continue to move left. It does us no good. If regarded defeat though left. To pretend that it's the same as it was in the past. We need to push this party. To embrace conservatism. That's what we need to get because it is abandoned. It is abandoned. So it's not just wow you know it's it's it's a blue stay well that's true. The blue state. But there were some Republicans Brent. The state assembly was two thirds Republican now I don't have an offer to be 50% republic. In the congressional delegation could be affected too. Now Virginia is not Michigan I got on and I spent a lot of time on this the other night and the night before us I'm not gonna redo it went on saying yes. Do not believe. That this suggests. You know blue state staying blue so Blue States Anglo but it blue state also where the Republican legislature has been blown out. That's a big deal. The good news is that Democrats have their head so far up there you know lots. They're not sure what to do about this they're quite divided and the way to defeat them. Used to go to blue collar workers go to suburbanites go all America. But the positive strong conservative agenda. We've done it before. We've done it before within enormously successful and what we abandon it. Like George H. W. Bush abandon it reaganism. When you abandon it. What do the Republicans now. What I stand for what they argued. Becomes a problem. I'm gonna take some calls I'm not gonna tolerate stupid cause you to send. Perry Manhattan. Patent the great WABC. Go. Yes Terry goes hi hi hi mark. I wish singing. As much as I can. And what I wanted to say this just chewed things. Number one. There has been a bouquet. People on all sides of the spectrum. Coming forward. Speaking out. You know that's a context that we're living and then the other part is. The minute and you get an extra. I don't either somebody allegations I can't we keep track of who's making allegations against him I just can't keep track of them. I noticed that what one thing I've wanted to papers so long OK and on the independent. Is what I remember a could I've been in the news person my whole life for mileage in the college. Two. Scandals. I remember it being kicked cadet. And it was on twenty force that's mark. I wanna say this objectively. Every. And let me let me let me educate choose somewhat here. He may have been in the news 24/7 that it wasn't originally in the news 24/7 as a matter of fact it wasn't for Matt Drudge and Drudge Report. And the blue dress and all that stuff would never come forward. Newsweek and others were sitting on it. And it is amazing in the present United States who went after an entrant who was barely twenty years old. In addition to. Actually assaulting women in the Oval Office. Actual allegations of actual rate and so forth and so on and how the media tried to downplay it and covered up until it couldn't do it and you. Watch the truth that is the actual contact guy. The Washington Post give any. Read the article. You know. It's not supposed to laugh man I need to move along the lack. Of any verification. Actually have a swimming while you'll read the article. Goalies these women are speaking. And the the the woman who's 53 now who has fourteen years old at the time she talks about. Her what took place or what her out and hurt her allegation is. As does the other woman and when you read at all at least for the three women on second. He say yeah we dated and we can't. There was no intercourse than none of the other stuff and so forth and so on. Why would you include those. Examples people are asking this and I'm asking it would be fourteen year old. Supposed allegations why would you do that. If it's true it's if it is true. It's it's. No word yet on a couple of minutes like should be destroyed. Well when it's happening homeland slice being destroyed Donna I have a hard break and I apologized we'll be right back. I'm doing my body radio colleague Larry O'Connor reminds me that the attack on her sheets and alive was safe on the strip club. Back then that mattered. I'm gonna strip club that said that was the allegation. And so I'm. Cost him the election Barbara Boxer. Look I'm I can't possibly be any fact finder I can't possibly be any. I witnessed any of this I can't possibly know what if anything took place. But I am an eyewitness. To the timing. To the manner. In which this media outlet has conducted itself. And we know full well now we never knew before we certainly know now where the media are coming for a they have lost. All. All semblance. Of objectivity. In this very newspaper has endorsed Morse opponent. I've never met Roy Moore in my life he was on the program once. When I supported him Republican primary obviously you know I supported Mo Brooks but that's irrelevant to. The people of Alabama are gonna have to sort through this. The people out Alabama you have to decide whether they. They find that the the Washington Post and its form of journalism acceptable believable or not. Begin the two things that I find. Very peculiar about this is that guy's been in public office for a long time he's been considered controversial by the media for a long time. He's been a target of the Republican establishment and the Democrats in Alabama for a long time. He went three Republican primary worry is essentially running against not just Luther strange but. Karl Rove and I'm Mitch McConnell and the Washington Post and all the rest none of this came out then. Then suddenly some reporter over here is somebody. Pat me. More campaign rally talking about the teenagers. He's not believable Leo I it's not believable to me. And so they said their investigators down there and they tracked down these four women. And they reported today. At the end but what is aid general election. He special election that's coming up. This would be the same Washington Post that sat on information. Related to Bill Clinton. I only point that out again because of their ideological motivations. So timing is important. And we have no way no way whatsoever. And discerning fact from fiction nod and so. Based on what the Washington Post did we have to draw our own conclusions about credibility. About timing and all the rest. They leave us no choice they didn't do this a month ago or three months ago and they didn't do it in the middle of the Republican primary when things can be sorted out and so when. They did it now. They didn't want things sorted that they didn't want things that it. And so now you're guilty until proven innocent. Even if somebody is guilty it's not supposed to be innocent until proven guilty right. Boy how do you prove yourself innocent if you are innocent in fact how you do it and these circumstances. Certainly had to go before the election. Lot of questions I think. Most of which we'll go one answer. And the fact that I raise these questions you watch. It'll be sad that I defend this I defend that I oppose this I oppose that. Because the left are knots. The last start. Our are our partners Soviet. Apparatchiks in many respects. Same mentality. 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Minimum purchase required C site for complete details. So there's really no way. To sort this out which means is no way to win. When you're trying to get the facts. There's there's there's no way to resolve it. It's not gonna be resolved before the election in May not be resolved. After the election. Statute of limitations would have run. He goes through a primary process are you go through primary process to see if anything comes out any sort strip. But if you have a newspaper that basically sitting on a story. Finally don't understand we we're at eight. Any more than we overheard somebody talking about this okay. Really. I'll be right back. This is Maureen Moreland Morrison here to tell you Geico has more than just great savings much. Yes while Geico could help you rack up more mullah faster than you can say meadow more emphasis they've also been the fastest growing auto insurer for more than ten years. That's like furthermore Geico has fastest friendly cleaning service that might seem like an oxy moron but it's. All the more reason to say no other auto insurer has more more than Geico Geico and expect great savings and a whole lot more. I. Hello everybody mark living here are number. 8773813811877381. Create woman you know and I'm not gonna put us down yet this article back this Washington Post article. Don't read this to you again. Neither Corfu in this is the 53 year old woman. Who makes the allegation about what took place when she's fourteen. Or any of the other one sought out the post. While reporting a story. In Alabama about supporters of more senate campaign. He post reporter heard. That more allegedly had sought relationships with teenage heroes. Post reported just heard. Heard it. Nobody leaked it to them they just heard. While reporting a story and Alabama supporters of Roy Moore they just heard heard about it. The Washington Post is covering for someone or some group an anti something. And this is a complete surmise. A complete surmised. I don't put it past the Republican Party to put percent to. Whether it's false or true. McConnell. Who lost to ruin more McConnell sky Luther strange loss to Roy Moore and and is an amazing we have a chorus of senate Republicans saying exactly the same thing Mr. Big is it. They're all saying exactly the same thing. Right on keel and immediately. And you know what they're talking about now recruiting Luther strange. As a write in candidate. Recruiting Luther strange. McDonald's got. They're not saying let's wait for the facts let's see what happens they're not saying you know the timing of this Washington Post story seems low alive maybe they're trying to take at a Republican near. They're not saying any of that stuff they're not holding their times are not saying you know there needs to be some process here where we gonna do it. It is if this is truly needs to go out first of all if it's truly does need to go out but I had a win well. Powell live now. 38 years ago. People talking to the Washington Post apparently that didn't talk to law enforcement. Okay fine got. Again I wanna read this and I wanna know do you find this believe above. While reporting a story in Alabama about supporters of more senate campaign eight post reporter heard. That more allegedly had sought relationships with teenage here. Why now. We just heard it. And there are the only ones that heard it. No other no other newspaper or heard it no magazine heard no website I heard it. Known network broadcast company inherited no cable broadcast company inherited no satellite broadcast on the nobody heard. Not even a Democrat party they never heard a thing about it. Not even his Republican opponents they never heard a thing about it I don't Washington Post he happens in Alabama check it out the Mora supporters and he says. He heard that more allegedly saw our relationships with teenage. So 38 years later the reporter heard that I'm not believe in. I'm not talking about the allegations against more. I don't know I'm saying I'm not believing this that the Washington Post is saying right here. I don't believe it. That's not how information gets the reporters you know we're down that we just heard that this happened. Otherwise the story was playing did newest plant it. Which is why they used this this amorphous language is ambiguous I LA reporter heard that more allegedly siren. They just heard it. And let's say that that is a throw away line in this very long article. Stock on the in the first third of the of the article. Just one sentence and what they're trying to show is these women came forward. What didn't come forward we let it go find them and get them. They really were reticent. Okay fine. But I don't believe they just heard that more allegedly it's our relationships with teenage girls. What little birdie told us and I don't believe that for two seconds. I was planet either by the Democrat party the Republican Party or somebody else. Those planet. And played it. Perfectly timed. To make it possible. To get a resolution. Perfectly timed. In their hopes that doom Roy Morse campaign. Even if he's an innocent man. And nothing really know about. Out Roy Moore. Over four decades. Nothing hat that has been reported nothing that we quote unquote apparent not think. About this man who who fought the legal system about the man who fought the federal courts about the man is what the left. Made is what the Democrat party the main is what the Republicans stand there. We've not heard anything like this. In I was an open secret in other word open secrets. He's not a Harvey Weinstein. And a 45 billion other members Hollywood. Who've been involved in the various arms of sexual harassment order every 1 o'clock. So I. These things get planted these things are pursued these things. They're people today. Not just the reporters that there are people today. We're wringing their hands and laughing out loud. About what they've accomplished. Politically. Politically again putting aside the substance politically. Nobody can possibly know. Other than Roy Moore. And can't finally these things here and the and the 53 old woman. Who's telling the truth question and court this court. Nobody could possibly know. And more it is. Denying it as emphatically as he possibly can. As he. Possibly can't. The Washington Post reports of a woman who. Very very reluctantly came forward who who they found she didn't come to them. Because somebody told them about. Mora has seeking relationships with teenage girls. Let me ask you questions. The post reporter heard that more allegedly has sought relationships. With teenage girls. These four women did not know each other. When they're young women you know into. The apparently hadn't come forward. How would the source to the Washington Post have heard that more allegedly it's not. Floral relationships. Would teenage girls do you understand when and saying mr. producer. Eight post reporter. Heard that more allegedly had sought relationships. With teenage has just follow me because I'm a very logical person. The four women didn't know each other. His best as I can tell from this this very long article he had never. Consulted with a each other collaborating with each other shared stories of each other as best as I could. It's never been reported before. And yet the Washington Post said they heard that more allegedly had sought. Relationships. Plural with teenage girls Laura how what are source even know that. Unless they were doing. Some form of opposition research in other words somebody who whispered this guy this reporter gal and say. And we heard that more allegedly it's our relationships with these teenage girls. And I'm making sense mister minister. He didn't come Florida say there's this one case. They heard that there were multiple cases. Multiple cases. Multiple cases. And a three of these cases. They said they had dated him. Kessler. That was it by the way I don't defend. Perverse behavior in any respect and participated. And I don't defend it. I'm trying to go to the facts and trying to analyze what took place here rather than just that grabbing headlines and all the static and and then the politicians I'm trying to two to dissect with these reporters are revealing to us what they're trying to convey to us. Message received now I'm trying to go through it. And make some rational. Conclusions from. You can. All were initially reluctant to speak publicly but chose to do so after multiple interviews. Send they thought it was important for people who know about their interactions with more the women say. They don't know one another. Then how that the Washington this enemy and how did these reporters at the Washington Post now. To track down all four women. There's so worse. You can understand and sent they're not saying look at this from a political party would I do we move data from opposition research. You know we did we get a check of our old records old Moussa. They heard. They heard the language is peculiar because they're trying to cover up their source. They heard that more allegedly it's our relationships with teenage girls. And they say the women say they don't know one another. They don't know one another. And they say all were initially reluctant to speak publicly. They're initially reluctant to speak publicly but somehow the Washington Post new had a track down all four of them. Because they heard that more allegedly it's our relationships with teenage yeah. And they chose. Reluctantly to speak publicly but chose to do so after multiple interviews. Multiple energy. Why didn't they come for the Washington Post after one interview. Of one of the women put it out there publicly as quickly as possible. So then there could be not resolution. But further away from the general election. So the people of Alabama would have an honest opportunity detectives. Now I know this this may be looked to in the we need a little too technical particularly from media matters and sorts like that but. It isn't for many. It is infamy. Because this is a very very dishonest and deceitful paragraph Ayman read one more time. Again I'm focused on the journalism so called neither courts many nor any of the other woman sought out the post. While reporting a story in Alabama about supporters of more his senate campaign. A post reporter heard that more allegedly had sought. Relationships more than one with teenage girls lower. So there's source. Presumably allegedly knew. There were teenage girls. But these teenage girls. Hadn't come forward well then how would this source know that there is 1234. Teenage girls. Have different age is finally. Over the ensuing three weeks to post reporters contact. Did an interview the four women. They were handed this information please enter. I don't know if it's disinformation misinformation. Facts. The truth but they were fed this information. And they refused. And Britain such an ambiguous way. To reveal the source and I retired about inane they refused to reveal whether it's a political source. Out of state stores source instate store source source related to McConnell source related to the Democrat party the Democrat upon. This they won't tell us that why won't they tell us again they don't have to tell us the individual we understand. Keeping your actual sources secret. But the fact of of a source seems to me to be a relevant piece of the story. So the people of Alabama can draw some conclusions because it. This is yet what are they supposed to say what are they supposed to do. It got Roy Moore who emphatically denies it. And then you have. Miss Portman. Who says what she sent. These other three women say what they say to that that's the Kaufman. A situation that's the most serious. If true. I'll be right back. Stories in this. The story is written that is the allegations against ruined. And how we're supposed to somberness. Growing more. Who is unequivocally denying the allegations. So there you have people the logger head has been created but of course it has the political fallout. Which then brings us to the the back story. The back story. I'm asking you questions. About the Washington Post coverage of the story. It's free Iraq will erode erode what it did and it's it's gonna it's gonna have its intended effect. The post reporter heard that more allegedly it's our relationships with teenage girls so. How does the Washington Post know there were four women. Since the women. Say they don't even know one another. And how does the Washington Post know who the woman where. That is our in kind of the Washington Post no. Could contact them. But the two key points had they know there were four women and how they know their pregnant. You don't just hear that ladies and gentlemen. Particularly since the women don't know each other. It's not like one woman said yeah me and Jonas talked you know. XYZ in XYZ says go to tucked ABC gathers and not gonna talk to a EFG over there to. That didn't happen the Washington Post new. To contact for women independent. Of each other. And had the identity of four women independent of each other they were fed that information. That's the only way the Washington Post would have had leaked. Reporters don't create the leaves. The Washington Post had. Leaves that were given to them. The question then is who gave them leads and kinda like this. The Republicans spent millions and millions and millions of dollars to defeat. More. And they lost. And they lost. The Democrats obviously spending a small fortune to defeat more to. Although less so than the Republicans. They have people who do opposition research. The Washington Post won't reveal the back story. The Washington we can't resolve the actual story for the Washington Post won't reveal the back story. Which would give people a better understanding of exactly what has taken place here. They're not gonna reveal. Because they're source I believe. He's an opposition research one of the parties or somebody else. I'll be right back. While American revolution Max starts here. Denmark clothes and show. Call us at 877381. That's 3811. Remember how mad the F phony mediate got. Back in March when I put together from their own report. Domestic surveillance that was going on and then. Right wing conspiracy they so hate you go look for any naming right wing conspiracy it turns out it was accurate. Took months and months and months and yet I'm Brooke the phys. Brian stepped it can't prove there was a fight so you don't other as a vice awhile there's a report there was a time out that's not verify we've been trying to verify that. Anyway. Course they forget about what they didn't do anything else forget about what they said I want to listen in one answer to this. People fight over the substance of the Washington Post article stating your kidney Didier give me it's absolutely pointless because there's no way to resolve it. What I'm saying yes. The timing of this was a picture. We're supposed to believe that something that was never reported in 38 years. Was just heard about I washed and repent post reporters who were attending AM. Me me even more event. The more supporters. Nobody heard a thing for 38 years. Wasn't reported in 38 years wasn't Houston in the primary against more in thirty years wasn't used against him in any of his elections in 38 years. We're supposed ability. It has never been reported in 38 years. How's it being talked about. How's it being talked about they heard it. It was talked about. Even if one talked even if someone talks what are the odds. That people who did not know each other which they also say in the post. Complained to these same mutual friend was the same person. Of the different then girls so someone could report that there are multiple teenage girls he has been pursuing. Where he pursued. 383537. Years ago. All after 38 years have passed. If it is never been recorded in 38 years how has it been talked about. Even if one not talk what are the odds that people who did not know each other complain to the same person I've made the same mutual friend. How did different girls of Borger also someone could report that there are multiple. Teenage girls he was pursuing. That's what they wrote they heard there were multiple teenage go out. That. Doesn't pass the smell that. And I'm telling you. I'm just trying to go one on one together in getting to. This result from opposition research he could well have been the Republicans as you can see how they're orchestrating on Capitol Hill I don't know. But you can see how they're orchestrating their comments. One Republican senator after another saying almost the identical thing starting with a metric. Now on the eighteen got it wrong I mean yeah this is an app. Thriller not and he needs it now anyway will take advice from him not. But from Susan Collins. To Cory Gardner. Did John Cornyn. All the rest the leader Mitch McConnell saying exactly the same thing if this is true. He needs to withdraw all of course of its true he needs that would draw but we'll never know we certainly won't know in five weeks. What how we don't miss it McConnell yet they planted it now you might say it again. I'm just playing this app you might say whoa what is in it for the Republicans to lose this week. This election. Now think. But Mitch McConnell and the Republicans have shown in the pay. Past they would rather lose seats that involve Tea Party candidates and conservatives than winning them because third. In any gas in the United States senate senate Democrats are they don't even have the deal went. That Schumer problem. In Indiana. When did blue dog was defeated in the Republican primary. Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment went after the Tea Party conservative. And defeated him. The Republican establishment support of the Democrat Donnelly. They do it all the time. Again I don't know that it's been done yet. But Mitch McConnell Zito is very badly bruised he poured a fortune in this race so to Colorado the entire establishment. Port eight fortune in this race McConnell is scared to death that this man I'll be in the United States senate before this Washington Post story came out. You don't want to. He'd rather have some jerk liberal Democrat that he does and a big deal wit at lunch once a week in the Republican caucus. On the Democrat side the better. The end justifies the means again. Putting aside the substance of the story. Am asking how'd they get this story wouldn't come front. They want you to believe that. They were innocently in Alabama. Check it out supporters of more senate campaign in. The reporter heard that more allegedly sought relationships floral with teenage girls floral. So it's never been reported in 38 years. And yet it's being talked about. Never picked up by a local reporter. Everett picked up going any of that campaign but here he it's overheard they hear. About. More seeking. Multiple relationships with the multiple teenage girl. We didn't know each other. Who didn't know we can't. According to the story. So how did they know that there were multiple teenage girls. How did this. Person or whomever the one person who spoke to this reporter or this reporter heard. How did this reporter. The person that spoke to the reporter the reporter overheard the person. How would the reporter know that there were multiple teenage yes how would that person who spoke to the reporter know that normal. Opel teenage parents. The teenage girls didn't know the run multiple teenage heroes. The teenage girls didn't know each other you get my point mr. Davis you understand what I'm saying. This was sick of the Washington Post. It was time to. Perfectly. Five weeks or so before the general election when you can't sort it out and the headlines are glaring. In the headlines are blank. Trust me not gonna get analysis like this anywhere else in this is no conspiracy I'm just land now there has nothing to do with a conspiracy is nothing to do it. Wing of the sort I'm just reading what they set in the media hate when I give it. Odyssey right wing conspiracy now I'm reading what they wrote. And I parsing what they wrote. And what they wrote. Makes no sense in that paragraph on page three a page eleven of my printed out version of the Washington Post article. Otherwise they did a crummy job of covering their tracks. This information. Was panned sped to the Washington Post that names of these women. Can't say that the Washington Post it's the only way this could have. That happened in Iowa we were in and we were checking out that and we Herrick no you didn't. That's not what have. That's not what happened. That's not how you got your story. And you're timing. Was intentional. Washington Post. If it had reported this two months ago. Okay fine and nickel markets really can make decisions of the primaries or Washington Post did this in time this. They hand the seat to the Democrats. In the Republican establishment was involved they get the same thing. Included Democrats would do this. Millions and millions of dollars spent in that race. And a lot I really pissed off Republican establishment types. As well as Democrat. Well it Democrats claim they want it more because they thought he was the weakest candidate that's again I don't know who did it. But you got to do things it's a process of elimination. And I don't believe anyone's gonna come for but these Washington Post reporters who are listening to me if somebody tells that they know exactly what I'm talking him. Stephanie make Grumman Beth Reinhard. Alice Fridays I apologize for not the penalty that correctly. So they have. Meanwhile the Chinese are on the move in the present United States is playing footsie with the footsie with the end with the lead dictator in China playing footsie with the guy. Well. You know I have. I don't blame the Chinese face growing us on trade that's our fault. I mean if a country's gonna allow you to be screwed on tray then you get screwed on trick no that's not correct it may be our fault in park. But it's trying to teach and lies. That's on them not us. But even more than train. They're seizing the South China Sea. Among other things. And I think this GA. AG pain. Who is a ruthless dictator. I think they thinking you know what we're gonna treat trump. We're gonna out do morrow Largo we're gonna make this is the greatest. State dinner state event we're gonna smile shake hands and and laud him south and is in his in his granddaughter and his family and so far. That's how we'll get him in and I hope it's not working. Compared with the president's been saying. Wal-Mart will you know and then the one at this while mark we need them to stop the north Koreans they've built up the north Koreans. They build up their missiles they got their notes. This is a joke the Chinese. Now you know what needs to be done to miss a lot North Korea as South Korea. Japan. And they permanent at least one of our. Carrier fleets. You do it needs to be done. Because mr. G understand one thing. The iron fist. I'll be right back. When you go calls for Bob and. And as to resign. He's sitting senators planning. Candidate he's a sitting senator he's been indicted he's charged at all kinds of crimes selling his office. Why isn't John McCain called for that man to resign. Susan Collins. Corey with that lets you guy's name up there in. Colorado. Kind of goofy can Gardner yeah him among others pilot do you know which politician. In the United States. Above all other politicians I'd love to interview mr. it is and I told you this. Which one. Would you guess. Bernie Sanders. They ignored us I'm hoping one day I can have a serious. Intellectual. Showed him what Bernie Sanders. I would love to have a discussion. He's he docked in doctrinaire radical and I know what's in his in between his ears I didn't know how he thinks. I would love to have a serious friendly. Discussion went. We get into philosophy wouldn't get any evidence we get an on the you know human behavior I would love to do it just love the do. In need of great talent for your business but short on time. 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That's it recruited back com slash LE VIN one more time to track for a good as it recruiter dot com. Slash L dvi and the event. There's other things I want to get to next hour. Specifically. Comments by Paul Ryan on the Fox News Channel where he sounds like Bernie Sanders have been itching to do this. The first. Let's take a couple of calls. Donna Frederick Maryland the great WMA algo. I can't wait 98 Republican town accounting I thought and I want to congratulate you know you Democrat mayor. Well gosh and you know we've got to live now at Hezbollah and helpful here in the county. It was a republic and video card with it Democrats so we've got our current traffic and they need to change. Yeah absolutely and I don't like that that senator are you that maybe having a solid start singing proud of that fame actually needed it kind of actually it will happen with a gun control. Here right did horrible act last week. Oh yeah you got it all well I'm were electrocuted. While it might get confirmed go to college here. The conservative connect you know late in the end at that I won't be there blueprint Delhi college basically we're there. And let me just let me just say down. Underscored I've said in the past we've only had two. Real conservative presidents. In what is effectively the last country Calvin Coolidge Enron brain that's it. And both men over us all. Great. Economic progress in the United States wealth creation for all people. Both men build up the military. It was a great deal of achievement when he came to farm policy. And since then we've had basically progressive Republicans I mean Theodore Roosevelt was the first progressive president. We've had Theodore Roosevelt we've had others. Who've been very good in some respects Eisenhower was very good in some respects and sort of that they may have a wittingly or unwittingly eight progressive mentality whereas Coolidge did not and Reagan did not only dealt with the reality that they were solid solid conservatives. So where do we go from here it would be nice if we can win another presidency at some point. And I have to say Donald Trump and I had we talked about this at some length the other night he's not leading a movement he's not. A constitutional conservative he's not a nationalist populist he doesn't talk that way he doesn't self identified that way. And yet it's 7071 years old he is essentially settled on positions that are largely conservative. Not exclusively no question about that. But that are largely conservative and I think he's done that based on his own experience and common sense for the most part go ahead Donna. Why can't really Iran and well thank you mr. Mori is it just deplorable and disgusting. And I are. I think my ears you know not active that would ever get credit and factual and I love you. I think all of that's true that we can teach the cop out what they aren't there at the ticket that. You know. A piece of garbage that we didn't get to every day I get mainstream support the mainstream media. I. I appreciate it and appreciate your they got. His face and their friends say in Massachusetts Massachusetts. Greasy yet they got. Ladies and gentlemen. Is Paul Ryan. Bernie Sanders in drag that's my question next hour and I'm gonna prove to you that in many respects is. I'll be right back. Hi this is Maureen Moreland Morrison here to tell you Geico has more than just great savings much more yes while Geico could help you rack up more mullah faster than you can say madam more success they've also been the fastest growing auto insurer for more than ten years. That's like furthermore Draco has fast friendly cleaning service that might seem like an oxymoron. But it's. All the more reason to say no other auto insurer has more more than Geico Geico they expect great savings and a whole lot more. Hello everybody mark living here are number 8773813811877381. From. 3811. We can still discuss this. As the left. Does that look left phony media are out there listening and everywhere it's and I have quit catching on this Ryan Moore and hunt and catch up. And here's the thing. This show is recorded by yes and put up on mark within Sho dot com. Every night when mr. minister. It's in archives. And afraid of anything avarice and doesn't mean I'm always right. But that said. Nominees and new reason to record anything. Think in general Paul Ryan Moore Moore is coming off to me like Bernie Sanders. He talks class warfare all the time. He he's afraid of having tax cuts across the board including for quote unquote the rich. And it amazes me how the Republicans now either speaker and others talk about the rich. Like a small businessman and woman are small business family. And manages to earn a million dollars is no different than. You know of these us. Our gates. Warren Buffett. What tens of billions of dollars and of course the differences everything. But Paul Ryan Moore Moore is sounding to me like a leftist like a class warfare. Propagandist. That's starlet cut to mr. producers he's on the Fox News Channel today go. The analysis really clear what our analysis shows us that in every income group the average taxpayer gets a tax cut. But the point we're trying to make with this is that on the individual side. This tax cuts are aimed toward the middle income taxpayers the president made a really clear to us he said he did not want us to lower the rates. The tax rate on millionaires who want and just to lower the tax rates and provide the most tax relief for people in the middle my middle name comes taxpayers. By the way they're not doing that for millions of millions of taxpayers. Tens of millions of taxpayers. They can read somewhere where twenty million the so called middle class taxpayers are not getting cut man mostly getting an increase. When you start screwing around with interest deductions. And real estate tax deductions. And state income tax deductions and health savings accounts and they were flirting was going around a 401 k.s and IRAs and stuff like that. Don't hand this this Bernie Sanders Marxist class warfare crap. You know we don't believe it. But is spout. Yes Buick. Any does it again. Cut three go. You can't say that every American gets a tax cuts and know what's good what's the analysis shows is that the average taxpayer in all income levels gets a tax cut stop. Number I noticed camera caught. Good friend Cameron's real journalist. Well Paul I inferences when our analysis is that that in every income grew rule the average taxpayers get a tax cut. Uninterested in every income growth we won enough tax payers are getting a tax cut. And because they won't slash taxes across the board and there and then messing around would deductions. Every taxpayer won't get a tax cut tax cut which is exactly bill hemorrhage point. Go ahead. I'm sure there's going to be some wealthy person out there who as a lawyer and accountant. That is enabling you guys every different loophole deduction that is out there are not here this. Whose metallic Chuck Schumer and. Yeah channel. Bernie Sanders. I would love to know about all these loopholes and tax cuts I'm considered rich I don't have any loopholes and tax cuts. By the time these clowns are done that tax rates on the upper bracket will be higher than they were under Obama Obama didn't try this. There are being at 50% and you put on that a state income tax. And you put on that that 383 point 8% Obama attacks. I mean some people are gonna be at 60% over this clown excuse me this speaker talks like this. Okay no tax cuts for the rich and legal Malone and get rid your Mickey Mouse activity when it comes to deductions for other people. I had. Know. That the tax loopholes that are in the code are disproportionately used by the very wealthy folks in this country and when you remove those loopholes in order to stop. So now. Legitimate. Tax cuts are loopholes. I'm telling you big guy has lost their loopholes. For the wealthy folks. You know folks. Many of humane I think you're wealthy but they can see your interest deduction on your mortgage it loophole they consider when you deduct your state. Property tax that is the property tax on your home they consider that he loophole. The fact that your pension plan is tax F you start receiving your money retire as opposed to the first dollars. They now consider that a loophole. You know that health savings account that you have with a deduction out there and that's cat they consider that a loophole now. They talk like Bernie Sanders. And we have a hundred phony conservative groups who signed a letter sent us this past this business. How happen of these people. I had base across the board in order to. Provide simplicity and fairness. On young people to the people the high end lose those loopholes and look at it keeps hammering at a high end the high and the rich there rich the loopholes loopholes. Our. This is these so called free market. Conservative. Speaker of the house he sounds worse than John Boehner. How do you like that. He's picking what is a loser and let me tell about this crap they're gonna make taxes simpler whether or not. Just complicated as they've ever been. They're not cutting the internal revenue code. What they mean by simpler is ladies and gentlemen is more Smart people. Are going to be on the adult I don't have to pay taxes. Wow I can file their formal won Iowa the post not true whether or not pay any thing matter of fact. You are paying for their refund refund up why they haven't even paid any day. And they consider this a great achievement. They're class warfare progressive Republicans. And I would like interviewing him two all right I have a discussion about this play this audio and and discuss what. You don't hit it into an even keel way. Rationally. I had. The I'm actually lower tax rates across the board I'm not an exciting actually applied to a higher income up. They weekend and we can't get anything I don't I well when a middle class now that not happen all the middle class that's why he's using. I'm Amanda words. He saw high growth and the Washington compost I'm gonna break this down to what the analysis shows he said. The average to experience all income levels so the average taxpayer in an income level created by man. We'll get a tax cut. Are you the average taxpayer in an income level you have no idea I had no idea but millions and you are not. You might be a higher level in an income level. Even though you don't feel like Jerry and I held a lot of money. And then he has that call. The disgusting gall to say this cut one go. This is far more bold actions on the media succession from the Ronald Reagan it. These tax cuts are deeper and bigger then what Ronald Reagan did understood just kind of actual basis and it's a one point five trillion dollar tax cut. So they raised the top rate. If you're million dollars. From three point nine excuse me 39 point 6% to 45 point 6%. Reagan in 86. First need to be lower as the top rate from seventy to 50% and in 86 he built it lowers the top rate from 50%. To 28%. And this guy has the gall to say it is Charlie's or more bold than than Raegan. Any talks about cutting one point five trillion dollars. You can't count absolute dollars in 2017. Absolute dollars. In 1986. He won't talk percentages. When he compares Reagan the Reagan. They should be right into what they're proposing because Reagan's percentages were massive his slash. And Reagan did other things that these guys aren't. The depreciation. And Reagan slash cut taxes for corporations do. You have all these cockamamie scheme this. You know if you live here and you stand on in handing it blow your nose and happened to be wearing a blue shirt. Didn't get a deduction add on the other hand if you wanna look all doing any low balls. Have you even what little polls are they talking about I don't know what they're talking about what loopholes are they talking about. And notice the reporters on what the police talking about mister speaker. I had. But more importantly. What this is basic kind of reform we haven't seen in generations in this country. I generations in this country. Go ahead. This tax reform is far more profound forma pro growth. For the 86 action forum where it's not far more pro growth we see they gotta trash rag and while they're sounding like Bernie Sanders. This is the in coherence of the Republican Party day when they'd lose elections. He sounds like Bernie Sanders and he's trashing the Reagan tax cuts saying these are big. The ladies and gentlemen they're more pro growth. Then the 86 tax reform. Are they gonna create over 7%. GDP growth a year like Reagan's tax cuts that. I think any great 25 million jobs. They went through the Reagan administration through the George H Bush Administration. Into went through the Clinton administration is that what they're gonna go. Now they're not. Nobody believes this except these propagandist in the president's one of them he said the greatest tax cuts in American history other not. That's probably false. And here's what bugs me people are saying to me he got a pass this other Republicans are gonna Lewis ladies and gentlemen they pass this. And you find out of these deductions used to have which are not loopholes. And you rely on them. When you make out your annual budget you rely on the immune meet dot. As obamacare goes through the roof and they haven't repealed that. Unique attack you need to be like what you need something to pay your bills. So they use language like our analysis shows honest the average taxpayer and all income grip of the attrition in the average taxpayer and all income groups. All taxpayers should have their taxes cut their rate cut that is across the board. It's not let that Bernie Sanders propaganda they said. When I had direction and attacks we're gonna take care of the little house on the rich. We want the rich whomever they are what ever they are what everything. They do to make lots and lots some money because it may take lots and lots of money. And they built stuff in the investments that let me give an example. Somebody gets really really rich and they decide to build a 50000. Square foot home I know it's obnoxious. To protect. He knows how many jobs that create. The enormous number of jobs I could entertainers plumbers electricians. People who put in tile. People build rules. HVAC systems people who make windows and doors. And door knocks than that endorsed option. People who make kitchen equipped. Thank goes on and on and on. It's not like they've earned their money they don't put it in their mattress they don't hide it. They have to put it some even if they put it in the bank that means the bank has more capital available to loan us so we can get mortgages and so forth. We're gonna get that low Paul's watch that the government can get the money into what crack and away redistribute wealth. And we don't many Republicans who explained that none. Not. None of them want to defend capitalism. It's pathetic. Paul Ryan the new Bernie Sanders. You gun owners out there. Can you say with 100% confidence that your family in homer safe. What does he defend yourself too soon. Do you know exactly what that means you know exactly what to say what to do when you're when you know you're done. With three gun when the police officers arrived. You know to do would you gun. And the police officers Iran. Here's how you take a simple and rewarding journey to concealed carry it home defense confidence. It's called the 2017 concealed carry and family defense guy. And it's from our good friends the US concealed carry association and its 100% free. He'll learn how to detect attackers before you see them how to survive a man shooting. The safest and most dangerous places to sit in a restaurant how to responsibly own and story got even if you have little kids and a whole lot more. It's 164. Pages it comes with a bonus audio version you can listen in your car. This life changing guy he's 100% free in for a limited time limited time. The lawsuit get a bonus home defense checklist is to defend them dot com right now for 100% free instant access once again. That's defend them dot com defend them dot com. Jump into that gene poll would you like to join me here we go. John Ventura California serious satellite go. Mark. Good thank you would thank you for being not air it thank you for your duty as a thank you is that we basically what we need to be years. We need to read every year we need saw mortgage start. Think about it mark. And and Fredrik you're the worst president. Burnish wherever we're I've never had any chance. Of getting. Anywhere close to wedding to becoming a Democrat nominee. The whole left there's really push. We're all although they did nominate a George McGovern but the difference is George McGovern was not out of the closet the way Bernie Sanders this. Not only that but George McGovern only what what state. That's true. Was a one state I don't remember it wasn't many agree exactly why I'm here at home state nothing else. We need a freedom you we need one on Yemeni. There are fears that Al. By the waste Peter of that have you heard that per acre you just didn't bring our convention and straight. A complete or other sports that's good a year. You hadn't played up five minute video. Demand they had to ask him. While need to check it out because the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned that Prager is a very good I'm very impressed with a with him and now and what he's doing. Are my friends thank you for your call. Don. Kansas they great K I and they don't. And Marc great one of my life Pataki's non liberation day after day. He's what I call your call screener a kind of convoluted with so many things that are wrong with the Republican Party today. Denied at the convention I don't buy all my life that carried my. Republican voter. Registration was a most valuable item I ever carried in my wallet in my whole life. I was so out of that but that not that the convention and win my colleague is delegates we're bringing up Rick. Perform for our. I picked up a black open primaries as long as well open primaries we're not going to see the Conservative Party anymore we're gonna statement. While that's definitely one of the things it needs to change but you know. Lot of these guys to get through the primaries because they're open like Lindsey Graham and they gonna fight like hell that the change of excellent call Don I much appreciate it rather we'll be right back. Mudd who have written that are proud frenetic. Put our constitution. Colin now every 773813811. He's here at people screaming. At the sky over trump pointing out the election last year. You can tell other countries in deep deep trouble. Deep deep trouble. When you have morons like this in the streets screaming at that tops of their lungs over an election. Did we do that during the Obama. Eight years of that prison sentence now. Now he can't engage idiots like this either. He just can't their religion is on his aggressiveness. Speaking engagement there there you write them off. That's the right off crap. But knowing Paul Ryan's in there talking about we're gonna get the rich I went and senator Richard sicken or loopholes volume market them rockets at them governments loopholes that's a homeless and I look at the rich. Moammar people who don't think they're rich become rich. Terms of the definition at the politicians apply. He even then the poorest of nations where they have the most radical egalitarian regimes even in places like North Korea and Cuba. And Venezuela. If you have one basket of rice. More than the next guy you're considered rich. And you punish. It's the lowest common denominator that's what it winds up being. The lowest common denominator. Course the rulers they did just fine. They do just on a Thanksgiving is two weeks away. Are you worried everyone on notice those bags in your eyes and droopy eyelids that just keep getting worse. Introducing the brand new gen itself I lived for tighter writer and younger looking guys. And here's Mary from Fort Collins, Colorado. 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Livermore California the great assets Harry used. Is doing great marks great chili heat who we love what you do we need you badly so keep up the good work of one of the budget your point about. Cuts for the rich. It's really the way to make sure nobody else ever get to lidge. I have a small business. And in my entry level of play my minimum wage employee I look like a rich guy and hardly bat. But one we will look how it's a big how would I tell a guy that you did this did this guy look like he's a litre for the lap it did not bridge. I think it does he think he should be paying higher tax yeah yeah for sure I do you know would you rate this fact then. I'm not gonna lose my job but you're gonna lose your because when he quit hiring me. If you carpet cleaning. I'm not gonna need my help her anymore so it actually helps it hurts the guy on the bottom the most it will never heard the rich man's. So I really did teach Paul Ryan this lesson is is that we remarkably bizarre. Well apparently you buying into the same thing that this everyone on Capitol Hill god which is. Optics you know what does that look like and and I think this looked at the ten commandments because listen to the form of comedy mark. They're looking for my hatred and carpeting to a look at what another man hat and who want to deny him of it because you don't have the same thing. Yet beautiful America I can be like that rich man I've worked my butt off I can get into that big house. And then I'll be buying services on other guys below me and they'll be helping people below damn it worked out of the beautiful this stuff. It can never be equal all it can never be able could wanted me when North Korea mark and we never won an equal do. No we don't because that means I never had a chance we get to the talk. Then. I want our mark. Okay you're terrific I appreciate it buddy appreciate your call. Steve marry an egg. California I was gonna say Georgia on the mark within that area. And grave marker sorry guys I hit the frustration level you're just going off the charts blew us out here it's just. Unbelievable pulpit that deep or count back there and I do need cloud where. Ryan and caught all that it wouldn't hurt nobody. Nobody beat you any more because they're completely if this good. Any simpler so timid about what the media ended epidemic all of them that you offered that the support. Don't do you let the matter what they also they're gonna get their head it anymore. And you're so right because Democrats are gonna this is tax cuts for the rich tax cuts whether they're raising their rates. This now tax cuts for the rich there's no tax cuts for people lower certain level at all. Now they're at and but it proves your point it doesn't matter and yet they they fall into this trap over and over again. Video support it support Charlie Rangel both all that old yet. Good the ball out from under center that already picked the girl Goran both studio part. And inept our own party mark got the worst weather. If we have not think we have nothing to show for a base says you don't get that well we didn't help respect if the Bennett didn't hurt. This could all get help. And he started are partner in the minority. And they they definitely know. The spirit they're afraid of their own shadow there smoke it all there's no there's no quote there's no pocketed that's the word that message it. Rake it into an apple has though voted or an 84. Well too young and eighty but I voted for Reagan in eighty or word is. Look look to get this economy growing and looked give everybody gets to have certain certain live the American. And and you hear it hear Ryan say this is a bigger tax cuts and reform than Reagan and it's so appalling. What that the propagandist these Republicans have become Steve I appreciate your calm and very much let's keep. Let's keep going more on the what are we went we're in the zone. Dunwoody California. The great WY eight I mean Georgia sari the great dump Eli Eli go. Yeah mark the hit piece on jets more in the post. It is refuted right inside your own article. Are quote neither Kaufman or any of the other women sought out deposed. While reporting a story in Alabama about supporters of Morse gonna campaign. They post a quarter hurt them more allegedly has shot relations with teenage girls unquote. First of all the women didn't seek the post how did they ever find out. And then repeating everything I just said. And an hour ago that on hold for a long time now and and secondly you know how are they going to. What more supporter would ever say anything like that so where did this least. Yeah I mean they're not gonna give us names but they can at least give us a general direction and they're not gonna do it because. They didn't just hear this state they're they're trying to leave the impression that they overheard as like at a campaign rally they're trying to keep leave it to your imagination. They're down there amongst more supporters and they heard. No they didn't hear it was fed to them was given them. And then names were given them. And the women didn't know each other. And they say in the plural there that. Teenage. Girls implore all and so forth and so on I mean I dissected. As this you know asbestos can do so. I appreciate your call keys are very much do Roger. Sixteen Nebraska Sirius satellite go. This event thanks to pick might call a work we're great corporate great trucking company I just started to ask you to go to look at. And they started back in 1961. They have not had laid off since they're not one player not a person walked adopt. They keep expanding. They keep getting bigger I think tropics here again as bonuses they keep building more these that you think Biden trucks they treated very well. And I. Don't expect them. To be penalized. For treating people right at extending that more dubs couldn't let the people make money they deny that he. They rejuvenate the economy here they're doing things the company just keeps bill that under they started out I guess that 1960 Wanda you're a multibillion dollar company now. They just they they keep adding law they keep getting bigger. The name of the company. I've got a picture. Let's call outside. Got there or not the end if they're good company I want people don't know about that so recently why doesn't Paul Ryan Anderson's. I don't know that you don't if you if you think about it they would look at what deficit they got revelation 21 track I'm not working. How big outlook and they need to look in the mirror played well it may I'm not doing more for the people. And since aggravating. And fifty years old I served my country in the way to score mail additionally I have. But I just want to say that you know people who work hard like this company this family had eighty dirt to keep there that they deserve what did go. And and you you eat you articulated so beautifully rider and let me ask you this. What the hell with the government doing more money anyway even (%expletive) it away I'm sorry I have to say that. Why they would just give the way that's what they would give. They give it to people who don't earn it. Date date date basis for auto lately these ridiculous grants. They they they they further below the suburbs outside of Washington DC I mean it's outrageous. It is and it's that simple because you know I wouldn't get any handout I understand there. But I don't need be penalized you know other people to keep getting more and more that you don't wanna do it I know it might not hard. But I would look hard all my life I served my country then I had a great job for twenty years. First we're gonna have to go I wanna thank you for serving our country and imitate symptom. You'll need to apologize for any news since I'm tired of people taking from us and then demanding more I'm sick of it. And thank you very much for your series and be safe out there we'll be right back it's. Another downside of having an older car you lot is that things start to go wrong and they tend to snowball while for me. There's an upside. I got an extended vehicle protection program from car shield. From my Camaro. 2010. So don't have to worry about they repair bills anymore. Getting covered by car shield is a great idea. It's affordable protection they can save you thousands of dollars recovered repair. A new fuel pump cost over 500. Dollars. Replacing a water pumps over a thousand dollars car she'll even his plans that every car's computer. GPS electronics and a lot more. Car shields the ultimate in extended vehicle coverage and they get your favorite mechanic or dealership paid directly. He may get some of these places that trying to have you pay up front and then they reimburse you like three months later partial pays directly. Get covered. It covered by car should like I did before something goes wrong sign up today to 24/7. Roadside assistance. And a rental car while yours is in the shop. Save yourself from high repair bills. Call them right now they're right there. Eight Henry Carr 6100. And mention code mark it's that simple or visit car show back common use code mark. And that way you'll save 10% again 800 car 610800. Car 6100. Doesn't get simpler. Order go to car shield dot com car show dot com makes you use code live in LE VI and an event 10% off. That's car show dot com co love then any deductible may apply. OK. It's he who would get down on here. Charles in Los Angeles, California on the mark would enact a. Hello mark you're so great stuck here again use great meeting you the Reagan library to this time. Thank you Rick I'm here you know what we always have a great time in the Reagan library and we. Yeah well yes and Britain and I was never very important to our workplace so thank god there again. In a year or two we come back. Absolutely absolutely all right and here under the under the air force warmth but nothing like nothing like that I agree with. Yet and our our buddy John hi bush runs the whole place nobody does it better anyway go ahead Charles. There is a class act out artists like this say you know who tropea businessman. How can he sit there and you watch this happen. If we're you don't company he would run his business this way when we talk about. About but it taxes you know or you know British tax rates he's order charge you should say c'mon guys this is what I around this what we ran on. And they're pushed or like Reagan used to mean he would regular got on the phone or make phone calls to other I was pretty was the first president I could go for. And he went to the nation to the promise he's Lehman eternal light weights. He's leaving it to the light weights and a light weights of reducing lightweight stuff they are not the businessmen for the most part are the. No not at all I was an operative Mary Joseph Torre believe me. This place has got it all over and I are getting killed and wouldn't you love it if he can't deduct most your property taxes and interest mortgage and all the rest it. Wouldn't that just be a wonderful middle class tax cut for you. Yeah you have. Reached ridiculous. But I I have my friend it's a pleasure thanks again Charles I appreciate it. William Albany, New York to break WG why don't. I'm mark love your show look into prolonged time I do I call because. I think you've seen a little slightly on back on the in this situation this tax bill on the coming financial background to calm. I think yeah. I we've had a lot of CPAs call this program and a lot of the information I have heard from those experts do you go ahead. I think that we can get some time that. Now considering a facility through an amendment to separate issue but no that's. Filibuster role has nothing to do this this is a spending budget issue. And they use reconciliation. So it's a simple majority. They have that one point five or on video and I said. Yes so first point wrong next point. OK so they're not within those parameters. Knowing that. They are they're not so why does Paul Ryan keeps saying that. So keep saying what he's not brought up that filibuster rule. Now I understand that but he's trying to pair of built in note get. Edit and no I can't because this and it's already rejected that they have their own views of the senate those actually better. It's still pretty crappy let me ask you a question of the financial background why don't they just slashed tax rates. Com. I would welcome under pressure accurate but they're not as it has kind of economics it has everything to to a politics they're afraid of being called the party of the rich. While they're being called the party of the rich. Our our iron than a column while Iraq there's only one like this isn't the rocket scientist. You wanna create jobs you wanna create wealth you wanna crane on your annoys you wanna create businesses. You wanna create death facilities assembly lines. You wanna make America great again that you rely on American not the government. That's the answer to that thank you for your call my friend you colleague and I appreciated. But that music means it's had its kind and it's time to go get mistake I've been dying for a stake for three hours. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel he pitch and I folks. And I'll join you right here tomorrow we have a great living TV in honor of veterans day which is Saturday I really want to check it out tonight. See you tomorrow. Needs to understand that I more than simply a high maintenance grant who. Just like Geico is more than just the company that can save money guy who also has fastened squarely claims service so they can help you when you needed malls and well I'd do. I'm like man I'd also love reading for two engines audio books like Lou. Expect great savings and a whole lot more.

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