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10/11/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Oct 12, 2017|

We’re starting to see signs that President Trump is buckling on his Iran deal promise. The reason? Obama holdovers in the Trump administration are reportedly threatening Trump’s promises to repeal the Iran nuclear deal, but the commander in chief should stick to his guns. It’s very important for ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Much read it too little time my read excerpts or read a side by side it's about a meter that wishes more rhetoric into your screen. Get a free trial today it Mirant dot com. Hello everybody mark the event here are numbered. 8773813811877381. 381 month we will get the Hollywood we will get the Boy Scouts ruled that all the attacks on our. Coltart. Massive massive help. And Hollywood. The Hollywood and entertainment media and not just and the New York Times in 2004. NBC. Other media outlets. The massive cover up by liars who now are coming forward and saying well we we heard rumors but we didn't know. And of course. Senior members of the Democratic Party. He spent enormous amount of time. Without Hollywood pals. As if they didn't know anything. The sole beneficiaries of Hollywood largesse when it comes to campaigns and some influence in the failure of the attorney general California. The Sarah. The thing I have him to open a thorough and complete investigation of what. What Hollywood is and has become the conspiracy of silence. As all kinds of state and federal laws are violated in the US attorneys should do. When it comes to sexual harassment physical abuse even rape. And whereas the attorney general in New York that left one slot whereas hate. No way he heard him talk about Hollywood. Well mark what Hollywood after doing anything well I'll tell you what a lot of these producers actually. Are in New York. Let's have left when slob attorney general in new in New York doing about it nothing. What's the clown governor in New York sang about it nothing. What's that clown governor in California saying about it nothing what are the clown senators from new York and clamp senators from California saying about it nothing. These are dark blue strong halts new York and Los Angeles. In massive cover up mode. Pro white is a huge scandal. The abuse of women. For a money and power. On a large scale out you think this guy have. Harvey Weinstein has been heavy Manny skyline you'd think having Weinstein is the only one. Look at them look at these clowns he's bulls had they come up the Academy Awards and they tell us what to believe what the thank. They're progressive agenda. Groups think. How they elect JUN me. About every conceivable cause. And yet the cause they need to address. Is that. More on that later the Boy Scouts. You know the cops catch you gonna make careless at all how a forward thinking how progressive. That's not the purpose of the cub scouts it's not the purpose of the boys got it doesn't matter anymore. You don't know what damn bad for him to use. Doesn't matter. We'll get an of that too but before we do you know there's a serious matter coming up and I've been talking about it for several days the last couple weeks. President United States can make a decision. He's gonna make a decision on whether he certified says he must every nine days or decertified as he shouldn't be ninety's and but the Iran deal the Iran sellout. The sell out the appeasement of all time the Obama DL the Obama corporate Iran deal. Well whether or not the president United States is going to decertified at that that that disgusting deal. Is not our national security interest and their multiple material breaches by the Iranians. And then aggregated that is backed out of the tree at the idea because it should have been treated as a treaty it's not a treaty and Obama. Where Carter Greece this kids to help and yet. And yet we're starting to see signs. In an all too often signed by the way. That the president has Buckley. As he buckled on doctor. As he buckled on moving out. The United States embassy to the capital of Israel truce. Now he gonna buckle on Iran. Well we'll find out we'll know soon enough but according Tancredo who is a good reporter. Looks like we may have a problem I hope he's wrong. The truck the administration while not connected designating the Islamic revolutionary guard corps our RI GC. I rants delete fighting force as terrorists. Despite a congressional mandate to do so by the end of the month according to multiple US officials and other administration insiders who told the Washington 3-D can. That holdovers from the Obama administration are working to stymie the effort. Who are these poll of what what is the president don't why is they are single Obama hold over. Anywhere near the Oval Office off as a matter of fact anyway is neat. Drug administration I could tell you as a matter of fact. There when Ronald Reagan was elected president the first time. Hate notices went out to every single political appointee at the. At the White House in every department and every agency all it all over the country all over the world. That there had to turn in their resignation letters Barack. What the Bush Administration came in bush 41. The vice president to Ronald Reagan they gave us all pink slips are Reagan appointees. And said yeah. The truck administration comes in white or pink slips. It got Obama hold lovers everywhere. Everywhere what felt we're back. That's irresponsibility. That shouldn't. But it's that's not acceptable. While president Donald Trump is expected to announce this week that he will not certify Iran is in compliance with the landmark nuclear deal. It remains unclear if you'll follow through with congressionally approved plans to extend a terror designation. To the Iranians have revolutionary guard corps. A move that has prompted Iran to threaten greater attacks on US forces in the Middle East. Back to what they'll do it nuclear warheads and I CBS. Quest I don't even think this is enough. You decertified you get the hell out and then use every resource you have to destroy this regime. To push it out of power. The IR DC is responsible for numerous terror attacks on American troops over the years. And it's played a key role in interfering with the US operations in Syria. Top lawmakers and insiders who spoke to the free beacon. About the growing uncertainty over how best to hold Iran accountable for its terror activities expressed frustration over what they use the administration's inability. To follow through that's farm policy promises. Particularly as they relate to Iran which is increasingly targeted US forces would military action. New reports emerged today that trumps planned speech in Iran may be scaled back cannot take place until Friday. If it does it ought not let me warn you. What's gonna happen when trump he certifies. Is the left is gonna go cuckoo for a cocoa puffs. And that when mr. producing. Cuckoo for cocoa pops anyway. It'll go cuckoo for cocoa past they always go cuckoo propelled. Whenever it. But they all over TV this Atlantis is on reason you know even Condi Rice and I am. About is that I don't know I don't now. And he'll be led to believe that trump. And his administration have taken a hard court's stance not a hard court stance. Iran as a mortal enemy they've said repeatedly death to America they've said repeatedly they're gonna get there ICBM to their nuclear war it's they have a lied repeatedly. In prior deals. Of what they didn't know they will not allow the UN inspectors to get into their military bases we're a much of this activity is taking place. They have now only threaten American forces they captured aren't this allies off a high seas. They're doing other things that are prohibited when it comes to conventional weapons when it comes to the spread of terrorism and constant. Occupied parts of Syria when it comes to building. Missile sites when it comes back and has a lot of Hamas the terrorist organizations. Why am I the only 1 talking about this am I the only one talking about this. Why am I the only one talking about this tank Aristide back entries in this business to start paying attention to big staff. Apparently not. Drop last week signed new sanctions legislation mandating the US extending Terry designation to the IR DC making. Spike in the first time in US history find country's military branch could be hit with such a designation. The stated Treasury Department would not confirm Wednesday that the administration intends to make good on this law. Which was approved by congress but bipartisan support. I'm only bringing this up. To give countervailing pressure on the administration and hopefully the president. The stick to his guns. It's bad enough if you decertified on this young that he. Let's fix it because you know wolf fix it well requirement and then the Iranians who actually lives and I asked how many my pieces of paper or what that's weak side. What is not on Nazi regime that Tehran to realize they have no intention of complying with a we signed document after document after document went back fat little slob inbred in North Korea that didn't seem Nowak. I look at a sign that what these guys in Tehran. What's going on here. Honestly got why there Obama holdovers. We got a State Department that's completely out of control. They what's with this. I'll be right back. This hasn't happened yet. But it's gonna have. We don't put pressure on this administration now. Let me show you how bad this is it over at the State Department. The trump State Department with the Rex Tillerson is secretary of state every year Chris sport and that the former basketball player and coach. Now most of you have Chris Ford was the former chief counsel for senator Bob Corcoran you've heard about corporate spent a lot of time talking about him here. All Bob corporate. He's like the British colonel. In the movie bridge over the river quiet and of that bridge. That they built they were prepared to blown up when need Japanese troop train was coming across forward to and is still POWs. And remember the colonel would blow it up because it was some love with his bridge. And eventually blow up because he was shot or whatever any fell on the plunger and a blow up. While whatever. That spot coworker when it comes the Randy. Bob Parker. Created the pants for Obama. To get the ran radio to violate article two section two clause two the treaty clause of the constitution. Even worse. The process they've put in place that Republicans put in place under court and McConnell and almost every single Republican voted for. This is when this genius then Sachs called me on the phone and I haven't talked of sense to me mark you just don't understand how this works you know I told them don't Eric call me again. Genius. Sold out. Now all of mr. conservative but anyway. Back to the point. So rather than. Two thirds of the senators present ratifying this as a treaty. It became two thirds of the senators. Would have to override a presidential. Speed up which would never happen so. Obama got his deal. Now what do the people advising Bob court at the time is it got an enemy Chris Ford is former chief counsel Chris Ford. Simple name. Counsel for Bob court. You know he's been nominated. He's been nominated to be assistant secretary of state. For proliferation. This guy's been nominated to be assistant secretary of state for proliferation. When he was involved in any. Obama Clark air Randi I'll give you another one. Ever hear of why leave regular lean hopefully while of course not I can't announce it but anyway. She's been nominated to be assistant secretary of state to throw what verification in compliance now what about hair every hair her. Well let me tell a little bit about her. She was cheapest after Ross like. A Florida. And people were not treated testified before the house. Apart affairs committee. Who oppose the Iranian regime. All she has sanctioned sanctions at what what needed to be done there again. Was to allow people testified openly. About what the Iranian regime was filling. And it's violations. Now what she was sent off from the transition team during the trap administration. She was pushed out while she's. She didn't nominated. To be assistant secretary of state. For verification in compliance a look at this it got pop leaked. The excitement outset and Chris lower the beat two top people at the sectarian. For the sectors. There were the conservatives. Or that. He you know went well. Anna Anna Harvey Weinstein you know we'll get to him. About this plan. It's not up on my favorite website it's not there it's not something I'm prepared to discuss mount Lennon and I've said many many times at bat. Era and and that's what they do they sit back and wait. But you can't sit back and wait these things are going on right now. The Iranian regime is a mortal threat to our country and your kids and my kids or your grandkids a migraine kids. One day we'll have. Have to go to war. The stock that regime. I'm not in favor of it I'm not promoting it I am telling you that this regime with ICBM is a nuclear warheads. Will be a mortal threat to the United States. Look at North Korea. That fat little inbred he's a mortal threat to the United States but what's interesting is. The Islam on Nazi regime into a rod is already trying to build a towel thing is already a power. Powerful powerful force in the region. If secretive themselves within the Iraqi armed forces. There are involved in Syria in a significant way. They toppled the government illegitimate government in Yemen. They're giving hundreds of millions of dollars that we gave them billions of dollars. To Hezbollah and they say yet testimony the other day that Hezbollah now. As operatives within our country. That the terrorist wing of the Iranian regime. And we've been decertified. Touch and a heat on it it is basing it on it today that hello make it look tough you say. What ever happened this was the worst deal ever made and I'm gonna get rid. What ever happened that. Conservative jumping up and down upset about this. All of a sudden it's OK I would just be certified and I know we'll trying to make it better. Make it better. You're dealing with they hit Larry and regime in Tehran. And I mean that literally. And I unanimous they will make it better out by an out Obama gets messed that I'd be right back. Love that no American is tyranny now. Call and now 8773813811. I come in another. He's a good thing. Hollywood and you wanna talk about a Hollywood OK we'll talk about. There should be a massive FBI investigation. Of what's taken place in Hollywood and what is taking place in Hollywood and all these Sony actors and actresses. Who claim they didn't know anything. The community. In order to determine the extent of Harvey Weinsteins. Allegedly criminal conduct. Those who conspired with. Those who took steps. To protect him. Should all be known. It should all be enough. Mike when he used the word collusion. Who could looted and Harvey Weinstein. Which actors and actresses. Which directors which producers. Colluded with a Harvey Weinstein. As I said yesterday and it's been picked up by some. The hilarity of hearing people like George Clooney and others in effect say. I heard rumors of course I didn't know personally I didn't know personally you idiot. Because he didn't do things in front of the nobody said you're an eyewitness. But she knew about it that you don't. Corey should get dummy. The best piece written on this so far in my humble opinion. Is by Kyle Smith over at national review online. And he calls it as I've called the Hollywood conspiracy of silence. And is sub panelists it's nearly impossible believe the big stars who say they didn't know about Harvey Weinstein revolting acts and that's true. Here's one example. You know this. I don't watch a lot of movies but Clooney's ocean's 111213. Costar Brad Pitt he knew very well. Points out Smith. Went Harvey Weinstein was at two pit. Had once threatened to give Weinstein a Missouri with the into the producers sexually harassed his then girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow in the 1990s. All those months. The pair spent on sets together they never thought to compare notes on Weinstein favored. That is you need to hit it there were told Clooney. Another oceans buddy Matt Damon this guy comes I like to complete punk. Personally called up Sharon Waxman then in New York Times reported intercede against a story that would have been unflattering to Weinstein. Withstand that also not curious about what was on his. Producer mentor. What was going on within. The game and also never talked a Pitt on the set of ocean's movies. On the set of the departed. Which Pitt produced and Dana started it may be in between. In between takes unhappy feet to in which Pitt and Damon played as any pair of gay press stations. Nothing curiously limited wording of the denounce from Damon including though. Entertainment reporting standing at tending to be both pay and all other subjects in the un school in Washington style spot. A spot the loophole wiesel talks haven't quite nailed down would either of them do. And avarice has seen any in this behavior and Hendrick Clooney told the Daily Beast really. Never personally solid hi George. Nobody said you did Cilic. If you heard all about it did. Question many clinging never solve the mess behavioral Weinstein once they had attacked. With Ashley Judd in his bath road game and clearing going to be invited along that point that out yesterday the question is did they know what Weinstein was up to. Clooney insist I had no idea that it had gone at a level of having to pay off eight women for their silence and that these women were threatened victimized. That comment seems to be limited to these women. The eight who paid. Like a politician Clooney's answering a question nobody asked. Do you know Weinstein was inviting actresses to business meetings that painted a bedroom meetings that kind of a sexual overtures and career implications. Why she in his stand for more than two decades one of the most talked about figures and Hollywood. Could news of such revolving acts really never have reached Clooney easy years seems more likely the Clooney was part of a conspiracy of. Cyrus yes. Movie Clooney's very interest and exposing the tradition is actions of oil companies. Chemical companies TV hucksters McCarthyism in the masterminds of the first gulf war. Real life clinic plugs as it is on people in Hollywood gossip not a subject. That is evidently been a hot topic of conversation spots and Pauly Shore was considered a movie star. Weinsteins habits were such an open secret they read joked about on thirty Iraq. And the Oscar telecast. But about Meryl Streep. She no doubt believe she was speaking truth to Power One upon receipt of a career honor at the Golden Globes ceremony this year. She spent her entire speech heaving broad sides against president trump. Does trump constitute power in her world though. It is it like Tron can do much of anything in response except send a couple of grumpy tweets. Powered restraint. Is some alike Weinstein someone who could cast terror not cast a possibly influenced our hiring decisions of others and Weinstein skilling campaigning for Oscars is unparalleled. It was widely credited for winning her a third Oscar for the Iron Lady notably by street stretch Paris street Chris out. Who's editor acceptance speech I want to thank god Harvey Weinstein. And it goes on it's a great piece of nationally the oh. I Kyle Smith. And when I commend it to you might wanna check it out. What about this. Jane creek how ski on the TV show thirty Iraq mentioned by Kyle Smith and 2012. Listen to this cut eight go. Don't leave. I'm not afraid of anyone in show business I turned down intercourse for Harvey Weinstein nonetheless and three occasions. You know how Foreman has couldn't hold them below their content. Yeah from waste and I'm still pinned under a pass out Harvey Weinstein minute Thanksgiving. And Haniyeh. And they Seth MacFarlane. The in the Oscar nominations in January trying to thirteen not so long ago. Had nine go through 2012 nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role are. Sally Field in Lincoln. And half the way in layman's or rob. Jacki Weaver in silver linings playbook. Helen Hunt in the sessions. And Amy Adams in the master. Congratulations you are five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. Notice they're not only laughing notice the oh my hand under their breath because most of them are many of the new. Menu that. It's a big Hollywood joke. Big Hollywood jokes sexual abuse. Sexual misconduct. Abusing women. They do it's funny you know it's funny that's just what you do it Hollywood. And Jimmy Kimmel spent all that that tongue tied on this because I guess Chuck Schumer has been whispering in his ears lately now what to say. Maybe we'll have more to say about this. May be our new cultural commentator. They're great comedian Jimmy Kimmel. On late night with the other third great comedians. That you miss Johnny Carson commissioner. Analysts and initial walk. It is set conga line of have leftists. And even funny that I even Smart. Anyway Jimmy Kimmel. I'm sure he'll be commenting you'll be very upset about what Hollywood is done and what Hollywood have been about. The abuses of women by Harvey. And come Harvey. I'm probably not. Jimmy came along comedy central's the man show in 2002 no luck. You might say mark come on that's fifteen years ago excuse me but a look at the founding fathers put going to be pulling down confederate statues. We can look to 2002 when it comes to left us with a big mouth. On TV. Jimmy Kimmel. On Comedy Central is the man show in 2002. Has only guests what's in his paints. How active media I cut tango. I've done something in my advance and go out and feel around them on the outside of the fans you have ten seconds. Then guess what is it that my hands. Until Hanks who. May prove easier if you put your mouth on. It's. Okay. Our stat so he's saying this donated. Well he didn't know the eight who she sounds like she's fifteen. It is okay sure of that. Go ahead. There's uncle Jimmy doesn't it and it is time. You don't find water. Defense. Is vibrant. A vibrator no it is actually. A zucchini with a rubber band on. It's a good game and I Comedy Central it's funny. Very very funny place don't you think. Meanwhile. You've heard that ever undercover tape I played yesterday. With Harvey. Weinstein on it. Any young actress her would be actress. It's pretty grotesque. And people are wondering why didn't the Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance. When an ego and an. That's six go. Room. It's. Serious issues. Guided by the start the match and at that Helen Keller ladies and gentlemen. Helen Keller. But it's not only. The Hollywood industry that covers and coverage for the Hollywood industry. It's not only the Hollywood media that cover isn't covered for the Hollywood industry. It's the so called mainstream media which has never been mainstream and I'm here. It's that big of live media. Including the New York's lines itself. Which more than a decade ago killed the story. You know it came out with the story this time. Which includes the national broadcasting corporation NBC. As I will explain in a moment. And. Oh I see Obama woke me. Coming into the commonwealth of Virginia next week campaign. For this says lieutenant governor who pretends to be a moderate. North from. I wasn't gonna do this but I and then do this mr. producer reach out to Ed Gillespie his campaign will bring Ed Gillespie on the show. Trying to help a math he's the underdog he's running behind alone not by a lot but if Obama's gonna come and in my state. The push for this Democrat he must be a radical left wing Kook. And so. We'll see if we can't level the playing field. Just a little. Just a little. Edge not as conservative as I am he's a decent person who will do a very good job as governor. But I'm not you that this guy AM north of lieutenant governor routes north and he's offer Sanctuary Cities and other I've had enough of has had enough of that enough of that enough. And it speaks spend another one big spending. Even at 103 GNM. Arlen sorry Marilyn but it's true. But they got to grab Mary's and I high taxes India. And then and all arrested a second it. Four years of McAuliffe has like a four year prison sentence. All right. 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Have to comply with the law and you know law in this case keep your hands to yourself keep your pants up don't do things mommy told you not to do. Hi this is basic stuff basic morality 90 basic morality sounds I rather. Incongruous when it comes to Hollywood but I'm sorry. The law applies to them to. I don't know where the left wing Democrat attorney general in California it is he's nowhere. He's now where. That's not true he's probably down by the border in California would Mexico making sure the border stays wide open. He's probably making sure the confederate statutes in California pulled agonized very very busy this guy. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States Justice Department needs to set up a special sex crimes unit from Hollywood. An alien. These actors and actresses. It did these directors. And do these produce. There's no way Harvey Weinstein is the only one there's no way. And look at this Bill Cosby stuff. Absolutely unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable the allegations in Bob let him. And we did go on and on and on. Now what's unique. About this in Hollywood is. Which unique about it is the widespread coverup the massive cover up. The conspiracy of silence. A special sex crimes unit for a Hollywood needs to be set up by the FBI and the need to go in there. You get to the bottom. You have young women. Are being abused. We're being threat you know I. I thought this was behind this I mean I'm not I'm not a Pollyanna I know this kind of stuff goes on but the extent to which it apparently goes on and Hollywood in the extent to which. These social warriors and Hollywood. Are prepared to keep their mouth shot. While that to me is over the top and by the way. This triumph for that cover up. Is the media again I'm gonna get to that my right after the top of the Aaron not just the Hollywood and entertainment media big media. Democrats. And of course. Hollywood itself. We'll be right back. 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But a bunch of crap. What a bunch of crap. If the media were involved in the conspiracy to cover criminal activity. Then the individuals in these media corporation should be held to account as well. If in fact they have violated any law I don't know. In the Washington examiner. Emily jazz since he writes. Journalist Sharon Waxman. Journalist Sharon Waxman. As accusing the new York times of killing a story that documented Harvey Weinstein mistreatment of women more than a decade ago. Set off pioneer times article that attacked Weinsteins media enablers in the wake the papers revelations about his history misconduct. Waxman founder and CEO of Iraq. Describe her frustrating experience reporting on his behavior for the near times thirteen years ago. Imagine how many young women. Are even not so young women. Would not have been abused by Harvey Weinstein allegedly. If that New York Times hadn't covered up for him. In a sandy article Waxman said. She got the green light to look into oft repeated allegations of sexual misconduct I Weinstein. Back in 2004 an assignment that took it about London and Rome. Was she apparently uncovered legitimate evidence pointed to the producers pattern of abuse. But the story never ran. The story never ran from Waxman's account quote. After intense pressure from Weinstein. Which included having Matt Damon and Russell Crowe call me directly to vouch for Lombardo. And another discussions. Well above my head at the times the story was guided. I was taught at that time the Weinstein had visited the newsroom in person to make his displeasure now. I knew it was a major advertising in the times that he was a powerful person overall. John lands and former editor that the near times Waxman implicated in the killing of restoring. Responded in a statement issued yesterday or the day before yesterday that said. Wife she had the goods unwinds in 2004 has she been unable or unwilling to publish something in the rap. Where she was in charge could it be because she didn't actually had the goods and now or in between. While Waxman responded to similar inquiries and an update Terry Sunday article arguing she thought the issue was in the past. Course that would make them both wrong wouldn't. After the near times published its bombshell report last week some describe Weinsteins reputation as one of Hollywood's biggest open secrets. So why did it take decades for the story to come out it's true winds at Waxman's account one that implicates a major newspaper in two major celebrities. Could provide some insight into that process certainly sounds credible. Give that Weinstein essentially admitted to at least some of the allegations in his apology last week he obviously found a way to keep that contact out of the media over the years. So who helped. Yet times coverup. That's the allegation. Now what about NBC. Ronan Farrow who is essentially a failed post on MSNBC but nonetheless I believe based on their payroll. Terror element here is on MS LSD on Rachel madcow show makes from Matt out used to be the number one show. In news talk on K well now she's not she's been defeated handily. By Sean Hannity. You don't see that written anywhere either do you. Now of course not. Here's Ronan Farrow and MS Ellis DS today speaking to Rachel mad now. That's I don't. Why did you end of reporting this story for The New Yorker not for NBC news let you have to ask. NBC and NBC executives that the details of that story not an economy news organizations story that day. I'm you know did or didn't run. I will say that over many years. Many news organizations have circled the story and he's a great deal of pressure in doing so open and there are now reports emerging publicly about the kinds of pressure that news organizations face in this season on and that is real and in the course of this reporting I was threatened with a lawsuit personally by mr. Ornstein and you know we've already seen that the times has been publicly threatened with a suit I don't ascribe. I NEC it's leveled at other organizations that I work with but job. You know certainly as I say a considerable amount of pressure that outlets that as an NBC says that. You know you didn't that this the story wasn't published a poll that wasn't ready to go by the time that you brought it to them. Obviously is ready to govern the timing and The New Yorker. I walked into the door of The New Yorker with an eight and explicitly reportable piece that should have been. Public earlier and immediately obviously new Yorker recognize that and it is not accurate to say that it was not reportable in fact there were. Multiple determination that was a portable TVs. Boy Rachel mantown. What happened to the left wing radical make tremendous. I know. That MS Ellis. NBC. Absolutely it's all part of Comcast isn't rich but whatever. Fact of the matter is. Rick come I don't seem awfully. Temperate intolerant and she. When her employer essentially. Is accused and they cover up of this current. This is what I mean. That Sony's in the frauds on the left. The phonies in the frauds in the Democrat party the phonies in the fraud in the media. And the phonies in the frauds and Hollywood. And they have so much control over our culture so much to say. About the issues. The way this country's headed. And why. This is why this is important ladies and gentlemen. To expose this is fully. As possible. To spend as much time and effort on this as we have on the U Russia collusion issue. Which so far. Has borne no fruit. Just fruitcakes. So this needs to be pursued aggressively. These institutions. These powerful institutions in our society. Which have so much say over the course of this country. The media. And the cover ups. Hollywood. And the criminality. And the Democratic Party so far which is largely on Tudjman. And yet Harvey Weinstein. Was a rainmaker for the Democrat party Hollywood. As an industry is a rainmaker for the Democratic Party the media for the vast majority the so called journalists and hosts and commentators. Our appendages of the Democrat party. There's really no question about it. And yet I'm not done. The move from Hollywood. The Boy Scouts. So we won't be calling them the Boy Scouts. We'll just becoming in the scouts. NBC news Boy Scouts who live materials allow them to earn eagle scout rank. Well isn't that magnanimous of them. The boy scouts of America announced on Wednesday they girls will soon be allowed to become cub scouts and earn the coveted rank of eagle scout the organization's highest honor. We believe it is crib at critical to evolve. Listen this we believe it is critical to leave Bob how are programs meet in the first of all how about. Literacy. At the Boy Scouts for the chief executive of the Boy Scouts Michael Sirva. We believe it is critical to leave Bob how are programs meet the needs of families interest in him positive and lifelong experiences for their children. This is there rambling the phone this Michael Sirva chief executive of the bush can't Boy Scouts. This county board of directors voted unanimously to make the historic change in an organization that has been primarily for voice since its founding. More than a hundred years ago other are not allowed to be anymore boys organizations. They're not allowed to be. Many organizations. Male organization. Starting next year young girls conjoined cub scout units known residence. Local scouting organizations can choose to have dens for girls and dance for boys cubs got dance will be single gender. All boys or auger what is single gender. Does that mean you can't procreate. Will be single gender and that's not that that's not the correct characterization. What they're trying to say is will be both genders. None of these single gender. It was single gender when it was all white you idiot you don't even know what you're saying. A separate program for older girls will be available in 2019. The Boy Scouts at enabling them in the rank of eagle scout. The Boy Scouts said the moves reflect the changing nature of American life adding to the appeal of scouting program. They're concerned the entire family Ol that's right it's about the family now it's about progress that is. It is a poison. In it is steeped in every walk of life. The boy scouts of America said. He commissioned to nationwide surveys that show parent's not involved in scanning at high interest in getting their daughter signed up. For both cub scouts and Boy Scouts. Why would you ask parents who are not involved in scouting. Not that tells me ladies and gentlemen they the survey. Nationwide survey of parents who are involved in scouting and they. Voted thumbs down. That's my guess. Girls are now part of four scouting programs venturing and see scouting. Geared toward outdoor activities exploring a career oriented mentoring program and stem. Focusing on science and math but those programs and not offered a path to eagle scout for girls earlier this year the national organization for women. But it disreputable organization. There's a voice that's good materials to the entire program supporting the efforts have been here a teenager Sydney Ireland to attain the rank of eagle scout. As her older brother Dan Kaminsky question does the national organization for woman have a problem. If males make up the majority of its board of directors. I'm just here it. You know single gender. I just wanted to do with the Boy Scouts during the merit badges and an eagle award she told NBC news spoke to that no offense but. It's called the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts. The Girl Scouts is a great organization but it's just that the program that I wanna be part of I'm sorry too bad. I'd like to be a professional basketball player but I can't be I'd like to be part of it. And I can't be part of it so what. And by the way I wouldn't. I think Joseph should have the opportunity to be a member of any organization they want regardless of gender really. In the past that Girl Scouts have been called the idea that many girls into the Boy Scouts citing research that showed many girls learn best in an all female environment Lutz over. They're not gonna allow that anymore. Whatever the left wants the left gets and they get to impose their will by law. They'll Sally wants to be a boy scout law that we have to change a hundred years of tradition because nobody wants to offend little Sally now can't do that. That would be. Unfair. We unfair. How could it affect short guy. Wants to be a ballerina. Does I don't think I mean a professional ballerina. Who performs on stage. A fat short guy wants to be a ballerina. You know like a fat short. Rahm Emmanuel tight. Who was a ballerina battle. I'll be right back. Let's get it all out. He callers hang in there I'm. Imus target. Michael welcome we'll ESP Michael will find. Is that they sportswriters and sportscasters protecting us from around the Washington area panda. All over the place these days and he's a leftist. Can't really hide it he's a leftist. He's no Stephen A Smith in my view Stephen A Smith who's become a friend even though that probably scares the hell out of him and a lot of other people. He's an independent thinkers sometimes he's with his sometimes it's against him he's not necessarily predictable. You can agree with the -- can disagree with them and so these enormously intelligent he's enormously entertaining I don't find Michael well gonna be any of those things and whenever he's on I shut them off. It's because of Jack ass comments like this kind of letting go. We do us a thought Jerry Jones displays some leadership. It's easy to understand compromise saying I I didn't do my players they got down and link arms and all this stuff and he's of. I had an anonymous meeting get. Dental link arms will bond. He got on his knee. And that's why you liked it. He get down on his knee. It was a social war here. I had. It seemed like that was where he was going. But now this seems like it was this phony as a three dollar bill and the word that comes in my mind I don't care who doesn't like using it is plantation. The players they hit a serve me and they will do what I want no matter how much I pay them they are not he cool. In he is so full of crap it's not even funny. It's called a business genius. He's the owner he's the boss sent out every workplace is a plantation is that it. Because there's a boss because there's an owner because there's a board of directors because there's management. How still it how. Moronic. It's a plantation would multimillionaires. Voluntarily doing what they wanted bill. On a football field becoming fabulously famous and wealthy to plantation you idiot. It's a business it's entertainment. They chase and I thought law. Yale. And never mind. Players are here to serve me. Now actually if players are there to serve us mr. Wilpon. Next we the fans. They did serve us. I can't explain Jerry Jones one day is known as new the next day he's of putting out disorder I like the second part not the first part. Thought to explain that Toro wonderful wonderful patriots. In and around Dallas Fort Worth that's not for me. But that's said. To use that line plantation. He reminds hate people using Hitler or the third right. Over and over and over again to advance their political agenda. And you think about what Hitler was like in the Third Reich this is why I called the regime in Iran. Islam on moxie because these are Islam all Nazis. The way they slaughter people. The way they say they murdered gay people. The way they throw people into torture chambers. The way people are right there under this regime. But their intentions are what their comments are. This they Jerry jones' like him running a plantation is so. Contemptible. So moronic. And what's happened is that players have listened to guys like Michael will bond and that got themselves in a bind the players union which has left wing. Scott it's often a fine. And now the owners are trying to figure out you know what are we gonna do about it when this broke on day one I said the owners could get on top of this it's gonna get away from the otherwise. Bulls like Michael will bond. Will be leading the charge. He is no skin in the game he doesn't have anything in this game he'll get paid no matter what he's a sportscaster. If there's no football. Welcome basketball there's no basketball how covered baseball there's no baseball covered generally winks that mattered to him. I'll be right back. Races left. It is her right vs wrong man. Bull market 877381381. Bomb that nothing is off limits. The Iraqi crew of the progressive movement is out there. They got there wrecking balls all over the place. Destroying. The NFL. Destroying the Boy Scouts have been after the Boy Scouts for decades. Destroying. Well what institutions think of any institution that that you care about and tell me if they're destroying it and a course they. Push them. You know friends it's hard to believe that 2017 is almost over you believe that. Time doesn't stand still so don't waste another minute join GMAC right now. GMAC is the association immature American citizens. It's a leading conservative voice for Americans aged fifty and up. And their resolve to continue their mission to restore America's moral compass to make America better place for our children and to save America from the left. And I many Mac member. And as an a Mac member you also gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits and discounts. That help you save a lot of money. From car insurance and Medicare plans to discounts on hotels car ran as a more. A Mac is the organization to join. A voice for conservatives in Washington exceptional benefits. Now that's an organization you wanna be a member. Join in that right now go to www. AM AC dot US. That's www. Any Mac that US sport. He called them on their toll free number. 8882622006. X 888262206. He association immature American citizens that benefits are great. But the causes even rain joining Mac today. 882622006. Or a Mac dot US. It's certainly worth it. Well mr. well my thought his comments were absolutely profound an incredibly courageous he being in other social justice warrior. From his position in the broadcast studio. And he was on something called The Dan Patrick Show. And he doubles down. He's very proud of themselves. Twelve now. Well I have not had anybody tell me what I can't get there was gonna OJ just yesterday they used no great plantation and our. Let me be. Downloading unlock. The I don't care and Jerry told them that does not have the outlook on who's anybody. While you're Tuff guy. Well bonds that have gone. That's right take the need. Take it and if if the owner tells C you can't take any of the man who who pays the salaries. The man who. Whose people draft the players. If he tell you need to stand up for the anthem which by the way is in their operating regulations and they're the NFL woman you must be a plantation. As a moron absolute clown. And let me say it again if you haven't heard many say it again. Only sale wants to be stupid now. I had. Bomb you know it would only be open to Russia at some time. Irish open discussion. When you're discussion is a discussion you make stupid comments. I had. And I don't know our Boston toll work it baby in my feet and I. Now I have but a few in credit TV and you decide mr. dwell on you know what I'm gonna take my shirt off. I'm gonna take my shirt off because I believe the cops in this country are abusive. And on the social justice for I'm gonna take my shirt you bet your ass will be five. And I have nothing to do is Racine. I had a U Bristol told me what mistake I am not Wheaton sport. I'm not a about it all white area code eight week though. Is telling you what to say dummy. Nobody's telling you at the same at least tell me what to say. Companies don't these players what to say. Before the game and after the game they say whatever they want. Say whatever they want they can be real social justice worries. But for sixty seconds or so. They're an employee. There employee when that there on that field. Senate plantation mr. well by new quite confused. And wittingly so you're intentionally confuse. And you think your audience is still the. And that's why you're throwing out provocative terms like plantation. It's a plantation mentality. Actually the first time he didn't say plantation mentality. He said it is a plane patient. May have modified. Is pointing it out and a man of words. There ahead of the great Michael well on everybody. Maybe they'll go Michael Levine. Ever seen anything profound nothing I can think. Just another liberal sportscaster. Happened off. Let's continue. Jerry Passaic, New Jersey degrade WABC go. Ronald Jared yes. Jerry when I say go that means you're on the air millions of people are waiting in anticipation and you need to speak. You know trumpeter Freddie who want to say expert dot there's receptor and Israel posters say usually not going to build the wall now because. Strike rate your flowers concerning an ill never win again. He's basically violated everything he said he basically. It's basically. Well let's let's slowdown a cynic. The wall he needs help he needs an appropriation from congress you'll recall when he was running for president kept saying I'm gonna make the Mexicans pay for it and so forth and so on. I said back then. Despite the group think. Nice and now he's not gonna get the Mexicans to pay fluid that is the Mexican government he's gonna need an appropriation from congress and I'm not gonna go back. And replay for the multiple times I said this and he's gonna have a filibuster prominent Democrats. And I said so it's not so wheezing he may not built the law. And that's exactly what's happened number two on docket. On doctor this is nothing to do with the Republicans in congress to the Democrats in congress the president has unilaterally decided. That he's going to break his campaign promise has. He unilaterally decide he's gonna break his campaign promise and what he's done as he circled back. And tried to force congress with a with a seven point plan. And doing some very very important things in exchange for replanting. War Iraq I should say breaking his promise on doc. Some of those things many of them I could live with but. You know let's see let's see if he gets it done but he's created this box form stuff. Now we have the point about him moving in the M the American Embassy to India. To the Israeli capitol of Jerusalem again. He decided on his own not to go to. My campaign over and over and over again they would get it as a tiny he's not right but the timing is never right the expect Palestinians to come to the table for peace. Although never do that. And then now when it comes to this Iran DL which is a direct threat to this country. ICBM would nuclear warheads a direct threat to this country from this regime. Well we'll be certified Woolsey what he does and talking about the reporting so far. We'll be certified that then you know it'll it'll appear that he's being strong it may not be strong in front of congress that's not what he said during the campaign. He said get rid of this deal it's the worst deal in history and he's right. Obama a court they're sold at the country let me repeat Obama and Clark parents sold at a country that's what they did. And I know I'm not on The Dan Patrick Show whatever that is but I am on the mark Lippman shall and that sack and that's where we stand thank you for your call. That's continued shelling. That's gonna Jacob San Francisco the great KS FO go. And mark at breakneck productive in you and it sort of talk about the whole letting none of the girls into the boys' Latin America. And just say that. Now I think boy scout to open up a can of worms because one of the merit badges I remember having to turn to get the rank of eagle scout. Is the cooking merit badge and just saying it could be considered little sexist they have a bunch of young girl pat to take that merit badge joking. Only speaking of course I only mean they should be forced to cook. Yes it exactly it's gonna add. I'm sure that's going to be the next target. My friend. It is a little frustrating isn't the he'd need the extent to which. This dangerous bleak. Backwards. Ideology called progressive isn't what can they. They they they anoint themselves and their own nomenclature court progresses. And affect the regressive as their throwback. The extent to which they've debt devoured so many right traditions and customs and our institutions. And the difficulty it is in getting them back and trust me I don't care how many conservatives we run a Republican primaries we're not any other culture back that way. We must contain the federal government. Must contain the federal government or article five convention in the states and otherwise. Here we are. These these. These just hit it in saint issues absolutely insane issues. And Cedric is Virginia is a great deal and I'll go. Market particular call. Want to go back there ran bill and I you know hurt so much about Iran and deteriorated because of the marine. Deployed to Iraq. 20072008. And our number one correct there what does the I CDs that were manufactured in Iran they're called explosively formed penetrator in his piece. And these things killed more service members and any other. I needed that point in time for a while they were being manufactured. And I ran deployed by the other cute force too cute irony in regard to force without. Who do the training on these things. And people just don't understand how many Americans. Iran has killed. And you know and then when you compound that would you know bin roads essentially admitting that dates. Let urged little echo chambers in the media that you too polished this arena deal. Every time I hear about terms and sure he would. And he's growing interest by wanna thank you for your service and that yeah I mean really. I mean it's a wonderful thing you've done for your country and now I question you can't resist so why won't trump who campaigned on dropping this steel trap this deal. Well from from my observation. It's clear and I don't know you know it's a money deal with a swamp. Is totally on board and in deadwood is you know the people who perpetrated this. This view it okay got it the why won't trump. Do what he said he would do a lot of money do the right thing. That's a good question right you know from from on my observations standing out from the outside looking in. It seems that this want to Lou you know draining him more than these strange losses. And that's the thing in if you say that isn't what you're talking Iraq I and a Brit who's. You wanna get behind the president that you need to make your voices Terry. In trying to hold his feet to the fire only promised during the campaign this was a big issue was about Dan. It was clear channel it is fair tiger better much I think you know not necessarily each and send it. You know you got it also the country and and you know I'm. Who knows this man who I can deal with the media establishment Republicans. Not doing to. I'd as saying look forward to his website jumping in on this. M yeah I was over there I was over there a little while ago and there's nothing on the merry Gregory good spirits and not relish. Hi my friend thank you for your call. Very much. That's continued Craig Dallas Georgia. Sirius satellite and area. But it hit a ball incident. Airline. Are you on speakerphone. Barack Obama saw all of Colorado or errant but that you now credible that that your mouth right up to the mouthpiece and leaking here. Okay gonna drop bombs away from home right now from work and I would irradiation is there I don't know. And we're so we're not Iraq woke up this concretely no book movie you Wear what used to be right is no longer watch what was wrong. Is now right you've got. Man identified as females who wanted to see no matter and you've got to women that want a girl that wanna be in board doubts. I mean out of the OK okay. We've got NFL player he will be up with the key to play OJ. They can't even gave her a minute Tom and respect that country in the flag and individuals. Who have got excited for this country they don't even know the meaning of the star spangled banner and I never got a picture for years to life I'll wake up. And all the craziness is just going on in this world you the United States. But that's the way it happens does it is and that's the way it happens these things creep up on him and all of a sudden they poke in the night. That's why we need to be resolute the left is resolute about. Fundamentally transforming America and in the course of fundamental interest in the fundamentally transforming America they like to tell you how. How patriotic they we're not taking any because we disrespect a country that flag there. And Anthony not because of this summer hair and that they had this over there. All right my friend again I want to thank you for your service in nine much much appreciate and thank you for listening we'll be right back. A native great talent. For your business but short on time. Not to get lost and huge stack of resonate to find your perfect hire. Is he the right tools smarter toast. Was zip recruiter. He composed your job go over 100 of the web's leading job boards would just a single click. So he can rest easy knowing your job is being seen by the right candidates. Then zip recruiter puts it Smart matching technology award actively notifying qualified candidates about your job within minutes of posted. So you receive the best possible matches. The wonder 80% of employers who postal zip recruiter getting quality candidates through this site in just one day. Zip recruited the smartest way to hire. Find out today why is typically has been used by growing businesses of all sizes and industries to find the most qualified job candidates for the immediate results. And right now from my listeners you compose jobs on zip recruiter for free that's right free. Just go to zip precluded dot com slash love then. Their zip recruiter dot com slash LE ZI and one more time to try it for free. That is it precluded dot com slash live then what a great service. What a great service. Joseph Scarborough. That's a rather loathsome individual. The way he noticed he is an enormously big head mr. because have you noticed that I don't I don't just mean from a psychological point yeah I mean physically. It's like out of proportion. I got a proportions bodies like Rhode Island in the head is like Montana it's just unbelievable. Then he's got that down. It kind of woodpecker hairdo what are the woodpecker have you noticed sense. And then that I don't mean to offend Benny has a face like the end of the kids I as I've said many times in deliverance on the bridge playing the banjo. But that doesn't even bother me what bothers me is what's between his ears. Pretty much mashed potatoes. And NASCAR borrow in the morning should mode today nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons the president said we need to. Increase our nuclear weapons tenfold and. No less a person in general Mattis said no he didn't. More leaks though more leaks at a top level meeting I don't know what that's all about but anyway. The morning schmo in this you schmoke couldn't wait to jump on it cuts for ago. But the delegation of Republicans. Need to go over the White House and tell the president either you. Could shore up ice. That the chairmen of the foreign affairs committee the United States and it is wrong and while we're going to take immediate action. To limit your ability to launch nuclear weapons. I started with just to show you what a moron this is this. This native IQ. How congress. The but the president's ability to launch nuclear weapons such as this is a theoretical. He's the commander in chief. In a pass a statute or who has decided in the law. Why don't. He could make him pass and he can veto it they can override his veto really. Moreover. Under our constitutional system who has the power to make that determination. I would argue that hasn't libertarians would argue nobody of course. Go ahead. Hayden said last year it will no longer be a system that is built more for speed. Then for rationality. These Republican senators and the rights. Off he goes droning on and on and on because that's what they could and as zealously. With any sadness. There's something called the 25 amendment that they're going to have to start looking at. They've been looking at the 25 amendment forever. 25 amendment and I'll be right back. That they'll let them. Yeah better on T-Mobile. That's just I believe there's America's nafta's. Reducing the amazing I've told me it's the outside going yeah. Know on America's best unlimited network proletariat to about 300 dollars on the amazing I've only. We form of the build clinics and now joined Google's iPhone upgrade program prefer. We'll train and finance agreement required to cancel service means from a press contact us for details Buick forty. Reduce the fees are pretty tell us. Hello everybody marquee event here I number 8773813811877381. 381. Now we've talked about this that it refreshes and what's this about using the 25 amendment it would have done. Let's go back because for. And mr. negative IQ the morning schmo. This morning cut forgo. But a delegation of Republicans. Need to go over the White House and tell the president either you. Ensure all eyes. That the chairman of the foreign affairs committee the United States and it is wrong while we're going to take immediate action. To limit your ability to launch nuclear weapons. And it won't be what general Hayden said last year it will no longer be a system that is built more for speed. Then for rationality. These Republican senators in the middle of October. 2017. Have that responsibility. For millions and millions of Americans. And others across the globe and if they can't do that. Then there's something called the 25 amendment kids are going to have to start looking at. 25 amendment what is its. Section one in case of the removal of the president from office. Well his death or resignation of vice president shall become president United States. Section 20. Whenever there's a vacancy in the office of the vice president the president Sean nominated vice president. We shall take office upon confirmation by majority vote of both houses of congress. Section three. Whenever the president transmits to the president pro tem of the senate and the speaker of the house. His written declaration that he's unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office not Reagan did this a few times. I'm when he was shot in when he was under surgery. Anatoly transmits to them a written declaration of the countries such powers and duties shall be destroyed by the vice president is acting president. Now the last section in the long section four. Whenever the vice president. And majority of either the principal officers of the executive department. Or such other body is congress may by law provide and they provided by the cabinet. Transmit to the president pro tem of the senate and the speaker of the House of Representatives. They're written declaration that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. The vice president shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office of acting president afresh tomorrow. There's nothing in there about mental incapacity patient there's nothing in there about health of any kind. This is purely a political decision if we're to be made. By the vice president and majority in this case majority. A this happen. And is the president can't Katrina. There after when the president transmits to the president pro tem of the senate and the speaker of the House of Representatives. His written declaration. That no inability exists. Okay. So let's say trump writes it's is not a I'm not disabled though inability exists he shall resume the powers and duties of his office. Unless the vice president a majority of either the principal officers of the executive branch. Or such other bodies congress may by law provide transmit within four days to the president pro tem of the senate and the speaker. They're written declaration the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon. Congress shall decide the issue. Assembling within 48 hours for that purpose if not in session. If they congress within 21 days after receipt of the letter written declaration stick with me. Well if congress is not in session within 21 days after congress is required to assemble. Listen this is the key determines by two thirds vote of both houses that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Vice president chuck continued to discharge the same as acting president. Otherwise the president shall resume the powers and duties of his office are all this mumbo Jumbo what's the key. Two thirds vote. The house in the sense right. When push comes to shot at the very end of the process. Needed two thirds vote of the house and two thirds vote of the senate. To determine that the president is unable to discharge his powers and his duties that the vice president child continuous the acting president of the United States. Got that mr. British and two thirds of the house and senate right. 25 amendment. How ladies and gentlemen. Even if you're of an evil mindset. Like that Democrats. I chose Garber. I wish we did 25 amendment for MSNBC that way. Those who seek to remove the president. To do this some thought I'm never gonna use articles. They're and I should say I never gonna use the 25 man now why is that. Because they need two thirds vote of both houses of congress in order to. Sustain the vice president is the acting president. The impeachment process merely requires a majority of the House of Representatives to impeach. And two thirds of the senate to convict. Image guarding the House of Representatives to impeach. And two thirds of the senate after a trial to convict. So the impeachment standard is lower than the 25 amendment stand. So it's not the 25 amendment. That would result. In this president's removal. Now this next election. If the Democrats take the House of Representatives and I've told you this from day one. They want. At some point during the term of that House of Representatives. That two year ten. They will vote to impeach Donald Trott. They don't need to thing. The new majority. Then we go to the scent. Where you need to start. Now there won't be two thirds Democrats. But there are some Ryan no progressive Republicans. That might round with a Democrat I still don't believe that they would be able to convict. But the two thirds vote required. What this would do however. Is it would undermine the president who would undermine his administration he be doing battle. The congress. For his political survival. Well in north Koreans are firing missiles left and right. While they slam on Nazi regime in Tehran is building missiles left and right and all these other issues are going on as well as domestic. And that of course would be the purpose of the Democrats not that they expect convicted. But they expect to handicap. The tie him up. So the greatest threat. From this constitutional perspective that faces the present a United States is not the 25 amendment it's impeachment clause. If the Democrats in the House of Representatives it is a real threat. It is a real threat. In my humble opinion. So again just carbo doesn't know what he's talking about it doesn't much matter because he's on MSNBC where. In order to get hired you really can't know what you're talking about your know enough. You know and us. The reason why Joseph Scarborough was hired by MSNBC ladies and gentlemen. Is because he was one of these phony Republicans now is an independent who spends his time trashing conservative. I could be on CNN. Every day on every show if I were trashing conservatives. Paris trashing conservatives. As it is and invited on fox all the time this week alone. This week alone three different programs. At this program. And then TV so they are with a 25 amendment and given this some thought it looked into that more deeply. They keep talking about the 25 man they keep talking about the 25 amendment is if you get a note from a doctor that the president United States is off his rocker something. Which is not. Let's be clear. Has nothing to do it doctors there's nothing to do with mental issue is nothing new Iranian. Took political decision whether the vice president United States in majority cabinet together. Turn on the president I don't see Mike Pence doing that period. I simply don't so this is say yet again a progressive left wing dream as it turns out. Once I thought it was a little more serious now I just realize it's a joke. But the impeachment clause is not a true. It is not a joke the threshold to impeach is relatively low now. When he came to Barack Obama who should have been impeached over the Iran deal alone. Which all the Republicans are gonna pop. Look at this week he's certified and not those guys falling. And they each certifying that for the backdoor. Let's fix the green ethnic. Because we know we can trap. We know we can press the the the regime in Iran fit fit to abide by an amended agreement. That it's it's it's irrational. The deposition is irrational. I just wanted to point out the 25 amendment because the adults out there keep bringing it up and are they trying trust and it's going to be the 25 and now it's not it's going to be the House of Representatives that the Democrats take it. I'll be right back. Okay. Catharine Laguna. California on the mark Linda Perry. Thanks mark for having me I am a mom of two or eagle scouts. 1816. They listened to you every day see that story you think you'll. These these sounds harmless as I have spent so much from you and I am just absolutely heartbroken. That the boy scouts of America have. Decided to make that decision and might eking out he got his eagle last year and I think you know just in the past month. And I'm worried that he's not gonna mean anything anymore. Nothing is sacred anymore traditions. Anything like that and it has it isn't so hard. To becoming an eagle I don't think a lot of people realize. How much effort it takes. To be coming eagle scout we've been at ten year probably let gambling might might. Have been like scoutmaster. And it is so much work. And a bit of a wonderful place for young men. To become to learn how to become men. And our society need that so much and nothing to. Be against women and girls but that's where the Girl Scouts come in and that would they have their place. And I'm just I'm just be by myself because. I have for all the work that my kids have done. I just cook it means something when they put it on their employment application and when they go get a job. And that of one of the reasons why he. We hope we instilled in them that you will engaging eagle scout because it is still very important. I mean they're not great. Great students they worked really hard but. Got started having an eagle scout. Save that on your application. They've already gotten summer jobs because of being an eagle scout. And I just hope that meaning. An meaning doesn't go away. Did very disheartening right yeah. I don't think the meaning won't go away with him I think that. These institutions are destroying themselves but I don't think the meaning of being an eagle scout Politico. So hang in there and my best here eagle scouts there and god bless him. Bob sent the girls like California the great assets I'll go. Yes Bob Iger I wanted to Jimenez his top. Yet this is Bob. We are ready and just cause you sure about. I am Bob. This is hit it says here you find. No I'm Bob from zero to California where you shoot and I frank from Orange County. I promise. Can you prove that since obviously. Like you did. Can you prove it. Yeah Bob Mason Derosa and not francs from Orange County very simple request. I cannot prove it but I can tell you what I wanted to say. You really Robert by the way. Yes it is Robert. Nicely and I'm calls so you it is so you you calling in under any any Easton disguise. Well haven't called bunker regular member but I drilling is Robert is that correct. It is now yeah. Look I've always thought that they didn't tell the truth and not tell the truth you're name's Robert grant. Well yeah I mean officially but everybody called Rabat and so while everybody's wrong your name is officially Robert. OK but you sure you're not actually frank because I don't want it to jump the line here. No I am not current. I'm not heard gun I'm I'm I'm Robert could disrupt Matt generally California one. Guy had Bob go ahead. Okay thank you I was solely because indeed you know I really think that interdiction of course the boys. Can use that word feminization again. Are better they are wrong and integration. Of Malaysia is ridiculous and and went on the buy it. Yeah at this same kind every little boys but. At the same time I hit the girl scout. Are an embarrassment. I mean it's ridiculous what they're teaching them what they're in sleeping less teasing them I don't know. Well they teach and teach them all the liberal thing you can ever imagine under the girls are popular involved in it. Our slow liberal and the Girl Scouts is so liberal that I don't I don't even by the Girl Scout Cookies and we're doing little things of that teacher known. You know abortion on demand that he kind of liberal cities. Mean they are but I must tell you the the Girl Scouts that I meet selling the cookies. They're pretty solid. They're they're not parents and their parents are solid run there at the tables there is you know. But you'd find out what they teach them in the liberalism. Is. It's horrible. And really the difference been with governor of got an offensive soak the poor call are completely agree what you said. About the boy is it about you know that the point that they need a place I understand that anger and avoid skeptic in me that big lead like that seatbelt you know I'd like to see. The boy Scott Pioli isn't the end. Salutes the girls and maybe not that they can be. Joined together so now but somehow got girls have up. But go I'll not now I mean the Boy Scouts sported directors voted unanimously. To fundamentally Alter the organization. I'm not sure that I like the fact of him being in the same class but now that we've broken may be true. Maybe if they broke the connection between the Boy Scouts or girls got media give the boys got around to open a Girl Scouts type of format that was more in. What what what makes you think that the hierarchy of the Boy Scouts has an already been. Poisoned with leftist. Well I clearly this act today or yesterday and it demonstrates that it is. Don't come back. To hundred no I mean I'm all right frank I got to move on thank you for you call my friend that's continued shelling. Eric Barton. WBA peek out there. Commission within this an honor. Certainly seems to me that one thing that we have they're courtesy used we we don't have the unity in this country anymore. This simple supply demand and the processing in high school. In the pledge of allegiance in each and every assembly we says in unison. I am an American citizen. We saw my actions and dedicated to principles that make my country first how trusting god. And the United States of America we don't have the unified government they're breaking apart every. That you are people period right because what you have said is really not set in most schools is not her. There's no use this as you point out wisely there's no unifying effort. In our public school systems there is no assimilation efforts. In our public school systems and so what we're left with is his radical ideology called progressive as. Thank you for your call my friend we'll be right back. You're listening tool annihilating. 31 the great one. And you can call it now I'll. 8773813811. Have you ever thought of hill start college in terms of impacting K through twelve education. While they are. And they're improving on lies in the process. Hillsdale us founded more than a dozen charter schools nationwide were more opening every year they provide curricula train their faculty and offer support and advice. And get this hill's still doesn't take a penny for these services they do it for free. It's called the Barney charter school initiative and it's funded entirely by donors. You know that he Hillsdale College education produces graduates were cut above the rest. They're young adults and character who knows how to be good citizens. And those same teaching methods and principles are now used for primary education to. Learn more about this important work at love in for Hillsdale dot com LEV ally and friend Hillsdale dot com. Now video there shows how Hillsdale is building character in children all across the country. Teaching these young people how to live full and flourishing lives hills so there's all this without taking one penny of government money and not one penny from the schools either. Check it out and check out all that they have on their wonderful website you can learn more at losing infringe Hillsdale dot com that's LEV IN. For Hillsdale dot com. Parent. Let us check out the American people blame. Chicago Illinois the great WL last now Wayne. We are cubs going to be the next. I would hope so I would hope so I was born and raised in this town. I grew up with the seventies in the eighties cubs split manner as goose bumps for a week after last year I hope to relive it this year. That's a pretty good team there aren't that. Oh yeah oh yeah just as good if not better in my humble opinion depth. They got one under their belt they'll be fine. We'll see what happens in Iran ahead my friend. Yeah I'm I'm responding. Not just something you made reference to in the first hour right when he says you miss Johnny Carson. Hit a ballot may have been. So I'd like your opinion your take on subs and it was comedy it's all leftists so there are at least on the mainstream outlets here happily married has certain. You know the Jimmy Kimmel to cold Beers of balanced comedy central's Samantha bee Trevor know all the other people. Why is it and I've been wondering about this for ten years but I thought media that your take on your opinion why is it. That with our you know Stephen Crowder who is hilarious Tim Allen and Adam corolla Dennis Miller everyone else. They can't put together and our program. On comedy. I. I imagine it. They do and their grade I was just done that Crowder show. This evening and he's a great guy he's part of CR TV and there's others to. The problem is the networks the networks do not when anybody who has not had a line was this ideology. And other than fox these cable channels are no different. And I can't give a hundred cable channels there's really only one that's relatively conservative right. I or thousand cable channels for that matter and so. You can see that the that the the ideology has insinuated itself and entertainment and that's where is very powerful and you're right we need to break the the monopoly and it's not so easy because these networks here it's like it's like the colleges and universities they hire from the same schools. It's incestuous. These these networks they hire people that they know they hire people that have worked for people that they know. And they continue to build these so these these layers of bureaucracy these layers of protection. That make it much much more difficult. And you write a guy like crowd he'd be hilarious on one of these mansion. Right but I just stop that there might amnesty now when a minute. It does CPR oh that sounds and as OK it was just little piece of broccoli just have little broccoli with the lead that soon. He's in a child's health management Emerson and I'm here Adrian as dirty now to mark. Yeah let's zoom out. Just think not advertising dollars will might override all what you're saying and I agree a 100% with what you're saying but. The advertisers I think would hop on something like that. Pop and it's it's still crying shame that I can't there I was little little little Leno but I always enjoyed. Going to bed with Johnny Carson and Leno and I can't listen to me now I go to bed angry if I listen to these guys I can't. Eilat Thailand evil actually and TV. I was gonna get any subscription. Well go to they were living TV. I think you know I think you'll live and arrest these are I might rather excellent call I think it is not really immigrant police nice guy. Let's continue. Steve Wisconsin. On the market then that dealt. They market to set up well a question and cheered one and you're Benin aboard. You know you're talking about the boys go send girls my little later in the mine wrote me. So the boys cuts scouts trying to. We're explicitly found it and are as a faith based organization and so a lot of still Israel. And the Girl Scouts explicitly were not you know that to be the case. I do not know that your kiss scene and you learn something every day. I didn't know that cop and that tonight and you might go right ahead. I guess what post. Next thing you know the Boy Scouts will be selling cupcakes and cookies I'd go ahead and you know he had he had the most lives in L Robyn and all of a kind of on battery side took women want to join knots well let me show the Indian guides go around I was an Indy again. I don't know. We actually war and we enjoyed it the feathers and so forth and and all that stuff than. I guess that would be considered racist to correct. Now and your questions there. Well I just wondered do you think that it they're just trying to protect men and that we just can't have our own secluded thinks. Well first of all I am really repulsed that the board of directors of the Boy Scouts itself. We unanimously do something like this. And I suspect they're trying to pump up the number of people who are joining the Boy Scouts is very shortsighted. Look organizations have nations. Organizations is supposed to principles and values of you know and so pleasant in the in the people involvement and are supposed to understand and then when they cease to have the nation. When they cease to have principles are guys that are actually followed the cease to be relevant. And I fear that's where this is headed I hope I'm wrong. I could be wrong I hope not I have issued on something bit of conflict fraternity technology but there have been trying to get rid of them. It really didn't really ask a man. What will we do that fraternities. Well it is an attack on man. It's also an attack on the culture. Everybody's exactly eagle don't you know that that would fail exactly equal. But let's have. I thought they had to say it but it's almost an attack on the white culture white men. Nine and while there may be an attack on why men that I that has nothing do this I thank you for your call. Let's continue here Kelly. Waterford Michigan on the mark let that go ahead. I'm mark at two point. I. Adlai cannot spend anymore money and the boy scouts of America because they are now going to break down let me ask you let any of our young men can. And we know what's on the left. And we know it's from corporation. Possibly but I plane left parents. Also NFL. If they hit the ball players shout but they don't care about the Ian found they don't care about the veterans. And I asked how they did they pretend that they care about America deeply. That there are great patriots. Just like cops the cops the problem. And K what you're shell yesterday shouted that they didn't care about the veteran. I agree with us and make. You said when they said. I'm saying what they actually believe. Okay well if they believe that. Right now. Then they have helped to wait for years and the NFL fans would do well to learn and understand that right now because my. They are now let me tell they are which is why the owners are concerned which is by the commission is concerned. Which is why the phones like will bond around they're talking about plantations. So. Hi my friend I appreciate your call excellent calls them. X. So Casey sand point Idaho don't blow it serious satellite dealt. They think mark. I just want this thing equipped part and that would the taxes I believe we're facing an epidemic here in the United States are now we're sexual assaults that Syria. She great culture all things like that and it's racquets through. Hollywood. What makes you think that it's that that we have this ramped culture going on now I mean it's clearly the case in Hollywood but what makes you think it's going on all over the country. I would just look at look at this all the scored I'm just lucky yeah. You geared for example numerous examples I'm not. I know that there are a tiny tiny tiny percentage of the population you think that the general population more than ever before is involved in rape and sexual assault sexual abuse. I don't know that to be true. I do and if you look at verification system every every week I think our education system doesn't demonstrate that. Art teacher sleeping children and other. I don't know I don't have the stats on that whether teachers have been sleeping with children more now than they were before they just don't know. But I'm talking about the general population out there I don't know that to be the case. Well if you look at the statistics as far as. Repeat offenders people are getting books per child per billion things like that over eight. I have a look at the statistics what are the. Can you not give an exact number but I know repeat offenders or anywhere from eighty to 90% and the thing is if we don't revamp. But how do you know repeat offenders haven't been repeat offenders. From the beginning. You don't and that's my point with. With stops every once the people are not saying that everything is is that the punishment did not fit the crime is like telling your kids don't do this. The machinery them not to do it they're gonna do it. All right say thank you for you call. Is that frank mystical scheme is at the frank we've been waiting for. I don't know. Heavily that it Jeremy Portland Oregon a great affiliate dictate UF go. Mark you know. I and I appreciate your previous Colorado who indicated that they thought that that the boy scouts of greater organization washed out grown up. But the reality yeah. Is that we are being expected to participate in the nationwide. Psychosis. Where men can declare themselves to be learned. When Lincoln declared themselves to be America. And nobody can get in the way and because this would have to allow everybody to produce them and everything. And you know really this is written foundational problem is that there are those Palestinians as they gender and an X and Y chromosome there's a link you may. And and you know what that does ultimately. Destroys the whole idea of individuality doesn't. Absolutely because if everybody's like everybody that nobody's unique. Well and there is all eliminating about equality and but that's exactly right radical egalitarian as. Which can be different but still be equal we can still have this thing value and not be exactly this whole. And again because of this is being shoved down our throat and you know I think the boy scouts of America are done. Because they've bought into this sly. And I think until we get back to. These same culture. That accepts truth this truth and ready to write your thoughts. And imitates and the boy scouts of America if you make an excellent point. If they think they're gonna expand their membership now because as a lot of parents out there are gonna say gee whiz. I'm not gonna sign my son for that. There's no way there's absolutely no way I would allow my children or grandchildren. To be statistically. In that psychosis. But I know I hear your point is well taken and is a national psychosis and again. It's called progressive as a thank you for you call my friend excellent call will be right back. And my buddy Kyle Cox. And owner of Houston based blind straight outcome is helping his city recover from the ravages of art. He portion of every purchase from blinds are dot com that's blinds TER dotcom goes to the city of Houston is Terry Cain Harvey relief fund. Thought Kyle give you a great deal on custom line shades or shutters while you help the folks in Houston at the same time. Blind should not come show me how easy it is to measure and install my own lines of they can show you two. Kyle started the entire online window treatment industry. He'll always get Kyle's personal fit our free guarantee. If for any reason your blinds don't think even if you messed up the lines there will make the new size is needed for free. And you only pay for shipping and get this Kyle gives you my listeners a whopping 40% off your entire order. These products are priced really really well but you'll get an additional 40%. If you can use a tape measure in turn a screwdriver you can install custom made window treatments. In a promo code mark at checkout for 40% off your entire order. While helping the people of Houston at the same time. That's blinds are dot com blinds TER dot com promo code mark. Let's continue shall we yes wage out. Let's see. And AJ Flagstaff Arizona serious satellite go. Very mark. Well I don't buy quite pillar of her come and do. I keep hearing over and over him that he guards are rich in Asia or shut up Wittman listen guys the ball play you know ordered. And they are sure about that everybody can live abolished. Win. That's an amount. People are also saying. That it is it is a little strange that these men. Who live unit in in the luxury like few have before them and if you do today. Take the occasion. Of the National Anthem. To make their protest. Right you are now gone gone out Brett Favre what do you need what when I have them do they can do it. Outside the stadium they can do it in their private lives they can go to the communities more than a few hours a week putting me what what I have them do I have them stand. But all. In honor this country. Would you have under. Let me ask his sentence if they wanted to disrobe on the field as an active. Free speech would give her. I'm of that. Route. We need excuse me I say if they wanted to disrobe. And stand on the field and say look at this we're objecting that XYZ is that okay by you. I don't I don't I'm not avid didn't ordered. It could go over there and lastly what's wrong with it I'm telling you what's wrong with it. This is not a place this is this is not these stadiums are not dealt these fans should not pay a fortune for these seats. Become the yet the the owners didn't pay for cable TV rights. They didn't do that so some schmo could decide to go owners need to protest a police. What what I have unveiled stand at attention played it then gain their entertainers. They're not civil rights activists. But Bob wouldn't prayer of our partner of he was so good what does that have to do that he also went to prison didn't it. Any recruiting admire these guys Ollie go to prison if they commit crimes. The leopard bird count premiered forty years thirty years later let me explain something to you Mohamed Ali was a standout main. He'd go into the boxing arena every time it's taken me. He was drafted he said it was against his religion they said you gonna go to prison he settled out of prison he went to prison. How dare you compare him to these frauds. How elaborate. I got my phone. Every excuse in the book every phony argument in the book. I cloudy hang up because I can't take it anymore. But that doesn't calling your defending the vets defending the fans. Canada it's all those sports football players when he called the millionaires well. Well what do you expect in the duke putting I don't expect in the dip. Let's go to Rick. Long Beach, California on the market then that how are you Rick. Do agree I want you to know I carry your book then the black whenever I'm in the courthouse just that it's not her. Well liberal well what are you are you a lawyer. I'm looking guy I work for lawyers eleven want to quite a bit not. If I carried a book I make two points I think that just my first books yes okay. And I have great book by the way could be allowed to read it but there is magnificent book. And I wanna make two points and by the eagle on like an eagle that's been shut down its consequences to things would never won this is almost child abuse. Young kids are being used by their parents. With this liberal protest being in you know a lot of maulana saying hold on. Say opponents say the Boy Scouts board of directors just voted this him. They get voted it and so going forward you might you might make your argument if that's what you wanted to but at least for those during their now they even know this was coming I don't believe. Sir I apologize that music means I can advance ladies and gentlemen and I'm not getting an unnamed. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Seal on the main TV it's a minutes yeah on the radio tomorrow thank you for listening. Much read it too little time my read tax or some credit side by side it's about a meter that wishes more rhetoric into your screen. Get a free trial today at Mirant dot com.

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