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8/17/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 18, 2017|

On Thursday's Mark Levin show, a horrific attack took place on Thursday in Barcelona, Spain with 13 murdered and 100 injured. A terrorist there ran over pedestrians with a van. This terror attack is tied to an explosion from a bomb making house that occurred in Alcanar, Spain on Wednesday night. It ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Progressives presents mind slowness the slow. We are in the driving seat in complete control in length and only. Your tracking the confusing yeah this great TV rotation with snapshot from progressing. You use your savings to Iowa this track application. Expense and just not. The more righteous you drive the more you can hang with snapshots from progressives. Because at progressive talk congress doesn't insurance companies honest and unavailable must answer from legends. Is it. No broad. Only underground. Heat from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript. Building. We're once again made contact without a leader that are. So everybody Marc the men here are number 8773813811. 877381. 3811. You would. Think for at least. Today and tonight we would escape. The media attacks on Donald Trump. Has we have a horrific terrorist attack in Spain. With thirteen people murdered and that will increase substantially according to authorities. In about 100 injuries including many critical. Here's what we know on Barcelona. Two suspects. In custody. However. The terrorist who was driving the demand. Is on the run. On the run but the two suspects are tied to the terrorist attack. There's two other things he needed. This terrorist attack with a van is tied to. An explosion from a bomb making house. That occurred. Last night. In Cochran. Who died there. And house blew up it was filled with explosives. Third point a second house. There were explosions. Yeah Al cannot. So. This is the early reporting I'm sure it will change over time obviously I'm not there so I'm not this is an firsthand. But I've spent the last several hours trying to piece this together in this as the latest best information we have. Obviously was an act or several acts of terrorism crisis is claiming credit. Thirteen dead as I said I will increase substantially a hundred and Jewish injury injury so far. And down. And when he gave a little bit more information. Haven't heard much of this in the American Media he's. As reported by the Jerusalem Post they've banned cloud in the crowds in the heart about Barcelona. Any. Italian government officials say the death hall could rise above the thirteen so far confirmed. Joaquin foreign. From the Italian government's Interior Minister told a news conference over a hundred people have been injured demand mowed down pedestrians in Barcelona city center. That's a police rarely confronted arrested two people in connection with the attack as they summarize it was not immediately clear how many attackers were involved in the sense and this is a big deal. Obviously there it is a network out there you get to two houses. One confirmed as a bomb making house probably the other two both of which blow up. He got two suspects the police officers as I understand it again the the news is a little unclear. And there was a shoot out and one not one of the terrorists was killed the van drivers ice that is missing is on the run. Antsy. But. And continuing to meet current news the incident occurred in the vicinity. At the makati Kosher and how Beebe how lollar restaurants Jewish action. They're located at Carson the city's medieval Jewish quarter. Myanmar Hassan Israeli tourists told channel two and Israel that there was a group of about twenty Israelis and the McCovey restaurant at the time of the attack. I'm. Let's see. The shot Bob representative told the Jerusalem Post at the institute is located close to the scene of the attack. Members of the show about staffer trying to reach the area to see. They catch. And that is the absolute latest that we now you're totally up to speed nominee monitoring this throughout the course of the program. And when trying to separate the facts from fiction as best as I can. But when these events occur as quickly as you know its its you trying to piece together I don't wanna be first I just wanna be accurate. We will definitely ya. Strive to do exactly that serves no purpose to be first in a neck. I know of others have played this but you know people come in and out of radio shows my show a lot of people in drive time. They head home from work and I act I mean something happened today in addition this horrific terrorist attack I don't know I'm. I don't know what else to say about the media in this country and in particular scene in. In particular CNN and in particular Wolf Blitzer. They had this reporter. Whose name is I always mispronounce. She'd go SE I UT TO he worked in the Obama administration foreign and national security affairs. And reports on those subjects for CNN. And I am almost speechless about it. In a time hard a time in the world should be pulling together and focused on the terrorists. I want you to listen to this as they say simply give credit meaning the not. This is the so called reporter in this is let's cuts exco. In light of the feel for the last couple days. My favorite part you have the white supremacist who shows that you will be able to kill it's here you have to look. There's that you probably Tebow does offer yeah sort of using vehicles terribly articulate well have been a good bet she's good negotiators back yeah. That this should be a lot of. There will be questions about copycats there will be questions if you saw what happened in Barcelona. Was it all at all. A copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville Virginia even though they may be different characters different political ambitions. They use the same this aimed at killing device at. A vehicle going at at high speed. Into a group a large group of. Could they have absolutely no. Factual information. Evidence that any so that ties to non. And of course this means of terrorists attacking. Has been going on throughout Europe now for some time. Toss have been going on throughout Israel. I. I'm sort. Hope. That there is a news out in this country which. Which has a monopoly presence in our airport systems throughout the country. That can. Conduct itself in this fashion. I can conduct itself in this match. We already talked about two homes. One of which was a bomb making home the second was probably about making home to. That there's some kind of network of foot here. In Spain. In addition to the van which did all the span. There's some kind of networking that's taken place here. Crisis is taking credit. And in two to rip. In your newest platform and lose out to speak like to speculate like the it's so beyond. And because the man who runs CNN is a man by the name of jabs at. And because he doesn't care about the news he doesn't care about the facts he doesn't care about getting it right. His anchors. His reporters. Have gone wrote. They've gone wrote they are over the top. There over the top. Obviously what took place today in Spain. Didn't occur. Because what took place in Charlottesville this as a sort of thing that takes time. Takes landing. You've had you have at least one bomb making house are probably too. And crisis has taken credit for this crisis need to see what took place in Charlottesville. To know what to do. It's completely discredited. Cable news outlet. We have to hear from a Costa. We have to happen Anderson Cooper and Bryant steps we have that your from a Don lemon I actually had to give some credit BJ at the other day who was reporting the truth. About what reporters and photographers were saying. That they were being beaten. When they're recovering nick counter protesters. Should just tell the truth. Just report the facts. So in the sky shoot no reports when he dies his former Obama administration official. And Wolf Blitzer piles on and agrees with that I mean this is just. So beyond. Anything. Anything that I can remember. Bias in the media we used to talk about this isn't bias in the media. This is far worse than that. The media has gone completely he wrote. Completely route and CNN MSNBC is self identified as a Kook left wing French operation. Got it. But CNET pretends to be a real nose operate. It is propaganda mill it is a hate mail. It is truly a disgrace. After the mayhem and slaughter that takes place in Spain. Copycat. Of Charlotte's. I'll be right back. Hello hello Benton. The yeah. He keeps sending me stories from. Web sites like I can't substantiate the actress there right the rank next against experiment on national radio on repeat and I can't do it. I have been meaning to do this as I say we're gonna stay on top of this terrorist attack in Spain as information comes in there is none of information so I'm not gonna do with the go on TV just keep looping the sloping this from the opens. But I do want to talk about Charlottesville I do wanna talk about. The ideology that is behind so much of this we know full well the neo Nazis the Klansman in the white supremacists. We know a lot about. We know about their history. We know about the violence. We know there's comebacks. But the progressives who were defending. Intifada. And black lives mad and other radical left groups we don't know a lot of and so I wanna give you a background through rediscovering America. I've talked about Walter why. He live from 1973. In 1990 he was he dominant progressive voice and strong national. In your book called the new democracy. With a withering attack on early twentieth century America. Got that followed by a cynical manipulation of the American found. In America today is in a somber soul questioning moved. This is what you wrote 1912. When he appeared to clamor of bewilderment of an almost true that Romulus unrest. We are hastily revising all our social conceptions where Paisley testing all our political liked the he said in reality the democracy of 1776. Was by no means perfect. The declaration of independence was not an organic law and an appeal very special and dried appeal to the natural right of revolution. Was a beautiful ideally wonderfully poised in mid air as it is today that golden rule among the thrice armed nations of York. The average American was not a true believer in its doctrines. The better classes painted with an interest of loyalty the king George cannot abide rebels petitioners and agitators. And among the signers were many conservative men who fear too much democracy. Although they saw the advantage of issuing a platform and hanging together to avoid hanging separate. Yes. And he went on. America seven needs 76 was not at them. Not even a democracy on paper is that Shalit in my. Nor what's the substitute democracy conferred by federal constitution. If our modern ideal of democracy does not back to the noble eloquence of the declaration. Still less. Don't last as a revert to the federal constitution. As it issued in San 1987. Reg from the Philadelphia convention. Our new democracy demands not that of people for African firm toll rigid are attracting constitution. But that the constitution changed to conform to the constitution is the political wisdom of debt America. He actually went on. He wrote. That's the so intimately has this constitution been bound up whether you're its national ideals. The weather very sensitive national unity so many have been that gentle traditions which are clustered about this venerable document. No one hesitates to a quiet too ordinary and in a political. For over a century we have piously exclaimed that our constitution. Is the last and Obama's expression of democracy. But it true constitution does not Democrat. It wasn't attention and is in essence a Democrat. Was conceived and violet distrust of the common people. The greatest merit and the greatest effect of the constitution. Is that it has survived. It might well be at the American people would recant their constitution. And with what is shortly do better in 1911. With a twentieth century organic law and with a almost unchanged or constitution. Which and it dated the railroad misty about in the French revolution. It was cut and contemporary with George that they're Marie Antoinette and that Flint lock musket. The early days however when the State's read jealous ex nanny apparently overly major. Any bond of union definitely strong enough was good. And I point out again and again McCullough that progressives. On board the individual and society. Americus merited but populace irate. Rotting and indoctrination. The purpose of which is a popular support for a muscular centralized government. Well I south agree advising it'll actually. An extra constitutional and autocratic administrative Levine's. And more over the individual has to be noted it was personal trait. Primitive nature and all believe. It is true liberty satisfaction realization. I should be tied to the universality that stay. The government through so called science and administration. I encumbered by H&R. I call eternal truths. And all society in ways that supposedly modernize and improve. Individuals focus on itself rather than community. And is old habits beliefs and traditions must be altered through socializing education and training. Thereby making him the kind of person and citizen whose behavior and it conform to eke out purposes. In general welfare of the overall aside. You see folks. This is typical. Change the names and sports groups that teams changing the names cities and towns changing the names of buildings. Lasting. Figures. Off of mountains like the Taliban in crisis. I'm not taking down and monuments and statues that have been out for a for a hundred years in the middle of the night. Because it offends people rather than understanding that it take historical matters and wanna teach the good the bad and the ugly. This will long reach back to that declaration in the constitution. Oh yes the declaration written by white slave owners yes the constitution that I like slave owners. I'm Rick why going to hear that it tomorrow it's an act that well aware out games that day right now. I'll be right back. Liberties drawing yes. Went to twice now 8773813811. The reason the media will not this gas. Discuss handcuffed black flies man there and their Marxist anarchist movement as does agreement. Insane need to turn in to an end of the shows I can describe them and explain them beyond the surface. You've talked about why don't mount. Trashing the constitution. About you know the constitution in today's the day. And they all. At their core are marxists. Now I don't know why they deny it. Watched it or not. And in the Communist manifesto. For marks the existing institutions have been senate by the ruling clay therefore. Society exists not as a matter of just law but the will of the bourgeoisie. You know the property. The laws nothing more than the means by which the bush was he satisfies its own interest and happy that is. Control production economic domination and Kyra property you'll read all this it re discovering Americanism I do all the hard work. Here in part is what mark said not what you think about this in context. Of the Marxist kind of kiss and tough five movement the black lives matter movement and all these other left wing movements Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth warrant. He said all property relations in the past have continually been subject to historical change. Concert he stole that by the way from hagel that yeah. Consequent upon the change in historical condition. In this sense the theory of the Communists. May be summed up in the single sentence. Abolition of private prop. Then like with someone Hinkle before him in the progressives decades later marks a tax natural law and the principles of individual limit. He wrote the selfish misconception that induces you to transform into eternal laws of nature and a reason. The social forms springing from your present mode of production and former property. Install correlation is that rise in disappeared in the progress of production the misconception. You share with every ruling class that is preceded. What use he clearly in the case of ancient property. What to admit in the case that you don't property you are of course forbidden to admit in the case of your own Busch swapped form of property so now they've trashed. Our constitutional since. They've trashed our founding principles under the declaration. Now they're trashing. Private property. Marks also targeted education for it promotes the status quo he said. It's only useful if applied as a tool for social justice. And viewed largely adopted by American intellectuals and educators in the progressive era and today. He wrote. And your education is not at all social and determined by social conditions under which you educate. By the intervention director and director of society by means of schools. He wrote the Communists have not invented the intervention of society and education. They do but seek to Alter that. Of that intervention and a rescue education from the influence. Of the ruling class. Marks his goal was not to build on the past whether Chris. But to break absolutely from both. Canada and the statutes. Sand bless the building. Take down the names. Big and small. He wrote in history of our past society. Has consisted in the development of class and I. Antagonisms that assumed different forms a different. Whatever form they may have taken one fact is comet all have state. The exploitation of one part of society by the other does this not sound like modern and no wonder then. That the social consciousness at Penn State is despite all the multiplicity of riding it displays. Moves within certain common forms or general ideas which cannot completely vanished except with the total disappearance of class and I. Communist revolution is the most radical rupture with traditional property relations. No wonder that its development involves the most radical rupture with traditional idea. In the manner in which the revolution and they're a transformational. There quote. The proletariat you know notion of the working. Will use its political supremacy arrest by degrees ought capital from the bourgeoisie. To centralize all instruments of production. In the hands of the state that is the proletariat organizes the ruling class and decrease the total productive forces as rapidly as possible. Of course listen to this of course in the beginning this cannot be affected except by means that you spotted in wrote on the rights of property. And on the conditions the bush swap production. I mean some measures therefore which appeared economically and sedition and untenable but which in the course of the movement outstripped themselves. Necessitate further inroads on the old social order. And Iran Nevada was it means an entirely revolution. Mode of production and other words he's saying. Look. We're gonna destroy the whole notion of property rights because it's built on. Injustice it's built on. The imposition of the will of the bourgeoisie it's built on one. Immoral system after enough. One immoral system after the. And of course he talks about class warfare because class warfare is used by Bernie Sanders in the progressive left and tolerance. It's very appealing even in this country. It's used by nationalist populist it's used by Communists who choose I don't kinds of people. Your betters the little guy vs the big guy oh yeah yeah yeah yet. For remarks. Remarks to use class warfare. Fact he said and I think this is important again in the context of everything we're seeing. The moderate bush by society that sprouted from the ruins of feudal societies not generally a class antagonism. It is but establish new classes new conditions of oppression new forms of struggle in place of the old one. Our epic the epic the bush swap possesses however. This distinctive feature in as simplified the class and and he goes on and on and on about class warfare and so forth and so on but that was in response to gunman. But especially by a grateful last journalist French. Heatley from 1905 to 1980 reasoning was rain and Iran. And he wrote a book called the opium of the electric. Remember how many times I've said do you in the course of the last several months if you leave the battlefield. Of ideas. And principles the academics and intellectuals will lose our country. We have to be on that battlefield and we have to do it again I'm mentioning this not in some academic disconnected way and putting it. Down. To explain what's taking place and Arafat and the left and the media and the Democrats in this country. Why they will not condemn these. Sir Richard Iran. In his book the opening up of the intellectuals in 1950. Of the myth that this proletariat. Of this so called working class equipment. Phrase is used by mark. He said why is that so often considered difficult to define in the working. No definition could Trace precisely limits have a category. At what stage in the hierarchy does the skilled workers cease to belong to the proletariat. The manual work in the public services are proletarian. Even though he receives his wages from the state and not from a private employer. The wage earners and commerce whose hands manipulate the object manufactured by others belong to the same groups is the way trainers and industry. There can be no dogmatic answer to such queries. They have no common criteria. According to weather one considered the nature of the work the method in the amount at the remuneration. The style of life one Weller one not include certain workers in the caddick took category proletariat. The garage mechanic. He wage training manual work. Is any different position and has a different outlook on society from the worker employed in an assembly line in a motor car factory. The content with a which the intellectuals are inclined to regard everything connected with commerce and industry as always seemed to me itself in the that the same people who look down on engineers are industrialists. Professed to recognize universal man in the worker and is laying there on the assembly line. Seems to me and gearing back somewhat surprising. Neither the division of labor in northern raising the standard of living contributes towards this universalist. Philosophers have the right to a hope. That the proletarian that is the working people will not become integrated with the existing order but that he will preserve them suffer revolutionary action. But they cannot in modern times represent its back. The universality and the of the industrial workers not all of proletarian had the feeling of being exploited. Or oppressed. In countries where the economy continues to expand with a standard of living has risen. Why should the real liberties of the proletariat however partial he sacrificed like total liberation. What parents had to be indistinguishable. From the on evidence of this state and it's right look at Venezuela. Cuba. A. He's right. We've never had the revolution the proletariat country but there are factions. Like the active. By black labs man. Factions of this Marxist movement actions of this progressive movement. Better within this country. Seek a full revolution. Turn over our constitutional says. Who reject the declaration of independence and might I say every bit as much. As the neo Nazis. And the white supremacists and the Klansman all playing to uphold the declaration. I clan to support the constitution. When in fact. I don't. If the enemies of the state. There on American. We must not ignore this other force. This other force it has voice in congress this other voice that has voice in the media this other voice it has voice in our academy. This other voice at his voice and Hollywood. And comes DirecTV. And it televisions every night comes the radio. Every night. And you can't get away from. It's constant. I'll be right back most we'll bring him. I friends I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you thank you for your support for what we're doing over Lebanon team. Or making big changes with the platform big changes over the weekend. And these are massive technological changes and we've been working on the for months. We're also creating more programs very very exciting and I'm glad to announce them yet but we're gonna be announced in the later in the fall. We're going to be bringing you more shows and more stories that you care. And most importantly we're starting to do some real damage to the lib media in their fake news machine. Turned and living TV lately you've join the discussion about everything from the fake Russian conspiracy nonsense collusion with trump. To our thorough coverage. Of North Korea and then of course our coverage. Of the media is gripping this nation apart. These are important times right now it's never been more critical to have a source you contrast to bring you the truth. Haven't signed up for CR TV our network conservative read TV yet sign up now and see what you've been missing you'll never go back to regular team. The media revolution is here and we're not slowing down at CR TV today which includes living TV. And join the conversation about issues that really matter ditch the fake news get on board with the only team that conservatives dedicated to covering the truth. We shall market Stephen Crowder Steve bass and many many more. Call us give us a call today. 844 living TV 844 LE VEI and team valley joined the media revolution. Again that's eat for four LUV Iranian TV. Living TV. All right you are alive out there. Let's see what's on on Zacks Boynton beach Florida. Migrate W Genoa police officer. That's where my parents led by the way how are you. And gunfire on the tour and thank you much for for treatment arms because they're really appreciate. You use it. On the of one of our off road track it before you know brief. Our Motley offer but I currently work for the Department of Justice. Task force are there. I'm pretty darn it well in only 31 years old. And imports are not that I was able to turn it on cute I was able to. You know learn about. Exposing these kind of collapsed and seeing how that on politics political. What I'd like to talk about it how that has been carrying over law enforcement. In others there is I don't. I don't wanna lose your story C a rule go for. A host site. When when the public hear about law enforcement getting. Specialized training before the remedy or a a police department the specialized training without specialized training really is. Is the left there they're turning criminal justice. Into a means of social justice and they're doing that by forcing officers to become. Agents of reconciliation. Rather than. And for enforcement of the law essentially and from what I hear you talk about our constitution now constitutionality. Vs democracy. Law enforcement has has really begun to become. A democratic institution. By catering to see that the demands and to not at the whim of a mop where. And I mean that at least see that in Baltimore and now it's confidential. And at that they're a very fortunate. Very very intelligent very good call let me ask you something. How long it had been on the force. I've been with me the city for about six here and I've been working for the Department of Justice. About a year. And ideas see things getting worse better or. Same. Police officers are remarkably. Resilient. We we adapt as muted. What I am frightened. Is police officers being pushed in the direction. And and they are not aware that they're being pushed in that direction with an agenda. The police officers and in Charlotte till. They they did their job by not following order. But that are their duty with the and the opposed. But it was the duty of the police leadership. To take the measures to intervene. Attitude. About. System out there ears though or collective action essentially has to protect these people on both sides really. And that that come from the city government municipal government and then they get carried over to the police leadership. And that's where you know at the top down problem. And and had not gonna stop. There's there's mechanism. Gone back to on who would be surprised to hear Barack Obama had a task force on 21 century policeman. And almost all of the changes the recommendations from the task force. Are there are still being implement that. Yeah. All right my friend I really appreciate you checking in and I appreciate you listening be safe bet that. Thank you so much work program. Countless. Great call. And let us go to Mike Arlington Virginia on the great WMA algo. I stick my call mark a real quick with Wolf Blitzer. That you know. The regional corporation are trying to make the connection back to try. Anything that murder Donna project is stopped touted what she caught opened door for years now centrist. Com aren't discussing. What it's you know to try to do our part this country. And again it's so what they're persistent audiences it's that nuts but like old goat to so they can win. You know people tuning in now who've been working all day they may not know we're talking about so I'll play next our government has so people know. But you're right I mean. Almost at a loss for words to describe what CNN did and what scene and is doing Gretchen. Absolutely I mean it's it's extremely Margaret. Because some super combined events like gosh you are recalled from the sympathizer for you know the neo Nazis. Now I can make this connection it was too pal lot outlawed on the bottom goalie can just deal whatever they want. What is it what does Donald Trott at ever done. It demonstrate that he supports the plan for the neo Nazis and lights and what does he ever done in his entire. Life. Well one thing he was a Democrat for a long time right. But it became a Republican. And I'm Tania this is mine my goal here to eradicate it Democrats are in its name. From Matt every vestige of America will be back. OK keep your eyes close. RA okay. Who we are so. Tell these owners can't do it ends she Sylvia asks what do you think. I like Powell. If he's a guy could you could save hundreds of dollars on car insurer and yeah that's not true. Here why I pulled your press while you call them. Geico because saving 13% or more car insurance is always agree dancer. Yeah yeah yeah. No well. Normally underground. Feet from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the bridge can steal over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving the hello everybody mark the end here are number 877381. 3811877381. 3811. Again. Back to Spain. Many horrendous terrorist attack ice has claimed credit. Thirteen dead. Over 100 injuries although they expect at thirteen to rise rather substantially that's the latest report. There's two suspects in custody neither one of whom drove the van they rammed and all those people in front of those. I Jewish locations among other locations. So the drivers on the loose. But it's also tied 22 other events. There appears to be. Bomb making countless. By making houses the latest report. In Aachen Nara Upton. CA. Ending up. Now last night. In one of these seven bomb making factories by making houses. House blow up. Two died and then. It'd been filled with explosives. But apparently there was also another bomb making house. Which exploded. Also in Al canard. And this is all tied together. So this this network. Obviously Dana work for a period of time it's been planning with these on making houses and so for. And rather than report the straight news rather than report the straight news on a night like this. Wolf Blitzer. And his SI take this car spotted used to work in the Obama administration. Shoot though is is name. Had a discussion. And want to be here this cut six scout. They'd like to feed the uproar the last couple days. Five days apart you have little white supremacists in Charlottesville you to be able to kill and here you have doubled. Actors that you probably Tebow is. You have attackers. Enix Islamic terrorists meaning of attackers. Used you see what I mean. They won't report and it. Charlottesville is not. The event of the night we can talk about it of course we just had a massive terrorist attack in Spain. Go ahead. Senator as you didn't vehicles there are ridiculous well have been a good bet that the food scare tactics. That it should be a lot of stopped. Nicest and al-Qaeda had been using vehicles like this now. For several years. Paris make deliver eighty remember. Britain not that long and a Briton twice as a matter of fact and this has been going on and other places to. Brussels. How dare they shoot out this former air Obama oh facial. The south this way. And listen to this Wolf Blitzer now ahead. There will be questions about copycats there will be questions if you saw what happened back in Barcelona. Wizard all at fault. A copycat version of what happened is Charlottesville. No it wasn't and you have no facts or evidence that backed that up and it doesn't even make any sense. You got to bomb making factories these two houses that had to be in place for some time. The matter which this band was gotten apparently there's say there's a complexity involved in the act. You think these terrorists who sit around to see what happens in the United States. The Ku Klux Klan and the neo Nazis in the white supremacists. And not sit around and waiting to follow somebody else. This is supposed to be reporting this is news. It's not a good speculation. I had. And I even though they may be different characters different political ambitions. They use 36. About Wolf Blitzer is he treats you all like you stupidity traits has all like we're really done. And when he gets finished explaining something it's it's heat who sounds like an idiot. He sounds like the idea. So there's a manhunt under way. For the driver of the van. The terrorist who rammed and a. Well over a hundred people. Slaughtered at least thirteen the number will go up. And sure it's set by design that it was. On a blocked with a number of Jewish shops and so forth. Always seems to be the case but anyway there you go and human life as human life. Has nothing to do a Charlottesville you idiots on CNN absolutely disgraceful but foolish. Embarrass. Embarrassed. Okay wanna bring it back to America let's bring it back to America. The economist. The cover shows Donald Trump speaking with the day with kkk hood. The economists is making a strong statement rice they you know. On the president with its most recent cover showing him speaking through a megaphone. That resembles a Ku Klux Klan hood. Incredible disgusting. The daily caller Missouri senator I hope trump is assassinated. In Missouri State senators editing now deleted FaceBook post that she hopes president Donald Trump has assassinated. Maria Chappelle made doll acknowledged doctors they she wrote a post which read I hope trumpet assassinated. She made the comment and exchange when he left wing activists who claim that its cousin is a Secret Service. And she quickly deleted it. She confront her reporter with Saint Louis TV station KM OX that she posted the comment. And put something up on my personal FaceBook page and has now been deleted she said. She's a Democrat she represents a district in Saint Louis suburb area suburban area. It's not clear exactly what prompted her to comment so likely made in response to discussion about the on going controversy trump the idea yet. I said before and I fear this great. I think these leftist these Democrats meet the need these fools in the media but. Are gonna wind up getting our president and I'm not gonna say. I'm not gonna say it but I fear I really fear it because. When you hear the left dripping wet with hate and poise. I really believe many of them would just assume scene Donald Trump taken out. And I don't think they check here. They blame him the media would blame him till the media would say he had it coming you know because he was provocative then. He challenged this one and that line and of course he supported the Klan and the neo Nazis in the white supremacists. It was anti black and anti Hispanic you know all that stuff. And he's none of those things. He's never been any of those things and I don't know them. And a personal level and I've seen it. I mean I'm you you watch. I'm Bob court there is a man who sold out his country with a Obama and Mitch McConnell. When they Randy about co workers and demand that. That cut a deal. To help McConnell on the Republican so they would have a showdown with Obama. Forcing him to take that a Randy Ellen put it through the treaty clause process under our constitution. And the Republican senate. Rejected. That is the constitution. And they knew damn well what they were to. But court. Working with a bomb and McConnell. Made it possible for the Iranians. To build their ICBM of their nuclear warheads for the next decade. Open it up for a decade wow what an achievement. And he was in Chattanooga today. And he pass judgment on the president not to them on the president didn't do that up court there was involved in that. Seems to me that that's one of the most rest reckless acts in modern American history. Cut nine note. It is. The president hasn't. Yeah maybe demonstrate its ability. More so. Decent. Yeah we need your business. Our nation needs to be successful it doesn't matter when you come. President of the world need. That's not something we also recently has not demonstrated that he understands that there. He is not demonstrated that. Then it's easy to understand what makes this nation okay what it is today. He's got eight demonstrating characteristic. And look out. The things that I just mentioned how. Yeah. Have you any rambling on like a buffoon. But he's actually is somebody who understands anything. Complete sellout this man sold his country out. Should be passing judgment on another politician. With a present the United States so this country to call. Wasn't that long ago that the governor of Virginia announced leave all the monuments along like a man not to leave him. Terry McAuliffe who's not been looked in that when it comes to his conduct with respect to the National Guard. Terry McAuliffe who said that these white supremacy had put aside weapons and hit them in the police chief came and said no they didn't. Can we at least get the facts out. The facts are buying a bunch of nukes. But he was wrong about that. So McCullough. Who had announced. Early on in his career when he was running for governor in their after I leave the monuments alone now he wants to be present. Now it's the monuments. He's on what Charlie Rose. The guy who looks like he's any perpetual state of constipation. Cop one don't. She at all confederate memorials and monuments being taken down I think so now I issued a statement today at a site yesterday. And this is my first interview after what happened on Saturday years Charlottesville wow it's an exclusive the governor of Virginia ladies engine that's a listen very carefully. I had important and I speak to the citizens of the while slots for the last five days trapped in origin and talk about healing and reconciliation. How we move forward together. But I did issue a statement last night that's why one reason I want to talk to Charlie is they need to come on their divisive symbols I've had enough. I can hear this front. One week he says one thing the next week he's the leader of the anti monument movement. So lightly. Angelo arrived on scene and Angela rock. Into the rise very very important. She's she's she's a crucial figure in America and an ocean yes cut to go. I think that we have to gates at the heart of the problem here and the heart of the problem is the way in which many of us were top American history American history is not. Out glory days and an even lives I'll. I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen but I was taught that American history's all glorious. How about the glorious part of American history they ever going to be taught. It amazes me that so many people hate our country hater history and our economy. And our constitution. But they won't leave I don't care they are what race and what they and it is what they do it again at at what the religion seriously. This country. Is as these activists say. Weiss. Et Al out. Paradise Cuba. And Venezuela. Right. There's. Places out there. Now. That the fundamentally transform America. Go ahead. And I couldn't disagree more about George Washington George Washington was a slave owner and we need to costly voters out for what they are whether we think. They were protecting American freedom or not he wasn't protecting my freedom I wasn't going to move my answer is one deemed an Indy stands hack and so. Did protect your freedom. Even though he owned slaves and freedom and death. He actually did protect your pre. George Washington. Was it commanding leader at every stage of this nation's independence to revolution. Panda setting the stage. For this great nation. And of course with the declaration of independence. The civil war. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to go back to that. To that statement that Lincoln made because of I don't explain history nobody's gonna explain history I will do this. This issue of slavery. Which of course is a blight on every society including ours but. I wanna get down to us when I returned. Oh hello Brendan. Have to wake play after the break to get the link in the let's go back to Angela Ryan on CNN. Cut to start at the top mr. producer go ahead. I think that we have to get to the heart of the problem here and the heart of the problem is a win waged many of us were top American history American history is not how glorious and an even islands aren't the debt. I couldn't disagree more about George Washington George Washington was a slave owner and we need to costly voters out for what they are whether we think. They were protecting American freedom or not he wasn't protecting my freedom. I was there's going to move my answer is one deemed an Indy stands. And so to me I don't care if it's at George Washington sat in court Thomas Jefferson's statute or property lease extensions they all need to come down. You know let me just say this. I'm Jewish. And the Jews were enslaved by the egyptians member this mr. producer. They built what the Jews. The parent. I want the payment account and I think they're magnificent. I think they're absolutely unbelievable. I don't believe. That you week we should tell them down despite what Farrell after Farrow put my people for a I don't know how far back we're gonna go but the point is this is history. And I understand people get upset. And I understand in many cases rightly so. But that doesn't give you the right to start. Tearing down monuments. Sand blasting and names of buildings or the rest of. You have every right to be offended in upset. But you have no right to destroy. American history the good the bad and the ugly none whatsoever. We're not the Taliban. We're not crisis. That's not what we do. Look at the coliseum in round. Somebody wrote this I give them credit if I can remember rule last look at the coliseum in Rome these are not exact parallels but the good enough. What happened to the coliseum in round you remember mr. producing. How many tens of thousands of Christians were killed in the coliseum and we don't know. We don't we kinky can't. And in the most brutal horrific wait. What about a hundred years later somebody's head. That stared down what took place there is an abomination what took place there was an abomination. You don't terror. Look what took place. In the gas chamber. In the camps. Look at took place. In Nazi. Germany the third right. They may have took down taken down other monuments and so forth but those state. As a memory hopefully forever. So people know the history that took place in if you were to take down those camps. It dinars about how attempt. We'll be thrilled. Absolutely true. So they can continue to perpetuate their lives. History is crucially important. But if people are offended or not. I'll be right back. Just go. Liberal media bias and my brother and Poland now headed 773813811. By the way I wanna remind you. Missed a big weekend and Ronald Reagan event. And as you know the dinner is sold out. Amstel signing books. And if he'd like to come to get assigned book and visit the library to help a lot of fun. I'll be signing books from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM obviously Pacific time. And I won a strongly encourage you to do that to purchase a copy of rediscovering Americanism. At the library. And we had limited spaces left they give you tickets and give you times two candidates very very well organized. So that's something your interest in and when strongly carried you to do it. Go to their website. Reagan foundation dot org Reagan foundation dot org. And click on the event that we're having over the weekend it's it's Saturday. And go ahead in the catcher bookmarks let's meet each other let you know practically in times like this it's very very important. That we have camaraderie. That there's an esprit de corps. That were around people who are. You know share our principles and values and this is all gonna happen this week and at the Reagan library specifically Saturday. So the book signing is limited to four hours 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM. As I say those of you who want to get in there and get in there now go to their website at the Reagan foundation dot org. The program. Now whereas the great John hi bush the executive director of the library. We go back and forth questions and answers out of the from six to 7 PM in the in the dinners and fifteen to 8:30 PM and a return home. On Sunday. Look forward to seeing my kids. Alarm sent chase. Sent along nick Knight granddaughters Sloan. And her friend Stephanie. And other friends and so we're gonna have a wonderful time. Again the book signing 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM if you wanna get on that he got to act now gone online. Reagan foundation dot org. Kick your book and then I will and will sign it this is my last books and there will be no more. And I mean you know on. And heading for the cliff I just mean on this book there won't be any more books and done. So it's a hell of a book we discovering Americans missed tackle them matter. They re two and a moment. Another part of the book and it's Abraham Lincoln. Sony you've heard this but I need to say stated again that's why this book this are crucially important a time. Angela rice has lucked take down the George Washington statue in the Jefferson's statute all the statues. And any sleep. No matter what could make it country. And I said okay takedown FDR statute because there's a lot of Japanese Americans in this country and a practically like they're offended. Because interment of Japanese Americans. And we're not talking about the yen the turn of two centuries ago were talking about. In 194142. In 194142. You don't hear this discussed on cable that day they will not discuss Franklin Roosevelt they will not discuss the Democrat party they will not discuss Woodrow Wilson why not. Why not. We'll discuss that property leap all discuss. Franklin Roosevelt. And discuss Woodrow Wilson. Why not. 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No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses but lifelike is the best. Joined now any special 15%. Discount off the first year of your life like membership. Here's how you don't. Call 1800 like slot 1800 life locked or visit like flocked dot com it's like flocked dot com in either case. From a code live in fifteen. XL EV I and 15 within fifteen you'll say 15%. And the fifteenth. 15% off your first year offer ends August when he sent as a very very soon terms apply. That's call 800 life slot 800 lifeline activism lifelike dot com promo code within fifteen now. By the spared on his Romania on a roll. Is may be ice this was topping the Palestinians. That the left loves so much. In running down people and their automobiles. It's a good point I think the chip. Boy that is a very good. I wonder if Wolf Blitzer will mention that. Match. He moment that's just peace that's on PC can't do. August 171858. And Louis and Illinois. Lincoln delivers a powerful speech during his campaign for the US senate against Stephen A Douglas. They might be saying I thought state legislatures pick senators while they did an Illinois at this point to. But they still want from town to town and they had their famous debate because they wanted to influence. Who the state legislature would pick. In doing in this debate and going this particular debate. August 171858. Lincoln verbally brandished. The declaration of independence in his condemnation of slavery. And I really want everybody to listen. Every I don't care what you races which are bankruptcy really went to homelessness. Because nobody says it better than Abraham Lincoln. And very few people. Have done more in the history this country for African Americans and Abraham Lincoln. Including the big announcement TV. Here's what Lincoln sent. Now slavery had been a good thing. But the fathers of the republic. Have taken a step calculated to diminish it's been it's a benefit. It's beneficent influences among themselves. And snatched the boon wholly from their posterity. These communities that is the colonies either representatives and old independence hall sent to the whole world of men. We hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit happy. This Lincoln said was their majestic interpretation. Of the economy of the unit. This was their lofty and wives of noble understanding that justice of the creator who's creatures. Yes gentlemen to all this creature. Took a hold great family of man. In their enlightened believe. Nothing stamp with the divine image and likeness was sent into the well to be trodden. The great. In uprooted by it's file. They grass not only the whole race at me and then living but they reached forward. And seized upon the farthest posterity. They erected a beacon. To guide their children and their children. And the countless myriad who should inhabit the earth and other age. Why statesman as they were. They knew that tendency of prosperity debris tyrants. And so the established these great self evident truths that went in the distant future some man some faction some interest. Should set up the doctrine. That non about Richmond. Where none but whiteman. We're entitled to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Their prosperity. Might look up again to the declaration and and take a course to renew the battle which their fathers began. To the truth and justice and mercy. And all the humane and Christian virtues might not be extinguished from the land. So that no matter. What here after dared a limited circumscribe the great principles on which the temple of liberty. Now my countrymen mrs. Lincoln now my country. If you've been taught doctrines conflicting with the great landmarks the declaration of independence. If you have listened to the suggestions which would take away from its grand. And mutilate affairs symmetry of its proportion. If you've been inclined to believe that all manner not created equal in these and only animal rights enumerated by Eric chart a liberty. Libyan treat you to come back. Return to the fountain whose quarter spring close by the blood of the revolution. Think nothing it may take no thought for the political fate of any man whatsoever. But come back to the choose that are in the declaration in the patent. You may do anything would mean to lose. He will but he be sacred principles. You may not only defeat the for the senate. Which you may take me put me to death. While pretending no indifference to earthly honors I do claimed to be Actuate and in this context. By something higher than a nags at an anxiety for office. I charge you to drop every paltry insignificant thought for. Any man success does not think I am nothing judge Douglas is nothing. You do not destroy the immoral emblem of humanity. The declaration of American independence. That's when it. In rediscovering Americans. That is my answer to Angela awry that is my answer to Al Sharpton. It is my answer to Terry McAuliffe. Its financial. Lincoln. Lincoln who did more fresh African Americans and anyone that is. Anyone. And that was his feet. I was 1858. And then when you read his second inaugural address. In 1864. Is the civil war is winding down. This was a remarkable man. His 1864 speech wasn't about ripping down monuments. Wasn't about obliterating the south any further than had been obliterated. Wasn't about retribution. About peace. Read. Father wrote a book on. Read Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address. How he pulls from the Bible. He tries to bring the country together. He's not one of these tax in the media he's not one of these hack Democrat politicians. It's quite a man. And after he gave that second inaugural speech. He was assassinated five weeks like. Five weeks lane. How different the world would have been how different this country. But it wasn't debate. And carry Jeter read that speech. Everybody you know. The speech at peace. Speech had dignity. The speech of humanity. They carry you again read the declaration in an office. And I wanna remind you. At the white supremacists and neo Nazis in the claims and hate Abraham. They despise him. You wanna remind you that they reject the principles of Americanism. To set forth. In the declaration of independence. I wanna remind you they reject the constitution he supports secession and notification. As do the leftists in California as to the century city at the dissension and nullification. They reject the union to. Even though they make it. Far more centralized autocratic than the constitution even permit. I'll be right back months. And open. When. Remove any statues with such a moral imperative. Writing Bernie Sanders Iran. Why didn't Elizabeth Warren bring an appears to. When Bill Clinton removed. And up Iraq Obama our first black. Why was it's not a priority wise or priority this moment. The city mayor is whether or Baltimore or other cities. Who control most of these cities. Why isn't a moral imperative today when about ten years ago seven years ago. Six and three quarters years ago. Because for some people it is a marlin Packard. But for politicians ladies and gentlemen it's mostly exploited. Which is like Terry McAuliffe had one view. Not long ago and has a different view today. Because he's a fraud. Most of these politicians are fraught. This majority politicians for a. Hiring as one of the most challenging and sometimes frustrating tasks a manager has to Mexican. Piling through as a means of evaluating candidates is a time consuming process that takes away from daily productivity. 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Summertime to try it for free go to zip recruiter dot com slash lament I'm asking an earnest question on this question. If removing these memorial. If it's a moral imperative. Why was it not a moral imperative for the last administration. Why was it not a moral imperative in the first year but the McAuliffe administration. In Virginia. Why was it not in my moral imperative for CNN. Six months ago. Or MSNBC. Six months ago. And quite serious about this. Mary Sears. And there is no went. As watching. Couple days ago. Juan Williams and the Obama spokesperson what was your name arf. And they were assuring all of us it's quite different the founders from the you know generals of the confederacy the founders were imperfect they do what they did OK it was that time was that period they sent. But these generals actually fought. Here are traitors to the union on behalf of slavery. Stop the same thing and yet today. What's the bush. Purchase these general. The Washington and Jeff is and we now know Angela ride you can Google their name now much for problem with. Cuba and travel and exchange with Cuba we can learn so much. From Cuba like why. But we learn from the Cuban government so there is a in existing. Police state. With a people aren't Slade they're not free. In existing police state why is it that the left has. So much compassion and sympathy. For. Existing real world police can somebody explain that to me. I Cuba. I can explain it to you because the progress that's the bottom line. All right folks one more hour I'll be right back. I'd mrs. Maureen Moreland Morrison here at Uga eco has more than just great savings much more. Geico has been around for more than 75 years and they are using Morse code the sorry just my sense of hew more what's more with Geico gets 24/7 access to licensed agents on the online or over the phone. You can talk to them at night or in the war and so for ever more just know that no other auto insurer has more and more than Geico. More or two ago expect great savings and a whole lot more. Is there. How broad similarly underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel where nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving the. So everybody mark the day here are number 8773813811877381. Create one when I'll be flying out to California tomorrow. My man Bill Cunningham will be here he's terrific so you wanna listen to him for sure. And when explained that in TV we do about 200 episodes a year. I can't possibly do five shows 52 weeks and in the it's just humanly in house. But I do more shows and virtually any other host on TV here on data. In the year good shows that 45 minutes fifteen minutes sometimes are now are some times or seven minutes. Depending on what we're planning. But their substantive solid chose. We can in the history we get into philosophy we get into current events we give things context. And I think that's why it's so popular. But some people on the living TV FaceBook have been saying hey how can and I hear this there how to not hear that well. I'm getting an epidural. In the morning. Or in the afternoon I can't do mylan and TV and I had three of them in the last two weeks. Well from visiting a family members Brazil. Well I have to do that. I'm going to do. So that means what people say were wanted to announce it because I'm not necessarily able to announce that I don't know the schedule a time. That is I may have to cop a plane into sleet. As I tell you more about my private life not my deepest private life but the first level in my private life. Than most people can not even sure I shouldn't. Tell the truth. I don't know I just kind of sank by. That's what happens. Is so I'm aware of course I really am aware of course we do. About 200. Episodes of Libyan TV a year we've done more than and actually. And of course I'm behind this microphone. Constantly. We'll take you here today here a day there but for instance and I'll tell I'm not taken a week off now. And taking a day off tomorrow so I can meet thousands of you at the Reagan library. And I've done that a couple of times this summer the same exact reason I wanna get out and meet people. In an environment. Which is safe and where we can have a lot of fun. So I've done that three or four times this year as well but not to these long vacations. Like I haven't taken a vacation. The choice values. That knew him. Either hearing it. Okay let's talk about a few other issues by the way let me let me hit these quickly. Now trapped. Ever hear the slot Steven Collin Cohen he's a slot. Democrat Tennessean ninth congressional district. He now says say he's trying the Congo line that trump should be impeached because of his comments about. Charlotte. So all the monuments come down including Jefferson Washington. Mason in Franklin and all the rest of them. And now we should impeach trump. Because he didn't say what CNN and MS Celestine you know arrested him and Democrats in congress who are responsible for most of this that is their party. He didn't say what they think he should censor should be impeached. At eight out there has been does thought in the Democratic Caucus that the president will hang himself and he certainly do a real good job of it. And that we should just let him do that. I have been tempted to hit. Introduce an impeachment resolutions it today announced that I will be introducing my own impeachment resolution how well you're not a fruitcake Ari I had. I'd introduce long between and other Democrats and resolution. A no confidence back in July that list that I 85. Articles back in July. But this guy's consistent how long has prompted president. And special counsel we have me. Guys introduced a resolution of no confidence that winning actors arrangements upset that resolution of censure. Now they resolution of impeachment. They wanna get rid of the Electoral College they wanna get rid of that the way we elect house districts in this country they wanna get rid of a lot of folks. When a sand blast monuments and things off of mountains and names often buildings. Sister Taliban. Out. That. Actions the president has taken that we found. It reprehensible and reasons why we have no confidence we're gonna take that shape it. And what happened in Charlotte shot at you idiot. Sick you to. Second. Now via let's go to the public polls. Not in there but they're actually. Polls and is but it's actually kind of interest. Over conservative revealed. Americans agree which front confederate statute should stay in the night. In support of at CNN and in the Washington compost in the X lines because Americans are white supremacists. And we know they're not the white supremacists how do we know the people who work at CNN are closet Klansman. How do we know the people who write for the compost my closet that neo Nazis. With a New York's lines which did its best to cover up the Holocaust now that's a neo Nazi move right there right at. And we know they're not at the like mind. Let me continue. Some piece I asked Chris Randolph an excellent men. President trump believes the confederate statute should remain. Because he's part of the old confederacy don't confuse them with the Democrats. The most Americans agree with the president demands to remove confederate memorials. And you know have picked up. Let's see here let's take a look at some of these numbers. Despite opposition from the media to the president suggestion in the George Washington. Thomas Jefferson could be next. We start tearing down memorial 62% of Americans agree with the president. At the statue should remain Perry knew Maris Paul. Should confederate statutes remain or be removed 62% say remaining 2227%. Say remove. A new U gut poll found that a majority 54%. Believe the statues of confederate war heroes are signs of southern pride. Residents symbols of racism but I think for most people. Except the the the the clowns at the the the films of the year supremacist movement. And the most people believe that their ancestors. From the south. It plurality of Americans 48%. Had the same view of the confederate flag at this three. Reflects the results of a PR RI poll conducted last October just before the 2016 election. What is clear is that nationwide demands to tear down confederate memorial and flags. Are out of touch for the majority American people know why the Democrats so health panel right now. They weren't held an opponent last year. They want help and on a torrent any time in the Obama ministry we don't want. Because of the vote. That's what. They wanna turn out to vote. That's what. This was not a moral imperative for the Democrat party. And all the Democrat channels they wanted to now removed from the public square. This was not an end in moral imperative. For governor McAuliffe. This was not a moral imperative for Bernie Sanders. The Savannah moral imperative for Elizabeth Warren. For Chuck Schumer. For Nancy Pelosi for Hillary Clinton. For wolf blitz blitzer. For Don lemon. Ray Anderson Cooper. For the morning chew on this issue now. Per Al Sharpton. Is not a moral imperative told. Was it a moral imperative five years ago. It is nothing new to report on the terrorism in Spain keep looking looking looking looking. But the president should be impeached. But the majority of Americans don't agree with that pattern wanna get to this subject. Couple more when it. That's the Arabs who suffer identifies Palestinians. No there's nothing wrong what I consider its historically accurate. This was Arafat's. Game with the nomenclature. Because it sounds like Palestine Palestinians you can't. These are better ones these are numb. Absolutely no claimed any part of Jerusalem historically they were not indigenous East Jerusalem they were not indigenous to Judeo Samaria doesn't two day S sound. Like Jewish others are reason for the. There was no West Bank. So west bank. For nineteen years because Jordan controlled. Judea and Samaria call the west bank for now we call the West Bank. West Bank west Michael. Jordan. Has no claim to Judea and Samaria Palestinians were not indigenous to Judea Samaria. Or Jerusalem. As my father would say take a look at the Bible are they in there another not. But can even look at more modern history Barack whenever. There's a piece in the Washington compost PLO it's now or never effort trumps mideast peace bush. By Josh wrote. Now whenever. So this is guy who psalm. Is somewhat. Yeah loose on some who took over is ahead of the PLO Washington office this spring. Posted around table reporters. This morning. To preview next week's meetings with Palestinian president Oman Abbas. In the terrorist. And Ned Jarrett cushion. Tron special envoy for Middle East peace also Jason Greenblatt deputy national security advisor Dina Al. A high level White House delegation will visit Abbas in the CD-ROM a lot. On August 24 the end of a regional tour that will also take in the Israeli Egypt Saudi Arabia Qatar. United Arab Emirates and Jordan what a fun trip. It's now or never. Said that yellow Washington office. Had some lot it's just a time in this as the opportunity wet hanging on this opportunity we wanted to succeed. Really now ahead of the meetings that the PLO. That was the Palestinian Authority. The PLO PL I was laying out this and this a public position for what I want specifically. Trump. Must clearly and unequivocally endorse the two state solution. Trop was agnostic on the issue in February and said in one or two state solution like the one that both parties like. So they demand. A two state solution. Which I believe the course is suicide for Israel. That would be the final solution have the apt Palestinians. Demonstrated any willingness to be peaceful against the Israelis. But the constant stabbing is going on with what took place. At the temple mount. Palestinian leadership. Has to be able argued to its people that they should invest their trust and confidence in the trump administration says. If next week's meetings are incredible the Palestinian leadership appellate people they're going full Monty a pursuing resolution of the grievances at the UN. And through other means somewhat set. It's a somewhat threatened. It's no responsibility. On some Lott and the Palestinians that part non. We're terrified by the prospects of the alternatives. And what could replace already a bad situation he said we don't have a choice the only choice is to keep pushing in this direction. Congress is moving forward with a bill to restrict US aid to the Palestinian Authority commensurate with the yellows funding. For families. Says that accused terrorists now of Paris. Member that subsidies to terrorists the more slaughter. Pick radio subsidy for the family tension. Some cases 3500 dollars a month which is far more than the average Arab cause and so Palestinian actually your. That program. You know it's somewhat cents. That funding. Is non negotiable. We are not going to get past. So another words. Our tax now. Funding Palestinian. Terrorists. What slaughtering Israeli. Jews. Christians. Arab Israeli. Really lose you know. And of course they have such diversity over there and now Palestinian land they occupied Palestinian territory. The funding is not negotiable said somewhat we're not going to get passed it's in other words it man. A two state solution which is for Israel a final solution. Of course America you damn well better continue to give us your taxpayer money. A body of the American taxpayers. So weakened subsidize that terrorists or killing Israelis subsidize their families and do not and should. Don't give a damn about your electricians your average truck driver. Yeah you Americans. Money and you. So we can get out of that marriage family what do you think about the man gentleman. I say that. Shove it. I'll be right back. Okay and then. In many call them. You know my child years. That was important stories that you know. It's more important I talked to you. Stephen. And I'd go when they get out California on the mark within that area. Hello Steven are you there. I am mark your ticket are here thank you to pleasure and god bless these United States I wish setter with safeties that a correct way. Anyway it looks like court and everybody doctor trop and I really think what trap heat to do. And I hope you agree with me that he needs to do a special address to the nation circumvent the media goes straight into. I've said many times he needs to speak to that nation circumvent the median but he never does. So what can I tell. I know I act I understand that I mean you know without two million that when you go 151000200. Million everybody's watching. He can control the narrative or at least try to that might. I know I've said it for months I said it's how many times the back pitchers are broken and out right now. I gray would obviously. But so what Scott and. You know what I think it is is no. It is now or not you have like you have more senators speaking out we know this is going we deal. So that's what he needs to do an in your right mr. everyday Ian and I'm very kind. Of the way when. Tell you something you'll get a signed copy re discovering Americanism. We are we seven on the New York Times best sellers can you believe that. That's fantastic and you are. All right my friend you take care he is that the ladies and Jim we're gonna fall off the list next week. We're gonna fall off the list because you know it's smaller smaller smaller as new books coming out but I'm hoping not because of the list. But because as we talked about the first two hours of the program when you when you. When you know what's going on not at a superficial level not with CNN saying not because you instinctively know what's taking place is wrong. When you know what forces or work. When you when you understand what the intellectuals and the academics erupted when you understand what these different organizations are about and why the wrath. It all begins to make sense that you'll be furious. But it all begins to make cents. And I don't mean what they do makes sense I mean you'll understand. You know that horizon you'll see the horizon that's the whole point. And I I happen to believe this book rediscovering Americanism. Its importance is certainly gonna outlive my life. Actually I think most of my books of the case but this one is the latest. Is very very important for what's going on in this country today. I'm not gonna post that you'd go to And pick it up right now. Any bookstore has an idling and off the warehouse stores haven't anymore they push them in and pull them out and so forth and so on. We have seven weeks. The next time best seller list the reason we celebrate that this is it pisses them off. It's like to be their week eight. That'll be up the I'll be right back. This eastern nations town hall meeting. And you can join again at 877381. 3811. All right but guess what. I'm proud to be a body in customer account Cox he's the guy who started the original high end but low cost when new treatment on line industry. Kyle's companies blind stern dot com the first one lines TER. Dot com. Don't be confused by some of these big corporate guys might hear about elsewhere who try to copy this small family run business. On a cop Cox is not a bit nor the start of the online window treatment industry. 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Yeah your on (%expletive) But thank you particular outnumber war and aggravated when these people wondered kid and the sketchy. I just wondered if they wanna go to great yards and it. And take their own kids down. Confederate and union soldiers. While I'm not gonna take Dan unions. Well I'm sure it would did happen but it just it just aggravate existing data may bring them to big bill and it and what are we gonna check. Not a damn thing. But thank you can and add in I just don't understand. And and and an area north Florida south Georgia. There's there's a lot of confederate. Gravestone and people didn't have been there distant relative. And you know just part of our history. And an umbrella. And thank you for your caller. You know the thing is ladies and gentlemen. This isn't the only country that practiced slavery at least part of the country and 25300. Years ago. Slavery was practiced in almost every part of north of the middle East Africa. Asia. Europe. Course we don't make excuses for. But we need to explain things. History as an example. You know the nicest in the Taliban honestly our other. Cultures paring down on the historical markers. A weird. There's nowhere to be hearing these things down. In the pretend we're tearing them down because so we don't want to honor these people could tell honors these people. I mean I find this to be astonishing. Quite frankly. We have a what a lineup right. He did when I get to one other thing. Doesn't fit precisely into what we've been talking about but I won him an. What happened in North Korean North Korea's cents. What happened to Iran and Iran's. When Russia that Russia go away how how early stories nine stories to. By the way the apt to prime minister of Spain. Has called the terrorist attack on his people AG hottest attack. They jihadist attack. Something of course Obama can actually. And there's no new information on this. I should repeat it for people who are just hearing their side I don't know how many of those are out there about. The yen the terrorist murderer. Who killed at least thirteen people and injured a hundred and that number will rise terms of the deaths. We are told. The driver is on the rod there's a manhunt right now in Spain to find him. There are two suspects. Who are in custody. And no other than obviously the driver. Who were involved in terrorist attacks. In Spain. There's couple other facts and what you enough. There are these on making houses now he's bomb making factory two of them one of them exploded and was you just rated obliterated. And who died. To the Islamist that's gonna. It was filled with explosives. In that took place in how can. There was a second house with total. Another bomb factory. In out canard. And there was an explosion man. As well and believe that in the first case it happened last night the second case I don't know that's the information I have. Ice this is claiming credit. Now North Korea still has nukes. And imitate something here's my fear that they had nukes and now. They're always in that meant. Next up Iran. So I'm. Strategic vulnerability Obama's drastic cuts to missile defense. I feel Devoe. In response to growing concerns that North Korea would launch and an economic and a continental ballistic missile the US president trump between former ambassador of the UN John Bolton. To argue that the Obama administration's skepticism a missile defense system is why we're vulnerable. But is it true that Obama was skeptical missile defense systems and left the US and vulnerable position is defenders announcing that thanks. In the LA times interview Obama's first Missile Defense Agency director Patrick O'Reilly suggested. The administration focused on the financial practical issues into the lack confidence in the technology percent. It is true that Barack Obama left behind a significant missile defense legacy. I cutting programs before they were complete. Slashing defense funding and embracing a risky unproven strategy he left the United States vulnerable to ICBM attacks. From hostile nations such as North Korea and Iran. So we the arms the Iranians and this arms up. Unilateral. The story begins the Bill Clinton in 1993 to cancel the ground based interceptors program GBI. Component of the ground based. Midcourse defense GMD system which can protect against ICBM's. And is located at fort really Alaska. Pain Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. I 2008 president George W. Bush had asked for 44 GB guys. But Obama cut the program backed a thirty within weeks of his inauguration. Ten at least GB guys were slated to be based in Poland but they were cut along with a ground based radar and check in the Czech Republic. Which not only made the US more vulnerable to threats from Iran but at east Russia. It's a collision. Moscow celebrated European CBI cancellation as a diplomatic victory. What about that mr. Mahler an eight iron at least that the war marked prosecutor's. Elected Obama. Obama however didn't leave your completely undefended in 2009 he announced the European phase adapt that approach. Which was designed to protect the US from missile attacks originally inning originating in Iran but. Before phases of that program only the last the as SM three block I IB program. Deliberate on this promise and it was the only face. Of the EPA AA Obama cut making the program only useful as a deterrent to missile attacks. On you are not the United States. That said no boost phase ia missile programs survive the Obama administration. All these technologies targeted missile while it still launching a heat signature from the booster makes tracking the missile easier. The airborne laser and the kinetic energy interceptor programs are especially important because they would be effective against North Korea's ICBM. Japan and even wanted to join the. ADR program which was testing well before cancellation. The blue space programs drew most of director Riley skepticism he argued they were too expensive. And to compliment the complicated so we killed. And hitting a bullet with a another bullet as a missile defense programs have often been described is never an expense through simple. Especially when the president a strip in the program's funding for aggressive budgetary reductions. But the fiscal you're 2016 Obama take at least a billion dollars per year from Bush's FY 2009 budget. Slashing three point seven billion between FY 2010 and FY 2012. Most of the cuts hurt the ground based mid course defense system our primary defense against North Korean ICBM news. And that goes based interceptors. Which are Riley eventually killed due to financial burdens. This is what the media need to be reporting. And they want. They won't because Obama. Most curious aspect of Obama's missile defense strategy takes us back to the GMT tournament 2014. When North Korea was making progress and it's you know eight missiles and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel decided. To place fourteen interceptors at fort Greeley in Alaska. Today that announcement is heralded by Democrats as a ticket of Obama's faith in missile defense. But those interceptors at the same ones Obama. In 2009. Eddie followed Bush's policy recommendations. They would have already been in place southern not a light. Of course his supporters. By the way no articles of impeachment there. Right representative Cohen you Schmoll. Of course this supports the suggestion that Obama didn't really believe. That missile defense systems would fail Irsay. Responded to a threat of an ICBM attack but technology designed to stop. And it goes on. Clinton slash. Spending for strategic defense. George W. Bush modestly tried to build a back up. Obama slashed spending Kristi dated offense the Republicans held a house in 2011 the Republicans how the senate. In that when he fifteen. And did nothing in fact Mitch McConnell went ahead with secrets sequestration. Which slashed our military. When you think about the Republicans did in the center in the majority in the minority. Have they pave the way for this Iran. Have they pave the way for the slashing of our defense budget including such crucially important programs a strategic defense. This is life and death stuff ladies and gentlemen. I hope not planning on building monuments to Barack Obama who knows and a hundred years anyone pulling down given to a all of these things he did undermine America I'll be right back. I. Great service called upside. Try to. He travel for business upside dot com is the least I Unita reeling going to check. A site quickly and easily shows you the exact flight to big name hotels that you want. You can buy them separately or bundled in together or even had a round. And by building that I battling two or more selections. You save more in the it'd be great gift card. 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Iranians building in Syria for Hezbollah no doubt any missile factory for Skype's. Why do you think their building and in Syria plays and so they can attack Israel that's why. So they can attack Israel and then there we have the Palestinians. With a terrorist pass to their parents present. And no doubt they're terrors future making demands an advance of any discussions. When you must have two states. God forbid that's my video and now the United States is that continue to pay ransom that is continue to pay the pensions of the family of terrorists. To kill Israel. I want to think about it. What you think about it. I would suggest a Wolf Blitzer and his sect conga line of pathetic correspondents. If you wanna look to apparel. What took place in Spain running down people and on and advance in my went a look at the Palestinian. But you won't look at the Palestinians. Critic Howard junior fools. Let's go to Gary Wayne spiral Virginia series satellite coming I help. And lower. A possible and clear. Her at all you know I'll explain what do you have a little trouble understanding. Okay now start at books called freedom of irritated. That he beat great. Either way Mike Huckabee has a question. He's he says he have. He's very offended by abortion clinics and he wants them torn down. Oh. Whatever group. Voters don't. All right thanks streetcar and I only movement on his acute McCain here well I can understand politics. Mark Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the mark and enact don't. They market I don't know if you're aware but you on the same subject to turn down our you know our history in the name of auto quote social justice. I know you're going to Philadelphia is there's a councilman howling again. That proposing carrying down frankly those that you're out so JK building. And there's an ongoing position in our petition but I didn't know you're aware that are sort of argument. Are being now and I I lived right outside of Philadelphia when Rizzo was managed so what is it now we're gonna tear down. Names like this would like cleanest the statues and everybody in the Democrats oppose. It about it except of course their history. And they don't even have met their history. With which you which is sorted and then more aware of other history you point out to your listeners what. I think it to the degree of which when you start going reaching beyond. You know this civil war statute on not enter beat you you can't count your markers of history can't do that. Really now just a convenient excuse. It down every single symbol that they. Now they've got their real blame the real aim is to whitewash the history the Democrat party. To advance the progressive movement and then ultimately to destroy what's left of our constitution. And our declaration because you know they were written. And adopted by. All these white slave. And so you foul you follow logical trail. And you wind up burning down everything. Strewn and mark your part of history that frank wrote Brad has voted Republican and Democrat at first in Iran as a Democrat. 12 times in the any ran as a Republican any almost one. Yes and it's it's it's ironic. Bit you know take again whatever is expedient whatever is convenient and and in any crisis. They look to exploit it there there's never any part. Appealing is whatever crisis and whatever is convenient. But they count on it it's disgusting and I have family members or Democrat obviously weren't so I'll be. I just trying to point out and subtly not fight. The point out so subtly and not try to completely convert you it's that so you. But things like this that there are really shallow evident that you know each Italy should give you some pause the world these people really apply to the last. Is very good. And knee jerk emotional arguments that's that's where they went isn't. Hey mark don't hang up I wanna send me a signed copy rediscovering Americanism you're terrific. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel I wanna thank you off. Bill Cunningham will be here tomorrow I'll be flying off to the Reagan library remember. One assign book it's your last chance at they're in the Reagan library join us on Saturday. I'll be back on Monday and check out living TV tonight you really don't let god bless each and every one. Hi this is Maureen Moreland Morrison here to tell you Geico has more than just great savings much more yes wall Geico could help you racked up more move a little faster than you can say madam more success they've also been the fastest growing auto insurer for more than ten years. That's more like furthermore Geico has fastest friendly claim service that might seem like an oxymoron. But it's. All the more reason to say no other auto insurer has more more than Geico Geico I expect great savings and a whole lot more.