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8/16/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 17, 2017|

The mainstream media — specifically, The New York Times — who are falling over themselves to play to their rabid base in excoriating President Trump as a neo-Nazi sympathizer. Trump condemned both sides of the violence in Charlottesville, and the liberal media are aghast that he drew a moral ...

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He from the bowels of hidden. So when it comes to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without lead. Hello everybody mark wouldn't be here right now. 8773813811877381. Create 11. Where to begin where to begin I tried to. Turn off the because this has become really insane. Absolutely insane the propaganda is endless. Near times had a wing danger of an article. In your current. Oh will get and all the stuff. In a minute but in my remind you any time. I wanna put this in the context of Donald Trump. You don't trump every try to cover up the Holocaust. Haven't asked Jim Acosta. Who's a complete clown could ask Don lemon is a complete moron. But then again they don't want to the end. Well these are late night host of negative I cues they're all playing to their ratings ladies and gentlemen they're all playing to their base in the media now. Had a base. MSNBC has the hard left wing Kooks CNN is competing for the hard left wing Kooks. By hiring a conga line of hard left wing Kooks much like MSNBC's hard left wing Kooks. Even on our favorite cable channel every now and then they're popping up. They're all over the new X climbs in Washington compost. But what are we can hold people actually responsible for things that they've. Done. Things that they've done. And if the things that they've done and are so. Unconscionable. Why should we rely on them today why should we give them any credibility today and yet the New York Times. He said that either paper record that New York Times is the paper. And although left wingers pick up and gone on Amtrak you know from New York to Washington watched in the New York. And on the shuttle flights or whatever they are this is their paper. Very newspaper that sought to conceal alcoholic match. I try never. Just this Franklin Roosevelt attempted to steal the Holocaust. Shopping dot tropics never done. And I know Wyatt the beat a point on the spear here so that back bank is to get wrought on this stuff. They're good at decent job but not good enough. Whether Franklin Roosevelt memorials quietly ripping them down. One way that they have now. The only modern president. To put American citizens and turn McCain. Buehrle moderate president actually appoint. They Klansmen to the Supreme Court. The only modern president to turn back the ship the Saint Louis. What I hundred twos on added another Pollock not knowing full well. They presented to them would be sent to the camps. Any you know those things. And I brought it up yesterday and diverted damn thing on any television shows why is that. X 1930 and it's not that long ago. I hate 42 is military orders on the Atlantic dance that's not that long ago I get lip all history professors. Private again rate FBI the greatest president he cited by the Democrat party over at all. Reagan eight at a Social Security. He loves the game hasn't heard it. Now. The Democrat party the party at a client. The quiet of the Democrat party we're tied at the hip for fifty years. As recently as the 1920s. The Democrat party is unequivocally the party of slavery. It Dred Scott decision. Issued by Chief Justice a Democrat. Segregation plessy vs. Ferguson separate but it will it take up a Democrat. Shifts at the Republicans who spoke to apparently to speak out there on the run. Wanna be associated events aren't associated with us. Paid some dim whit. Who's a lawyer on cable before I got on here and she said well. That poor woman who got murdered she was murdered by a white so premise and there's no question about it I already said they ought to get it to capital punishment if they can't. And have that guy yet well yes right. Right. But he's not the only one is going to be prosecuted. If you beat somebody over the head with a baseball bat. And you're can't have fun. Are black lives matter. You're gonna be prosecuted. If she agree with battered up. The media agree with that it got chilly prosecute. Of violent bush no matter who they are. Why should I have to pick sides you have to pick sides. This I don't Americanism. And protect all these people all the crazy bet it. And now we're told to reject them all as to support some of them you know lack. I thought and you don't have to accept them odd track the insanity of a lack. It Democrats. The party of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow. Don't let that dictate how you want me. And neither does the New York time. Here's a history lesson I know it's not a statue but it's a history. Even the Daily Beast picked up on this back in 2013. Between 1939. In 1945 and I've talked about this many times the New York Times published more than 23000. Front page stories. Of those 111500. Were about World War II 26 were about the Holocaust. So why did the paper of record which Franklin Roosevelt. Is said to have comb through every morning. Decide to bury the bulk of its holocaust coverage deep inside that paper nestled between advertise. That documentary short reporting on the times. Which premieres at 2013 at the TriBeCa film fest remember this was written. Anything. Tackles that's frustrating question. Directed. And I am really Harold. What 22 was the youngest filmmaker at the festival and inspire and Lauren let's award winning book buried by the times. The eighteen minute film provides a fascinating mix of archival footage and Talking Heads. Including a Warsaw ghetto survivor form at times reporters and historians to get to the bottom of the New York Times decision. We had to Wear arm bands with a star David why so get a survivors now Laughlin who was ten when the war broke out says in the film. I remember when my mother first put on the arm and she said. Wait till the world hear about while hear about this. And that was not the issues. We are now that the US government was aware of the genocide Israelis 1940 took. As early as 1942. The fourth estate was aware as well it's still pussy footed around. As an example of the New York Times Autry coverage of the Holocaust which claimed the lives of approximately six million Jews. The film points to a story published in the paper July 29 1942. About the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto. The story boy the headline quote. Worse off the yours extermination. Was put on page seven. Was not even a standalone stories that consisting of a handful of paragraphs nestled next to an ad for animation speed that. Yeah. It was bad judgment a judgment call former times report Alex Jones now says in the film. Something that mattered much is an inning it's my news gentlemen of the New York Times. They've. Oh yeah yeah. Protect years. They've put the New York time. And say yeah derided editorial tragic Donald Trump. Those responsible. By not others. Courted the documentary the times editors made a conscious decision to bury their papers holocaust cut. That paper had long been a mirror of society in 1942. Of they say the majority of Americans targeted Tyson medic is I don't know that to be the case. I understand other times that the Holocaust. You have to understand that the times was paranoid which justification may say. About being marginalized as an institution because of its Jewish ownership wow what carriage. They don't feel like being marginalized now do they ladies and gentlemen. Salzburg and other paper would be discredited that's what the coverage was on dramatic and passionate framed often in general terms. Instead of ones that really got to the issues here we have. He left wing self mating Jew who wants a New York Times inherited it. Several generations down. Didn't want to draw too much attention that I holocaust because he was worried about the profit citizens. If the New York Times is still the paper record for the left. Well of course Democrats that you're not only to cents. I Harold comb through the near times company archives and came across a folder titled Judy is. In it or letters from Salzburg to various people who wrote him. About his faith. Salzburg explains that while he's Jewish and identifies as a Jew he doesn't think Judy is it is anything more than a religious category. And therefore it doesn't relate to quote those people on quote because he does not view them as part of the same quote people or race quote. It should software. Isn't it lacked it that panic. This is what Iraq. When the last of the Jews of the Warsaw. Ghetto where he reported on May fourteenth 1943. The story appeared at the bottom of page six of the times the following day. Harold who held from tiny Orangeburg South Carolina is not Jewish. Began thinking about the project two years ago she was enrolled in a class at New York University called Jews and other minorities in Nazi Germany. About non Jews who were also targeted during the Holocaust and decided to do more research about the United States its decision to turn a blind eye to the atrocities. Now who is president. Franklin Roosevelt who controlled congress. The Democrats who control the knee at times. A left wing Democrat family actually mind it just a reminder. She came across last book buried by the times which inspired her to make the film. The most shocking thing is the fact that some people still don't know about that she tells the Daily Beast you know about it now. Harold said she sees frightening parallels between holocaust. The media's coverage of the genocide in Sudan and this 2013. And I've talked about the genocide in Sudan. And I've talked about what the African Muslims have done of the African Christians it is horrific genocide. And it's still going on. It's not justice event. Going on in the top vote among other countries. Yes Nigeria. She says that was definitely motivating factor for making this film. She says with a sigh history repeats itself. Still it's unclear how much difference any in depth coverage would may have made the times had to suppress the holocaust let's edit the didn't. Watch out at the good and. It's September 1996. While that took a long time I mean Donald Trump look at day. Looks like he had near times that forty years. Fifty years gives me. And it has written statement about it holocaust coverage the times has long been criticized. For grossly under playing the Holocaust what was taking place. Clipping from the papers show the criticism is now wow. So Donald Trump to 48 hours. According to the media and he was too late. The near times took over fifty years. That's pathetic response the paper of record that every liberal Democrat reached just thought you wanna know oh. And they feel ashamed by Donald Trott. So why is there any at times. My junior times. All right. Where am I where where's my there'd July 12015. July 12015. By my calculation that's over two years ago cup one go here we are defending names and traditions and people. An idea. And the main Democratic Party. Because the Democratic Party. Are much history it was a party of terrorism. What's a party at the Klansmen. Was a party at the segregationist. And today that Democrat party as the party of tyranny and totalitarianism. So suggests this. Banning business while the censorship business while in the language business. I'd say and that raised Democratic Party. But Democratic Party we've had slavery segregation. Jim Crow and we have centralized charity. Oddly enough in this confederate flag thing mr. producer tells me it was last Monday of last week. I may they flip comment I said after the act confederate flag we've got to get back to the Redskins. And so they're back at the Redskins well the Democratic Party is a relic of the past the name is a relic of the past. I want to remind our native American Brothers and sisters. That Andrew Jackson was a Democrat. I guess when Andrew Jackson was chasing the Indians from sea to shining sea rounding them up moving up from one reservation the next. Andrew Jackson was a Democrat. So I say and I say it will all seriousness. It is time to boycott the name Democratic Party it is time to blast the name off of all our buildings. It is time that I am not. It is time the time has come the Democrat party the party the confederate flag. The Democrat party the party of the competitors. The Democrat party that stood for slavery stood up against Lincoln in the Republican Party. The Democratic Party whose governors stood in the way and in elementary schools and high schools to prevent young black men and women from going to school. A Democrat party that would not what it exported. Opposition alleged report did points en route back. Democrat party. We can't forget the past. And we mr. Obama. No I was 2015 July 1 now yes and by the way you noticed the cheap plagiarized backed by entries in this business feeling achy and. We should any Democrat party. Not push them aside and read and am an independent intelligent thought their lives now yesterday cut to go. There's no debate that the Democrat part that the Democrat party should be taken down that the name of the Democratic Party should be eliminated. The Democrat party tied to slavery the Democrat party especially tied to slavery a Democrat party officially tied the segregation. I talked to the media out there that Democrat party of especially tied to Jim Crow. Bad Democratic Party. Obama Woodrow Wilson and our golf ball that's an Al Gore senior and George Wallace and Sam are rent. And Robert Eric and William Albright. And hundreds of others a Democrat party. Roger Brady rod entertaining to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Broke the truce got a bit and that they yet. The Dred Scott decision Democrat Democrat. My only 24. All right. Nineteen Torre for. The Democrat platform refuse to reject lynching. That's right pleasant 7024. Was an eighteenth when I was 1924. He got a lot to progressives if I'm not done I'll be right back. Ben and bill and and. Love that's Chad guess I'll liberty and conservatism. Called Clark now it's 8773813811. That's key clue and no time to waste. The history that Democrat party's allows some racism and segregation is in an anti semitism is so long and so thorough. I can't cover. In in three short hours. I'm on day three. 83 this. This is what I said may 22 2014 about the Democrat party cut three go if. Look at history the word Democrat I don't mean little. And the clean. The Democrat party. You young folks out there and here's a quick summary that you didn't get in high school or college. Even minded Democrat party supported slavery. And after the civil war the Democrat party supported segregation and. From a hundred years after the civil war. The Democrat party opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. That was proposed by Republicans. A Democrat party opposed lead reconstruction act of 1867. Proposed by Republicans. They're premium Euro exchange and active 1866. Republicans proposed it Democrats opposed it. The enforcement act of 1870. To enforce civil rights. Opposed by the Democrats. The force acted eighteen said anyone oppose. I Democrats. Did Ku Klux Klan act than 1871. The Ku Klux Klan. Was it influential. Part of the Democrat party well of course they oppose that. The Civil Rights Act of 1875. That Democrats oppose that. The Civil Rights Act of 1957. But Democrats opposed it. The Civil Rights Act of 1960. The Democrats oppose that all Republican proposals. So you can see why some of us think Democrat. And we think slavery and segregation. And race is their man and race baiting. Because that's the party's history. 1811866. The Democrat party involved in black coats. We talk about the black codes. 1876. To 1965. New Jim Crow laws poll taxes literacy tax. After the civil war all the way into the 1960s. Who was doing that northern Republicans now the Democrat party. In 1964. Civil Rights Act. Most. Of the opposition came from the Democrats. Matter of fact. Filibusters came from the Democrats. Not for a libertarian reasons not for constitutional reasons for a flat out racist reasons. In 1965. Voting rights act although they pound their chest today how important it is. Fought filibustered. In the senate. By Democrats. Schoolhouse door at the schoolhouse door blocked not by Republicans but Democrats. Just think slavery segregation. Poll taxes literacy test black coats. Anti civil rights acts but Ku Klux Klan. Oh the shame of the Democratic Party machine of the Democrat party. The interment I'm alive now. I was like before tip that you get the point the interment of Japanese Americans and Americans of Japanese descent Donald Trump recommends. Where he signed executive orders to ensure the people who come here. Seven countries and then six countries. Are not terrorists are criminals who do not mean us harm because we cannot that the caller racist. On Obama judge after another blocks. Franklin Roosevelt. The internment of Japanese Americans American citizens moving them from their homes taking their private property taking their business. Moving into the central part of the country camps. The Supreme Court uphold. In court not to vs units. Supreme Court upheld. One more. January 1827. Team may cut four ago. Democrat party for the most part it's been a very evil party extra ice at a very evil part. Fifty years ago the Democrat party was the most powerful force on earth for slavery. Danica. At a 125 years ago or so it was the most powerful force in this country. For segregation the Democrat. At eighty years ago that was the most powerful force owners to the point. Of began early. And 1920 for the clan took over the Democrat party convention. In New York. We've talked about that before public clam bake. Thousands of them marched down the streets with their hoods. Nearly fifty years ago. There was Democrats who opposed. The liberation the emancipation of black people. It's a long history in the Democrat party. A hundred years a 110 years it didn't matter of civil war. Reconstruction. The 1960s. With Dwight David Eisenhower in 1957. Who push for a Civil Rights Act and that was the first modern Civil Rights Act since the post civil war period. And it was in 1964. That the Republicans in congress and minority. Carried the voting rights tactic cross the finish line he would know. In 1960 at the Civil Rights Act actually there are both civil rights acts the 1964. Civil Rights Act. The 1965. Civil Rights Act more commonly known as the voting rights and and yet it's the Democrat party that gets credit. For caring for the people. The Democrat party the party Woodrow Wilson a racist and a segregationist. And one of the leading minds behind the destruction of our constitutional republic. I've again. Woodrow Wilson. Franklin Roosevelt. Sanger in her eugenics all celebrate. Today and a Democrat. We tell you also celebrated today that a Democrat. Now we have the full by bright grants named after him. The New York Times loved this man went back I have it here you can checking yourself when he passed away they wrote a very long. Obituary. Holding him opposites magnificent scholar. It's a southern man but he was really silent place he had all these you know I relate to qualifications. And course he undermined our war India Vietnam warrior undermine our troops in Vietnam. And you Chaman the farm raised committee when that John Kerry. Testified in light through as rather substantial teeth. But Fulbright was a racist. Fulbright was a segregation. Fulbright voted against the sixty points 65 Civil Rights Act. Fulbright spoken the inferiority the black race. Albright received the medal of freedom. From Bill Clinton. When Bill Clinton was president because Bill Clinton served in the senate stands at one point. We asked Bill Clinton I believe he was a Democrat took. Even today William Fulbright is locked. We know about Robert Barrett an active member of the client in West Virginia which is so bizarre. The reason there is a West Virginia is because that part of Virginia broke off and join the union. And yet there's. Robert Eric. After the 1965. Civil Rights Act passed. Due mostly to the overwhelming number of Republican votes even though they were in the minority. Six years later the Democrat caucus in the sent. But it to make Robert parry the number two top Democrat. Amongst an academic. Right behind Mike Mansfield. After Mike Mansfield of Montana stepped down they voted to make Robert Byrd their lead. Pageant that. I don't we Donald Trump does not remember the coin. Act for most of his life it was a Democrat. Well they got. Now is a Republican he saw the light. Robert Baird. As. Street after street bridge after bridge tunnel to tunnel named after him stainless again you don't hear a single voice saying. Sand blasted out. Are there Robert urged action is in West Virginia. There's Robert Eric statutes statutory hall. In the senate in every hear about removing that now doing. How about the Fulbright grant shall we renamed them. How about the Ronald Reagan grants like that actually called on the Ronald Reagan grants what do you think of that. They tried that for about their Mitch McConnell. Somebody wake up Mitch McConnell. We have the Russell Senate Office Building named after Richard Russell senator from Georgia for the longest time Richard Russell was a racist in the segregationist. John Stennis of Mississippi you folks listening in Mississippi you Watters John Stennis. John Stennis was also a segregationist. The USS. John Stennis is a super nuclear carrier that is a nuclear super carrier right now. Ivan and it Carl Vinson. Was that great uncle. Sam Nunn of Georgia Carl Vinson was a congressman for fifty years very pro defense. Also racist and segregation. The USS. Nuclear soup is not called the Carl went. It happens. It's out there I can go on and on and on. About the Democrats UK go on and on and on about Republicans. Republicans who supported slavery Republicans who supported segregation. Republicans. Who supported Jim Crow where that whether it's Republican governors that stood in the the doorways in the house to stop little black it's been gone to school little white it. What do stop older black kids from gone to college with older white kids can you name one republic. Now he can hit. Now you can't. Ever hear of the southern manifesto although now have a history lessons they wanna talk about history well let's talk about history. They're not talking about it on CNN because at a collective IQ of negative 73 over there at CNN. You really have to be a stupid moron to be a host on CNN. Let's talk about it. The southern manifesto was a document written in February and march in 1956. In the US congress in opposition to racial integration a public place. It was an opposition to brown vs board of education in 1954 Supreme Court. 99 southern Democrats and two Republican. Side 101 politics. I did mention William Fulbright he signed it Richard Russell he signed it John Stennis he signed it. Carl Vinson he signed Atlanta well signed it say American embassy in America field as I am almost sixty you do. That the senate. That judiciary or Watergate Committee investigating Nixon. Rally was praised by the Washington Post in the near times because he was trying to take out Nixon and the greatest scandal and I history in. Remember all that they love Sam Germans and maravent. North Carolina. Was a racist and segregation. She probably. We supposed to think he was great. Partly. They teach us about the. Southern manifesto. Now. Should all those who signed the southern miss them manifesto be struck from my history books and all the statues be taken down in the capital and in their districts and in their states should. And his one. Why not if not why not. Even talking about civil war generals were talking about the 1950s and sixties. In 1950s and sixties. The Democrats play game they say well. Malice south of all Republicans what does that mean means nothing. The segregationist and racist they died off. Republican governors in the south. Our solid traditional conservatives. Who believe in individual liberty the declaration of independence. Who oppose concentrated power. In oppose my bachus. There's a good thing. It's about the civil society about liberty it's about humanity it's about compassion. Those are all good things. I'll be right back from. An open. But like that passed the liberals. In the media. One in the same. I reject. Neo nazism. The Klan and white supremacy. Utterly and completely. Has spent my life promoting values and principles and beliefs. And Americanism. They sure none of my values principles and beliefs and they're not. Americans they're not patriot. Had been subjected. To the union and Nazi attacks on their website and so forth. We've been inundated with a efforts by them to get under this program. But I would ask this question. I reject completely. There ideology their hate. Their violence but I ask you this. You reject marks isn't. You reject Marx's. You reject communism. Do you reject national socialism. And the tens of millions of people those ideologies have murdered. You reject notes. Do we have to pick among I reject them all. I believe in individual liberty. I believe an individualism progressive isn't doesn't believe in individual believes that the individual. And only mine his or her true self. We centralized government that's what I wrote about in the most recent book rediscovering Americanism is that true or is that not true it Wilson say that. The do we say that. Yet while saying that it Croatia that did mark say that I say that. It was so say that yes yet yet yet yet they get. Natural law is what the declarations that unalienable rights. Every human being. At the end of my right. I don't know all right so life liberty and happiness. So why don't the Democrats recite that. What do Barack Obama ignored the point about natural law and laws of nature and the divine creator YPD art of the declaration. Why is this part of most of our. Colleges and universities marches and just bought. It a problem with a hammer and sickle flag. And the sixty million people who Stalin murdered yet got a problem that. I thought wow. I think it was Stalin murdered 39 they Mel up them to sixty million. Got a problem that. Let's hear you speak out. Reject marxism. Right Bernie Sanders. You know you do anything to protect your family keep themselves. Those with a much running through Derrick Rose as they went to intruders broke into the Cincinnati homeless. Could ABC news his wife and infant son was sleeping in a back room but Gary grabbed a hammer and confronted the strange. The following struggle the outnumbered two to one. Gary retreat is gun shot and then if they could further endangers family lives I was lucky he was prepared to make that life altering decision. But when your face when an unexpected threat you don't have time to come up with a plan. Now that's why it's important that you have to have an organization like the United States concealed carry association by your side to prepare you for the unthinkable. Visit each and then dot com to see their world class training and resource is as well as there in viable self defense company. As an added bonus when you activate your membership to get a free entry to win today's gun. So you can be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones again that's eat and then dot com beat and then dot com. The question for the left. I would not abide. Tenure professor. Promoting nazism. Our white supremacy would you know. Why do you abide tenure professors promoting my exit incontinence. I can tolerate that. Fact why do you tolerate that if the phone. This Marxist. Panicky organization. And has as its main objective. Violence mayhem and casualties were when I return. So what would you do with an extra 500 dollars a month in your budget 500 bucks this isn't. Hypothetical by the way this is something you may need to think about very soon if you decide to become a member. A net share many shares a way to pay for your health care and typically cost 500 dollars less per month for family vs other health care plans. Seriously think about this you could pay off loans speed on a mortgage save the money for retirement donate to charity. It would be a big deal it's not like here's the best thing meant to share. Works it has 250000. Members and growing fast with medi share not only be safe. You don't have to pay for things you don't believe in either and that is beautiful thing to you. So here's how you can find out more and you might actually want to saving even more than 500 dollars a month. Check into it here's the number or call 85551. Bible that say 5551. Bible I'll readable in Montana call 85551. Bible. Music. You know what. Literally underground. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leave. Hello everybody and mark. There are number 87. 3813811877. 3813811. They don't ever call here saying why that can't take so long to call out the Klan. The neo Nazis and white supremacists. I watch what he said over the weekend. He condemned everybody he condemned violence he said the country should come together we should respect one another and love one another. But that wasn't enough. He was supposed to mention them by name and by the way and he's been told you mention them by name and do not. Not. Mentioned the app. The the the Marxist organization. Do not mention black lives matter they were all there and they were all violent did not mention that. It it takes attention. Off of. But the white supremacists. At CO. I remember when. We lost all those police officers that horrific day and night in Dallas Texas permanent. And the killer who happen to be black. Said he had been upset about police shootings and the black lives matter of movement have been protesting there. And that he had an interest in the black nationalist movement black nationalist groups. On his FaceBook site he liked the pages of black nationalist organizations the new Black Panther Party the nation of Islam. The black writers liberation army. Why didn't Barack Obama. Called those groups have. Why didn't Barack Obama called those groups that and we colleague in saying that back then and asking now why did he call out those groups. The claim the neo Nazis the white supremacy or even better. They weren't an even there. After the shooting. The new Black Panther Party. Ahead of that one Alex said. Johnson the murder murder. Had been a member. Of their Houston chapter for six months. Public been asked to leave. When an Obama called them out. My name. You see ladies and gentlemen they're very violent organizations. Here we talk about article five convention of states had to use the constitution to defend the constitution. We talk about it process. We talk about civility. The Tea Party there is none of this going on with the Tea Party at the Tea Party was trashed. Unbelievable. DeVon White Plains, New York to great WABC go ahead. Or whoever. It's look there are doing fine of our core. Yes. And and it almost an untrue and bill out. You know what Donald Trump bitten do. And bloodied Israel responsible for both won very you know I know it is responsible for. You believe of the most powerful nation in the world we have the best intelligence. And the well. And it's hard to believe that he can do this exclude adult who that the rally or eat close you know the violence down there. When that happens. I love secret when I was chief of staff to attorney general mis. Intel what was going on and local communities and so forth the vast majority are law enforcement activity that takes place in this country's local. With stayed with. The feds rarely get involved with this stuff. Let me ask you questions that are the governor of Virginia is being criticized by some. I didn't see any National Guard they're trying to keep the peace that you and I thought he brought up the national I've watched police don't have quite honest answers that I didn't see the National Guard where was the national black. The police put the man the government hoped for but I understand how old. The police back. And so don't just stand there why the hell would they do bad. That's still that little group and if you you know. Go along with that I agree which would that. How book about the things got bitten do I know you know where he could've done. And leave them up into that for the that would that he did make a quote that he may well what about the bill Bibby didn't do right. Plan since he'd never took responsibility for the situation. With the ladies in that thing that if they carry guns. Far afield here let me ask you this. Trop responsible for what took place in Charlotte than. On let's just have a discussion about this with trot in charge of the police the state police or the National Guard there. I have caught on that had a hell. Would local police state police and the National Guard. You watch when I watched you and I warned there there was mayhem there was there was writing is beat the crap out of each other. How does that go on on and on and on and we don't see. Law enforcement we don't see the military. I didn't see him. Break in this stuff but corral unease people. You know anywhere. You know or not they him to send and the governor already called out. The National Guard. The governor is in charge of the National Guard in less than National Guard is nationalized. Governor McCall. Was in charge of the National Guard. And the mayor was in charge of the local police governor McAuliffe was in charge of the state police to I'm very curious about. Are you curious about this seriously. Are out of the week. Actually. But I'm also curious about you could it took the New York crowd forty years. Into let's run through certain situations. When it could Donald Trump only 48 outlook to respond to this situation and a I'd say he's being attacked. For taking 48 hours to respond he actually responded quickly he. EEE. Denounced the violence. He he asked the country to come together. And on about eighty sound like Klansmen to you on that day. Yeah. Yeah you're now a lot at Calgary. Creative and I'm almost sixty. You were confused by what he said. And I. Thought nobody was confused we don't know what he set our. I. It's ambiguous to me in the question. He tonight with this aunt of move you know much about it as the media actually reported much about this group here. However media about the group. Did the whole us about what this group is in the background and how they get their funding and everything. You can't have very little that the guys address of the black and where the helmets and going to a baseball bats. You. All white. I create history. Here right. And I'm talking about the Intifada group that's out there dressed up in that. Black cover their face and Wear helmets you know anything about that group. And on about I'm I don't know more about that group you know all about all right in the claim in the Indian and Atlantic targeted by these guys. They hate you wanna know why they hate me then and is on Jewish. I'm no special leader for the sick bastards. But I don't like any sickness. Your character by the way DeVon. I really like you eureka caller I'm gonna send you a copy of rediscovering Americans would you like a copy of that from what we. All right and don't be stranger don't hang up we're gonna send you a copy of the book that is a good discussion. I love having a discussion. In the man's very persuasive. Very intelligent. And I've stayed in my view. And quite serious about. All right. Let us go to let's see him Manchester, New Hampshire serious satellite go. It is the partner CQ and I want to thank you very. Faintly. All right thank you. The in the unity of our. And how big wreck every single story they should be held accountable to the main moral compact I know I would freeze it. And going and you have been a lot of nature. You know let him I'm gonna prove your point hang right there don't hang out. I want you to listen to Don lemon on CNN. On CNN today mr. gates to cut eleven go. How can anyone defend. What the president said yesterday. It is indefensible I can't believe people get up here on CNN and on other networks and a bit actually try to defend. Especially African Americans and Jewish people to try to defend. What the hell let's stop right there. So if African Americans are Jewish people disagree with Don lemon. Who's hey who has this chick. Who died named Tim Kaine. That's got. He can't believe they defend Donald Trott. It's not a matter defending Donald Trump we solid around to wise what took place. That same video the same live shots but he because he wasn't there wasn't reporting there. It sits on his ass comments like everybody else. Now he's a truck hey there. That's what years. I had. Well that more outcome. And and Don lemon. Now and that's what he said yesterday. When he suggested it was disgusting it was un American and anyone who is an American who believes in this country stay yesterday that was disgusting and on American by the way. On the than TV. You're gonna hear all thirteen minutes of what -- upset about this is all what you're hearing now are snippets. Not hearing thirteen minutes many fewer networking erratic touch that you wanna watch them what he said and it was unexpected because it was supposed to be about infrastructure. All thirteen minutes and it wrapped an election night you'll be shocked at what he's being attacked. Absolutely shocked I had. Speaking out against this person and saying that it is wrong for him to do this and inning was not ready single substantive thing and one. Not. I want you to listen to Sarah sit net. Eight CNN correspondent yesterday cut and go. Here's the truth. The anti saw where there's a group of anti fascist called the black bloc which do you tend to get violent their idea is look nonviolent hasn't worked and we are going to try to stop this. But they wouldn't have been there they wouldn't have been anywhere near there had it not been for the fact that white supremacist neo Nazis were out. Scare really really is that how do you explain all the other colleges where they show up and shut down mainstream conservative listener. Sarah Signet is a CNN correspondent she's supposed to be report. Excusing my. Excusing. Of Marxist anarchist. That seek the overthrow this country. No wonder no wonder they report quote unquote as they do one more. We'll get to more later. Jim Costa on CNN yesterday. At twelve doubt. It was disturbing guy you know I think we saw the president's true colors today and and I'm not sure they were red white and blue. Black. Another low some. Brought who wasn't in Charlottesville. Who has say hey don't or trying to because trump. Has humiliated him over and over again Stephen Miller has humiliated because like I said Donnie. Because he wants drama he's trying to drive CNN's ratings and this is what. You know the media are playing to the ice. But this guy's the worst of the worst go ahead. Now ahead by the White House put out some talking points tonight. This is what they say the president was entirely correct. Both sides of the violence insurer also acted inappropriately and bear some responsibility there's another one that says he has been a voices for unity and Cong. This is Allison in wonderland stuff how the White House could put out talking points. Have you ever heard a reporter so called. Ever talk about Obama the son. Given Obama's balkanization divisive moves in this country have you ever heard reporter. Talk about Obama this. Did you ever hear reported talk about Clinton. Did you ever hear reported talk about Robert Byrd this. Never in your life. Never in your life. I jest. Played for you he CNN reporter. He CNN host an AC NN correspondent. Do any of them sound like reported being. Where any of them there. In Charlottesville. We'll get back to where our call in one moment. Okay yeah. You're African American you're Jewish. You've got some explaining to do is you're defending Donald Trump. And so I ask you this who the hell cares what Don lemon Estes and some media back bench. How dare he tell us that we explaining to him. And yet this is the intolerant left dressed up as reporters and journalists. Over there on CNN. In every damn airport is going to what would that monopoly. Him back he'll Manchester new Hampshire at a couple minutes diet. That the split exactly a soccer scene that they they never. Actually be on point when you bring up an issue or I can call it. Actually they want it that they're called the ticket you are right there. It hit it in Spain and I got my question who the second Alan our. Code that. Other there isn't any you know the answer then. I'll give you another example. When they talk about the Kennedys how they don't talk about the Kennedys plugging Martin Luther King's phone. Richard Nixon didn't elect Dwight Eisenhower didn't do it Ronald Reagan didn't do it may never talk about that I mean. There's such a long sordid history. Of the Democrats even the Republicans trust me I'm not perfect. But when it comes to race and segregation and so forth they try to claim high moral ground immediate try to claim high moral ground. They're all responsible for our history tonight. They're very much Dolly in and out because we would be under. And if you like a standard cherry. You know do you know anybody. In high public office stated that it supports the plan. You know anybody in high public office today that supports the neo Nazis. You know anybody in high public office today that supports the white supremacists. Do you know anybody in high public office today who supports the Marxist. While I well Bernie Sanders as an example and as a matter of fact the entire progressive movement is built on the. In March is responsible for killing tens and tens and tens of millions of people that's what is philosophy did I mean you and I condemning all. UN I condemn and and I had one senators say the meat left you know it says. He can't he get 50% to the supremacy 50% of the Intifada as to who's doing that. It's a plague on all other houses. And if you are gonna call out the Klan by name I don't have a problem that at all so why don't immediate call up and it popped by name instead. You heard serious that there's CNN correspondent. The panicked upon. Make excuses for it have thought. And she's not the only one Don lemon did exactly the same thing that protesters don't you know. Who're who're countering fascism. While they break windows what I've learned down storefronts. Like they burned out automobiles. While they shut down Seattle while they march on the inauguration. Violence. Pirates on college campuses when people like like Ben Shapiro on his feet went traditional conservative when his feet. Yeah yes CNN. Went on to talk about that could talk about all of the YU self censor. We're gonna explain why in a moment again. I'll be right back. My put him speaking of hope for a reply of Americans who are. Literate at 877381381. Bomb. It's actually amazing. Democrat party's history. Has been absolutely white line. And it continues to be one somehow. With the media's help the Democrat party has incredibly projected its history under the Republican. Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan extends the voting rights act for 25. Even today the left accuses of being a racist because he had the southern strategy just like next. He gave a speech in Philadelphia Mississippi that's where he launched his campaign go to and there was a reason for that because regular as a racist and an ever racist bone in his body. In but they really mean they really mean if you're not a Democrat. The party of segregation and slavery and racism. You don't support the left wing progressive agenda. Then your race. We can't put up but this anymore. We have got to explain and we've got to push back. If nothing to do with the white supremacists. Nothing to do with the neo Nazis nothing to do with the client and we're not going to be defined. By people who refuse to reject their own history of the Democrat party a what I could it be the fine. By people who demand. Who demand that we comply would there every program. And there every tax increase. And there every social engineering agenda item. Level. I would not be called fascists. Or racists. Or Xena boats. Or misogynist it's. They're projecting. Their project. 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Call in the next ten minutes at the news of virus I like and stretch mark treatment free with your order. If the body you deserve your confidence that call 800 skin 604800. Skin 604. That's 800 ski in 604. Over a conservative reviewed Jordan Shaq tell. Excellent writer mask off Democrat. Mainstream groups unite with a router. A left wondering why so much of a left in America continues to be silent if not rationalizing the face of the extremist left wing groups I can't have hot. Which is a Marxist and it it and it anarchist group. Imported like so many wonderful things from Germany. It might be because much of the mainstream left has chosen to link up. With the radical fringe organizations. That agree with much of it applause Communist socialist anarchist agenda. And it's ideology. In a blog this week is invisible died a left this organization that formed coalitions of groups. Advocate for leftist causes. As detailed how in the wake of the Charlottesville mayhem this past weekend. Traditional left of center groups have thrown their weight. Behind the revolutionary left that means the violent. Indivisible revealed that it conglomerate is formed to stand in solidarity. With Charlotte. While the coalition involves a recognizable groups like the Obama founded organizing for action. The Center for American Progress move on battle hard and National Education Association and other standard actors. And also includes openly extremist groups. That seek to undermine the nation. Extremist outfits in the coalition include Greenpeace a radical scorched current environment group. Several current and former Greenpeace activists have been engaged in eco terrorism. Democratic socialists of America the openly socialist organization Hispanic Heinemeier Karl Marx. The group seeks to institute an authoritarian government and holds complete control of the individual. If not now and Jewish voice for peace the two anti Israel groups have endorsed the extremist BD this movement. That calls for the boycott of Israel. Are you attraction the Soros funded organization. Has labeled White House officials and then collect and Miller. Nazis. Coat paint. Anti American anti war group that pushes marches in the markets Marxist ideals. Working families party quads I Marxist political organization. That seeks left the solutions on taxes health care other domestic issues. CE DT the activism are at the center for popular democracy. A group that is scooped up all the attackers and now defunct a coin which the federal government stripped of federal funds after an expert say an elated bright. Should come as no surprise given the aforementioned coalition. At the Latin America remains almost unanimously silent on the violent extremists and it took five group. The militant gang as viciously beaten supporters of the president they've attacked police officers the empathize my. Violence has reason out of the distraction private property nationwide. But the vast majority. Of their right in the United States routinely condemns white nationalist elements who claim a place on its side of the ideological spectrum. Same cannot be said about extremists who continue to align with a America's left. Can't. Can't. Well Bernie's Bernie saint. Announced car mark. While he rejected. Communists. Will he reject. The ideology. Took a question. Fair question what Bernie Sanders did. Well Barry senior supporters do that. But about the Bernie Sanders support of the China the baseball forgot about him oh that's so long ago. I don't remember the media going on and on about Bernie Sanders demanding that he make certain statements demanding that he he. I condemn certain groups and remember any of that. Do you. Do you. You know you and I. Were just very rational. Proud Americans. We believe in the declaration we believe in the constitution. You believe in the civil society we believe in individual. We have really been a colorblind society. As Smart with picking it. An effect he preached. We love our fellow Americans hasn't batted pass but their aces who gives a damn. I mean really. So we have nothing but thorough complete and him are white supremacists. Are black separatists. We have contempt. For neo Nazis and neo marxists. We have. The client quit attempt product. So don't tell us that we don't talk this way and spam that way and use these words and so forth Don lemon. Edit your Jewish. And African American how dare you. How you make statements like this yeah. Well you brought. Hitting recollect during any of us. You don't know us. And we damn well don't know you don't. As you stand on a pedestal and it cost and all the rest of them bill. Beating a chance patting ourselves on the back. On a house of hearing you are your audience. On how you are not racist of course you're not negated a collective chest the rest of us. Technically blacks and Jews would not agree with. It's almost to a reporter and to a report. And into a host unseen. It's incredible. Why the hell is Karl Rove on TV she'd be in Alabama. In those supporting his friend Luther strange. I mean really. He's in they're commenting on Trump's staff. Who cares what he has to say. Truthful. Let me go to my buddy Eddie Orange, California on the mark livid at how are you brother. Well great mark my main man created god for that and I'm blessed to call him my friends and between pride to beat me. They're great it. Room that Beck like the great ones senator violate could be Mark Luke and Chris what Michael one behind your back. And you think carrying a lot of people Lennon and the competitive move on your back and over the the FB. But on the telling him you gotta suck it up could that be to add about now. You cannot tell you lineup and in town and only goes too much for that but I had another epidural the other day. It's not gonna help a lot so I suspect. They're gonna have one of these micro procedures and clueless slipped this gap in the told it's not. You know not a very serious and appreciate it but I think that's where we're headed but I'll be fine. We got we would be written radio call while we one or two days. That's about. I'll try to work there. Mark. Delicate come to the president go to medical foot what Micah Becker book that is so much but I would the first 28 public school. I had to go I didn't walk all out walk often talk with liberals are about to walk the dog out loud when I know the CL a man. Yeah what a great book what a great book. But go to the president ironically Clinton carpet cushion back in the and it could talk to his administration wanting to control him you know full well. Think he can if you look at Indy get with gay to undermine your country is a concrete goals but the fact that. Lane that's a lot but I know what this might you may notice racism in your back it up at the distraction I want to focus on that claimed the swamp. You know it really cute you have to put the book get rid of Mueller much to explain to compel two and later country want. What the web applications are in this stack well. Whoever they'd impeach him I'm not easy with the democratic and right now you see other Republicans had thrown into. And they tied the media would create a frenzy that is even beyond the the insanity we've seen the last but it went in on five days now the last five days. And trust me the Republican Party in the house would impeached. It would feature I really believe. We do go dig up dirt or other people to make them legal grip on the pregnant doesn't want to go I don't wanna go out look at mark. OK but by the time the one remark you. They couldn't can't hide and eat it will be illegal receipt in and it is still my acting because people let you local election couldn't Charlotte. Could an American people to continue to China like the hole on his administration conservatism and the light on a book on the awful. I mean to keep the focus eleven you know. I don't think I don't think there's any doubt that they when it taken out I think. That what what disgust me one night I saw what was happening in Charlotte I did take nice. You remember Eddie as an example as a side point when this poor young lady was run over and murdered. The reporters said it can't be confirmed yet one reporter says that the car was Russian Navy because people were throwing stones at it and so forth. So there was a period there where we didn't know of this this nut job this killer. Was a killer or if he was being chased. And he ran it quoted a report I wasn't there. You know what most other reporters so called where there and so he is woody is IDs and it definitely state that's a good thing a red state. Well going purple. What I took down. You know that comment by. That fell out Romney publicly taken back by that Ali you know I look at with the president we believe in you in your agenda we know we knew. Just draining this damn suave and your administration. To put that together. And that concluded together that made this country. Great again. Now last night friend I wait listen and he's going to be at the Reagan library this weekend. Mark you know would get much I don't technical default but no you know we about a two minute battle competition between pumpkin I know the winners 3000 people there it's tough. Don't know what happened but I had it got reported how to keep them before then I tell tell. Tell my producers and then he'll let me note that do radio. Program our identity. And let it. By the way I wanna remind you and will not be on the air Friday night but he to a cunning game will be here because I'll be flying to California. To Simi Valley. Are huge. Regular event at the Reagan foundation and library. Even though we're sold out I want you to know that you can still go there by the book there. You know enjoying and socialize with your fellow conservatives. Who will be inspiring an invigorating. Visit the library. If you haven't visited you're going to be stunned by how magnificent in his if you had visited. You can visited enough at least I can't. All the places I can go I go there every single time but I want you to know sold out or not you still. Welcome to the books on C and go there purchased the book although it's limited I think there are only taken 4500 more people if you wanted to. So give them abuzz over there at the Reagan library or show up like yes but either way and it's very well organized incredibly well organ. Just go to the Reagan library website go ahead and sign up or show up I guess that's the sign ups you know you get a place in line. But the the book signing is huge they only have 4500 slots left in it is a huge vibration that tells you what's gone on. And we're gonna love to see all of you it's this Saturday I cannot wait and have taken a five hour flight back you know back. And we'll be there either right Julia and so forth and then I'm coming back on Sunday I'll be right back. A I. So this moves to fast. Gloria finishing our second hour. In some fourteen million small businesses in the United States for victims of cyber attacks last year. In a recent survey shows only 2% of owners are concerned about information security. Hackers have their eye on the small fish mostly because they're easy marks. Many small businesses are unaware of security risks. They don't spend much protection. Someone's identity is stolen every two seconds. Stolen Malaysian unit detective you're only monitoring your credit. These could sell your information on the dark wet or in an online payday loan and your name. Lifelike detects a wide range of identity threat if they detect your information they'll send an alert. US based identity restoration specialists will work to fix any problems. I'm no income ran all identity after monitor all transactions that all businesses. 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So what we see what happened here this last week and is that opponent. What about it to anyone people do life. But that's what put identity politics and when you have people on the right. That are beginning with the team but any politics and Dave we need to form together and picket the white castle Lugar you're not you're repairing whatever they are. But let them like that it explains been around a very very long time. Okay so that when a guy that is when you have this kind of movement happened we we had the right. Yes great movement happening this week at where they had I mean we don't have enough. Time I I apologize I didn't see the clock properly I will say this. I and most of you all of you we were announced that Third Reich. The Nazis. We renounce the fascist we've announced the content. As the left renounced marxism. To their professors their tenure professors that they renounced marxism does Bernie Sanders. At. Natively on a busy guy with a lot on my place. 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And how broad. Normally underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without lead. Hello everybody mark living here are number 8773813811877. 381. Create one of them by the way. He's the progressive movement that is tried to destroy the civil society its that progressive movement that rejects. The notion of laws of nature and nature's god. He eternal truths. Unalienable rights of the individual. And so forth. It is the a progressive movement that is destroying our constitutional system. It's a progressive movement. That is destroying our civil society. When you destroy civil society as I wrote in liberty and tyranny when he left. You have violence in the street. He has no respect for the rule of law you know respect for those unalienable rights life liberty and the pursuit of happiness you have no respect for private property. The entire assisting comes collapsing down and this is exactly what the progressive movement is all about I'm serious he can read about and rediscovering Americanism this book. Really does provide the the foundational tools for understanding what's been going on in this country and what will go on in this country. See you can. He's gonna have. Really a deep philosophical understanding and as I've said many times and I'm not the only one. Isaiah Berlin a brilliant brilliant philosopher he's not let us anymore who wrote about negative and positive liberty. He said and I paraphrase. If we do not engage in the battle of ideas. If we leave it to academia and we leave it to intellectual. We will lose our country. Because it is they who decide what kind of country we're going to let. You may not like that. But this entire progressive movement I was never put up provoked nothing about it in our constitution quite an opposite the constitution was constructed. To avoid this kind of tyranny. And so as the progressives continue to centralized government. Continue to flex. Their muscle. While pretending to be for the people. While pretending to be opposed to autocracy. Like all of these progressive movements progressive movements in the extreme Mike marxism and what's going on in Venezuela what goes on in Cuba and so forth. Our progressive isn't as it in the sort its in this country. In the end it'll catch up. In the end the gradual. Progression of the progressive movement. Why have the same effects. As the frenzied. Quick. And aggressive form of progress. Because the bottom line is the talk is that talk with the power of the state. The parent the state. The individual must. B Simpson by the power of the state. And the great lie is that the individual. Will be able to fulfill him or herself through the power of the state as many people in this country believe it. Who went free health care free college treatise that in the other. In the end it's a trapped. Government cannot deliver. Things start crumbling. Country starts unraveling. What you saw when Charlotte though is almost like a he picture of a Third World scene. 88 lack of a civil society. A lack of law and order. In the lack of a civil society and lack of law and order. Then you've lost your country. We're seeing it here we're seeing there. The media in this country. Is of course a mouthpiece for this movement. And you can see each and every day. There are no conservative reporters. At CNN. There are no moderate reporters it's yeah they're all hard flat. All of. Look at MSNBC. It's hosts. Are as radical as out there as his as his imaginable. And yet they pretend also being neutral. Look at fox they have this Maria have higher after whatever name as she's just a Democrat actually goes on and on and on. So there's all kinds of people at fox. You've got conservatives. Who like trot conservatives who don't like trot. You've got former Obama spoke idiot you've got all kinds of things going on and you can't say that about CNN and you can't say that about MSNBC. There intolerant. They may have a voice here and there. Which is stuck out like Jeff lord oh yeah five. Look at Joe Schmo Scarborough completes Ella. A complete fraud. The morning schmo message now. Unbelievable. If there is a conservative show which treat it like he reptiles timely and an economic. It's stuck on 9 Sunday morning day 3 in the morning our Saturday morning or whatever. Just the chassis where we're fair and balanced over here now they're not I don't wanna hit another issue. Doesn't mean we're gonna reject all of you have been holding her on the you're on the phone. But gain a heartless. We're the great young writer's. Answer to review or an editor in chief. Roy it's worth. Meaning editor achievement conspirator you know. What if I told you he writes we were sending military hardware prices. Would you march on Washington with an outpouring of righteous indignation. While we're now arming Hezbollah. Which is worse than arming ice is given that the palace fate is on the decline in Hezbollah and Iran are gaining more. Aaron by the day oh by the way the last time I checked we have a Republican in the White House. I column as icy. On Monday the US embassy in Lebanon announced the planned shipment. A 32. And 282 Bradley fighting vehicles from America. To the Lebanese Armed Forces and investment of 100 million dollars. Meanwhile. Our soldiers have been working with dad and training them on how to use a number of other weapons systems had been transferred to the Lebanese army over the past year. They include howitzers. Grenade launchers machine guns mortars hellfire missiles night vision devices and thermal sites technology. At this point any thinking person should be asking that given that Lebanon is controlled by Hezbollah. And as a client state of Iran. Doesn't that mean that we are essentially arming Hezbollah. Yeah yes. Everyone knows that the Lebanese government is completely at the mercy of Hezbollah and Iran. Given that Hezbollah's much stronger. Than the ally app that is the Lebanese army. Is compromise is comprised of many Shiites. And is subject to the direction and veto power of its Iranian masters. It defies logic that they that they can possibly make and maintain control. Over USA went out Hezbollah confiscating. As Tony Batman the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies observes. Hezbollah of course controls the Lebanese government. And dictates the operations of its armed forces indeed it was Hezbollah. That laid out a battle plans for the parent operation in northeastern Lebanon including what role the Lebanese army would play in it. This is why Israel's defense minute minister. Abbott gore Lieberman. Warned that the Lebanese army is a subsidiary unit of Hezbollah and that Lebanon as president. Michael I Yoon is another nods Raila operative. That is. The head of Hezbollah. Yet president trap embraced Lebanon's prime minister. So I need Hariri. In a recent visit to the White House and praised him as a partner in the war against terrorists. It's yet another example where the nuances of alliances and policy are lost on the president. Which prompts him to support action that repudiate his campaign promises and stated objectives on Iran. We're told by apologists that the Saudi arms deal but it complete embrace of Saudi Arabia was needed to combat Iran. It here we are helping their strongest proxy that is directly controlled by the Islamic revolutionary guard the IRG. And their figures on the ground. This is a symptom of broader disease inherent in our mentally strategy over the past decade. Whereby we are multiple sides of Islamic civil wars and often fight ourselves and our own weapons my rocks. Aside from the immorality of instilling that arms fall into the hands of Hezbollah such a move has two distinct policy outcomes. It further models are involvement of Syria and strengthens Hezbollah's desire to open a second front against Israel on its eastern border. And this is a big deal. According to the State Department there approximately 7000 Hezbollah fighters and Syria. They're fighting alongside the Iranian Republican guard in the Asad regime against the Islamic insurgents including nicest. The irony is that our own military is fighting ices as well it is the same time. We are launching airstrikes against Shiite militias allied with Hezbollah but now we're almost directly arming Hezbollah. Oh we happen to be assisting some of the very same Shiite militias in Iraq. That has a lot brigades. Along with fellow Shiite militias such as the psyches out shoe hoddle brigades. And the imam Ali brigades are benefiting from our supported Iraq. Even though they are controlled by the Iranian cards voices. If you had spinning. Rather than enable our enemies to fight with the each other than the benefit of our security interest. We have them play ourselves against our own interest by supporting the worst elements of all sides by placing our weapons and special forces in the hands of our enemies. Who are soldiers died earlier this week in Iraq very likely engaged in a mission. At at least indirectly buttresses. Uranium regiment. Welcome to the world of Islamic civil wars and are wrong headed and Bob and a multiple and conflicting sides in each given theater. Where there's no discernible strategic objective that places our interest first. Instead the center of our actions is that we are directly aiding Iran in most theaters. I'd like Afghanistan Syria and Iraq. Iran is the one country in the Middle East that poses a. Direct threat to our interest thank you know house but he no Barack Obama. We get in a 150 billion dollar deal. Which ensures that the Islamic regime in Iran as ICBMs. Would nuclear warheads thank you Bob Barker. Thank you Mitch McConnell. Are helping Obama go around the treaty clause which requires a super majority of the senate president. Thank you caucus and McConnell. Hitting Obama ADR. That it shores that somebody's children and somebody's grandchildren. Are going to be fighting a war in Iran. Now the way we don't talk about North Korea anymore. Anna we gotta talk about Donald Trump in Charlotte. We don't talk about the rush report showing that. Emails. Of a young volunteer staffer in the campaign. Waist pressing senior staffers in the campaign to meet with the Russians. Fall on deaf ears where they pushed back and said no we can't do that no that wouldn't be right now. That was I don't see it. Well we've now learned that since 2014 Iraq now house we need Obama in again but we can't mention alleged. It's rough prep legend him. That. Oh yes he knew about the Russian interference in 2014. And that's our report now I believe it's the daily caller that that 21 states were not warned about. It's the American people were warned about it either. And sure Mark Warner will get it right on top of that Adam shift nobody asked and volleys that it may be Grassley when he stunts are eating. Other presidents and settled law maybe we'll chasing after Obama some anyway. The senator up. How to put the tee back and is now. Where was I Afghanistan's Syrian Iraq Iran is the one country Iran in the Middle East that poses a direct threat to our interest. If the Iranians are allowed to continue expanding their wealth and reached the you'll succeed in threatening our homeland just like North Korea. More worrisome is the fact that Hezbollah. In its own right. Possesses a greater Homeland Security threat. In the major Sunni terrorist groups because it has a vast network inside our country and in Latin America. Several operatives have been arrested in recent months why in the world. Would we help then in the Middle East on numerous fronts on them and then fight against them. On other fronts can somebody answer that for me. What's going on over there at the State Department the Defense Department. What's gone on over there at the White House that. The other major problem the parent Hezbollah. Is that in addition to helping Iran it is now controlling territory in its own right listen that's Hezbollah control and eastern Syria and I've talked about this. No expense as far as the Syrian Golan. Bordering the Israeli Golan. Every now everyone now anticipates that Hezbollah is using its resource is an expanded territory to plan far beyond winning the Syrian war. But launching a war against Israel. So why the hell. Is this administration helping arm Hezbollah through Lebanon. Can anybody. Justify this can anybody explain to us. It's disgraceful. I'll be right back. Moments we'll open. They were all of this is headed from my perspective. A solo debate with a Juan Williams and some other people. On that show at noon on fox that I like my cameraman with a ladies and on the kinda sent remember the name election. And Harris Faulkner I believe username if I'm wrong pocket. She is really intelligent she is really sure. As I listen that. She's a big attribute to thoughts. But I heard that the Democrat spokesman out for Obama who's now a contributor and Juan Williams same thing. Now that is David you know to have statues. Of people who would defending slavery is different. And statues of the founders who were misguided. They've owned slaves. But didn't fight a war to defend slavery. And it on the face with that sounds very rational. Argument but it's not. Because people are calling for the remove the Jefferson Memorial people are calling for the removal of while while Washington. And parks named after Jefferies and and so with a pastor in Chicago and there right now Sharpton did the same thing that'll pick up. In in the end. What are they really attack. The constitution because the day's gonna common it's not far away as this is taught a lot of a lot of that philosophy classes a lot of political science classes a lot of history classes in college campuses by tenured leftist. And that is ignore the constitution. Ignore the declaration. They were drafted. An adopted. By slave owning meant. Who had no virtue whatsoever. Rejected and reject then because remember the progressive movement is about rejecting the declaration and rejecting the constitution. Even though many of the leading progressives. Were racist and segregationist including Woodrow Wilson but he wasn't alone. Every eugenics. And Margaret Sanger who found it via plane parenthood and so forth and so so in the end mark my words. Because I'm such a great mind because I say. Ultimately it's going to be an attack on the constitution that the constitution. Is to be rejected and ignored and has no legitimately as the as the. Governing rule of law in this country because it was written by. Slave holders it was adopted by not all but I'm not slave holders. So it's not a document should be revered the people who rotor that not to be revered and this is exactly. Where it's headed. Because it fit so beautifully. In the progressive agenda. Just like it that pot is part of the progressive vote on the back. Yeah. Yes it's true. That Mark Wilson as the fastest growing radio show in America. The my glove in the show is on 98773813811. I would recommend to the president's media team. You need to get the president out there talking to. Local. Regional state. News organizations. Outside India beltway in Washington DC. That crowd inside Washington DC. Has revealed itself. When I played that thirteen minutes. Of the president's news conference from the other day I watched all thirteen minutes on living TV tonight and I went to auto watchers tune. My jaw hit Pigram. How disrespectful. How ignorant. How loud. How lot almost like a chorus. That would raise the same questions as if they had talked before. Obama never got that treatment. Ever. There was a Taliban and Ayman Neil Monroe police sort for the daily caller may be still does I don't keep that much track on the east things. And I remember one event with a Obama he dared to yell at a question twelve Obama and he was shouted down by the rest of the me and that. Now the rest of the media Jeff shouts and shouts and shots and there's a couple of particular few ringleaders like this Jim Acosta from CNN. This is an incredibly stupid man. Who is an ego maniac who seeks attention. CNN insiders have said reportedly. And he wants his own show. Because he knows on CNN if he get his own show. Like the idea Don lemon. And I get more money. To be a straight reporter it its not possible to be on CN. It's just not possible. On an SL a state. But the likes of Andrea Mitchell and I can't believe what's happening at the country. I really can't and who she talking to the morning Schmoll complete putts in arraignments. Freakish looking like the banjo player on deliverance as I say over and over and over again suicide ice. Suicide mice. Asset and wealth manager. In crammed incremental and a Jeep published reports stating why they believe the second phase of its secular bull markets to allies. Here's what they said it. The next US recession and animal inevitably approaches only the precise timing is an open question. Excessive global over indebtedness is by now glaring only obvious. That not only applies to developed countries but too many emerging markets as well. Moreover all sectors of the economy affected by huge debt burdens of by the way. There's a story out I didn't get to yesterday China. As a bigger debt problem than we do they have a massive debt problems they've a massive current program right. Pick crippling them the way re encrypt the Soviet Union just saying. And what they mean by that is a lot of large countries China Russia. India. Are dropping the dollar because they don't see any changes in the yen in the debt situation in the United States in their buying gold. There are hoarding gold in many cases. A gold is in my portfolio and what do I mean by my portfolio. I had gold coins that I've put away. That I put away. He can put them away as an investment I put my way just in case next night just in case tax. Just in case I'm mark what he's trying to say just in case. Just in case is a horrific economic issue. Or problem. I wanna have Michael. Call my friends or call one and the only goal company I trust 877365. Point. And for limited time called lines offering price protection for three months moderate as low as 2500 now. Be sure to read their report risk information. To make sure buying gold is right for you 877365. Point 877365. Point. 87736526. Ports. Pastor once presidents' names removed. From Washington. Jackson parks over ties to slavery. I'm telling you witnesses had it you can see the group think you can see the group think push by the media pushed by the Democrat party. And it's being pushed very very hard to conceive the Republicans. Joining right and because they're incapable. Not talking anything about substance incapable of talking intelligently. In this is all gonna lead to the final dilution of our constitutional system and I told you what's gonna happen. The progressives have rejected the constitution the way they reject the declaration if you read rediscovering Americanism. They believe via the they're both pro backs. They believe that these documents refined for that period but they're not fine for today you've heard about living and breathing constitution that comes from Woodrow Wilson. Comes from. From Crowley. In so what's gonna happen now is once we get all these confederate monuments. Blasted off from mountainsides blast about the size of courthouses. You know and moving the statutes during the end the darkness of night like they just didn't Baltimore Maryland. Just get them all off the you know off the planet Eric can come off the United States of America that normal on the next. Which is the constitution. A year they're gonna go after Washington. They're gonna go after Jefferson and of course this will be led by the most radical elements of the progressive movement of the Democrat party. Which take no responsibility. For the confederate. For slavery or segregation. For Jim Crow. They take no responsibility for anything. And yet. It's 99.9. Percent on their heads. On their heads. I mean. We can't lectures from Don lemon Don lemon does in the history. If it didn't happen five years ago Don Imus doesn't know a damn thing about. Don lemon isn't eject. Just like Brian stops or whatever his name. Just like Anderson Cooper. Just like everybody at CNN and MSNBC. And the Washington Post. And the New York Times that it. Look at the near times as. Paper of record really the paper of record that covered up the Holocaust other help and I think that paper record. How can that be the paper of record. You Washington Post that build up senator Sam Irvine go in the Watergate investigation sacked San maritime. Excuse me urban San Urbana North Carolina. They time racists and segregationist. Washington Post that loved and adored. Because he was anti war saint with the New York Times. Ladies and gentlemen. I have no intention of being defined by the Democrat party at the media. I know attention being defined by the neo Nazis in the Klansman of the white supremacists. The Democrat party doesn't get to define me you're you know the. Democrat party hats and yes. The Democrat party hectic and presto it's history it is quite washed it is. Oh. Now but I have a discussion. What should the party pushing secession might go confederacy. It's let the senate Democratic Party California they talk about secession all the time. Which is the part that talks about qualification. But applying federal laws that's why we have Sanctuary Cities whose problem that the Democrats they all. I confederate. They don't find said of the neo confederacy in this regard. Truth hurts doesn't. Facts are funny things aren't the. Pastor went presidents' names removed shortly got to get around looking around so long as it's not you know. FDR Woodrow Wilson and our guys like a Lyndon Johnson used the and where it left and right Canada. I keep the Kennedys stand they've had a tragic as we know tragic tragic tragic history. That of course they wiretapped Martin Luther King's phones you know they found out he was doing this or that forget about all that and don't worry about. It's neither here and there. It's trot. Truck he's the guy the trap water anybody's found wiretap that we know up. In order to get information. On the leading civil rights leader in the country. Now he'd do that. You do it. You try every supports slavery that he would say it sacred not. Jim Crow no. Truck was fine as long as he was a liberal Democrat all those decades. I thought it was great they wanted his money that Democrats they wanted him on TV. He was interviewed about Meet the Press not yet had Greg got an eight. Think he's Robert Taylor. Eight based on what the media are doing and not just the media. Some of these phony soon though. Conservatives who go on TV. And sound like the liberal lap. Cause they hate her tribe is so deep. We just don't like these guys they don't like the way he talks they don't like the way it looks they don't like the way he acts. I can't objective most of his policies. Some of them yes some of the my objective. I have to say I like a lot of more than I thought I won't I'm pleasantly surprised. They should be happy with that right. Allow people who voluntarily registered Democrat. Who voluntarily run for office panic. Who pretend to be reporters in a registered as Danica let's. I haven't define us let them explain themselves let them defend themselves. Yes we're gonna mention the Klan. I am mentioning the Klan in the neo Nazis long before Don lemon I've done by this microphone why. There's I don't like being caught out on their web sites as a filthy joke. I don't think Don lemon was targeted. Just say. If you're. African American or Jewish Don lemon scent. I don't understand you can support Donald trapped listen to this man's bigotry. Listen to this man's stereo typing. And he's still on CNN. Listen to their car responded defend the attempt on movement. Which preaches anarchy in marxism. Which burned down storefronts. Which attacks people what clubs and socks with points and rocks in them. Look at B Port Charlotte. Look at what they've done on college campuses look at what they've done rallies. Protesters protesting matches and. There ladders that grabs. Why aren't immediate banning them I explained it yesterday. Because there's so called leaders say they're part of the progressive movement and they try to recruit people who are. Dissatisfied. With the speed in the state of the progressive movement's progress. That's why they defend them. By the dismiss them that's why they dumbed down and downplay it that's why don't ever do a documentary on the entire five movement. That's why and I want to mention them. Even though they're they're dressed in black wearing helmet. Even though they advance for the purpose of committing violent that's what they say. You're supposed to pretend they don't exist. You're supposed to pretend they don't exist. What are you trying to do a moral equivalency. There's a moral equivalency in the sense that the user all. Bucks violent. Thugs who are anti American and anti they treat it. Not a matter of comparing one to the other. And by the way as I said the earlier in the program. Long course and it's not gonna sit and it's an hour right. The act of my guy hit back I with a club but we're not gonna charge that guy because he was just protesting at them. Now the white supremacist guy hit the other guy with a cloud on him or prosecute law enforcement's not gonna look at it that way law enforcement's gonna be utterly. Apolitical color blind when it comes to that. Isn't that with the media I suppose they. Hit the media do something like this. The neo Nazis. The claim in the light of print. History of violence. The Klan history of lynching. The most detestable barbaric. And groups with this kind of history. And then these other groups the it department. Which is violent which is an import from Germany. Where they have teaching sessions. On how to write. What they do not believe that private property should be protected. And that black lives matter to them who they keep covering up for. Which inspired. Violence. In some of our cities including Dallas. And they can say not everybody obviously but certain elements of it certainly. They were at Charlotte's not to. And it was a horrific moment for the American people. Why can't they say that. I don't parents and an app and it can't say wants 50% of the others that the bridge that I didn't say that. I mention all. You can't I cannot regrets I only days break I. Help tell me what I can mention don't censor that acts up facts of what took place. I'll be right back most of the open. House have he kind of movement that sense. Censure that century Donald Trump. All about politics all the time exploitation. John case another Clinton. He says he feels morally obligated to run any Republican primary against Donald Trump I think he should be morally obligated. To shut the hell lot but he can't. So all the exhibitionist surround. All the exhibition is all the political exhibitionist or app trying to exploit the situation. And that's what this is all about the Democrat trying to take out drop in the Republicans trying to take out trying to. Just telling you the truth. Absolute insanity. So where minus it is that sees you know it's teaching Americans title in this free people. That's what hills to a college does on campus. With the students nationwide who tells us free online constitution courses they're free publication of primus deals those free local events. I went teaches freedom better than hills no other college students are better equipped for south government more fully and Hillsdale Austin. Here's an example this colleges everywhere closing campus Chapel Hill stuff opening a brand new campus chapel to be used for get this worshipping. Even though the freedoms of religion and speech you're being separated and schools organizations of businesses across the country. Liberties driving it toasted. And how's this possible while for one because heels that doesn't take one penny of government and not one penny. And because they understand and teach the principles of liberty underlying our magnificent constitution. You're sick of political correctness and government madness pick concerned about your loss of freedom are how American liberties under attack. They need to connect with a Hillsdale College. Learn how to live free at love and Fred Hill stub dot com LE VIN pre Hillsdale dot com. I'll be at the Reagan library this week in this will be the last. Event I'd do the entire year sorry to say at certain obligations had to cancel and for certain reasons. And I do not do that lightly. We do not do that like. But I wanna see as many of you at the Reagan library it's possible the sold out that he wanted to get a booking haven't signed this is absolutely mind. Well. Yes it's absolutely my last book sign is absolutely Manley a spokesman certainly this year. So therefore are 500 spots laughed at several thousand and that's it just giving a heads up and it's magnificent place. The Reagan library can spend the whole day I could spend a whole week. As I said the other night. All my shows. All my shows and honor my parent mother and my. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel and all Americans of all backgrounds like college and really. I love this country and I love my fellow merry. CNN mart checkout look into it's a big deal tonight on the radio tomorrow let him. So what would you do with an act of 500 dollars a month in your budget 500 bucks this isn't. Hypothetical by the way this is something you may need to think about very soon if you decide to become a member. A net share many shares a way to pay for your health care and typically cost 500 dollars less per month for family vs other health care plans. 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