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8/15/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 16, 2017|

President Trump at Trump tower asked the same question Mark asked, if the left is going get rid of the Jefferson Memorial next. Why tear down statues of people who gave us freedom? Also, the Democrat party is official tied to Jim Crow, William Fulbright, Robert Byrd and Roger Taney and they should ...

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If you haven't signed up for CR TV yet. We wanna give you a sneak peek at bishop we recently released a full 100% free episode all about there real Russians scandal that involves the Democrats you can watch this whole episode right now at FaceBook dot com slash Levine TV. I'd be going through the testimony Rendell Browner about fusion GPS and recovered some shocking revelations about Russia's autocracy. You'll have to see it for yourself but we're uncovering everything from corruption that's America and most importantly. Vladimir Putin's involvement in all of it if you wanna join us for the rest of this explosive story. Big cheese argue subscription SC ITV today you'll be able to watch every episode and see where the truth takes that's something you'll never get. With the mainstream media. Yes the false news and get on board with the only team that conservatives dedicated to covering the truth. Give us a call right now 844 Libyan TV and join the media revolution again. 844. LE DI and evening. He was there. Now. Only underground. He from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building where you once again made contact without lead. So everybody mark living here are and number 877381. 3811877381. 3811. Upholds an Alabama close. 8 PM eastern time we will keep an eye on that I would encourage strongly. Anybody in Alabama who can hear me right now. Were on in Birmingham. Rhonda Johnston Rhonda Montgomery we're on a mobile we're on everywhere across Alabama. Turnout and vote promote Brooks the Indians very very close vote. The top two under 50%. Or in Iran off would be great debt to conservatives running. Would be great defeat Luther strange. Who has Mitch McConnell and drag man I say. All the patriots are other Tea Party activists are constitutional considers. Turn out. Rainier badly call your friends you've got a little less than two hours turned out. And vote for yourself. In the country and send a message to Mitch McConnell. All right let's get started there's a lot to you. Yesterday I said last night cop one know how much you wanna. And in the next fifteen or twenty years there will be a big push by the left. To. Take down the Jefferson Memorial in Washington. And the two went. It was a slave owner the inning and end the inning and and anybody. The talks about the magnificent things the man did will be viewed as a denying you know like climate and higher whatever just to deny where bake it. Are racists must like the Klansmen or whatever. How much you wanna bet. Fifteen to twenty years from now. They'll be demands to to take and the Jefferson Memorial. And accurate. And most of the founding fathers statues anywhere. The morals any. The be such a disconnect at that point. People in this country who will not have been taught much history. People in this country who've come here from other countries that don't really understand our history and appreciated because they've not. In encouraged to assimilate the hard left in this country with their agenda which is constantly destructive. But the chances of that I think the chances are. High 82. I salute. The related. Well it didn't take fifteen or twenty years that at 1520 minutes. This program seriously. His listened to by the president by the vice president by all my so called competitors. And liberal media. It backed ventures. People went on fox this morning in repeater almost verbatim what I've said on fox and for a cause that's what they do their plagiarized. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter now the president himself. At trump tower in New York City today. Yes the same question. Being a listener this program cut to go. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of two of them a very very important stats you. And then renaming of apart from Robert. Washington was a slave owner. Was George Washington this label owner. So what George Washington now lose his status are we go to takedown. She's made a we get a takedown how we gonna take dance that I'm a second. But the report is gonna listen to what the president says. And then have a follow up question why are they any debate with the present widely shouting over. Did they ever do this when Obama sold out the country to the Islamic regime in that Iran. Did they ever do this when he sold at the country today yet Communist regime in Cuba they ever shot down Barack Obama now. They don't even allow this president to complete his thoughts this is about the president of the American people are not about these media media phony figures. Let this dressed up as journalists. That it finishes comments. You don't agree with that insect I'm a little Democrat pretending to be your reporter. And I disagree. Go ahead. Thomas Jefferson what do you think it Thomas Jefferson you'll like them yeah good how we get it take down this adjectives used a major slave owner. Now we get to take down his statue of so you know but it's fine you're changing history you changing culture. That's it. Well he's exactly correct. Is and I read somewhere what we can be discerning about the monument you and me being discerning. It's about a mob on the left. I want to pick and choose what American history exists. Pick and choose what of what American history should be what should be taught the good the bad and the out. Like I said yesterday. The day will come when they demand that the Jefferson Memorial be taken down and the day came last night after the show. And of all people Charlie Rose. Is talking to Al Sharpton Al sharpton's gonna give us is that in. And Johnny chipped. Mention Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson had slaves. Well if you really wanna go back ladies and gentlemen there's a lot of groups and organizations that had slaves. On every continent in the world no excuse what whatsoever not. This program I've spent fifteen years. Condemning that part of our history I've spent fifteen years talking about the declaration and constitution. And individual Libyan unalienable rights. But they don't teach that anymore and school. Certainly don't teach in the media. But here's Charlie Rose when Al Sharpton now listen to this exchange cut three go. He mentioned Thomas Jefferson he wrote a biography of Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson had slaves really united Ted slaves. And children with the slave exactly and it doesn't matter should or should they take down the I've got my oil bad people need to understand when people that work is slowly. And robbed of even go right to marriage. And had forced six. Would this slave masters. They did did this is personal just my great grandfather was a slave in South Carolina owned by the family. Dad 00 it ended up Strom Thurmond was one of them. A newspaper did a discovery. So this is personal this is not some kind of remove discussion from us. How well families were victims of this certainly the only real for everybody associated with slavery in terms of any public column. Monument to them. When you look at the fact that public monuments all supporter Bob public funds. You're asking me to subsidize. The end sort of are coming Jefferson had slaves there and I would repeat did the public should not be paying duo of polls somebody's. Who has had that kind of background. You have private museum gem of the other things you may want to do that but that's not even mission his childhood is what are you talking about here. Eight. Pen display of bigotry. Announced. And over and over again violence and then followed up by not just love this book terrorism. And new president won't even speak to. I would get to that. And we have gotten that what do we what's today Tuesday and so was this for days now. We'll get to that again. I can see. The justification. For taking out Jefferson and before taking out Washington for taking out main man. Who in Philadelphia. Who signed a declaration of independence. And gave us the freedom we have today. Manning a man who signed the constitution of the United States. And of course what sharpened leaves out is that the children. The grandchildren the property. Of those men. Many of those men anyway fought a civil war. Over 700000 cash. No justification for slate creek and Everest. Whether it's the egyptians enslaving the Jews. What's going on in Africa today. Where black Muslims are enslaving black Christians and everything you hear this talked about other than on my action. Where. It's just what mankind can do to me kind of horrendous it's horrific. That genocide that takes place in the world it's just terrific. You start tearing down memorial to our founders and our framers. You're gonna start doing that sort of thing. In this country will be divided in ways that I never even contemplate. Never even contemplated. And what amazes me. What amazes me when Al Sharpton talks about his history. He never talks about the history of his party. The Democrat party. He never talks about its own history. The way he spoke of Jews Jews who were also slaves in the history. Jews were also. Subject of genocide in the Holocaust. Seventy years ago. I don't hear you talk much about. And I take that very personal. Let's continue. Donald Trump the trump tower today at seven go. When I make a statement I like to be correct I want the facts this event just happened in fact a lot of the event didn't even happened yet as we was speaking. This event just happened. Before I make a statement I need the facts so I don't wanna Russian to a statement so make him the statement when I made it was excellent in fact. The young woman who I hear is a fantastic young woman and was on NBC. Our mother wrote me. Stop whining erupting. Who is in Iraq. Again if you want to have a follow questioner disagree with. Let him finish. Go ahead. Sick. Thru I guest what are social media. The nicest things and I very much appreciated that but I not Jewish he thanked the president. Has come. You know ahead. I really actually an incredible young woman but her mother on Twitter thanked me for what they say it. And I honestly if the press we're not fake and it was honest. The press would've said what I said was very nice but unlike you. I'm like you and I like the media. Before I make a statement I like to know the facts you know the media this is what's driving them nuts. They can't stick with the Russian collusion. They can't stick him in all this other stuff. Every event that occurs in this country now. They're trying to created into a trump controversy it's just true. Whether trump supporter or not you'd have to be. Really deaf and blind not to hear and see us. And look how anxious they are look how aggressive they are lookout rooted disrespectfully. Because he calls them for what Taylor. Cut eight go once this terrorism and tell us feeling that your case. Eight driver of the car stopped and I was kind of slippery. Was just terrorism can you tell us about UT strategist Penn. It's amazing to me how things happen in this country. From web sites and newspapers. To cable to network. You would think Steve Bannon. Is Kim. Young fat boy. We're may be easy of China. Or maybe you know ration. Or maybe they remaining Castro. Or maybe the door. They talk more about ban. And they haven't any of these wealthy lousy dictators who slaughter their own people. Incredible to me really. Look what took place in Charlotte. How far away we've gotten from. Without presidential defense. Where Anna's name has been raised a thousand times a minute. Hasn't had nothing to do with this had nothing to do this but do you think these men. This is outrageous the exploitation in the politics. Especially they turned my stomach. We got real issues here. Immediate turn it into a circus but prodding by the Democrat party and weasel Republicans. We got health care it's destroyed. Thanks Obama the Democrats we got a wide open border. We don't know who else coming here what their attentions are but we know thousands of MS thirteen a maniac threatening neighborhoods all over the country. Thank you Obama not responsibility for that. We got the regime in Iran right now talking about hey we're gonna have an RI CBM would you like it or not. And we're spending hundreds of billions of dollars on it now what belly gonna go about it. We have a country threatening us with nuclear weapons advice beat North Korea. Drop yeah Eddie yeah that's Big Ben. I speak at a yet grant legal now that was Robert Byrd. I stay that it was part of a plan I don't know that was the Democrat party. I'd stay and it's separate slavery not I would that Democrat party might stay at a separate segregated hopes no that was the Democrat party. Like speed that it said it nice and edit and that was Al Sharpton I think. Now ahead. Is a disgrace to himself his family and his country. And that is you can call it terrorism. You can call it murder. You call it whatever you want. I would just call it as the fastest one to come up with a good verdict that's what I call it because there is a question is it murders of terrorism. And then you get into a legal semantics. The driver of the car. Is it murder. And what he did was a horrible horrible inexcusable thing. Oh don't don't you should have said it differently. But the man will be tried primers he will not be tried for terrorism. With any luck we'll be moved up to capitol marred only get the death penalty. I'll be right back. Most. And I. There's no debate. There's no debate that the Democrat part. That the Democrat party. Should be taken down by the name of the Democratic Party should be eliminated. The Democrat party tied to slavery a Democrat party especially tied loosely. The Democrat party a especially tied to segregation. I talked to the media out there. The Democrat party have actually tied it didn't grow. A Democratic Party. Obama Woodrow Wilson are up Bob Lewis and Al Gore senior and George Wallace and Sam are rent. And Robert Eric and William Albright. And hundreds of others. The Democrat party. Roger rainy. Roger Cheney to take us to put a Supreme Court. Who broke the truce got a bit at the end of the Dred Scott decision. Democrat. Democrat. 1924. Hour. Democratic Convention a Democrat platform refused to condemn clinching. Not its seventeenth when he or not they think 24 in 1920 war. Then I think sixty parts are hijacked. All these Democrats who voted against it not a 1764. Or not I think 64. But 96 people are. I'll be right back. I knew why American revolution now. Starts here. Tough marks on them show Colin I had 8773813811. You know I've been trashing these neo Nazis trashing these Klansman trashing these white supremacist. For years. That's why they have this white. This this this website against its daily stormont. Filthy Jews look been living in the hi guys say it I know people send it to me. People tried to call this program have said things do. Just call the call screeners in the past them as vile disgusting things and from time to time. In a way of young ladies here who are taken the call screening. Subjected to this stuff all the time. It's disgusting it's paid well and by the way it's dangerous. It's incredibly dangerous. These hate groups. Nearly because of their speed but because of their test pilots and their violent action. Must be taken down they must be taken down. I don't gonna tell you why the media will not. Focus on it and thought. Which is a violent radical leftist. Operation anarchist. If it destroyed buildings at a had fertilized human beings. We've seen on tape. And I'm gonna tell you why they won't focus on them in a moment. Can you name the president. Coalition military orders. For the internment of Japanese Americans and a Mac Americans of Japanese descent. Franklin Roosevelt. Not at 17420918420. In 1942. And then the president. Who turned down a ship. Wood 900 foods tried I was eight Germany. In 19391739. I think 39 but 1939. We're a quarter to a third of them wound up in concentration camps and murdered. That would be Franklin Rosen that we take them Franklin Roosevelt's matches why not. Why not. But let me get back to this title this party the Democrat party people will say it will look like it's been eight. It's been a party for civil rights it's been a party for human right to it doesn't matter. That's just the last few decades it doesn't matter look at its history. Al Sharpton talks about slavery got it. I understand. Yet he's a member of the Democrat party. Does the Democrat party get away with the vast number of media yelling at trump are members of the Democratic Party. Was the Republican Party. Let the battle against slavery. Was the Republican Party. Pup how they union. And basically won the civil war. It's a Republican Party that opposed. Plessy vs targets in its segregation. It's the republic. Welcome party in large numbers in 1964 they're voted for the Civil Rights Act in 1965 voted for the voting rights act. In fact the press about Civil Rights Act in modern times was 1957. Under Dwight Eisenhower. Know that's history spot not that's discussed in the media. None of. The people responsible. For so much of the racism in this country. Are not treated the way Donald Trump the street. There is no evidence whatsoever that this man is a racist. And it. And it was business deal for most of his life. He was a liberal Democrat. The Democrats took money from them happily the media loved the guy. NBC did a major program with a pretty years. You practice. Ever ever accused races. I think he's the grand. Cool all click go what are they up caught. Himself. Here's more Tron today at nine go. What about the alt left they came charging at the as you say the all right do they have any semblance of guilt. I ask you this what about the fact that came charging that they came charging with clubs in the hand swing and I'm by the way this has been reported first hand. Reports. Which reported by New York Times reported so she was slapped down by the mop the left wing mob in the media. Was recorded by dogma cal way it was reported by a number of reporters a number of citizens sought. At least most of pretended didn't. I had they have any. Problem I think they do yeah. That was a horrible horrible day. Wait a minute I'm not finished. I'm not finish take his that was a horrible day. The same level of that as neo Nazis. Hate to point out. All these hate groups how violent the goal line he already it's singled out the Nazis and the white supremacists and the and they claimed. He's not to talk about that and the front of the black lives and. He's just not allowed to do that he's not allowed to mention that and I'll explain why in a minute go ahead. This very closely much more closely that you people watch it. And you have. He you have a see those people dressed in the usual and it took a black. Hundreds. Nobody despises the Klan. The neo Nazis the white supremacists while I should say that. Many of us despise him an enormously. The way they treat Jews the way they think about Jews. Number the march and stoking most of you don't know it was a big court case. In Illinois. He Jewish neighborhood where many holocaust victims were. And Nazis marched right down main street. Right down the main street. You're disgusting human beings. There is no question about it. What they're doing to this country what they do to their kind this country even though the numbers are rather limited it doesn't matter. But does that mean we have to be a line. And I kissed Marxist left which has the same mentality in many ways. That's violent. People like to talk about Gagne he's got the wind up people like to talk about Bartlett that kid he's at the wind out. Nonviolence. Peaceful protest. We have the media that is either defending. And to bomb black live matters and other left wing groups. Or insisting that we are insisting that we ignore the and if it can't imagine many in my spit Klansmen are you must be sympathetic to the neo Nazis. It is grotesque what the media are doing and it protest what politicians are doing. I had. It was bad and you had a group and the other side that was also very violent. And nobody wants to say that and I'll say it right now. You latter group you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very very violent. What strongly just said rich man Scania. He's saying what took place. He sang what took place Obama. Most of the time wouldn't say exactly with facts what took place he's saying exactly what took place. Cut ten go hard line. The lane yes I think this blame on both sides you look at and you look at both sides. I think his blame on both sides and I have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either but I. If you recorded it accurately. You would send us. Right question prior to Charlotte so why weren't the media tracking down the neo Nazis and the Klansman in the white supremacy and doing stories on the one of the give voice to David duke. Who's the biggest piece of SH you know what team. The keeps stoking the flames playing games because he knows the media will continue to report what he tweets. The media take any responsibility. For what's taking place to the media take any responsibility for dividing this country this way to the media take any responsibility for fanning the flames. The media take any responsibility for ignorance. Why didn't the media do. Long stories long format sixty minutes. Meet the Press. This week. A deep face the nation. Any why did they tracked down the leaders of the neo Nazi movement the Klan movement the white supremacist movement and do a story on. Tell you why they're so busy chasing trotman Russia. They just decided okay now Walt mellow rock drops knows and other. They're reporting. Nothing about investigative reporting whatsoever. I had next. Right Anderson you're saying you were saying the press has treated white Nationalists unfairly are prisoners out there or are you stop you know you're so outrageous. Kelly said ladies and gentlemen. Treated white Nationalists unfairly who is this report. Who's this fool. I had that rally and I looked at night before if you look they were people. Protest thing very quietly. The taking down of the statue of Robert relate. I'm sure that group there was some bad was the following day it looked like they had some. Rough bad. People neo Nazis. White nationalist what do you wanna call up but you're a lot of people of that group that would dare to innocently protest. And very illegally protest because you know I don't know you know. They had a permit the other group didn't have a permit. So I only tell you this there are two sides to a story. I thought what took place was a horrible moment. For our country a horrible moment. But there are two sides of the country. He's not defending. The indefensible. And when we come back we'll tell you. Why the media. Will not talk about it to fill in the context of what took place. Why they're censoring the moment. The phone. I'll be right back most of the open. History I've brought Applebee's says that the irrelevant. How can be irrelevant retire about statues from the 186070s. And eighties for the most part. And discussing history. Fact and discussing history that's even modern history. How can it possibly be irrelevant. The Democrat party should be forced to change its name. The Democrats won the Washington Redskins the same sentence changed their name they were offended by the word Redskins. These are mostly Democrats very very violent. Who are demanding that statues be removed from. Is there everywhere. In the same vein why why why don't we put up with a political part of its name the Democrat party that is slavery and its hands that is segregation on its hands that is Jim Crow on attendance. It is opposition to the sixty points 65 Civil Rights Act on their hands. What are we put up with that that is the interment of Japanese Americans on their hands but as the return of the Saint Louis on its hands. A lot of lot of blood and dirt on its hands doesn't it. Tell you why the Democrats the media and all the rest wanna get into pants that title why they don't wanna mention them. In the context of what took place in Richmond Virginia. And fortunately I'm kind of the way to the next hour. Because there's too much to discuss and also. 7 PM central time 8 PM eastern I hope I'm right the polls and Alabama close we have a link on mark living show FaceBook. On mark living child. Quit Twitter. That you can check absolutely expect to see RTB dot com exceed that we expect CI TV dot com. And you'll have the live results as they commands you wanna check it. Ladies and gentlemen everyone has a problem right. Many of you lot handle beer bellies for guys the last piece of loose on the east and for ladies that just never seen ago. Especially if you lose some weight. Introducing new virus from Shannon. Eight breakthrough scientific formula to sculpt toned and firm up the skin on the Valiante thighs even eliminate the punitive stretch marks and cellular. 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They write the exact origins of the group are unknown an act of a can be traced to Nazi Germany and anti fascist action. In militant group founded in the 1980s in the United Kingdom. Listen. Modern day members event of have become more active in making themselves known at public rallies and within the progressive movement. So Brian let band director of the center for study of hate and extremism at California State University San Bernadine. What they're trying to do now is not only become prominent through violence at these high profile rallies. But also to reach out to a small meetings and through social networking. To cultivate disenfranchised progressives. Or hit before. Peaceful. They are operating. Within the progressive movement. Modern day members have become more active in making themselves known at public rallies and within the progressive movement. The media had sympathies. When it up the Democrat party has sympathy. For it took for a. Academia has sympathy. For it and for a. That's why they won't criticize it on a regular basis. That's why they're shouting down the president. When he's referring to them even in the abstract. That's why they won't talk about too violent. Hateful sides to this point they won't I'd hear anything other. That's why they don't want any comparisons. I think they don't want any discussion about it that. Because has reported on CNN's own website. Modern day memories that I have become more active and make themselves known public rallies. And within the progressive movement. And they're trying to cult a faith through social networking. Disenfranchised. Progressives. They're working within the progressive movement. They're trying to cultivate. Disenfranchised. Progressives. They are in the end progressives. Violent. Radical. Progressives. That's what they are. I just got off CNN narratives come documents ready for exactly where it got an idea. No I didn't. The group is known for causing damage to property going protests in Berkeley black clad protesters wearing masks threw Molotov cocktails. And smashed windows at the student union sent. Where I happen capitalists. Event was to be out. Crows that the members use violence as a means of self defense and they believe property destruction does not equate to violence. Here's a place for violence he says. Is that the well we wanna live and now is that the well we went on happened now is that the way we wanted to create now that we push back so yes. Wow. They feel they need to part. Taken violence because they believe that a leak check controlling the government in the media so they need to make a statement. Sounds a lot like the client and media and the neo Nazis who missed it is. Echo park progressive. Support for this project comes from sites with over 70000 tech jobs and career resources like their salary predictor dice is the free way to hack your career intact. Visit slash can you Hackett from Orrin tough. He's here. Oh. Literally underground. He from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again make contact without lead. Hello everybody Marc Littman and here are number 87738138118773813811. This whole thing opened up the debate. As an edit discussion like we need to have a good a little bit more but and wanna move on to some other issues. The vast majority of the people in the media who are discussing what took place at Charlottesville. Didn't go to Charlotte. You weren't in Charlottesville only ware reporting about what was going on insurance. I'm looking to of people have said on the Internet who attended. Well as reporters. On both sides quote unquote. That is. More liberal reporters are more conservative reporters but the vast majority of those talking about this. On the Sunday show. On every show since. The so called reporters and journalists I'm not a reporter and journalist and commentator. But you would not from them. They did not attend the Charlotte though. Right we should call. It did not attend the Charlotte for a. So brave these reports. So they're not even reporting on any firsthand eyewitness account whatsoever. They were insisted. That those who had there insisting that those who said what have taken place. Shut their mouth. Or be discouraged they're pushing group think and group think is group think whether it's climate. Whether it's the board or whatever it is. Whatever it. One more thing. Talked about the Democrat party they wanna talk about histories they wanna talk about statues they wanna talk Obama morals let's talk about them. We have a major political party in this country. It retains the name. The better under which. It bought for slavery. The Klan was an image to the Democrat party. Fought for segregation all the way into the fifties and sixties. Whose governors stood in the schoolhouse doors. Block little black kids from going to school a little white kids. And unleash their dogs they're German shepherds. And their houses. I'm black people. It Democrat party. Franklin Roosevelt's hill I left wing professors said to be the greatest president in history Iraq. Interment of Japanese Americans and Americans Japanese descent. This party has a lot of blood on its head it has a lot of violence on its hands it has a lot of hate on its hands. And now the entire five movement. They sent their part of the progress of we reject the claim we reject the neo Nazis we reject white supremacists. Very conservative constitutional conservative believes in the declaration of the constitution. Who believes an unalienable rights for every human being. Who believes and individualism and freedom I wrote all about it and re discovering Americanism. Jack and wrecked after America and Brett protecting individual. Acting at the end of it a human being from the state. The police that. That's true constitutional conservatives. Electors for the state misstate the centralized state. Power power power. And notice how they all defend Planned Parenthood to. Should've Planned Parenthood at least change its name. Its founder was Margaret Sanger. Margaret saying. Who started the. American birth control they in 1921. Became part of the planned parenthood federation of American 1942. Happened CNN does a report about this. Or CBS or MSNBC or ABC. The rest of the this thirteen things she said during her lifetime according to the daily signal with that merited and she proposed allowing congress to sop population problems quote unquote by pointing at parliament a population. Directors representing the various branches of silence in the parliament would directing control the population through birth rates and immigration. Direct its distribution over the country according to national needs consistent with taste. Fitness and interest of the individual. Senator called the various methods of population control according to including abortion. Defending the unborn against their own disabilities. She believed the United States should quote keep the doors of immigration close I would think the left to be very upset about this. The entrance of certain aliens whose condition is known to be detrimental. To the stamina of the race such as feeble mindedness idiots morons and saying so athletic epileptic criminal. Professional prostitutes and others in this class barred by the immigration laws in 1924. If the liberals embraces. Sanger advocated quote he stared into her quotes a steering and rigid policy of sterilization. And segregation. That greater populations whose project is already changing mean blacks. Or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring. She was our races. People who sang it just think at Woodrow Wilson one of the founders of the progressive movement in this country. Margaret Sanger founder Planned Parenthood. Of how. Racist segregationist. Of the worst time. I'm not talking about the seventeen hundreds and the eighteen hundreds thugs. I'm talking about the early to mid nineteen hundreds. People who sang it considered unfit she route. Should be sent to quote farmlands and homes that done quote. Where quote it would be taught to work under competent instructors for the period of their entire lives. She was an advocate of a proposal called the American baby coat quote the results desire obviously select their births she sent. According to her the code would quote protect society against the propagation and increasing the on that. And she concluded in the unfit of course African Americans. While advocating Freddie don't we want a discussion on all this stuff. Only when a debate or to have the focus on only one thing. A lot dictating for the American baby coach he argued that marriage license you should provide couples with the right to only eight common household. But not parenthood. In fact. Article three of marriage license shall in itself give husband and wife only the right to a common council and not the right to an article for. No woman shall have the legal right to bear trap and no mention of the right to become a father and had a permit for parenthood would fit very very nicely with the Third Reich. Article five. Our permits for parenthood should be issued upon application by city and the state authorities to married couples. Providing their financially able to support the expected child has the qualifications needed for proper rearing the child had no trains was admissible diseases. And media and the woman's part no medical indication that. Maternity is likely to result in death or permanent injury now. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth. She wrote all that sounds highly revolutionary might be impossible to put the scheme in the practice. She said what is social planning without a quote. She insisted that large families were detrimental to society. She argued that motherhood must be eat fish. She said population control would bring about the materials of a new race. We had to develop in America a new race when they racial salt we must keep the birth rate within the scope of our ability to understand. As most educated on and on and on. She wrote an excess in population must be reduced. She wrote. In a letter to doctor Clarence gamble on December 10 1939 quote we do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population and quote. An interview what Mike Wallace in 1957. Sang at the founder Planned Parenthood said. Think the greatest city in the world and bringing children in the world. That disease from the parents and have no chance in the world to be a human being practically. Delinquents prisoners of all sorts of things just mark when they're born. Back to me is greatest sin that people can that people can commit. That's Margaret Sanger of Iranians before. Out there so all over the year. The non broadcast media. That's Planned Parenthood your funny Planned Parenthood. Mark they don't do those things today she's gone really. More than any statues to our markets. Anger out there they ought to be taken down. There markets under a war out there that Democrat politicians receive in the proud of and they hang on the wall. At Margaret's anger. I don't have time to get in a Woodrow Wilson. People. We're celebrated by the Democrats keep. Edwards celebrate it by no less. This is an organization we Bob. Should at least changed their name plant there and should that Democrat quietly change it's name on the Democrat Marty I don't. We're on the road. That's gonna add a route that had the discussion attend the debate what do you think Charlie Rose. I'm not arguing in the alternative. I'm not trying to create distractions. This is the heart of the matter is is right to the heart of the matter. Can't have fun. Within the progressive vote looking for a malcontent within the progressive men. Another violent offshoot of the progressive men. She. Won't mention. Even though they they were chart. Don't mention. Only focus on one violent hate group at a time. Pakistan. We can't discuss. Why that. What it's. He kind of played a certain people I hate those people aren't you must be trying to play there's not trying to play anybody they hate me now. Something's wrong with. I'll be right back. Most of the open. Hillary Clinton in Washington free bacon sank 800000 dollars from campaign funds to her new quote resistance and quote group well what do people think. About this this stuff resistance group the people then say Hillary Clinton that your party. Annika how movement. Are encouraging me to have movement. I mean. Resistance to what the election. The group is dedicated to encouraging people to organize cannonball run for office and advancing progressive values and work to build a bigger brighter future for generations to come. That's a resistance movement. Yet ladies and gentlemen I actually think we have a counter revolution that's been going on this country for a hundred years. And now it is very very fine. I don't believe the Klansman in the neo Nazis in the white supremacists are a growing movement. Maybe they are growing movement but they're not growing in a way that I think. They have the power. But the Republican Party or the power of a significant. Political movement in this country yet the F I found movement according to the CNN expect that I just read to you. Has to create itself with and the progressive movement. And is looking for. Progresses. To support a separate. It have violent efforts. And it doesn't consider. Attacking buildings. Acting chops. Happy cars tactic property. As improper unlawful and anyway. And they say they're gonna continue to go to. And how much do we know about this group how much has been reported about this group almost nothing. We know about the neo Nazis that's why we hate their guts we know about the clay and that's why we hate big cats we know about white supremacist why we hate that tax. But why all the media. And another one short article why won't the media educate the American people. About the FI file movement. Which is a collection of hate America and activists. From within. The progressive movement they say they're working within the progressive movement that is within the Democrat party within the liberal vote. And trying to convert people within that movement who may be unhappy with the way things are going. To join them. In an openly violent movement. Why are we allowed to discuss this are why because it's. Progressive. That's they're nomenclature obviously I didn't sign. Because a progressive. Now ladies and gentlemen there's some breaking stories. Breaking stories. The media have been obsessed with the Russian. Except for the last few days. The media have been upset split Russia trying to wrap that around trumps wrote. But there's two massive storage getting almost no attention one of them remarkably isn't a wash and compost. Started. Senate. And another one of them is remarkably in the Politico website liberal website against done. I guess they're riding a nap because it's under the ray. Dark because we're all focused on. On Donald Trump who's obviously sympathetic. They neo Nazis the white supremacists. In the Klansman despite the fact. City's Jewish grandchildren despite the fact is that Jewish son in law despite the fact that his wife. Has converted to orthodox duty is and despite the fact he's been surrounded by Jews his entire life as friends. And and in that lawyers and advisors and all the rest. Can anybody show me anything in any way. Throughout Donald Trump's life in the private sector. That point to the man. Being a racist just one thing. No you can't. Anybody is family now. At the Kennedy fan I can point that Joseph Kennedy senior Joseph Kennedy senior. Let's imported ambassador to England. I Franklin Roosevelt. Who couldn't stand wanted to get rid of them. And Joseph. Kennedy senior and by specialist at. And he was trying to send messages. Adolf Hitler in Germany. That he personally. Was sympathetic to his views. The British government objected and Franklin Roosevelt was sports. They yanked him back to the United States. We never talk about that but that's the Kennedy can't talk about those now not just seeing it. Hugo black. Franklin Roosevelt's first appointment to the United States Supreme Court senator from Alabama. A lawyer for the client. In Alabama for a couple of years. A well known fact. Dictating. Member of the claim. And Franklin Roosevelt appointed him to the Supreme Court is first of my wiley didn't know he didn't do that vetted you'll hear how have these phony left wing historians make excuse. They didn't know. Just senator from Alabama. And a credit he not know. They didn't know you know they didn't have that many insisted it wasn't the right guy at. You know the note whether they edit how much that and blab blab blah and you imagine a Republican at a point it. Eight lawyer. For the Klan. The Supreme Court. And ordered the military orders the internment of Japanese Americans. And return to ship back. The Nazi Germany. With 900 Jews. 25%. To a third of them were sent to the gate chambers. And yet the liberal historians consider Franklin Roosevelt the greatest president ever you know why. But it was a social. Because he helped destroy our constitutional system our balance. Because he. He targeted the attack back capitalist system that's why he's great many it was a progressive. Civil Woodrow Wilson none of that matters with super passive. I'll be right back. We establishments. Worst nightmare. Mark love them. Colon now 8773813811. Column as I see him I don't try to beat. Provocative or controversial. If it's provocative or controversial. Stating historical facts. There are only provocative and controversial because they never stay. Did you know San angers bust is prominently displayed. The national portrait gallery's struggle for justice exhibited Jason to the bust of Martin Luther King. Why is that there. Why is it removed. That's blasphemy. The fact. But it's. Displayed adjacent to the bust of Martin Luther King she supported eugenics. Focus primarily on African American children. Why hasn't Al Sharpton. Spoken about that. Because she was a Democrat. She was a liberal because to speak out against Planned Parenthood is. When you just don't do it. The break. As watching the Fox News Channel Martha MacCallum as a very nicely and met her once just very nicely. And the head of the congressional black hawk caucus was on my power I believe her name was was pass from California. And she is demanding that Steve Bannon Steve Miller. It's a bashing gore to resign. Four there. Their attitudes and their policy beliefs which he believes is. Anti minority anti semantic and so Portland me to speak to this one point. I believe Miller Joseph. But this is a woman who has among those on the Congressional Black Caucus Keith Ellison. To the best of my knowledge ahead of the congressional black office. Caucus has never said a damn thing about he felt. Deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee is an mr. A man who works for ferret out. A man who has sent out we're. I guess anti Semitic things Keith Ellison. Now we have the Congressional Black Caucus caucus. Targeting Bannon. And Gorton and Miller. You know Aaron Klein is. He's a practicing Jew who has had a radio show for many years. On WABC in new York. And he opened in Jerusalem. You know we're Jerusalem is today Israel. Among other people's you know lives and address a Jewish people. And they opened an office there the bright our website. He reports from there a broadcaster Mary writes articles from there. Down the line. Pro Israel. Down the line. Calling out the radical Muslims all the time. As Keith Ellison call up a radical Muslims now Keith Ellison loves can't. Love to hear. The Muslim Brotherhood. Representatives. Visit the White House. Anybody complain now can't visit the White House or anybody complain now. Yet back as the anti semite I can speak to this point. At this point that is outrageous and ludicrous. Miller. Sebastien gore. No way I don't care what that rag the forward prints that left wing rag as far as I'm concerned my opinion. In the back pocket of the left. This administration is the most pro administration and. That Israel administration in modern history. President United States has a magnificent ambassador to Israel. David Friedman and orthodox GO. He has say magnificent special assist and I believe as the title. Responsible for the Israel Palestinian situation. For lack of better term. An image Greenblatt another orthodox view. And now we're supposed to suggest they're supposed to believe that this president. Surrounds himself with people where he himself. There's entice a medic. I mean you really have to. Drain. Your mind a brain cells. To play in this left wing gain. All of this comes at a Charlottesville. The Charlottesville debate. Always an opportunity to exploit always an opportunity for political gain and the media are it up to their eyeballs written about the other odd ball. They refused to report. What actually takes place eventually try to get people talking about it as reporters and journalists commenting on it we're not there. Well not a reporter and journalist is. You know they say you're accurate journalist I got it sentiment. With Jake Tapper then was Don lemon and village picked. From my CNN was there one guy I don't know. Was Anderson go. About Chris Cuomo was either. Boy Zach I don't by the way just as a side point. I'm as Iraq. So here we have the chairwoman of the black caucus on fox. Going on and on about these three people who need to be removed because she believes there's this and that. Keith Ellison is part of the Congressional Black Caucus. He's a hater. Work for a parent time. Set outrageously anti Semitic things. Charlie Rose has Al Sharpton on this program never. It is Sharpton about his pants never idiot Sharpton about his comments about Jews have a. Never ever did ask him at those are hurtful comments. Let's look at the countries drawn into this and knocked on in this for the right reason trying to end this now it's a political debate. Everything political that everything should be exploited for political purposes. And mostly for the lack. Trying to paint. Conservatives. With the Klan. With a neo Nazis with the white supremacist web honestly folks it doesn't matter what we sent. They're never gonna stop doing. We below I believe in in border enforcement and following immigration laws. That's what they're gonna accuse us. But it's trying to. At what don't you do. If you believe in slashing the size of government and you have the kind of program that bailout. Accusing the same. Same thing if you believe there's a an honest debate to be had about these statues and so port there part of history. As Condoleezza Rice said and I said the same thing long before she said. It just don't start stripping a country that's history appetite is celebrating these people but because you need to know who they where. The good the bad and the ugly. You must be sympathetic. White supremacists more than that. You must pay and I know it has nothing to do that. That's not true yes it must be. Anyway. What happened a Russian. The rush all the time Donald Trump was responsible for rush every time Putin's. Apparently it was Donald trumps all everytime he blew his nose Donald Trump was there on the Kleenex Donald Trump Donald Trump you you trapped Putin's Russia Q. Russia Russia trot trot trot Russia dropped. Well where is known and you understand today Klansman trot back to east trop like Japan it trapped. Trot wedge and track that now oh okay. I'm sick of it. And I echoes of the primaries and the backdrop in the general and I'm attacked and that's like that's hilarious. Anyway my friends. And wanted to take equipment that thank you for your support what we're doing over in TV. We're making big changes to our platform big technological changes bringing you also more content. More shows more stories make you care about most importantly we're starting to do some real damage to the liberal media. And their fake news machine. If you've turned into a living TV lately you've joined the discussion about everything from the he ration Democrat conspiracy to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea to what's going on in Venezuela. And the McConnell machine who he is his background and what he's doing and Alabama's I speak. These are important times right now. And it's never been more critical to have these sorts you can trust and bring you the truth that is in TV. If you haven't signed up for our network in all the programs at CI TV. Sign up now and see what you've been missing you'll never go back. To that network TV again. The media revolution is here. We're not slowing down yet CE RTV conservative review TV today joined the conversation about issues that really matter. Ditched that phony stations. It's the massively expensive stations went the various cable in this satellite get on board with the only team conservatives dedicated to covering the truth. It's very simple if a toll free number give us a call we have the best. Consumer. Unit of any consumer unit in the country. That's yeah I know I'm right eight or four love in TV that's where they are there right now. Join the media revolution again 08 or for the main TV 844 LT VI and team. We come back we're gonna jump in we'll both feet. What happened a Russian. Well two things happen to ration ladies and gentlemen. Trump campaign emails show that aids at an age repeated efforts to senate meetings. With Russia. And topped Tron campaign officials. Well they were rejected. By one senior campaign in that will all. Wonder what must Ramallah won't do that at and what about this one. What about this yes. Why Obama team was warned about Russian interference in 2014. On my calculation that's two years before the general election what do they do about nothing. If they tell the American people know. Arrested today. Blocked on cable. And satellite. Network. Talk on talk radio. What's going on Russia Russia Russia. I'll be right back. Months and blew open. And I depend on my car to run errands. And we get from here today just like you'd. So let me ask you something if your car broke down today can you for the repairs. We even 2010 Camaro. For years the Camaro. Repairs would be very expensive. There's an apple want anymore right now but we got extended market vehicle service protection. From partially. Replacing your engine can cost thousands even the simple repair the censors. Not so simple and can cost over a thousand bucks to. Car shields affordable extended vehicle service protection. Can save you thousands recovered prepared. They cover practically everything. You can have your favorite mechanic what you should do the work with car shields getting the mechanic paint directly in other words. You don't have to worry about being reimbursed you don't make the payment they do. 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Dead on arrival. Gimme a good car go ahead. WV NN Jeff. And Alabama speaking of the Democrat ahead. Had a great time good to promote Brooks today. Thank you so much freer endorsement letting us know about him how did luck out there weakening cents for anything I mean I know it's anecdotal but that's fine. Penal for primary it's pretty good turn out. Don't you know for for primary so that was encouraging. I saw an Arabic ten years are really wanna thank you for. What you're doing today and exposing the alt left in their involvement in this incidentally that happened this weekend. And in the reason why I honestly am trying to supposedly. Yeah and I don't know and I don't know why the need in this country are. I'm refusing to do. Well it is so important that regular the president on what our last president who would. At the drop of the hat to the side against police in situations where learning what would happen. We have to have a reasonable their voices come out. Because if you don't people are gonna see that one side being favored in your gonna drive people to these fringe extreme degree. Fringe extreme groups. Whether not to parties or whatever. You've got a call up both that way. Young people what. Sampras and I believe in Americans that you I don't know I talk about it written a book about it I believe and Americans that declaration the constitution and the rule of law the civil society. And it seems to meet any organized effort. Particularly violent effort that has has his purpose to destroy this the the the foundational. Elements in a civil society. Needs to be called out needs to be investigated in needs to be exposed to the American people. And I and I don't even call them the right the left. These are organizations. That are anti American. And so yes we talk about the Klan and the neo Nazis in the white supremacists. But why wouldn't we talk about the Stanford group and it turns out according to CNN's own expert and reporting because they had to fight group has found. Shelter in many respects within the progressive movement. And seeks to to persuade as many progressives is they can. To join in their violent activity and I really believe this is one of the reasons the media will not talk about this group and any significant or comprehensive way. And demand that we ignore the fact that they were there by the hundreds dressed in black. And. Committing acts of violence you and I don't make any excuses for the Klan you and I don't make any excuses for the neo Nazis and white apprentice while actually make any excuses for anybody. Thank you for your call my friend. Go ahead rich give me another cup. Why. In the queens they great WA BCL. My brother Alois. You want Harry these days pretty good pretty good I am thoroughly enjoy your book. We discuss Americanism it's fantastic much up to five while you you've really got through and I appreciated. Very very good to great leader really recommend that everybody. But I eat you know mark you're absolutely right I think the problem that we say you know terms of so what the revisionist history I call it but does that the companies to fault I mean that that the we have a huge issue and the Democrats capitalize off of it. Is that people tend to view. History through the prism of today I mean. You know at this nation right they if you think of humanity we did we get away with slavery legally I got at least you know bigotry is in every. Formal light to some degree or another but we did that we were slave. We arrested a hundred years after our. I mean. Now favorite still exists today as you mentioned earlier in your show. You know you have bought homes you know. Exercising race. I don't Christians in Africa and you know it's amazing. It's almost never discuss. One I gotta go take serious my man we'll be right back. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my place. So the last thing I wanna do his waist time standing on line of the post office so I don't ever. I you Stamps.Com. Which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy imprint official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail using my own computer in coroner. It's so convenient just click print you're done dance dot com it so much time and money I can't believe anyone still wait online at the post office anymore. Don't you wanna say time and money to stance dot com makes it easy. They even into a digital scale you can automatically calculate exact quote I use Stamps.Com because simplifies my busy life and right now you too can enjoy the Stamps.Com service with special offer that includes a four week trial. Plus postage and digital scale without long term commitment go to Stamps.Com click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type in bunker. That's Stamps.Com. And her bunker Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. He's here. Now though. Normally under round. He from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again make contact without lead. Hello everybody mark living here on number eight. 3813811877381. As Sony refuses to remove Margaret Sanger statute. Story from Tony fifteen. We don't care. If she was a huge cast. Sure she'll get a pass Keith Ellison gets a pants. FDR gets a pants Woodrow Wilson gets a pass the Democrat party gets a pass. This is all around. For policies. Pace is all around. Sure we took a not Russia since nobody else wants to talk about Russian. Let's talk about ration. Washington compost had a story today largely ignored by every other media outlet put out today I guess because it's. Quiet about Russian today. Peace and quiet about Russia today. And the Washington compost. Three days after Donald Trump name his campaign farm policy team in March 26 team. The youngest at an advisor sent an email to seven campaign officials with the subject line meeting with the Russian leadership including Putin. The advisor George pop adopt a less. Offered to set up saying quote meeting between us and the Russian leadership. To discuss US Russian ties under president trump on quote telling them his Russian contacts welcome the opportunity. According to internal campaign emails read to the Washington Post. The proposal sent a ripple of concern through campaign headquarters in trump tower. Campaign coach payments and Clovis route he thought NATO ally should be consulted if there any plans were made. Another trump advisor. Retired navy admiral rear admiral Charles Koubek. Cited legal concerns including a possible violation of US sanctions against Russia and the Logan act. I pop up flap about Abby ad campaign by campaign volunteer with scant foreign policy experience persistent. Between march and September this up described energy consultant. And at least a half dozen requests for trump. As he turned from primary candidate the party nominee or from members of the team. To meet with Russian officials. Among those who expressed concern about the effort was there and campaign chairman Paul man effort. Who rejected in May 2016 a proposal from pop adopt a list. Fort tried to do so. The exchanges are among more than 20000. Pages of documents the trump campaign. Turned over to congressional committees that was leaked by congress this month if the review by White House and defense lawyers. The selection of pop atop illicit emails were read the Washington Post my personal and access to them. Two other people and access to the emails confirm the general tone of the exchanges. In some specific passages within them. This is quite compelling isn't it ladies and gentlemen. Now if there's collusion. Between the trump campaign. In Russia don't you need what's called collusion. All these opportunities for collusion or just made it. We're rejected. Pop a dot Alyssa marriages from the sample Levine now's as a new and puzzling figure our rightful destroy this guy. Less than a decade at a college pop a topless appeared to hold little sway within the campaign. It's unclear whether he was acting as an intermediary for the Russian government although we told campaign officials he once. And I know the Washington compost it slams and CNN are acting as an in the years for the Russian government. They're the on winning the foods. Who bought into this whole thing I don't mean Russian interference in the campaign that's obvious notorious. And out without debate. Now we're talking about the trump world's collusion. With Russia. Not. While they emails illustrate his eagerness to strength of the campaigns connections to the Russian government puppet apple list does not spell out in them why it would be a trumps interest to do so. Now this is illiterate. You know this mister minister. There was no interest shown by senior staff when this young man was pressing them and now the watched and compost as. But why would they have been interest. Why would this young man I thought they would be interest. It. His entreaties of. Here to have violence the generated more concern and excitement within a campaign. With the time was looking to seal the Republican nomination and take on heavily favored Hillary rotten Clinton. But in the internal resistance to talk about how this request is at odds with other overtures trump allies may. Toward Russia at the time mostly to more senior level the campaign why our day. Bringing in information. That is old information and bad news. The big story here. The Washington compost it goes when it and then tries to pull it back. Is that these you know show an aide. Repeatedly attempted. To have trump and his senior staff meet with the Russians and they repeatedly rejected it in fact were concerned about. Is that not a big deal. Is that why it's not on CNN tonight is that life's not on the ABC CBS NBC MSNBC tonight. Is that why it's nowhere but here tonight. Yes that's why. Yes. So let's see here. Washington Post. Email should try to campaign officials rejecting opportunities to meet the Russian yes yes yes. I'm sure that will be covered heavily here's one from Politico. Obama team was warned about Russian interference in 2014 the administration data recorder Russian intention disrupt the western democracies. Including the United States. I guess Obama was too busy interfering with the elections in Israel. Pay attention to what was going on in our country. The Obama administration received multiple warnings from national security officials. Between trying fourteen to 2016. That the Kremlin was ramping up its intelligence operations and building disinformation networks it could use to disrupt the US political system. According to more than half a dozen current and former officials as early 2014 the administration received a report. The quoted a well connected Russian source. Ocean. As saying that the Kremlin was bought me this information I'm that could be used to interfere in western democracies. The report according to an official familiar with it. Included a quote from the Russian source telling US officials in Moscow quote. No no idea how extensive these networks are in York and in the United States Russia has penetrated media organizations. It. New York. Lobbying friends political parties governments and militaries in all of these places. That report was circulated among the National Security Council intelligence agencies. And the State Department via secure email and cable in the spring a 2014 as part of a larger assessment of ration intentions in Ukraine. The officials sent. It's no explicit warning of a threat to US elections. Are you kidding me. This is the problem live outlets. They try to take the fine point. And rub it down. But the officials said some diplomats and national security officials in Moscow but the administration was too quick. To dismiss the possibility. That the Kremlin incursions could reach the United States. I'm sure mark Warner's all evidence I'm sure Richard Barrett will come out of this bill and get on top of this. I'm sure Adam ship when he's not raising money that Barbara Boxer a run for the senate and as a report out there I'm sure he's on top this him. Don lemon writes excellent. Well Congo line at the close of there at CNN. Already in this estate the morning schmo on this issue now. I'm sure they're all on top of this. Lawrence O'Donnell. Chris Matthews. Mac down all of them. Even if the Russians and Russian president Vladimir Putin had these ambitions they were doubtful there capacity to X acute that. The officials say the Obama administration while they were wrong when. There were wrong. Former White House officials requesting anonymity to discuss intelligence reporting confirmed that the administration began receiving increased traffic and 2014. About Russian disinformation and Covert influence in campaigns but said they didn't recall receiving this specific warning about Russia in route to the United States. We have no specific evidence of collusion. Between trump or out and the Russians but that doesn't stop anybody. Nick Price he former spokesperson for the National Security Council rejected the idea the administration failed ash got mad. You lose their. Subsequent events however including Russia's interference in the American election to a hacks at the nose of the DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign chairman Jon Tester. Among other intrusions identified by US intelligence if I got the mansion the after the to get into the RNC data but you know. Small oversight have left many in the form administration wondering if I could have done more. This is a massive story. At the confidence and Mal administration the Obama administration. The lack of really any effective steps. The under estimate. Of what the Russians were doing. Actually led to the the Russians interfering. In our campaign. All this investigating going on now. Why would the Obama administration do that please. Could they be colluding. They think the Russians when it interfere to help Hillary Clinton just economic. Phony reporter scene and asking a lot of weird questions is that possible. Spots above. What are we Keith Ellison picks. I'll be right back. Most of the open. I. Yeah. Okay. I mean these songs yes I rate her as a driving. And I send him to mr. producers to grab that. This is the latest 11510. And sorry yeah my advanced high it's. It'll it'll. You folks understand. That I have been in Charlottesville. All these groups try to beat Allen and Trent. The white supremacists and neo Nazis. Klansmen. They hate my guts think editors checked the union. And for good reason because I hate picket. We had defied group but I want to speak to university where you think they would. But they do whatever they do what they always they'd be violent. Trying to shut down a location. And bring baseball bats. In sacks filled with rocks. And if they could. Army unit grotesque way just like him. So. I'm no special leader for any of these groups and the special leader for American. If you take a look at rediscovering America is known to bite to skated a book that billion piper. The. He spirituality of the founding this thing. Law of nature and nature's god. Who each individual's precious. Individualism overstated and liberty over tyranny. I can go on and on. Because you see ladies and gentlemen. Americanism. There's about compassion. And humanity. And freedom. About protecting life. About living life. Spent all those things. It's not about an all powerful autocratic. Centralized government. Insisting that we think one way or act another. As I say I objected to tearing down all these mine. I mean honestly people vote that way to particularly community then that's what we'll have. And believe there should be on all federal law that imposes its will. Communities that put them up at the power to take them down perfectly fine. I'm saying is. If you have any. Statute. But the person who supported slavery you're not honoring the person for whatever reason the statue was put up. These this is it might take me to people disagree. In fact. You're using it as an opportunity. To promote knowledge to promote information. And to promote tolerance. Tolerance human tolerance. By condemning. But that person did in condemning what that person stood for. This is done in different weights. It's been a different way it even the fact that this that you may have been put up a hundred years ago. Or a hundred. Beyond a hundred years. Two hundred fifties. Honor somebody that should have been on. As we look at it today. We're not honoring his Harley. I don't believe so. Again. People with a integrity and have different views on and they do. And they did but I find it it's like these so called climate change to pay if you don't adapt the view. The group think left. Then there's something wrong with you. You don't support open borders. And you supporting nation that's 99.9 percent white will who said that. They're bringing raison. If you don't support socialism redistribution of wealth. And radical egalitarian. All of what. Run contrary to our found. And somehow you hate people particularly minorities. In so many respects. We try to have debates about various issues we can't have a debate about their players. Look at a college campuses. There's certain ideas that cannot be expressed I'm not even talking about crazy ideas what used to be considered. In recent conference ideas in the nor. You know I don't have a debate you're not allowed to bring it up. It to be fearful to even say I voted for trial by voted for Ted crews are fearful to even say I'm a Republican or whatever it. Where if you support. Israel's right to exist. You speak out against the terrorist acts committed against that state. I Palestinian terrorists who were rewarded with American tax dollars subsidies and pensions their families. Here's shouted down your threatened. If your name is Ben Shapiro. January mainstream conservative. There's nothing radical about. Eating even support Donald Trump for president United States at any point. And you wanna speak at a university. And to file among others are planted in the audience shot you'd Downey cut off your debate. Because you're conservative. Not talking about everybody. Time that Shapiro weapon known in my. It's getting increasingly dangerous in this country in many respects. I blame the media when the media for failing to do which cannot. Just be honest just report the facts. But they won't. I'll be right back. A little bit pathetic liberal plug holes. These are truck full of hot constitutional. As Wal-Mart. Board didn't. Grow enough parity 7738138. Y one. I wanna tell my body is a dear friend of mine Michael Barry KT RH Houston who just tweeted that. Excellently cats or somebody even mark living and to say that this game is the greatest band ever I never said that. And every said that and I don't follow these bans closely enough to know what the greatest band quote unquote is. But at last song with Steely Dan that much I know. I was stealing game it's a credit card and. It's Matt's getting caught. Yeah. Did you start. Ten points. I am. I had a killer got hit complaints I'm. Ladies and gentlemen there's eight precincts 12330. Reporting so far in Alabama so there's no point reading anyway nice city. But if you wanna check it out go to conservative reviewed dot com it's right there live coverage throughout the evening conservative reviewed outcome. If no candidate detains more than 50% of the vote the top two finishers go ahead to Iran often September. Now it's expected. That Roy Moore. Special because of part wonderful evangelical friends until get a heavy percentage of their vote that's what the polls showed. It's also expected at the the big battle between Luther strange and Mel Brooks for the second position who knows. I just hope the constitutional conservatives and Tea Party activists all over the state of Alabama in the special election turned out. Because it can come down here vote these things can be very very close particularly in a multi candidate field on their many candidates running this field many of whom. In ninety have been discussed. And Mo Brooks is mostly known in a north Alabama. Comedian and a hell of a lot of money for the other parts and now. Whereas a Luther strange had ten million dollars in outside money poured in by McConnell rove and grow. And three tweets. By Donald Trump. Urging people to vote for Luther strange because I don't know. Speak a strange I was a strangest thing yet. Asset and wealth manager increment of increment and AG now they published a report identifying the significant risks to the global economy and the reasons why prudent investors. Should include Goldman their portfolios idea. Here's what they said the question is whether one should hold an appropriate share of one's liquid wealth in the form of a golden insurance reasoner. It may be helpful they ask oneself a few questions such as when will I need what excuse me when will I not need any gold in my powerfully. Well you won't need gold. When debt levels can be sustained make it incredibly and reduce that's not happening when the threat of inflation is. Notable that's not true when real estate rates are high right. When confidence in the monetary authorities justifiably strong it's not when the political environment is steady predictable when you see what's gone on. But he geopolitical situation is stable now not quite. When governments deregulate markets and of high tax regulations and respects civil liberties or wait for that simplifying tax regulations. For a limited time gold line is offering price protection for three months three months on orders as low as 2500 dollars. That's an amazing special from the only gold company I trust. Gold line 877365. Point short of reader important risk information to be short buying gold is right video. 877365. Point. 877365. And six. Forces. Mr. readers who were still eight precinct. On. The twelve precincts Harley. Anyway not enough that Allison. You. John Fayetteville Arkansas the great KF. Any why go. It doing well thank you. Listen to you for a long time feel like it's we've met we become very good brands. Latest count on NG Jake but I am starting it'll remorse yours about it. And that it might you say graduate from ma Sam Walton school business and writes on so you went to university rigid. Arkansas. A lot that you sit UV. OK got you. You have that. Yeah it's conservative state and razorbacks. You're darn right bury lost we lost a good man ran rules yesterday by. The result of restored but like any other state or college campus it leans liberal. Except for the school business but you've probably. Remember this term that they had back and Democrats like. Men and and they and they changed her mind but there's a big statute portable mind. Which is the signature of you today. And the problem. The big statute here when you Albright. Yeah on the domain and actually when you graduate market slugger Matt gets put on the sidewalk. And mine is about a hundred yards from his statue. And it has been out real well here in the planning. I want a statute tore down but I'll moderate and certain and that brings scholarships bother. I don't leave a national scholarship international staff called the Fulbright scholar. Starter Arkansas. And hold on that he was given the medal of freedom. By Bill Clinton. Yes and that's quart bottle. And by the way. Sam. But the phones. The senator from North Carolina. Who led the emotional Watergate you know hometown and a yeah yeah I can't remember all he was celebrated by the left and Woodward and Bernstein San maravent Sam Ervin that's right. And he was an all time segregationist. You know I didn't but the point is that all of that statue down but. These kids should be educated who William Gerri what can pull Breyer wrote what he stood for and right and it and do I want someone else. Wanna kick goes up and sees ads that statute. And says Louis. Yeah Obie can't do that these college campuses they don't want now but then he is so that's Bill Clinton bottle he went to school. You're darker salt Fulbright scholarship. A continued got Hillary Clinton not that you talked about it earlier your screener. Or missed producers that ought to. I don't I don't know of my scream mr. producer doing on the phone telling him don't rate. Almost all this is Hillary Clinton model and he was the warning that did all the stuff in Little Rock. At the school but kept all the that the market doubts. I don't know was he wished he her title. Governor. I don't know that he was her idol. Well see you just look at her quote one it's not too long ago she talks very highly of him like he's one of the most. Respected man honestly I don't remember that it's possible but I remember Bill Clinton and Rick and quote put the ball I changed that used more out but our work if these crazy people want skirt and down. What the Dixiecrat artwork what. There generally did then let's go to the 1947. And if he's in the sixties era this what this southern Democrats were doing all right Sarah. Then I've covered this ground and I appreciate your call. You know there's a Woodrow Wilson School I believe it's a Princeton. Marc what you see in him and what kind of stuff. And that's the let us go to nick while while a lot you know with a all the things going on in the world it sometimes you just scratching. The country threatening nuclear war against our cities in another country in Iran threatening to the same in ten years thanks to Barack Obama. You just have to wonder how we're gonna survive these things you really do. Nick. While while I just like this in Walla Walla Washington. On the gap aren't living that nick let me ask a question. Give any do you have any wawa stores and while while. Butler's public career out. To go wow wasn't while while so fired at Iona franchise for awhile why. So the actress' while locked whatever remains street while while Washington that that's what amount full. It is it has been very much if that's. Anyway. Rather. And what it's innings Wally. Yet really well accord Wally who runs a lot lop for a while while. If he'll have agreed at last NATO so at all. Right now yet yet I ordered that Mercury commemorated here the cities in the explore. Those that were actually from government ahead. The this you know Pollack as well so well this child I'm differently. Under the collusion of I'm sure about the first of the sit well you'll have to do whatever the president's there is not. The media at the Democrats too weak Republicans in on the and the entire. People like all right Mark Luke you know undercutting that this president every chance lighted rubio do now and here you know. You know basically. Condemned what I trump that first armored earlier this afternoon. You know like YouTube and then national read you like the thing that he was Micah. Talking up the Albright what's she did not say it one iota he could not. Favorite all righty was content community contributor along with. The leader of the kkk hate it patent like in pro ball to get there all you get to recite the story. There there was action warring faction not on the war on there in both. But he beat the media you think you would like like this that are actually think you'd Brian Marshall. AK that it trying to open doors. The white supremacy movement. Did try did trump endorsed the neo Nazi. Trump endorsed the client. Note did he give them a pass. What are we debating it. I hope we don't get that in order to pick them heavily involved in the clan with and I know this for a fact has to be the very it. Wouldn't admire about Hillary Clinton and Allen Robert for the. Of course and they they all were so proud of Byrd made him. Minority leader in a majority leader Bain made him the damn. The second leader before he was the lead they need and they had the Appropriations Committee. But this guy and he was a racist he was a segregationist he voted against the Civil Rights Act to sixty points 65. In 1971. They made them their their their leader or their number two leader of the Democrats. Don't you don't see that history in the Republican Party you don't see that history in the legitimate conservative movement you don't see that history at all. Oh yeah. Talk about I'm like you mentioned Margaret Sanger. If you know that well guess what so without present major presidential nominees. With the Margaret Sanger award winner in the past Hillary Clinton. That would be Hillary Clinton that you should do very proud of that war in cute very greatly admired Margaret Sanger right now. A friend I'm reading the rubio tweaks here and people keep bringing it to his last and is the white supremacy groups. We'll see being assigned only 50% of the blame as they when we cannot allow this all the evil to be resurrect. Who's assigning them 50% of the blame. I don't understand who their miracle we have to leave quotas now I mean the point in us. We're signing them 100% of the blame for what they did. We're signing them 100% of the blame for who they are. 100% of the blame for all the violence they created. And always create. We're also assigning 100 per same tech head of for all the violence they create. This isn't that. I don't understand it. We're assigning blame where blame should be assigned. IE. And happy to debate any of these senators I really am. Happy to debate each and every one of them. I don't believe anybody's allowing the white supremacy Teixeira only part of the blame. They get a 100% of the blame for what they've done. What they did. Pro who they are. It sodas in a couple of which is a Marxist anarchist movement. Which preaches violence and commits acts of violence. Let me turn it around another way. Why would you give them a pass. Why would you give people who are violent who are committing crimes who are solving other people. Why would you give them a pass. The words the American people like to still. I understand who's who would watch why. Let me to go further in suggest asked this question Marco Rubio should law enforcement pretend that it but I wasn't there. Should law enforcement pretend that they should charge anybody was violent. Who harmed another person. Is that how it's supposed to work. No I don't think so. I don't think so at all and there are all adherents of evil ideologies. All of the ideology of the yet of a movement. Comes at a Nazi Germany I know that a CNN just told us. But what knowing. Going on now now I I I just feel that this is. This padding on the head and being the chests about. Who's more this or more that is really stupid. And I wish most of these politicians put Canada. Stay out of it. Not stay out of it but at least to a better job of explaining it I'll be right back. Most of the open. I would say this to my good friend Marco Rubio fly like a great deal I don't always agree but I do like the he's very careful about mainstreaming the unit of movement. At Trenton can be traced to Nazi Germany in the anti fascist action I understand. That's fine. But they are part of a fascist slash Marxist movement. And they're very proud of bringing violence. To these events and I don't remember these Republicans. Tweeting so often with such a yet frenzied effort. After Berkeley are going Berkeley. Where Ferguson. Or Baltimore. If you. So I think it's a huge mistake nobody saying there's 5050. But we aren't saying. That kind of violence is violence. We condemn these hate groups we condemned the Nazis in the Klan I don't know of anybody who endorses them. In mainstream political life. As we talked to each other and keep condemning and I understand we hate that I hate them. But the yet to file movement is a violent Marxist anarchist movement at the left that's been part of the progressive movement now. And I would encourage. People to point them out. That in lieu of other hate groups. Appoint an app because they're committing acts of violence they're committing crimes. And we should ignore the many more than law enforcement should ignore. And don't mainstream them. I pretending they don't exist. Are by refusing the tweet about them ferocious. Did you know this summer is burglary sees every summer currently rate spike according to the department attest that it's a Domino's. On vacation you spend the day away at the beach home attempting burglars see the signs you're not home no cars in the driveway no lights on the inside. An open invitation for Brent. That's why simply safe home security has expanded their biggest ever Summers ago September that are. I can get a whopping 100 dollars off their special summer package and I hand picked the system myself. 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