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8/14/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 15, 2017|

The media is trying to tie President Trump to white supremacy after the violence in Charlottesville, VA. Trump is no white supremacist and his DOJ including, Jeff Sessions and the FBI are already investigating this incident. Nothing in Trump’s background demonstrates that he ever was a white ...

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Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my plate so the last thing I wanna do his waist time standing on line of the post office so I don't ever. I you stand dot com which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy imprint official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail using my own computer and greater. It's so convenient just click print your death dance dot com is it so much time and money I can't believe anyone still wait online at the post office anymore. Don't you wanna say time and money to stance dot com makes it easy. They even into a digital scale you can automatically calculate exact quote I use Stamps.Com because simplifies my busy life and right now you too can enjoy the Stamps.Com service with a special offer that includes a four week trial. Plus postage and digital scale without long term commitment go to Stamps.Com click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type in bunker. That's Stamps.Com. And her bunker Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. He's here. You know. Mentally underground. Heat from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again make contact without leave. Hello everybody mark the event here are number at 877. 3813811. And 7381381. You know I'm I'm I'm disgusted and embarrassed. Not tell you. I was watching the news coverage as best I could. As it was at a town of what took place in Charlottesville Virginia. Even before it took place. On Thursday. My family and I were in Charlottesville Virginia. Because my stepdaughter. It's going to school at the University of Virginia. No I won't give your name her. The specific school she's going to. And we. We were there to celebrate. The fact that she was kind of that school in a particular. Profession. And the dean of the school got up an African American gentleman. Who was really intriguing. Brilliant man. And he said. At the end of welcoming. Well these young people that. They wanna encourage you to stay in your apartments in you don't. This weekend. Because people filled with hate her going to be the all right I think he named among others. And that's where my stepdaughter. Spent the week. Locked. In her room. In her apartment. At the university regain. The university of Virginia's a magnificent school it's gonna magnificent campus. A wonderful mall area there you walk through Trace restaurants and so forth and we don't want interest in fact it was close to where that car. But I murder took that car and rammed into human beings until one young lady. And apparently others that are. In various states of horrific injury. Those two wonderful state troopers in the helicopter monitoring the situation. And the helicopter crash in the parish. I'm watching this and listening to the news. And then I did not see Donald Trump speak initially. They turn on the TV can talk about Democrat. Donald Trump didn't say that Donald Trump was splitting hairs. Donald Trump is appealing to his base. Donald Trump this Donald Trump that is what the health and what in the hell is going on here. And I watched it. On the unit. And I thought to myself. Kind of people sit around. Looking for an opportunity. To exploit the situation like this for political purposes for self serving purposes. For media purposes for ratings purposes. To draw the attention away from what just took place. As if Donald Trump is supporting Klansmen and neo Nazis or white supremacists. OK maybe what is said it looked different. Partly maybe would have mentioning names of the gross may be this may be that so why. It's incredible to me. Incredible to me. The same media. That spread race. Racism. And down. Balkanization. And hate. And division. The same media that would have us at each other's throats. Was at it again. The irony of watching Democrats one after another. Democrats some of whom voted for Robert Byrd to be the majority leader some of them had the nicest things to say about Robert Eric. An end to watch Republican. Say I would aesthetic and lined up positioning themselves. Who can say the most you know. Perfect statement about this. It was just this past. It was disgusting to me. You know behind this microphone and I've told you several times. About this website called the daily storm. And that's a group. The storm a group. And I told you the things instead of. Not because. I seek apologies and the victim. But to let you know this is out there mr. it is what have I talked about it 56 times. Filthy June Marc Littman. Pike market levee and on and on and it's that have. This same people who showed up in Charlottesville. It's bad. And despite the fact paid millions of nine's the listeners despite the fact my words are monitored by media matters and some other media outlets. Not once. Did they bring this up not once were they concerned about it. I've talked in many many times. About how. We got calls. Of people trying to get on the air from the same groups. Trust me I look over my shoulder. I never heard it didn't think from CNN or MSNBC year MBA or any rest of them I don't work. I don't work for anybody. They're out there are dangerous and I even said yeah. If anything ever happens to me it's gonna be those groups to going to be one of them. Gonna be one of them. That some radical Muslim can be one of them. Because I don't want to threaten us all the time. All the things reported about when I say. All the things that are written down. I'm not aware of any media outlet a modest this show. A lot of Asia it is ever brought up the fact that this group is out there making threats. Never. And they sit there on cable TV and network TV in and wring their hands over and over again. About moose said watt who didn't say why whether it was said in a way that day I drove up or not. If this guy asked me how people position themselves are quick politicians are members of the media. Draw the focus away from the America edited. Prime candidate and they are not. Klinsmann. To draw our attention away from them. In this stupid politics every damn time. Every damn time that's where they take us. Are we supposed to believe that Donald Trump supports but why are we supposed to believe Donald Trott supports you know not please. His daughter. Is it convert conduct Orthodox Judaism is settled up. Kirschner is an orthodox jewel appoint an orthodox to abuse ambassador to Israel. He's got another orthodox to you know who wishes. Roving negotiate with is up demand surrounds himself with views. Yes. Discuss the. Meanwhile the attorney general of the United States. I'm like Eric Holder and Ferguson. Unlike Loretta lynch in Baltimore. He would make provocative statements he didn't pour fuel on the fire. He immediately got to work. He in the FBI director immediately. Launched a federal civil rights investigation. And the entire matter in Charlottesville Virginia now the mayor Charlottesville. Was blaming trop. That is. Unconscionable. Unconscionable to get covered to these animals. By attacking the president United States. It is unconscionable. And he wasn't the only one. He conceded glean. In the face of the democratic concede that glee in the face of the reporters he did he would seem vaguely in the face of numerous Republican. Trying to pin this on trot. And I speak as somebody who supported crews in the primaries and supported trot. Later in the general election it's not personal look me. Another special leader for anybody. And the irony here is. We constitutional conservatives right wing right wing week constitutional answer. What is it that we believe. The declaration of independence what does that tell us. It tells us that god almighty himself. Has created every individual human being in his image. And every individual in human being. As unalienable rights tell life. Liberty. And the pursuit of happiness. Every single one regardless of their race. Regardless of ethnicity. They got several legend. Polish it up about the declaration of independence that every parent. We got constitutional conservatives. What is it that turned the declaration of independence. In 1858. It was abating. In the senate campaign. You know on our. Stephen A Douglas it was Abraham Lincoln. August 171858. In its famous Louis down Illinois speech. Over and over and over again. The declaration of independence. Already over and over again talking about the great founding fathers. Who gives us the declaration of independence he many of them held slaves the Novak. What he said they gave us a declaration of independence because they know that their children and grand jump. What I have to address this. Once and thorough. The union or not despite. What the media say. Despite but the self serving politicians say. No this does not represent America not all that plan and the neo Nazis and no white supremacists. Do not represent. They do not represent the majority of American white people in this country it's just not true. And I know and you now which is why witness that would ease the. Disgusted at what. I'll be right back. Most of the open. And in addition. They clan inane neo Nazis in the white supremacist. The scum of the year and they are the stomach. In New York Times reported. The daily wire has video. They can't have found. The anti Fatah movement of the hard let me fascist movement that pretend it's against fascist. Same movement that was in Berkeley. Violent. Violent violent. They're in Charlottesville took. Not the reason why the media for the most part will not report is because if you even note this. And somehow you must be supporting the neo Nazis the clans and a white supremacist. Why is that. Why is that. When I write my support them. But be it up by a move that was it. Violent. Hate full. Sick people. They were then. I cannot imagine that. Why. Why can't we put everything on the table. Why can't we put everything on the table that took place in Charlotte. Why are we limiting the debate. And why are we debating about Donald Trump. As opposed to the people who created the violence. Now I know there's a liberal media narrative out there. That truck supporters a percentage of them are these neo Nazi Klansman. White supremacists. Expert at the monitor. So another tying trump into I don't know. Somehow encouraging. Talented disparage. When his administration has issued a if civil rights investigation but why are we depending Donald Trump what else did that do it this. While mark is the president this statement so what. Did it Varitek. I don't expect the practice. Where these groups they. Bullied stuff. It's one thing that free speech that they're preaching violence and in fact it speculating violence. Why don't we don't get up. I don't don't don't. The First Amendment right. To brutalize another human games. It is nothing it was the First Amendment does it crimes. If you run an organization that conspired to commit violence. UN organization should be destroyed just mop. Opposite of a First Amendment right. All these groups. Should be targeted. For extinction. All of them. But he can't mention that other group. Because otherwise you're I don't know what the Iowa otherwise Chirac. It confusing matters. Not confusing anything. Nothing at all. Yasser remember what happened in Alexandria Virginia. When a gunman was trying to pick off. Members of congress and their staff and a oh seem so long ago and hasn't. The media we're very very careful. And should've been. About politicizing them. They were very careful. Very circumspect they choose every syllable very carefully. So why don't they do that missed it. Is that media disgusting that's why. Politicians are discussed it that's why from both parties and. They could tweak past and they couldn't raged raced with a TV cameras Ashton. They couldn't beat their chest Ashton. Some of them having honored Robert Eric for his entire 400 years in the senate. But that's OK mark. That's OK I brought up this. Daily storm iron and these people before crickets. I've brought up what they're up to deploy a quick hits. Nothing not a word. From the great media out there that monitors every word I say. That they somehow overlooked over there at that. PBS. Oh yes divided states of America that they overlook. On front line. I'll be right back. A champion I'll. Freedom you know if you're one of the greatest champions of freedom in this country Cox news you can world mark. Call mark at 8773813811. The daily what you understand by my saying when I'm going to say I'm going to be attacked an insane. This country not. And I'm putting out the facts. Gailey wire New York Times reported mitts and tough out protesters in Charlottesville where hate filled and violent before left forces her to backtrack. I saw club willing and tougher beating a white nationalist being led out of the park by the way advocate the beat each other's brains but that's not the point. Now a tennis reporter Sheryl gay stole Byrd made the mistake of admitting that along with the appoint violent white supremacist who terrorize Charlottesville over the weekend. Maybe it to five protesters were also enacting hate filled violence. Is they've done it several other cities in recent months. He here. For noting that the hard left seemed as hate filled as the all right quote unquote. Citing club wielding it took a beating a white Nationalists being let out of the park quote on quote. So Albright was hammered on line even after re enter it in issuing a correction that depicted the violence left more heroic terms. She had written. A few rapid apps thoughts from Charlotte on number one striking how many the white Nationalists were young people almost entirely men she wrote in a series of tweets. Sunday to. The hard left seemed as hate filled is not right. I saw club will link into a beating like Nationalists being let out of apart. Three this is they're not me my my unanswered questions police response. Why did things get out of hand so quickly good vibes have been prevented on quote and there's some question about this. Whether the governor of Virginia McAuliffe for somebody else. I we've seen all over the country. All the cops. To sit on my hands for a period of time. There have been witnesses who said that they as these groups were beating the hell out of each other. Now actions were taken. Is this drill. But you're not gonna find out in the new titan tire that. Because the news is focused on Donald Trump and you know woody said Saturday why did you wait 48 hours state say something that day. All along this is what's going on all day long. Politics politics all day long. I say all these group. Need to be eviscerate it. I state and federal authorities. The violence we're seeing on TV I've ever seen this before. And you. And you. Now. On the you know another group. It jumped into the fray in my life to say this mr. producer black lives in the attic and I say that. Probably can't I would draw Cyrus. And Woodrow. Now I'd say. The winner of the investigators were originally here. We know the instigated where. They were the Klan and the neo Nazis in the white supremacists. Announcing they're gonna go to Charlottesville Virginia which is a beautiful town with a beautifully university. Beautiful people. Interest and even though I do this for the business that is good news for business in this business and so put. I was. At this assembly event from my stepdaughter in the eighteen announcement was going to take place payment on. It's gonna take place I had heard it. But clearly the word went out through social media and other avenues. Rather thugs. All the have. All the brutal types to come out and they came out. Originally instigated obviously by the Klan and the neo Nazis. In the white supremacist. And it course this twenty year old who drove his car. Into corral. And killed that young lady. But many more casualties as well. It's been charged with second degree murder. Make it a lot but the first degree. Capital murder. Did you see in the great commonwealth of Virginia we have what's called the death. They don't. I don't all the facts you know I don't know with the prosecutors have there and all the rest of the. But if they can they shouldn't. If they can nation. Because he killed some wantonly and recklessly. Another human being. Another precious gift from god. The declaration of independence our founding document. Of course the irony is and the man who first drafted it. Great of the University of Virginia founded. Monticello. Not very far from. His home. That's right. Thomas Jefferson. Ironic in a sick way isn't. When in the course he human events it becomes necessary for one people dissolve the political bonds which connected them one with a net. And to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and nature's god entitlement maybe it would be. So much better for society. If our schools would teach the declaration of independence again in the laws of nature and nature's god but don't count on it. A decent respect to the opinions of mankind. We hold these truths to be self evident itself evident because of natural law because of the eternal truths. That all men are created meek. Who married out by their creator. Was certain unalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is why when you talk about groups like the Klan neo Nazis and race. A white. Supremacist. Organizations. Have nothing to do a constitutional conservatives nothing whatsoever. They've nothing to do the people who love this country and love its founding. People who understand the declaration in the constitution. It's an impossibility as likened what's. As Lincoln did set. You look at this founding document. Drafted by Jefferson of the University of Virginia. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Meanwhile we get aggressive after progressive from Wilson to Crowley. To dilly. So while on and on and on trashing the declaration and then. Wilson being a racist and a segregationist. Trashing the declaration of independence. Which. Lays out the the foundational purposes of the society. Why we trashed the declaration independent. Why would anyone trashed declaration in the one of the progressives do that. And the governing manifestation. As I write in we discovering Americans in the governing manifestation of the declaration and constitution. Why did they trash the constitution. Trashing the declaration in the constitution. These are the documents. That is the system. That was established. To nurture individualist. It nurtured look at. To. Uphold our civil society. Which you see here is the crumbling of the civil society. This is a very small percentage of the American population I don't care with the media saying I don't care with the let's say I don't care what Republicans in congress say. This is a tiny tiny tiny fraction of the peak. Tiny fraction. But it's too much. And rather than yakking endlessly on TV. About Donald trumps words and yakking endlessly it's 48 hours to related yakking endlessly looking to pin on him. But somehow he supports the Klansman in the rest of them which is just that flat out lied nothing in his background or history demonstrates that whatsoever. Math. Rather than play politics all the damn time watching these politicians positions. And watching these phony reporters and media types. Beat their chest up there about what they think and what trump should have done and that's what should have said. Not reporting the news not reporting all the information that went down at Charlottesville. It got to dig. We edited with the secondary media people who brought their own iphones. People aware or blogging from there. Which is why it's so great that we have so many media sources. One at address the issue. Rather than play politics. But they're not gonna do that. Because it's easy to play politics. So cable show it to cable show network show afternoon action. People will be padding their themselves in the head. About how. Wonderfully. That's how upset. At how they're not racists. About how trump could have done better. About trumped base. But trying create a broader picture. Yes all this is going on. When so fed up with the whole thing. Fed up with the whole thing. Want to take some calls on this. If people use the opportunity to say stupid things and we'll cut you off. This is my show. Not a show for stupid callers who choose to call my show. And impugn this program in this platform. Would unacceptable comments. And this town in advance. Mr. producers since my well let's take a break now I'm copilot the calls green and we'll get into and I'll be right back from its. And I'm proud to be a friend and customers Kyle Cox a guy who started the regional behind and a low cost wonder treatment on line industry. Has company's blue Lines TER dot com don't be confused by the corporate guys might hear about elsewhere. We try to copy this small family run business. Owner Kyle Cox is an entrepreneur nor who started the online window treatment industry. Kyle is the one who made it possible for you to easily measure and install window treatments. He gives you the absolute best prices to get this you my listeners you'd get 40% off your entire order. It's already priced very low in the get 40%. Off. Now he gives you the absolute best prices Kyle also invented the faith or free guarantee if for any reason your lines don't fit. Even if you messed up blinds to won't make the new size needed for free. He only patient. You can use it tape measure intern a screwdriver you can install custom made window treatments. Write this down blind stared dot com in a promo code market check out at 40% off that's blinds TE. Our dot com. Don't forget. Promo code marked. All right I got my calls green up I'm gonna jump then let's see how we do. Cam catlett Virginia they great WMA out though. Mark thank you for taking my call it a pleasure to talk to you again. What to make this point. We have two factions. That are from the last movie and I'll explain. In the battleground. Was Charlottesville this time. So what am I talking about we've got on one side we've got to neo Nazi kkk. White national. Whatever you wanna call them these are all left to mean. A lot these all of those. Now they're not they're not they're not left wing philosophies if you're trying to say the grew out of the Democrat party at least they claim you're correct but I know they're not left wing philosophies. How are they left wing philosophy. The racism the aunt systematic nature of there. There are their actions their views. Or are left wing there they don't come from the right they don't come from the Republican Party they don't they don't have anything to do learn. We aren't we are mixing nomenclature is here Republican Party in the right the Democrat party and left I'm out of the right. I've never understood this this nomenclature. If you're a constitutional conservative and just making the point how are you of the right. Harry on the right side of the spectrum. If you support the constitution you don't if you support the declaration or you don't India's support the American founding you don't. Do you support unalienable rights and understand that Perry too little internal and divine or you don't. And I am tired of the media putting guys like me and many people this ought on the right. Now we have a fascist movement we have a Communist movement. And to me the white supremacists. And the client. And the neo Nazis or fascist. And that you have this it odd movement at the black lives matter much evidence of for these are Marxist leftist anarchy movements. But if that's what you're trying to. Now I I agree with you on that and and I and but. You can't that you can't tell me. That I did it they can't keep of people they're not they're not conservatives. But I constitutional conservatives than you are the neo Nazi people. Say they're both they're both coming from the same. Whatever. Actions they view you want to apply to them and and they've they they're they're fighting I don't know what they're fighting for but. They decided that Charlottesville was going to be the L. Ask this question remains in question. These principles that under peer to civil society are crucial deodorant camp. They're crucial right that allow unalienable rights everybody is born equal equal in terms of human beings and so. So why aren't they taught in school. Why they ignored by the media these are the fundamentals each of the foundational principles of a civil society of this civil society and yet they're not taught they're not supported. In fact the rejected. Not only are they not. It is not just the media is the government the government has shifted in her in such a way having the Department of Education I'm like Mike and it. You know they've they've eliminated these things from the curriculum. And it is been systematic. And has been purple. ORN. My friend thank you and here's the other thing. What were saying we need to get our republic that what we're saying that we need to restore our republic. These are important arguments. These are important argument and some on the left tries to. To link the two. We're talking about constitutional ways. Uphold the constitution. To restore republicanism and so forth. The left and that includes the media try to throw millions and millions Americans. In with this. Crack pot barbarian. Klan neo Nazi white supremacist movement. That's their politics. That's their agenda that's what they do. That's what they do. On another note. Number one port Gabby Giffords was gunned down and in a federal judge was murdered other people while murder member of that not job. They tried to pin it on Sarah Palin the media tried to an answer it. And by the way need to know. I did defend myself. Nothing to do it. Coming. What occurred. I wanna watch now I told the again the reality that's created by the media and the left in this country. It's not enough to report what actually took take place in Charlotte. All the sick bastards they all of violent shake it or not and barbarians. Not enough Bridgeport on that there's got to be a political aspect. It may or Charlottesville. Democrats coming out of the woods some backpack Republicans coming out of the woods almost the entire media. Day in and day out now I can't take it. As if there on the side of the right I don't mean the political right. As at their propaganda. And the way they're reporting that. Shows how wonderful they are report the facts are bad enough. They're bad enough. I feel bad for the people who shot. I felt bad for the university student. I really do it to beautiful town was beautiful. He sick goes gather there. And I'll be right back. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my place. So the last thing I wanna do his waist time standing on line of the post office so I don't ever. I you stand dot com which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy imprint official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail using my own computer and critter. It's so convenient just click print your death dance dot com is it so much time and money I can't believe anyone still wait online at the post office anymore. Don't you wanna say time and money to stance dot com makes it easy. They even into a digital scale you can automatically calculate exact quote I use Stamps.Com because simplifies my busy life and right now you too can enjoy the Stamps.Com service with a special offer that includes a four week trial. Plus postage and digital scale without long term commitment go to Stamps.Com click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type in bunker. That's Stamps.Com. And her bunker Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. It's me. How broad. Literally underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again made contact without leave it there. Hello everybody mark and 3813811877381. Me 11 well. It was a very very. Fort Republican primary in Alabama tomorrow and were heard it all throughout the state courts all throughout the country in the candidate who I. Think this represents a constitutional conservatism. Is Mo Brooks a congressman from the Huntsville Alabama area Mo Brooks how are you said. I've been bond market's been I'm relatively brief under day very intense campaign and worked the night before an election I wanna. Thank you for doing all that you have done that quite frankly it's remarkable that we're still standing. In the heat of the battle statistical tie with Luther strange Mitch McConnell candidate. Yeah and the millions upon millions of dollars and attack ads. That there launched against us and and your health there's been instrumental side much appreciated. This is many ways a congressman a referendum on Mitch McConnell if the people of Alabama. One Mitch McConnell to decide who their senator is going to be because it's clear he's thrown out ten million dollars in this race as. As Karl Rove has has. Jeff Rowe as and now the president United States and fortunately has endorsed the wrong candidate which is actually mind boggling to me. But that Mitch McConnell has been driving this all along he wants Luther strange because Luther strange he believes will represent him. Not the people of the state Alabama heavy responded. Well Kentucky area has to be senators we don't need someone who has mixed loyalties. To the state of Kentucky. But that's that's clearly going to be the case given the millions of dollars that Mitch McConnell on the special interest groups. And invested in aren't. Luther strange thing in mind that loop restraint he's gonna. Decade long Washington DC lobbyists so and I'm like yeah I'm baffled by president prompts let decisions that they keep embedded inside from somebody. But nonetheless. Net insight is in direct conflict this pledge the American people to drain the swap. Because right now the sponsoring a candidate that candidate is Luther strange. And just paradoxical. Hopefully you once I get into the United States senate that I will be don't approve my metal and will be able to you actually yet they need a president trump. America first agenda through the United States senate and it you know most substantive public policy issues we're zero for the scoreboard. Luther strange has a lobbyist I didn't know that. Yes that was his courier reported elected attorney general. Decades long lobbyist brain wave example. It's Torre it was one of those folks that was involved in the deep water horizon. Oil spill in the gulf. And then. And I really don't understand what. Argument at all there is for the elusive Luther strange to see what they do is they load up these campaigns of millions of millions of dollars. Early on in the trying to find. Somebody like you lie about you and then try to define somebody like Luther strange lie about him to try and you know build him up the something that he's not now. Do you think the people of Alabama the you know very very well we'll see through this. Well the people in north Alabama who know me very well remind public service says hey I'm a prosecutor. And two different district attorney's office this as a legislator in the county commissioner candidate congressman. You're saying there are real real quick. So north Alabama has a significant voter turnout will be very very well. Unfortunately people in middle and southern Alabama who don't know me as well personally don't know about my record I paper constitutional principles. More concerted released but they're more likely to be condor deceit. Buying the attack ads Mitch McConnell and restraints or our fighters as well as we can't. Against those odds and that's where you've been superb and helping them Alabama voter. Better understand the deception and deceit the slander and defamation. Mitch McConnell. We're really a scorched earth. Carpet bombing at a Republican who's been deported spear in the state of Alabama since 1982 that a moderate you know this market may be a lot of listeners don't either. But I've been elected. I've carried the Republican banner in general elections more turns than any other elected officials say an Alabama. And now which economists are stranger trying to portray me as nick utilities' best writing as a supporter of the Islamic state vicious to assert. It's insulting. That is discussed in the money to fight back and that makes it more difficult and that's where you play such huge role. Up by about this is disgusting as a supporter of crisis they're trying to portray you as a supporter devices. And an opponent the united states military. Even though Ramona house armed services committee in the putter for every single appropriations bill for an additional since even though voter pour every single defense authorization bill. On me. Al Slorc. And get an idea how how they're doing if they collapse four boats when Barack Obama was president. When Barack Obama was president and it just right after we had. Attacked and topple the government of Libya. About the time that our ambassador was killed Madrid Americans are killed at about the time that. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama say we want to topple the government Syria and so either sport different times. Not to allow the United States of America do attacking the government as Syria without first they're being improving go to there are states congress. In combat. Farm back. Mitch McConnell and Luther strange technique falsely claiming that I support Islamic state am opposed paramilitary. I'm monitoring. Article on news that State's constitution. Obligation to reinstate congress or the post be checks. On a president they use their military force to aggressively. Don't know if you're just seeing lots. This is what McConnell does to the people and talking and the entire United States. He think he thinks that people Alabama. Eked its respects them so apparently he thinks there so still. But they're gonna buy the idea. The the most conservative. Tied with a few anyway one of the most conservative house members and Alabama one of those conservative house members in the country. Is promoting a crisis is like Nancy Pelosi. I mean I am I believe that people Alabama and by. Well I hope our copyright and our internal polling. Literally had to the statistical tie up between myself and at restraints. If we make a run off which they Roy Moore who's leading the pack right now and you have to principal concern is in now run off. That's going to be huge message to the do nothing senate. That the American people are gonna start getting better senators. If we can't get the senators there to do the job that America's challenges are core left a message nationwide. We can't do Eric take out Mitch McConnell. As majority leader put in someone whose principle but in someone who is concerned but in similar understands constitutional principles and put consumers got a back. I don't actually fight for what we believe it. Not just go to the Russians that the message for the people of Alabama and where the people of America. If we're able to do the people it restraints tomorrow. Mitch McConnell great fear. Is that you could be the next take crews he could be the next Mike Lee he could be the next Rand Paul he could be a senator. Along those lines that is independent conservative who actually represented constituency. And who won't fall one line and won't buckle this is why they're spending ten million dollars and throwing every mud ball they can possibly blanketing you know. And so really this is a crucially important election for the people Alabama it's a crucially important election for the people the United States. Probably once and for raw gonna stand at the Mitch McConnell and lobbyists in the US chamber of commerce and stand for the people we claimed to represent. And in in a state like Alabama a conservative state so what are your final words tomorrow's the big election nano there's an early voting and so what. What are your final words about why people should vote for you and not Luther strange and not the other candidates. Well they're two different aspects of it. Number one if you want a principled conservative Mo Brooks theater guy I've got the track record that proves that you can look at my voting record. The endorsement average seat and how people have been evaluated my boat on a number of different issues. Where they're being port security kerik action foundational pretzels just go down the list. If you want someone who has. They spotless ethics record there's no grudge match acute issue down here again because the incumbent. As attorney general. Broke our ethical rules as prosecutors. And newspaper investigation against the governor of the state held it over his head what do you can personal game. So there's ethics its track record on the other hand the bigger picture. Youngest a vehicle for cost that's that's what candidate hit the belief system the bigger message is if you do not appreciate. Mitch McConnell. And Chuck Schumer in Orange to kill. President Trump's agenda I had a sixty vote rule and by acting like you're doing so that would in fact you're not. Image as a way to send a message to all 52 Republican senators. That they better start working. They better start getting the job done they shouldn't be on vacation in August right now in the job not done and by gallery you really get the job done Rory talks throughout next. Actually kind of motivation though get our senators to get rid of the sixty was a rule where they put America first. And our chick. Senate rules second but America burst. We might actually get something earnest there where we are now in order are right now Israel simple. If you look at the major issues facing our country the United States and it is my hero for the scoreboard. We have not been able to get through the senate a single major piece of legislation the senate failed obamacare. They're failing or bouncing. Deficit. They're they failed on providing a border wall funding. And it looks like they're gonna fail on tax reform and infrastructure to lesser chance to send a message to them all. And Mo Brooks. The man who leads that failed Republican majority is the man who has targeted you with ten million dollars so he can continue his failure. If people wanna help last minute. Where they are. Or senate Mo Brooks or senate dot com Mo Brooks percent dot com. That's a web site please go to their volunteer do what you can if we make the run up tomorrow and we've got another six weeks of campaigning there most importantly. Go vote tomorrow if you're gonna vote pro Brooks. You know friends and neighbors and family members over Oprah broke rushed make sure they know to vote tomorrow it's a special election there. And on the more you're side if they're not gonna go promote Brooks a third developer Luther strange picture and another election don't respect. And I used to be my joke and then I was attacked for it you know one last thing I should say. You at that ballpark when they gunman started unloading on everybody in almost and its crew released the happen and no Steve's the leases status right now. Well I'd do her bit this week Stanley in her office says perhaps best to. Let progress I'll be stated. Through their officer through the Amish have very kind of mixed messages and I'm gonna respect these releases are coming off this question in that regard. Well that makes sense all right Mo Brooks I wish you all the best let all you look then nights in Alabama. Get out there and vote promote Brooks tomorrow you don't need to make any excuses about this bring your family members bring your friends. Bring your colleagues bringing in neighbors turn out as key in a special election because the numbers will be very very low. Beat the Mitch McConnell machine beat them back elect a constitutional conservative we need now and that's Mo Brooks thank user. Thank you mark I'd be well and I'll be right back. The the program. We. You know one of the tonight finds those striking and it's also taking place in this country. Is mayors and city councils. All across the country. We are moving statute. Statues of like Robert. So for. We think about that. I mean maybe dispatches were originally put there to honor. These men. A runner now. That there is a part of history. They're part of our history. People could learn a lot about them. Just by walking in a park seeing the statute they may not have thought about it before now they can Google it now they can resurgent. And draw their own conclusions. People say to me. Oh what about Nazi Germany not to enemies not part of American history. Not here in the continental United States. I don't think they should destroy the death camps in Europe I think they need to be there so people can remember what took place. So people who go see it up with their own two wives. But I think. We need to ask ourselves about this. We're taking down statues. Yes because we don't want to honor them and we're not honoring them. I don't know the original purpose the statue that he was honest. That's part of our history like it or not. Like it or not. What next. At a chapters of books. Effectively hurting is that next. It gets to make all the decisions. Who gets to make all these decisions. It's incredible to me what's happening in this country they really it. Actually incredible them. While the mayor Lexington is going to take down this one in this group gonna take down that when a takedown that went and hide them from whom. Hide what. It's American history. We need to discuss it we needed debate we need to understand. These things get started. And you have to wonder where they're gonna end. You have to wonder where that an end. Because I notice and I'm sure you have over the decades. People who start these sorts of things they're never happy. They don't test and they don't just go away. Expect a ban ideas like a college campuses what are safe spaces. Ideas get ban. Debate gets me. Words get man. And that's happening right now to. So in the name of compassionate and the name of not offending people there's a growing. Totalitarian mindset that's taking place. He going totalitarian mindset. Not only learn history museums. Although those are nice places to go. You not only learned history from books. You learn history from this place. Real places. Towns and cities. Whenever battles where the red debates. That have been relevant to American history. Good bad and indifferent. Not start scrape and things up the pace of the United States. Robert. While. Your clients. If you say leave it alone. Could you have an honest disagreements or leave it alone leave perspective. What are we gonna do acts. There down one of those homes and old town. Alexandria. That we're gonna do just go to alcohol in the entire country. Take down these landmarks take down the statues. Ladies and gentlemen you know what that is that's the French revolution. Not the American revolution it's a French revolution. There's a reason to do this. The reason is doing and I can't stand politicians in the media and I'm telling. They pretend to. To be compassionate they pretend to. Two wanna be objective play. And none of these things. There hop style to the American experiment they truly are. They're self serving. Self promoting. There's no serious intellectual thought there's no serious. Debating. Nothing cerebral about it. Chesapeake. Patting themselves on the back. I'll be right back. My program or conscience. Conservatism. Omar and at 877381. 81 arm. You know teaching Americans title and as a free people that's what Hillsdale College does on campus the students nationwide. Who hills those free on line constitution courses. They're free publication primus. And hills details free local events. No one teaches freedom better than hills down and know the college students are better equipped for the self government more full than Hillsdale students. When examples colleagues as colleges everywhere closing campus chapels heels those opening a brand new campus chapel to use for get that's worship. Even though they freedoms of religion and speech being subverted in schools organizations and businesses across the country. Liberty as the ride it Hillsdale College. How's that possible offer one because heels of isn't a one penny not one and the government funding. And that's you know I think the only institution in the country that does that. And because they understand and teach them principles of liberty and relying on magnificent constitution. If you're sick of political correctness and government mandates if you concerned about your loss of freedom how American liberties under attack. You really need to connect with Hillsdale college and it's very very easy to do. This is what she did. Learn how to live free app live in for heels of that Kahn LEV night and pretty Hillsdale dot com. Now they want to underscore my point. About the combatants. In Charlottesville Virginia. From the chief of police. Of Charlottesville Virginia. Who happens to be an African American now ahead. Around 2 o'clock to unite the right and attendees began arriving and entering emancipation park. We had a plan to bring the man at the rear of the park they had agreed to cooperate with the plan. Unfortunately. They did not. Follow the plan. They began entering at different locations and around the park. And we had to quickly Alter our plans to help facilitate that process. Other groups also began amassing along the street and in the park gradually the crowd sizes increased along. With aggressiveness. At hostility of attendees towards one another. Shortly before 11 AM individuals in the crowd began throwing objects in spring chemical agents into the Croyle. The city county Dan made a declaration of local emergency. The crow south became increasingly balance. With mutually engaged combatants. Well with 10 dealing gay mutually engaged combatants. Mutually engaged combatants. You won't hear this on CNY. Is that. Why is CNN censoring the news I don't understand. Shouldn't everything out on the table everything. YM SN BC censoring the news. Why the major networks censoring the news put it out all. But tableware work they beat but we can except that we can discuss it. Why don't they do it. Well you know the it. Via the discuss trump. Trump and trump and trump and on sicker. And sicker talking about trop as relates to this. And just sick of it. And why is Lindsay Graham on TV all the time can somebody please tell me that. What does she bring to the table I don't know but it's constant. Take a few more calls challenge. And that's hey John New Orleans, Louisiana serious shadow. I go. Thank you so much that they have really been enjoying your Cogent analysis of what's gone around the country. And I wanted to seize on something that you addressed earlier and that is that there's two sides of subversive missed. And one side. Had to track record that is not only defied by anti but it's been divided by occupied. It's just another good up paid protesters. And I'm suggesting humble leak that we got to cut the head of the snake up we've got to get to the financing. These individuals and that there are people out here like George Soros who understand how to make a buck off this. And if we let them control the narrative. They will create war. In our country. What about the white supremacists they're the ones who have called this in the first had a week at the head off of that. You know I I think that. There's been a constant. Focus on on one sided this but I think you have you don't okay I'm focusing on both sides had a week kept their heads. I think it's courage hate crimes and its first hurt your personal nature not these. There's nothing new about that but that he noted that conservatives I know identify with them. Of course not but I'm not talking about it here's my comment. We define and who runs his organization. Going to it's not free speech. If they wanna walk around in a circle placards and dress funny that's up to them. But once they cross that line in the become violent. Now except us. To put him in their place. Left writer in between but I'm talking about all of them and I'm talking about the Nazis. In the Klansman. In the white supremacists I'm talking about black lives matter I'm talking about this and defy group which is enormously violent. All of them. Seems to me that rather than having these so called civil rights unit we ought to have it at. I don't have a problem when it having a civil rights unit but we all sat on that. And anti violence movement. Excuse me unit within the Justice Department. Tracked down these banks are not talking about free speech if they're involving conspiracy to commit crimes he committed violence like the mop. Like than not they should be addressed like the mop what do you think of that. I look at and they have to go after the kingpin the godfathers. These kids go after the little guys unless they're trying to get the big guy right now they focus in on these one these and Tutsis and cry and the bears that. They've really got to go out there the head of the snake and they've got despite these people would one. Broad brush stroke that is anti constitutional list people who were against. United States of America there's subversive they're tried to decide. We're allowed to be against. The United States of America I'm saying when you cross the line. And your violent. And you conspire to be violent. I don't care who we are those people need to be addressed like c'mon all right John I appreciate your call brother I really do. But you won't hear any suggestions on TV instead it. And any. What would trump say tomorrow hey. Why didn't it he wore the wrong time hey hey hey never ends. There's prop obsession. It's obsession. You know this is a big country a country with 320 million people all kinds of things had gone on in this country. And it actually nothing to do what truck. As senate and house politicians and the media. An incredible fact most of what goes on in this country is nothing to do that watch. It might be impaired by Washington. In my instructed by Washington in might be handicapped by Washington. But there's tens of millions of us throwing billions and billions of things everyday in the collective. And this is the nose endless day in and day out day in and day out like I said. Turn on the news over the weekend I had watched what went on a child the next thing I know it's a debate over trump. And god might not have a hell that we get here. And there's still debating trying to. What is it Monday night. He must have an affinity with the white supremacists really. Now. Did you ever support Robert Byrd now. Susie. Mobile, Alabama serious satellite. You know. I'm mark I want to thank you have a MacBook line. Eight a couple of weeks ago I started talking about and and looked estranged and help go. McConnell was. Backed him and not they'll read that the Arab rights because I was off orbit the strengths. I mean that was 100% let's restraint and then the more I was EU and other people and you look back. I was like yeah and out until the match. He says I even like that line that should have been a bumper stick I'm gonna I'm going remote that would have been pretty. You heard what I. That's our little late but Susie thank you I appreciated. Let us continue. James Carlton Texas a great WB AP not too far from Dallas guy that. Yeah how much appreciated it in my car I'm almost seven years old and I have to agree would you vote trump from trump. I have been to turn around Saturday you have to trump gave whose. Statement above bigotry for both sides except Europe. And as the first that I have watched new networks such a short while ago about his candidacy for president. It sure they had the talking point to go to the ball back and forth but mark. Sure Saturday afternoon. I could not move. Leave I was appalled. That trip and the if you didn't feel it through the TV set. They can't. Am the president I can't I am democrats'. Problem I can't take it anymore mark. I was come Mitch McConnell and I'll see what newscast. What they knew what and how we gonna do much. It is. Well we're gonna we're gonna work on and keep our heads about us and we're going to continue to vote and we're gonna get involved in. Peaceful constitutional movements like the convention of states article five. We're gonna do everything by the book. That's what we're gonna do and James I understand you're you're passionate really dip. And when it thank you for your call. Casey sand point Idaho serious satellite go. Market should take my call I'd want to bring up the point that tiger Q1 100%. Jump. But here it's completely 100% presidential unlike Obama he didn't sit there and in enticed by and it is. Let me ask a question let's say if it wasn't perfect. What what what is this obsession. He had that he did he have some role with the plan and I missed. But it but isn't the effort really to suggest that he soft on the claim is that what they're really trying to do. Eddie soft on the neo Nazis and it's part of his base and the more honest of the Kooks on TV are saying these sorts of things. It's not mark let's not and let's say Obama addressed his finger starters is keep your estate agent and second violence when he said treat mom look like myself and and and that should put both those factors that. Truck came out and condemn both sides so let's go forward from there. Much say we'll give you an airport let's see it and Cuba. Or. The white nationalist Ku Klux Klan and it won't get invited to the White House from here on let's see that happens. Because unlike Ferguson. And unlike Baltimore. President Obama invited black white matter to the White House let's see it jumped at the same thing for scrutiny. Indicted he invited Muslim Brotherhood the White House in Medicare to the White House invited Al Sharpton of the White House. I. Well you make a very interesting point and that is here's sang trouble never invite any of these groups that were in Nash Charlotte though that his wife. I don't believe it well. And we can just an airport we can say we can judge them by their actions and that's what this is about. But they've politicized it read. Lookout always goes back to trumpet the political parties or Washington DC. There's so. They sell self. Important. And you know there hanging on every where they're trying to pass this and it's just it's so appalling to me how how deeply the media and the public they use of sound it really is thank you for your call I'll be right back. Then. Do anything to protect your family keep them safe would you. Those were the thoughts running through Gary grosses have won two intruders broke into a Cincinnati home last week. Courted ABC news's wife and infant son were sleeping in a back room. And Gary grabbed a hammering confronted the strange man. In the following struggle on outnumbered two to one Gary retrieved his gun and shot the men before they get further endanger his family's lives. I was lucky he was prepared to make that life altering decision. When your face and an unexpected threat you have time to come up with a plan. That's why it's important to have an organization like the United States concealed carry association the US CCA by your side. To prepare you for the unthinkable. Visit defend them dot com to see their world class training and resources. As well as their invaluable self defense coverage. And as an additional bonus when you activate your membership to get a free entry to win today he's done. So you to can be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones again. The thing and then dot com deep and then dot com all right this is state. This is quite recent. On the hill newspaper. General Mattis says war could escalate very quickly if North Korea fires at the United States. Defense Secretary James Mattis said that the United States will attempt to shoot down. Any North Korean missile launch that the country or its territories. Will take it out Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon. He later said that should a North Korean missile hit US soil including the Pacific island of Guam it would constitute an act of war. Quota they shoot at the United States I'm assuming they hit the United States if they do that it's game on matters that it. That's that's important. What he has said now will he be tracked. Again will he be trashed the way trump was trashed the other day. We're talking about fire and fury in power will he be trash now. Note that this won't be trashed not only is he saying the right thing but his name's not try. Madison the Defense Department would know within moments of a North Korean missile had been launched and if it was headed toward Guam. I think if they fire at the United States it could escalate into war very quickly yes that's called war they shoot nets. And it's also said it should North Korea fire in the direction of Guam but not at the territory. That becomes an issue that we take up however the president chooses. Wars after the president he said perhaps that the congress the bottom line is we will defend the country from an attack. Yes that means for a lot of young troops they're going to be in a wartime situation. You don't shoot at people in this world you know cheated people in this work only if you want to bear the consequences. Of this guy's talking. As say combat hardened. Military men. A four star general retired. He knows exactly what he's talking about and he's exactly correct. It's not about us provoking anybody. We're not provoking any. That us defending ourselves. Somebody shoots missiles actually an act of war one has it not been an act of war. Lonnie. One not chief Washington. Sirius satellite. All right ahead. Hey mark thanks Ramadan so Marca mark my complaint is just let them you know listen to you and and two other conservative voices and you know whether it's social policy economic policy individual Colin political figures there's never any accountability for the failures progresses there's never any accountability. And we can rant and rave and and and communicate and talk about all the things that are wrong and how are going to connect in a negative way. But it just keeps going on Republican or Democrat they just let it keep going on and it is that we're not getting asked. A question a week to week from now. When all is forgotten. All of these politicians and media do about what took place in Charlottesville they even go back and visit. Now now I don't look at for the next crisis have they gone back to that have they gone back to that Baltimore. They got back to Ferguson. We're looking for the next crisis. They'll be moving on. You won't even matter you're exactly right Aaron my friend thank you for your call and that's the nature of the news business and that's the nature of politics. Yeah it's all about exploitation that's. Not everybody bitumen. Let's move quickly Anthony Hoboken, New Jersey great WABC quickly go. Mark thanks. What are all these statute that they want to take down he goes to what they represent while I'll take down the party where he's been in those actions epidemic critical. Words. An interest in that interest. Democrat party was the party is slavery. The Democrat party was the party is segregation. And they can talk about it order altered with a progressive party the progressive party Woodrow Wilson re segregated. We segregated day federal dollar. 1920 four's not that long ago is it nineteenth money for. The clam bake it LA and right there where Madison Square Garden it. The Democrat part. Of the Gammons saying you wanna take down monuments when it take them statute. And they get the Democrat party needs to change its name about that. I'll be right back. If you haven't signed up precede our TV yet we wanna give you a sneak peek at bishop. We recently released a full 100% free episode all about there real Russian scandal that involves the Democrats you can watch this whole episode right now at FaceBook dot com. Com slash Levine TV. I'd be going through the testimony Rendell Browner about fusion GPS and a covered some shocking revelations about Russia's autocracy. You have this huge for yourself but we're uncovering everything from corruption that's America and most importantly. Vladimir Putin's involvement in all of it if you wanna join us for the rest of this explosive story. Cheese argue subscription to see our TV today you'll be able to watch every episode and see where the truth takes something you'll never get. With the mainstream media. Yes the false news and get on board with the only team that conservatives dedicated to covering the truth. Give us a call right now 844 Libyan TV and join the media revolution again. 844. LE DI and evening. These days. Now. Literally underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again made contact without leave that. Hello everybody mark living here are number 877381. 3811877. Create one. 3811. You know. My buddy spirit on. The very bright young man. Solid. It reminded me of something I've talked about many times on this program. Hello leftist adopted the language of the confederacy. And left as adopt the language of the of the client and anyway. Talking about secession. The nullification. These were movements. These were words that were pushed. By the. Slave holding south. By the confederate. Secession and nullification. We have Californian though left pushing for secession. We have these Sanctuary Cities which. Proudly nullified. Federal immigration law. So this nullification and secession taking place on the left I talked about it repeatedly. There's been a few have backed ventures. Who both writers and and broadcasting who picked up on a pay for the most part. These live media on cable. Satellite and network TV have ignored. What are they no such thing. Because they're propagandist ladies and gentlemen. Dudley Calloway who is a wonderful reporter for the Fox News Channel he was there in Charlottesville in real time. I was watching. And he was saying at the time. Where the police. The ladies and gentlemen the police she's with the police know how to do their job the police know how to control. Protesters rioters. And violence. But if they're not given the OK to use their training. You use their skills to use their equipment. Then it gets out of control. And the mayor. Of Charlotte now rather than blaming Donald Trump. I'd like to know what he did what he said I would like to know the governor McCall upset everybody's patting this guy on the back and attacking trap. The government is responsible. For keeping law and daughter ultimately in his state. The governor. Now they had local cops say they had the state troopers and they called the National Guard the governor. Now maybe there were National Guard their I didn't see them did you see them as stupid as. I did not see them on the walkway in Charlottesville. On or near the campus. I just didn't sit. And eyewitness after eyewitness including the Callaway said that these fights breaking out. And nobody was there to stock. And these are violent. Why. Shouldn't that be investigated to. I mean if we're gonna have a federal civil rights investigation shouldn't mr. McCall up interview should that may have been interviewed. I'm quite serious about this you've got to put this. Yeah. You gotta put the barbarians now. The place needs me safe. Pro law abiding people that's what a civil society's all about. All the chest eating all that back slapping all over TV it's protest. Who say more who can say it matter who can show that they're really not racist and on and on and on try it try it trot that. Questions about. The civilian leadership what orders were given not given not I don't work and yet eyewitnesses. The ACLU brought it up. The white supremacist runner up. The black black lives matter brought it up reported brought it up. But. On the debate shows Olympic cable not a work. I think. Not a big fat there's only one group there that's at. Why. What are they censor. Why did they censor. Is an all important to note. The information. Otherwise it's not news as it. That's got to jars. So leave bill Delaware the great WG MD got. A LA don't mark OK I just got to couple comments to make and I don't how important New York but to me they're very important. Why is it these people could bring an compliment both sides. Like they bring sticks helmets. And independent and not made with them into the crowd they'll be able down there. If you think. Particularly after the first guy swings a club or something like that that that's provocation enough. It is they should never been you know you can demonstrate all you want I think you have a constitutional right but I also believe that you can't come armed. I don't like because some demonstrations why you really don't wanna be if I'm going to go I like to have a gun battle to pick a life. It's ridiculous when they allowed you to come in there they in New York. They know you're gonna fight why he would kill people. By the way has viewpoint notice. All these casualties that the dead young woman and all the rest it as far as I know there wasn't a single gun use. I didn't mean don't blunt trauma I'm not saying you did I'm Brit I didn't say you did I'm bringing it go ahead. But and yet you where where the mayor and governor. I don't know their then there's there's so that they did. Really. Tell the cops back which apparently you did somebody needs to get to the bottom of that there's a zone in eyewitnesses to this. Yeah I think maybe than people that they're ready to start thinking about picking another governor and mayor I mean. Thank you what happened down there but asinine thing should never happen they should sit. Everything good level no weapons sure to demonstrate. Rights and thank you for your car I don't disagree that. Fill out. So lead though I think Texas a great AT EM Harry you. It's think your excellent and it's it's a lead so artists later on tonight. And you know like Enron. I just wondered agree with your position on the stat sheet in the south and compare to here reporting. Equity like this go to Northern Iraq. Just referencing one article that was really indicative of the rest in your reporting actual few gras back he got it. They are Williams reported on the destruction of all of the site and during their current. It really decried what was going on in the really that the Clinton really concluded that it article was that the destruction of all be right. Go to her in the history Perl community. I don't seek same hate being Erica with the media with guardian ally. That's an outstanding point. Absolutely outstanding point it's not whether you agree with the history it's how would you agree with a monument to the statutes but the point is it's just. Right there were no not one word about why these monuments in Iraq were originally built which empire and destruction I don't. It was too. Let's listen I think it made great point and you know. Maybe what the left needs to do is give us a list of the thousands and thousands of things they wanted to destroy Italy Italy's review them right. Right into the excitement out there. No not an orca that. And I love your point your points crucially important which is. Eco and the city you're in toppling the statute cannot in the east of this in American history like it or not. You know. And and there's a lot to learn from whether it's a stature whether it's in a book. Or whether it's an amusing. These are real places where real things to a place you're exactly right thank you for vehicles. Brian Baltimore Maryland the great WC BM go. Mark great talky and a fireman I've follow on public safety page isn't that kind of stuff formats seem. But and not vetted it through several different sources. They're saying that. You know I we totally agreed at the white nationalist people are more on but when they were ordered to just. Are more than that. There they're they're very dangerous men for the most part very very dangerous. Date they were ordered to disperse they had to go there were caught. Of anti time lag ELN. But let me just understood there's a reported as saying they were ordered to disperse and they were brought towards. The Internet and grow right to the why would you do that. That gauntlet and that's when the violence started but in on the ill and people. And this kid you got my car a 100% wrong absolutely. But all day long they have a permit they were peaceably. Where you got to think there's no but. None and and I he's more and wrong he's a killer. Yes absolutely evil that's evil that's all you can Specter. But. Very good. Total government everybody they'd drop the ball on this. They completely. And have a. Should let the cops loose let them do what they needed to do and whether they're state troopers local cops get in the National Guard there and around these fools up. China had a way of may answer arrests whoever's involved I don't care what colors they're wearing and what they look like. Round them up and and arrest them in a man's way I appreciate your call will be right back. I. When mild interest quite frankly emphasis on the word mild. The spec and force stuff regarding Steve Bennett and HR the minister in the the national security advisor. And I'm getting all kinds of mixed information from people like trust. But he is one thing that doesn't make any sense to. Band and being unions special advisor special assistant to the president. For a on policy and that sort of thing in this. And the minister being but I said. Everybody knows Donald Trump. Doesn't want anyone to take credit for anything that he's done and that's gonna. And he doesn't like. These public disputes correct. So if you're Steve Bannon in your in the light. Why would you. Allegedly plant stories. Promoting yourself. And trashing. Economic plan. You wouldn't would you. The nice when a tick off the boss. I think there's kind of interesting. Leaking going on here. Very very interest in week taking place. Because as I said. If you know the president United States doesn't like people grabbing publicity if you know he doesn't like. These attacks in public Stafford stay. And if you know he doesn't like. Staffers taking credit for what he's done. Then why would you bleak things. Which suggests that you've got all those things much wanna get fired it doesn't make any sense. Bannon is a very sharp guys and Hannity so. As I say it doesn't make sense. Now a lot of these attacks. On the master they've appeared on a lot of places. Including. One bright lights whips. And so people are insisting that banner must've been why. Why did they insist on. You know I'm the editor in chief to conserve to review I don't run conservative reviewed data de. I'm managing editor is testimony great guy. I don't really know what's put up their till I read. So there's something negative all make master nobody checked with me but something negative on banning nobody checked put me. They just all kinds of people writing very shifting things really really bright conservatives. Sometimes debating among each other sometimes not. But I don't control. I'm just pointing it out. I insist on the highest quality I insist on accuracy. That I insist. But I don't control it otherwise it. I leave it to Mooney and others. In our main David Horowitz. Excuse me I'm man Daniel Horowitz and Robert you know and others. Who do a tremendous job. Top notched. He just wanted to point it that's neither here and there it's it's it's in the news all right I want to listen to Madison. We have the audio what Madison about North Korea. Is it relatively clear mr. producer. We'll allow you may want to Jack up your buying a little bit will do the same go ahead. Fire. At the United States it would flee before very quickly yes that's Cold War they think you it invaded. It's getting more. He actually said more and that's all the audio we have. Kim young fact why. We'll see what he does but my question is it to question John Paul mentioned on this program. Let's say he don't shoot. Ankle Juan. And it comes close to hitting one. Isn't that an act of war. My one concern is this everybody mentions other concerns catastrophe those are given those are big concerns. At a different. With the way in which. Barack Obama. Eviscerate it so much of our military and stretched. So much of our recent. You know. We're gonna have to make really really sure. That were able to go to a full fledged war and go to a full fledged were quickly moreover. You see how the Democrats and some of these Republicans are. With respect to Charlottesville. Will they rally around the president the United States. I honestly do not believe Schumer. And his ilk. Elizabeth Warren who's disgusting they left wing Kook nut job former professor from market. Those people while not rally around it. Which means they will not rally around America they will not rally around the military. This is how. Bizarre in insane these people become. Hadley the same with the media for the most part. As a matter of fact. All of a sudden you have constitutional Osama let. Surely get a declaration of war. Obama never did and that's different. Except I really don't want to debate the statues. You really don't. Ice I see. You know I see the point the other side I just strongly disagree with a phenomena debating who's gonna resolve that but. I think it's a huge mistake destroy history and really didn't. A huge mistake. And then and we expect to destroy all kinds of things ideas debate. Words. Books. Then we're off to the races. Jeff why I saw Virginia they. Great debt behind me out quickly go. And mark you do and this is really quickly. I really appreciated what he did when you finally I've got to that point where you're talking about. But actively revisionist. And the removal statues. The removal of whatever wanna call it. All of that it is that you were moved to a history. There are three people who have done that was in my lifestyle element within my like third. I'm 72. Those people are you know Hitler Joseph Stalin and now to talk. They complete wells and other callers said vices. Is exactly the same thing. And I understand the motivations are exactly the opposite you know. But the consequences. Are are are disasters. They absolutely. I'll be right back. And and men. Markoff says. An apologetic patriots and on apologetic. Constitutional. Lest you can reach them at 87738193811. Minute. How much you wanna. Bad in the next fifteen point years there will be a big push by the left. Two. To take down the Jefferson Memorial in Washington needs an amateur wanted to. It was a slave owner. The inning and end the inning and and anybody. Who talks about the magnificent things the man did Aaliyah viewed as a denied area you know like climate denial whatever just to deny or bake it. Are racists must like the Klansmen or whatever. How much you wanna bet. Fifteen to twenty years from now. They'll be demands to to take down the Jefferson Memorial. I'm not kidding. And most of the founding fathers statues anywhere. The morals any. The be such a disconnect at that point. People in this country who will not have been taught much history. People in this country who've come here from other countries that don't really understand our history don't appreciate it because they've not. Been encouraged to personally. The hard left in this country would their agenda which is constantly destructive. But the chances that I think the chances are. High 82. Absolute. He really didn't. You know let it do anything to protect your family keep them safe ranked. While that's not right right mr. producer I'm on the wrong sheet here and let me start over. While you do anything to protect your car when it. I depend on my card run parents. Get to where it is like it is let me ask you this if you car broke down today and you portal the repairs. I don't worry about that anymore. With a ten marrow. The 2010 Camaro in the first Buick and it's a wonderful car. 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At some very very good calls today. And under very very. You know stressful. Circumstances. Quite frankly. Joseph Long Island. Right WABC. Retired police officer. Oh. Mark sir for everything you do on. Regardless officer. Foremost upper scout leader by two sovereign divorce just one of the borders is an eagle scout. We went up again revert currently written twice more out so long drive. Because there's not nearly empty even two weakens not a toxic all good all the places. Children helping dynamite and hurt with and very replaced because the dream of so called decency political court ruled the truck decency. You re offend you would utter waste an entity the monuments and teach them memorial in the foreign owned. Because the confederacy at Maine I just. I'm Libby I can barely speak. Yeah I mean how far does this go here you're exactly right. Are we supposed to dig up graves two to get rid of these great sites are we supposed to now I understand and your from Long Island you know parent. And New York was on the union side last time I checked so art charts. But it is history. And we thought we can't just trying to hit and you would think the left would say you know what you believe that in statue there because that's history. And we wanna talk about Robert. In fact you know what let's put let's release the movie Lincoln. Our speaker of directly Steven Spielberg because there were rebels that are in fact we literate they did destroy that. Distorted people all the books so what birdie and followed. The district of decency. And I think you know. Appreciate your call on your service. Let's see you weighing in Houston Texas the great KT RH go. Jamie thank you for all you do I just want to be given a warning to the left. That they want to rewrite history. About property league that you better tell the whole story they're already league hero expert Erica order when he was a federal officer. The hero walkway and Kris let us Circuit Court though principle the fact. In and he looked he was offered command of the federal. Forces during his civil war he said no I cannot take up arms are made at Virginia you as a stage right Samantha well. So there aren't any slam in all those battles you mentioned how many people do you think of the left and never even bothered to learn about the Mexican American war. No I'm. Right so what fall on deaf ears. Even tall one thing and that's all they know. Pay me to go prosecute certain area certain work to get out. But I'm that plays on Lincoln would have it would not have been good and feed you remember his second inaugural address. Right. All right my friend. Thank you for your cause second inaugural address my father wrote about. In his beautiful book Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address second shortest inauguration in American history the first being. To a two Washington's first inaugural address. Mean and I'm struggling to find it. Acts on it. Yes I mean and you name. Moderated on ones that. This is Abraham Lincoln before the civil wars over. But. For all intents and purposes. It is pretty much. And my father. Countless and he just. Is such a pay treaties and so many beautiful books here let me read this to you. Me first turn the page. One more page pop some get ma'am get in there here we go. It. Ready. At this second appearing to take the oath that the presidential office there's less occasion for an extended address than there was at the first. Then a statement. Someone beat. The course to be pursuit seem fitting in prime. Now. At the expiration of four years. Going what public declarations have been constantly called forth on every point in phase of the great contest. Which still absorbs the attention inning grosses the energies of the nation. Little that is new could be present. The progress of our arms upon which all else chiefly depends. Is is a well known to the public has to myself. And it is high trash reasonably satisfactory. And encouraging doll meaning one Roma stumpel. With high hopes for the future no prediction in regard. Is to be intrigued. When the occasion corresponding to this for years ago all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impending civil war. All dreaded. Also delivered. Why the inaugural address was being delivered from this place I. You voted altogether to saving the union without war. Insurgent agents for in this city seeking to destroy it without war. Seeking to dissolve the union and abide defects by negotiation. Both parties. Extricated war but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive. And the other would accept war rather than let it parish. And the war came. And the work it. 18 of the whole population were colored slaves. Not distributed generally over the union the localized in the southern part. These slaves constituted a peculiar and powerful interest. All knew that this interest was somehow the cause of the war. To strengthen perpetuating and extend this interest was the object for which the insurgents. Would ran the union. Even by war. While the government claimed no right to do more than to restrictive territory enlargement. Neither party expected for the war the war the magnitude of the duration. Which it is already attained. Neither anticipated that the cause of the conflict might cease with period before the conflict itself should cities. Each looked for an easier trying. New result that's fundamental and missed them. I've read the same Bible. Prayed at the same god. In each invokes his aid against the other. It may seem strange that any man. She dared ask a just God's assistance. In wringing their bread from the sweat of the other men's faces. But let us judge not that we would be not yeah. The prayers of both could not be answered. Edit neither has been answered fully. The almighty has his own purposes. Woe unto the world because of offenses. Where it must needs be the offenses come. Well woe to that manned by whom the offense com. We shall suppose that American slavery is one of those offenses which the Providence of god. Must needs come which having continued through his appointed time. He now wills to remove. And that he gives to both the north and the south this terrible war as the world due to those by whom the offense Cain. Shall we discern therein any departure from those divine attributes. Which the believers in the living god always described him. Fondly do we hope fervently do we pray that this mighty scored toward may speedily pass away. If god wills that it continue. Until all the wealth piled by the Bondsman it's 250 years of unrequited toil shall be sunk. And tell every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sort. As was sent 3000 years ago so still it must be said. The judgment that the lord are true and righteous Baltic. With malice toward none with charity for all. With firmness in the right is god gives us the seat of the right. Let us strive on to finish the work we aryan. To bind at the nation's wounds. To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan. To go all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace. Among ourselves and was all nation. You'll notice in that speech. Many references to the Bible. Today that would be a court. You'll notice in that speech. We conciliatory tone. The conciliatory count. He was assassinated five weeks later. Five weeks later changed the course of history. Reconstruction would have been different under. Under the Lincoln. Probably would have been far more effective. When he finished that speech and they got back to the White House. My dad writes in his book. There was an African American gentleman who tried to get through. To see the president the United States and the main ballroom of the White House. And the president's guards. Stop him in the presence on the way the maintenance and let him commend. Was a former slave by the name of Frederick at. Lincoln and Frederick Douglass what he thought the speech. Frederick Douglass had a big smile on his back. Told the president was the perfect week. Frederick Douglass early on early on have been a skeptic of Lincoln's. When he came to admire love him. Lincoln always admired Fredricka. I'll be right back most of the open. Tanya. I'm not among the compounds in the us. And Iraq camps. Think for myself the way they used it. Pine as one of the most challenging and sometimes frustrating task manager has to excuse. Piling through resonates. Evaluating candidates is a time consuming process that takes away from daily productivity. But did you know zip recruiter and do all the legwork for you zip recruiters been used by fortune 100 companies and thousands of small medium size businesses. 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And reducing. Michael Staten Island the Arctic great WABC go. Vote pretty well agreed to speak here thank you. But. Anyway I just found this coming a mile away. And my kids are directly from. A deficit and prayers. Oh. Very Anglo Iran predator who. And you sound very southern yes what he comes southern Stanton island yes but that wrote actually mean back. I can't go ahead yes anyway. You know we travel without remorse we equalize school and no. One put everything into this. Nothing nothing you know it's typical lib property permanent character of the clinic won't you but you know what to do greater. How many kids coming people out not. And are simple the more comical because they're able. To link the opening this big news for. The typical bland then and pounded a chat that's what that is yeah my right. I listen I agree and again they theater incredibly important pieces of American history. We can learn a hell of a lot from it and I just don't believe in. The caller said earlier which are really these ice as tactics we just start to pull down monuments and pulled out statutes simple this sample that down. What about 500 years from. What I doubt people if if if we're around them people wanna know what our history was and take a look at it. And big to big talk about settle or history is history that no two ways about it. The related. All right my friend and I appreciate you call. Clark. Knew Barry California serious satellite quickly go. The group on Ali thanks for all you do thank you. It hurt our order agree with your Wear corduroy clock is ticking fifty seconds. Yeah I took one out young Virginians are somewhat civil war history. I just think if he. But yet that's going on and in this town that lives in Leesburg I'd let you know it's gonna become emancipation berg. I don't know what that means. It will pay for an poorer. I know I'm quite familiar with. What we're out of time I ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers. Firefighters and emergency personnel. I'll see you tomorrow right here on the radio. Well let's depiction. It. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my place. So the last thing I want to do his waist time standing on line of the post office so why don't ever. I you Stamps.Com. Which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy imprint official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail using my own computer and printer it's so convenient. Just click print your dot Stamps.Com save so much time and money I can't believe anyone still wait on line at the post office anymore. Don't you wanna say time and money to stance dot com makes it easy. They even into a digital scale you can automatically calculate exactly. I use Stamps.Com because simplifies my busy life and right now YouTube can enjoy the Stamps.Com service with special offer that includes a four week trial. 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