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8/11/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 12, 2017|

The situation with North Korea is very dangerous. Past presidents dropped the ball on this and President Trump has every right to be frustrated with how they handled North Korea. People like Bill Cohen, Susan Rice, John Brennan and James Clapper are complaining how Trump is handling the situation ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A portion of this podcast comes from ever brook academy I knew preschool coming in the DC area this fall and opening in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington. Ever brook academy will prepare your little preschooler for elementary school. They also have great programs for infants and even school aged kids depending on location. In their esteemed school. That means hands on learning experiences in science technology engineering the arts and math. They make sure children are ready for school and ready for life learn more by visiting ever brook academy dot com. Hello everybody mark event here are numbered 87738138118773813811. Lots going on we're gonna have Jeffrey lord on this program and about to. Dean minutes. He historic it CNN they fired him. And we're gonna talk about why they fire and I don't believe he's done many interviews either. Present United States began a short press conference just a few minutes ago let's listen to the first few minutes go ahead. Thank you everybody we had a very good meeting we talked about North Korea as you can imagine it would very much in agreement we are very unified and we have been right from. This is something that has to stop we will feel that. Very strongly will be speaking to president chief tonight. From China and been working very closely with China and without the country's. That phone call take place tonight. So if you have any questions go ahead. What do you do it'll do just that reassures South Korea just recent tensions. Well I think as far as reassurance that probably feel that is reassured as they can field certainly they feel more reassured with me than they do what other presidents from the fast. Because nobody's really done this job that is supposed to be doing and that's why I wrote this horrible situation my. And it is a very bad situations are very dangerous situation. And it will not continue that I can tell you so I think South Korea is very. Happy and you don't match in Japan but I think Japan is very happy with the job in Jordan I think they're very. Impressed with the job we're doing and let's see how it turns out. Were you being sarcastic when you think it couldn't for expelling 755. Diplomats. From Russia in order to reduce our payroll absolutely that you know that what I didn't know that we'll see that fact. I just speaking to. I just didn't get the secretary. We're talking about coming up with an answer what works out much of delivery in September from Rodman. But we have reduced payroll vs. Present a lot of Americans are on that witness witness rhetoric quick back and forth between. State and North Korea what can you comment but when you can have them you know what I say hey hopefully it'll work yeah. Nobody Zain peaceful solution better than president drunk that I can tell you. Hopefully it will work out but this has been going back for many years would have been a lot easier to solve this years ago before they were in the position that there and but we will see what happens we think that and lots of good things that happened and we can also have a bad solution. We take lots of good things can happen we'll look at cancer. I think you know the answer to that. They had. Are you talking about wars. You know the answers. Law abiding by the nuclear agreement in your due to a we have. Some pretty strong opinion. But I would say that they are certainly not. Abiding by the spirit of the agreement that I just never know really a further step but. I would say that he's spirit of the agreement Iran is not abiding by caps. All right that was the gist of it. And sending next to the president was a Nikki Haley. HR McMaster and Rex Tillerson. And I to tell you I I feel very. Confident. In this president's leadership in the people he has around him to deal this. I really do. And I know exactly what he's talking about how past president struck the ball on this and he has every right to be very frustrated and that. If you did watch living TV two nights ago you'll know why. Because there was discussion after discussion negotiation if you negotiation agreement after agreement starting in the early 1990s. With Clinton. Actually with George H. W. Bush and Clinton George W. Bush Obama. Absolutely disastrous. We also happened and known as a matter of unequivocal fact and it's here also. Fox News Fred flights. Fred as senior vice president policy Center for Security Policy. National security think tank and I've known for an flights a long time. Today's bombshell Washington Post story that the Defense Intelligence Agency. Has determined North Korea is capable of constructing miniaturized nuclear weapons. They can be used as warheads for missiles possibly ICBM's. Left at a crucial fact. The Defense Intelligence Agency actually concluded this in 2013. When Obama was present. The Washington Post also fell to mention that the Obama administration tried to downplay and discredit this report at the time. During an April 11 when he thirteen house armed services committee hearing. Congressman Doug lamb born Republican Colorado inadvertently revealed several unclassified sentences. From a DIA report that said DIA had determined would moderate confidence. The North Korea has the capability to make a nuclear weapons small enough to be launch with a ballistic missile. The director of national intelligence and Obama officials sub certainly tried to dismiss land mourns disclosure by claiming the DIA assessment was an outline. They did not reflect the views of the rest of the US Intel community. Obama officials tried to downplay the DNA assessment to prevent it from being used to force the president to employ a more assertive North Korea house. It was clear what Obama officials were doing it 2013. He DIA report represented inconvenient facts that threaten president Obama's North Korea strategic patience policy. A policy to do nothing about North Korea and kick this problem down the road the next president. Obama officials tried to downplay the DIA assessment to prevent it from being used to force the president to employ a more assertive North Korea policy. And it's worth noting that the trump White House does not condemn the Washington Post story as a leak. That's probably because it wasn't authorized disclosure of classified information. To advance president trams North Korea strategy that is. Instead of concealing intelligence. To avoid taking action against the south North Korea problem like the Obama administration did. The tribe administration publicize the same in town to demonstrate the seriousness of this threat. And why decisive action by the United States is required. Americans need to recognize as they ponder the increasingly dangerous North Korea situation that the Obama administration. Not only refused to do anything about this crisis. But tried to downplay any conceal Intel from the American people in congress on how serious it was you know the travesty. The travesty of the prior administration it just never ends. It just never ends. But president after president secretary of state after secretary of state secretary defense have to secretary defense CIA director of the CIA director Republican and Democrat administrations. Did not want to confront North Korea and now it's fall under this president to do something about it and as I said the other day. I'm sick and tired of these people going on TV. Who had a direct role unit covering this up. Appeasing North Korea are doing something else that was an effective now. Lecturing this administration this president on how to speak what to believe Travis I. Given that they created this saturation right don't can't. And I just can't. Quite where I clap it's. Sleazy Brandon. And I can go on and on. Also as you might imagine mrs. from the Associated Press. Beyond the luster to try administration has been quietly engaged in noticed noticed there by the bluster. The president United States is making very specific statements to North Korea. The drug administration has been quietly engaged in back channel diplomacy would North Korea for several months. Addressing Americans imprisoned in the Communist country and deteriorating relations between the longtime foes the AP has learned. It'd been known it to decide to discuss the seat that to secure the June release of an American University student who they murdered of course. But it wasn't known until now that the contacts have continued that they approached matters other than US detainees. People familiar with the contacts say the interactions have done nothing thus far to quell tensions over North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile advances. Which are now fueling fears of military confrontation. But they say the behind the scenes discussions could still be a foundation for more serious negotiation. Including on Newton North Korea's nuclear weapons should president trump and North Korean leader in the John fat boy. Put aside the bellicose rhetoric and blah blah blah in addition ladies and gentlemen you should know. Iran is a serial violator. Of the Obama appeasement tree that's what it. It's a serial violator of that deal. That deal will all of its secret pieces. Again with the American people lied to him. This is exactly why nobody. From the Obama administration walked Everett come on this program. Because I would grill them on these points like nobody else cut CNN MSNBC NBC ABC CBS there at joke. They bring an Obama administration officials to attack trump. I would bring them and question them about their North Korea policies I would bring them and that question about the Iranian policy. Yeah but then again here Leah. More on this in a moment we have scheduled to come on the program Jeffrey lord former commentator for CNN. Who was. Well he was fired by CNN CNN. Doing media matters dirty work media matters is a left wing fascist Victor radical organization. And in my view it violated its tax code just my opinion it's tax that. It is has as its purpose to destroy anybody who disagrees. With the Democrat. Anybody who disagrees with the Democrats and it feeds information. Information cherry picked information taken out of context to the media which then regurgitate. It's a research opposition research I'm for the liberal media in this country. That's what it is works closely with CNN and MSNBC. Works closely with the Washington Post and the New York Times has of course attacked me on numerous occasions every serious talk show host. As well as conservative columnist. And so forth. This is a big deal. Now a lot of uptight tonight I hope you'll stick with a S I want to thank my buddy Ben Shapiro I understand needed another brilliant show last night I'll be right back. Media matters. Is a Soros funded among other organizations funded. Operation that has as its purpose. To destroy free speech. Has has its purpose to to strike conservatives throughout the media. They record everywhere in this program every word. Of most conservative radio and TV program it's not liberals. Not Democrat. In yet. And they had ever had a 501 C three stance. Bipartisan nonpartisan. Tonight I'm a man by the name of David Brock who's a contemptible human being and always has been. Known personally. And others have Taliban and aim Angela courage so. I've missed pronouncing your name too damn bit. This man is a hit man for the life very proud of it. He leads boycotts. He seeks to break the backs of radio shows and TV shows with which he disagrees. He is the lowest of the law. He stomped. That's just my opinion. And I hope they put it up there today over there and medium. I've known Jeffrey lord since the Reagan ministry. Tell you how I first met. He called me on the telephone when I was serving attorney general Whitney's. He was working for secretary transportation drew Lewis at that time it was off of it. I honestly didn't know Jeff watts. He was trying to place somebody in the Department of Justice center lewis' request as I recall. And well I grill. And said who are you and who is there. And I believe I ultimately traded him away. But we're fast friends. He's written some wonderful things about me about my book he's a very very intelligent man he's a decent man and a thoughtful man. And he has tried to stand up against media matters. And Angelo Corso. And of course they've tried to destroy him. They tried to destroy. And now he's been fired by CNN and in my view. Good riddance to CNN. Jeffrey lord Harry user. I'm just great my old friend market with an Intel let's try to predict that. Good memories. I Jeffrey I want you to tell the world. About this battle that you had this man who this man is why you had this battle would this man. The tweeting that went back and forth and then he ran to CNN to get you fired. Yeah well I know we as I've written about him before. He played. And I came across and during. An episode runs about five years ago when there was a push to get Russia. Off the air. And I looked into it. And I found out that he has been plotting and planning this long before he went to media matters. His first target was glad back. We'll be successfully. I think helped do wit. Then he moved on but he made it very plain in these interviews sold interviews I've found them that this is exactly is his idea. Freedom and democracy is to move conservatives off of talk radio had offer television. So that said I. Now let me just let me just clarify so he damage Glenn Beck. Was he what was involved in going after Rush Limbaugh. Absolutely a role piece called the plot to get brush she was ended up to his eyeball. Any goes after Sean Hannity tries to have him boycotted pushed off the fox. And that's more recent. And that's more recent and and this it was on their web site doesn't just the other day. So I mean knowing his background knowing what he does. I wrote a column of the American spectator. Updating people on this I called him. But renamed media matters media matters fascist MMF. And we went through what he was doing two Sean Hannity. And was quite explicit. About the whole thing and then I I published the text of the of the First Amendment of the constitution. And then said that what these people were trying to do was an essence set up what Mussolini used to call is. Ministry of culture. Which had complete say over radio a radio and newspapers in 1930s Italy and it was. Modeled after the third Reich's. Bureau there with -- of doubles the propaganda at all this and you're only allowed to print whatever print or broadcast. Now I mean copyright there is he not trying to shut down. Conservative talk radio and conservative hosts on TV. Yes is he not been easy not using. Sleazy tactics like cherry picking what they saying monitoring them. Every time they're on the and it may cut. Stories in and life. I mean I saw stories on the air about me. There were just flat out untrue with the. And they did it do they not then feed this information to the media. That is exactly what they do under the guise of there's somehow objective. Right. Elliott well I I needed a hold on me and no we're gonna go. Through the bottom of the hour and wanna bring you back so we can finish this. I believe it's very very important it's important that we expose this organization. Just as we've had to expose other organizations because this is a cancer in the body politic. And so is mr. chorus sound I'll be right back. Well mark Martin show good though Reagan coalition meets at great debt. Call now 8773813. Point one tank carriage you. My wonderful audience to go ahead in Google Angelo. Carousel CE RU SO and Angela carousel NCAA RU SO and he let a boycott against. Glenn Beck's advertisers to serious damage to that program. He led a boycott against Rush Limbaugh's advertisers. He let a boycott against bill O Reilly's advertises on fox. He's led boycotts against fox. And he's attempted now twice to lead boycotts against Sean Hannity advertise. He also pressured Macy's. To drop all of the trump. I am product. Acts at Macy's was cut. This is absolutely fascist behavior ladies and gentlemen. So they do not agree. To disagree. They seek to distraught. And the media play a huge role in the CNN and MSNBC. And NBC and ABC and CBS and washed impose. In the near times use the information. That is sept propaganda. Sop and sense to them each and every day you go there and and put my name in the media matters less there and see what they've done. It is. It's a big lie operation. They receive multiple donations from George Soros even though they denied they claimed to have received only one. They can all kinds of dark money it's a shadowy operation but mr. Angela Cara son has now been exposed thanks to Jeff Fiedler. I'm Jeffrey lord let's go back. You wrote a piece about this guy and what they were doing again to Sean Hannity and take it from there. So I wrote the piece. And what happened is he then I had an and that's important say in there. Then after detailing his behavior. I said tongue in cheek the American spectator is unable to confirm. If the final two words of their last draft of broke the putative First Amendment replacement. Included the words Sig Heil. So I went on the accomplished atomic poster the American spectator on Tuesday. I soon got to eight a series of tweets. So that so that phrase was in the article. It was in the article out of the correct absolutely correct because I was using a to point out what they're doing here. And in the next day or beginning a series of tweets. From him. Protesting he said yes I mean he went through several things so I thought in the interest of fairness I will cut and paste these things and post them. As is the American spectator. With a comment or two from me but so everybody could see exactly what he sank. And his name in the title was there was a typo. Which apparently incensed and he tweeted about it. And of course I was gonna fix that and once I realized. But in tweeting about it I responded to him from the article say Kyle because he clearly read the article and he was angry about the article. So I I tweeted. Those two words from the article again and all of a sudden Savannah. All sorts of stuff began happening and within hours. I was now Ukraine where they Kyl let me just say this to sarcastically. You referenced your article sorry it's his sarcastic way of saying. You know look at that you guys are doing here don't you believe in America and freedom and speech and all the rest of it so he takes that phrase. We know we're comes from and then. Turns it as a turns it into a victimization. Yeah there that I am I some sort of a Nazi. Or Nazi lover. Which of course is. Completely upside down here I am the one that is criticizing him for his tactics is not feel like tactics is fascist tactics. And you know sarcastically was mocking him. Well all of a sudden this becomes something that it wasn't. And I'm being told that I'm no longer get its feet and because this is indefensible and frankly. I mean I had a great time at hand I'd love the people. But I told them that. Quite frankly I was gonna talk to anybody who wanted to talk to me about it because this was. If they thought might use this word was indefensible I thought that there they were abandoning the First Amendment and that was indefensible. And that they were doing precisely. What I was complaining about here which is to say allowing them that a major television network DB. Bully. By somebody who has these problems with the as the daily caller said the anti semitism racism. It's Federer it's Federer so. With that I was I was out. And how were you fired when he had to learn about this. I was in a car on pedestrian and car on the way into New York City I was. And somewhere around Newark, New Jersey and the they got an emailed it to work all right away did. And they told me that they were going to and our relationship. And who Hussein who told. That was Rebecca Cutler who want to send our like Richie is she hurt job its intent is to. Take charge of all the contributors. That they have permanently seal these panels all these different people she is the one sort of is. The one who keeps track oval. But they didn't they didn't get an opportunity to stay secretly. Well I think I have to they'd read the article at first it's seems to me that they had not. I insisted that they do read at that first article so that they knew eventually I think they did greeted I think there was a hesitation per minute. And they came back and said no we're gonna go forward with this. Now I would let. And I misstatement and mr. terrorism I don't know this person that he's apparently written a number of provocative things. That may upset people tournament ethnic point of view from a gay point of view and so forth and so on. Is there evidence that this. Yeah the daily caller. Did a story on him a few years ago. And Patrick Alan do Likud and the daily caller yeah and and I included a link to the article in my first column. Which in turn had the links in that for the kind of things that he was he was saying. As he which weaving back and forth that he deny any of that. He just ignored it he just he just said he didn't deny that was speed BS was serving said the forward but it SPS. And I should I challenge them he says it was a one time donation. From George Soros sensible did you give the money back. It we don't even that question at and we now know the replied donations absence. Yeah I understand there are more of them out there I mean which doesn't surprise me either way they can move money around at this this kind of thing it doesn't surprise me at all. But in other words this with the latest assault on free speech and you know I was concerned about Sean Hannity and then finally realize that I was one should be concerned about my. But they felt. Because they were coming from me and they persuaded CNN. Two it is as much as who enjoyed my time here and I really do nothing personal about this solicit them but. You know this is exactly what's wrong if we're not standing up for the First Amendment and doing our job. In the media then you know we have a big big problem on our hands. I would ask my vast audience to guide it with you my friend that I have already been targeted I would ask my vast audience. To go ahead and. Look up this fellow's name Angela could root zone look at the things he said in the past. Look at his past tweets. Look at the language he uses. Look what he says. Expecting ethnicity. With respect to gays can draw your own conclusions. He led the stop that movement he led the stop rush movement he led the have. Movement against Macy's to remove that Donald Trump products. He led the attacks on Riley's. Advertisers he has now twice. Taken runs it does Sean Hannity advertisers. He's gone after Fox News generally this is say yeah he's very dangerous very. Perverted notion. What these organizations are supposed to be and let me ask you this Jeffrey lord is he ever gone after any Democrats that you know now. Every gone after any Democrat organizations that. Up. As he ever gone after her any hosts on MSNBC or CNN or NBC or ABC CBS. Has he gone after any reporters that the New York Times in the Washington Post. Are they a 501 C three organization. Could question market. I think they are but I I would have to the butcher. Okay. In this organization is out there for the purpose of not promoting speech but destroying it as. That's right that's right I mean they they wanna take people off the air and deny them they're there were constitutional rights. You know I don't have to tell you all people how important constitution. And and this is. You know if flagrantly opened. And deliberate attempt to record. Non all right I wish you all the best chance for. Thank you my friend I appreciate very much thanks for your time. Are you be well. Quite serious folks go ahead in Google Angelo. Carried sounds CAA RU SO NE. Check out the daily caller piece that was written also by it's. But Patrick Cali. On October 6 trying fourteen also check out. Jeff lord and numerous pieces on Angela Cara sound as well as media matters. You'll see but it diabolical. Not organization this is and what their purposes their purpose is to destroy any host who you like. Some of the biggest hosts in the country do you listen. In many cases twisting their words. Taking dramatic context. Drawn their own conclusions. If this is in fascist like I don't know what it. Should be proud nation at minute. Certainly not about liberty. Certainly nothing small. Angelo Paris sound ladies and gentlemen. Angela Cara sound CAA RU SO NE check it out to be right back. You have these totalitarian forces on the left here in this country ladies and gentlemen. Like media matters like care. And their many other. They're funded heavily buying billionaires and multimillionaires who are power hungry. Who despise our system of government. Who seek to continue to impose there. Left wing policy views on the rest of us. Increasingly centralized autocracy. And those who dare to speak. ME different perspective from the perspective of Americanism. Need to be destroyed. And so they go after the advertise. And they threatening advertise. Never tires has run scared. And then the show loses revenue. In the and the companies they run the show say we don't need this headache and so forth and so on and media matters and other groups have figured out this is how work. And this is what they do. You need to know who this man is Angela Harrison. You need to know he's an enormous damage to free speech in this country. He's an enormous damage to those who embrace American's. There are shady dark organization. And operates mostly in the shadows. Tries to conceal its funding over a period of time has been lying repeatedly about it Soros fund. You know notice. When PBS Frontline as a show about talk radio specifically me. Never spoke to divide it states of America. You'll notice there's never been a documentary. On PBS. And NPR. On any of the major networks. On MSNBC or CNN. About media matters. Everett. Never. But its tactics are clearly totalitarian. As an engaging debate. Tries to destroy debate. And perfectly decent human beings than most can instances. With whom they disagree they try to smear and destroy and Carrick. This organization is a very very vile poisonous. Organization in the body politics. And CNN. Is a disgrace. You don't have to agree with what Jeffrey lord wrote. It doesn't matter. The point is you don't destroy the man. The way they seek to destroy them and he's been silenced now in terms of CNN. CNN is not worth watching. CNN is an outrage. Now hiring is one of the most challenging and sometimes frustrating tasks and manager aspects. Piling through resonate value winning candidate is a time consuming process that takes away from daily productivity. 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Yes indeed. It see here now and when it talked about next directive. And it's this. I wanna talk about Mitch McConnell had him to the list of things were talking about I did an almost hour long living TV couple hours ago. It will be put in front of the patent law in other words the entire program will make available to you for free because it's important. And I go through what Mitch McConnell has done the last several years to trying to destroy the conservative movement trying to destroy the Tea Party movement. Police slip language into a budget bill. The massively increase the fines that would be available to the National Republican Senatorial Committee those funds which he's using right now the trying to destroy Mo Brooks. In the race in Alabama. And I talk about what he did in Mississippi. To Chris mcdaniels I talk about what he did in net Indiana. The scotsman I talk about what he's doing in Alabama. I talk about what he did in Kentucky to the parent governor and to Rand Paul I talk about what he did to that take cruise. I talk about who would be in the senate today if Mitch McConnell have been successful. And Ted Cruz and rubio. And mark and Mike Lee and Rand Paul had not been in the sense. Including Chris. Now a democratic house member would be a Republican senator from Florida if Mitch McConnell and that is way. Arlen Specter would have been again a Republican at that late on the Specter a Republican senator from Pennsylvania. Courts he was defeated by Toomey. And accorsi it's which part. Mitch McConnell is judgment is that that. But Mitch McConnell. Has been using massive amounts of monies raised by lobbyists and special interest in the US chamber of commerce among others. To destroy the conservative movement to destroy. The Tea Party movement. Andy used his perch in the United States senate. That's threatened. Organizations. Consultants. Campaign advisors. Who went there a line up against and any data they get an Alabama. And he did it again and Alabama. And I expose all of it. Living TV tonight. And the entire country can watch. Because reporting it in front of the pay law. We will make it available all of you and I will discuss that a little bit more next hour. Because Mitch McConnell is a narrowly failed so called Republican leader despite the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal that tries to Jack Emma. Despite the app pages of the weekly standard that tries that jacket but despite all the phony conservative media sites. All the phony conservative media sites that are not conservative. Better federally phone. Lots on our plate. North Korea and Iran. Media matters this guy terrorist sound and of course Mitch McConnell I'll be right back. All it would be decent head itself and it's time for you to in the woods and so on things up but where they hide. You see it seems 280 dollars over pretty Pro Bowl could see if it's 45% up Cabela's brush creek but it's starting with the go ahead. And 50% off Cabela's exclusive Kershaw tension both yeah just 1499. It's a good those great outdoor games door busters for five hours only 38 AM Saturday August 12. Just his door and Ellis dot com. Oh hello everybody marquee event here are number 87738138118773813811. Ladies and gentlemen. I've been saying for years. That Mitch McConnell needs to go that we cannot make progress. In restoring this country. As long as Mitch McConnell is leading the Republican Party in the senate he is an obstructive. He's say. Come kneipher. And more than that he's personally power hungry. And that's what he cares that. And he's a failure. I mean he failed to effectively stop Obama in any respect and I mention this because Chuck Schumer in the minorities able to stop. McConnell and trump and and Paul Ryan. Because he's motivated and a. Mitch McConnell is a condescending. Let's first hear what did Donald Trump had to say and I just wanna welcome the president. To realizing what into McConnell is and what he's been doing and unfortunately. The day late and a dollar short since he had endorsed Mitch McConnell is the lack Boyd. Luther strange in Alabama. Which was disastrous and outrages. But here's the latest here's what Donald Trump said in New Jersey. Today mr. producer you have that cut please. And here senator Graham caught a lot they're so well when you make your that you reached I don't like anything else we should have had health care. He should've known that he had a couple of notes that turned on him. That should have been very easy to handle whether it's through the fact you take away committee chairmanship or do whatever you have to do. What happens in my opinion last week using unacceptable. Been talking about repeal and replace the war in seven years long before I ever decided to be doing what I'm doing. Seven years they've resorted repeal and replace and it didn't happen. And Natalie didn't happen it was a surprise. And it was a horrible surprise it was very unfair. In part and very scared people of this country so I was not. I was not impressed. Now I can do good I think so I think we can do very well on taxes cut us reform. You wouldn't do well and infrastructure and things will happen. With respect to health care right. Outside of necessarily needing yeah. That I can do as president. Or having huge impact. On health care see you watch. You know the president is not a legislative branch. Mitch McConnell runs the senate this is what he's always wanted to do and this is what he does. And he can't get things done. And much of it is because he won't get things done. Any leaks to Politico and the Washington Post in the near times of the wall street journal editorial page when he's trashing conservatives. And yet when it comes to people like Susan Collins and John McCain and Lisa Murkowski. So they. It was the president yesterday cut ten go. Well I'll tell you what it. If you would replace the. He's getting very. I. Eleven go I'm very disappointed and Mitch. But if he gets these bills passed me very happy with the be the first to admit it but honestly. Repeal and replace obamacare should have taken place. And it should have been in my tests virtually the first week I was there the first day that I have been hearing about it for seven years. So repeal the regulation has taken place. The tax bill tax cuts tax reform. Hopefully they get that done. I hope they get it done and the other thing would be infrastructure bill. Yeah. Now when he came to Obama's agenda Mitch McConnell is very comedy. Massive increases in spending and lifting the national debt ceiling. Massive cuts in the united states military dollar for dollar with food stamps which is preposterous. The president the United States didn't wanna have to submit the outrageous or Rand deal to the senators to treat. Mitch McConnell I'm Bob Barker and I'd never what you forget that. The Republican majority. In the United States senate pave the way for the Iran. Mitch McConnell. And Bob court there made it possible for him. Not to escape the provisions of the treaty clause of the constitution. Not only doing enormous damage to American national security not only ensuring that Iran will get nukes and put them NIC eons. But enormous damage to our constitutional system because it creates a very very destructive president. And of course Mitch McConnell agreed with Harry Reid on a deal that would allow numerous. Judges to get confirmed. Radical left wing Obama judges. To Paul. The appoint to the course it matters. The only reason we of course it's on the Supreme Court is because president tribe nominated. Any Republican leader in the senate. Could have and would have had to do what McConnell dead to deal with Schumer the Democrat. And make sure that the president. Could exercise his constitutional right and appoint a Supreme Court. Unimaginable that any Republican leader would have done. Mitch McConnell. Has not advanced the cause of liberty in any respect. He's not advance the cause of the constitution in any respect. Is more committed to the filibuster rule they used to separation of powers. He's done nothing. To promote federalism he's done nothing. Pick at the size and the reach of the federal government. Mitch McConnell has been. Enormously successful in raising tens of millions hundreds of millions of dollars. To fill campaign coffers of political action committees like the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Which he then uses. To attack. Conservative groups to attack the Tea Party to attack fellow conservative senators. And to protect incumbent senators and individuals who seek to be senators. Who ensure that they won't be aligned with and provide allegiance to not a constitution that Mitch McConnell. And I go through this every step of the way on living TV which is now posted. On living TV FaceBook. As well as my social sites mark live and show FaceBook mark Sullivan show. Twitter and I believe it's also on CR TV dot. And I hope they'll take the time to watch. And to circulate it to your long email list to your friends and family. Does many people as possible. Particularly in Alabama. So the folks in Alabama know what's going on Mitch McConnell reached into Indiana. Destroyed the career of a conservative congressman. And promoted. A man we haven't even heard for a by the name a young who votes exactly as Mitch McConnell domain. You know that he reached in the Mississippi. And they used to racist tactics against the Tea Party. To get that Cochran reelected Thad Cochran honestly it doesn't even know what time of the day it is. In an illegitimate manner. To defeat. Chris McDaniel. In his own state of Kentucky. He viciously attacked a man by the name of Matt Bevan. A small businessman. Who dared to take him on in the Republican primary is now the governor of Kentucky. In fact Mitch McConnell won after Rand Paul. When he was running against this guy Grayson. Mitch McConnell won after Martha Roby. When he was running against Chris. Mitch McConnell went after Mike late. When he was running against Robert Bennett. You see the kind of people Mitch McConnell wants in the United States senate. Individuals. Who have no particular quality. Individuals who have no principle. Individuals. Who will go along to get along and we'll do it Mitch McConnell tells them. In this from a man who has no capacity whatsoever to communicate with the American. None. Mitch McConnell works harder at trashing conservatives and conservative groups like the senate. Conservatives fun. I pity party patriots. Like freedom works. Like a Club for Growth. Trashes them seeks to crush them his work crash. With a bigger motivation he has never shot. Part Chuck Schumer and. And the Democrats. Toward Harry Reid before attraction. Any talks about bipartisanship. Any talks about working to get any talks about having amendments and all the rest. Then of course the other day what does he do at a Rotary Club. When he thinks we're not looking at the president is not looking he trashes the president. President just doesn't understand the complexities of the United States. And now of course Mitch McConnell is reaching an Alabama. He helps to ensure the election. At Luther strange man who has serious ethical issues a man who will do absolutely anything. That Mitch McConnell house on the dew and has done exactly that. Mitch McConnell is point eight at ten million dollars in of that race. Karl Rove has gotten into that race. On behalf of Luther strange. I but it ain't met Jeff Rowe who used to be take cruises campaign manager that has gone around the country now trying to strike conservative candidates. Yes these people are wars. There isn't enough money. Whoever gives them enough money. Will be happy to take whatever side need to. And of course Donald Trump made the outrageous decision to endorse. Luther strange and hope the people of Alabama set everybody straight. Everybody in the countries to. But particularly Mitch McConnell. I would tell the people this country Republicans and conservatives alike in every state in every primary. You have got to push back against McConnell. McConnell. As another voice into the body pal a week cannot make progress in this country. We cannot reverse course in this country when we hand them the majority of the United States and it they use it against. Because that's exactly what Mitch McConnell is doing now listen I'm quite serious about. The big TV tonight. Is in front of the pay wall now what that means is it's available to everyone and anyone. For freight. It's about fifty minutes. About fifteen minutes it is in depth. Look. At a power hungry Mitch McConnell. It's Mitch McConnell vs America. That's the way Ivo. And there's not a damn thing Mitch McConnell can do to stop me. He threatens other people. He threatens other he threatens consultancy threatens political advisors who don't line up. He threatens their very livelihood. As if he's a mobsters at least John Gotti. I stand up to this man it's they stand at the police all the time. And I will continue to stand up to bullies to fakes and frauds. And by the way there are more than them more of them than you can possibly now there's another one out there. And look forward to that day when I can expose him to and he knows damn well really isn't he knows damn well that I'm talking about him. I'll be right back. As an example what did I say the other day. The seriousness of the matter with North Korea congress should be called in to session. But the speaker of the house. And the read it in the majority leader in the senate. They should be called in the session. And they should move quickly. To increased defenseman. Not just this a show of support for the president the United States but because we need it. Under these parents circumstance. And our enemies need to see that we united in this respect. Has anybody heard Mitch McConnell talked about this as anybody heard Paul Ryan talk about this now. Instead we get the cheap shots from the Democrats and some Republicans like John McCain that the president has a problem and he should keep his mouth shut about block. We need more diplomacy because of course thirty years of diplomacy. Has been chest dependence. Just depend. All right we have a lot on the table here so let's dig in Andy went to Michigan on the mark within that you disagree you think American needs to disarm unilaterally on nukes go ahead. Kmart good afternoon. Or evening rather I do believe that because I think get United States can you know we have. People example. We. Don't understand is that we're still example. And think I'm a good point now let's deal with the first one the United States is a peaceful example. Well not really. Oh yes that is. Why is not the united states of peaceful example. What we want back at all the war started. Which ward at least nine. What we see. How old are you. I am quite. This is pathetic tummies or do we start well where to have. No it in did we start the Korean War. Are you familiar with the Korean War. Are you know how it began. You know North Korea attacks accurate. I'd do it. Okay then why did you say that. But what I order at least not what what war did we start. Boy armed apparently aren't we bombed Japan. Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor US. He can now learn this in school. Thousands of man got in a hangs up of course he does my god this is where we are. I 25 is well. 25 years ago. Can't make this stuff up. Which they get a peaceful example. The most peace loving country in the face up. Planet. He's 25 years on we have 25 year old men and women all over the world. Trying to protect people. From barbarians. From barbarians. Who put their lives on the line I gotta hit that I'll call up. All the wars America has started. He knows nothing of what he speaks I barely scratch the service with amity hangs up and humility. I'm. And keep my positive mental attitude. That's dedicate Portland aren't in the great coup for OK UFO go. Thanks so much less than what Metropolit there and tomorrow hindering his wrong I don't know. I slowed down its McConnell. To Mo Brooks. Exactly that Henry LNN day I've been apart yet know their opponents say that he's not even proud. And I just went I appreciate you educating as. On all the shenanigans that Mitch McConnell because he had to go out there and pay ditch Mitch and not explain the people. Why he needs to not be in that office. All right my friend I appreciate it. Mitch McConnell has gotten away without an awful lot over the last thirty years. I've been trying to deal would this fare for maybe a decade. And it really is time for him to go and I notices about 91011. Of these senators Michael Orrin hatch among others. Coming to his defense which of course proves the point doesn't it. I'll be right back. Lasting conservatives. Hi there. Mark love then you show call and now an 8773813811. Minute and. I love the post centers and I never an ankle the politicians out by name and an anchor I can't I prefer and I can Coleman campaign mean well. Why not. And get that at all had evil people to account. They hope people to look at Mitch McConnell is a progressive. Ladies engine. He's also intellectually bankrupt. He's not a planet that upset about the direction of the country he's not that upset about obamacare does he seem like it. He's also famous for calling senators into his office like a mobster. And weaning them now threatening. About how they need to learn to get along or else. He got a number of Republicans in the Republican caucus. Who are caught happens. Who have abandoned their constituency who have abandoned their principles. And are now abandoning their president. Very bizarre. Psychological thing that goes up on Capitol Hill right it's. When you're fighting a bully. Yeah hire a hero. Call it like it is showing the IRS is scary. Welcome possibly be scary and owing the most powerful debt collector in the country. With every passing day you probably get bigger it's scary. You need answers to questions like what can I do. What in the IRS due to me. For starters. They can take your paycheck in your bank accounts. And how do you survive. That's why you never take on the IRS alone caught my friends at optimum tax relief. They're experts. Know exactly how to work with the iris. NS stand how intimidating this can be and they're not scared. The step between you and the IRS and solve those tax problems that keep you up. When you're fighting a bully yeah hiring here that's the tax pros at optimum tax relief. Get tax relief you can trust caught optima today for your free confidential consultation. Call 80499630800. Point 996300. That's 800 point 996300. We won't have an announcement. The not too distant future. Our our radio fans in Philadelphia. Let's see let this continue. Of Gary Wayne sparrow Virginia serious satellite go. Marks. Mitch McConnell. Now on I won't call them missed her Tripoli. Model melt Mitch. Because he is. Parents to be one the most disputes this spec book hurt people but them are sort out there senate Albers. Sir I wanna make sure that you watch. Living TV tonight it's free it's in front of the annual you'll watch a place. Problem our real our report or. Aaron. That's very it's very easy to watch don't watch it on your iPhone and watch it on your real coup that. Apple device you can watch it I mean he is is very easy access to his please watch it on your computer your laptop as an example. On your Mac just watch it that we need to watch all right thank you Sarah and which all the watch. There's nothing hawked it just watch it please because I put it altogether needed to see the true Mitch McConnell. Top of my social sites now toppled Libyan TV FaceBook. The right there. Let's take another call here. And I'd ask god oh lamb. Cambridge Maryland the great WC BM go. Yeah literally a particular call yes it to sort of make a comment about. Senator McConnell. Two win. President trump. Campaign one of things that he would campaign go on was that he was going to try to get term limits or senate congress. I don't know if you remember this or anybody else remembers there's a bit McConnell sort of apology was. Top dog bit at that would never before work. I remember that and by the way in order to do they have to amend the constitution what he's saying is I'm not an all out. Which is exactly why I've proposed it in convention states article five. That we do it from the bottom up and limit these guys because it never gonna control their own power. I don't understand it help anchor. Donald Trump being such a long shot. Actually became president shelling that we the people majority of people want the pilot what Donald Trump is dealing. I know the land we've been showing this for years we dated in the house we didn't in the senate we've been in this state legislature as we've done it would governorships now finally it's been dumbed down tramp. And they not only Norris that seek to crush us. And what you don't learn from this shout at night. I'm living TV is he's out to destroy. The Tea Party movement he's at the destroyed the conservative movement he's got destroyed or. It is nations that dared to speak up against him like the Club for Growth like Tea Party patriots like. Freedom watch like senate conservatives fund he targets he talks about the says I'm gonna crash tomorrow. What the more or cider that was so amusing to me that undermine we're talking a lot cleanup without Mitch McConnell John McCain in the rest of the runways. Thank you made a comment to me that I thought was very amusing when he told me that he thought that senator Reid exercise equipment okay Mitch McConnell did. All right Jack I've my friend I appreciate your call. Thank you very much higher and RTZ Brian steamboat Colorado series satellite dealt. More personal followup thank you for your service style republics are. And the the library of knowledge you share with my like I want to thank McConnell is a what he's supposed support article but it yeah you're right that's the ultimate yep I I also want to give up president. A pat on the back debate during the break that top the hour. He was quoted saying we're gonna resolve with North Korea problem quickly. Well we're gonna resolve this both Korea problem quickly another way in that was so refreshing mark. To hear that truck and that's the good trump we got a bad trop with the console thing. You know he's endorsing McConnell it's been. The impact it could trump he's a patriot so at least the glimmer of hope with a really I'm strongly behind the article pot movement and I want to thank you keep your servicer. I you to thank you very much. Yet trump loves his country. Loves the military logs law enforcement loves the firefighters out there. And that's the difference between been a big difference between him and Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton doesn't love her country she thinks her country's despicable. She thinks her fellow countrymen are despicable she thinks she's owed. Everything that she's gotten really for nothing her well. Her former power and positions she thought she was owed the presidency. And she and she lost and thank goodness she did can you imagine her in this situation right now in North Korea. And we actually have people like Susan Rice who really should be cowering in the corner with a bag over your head. We actually people like Susan Rice out there telling us now that we need to get used to a North Korea would nuclear weapons. This is the former national security. She's not condemned as an idiot she's not condemned as a radical she's not condemned as a moron now. I believe the op that was in the New York Times. My recollection. And despite all the rest of the stuff that she's done to undermine this countries well. Like Topeka Kansas the great play and AJ go. Again mark actually live there. I'll output thing on my way to go like to keep pre season opener and I hear so millennial fair and say some of that that they needed. But it sort of pattern within a year on their on Hannity shouted received for awhile and YouTube cutter shaped my. Ideal conservative. Would say thank you. But I doubt it actually you know not all not all brokers left blocks for millennial now I know not talking you believe that away yeah. We and our culture really do believe that. Liberal ideas and liberal ideology is completely ruined all of us and without people like you we really would be completely lie. Well what do you think of this media manner as it tries to destroy people like me. I believe this is a left wing hit job that because they want to control the media that they don't want anyone out here. Anything else just sat there on abuse is at present not fascist. Now I have now back to totalitarian. It's exactly like Hillary and the propaganda immediately followed him and global it is the other person exactly. Same thing. And because he said that people are gonna consider you an extremist. All of a and they and I hadn't considered that but now I'm just I'm an idealist and a common sense person not participate and a quick comment and thank you open. Gunter rational conclusion is not that hard but the fact is that the school when he got my friend schools and high school middle school and college. They sit there and I mean you know the liberal they try to teach you what to think not out think the by the teaching you what to think you listen to the liberal media you would think he's. You know comedians who are supposedly sticking out Strickland ordered isn't this teaching you what to think instead of how to think rationally and reasonably tether indoctrinated. Exactly. Exactly what indoctrinate sort of doubles endeavor which is exactly faction. And I can't when you bring up those names you know the sky starts to fall. And then I'm like I consider radical on considered. A crazier Writely can be all right. Like I appreciate your call you don't you take care. Public's not calling people Hitler Hitler or so for what he's saying is whether they like and that they're using tactics. The propaganda tactics the destroyed people you disagree with tactics. That are not American tactics. They're tactics that come out of totalitarian regimes. Communist regimes to look what's going on in Venezuela ugly media matters would be perfectly happy. In Venezuela and Lee media matters would be on the side of the door. Is as a leftist. Trying to shut down free speech and do boycotts and everything like that they may not like it but I believe that's exactly where they would be. Why wouldn't. It when it shut down different points of view. That's what they wanted it. And noticed the media do not call out media matters. Because they use media matters for opposition research as inaccurate. And as. Ideological. As an organization. Joseph. All Los Angeles, California on the mark of an act they'll. I am really happy to get a chance to talk with the you've been a great help to me for many many years. I have a question for you need to help you understand why it is that John Bolton. He's the reunification of north and South Korea unanswered to this problem. We're not we've talked about that I'm thinking about the former Soviet Union and how or when none of the Soviet Union dissolved couple people. But the Soviet Union really didn't know how to act with what that kind of concrete in the liberty. And how they think that the north Koreans living under such tyranny are going to be able to. Fitting in this week. While they only airy reunification I would support is the south devouring the north's I don't know that that'll happen any time soon certainly not the other way around. But I didn't hear what John saint John's little buddy of mine so. He can't really comment on beyond that are right sir I appreciate your call will be right back. You know we talk about media matters much to think about Google to in the CEO son dar. Have a fire that gentlemen who get a raise questions about their diversity. Of opinion of their group. Google is a massive corporation. That pretends. To encourage all the news. And in fact it also in so many respects is anti conservative. And so they go after this gentleman who raised questions about the diversity of opinions. They fired. And I'm sure media matters. Mystical roots own is very very pleased with. I don't believe he's objected to a. And so we have these anti speech. Really anti diversity. Movements by the hard left. They claim to want diversity they don't want diversity. They believe an iron fisted control. If you get in the way they intended destroying. Again they're waiting to and the character's sense. Do whatever they can't to rub you out. And that's why. A school like he'll start college is so remarkable and some important. Teaching Americans how to live as a free people. That's when Hillsdale College does on campus with their students nationwide who hails doubts free online constitution courses. They're free publication of primus. And hills to oust free local events. No one teaches freedom better than he goes out and know with a college students are better equipped for south government more full. And Hillsdale students one example as colleges everywhere closing campus chapels. Hillsdale is opening a brand new campus chapel to be used forget this worship. Even though the freedoms of religion it's Beecher being separated in schools organizations of businesses across the country. Liberty. Is thriving and knows it. How is that possible for one because he'll still doesn't take one penny of government funding out of and the and because they understand and teach the principles of liberty and net underlying our magnificent constitution. Now if you're sick of political correctness and government mandates. If you're concerned about your loss of freedom or how American liberties under attack and you need to connect with Hillsdale College. Learn how to live free at Levine for Hillsdale dot cup dot com. It's LE DIA and free Hillsdale dot com live in for at Hillsdale. Dot com. Charles. In. Alabama that great WB and and don't. It's there. Go forward. Well I'm I'm hitting an eight Alabama remote dark when the little boat going down beside me and I've been bombarded by it Alamo Brooks. Ultimately it's like it's being competitive on the radio it's a lot from conservative radio factor here. And no group Google is though is a wonderful wonderful competitive person has been doing it got quite allow him to vote for party have. You're about if targets. And I'm. I've just discouraged and around. By the holy bush trying to cope lingo and know how. I've been a lot of all right yet program that I can they yell I wrote my own little commercial that let them all eight. You know our own base in this car and being yet they yet. You know I. All that way or do you think people Alabama and indeed they didn't allow Mitch McConnell to brainwash them and then follow him and vote for his Lackey. No no I don't believe they're gonna do that doll up the middle single person that is a work. Liquor going to haven't met one and I've met a lot of them that are very disappointed with Mitch McConnell. I'm. And in every one. Really. No matter what they can't fight it not Brooke could not get the right thing. They don't take public service this year and Alabama and not make it look and typically any kind of why. You know bully pushed range might it be without getting record not investigate him in order to have predicted he would treat position. And in the more they were all the way that it now appreciate you bringing it to the forefront. Of their own very kinda it helps with that your car. All right well I wish you luck and I have great faith in the people Alabama have been there many many times I know many of them and a real down to earth hardworking people and I don't leave again allow the senator from Kentucky. Who's really a senator from a case streak in the beltway. Don't believe they're gonna allow him hum number matter how much money here Karl rover Jeff rose and trying to manipulate public opinion and Alabama I don't believe the people of Alabama. We'll be manipulated that way and I think the people Alabama will stand up and say we're tired do you think we're still. And we're gonna stand up its annual message. I have my friend I appreciate your call I really mean. Now to regroup. I have almost what is it fifteen minute program I did earlier today on living TV. Mitch McConnell verses America. And we haven't in front of the pay wall which simply means it is free the entire show available to any of and it is on Mark Levine showed opt FaceBook mark Livan showed Twitter. Our big site living TV FaceBook. It's over it's CR TV dot com it is everywhere. Please take a look at at least take the link and send it to everybody you know to get the message out. And by the way you'll be able to take a look at living TV too and see how idea. Check it out. I'll be right back. All big east had itself. It's time for you to the Woodson. But I think so yeah find where they how. You see it's. Good that was great outdoor things can save over 20% on herders like Brady handgun. 880 dollars after mail in rebate on Walter PBS and to this it's savings in dollars. Didn't get a vortex Diamondbacks free to have to stand by fifty feet flex rifles that just 14990. Shut its door and Cabela's dot com. Hello everybody marked the event here are number 87738138118773813811. I wonder what trumps critics. Would do those who are criticizing him about North Korea wonder what they would. My peace former public officials and elected. In an elected. We're in office. While North Korea was building. Its capacity. To build meant. And who failed us Leon Panetta. Bill Cohen. And some anymore. James clapper. John Brennan. Susan Rice. And some anymore. Also under Republican administrations. Going back to George H. W. Bush. And including George W. Endless diplomacy. Enlist guarantees and let's appeasement. And less economic support than economic sanctions. The road already China. Was helping North Korea. With its finances. With the technology that would material. And everybody celebrating that China's going to help us. This would be the same China that has built fake islands in the South China Sea saying China that straight in Japan. And Japanese islands that have never been Chinese. The same China that today said India better prepare for Indy. Because India. Is staring to try and protect its own border. Against China's extremism and radical. Why is the Republican congress meeting right now. To address these matters. You know I keep him while Donald Trump needs to do this on a triple where's congress congress has a role. Among other things it can increase funding immediately. Just the belly quick spending bill for the United States Department of Defense that is desperately in need of finances. Nothing you don't hear a thing. I think. And then there's Iran ladies and yet. Iran. Present a United States has to certify that Iran is either complying or the yeah. With a deal that over Obama Nader it's not. Here's what the president said yesterday. No I don't think they're living up to the spirit of the agreement. President Obama and his wisdom gave them a 150 million dollars. He gave that one point eight billion dollars in cash which is that's a hard one to figure. But that was his decision. I think it's a horrible agreement. But they are not in compliance review it and they're certainly not in the spirit of the agreement in compliance and I think you'll see some very strong things taking place if they don't get themselves in compliance but I do not believe they're in compliance right now. I hope we'll see some very strong things like. An official position of the United States government via this administration that Iran is not in compliance. And they rip up the deal. In the next time one of those. Islam on Nazi little boats. From that regime. Threatens an American ship it's blown out of the war. Why don't we do that anymore I don't even understand that why don't we do that anymore. We used to you know. And it just fire rounds and trying to limit chase them off. Sic the damned ship. We don't seem to do it anymore why. We don't be provocative c'mon this is crazy. We kept the Iranians threatening us on the high seas we got the north Koreans threatening us with a nuclear attack. We've got the Chinese threatening us in the South China Sea we've got the Russians buzzing our planes what is that. I'm quite serious about it. Why don't we allow this. They should fear us they don't respect us. And they should fear us and then I'll learn to respect that. Otherwise we're not gonna pretend this protect this country if this keeps up which is not. And very very troubling but. I like what the president said there. And I'm hoping they follow through there's actually individuals in this administration. Including Tillerson. Who wants the president to pretend. That the Iranians are in compliance you know last time around the State Department but together talking points for the president. Leaked it to the media those points lead them to the media. Where the president was you know making statements about the Iranian deal on how they were upholding and so forth. In the president is that now. They're not that even though he went ahead and certified he did so with that certain caveats. But this is the pressure he's receiving a cent some elements in the administration in the White House. So why pretend why placate them I don't understand. We've got to rogue nations. Kim young fat boy. And the Islam on Nazi regime in Tehran which is a Nazi machine. The way it treats its own people murders them. Tortures them. Throws gays from building and hangs them. Murders college students. Brutalize has them race them in prison sick. Barack Obama covered up in 2013. The fact. The North Korea had these sent miniaturized nuclear warheads that they could put in the cones of IC ambient covered it up. Barack Obama lied about the uranium deal in this ideals. And the release of very crucially important and prominent individuals. We've done a horrible things to the United States including giving technological know now. Respecting nuclear weapons to the Iranians. He let him go. The reporter who wrote about that Politico was on my radio show we haven't heard from him sent. So it's time at least be truthful about the enemy. Why not be truthful about the enemy. In Iran's an enemy. And for the life of me I do not understand. But I do but I I have nothing but contempt for the left whether it's in this country or whether it's in a country like Israel is Israel. Dealing with a Rand dealing with that Hezbollah. Dealing with Syria. Dealing with Hamas dealing with facts whatever. And the left in Israel. Whether dressed up as police officers are judges. Dressed up as political hack members of parliament The Knesset. The phony media. That to get Netanyahu and his wife. I get this country up to get trumpet his kids. It's insanity. Luis Pembroke Pines, Florida a serious satellite now. I bark a lot. If I can you hear me I can't. So here in Britain are ahead let's go. This hearing that character or story it really concerning meek and reject created a good man I think from what I've heard and read. I think what are the way to get back to back into each company to cut the pork. Do you agree what we are not I'm not following. Well I think once people are cutting. Cabell CNN or or yet you know or are start figuring out that you candidate. It's extremely bias and it's hard doing more hard being good. Once seeking that in the start to hurt our bottom line people start to disconnect. And go through the different. Sources all. What's happening now there are Oregon is an organization that is formed. I would Melanie Morgan and others. An organization that is formed to counter boycott. Anderson OK we've tried this argument that we don't believe in boycotts and so forth and so on so they're counter boycott. So entities organizations that lead boycotts against say Sean Hannity. What they're saying is okay now let's boycott all the entities and organizations related to them. To fight fire with fire mutually assured destruction it's the only way can work and I'm starting to think they're right. Yeah I mean when you're dealing with a fascist mentality in your believer in liberty. I mean they can destroy you he can believe whatever you want but you gotta deal with them he got you've got you've got a crush then you have to defeat them in order to enjoy your liberty correct. It out until you what I have a BofA in art. And this should concern every American every person who believes in pre speech should be concerned about potential appeal on decreased by. And well it doesn't work that way left his knots. All right my friend thanks for your call will be right back. Interest. They've called port with two callers from Joplin Missouri it that's got to Tony Joplin Missouri they Greg Casey RG got. That honors it's a serious if you haven't seen any parallel. Between North Korea now. And Japan in the early beta war what to order a the United States four embargo that bridge span which they used to justification detect gore harbored. Our economy that are occurring at duke advocate for the. And I act now because I'm. This UN action. Has only taken place after North Korea has directly threatened us. Would nuclear attack. And so the perilous non X. You know not a crack. The excuse that he. About why is it necessary anyway we have a country that has threatened that's threatened to attack us with nuclear weapons that says it's. By by mid August only able to attack. Guam which is an American territory within a 7000 troops that he is large naval presence where we have major bombers. They're because it's the middle of nowhere in the Pacific time and it enables us to reach areas that we need to reach. And so it's a direct that let me ask you a question. Let's say they shoots of missiles toward Guam but miss. The fact that they miss Guam. Is that that's still an active war. Are definitely. And I'm looking at more permanent go out trying to convince. Friends. You don't can serve most. They have no idea about lord took what can we stay focused. And trying to focus on right now right now not an imperfect power forward to in Japan but thanks for your call. People get something in your head and you can't change. There's not a good parallel between what took place which Japan what's taking place with North Korea. And I don't think you can persuade friends of how dangerous this is by talking about what Japan did to us at Pearl Harbor. We have a country that is right now specifically in real time threatened to nuke our country. How is an argument about the parallels to World War II as imperfect as the parallel is going to convince them. And is being logical. Bobby. Fort Leonard Wood Missouri serious satellite now. I do more heroes like penalties. Is there a few years now and you really light yeah a lot of stuff that a bit of four. My point is this Serb forces civil minded point Monday and told me you'll come out of oh where a 31. The you know if you let people bullies and needles and open so. It has to run over however they're opening so it's not gonna take much. Yeah. You better education that you got to be we. And the and and I came true well and our school. I got Dirk your occupation and the word got out that elements within. And outlook loans from that point forward. Wait on hold on can I tell you one and then we'll go back to assert. My dad told the same thing. When I was a kid I don't know may be eleven. And there were like three year for kids that camp when I would walk home. They can't mocking me and everything else and one in particular had nice as my dad event he said. Take the worst hit. And hit a and hit him hard. And the others were respect you have today course they all pull out guns and knives and killing but that's what I did and it stopped. And you may go right ahead. Well that he would debt exactly right that is. The point well like our nation to make. And probably trump is trying to debate however the congress and the senate then all the these people who have been there for longer than I've been a lot of there's so out of touch reality there's little blue. Who didn't stop this. Up to this point who who failed us as a country. Right. You're damn right well I appreciate your call Bobby good call. Welcome back to Missouri that's three in a row state Joplin Missouri they break Khazei RG go. Would you mark. Absolutely been the listener for a long time and everything has been set up till now is the last two callers from a real problem was very close here. Because. Other than that one the other day and I didn't like it but it was a tough. OK but yeah this how could deliver a lot of saying this thing has. So now let's get into the cost of capitulating to disguise or what are we gonna do are we gonna give him the whole world or Hitler had a fight or we had to fight impact. And and and we want thank god what are we gonna be just handed over to the guys because we don't wanna you know what I have any. Our problems and everything it's like on the one of the bright side or. That now they're calling a couple warmonger well yes but what are we gonna be who we gonna do laid down let's look. What what are we gonna do let a guy. Perpetually threatened us than nuclear attack if we don't capitulate. You know like a pipe your old in the store has grown a bit and you've given what he wants so shut up what you gotta learn from that. And by the way Steve the left does not only to. Oh and let's let's take a bit harder let's go straight into their vote didn't the female side if this was a race situation. And we took Aaron. That we don't need peca and now and let's forget about that I thank you for your call why are people making these adjustments I understand. We don't need you know they call these arguments in the alternative. Arguments in the alternative venue embrace arguments in the alternative. If the original argument you're making isn't persuasive. We don't need to make bad parallel arguments for war to our arguments about rape. In order to make our point when we have Amanda is threatening us with the nuclear annihilation. If that doesn't move the country if that doesn't cause people rally around the president. No arguments in the alternative will non. Then. So I just want people to be careful with these analogies about reminds me their rates I don't wanna hear and by the way I don't say that added disrespect. Not in the least. I just feel it it takes its way off point. And that's my point Boris Portland Oregon but great that you have go. I oblivion is on the are not including armed. Column was being treated lightly him and I was of them my colonial. I walked the United States went in the air civil. Illegally I MI united. I look at them and every Google base I appreciate Yemen painful god of the country where it. There though thank you where you from. Ukraine. Can. And you know there's a lot of opportunities that are created some you can or should be can do whatever you want but yeah the is respectful of the other well. We just a really important part. Implant what they were gonna tell you how this where I was born unfortunately it was important enough. For the viewing him. M fortunately my friend. Were at a time theme I'm sorry. I'll be right back I really am call back Boris we'll be right back. Mitch McConnell needs to go. As long as Mitch McConnell remains as the majority leader in the United States sent. We'll be victories here in the air and expected victories like the Supreme Court. But in terms of a broad based. Rational and gender trying to push back when a bomb a bit. To try and resuscitate our constitutional system. To trying to control the size and growth of the federal government that will not happen. The Mitch McConnell and his allies. India. In the private sector. In in groups like the chamber of commerce and all the rest of them. So unless Mitch McConnell ghost and he's replaced with a conservative. Not a clone. We will make no progress in this president will make no progress he's the oldest and most news. Sign up for Libyan TV yeah. Meanwhile McConnell and his team refused to engage hoping this will back. At this. And they get out there he's lean and no worries me is Spanish. We will not need Barbara know what wonderful. When we're among our member and started here not trying to work their playbook rule. It would go to hell would get president just doesn't and it's. President just doesn't understand how this where. When a single sign up for the NT. Anyway we've got an incredibly important fifteen minute program. On exposing Mitch McConnell and what he's been doing in the last many years. Trying to destroy the conservative movement trying destroy the Tea Party. Trying to destroy conservative and libertarian organizations Club for Growth freedom works Tea Party patriots. Senate conservatives fund. Kelly slip language in the 16100 page funding bill. To massively increased by ten times he managed donations can be made to the National Republican Senatorial Committee and his own packed. Which he's been using deport eight million dollars into the campaign. In Alabama as I speak. His behind the F scenes activity what he does when he brings senators and it was office but he says to them how it treats them how he uses the liberal media. To leak through surrogates. Including Orrin hatch among others. Dan Coats in the past now the Director of National Intelligence many others. Against prominent conservative senators. You're gonna see a program I believe that's really you know open your eyes. Really you know open your eyes and I hope you will share with as many people if you possibly can. Through your emails. It's an open link to an open show what's in front of the pay wall. And they really want to check in and it's crucially important president is right. He's right about Mitch McConnell. An analyst Mitch McConnell goes ladies and gentlemen there will not be progress on his agenda or any agent. One or in the minority he says we can't do anything where the Menard. Meanwhile. Attraction is in the minority runs dissent. He runs the senate. So I hope they'll take a look at it it's right now up on who have been TV FaceBook we've already had 30000 views. And it's also mark Sullivan show FaceBook mark lemon show a Twitter and I believe it's also a conservative review TV dot com CR TV. App sleepy mystic well let's painful as him. Painless to watch we're making available. Check. 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He called on the next ten minutes get the news Navarro celluloid and stretch mark treatment free with your order. He gets the body you deserve and are confident that. Call 800 skin 604800. Skin 604. That's 800 in 604. Amber when I sent. Guaranteed. Or your money. All right let's continue. Brad week in Wyoming serious satellite go. When call him down. This leopard star caught him I retire from her actual director of almost where four years than Barack. Thank you pick what I don't think what a lot of people realize it is. With North Korea is suits and if you don't stand up and to them there or do whatever they want. I'm not Medicaid before because this. And that sentiment to do it and I don't want him having to write it. But. There she can't take things off the table let your point yeah I mean you know just bugaboo reality. You don't wanna get into a fight bush. If you do so most of time if you extend that to bully and say hey I'm just slap you around. They stop and at least. Think about what are credited. Our rights there and I agree with the completely that's gonna Mike. Salt Lake City, Utah series satellite go. In your hero a true patriot and I appreciate you become quite political litmus test. All I want to say or very kind every every thought you have about. What's happening now with Mitch McConnell. I am disgusted with the sentiments that were shared by my senator Orrin hatch has been creeping up on this fortieth year. In the senate and made a comment that Mitch McConnell is one of the best leaders he's ever worked with. He's a full commitment that Orrin hatch. Lied to me like in my audience lied to the people use it's hard to get reelected and should he run again. And should be a conservatively challenges and I won't backed the conservative and second. Well you know it's interesting that he ran his initial pop or more on career politicians. That's how he beat his first opponent know yeah he said he would serve twelve years and get out. Yeah exactly. And mark thank you for everything that you I guess I just waited knowing that dog years. Exactly. Hey Mike I appreciate your call Bradley it's a case. Jason also in Utah. On the unmarked event at parry is it. Great thing you I have to agree with what you said about Orrin hatch. I never liked about it yet but. My point is about North Korea I former state trooper here in Utah. When we were in the academy we watched the video officer. Would stop individual. Was talking with him at his patrol car. The man ran back to struck pulled out an assault rifle and then bloated all Bible it. And the officer's gun and drop again under the gun drop again. And he never fired shots. Imagine what it's all rifle killed the officer. And that's. And that's what's happening with North Korea they are loading their assault rifle they made the threat they have the ability. And if we don't take action. And that's going to be the result. And you hear people on TV announcers say the the consequences are catastrophic we understand the consequences are catastrophic. But we're not talking about. The North Korean government that's threatening us with conventional weapons they're threatening us and our cities and our territories. With a nuclear attack and if that doesn't cause take. Treat your response I don't know what does. All right all right office so you retired now you're going to retire. Aren't there but it's a tough job it's scary you don't know when you're stopped and somebody in a dark street. Or dark highway you don't know what the hell's in. Now you don't know but people sure think that they now. I love it if they could get a day in the shoot an officer. Well I'll tell you. You know and it's hasn't happened lately when an officer stops me with the speeding or something I immediately know what to do I rolled and the window. I keep my hands and size and I say as they say. You're right I was speeding. Pedal lie and why should I lie that guy's got a camera as speed gun and everything opposite of what the hell. You pay out that you will alone. On nine times out of ten market here on out and you act like that. You don't get the ticket in get a warning. That's true. I must say a couple of times that he can detect because they like me and one guy gave me ticket because he. Democrat must have been a letter exactly. Well listen thank you Jason appreciate that slipped another Colin jet saint Louis Missouri series satellite go. Mark just wanted today you know I was Goldwater Republican. And I can have a stake recollection that we had to think about chuck Percy in Nelson Rockefeller. And base brand name or that type of problem end you know I don't think it should surprise is that we now. Are having to Muster our armies of the constitution on the on the Potomac and get ready to launch an assault. To protect our president because that's what we've been fighting these guys all the all the time you know these all these eighty year old senators that are Republicans they need to retire you know get that. Great point it out Orrin hatch is the Germans set said that Mitch McConnell is the finest the best majority leader he's known since he's been in the same. Now is this a joke. Does he had dementia is something going on with a Orrin hatch. Who is he just a complete suck up the ladder. And he wants to run again anyone torrent it anyone's so what's his name he once McConnell arrays on these funds for. All right my friend I really appreciate your crowd at some great calls now in the zone. DeVon are Hopkins. Welcome in the ninth to a stranger banging on the side of the house trying to break into his basement. Fearing for his life DeVon got a gun in front of the burglar aim low to shoot the man in the lake. And then and then. Team for the man's chest and anyway. Fast forward a year in Devin is now being charged with aggravated assault and careless use of a fine for defending himself in his own home. And the burglar. Yet to be charged. This is not a usual the world isn't fair and scum bags who wind their way to a hospital. In ruin the lives of hardworking citizens like Devin. Which simply fighting for the rights in the the United States can still carry association wants to protect those hardworking Americans. That's why they're there to educate train and ensure responsibly armed citizens before going in after. He defense in incident. He self defense and does know what you go through the aftermath of long. Now the US CCA is giving it got away every day to show appreciation and support for our fundamental Second Amendment it's. I really encourage you to check out there website and really interrogated join I'm a member myself. For more information about their life saving coverage is it deep and them dot com today. Again that's the thing and then dot com just check them out defense them dot com I'll be right back. And I spoke to a good friend of mine today. And unsolicited he said to me happens to be an ambassador. Don't have a lot of them past Friendster. Just a couple. And he said in the nose on the plane reading your book. And I got through the first ten or fifteen pages so far as it was at the really at the end and and I had to deal of business and so it's about stories that I wanna read the rest of it's about Iowa. Right in the beginning. You grabbed my attention I said how's that. This letter that Jefferson and I've never seen this before. Then this is a man who is brilliant he's a scholar he's enormously while rent. And I said yeah I don't that letter up. You know through my own scholarship in my own research. And at Jefferson wrote that letter and he died. Not long after it. It's a letter Jefferson wrote. Two quote on the has has the anniversary of the deck there declaration of independence signing was coming out. You wrote this letter. He had broken his right hand which is what he wrote with. Some years before it never healed properly. Was enormously painful and so he would write and what is left. He wrote this letter on June 241820. Cents. You need a lot he died about ten days later. On July 4. So it's a compelling letter if you have a chance over the weekend to get a copy of rediscovering Americanism that he had to be going through a bookstore mall. He target or Wal-Mart. Books-A-Million dollar from Barnes & Noble or. He's a wonderful stores out there they carry books here if you wanna go on right now they're. Deeply discounted now's the time to grafts six weeks on the near times that salinas' all kinds of jams in here. That I know you're gonna life. Every Friday Ray Charles and America in honor. You. You rooted. He moves. And ever change yeah. Whom motivation. I had a good June gloom. Man. And I. Yeah. Okay. No loan. Well yeah. You don't want to okay resisting it felt like yeah. News. Yeah. Knock them. Locker room. Majesty when. Okay. When I win. Okay. I'm man. Yeah. It's. Good. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. And I writing and I gripped me and I Pepsi the united smoking and tonight Zelda. Get out prior act yet but how that crisis. And I does cockroaches and don't forget to watch. Letting me be absolutely free on all my social sites very very important check it out. C on Monday America outlet. Needs to understand that I more than simply a high man for the just like Geico is more than just a company that can save money guy who also has destined for everything service so they can help you when you've. You malts and well I do love the nightmare and I also love reading puts engines audio books like little. Geico expect great savings an awful lot more.